3100 Cameras Installed In New York City Subway Stations

3100 Cameras Installed In New York City Subway Stations --NYPD Examining Subway Footage to 'Help Solve Crimes' 09 Aug 2010 Surveillance video from subway stations are getting closer scrutiny recently, as transit police increase efforts to identify and arrest armed robbers and other criminals, a published report said today. The NYPD asked transit police to pull footage from surveillance cameras some 2000 times last year -- ten times more often than five years ago, the Daily News reports. There are now 3100 cameras installed in city subway stations recording activities, officials said.

Guantanamo Plea Deal to Stay Secret

Guantanamo Plea Deal to Stay Secret --The Obama administration hopes to show that the latest version of the military tribunals can be run effectively and withstand judicial scrutiny. 09 Aug 2010 A former al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] cook and bodyguard, Ibrahim al-Qosi, pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism Monday, but under a plea bargain, his sentence will be kept secret by court order, a prosecution spokesman said. In a second case resuming here Monday, the Defense Department planned to begin a rare trial of a juvenile for war crimes. The military accuses Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen who was 15 years old when captured in Afghanistan in 2002, of throwing a grenade during a firefight that killed a Delta Force medic.

Russia, NORAD shadow jet in Pacific hijack drill

Russia, NORAD shadow jet in Pacific hijack drill 09 Aug 2010 A chartered jet with American, Russian and Canadian officers aboard played the role of a hijacked plane in an unprecedented drill Monday as pursuing fighter planes flew close enough to see the pilots' helmets silhouetted against the blue sky. Flying west across the Pacific starting Sunday from Alaska, the Gulfstream, code-named Fencing 1220, was shadowed first by F-22s from the North American Aerospace Defense Command and later by Russian Su-27 and MiG-31 fighters.

'US main sponsor of terrorism'

'US main sponsor of terrorism' 09 Aug 2010 Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says the US is the main sponsor of terrorism and that it tries to cover up this fact by leveling accusations against other countries. The US State Department in its annual report released on Aug. 5, 2010 accused Iran of supporting terrorism. Ramin Mehmanparast on Monday rejected the State Department report and said, "Examples of US actions show that this country has been the biggest sponsor of terrorism over the past three decades but by leveling baseless accusations against other states it attempts to cover up its own actions."

Police kill family pet during search warrant, find nothing

Police kill family pet during search warrant, find nothing 04 Aug 2010 (CA) Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force agents, aided by a uniformed Willits police officer, serving a search warrant at 64 Franklin Avenue on July 27, shot and killed a family pet, an 8-year-old half-pit bull mix named Tonka. When agents searched the home, they found nothing directly linking the residents to the arrest of Craig Anthony Gelber, the target of the search, according to MMCTF Commander Bob Nishiyama. According to resident Anna White, Tonka's owner, the police shot her pet while it was in a fenced area on her front porch. "We found the shell casing outside by the fence area. Tonka then ran into our house, got onto my bed and died." White described her bedroom following the search, claiming Tonka's body had been dumped from the bed onto the floor and items from her room dropped onto the body and into the dog's blood. "They destroyed our house and found nothing," says White. [Sue the sociopaths.]

Judge: Canadian's 'confession' can be used at Guantanamo trial

Judge: Canadian's 'confession' can be used at Guantanamo trial --Omar Khadr's lawyers claim statements were obtained through torture 09 Aug 2010 A U.S. military judge ruled on Monday that Canadian prisoner Omar Khadr's confessions to interrogators can be used as evidence against him in his murder and terrorism conspiracy 'trial' at Guantanamo Bay. Khadr's lawyers had claimed the statements were illegally obtained through torture and cruelty and asked the judge in the U.S. war crimes court to throw them out. The judge at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, denied the request. Toronto-born defendant Khadr was captured at age 15 on an Afghan battlefield.

Highland Wildlife Park's polar bear weighed

Highland Wildlife Park's polar bear weighed 09 Aug 2010 The UK's only polar bear has been weighed to help her keepers determine the state of her health. Mercedes, who weighs 291kg (45 stone), was moved from Edinburgh Zoo to the Highland Wildlife Park at Kincraig in the Cairngorms last year. Her estimated age of 29 is old for a polar bear, but wildlife park staff said she was healthy.

Cluster bomb ban comes into force

Cluster bomb ban comes into force 01 Aug 2010 A worldwide treaty banning the use of cluster bombs has come into force to become binding international law in countries that have signed and ratified it. The Convention on Cluster Munitions bans the production, use, stockpiling, and transfer of cluster weapons after it was adopted at a conference in Ireland in 2008. The Convention has been signed by 108 countries and has been ratified by 38 states. However, the US, Israel, China, and Russia, which are thought to account for the huge bulk of the estimated one billion bomblet global stockpile, have rejected the treaty so far.

'Enemy invested 17bn in Iran unrest'

'Enemy invested 17bn in Iran unrest' 09 Aug 2010 The Iranian intelligence minister says the arrogant powers of the world are spending billions of dollars on fueling ethnic conflicts to destabilize Iran's border. "In the past 25 years, more than 80 centers and institutions for soft war have been founded and around 2 billion dollars has been spent on them annually," Hojjatoleslam Heidar Moslehi said on Monday. The Iranian minister added that "foreign powers had invested 17 billion dollars" in the post-vote unrest after the 2009 presidential election.

Muscovites Flee Worst Heat 'in 1,000 Years'; Death Rate Doubles

Muscovites Flee Worst Heat 'in 1,000 Years'; Death Rate Doubles 09 Aug 2010 Muscovites fled the Russian capital in record numbers as extreme heat combined with acrid smoke from wildfires, slowing trading on the city’s main stock exchange and emptying restaurants. More than 104,400 people flew out of Moscow yesterday, topping the previous 2010 record of 101,000, according to the Federal Air Transportation Agency.

Police: Man charged after referring to Conn. rampage

Police: Man charged after referring to Conn. rampage --Man arrested after making comments 07 Aug 2010 Connecticut police say they arrested a man at a management company after he mentioned the shooting rampage across the state that killed nine people and said he understood the killer's mindset. Fifty-eight-year-old Francis Laskowski of Derby was charged with breach of peace Wednesday after making the comments while working at Fusco Management Co. in New Haven. Nine people died in the shootings Tuesday at Hartford Distributors in Manchester, including gunman Omar Thornton.

Civil contempt confinement policies should be reformed

Civil contempt confinement policies should be reformed By Jayne Ressler 29 Jul 2010 Richard Fine, a 70-year-old Tarzana attorney, has been imprisoned, reportedly in solitary confinement, without trial since March 4, 2009. His "crime"? Contempt of court, based on alleged "moral turpitude." He faces imprisonment indefinitely, unless he complies with the order of Judge David Yaffe, the Los Angeles County Superior Court judge responsible for his confinement. Why the harsh treatment of Fine? Could it be in response to Fine's investigation of court cases that involved prosecution against Los Angeles County that were inexplicably dismissed? Over a period of time, Fine alleged that Los Angeles County was bribing judges, under the guise of generous "supplemental benefits" payments, in exchange for rulings in the county's favor.

'Radioactive boars' on loose in Germany

'Radioactive boars' on loose in Germany 08 Aug 2010 Radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster is still poisoning Germany's boars nearly 25 years on, with authorities fighting to keep toxic meat off the market as the wild boar population rockets. The boars feed off mushrooms, truffles and wild berries which still contain high levels of caesium-137, carried in the radioactive cloud that spread across Europe following the 1986 accident at the Ukrainian nuclear plant.

Nuclear Fear As Russian Blazes Hit Chernobyl

Nuclear Fear As Russian Blazes Hit Chernobyl 08 Aug 2010 Fears emerged last night that fires erupting in Russia could unleash deadly nuclear pollution from the Chernobyl disaster. The Kremlin was also taking emergency action to move missiles and other munitions at risk from hundreds of blazes which have prompted a mass evacuation of Moscow. Most at risk is the Bryansk region, 230 miles south-west of the capital, hardest hit by the Chernobyl fallout in 1986, and three other regions.

Detective who found David Kelly's body raises questions over his death

'There wasn't much blood about': Detective who found weapons expert David Kelly's body raises questions over his death 08 Aug 2010 The mystery surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly deepened yesterday after the detective who found his body claimed he didn't see 'much blood'. The revelation by Detective Constable Graham Coe casts further doubt on the Hutton Report's verdict that the Ministry of Defence scientist died of blood loss after slitting his wrist. In his first interview, Mr Coe, now retired, also said that police searched Dr Kelly's home the day after his death for papers 'of a sensitive nature' about Iraq. Dr Kelly, an expert on biological and chemical weapons, was found dead in woodland near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003. A week earlier he had been exposed by the Labour government as the source of a BBC report claiming No 10 'sexed up' reports of Iraq's ability to deploy weapons of mass destruction.

Ex-Pakistan spy chief: FBI had 'no solid evidence' bin Laden involved in 9/11 attacks

Ex-Pakistan spy chief: FBI had 'no solid evidence' bin Laden involved in 9/11 attacks --Gul: Afghanistan war 'lost cause' 06 Aug 2010 The U.S.-led war in Afghanistan is a "lost cause," said a former Pakistani intelligence chief, and the United States needs to negotiate peace with Taliban leader Mullah Omar... The attacks of September 11 were a pretext to a war already under consideration, Gul said... The 2001 terrorist attacks helped win the public support for the neocon plans, he said. There was no legitimate reason for the United States to attack Afghanistan, Gul said, because the FBI had no solid evidence that Osama bin Laden was involved in the attacks on New York and Washington. "Why has not a single individual connected to 9/11 been caught in America so far, and why hasn't Osama bin Laden been charged?"

NATO: 3 US service members killed in Afghanistan

NATO: 3 US service members killed in Afghanistan 08 Aug 2010 Three US service members were killed in recent attacks in southern Afghanistan, the military coalition said Sunday. All three died Saturday, bringing the day's death toll for NATO to five. Two of the Americans died in an insurgent attack, while the third was killed by a bomb blast, NATO said in statements.

Suicide car bomber kills 8 west of Baghdad

Suicide car bomber kills 8 west of Baghdad 08 Aug 2010 A suicide car bomber struck a police patrol west of Baghdad Sunday and killed eight people, most of them civilians standing in line outside a post office to collect the monthly stipend for the country's poorest, police officials said. The blast comes just a day after explosions tore through a market in the south killing 43 people.

Car bomb injures 7 in central Iraq

Car bomb injures 7 in central Iraq 08 Aug 2010 A car bomb has injured several people in the central Iraqi province of al-Anbar, after earlier violent incidents in the province killed eight people. The province was rocked for the fourth time on Sunday, when the explosive-laden vehicle was set off in the village of al-Halabsa, wounding seven people, including three policemen, Aswat al-Iraq reported. The attack took place at a policed checkpoint in al-Nassaf area, causing severe damage to nearby stores.

CIA physicians 'professionalize' torture

CIA physicians 'professionalize' torture 09 Aug 2010 CIA physicians have provided guidelines to interrogators and documented the effects of the enhanced interrogation techniques, a report says. This week, The Journal of American Medical Association published a report entitled "Roles of CIA Physicians in Enhanced Interrogation and Torture of Detainees," which states that the CIA doctors, irrespective of medical ethical standards, performed on-site medical evaluations of detainees before and during interrogation. In June, Physicians for Human Rights accused the Bush administration of turning the prisoners in CIA custody into research subjects.

Boehner: End to Birthright Citizenship 'Worth Considering'

Boehner: End to Birthright Citizenship 'Worth Considering' [Can we start with his?] 08 Aug 2010 House Minority Leader John Boehner on Sunday said he's open to talks on changing the U.S. Constitution -- or at least the way it's interpreted -- so that U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants are not automatically U.S. citizens. "I think it's worth considering," Boehner said. The top House Republican joined Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in calling for further study of the idea -- something that has been endorsed by prominent Republicans over the past few weeks.

NORAD Fighters Intercept Unauthorized Plane Near DC

NORAD Fighters Intercept Unauthorized Plane Near DC 07 Aug 2010 A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, under the direction of North American Aerospace Defense Command, intercepted a Cessna 172 general aviation aircraft in the vicinity of the capital region Saturday at approximately 5:38 p.m. EST. The general aviation aircraft was not in radio communications and shortly after intercept, landed without incident at Potomac Airfield, Fort Washington, MD. The helicopter was from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Arlington, VA.

US plans another Kyrgyzstan base

US plans another Kyrgyzstan base 08 Aug 2010 The US is planning to construct a USD 10 million military base in the southern city of Osh, Kyrgyzstan, where more than 300 people died in deadly clashes in June. The US Defense Department says the base, called Osh Polygon, will feature a range of facilities and weapons training services, including a secure garrison compound with officers' quarters and barracks for enlisted personnel, range facilities, crew-served weapons and explosive ordnance, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Taliban kill eight Christian medical workers

Taliban kill eight Christian medical workers --Taliban spokesman: medical workers had been proselytizing in the area and working as "American spies." 08 Aug 2010 Taliban insurgents have killed eight people in Afghanistan for being Christian missionaries. The eight belonged to the International Assistance Mission, a Christian charitable organization based in Switzerland. They were acting in the country as foreign medical aid workers when they were taken into a forest area on Friday and shot dead. The Taliban later claimed they had killed them because they were in possession of Bibles translated into Dari, the local language.

Rep. Rangel says he tried to make deal to avoid ethics charges, but GOP wants trial

Rep. Rangel says he tried to make deal to avoid ethics charges, but GOP wants trial 08 Aug 2010 Rep. Charles Rangel told Harlem leaders Saturday he signed a plea deal on ethics charges but that the GOP pushed for a trial. "He said he had signed an agreement. He was ready to go but I guess politics came into play," said Assemblyman Keith Wright (D-Manhattan), one of about 50 leaders gathered for a Harlem district meeting Saturday. Another attendee said Rangel implied, "It was Republicans that didn't want an agreement" and that he signed a deal before the ethics committee released its report last month.

It's OK to tell police officers to 'f*ck off'

It's OK to tell police officers to 'f*ck off' --'This is language they use themselves on the job (while arresting offenders and to other officers).' 06 Aug 2010 A Queensland magistrate has ruled that it is acceptable for people to tell police officers to "f*ck off". Magistrate Peter Smid yesterday threw out the court case against Mundingburra man Bardon Kaitira, 28, who swore at a female officer outside the Consortium night club on December 20, last year at 2.40am, The Townsville Bulletin reports.

Doctors Advised to Avoid One Flu Shot Brand for Young Kids

Doctors Advised to Avoid One Flu Shot Brand for Young Kids [If they're smart, they'll avoid all of them.] 07 Aug 2010 A government advisory panel is recommending that doctors avoid giving one brand of flu vaccine to young children this year after children in Australia and New Zealand who got the shot suffered from convulsions and fever. The vaccine at issue is one made by CSL Biotheraphies, an Australian company. CSL Biotheraphies is one of five manufacturers supplying the United States this fall; they will be providing 10.5 million doses.

5 US-led troops killed in Afghanistan

5 US-led troops killed in Afghanistan 08 Aug 2010 Five more US-led troops have been killed in southern Afghanistan as the foreign death toll in the war-torn country nears two thousand. According to the Western military alliance, two separate bomb attacks claimed the lives of the three US-led soldiers, while the two others were reportedly killed by militants in Helmand province.

F.B.I., Challenging Use of Seal, Gets Back a Primer on the Law

F.B.I., Challenging Use of Seal, Gets Back a Primer on the Law 02 Aug 2010 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken on... its latest adversary: Wikipedia. The bureau wrote a letter in July to the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization of Wikipedia, demanding that it take down an image of the F.B.I. seal accompanying an article on the bureau, and threatened litigation:"Failure to comply may result in further legal action. We appreciate your timely attention to this matter." The problem, those at Wikipedia say, is that the law cited in the F.B.I.’s letter is largely about keeping people from flashing fake badges or profiting from the use of the seal, and not about posting images on noncommercial Web sites.

Treasury Sued Over Terror Suspect Lawyers' License

Treasury Sued Over Terror Suspect Lawyers' License 03 Aug 2010 The American Civil Liberties Union said it sued the U.S. Treasury Department and Secretary Timothy Geithner over licensing for lawyers seeking to represent terrorism suspects including those allegedly marked for death by the CIA. The ACLU claims the Treasury Department regulation improperly inhibits the right to legal counsel for U.S. citizens accused of having terrorism ties, some of whom it said the government seeks to kill. "Targeting individuals for execution who are suspected of crimes but have not been convicted," without due process or disclosed standards, "poses the risk that the government will erroneously target the wrong people," the group said today in a statement announcing the filing.


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