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Top spy in US submits resignation

Top spy in US submits resignation 21 May 2010 The man at the top of US spy agencies has announced his resignation. In the most high-profile exit yet from President Barack Obama's national security team, Dennis Blair has said he will leave his national intelligence post. The resignation follows a string of intelligence failures, some of them involving failed attacks by extremists on US soil. Dennis Blair will go on Friday, May 28th.

Terror detection methods not working

Terror detection methods not working 20 May 2010 A report just been released in the US has shown that at least 16 known terrorists passed through US under the gaze of federal officials, who had been trained to sift suspicious passengers. A Government Accountability Office report has stated that behavioural officers, who had been trained to operate within the Transportation Security Administration, allowed 16 people who were later involved in terror plots to move several times through eight different airports without challenge.

US Apologizes to Billionaire Added to Terror No-fly List

US Apologizes to Billionaire Added to Terror No-fly List --Gilbert Chagoury Still Doesn't Know 'Why I Was Branded A Terrorist' 21 May 2010 The United States has issued a written apology to a jet-setting billionaire businessman with close ties to former President Bill Clinton whose name was added to the no-fly list in the wake of the attempted Christmas day bombing of an American passenger plane. Gilbert Chagoury, a Nigerian citizen of Lebanese descent, was pulled off a private jet Jan. 15 at Teterboro airport in New Jersey and detained for more than four hours after federal agents discovered his name was on the then-recently updated no-fly list.

Bomb blast in central Iraq kills 23

Bomb blast in central Iraq kills 23 21 May 2010 A car bomb blast has killed at least 23 people, leaving 55 others injured in a central Iraqi city northeast of the capital Baghdad. The device went off at a marketplace in the city of Khales on Friday, AFP reported. The blast was the deadliest since two successive bombings last Friday in the town of Tal Afar, west of the mostly Kurdish city of Mosul, killing 25 people and wounding 120 others.

Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out in BP Oil Spill Cleanup

Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out in BP Oil Spill Cleanup --Dispersant Corexit is manufactured by Nalco Co., whose current leadership includes executives from BP and Exxon 13 May 2010 BP PLC continues to stockpile and deploy oil-dispersing chemicals manufactured by a company with which it shares close ties, even though other U.S. EPA-approved alternatives have been shown to be far less toxic and, in some cases, nearly twice as effective. After the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and a deepwater well began gushing crude in the Gulf of Mexico three weeks ago, BP quickly marshaled a third of the world's available supply of dispersants, chemicals that break surface oil slicks into microscopic droplets that can sink into the sea... Scientists warn that the dispersed oil, as well as the dispersants themselves, might cause long-term harm to marine life.

NATO force would stop Palestinian attacks on Israel

NATO force would stop Palestinian attacks on Israel 21 May 2010 A huge deployment of NATO troops in a future Palestinian state may prove crucial in countering fears it would become a base for attacks on Israel. In the first new element to arise from the indirect proximity talks that began this week, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are reportedly prepared to consider the proposal. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas agreed to a deployment in talks with US special envoy George Mitchell yesterday, and the newspaper Israel Hayom reported that advisers to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had not dismissed the idea of foreign troops on the Palestinian side of a new border.

Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians

Israeli troops kill 2 Palestinians 21 May 2010 Israeli troops have targeted two Palestinians in the south of the Gaza Strip and complicated rescue operations by keeping the targeted area under intensive fire. The two lost their lives on Friday at the hand of the forces who had intruded into the area of Khan Younis, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Dengue Hits Key West

Dengue Hits Key West 20 May 2010 More than two dozen cases of locally-acquired dengue fever have hit the resort town of Key West, Fla., in the past nine months, the CDC said. Although not the first cases of home-grown dengue in the U.S., or even in Florida, the outbreak highlights the need for physician vigilance regarding this and other formerly exotic tropical diseases, the CDC said in the May 21 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Biblical values and Confederates promoted in Texas textbook revisions

Biblical values and Confederates promoted in Texas textbook revisions 21 May 2010 American students will learn more about the virtues of free enterprise, Biblical values and the Confederacy's cause, and less about slavery and civil rights in a controversial new curriculum [lies] being pushed through by the Texas school board. Members of the state's board of education put the finishing touches on Friday to a new history and social studies curriculum for the state's 4.8 million state school students. The proposed programme, which will affect other parts of the US due to Texas's large share of the school textbook market, has prompted months of fierce argument and protests outside the board's headquarters in Austin.

Biting Attack: New Sculpture Shows Polar Bear Eating President Obama's Head

Biting Attack: New Sculpture Shows Polar Bear Eating President Obama's Head 21 May 2010 President Barack Obama is undoubtedly used to biting attacks from the right and even the left. But he probably never expected this. In a new sculpture that's both daring and disturbing, a polar bear is depicted with the president's bloody head hanging from its muzzle. Called "Nemesis," the piece is a statement about the state of the environment -- and how, to a bear, there is no difference between Obama and anyone else. "No human being can escape unfairness," said the artist, Vincent J.F. Huang, via e-mail through his agent.  "We all face the same collective consequences, irrespective of what we do or not do towards the protection of our environment."

Big Bear devours Obama
Big Bear devours Obama

A mouse in the (White) House? Mystery rodent disrupts Obama press conference

A mouse in the (White) House? Mystery rodent disrupts Obama press conference 21 May 2010 President Barack Obama was upstaged by a rodent as he spoke on Wall Street legislation. Mr Obama had just begun a Rose Garden statement lauding the end of a US Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul when a rodent dashed out of the bushes to his right, just outside the Oval Office. As photographers snapped away in the sun-drenched garden, the creature scurried straight past the grey podium with the presidential seal and made a bee-line for another set of bushes to Mr Obama's left.

Obama and Mouse

White House Mouse

Mouse scampers in front of mouse

Gulf oil spill: 'Like tracking a serial killer'

Gulf oil spill: 'Like tracking a serial killer' 20 May 2010 A flotilla of shrimp boats skimmed the waters of Brenton Bay at the mouth of the Mississippi Thursday in a desperate attempt to limit the damage to coastal marshes from the long tendrils of oil snaking in from the giant spill. At least three dozen erstwhile shrimp boats, with oil-absorbing booms hanging from their outriggers instead of nets, sopped up oil the color of burnt sienna off the bay. All day, boats soaked up what crude they could, then headed to a mother ship, the engorged booms hanging from the outriggers like dead serpents. Then headed back to capture more oil. Despite the operation, the escalating destruction caused by the encroaching oil was obvious... "This is killing the marsh almost instantly," said P.J. Hahn, the clearly disheartened director of coastal management for Plaquemines Parish, a rural peninsula south of New Orleans jutting into the Gulf of Mexico. "Everything this touches, it kills."

FDIC: 'Problem' Banks at 775

FDIC: 'Problem' Banks at 775 21 May 2010 A total of 775 banks, or one-tenth of all U.S. banks, were on the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s list of "problem" institutions in the first quarter, as bad loans in the commercial real-estate market weighed on bank balance sheets. Poor loan performance in other sectors also continued to hurt banks, with the total number of loans at least three months past due climbing for the 16th consecutive quarter, FDIC officials said in a briefing on Thursday.

Judges Rule Prisoners at Bagram Cannot Challenge Indefinite Detention

Judges Rule Prisoners at Bagram Cannot Challenge Indefinite Detention 21 May 2010 Detainees Prisoners at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan cannot use U.S. courts to challenge their imprisonment the way detainees in Guantanamo Bay have, a federal appeals court ruled Friday. The United States is holding the detainees at the military prison on Afghan territory through a cooperative arrangement with Afghanistan, three appeals court judges said in a unanimous decision turning aside the request of a Tunisian and two Yemeni prisoners. The jurisdiction of the U.S. courts does not extend to foreigners held at Bagram in the Afghan theater of war, added the judges, who said a U.S. district judge should have thrown out the detainees' petitions.


US vows punishment for North Korea over ship sinking

US vows punishment for North Korea over ship sinking 20 May 2010 The US state department says there "will definitely be consequences" for North Korea following the sinking of a South Korean warship in March. The North is facing international condemnation after investigators blamed it for the sinking of the ship, in which 46 sailors died. Pyongyang has rejected the claim as a "fabrication" and threatened war if sanctions were imposed.

Israeli planes attack Gaza Strip

Israeli planes attack Gaza Strip 20 May 2010 Israeli warplanes have launched several air strikes on the Gaza Strip, targeting different positions across the coastal enclave. Israeli warplanes bombed a training site in Al-Faraheen east of Khan Younis in southern Gaza strip, Press TV's correspondent reported in the early hours of Friday morning. Another Israeli air strike targeted an area in Rafah city near the Gaza-Egypt border.

Blast injures 3 Afghan children

Blast injures 3 Afghan children 21 May 2010 At least one Afghan civilian has been killed and three children wounded after a roadside bomb detonated in southern part of the country. The explosion occurred in Kandahar city on Friday morning, said Abdul Ali, an intelligence official who was at the scene, the Associated Press reported. The blast also damaged an Afghan intelligence service vehicle passing the road.

Pennsylvania AG Subpoenas Twitter to Name Bloggers

Pennsylvania AG Subpoenas Twitter to Name Bloggers 21 May 1010 The state attorney general's office has issued a subpoena threatening officials of the social networking service Twitter with arrest unless they reveal the names of two bloggers who have been critical of Attorney General Tom Corbett (R) and his public corruption investigation. The subpoena orders Twitter's custodian of records to provide "any and all subscriber information" pertaining to the accounts "bfbarbie" and "CasablancaPA," including name, address, contact information, creation date, and Internet protocol address.

President Obama Burned in Effigy in Wisconsin Bar

President Obama Burned in Effigy in Wisconsin Bar --Flames tore through the statue with what looks like duct tape wrapped around its neck. 20 May 2010 (West Allis, WI) A bar owner could be in serious trouble with the federal government.  A bartender was videotaped burning a statue of President Obama. So far, the bar owner hasn't explained why the bartender torched the statue of the President. People in West Allis were shouting and laughing as the bartender torched the statue for the crowd. 

U.S. Deployed Hundreds of Federal Agents in Different Cities Following Times Square Incident

U.S. Deployed Hundreds of Federal Agents in Different Cities Following Times Square Incident --U.S. Outlines Moves After Bomb Suspect's Arrest 20 May 2010 In the days after a naturalized United States citizen from Pakistan was arrested on charges he left a car bomb near Times Square, hundreds of federal agents were deployed in different cities to prevent future attacks, prosecutors said in a letter that was unsealed on Thursday. The May 12 letter, which was partially redacted and addressed to Loretta A. Preska, the chief judge of United States District Court in Manhattan, and George A. Yanthis, the magistrate judge assigned to the case, sheds new light on the actions of the federal authorities after the May 3 arrest at Kennedy Airport of the Pakistani immigrant, Faisal Shahzad.

Low estimate of oil spill's size could save BP millions in court

Low estimate of oil spill's size could save BP millions in court 20 May 2010 The disputed official estimate that only 5,000 barrels of oil are leaking daily from a runaway well in the Gulf of Mexico could save BP millions of dollars in damages when the financial impact of the spill is resolved in court, legal experts say. One month after a surge of gas from the undersea well engulfed the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig in flames and triggered the massive leak that now threatens sea life, fisheries and tourist centers in five Gulf coast states, neither BP nor the federal government has yet to measure at the source the amount of crude pouring into the water. BP and the Obama administration [both lying sacks of sh*t] have said they did not want to take the measurements for fear of interfering with efforts to stanch the leaks.

Landis: Armstrong taught me all about drugs

Landis: Armstrong taught me all about drugs 20 May 2010 Floyd Landis confesses to systematic doping and accuses seven-time Tour de France champion of helping him to do so. Floyd Landis, the disgraced American cyclist, has plunged his sport into a new crisis after confessing to systematic doping throughout his career, accusing Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France champion, of helping him to use drugs and claiming an official working for the world governing body suppressed a failed drug test by Armstrong in 2002. [George W. Bush had his pal Lance Armstrong on Air Force One  -- two cheating peas in a pod.]

Spy chief Blair announces resignation

Spy chief Blair announces resignation 20 May 2010 Intelligence chief Dennis Blair announced on Thursday that he is stepping down in the first major shake-up of President Barack Obama's national security team. Blair's 16-month tenure as director of national intelligence (DNI) has been marked by infighting with the CIA and sharp criticism over the intelligence community's failure to prevent a botched Christmas Day attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner. James Clapper, under secretary of defense for intelligence, was expected to step into Blair's role at least on an interim basis, according to a source close to the White House deliberations.

Philly's Liberty Bell Center, streets evacuated

Philly's Liberty Bell Center, streets evacuated 20 May 2010 The downtown Philadelphia building that houses the Liberty Bell and the streets around it have been evacuated because of a suspicious item that looks like a balloon. National Park Service rangers called police on Thursday afternoon. Park Service spokeswoman Jane Cowley says it's unclear whether the item is inside or outside the Liberty Bell Center. A police department spokeswoman says the suspicious item is described as a blue balloon-shape container with a white powdery substance on it.

Suspicious powder shuts down Liberty Bell

Suspicious powder shuts down Liberty Bell 20 May 2010 A section of Independence Mall was evacuated for more than three hours Thursday after a security guard found a deflated balloon filled with white powder near the entrance to the Liberty Bell. Preliminary tests have determined that the powder is not explosive or radiological, and there is no indication that it is hazardous, said FBI Special Agent J.J. Klaver. The substance is some type of organic compound, Klaver said, but authorities will not know for sure what it is until more thorough tests have been conducted.

Senate Passes Financial 'Overhaul' Bill

Senate Passes Financial 'Overhaul' Bill --Two Democrats opposed the measure, saying it was still not tough enough. 20 May 2010 The Senate on Thursday approved a far-reaching financial 'regulatory' bill, putting Congress on the brink of approving a broad expansion of government oversight of the increasingly complex banking system and financial markets. The legislation is intended to [not] prevent a repeat of the 2008 crisis, but also reshapes the role of numerous federal agencies and vastly empowers the Federal Reserve in an attempt to predict and contain [but not stop, of course] future debacles. The vote was 59 to 39, with four Republicans joining the Democratic majority in favor of the bill.

Senate votes to end debate on bank 'reform' bill

Senate votes to end debate on bank 'reform' bill 20 May 2010 The Senate voted Thursday to narrowly close off debate on a sweeping bank 'reform' bill, setting the stage for enactment of legislation that will change the rules of capitalism by the end of the week or early next week. The chamber approved the motion, by a vote of 60 to 40, after lawmakers narrowly failed to find sufficient support to close of debate on Wednesday afternoon.

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon wins extradition reprieve

Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon wins extradition reprieve 20 May 2010 The extradition of a hacker who broke into the Pentagon's computer network has been put on hold after an intervention from the Home Secretary today. Theresa May is looking at medical evidence to determine whether Gary McKinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome and is said by experts to be suicidal, is fit to be extradited to America. He has admitted hacking into Pentagon files before and after the September 11 attacks. If convicted he could face 60 years in jail but the review by Mrs May, the sixth home secretary to deal with the long-running case, opens the possibility of prosecution in the UK.

Maldives hosts Afghan peace talks with Taliban

Maldives hosts Afghan peace talks with Taliban 20 May 2010 Senior Taliban figures have arrived in the Maldives to take part in unofficial talks aimed at resolving the continuing crisis in Afghanistan. Forty-five delegates, including representatives from the Taliban, the Afghan government and major political parties, are expected to attend the talks, which come as the Afghan security situation continues to deteriorate. The meeting has been organised by Jarir Hekmatyar, the son-in-law of Gulbadin Hakmatyar, an Afghan warlord and leader of the Hezb-e-Islami party. Gulbadin is considered to be one of Afghanistan's most wanted men and has sent his son, Feroz, to represent him at the meeting. Al Jazeera's Dan Nolan, reporting from the talks, says that Western officials have been deliberately excluded from the process. [LOL!]

2 Ark. Police Killed During Traffic Stop

2 Ark. Police Killed During Traffic Stop --2 suspects killed later in shootout with authorities 20 May 2010 Two Arkansas police officers were shot and killed Thursday during a traffic stop, and a short time later, the suspects were killed in a separate shootout with the local sheriff and a deputy, authorities said. The sheriff and chief deputy were wounded in the shootout in a Wal-Mart parking lot in West Memphis and were taken to a hospital, authorities said. The situation began when the two West Memphis police were pulling over a white van on Interstate 40.


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