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Silence On the Senator
By Lori Price, 28 October 2009

The Lieberman Lie Pie is growing, and Connecticut's largest newspaper is ignoring it.

WHEN SENATOR Chris Dodd (D) sneezes, the state of Connecticut knows it. We know it, because the Hartford Courant tells us... and tells us and tells us. On the flip side, one can (jokingly) observe that one would have to revert to the Hartford Courant's founding date -- 1764 -- to find positive coverage of Dodd or any other Democrat. The Courant, mindful that reporting Joe Lieberman's actual actions would drag his approval ratings down lower than the Marianas Trench, avoids the topic of Joe(no)mentum altogether.

Reflecting, when the Courant was finally forced to acknowledge that Joe Lieberman (I) campaigned with John McCain (after pledging in 2006 that he would stand with the Democratic nominee for president in 2008), the newspaper avoided the bigger story altogether: Joe Lieberman campaigned with Sarah Palin, an anathema to a majority of Connecticut voters.

The Lieberman Lie Pie is growing, and Connecticut's largest newspaper is ignoring it.

Firstly, LieberBush (R-Israel) assured Connecticut voters that he wanted to "elect a Democratic President in 2008," Joe broke that promise with a mavericky thud. Lieberman changed course on that election promise, throwing his support behind Republican Senator John McCain and his unqualified pick for Vice President, Sarah Palin. And, let us not forget his fundraisers for Maine's Republican Senator, Susan Collins.

Secondly, as Homeland Security Committee Chair, Lieberman promised a thorough investigation into the role of the Bush regime's 'failure to act' after Hurricane Katrina. Lieberman never carried out a real investigation.

Thirdly, Lieberman assured Connecticut voters he advocated single-payer health care in 2006, to garner more votes from Ned Lamont. On Tuesday, Lieberman declared that 'he will join a Republican filibuster against the Senate Democrats' health care reform bill unless the public option is removed.' ('Joe Lieberman: I'll block vote on Harry Reid's plan,' The POLITICO, 27 October 2009.)

The Courant has 'forgotten' to cover Joe Lieberman's role in aiding and abetting 'the Party of NO.'

When Senator Joe Lieberman (D, in August 2006) lost the Democratic primary in August of that year, the state's lead newspaper couldn't bring itself to give Lieberman's victorious opponent, Greenwich selectman Ned Lamont (D), "his day." The Courant's headline actually blared, "Ned Wins, Joe's In!." Additionally, they displayed equivalent sized photos of BOTH candidates, smiling. Prior to that day, the Courant wouldn't publish a positive, smiling picture of Ned Lamont on its cover if God Himself commanded it.

In the run-up to the primary and election, the Hartford Courant reminded Connecticut readers, on a daily basis, that Ned Lamont was 'the millionaire cable TV businessman from Greenwich,' in order to alienate voters. The Courant's obsession with wealthy politicians was another oddity, since - in six years - their editors had never referred to 'the multimillionaire Halliburton executive' occupying (and I do mean occupying, since neither Cheney -- nor his boss -- was ever elected) the vice president's mansion. Moreover, the Hartford Courant never referred to the 'multimillionaire pharmaceutical industry executive' when referring to former Bush's Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.

It will be interesting to note if the Courant refers to (WWE) CEO Linda McMahon Republican U.S. Senate candidate as 'the millionaire World Wrestling Entertainment candidate from Greenwich.' (There's about as much chance for that as a cat with a long tail in a room filled with rockers.)

Oddly, the Courant endorsed Bush/Cheney - not Gore/Lieberman - in 2000, but did a turnaround for the turncoat in 2006. Today, the motto of the Hartford Courant -- vis-à-vis Senator Joe Lieberman -- seems to be 'out-of-sight, out-of-mind.'


Lori Price is Managing Editor of Citizens For Legitimate Government.


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