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Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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Michael Rectenwald defined the pro-democracy status of the CLG, when questioned by a visitor to the CLG Website:
(Her letter first; Mike's reply follows.)

Peggy wrote:

Dear Mike, It is true Bush doesnot truly represent the American people but I donot believe Gore did either. During the clinton administration while he was shaking hands over there in the Middle East one of the biggest arms deals between Isreal and America was going down.
The wolves wear sheeps clothing. Beware. There are many good books out there to read on the truth about america, including Howard Zinn's book. A People's History of the United States. I highly suggest it.
Thanks for your website.

The notion of representation in this case refers specifically to the issue of election. Bush was not elected, but installed. Our site/group is not a pro-Gore group, but a pro-democracy, pro-voting rights, pro legitimate government group. Gore, while he may not "represent" the people in some sense, was elected by the people, albeit under highly mediated terms of corporate control of elections, etc. That is the point of our contention; likewise, we are a non-partisan group. I hope you can see the difference.

Btw, I'm familiar with Zinn and his work. Thanks.

-Michael Rectenwald, October 14, 2001
-Monday, October 15, 2001 at 00:48:00 (EDT)

Jack Lund
King City, CA USA

Subject: anti-Bush

I am glad I surfed on to your web site. As the beautiful, old time movie star, Myrna Loy, once said, "I wouldn't let a Republican in the back door." I read this on a web site a couple of years ago, and her statement echoes my opinion precisely. George W. Bush, is the epitome of all that is wrong with arrogant, self-serving politicians. President [sic] Bush. who stole the election' has a check list in his pocket, "Whatever, big industry wants, they shall get, and to hell with the people." This preppy numbskull is is the "Charlie McCarthy'" of the new century. Edgar Bergen was a genius during the 1930s and 1940s, who was able to convince radio listeners that Charlie McCarthy was "real." Goes to show you how gullible some people can be. Now the Bush Handlers, Mr. Cheney, etc. are trying to emulate Edgar Bergen, for whom, there is no comparison.
If you care to reply to this, please free feel to do so.
Jack Lund
King City, CA 93930

August 10, 2001

-Saturday, August 18, 2001 at 22:44:31 (EDT)

Sutter Creek, CA USA

Dear Michael:

I think your ideas are very good about seeking help internationally to pressure Bush into backing off from his isolationism and arrogance and working with the nations of the world to foster peace and environmentalism.

I am so embarrassed and humiliated every time the Fool goes to one of these big international meetings and acts like a jackass & doesn't even seem to notice that he is being treated with polite contempt by statesmen from other parts of the world.

Your International Protest Fund may be a workable plan to drive this man from public office forever.

for peace & justice


Sutter Creek, CA

-Friday, July 27, 2001 at 05:21:35 (EDT)


Dear Lori (and Mike),
Thanks so much. Now if we could effectively and quickly return our government in Washington to sane people such as you, Mike and (most of) the rest of us out here! I've really been enjoying the emails that have been coming through from like-minded folks. Do you have any idea how many of "us" are out here and what it's going to take to get the "free press" involved in reporting the facts for a change? I've been so frustrated with the lack of real coverage. Inauguration Day 2001 was such a clear indicator of how the press was going to 'mis'treat reality.
Thanks again ...

July 17, 2001
-Wednesday, July 18, 2001 at 03:43:41 (EDT)

Aleesha G. Poe
Knox, IN USA

This idiot Bush has only been in office 7 months, and all of the surplus that President Clinton busted his ass to build up is gone. Actually, it's not really surprising considering the mess he left the state of Texas in! It's not a wonder why Bush won his home state, they wanted him out of there. Now, I read that Bush is cutting over 200 million from affordable housing throughout the U.S. This is exactly what he did in Texas, he squandered all of the money that was suppose to go into affordable housing. Soon, Bush will be trading human souls for money, another Hussein! Back in December when Bush and his dirty republican henchmen stole the Whitehouse, I wished this administration nothing but failure, and it seems this is one wish that is coming true. But then, how can one run a country if he's always in Texas playing on his ranch, or playing golf, or napping? And if Bush and Cheyne are so concerned about the wealth of the American people, how could this administration stick us with Cheynes medical bill? You would think Cheyne the millionaire would give the tax payers a break and shell out his own money. It's just so incredible, and very sickening. Most families go without health insurance, but they work to pay for a millionaire's failing heart. Well, since my wish has come true so far, I will wish it again. I wish this administration all of the hell and failure they deserve, and really, there isn't a better bunch that deserves it. Thanks CLG, I needed to vent! Keep up all of your excellent work, we need you, you are an important voice.
-Monday, July 09, 2001 at 05:06:17 (EDT)

Maggie Richards
Pensacola, FL USA

(The letter below was written in response to Mike Rectenwald's reply to a Freeper. Mike's letter is posted underneath the letter from Maggie.)

[CitizensAgainstBush] Re: What rock

I could not agree more Michael.
What amazes me is these "parrots" are so blinded by their devotion to the republican party that they cannot see [or more than likely, refuse to see] that what the Supreme Court did is in direct violation of the Constitution.
Election disputes, according to the constitution, shall be resolved by the congress not the Supreme Court.
In my hometown, Pensacola Florida, we just recently discovered that 4,372 votes were simply thrown away because the election supervisor disabled a feature on the Optical Scanners that allows for correction of a mismarked ballot. These ballots were thrown away in direct violation of Florida law that says they must be manually counted. Since most of these votes were in a predominately black neighborhood where they normally vote 90% for democrats, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that this small group could have changed the election results that Katherine Harris was in such a hurry to certify.

The bottom line is that if all votes were counted as demanded by law, it is estimated that Al Gore would have won by a minimum of 20,000 votes. This I might add even after all of Katherine Harris' & Jeb bu$h's attempts to commit fraud.

It would not surprise me to find out that certain members of the Supreme Court were involved in the voter purge.... even if only from the sidelines. I have no doubt what so ever that at least some of them had prior knowledge of this purge. This is solely my opinion based on the blatant way they usurped our right to vote. The Supreme court and george bu$h are criminals of the lowest type. They make Timothy McVeigh look like a Sunday school teacher.

M. Richards
Pensacola FL - Don't blame me. My vote was trash canned by the SC 5.

Here is Mike Rectenwald's letter:
Re: What rock

Letter to a Freeper who "thinks" we should get over the illegitimacy of our government:

Dear Republican:

GW Bush lost the national election and the election in Florida as well. But, not only did he lose, he benefitted from an unprecendented and illegal series of actions, in Florida especially, but also in Tennesee and Washington, D.C.

Vincent Bugliosi's recent book, The Betrayal of America, outlines in vivid detail the extent to which the U.S. Supreme Court not only erred in throwing out the votes of 100 million plus citizens (the majority of which had voted for Gore), but also the extent to which their decision was malicious, illegal and even, yes, criminal. This is a big part of the picture of the Republican coup d'etat, but not the whole picture. Bugliosi's article None Dare Call It Treason gives the main argument on which the book is later based. For a complete listing of articles lambasting the Supreme Court's idiotic decision, including the denunciation of it by 600 plus law professors throughout the land, go to our complete collection here.

The USSC court's idiotic decision was a necessary, but not a sufficient, cause of the coup d'etat. Even before the election took place, tens of thousands of legal voters were illegally purged from the voting rolls by the Florida State Department, run by Katherine Harris under the aegis of Jeb Bush's government. A Database Technologies/Choicepoint Vice President has testified under oath TWICE that his company informed the State of Florida of the extent to which legal voters would be purged from the voting rolls, yet the Florida State Department decided to go ahead in any case. Further, exonerated felons who had served their time and had their citizenship rights restored in other states were illegally required to apply for clemency in Florida, to Jeb Bush's Clemency office. This was not the standard practice and was illegal, as several court cases made clear, cases of which Jeb Bush could not have been ignorant as they happened in his own state and ruled on his practice. Much of this can be found in Gregory Palast's great investigative journalistic work, and we've compiled a complete list here. If you don't like to read, we suggest you at least view Palast's BBC Newsnight broadcast, which ran nationally in Britain. While the national mainstream news carried this story in England, U.S. news consumers are, in the case of the vast majority, completely in the dark. The story was reiterated in the Nation by the Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist John Lantigua here.

Furthermore, the recent spate of articles on the recount confirms that at least 25,000 more voters voted for Gore, and even where ballots should not have been disqualified, a complete recount of all uncounted ballots would have given Gore the win. (See the story at USA Today.) While no intentional illegality is alleged in these areas yet, Theresa LePore's butterfly ballot design is highly suspect, as are the ballots in other counties. We know these ballots were illegal, yet to date, no one has suggested that criminal mischief was involved. While we were told that LePore is a Democrat, the fact is that she only became one to win an election. She has subsequently reverted to "independent," though her longest standing affiliation was Republican. For a list of other recount stories that confirm that Gore won, go to our recount page or our recount links. You should also see all the relevant articles currently on our front page .

Beyond illegality, systematic disenfranchisement disallowed poorer urban voters from recognizing errors, while wealthier, mostly white, northern and mostly Republican voters were warned by the machines when their ballots were invalid, and allowed to revote. (See USA Today article referred to above.)

The case is clear: Gore was the rightful winner not only of the nation, but of Florida. Bush was installed, not elected, and as such, he is not legitimate. His policies are rejected by the vast majority of Americans (66% in the last polls) and they are unfit for the world in its current condition. He is a retrogressive, arch rightwing fantatic who does not recognize nor represent the national will. He should be removed from office, and we will continue to oppose his every action. He has no right to any executive actions at all, let alone the pro-business, anti-majority, anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-world actions that he is taking and proposing to undertake. (For the complete list of articles on Bush's atrocities against humanity, go to the record -- warning, you could spend a week reading them.)

We are working endlessly to remove Bush from office and to stop his every action in the meantime. He is a complete and utter fraud, and a menace to the nation and the world at large, including every species that currently resides here.


Michael Rectenwald,
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government
June 16, 2001

-Tuesday, June 19, 2001 at 01:14:18 (EDT)

Jon Stout, Program Director, FSTV
Boulder, CO USA

Dear Citizens for Legitimate Government,

Thanks for your work promoting the Rolling Blackout next week. I'm writing to let you know that Free Speech TV will promote the black out with a PSA throughout next week, and we will go black ourselves from 8 pm-midnight EST (5-9 pm PT). During this time, we will pre-empt our regularly scheduled programs to run a spot adapted from the one on your website. I've attached a copy of our script for your reference. This spot will run in constant rotation throughout the evening. We will include your website, so viewers can contact you for more information. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with this action.

I'm including some information about FSTV below. FYI, we have been running regularly Not Our President, Raining on the Parade, and Bushwacked!. Please keep us apprised of any other programs you recommend that we air.

Jon Stout
Program Director

Free Speech TV
Working with activists and artists, Free Speech TV (FSTV) uses television to cultivate an informed and active citizenry in order to advance progressive social change. FSTV airs primarily social, political, cultural, and environmental documentaries, although some experimental and dramatic work is featured as well. FSTV acquires its programming from independent producers and distributors. It currently does not produce any original content. FSTV is operated by Public Communicators, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Boulder, CO.


-Thursday, June 14, 2001 at 00:18:36 (EDT)

Kate M.


Dear Mike, FOB, and CAB:

I think the television ad is great concerning the rolling black-outs, and I think it is powerful in it's simplicity. It says it all, and it gives everyone the right to protest! Since, apparently, we cannot protest in FRONT
of KING GEORGE, and show our outrage and hold up our signs, then we must attack using other forms of protest! A television ad is one of the answers. I am infuriated by what happened in Tampa, and I am feeling more and more
like I am being ruled by a Tyrant. If we cannot fight this head-on, then we will have to find a way around it.
I can imagine our Founding Fathers now rolling around in their graves at the sham that has been made of our Bill or Rights and our Constitution. We are not PROGRESSING, we are REGRESSING back to the days when our country WAS ruled by a Tyrant. When our freedom of speech is being trod on by a group called the SECRET SERVICE (you might as well call them KGB), then we have problems. WE are GUARANTEED our freedom of speech, and any one or any group that tries to take it away from us has to be called to answer for it.
We are seemingly living in a country that is full of intrigue and behind-the-scenes maneuvering by a group or groups of persons that we cannot name, because they are not to be seen, but their will is being carried out by our current ADMINISTRATION.
The powers that were at work on election night 2000, the Supreme Court's unconstitutional appointment of a President, and the jailing of protesters in Tampa are but the tip of the iceberg. We must not fail to exercise our rights of free speech and protest, or we will become the SUBJECTS of King George. Isn't it ironic that in the battle for our country's freedom, the American Revolution, that the name of the tyrant who ruled over us was King George also?
I was rewatching the movie BRAVEHEART just the other night, and a line in the movie caught my attention. I have revised it here to match our situation: "George Bush and his Administration think that the people of this country exist to give them power and position, but I think George Bush and his Administration should exist to assure us of our freedom." Which, as we can all see, they are not! -- KATE MCBRIDE --

-Thursday, June 07, 2001 at 03:14:25 (EDT)

Cameron M.
Charlottesville , VA USA

...Mike Rectenwald is by far the most articulate and disciplined spokesman I've seen working through the web to disseminate the truth of our political reality in this country. I was pleased that he responded to my concerns, and I would certainly like to help penetrate the iron curtain of silence that has been thrown up in the mainstream media to counter voices such as his...

-Cameron M., June 5, 2001
-Wednesday, June 06, 2001 at 06:18:24 (EDT)

San Jose, CA USA

RE: Investigation Petition

Hi Michael,

Just finished signing your eloquently written petition, and forwarded it to my entire address book. Many thanks for taking the time to compose and post it!
I am curious as to what method of delivery you plan to use in forwarding the signatures to the Senate?

Muchas gracias for all of the time, talent, and energy you give to organizing "the resistance", and to exposing Coup2K!

Sue in San Jose

-Thursday, May 31, 2001 at 06:23:15 (EDT)


(Re: Jeffords Petition)

BRAVO, Michael!

Senator Jeffords is an absolute hero and an American patriot who will go down in the history books for his integrity and for acting according to his conscience.

All the best,


-Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 14:06:31 (EDT)

Janet Salmons


This is the thank you letter I wrote to Senator Jeffords this morning. Then I forwarded it to everyone on my list so they could do the same!

Dear Senator Jeffords,

I am writing, not as your state constituent, but as a national constituent who will live with the outcomes of Senate decisions for years to come. I am writing to thank you for the courage to stand for your principles, instead of for a party that is increasingly only representing the principles of big money and shameless greed. There is no public mandate for the kinds of compassion-less plans now in the works; the popular vote did not support Bush's harsh ideas for the future of the country and our country's role in the world. But as voters, we have little choice, we cannot change the direction of policies, until the next election gives us a chance to try again at the polls. But you CAN change, and we welcome your decision to make stand for all of us in a way that will undoubtedbly shift the debate and create more moderate outcomes.

So, I thank you on behalf of the environment and the wilderness, that should have a chance to survive without drilling and roads; on behalf of the children, who are all "special" and should have opportunities to learn, not just learn how to take tests; on behalf of women, who want to make their own choices; on behalf of millions of moms, dads and citizens who want reasonable gun control; and on behalf of the low and middle income taxpayers, who need relief so they can buy first homes, not luxury homes.

Thank you, we needed a hero just about now!

Janet Salmons
A mother and grandmother
A small business owner and teacher
A voter who VOTES!

-Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 13:37:14 (EDT)

Juliet Stewart
Cincinnati, OH USA

I just wanted to say hello from Cincinnati, Ohio. We arrived late Sunday evening. I still am recovering and have so much to catch up on. I want to thank all of you for writing and sending in pictures from DC. I will eventually get around to writing you all back, this is a promise. My mailbox is so full. Tears roll down my eyes as I read each and everyone of your emails. Here is a link from a great site from, A big congratulations to Sam Robinson for putting a picture Standup 4 Democracy on his site as I am speaking at the podium in front of the capital. My update will be coming soon.

Again those young women warriors that came to DC with me are pooped as well. They think it is normal for Mom to protest, and Les thanks for sharing that kind email to the girls. They love you and think you are a modern day Bob Dylan, for those of you who wish to purchase Les Souci's great cd and hear the songs he performed at DC please see his email addresss and you can also hear him on the front page of

I want to thank Marc Ginsburg and Les Souci for holding the CitizensagainstBush banner as I spoke, (Regina Record) took a great picture of all of us and, when I finish the update the picture will be on the site. We must also thank Greg Palast for writing the letter for me to deliver at the VoterMarch. He is fighting and jumping fences for all of us. He will be home here in the US shortly along with his family. Again all my thank to all of you who have worked so diligently for the VoterMarch. Thanks for the donations, thanks to those of you who made sacrifices to join us in DC. I applaud the Cincinnati group who stayed to hear my speech which due to time was bumped to a later time. If you listen to my speech here at the Radio Left. Remeber what I said, you are all warriors young and old. Again I applaud all who were involved and please listent to all the speakers on this site. RadioLeft - Liberal & Prgressive Radio I would also to add that Mike Rectenwald did a fine job delivering Dale Reynold's beautiful poem at the votermarch, this poem and the delivery made me stop and think. Please listen to it for yourself. Thanks Dale, and a big thanks to Lou Posner for creating a dream into a reality. Be sure to write and thank him folk's. Let us thank Nancy Rich and Tom Kiely for the great job for the Veterans, I have some great pictures of Marcy Roberts and the whole gang as well that will be added to the site. It was great seeing all the FObers and Cabers and the ProjectBlackout-DemocracyMarch group that helped in the Fox protest in NY.
in peace and solidarity I leave you,
Juliet Stewart

-Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 04:47:18 (EDT)

Greg Palast

Many many apologies for getting this to you at the very last second ... I know you had asked me to write a couple of words for you for your talk at the Voter March.

But, here's a couple of points ... you may use these as your own words, or cite me, or ignore this altogether, for that matter.

At any rate, let me make two points - one specific - how the man who lost the vote in Florida won the White House - and the general point about American democracy seen from Europe.

I deeply regret that I cannot be there at the rally. It reminds me why, even in exile, I still believe America is the home of the brave.

I think it worth while to explain exactly how Bush grabbed Florida. They are marching because they believe the election was stolen ... here's the facts to take back home....

Here's how they did it: Seven months before the election, Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State ordered the removal of 56,000 voters from the state voter rolls. The state said they were felons. And felons can't vote.

In fact, about 50,000 of those on the list had committed no crimes ... However, they were guilty: about 54% of the voters purged were African-American. The list of voters purged - overwhelmingly Democrats. Do the arithmetic: 50,000 mostly Black, Democratic voters - legal voters - denied the right to vote. In other words, the purge decided the election.

The purge list was provided by a computer information company, Database Technology of Florida. In congression hearings, after months of denial, the company confessed it TOLD the State of Florida the lists included thousands of innocent voters. But this company, Harris, Jeb Bush and the Florida Department of Elections kept the story quiet.
This story of the theft of the election is well known in Europe - reported by BBC television and Britain's main paper, the Guardian - but remains virtually unreported in the USA even today.
The US Civil Rights commission issued a statement -- again the US press ignored it -- verifying the fautly voter purge of innocent voters.
This is how our President was elected: by a new form Jim Crow -- purging Black Voters through the sophisticated use of computers directed by Katherine Harris, co-chairman of the Bush campaign.

In Europe they are appalled - and cannot believe Bush has not been forced to resign in the face of this hard evidence of election theft. The rest of the world is stunned by the silence of the American press and the American population.

Three times last year - in Peru, in Serbia and the United States of America - Presidential elections were stolen at the last minute by manipulation of the vote count. But in Peru, the voters took to the streets to force out the dictator Fujimori ... in Serbia, the voters took to the streets to toss out the usurper Milosovic ... but in the USA, there has been a shameful silence ... until today ... when we bring back a simple idea: America means democracy ... and in democracies, we count the votes.

Juliet and Mike,
Your work is extraordinary. Please call me ... I'd like to interview you both ... so the rest of the world can remember that no every American is willing to 'heal the wounds' by letting democracy bleed to death.

If anyone wants to read the facts, direct them back to my web site,

You're the best.

-Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 04:37:41 (EDT)

Greg Palast

[In reference to Mike Rectenwald's classic speech, made on the West Steps of the Capital, May 19, 2001]

heartfelt, informative, substantial, - i loved your speech. Wish I were your student.
I and will call you - got your call on my mobile. Move back to states next week.

-Greg Palast

-Monday, May 21, 2001 at 16:57:37 (EDT)

Activist Congratulates Mike

Mike, As soon as I got home I got on the computer and went to Salon magazine Table Talk, and went to the voter march thread in the White House folder. The people who weren't able to go to DCcould listen to the speeches on the web. They absolutely loved your speech. You were a huge hit. You gotta read their comments. Congratulations.
Gotta get some sleep now. I'll be on the CLGsite tomorrow.


-Sunday, May 20, 2001 at 16:17:18 (EDT)

Napa Valley, CA USA

Dear Michael:

Please keep up the good work by being an honest journalism (I read your letter to a freeper on Ampol's gutsy web site for the intelligent class!).

I am just an ordinary citizen who resides in California and voted for Gore/Lieberman with pride and honor, however, after this stolen election, and the wimpy democrats who followed up by confirming this charade of cheaters, i have
dropped out of their bogus "society. " I know longer give to their Democratic charities, I no longer plan to volunteer my time or services with their get out to vote (and not have votes counted!) campaigns, etc. thank You again for sharing your sentiments, not only do i despise the (republican) freepers but I am totally frustrated with the serious conflict of interests that the US Supreme court had when making it's rulings, just as your letter conveys, it's truly the worst travesty. Clarence Thomas's travesty was nothin' compared to what he and his cronies placed on our society.

Well, what goes around comes around, let's see what happens in 2004! The Dems better bring out their heavy hitters or no one will be watching the ball game this time! (Clinton was the best President we've ever seen~~ Gore was the best we could have ever dreamed for~~ that's why these jerks had to steal the election, they could not risk a Gore/Lieberman team~~~!).

yours truly,

napa valley, California

-Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 23:53:25 (EDT)

Napa Valley, CA USA

Dear Michael:

Please keep up the good work by being an honest journalism (I read your letter to a freeper on Ampol's gutsy web site for the intelligent class!).

I am just an ordinary citizen who resides in California and voted for Gore/Lieberman with pride and honor, however, after this stolen election, and the wimpy democrats who followed up by confirming this charade of cheaters, i have dropped out of their bogus "society. " I know longer give to their Democratic charities, I no longer plan to volunteer my time or services with their get out to vote (and not have votes counted!) campaigns, etc. thank You again for sharing your sentiments, not only do i despise the (republican) freepers but I am totally frustrated with the serious conflict of interests that the US Supreme court had when making it's rulings, just as your letter conveys, it's truly the worst travesty. Clarence Thomas's travesty was nothin' compared to what he and his cronies placed on our society.

Well, what goes around comes around, let's see what happens in 2004! The Dems better bring out their heavy hitters or no one will be watching the ball game this time! (Clinton was the best President we've ever seen~~ Gore was the best we could have ever dreamed for~~ that's why these jerks had to steal the election, they could not risk a Gore/Lieberman team~~~!).

yours truly,

napa valley, California

-Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 23:49:42 (EDT)

Los Angeles, CA USA

Dear CLG,

Just found my way to you guys after long and circuitous surfing- and am I glad I did! You are the first ones to have actual information on the movement and whereabouts of the nefarious Shrub and his Supreme cronies- Can you mail me or alert me somehow the first minute you even hear a rumor about visits to Southern California. I saw little Shrubby last night on Florida TV talking about how most people just want to get on with things and let him play at being the President- Yeah We want to get on with things- Like telling him just how we feel about him and the lousy way he was elevated to an office he neither earned, deserves or is qualified for. Can't WAIT for him to come to LA- Want to be ready to let him know how BIG the fringe he dismisses really is. SNUB A SHRUB !

Yours in the struggle,

Los Angeles

March 13, 2001

-Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 20:07:26 (EDT)


I've just read a copy of Mike's letter Open Letter to a Freeper.

All I can say is GO MIKE GO!!!

May 6.2001
-Thursday, May 17, 2001 at 04:32:18 (EDT)

Aleesha Poe
Knox, IN USA

Hi Lori, YES, you may use my name, city and state!! I would be proud to be amongst the Democrats that despise the thief in office!! Go for it. The best of luck on Saturday in DC, I will be with you in thought. I hope C-Span will cover this, I would love, love, love to see it!! Give em' hell!

Aleesha Poe.
-Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 23:59:59 (EDT)

Paul S.

Bush & The 5 Supremes Must Go!


This is getting ridiculous. The fake president with his mismanagement style has made every effort to ruin the country. What we progressives have fought and died for during the past century, King George is dismantling bit by bit. Is anyone else out there mad about this? I hope we are all going to fight for democrats in 02.

Paul S.
-Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 23:57:25 (EDT)



I'm very impressed by your site and will be a frequent visitor. It's great to find so many 'like minds' out here on the net (but after all, we WERE the majority in November).

Tim 4/29/01
-Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 23:49:28 (EDT)

Aleesha Poe
Knox, IN USA

In regards to Michael Rectenwalds letter "Dear Republican", I couldn't have said it better myself. Superb!! I really enjoy, and look forward to the updates on the smear on Governor Bush (Just can't say President). Not only should this criminal be exposed for what he really is, he should be impeached along with five rats in the USSC. I waited frantically to go to the polls on Nov. 7th, only to have been told my vote didn't count. Well, it will sure count in 2004, and I will wait frantically again to see the thief in the Whitehouse shoved out the door!! I wish the Bush administration all the failure and hell they deserve. Please do your best to expose this fraud and send him packing. We count on you, right now, you are our voice and our hope. Thank-You for all of your hard work, you are very much appreciated. Aleesha Poe, Knox, IN.
-Wednesday, May 16, 2001 at 20:24:53 (EDT)
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