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USA Today: ''You get a pretty clear pattern from these ballots. Most of these people went to the polls to vote for Gore.''Translation: Theresa LePore is a criminal Voting Rights Violator. But even the ballots that legally were supposed to be counted would have put Gore over the top-- "USA TODAY found that up to 18% of the 171,908 disputed ballots could be counted as clear legal votes in a manual recount because the voter's intent could be determined." Translation: given thoroughly legal counting of votes, GORE WON!! (and this not even to mention the infamous Purge!) More

Gore won by 145 when legal votes are counted. Plus, there were at least 15,000 where clear intent is discernable, but crude equipment didn't warn voters that their votes were not valid, unlike in mostly white, Republican, northern counties, where voters were warned. Folks, we have a fraud in the White House. Secret Service, get this imposter out! More

Democrat Al Gore might be president today if Florida's ``overvotes'' had been examined and counted -- Gore got enough legal overvotes to win. These votes were legally required to be counted, but they weren't.

Vote Fraud in Tennessee: Worse than Florida?

Revelations in Florida-- While Bush's team argued against manual recounts because the "intent of the voter" was supposedly not discernable, Pensacola County officials not only recounted, but "re-CREATED about 10,000 mismarked or torn absentee ballots." Absentee ballots favored Bush by 2 to 1. AGAIN, HOW DO YOU SPELL HYPOCRISY AND THEFT? G.O.P.!!!! CLICK HERE FOR MORE FROM THE MIAMI HERALD (Reporting on the Orlando Sentinel Story of Monday, May 7th)

Terry MacAuliffe:
"They stole that election."

The Florida Count Continues (Herald's real total made clear): Washington Post Review