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Blackwater trained Canadian troops

Blackwater trained Canadian troops --Defence spent more than $6-million at controversial U.S. security firm 27 Apr 2010 The National Defence Department has spent more than $6-million having its troops trained by the controversial Blackwater security company, whose own employees have been accused of needlessly killing civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, documents show. The department sent a succession of personnel to Blackwater’s Moyock, N.C., training compound from 2005 to as recently as April2009, some of them learning tactics for working in dangerous settings, records obtained through access-to-information legislation indicate. The work continued even after the U.S. State Department cancelled its pricey security contract with the company in Iraq amid mounting criticism of Blackwater’s actions.


Some may believe this to be an over-simplification . . . but not only does it fit . . . it is airtight logically.  

The "battle" . . . or WW we are watching approach is of "ages old origin" . . .

He who forgets History is condemned to repeat it . . . It is the East against the West once more . . . or the West against the East again . . . However you choose to view it . . .

Of course our "Elite Forces" train the "Elites" of the Western Nations . . . we are the Embodiment of their Civilization . . . As Rays from the Tourch held by "the Queen of Babylon, Simirimus, aka The statue of Liberty," (don't believe me . . . look it up) they eminate from our shores and are the "Satellites of this Western Empire".

The alignment is occurring as I write . . . The Committee of Foreign Relations, The Bilderbergers, The Club Of Rome, The Tri Lateral Commission, The Royal Institute of Foreign Diplomacy, are authorizing and implementing through "rule of law" and "other means" (i.e.intelligence agencies) whatever preparations are deemed necessary . . .

The "Unholy Alliance" we are witness to . . . essentially the UK (of which the USA is a part), Israel, and Saudi Arabia . . . mirrors an "unholy alliance" which inspired "alterations" of "Mosaic Law" . . . Babylon w/ Israel . . . This was for political gain. 

In the Time of Constantine, Emperor of Rome . . . On the Eve of a Major battle between the Eastern and Western Roman Empires . . . The Script was finalized in a vision of Constantine . . . in Nicea 325 ce these things which we now experiance were charted and patiently have been implemented by the memberships of "Elite Secret Societies" (i.e The Scottish Rite, The Skull and Bones, The Bavarian Illuminati . . . just to name a few) . . . They represent the gross manipulators of "Spiritual Might" planned for by this intelligence . . . The "Beasts of Burden" march us towards annilation.

Oh well . . . So much for that Rant . . .

Even if they tell you they won't . . . they will . . . lying is their stock in trade.  

Your input can not undo that which is already done . . . And working toward this "Armeggedon" . . . planned for in the Middle East is what the blind and the death are sent to pursue . . . Think . . . save yourself



I am not annonymous . . . I Am The Cynic.