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'Smart Fire' Aircraft Lasers Likely Used on California Fires

'Smart Fire' Aircraft Lasers Likely Used on California Fires By | 05 Nov 2017 | Using the excuse that the county/state does not want to use taxpayer funds for debris removal and must require homeowners hand over any debris removal funds from their homeowners insurance is highly questionable because the President already approved debris removal funding under the Stafford Act. (See here.) Due to the severity of the destruction, it looks like the county/state may get 100% federal funding for debris removal rather than the normal 75%. IMO, those that sign the ROE are in for a major shock when they try to rebuild. The ROE requires removal of foundations and up to 6 inches of dirt. People will max out their insurance benefits and be left holding the bag for the amount to rebuild from the foundation up. Once the city revises the building codes, which they are probably in the process of doing now, homeowners will likely sell out to whichever developer offers the most for the property. If homeowners do not use the government removal, they will likely hit a brick wall of red tape when they attempt to rebuild. Either way, the homeowners are screwed. The question now is what area will they target next?