Mike, what is meant by the expression, or theme of CLG, "We must undo the coup?"

Mike Rectenwald: The phrase came from Lori Price originally, and she allowed me to use it in the speech. I made good use of it, I think, as a refrain for my paragraphs. The speech is fairly self-explanatory, but I can make sure that the import is clear here:

What I meant was that we have to expose, to the world, the fact that a coup indeed took place. This means an ongoing PR and media activism campaign to make the truth known. We have to expose the ILLEGITIMACY of the Bush residency. Undoing the coup means first making it known AS a coup. The knowledge of the coup, although covered up by the media and ignored by most in Washington outside of the Black Caucus and a few others, has to be propagated. If the official politicos aren't going to make it known, then we must make it known. Obviously, a gander at our website (www.legitgov.org) makes clear that this is an objective of the group.

Two, as the residency is illegitimate, our opposition to it must be unyielding. We must pressure all the parties involved in Washington to oppose every legislative act of the Bush regime, especially those that are counter to the national will as expressed in the election! Since Bush lost and stole the election, his policies are to be utterly rejected, not merely comprised with. Some recommend more drastic dealings, such as not negotiating with the Administration at all, but also see that the acceptance of the electors basically dubbed Dubya legitimate, not that he is--but that he was accepted as such by the Congress. This is something to consider, and I could forward an email that goes into this matter rather closely, if I could trust that an explosion of reaction would not be the result.

Merely undoing, by another election, what happened, is not to "undo the coup," but merely to mitigate its effects. I agree that we should work to mitigate its effects too. But that, certainly, is not all we should do. That is electoral politics, and every grassroots activist movement, while doing election politics, always does much more than this. Undoing the coup doesn't simply equate with electing a Democratic Congress, although that would mitigate its effects. Undoing the coup means turning it back.

At the outset, the Congress should have rejected the electors from Florida and Texas. That would have prevented the necessity of the Not-My-President's Day speech, or day, in the first place.

Thus, this group is not simply about electing Democrats to Congress.