Dear <fill in the blank>,

One of the greatest truths to being an American is the Freedom of Religion. A founding principle of this country - freedom of religion has helped the United States become one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world. Our founding fathers knew this all too well, and wanted to ensure that all future Americans could persue this true and just freedom.

Another thing they felt strongly about was the Separation of Church and State.

I strongly believe that the basis for this principle is to help in achieving the above goal of freedom of religion. If the government were to specifically support - by any means - any one religion more than any other, this would constitute an endorsement of that religion.

When the government participates in religion, it essentially denies the likeness of other religions by suggesting that there is one belief structure more proper than others. This effect is multiplied under a capitalist based Democratic government, where the means of support would most likely be federal funding.

Under George W. Bush's Texas based Faith Initiatives, 90% of the government monies went to Christian organizations. This gross final judgement on other spiritual belief systems is something that cannot be tolerated on a federal level.

And what would happen when a Satanic or otherwise "heathen" religion were to receive federal funds? I not only imagine the uproar, but the embarrassment on behalf of the legislative and judicial branchs of government for allowing such a thing to happen. So we can clearly see here, that this is a lose-lose proposition for both the American people and our government.

The potential for problems (not the least of which being the Constitutional questions it would create) relating to Mr. Bush's plans to provide federal support to religious causes is so great that I cannot possibly detail each one here.

I therefore ask of you, to not only reject this policy, but to lobby and urge the people around you to join you in the vast American rejection of this grossly illdefined and poorly contrived plan for providing government support to religion.

I thank you for your time and consideration of my request, and look forward to any response you may provide.