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Pro-Democracy and Environmental Groups Announce: "Roll Your Own Black-Out!"

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June 17, 2001--The California "energy crisis" is a myth perpetrated by the Bush administration as a payback for his political backers and his other partners in a high-energy swindle. While there is no immediate energy crisis, however, the energy "plan" laid out by the Bush administration (shaped almost entirely by Enron and other major political backers) is a "plan" for a real energy disaster. Bush's "plan" lacks emphasis on efficiency, conservation and alternative fuels, and calls for the building of one nuclear power plant per week, even in such earthquake-prone regions as California. Bush's fabricated energy "crisis" thus constitutes a self-fulfulling prophecy of immense proportions, gouging consumers in the short-term, and endangering the long-term well-being of the residents of the Earth.

In response to the current fabricated crisis that gouges Californian consumers, and as a protest against the myopic and deleterious energy "plan" laid out by Cheney and the energy barons, pro-democracy and environmental groups, following the lead of Citizens for Legitimate Government, are calling for a voluntary rolling blackout on the first day of Summer, June 21-- from 7 p.m. and 10 p.m (in all time zones)--in celebration of the Summer Soltice. The groups are hoping that this rollout rolls across the entire planet, from East to West. Early indications from Asian and European countries suggest that it will.

The purpose of this protest is to let the administration know that its energy and environmental policies are not acceptable. Further, this action is meant to alert the adminstration, the media and the world at large to the fact that Americans want to participate in conservation efforts, and demand the allocation of the funds needed to develop alternative energy sources.

The manufactured energy "crisis" will continue to worsen under the current administration, likewise frustrating any hopes for the U.S.'s endorsement of the Kyoto Treaty. A false crisis makes energy alternatives more difficult to develop, as the public is driven to fear sudden shortfalls. This fear allows the adminstration to rationalize the need for more oil drilling and nuclear power plants. The rolling blackout is thus a protest by the global community against the anti-environmental consequences of the Bush energy "plan," and a way for the Earth's citizenry to reclaim its own power by refusing to be driven by the plans of a few wealthy U.S. power brokers, at least for a few hours.

All groups promoting and participating in the Voluntary Summer Solstice Rolling Blackout are members of an international movement created by concerned citizens in opposition to George W. Bush's energy, economic, and environmental policies.

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