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Preventing a Repeat of Disastrous Lockdown Policies

Preventing a Repeat of Disastrous Lockdown Policies By Nicholas J. Kaster | 08 March 2021 | (Opinion) The lockdown policies were a disaster for many Americans. The global elites, however, look to those policies as a template to deal with future crises -- real and imagined. The World Economic Forum has been quite open about using the response to COVID as a pretext for they call a "Great Reset." In his book, COVID-19: The Great Reset, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab wrote that: "With the economic emergency responses to the pandemic now in place, the opportunity can be seized to make the kind of institutional changes and policy choices that will put economies towards a fairer, greener future." These institutional changes would be transformational, designed to create a global technocratic world order utterly alien to liberal western values. (Scholar Michael Rectenwald has authored a valuable series detailing these changes and the impact that they would have on economic and civil liberties.)