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Reporters banned by Pentagon

Reporters banned by Pentagon 07 May 2010 The Pentagon has banned four journalists from covering military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay because they published the name of a witness after being told he must only be identified as "Interrogator No 1". In an email to their editors, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan explained the ban by writing: "Your reporters published the name of a witness whose identity was protected in court." The offending [sic] reporters are Carol Rosenberg (Miami Herald), Michelle Shephard (Toronto Star), Paul Koring (Globe and Mail), and Steven Edwards (Canwest News Service).


They are the same people that initially released a couple or so frames of the plane hitting the pentagon, and pure lies.

They can't prove their case and September 11, 2001, where they, et al., murdered Americans, and continue their genocide for their bullshit of full spectrum (rectum) dominance.

What do you expect?  They're assholes that love to take it in the ass.

They're nothing more than a piece of shit authority working for Lucifer in Rome and barf Jesus' teachings.

Sadly, after 2000 years, the Jews (Likud) still haven't found their asses from a hole in the ground.