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Greek parliament votes in favour of austerity measures

Greek parliament votes in favour of austerity measures 06 May 2010 Greece's parliament has voted in favour of the hefty cuts and reforms proposed by the government to address the country's financial crisis. With 172 of 300 votes in favour, one report said a second vote would have to be passed for the bill to become law. The vote comes a day after three bank workers died in a petrol bomb attack as demonstrations over the planned austerity measures turned violent.

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Sick of bailouts, corporaterrorist trolls, Wall Street casinos, banking maggots and politicians who are hand-maidens of same? We need *vigorous,* active protests *here* in the US! Why aren't US citizens 'taking it to the streets,' as they are in Athens? We, too, will not continue to be cowed by these corporate dirt-bags and their political puppets!
Let's bring Greece here!