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Your Bird Flu Pandemic Architects:

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Washington, DC Hosting Bird Flu Summit for Businesses

Subject: Washington, DC Hosting Bird Flu Summit for Businesses
From: "Bird Flu Summit" <>
Date: Thu, February 16, 2006 6:49 am
To: <snip>
Priority: Normal

Business leaders will have access to bird flu experts from around the world to address pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery February 27-28, 2006, at Washington, DC's first Bird Flu Summit.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 16, 2006 -- Bird flu experts will focus on the business-related issues in pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at Washington, DC's first Bird Flu Summit to be held February 27-28, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City near Reagan National Airport.

The 2-day event, featuring public sector and private sector leaders addressing the bird flu threat, will be co-chaired by international healthcare advisor Dr. Joseph Agris (, and will present collective approaches to pandemic influenza preparedness and business continuity planning.

Special emphasis will be placed on identifying the responsibilities of various stakeholders in order to improve communications, coordination and collaboration worldwide.

Dr. Agris will also outline proposed measures for Iraq, where bird flu deaths have been recently reported. [More KBR detention centers?]

Confirmed speakers and topics include:


Early warning and surveillance in Europe: Are we ready?

Koos van der Velden
European Influenza Surveillance Scheme

Country Report and Situation Updates

Dr. Huseyin Avni Sahin
Chief Physician
Van Yuzuncu Yil Research Hopital, Turkey

Dr. Mircea Ioan Popa
Associate Professor in Microbiology
Adviser to the Minister of Health
Ministry of Health, Romania

Vladimir Savic, DVM, PhD
Associate Researcher
Poultry Center
Croatian Veterinary Institute, Zagreb, Croat

Avian influenza: Animals, Man and Pathogen

Alex Thiermann
Terrestrial Animal Health Code Commission
World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

Bird Flu Transmission to Humans May Be Higher Than Thought

Anna Thorson, M.D., Ph.D
Division of International Health
Department of Public Health Sciences
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

Surveillance and Data Management

Michael Wagner, M.D., Ph.D.
Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance (RODS) Laboratory

Veronica Urdaneta
State Epidemiologist and Division Director,
Bureau of Epidemiology
Pennsylvania Department of Health

Marion A. Kainer MD, MPH, FRACP
Medical Epidemiologist
Communicable and Environmental Disease Services
Tennessee Deptartment of Health

Dr. Patricia Somsel
Division of Infectious Disease, Bureau of Laboratories
Michigan Department of Community Health

Dr. Andrew Miller
Syndrome Reporting Information System (SYRIS) Product Manager
ARES Corporation

Preparing Communities Strategies; Local Partnership and Participation

Mikel Herrington (Confirmed)
Deputy Director

Tim Stephens
Rescobie Associates, Inc.

Sheriff James Hagy
Office of Sheriff
Law Enforcement Center
Frederick, MD

John Thompson
Deputy Executive Director
National Sheriffs Association

Critical Infrastructure Continuity

Dr. Tom McGinn
Sector Specialist
Public Health, Food and Agriculture
Department of Homeland Security

Vaccine Delivery

John Iskander
Project officer
Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

Dr. Andrea Gambotto
Asst. Professor of Surgery
Co-director, Vector Core Facility
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

The Aethlon Hemopurifier as a Treatment for Drug Resistant Avian Flu

James A. Joyce
Chairman, CEO
Aethlon Medical, Inc.

Emergency Response and Hospital/Health Care Coordination

John O. Davies-Cole
State Epidemiologist
Washington DC Department of Health

Dr. Sandra Schneider
Professor and Chair
University of Rochester

Playing Ostrich or Talking Turkey: Pre-Pandemic Risk Communication Strategies

Jody Lanard M.D.
Risk Communication Specialist
Princeton, NJ
The Peter Sandman Risk Communication

Poultry Farms: The Frontline Fight Against Avian Flu

Dr. Bruce N. Stewart-Brown
Vice President
Food Safety and Quality
Perdue Farms

Dr. Steve Roney
Veterinary Services
Gold Kist Inc.

Benefit-Risk Assessment: Public Health, Industry and Regulatory Perspectives

Brian T. Yeh
Legislative Attorney
American Law Division
Congressional Research Service

Doug Colwell
Director of Immunobiology
Antigen Express, Inc. (Generex)

Stephen Aldrich
Bio Economic Research Associates (BIO-ERA)

The Effect of a Bird Flu Pandemic on the U.S. Life Insurance Industry

Dr. Steven Weisbart
Insurance Information Institute

Prevention Education Efforts and Risk Communication

Caroline Smith DeWaal
Director for Food Safety
Center for Science in the Public Interest

Antiviral Agents

C. Shane Arnold, Ph.D.
Director, Peramivir Development
Research Biologist II
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Prospective speakers and attendees may register by calling the conference organizer,
NewFields/USA, at 1-202-536-5000 or visiting

The 2-day event is open to all interested businesses and organizations from all
countries. Those interested in making presentations related to the Bird Flu Summit
contact Sandra by e-mail at

To obtain further information about the conference, please contact our Washington DC
office at 202.536.5000.

New Fields Exhibitions, Inc. is a leading emerging markets and business information
provider, producing trade shows that produce results for companies worldwide. With
offices in Washington, DC and overseas, the company provides marketing services in
the areas of construction, energy, oil & gas, telecommunications and health care.
[See: New Fields CEO Joins Bechtel, Halliburton on Highly Anticipated SBA Expo '04 Panel (New Fields) 06 May 2004 "New Fields Exhibitions is the organizer of the successful Rebuilding Iraq series, which has brought together business leaders from over thirty countries for networking opportunities with key Iraqi entrepreneurs and government officials." See also: Homeland Security Expo, Washington, Jun. '05 (New Fields) 20 Feb 2005 "Bringing together experts representing all regions of the globe and a variety of industries to share new ideas is the goal of New Fields’ Homeland and World Security Expo." New Fields is a United Arab Emirates company. See: At U.S. Meeting, Iraq Appears Open for Business 05 Dec 2003.]

New Fields' Bird Flu Summit
1050 Seventeenth Street NW
6th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 536-5000



'Now Joining the Bird Flu Summit...' 09 Feb 2006 Lt Col Kimberly Robinson, Department of Defense; Taha A. Kass-Hout, MD, MS, Northrop Grumman CDC Programs [?!?]; and Lauren C. Thompson, The MTIRE Corporation. Bird Flu Summit, 27-28 February - Washington, D.C. --New Fields' Bird Flu Summit, 1050 Seventeenth Street, NW, 6th Floor, Washington, DC 20036 (202) 536-5000 [Note: The Bird Flu Summit agenda has not yet listed the above participants on their website. Citizens For Legitimate Government has obtained this information. *Why* is the Department of Defense, Northrop Gumman ('Battle Management' specialists), and The MITRE Corporation ('Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I)s' for the Department of Defense) attending a Bird Flu Summit?

Bird flu could hit Florida first 17 Feb 2006 Gov. Jeb Bush expects Florida to be among the first bird flu cases if a pandemic spreads to the United States. In a visit to Florida, Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt warned Thursday that bird flu could reach the nation within 30 days - once it starts passing widely from person to person. Bush predicts Florida would get the first wave... Quarantines [!?!] are the start of the logistical challenges during a pandemic outbreak. [Jeb Bush will be the first to get the police state party started, and fill the FEMA camps and KBR's detention centers. I saw this one marching down Broadway a mile away. Out of the ashes of Jeb's police state and genocide of the sick and poor (à la New Orleans) will arise a Reichwing clamor for him to run for president in 2008, unless his brother has will have already declared himself 'president' for life. --LRP]

Hastert, Frist said to rig bill for drug firms 09 Feb 2006 Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert engineered a backroom legislative maneuver to protect pharmaceutical companies from lawsuits, say witnesses to the pre-Christmas power play. The language was tucked into a Defense Department appropriations bill at the last minute without the approval of members of a House-Senate conference committee, say several witnesses, including a top Republican staff member. Beyond the issue of vaccine liability protection, some say going around the longstanding practice of bipartisan House-Senate conference committees' working out compromises on legislation is a dangerous power grab by Republican congressional leaders that subverts democracy.

Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (Defense Department FY2006 Appropriations bill) The new law providing vaccine makers with protection against lawsuits --Among its key provisions are: It allows the secretary of Health and Human Services to issue a declaration that a "disease or other health condition or other threat to health constitutes a public health emergency." The secretary may also issue a declaration if there is a "credible risk" that there may be such a problem in the future. Excludes any state or federal court from reviewing the secretary's decisions under the law.

Democrats seek to repeal US vaccine liability law [passed in secret by the GOP] 15 Feb 2006 Congressional Democrats on Wednesday introduced legislation that would repeal a law that gives vaccine, drug and medical device makers broad protection against lawsuits in a public health or bioterror emergency. Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Edward Kennedy and 20 other House and Senate Democrats wrote a letter to Republican leaders saying, "The provision included in the bill is not limited to vaccines for pandemic flu or other major threats to the nation's health, but could instead be used to allow manufacturers of virtually any drug or vaccine to escape responsibility for gross negligence or even criminal acts." [When the avian flu pandemic arrives, the corpora-terrorists will pressue the Bush regime to make a vaccine mandatory, and there will be no recourse. Do you really trust the people who brought you the reponse to Hurricane Katrina (thousands dead) to handle a response to avian flu? Bush said in October 2005 that he would consider using the military to "effect a quarantine" in the event of an outbreak of pandemic influenza in the United States. In January 2006, KBR was awarded a Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M with four 1-year options to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency.]

Reigniting Spanish flu 05 Oct 2005 The influenza strain that killed up to 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic has been recreated by scientists. ...Other research shows close similarities between the 1918 Spanish Flu virus and the H5N1 bird flu strain that is threatening the world with a new pandemic. Researchers in the United States described how they used a "reverse engineering" technique to re-construct Spanish Flu.

Bush Authorizes Use of Quarantine Powers in Cases of Bird Flu 02 Apr 2005 Dictator President Bush signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the government to impose a quarantine to deal with any outbreak of avian influenza now found in Southeast Asia.

Bush Order Allows Isolation of Those with Bird Flu 01 Apr 2005 Dictator Bush issued a directive on Friday allowing authorities to detain or isolate any passenger suspected of having avian flu when arriving in the United States aboard an international flight. The Bush order added pandemic influenza to the list of diseases for which quarantine is authorized. Under the directive, the Health and Human Services Department is given legal authority to detain or isolate any passenger suspected of having the avian flu.

UK flu pandemic contingency plan (pdf) March 2005

U.S. to create a bird flu virus mutation 24 Mar 2005 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has begun a series of experiments to see how likely the bird flu virus could result in a human pandemic. The six-month series of experiments seeks to simulate the mixing and matching of genes from the H5N1 avian flu virus that has plagued Asia and a common human flu virus that public-health experts fear could turn avian flu into a pandemic, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. CDC scientists inside an ultra-secure laboratory [?!?] have started swapping the genes of the H5N1 avian virus with the genes of an H3N2 virus, the strain behind most recent human flu outbreaks.

Gene From 1918 Virus Proves Key to Virulent Influenza (University of Wisconsin Press Release) 06 Oct 2004 "Using a gene resurrected from the virus that caused the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, recorded history's most lethal outbreak of infectious disease, scientists have found that a single gene may have been responsible for the devastating virulence of the virus. Writing Oct. 7 in the journal Nature, virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Tokyo, describes experiments in which engineered viruses were made more potent by the addition of a single gene. The work is evidence that a slight genetic tweak is all that is required to transform mild strains of the flu virus into forms far more pathogenic and, possibly, more transmissible... Using a comparatively mild form of influenza A virus as a template, Kawaoka's team added the two 1918 genes that code for hemagglutinin and neuraminidase and infected mice with the engineered viruses."

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