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Open Letter to a Freeper, by Michael Rectenwald

(to a Republican who said our site must be some kind of joke)


If you think our site is a joke, then here's the punch-line: we don't "get over" a coup. Sorry, but it is YOU who are in dire need of information and help. You are either brainwashed by the media, or in a serious state of denial, or both. Your "president" is a complete fraud and probably a coconspirator in the largest voting scandal in US history. At least his brother is, that is for sure.

But, in case you've missed the real news, take a look at the following. For starters, take the REAL vote count, the one that the Herald itself announced both within the erroneously headed story you refer to, and the very next day. The Herald's accounting firm's OWN TOTAL count gave Gore the win. I wrote Mr. Merzer, the author of the article you allude to, and even HE admits that. If you don't believe me, you can write to him yourself. Ask him who won the total Herald recount, period, not who would have won if every factor had been construed in Bush's favor leaving out at least two key counties! Here's his e-mail address: His headline was based on a contrived and partial view of the matter, a "what if the FL Supreme Court's count went ahead as mandated, then. . ." The problem is, Merzer left out several counties, assuming they would not have been recounted and assuming a "standard" that couldn't have been assumed. In any case, the REPUBLICAN-desired standard, even given Merzer's contrived scenario, gave Gore the win!!!

You can read the subsequent Herald stories and the others that explain the completely misleading Herald headline, from the link below. If you believe, in all your ignorance, that Bush won the Herald recount, go to: Start with the first story ("Recounts Could Have Given Gore the Edge, Broward, Palm Beach Checked"), which appeared, rather disingenuously, a day after the false headlined story, and which tallies the Herald's own recount TOTAL!!! Not all of the counties had been included in Merzer's "Bush would have won" scenario (likewise the subtitle of the next day's article: "Broward, Palm Beach checked"), nor did he know what the standard would have been.

After several exchanges, Merzer could not answer the following question I posed to him:

1) My first point is this: why didn't you first publish a story on YOUR total findings, and frame all other scenarios within a total picture of YOUR "complete" recount? We all want to know who REALLY won, not who WOULD have won based on the legal contortions that the count/courts/lawyers and others went through. Your story basically says, "like the other totals before it, this one, too, is incomplete: Bush wins!" That is unsatisfactory. It is more of the same, not the story. I know that this may have become a novel idea to you by now, but what we're looking for is the complete picture, not the picture as distorted by the courts and the incomplete counts of counties/canvassing boards/judges/media. "The whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Not a sophisticated concept, but a useful one nonetheless.

Meanwhile, undervotes are only a SMALL part of the story!

Have you not heard of the voter purge that cost AT LEAST 20,000 people their votes, the majority of whom were African Americans? Of course not. You're apparently not aware of the DBT/Choicepoint voter purge that the State of Florida used, knowing full well that thousands of Democratic voters would be illegally disqualified. Go to: [for Greg Palast section] and read the articles written on it.

Are you not aware that in total, over 200,000 people, the majority of whom were African Americans, and most all of whom were Democrats, lost their votes in Florida, due to the combined causes of the Purge, poor equipment, confusing and illegal ballots and a host of other civil and voting rights violations? Go to:

Are you aware that that the Supreme Court acted illegally in stopping the vote-counts in the election and deciding on the election in the end; have you no idea that at least 2 of them had serious conflicts of interest in the case, such conflicts as would have disqualified any petty court judge, let alone the Supreme Court judge in a case of enormous consequences. Of course, you must have read about Scalia's two sons who worked for Bush's law firm, and Thomas's wife, who was on Bush's transition team? Again, these stories are linked to our site: But firstly, even intervening in the conflict was unconstitutional. The conservative and partisan majority's twisted and distorted "logic" was so pathetic and contradictory to their own usual "states' rights" tradition, and so without merit, that even they said that the decision could not be used as precedent. That in itself is unprecedented, and a sure sign that their decision was pure bullshit!

Further, did you not know that the call of the state of Florida for Bush, after the reversal of the call that was based on SOUND statistical sampling the kind of which is wrong once in 10,000 times...did you not know that the fool who called the election for Bush was none other than John Ellis, Bush's OWN COUSIN, who works for Fox News!?!

Add all these factors up, and include the vote-counting intimidation by paid operatives, and many other factors, and you have a bona fide coup d'etat, the likes of which Bush's daddy orchestrated in foreign lands as the CIA director.

Do you not see the connection between this arbitrary and antidemocratic seizure of power and the antidemocratic and nation- and world-violating policies being enacted by the Bush administration today? OF COURSE YOU KNOW THIS, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!!!!! But you are in a state of DENIAL. Freud called this repression of traumatic events. Seek help. But first, go to for the complete national record of Bush atrocities.

For these stories and a whole lot more, check out our website. We have it all there: (We've tried to be the complete center for the coup, the occupation, and the resistance to the occupation).

You, sir, are in the dark. Get a load of this: your man is a thief and a crook and a once-AWOL idiot. He is inane and retarded, but mostly a menace to the planet, not unlike his grandfather who bankrolled the Nazis, as even the Boston Globe made mention of JUST TODAY.

Everything about this residency is a crime. -Michael Rectenwald, April 24, 2001