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Candidates to Lead UK's Labour Renounce Iraq War

Candidates to Lead UK's Labour Renounce Iraq War --Candidates to Lead Britain's Labour Party Renounce Iraq Conflict As 'catastrophic' and 'wrong' 23 May 2010 Two of the front-runners to head Britain's Labour Party sought to move on from divisive recent history Saturday by renouncing the Iraq war entered by their former leader, Tony Blair. Lawmaker Ed Balls said the 2003 invasion was wrong, while rival Ed Miliband said the conflict had destroyed trust in the party. "It was a mistake, it was an error. It wasn't just thousands of people (who) lost their lives, it is also millions of people who lost trust in us because they didn't think that we did it in the right way," Balls said. "There weren't weapons of mass destruction, the evidence wasn't sound, so we should say loud and clear, in retrospect, we got it wrong."