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ABC Series 'V': Invading, Fascist Lizards Arrive With 'Universal Health Care' and 'Message of Hope' --ABC Network Portrays Aliens, Hell-bent on Destroying Planet Earth, as the Obama Administration
By Lori Price, 04 Nov 2009


The ABC television network has brought back the science fiction series, V, in a remake of the 1980's classic by the same name. A bit of background: V (or V: The Original Miniseries) is a two-part science fiction television miniseries, written and directed by Kenneth Johnson. First shown in 1983, it initiated the science fiction franchise concerning aliens known as the 'Visitors' trying to gain control of Earth.

The 1980's version was about as 'left-leaning' as you get, with writer-director Johnson actually dedicating the series to 'resistance fighters everywhere.' (Johnson opens showing rebels/film crew avoiding an invading [US?] helicopter attack in El Salvador.)

In the remake pilot of V, which aired on November 3, 2009, the leader of the aliens grants an exclusive interview to a conciliating, Fox News-style reporter, Chad Decker, who consents to the alien leader's constriction: 'We can't be seen in a negative light.' in order to get the interview and get other exclusive announcements from the Visitors' leadership. (Think Fox News-Bush regime.) During the interview, interspersed with scenes from a meeting of a nascent resistance movement, Anna, the Visitors' leader, announces that the Visitors 'want to provide complete medical services for all.' The interviewer actually asks, 'You're talking about universal health care?' And Anna, the scourge of mankind, replies, 'Yes, I believe that's what you call it.' The implication by the ABC producers of 'V': An alien lizard fascist, trying to take control of earth and who must be destroyed at any cost, will provide universal health care as a cover to control all earthlings and to take over the planet.

Moreover, the alien Visitors frequently talk about the importance of *hope* and how change does not come easy. There are numerous analogies of the Visitors to the Obama Administration, peppered throughout the pilot. The Visitors assert:

We stand ready to serve. To help the Visitors to help us. To help Earth become a better place. To be agents for a new dawn for mankind and our world. Embracing change is never easy.

The ABC remake is comparing the Visitors -- alien terrorists backed by sleeper-cells laden with their supporters -- to the Obama Administration. A better comparison is that of the alien terrorists to Blackwater aka Xe aka U.S. Training Center. In reality, the Visitors and the mercenary firm Blackwater/Xe share the same goals --stealing global resources by any means necessary while killing as many detractors as possible. The world would rejoice if an actual resistance movement responded to both the fictional invaders... and the real ones.

Lori Price is Managing Editor of Citizens For Legitimate Government.


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