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Bush seals Baghdad, but not US borders --By Lori Price,

After reading the lead stories in Monday's Citizens For Legitimate Government newsletter (sources below), CLGer Sallie observed: 'They can build a wall around Baghdad, but they can't along the Mexican border.' Sallie makes a brilliant point.

But, alas alak, there is less profit to be made by the corpora-terrorists by sealing US borders --and so, Bush will not close them. By keeping the US borders wide open, corporations can pay slave wages to undocumented workers and, by extension, drive down the wages of US workers.

In Iraq, the US has already installed a fascist police state that pays low wages. The corpora-terrorists are already 'running the show' in Iraq. Heck, Iraqi farmers are no longer allowed to plant their own centuries-old seeds; they are forced to buy GMO seeds from the world's number one terrorist (after Bush) --Monsanto. LOL.

How many suicide bombings took place under Saddam Hussein? Uh, that would be *zero.* How many mosques were blown up, due to 'sectarian' violence under Saddam Hussein? Uh, that would be *zero.* How many hours per day did the people of Iraq have electricity, under Saddam Hussein? Uh, that would be *twenty-four.*

How many Iraqi civilians have died, under Bush's 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' (formerly called, 'Operation Iraqi Liberation,' but changed, when Bush's embarrassing abbreviation surfaced)? Over 650 *thousand,* according to The Lancet.

As Michael Rectenwald remarked, "Only George W. Bush could make Iraqis long for the good old days of Saddam Hussein."

I might add, if ever a country was in need to overthrow its dictatorial regime, it is the people of Iraq in 2007.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, O'Lie-y.


Press fury at Baghdad wall 23 Apr 2007 A controversial wall being built by US forces in a Baghdad's Sunni district on a mainly Shia east bank of Tigris has been roundly condemned by papers both in Iraq and wider region. Fears are expressed that the wall will turn the capital into "a big prison", exacerbate sectarian tensions and trigger the construction of similar barriers elsewhere in the country. A Syrian daily urges Iraqis to rise up and fight what it sees as part of wider US-Israeli efforts to isolate Arabs or "face extermination". [Citizens for Legitimate Government has saved this article on its server, in case the BBC removes it.]

As'ad Abud In Syria's Al-Thawrah 23 Apr 2007 'The wall is a real step to solidify and increase the sectarian hostility that has flourished in the US-made reality on the ground in Iraq. Such a humiliation for the Arabs ... what can you do? Either fight the siege or face extermination, so choose between dying as a resistance fighter or dying between a wall and the other.'

Iraq PM says he has ordered halt to Baghdad wall 22 Apr 2007 Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Sunday that he had ordered a halt to a controversial wall being built by US troops around a Sunni enclave in mainly Shiite east Baghdad. "I am opposed to the building of the wall and its construction is going to stop," the premier told a joint press conference in Cairo with Arab League chief Amr Mussa.


Lori R. Price
Mgr., Citizens For Legitimate Government

24 April 2007

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