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The 'greening ' of al-Qaeda: More recycled al-Qaeda emerge

The 'greening ' of al-Qaeda:  More recycled al-Qaeda emerge --US Attorney General Eric Holder celebrates Earth Day with more al-Qaeda recycling: Al-Qaeda Member 'Rises From Grave' to Plan NY Subway Attack By Lori Price, 26 Apr 2010 From the British al-Qaeda commander planned July 7-style attack on New York subway 25 Apr 2010 A British al-Qaeda commander planned to emulate the July 7 London suicide bombings with a coordinated attack on the New York subway system, it has emerged. Rashid Rauf, who also planned the transatlantic airlines plot, allegedly told three Americans to attack targets in the United States. His role in the plot emerged as a man pleaded guilty to the plot which was cracked by the FBI last September after a tip off from British intelligence. It would have been the biggest attack on US soil since September 11, according to the US Attorney General, Eric Holder... But, looky here! US kills alleged transatlantic airline plot leader, reports say --British Islamist Rashid Rauf said to have been killed by missile attack in north-west Pakistan 22 Nov 2008.