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Lawmaker seeks to bring US troops to Ukraine

Lawmaker seeks to bring US troops to Ukraine --The resolution would give the president sole authority to determine whether such aggression by Russia had actually taken place, without requiring any international investigation. Accordingly, it could incentivize Ukrainian forces to stage such an attack [as they've done since the get-go] in the hopes of drawing the US into the conflict, as commanders in Moscow have accused Kiev of planning. | 1 May 2022 | Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a Republican [deep-state troll] from Illinois, announced on Sunday that he will introduce a resolution authorizing the use of military force should Russia deploy "chemical, biological and/or nuclear weapons" in Ukraine. Kinzinger has continuously pushed for US involvement in the ongoing conflict, and previously backed measures that critics and Joe Biden said would lead to a "third world war." Kinzinger's resolution would authorize the president to use the American military to "assist in defending and restoring the territorial integrity of Ukraine," in response to a hypothetical Russian use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons on Ukrainian soil.