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Political Education for Our Times, An Introduction --by Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.

Obviously, the CLG does not agree with every article or book posted on our political education page. That would impossible as some of them stand in contradiction to others. Our object is to allow our readers to draw from various sources in order to bolster their own arguments against the rightwing. We do not represent rightwing political ideology here, as we believe that its tendency is towards authoritarianism, and likewise the abrogation of the principles of the US Constitution. Contrary to the propaganda of the right, the US Constitution was founded on the principles of classical liberalism, the principles of the Enlightenment--equality, liberty, and liberal democracy, and not of Christianity. In any case, the Constitution is a document and like all others is interpreted and applied historically. We work for its most emancipating interpretation, which represents the spirit of the document and the times during which it was framed.

But the CLG stands simply for legitimate government in the US, as provided for constitutionally. Legitimate Government means elected officials where said officials are by law supposed to be elected. The election of officials is of especial importance in the case of the most powerful official in the US government: the President. The condition of election was not met in the 2000 presidential "election."

Furthermore, the US government, has, we believe, been overtaken by fascists from the rightwing of the US political spectrum. This became apparent in their siege upon Clinton and their attempt to remove our last legitimately elected President from office. The presidential selection of Bush and the entire machinery put into motion to secure his position was further proof that the rightwing would stop at nothing, respecting neither the rule of law nor the will of voters, in their quest for control of the government. Their continued steam-rolling over the majority, in the US and abroad, further evinces this fact. Only a small contingent of the world, the rightwing supporters of Bush and a few ill-educated others in the US, appear to be ignorant of this political condition.

Neither do most of the Democrats in Congress and the Senate appear to be aware of this fact. Having rubbed shoulders with the officials of the right, they have become so accustomed to them as to mistake them for decent human beings who simply have varying points of view. Such a position is a very big mistake. Difference in politics is one thing: but the politics of the right is a politics that would annihilate all difference, steam-roll over the rights of citizens in favor of a strange amalgam of imperious government and gigantic corporate concerns, representing only the most powerful. Or, to be more precise, the current government recognizes and respects only power itself. Power itself is the object of worship to which all else must bow in obeisance. Obedience to a "charismatic" leader and a thralldom to brute power are two of the primary marks of fascism.

But sheer power hardly represents anyone, and in the end, may turn on the very ones who thought they only harnessed and used it to control others.

Despite the political fascism and a strong element of cultural fascism, the entire US culture has not, however, become fascist. Given our rich tradition of political and cultural dissent, our relatively "free" market of ideas, our culture of irreverence, and ironically in this case our strong ideology of individualism, the US citizens have the means to resist and overthrow the fascist elements that have conquered and occupy our government. Our comedians, our actors, and other cultural producers, are a great source of resistance to fascism. We hope this arsenal of political theory will also help the resistance.

Michael Rectenwald

CLG Founder and Chair

November 26, 2002

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