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The 'deplorable professor' is back and going off on one of his colleagues

The 'deplorable professor' is back and going off on one of his colleagues [whom I'd never even had the displeasure of meeting] --Comments by MDR | 18 Sept 2017 | Last year, Michael Rechtenwald [sic - Rectenwald. This 'article' is so factually errant that even the subject's name is misspelled.] - now a Liberal Studies Professor at NYU [He's been a liberal studies professor for over nine years!] - revealed that he was the man behind the Twitter handle @antipcnyuprof, an account under which he has previously rallied [I think you mean "railed."] against politically correct culture, safe spaces and trigger warnings [as well as bias reporting hotlines and the no-platforming of speakers. Reading is fun. You should try it sometime.]. Now teaching at NYU full-time [He was always full-time at NYU. He was promoted from Assistant to Full Professor, the highest rank available. Get your facts straight before pretending to be a reporter.], Rectenwald continues to use this twitter [And you're suggesting that he shouldn't? Why?] and yesterday used the account to go after his NYU colleague Michael Isaacson [Isaacson is not my "colleague." He once taught in Liberal Studies at NYU, as yet another unqualified hack, but does not any longer. Thank goodness there's no longer an avowed Antifa member on faculty, I hope. Isaacson is a hack with no Ph.D., zero credible publications, and no business setting foot in the front of any classroom. He's utterly unhinged as well.], who he claims is an "open Antifa member" [He is. Read the Twitter account. He's a dangerous clown who threatened to kill his own students in the future if they become cops.]. In the tweets issued yesterday afternoon, Rectenwald called out 'notorious Antifa member' Isaacson for coming after him in emails sent over the NYU list-serves, emails in which Isaacson reportedly called Rectenwald an asshole "four times in the space of four lines." [Isaacson should be fired from John Jay, and this "reporter" should be fired from whatever rag that he "writes" for. Both are incompetent. Isaacson couldn't make an argument against my views, so resorted to vulgarity, just as this reporter resorted to insinuation and stupidity.]