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Michael Rectenwald's Appeal to Twitter After the Musk Takeover

Michael Rectenwald's Appeal to Twitter After the Musk Takeover By Lori Price | 28 Oct 2022 | Author, pundit, scholar, and CLG Founder Michael Rectenwald was suspended from Twitter earlier this month. The suspension took place shortly after Dr. Rectenwald appeared on The Ingraham Angle (October 11, 2022) and Unfiltered With Dan Bongino (October 15). Michael, with the handle "TheAntiWokeProf," had almost 18,000 followers. In response, Michael appealed the suspension to Twitter. He posted his appeal to Twitter on Facebook:

My email to the useful idiots at Twitter:
Dear Censors,
I said nothing at all threatening to anyone on Twitter. I was referring to a career criminal and how to respond to him when he attacks yet another innocent person. Since the Left believes in anarcho-tyranny--in letting criminals run free while harassing and arresting innocent people, I was banned, while thousands of leftists not only threaten violence on Twitter, but commit violence and brag about it on Twitter, too.
I'm appealing to the new management here, not to the foot soldiers of the totalitarian woke cartel that has had its grip on Twitter and that is so afraid of losing the key censorship, doublespeak, and propaganda tool that Twitter represents.
I not only deserve reinstatement, but as the author of 12 books and thousands of articles, a public figure appearing regularly on major media shows, a Ph.D, and a former NYU full professor, I deserve to be verified as well.
You may as well reinstate me now. You're probably going to lose your job soon anyway.
Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D
Author, public speaker
Formerly: Professor of Liberal Studies and Global Studies, NYU