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Russian gas burning live stream shut down

Russian gas burning live stream shut down --Twitch blocks a channel streaming a gas stove burning on full blast, around the clock | 21 Sept 2022 | A Russian live streamer had his Twitch channel blocked without explanation on Wednesday after he launched a round-the-clock broadcast of a burning gas stove. The feed was accompanied by Russian music in an apparent attempt to troll the users from countries where gas prices have skyrocketed in recent months. The first stream was launched on September 17 by a user named russiangas1 and showed a kitchen where four gas burners were running on full blast for hours on end. A thermometer could be seen in front of the stove showing audiences how hot it was in the room and a clock in the background showed that the stream was not on a loop. Russiangas1 added a caption to the video reading: "From Russia with Love!" and stated that he pays just €1.44 ($1.43) a month for all the gas he is burning... At the time of writing, the russiangas1 channel is inaccessible on Twitch.