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Pandemic planning: Protect police forces from being hurt in civil disturbances

The same cast of characters behind 'mass fatality management planning' for the flu pandemic developed a 'business plan for the Iraqi military market.'
By Lori Price, 29 Jun 2009

The same 'people' (and I use that term very loosely) panning the International Swine Flu Conference -- New-Fields -- also brought us... wait for it... Iraq oil and gas summits and the 2nd Iraq Security & Defense Summit.

Corporate, government, and media players are meeting (after they cough up thousands of dollars in fees) to discuss and manage the inevitable flu pandemic. The pandemic party has been in the works for years. The architects of the flu kit and caboodle -- the same corpora-terrorists who profited from the Bush/Obama Iraq and Af/Pak wars -- are poised to make a(nother) *killing.*

Now, what does a flu pandemic have to do with the 2nd Iraq Security & Defense Summit? Well, same cast of characters behind 'mass fatality management planning' for the A(H1N1) flu pandemic developed a 'business plan for the Iraqi military market.'

Unless we pull the plug on these sociopaths, a clear path exists for US government to implement a full-blown police state in order to 'manage' the Baxter Bug (flu pandemic).

Organizer profile: New-Fields New-Fields Exhibitions, Inc. is a leading emerging market and business information provider which organizes conferences that produce results for companies worldwide. With offices in Washington DC, and the Middle East the company provides marketing services in the areas of construction, energy, defense, oil & gas, telecommunications and health care.

International Swine Flu Conference
19-20 August 2009
Washington, DC

Conference: 19-20 August 2009 Workshop: 21 August 2009

International Swine Flu Conference -- Shaping the Debate

Top leaders and key decision-makers of major companies representing a broad range of industries will meet with distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers, first responders, and other experts to discuss pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at the 1st International Swine Flu Summit. At the summit, attendees will be able to draw on first-hand best practices to create the solid business continuity plans that their companies and organizations need in order to prepare for, respond to, and survive a pandemic.

Among the topics of note:

Mass Fatality Management Planning
Business Continuity Planning
Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Continuity of Government Planning
Emergency Management Services
Law Enforcement Agencies --Protect police forces from falling ill & from being hurt in civil disturbances --Control & diffuse social unrest & public disorder
First Responders: Fire Department
First Responders: Public Works
911 Call Center Services
Hospital and Emergency Medical Services
Workplace Planning
School/University Pandemic Planning
Airlines, Travel, Airport, Quarantine and Border Health Services
Infectious Medical Waste
Swine Flu: Agriculture Perspective & Interventions ...etc.

2nd Iraq Security & Defense Summit
16-17 October 2008
Washington, DC

2nd Iraq Security & Defense Summit

Through carefully crafted, world-class industry sessions created in partnership featuring leading industry and U.S. and Iraqi government representatives, New-Fields Exhibitions will present this year's leading summit for those planning to do business in Iraq.

2nd Iraq Security & Defense Summit presents an opportunity for all companies to share ideas and develop strategies to ensure success in this market. Global companies will convene throughout the 2 days of the event with Iraqi government officials to strategize multi-sector approaches and address partnering and entry opportunities. Attendees will gain new knowledge and insights on the country's military market, and review critical issues and case studies related to defense and security.

What will be discussed?
Attendees will hear presentations from the senior leaders of Iraqi security and defense community, including the Defense Deputy Minister.
Industry representatives who are able to address the challenges and tap opportunities in today's Iraq are encouraged to exhibit products and services at this event.

Who will you meet?
Iraqi government officials responsible for security and defense procurements
Senior Industry Executives
Prime Contractors for Iraqi projects
Senior Directors and Government Advisors
Iraqi Purchasing Personnel and Defense Consultants

Benefits of Attending:
Gain first-hand knowledge from Iraqi security and defense leaders.
Learn how to assist the Iraqi government to overcome its security and defense challenges.
Understand the current Iraqi military challenges.
Develop a business plan for the Iraqi military market.
Network with senior Iraqi officials for business dealings.
Hear the best case studies from companies on the ground.
Discuss critical issues related to the defense and security of Iraq.

As CLG observed in 2007:

"No-Evacuation Required During a Bird Flu Outbreak" --Chlorine Dioxide Gas to Be Used to Create 'Virus-Free' Areas --Experimental data and practical applications of chlorine dioxide 'against' pandemic influenza to be presented at international bird flu summit in the US. (New-Fields) 27 Aug 2007 At the 5th International Bird Flu Summit organized by New-Fields Exhibition Inc., Dr. Norio Ogata of the Japanese Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is to present the company’s experimental data and practical applications of chlorine dioxide 'against' pandemic influenza. The product to be launched uses chlorine dioxide gas to create virus-free living spaces.

Now, what's interesting about New-Fields? ('We find new-fields for you.') New-Fields, uniting and marketing corpora-terrorists who are trying to start (and profit from) an avian flu pandemic, are also actually hosting the Iraqi Oil & Gas Technology Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, 5-6 September 2007. (New-Fields) It has been estimated that with its natural resources Iraq has the potential to earn between $10 billion and $15 billion over the next few years. The Iraqi oil industry faces three distinct phases of development... The immediate task is restoring historical capacity which could require an investment of $5-10 billion and take 18 to 24 months. This work could be carried out under the auspices of an occupation regime... The second phase is developing prospects already found, raising capacity significantly. Cost is estimated at $40-80 billion, with a lead-time of seven to 10 years, depending upon the scope of the program. This work would need a legitimate government to assign new contracts... The third phase would be new exploration... and that also would require a legitimate government to negotiate fresh exploration rights. Iraq also has a substantial natural gas potential that could be used for industrial and power generation purposes. [People need to question the possible links between those running/managing (mismanaging) and profiting from the Iraq war and those who are poised to run/manage (mismanage) and profit from an avian flu pandemic. --LRP]

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