Car bomb injures 7 in central Iraq

Car bomb injures 7 in central Iraq 08 Aug 2010 A car bomb has injured several people in the central Iraqi province of al-Anbar, after earlier violent incidents in the province killed eight people. The province was rocked for the fourth time on Sunday, when the explosive-laden vehicle was set off in the village of al-Halabsa, wounding seven people, including three policemen, Aswat al-Iraq reported. The attack took place at a policed checkpoint in al-Nassaf area, causing severe damage to nearby stores.

CIA physicians 'professionalize' torture

CIA physicians 'professionalize' torture 09 Aug 2010 CIA physicians have provided guidelines to interrogators and documented the effects of the enhanced interrogation techniques, a report says. This week, The Journal of American Medical Association published a report entitled "Roles of CIA Physicians in Enhanced Interrogation and Torture of Detainees," which states that the CIA doctors, irrespective of medical ethical standards, performed on-site medical evaluations of detainees before and during interrogation. In June, Physicians for Human Rights accused the Bush administration of turning the prisoners in CIA custody into research subjects.

Boehner: End to Birthright Citizenship 'Worth Considering'

Boehner: End to Birthright Citizenship 'Worth Considering' [Can we start with his?] 08 Aug 2010 House Minority Leader John Boehner on Sunday said he's open to talks on changing the U.S. Constitution -- or at least the way it's interpreted -- so that U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants are not automatically U.S. citizens. "I think it's worth considering," Boehner said. The top House Republican joined Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in calling for further study of the idea -- something that has been endorsed by prominent Republicans over the past few weeks.

NORAD Fighters Intercept Unauthorized Plane Near DC

NORAD Fighters Intercept Unauthorized Plane Near DC 07 Aug 2010 A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter, under the direction of North American Aerospace Defense Command, intercepted a Cessna 172 general aviation aircraft in the vicinity of the capital region Saturday at approximately 5:38 p.m. EST. The general aviation aircraft was not in radio communications and shortly after intercept, landed without incident at Potomac Airfield, Fort Washington, MD. The helicopter was from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Arlington, VA.

US plans another Kyrgyzstan base

US plans another Kyrgyzstan base 08 Aug 2010 The US is planning to construct a USD 10 million military base in the southern city of Osh, Kyrgyzstan, where more than 300 people died in deadly clashes in June. The US Defense Department says the base, called Osh Polygon, will feature a range of facilities and weapons training services, including a secure garrison compound with officers' quarters and barracks for enlisted personnel, range facilities, crew-served weapons and explosive ordnance, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Taliban kill eight Christian medical workers

Taliban kill eight Christian medical workers --Taliban spokesman: medical workers had been proselytizing in the area and working as "American spies." 08 Aug 2010 Taliban insurgents have killed eight people in Afghanistan for being Christian missionaries. The eight belonged to the International Assistance Mission, a Christian charitable organization based in Switzerland. They were acting in the country as foreign medical aid workers when they were taken into a forest area on Friday and shot dead. The Taliban later claimed they had killed them because they were in possession of Bibles translated into Dari, the local language.

Rep. Rangel says he tried to make deal to avoid ethics charges, but GOP wants trial

Rep. Rangel says he tried to make deal to avoid ethics charges, but GOP wants trial 08 Aug 2010 Rep. Charles Rangel told Harlem leaders Saturday he signed a plea deal on ethics charges but that the GOP pushed for a trial. "He said he had signed an agreement. He was ready to go but I guess politics came into play," said Assemblyman Keith Wright (D-Manhattan), one of about 50 leaders gathered for a Harlem district meeting Saturday. Another attendee said Rangel implied, "It was Republicans that didn't want an agreement" and that he signed a deal before the ethics committee released its report last month.

It's OK to tell police officers to 'f*ck off'

It's OK to tell police officers to 'f*ck off' --'This is language they use themselves on the job (while arresting offenders and to other officers).' 06 Aug 2010 A Queensland magistrate has ruled that it is acceptable for people to tell police officers to "f*ck off". Magistrate Peter Smid yesterday threw out the court case against Mundingburra man Bardon Kaitira, 28, who swore at a female officer outside the Consortium night club on December 20, last year at 2.40am, The Townsville Bulletin reports.

Doctors Advised to Avoid One Flu Shot Brand for Young Kids

Doctors Advised to Avoid One Flu Shot Brand for Young Kids [If they're smart, they'll avoid all of them.] 07 Aug 2010 A government advisory panel is recommending that doctors avoid giving one brand of flu vaccine to young children this year after children in Australia and New Zealand who got the shot suffered from convulsions and fever. The vaccine at issue is one made by CSL Biotheraphies, an Australian company. CSL Biotheraphies is one of five manufacturers supplying the United States this fall; they will be providing 10.5 million doses.

5 US-led troops killed in Afghanistan

5 US-led troops killed in Afghanistan 08 Aug 2010 Five more US-led troops have been killed in southern Afghanistan as the foreign death toll in the war-torn country nears two thousand. According to the Western military alliance, two separate bomb attacks claimed the lives of the three US-led soldiers, while the two others were reportedly killed by militants in Helmand province.

F.B.I., Challenging Use of Seal, Gets Back a Primer on the Law

F.B.I., Challenging Use of Seal, Gets Back a Primer on the Law 02 Aug 2010 The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken on... its latest adversary: Wikipedia. The bureau wrote a letter in July to the Wikimedia Foundation, the parent organization of Wikipedia, demanding that it take down an image of the F.B.I. seal accompanying an article on the bureau, and threatened litigation:"Failure to comply may result in further legal action. We appreciate your timely attention to this matter." The problem, those at Wikipedia say, is that the law cited in the F.B.I.’s letter is largely about keeping people from flashing fake badges or profiting from the use of the seal, and not about posting images on noncommercial Web sites.

Treasury Sued Over Terror Suspect Lawyers' License

Treasury Sued Over Terror Suspect Lawyers' License 03 Aug 2010 The American Civil Liberties Union said it sued the U.S. Treasury Department and Secretary Timothy Geithner over licensing for lawyers seeking to represent terrorism suspects including those allegedly marked for death by the CIA. The ACLU claims the Treasury Department regulation improperly inhibits the right to legal counsel for U.S. citizens accused of having terrorism ties, some of whom it said the government seeks to kill. "Targeting individuals for execution who are suspected of crimes but have not been convicted," without due process or disclosed standards, "poses the risk that the government will erroneously target the wrong people," the group said today in a statement announcing the filing.

AP: WikiLeaks to publish new documents

AP: WikiLeaks to publish new documents 07 Aug 2010 The online whistle-blower WikiLeaks said it will continue to publish more secret files from governments around the world despite U.S. demands to cancel plans to release classified military documents. "I can assure you that we will keep publishing documents -- that's what we do," a WikiLeaks spokesman, who says he goes by the name Daniel Schmitt in order to protect his identity, told The Associated Press in an interview Saturday.

Elena Kagan is sworn in as Supreme Court judge

Elena Kagan is sworn in as Supreme Court judge --Elena Kagan has been sworn in as the newest justice in the US Supreme Court. 07 Aug 2010 She is President Barack Obama's second appointment to the US's most powerful court and only the fourth woman to serve on the nine-member panel. The 50-year-old is the youngest judge in the court's history. She will serve alongside President Obama's first appointment, Sonia Sotomayor.

Blasts in Iraq's Basra leave over 100 casualties

Blasts in Iraq's Basra leave over 100 casualties 08 Aug 2010 Three explosions on Saturday ripped through a popular market in Iraq's southern city of Basra, leaving at least 16 people dead and around 116 others wounded, local police source told Xinhua. The first blast was caused by a car bomb in the market, then a generator and it's tank were also blew up, said the source, adding the blast reason of the generator and it's tank was not immediately known. [Ask one of the terrorists at Blackwater -- they'll be able to explain.]

Moscow wrapped in blanket of smoke as fires advance

Moscow wrapped in blanket of smoke as fires advance 07 Aug 2010 A shroud of thick, acrid smoke has cloaked the Russian capital in a hazy pallor as many thousands of square kilometers of wildfires continue to challenge fire fighters and rescue teams. Russia is facing some of the worst wildfires in its history, with over 10,000 firefighters deployed to fight some 600 fires, which represent 2000 square kilometers of forest ablaze, an area roughly the size of Dubai in the UAE or just under twice the size of New York City proper.

10 members of Christian medical team gunned down in Afghanistan

10 members of Christian medical team gunned down in Afghanistan Taliban said team was carrying Dari language bibles and "spying gadgets." 07 Aug 2010 They hiked for more than 10 hours over rugged mountains... to bring medical care to isolated Afghan villagers until their humanitarian mission took a tragic turn. Ten members of the Christian medical team -- six Americans, two Afghans, one German and a Briton -- were gunned down in a  slaughter that the Taliban said they carried out, alleging the volunteers were spying and trying to convert Muslims to Christianity. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told the AP that they killed the foreigners because they were "spying for the Americans" and "preaching Christianity."

Top US court refuses to halt Khadr Guantanamo trial

Top US court refuses to halt Khadr Guantanamo trial 06 Aug 2010 The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Friday to block next week's trial at Guantanamo Bay of a young Canadian who had been captured in Afghanistan. Omar Khadr, now 23, was 15 years old at the time of his 2002 capture in Afghanistan at a suspected 'al Qaeda' compound. He is scheduled to go to trial at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba on Aug. 10 on charges that include conspiring to commit terrorism and murdering a U.S. soldier. His lawyers sought to put the trial on hold while they challenge the constitutionality of the military tribunals. But the Supreme Court rejected the request in a one-line order.

Ahmadinejad: 9/11 scenario dubious

Ahmadinejad: 9/11 scenario dubious 07 Aug 2010 Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Western media hyped the September 11, 2001 attacks to pave the way for the US-led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. "What was the story behind September 11? In the space of five to six days, and with the aid of the media, they swayed public opinion to the point of considering an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq permissible and a right [for themselves]," he said in a televised speech. "Presently, more than 110,000 people [have been killed] in Afghanistan and over one million people have been killed across Iraq. But they will not allow [the figures to be made public]. How? [By] using media and fabricated news," he was quoted by IRIB as saying.

Arctic contaminants threaten polar bears

Arctic contaminants threaten polar bears --"Once they get to the Arctic, they're hard to get rid of" 06 Aug 2010 Polar bears looking for food on the sea ice in Baffin Bay north of Clyde River may find seals to eat, but the seals will likely be loaded with the industrial poisons and pesticides still found in the Arctic air and water. Living at the top of the food chain holds unseen dangers for polar bears, because they absorb toxic substances, like pesticides and flame retardants, through their diet of seals.

Ice Chunk Larger Than Manhattan Breaks Off Greenland Glacier

Ice Chunk Larger Than Manhattan Breaks Off Greenland Glacier 06 Aug 2010 A chunk of ice four times the size of Manhattan has calved from Greenland's Petermann Glacier, scientists announced today. The last time the Arctic lost such a large chunk of ice was in 1962. Satellite imagery of this remote area at 81 degrees north latitude and 61 degrees west longitude, about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of the North Pole, reveals that Petermann Glacier lost about one-quarter of its 43-mile- (70-km-) long floating ice-shelf.

Full-body security scanners in New York airports as early next month

Full-body security scanners in New York airports as early next month, critics lodge privacy concerns 06 Aug 2010 Full-body scanners will land at New York-area airports as soon as next month. The high-powered machines - which produce virtually naked images of airline passengers going through security - are the latest pricey tools brought in to detect explosives or non-metal weapon under layers of clothing. The advanced-imaging technology scanners transmit low-level X-ray beams to produce an anatomically correct image of the body that's viewed by a security officer in a private room.

Foreign doctors killed in Afghanistan

Foreign doctors killed in Afghanistan 07 Aug 2010 Two American and six German doctors have been killed in northern Afghanistan, police said. The bodies of the foreign physicians, along with that of an Afghan man, were found in Badakhshan Province, AFP reported. "The bodies were found in the forest in the Kuran wa Minjan district," said the province's police chief, Aqa Noor Kintoz, on Saturday.

American VIP humiliated at airport

American VIP humiliated at airport --Prof. Shalala claims was held at Ben-Gurion Airport just because she has Arab last name 06 Aug 2010 Prof. Donna Shalala, who served as the US Secretary of Health and Human Services for eight years under President Bill Clinton and is currently the president of the University of Miami, was held for two-and-a-half hours at Ben Gurion Airport during which she underwent a humiliating security debriefing because of her Arab last name – all this despite the fact that her hosts notified the airport ahead of time that she is a VIP.

CIA moved Gitmo prisoners before Supreme Court could give them rights

AP: CIA moved Gitmo prisoners before Supreme Court could give them rights 06 Aug 2010  A white, unmarked Boeing 737 landed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before dawn on a CIA mission so secretive, many in the nation's war on of terrorism were kept in the dark. Four of the nation's most highly valued terrorist prisoners were aboard. They arrived at Guantanamo on Sept. 24, 2003, years earlier than the U.S. has ever disclosed. Then, months later, they were just as quietly whisked away before the Supreme Court could give them access to lawyers. The transfer allowed the U.S. to interrogate the detainees in CIA "black sites" for two more years without allowing them to speak with attorneys or human rights observers or challenge their detention in U.S. courts.

Rep. Mike Rogers: Execute WikiLeaks leaker

Rep. Mike Rogers: Execute WikiLeaks leaker 04 Aug 2010 Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Nutjob-Mich.) believes the death penalty should be applied in the case of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning if the accused provider of nearly 80,000 secret intelligence documents to WikiLeaks is found guilty by military tribunal. Rogers made the comments Monday during an interview with the Michigan radio station WHMI, which later posted an audio file of the interview. "The death penalty clearly should be considered here," Rogers said. "[Manning] clearly aided the enemy to what may result in the death of U.S. soldiers or those cooperating. If that is not a capital offense, I don't know what is."

Missouri's rejection of health care mandate buoys supporters of Colorado ballot measure

Missouri's rejection of health care mandate buoys supporters of Colorado ballot measure 05 Aug 2010 The overwhelming vote Tuesday in Missouri to oppose the new federal health care law has buoyed supporters of a similar measure that could go before Colorado voters in November. Similar ballot measures are expected to appear on the November ballots in Arizona, Oklahoma and Florida. By a nearly 3-to-1 ratio, Missouri voters approved Proposition C, which rejects the [originally, a GOP] mandate in the new federal health care law insurance cartel giveaway that all Americans purchase [overpriced] health insurance.

Senate approves Clapper nomination as intel chief

Senate approves Clapper nomination as intel chief 05 Aug 01 The Senate late Thursday confirmed retired Air Force Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper as the next director of national intelligence, voting him oversight of the nation's 16 spy agencies. A nearly empty chamber approved Clapper's nomination by voice vote as senators sought to begin their monthlong August recess. Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., had questioned whether a nominee who had spent so much time at the Pentagon -- as a general and then heading the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial Agency -- could represent mostly civilian intelligence services.

'US trying to destabilize Iraq'

'US trying to destabilize Iraq' 06 Aug 2010 An Iraqi cleric has accused US-led troops of attempting to extend their presence in Iraq by staging the recent terrorist attacks in the country. Sadr City's Friday Prayers Leader Seyyed Muhammad al-Musawi accused the US of trying to portray the Iraqi government and security forces as weak and incapable of providing security for the Iraqis in order to justify the country's occupation. He also accused Washington of interfering in Iraq's internal affairs and of blocking attempts to form a new government in the country.

Russian heatwave kills 5,000 as fires rage out of control

Russian heatwave kills 5,000 as fires rage out of control 06 Aug 2010 Russia's devastating summer heatwave has cost almost 5,000 lives, according to officials who conceded yesterday that the state was struggling to gain control over the worst wildfires in decades. Temperatures in Russia have hit records for the time of year on at least six occasions in recent weeks. Forecasters said there would be no respite from temperatures above 97F (36C) for at least another week.


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