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NRC: Pilgrim nuclear plant workers 'deliberately' broke rules

NRC: Pilgrim nuclear plant workers 'deliberately' broke rules --Security badges forgotten | 25 July 2017 | Two workers at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth were caught cheating their way into the secure plant grounds, but federal officials have determined they were simply cutting corners rather than planning mayhem. After a yearlong look at a March 2016 incident at the plant, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Office of Investigations concluded that workers were doing what is known as "tailgating." ...In April 2016, the federal Office of Investigations came to Pilgrim to investigate the incident. The office concluded the two plant operators "deliberately failed to follow plant access procedures." According to the report of the Office of Investigations, provided to the Times under the Freedom of Information Act, the consultant who witnessed the violation told investigators the two employees "appeared to be on a mission."