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Michael Rectenwald responds to a CLG visitor who declares that we "should look at the facts and review Iraq's history more closely" before protesting the W-ar


Michael Rectenwald's reply --March 29, 2003:

"For every article you could present, I could present counter information and/or data to refute your claims."

Really? I doubt it. You cannot. And will not. You are either too lazy, or apparently don't really have the resources. That is, the evidence. Likewise, instead of doing it, you say the following, which is nothing but a rationalization for your own failure to produce any counter claims. I teach argumentation. You haven't made a single argument. You think that this rightwing threatening and empty rhetoric will do to me what it has to the Democrats in Congress --scare them into complicity. You have the wrong person. I will rip your "arguments" (should you actually forward any) to shreds! but, because you really have NONE, you simply say "this would be a waste of time." That is a complete rationalization and nothing but special pleading. Sorry, it doesn't fly here. You lose.

Just try to marshal your so-called counter claims.

"However it is obvious that this would be a waste of time because it is evident that there is no way you could be objective. "

No, it's obvious that you are bluffing! LOL!!!!!!


Follow-up to Mike Rectenwald --March 29, 2003:

Thanks for your viewpoint.

It is obvious that you are the one that is brainwashed. Your baseless rhetoric is frightening. For every article you could present, I could present counter information and/or data to refute your claims. However it is obvious that this would be a waste of time because it is evident that there is no way you could be objective. Perhaps you should go to Iraq and see the death squads killing their own because they don't want to fight for Saddam, but I am sure that you enjoy living in the US and could not understand real suffering when you see it. To me it sounds like you are full of hate, which is not much different than the KKK's rationale.

Michael Rectenwald's reply --March 28, 2003:

Dear Laura:

The W-ar against Iraq is a criminal enterprise undertaken under false pretenses. Read the articles on our site before condemning us. You are misinformed by the W-ar media of US corporate mind-control. Try to look outside the box, literally. We protest the W-ar because it violates international law and is a W-ar of aggression fought not because of WMDs (the evidence for which was NEVER found and other "evidence" for which was completely falsified and fraudulent!), but for geo-political and resource control. It's all in black and white. White people attacking brown people for black crude--and contracts to rebuild what they first had contracts to destroy.

Texas and other oil companies stand to profit hugely. Halliburton and Monsanto have multi-BILLION dollar deals on the line. People are being killed and children having their brains blown out. The whole court of world opinion and the official institution of world order, the UN, oppose and condemn the W-ar. As in the Florida "election", Bush did not even wait to have the votes counted in the UN, and instead violated the democratic process, usurped power and marched on to his objective of domination.

Only those subjected to and convinced by corporate mediation "think" otherwise, and they are fed nothing but LIES. George W. Bush is a FAR greater threat to the world than Saddam Hussein. George W. Bush, whose grandfather FUNDED the Nazis and collaborated with the enemy, is far more comparable to Hitler than Hussein. Bush has the real WMDs, and this whole war is like the crime in search of the evidence. All but the most credulous can imagine otherwise. You haven't ONE FACT -- and neither does your lying administration -- to support a war of aggression against Iraq.

Furthermore, you have no way to refute the evidence that WE present regarding the REAL motives behind the war. READ the articles we present. Try to allow the noise of propaganda and brainwashing to fade and see for yourself. You sound like a TV set talking back to itself. Your words are the same ones coming out of the mouths of ideologues and propagandandists.

Given that your media is so much more ubiquitous and powerful than ours, who is more likely brainwashed, you and yours, or us? Remember, you are the one spouting back the same lines that the government, vis a vis its corporate media partners, are spewing out. Likewise, you are much less likely to be actually thinking independently. I would say, "think about that," but of course I see the double-bind such a proposition represents.


Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government


Letter CLG received --March 28, 2003:

Subject: Peace Protests Against the Iraq War

Aren't you glad you live in a country where you are permitted to protest against something you don't believe in without fearing for your life? Well the Iraqi people CAN'T!! They are not permitted to be disobedient in any way, shape or form. Any Iraqis who have stood up for their believes are dead. Such brave Iraqis have been tied up in the center of their villages, had their tongues cut out of their mouths and were left there to bleed to death or WORSE. These victims were left there as a deterrent to other Iraqis. I would be scared. Wouldn't you?

Aren't you proud to live in a country that provides 50% of the world's food budget to feed the starving? Well the Iraqi people are thirty and starving to death!! Their president lives in luxury and spends their country's food budget on weapons. Weapons that have been used to murder his own people as well as anyone else who stands in his way.

You need to think about what you are protesting before you protest!! You live in a FREE COUNTRY and it would appear that you don't want anyone else in the world to enjoy the same freedoms. Sometimes the death of a few to protect the masses is regrettably needed. There are 15+ million people in Iraq that live in an oppressive, brutal and unjust society where the powerful can and do murder, lie, steal and cheat to get what they want. The Iraqi people are literally SLAVES in their own country!!

Saddam Hussein is worse that Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin put together and if he is permitted to gain more power (nuclear weapons), he will attempt to take over the world piece by piece (i.e., Kuwait 1990-1991). That scares the hell out of me. Aren't you scared? Think about this, the US looked the other way while Hitler murdered millions. Do you want this to happen again? Your protests feed Sadam's propaganda machine and legitimizes his crimes against humanity.

Do you remember September 11th? I'm sure you do. The Iraqi people live with the same terror each and every day of their lives. Don't you want to help them? Don't you care?

Look, I don't like war anymore than you do, but there is a legitimate and justified purpose for this war. Perhaps you should look at the facts and review Iraq's history more closely before you protest against this war. Did you know that the US gave Saddam a sample of the Small Pocks [sic] virus? This virus could kill all of us!! You, your children and all of your loved ones!! Did you know that during the first United Nations weapons inspections (approximately 1991-1996) they found tons of Anthrax and discovered that Saddam had perfected the method of its disbursement? This war is NOT about Oil!! It's about world safety and freedom.

By protesting you dishonor your country & fellow countrymen, our solders and most of all yourselves. Think this one over. news polls indicate that 70+% of all Americans APPROVE to this war.

Laura A.
March 28, 2003


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