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GOP Hypocrisy: The party of racism, genocide and treason asks, 'Will racism divide the Democrats?'

By Lori Price

14 Jan 2008

GOP Hypocrisy: The party of racism, genocide and treason asks, 'Will racism divide the Democrats?' By Lori Price 14 Jan 2008 Bush mole Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC live, 11:AM EST, Monday, 14 January) is obsessed with asserting phony charges of 'racism' against Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media, owned & operated by the party of racism, genocide (remember Katrina?) and treason asks, "Is Hillary Clinton playing the race card?" "Will racism divide the Democratic party?" "Is Hillary Clinton trying to inject race into the campaign?" "As this campaign heads into the fall, don't have a problem with core constituents in the Democratic Party?" No, Andrea. No one is voting for sociopath John McCain or GOPedophile Mitt Romney. The only way one of these whackjobs can "win" the "election" is with a third GOP coup d'etat, following a(nother) Bush false flag in the summer of '08.

Misogynist Chris Matthews, in his daily Hillary Hate Rant, declared on Monday's 'Hardball,' "It's getting really ugly out there, in terms of race." Promoting his next Dem-bashing segment, he said, "Coming up on Hardball: Are the Democrats divided, in terms of race?" --'Hardball,' MSNBC, 14 Jan 2008

While the GOP owned & operated media claims Democrats are divided by race, they avoid covering the two wars that Bush has lost and the economy that Bush has destroyed.

Straight out of the KKKarl Rove playbook:

Democrat contest tainted by allegations of racial politicking 15 Jan 2008 As tensions mount between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the two leading Democratic candidates for president, the air has grown thick with allegations and counter-allegations that they and their surrogates have encouraged ungrounded personal attacks with racial undertones. Some have an unsavoury echo of "dog-whistle politics", when a candidate or a supporter makes a remark that has an impact on a section of the voting public but goes unnoticed by most voters.

Clintons Spend Weekend Defending Race Record --Clinton Spent the Weekend Defending Her Comments on Obama, Dismissing Racist Accusations 14 Jan 2008 Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and her husband have come under fire in recent weeks because of remarks that some blacks have found offensive. The idea that the Clintons are racists is a tough sell, but there's no question the dialogue has hurt them with black voters in South Carolina, where Democratic voters will cast their primary ballots Jan. 26.

Row Heats Up Over Role of Race in Campaign 14 Jan 2008 A heated brawl over the role of race in the primary elections between the two leading Democratic presidential hopefuls, Senators Clinton and Obama, will ensure that the sensitive subject the party tries hard to ignore will dominate tomorrow's candidates' debate in Nevada. Surrogates from both camps have been waging an increasingly heated battle over the allegiance of black voters, with each accusing the other of introducing racism into the closely fought contest. Yesterday, the issue boiled over, with the competing senators making charge and counter-charge over who was responsible for raising a topic generally considered too treacherous to address.

Clinton, Obama clash over race issue 14 Jan 2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have become embroiled in racially tinged disputes [created by the the GOP] as large numbers of black voters prepare to get their first say in the Democratic presidential campaign.

Race and Gender Are Issues in Tense Day for Democrats [Should read: Wars and Economy Are Issues in Tense Day for Republicans] 14 Jan 2008 After staying on the sidelines in the first year of the campaign, race and to a lesser extent gender have burst into the forefront of the Democratic presidential contest, thrusting Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton into the middle of a sharp-edged social and political debate that transcends their candidacies.

Headline for first segment on 'The Situation Room:' 'Dems Battle Race' --CNN, 'The Situation Room,' 14 Jan 2008

Bravo, Dan Abrams!
His segment: "Obama and Clinton talk issues, but media pushes 'race' politics" and 'Media ignores political subtance to raise racial tensions' --MSNBC, 'Live with Dan Abrams,' 14 Jan 2008

14 Jan 2008
Lori Price
is the Editor of Citizens for Legitimate Government,


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