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Sandy Hook: Officers encountered 'several individuals' as they approached scene

Sandy Hook: Officers encountered 'several individuals' as they approached scene --Investigative report into shooting will not be finished until 'at least June' [Right, say... 5:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, heading into the July 4th holiday weekend?] 26 Jan 2013 There are references to other people outside the school when the shooting started. One officer says at 9:41:22 that "I've got him proned out," indicating he is arresting someone. Other media reports have indicated this was a man who had a child at the school, wand he was headed to that class when the shooting started. [?] But the shooting was not over for long. About 50 seconds later, another caller indicates they can still hear shooting and that they saw "two shadows running outside past the gym," which is in the rear of the school. Newtown Police Lt. George Stinko said some people were detained initially as police got to the scene that was rapidly unfolding... At 9:51, the records indicate police found [Adam] Lanza's body. Police found his car at 10:05 a.m. when an officer asked a dispatcher to run the license plate 872YEO. The car, a black Honda Civic, belongs to Nancy Lanza, according to Department of Motor Vehicle records. Police later found a shotgun in the trunk. [So, the dead guy returned his (apparently unused) weapon to the trunk of the car. Ok, got it. Note: This summary is from an article published in The Hartford Courant, 'Records: Massacre Lasted 6 Minutes,' by Dave Altimari, 26 January 2013. An online version of the full article, for some reason, is unavailable. Hence, there is no 'link' to the original. --Lori Price,]


There seems to be a major redirection ploy at work here. The early police radio transmissions mentioned multiple rifles and shotguns, and my comment #3526 noted that Carver's description of victims' wounds fits shotgun pellets, not high-velocity rifle bullets. Moreover, a shotgun is the logical choice for maximizing carnage in a classroom setting, yet all the mass media are now parroting "Bushmaster .223 assault rifle" over and over. Look up "AR-15" on wikipedia, and note that Bushmaster is but one of many manufacturers of variants of the highly modular AR-15, which accommodates a wide variety of ammunition types. An earlier wiki reference included .410 gauge shotgun shells among the ammo types, but that reference seems to have vanished. Joe Biden even touted the shotgun as a better choice for home protection than an assault rifle recently. Why might this be? Perhaps because TPTB see a citizenry armed with assault rifles as the greatest threat TO THEM?