I was a bit late arriving for the rally, so I missed Kim Marks from Earth First (see http://www.earthfirst.org). I was, thankfully, in time to hear the Raging Grannies (see http://www.raginggrannies.com). Some absolutely terrific spoofs on GWB, a bit like The Capitol Steps, but with more bite. Jesse Wing, ACLU, gave a lengthy and informative account of the suits brought by the ACLU in Florida, Georgia, and Illinois, seeking redress for disenfrancised voters. (see http://www.aclu.org/issues/voting/hmvr.html). One of the best speakers, for me, was Steve Williamson, King County Labor Council (see http://www.kclc.org). He gave the most impassioned and reasoned explanation for why coalition building is crucial at this historical moment. I wish I were a union member (I'm a former philosophy professor turned paralegal) so that I could get active with his group. I suspect that Labor in Seattle will be an even more effective voice, if Steve is any indication. Pam Whittington, President of Seattle NOW (see http://www.seattlenow.org/Homepage.html) spoke about the expected results of GWB and Ashcroft on the country's women (we didn't know yet on Saturday that he'd be so immediately dangerous to women all over the world). Rev. Jeffrey, Black Dollars Day Task Force, (see http://www.frbsf.org/candca/profiles/seattleorgsak.html#bddtf), gave a speech that reminded me of all the Black Baptist ministers from my childhood (I'm white, but grew up in Washington DC in the 60s); a bit like Jesse, a bit like King, and for the first and only time in the last 11 weeks, I wept -- for the country, for myself, for everyone, including those in this group, who have expressed the anger, frustration, and helplessness we've all been feeling. Felt good to cry, but only briefly. "Don't get mad, get even," I reminded myself. So now, this week, I've gotten in touch with some of the people I enjoyed working with on J20, and we're getting organized. And we will get even, there's not a doubt in my mind.

I didn't go to the evening program, and would encourage anyone who did to write in and describe who was there, who spoke, and what was said

Susan B.