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MSRNC Pushing PUMAs to Help the GOP By Lori Price

With mouth-draping irony, world's biggest Hillary Clinton hater and misogynist, Chris Matthews, has set his MSNBC political roundtable in the middle of the PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) demonstration in Denver, so that the world would witness media-inflated strife during the Democrats' 'finest hour.' Whether you agree with the PUMA point of view or or not, one must realize the hypocrisy of MSNBC (MSRNC, as SoCalDem observed) in exploiting the discord, which even its own pundits -- NBC News Political Director, Chuck Todd, and writer, Mike Barnacle -- decried on air during Monday's 'Hardball.'

Mike Barnacle reflected on MSNBC focusing on the PUMA/anti-PUMA cacophony, while overlooking the larger picture and historical value of this particular Democratic Convention. (I am paraphrasing Barnacle's observation.) 'We are failing to cover the most important political story of my lifetime. It's about the rise of a young couple... you cannot become president of Harvard Law Review [referring to Barack Obama] due to affirmative action. You have to earn it. We are missing the biggest story.'

Later, Matthews did grill an anti-Obama protester on the Phil Berg lawsuit, which questions Obama's citizenship. Matthews was quite persistent, and used derisive language when later referring to the interviewee. But that interview took place after the PUMA/anti-PUMA discord at the start of 'Hardball,' which provided the backdrop for their set.

Notice that MSNBC was MIA when Michael Rectenwald and Citizens For Legitimate Government ( was forced behind an illegal 'First Amendment' zone on Neville Island, Penn., when CLG was protesting Bush's first coup in 2002. (See: Neville Island on Labor Day 2002: First Amendment Behind Bars by Michael Rectenwald, 02 Sep. 2002.) Suddenly, 'Hardball' is the promulgator of dissent? Only when such protestation benefits the GOP and four more years of Bush-style rule.

Most PUMAs are sincere in their outrage at the way the mainstream media (especially MSNBC) sullied the Clintons six ways to Sunday during the Democratic primary season. The minute Senator Clinton cosponsored legislation to ban Bush's mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan (See: Clinton, Obama Tussle Over Blackwater by Noah Shachtman 29 Feb. 2008), the media waged 'shock & awe' against her and her husband - from their body language to their tax returns. (Where is beer bimbo Cindy's tax returns, btw? Why no clamor for the release of Cindy McCain's tax returns?). The goal of US corporate owned and operated media: To eliminate candidate Hillary Clinton (who was trouncing John McCain in every poll) and make sure we got candidate Barack Obama, destined to sink once the Swift Boat Nazis and their ilk unleashed their attacks. To wit, the polls - thanks to media lie heaped upon media lie about Barack and Michelle Obama - are tied between the presumptive presidential candidates.

One nagging question: How many protesting PUMAs are actually diehard Clinton fans and how many are GOP operatives, sent to disrupt the Democratic Convention while the whole country watches (and the rightwing media slobbers over such protests)?

Will Chris Matthews and MSRNC establishing a live political roundtable in the middle of a hot left-wing protest zone at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis? LOL. There's as much chance of that plan surviving as a cat with a long tail in a room filled with rockers.

25 Aug 2008


Lori Price is the Managing Editor of Citizens for Legitimate Government,


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