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Bristol Palin Wants to Be VP --By Lori Price,

Bristol Palin: "I'm also hoping my mother wins [sic] to be Vice President, who knows maybe someday I'll be following in her footsteps??"

Yes, after the baby is born and the shotgun wedding has taken place, Bristol aspires to be a vice president, too!


Actual quotes from Bristol Palin's MySpace page (as of 06 Sept. 2008)

Bristol's Interests

HOCKEY MOM'S RULE! <--Moms, too!

'kind of like to keep my life private, right now life is so hectic. I'm having a baby in a few months, I'm so in love with Levi the father. I'm also hoping my mother wins to be Vice President, who knows maybe someday I'll be following in her footsteps??' <--Ok, but only if you repeat the grades in which they taught spelling, punctuation and where to find the United States on a map.

About me:
I'm sure by now most of you know who I am as well as my mother. Yes I'm currently pregnant, I'm keeping the baby and raising it with my boyfriend. I may be 17 but I'm very mature and I know what I want in life. I have a great family and great friends surrounding me. Please don't judge my mother or me, she's the best mother in the world. Listen to her and what she has to say, don't forget to vote her! <--Even if we did forget to vet her.


Sarah Palin - the HOTTER candidate

A 'My VP Candidate is HOTTER Than Your VP Candidate' graphic is proudly displayed on Bristol Palin's MySpace page.

*NO* sexist comments (or questions) from the liberal media peanut gallery, please!

Hillary Clinton is NOT the 'Hot VP (or P) Candidate' -- so all of Hillary's puling about sexism (even when pundits declared Hillary was *out of the race* long before she decided to actually leave the race -- you know, right after she submitted legislation to boot Bush's mercenaries from Iraq in Afghanistan) was just crazy! Remember, it's only *sexism* when Karl Rove adds sexism to the playbook -- and he did! It's right between POW and POW.

John McCain's handlers (leftover 'deciders' from the Bush Administration) determine what sexism is and its (GOP) victims. They have concluded that only a 'hot' Republican can use beauty as an electability element so that they can then rail against the 'sexism' perpetrated by the media resulting from the profile that they themselves created. Rove need not worry about the media. Faux News will not reveal the irony that the GOP -- while denying equal pay for equal work and a women's right to choose -- can simultaneously play the sexism card to justify a candidate whose main qualification is . . . a comely appearance.

Remember Bristol Palin's words, my friends: "Please don't judge my mother."

No worries, Bristol. They won't.

Lori Price is the Managing Editor of Citizens for Legitimate Government.
06 September 2008


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