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Not My President (Not anyone's) --by Michael Rectenwald

This is Not-My-President's Day because George W. Bush is not my president—in fact, he's not anyone's president!! We the people did not elect him—not across the nation, and not in Florida. He was rejected for fear of the very acts he is now committing against us. He was rejected, not elected, because he is against the people and for the forces that oppose us. Because this usurper is NOT MY PRESIDENT, not ANYONE'S PRESIDENT—WE MUST UNDO THE COUP!!!

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Remember, the selection of Bush by means of fraud, intimidation, propaganda and judicial injustice was necessary for the G.O.P. and their backers because the country rejected him and his policies. He was rejected, not elected, because he is an idiot, but also because he is bad for the U.S. and bad for the world. Because the majority rejected him THUGS AND SUPREME INJUSTICES intervened to rob us. Because THUGS AND SUPREME INJUSTICES stopped the counting and robbed us of our democratic process, we now have a tyrant who imposes his rejected policies on us, not a president who enacts our will. He has no right to rule—we must undo the coup!!!

The theft of our democracy "sets the tone" for the Bush Occupation: His Occupation is an extension of his naked grab of power: THEFT, FRAUD, VIOLENCE and the violation of the national will are the "tone" that he has set in Washington.

Bush has reminded us that he is a dangerous man! Just as he brought fraud and indignity to the White House by stealing it, he now brings fraud and indignity by ignoring the will of the citizens. Bush has already proven by stealing our democracy that he will stop at nothing, and now he sets the stage and "sets the tone" to steal our reproductive prerogatives, our wages, our health, our clean water, our air, our forests and our national wildlife preserves. While Clinton was ACCUSED of stealing silverware from the White House, Bush STOLE THE WHITE HOUSE ITSELF!!! Because he started by stealing our democracy and he continues by stealing our hard-won rights and advances—WE MUST UNDO THE COUP!!!

Bush is dangerous to world peace. Bush "set the tone" by bombing Iraq before a month of the Occupation has elapsed. He will continue to resort to military violence to distract from his fraudulence. He gained power illegitimately, and he will use it illegitimately to cover up his this theft. When the sunshine laws illuminate Florida, the bombs will light on Iraq. Likewise, we must undo the coup!

Bush is dangerous to the conditions of people around the world. He will soon fight for "fast-track" rip-off rights to negotiate international trade agreements without Congressional approval. This is a dangerous proposition indeed. Anti-labor, anti-environmental and anti-people treaties must not be enacted by a usurper who has no right to rule in the first place, let alone to decide the fate of billions of workers around the world. We must undo the coup!

Not only does Bush have no mandate to commit any of these acts against the citizens of the United States and the world, he has NO LEGITIMATE RIGHT TO ANY EXECUTIVE ANY ACTIONS AT ALL.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1804, "The patronage of Public Office should no longer be confided to one who uses it for Active Opposition to the National Will." Bush has stolen public office by opposition to the national will, and he uses public office for opposition to the national will. Therefore, if we are to be true to the founders of our nation, WE MUST UNDO THE COUP.


Michael Rectenwald
Founder and Chair
Citizens for Legitimate Government

February 18, 2001

The occasion: the First Annual Not-My-President's Day
The rally was in Washington Square, New York City




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