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Total Recall (of our rights), And What Is To Be Done! --by Michael Rectenwald

After yet another election debacle--the installation of the Schwarzengroper (a.k.a. Schwarzenegger) as governor of the largest state in the union by means of complete rightwing chicanery, including effectively the buying of petitioners, we have decided that the old methods have failed us. We asked ourselves: are we going to WAIT around for the next election debacle, for Bush to be reinstalled as the [p]resident, by means of whatever fraudulence they can muster?

First we had the 2000 coup. Then the fraudulent "energy crisis," overseen by Cheney as he met clandestinely with the criminals themselves, and consented and collaborated with them as they defrauded and defrocked the whole state out of billions.

Then we had 9-11, followed by the erosion of personal rights in the (un)Patriot Act.

Then the Republican takeover of both houses due to the 9-11 fallout and fear-and-war-mongering. (This is to say nothing, for the moment, of the questions of enormous importance that still surround this national and now international catastrophe).

Then, we witnessed the chicanery in the election that stole Cynthia McKinney's office; the illegal war and occupation in Iraq based on fraud and lies, just as McKinney put it; the continual draining of our treasury into the pockets of the fraudsters and their cohorts; the enrichment by the billion at the public trough by Halliburton and other companies in bed with or actually IN the current administration. The list goes on and on.

And now a coup in California, with the installation of a fascist womanizer and abuser with absolutely NO political knowledge or experience, probably, in part, in the effort by the rightwing operatives at the top--Rove, Cheney and Co.--to forestall any investigation into the Enron RAID on the CA economy.

The country is under siege. With the recent accession of California into rightwing territory by means of the purchase of the governorship, we are now nearly at the completion of Project "Total Recall"--a total recall of the rights of citizens to government of, by and for the people. We have an illiterate swine ruling the most populous and richest state in our country. Schwarzenegger is merely a buffoon, an overstuffed mannequin for Rove and company. He will be used to rip off the state of California--both financially and in terms of its huge treasure of votes for national candidates. The end of real elections and any semblance of democratic representation in a democratic Republic is here!

What is to be done??? We are suggesting nothing short of a revolution. But revolution is not terrorism. The organization required to stage a revolution is enormous. It will take immense labor. It will take immense struggle. It will require commitment and fearlessness and the conviction of right reason and moral rectitude. But it cannot be a war of words alone. We begin by recuperating and using ALL of our first ten amendment rights! Go down the list: I mean ALL of them.

Michael Rectenwald, CLG Founder
With inspiration from Lori Price, CLG Chair

October 8, 2003


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