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The whackjobs at the Pentagon need a name for their slaughter in Iraq!

U.S. ponders name for likely war against Iraq The names for U.S. military operations over the years have been poetic, moralizing and in one case so forgettable that leaders of that mission forgot it. There are all sorts of rules for coming up with a name, involving many Pentagon offices. In the end, though, it always has been more art than science...

Send your ideas to: clg_news[at], and I will compile a list of the best suggestions and disseminate to the media.

Please spread this Citizens for Legitimate Government action throughout the Internet, in hopes of stopping Bush's W-ar.

Lori R. Price
Citizens for Legitimate Government

March 10, 2003

My suggestion: How about 'Operation B**w Job?' Sorry, but I just can't come up with a more appropriate moniker. --Lori Price

Suggested names from CLG visitors:

Wecolme to Desert of the Real
Operation Leave No (Living Brown) Child Behind

Gulf War 2.0: The Son Strikes Back

Operation McMiddleEast
Hostile Takeover

Desert Screw - The Mother of All Insanity!!!

Desert Storm Too

Mission Impossible

Operation Disorder
Operation Dysfunction
Operation Family Values

Operation Shock-and-Awe

Operation Slaughter

Operation Crusade

Operation Blood-Splatter

Draftdowgers war
cluster fuk
CheneyWolferitzBushRumsfeldPerle (operation CoWBuRP)
Operation Thoughtless
Operation Arrogance
Operation Bad Hawk Clown
Operation Illegitimate
Desert Holocaust
Operation Pax Americana
Operation Total War (the Iraqi chapter)
Operation Bush League
Operation Pappy's Revenge
Operation Sweep Clean (undoing pappy's machinations in the region)
Operation Orwell

Bombastic Bush Bombs 

Operation Sound & Fury as told by an idiot...
Operation get my approval numbers above 60%
Operation revenge (he tried to kill my daddy)
Operation empire
Operation steal the world's oil
Operation Barberosa II
Operation shred the bill of rights
Operation payback my campaign contributors
Operation desert rat
Operation Armageddon
Operation "dubia-dubia" III
Operation Handbasket (or Handcart, as both go to hell)
Operation Keep The War Going Until My Re-Election, Which Was Daddy's Big Mistake

Operation Bushit

Desert Strom

Bush's Folly
Bush's W-ar
Operation B.R.E.A.T.H.E. D.U.S.T. (paying homage to the lengthy acronyms so popularized by the USA PATRIOT Act)
Bush's Rich-man Economy And Total Hegemony Exercise: Distracting the United States from the Truth

World War 3
Genocidal, homicidal Bushwhacking War
Bush's Revenge Chapter Two
American Pie

Operation Pipe-Dream

Operation Mass Murder
Operation Wag The Dog Operation Scorched Earth Operation Condoleezza Rice (If we can name an oil tanker after her why not a war for oil…)

Operation Infinite Justification

Operation With Liberty & Justice for Oil

Operation Fraud

The Great Oil Heist

Operation Just Cause... (as in just 'cause I wanna bomb them...)

Operation Apocalypse

Operation Armageddon

Operation distraction
Operation oil liberation
Operation 1984
Operation f*** the world and all it's people
Operation compassionate conservatism
Operation punishment for electing Gore
Operation blitzkrieg

Operation Gushing Oiligarchy

Operation Crude Justice
Operation Enduring Oil
Operation Well Oiled
Operation Death Penalty
Operation American Empire
Operation Pax Americana
Operation Unilateral
Operation Evil Axis
Operation War Crime
Operation Infinite Arrogance
Operation Destabilize Region
Operation Breed Terrorists
Operation Instill Hatred
Operation Forget Osama
Operation Ignore North Korea
Operation Distract America
Operation Claim Mandate
Operation Appear Presidential
Operation Create Legacy
Operation Splinter UN
Operation Blood Sport
Operation Regime Change
Operation Get Saddam
Operation Rapid Dominance
Operation Stone Age
Operation France-is-Next
Operation Screw-the-World
Operation End Times
Operation Manifest Destiny
Operation Deranged Lunatic
Operation Strangelove
Operation Medicated Sociopath
Operation Smirking Chimp
Operation Lying Usurper :-)

Operation Pestilent Plunder
Operation Sadistic Grandeur
Operation Sanctimonious Slaughterhouse

Dictator Bush's War

Operation ILL EAGLE
Operation Keep Halliburton in Bidness

Operation Burning Bush
Operation Go-It-Alone
First Stop Iraq
Donald's Death Machine
Rumsfeld Returns
Zbig Oil
Operation Bloody Insane
Operation Oil Vision Thing
Operation Kicking and Screaming
Operation Body Politics

Desert snow job
Operation Deserter Storm

Operation Colossal Mindf*ck
Operation Genocide

Operation Imposing Freedom!

Operation Freedom Shield

Operation Desert Porn

Operation All Alone

Operation Waste of Trillions

Desert Bushmare

Slaughter In The Sand

Operation Save the Chickenhawks

Operation Truth Shield

Operation Global Plunder

Bushwhack Bivouac

Weapons Fest, 2003

Lebensraum, 2003

Plunderfest, 2003

Operation HUBRIS

Operation git Saddam 'cause he tried to git my dad

Operation Fish In A Barrel

Operation Desert Turkey Shoot

Operation No Child Left Intact

Operation Family Planning

Operation New World Order

Operation Desert Roulette

Operation Botched Operation

Operation Wings Over Armageddon

Desert Crude

Dubya's Iraqnophobia

Desert Jerk


Operation Enduring Jihad

Operation Bloodbath

Operation Desert Reform

Operation Global Blunder

Operation Body Bag

Operation Big Deal

Operation Enduring Arrogance

Georgie's Org*sm

Operation Infinite Hubris

Operation Trash the Planet

Operation Maul the Mesopotamians

Operation Steal Everyone's Oil

Operation Petroleum Psychosis

Operation Alas Babylon

Operation Bomb the Babies

Operation Kill for Oil

The Middle East Mismatch

Battle of the Bad Guys

Shootout At The Baghdad Corral

Operation Putrid Smell

Operation Thrill Kill

Decimate and Dissolve

Desert Challenger

Desert Columbia

Operation Iraqi Liberation....ooops that spells OIL

Warlord Rumsfeld's Strategic Initiative

Kill an Iraqi for Jesus

Causus Belli Dancing

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