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Proof California Fires Started by HAARP Matches

Proof California Fires Started by HAARP Matches | 14 Oct 2017 | The tree pictured is burning from the inside out! The video is very important with eyewitness testimony proving HAARP EMP weapons being used to start California fires. Some witnesses saw blue sparks and flashes in the sky that were NOT lightning! Some felt a weird energy in the air that made their heart palpitate. Some felt an "energy vortex" move through their homes. A firefighter known by one of the guests on Scott Bennett's radio show...told some shocking details on the air. He said a cop went and knocked on the door of a house and told them they had to be out of there in one hour. The fire was nowhere around the home at that point and that's why they had an hour. The policemen came back to that same house in 5 minutes and the house was fully engulfed in flames! No way the fire would have moved from nowhere around there to fully engulfing the house in 5 minutes.