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Writings of CLG Editor-in-Chief, Lori Price

"They don't 'hate us for our freedoms.' They hate us for our war crimes." --LRP

"Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts." William S. Burroughs

"Every time I turn on 'Law & Order,' I get nervous." --Anonymous

9/11 Anachronism 'Oddity' by Lori Price 02 Mar 2014

CLG: Al-Zawahiri is back from the dead, issuing new 'al-Qaeda' terror threats by Lori Price 06 Aug 2013

CIA in CLG website logs for story on US, New Zealand spying on McClatchy reporter by Lori Price 31 Jul 2013

Snowden could fly under UN passport, as Donald Woods did to leave S.Africa in 1978 - CLG by Lori Price 09 Jul 2013

Google: CLG News 'does not comply with Names Policy' by Lori Price 02 Jul 2013

False Flag Stew by Lori Price 07 May 2013

Sandy Hook Shooting 'Oddities' by Lori Price 22 Feb 2013

DHS Trolling Web for Sandy Hook Rifle 'Oddities' - CLG Website Logs by Lori Price 07 Jan 2013

EarthLink blocking CLG Newsletter since 24 December 2012 --Hotmail, AT&T block update posted by Lori Price 04 Jan 2013

Democrats push for ban of assault weapons over Sandy Hook, but stay silent on nuclear power after Fukushima by Lori Price 20 Dec 2012

Riddle me this: Adam Lanza, 'computer genius,' left no online footprint by Lori Price 16 Dec 2012

NSA buddy Google wants me to change my name, declaring 'CLG News' is 'too long' for people to remember by Lori Price 09 Dec 2012

Fifty Shades of CIA --The Petraeus Sex Scandal Widens by Lori Price 13 Nov 2012

And, today's obstacle is: Hotmail, MSN blocking CLG Newsletter 11 Nov 2012

CLG Newsletters blocked by,, and Posted by Lori Price 06 Nov 2012

AT&T Stops Holding CLG Newsletters Hostage, Releases 'Quarantined' Editions by Lori Price18 Oct 2012

Guess Who's Building Nuclear Power Plants in Iran? Hey, US, those nuclear power plants in Iran? You built that. Posted by Lori Price 26 Sep 2012

Facebook issues 'mental health' warning to CLG editor over posts --'You're receiving this message because a friend is concerned about something you posted on Facebook.' By Lori Price 11 Sep 2012

Democrats 'talking up' Simpson-Bowles aka the Cat Food Commission By Lori Price 04 Sep 2012

USociopaths caught photoshopping events in Syria Posted by Lori Price 30 Jul 2012 (Photo) Translation of headline: "Assads (sic) Tanks roll through the streets to the 'Mother of all Battles.'"

Aurora, Colorado Shooting 'Oddities' By Lori Price 20 Jul 2012

DHS Analyst's Desktop Binder --Department of Homeland Security National Operations Center Media Monitoring Capability Desktop Reference Binder - 2011 Posted by 31 May 2012

List of Keywords and Phrases DHS Uses to Monitor Social Networking Sites and Online Media for Signs of Terrorism and Threats Posted by Lori Price, (I'm sure, also a keyword.) 27 May 2012 'Snow' 'Blizzard' 'H1N1' 'Vaccine.' Whoops! I'm now under surveillance.

Drone Hunting Permit Posted by 22 May 2012

Washington Post Reports 2010 Pentagon-CIA Drone Target Criteria as 'New' By Lori Price 06 May 2012

CLG: FBI Seizes a Server Used by CLG's Webhoster in Bomb Threat Investigation --MayFirst: FBI seizes server providing anonymous remailer and many other services from colocation facility --Server seizure 'plainly extra-judicial punishment and an attack on free speech and anonymity on the Internet' Posted by Lori Price 20 Apr 2012

CLG: FBI Agents Approach CLG's Webhoster in Bomb Threat Investigation --'Even if we could cooperate, we wouldn't.' Posted by Lori Price 12 Apr 2012

Navy simulated Virginia Beach jet crash in December drill By Lori Price 09 Apr 2012

AntiSec again knocking snitches' doors cause treason is something we don't forgive Posted by 08 Mar 2012 Panda Pwned (Lulz Security lives!) By voice 06 Mar 2012

Alan Colmes Blasts Pro-Israel Media Pushing for Iran War By Lori Price 05 Mar 2012

Facebook Disables CLG Editor's Account Name, Claiming It Is 'Illegitimate' --'The name you entered was not approved by our system.' 17 Feb 2012

Anonymous: 'Israeli government, expect us.' --'You are unworthy to exist in your current form, and will therefore face the wrath of Anonymous... Step one will be initiated after the release of this video and will be comprised of systematically removing you from the Internet.' Video and text of message from Anonymous to the state of Israel --Posted by 11 Feb 2012

Komen for [Preventing] the Cure reverses course on Planned Parenthood funding cut By Lori Price 04 Feb 2012

Obama's Office, CIA repeatedly accessed CLG H5N1 'secret lab' article Posted by Lori Price 17 Jan 2012

Kobe University lab creates 'novel' H5N1 in 'secret' lab --Emails from Kobe virologist and H5N1-H1N1 virus creator, Teridah Ernala Ginting --Story in e-mails: Kobe University PhD student Teridah Ernala confesses to creating H1N1-H5N1 "novel" viruses; Kawaoka's virus thief Akiko Makino lies to Indonesian authorities to avoid arrest for attempted smuggling of H5N1 out of Indonesia, gives authorities another university as research facility she works for By Robert S. Finnegan 05 Jan 2012

'Fast and Furious' Hypocrisy: Where Was Fox News When the Pentagon 'Lost' 200,000 Weapons in Iraq? --Faux News and Darrell Issa - not so fast, not so furious when it came to investigating the Bush regime for hundreds of thousands of weapons that went missing in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and likely landed in the hands of insurgents! By Lori Price 10 Oct 2011

MSNBC Covers Yemen Protest, but Not Wall Street Occupation By Lori Price 20 Sep 2011

US Gives People All Over the World Their Own '9/11s' Daily, Via Killer Drone Strikes By Lori Price 11 Sep 2011

Obusha is about to speak. Should I watch 'Criminal Minds' or 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent?' By Lori Price 08 Sep 2011

Tree Meets Pool By Lori Price 29 Aug 2011

Columbia University Blocking CLG Newsletters with Links to Press TV By Lori Price 23 Aug 2011

TSA.DHS Visits CLG Website --Is the CLG Website on the 'No-Fly' List? Posted by Lori Price 10 Aug 2011

Stop the Super Dictatorship By Lori Price 07 Aug 2011

GOP Debt Ceiling Plan to Be 'Last One Standing' - to Obama's Delight By Lori Price 26 Jul 2011

Secret Service visits CLG member, asks about Seize DC --In two-hour session, Secret Service agents ask, 'What do you know about SeizeDC?' By Lori Price 03 Jul 2011

News of Bin Laden's Death and Funeral - December 2001 Posted by Lori Price 02 May 2011

CLG Under Surveillance -- CLG Sunshine Project - Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) will post .gov and .mil IPs visiting the Seize DC webpage, and others!

Seize DC --Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG) calls for protest – SEIZE DC! SEIZE DC will begin on September 10, 2011, at noon, until finished.

MSNBC: Wall-to-wall coverage of Charlie Sheen's meltdown, silent on nuclear meltdown --GE: 'We Bring Good Censorship To Life.' By Lori Price, 12 Mar 2011

FBI Thriller, Published in 1999, References 9/11 --A 1999 best-selling thriller makes explicit references to 9/11 By Lori Price and Michael Rectenwald 10 Mar 2011

Done with MSNBC, its vaccine pimping and Lindsay Lohan --Open letter to Steve Capus, President of NBC News, from Lori Price, Editor-in-Chief of Citizens for Legitimate Government 23 Feb 2011

GOP State Sen. Wants Return to Era of 'the Condition of England Question' By Lori Price 17 Feb 2011

9/11: 'Awkward gaps and contradictions in official explanations' - You betcha! By Lori Price 26 Jan 2011

U.S. Rep Wants Assange Declared 'Banned Person,' Recalling South Africa's Internal Security Act --Banning Orders Should be Banned By Lori Price 15 Jan 2011

SarahPac Called for Ariz. Congresswoman to be 'Targeted' By Lori Price 09 Jan 2011

GOP Push to Shutter TSA Will Bring Blackwater Groping Goons By Lori Price 21 Nov 2010

U.S. 'Notice to Mariners' Report May Explain Mystery Missile Launch Posted by Lori Price 11 Nov 2010

How Did UT Shooter Tooley Get Mohammed Atta's Eyes, Eyebrows? Another CIA Photoshop PSYOP? By Lori Price 29 Sep 2010

H1N1 Flu Expo Group Hosts Unmanned Aircraft Defense Summit By Lori Price 22 Jul 2010

CLG: Media Reports Death of Al-Qaeda No. 3 Killed in 2008 By Lori Price 01 Jun 2010

"Hope-and-Change," A Hoax By Michael Rectenwald and Lori Price 27 May 2010

Arrest Terror Suspect Tony Hayward - No Miranda Rights By Lori Price 26 May 2010

Obama Linguistically Morphing Into Bush 'War is tough!' It's tough, I tell you! By Lori Price 13 May 2010

The 'greening ' of al-Qaeda: More recycled al-Qaeda emerge --US Attorney General Eric Holder celebrates Earth Day with more al-Qaeda recycling: Al-Qaeda Member 'Rises From Grave' to Plan NY Subway Attack By Lori Price 26 Apr 2010

Recycled al-Qaeda: Ayyub al-Masri 'killed' on Sunday, captured in 2008 By Lori Price 19 April 2010

Obama Is Out-Bushing Bush and the Quote, Unquote Left Will Not Act By Lori Price 30 March 2010

Obama Moves to Unravel Twenty Years of 'Law & Order' Episodes, Seeks Optional Miranda By Lori Price 13 Feb 2010

"Lori Price makes whole departments in the federal government shiver with fear of exposure." --Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D. 29 Dec 2009

CLG: Pope Ratzinger and the Bushes: Two Peas In a Pedophile Protection Pod By Lori Price 05 Apr 2010

Pentagon Shooting 'Oddities' By Lori Price 05 Mar 2010

1997 DoD Briefing: 'Others' can set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely using electromagnetic waves By Lori Price 28 Feb 2010

RiverGlass: CLG's Biggest Fan By Lori Price 22 Feb 2010

Austin, Texas Plane Crash 'Oddities' By Lori Price 22 Feb 2010

Obama Moves to Unravel Twenty Years of 'Law & Order' Episodes, Seeks Optional Miranda By Lori Price 13 Feb 2010

CLG: Aetna Announces CT Layoffs on Free Health Care Clinic Day In Hartford By Lori Price 04 Feb 2010

Use the 200 Million Dollars to Try Bush-Cheney-Blair For War Crimes Instead of KSM By Lori Price 01 Feb 2010

CLG: US to Pay Taliban Fighters to 'Lay Down Their Arms' --I've covered a lot of BULLSH*T since Coup 2000, but this takes the cake bakery. By Lori Price

US as 'Facehugger' By Lori Price I've come to the conclusion that the US government most resembles the 'facehugger,' a stage in the life cycle of an alien, the 'primary antagonist' of the film series 'Alien.' 19 Jan 2010

CLG: Obama asks 'Heckuva job, Brownie' George W. Bush to help with Haiti relief efforts By Lori Price 15 Jan 2010

CLG Exclusive: Source: Ford Paying Tea Partiers to Protest Detroit Auto Show By Lori Price 07 Jan 2010

CLG: Northwest Bomb Plot 'Oddities' By Lori Price 27 Dec 2009

Blackwater/Xe in Pakistan By Lori Price 31 Oct 2009

Fort Hood Shooting 'Oddities' --'Three people are involved. That, by definition, means it is a conspiracy.' By Lori Price 05 Nov 2009 (Updated)

CLG: ABC Series 'V': Invading, Fascist Lizards Arrive With 'Universal Health Care' and 'Message of Hope' --ABC Network Portrays Aliens, Hell-bent on Destroying Planet Earth, as the Obama Administration By Lori Price 04 Nov 2009

CLG: Silence On the Senator -- The Lieberman Lie Pie is growing, and Connecticut's largest newspaper is ignoring it. By Lori Price 28 Oct 2009

The Obusha AfPak Money Pit: Unlike the 'public option,' Congress doesn't ask if funding the Taleban to blow up contractors' bridges will add to the US deficit By Lori Price 03 Oct 2009 (Updates)

U.S. Flu Vaccine Updates

Refuse and Resist Mandatory Flu Vaccines (Petition)

CLG: Are You One of Obama's 'Lone Wolf' Suspects? By Lori Price, Citizens For Legitimate Government 18 Sep 2009

CLG Action Alert! Boycott Israel's IKEA Boycott --Shop Till You Drop at IKEA to Counteract Israel's Boycott! --Posted by Lori Price 24 Aug 2009

CLG Exclusive: Barack Obama: Change We Can Deceive In --A critique from the Left By Lori Price 19 Aug 2009

Fort Detrick, Quantico, DHS and Halliburton --What do they all have in common? They're all monitoring the CLG. By Lori Price 14 Aug 2009 I took a walk through the Citizens For Legitimate Government visitor logs over the past thirty hours and saw numerous .gov, .mil and state visitors in the logs. I compiled some of them. Note: This is only a snapshot!

CLG: Guns OK Outside Obama Town Hall; Kerry Pins Brought Arrest At Bush Rally By Lori Price 12 Aug 2009 Bush's Waffen-SS arrested (and strip-searched) people with Kerry-Edwards buttons pinned to their T-shirts and paper protest signs at his at his GOP-only appearances. But, when a Reichwinger attends a New Hampshire town hall meeting with a gun -- merely yards from President Obama -- the protester not only gets to remain at the meeting but also gets to be a guest on MSNBC's 'Hardball.'

CLG: H1N1 vaccination 'a voluntary program,' CDC says By Lori Price 08 Aug 2009 Citizens For Legitimate Government contacted the CDC on Friday and asked if the plans to vaccinate US citizens against the H1N1 virus would be mandatory. "It's a voluntary program," said CDC spokesperson Joe Quimby.

Baxter: The 'Lucky Larry' of swine flu Baxter Vaccine 'Oddities' By Lori Price 17 Jul 2009 Baxter files swine flu vaccine patent year ahead of outbreak --Baxter can take no more H1N1 flu vaccine orders --Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu, though admitted sending live pandemic flu viruses to subcontractor

CLG Pandemic Action Alerts 12 Jul 2009 Petition against mandatory vaccines; contact the White House, US Congress [All hands on deck! Please sign CLG's petition - ours and others with the same goal you see on the Web - and get ready to *raise holy heck* if the deadly, pharma-terrorists' vaccines are mandatory! CLG has been warning of this for years. We have documented, over and over, the fact that the US government was funding and creating killer flu in labs. We cited legislation - passed under Bush two days before Christmas when *no one* was paying attention - giving US pharmaceutical companies full-blown immunity from liability for their deadly products used during a 'health emergency.' We showed that the DoD would carry out military missions and enforce quarantines. Most of these articles would appear on the Web on a Saturday night and vanish within days. The CLG has also revealed numerous deaths -- mathematically odds-defying -- of microbiologists under bizarre circumstances. This ultimate weapon of mass distraction has suddenly emerged so that discussion of the Bush Depression; Bush/Cheney torture, war crimes and treason; and the Iraq/Af/Pak war money pit -- vanishes from the landscape. --Lori Price]

CLG Pandemic Action Alerts 12 Jul 2009 Petition against mandatory vaccines

Pandemic planning: Protect police forces from being hurt in civil disturbances By Lori Price 29 Jun 2009

'Hello, Pot? This is Kettle. You're Green.' --US Hypocrisy Toward Iran By Lori Price 21 Jun 2009

CLG: Baxter working on vaccine to stop swine flu, though admitted sending live pandemic flu viruses to subcontractor By Lori Price 26 Apr 2009

CLG: Flu Kills The Torture Memos By Lori Price 26 April 2009

CLG: Iraq al-Qaeda leader US general said 'never existed' is 'captured' in Baghdad By Lori Price 24 Apr 2009

CLG: Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment: Universities Possible Terror Portals --2009 Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment, Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of State Police, Virginia Fusion Center State - Federal - Local - Private, March 2009 --Posted by Lori Price 08 Apr 2009

'Dead' Pakistan Taleban Chief Takes Credit for Lahore Terror Attack --What could possibly be the motive for this dialup from the dead? By Lori Price 31 Mar 2009

'Voice your appreciation for those in quarantine.' --Heads up! This is how the US government might bail out the bailouts. By Lori Price 09 Mar 2009

Drought 'Oddities' By Lori Price 01 Mar 2009 Suddenly, almost inexplicably and overnight - there's a newly discovered big water shortage in the US! Keep your eyes on the GOP prize. Under cover of the Bush Depression and (global warming-induced) drought, corpora-terrorist trolls may present a 'solution:' Privatize part of the US water supply.

US, Japanese Researchers Mix Samples of 1918 Flu Pandemic to Recreate Deadly Code --Compiled by Lori Price 30 Dec 2008 Why? And, why is no one *asking* why?

Connell Crash 'Oddities' --Recently subpoenaed Bush/Rove IT expert is Wellstoned. By Lori Price 22 Dec 2008 Michael Connell's ill-fated flight originated from airport only 50 people can use. College Park Airport users are vetted -- including fingerprinting -- in an 'extensive process,' and there are 'significant limitations' as to how the airport can be used.

Send Bush Your Shoes! 17 Dec 2008 America: We were unable to give President [sic] Bush the boot, but we *can* give him the shoe!

Mumbai 'Oddities' By Lori Price 07 Dec 2008

KBR's Convenient Contract --KBR is awarded a $75 million U.S. Army Corps contract to provide emergency power to Western states --days before a wildfire sweeps California, 'threatening the power of the city of Los Angeles.' By Lori Price 16 Nov 2008

HHS Declares 'Health Emergencies' to Limit Legal Liability for Anti-terrorism Vaccines, Drugs --October Surprises: The U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary, Michael Leavitt, has declared a series of 'public health emergencies' -- due to risk of a bioterrorism attack -- that continue through 2015. By Lori Price 19 Oct 2008

Minot AFB Clandestine Nukes 'Oddities' By Lori Price Updated: 30 Sep 2008

Injured, re-killed Ayman al-Zawahri is back! By Lori Price 29 Sep 2008

Al-Qaeda No. 2 May be Injured, Possibly Re-killed--But Still Cranking Out Videotapes By Lori Price 08 Sep 2008

Bristol Palin Wants to Be VP By Lori Price 06 Sep 2008

Blackwater Issues Mercenary Call For Hurricane Gustav --Email disseminated 29 August 2008 from Blackwater Worldwide Posted by Lori Price 31 Aug 2008

CLG Exclusive: Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide' By Lori Price 10 Aug 2008

The Six Million Dollar Man By Lori Price 06 Aug 2008

Al-Qaeda No. 2 May be Injured, Possibly Re-killed By Lori Price 02 Aug 2008

Al-Qaeda expert re-killed by CIA By Lori Price Updated: 30 Jul 2008

Coup 2008 is well underway, and they've already found their scapegoat By Lori Price 07 June 2008

Snakes and Superdelegates --While the US media obsesses on delegates, superdelegates and whether or not Hillary Clinton is using math formulae hallowed by MSNBC, we learn that US interrogators used snakes to torture prisoners (that's right, PentaPost --torture, not 'interrogate' and prisoners, not 'detainees') at Guantanamo Bay - while the FBI watched. By Lori Price 21 May 2008

U.S. (forgetting Katrina) "outraged" by Myanmar's response to cyclone By Lori Price 09 May 2008

'DC Madam' Trial Scheduled for April 7 --Full jury trial is scheduled to take place on April 7th, in Federal District Court, in Washington, D.C. By Lori Price 28 February 2008

GOP Hypocrisy: The party of racism, genocide and treason asks, 'Will racism divide the Democrats?' By Lori Price 14 Jan 2008

"Ned Wins, Joe's In!" The Hartford Courant wouldn't publish a positive, smiling picture of Ned Lamont on its cover if God Himself commanded it. By Lori Price 27 Dec 2007

Judge Temporarily Quashes 'DC Madam' Subpoena of White House Records By Lori Price
14 Dec 2007

Judge Cancels Vitter Testimony in 'DC Madam' Case By Lori Price 21 Nov 2007

'D.C. Madam' Seeks Subpoenas for Senator Vitter and Harlan Ullman By Lori Price 02 Nov 2007

CLG Exclusive:
Judge to Hear 'DC Madam' Selective Prosecution Argument --Jeane Palfrey tells CLG: Monica Goodling "likely will be subpoenaed in this matter - along with many others at Justice - in the near future." By Lori Price 21 Oct 2007

CLG Exclusive: Subpoenas Served on ABC's Brian Ross/New York Post's Cindy Adams by 'DC Madam' By Lori Price 26 Sep 2007

CLG Exclusive: 'DC Madam' confirms Ronald Roughead of SAIC was a customer --Palfrey Asserts "Honey Pot" Defense By Lori Price 11 Sep 2007

'DC Madam' defense likely to disclose evidence, identities deemed 'classified' By Lori Price 01 Sep 2007

CLG Exclusive: La. GOP Officials Negotiating with Governor for Vitter Replacement By Lori Price 13 Jul 2007

Lori Price responds to rightwinger who says she will 'burn in hell' By Lori Price 26 Dec 2005

CLG: Was a "Bomber" Superimposed onto Metropolitan Police Surveillance Camera Photo? 24 Jul 2005

CLG Exclusive: CLG Interview with Joseph Wilson on Bush Crowd: "A Real Threat to Our Republic" By Lori Price and Michael Rectenwald 06 Jul 2005

CLG Exclusive: Judge Lifts Injunction on 'DC Madam' Phone Records By Lori Price 05 Jul 2005

Informal CLG poll: What story will 'break' on the day the Reichwing media is forced to reveal that Karl Rove 'outed' Valerie Plame? By Lori Price 05 Jul 2005

Will Bush play the bioterror card? By Lori R. Price 22 Jan 2004

The whackjobs at the Pentagon need a name for their slaughter in Iraq! By Lori Price 10 Mar 2003

Big Dog at the Bushnell By Lori R. Price 03 Dec 2001

'D.C. Madam' Phone List Names & Places Posted by Lori Price

Contact NBC/MSNBC and tell them to stop the misogyny Compiled by Lori Price

Where Paper Prevailed, Different Results By Lori Price

Spitzer's Sex Life Is Weapon of Mass Distraction for Bunch of Bad News for Bush
By Lori Price 25 Mar 2008

DoD to 'augment civilian law' during pandemic or bioterror attack By Lori Price 10 Nov 2007

The Bush regime's most recent assault on the law Compilation by Lori R. Price

CLG Exclusive: Who are the eighteen members of Congress that signed Abramoff letter to Customs Trademark division? By Lori R. Price

Citizens For Legitimate Government's Evidence of the 2004 Coup d'Etat Compiled by Lori Price and Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.

DoD to carry out 'military missions' during pandemic, WMD attack By Lori Price 23 Oct 2007

Saddam Hussein: The Better Deal By Lori Price 27 Jul 2007

Useful links from the 1960s and Beyond Constructed by Lori Price

Story changed! 'Islamic radicals' added to terror plot By Lori Price

Rumsfeld on looting in Iraq: 'Stuff happens' --Varying views of the Bush regime on looting Compiled by Lori Price 03 Sep 2005

Petition to Senate to Investigate Oddities of 9/11

Virginia Tech Shooting 'Oddities' Compiled by Lori Price

NIU Shooting 'Oddities' Compiled by Lori Price

Flu 'Oddities' Compiled by Lori Price

CLG 9/11 Exposition Zone Compiled by Lori Price


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