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January 2003 Archives, Page Two


Translation: Blood for Oil


The Bush Axis of Evil is fabricating a SECRET "coalition of the willing" [read: coalition of the COERCED or NON-EXISTENT], say the Bush criminals and their spokespersons. The nations "participating" don't want to be acknowledged [READ: They are very FEW and INSIGNIFICANT and Bush doesn't want to tell you that] until the W-AR IS ALREADY UNDERWAY. However, we know that Bush hasn't got a list, or that the nations in question are so ashamed to be on it, they are not willing to be identified until the war is a fait accompli !!!! Either way, it's surely a List of Shame!

On the Eve of Bush's State of disUnion Speech, Democrats Declare Bush policies are unreliable "On the eve of President [sic] Bush's State of the Union address, the top Democrats in Congress said Monday that he has created a 'credibility gap' by failing to back up his rhetoric with actions. They said Bush has sent confusing signals on Iraq and has failed to make the case for war."

George W, hiding he's bright under a bushel [and hiding it very well]. "There is an anecdote in the most recent book about the Bush White House which neatly captures how Europeans misjudge the President [sic], and why they are wrong to do so. Written by a former speechwriter, David Frum, it tells of Bush’s style in editing proposed drafts of speeches. In one of his early efforts, Frum included the phrase: 'I’ve seen with my own eyes ...' The words 'with my own eyes' were circled, and a teenage 'DUH' added in presidential scrawl alongside." Wait, so the idea that Bush can recognize that seeing 'with my own eyes' is redundant suddenly makes him a genius? Reporters are falling all over themselves looking for any sign of intelligence in Bush, and ready to credit him with "a skilfully crafted communicating style," if he manages to put two grammatically and semantically correct monosyllabic words together, back to back. This is the worst sort of fawning, obsequious valorization of idiocy and ignorance imaginable, and this time it's coming from Britain, just in time for the war. Now that Bush knows that "seeing with his own eyes" is redundant, the Brits are supposed to feel good about letting him pull the trigger to blow up Iraq without the least shred of evidence? He hasn't seen any EVIDENCE, either with his OWN or anyone else's own eyes. "Bush has carved out a highly successful career from being underestimated," writes Times editorialist, Roland Watson. Wait, shouldn't that be "misunderestimated?" Oh, that's right, Bush is a genius. We only "misunderestimate" him. We don't misunderestimate his stupidity and bellicosity, however.

Thanks to Dictator Bush, the US faces record budget deficits, new spending cuts --"US budget director Mitchell Daniels said that the Bush administration expected the federal budget deficit to shoot past the $200 billion mark during the current fiscal year. He predicted it would hit $300 billion next year, the largest amount in US history. Both figures exclude the impact of a war with Iraq."

Bush's W-ar talk causes dollar to slump W-ar talk sends euro near four-year high --"The euro on Monday reached a near four-year high against the US dollar on continuing fears over a war on Iraq and the global economic outlook."

Malaysian Prime Minister Predicts W-WIII Fear stalks world, says Malaysia leader -- "The escalating tensions between the West and terrorist forces has tipped the globe into World War Three, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has warned."

Since Cheney is already busy operating the shadow government, Bush is considering the ultimate booster for his plummeting poll numbers: The Nuclear Option in Iraq --by Willaim M. Arkin "One year after President [sic] Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the 'axis of evil,' the United States is thinking about the unthinkable: It is preparing for the possible use of nuclear weapons against Iraq.

Pentagon Poised for W-ar Pentagon: Military could be ready for war by mid-February as the U.S. is planning to release intelligence [sic] on Iraq --What have they invented now? The fiction writers have been hard at work cooking up the "evidence." "The Bush administration is likely to declassify intelligence as early as next week that it says shows that senior Iraqi officials have been working to conceal weapons and evidence of weapons programs from United Nations weapons inspectors, administration officials said late Monday."

More Insanity on Tap as U.S Congress may push for military draft "As the United States prepared for a possible war against Iraq, an influential senator added his voice on Monday to calls to reinstate the military draft, a step the Bush administration says is unnecessary and unwise."

Fleischer compares the current debate on whether to give weapons inspectors more time to that of a decade ago, when some diplomats urged for sanctions against Iraq to pressure Saddam to withdraw from Kuwait instead of warfare. "If the argument to give sanctions more time had been listened to, Saddam Hussein would still be sitting in Kuwait and likely in Saudi Arabia as well," Fleischer told reporters. There's only one problem with this analogy--it lacks the analogous act by Hussein to which the US and the 'allies' responded to ten years ago. Hussein has not invaded a neighbor (given a nod from the US ambassador), nor has Iraq committed any acts of aggression. But, the warmongers are calling for MORE DRASTIC action than the first Gulf War, without any prior act by Iraq!!! The war is a lie. Bush is a liar. The country of Iraq is a "rebel" to US hegemony and nothing short of murderous attack will quench the bloodthirsty Bush hawks.

The US must have gotten to Blix. While he notes that Iraq has allowed access to all sites, UN chief inspector Hans Blix nevertheless suggested that Iraq hasn't cooperated with the Inspections and UN resolution 1441 "in substance." Of course, Bush will use this against Iraq in his state of the disUnion Address, in which he will suggest that this lack of cooperation amounts to the material breach necessary for bombing Iraq. Bush's argument will amount to saying that Iraq should be bombed for having a "bad attitude." Where is the PROOF that Iraq has weapons? To date, there is no smoking gun, except Bush's. Our question is, what was Blix promised, or how was he threatened, or both?

Lies, damned lies and more damned lies --by Jon Carroll "Already, they have trotted out the increasingly resentful ghosts of the tragedy of Sept. 11 to support everything from police-state surveillance measures to a war against a nation uninvolved in the attack on the World Trade Center. Soon we'll find out that the terrorists are all involved in a plot to broaden abortion rights... The Bush administration's efforts to manipulate the U.N. Security Council have proved futile, so they've decided to denounce the recalcitrant members."

A US Media Mystery: The Case of the Missing Information about Iraq’s Weapons (The Baltimore Chronicle) "The major media in the US seem intent on following a script worthy of an Agatha Christie mystery... The missing 8,000 pages the United States edited out of Iraq’s 11,800-page dossier on weapons before it passed on a "sanitized" version to the 10 non-permanent members of the United Nations security council, according to a December 22 story in the Glasgow, Scotland Sunday Herald... The real mystery, then, isn’t so much the missing pages—it’s the case of the missing news. And what possible motive could there be for this news to be omitted?"

Desert Caution Once 'Stormin' Norman,' Gen. Schwarzkopf Is Skeptical About U.S. Action in Iraq --"Norman Schwarzkopf wants to give peace a chance. The general who commanded U.S. forces in the 1991 Gulf War says he hasn't seen enough evidence to convince him that his old comrades Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Paul Wolfowitz are correct in moving toward a new war now."

Iraqi cancers, birth defects blamed on U.S. depleted uranium "On the 'Highway of Death,' 11 miles north of the Kuwait border, a collection of tanks, armored personnel carriers and other military vehicles are rusting in the desert. They also are radiating nuclear energy."

US buys up Iraqi oil to stave off crisis --Seizing reserves will be an allied priority if forces go in Duh! "Facing its most chronic shortage in oil stocks for 27 years, the US has this month turned to an unlikely source of help - Iraq."

Daniel Ellsberg Critiques Iraq Coverage "The first lie is: Saddam represents the No. 1 danger to U.S. security in the world. To allow the president [sic] and Rumsfeld to make that statement over and over is akin to them saying without challenge from the press that they accept the flat-earth theory. To say Saddam is the No. 1 danger is being made without real challenge from the press, with few exceptions..."

World rebels against America --by Haroon Siddiqui "Most Muslims are characterizing American designs on Iraq as racist. Others are calling it a colonial endeavour — the return of the Ugly American. From Europe through Africa and Asia to the Far East, public opinion is solidly ranged against America. The dissidents include the Pope, the archbishop of Canterbury and Nelson Mandela. This anti-war movement may be more potent than the one against the Vietnam War. It is worldwide and it has gelled before the war has even begun."

Rallies seeking time for UN "A chorus of antiwar activists yesterday called an interim report by United Nations inspectors proof that President [sic] Bush is moving too fast toward a war with Iraq, and appealed to the president to give inspectors more time to determine whether Iraq still has weapons of mass destruction."

You bet your ass we better give peace a chance! Utah Residents Bare All For Peace "As a part of the international peace moment, Utahans stripped all political, religious, and socio-economic affiliations and made the ultimate gesture of hope. Forming symbols of peace with naked bodies female and male educators, artists, accountants, nurses, lawyers, business executives, and bartenders between the ages of 18 and 62 came together in a unified support of peace." (

Activists blockade UK military port "Greenpeace flag ship, the Rainbow Warrior, today entered Marchwood Military port in Southampton and blocked the departure of UK military supply vessels heading for the Iraqi conflict in the Gulf."

Twelve Fort Benning School Protesters Sentenced to Prison "Twelve protesters were sentenced Monday to prison for trespassing at Fort Benning last fall during a demonstration against a U.S. military program that trains Latin American soldiers." torture and kill at US taxpayer expense. The AP omitted that fact in the article.

Bush wages unprecedented, systematic assault on openness --by Pierre Tristam "It took President [sic] Bush eight months and the attacks of Sept. 11 to 'look presidential.' It took him no time after that to start acting like an emperor who owed explanations to no one and who was owed deference by all. He was actually nowhere near presidential, despotism a-la-King George having been the Framers' opposite intent for the presidency. He was only back to his old corporate, imperious, secretive self, liberated by a cataclysmic event that would finally let him act the only way he feels comfortable."

Anthrax Probe Returns to Forest Close to Scientist's Former Home "Federal authorities investigating the deadly anthrax attacks sent divers through the ice of a secluded forest pond Monday near the former home of a scientist described by authorities as "a person of interest" in the case."

Bush trades Rx benefits for tax cuts --by Thomas Oliphant "To protect his tax cuts, Bush came up with a three-pronged hybrid based on coercion and cave-ins to his party's campaign cash cows - insurance companies and their health maintenance organizations, drug companies, and for-profit health care providers. To call these three prongs 'choices' borders on the obscene."

Blindness risk in EU farmed fish colouring "Feed additives that heighten the colour of salmon, trout and egg yolks can damage the retina and raise the risk of long-term blindness, Brussels said yesterday."

Michael Rectenwald responds to a CLG visitor who asks us "Are you serious?" [in our opposition to the Bush regime]

Lori Price responds to a CLG visitor who asks us "Are you serious?" [in our opposition to the Bush regime] "Yes,we are as serious as one of Dick Cheney's heart attacks. And now, thanks to Bush, instead of discussing Al Gore's khakis and whether or not he accompanied James DeWitt, director of FEMA, seventeen times instead of eighteen times to Texas (Remember the media coverage in the late summer of 2000?) we are discussing: a potential first-strike nuclear attack, an eye-popping-mind-numbing 800 missiles destined for Iraq in the first hour of attack, and a new Pentagon policy of bulldozing dead GIs into mass graves as they become bio-warfare victims of Bush's foreign policy."

Does Tony Blair have any idea what the flies are like that feed off the dead? --by Robert Fisk "But George Bush and Tony Blair and Dick Cheney and Jack Straw and all the other little warriors who are bamboozling us into war will not have to think of these vile images [the "highway of death, 1991"]. For them it’s about surgical strikes, collateral damage and all the other examples of war’s linguistic mendacity..." [a must read]

Pittsburgh residents say no to the pResident as Thousands protest potential US-Iraq war in Oakland [Oakland is part of Pittsburgh] An estimated 5,000 protestors gathered in Oakland this afternoon in one of the largest anti-war protests in Pittsburgh since the Vietnam era and heard an array of speakers call for a halt to what they view as a pending US-Iraq war.

No W-ar in Iraq!
Dozens of people lay down during a "die-in" the at the intersection of Craig Street and Fifth Avenue in Oakland during the Regional Convergence Against the War this afternoon in Oakland. (Steve Mellon, Post-Gazette)

Pittsburgh Anti-War March Draws Thousands "Carrying peace signs and chanting 'Drop Bush, not bombs,' thousands of people marched through snowfall Sunday to protest a possible U.S. war with Iraq."

No W-ar in Iraq!
More than 3,000 people gathered to protest a possible war with Iraq.

Thousands march in Pittsburgh "Police estimated the crowd at more than 3,000, and rally organizers said the protest was among Pittsburgh's largest ever."

22 People Arrested At Chicago Anti-W-ar Protest "Local radio and television stations are reporting that a number of people were arrested at the Kluczynski Federal building during an anti-war protest this morning."

In a stunning display of bravery and patriotism, Protesters try to enter Lockheed Martin facility --"Eight local anti-war protesters dressed as weapons inspectors tried to enter Lockheed Martin Systems Integration facility Sunday, but didn't get far past the entrance."

Bush is protested elsewhere as Hundreds march in Minneapolis to protest war with Iraq "As the showdown with Iraq heats up, hundreds of antiwar demonstrators marched Saturday in the West Bank and Seward neighborhoods of Minneapolis."

W-ar opposition edges higher "A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll indicates that public opposition to using U.S. ground troops to depose Saddam Hussein is at its highest level since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks."

Bush is a Nazi
The US dictator and his policies were also targeted by protesters in Brazil

In Pictures: Anti-W-ar protests gather pace

Suggested Escape Routes for Americans in Case of Bush Provoked Nuclear War (map)

Thanks to dictator Bush leading the world to Armageddon, US warns that bioterror attack is inevitable -- "The US warned on Sunday night that a bioterrorist attack that could kill thousands was inevitable and urged industrial and developing nations to spend tens of billions of dollars more to gear up medical systems to cope with the threat."

As the United States further isolates itself under the Bush dictatorship, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell told European doubters on Sunday the United States was willing to attack Iraq alone. "Powell rejected criticism from delegates that the United States has not provided enough evidence that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein retains weapons of mass destruction." More "Words of Mass Distraction" from the Bush regime!!

We will go it alone, Powell tells waverers "America 'will not shrink from war' with Iraq, even if it means tackling Saddam Hussein alone, Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, declared yesterday."

Bush's poodle, Tony Blair, works toward W-ar UN given secret files on Iraq --"Britain has passed sensitive intelligence information to UN security council members in an attempt to persuade them that the Iraqis are systematically failing to cooperate with the weapons inspectors, bolstering Anglo-American claims that Baghdad is in breach of UN resolutions."

Bush has, for the first time, even the moderates and conservatives in Britain hating our guts. This is an unprecedented accomplishment. Bush is the worst enemy the US has in the world. "There are fears that the United States is determined to act without heeding the concerns of its allies — and fears that Britain will be dragged along in its wake. These fears have spread far beyond the traditionally anti-American hard left — known here as “the usual suspects” — to include moderates and conservatives as well. ...'Being critical of U.S. policy does not constitute a prejudice,' said Godfrey Hodgson, a veteran journalist and author. 'A vast majority of the British people are favorable to the United States, but a substantial majority are opposed to George W. Bush.' Novelist John le Carre wrote in an op-ed piece in the Times newspaper that 'America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War.'"

War is not justified, EU chief tells US and Britain "Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, said yesterday that public opinion in Europe was overwhelmingly opposed to military action in Iraq and urged the US and Britain not to launch a campaign without wider international support."

The entire world is united against Dictator Bush as Pressure Mounts to Give Iraq Inspectors More Time "World pressure mounted on the United States on Saturday to allow United Nations weapons inspectors more time to do their work in Iraq after they make a key report to the Security Council on Monday."

Massive Chicken-Farming Operation in Iraq Terrifies West as a WMD U.N. Officials Say Intelligence To Prove U.S. Claims Is Lacking --"As muddy laborers gawked and a mangy dog growled, a team of 13 U.N. weapons inspectors swooped in on an abandoned farm earlier this month and demanded to enter two long brick buildings with padlocked doors... But when the inspectors finally were let inside, after waiting for the better part of a day for the owner to return from a hunting trip, all they found were the remnants of a massive chicken-farming operation." Regime change begins at home.

Regime change begins at home.
A U.N. weapons inspector walks past a chicken coop that was searched Friday at a farm southwest of Baghdad. (Hussein Malla -- AP)

Even Bush's "lap-dog" Democrats question the W-ar as Daschle asks Bush regime to show 'proof to the world' of Iraqi violations "Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle challenged the Bush administration on Monday to show 'proof to the world' that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, part of an attack by the party's top leaders on the eve of the president[sic]'s State of the Union address."

Members of House petition for caution "More than a fourth of the House of Representatives, including at least two dozen Democrats who voted to authorize force against Iraq, are petitioning President [sic] Bush to let the weapons inspection process conclude before launching an attack."

France Says U.N. Inspections Should Be Extended "French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said on Sunday United Nations weapons inspections should continue for several weeks or a few months."

Ex-Vermont governor gains early support with anti-W-ar stand As Howard Dean arrived in the political hothouse of New Hampshire this weekend, the former Vermont governor was engulfed by Democratic anti-war activists.

Some troops freeze sperm before deploying --Soldiers fear loss of fertility, not death "Some servicemen heading to the Middle East are doing something only modern-day military fighters would consider. They are freezing their sperm before they ship out."

Resisting Bush-Rove drug experiments: Three fired for refusing smallpox and anthrax vaccines --"Three civilians in the U.S. Merchant Marine say they refused to be vaccinated against smallpox and anthrax and were fired from the crew of a ship loaded with Army vehicles."

As Bush family business partner Osama bin Laden fades from view, FBI Hunts for Illegal Iraqis --Thousands of Iraqi nationals missing [?!?] in U.S. wanted for questioning. --"The FBI has launched a concerted search for several thousand illegal Iraqi immigrants who have gone missing [?!?] while visiting the United States and are among those being sought for voluntary interviews in advance of a possible war with Iraq, officials said."

FBI 'seeks 3,000 missing Iraqis' --"Federal agents in the US are hunting for about 3,000 illegal Iraqi immigrants who have gone missing, The Washington Post has reported."

Bush "Citizen Corps" Rat program takes a hit: "A federal program created by President [sic] Bush last year as a way for average citizens to 'join in the war against terror' is being scaled back by Congress."

The *Rove-Goebbels* discrediting machine kicks into high gear as the Scott Ritter police files are suddenly unsealed. "According to the Times Union and Daily Gazette, federal prosecutors are looking into charges against former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. Both papers reported Saturday morning that State Supreme Court Justice Joseph Teresi has signed an order to unseal Ritter's files."

Source: Ashcroft trolling to make a federal case against Ritter "Federal prosecutors are reviewing a file from the police and the local district attorney about Scott Ritter's 2001 arrest on a charge of communicating via the Internet with an undercover officer posing as a 16-year-old girl, according to a source close to the investigation."

From the Bush school of government: Cheating Security --Airport screeners say they were given answers beforehand "Several government security screeners at LaGuardia Airport said that moments before they took a certification test to operate machines that detect bombs in luggage, instructors told them answers to all or most of the questions."

Robeson: Bush govt. is 'neo-Confederate' Speaker advocates universal rights --Paul Robeson, Jr., son of civil rights renaissance man Paul Robeson, spoke in a calm, measured fashion for over an hour and delivered a polemic message against Dictator Bush, his mis-ministration and particularly the potential American invasion of Iraq.

Was United Flight 93 shot down on Sept. 11? Report revisits nagging question of what really happened to doomed jet --"Echoing reports made immediately after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, several eyewitnesses claim in a report by London's Daily Mirror that they saw a 'military-type' plane flying around United Airlines Flight 93 when the hijacked passenger jet crashed in rural Pennsylvania -- prompting the unthinkable question of whether the U.S. military shot down the plane."

Bush ruining world economy as Asian markets feel war fears "Asian investors are starting the week in selling mood, driving markets sharply down through the region on Monday morning."

800 missiles to hit Iraq in first 48 hours "The US intends to shatter Iraq 'physically, emotionally and psychologically' by raining down on its people as many as 800 cruise missiles in two days. The Pentagon battle plan aims not only to crush Iraqi troops, but also wipe out power and water supplies in the capital, Baghdad."

Connecticut State Senator Win Smith (R-Winford) wants to name New Haven's airport after the man who stole the office of the President in 2000, destroyed the economy and ran up the federal deficit to over 6.5 trillion, whose tenure has rung up more bankruptcies and whose administration's officials have been involved in more corporate crime than any in history, whose criminal negligence in 9-11 alone deserves impeachment, and whose obvious intentions to bomb a sovereign nation without provocation violates international law and the Constitution. Does this Senator need a few thousand phone calls flooding his office, and does he need his fax machine to run out of paper, and his server to crash due to heavy emails, or what??? Here's his phone number (1-860-240-0529 --toll free:1-800-842-1421), here's his fax number (1-860-240-0021) and here's his email address (your Send him a piece of your mind about this Fraud and how he deserves to have an airport named after him like bin Laden should have a memorial at Ground Zero! An airport--of all the unprotected, godforsaken, 9-11 inducing fraudulence--here's the guy who left the nation's airports unprotected after receiving grave warnings that bin Laden's network would hijack domestic airliners, and stayed on vacation for three more weeks, and then had three major monuments struck by planes while he read a children's story to children in, of course, the first ground zero, FLORIDA!! He not only doesn't deserve an airport named after him, he deserves a DOG-TAG in prison with his name on it, and a few tools for making license plates!!!

Blair demands new dossier to drum up support for Iraq war "Tony Blair has ordered the security and intelligence services to prepare a new dossier on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction amid concern that Britain and America are losing the propaganda war over Iraq."

Blair: war can start without UN arms find "Tony Blair has raised the temperature in the confrontation with Iraq by insisting there is no need for United Nations weapons inspectors to find a 'smoking gun' for Saddam Hussein to be in breach of UN resolutions and face military action."

Bush set to begin countdown to war --Dictator Bush will start what his aides say is the countdown to war with Iraq this week by confronting nations around the world with a stark choice between military action or more diplomacy.

Lawyers warn of warcrimes prosecutions (New York) "A group of more than 100 legal experts warned President [sic] George W Bush in a letter published today that senior officials could face prosecution if US soldiers committed warcrimes in Iraq."

In a stunning display of lunacy, the Bush dictatorship fantasizes that Iraq's stockpiles may be vast, well-cloaked "In growing detail, Bush administration officials are presenting their case that Iraq retains a hidden and fearsome arsenal of nerve gases, blister-producing chemicals, anthrax and other lethal agents." Now, is this the same "fearsome arsenal" that the United States sold to Iraq, or a different one?

Top Iraqi Adviser Says He Believes War Is Inevitable "Saddam Hussein's top science adviser said today that he feared a United States attack might now be inevitable, regardless of what United Nations inspectors conclude about the last two months of renewed searches for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."

Congress Asks for War Justification, Lawyers Warn of Legal Prosecution "After losing support of key allies Germany and France and with mounting opposition from Russia and Chine, growing numbers of Democratic and Republican Senators are pressing U.S. President [sic] George Bush to better explain the need for war against Iraq."

U.S. Military Considers Limits on Role of the Reserve Forces "Citing problems with the mass call-up of Reserve and National Guard forces, Pentagon leaders are rethinking the way America goes to war, even questioning whether relying on these citizen soldiers to perform some crucial duties hamstrings urgent military operations."

Actual poll (This is what Dictator Bush has led us to:) Should The U.S. Use NUKES In Iraq on Bunkers?

Pak Christians warn Bush of bloody backlash from Iraq attack "Leaders of Pakistan's Christian community, victims of a chain of deadly terror attacks by Islamic militants, have written to US President [sic] George W. Bush warning of a violent backlash if war is waged on Iraq, state media reported Friday."

Gulf War Vet Ken O'Keefe Smashes W-ar Propaganda (‘Nachman’ transcript, Jan. 22) Ken O'Keefe: "The fact is that-why did we not have any fighter jets around the Pentagon after two jets had slammed into the World Trade Center, a third jet was heading at full speed towards the Pentagon on FAA radar, and yet we had no fighter jets around the Pentagon. George Bush should be impeached for criminal negligence at best. And that doesn’t even factor in-that does not even factor in that he didn’t receive the majority of votes. How is it possible there were no jets around the Pentagon and we have no independent investigation?"

North Korea Incites More US Nuclear Hypocrisy --by David Krieger "Since the US and the other declared nuclear weapons states have failed in their obligations to achieve nuclear disarmament, particularly in the aftermath of the Cold War, they should expect, sooner or later, that one result will be a breakdown of the NPT [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty] regime.

US: anti-immigrant dragnet in advance of Super Bowl Dubbed “Operation Game Day” by Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) officials, the US INS is rounding up immigrant workers in the San Diego area in advance of this Sunday’s Super Bowl football game.

House speaker raises doubts about future of surveillance research "The project, launched after the Sept. 11 attacks, has been a public-relations disaster for the Bush administration, which has bristled at concerns by critics that it intends to snoop into the private lives of citizens. ."

US Senate upholds Bush aid to air polluters "In the first policy test for the Bush administration since the US Senate reverted to Republican control, the upper house of Congress voted to implement new air pollution regulations that allow corporations to run coal-burning factories and power plants without installing anti-pollution devices."

Drug Sales Bring Huge Profits, and Scrutiny, to Cancer Doctors "Among cancer doctors, it is called the chemotherapy concession. At a time when overall spending on prescription drugs is soaring, cancer specialists are pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars each year by selling drugs to patients — a practice that almost no other doctors follow."

An Advance Copy Of President Bush's State Of The Union Address. NOT! --by Neal Pollack (humor) "I've received an advance copy of President [sic] Bush's State Of the Union Address, and I see no reason not to print it here even though federal law prohibits me from doing so. A lot of the speech is boring, as speeches tend to be, and some of it, like our declaration of war on Germany, is 100 percent super top secret."

U.S. Weighs Tactical Nuclear Strike on Iraq "As the Pentagon continues a highly visible buildup of troops and weapons in the Persian Gulf, it is also quietly preparing for the possible use of nuclear weapons in a war against Iraq, according to a report by a defense analyst."

The Nuclear Option in Iraq --by William M. Arkin "One year after President [sic] Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the 'axis of evil,' the United States is thinking about the unthinkable: It is preparing for the possible use of nuclear weapons against Iraq."

Iraq Faces Massive U.S. Missile Barrage "They're calling it "A-Day," A as in airstrikes so devastating they would leave Saddam's soldiers unable or unwilling to fight. If the Pentagon sticks to its current war plan, one day in March the Air Force and Navy will launch between 300 and 400 cruise missiles at targets in Iraq."

Pentagon eyes mass graves Option would fight contamination after bioterror deaths --"The bodies of U.S. soldiers killed by chemical or biological weapons in Iraq or future wars may be bulldozed into mass graves and burned to save the lives of surviving troops, under an option being considered by the Pentagon."

Michael Ruppert claims the illegal attack on Iraq will be when the Dictator addresses the nation on Tuesday night. "Serious international developments are indicating that the first stages of the U.S. invasion of Iraq will begin unilaterally no later than next Wednesday and most likely as the President [sic] delivers his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night."

A U.S. war plan calls for the launch in March of three or four hundred cruise missiles a day at the start of a war on Iraq, more than were fired during the entire first Gulf War, according to a televised report on Friday...CBS said the battle plan, called "shock and awe"... We call the plan, "shock, awe, disgust and demonstrate criminal insanity." The time for regime change in the US is long, long overdue. We are now faced with silently sponsoring a violation of numerous international treaties and laws, a violation of the national and international will of the vast majority, and the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis and others. Human shields or not, the Bush regime is set to murder everything in its path. The endgame is not even the important thing for them. Can Oil be enough to justify this killing, even for such homicidal maniacs? Power has gone undergone an unprecedented mutation, and merely wishes to extend itself without reason, cause, or even ideological justification. All despite the lack of evidence of WMDs, and now even after a good report card from the UN inspectors.

A million refugees if hostilities begin "A confidential internal United Nations report prepared last month estimated that a US-led war would create nearly one million refugees needing outside resettlement and 7.2 million people displaced internally, millions of whom could later swell the ranks of refugees."

Saddam has done 'quite satisfactory' job in cooperating with nuclear agency; Washington mulling more inspections "The head of the U.N. nuclear agency will tell the Security Council on Monday that Saddam Hussein has done a 'quite satisfactory' job of cooperating with inspectors in some areas but that they need more time to complete their search."

Saddam Showdown: Has Bush Been Backed into a Corner? --by Paul Strand "The Bush administration insists Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction. But does it really know for sure? And if it does, why doesn't it show everyone the proof? And has the UN, along with nations like France and Germany, backed the Bush administration into a corner by demanding more inspections? "

Continued Arms Inspections Get U.S. Nod Troop Deployment Timetables and Drive to Build Support Temper Bush's Desire to Act --"While making clear it believes Iraq has already violated last November's U.N. Security Council resolution, the Bush administration will acquiesce to continued U.N. inspections there, at least for the next several weeks, according to U.S. and diplomatic sources."

US govt tells expatriates to prepare to evacuate in any emergency The US government is advising its expatriate citizens around the world to be prepared for emergency evacuations from their country of residence, in the event of war, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances [?!?], a senior State Department official said.

U.S. Coalition for War Has Few Partners, Troop Pledges "The Bush administration has asked 53 countries to join the United States in a military campaign against Iraq, but so far the 'coalition of the willing,' in President [sic] Bush's phrase, consists of a handful of countries and even fewer commitments of troops, officials and diplomats said yesterday."

White House Warns Iraq That 'Time Is Running Out' The White House warned Iraq today that "time is running out," while European leaders, concerned about a growing rift with the United States over a possible war in Iraq, spoke out in an effort to calm the war of words between Washington and Paris and Berlin.

US issues fresh Iraq warning The White House has issued a warning to Baghdad that what it called its refusal to allow private interviews with Iraqi weapons scientists was "unacceptable" and might bring war closer.

Canadians training for post-Saddam Iraq Hundreds of recruits arrive at base in Hungary to be part of CIA-backed 'liberation' force --Security is extremely tight at this NATO base in southwest Hungary now that the first Iraqi opposition volunteers [?!?] have begun arriving for military training. It is expected that, over the next six months, nearly 3,000 expatriate Iraqis, including several Canadian recruits, will be organized into the nucleus of a post-Saddam army.

Congress must control spending to pay for war: Bush "President [sic] George W Bush on Saturday said that the US Congress must control public spending to help pay for any war on Iraq as well as his new $674 billion economic plan."

U.S. policies on terrorism, Iraq criticized at global conference "Attorney General John Ashcroft clashed with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad on Friday at a global conference marked by sharp and widespread criticism of U.S. policy on terrorism and Iraq."

Marketers face tough task of selling Bush to Britain The "Brand USA" marketing machine is targeting Britain... With polls showing that only 15 per cent of Britons would support a campaign in Iraq without United Nations approval, the White House thinks the situation is serious.

Saudi Oil Minister Says No Shortage of Oil "Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi said on Saturday there was no shortage of oil in the market despite fears of war in Iraq and there were no grounds for prices to be as high as they now are."

AIDS, Famine Kill 2,500 Zimbabweans Every Week, UN Envoy Says "About 2,500 people die every week of AIDS in Zimbabwe as a food shortage worsens the impact of the disease, said Stephen Lewis, the United Nations' special envoy for HIV-AIDS in Africa."

White House adviser reportedly will resign "Richard Clarke, a blunt-spoken White House adviser who raised warnings about Islamic terrorism and biological weapons years before they became nightmare headlines, will resign from government soon, people familiar with his plans said."

Sen. Clinton: Homeland security a 'myth' Sen. Hillary Clinton, calling the nation's homeland security a "myth," Friday proposed remedies to beef up resources deemed necessary since the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.'

Bush, GOP failing to protect cities, Baltimore mayor says "Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley took President [sic] Bush and the Republican Party to task Saturday for failing to provide cities with funds to protect against terrorist attacks."

FBI Taps Campus Police in Anti-Terror Operations Student, Faculty Groups Fear a Return of Spying Abuses Against Activists, Foreign Nationals --"Federal authorities have begun enlisting campus police officers in the domestic war on terror, renewing fears among some faculty and student groups of overzealous FBI spying at colleges and universities that led to scandals in decades past.

FBI enlisting campus police officers "As part of the war on terror, the FBI has begun enlisting officers from campus police departments in colleges and universities throughout the US, raising fears of spying among faculty and student community."

CU Hospital decides against giving smallpox vaccinations "The University of Colorado Hospital has joined a dozen others around the state in deciding not to participate - for now - in the government's plan to vaccinate teams of health care workers against smallpox."

No Rush For First Smallpox Vaccines "With three of the most photographed vaccinations in medical history, Connecticut on Friday became the first state to launch its smallpox inoculation program for health care workers."

Judge kills ex-soldier's anthrax-vaccine lawsuit "A precedent-setting lawsuit by a former Army private who refused an anthrax vaccination was dismissed Friday by a judge who nevertheless warned that the military shouldn't use its soldiers as guinea pigs for the unproven vaccine."

Karl Rove: The president[sic]'s man behind the scenes "He [Rove] also rejected a journalist's suggestion that Democrats are 'cowed, confused and incoherent,' and predicted that the party's nominee next year will give Bush a close run, more akin to the overtime [s-]election of 2000 than the Reagan landslide of 1984.

Wellstone memorial fund halved "Senate Republicans have reneged on spending $10 million for a St. Paul community center to honor the late U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn."

Bush's prescriptions proposal already has GOP, Democrats worrying "Although he won't officially roll it out until Tuesday, President [sic] Bush's ambitious proposal to offer senior citizens subsidized prescription drugs already is drawing heavy fire from within his own party and from Democrats."

Unborn Victims of Violence Act Introduced in Senate Far-right Republicans in the US Congress continued their attack on abortion rights last week with the introduction of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act in the Senate.

CLG's Political Education page has been updated! Abortion in American History --by Katha Pollitt

Impeachment Resolution Against President George W. Bush --by Francis A. Boyle Professor of Law January 17, 2003 "... in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has attempted to impose a police state and a military dictatorship upon the people and Republic of the United States of America by means of 'a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations' against the Constitution since September 11, 2001."

The Case to Impeach President Bush --by Eric Zuesse "A strong prima-facie impeachment case exists, to the effect that President [sic] George W. Bush introduced a certain special-interest provision into the Republican House’s Homeland Security bill that was recently passed by Congress, and that the President did it specifically as a favor to an important contributor, as his payoff for a bribe."

White House weighs extending Iraq inspections, official says The Bush regime is weighing the option of extending U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq in an effort to placate European allies and Russia. A decision will be based on whether the inspections are productive, a senior U.S. official said Friday.

Anthrax Vaccine May Have Been Thrown Overboard, Vets Say A veterans' organization says a stockpile of anthrax vaccine found on a British beach may have been thrown overboard deliberately by sailors deploying to the Persian Gulf.

Bush Evidence of Iraq 'Appetite' for Nuclear Weapons in Doubt When Dictator Bush traveled to the United Nations in September to make his case against Iraq, he brought along a rare piece of evidence for what he called Iraq's "continued appetite" for nuclear bombs... But according to government officials and weapons experts, the claim now appears to be seriously in doubt.

US Says It Can Prove Iraq Has Banned Weapons The United States said on Friday it had "very convincing evidence" Iraq possessed banned weapons [?!?] as a transatlantic rift widened over whether Baghdad should be disarmed by force.

All Diplomats Will Leave Iraq By February 15 A senior Indian official yesterday told Gulf News that all diplomatic missions in Baghdad, including the Indian mission, have decided they would leave Iraq by February 15. The official said "the decision has been taken by the diplomats, keeping in mind the safety and security of the diplomatic staff and their families, "after receiving mixed signals on when the war is likely to start.

German military begins patrols of US bases The German armed forces on Friday began patrols to protect US military bases on its territory from attack, meeting a request from Washington, the defense ministry said Friday.

The message from the Bush camp: 'It's war within weeks' · Washington now concentrating on timing · State of union address to 'turn up the heat' · Blair faces nightmare scenario over war decision --Dictator George Bush is determined to go to war with Saddam Hussein in the next few weeks, without UN backing if necessary, according to authoritative sources in Washington and London.

Straw: We don't need a second UN resolution (UK) Jack Straw backed Washington's stance last night that no further UN support was needed for war with Iraq, signalling a clear break from Britain's EU allies in favour of a closer alignment with the Bush regime.

Health Experts Warn of Massive Iraq Casualties International health experts urged British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday to consider the horrific humanitarian consequences of war on Iraq.

Troops 'could face court action' (AU) Australian troops could face international criminal action if the country joins a war on Iraq without United Nations support, Greens Senator Bob Brown has said.

PM arrogant on Iraq: Crean (AU) Prime Minister John Howard's decision to deploy troops to the Middle East showed he was arrogant and out of touch with the Australian people, federal Opposition Leader Simon Crean has argued.

West's rift deepens over Iraq US Secretary of State Colin Powell has questioned the commitment of France and Germany to disarming Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein after the European allies publicly spoke out against a war on Iraq.

French give Rumsfeld Cambronne treatment One of the most ill-tempered transatlantic rows in years intensified yesterday when Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, dismissed the leaders of France and Germany as part of an "old Europe".

Turkey Calls Washington Hypocritical U.N. inspectors searched an Iraqi chemical company Friday, a frequent target in their hunt for banned weapons, and the top politician in key U.S. ally Turkey strongly criticized Washington, calling it hypocritical for seeking to disarm Iraq while maintaining its own arsenal.

Feinstein Calls Military Action 'Disturbing' Senator urges White House to give inspectors more time to search for arms in Iraq. --Three months after voting to authorize military force against Iraq, Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Wednesday that the mobilization of U.S. troops to the Persian Gulf was "deeply disturbing" in the absence of proof that Saddam Hussein holds weapons of mass destruction.

Senators express growing doubt about Bush's hard line against Iraq A growing number of senators who voted last fall to authorize force in Iraq now say that Dictator Bush should cool his rhetoric and give weapons inspectors more time to do their work.

Iraq: Scientists Refused Private Talks Iraqi scientists are refusing private interviews with U.N. inspectors despite the strong urgings of the Iraqi government, a senior Iraqi official said Thursday.

70,000 Say No To War (UK) An amazing 70,000 readers had backed the Mirror's petition against war on Iraq by last night. VISIT us on to see the running total or to vote on line against any war against Iraq.

Dozens of city councils seek to influence war opinions As the United States edges closer to what seems an inevitable war, more than 40 city councils in cities including San Francisco, Chicago, and New Haven, Conn., are drafting resolutions questioning the need for such a war.

Why Millions of Americans are Anti-War --by U.S. Congressman Bernard Sanders, Representative For Vermont "I want to let our friends in the UK know there are millions of Americans, including a growing number of Congress members, who oppose Bush's war plans with Iraq. There are numerous reasons why the president[sic]'s efforts are extremely misguided. Here are just five..."

Ritter admits 'sex sting' arrest Scott Ritter, the former chief United Nations weapons inspector, has admitted being arrested in 2001 and blamed reports that he was detained in an Internet sex sting for ruining a planned trip to Iraq.

January 18 San Francisco Anti-W-ar Protest (photo log)

US warns North Korea strike is possible The United States' top arms control envoy refused to rule out a military strike on North Korea yesterday, saying all options remained on the table to secure Pyongyang's compliance with nuclear nonproliferation accords.

South, North Korea agree to peacefully resolve nuclear issue South and North Korea agreed early Friday to peacefully resolve the international standoff over North Korea's nuclear programs, according to a joint declaration released after Cabinet-level talks.

Huge Marches Support Chavez Against 53-Day-Old Strike Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans marched through Caracas today to pledge their loyalty to President Hugo Chavez and protest a 53-day-old strike intended to unseat him.

Pope wants EU to call itself Christian Pope John Paul II is lobbying European governments to officially recognize the European Union's Christian roots, but diplomatic sources said Thursday that secular opposition is likely to block his efforts.

Foreigners Held in San Diego in Super Bowl Sweep With Super Bowl Sunday just days away, federal immigration officials in San Diego have arrested "a number" of foreign-born residents with access to the game's venue, Qualcomm Stadium, in an unprecedented security crackdown, officials said on Wednesday.

Senate Blocks Funding for Pentagon Database Saying they feared government snooping against ordinary Americans, U.S. senators voted on Thursday to block funding for a Pentagon computer project that would scour databases for terrorist threats.

U.S. to Start Civilian Smallpox Vaccinations Hospital workers in Connecticut [Yikes!] were scheduled to become the first American civilians vaccinated against smallpox on Friday under a government program aimed at protecting against a biological attack, U.S. health officials said.

Report: Top Bush economist leaving Glenn Hubbard, chairman of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, will step down this spring to return to his teaching post at Columbia University, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Democrats Say Bush Neglecting Cities The six Democratic presidential candidates told the nation's mayors Thursday that Dictator Bush is neglecting problems facing America's cities to focus on tax cuts and a possible war with Iraq.

Jail tab for illegals could fall to states Cash-strapped Arizona and other states soon would have to pay the full costs of jailing illegal immigrants convicted of crimes under a $390 billion budget bill for 2003 being considered by the Senate.

USDA Accused of Selling Suspicious Corn Environmentalists and an Iowa farm group accused the government Thursday of selling Iowa corn suspected of containing a toxic mold that made pigs infertile.

McDonald’s posts first-ever loss Fast-food chain posts fourth quarter net loss of $343.8 million

Bush Rescinds Health Policy The Bush regime said today that it was rescinding a new policy that allowed managed care organizations to limit and restrict coverage of emergency services for poor people on Medicaid. Senate aides said it was clear that the Senate would pass legislation to block the policy if the dictatorship did not retract it.

Bush May Link Drug Benefit in Medicare to Private Plans The Bush dictatorship is considering a proposal that would require Medicare beneficiaries to join some type of government-subsidized private health insurance plan to obtain coverage of prescription drugs, regime officials said today. A recent description of the proposal, set forth in government documents, envisions "no prescription drug coverage" for people in traditional fee-for-service Medicare.

[Bush's W-ar on Women Continues] Changes To Title IX Considered Colleges and universities would be allowed to limit the number of scholarships awarded to female athletes without regard to enrollment under the most controversial recommendation being considered by a national commission studying reform of Title IX, the landmark law that bans sex discrimination in collegiate sports.

Hearing for Ohio nominees to federal court set for Jan. 29 Ohio's two [extreme rightwing] nominees to the federal appeals court in Cincinnati will have a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 29, Sen. Mike DeWine announced Friday.

C-D-C: Noroviruses showing up around the country Federal officials think America is getting more cases of Noroviruses, which includes the Norwalk virus and Norwalk-like viruses.

German war opposition enrages Washington "Don't expect Germany to approve a resolution legitimising war," Chancellor Gerhard Schröder said during a political rally in the north on Tuesday. "Don't expect it."

France and Germany break ranks on Iraq France and Germany served notice yesterday that it would press other European governments to oppose American plans for war against Iraq, setting themselves on a collision course with the United States and risking a damaging clash inside the European Union with Britain.

Don't waver, Bush warns France and Germany Dictator George W Bush made clear his growing exasperation with wavering allies last night, warning countries such as France and Germany that they would be "held to account" if they did not back tough action to disarm Saddam Hussein.

French outrage at 'old Europe' remarks French leaders have reacted angrily after US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld described American allies France and Germany as "problems" in the crisis over Iraq. After the Bush regime is done with them, you can call France and Germany our "old ALLIES." We need a regime change, right here, right now, before the world itself will be "known" (by whomever is left) as the "old World!!!!"

Russia, China join anti-war movement Washington looked increasingly isolated in its stance toward Iraq Thursday as key powers lined up to oppose war. China and Russia joined U.S. allies France and Germany in rejecting military action.

More opposition to U.S. war plans In the buildup to a key presentation to the United Nations by weapons inspectors on Monday, two members of the Security Council, Russia and China, added Thursday to the chorus of nations seeking to slow U.S. plans for a war in Iraq.

Bush Fights Skepticism on Iraq Action Dictator Bush and his senior advisers are struggling to quiet a rising clamor from U.S. allies and other nations to postpone war with Iraq and give U.N. inspectors more time to look for illicit hidden weapons.

Bush Warns Iraqi Generals on War Crimes As Bush Turns Up Heat, Germany and France Refuse to Back Iraq War Resolution --Dictator Bush on Wednesday warned Iraqi military leaders they would be prosecuted as war criminals if they used chemical or biological weapons on U.S. troops in the event of an attack on Iraq...Who will try and prosecute Bush for his planned war crimes?

Russia Military See U.S. Iraq Attack in Feb -Report Russia's armed forces have obtained information that the United States and its allies have already decided to launch military action in Iraq from mid-February, news agency Interfax said on Wednesday.

UQ Wire: Bush Regime Change Blueprint - The Report Rebuilding America's Defenses --Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century A Report of The Project for the New American Century --September 2000 "We cannot allow North Korea, Iran, Iraq or similar states to undermine American leadership, intimidate American allies or threaten the American homeland itself."

Crude could hit 100 dollars with war on Iraq: OPEC founder The price of crude may soar to 100 dollars a barrel if Iraq sets oilfields ablaze in the event of a US-led war, leading to a global disaster, according to former Saudi oil minister Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani.

No way out for Saddam - Blair Tony Blair today refused to rule out using nuclear weapons in a conflict against Iraq, as MPs grilled the prime minister for two and a half hours on the subject of Saddam Hussein.

Lengthy conflict could cost British taxpayers £5bn A prolonged war in Iraq could cost Britain more than £5bn – including a £1m bill for taxpayers every time a cruise missile is fired against Saddam Hussein's forces.

Role reversal: Bush wants war, Pentagon urges caution Senior Pentagon officials are quietly urging Dictator George W. Bush to slow down his headlong rush to war with Iraq, complaining the regime’s course of action represents too much of a shift of America’s longstanding “no first strike” policy and that the move could well result in conflicts with other Arab nations.

Kennedy slams Bush on Iraq 'Wrong war at the wrong time' --In a stinging rebuke of the Bush dictatorship's foreign policy, Sen. Edward Kennedy predicted Tuesday that a military strike against Iraq would "undermine" the war against terrorism, "feed a rising tide of anti-Americanism overseas" and strain diplomatic ties.

WAR OR PEACE? The U.S. is looking for an excuse to fight --by Adam Hochschild "What will be the final pretext for opening fire? ...Bush needs a Pearl Harbor, not some disputed aluminum tubing or buried canisters."

Not In Our Name (UK) World unites against Iraq war; Poll Latest: 81 % say NO to war, 10 % say yes --Eighty-one per cent of people are against attacking Iraq without UN approval. Just 10 per cent now agree military action should go ahead in the absence of a United Nations Security Council say-so.

Group asks Frist's help to prevent war Responding to the buildup of U.S. troops outside Iraq, a small group of demonstrators here in Nashville yesterday asked U.S. Sen. Bill Frist to oppose war in the Persian Gulf.

War Protestors Gather Outside Edward's Office Demonstrators opposed to war with Iraq have gathered on the street in front of Senator John Edwards' office in Raleigh.

Police: Peace rally in SF drew more than first estimated A peace march and rally held here last weekend drew at least twice the number of people originally thought, police said Tuesday.

Redford fears Bush censorship Robert Redford doesn’t count himself among all the president[sic]’s men. The actor-director recently blasted the climate of censorship under the Bush mis-ministration, and warned of these "dangerous times" that smack of McCarthyism.

Axis of evil is keeping N Korea in the cold North Korea's inclusion in US Dictator George W. Bush's "axis of evil" is a serious stumbling block in diplomatic efforts to get the rogue state to drop its nuclear program. North Korean officials have told an Australian delegation their overriding fear is that the US will push for a regime change, once it has finished with Iraq.

Washington escalates military buildup in Latin America Under the pretext of combating terrorism, the Bush Dictatorship is promoting the most intense US military buildup in Latin America since Washington backed a series of military coups that brought right-wing military dictatorships to power in much of the continent in the 1960s and 1970s.

Soldiers are refusing their vaccines (Fort Hood Report) On this gigantic military base in Texas, something is boiling under the surface. Soldiers are refusing their vaccines. They are not being jailed or forcibly inoculated. Some soldiers who did take their vaccines are sick.

Rumsfeld Apologizes for Draftees Remarks Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld apologized to veterans for remarks he made on the military draft that he said had been misconstrued by some as disparaging their service and sacrifice.

Unopened absentee ballots are seized (FL --of course) Found in Broward elections office --State investigators seized a tray of unopened absentee ballots from a Broward elections office filing cabinet -- ballots a source said appeared to be postmarked and properly signed for the Sept. 10 election. [Editor's note: that would be the primary that Jeb/McBride stole, to insure that a Republican won either way.]

Fort Hood 9/11 Oddity (Fort Hood Report) Two weeks before 9/11, all 60 gates at the facility were blocked with concrete barriers and barbed wire. Guard patrols were stepped up. At least a few soldiers there believe that 9/11 was a military OP carried out by the US government.

Agents' post-9-11 inquiries at libraries raise privacy questions Last week, an FBI agent walked into the Carpenter branch of the St. Louis Public Library, asking to see sign-up sheets that detailed the names of patrons who used library computers on Dec. 28 - and what time and which computer they used.

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002 --by Mike Ward, PopMatters "5. Hijacker Oddities II. Another theory about the hijackers' real identities takes as its departure an utterly bizarre and largely overlooked story on, which says that some of the hijackers may have trained at U.S. Army bases..."

United States Marines Antiterrorism Force Special weapons and tactics of this new elite brigade --The 6000-strong Marine unit consists of four combat elements: an Antiterrorism Battalion, a Security Guard Battalion, a Security Force Battalion and the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force

Photo-Op Cover-Up: Boxes Read 'MADE IN CHINA' not 'MADE IN USA' When Dictator Bush gave a speech touting tax breaks for small businesses today, he stood against what appeared to be a backdrop of cardboard boxes stamped “MADE IN U.S.A.” The real boxes in the warehouse were stamped "Made in China," although someone tried to obscure the stamps by plastering over them with blank white labels.

Wealthy Treasury Nominee to Sell Stock U.S. Treasury secretary nominee John Snow has assets worth from $77 million to $295 million but will sell anything that might cause a conflict of interest if he joins the Bush dictatorship, documents made public on Wednesday showed.

A Super lobbying weekend The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has scored tickets to Sunday’s Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego to sell to lobbyists so they can watch the game together.

Minnesota seniors group strikes Canadian drug deal After years of unsuccessfully lobbying [for potential *successful* lobbying efforts of Republicans, see story, above] for government price controls on prescription drugs, the Minnesota Senior Federation announced Tuesday that it has negotiated an agreement under which any member can get drugs mailed from Canada at about half the U.S. retail price.

Senate Rejects Delay of Bush Pollution Rules The U.S. Senate on Wednesday rejected a Democratic attempt to delay a Bush regime plan to relax air pollution rules that apply when utilities, refineries and other industrial plants are repaired or expanded.

Bush administration sees possibility of new abortion restrictions The White House views new federal restrictions on abortion as among "the practical and the possible" achievements for the current congressional session, a top aide to Dictator Bush said Wednesday.

Conservative Withdraws From AIDS Panel A Christian activist chosen by the White House for a presidential AIDS advisory panel [Jerry Thacker] is withdrawing his name under pressure after characterizing the disease as the "gay plague," along with other anti-homosexual statements.

AIDS Panel Choice Wrote of a 'Gay Plague' The Bush dictatorship has chosen Jerry Thacker, a Pennsylvania marketing consultant who has characterized AIDS as the "gay plague," to serve on the Presidential Advisory Commission on HIV and AIDS. In his speeches and writings on his Web site and elsewhere, Thacker has described homosexuality as a "deathstyle" rather than a lifestyle and asserted that "Christ can rescue the homosexual."

Condoleezza Rice: The Devil's Handmaiden (The Black Commentator) "Condoleezza Rice is the purest expression of the race traitor. No polite description is possible... Rice's special assignment, far removed from her training as a Sovietologist and her National Security job description, was to deflect Black anger when George Bush launched his long-planned assault on affirmative action in higher education."

Electrical Fire Damages Sharpton Headquarters An electrical fire tore through the Rev. Al Sharpton's Harlem headquarters, gutting its reception hall and causing damage throughout its offices just one day after Sharpton joined the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Stop Palladium and TCPA Last week, Intel, Microsoft, the RIAA and the MPAA announced their intention to force Palladium and TCPA into every personal computer. Palladium will enable a few large corporations and governments to run source secret, indeed, well-encrypted, code on home users' machines in such a way that the home user cannot see, modify, or control the running code.

Exile TV: Real reality television. --by Mark Fiore (animation)

We're Going For Oil --UK troops set to seize wells (UK) British troops will seize control of Iraq's oilfields under a secret invasion plan already agreed with America. A battleground blueprint has already been drawn up, the Daily Mirror has learned, with Britain earmarked to secure Saddam's fuel supplies and squash suggestions of a US "oil grab".

Leading Suspect in Anthrax Letters Proposed Massive Network of "Body Trains" --by Voxfux --Dr. Steven Hatfill was part of a group that included Defense Week, Northrop Grumman, and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, where a plan was hatched envisioning a massive multi billion dollar network of rolling human body processing railroad cars which, in the event of an anthrax attack, could crisscross the nation, each train capable of embalming and body-bagging up to 800 persons per hour. [Editor's note: The document is from 1998, yet Hatfill cites an example of a "possible mass casualty incident such as the World Trade Center..." (p. 39)

Republican Party blanket-emailed newspaper editors And newspaper editors published the astroturf spam --Our story yesterday suggested the US Republican Party blanket emailed different newspaper editors with the same letter praising George Bush. We now have proof that the letters were auto-organised from a Republican Party website. The emails are orchestrated from its "Team Leader" site, which you can find here.

Bush Takes Tax Plan on Road, Backs Snow With public doubts about his handling of the economy growing, Dictator Bush on Wednesday took his tax cut plan to middle America and predicted his Treasury secretary nominee, John Snow, would be confirmed despite a drunken driving arrest and a child custody dispute. Bush delivered his message in front of a fake wall of cardboard boxes stamped "Made in U.S.A.'' The real boxes, set to Bush's side, had their "Made in China'' stamps blotted out.

U.S. Is Deploying a Monitor System for Germ Attacks The Bush regime on Wednesday will start deploying a national system of environmental monitors that is intended to tell within 24 hours whether anthrax, smallpox and other deadly germs have been released into the air, senior regime officials said today. [Editor's note: How about an Ari Fleischer alert, when he is about to speak? <g> --Lori Price]

Judge orders Internet providers to help trace online "pirates" Internet providers must agree to requests by the music industry to track down computer users who illegally download music, a federal judge ruled Tuesday in a case that could dramatically increase online pirates' risk of being caught. [Editor's note: Can you say "horrific precedent"? What *else* will Internet providers "trace" for the government in the future? --Lori Price]

Bush Administration to Propose System for Monitoring Internet (Dec. 20, 2002) The Bush dictatorship is planning to propose requiring Internet service providers to help build a centralized system to enable broad monitoring of the Internet and, potentially, surveillance of its users.

FBI Agents Raid South Florida Home The FBI would not comment about what exactly they were looking for in the West Palm Beach home they raided overnight. All that is known is that the sealed search warrant is a matter of national security. Neighbors told NBC 6 reporter Wendy Corona that they knew something was wrong. "We just knew that something was not right with the house," said one neighbor. Neighbor's instincts brought the FBI into action. [Editor's note: Now every neighbor who has an 'instinct' (i.e. grudge against) their neighbor, can simply call in a TIP and have them arrested. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. --Michael Rectenwald]

French airline steward detained for nine months in US A 25-year old French airline steward, Michael Philippe, was held for nine months in the US on trumped-up charges of terrorist activity. On a January 2002 London-to-Orlando, Florida flight he discovered messages written in liquid soap in an airplane bathroom. [a must-read Kafka-esque tale]

Is It Time to Move to Canada? The Degeneration of the Liberals --by Anis Shivani "It is American as apple pie that when democracy in this country lost even its formal, procedural trappings, and when the empty husk that used to cover up the worst inequalities in the developed world was taken over by a gang of criminals the likes of which the world has not seen since Hitler, the revolution would go unnoticed by intellectuals." [a must-read classic]

'Still no case' for strike on Baghdad Key members of the United Nations Security Council have warned the United States against taking military action against Iraq, saying the case for war has not been made.

U.S. Angst Over Allies Grows In a move that will heighten Bush regime anxiety, Germany has come out against any Security Council resolution authorizing military action against Iraq.

France to Mobilize E.U. Members Against Early War in Iraq France said today that it would seek a united stance against early military action in Iraq at a meeting of European Union nations next week.

Germany, France agree on Iraq A day after Dictator Bush scolded allies who might shrink from a war against Iraq, France and Germany reiterated their commitment Wednesday to avert a conflict, saying they were determined to find a peaceful solution.

Analysis: Diplomatic rift over Iraq --by Paul Reynolds "American and British assertions that Iraq has to be 'disarmed' of illegal weapons are countered by criticism from the French and Germans (and others) that there is no proof that Iraq is 'armed' at all."

Turkey Denies Deal on Bases for U.S. Action Turkey's foreign minister denied Tuesday a media report that Ankara had decided to give the United States permission to use its bases for an attack on Iraq if war became unavoidable.

Australian government deploys military forces to the Persian Gulf Despite growing domestic opposition, Australian Prime Minister John Howard is dispatching military forces and equipment to join the massive US military buildup in the Persian Gulf.

Twelve rusted pipes --by John Chuckman "The 'chemical warheads' [found in Iraq] resembled twelve rusted, 8-inch pipes, exactly the kind of junk you could find strewn in yards piled with corroded '49 Ford transmissions, World War II relics, winches, and bedsprings on countless rural roads across America. [Editor's note: Bedsprings! We're gonna' have a war over bedsprings! LOL, if it wasn't so pathetic. -Lori Price]

Support For a War With Iraq Weakens Majority in Poll Critical of Bush's Record on Economy --Seven in 10 Americans would give U.N. weapons inspectors months more to pursue their arms search in Iraq, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that found growing doubts about an attack on Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Pushes for the Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Force Against Iraq Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee last week introduced legislation that would repeal the Use of Force Against Iraq Resolution that was signed into law last October. [Editor's note: Gee, they forgot to mention this tidbit on MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable and CensoringNewsNetwork... A thousand pities. --Lori Price]

Volunteer 'Human Shields' to Head for Iraq A first wave of mainly Western volunteers will leave London this weekend on a convoy bound for Iraq to act as "human shields" at key sites and populous areas in case of a U.S.-led war on Baghdad.

King Day rallies take antiwar tone (Seattle, WA) Thousands of people -- teenagers, spiritual leaders, parents with young children, veterans of past wars and others, representing several races and religions -- took to the streets here on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to support social justice and oppose war in Iraq.

King's Widow Urges Bush to Shun War The widow of Martin Luther King Jr. urged the Bush regime on Monday to follow the civil rights leader's dedication to peace and nonviolence in its dealings with Iraq.

US military insists on right of "hot pursuit" inside Pakistan Following a shoot-out involving the US military on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on December 29, Washington is insisting that its troops continue to be permitted to cross into Pakistan in "hot pursuit" of alleged Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.

9/11 Panel Faces Time, Money Pressure An independent commission [?!?] charged with investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is only beginning to confront a task complicated by a ticking clock, limited finances and the high expectations of those who lost loved ones.

Conservative Positions by Bush Could Cost Votes From Center Dictator Bush's decision to take strong conservative positions on an array of foreign, economic and social policy issues is drawing warnings from moderates within his party that he could alienate the centrist voters he needs for his re-s-election.

Days before going to bat for wireless companies, Bush regime official was feted by lobbyists The Bush regime's point person for telecommunications policy allowed wireless phone company lobbyists to help pay for a private reception at her home, and then 10 days later urged a policy change that benefited their industry, according to documents and interviews.

Crunch Time at the FCC --by Michael Copps "One of the most important votes of 2003 will be cast not in Congress or in voting booths across the country but at the Federal Communications Commission... Conglomerates now own hundreds of stations across the country."

US: New attacks on Medicare and Medicaid George Bush's new plans for Medicare amount to the introduction of for-profit medicine into the Medicare system. As the New York Times acknowledged in its report on the plans, the changes “could eventually make Medicare look more like private insurance.”

Panic in US over IT job loss report, India cautious A study by Forrester Research Inc warns that nearly 500,000 jobs currently held by Americans will be lost to countries like India in the next 13 years.

SUV tax break may reach $75,000 Environmentalists bash Bush plan --Dictator Bush's economic stimulus plan could triple the size of a little-known tax loophole that some small business owners are using to finance purchases of large SUVs.

Bush Proposal May Cut Tax on S.U.V.'s for Business The Bush regime's economic plan would increase by 50 percent or more the deductions that small-business owners can take right away on the biggest sport utility vehicles and pickups.

Racism a worry, says Bush; so are you, say African Americans George Bush has told an African American congregation that racial prejudice continues to hold the United States back. But some black leaders say his policies are part of the problem.

Senator Edwards Works to Block Bush Administration Backsliding on Clean Air Senator John Edwards said Thursday he would introduce an amendment to a spending bill that would block the Bush regime's recent backsliding on the Clean Air Act.

Belafonte continues Powell criticism Entertainer Harry Belafonte said Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice are hurting the cause of black America. "In fact and practice ... you are serving those who continue to design our oppression," he said of Powell and Rice. "That is villainy, and I insist you look at it."

Actor Questions Bush's Manhood for Opposing Abortion A veteran Hollywood actor has questioned Dictator Bush's manhood because of the president's support for restrictions on abortion.

Bush calls for protection of 'children waiting to be born' Democrats assail efforts to restrict abortion --In a phone call broadcast to anti-abortion protesters gathered on the National Mall, Dictator Bush Wednesday vowed "to protect the lives of innocent children waiting to be born" and said his regime would promote "compassionate alternatives" to abortion.

Courts Put Girls on the Stand in Alabama Teenage girls in Alabama who want an abortion without a parent's permission must go to juvenile court first, to get permission from a judge.

Bush urges service cuts, lower taxes Gov. Jeb Bush, facing the toughest budget year since he took office because of a voter mandate to shrink class sizes, proposed Tuesday that the Legislature chop state services next year -- including university funding and healthcare for critically ill Floridians -- even as he pushed additional tax cuts.

[Quick Action:The Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks is closing in on 18,000 signatures. Please add your name to the petition, if you have not signed it already. Thank you! --Lori Price]

US special operations teams lead hunt to track down Saddam American special operations forces, including some already inside Iraq, are leading Pentagon efforts to track down - and possibly kill - Saddam Hussein.

All-out U.S. spy effort aims to oust Saddam As the Bush dictatorship moves into what officials call the last phase of the showdown with Iraq, the United States is undertaking a vigorous military and intelligence effort to track, and possibly kill, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

US offers immunity to Saddam (Jan. 20, 2003) Rumsfeld and Powell back exile plan --The United States last night offered Saddam Hussein immunity from prosecution if his departure from Baghdad would avert war. [And the Citizens of the United States will grant immunity to Bush and Co. for their crimes (election theft 2000, 9-11 criminal negligence, suiciding the economy, military AWOL, intention to launch illegal pre-emptive war, etc.) if he voluntarily resigns from office and goes into exile outside of these civilized United States (Texas would be fine).--Michael Rectenwald]

Iraq Promises to Help U.N. Hunt for Its Own Weapons Iraq promised U.N. weapons inspectors more help Monday, saying it was even forming its own teams to search for banned weapons... An Iraqi envoy dismissed the idea Saddam might be persuaded into exile to avert war. "Who appointed the idiot Bush as the world's police officer?" Ali Hassan al-Majeed said in Beirut. [Editor's note: Yes, that is what we are *all* wondering. In the first place, the Idiot Usurping Lying Weasel was not even elected! --Lori Price]

Iraq Accepting a U.S. Demand Iraq said today that it would urge its scientists to agree to private interviews with United Nations arms inspectors, bowing to a central American demand in advance of a report by the inspectors next week to the Security Council.

Security Council Members Disagree Over Action Against Iraq France and China disagreed with the U.S. and U.K. over taking action against Iraq as United Nations inspectors said they are only half way through the process to verify Iraq's weapons arsenal.

Rumsfeld Says Iraq Diplomacy Is Nearing the End of Its Road Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said today that diplomacy might yet resolve the nuclear standoff with North Korea, but he warned in stark terms that in the case of Iraq, all of the options — except the use of force — were nearly exhausted. [Editor's note: This is because Rumsfeld was on the board of directors of the company that supplied the nuclear stations to North Korea (ABB). --Lori Price]

ABB to deliver systems, equipment to North Korean nuclear plants (January 20, 2000) US$ 200 million in orders awarded under multi-government framework agreement -- – ABB, the global technology group, said today it has signed contracts to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho, on the east coast of North Korea. The contracts, with a value of US$ 200 million, were awarded by HANJUNG (Korea Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd.) and KOPEC (Korea Power Engineering Corp.). ABB announces proposed Board, share split (February 19, 2001) ABB today said the Board of Directors will propose changes in its membership at the annual general meeting of shareholders on March 20, as well as a share split to improve the liquidity of ABB’s shares. The company said that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned his membership on the Board as a result of his recent appointment as U.S. Secretary of Defense.

U.S., U.K. Reject Iraq's Pledges of Cooperation With Inspectors The U.K. and U.S. rejected new pledges by Iraq to cooperate with United Nations arms inspectors, while foreign ministers of China, France and Germany said they want to give Iraq more time to comply.

No way out for Saddam - Blair Tony Blair today refused to rule out using nuclear weapons in a conflict against Iraq, as MPs grilled the prime minister for two and a half hours on the subject of Saddam Hussein.

Enthusiasm for Iraq war wanes, poll finds (UK) The British are becoming less enthusiastic about the idea of a war with Iraq and almost two-thirds disapprove of the way Tony Blair has handled the crisis, according to a poll released today.

France Vows to Block Iraq War Resolution U.S. Schedule Put at Risk By U.N. Debate --France suggested today it would wage a major diplomatic fight, including possible use of its veto power, to prevent the U.N. Security Council from passing a resolution authorizing military action against Iraq.

France Warns U.S. It Will Not Back Early War on Iraq In unusually blunt terms aimed at pre-empting the United States, France said today that it would not support any Security Council resolution for military action against Iraq in the coming weeks.

Presiding Episcopal Bishop Lambastes Bush Administration's Foreign Policy The top bishop of the Episcopal Church, in a stinging rebuke of American foreign policy, said the United States is rightly "hated and loathed" around the world for its "reprehensible" rhetoric and blind eye toward poverty and suffering.

US set to deploy 75,000 troops The United States is on the verge of ordering another 75,000 troops to the Gulf, a move which will bring forces in the region close to the strength Pentagon planners believe is needed to invade Iraq.

12,500 Fort Hood Troops To Be Deployed Thousands of Texas troops have received deployment orders, including thousands from Fort Hood.

30,000 British troops dispatched to the Gulf Britain yesterday dramatically underlined its willingness to take military action against Iraq when Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, announced that 30,000 troops - a quarter of the British Army - were being dispatched to the Persian Gulf region.

Blueprint for a US colonial regime in Baghdad As US troops pour into the Middle East for an imminent invasion of Iraq, Washington’s preparations for setting up a colonial-style regime in Baghdad have reached an equally advanced stage.

Truth May Sink in Desert Sand --by Robert Wiener "...after 9/11, the tenor of news coverage has changed so drastically that I often no longer recognize the coverage on the network where I worked for two decades. Some editors and reporters in American media now see themselves as 'patriot police,' engaging in jingoism and self-censorship."

Northwood Military Base Blockaded for 8 Hours (UK Indymedia) Northwood base, the Permanent Joint Headquarters of the British Armed Forces was blockaded for 8 hours on Sunday 19th January by up to 400 protestors.

Beirut anti-war protest draws thousands British MP lends voice at demonstration coordinated with others worldwide

Britain: demonstrators speak out against war vs. Iraq Thousands of people protested the Blair government’s support for a US-led war against Iraq at the weekend, in a series of demonstrations and vigils aimed at building up momentum for the co-ordinated worldwide protest against the war on February 15.

Manifestation du 18/01/2003 à Paris. (Copious amounts of photos of anti-W-ar protest in Paris)

Great signs carried at anti-war rally 1-18-03 (DC Indymedia)

Hear fantastic speeches from the January 18 rally (WhatReallyHappened)

Ritter's attorney confirms arrest [Information Suddenly Comes to Light in Obvious Rove Dirty-Tricks Campaign --Lori Price] Scott Ritter of Delmar is well known internationally as an outspoken, former U.N. weapons inspector. Now more information is coming to light about Ritter's past and a disturbing arrest.

Trade deficit up, as US economy turns down A series of statistics released last week show a worsening in the international financial position of the US economy and underscore growing fears that it may be entering a new economic downturn.

Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn announces plan for biggest tax hike in state's history GOP Gov. Kenny Guinn announced Monday he would seek nearly $1 billion in new taxes in the biggest increase in Nevada's history.

Senate panel to consider nominations of 2 Ohioans to federal appeals court After waiting in the wings for 20 months, two conservative Ohio nominees (one, a member of the Federalist Society) -- to the powerful federal appeals court will get a hearing before a key Senate panel Jan. 29.

Look Away, Dixieland George W. Bush issued a stern rebuke to Senator Trent Lott in December for his praise of the segregationist 1948 presidential bid of Strom Thurmond. But Bush has revived a practice of paying homage to an even greater champion of the Confederacy—Jefferson Davis.

Schools Resegregate, Study Finds According to a new study by the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, black and Latino students are now more isolated from their white counterparts than they were three decades ago, before many of the overhauls from the civil rights movement had even begun to take hold.

This Modern World --by Tom Tomorrow (political cartoon)

Leading Suspect in Anthrax Letters Proposed Massive Network of "Body Trains" --by Voxfux --Dr. Steven Hatfill was part of a group that included Defense Week, Northrop Grumman, and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, where a plan was hatched envisioning a massive multi billion dollar network of rolling human body processing railroad cars which, in the event of an anthrax attack, could crisscross the nation, each train capable of embalming and body-bagging up to 800 persons per hour. [Editor's note: The document is from 1998, yet Hatfill cites an example of a "possible mass casualty incident such as the World Trade Center..." (p. 39) --Lori Price]

Martin Luther King Day --articles, speeches, and quotes from Dr. King --The Trumpet of Conscience --by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "To me the relationship of this (Christian) ministry to the making of peace is so obvious that I sometimes marvel at those who ask me why I am speaking against the war. We (clergy) are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation, and for those it calls enemy, for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers." Delivered as a Steeler Lecture, November 1967

US set to get a trigger for war United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blix is preparing to tell the Security Council Iraq has failed to cooperate with weapons inspectors - a statement that could provide Washington with a trigger for war.

Rumsfeld favors immunity for Saddam, other Iraqi leaders To avoid war, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sunday he would favor granting Saddam Hussein and senior Iraqi leaders immunity from possible war crimes prosecution if it would clear the way for their exile.

Big Oil eyes a post-Saddam Iraq It’s a topic no one wants to discuss publicly. But from the Middle East to Washington and Houston - everyone is speculating about Iraqi oil. The official estimates put Iraq’s reserves at 113 billion barrels, but some oil experts think it could be closer to 200 billion barrels.

Anti-war protesters unite around the globe Tens of thousands of people converged on Washington on Saturday to protest against American preparations to invade Iraq, in what organisers said was the largest rally in a coordinated display of anti-W-ar sentiment across the globe.

US marchers take to streets in echo of 60s As opposition grows, Bush's ratings slump --The spirit of the 60s returned to the streets of Washington at the weekend with a massive protest aimed at stopping the war in Iraq. The rally, the centrepiece of a day of worldwide demonstrations, was the most impressive show of opposition to Dictator George Bush's policies in the 16 months of global crisis.

Americans protest against Iraq war A group called Answer (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism), which organised the rallies, claimed that 500,000 turned up in Washington, making it the biggest protest since the Vietnam War.

Police Arrest Anti-War Protesters in D.C. Hundreds of demonstrators rallied Sunday against the possible war with Iraq and "racist witch hunts" by U.S. authorities following the Sept. 11 attacks. Police swiftly arrested close to a dozen protesters who breached barriers near the White House.

D.C. Protesters Rally Against Iraq War Dancing in a conga line and shouting calls for peace, demonstrators on Sunday pressed as close to the White House grounds as they could get to demand that Dictator Bush back off Iraq. Police swiftly arrested those who breached barricades.

Minnesotans make the journey to D.C. protest Amid the tens of thousands of antiwar demonstrators who converged Saturday on the National Mall, the presence of the late Sen. Paul Wellstone could still be felt.

About 5,000 gather and march here to protest prospect of war (AZ) Thousands of people in Tucson joined peace efforts worldwide as they rallied to protest against war with Iraq.

Anti-BushWar protest report from Oceanside, California --by Dr. Mike Byron

No W-ar in Iraq! (Toronto)

Canada: Mass protests against war on Iraq Tens of thousands took to the streets in cities across Canada Saturday to voice their opposition to the impending US invasion of Iraq.

Star leads anti-war bra protest (Australia) High-profile women including actor Kerry Armstrong have worn bras on the outside of their clothing as a ploy to draw attention to their anti-war protest.

WWII Generation Asks What This War Would Be Good for Members of the World War II generation are worried about a possible war in Iraq. Of all the generations studied by pollsters, these Americans -- now in their 70s, 80s and 90s -- are showing the most resistance to an invasion in Iraq in surveys of American opinion.

Call to Conscience From Veterans to Active Duty Troops and Reservists --Statement to the Troops "We are veterans of the United States armed forces. We stand with the majority of humanity, including millions in our own country, in opposition to the United States' all out war on Iraq."

Military voices of dissent Opposition to a possible war in Iraq has come from an unlikely source - the US military itself.

Military worried about Web leaks Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned in a directive sent to military units this week that too much unclassified but worrisome material was popping up on the Web, and said Al Qaeda and other foes were sure to take advantage of it.

America's Ultra-Secret Weapon If there's a second Gulf War, get ready to meet the high-power microwave.

Venezuela "strike": the anatomy of a US-backed provocation Leaders of the right-wing umbrella group seeking to overthrow Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez have dropped their demand that Chavez resign immediately as a condition for calling off the business shutdown that has dragged on for more than six weeks.

Clooney isn't joining Dubya's gang George Clooney says Dictator Bush would fit in just fine with New Jersey's favorite crime family. "The government itself is running exactly like the Sopranos," he tells Charlie Rose tonight in a full-bore assault on Bush's foreign policy.

Newsweek Poll: Bush Loses Ground Bush’s approval rating has dropped to 56 percent—a decline from 60 percent in November and from a high of 88 percent in the months after the September 11 terror attacks.

Bush's Conservative Policies Put Moderates on Edge As Bush's Approval Ratings Drop, Some Republicans Worry About Divisive Politics

Despite campaign rhetoric, Bush is promoting big government --by David S. Broder "...from peacekeeping in Kabul to school testing in Nebraska to health screening in Arizona - the length of his reach is overriding the conservative rhetoric of the Bush presidency [sic]. Big government is back - with a Republican label."

Commission to Urge Freezing Some Medicare Payments To slow the growth of Medicare, an influential federal advisory panel will soon recommend that Congress freeze payments to nursing homes and home care agencies and reduce the cost-of-living allowance that hospitals are scheduled to receive next year.

Albany Gets to Decide on Cutbacks in Medicaid (NY) For more than a year, Gov. George E. Pataki has been pleading with the White House to shoulder a greater portion of the state's Medicaid burden, but this week, the Bush regime presented state Medicaid directors across the country with a less attractive option: letting them limit coverage of emergency services for the poor.

Powell Backs U. of M. Affirmative Action Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday he disagrees with Dictator Bush's position on an affirmative action case before the Whore Court, as the White House called for more money for historically black colleges.

Landmark Voting Rights Lawsuit Filed In New York Groups Fight For Prisoners And Parolees Right To Vote --On the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights lawyers and community advocates gathered in the shadow of the United States Courthouse in Manhattan and announced the filing of a landmark federal voting rights lawsuit.

Big trouble in Libby, Montana --by Rick Holmes "...Then the White House called... It doesn't take too much cynicism to see the hand of the political wing in the decision, acting at the behest of the owners of the Zonolite Mountain mine, chemical giant W.R. Grace, which gave nearly $200,000 to Republicans in the 2000 campaign... What's truly scary is that these retreats have garnered so little notice - and that the regulatory moves we hear about are just the tip of the iceberg."

Corporate America Stays Away From Super Bowl A week before Super Sunday, hotel reservations are down 15-to-25 percent from the last time this city hosted the NFL's championship game, prompting a drop in rates. Two of the main reasons: a weak economy and cutbacks in corporate spending.

Sharon derides EU peace efforts Israeli leader says only the US view is relevant --Ariel Sharon yesterday dismissed European peace efforts as anti-Israeli and said only the US matters in deciding the fate of the Palestinians.

No W-ar in Iraq! (Washington, D.C.)
Paul Hosefros/The New York Times
Thousands of antiwar protesters, many arriving from around the country, objected to Iraq war plans on Saturday at a rally west of the Capitol.

Anti-war demonstrators rally around the world Organizers put turnout in Washington at 200,000 --Americans across the nation publicly protested a possible war in Iraq on Saturday.

Thousands in D.C. Protest Iraq War Plans In a show of dissent that organizers said "shattered the false myth of consensus," for a war with Iraq, tens of thousands of protesters representing a diverse coalition for peace converged here today for a rally and march against the Bush dictatorship's threatened use of military force against Saddam Hussein's regime.

Thousands Oppose a Rush to War Tens of thousands of war protesters converged on Washington yesterday, braving the bitter cold and assembling in the shadow of the Capitol dome to voice their opposition to a U.S. military strike against Iraq.

No W-ar in Iraq ! (San Francisco)
Everyone from Republicans to veterans to families to fiddlers crowded downtown SF today to deliver a simple message: no war with Iraq. Tens of thousands of protesters gathered at the foot of Market Street (above) and marched to Civic Center.

Nation rallies for peace --Tens of thousands in S.F. demand Bush abandon war plans From San Francisco to Washington, D.C., from Paris to Tokyo, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators took to the world's streets Saturday to protest potential military action against Iraq by the Bush dictatorship and its allies.

Peace Movements Show Force in Streets of DC (DC Indymedia)

Anti-War R ally in Washington --video (C-SPAN)

Crowds in S.F. huge but generally well behaved --Protesters opposed to war come from near and far San Francisco's Market Street couldn't hold the tens of thousands of peace demonstrators who marched through downtown Saturday before converging at the Civic Center in a unified call against war in Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands against U.S. imperialist aggression in SF (Indymedia) --by bert "In a highly energetic demonstration, Bay Area residents and others from around the region let it be known that they do not support a massive escalation in the U.S. government's aggression against the Iraqi people. A radical contingent broke from the permitted march and reclaimed the streets of San Francisco's financial district."

200,000 People Converge on San Francisco to Protest U.S. War on Iraq (SF Indymedia coverage)

Helicopter Pictures of SF Demo (SF Indymedia)

In Their Own Words Protesters sound off about Bush, war on Iraq (CA) SF Gate asked people at today's peace rally to comment on why they had decided to attend the event.

No W-ar in Iraq! (Portland)
Portland, OR (AP)

More Than 20,000 Attend Peace March (OR) More than 20,000 people marched through downtown Portland Saturday to protest a possible war in Iraq in one of the city's largest peace rallies ever.

Anti-war protesters rally in Las Vegas, Reno Tourists gawked and motorists honked as protesters young and old rallied on the Las Vegas Strip Saturday against the possible war with Iraq while an anti-war demonstration in Reno may have been the largest there since the early 1970s.

Las Cruces, New Mexico Peace Vigil 01.18. 2003 (photo album by Kurt Nimmo) About a 100 people showed up at the Las Cruces Federal Building, Griggs and Church Street, in Las Cruces to demonstrate their opposition to Bush's impending Oil War.

9 seized in protest against Iraq war (IL) Nine people were arrested during an anti-war demonstration in Federal Plaza on Friday as they attempted to access U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald's Loop office to ask the senator to speak out against war in Iraq.

Britons join protests against Iraq war Britons drew a link between oil and the Iraq crisis on Saturday as thousands joined a day of protest around the world against a looming US-led war against Saddam Hussein.

Marches in Japan, Russia Oppose Iraq War Carrying toy guns filled with flowers, anti-war demonstrators marched through the glitzy streets of downtown Tokyo, the first of many protests across the world Saturday against a possible attack on Iraq.

Pakistanis in anti-war protests Hundreds of people in Pakistan have protested against American plans for war against Iraq.

A day of protest A look at a selection of anti-W-ar demonstrations Saturday in U.S. cities and around the world

'I will not be pushed into war by US' - Blix Dr Hans Blix and Mohammed El Baradei, the two men heading weapons inspectors in Iraq, told The Observer last night that they needed more time to complete their mission and refused to be pressured into speeding up the process.

Support for War Ebbs in U.N. As the Bush dictatorship heads toward a crucial United Nations Security Council meeting at the end of this month, a strong council majority appears less willing than ever to agree that early military action against Iraq is justified.

More troops, ships join the warpath As a further seven US warships and 10,000 troops sailed for the Gulf yesterday, the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, reiterated that the country was ready to go to war alone, or with "like-minded" nations.

UK mobilises tanks in fresh Gulf build-up Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, will this week order the full mobilisation of the 7th Armoured Brigade to the Gulf.

US troops engage further in Colombia The United States has deployed troops in eastern Colombia in an area rich of oil and widely seen as a stronghold of Marxist rebels [?!?]. [Editor's note: Which is it: "rich of oil" or "rich or rebels"? My money is on the *oil factor*. --Lori Price]

Gulf War veterans suing chemical companies Twelve years after the Persian Gulf War began, some American veterans of that conflict are finding new ammunition in their fight to find out who supplied Iraq chemicals that might have made them sick. More than 5,000 veterans are plaintiffs in a lawsuit that accuses companies (including those based in the U.S.) of helping Iraqi President Saddam Hussein build his chemical warfare arsenal.

We were Soldiers Once? The Bush War Record (Timeline) November 1969: Bush is flown to the White House by President Nixon for a date with daughter Tricia.

Finally, the Truth About Bush's Military Service Record --George W.'s Missing Year (Published: Sept. 27, 2000) --by Marty Heldt "From May 1971 to May 1972, he logged 22 days of active duty."

GOP Governors Grit Teeth and Raise Taxes In a turnabout that echoes nationally as states face their worst fiscal crises since World War II, Idaho GOP Gov. Dirk Kempthorne who cut taxes 48 times in his first term opened his second one by calling for increases in state cigarette and sales taxes.

Bush's Poll Numbers Slide 53% of Americans polled approve of the job George W. Bush is doing as pResident, according to the latest TIME/CNN poll. 56% say the country is in deep and serious trouble. [Editor's note: I hope these new numbers don't inspire the Bush Dictatorship to carry out (another?) act of terrorism. --Lori Price]

Dictator Set for Confirmation Fight Over High Court Nominee White House aides have developed a strategy for filling a future vacancy on the Whore Court that calls for nominating an ideological conservative even if it increases the chance that the person would not be confirmed, regime officials said. [Editor's note: What happened to Bush's pledge from 2000, when he was poised to steal the election --that he would "govern from the center???" The center of what, Hell? --Lori Price]

California high court to decide if student's poetry is criminal A teenager who was expelled and convicted of a crime for writing violent poetry at school has taken his case to California's Supreme Court in a dispute over the limits of free expression in a post-Columbine world.

Smallpox Vaccinations To Start Soon (CT) As concerns mount about the nation's smallpox vaccination program, 20 University of Connecticut health care professionals dubbed the "Genesis Team" [LOL!] expect to be vaccinated next Friday, the first of 5,800 key health workers in Connecticut scheduled to get their shots in coming weeks.

The smell of money: In Houston, it's all the smell of sickness, death --by Jane Dale Owen " terrorism has pushed environmental issues to the bottom of our national priorities. Texas politicians have done a brilliant job of displacing the blame for air pollution onto the driving habits of ordinary citizens, while ignoring the single most important source of air pollution in the Houston area: the petrochemical plants along the Houston Ship Channel."

States draw battle lines on abortion The number of abortions has been declining nationally for decades, but that fact hasn't curbed the issue's explosive political power.

Microsoft spills source code secrets to government agencies --Microsoft said that, in order to allow governments to optimise security, it planned to provide technical documentation and resources that have never before been made available to third parties.

Germans Were Tracking Sept. 11 Conspirators as Early as 1998, Documents Disclose Three years before the Sept. 11 attacks, Germany's domestic intelligence service was tracking prominent members of the Hamburg terrorist cell that planned and executed the aircraft hijackings, according to newly obtained documents.

U.S. reportedly considered attacking North Korea Some high-level U.S. officials last month discussed the possibility of attacking North Korea because of its nuclear activities, but later decided to seek a peaceful solution, South Korea's president-elect said Saturday.

CIA: No Chemicals in Iraqi Warheads The CIA believes that the 11 chemical warheads discovered Thursday in Iraq by UN weapons inspectors never contained lethal chemicals and a former inspector said the incident probably has little significance in demonstrating Iraqi noncompliance with a UN mandate to destroy weapons of mass destruction.

Blix declares "empty warheads" are "not a big deal" Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix downplayed the discovery of empty warheads at an Iraqi arms depot, while France backed calls to give UN weapons experts more time to work and Britain stressed the need for patience.

Ahead of arrival to Baghdad, Blix says Iraqi coopeartion insufficient U.N. chief inspectors headed Saturday toward Baghdad to press for more cooperation from Iraq.

Arms Inspectors Want More Time for Work in Iraq The Bush regime and the United Nations weapons inspectors differed sharply today on the effort to disarm Saddam Hussein, with the inspectors saying they needed more time, possibly months, while the White House said evidence was rapidly accumulating to justify military action.

France: U.N. Iraq Inspectors Need Time U.N. weapons inspectors are asking for more time to see if Iraq can be disarmed without war, French President Jacques Chirac said Friday.

How Cheney's revelation led towards the point of no return A recently retired senior US officer, who plays a consulting role in the Pentagon, said he was "85% sure" there would be a conflict in the next few months despite grave misgivings among senior officers about the wisdom of an Iraqi war.

Hawkish Powell raises stakes In a dramatic raising of the stakes against Iraq by Washington, Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, said he was convinced the UN weapons inspectors will unearth concrete proof by the end of January that Saddam Hussein is flouting the demands of the Security Council.

Blair warns United Nations has no veto over US-led war vs. Iraq Prime Minister Tony Blair has spelt out his preparedness to back a unilateral attack on Iraq, in defiance of international and domestic opposition.

Chance of avoiding war 'tiny', says king King Abdullah II of Jordan, a US ally who has repeatedly spoken out against war with eastern neighbour Iraq, acknowledged today that the chances of preventing a US-led conflict were now "tiny".

U.S. Marines unload tanks, other heavy equipment, in Kuwait Marines unloaded tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and hundreds of tons of combat gear from a cargo ship Friday, part of the continuing military buildup in the Gulf, a Marine spokesman said.

The Rev. Jerry Falwell says war is just, inevitable The day and hour are uncertain but the mission is: Fighting in Iraq is a just war, said the Rev. Dr. Jerry Falwell at Knoxville's Grace Baptist Church Wednesday night.

Byrd: Bush Gives U.S. 'Bully' Image Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W. Va) criticized Dictator Bush yesterday for giving the United States the image "of a belligerent bully," and said Bush's contrasting handling of threats posed by North Korea and Iraq revealed major flaws in his foreign policy.

Exports of Iraqi Oil to the U.S. Have Increased During Crisis in Venezuela In an odd twist, the U.S. has grown increasingly reliant on Iraqi oil exports to replace supplies cut off by a seven-week-old strike in Venezuela - even as the Bush Dictatorship steps up preparations for a possible invasion - raising further concerns about the oil-market impacts of a U.S. attack.

This looming war isn't about chemical warheads or human rights: it's about oil -- Along with the concern for 'vital interests' in the Gulf, this war was concocted five years ago by oil men such as Dick Cheney --by Robert Fist "The world went to war 88 years ago because an archduke was assassinated in Sarajevo. The world went to war 63 years ago because a Nazi dictator invaded Poland. But for 11 empty warheads? Give me oil any day."

Car wars The US economy needs oil like a junkie needs heroin - and Iraq will supply its next fix --by Ian Roberts "The cause of this war, and probably the one that will follow, is car dependence. The US has paved itself into a corner. Its physical and economic infrastructure is so highly car dependent that the US is pathologically addicted to oil."

Anti-War Protests Worldwide Ahead of Key Iraq Talks WASHINGTON/BAGHDAD - Activists poured onto the streets around the world on Saturday in mass protests against an attack on Iraq as U.N. arms chiefs headed to Baghdad to tell its leaders cooperation was the only way to avoid war.

UN experts face Iraqi ire as anti-war protests planned worldwide New protests by Iraqi journalists greeted UN arms experts on the 50th day of inspections, as the US deployed more troops to the Gulf, fueling anti-war demonstrations across the globe.

Protesters worldwide say 'No' to U.S. war on Iraq Protesters rallied by the thousands in the bitter cold of Washington on Saturday and in capitals worldwide in a passionate show of dissent against war with Iraq. The cry "No blood for oil" echoed from the streets of Pakistan to America's National Mall.

Thousands in D.C. to Protest Iraq War Protesters Gather in Cities Around the United States for Rallies Against Possible War in Iraq --From Bahrain to Brazil and at a national rally in Washington, protesters worldwide are shouting "No" to U.S. war plans for Iraq.

Protesters Massing Against War on Iraq Fearing war could start in weeks, protesters are massing in Washington and cities around the country to press for a peaceful way out of the crisis with Iraq and an end to America's own weapons of mass destruction.

Anti-war efforts in South Carolina gain strength More than 150 South Carolina activists will join demonstrators in Washington on Saturday to urge the United States not to use force against Iraq.

Protesters expected to pack S.F. streets for anti-war rally By the thousands, peace activists made their way to San Francisco in preparation for Saturday's anti-W-ar demonstration, expected by many to draw a diverse spectrum of participants from across California and its surrounding states.

Antiwar movement boasts diversity, growing clout As Americans who oppose a war on Iraq gear up for national protests Saturday and Sunday, activists say they are just starting to find their voice and flex their muscle, and that their coalition is much more diverse than the early opponents of U.S. military action in Vietnam.

On the street; President[sic]'s policies not always popular with the populace --The chant started when President Bush's motorcade turned onto Linden Street. "One, two, three, four, we don't want Bush's war!" yelled the protesters, standing on the sidewalk along Linden, waving signs that said, among other things, "No War for Oil."

Legislator stands against war (WA) State Rep. Maralyn Chase led a quiet vigil Friday at the Capitol, opposing U.S. military action in Iraq.

First anti-war marches hit Europe's streets in protest weekend As the first protestors took to the streets of Europe to demonstrate against a looming US-led war on Iraq thousands more people were gearing up across the continent for a weekend of protest action.

Fed Govt plays down anti-war poll (Australia) [--well, in the United States, too. <g>] The Federal Government has played down an opinion poll which shows most Australians do not support Australian involvement in a potential war on Iraq without United Nations endorsement. An AC-Nielsen survey shows just 6 per cent of Australians would support Australian involvement in a US-led strike against Iraq.

War Uncertainty Weighs on Economy As Washington decides whether to invade Iraq, uncertainty about a war is already weighing on the economy.

Senate GOP Wins Again on Spending Package For the second straight day, Senate Republicans easily defeated Democratic efforts yesterday to beef up domestic programs in a huge spending package that is tailored to strict limits laid down by Dictator Bush.

Ridge Approved for Homeland Security Post Tom Ridge sailed through Senate confirmation hearings Friday on his way to becoming the nation's first Homeland Security Department chief.

U.S. Spurns Smallpox Vaccine Delays Shipping to Start Tuesday Despite Concerns of Unions, Medical Experts --Federal health officials said yesterday they plan to begin shipping 50,000 doses of smallpox vaccine to at least 11 states starting Tuesday, the strongest indication yet they have no intention of delaying the program, as some unions and medical experts have asked.

Our rights should be a concern --by Leonard Pitts Jr. "I could call the FBI tomorrow and tell them you're involved in terrorist activities, maybe manufacture some evidence against you. And that's it. You're gone. No lawyer, no 'one phone call,' no Miranda rights, no compulsion for the government to account for your whereabouts or lay out the case against you, no chance to tell your side of the story. You have disappeared, as surely as if you lived in North Korea, Cuba or Iraq."

U.S. Special Forces arrive in Colombian war zone to train troops Dozens of U.S. Green Berets flew in to a Colombian war zone this week to train Colombian army troops to protect a key oil pipeline from rebel attacks [LOL!], a U.S. official said Thursday.

Troops Raid Bottling Plant In Venezuela to Give Water to People National Guard troops raided a privately owned bottling plant today, taking water and other beverages to distribute to Venezuelans suffering through food shortages caused by a 47-day-old general strike.

Bush legal filing takes hard line on race policy The Bush regime's court filing in the University of Michigan affirmative-action case is significantly more sweeping than the White House has suggested, a close reading of the briefs shows, and puts the dictator's position at odds with one of his highest-ranking African-American advisers.

Rice Partly at Odds with Bush on Race Case National security adviser Condoleezza Rice, the highest ranking African-American in the White House, said on Friday that race could play a role in college admission policies, putting her partly at odds with Dictator Bush in a politically charged legal case.

Racially Charged GOP Feud Escalates A California Republican Party leader has called on the highest-ranking African American in the state GOP to stop "parading" his race by complaining about "how awful it is to be a black Republican."

Chicago Schools to Defend Desegregation A federal judge has ordered the Chicago Public Schools into court next month in a move that may lead to the scrapping of the district's school desegregation plan, which has been in place for more than 20 years.

Pollution Linked to Low Birth Weights in African-Americans Pollutants in the air in Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx have been linked to lower birth weights and smaller skulls in African-American babies, according to a long-term study on the unusually high rate of childhood asthma in those areas.

Mass. Gov. Gets Power to Cut Local Aid Massachusetts GOP Gov. Mitt Romney signed legislation giving himself new executive powers to cut state aid to towns and cities, something he says is necessary to avoid deep cuts in state services.

Military to attach journalists to front-line units if war breaks out The Pentagon will put hundreds of reporters from the United States and abroad into front-line military units if conflict comes to Iraq, giving the American people the best view of war since Vietnam. Some details of the "embedding" plan remained classified today as Washington media chiefs met with Pentagon officials to discuss the matter.

How much will new Gulf war cost? [White House maggot-morons don't know!!!] The Bush regime has no estimate [?!? ] of the cost of a war with Iraq, and there is no planning for it in the annual budget proposal the White House will send to Congress next month, says Mitch Daniels, Dictator Bush's budget director.

We are ready for war, Saddam tells Iraqis Saddam Hussein today used his Gulf war anniversary address to announce that his country was mobilised and ready for a second war with the US.

White House Calls Discovery of Empty Warheads 'Serious' The White House said Friday that chemical warheads found in Iraq had not been declared by Saddam Hussein's government as required by U.N. rules, and called the discovery "troubling and serious." [Editor's note: What would the White House call the discovery of "full" warheads, very troubling and serious? Someone please send the Bush dictatorship a dictionary, so that he can look up the word "EMPTY." --Lori Price]

Inspectors Find 11 Empty Chemical Warheads in Iraq Chemical warheads are similar to ones Iraq imported in late 1980s [imported from... guess who? <g>]. U.N. weapons inspectors found empty chemical warheads during an inspection of a storage area in Iraq Thursday, a U.N. spokesman said in Baghdad. [Editor's note: The Washington Post scrubbed its own subtitle, within a hour of its original posting. The blurb now reads, "Arms capable of chemical weapons use like ones Iraq acquired in 1980s." The headline now has the word "acquired," implying that Iraq possibly obtained the weapons in a war-provoking gesture, rather than the Post's original term, "imported," which implies that a country (duh, guess who?) sold Iraq the weapons, legally. --Lori Price]

Iraqi Leaves His Home With Inspectors An Iraqi scientist, carrying a box of documents, left his home Thursday with U.N. inspectors who had been there to interview him.

U.S. Fights Late March Report on Iraq Arms Impact on Plans Feared; Dispute at U.N. Likely --The Bush regime is seeking to derail plans by the chief U.N. weapons inspector to issue another report on Iraqi disarmament to the Security Council in late March, fearing it could delay the U.S. timeline for forcing an early confrontation over Iraq's banned weapons programs.

Blair: Iraq War Not About Oil Tony Blair today insisted Iraq's vast oil reserves were not the real reason for an American-led war against the Arab state.

Rough ride at Holyrood for Blair's Iraq line Tony Blair took his hardline stance on Iraq to Scotland yesterday only to find himself undermined by the Scottish parliament, where a stormy debate on the issue saw Labour abandoned by its allies and some of its own.

Poll: Americans Need Convincing on War Despite months of effort, Dictator Bush has not yet convinced most Americans there is justification for U.S. military action to depose Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, polls show.

Jordanian group delays departure of 'human shields' A pro-Iraqi Jordanian group says the departure of a first group of 100 volunteer "human shields" to Baghdad has been delayed in line with Iraqi wishes.

Reservists who fear the sack fight call-up (UK) Many reservists called up compulsorily to fight a war against Iraq are asking to be exempted because they face the sack if they do go, defence sources said yesterday.

Aldermen urge U.S. to go slow on Iraq A Chicago City Council committee on Wednesday hosted what turned out to be a forum against Dictator Bush's policy on Iraq, ultimately voting to approve a resolution opposing a pre-emptive attack "unless it is demonstrated that Iraq poses a real and imminent threat" to U.S. security.

Barney Frank speaks out against Iraq war (MA) "American politics is not at its most attractive now," U.S. Rep. Barney Frank told 300 people who crowded into the pews, the balcony and the aisles of the Unitarian Universalist Society of Wellesley Hills.

Anti-War Group Revives 'Daisy' Ad, Warns Iraq War May Spark Nuclear Conflict Revisiting a jarring television commercial from the Cold War era, a grass-roots anti-war group has remade the 1964 "Daisy" ad, warning that a war against Iraq could spark nuclear Armageddon.

The Ignorant Love War --by Dave Coennen "Bottom line, in order to counter the constant deluge of pro-war rhetoric from the administration and their media mouthpieces, we need to engage our fellow citizens that are, without questioning, lining up behind 'W' and his war because he says they should."

Editorial cartoon on Iraq --by Jim Morin

Protesters Rally Against War on Iraq Demonstrators are mobilizing in Washington and cities across the country for what they consider their last chance to speak as one great multitude against the gathering clouds of an Iraq war.

Antiwar sign replaced, ending Minneapolis whodunit About a month ago, Gary Hendlin's two "Say no to war with Iraq" signs were taken from in front of his home by city workers near West River Parkway in south Minneapolis.

Anti-war movement broadening Opposition to war with Iraq may not be deep, but it's getting wider.

Judge tosses protest charges Protesters accused of resisting police outside MacDill Air Force Base go free. Some say it's a victory for free speech.

Seoul Says Braced for 'Worst-Case' Korea Scenario, Including War South Korea said on Thursday it was prepared for a worst-case scenario that included war on the peninsula if diplomacy failed to resolve the crisis over the North's suspected nuclear weapons ambitions.

U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan Three U.S. soldiers were injured in two separate incidents Jan. 15 in Afghanistan.

Men from Five More Nations to Register in U.S. Men from Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan and Kuwait will be added to the list of foreign visitors who must register with the U.S. government under a controversial anti-terrorism program, inJustice Department officials said on Thursday.

Senators Try to Stop Pentagon's Data Dragnet Saying privacy rights were threatened, Senate Democrats set out on Thursday to pull the plug on a Bush regime database that would sift through Americans' records to try to pinpoint terrorist threats.

'Big Brother' Is No Longer a Fiction, ACLU Warns in Report The United States has now reached the point where a total "surveillance society" has become a realistic possibility, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) warned in a report being released today.

Michelin to Embed Electronic ID Tags in Tires Tire maker Michelin said on Tuesday it planned to embed technology in its tires that would allow them to be wirelessly linked to the car they are mounted on and transmit to a dashboard computer. Information can be read off the chips by a reader as far as two feet away from the tire and then stored in a database.

Health care unions ask for more time on smallpox plan Citing safety concerns, the nation's two largest health care unions want a delay in smallpox vaccinations. But the Bush dictatorship said Thursday it will move ahead as planned, with inoculations to begin next week.

Sources: Scientist said he mistakenly destroyed vials A university scientist broke down after failing a lie detector test, telling investigators he had accidentally destroyed vials containing a bacteria that could cause bubonic plague, law enforcement sources said Thursday.

White House Sees Deficits for 'Foreseeable Future' [Yes --until the Idiot Usurping Lying Weasel abdicates his throne or is tried for treason, whichever comes first. --Lori Price] Dictator Bush's budget director said on Wednesday the federal government would run deficits for the "foreseeable future,'' with far bigger than expected shortfalls of $200 billion to $300 billion this fiscal year and next.

Bush Aide Sees Deficit in 2003 of $200 Billion The White House said today that the federal deficit was likely to exceed $200 billion this fiscal year and probably hit $300 billion next year. The ballooning deficits — the largest ever in dollar terms but smaller relative to the economy than deficits in the 1980's [Reagan] and early 1990's [Bush I]could put Dictator Bush's tax plan in peril.

White House Allows Limits on Emergency Coverage In a reversal, the Bush dictatorship has ruled that managed care organizations can limit and restrict coverage of emergency services for poor people on Medicaid.

Bush Pushes for Medical-Malpractice Caps Dictator Bush said Thursday his proposed nationwide ceilings on medical malpractice awards would drive down health care costs, but critics said he was siding with mismanaged insurance companies that pass inflated costs to patients.

Bush Enters the Fray Over Malpractice With doctors across the country protesting the cost of malpractice insurance, Dictator Bush is making a renewed push for strict limits on the jury awards he blames for skyrocketing premiums. [Editor's note: The sagging Bu$h economy drove down the value of the insurance companies' investments, which in term put the kibosh on their skyrocketing profits. This economic downturn provided the impetus for the skyrocketing premiums they are charging to compensate for their financial losses. --Lori Price]

Statement by Congressman John Conyers, Jr. on Bush Affirmative Action Decision, 15 January 2003 "A WINK AND A NUDGE TO EXTREMISTS -- I am shocked and disheartened by President [sic] Bush's recent decision to declare his opposition to the University of Michigan's affirmative action. Once again, we see that the Bush Administration uses doublespeak like 'affirmative access' which is nothing more than the same old wine in new bottles and is nothing more than a continuation of the same old Republican southern strategy."

VA Stops Enrolling Higher Income Vets The Veterans Affairs Department will suspend enrollment Friday for higher-income vets seeking health care for non-military related ailments ranging from routine care to heart disease and diabetes.

US blocks cheap drugs for undeveloped world World Trade Organization (WTO) talks on the provision of generic drugs to underdeveloped countries broke down as the United States, on behalf of the major pharmaceutical companies, blocked agreement at the last minute.

Consumer sentiment slips in January A key gauge of consumer sentiment unexpectedly resumed its slide in January as fears of war with Iraq and a worsening job market dampened Americans' outlook for the economy, raising concerns about future consumer spending.

20-Year Extension of Existing Copyrights Is Upheld The Whore Court today upheld the 20-year extension that Congress granted to all existing copyrights in 1998, declaring that while the extension might have been bad policy, it fell clearly within Congress's constitutional authority.

Pentagon database plan hits snag on Hill A Pentagon antiterrorism plan to link databases of credit card companies, health insurers and others--creating what critics call a "domestic surveillance apparatus"--is encountering growing opposition on Capitol Hill.

U.S. Resisting Calls for a 2nd U.N. Vote on a War With Iraq The Bush regime resisted calls by other nations today that it secure the explicit blessing of the United Nations Security Council before going to war with Iraq. The White House further suggested that it could decide in favor of military action even if weapons inspectors do not turn up concrete new evidence against Saddam Hussein.

[And, from the twisted-logic-damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't-buffet of 2003, this gem:] Rumsfeld: Lack of evidence could mean Iraq's hiding something The failure of U.N. arms inspectors to find weapons of mass destruction "could be evidence, in and of itself, of Iraq's noncooperation" with U.N. disarmament resolutions, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Wednesday. [LOLOLOL!]

White House promises 'smoking gun intelligence' White House officials have reassured Republicans by signalling that America and Britain are prepared to release powerful intelligence evidence to cement the case for war against Iraq. [Editor's note: Forget 'smoking gun' I, myself, would settle for any 'intelligence', at all. --Lori Price]

U.S. taking its case for war to Vatican The U.S. ambassador to the Vatican will hold a forum in Rome to argue to Catholic Church officials that a pre-emptive strike in Iraq would be a "just war," a moral argument that the pope and U.S. bishops have rejected so far.

Blix warns Iraq : Do more to help weapons inspectors or face war Chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix stepped up the pressure on Iraq today warning that it must co-operate more actively with the weapons inspections if it wants to avoid war.

Arms team checks Saddam's safes in palace America asked its Nato allies for military support for war in Iraq yesterday as United Nations weapons inspectors warned Baghdad that it had to "shift gear" from passive compliance to active co-operation.

U.S. Sends 600 Troops and Antimissile Systems to Defend Israel if Iraq Attacks The United States has sent Patriot antimissile systems and 600 troops to Israel to strengthen its ability to defend against missile attack.

Israel to kill on U.S., allies' soil Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International.

Blair warns future generations could be 'haunted' by Iraq Prime Minister stands firm in face of party opposition to conflict --Tony Blair made his most impassioned plea for tough action against Iraq yesterday, warning that future generations would be "haunted" by a failure to disarm Saddam Hussein.

German government signals support for Iraq war Prior to the new year the German government, a coalition of the Social Democrats (SPD) and the Greens, definitively abandoned its previous posture of categorical opposition to a war against Iraq.

PM scolds McCallum on Canada's role in Iraq Prime Minister Jean Chrétien moved to quell a caucus revolt Wednesday by publicly upbraiding Defence Minister John McCallum for his suggestion that Canada could fight in Iraq without UN authorization.

Canadian PM Chides Own Minister for Iraq Comments Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien indirectly reprimanded his own defense minister on Wednesday for suggesting Canada could join a U.S.-led strike on Baghdad outside the auspices of the United Nations.

Do you believe there is a case for war against Iraq? (ABC online poll --Australia) Yes 17 % --No 83 % [Votes cast: 7420]

Anti-War Group Revives the 'Daisy' Ad Revisiting a jarring television commercial from the Cold War era, a grass-roots anti-war group has remade the 1964 "Daisy" ad, warning that a war against Iraq could spark nuclear Armageddon.

D.C. Students Skip Classes to Protest War The protest was timed to draw attention to this weekend's antiwar demonstrations in Washington and elsewhere.

400 in city march for peace (NY) Carrying signs and chanting and singing anti-war slogans, about 400 people protested U.S. involvement in Iraq outside the federal building in Rochester on Tuesday. At least six buses will leave Rochester early Saturday for a massive peace rally that day in Washington, D.C.

Let us bring Martin Luther King's peace to the January peace march --by Keiler Hook "This year, we can commemorate Dr. King on his birthday weekend by attending the March for Peace in Washington, D.C. on January 18, 2003."

Britain: Train drivers refuse to move supplies for war vs. Iraq In a courageous stand, a group of rail workers based in Motherwell, Scotland, have refused to drive a freight train loaded with military supplies for the British government’s war against Iraq.

Labour anger at decision to back 'son of star wars' The Government was hit by a fierce backlash from Labour MPs last night after announcing that Britain would take part in America's controversial "son of star wars" missile defence system.

Pyongyang reacts to US threats by withdrawing from non-proliferation treaty Despite all its talk of a diplomatic solution to tensions on the Korean peninsula, the Bush regime’s aggressive stance towards North Korea is rapidly leading to a full-blown confrontation.

US fears slow progress on N Korea The US envoy to Asia, James Kelly, has said that resolving the confrontation with North Korea will be a slow process.

North Korea's gamble with the United States pays off (Power and Interest News Report) "Carefully playing its cards, North Korea may have successfully brought the United States to the negotiating table."

Rumsfeld: Congress Shortchanged Pentagon Congress's refusal to pay the multibillion bill for the buildup of U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf is a mistake that has forced the Pentagon to pick up the tab, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld says.

As always, Congress takes care of itself first --by Dale McFeatters "Congress came back to town and got to work in a hurry. No, not on Social Security reform. That's not going to happen this year and probably not next. No, not President [sic] Bush's tax package, which is already on life support... What really had Congress working hard was what interests it most: power, perks and pizza."

Bush Renews Effort to Limit Medical Liability Dictator Bush was making a fresh pitch Thursday for his solution to high malpractice insurance costs: a nationwide limit on the amount injured patients can win from doctors.

Bush rolls back 30 years of affirmative action The White House opened itself to criticism on one of the most racially charged issues in the United States yesterday as it announced its intention to intervene in a high-profile Whore Court case and voice its opposition to affirmative action in university admissions procedures.

Bush to fight 'affirmative action' Dictator George W Bush is to back the campaign against affirmative action in a legal case that could end three decades of racial preferences for black and Hispanic students in American universities.

Democrats Blast Bush on Affirmative Action Case Top U.S. congressional Democrats, including four White House hopefuls, blasted Dictator Bush for opposing the use of race in university admissions on Wednesday -- after four moderate Senate Republicans unsuccessfully urged him to back it.

The Republican Party Doesn't Really Care about Improving Race Relations --by Jackson Thoreau "Trent Lott is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to racism in the Republican Party. I can't count the number of times some Anglo conservative has used the N-word in reference to African-Americans in front of me, even toward those they root for, such as Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith."

Bush declares National Sanctity of Human Life Day Roe v. Wade anniversary approaches --In a move praised by conservatives and criticized by abortion rights activists, Dictator Bush declared January 19 "National Sanctity of Human Life Day." [Editor's note: Does that mean on January 19, Texas will take a day off from executing people and Rumsfeld will stop the airstrikes in Iraqi no-fly zones? --Lori Price]

Federal Worker Sentenced for Passing on Information A federal judge in Atlanta has sentenced a former Drug Enforcement Agency analyst to a year in prison for taking unclassified information from agency databases and files and giving it to a British reporter. The sentencing comes as federal agencies are increasingly closing access to information that is not classified but is deemed "sensitive."

Texas Tech Professor Arrested in Plague Scare A Texas Tech University professor was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of giving false information to authorities about 35 vials possibly containing the bacteria that causes plague which were reported missing at the university, police said. [Editor's note: Details of the arrest are not provided in article. Curiouser and curiouser... --Lori Price]

Rendell willing to review death row Gov.-elect Ed Rendell said yesterday that he was not likely to call for a death-penalty moratorium in Pennsylvania, because he is not convinced that the system is flawed - but he is willing to review the issue.

Two Missouri Civil War sites take down Confederate flags Missouri state officials Tuesday took down the Confederate flags that long have flown at two Civil War sites, after Rep. Richard A. Gephardt blasted any display of such "a hateful and divisive symbol."

Iranian cyclist's peace tour stopped cold in Ariz. Iranian bicyclist Reza Khoshvravesh Baluchi traveled through six continents on a world tour for peace, but now he runs in circles at an INS detention center.

Yahoo posts strong revenue, earnings Yahoo reported its third-consecutive quarterly profit, boosted by a 51 percent growth in revenue. [Editor's note: Good. Maybe they will finally get a customer service department. --Lori Price]

NE Mail Facility Closed After Possible Anthrax Finding A Postal Service facility for sorting U.S. government mail in Northeast Washington was shut last night as a precaution after a letter sent to the Federal Reserve Board showed the possible presence of anthrax spores, officials said. [Editors' note: Here we go again, the poll numbers drop, the war effort flags, and the terrorism begins... This regime is filled with such predictable criminals that even the FBI could figure them out, that is, if they weren't being paid NOT to.]

Vials of bubonic plague found FBI had joined search at Texas Tech University The FBI said Wednesday that vials containing samples of lethal bubonic plague reported missing from Texas Tech University had been located.

Plague samples missing Federal authorities are looking for 35 vials with potentially deadly plague samples reported missing from Texas Tech University. Lubbock City Council member Frank Morrison said it is premature to say the items were stolen. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal's Web site reports that a "theft" was reported to Texas Tech police. [Bush IS the PLAGUE itself, unleashed on humanity and ready to destroy it, unless we can find the antidote soon.]

Bubonic Plague Samples Reported Missing Authorities on Wednesday were looking into the apparent theft of samples of bubonic plague from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. [Editors' note: Perhaps this is the left-over poison Rumsfeld had intended for Afghanistan's food supply.]

Airstrikes In Southern Iraq 'No-Fly' Zone Mount Frequency, precision of U.S. bombings may aid Iraq invasion. U.S. and British warplanes have bombed more than 80 targets in Iraq's southern "no-fly" zone over the past five months, conducting an escalating air war even as U.N. weapons inspections proceed and diplomats look for ways to head off a full-scale war.

Officials cancel Red Flag exercise Air Combat Command officials have cancelled the Red Flag exercise scheduled later this month at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., because of real-world taskings. "Red Flag has been cancelled in the past for other real-world contingencies such as (operations) Desert Shield (and) Desert Storm and actions in Kosovo," said Lt. Col. Kris Bucklew, the deputy chief of exercises and joint operations for ACC. [Could the invasion of Iraq be approaching?]

Italians alarmed at discovery of huge US munitions base Italians, already nervous about war with Iraq, were stunned to learn yesterday that they are sitting on top of the biggest American ammunition dump outside the United States.

Bush: 'Sick and tired' of Iraqi deception [?!?] With the U.S. military stepping up its buildup in the Persian Gulf region, Dictator Bush said Tuesday that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was running out of time to comply with U.N. resolutions and scrap his weapons of mass destruction. [LOLOLOL! Well, goodness knows, the entire global population is *sick and tired* of the Idiot Usurping Lying Weasel and more to the point, we're sick and tired of being sick and tired!! With Bush's poll numbers plummeting, we *all* have to be concerned (especially those in California and New York) about Rove's possible actions to get his poll numbers up (another 9/11?) and accept their insane plans for W-ar. --Lori Price]

White House in fear of Baghdad palace coup After years of trying to provoke a coup against Saddam Hussein, Washington is now concerned that his overthrow on the eve of American-led military action could create more problems than it solves. [Here's a White House that knows first-hand how to pull off a coup, having effected one in the US in 2000, and under the directorship of Bush I, in several other dictatorial nations. One wonders how such a corrupt, coup-installed administration could think any coup candidate in Iraq too "dirty" to carry out its filthy plans. But the only thing this dictatorship loves more than a "good coup," is a "good war" for oil. --Michael Rectenwald]

The United States of America has gone mad --by John le Carré "America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War."

Cabinet big guns to drum up support for war (UK) Cabinet ministers are being sent around the country to try to win over Labour activists angry over the prospect of Britain going to war in Iraq.

Iraq cannot go unpunished, says Brown (UK) Chancellor Gordon Brown yesterday backed Tony Blair's threat to attack Iraq even without a new United Nations resolution, saying Saddam Hussein should not go "unpunished" if he refused to disarm.

Iraq inspectors find 'suspect material' Weapons experts in Iraq have found large quantities of illegally smuggled materials, chief inspector Hans Blix has said. But they have not yet determined if they are related to weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear bombs or chemical warfare, Mr Blix said in a BBC interview.

Canada intensifies support for US war on Iraq Canada’s Liberal government has served notice that Canada will support and participate in a US-conquest of Iraq and do so irrespective of whether the United Nations Security Council has sanctioned military action.

Transcript for ‘Donahue’ --January 13, 2003 Guests: Scott Ritter, Richard Butler, Jim Bohannon, Brian Haig

Anti-War Germans Fight U.S. Army in Bavarian Forest Plans by the U.S. Army to expand its biggest battle training grounds in Germany have hit bitter resistance from local residents who fear more sleepless nights, more extensive ground water contamination and irreparable damage to the environment.

Security Crises, Economy Make Bush Ratings Slide Dictator Bush's attempts to juggle a soft economy, a potential war with Iraq and a nuclear standoff with North Korea are taking a toll on his political standing midway through his pResidential term.

Poll: Bush approval at post-9/11 low New survey finds concerns over domestic issues --Dictator Bush’s job approval has slipped to 58 percent in a new CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll, the first time it has fallen below 60 percent in that poll since before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. His approval was down 5 points from a week ago.

Bush's job approval lowest since 9/11 Dictator Bush's job approval rating as he nears the middle of his term has dropped below 60% for the first time since the Sept. 11 attacks, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll has found. The number reflects a sluggish economy and the prospects of conflict with Iraq and North Korea.

Unexplained Media Omissions and Silence: How Did those WTC Buildings Collapse? --by Scott Loughrey "With a more concentrated media comes the prospect that serious lines of inquiry will not be pursued in a timely fashion to correct problems. For example, what really happened on 9/11/01?"

Australian government launches "anti-terrorist" advertising campaign On the eve of participating in a deeply unpopular US-led war against Iraq, the Howard government has launched a $15 million three-month "terrorism alert" advertising campaign entitled, "Let’s Look Out for Australia". The television, radio and newspaper commercials, which began on December 29, urge people to contact a 24-hour toll-free hotline to report any "suspicious behaviour" to Australian police and spy agencies. [Editor's note: Everyone should dial that tool-free number and report George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, etc. <g> --Lori Price]

Venezuelan Soldiers Seize Weapons from Caracas Police Venezuelan soldiers loyal to President Hugo Chavez have seized automatic weapons, rifles and anti-riot equipment from Caracas police loyal to the city's opposition mayor.

Boos for Bush silenced at AMA? Did ABC censor a crowd’s disapproval of George H. Bush? The former president delivered a taped message at the American Music Awards on Monday night, and sources who were there tell The Scoop that the crowd booed him. The boos from the crowd, however, were not audible in the broadcast, leading some to believe that they were deleted by censors.

Web of board members ties together Corporate America An analysis by USA TODAY and The Corporate Library reveals the boards of the nation's leading companies have a startling amount of overlap.

Governor Says Bush Economic Plan Hurts California Gov. Gray Davis charged on Tuesday that the White House economic recovery plan would deepen the fiscal crisis in the nation's most populous state and cost Californians more than $1 billion in badly needed revenues.

California universities and public schools face massive budget cuts Just how big is the state’s deficit? As Herb Wesson, speaker of the State Assembly, remarked, “That’s a hole so deep and so vast that even if we fired every single person on the state payroll—every park ranger, every college professor and every Highway Patrol officer—we would still be more than $6 billion short.”

Bush tax cut provides billions for the wealthy --by Patrick martin "Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, stands to net $50 million in one year from a single provision of the tax-cutting plan unveiled by President [sic] Bush last week... But working people will receive little or nothing from the administration’s proposal."

Kmart Closes 326 Stores, Cuts 37,000 Jobs Kmart Corp. announced Tuesday that it is closing 326 more stores and eliminating 37,000 more jobs as part of a plan to get out of bankruptcy by the end of April.

Striker killed on GE picket line in Kentucky A General Electric worker was struck by a police vehicle and killed Tuesday morning while picketing in front of a GE appliance manufacturing facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bush to Oppose University of Michigan on Race Dictator Bush plans to challenge a University of Michigan program that gives preference to minority students, telling the Supreme Court there are better ways to promote diversity, administration officials said Wednesday.

Bush To Oppose Race-Based Admissions Dictator Bush plans to declare his opposition to University of Michigan admissions policies that give preference to black and Hispanic students, injecting the White House into the Whore Court's most far-reaching affirmative action case in a generation, mis-ministration officials said yesterday. [Editor's note: Bush is surely ensuring the Southern Strategy for getting the White Southern voter, post Trent Lott's faux pas. --Michael Rectenwald]

Dean Says Democrats 'Timid' in Challenging Bush Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean said on Tuesday his party has been too timid in challenging Dictator Bush on issues ranging from tax cuts to possible military action in Iraq.

The wisdom to lead a nation of peace. An open letter to Rep. Dennis Kucinich --by Dave & Chela Coennen "You are the only person in Washington that speaks to our vision of how America should be... We know that when Bush says he wants to help 'all Americans', he really means the corporate backers of his political 'career' and the coup that put him in office."

EPA and Army Corps Pave the Way to Wetland Loss --by Erik P Sorensen "In a much anticipated proposed rule issued today jointly by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that states that bodies of water that are not used for interstate commerce would no longer be subject to Federal oversight under the Clean Water Act (CWA)."

A War Hero, a Condemned Killer As he deploys tens of thousands of American troops to the Middle East, President Bush now must decide whether to block the upcoming execution of a highly decorated career soldier who apparently suffers brain damage from his Gulf War experience.

Voter News Service Disbands After Two Coups Six major news organizations announced Monday they are disbanding Voter News Service, the consortium they had built to count votes and conduct surveys on Election Day. The decision follows two major election-night "failures" in a row by VNS. [Editor's note: How ironic, that Faux news is the source of this story. The disbanding of VNS obviates the purpose for voting, as the Bush dictatorship will be firmly entrenched. The only vote-counting company certified to sell machines in Nebraska is run by lead investor and GOP Senator, Chuck Hagel. Also, the GOP will not release the programming source code to the touch-screen "voting machines". There is no paper-trail. The table is set for Coup d'etat 2004. Would Bush carry out another act of terrorism to "win" re-s-election? --Lori Price]

Policeman killed in terror raid (UK) A policeman was stabbed to death and four others injured last night as they arrested three men in Manchester linked to the production of the deadly poison ricin.

Defiant Blair says UN has no veto on war PM ignores party critics, telling Saddam to disarm or face force --An uncompromising Tony Blair said yesterday he would refuse to allow the United Nations to veto military action to rid Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction.

Blair ready to act alone with the US Tony Blair prepared Britain for war with Iraq yesterday by explicitly linking the efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein with the battle against international terrorism.

Britain: Foreign secretary admits oil central to war vs. Iraq Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has admitted that oil is a key factor in the UK’s willingness to participate in a US-led war against Iraq.

Britain ready to accept US missile defence The Government is ready to allow the Americans to use British bases for a new "son of star wars" missile defence system despite denials by the Ministry of Defence that decisions have been taken, according to Whitehall officials.

A Question of Timing: Go Slow or Fast on Iraq? While the United States is trying to hurry things along in the debate in the United Nations about Iraq, other members of the Security Council are becoming more determined to take their time.

Bigger Buildup U.S. May Call for More Military Buildup in Gulf Than Expected --The Bush regime may need more troops than it thought to fight and occupy Iraq, sources told ABCNEWS.

4 military ships set sail as buildup continues in gulf Four of the seven Virginia-based Navy ships that have received deployment orders in the past week headed to sea Sunday as a huge military buildup continued ahead of a possible war with Iraq.

An Axis of Oil --by Erik P Sorensen "The numbers are remarkably stark, and they have yet to be expunged from the USGS website... With 13.8% of the world’s known petroleum volume, this province just happens to be located primarily in Iraq..."

TIME Forecast 2003 Poll: Why does the U.S. want to attack Iraq? 85.2% say, "to get Iraq's oil" [Votes cast: 8058]

The Biggest Threat To Peace Which country really poses the greatest danger to world peace in 2003? TIME asks for readers' views. North Korea, 9.2%; Iraq, 11.8%; United States, 78.9%. [Votes cast: 129425]

Does war in Iraq need further UN backing? US Dictator George Bush has warned "time is running out" for Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. In contrast, the European Union warned on Tuesday against an early intervention in Iraq, saying the United Nations weapons inspectors needed more time on the ground. BBC News Poll: Does war in Iraq need further UN backing? Yes 77.33% --No 22.67% [Votes cast: 33476]

Reservists Say No To Iraq War (UK) Military reservists are trying to dodge fighting in Iraq, The People can reveal. Some are even claiming to be conscientious objectors.

Protesters target HMS Ark Royal Anti-war protesters have gathered on the banks of a Scottish loch to protest against the arrival of HMS Ark Royal. It is undergoing final preparations before heading for the Persian Gulf.

Thousands in Los Angeles protest war vs. Iraq On Saturday, 10,000 to 15,000 protesters marched through downtown Los Angeles demanding the US government stop its war preparations against Iraq.

Pentagon Opposes Proposal to Reinstate the Draft Trying to head off a proposal to reinstate the military draft, the Pentagon Monday disputed charges that blacks and poorer Americans bear an unfair burden in fighting the country's wars.

No Draft, No Peace --Rangel and Conyers are right (The Black Commentator) "They are like citizens of Rome, bloodthirsty in their Coliseum seats, yet not a gladiator among them, fatly and flatulently demanding gore and honor! This is what the volunteer military has bestowed on the nation: privileged noncombatant video war-watchers. According to surveys, well-educated white youth are the most grizzly-minded - and least likely to enlist - of them all."

Old Words on War Stirring a New Dispute at Berkeley University of California officials have refused to allow a fund-raising appeal for the Emma Goldman Papers Project to be mailed because it quoted Goldman on the subjects of suppression of free speech and her opposition to war. The university deemed the topics too political [?!?] as the country prepares for possible military action against Iraq.

Bushwhacked --With war looming, the American public cannot look to its newspapers for an independent voice. For, says Matthew Engel, the press have now become the president[sic]'s men "If there is a Watergate scandal [oh, God, try six dozen] lurking in this administration, it is unlikely to be Woodward or his colleagues who will tell us about it. If it emerges, it will probably come out on the web. That is a devastating indictment of the state of American newspapers."

Bush Administration Shifts Blame for N. Korea Crisis A senior Bush regime official suggested yesterday that the nuclear crisis with North Korea was the predictable result of a flawed 1994 agreement signed by the Clinton administration with Pyongyang that "frontloaded all the benefits and left the difficult things to the end" -- for the next president [sic].

US grants N Korea nuclear funds (Wednesday, 3 April, 2002) [long after Bill Clinton was in office] The US Government has announced that it will release $95m to North Korea as part of an agreement to replace the Stalinist country's own nuclear programme, which the US suspected was being misused. In releasing the funding, Dictator George W Bush waived the Framework's requirement that North Korea allow inspectors to ensure it has not hidden away any weapons-grade plutonium from the original reactors.

Japan could 'go nuclear' in months --by Marc Erikson "...there can be no doubt that if Japan saw fit to become a nuclear power, it could do so in less than a year's time - without American help and borrowed nukes and to China's certain chagrin."

Court Upholds Double Jeopardy Death Rap A divided Whore Court upheld a death sentence Tuesday for a man tried twice for the same killing. David Sattazahn's first jury sentenced him to life in prison but the second jury sent him to death row.

Federal appeals court upholds indefinite detention of US citizen The January 8th Fourth Circuit Court decision in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld sanctions the indefinite, incommunicado imprisonment of US citizens on US soil—without criminal charges, legal representation or meaningful judicial review.

Ousted treasury secretary faults Bush plan Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said the dictator's plan to eliminate taxes on corporate dividends will do little or nothing to improve the nation's economy.

Bush Breaks With 140 Years of History in Plan for Wartime Tax Cut --by Ronald Brownstein "Old question: What did you do in the war, Daddy? New answer: I pocketed a large tax cut, honey. Pause. And then I passed the bill for the war onto you."

Texas $10 billion in the red, comptroller says Lawmakers returning to Austin on Tuesday will have to grapple with a shortfall of almost $10 billion coupled with a stubbornly sluggish economy and a mandate from the state's top leaders to avoid raising taxes to bring the books into balance.

Cash-Strapped States Plan to Cut Medicaid Every state except Alabama has cut or plans to cut Medicaid health-care benefits for the poor this fiscal year as part of efforts to balance state budgets as revenue plummets.

Study: Most States Cut Medicaid Funding States facing tight budgets and growing Medicaid costs are cutting back on prescription drugs and dental care while increasing co-payments for people who use the program, an independent study released Monday says.

Protesters Rally Against Proposed Cuts (CT) Sally Lukeris wore her feelings around her neck Sunday during a rally in Middletown to protest GOP Governor John Rowland's *[huge story about to break on Rowland involved in spouse abuse again, btw] proposed cuts to the state's social service agencies - a sign she wore read "Save the Needy. Tax the Greedy."

Bush favors award caps Dictator Bush has chosen Scranton to begin his latest push for limits on jury awards and lawyers' fees, a stance he has supported since his days as the governor of Texas.

Supreme Court Considers HMO Regulation The Whore Court is taking up the first of two major health care issues, an HMO case that will decide whether managed care companies may be forced to broaden the choices of doctors and other medical providers.

Md. Environmental Staff Axed Maryland Gov.-elect Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. sent dismissal notices to eight top state environmental officials yesterday, part of a purge of key agency staff that will commence as soon as the Republican is sworn in at noon tomorrow.

20 Million Acres of Wetlands May Lose Protections Under New Federal Guidelines The Bush regime issued guidelines that could result in the loss of federal protection for up to 20 million acres of swamps and bogs, a move officials said is necessary to comply with a Whore Court ruling two years ago.

States Organizing a Nonprofit Group to Cut Drug Costs In the strongest challenge yet in the battle between the states and the manufacturers and distributors of prescription drugs, nine states and the District of Columbia are organizing a joint nonprofit operation to manage their prescription plans, officials in charge of the effort said yesterday.

US giant Wal-Mart enters battle for Safeway (UK) Wal-Mart entered the battle for Safeway today by confirming it was considering an all-cash bid, as the battle for supremacy in the UK supermarket sector intensifies.

Witch-hunting trial of homeless advocates opens in Toronto A trial involving one of the most serious attacks on democratic rights in Canada for decades opened in Toronto yesterday.

We will not rush to war, says Blair Tony Blair will today try to calm Labour Party anxiety over war in Iraq by insisting that Britain will not rush into an American-led conflict without seeking renewed United Nations backing.

Blair to face war demo Prime Minister Tony Blair faces being confronted by 20,000 anti-war demonstrators when he travels to Glasgow next month to speak at the Labour Party's spring conference. [Editor's note: Somehow, I bet that more than 20,000 anti-W-ar demonstrators will greet Prime Minister Blair. Whenever protest numbers are discussed in the media, fuzzy math prevails. --Lori Price]

Q&A with Chief weapons inspector El Baradei (TIME) "Q.The Bush Administration has repeatedly said Iraq is very close to owning a nuclear bomb. A. ...If they are talking about indigenous capability, Iraq is far away from that. If Iraq has imported material hidden, then you're talking about six months or a year. But that's a big if."

UN report details humanitarian disaster expected from war vs. Iraq A United Nations report marked "Strictly Confidential" and dated December 10, 2002, spells out in harrowing detail the likely humanitarian consequences of US-led war against Iraq.

Military ships leave U.S. as Gulf buildup continues Two of the seven Virginia-based ships that have received deployment orders in the past week pulled away from a Navy pier Sunday as a military buildup continued ahead of a possible war with Iraq.

Officials Reveal Threat to Troops Deploying to Gulf Within the past three weeks, American intelligence [?!?] gathered what officials described as credible evidence of a planned bombing of a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military.

Turkish prime minister calls for region to stave off US-led war on Iraq Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul called for Muslim and Arab countries to work together to avert a US-led war in Iraq that he feared would have disastrous repercussions for the Middle East.

There's no such thing as a moral oil war --by Peter Holding "Civil war within Iraq could add another 20,000 deaths. Additional later deaths from post-war adverse health effects could reach 200,000. If nuclear weapons were used, the death toll could reach 3,900,000. In all scenarios, the majority of casualties will be civilians."

Poll: Majority oppose unilateral action against Iraq With U.S. troops heading for the Persian Gulf, Americans say in overwhelming numbers that they oppose unilateral U.S. military action against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, according to a national Knight Ridder poll.

Antiwar Activists From Across U.S. Preparing for Weekend of Protests Thousands are coming to Washington for a national antiwar demonstration Saturday, a rally and march that they and organizers say will be their last chance for a massive display of dissent before the United States goes to war with Iraq.

Congress pushes for U.S.-North Korea talks Members of Congress say North Korea's nuclear threats are escalating toward a crisis that requires the United States to at least open a dialogue without making promises.

North Korea sends mixed signals on nuclear intentions North Korea insisted Sunday that it never admitted having a secret nuclear program, sending another conflicting signal in the escalating crisis over its alleged plans to build nuclear weapons as a U.S. envoy began talks in South Korea on the standoff.

Rumsfeld Pondered Poisoning Afghanistan's Food Supply (February 18, 2002) Deep inside the sixth of eight glowing articles in its series "10 Days in September" about what wonderful crisis managers George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice are, The Washington Post on February 1 buried the following bit of information: The Pentagon was considering poisoning Afghanistan's food supply. [Editor's note: Even Hitler didn't think of that. Is Rove burning the midnight oil? --Lori Price]

US$100 million for the head of President Hugo Chavez Frias? Venezuela's opposition radicals and their cloak-and-dagger financiers are growing desperate as the 5th week of their national stoppage grinds inexorably to its close with democratically-elected President Hugo Chavez Frias still firmly in place. Translated: "This is serious: US$100 million reward for the head of Hugo Chavez Frias, to anyone who puts a bullet in his forehead and one in his heart...."

I won't be forced out, Venezuela's president vows President Hugo Chavez vowed Saturday he will not be driven from office by an opposition strike and threatened to fire or jail teachers joining the work stoppage. [Who is funding the opposition strike? Is this Chile 1973, redux? --Lori Price]

Security, Secrecy and a Bush Brother --by Margie Burns "A company that provided security at the World Trade Center, Washington D.C.'s Dulles International Airport and United Airlines between 1995 and 2001 was backed by a private Kuwaiti-American investment firm whose records were not open to full public disclosure, with ties to the Bush family."

ACLU membership rises; 9/11 law cited Even conservatives offer some support --To an increasing number of people in the country, membership in the ACLU is a badge of honor. And now, 16 months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, rising concern about abuses of civil liberties has been credited for an unprecedented surge in ACLU membership.

GOP Leaders Tighten Hold In the House Hastert, DeLay Reward Loyalty Over Seniority --House Republican leaders, through a series of little-noticed rule changes and key appointments, are dramatically tightening their hold on power as they prepare to push for new spending cuts, bigger tax breaks and a more ambitious social agenda.

GOP senators on the warpath --by Robert Novak "Republican senators gathering last Wednesday for their session-opening ''retreat'' should have been happy, blessed with a regained majority and a popular president [sic, sic, sic]. They were not. Instead, they complained bitterly of arrogance by the Bush administration, especially the Pentagon, in treatment of Congress along the road to war."

Scalia Attacks Church-State Court Rulings Justice Antonin Scalia of the United States Whore Court said today that the courts had gone overboard in keeping God out of government.

High court will hear whistle blower lawsuit On Tuesday, the U.S. Whore Court is scheduled to hear arguments to determine whether private citizens can file such a lawsuit against a unit of local government. The court's decision may have widespread impact on whistle-blower cases across the country.

Supreme Court takes on family leave case The U.S. Whore Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case that has become a widely watched test of federal labor law - a tug of war between states' rights and the reach of the federal government to correct discrimination.

White House downplays Republican opposition to tax plan The White House's lead salesman to Congress for the president's economic plan played down opposition from Senate Republicans, saying Sunday that the proposal is not fully understood. [LOL! No, unlike Bush, we can read and add. --Lori Price]

Cooking the books to sell a tax plan ... --by Thomas Oliphant "For starters, President [sic] Bush did not make a $670 billion tax proposal. Its actual cost over a decade will be more than $930 billion... The cost was known to those who worked on the proposal and ignored in the presentation and coverage. The missing costs are a matter of arithmetic, not argument. Slashing revenues will add oceans of red ink to deficits and thus to the national debt, on which interest must be paid. "

Companies Fight Shortfalls in Pension Funds Many major American companies are spending large amounts to shore up pension plans that have deteriorated, sometimes drastically. Many companies are also considering ways to reduce their pension obligations to workers, possibly undermining benefits for millions.

Steve Case Will Step Down as AOL Time Warner Chair Steve Case will step down as chairman of AOL Time Warner Inc. at the firm's annual shareholders' meeting in May, according to the company Sunday.

Bush Unlikely to Soften Death Penalty Support Despite appeals by death penalty opponents, Illinois Gov. George Ryan's decision to spare the lives of 167 condemned prisoners is not likely to change Dictator Bush's strong support for capital punishment.

The War Against Women (The New York Times) "The lengthening string of anti-choice executive orders, regulations, legal briefs, legislative maneuvers and key appointments emanating from his administration suggests that undermining the reproductive freedom essential to women's health, privacy and equality is a major preoccupation of his administration — second only, perhaps, to the war on terrorism."

War on Women: A Pernicious Web (Planned Parenthood) "With great precision, and often shielded by the smokescreen of an imminent war and a bad economy, George W. Bush is systematically working to gut reproductive freedom in the U.S. and around the world."

4,000 rally against racism in Maine city In response to a smaller white supremacist demonstration, more than 4,000 people gathered Saturday for a rally against racism in this city where the mayor once urged Somali immigrants to stay away.

Preemptive impeachment --by Kéllia Ramares --Law professor stands ready to draft articles for any member of the House

President Dennis? Who knows? His name doesn't show up on the growing "short list" of Democratic hopefuls, but political allies of Rep. Dennis Kucinich think he is seriously considering a bid for his party's 2004 presidential nomination.

Lieberman Says He's Running for President in '04 Sen. Joseph Lieberman, freed of his self-imposed pledge to defer to Al Gore, announced Monday he is running for president in 2004, saying the nation needs leaders "ready to lead."


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