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Professor threatens to punish students for pro-life, anti-BLM views

Professor threatens to punish students for pro-life, anti-BLM views --Iowa State told Campus Reform that the syllabus is "inconsistent" with its First Amendment policies. | 19 Aug 2020 | An English professor at Iowa State University instructed students in her class not to advocate against abortion or the Black Lives Matter movement in any of their writing assignments. According to Young America's Foundation, ISU English Professor Chloe Clark stated in her English 250 class syllabus that certain viewpoints are not allowed to be discussed in class or on any assignment. "GIANT WARNING: any instances of othering that you participate in intentionally (racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, [sic], sorophobia, transphobia, classism, mocking of mental health issues, body shaming, etc) in class are grounds for dismissal from the classroom," Clark's syllabus reportedly stated. She says that the same warning applies "for any papers/projects" as well, and tells students that any writing that goes against abortion, gay marriage, and Black Lives matter will not be allowed. "You cannot choose any topic that takes at its base that one side doesn't deserve the same basic human rights as you do (ie: no arguments against gay marriage, abortion, Black Lives Matter, etc). I take this seriously," the syllabus states. [Too bad this 'English professor' doesn't take grammar seriously.]