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January 2004 Archives, Page two

Ashcroft: Iraq war justified due to Saddam's 'evil chemistry and evil biology' Dictator Bush on Tuesday vigorously defended his decision to go to war against Iraq despite chief inspector David Kay's conclusion that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction, as the United States had believed. Attorney General John Ashcroft, traveling in Vienna, Austria, said the Iraq war was justified, even if banned weapons are never found, because it eliminated the threat that Saddam might again resort to "evil chemistry and evil biology."

Will Giuliani replace Cheney in '04? A well-placed source [to Jeannette Walls/Ashley Person] says that the dictator will "most likely" drop Dick Cheney from his re-s-election ticket and his first choice for a replacement is former New York City mayor [and 9-11 cover-up crony] Rudy Giuliani.

US denies 'imminent' threat warning The White House [pack of insipid liars] today denied it ever warned that Saddam Hussein posed an "imminent" threat to the United States. It is already smarting from the failure so far to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But if US Dictator George W. Bush never called Saddam's Iraq an "imminent threat" in so many words, he said it was "urgent". Vice pResident Dick Cheney called it "mortal" and it was "immediate" to Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Bush Backs Away from Iraq WMD Certainty In the wake of a top expert's conclusions that Iraq had no large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons, Dictator Bush on Tuesday dropped his previous certainty that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, the reason given for the U.S.-led invasion.

Kay Cites Evidence of Iraq Disarming Action Taken in '90s, Ex-Inspector Says U.S. weapons inspectors in Iraq found new evidence that Saddam Hussein's regime quietly destroyed some stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in the mid-1990s, former chief inspector David Kay said yesterday.

Iraqi exile group says WMD intelligence it gave Britain could be false An Iraqi exile group in London which claims to have supplied Britain with a key piece of intelligence on Iraqi weapons has admitted that the information might have been false, the Guardian newspaper reported Tuesday.

Spin row erupts as Hutton report is leaked to 'The Sun' Poodle Tony Blair was plunged into a fresh row over spin today after a leaked copy of the Hutton report claimed that Downing Street had been cleared of any serious wrongdoing in the David Kelly affair... Meanwhile, fresh doubts about the death of Dr Kelly were raised by three doctors who questioned whether he took his own life. The doctors suggested Dr Kelly could not have killed himself in the way described to the inquiry.

BBC buys up 'Hutton inquiry' Google links Just 48 hours before Lord Hutton delivers his verdict on the controversy surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly, the BBC has begun an advertising experiment that involves buying up all internet search terms relating to the inquiry. Despite being one of the main players in the drama, anyone searching for "Hutton inquiry" or "Hutton report" on the UK's most popular search engine Google is automatically directed to a paid-for link to BBC Online's own news coverage of the inquiry. [*Note by CLG reader Mark J. Yannone, "Their ['s] first paragraph is very misleading. Farther down the page, they mention the truth: 'Through Google's Ad Words service advertisers can bid to buy up search terms that relate to their business. The more they bid, the higher up their link is shown on the right-hand side of the page next to Google's normal results sorted by relevancy.'"]

Three dead in Baghdad hotel blast Three people have been killed in an explosion in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The blast hit the Shaheen hotel on the banks of the Tigris close to the former US embassy shortly after dawn. The blast comes a day after six American troops, two CNN employees and two Iraqi civilians were killed in violence in and around Baghdad.

Widespread attacks kill 13 in Iraq Six U.S. soldiers, two CNN employees among dead --Five attacks claimed the lives of 13 people in Iraq on Tuesday, including six U.S. soldiers, two CNN employees, four Iraqi policemen and an Iraqi civilian, according to police and military sources.

Two CNN employees killed in Iraq ambush Two CNN employees have been killed in an ambush in Iraq, the international television news organisation says.

3 U.S. soldiers, 2 Iraqis killed in bombing At least 4 others injured in ambush west of Baghdad --Three American soldiers were killed and one was wounded in a large explosion west of Baghdad Tuesday, the U.S. military said. Hospital staff said two Iraqi civilians also were killed and three were injured.

Japan PM faces law suit over troop dispatch A group of Japanese lawyers is planning to sue the country's prime minister over his decision to send troops to Iraq.

British soldier killed in blast at Afghan base A British solider was killed and several more were reportedly injured in an explosion today near the British base in the Afghan capital. Five foreigners were killed nearby in a suicide bombing, said police.

Syria Scoffs at U.S. Claim It Has Iraqi Weapons Syria brushed aside Sunday U.S. accusations that it has Iraqi weapons of mass destruction as a cover story for what it [and the world] called U.S. failure in Iraq.

Legal fight puts Marine in limbo For the last three years, Ocean Rose of Marietta has been trapped in the military version of purgatory. Rose, 23, is among hundreds of members of the armed forces who since 1998 have faced legal action for refusing to obey the same order: Submit to a series of anthrax inoculations.

Canadian Army told to quarantine US beef in Afghanistan The Canadian Forces in Afghanistan have been told to quarantine tons of US beef that may eventually have to be destroyed because of fears over mad cow disease, it was reported here.

U.S. broke international law, ACLU says Complaints filed with United Nations --The American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint Tuesday with the United Nations, alleging that many immigrants imprisoned and deported during the investigation into the Sept. 11 terror attacks were denied fundamental rights under international law.

9/11 Commission Says It Needs More Time to Complete Inquiry The independent commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks announced on Tuesday that it was seeking an extension of its deadline to complete the investigation until at least July, raising the prospect of a public fight with the White House and a final report delivered in the heat of the presidential campaign. Commission officials said there was no way to finish their work on time, a situation they attribute in part to delays by the Bush dictatorship in turning over documents and other evidence.

Colorado GOP Asks for Redistricting Stay Colorado Republicans asked the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to temporarily block the state's congressional redistricting map, which favors Democrats, saying state Supreme Court justices wrongly threw out their own plan.

High Court Won't Review Scalia's Recusal Decision Chief inJustice William H. Rehnquist, responding to questions from two U.S. senators about a duck hunting trip involving Justice Antonin Scalia and Vice pResident Dick Cheney, said Monday that it is up to each justice, not the court as a whole, to decide whether to withdraw from a pending case.

Judge Calls Schwarzenegger's $4 Million Campaign Loans Illegal Reichwing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger broke a state law during the closing weeks of the recall race when he took out $4.5 million in bank loans to help his cash-starved campaign, according to a preliminary ruling from a superior court judge.

3 most-populous counties push for ballot paper trail Florida's three most populous counties took a rare, unified stance Monday, calling for the state legislature to require a ballot-by-ballot paper record of votes cast on electronic 'voting' machines.

Paper-trail hearing set for Feb. 6 A Palm Beach County circuit judge agreed Monday to speed up consideration of a lawsuit that challenges the paperless 'voting' machines used by 15 Florida counties.

1 in 4 Schools Fall Short Under Bush Law Dictator Bush's signature education law has already put more than a quarter of the nation's public schools on academic probation, and thousands more are likely to face federal sanctions in the coming years, according to the most comprehensive study to date of the law's impact.

Teenager's Conservative Club Causes Uproar (CA) Tim Bueler started the Conservative Club to balance what he calls the 'liberal bias' in his public school, but when some schoolmates found his [Reichwing] views offensive and threatened to beat him up, the 17-year-old claims the principal and teachers turned the other way. A recent issue of the club newsletter, Conservative Agenda, has riled some students -- and teachers -- who claim Bueler is nothing but a young Nazi [he is!!]. One teacher posted a flier encouraging students to "take a stand against the neo-conservative wing nuts who call themselves Americans."

Cartoonist calls Condi Rice 'murderer' – again This time 'Boondocks' creator levels charge on national TV --Aaron McGruder, a black syndicated cartoonist who's getting his own prime-time TV series on Faux, called National Security Adviser [and Reichwing whackjob] Condoleezza Rice "a murderer" for her role in the Iraq war.

Kerry Wins in N.H.; Dean Second Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts won the New Hampshire primary tonight, defeating former Vermont governor Howard Dean and taking another step toward the Democratic nomination for president with his second consecutive victory.

The Punch and Judy Dean Show --by Alexander Stille "Diane Sawyer's interview with Howard Dean and his wife last week was a textbook case of everything that is wrong with television coverage of politics. It reduced his campaign to the banal level of mere personality and perceived missteps, replacing issues with image — it was a frame-up. Out of the 96 questions that Sawyer asked, 90 were about personality and temperament and only six were even vaguely about issues; virtually all 96 were hostile and negative."

Difference between us and Dean? Not a whole yell of a lot --by Dave Lieber "...[T]o Howard Dean, on behalf of our nation, I offer my most sincere apology. Many, if not most of us, yell or at the very least want to yell about something at least once a day. We are more like you than we would dare admit. If we don't like you for what you did, then maybe we don't like ourselves."

Al Franken Knocks Down Dean Heckler Wise-cracking funnyman Al Franken yesterday body-slammed a demonstrator to the ground after the man tried to shout down Gov. Howard Dean. The trouble started when several supporters of fringe presidential 'candidate' [and Rove troll] Lyndon Larouche began shouting accusations at Dean.

Compassion for a homeless man --Justin Walker's Campaign Diary "Date: Saturday, Jan. 10, 2004 Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Place: Parking garage with Dennis Kucinich --Saturday night, I found myself in a parking garage with Dennis Kucinich and a sleeping homeless man. This is our story. It begins with me, a life-long Republican at an Iowa Democratic Party fundraiser. Four presidential candidates speak. Thousands of dollars are raised. As we leave the ballroom, I ask Kucinich a question that mentions a homeless man sleeping in the stairwell of the hotel's parking garage. Kucinich immediately responds, "He's there now? I'll go visit him."... [a must read]

9/11 Panel Faults U.S. For Letting Hijackers In The U.S. government fumbled repeated opportunities to stop many of the men responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks from entering the country, missing fraudulent passports and other warning signs that should have attracted greater scrutiny, according to a preliminary report released yesterday.

al Qaeda Military Boss Got U.S. Visa Despite Indictment Suspected Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed received a U.S. visa a few weeks before the attacks, despite a 1996 indictment linking him to earlier plots, but there is no evidence he entered the country, investigators said on Monday.

Sept. 11 Panel Wants Extension on Report An independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks says it can't finish its final report before late July, putting it at odds with House leaders [and the White House] who oppose a delay that would push the report's release closer to the November s-election.

Dr Kelly 'did not kill himself' An American confidante of David Kelly has cast doubt on whether his death was suicide. Days before Lord Hutton's report into his death is published, Mai Pederson claimed the Government scientist received death threats because of his work in Iraq. She said she was surprised that he had apparently taken 20 painkillers before slashing his wrist in remote woodland - because he had an aversion to swallowing tablets.

Nearly all WMD claims wrong: Kay The Central Intelligence Agency's outgoing chief weapons inspector, David Kay, has concluded that the US was almost certainly wrong in its pre-war belief that Iraq had any significant stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

White House Is Less Certain Now About Iraq's Arms The White House began to back away on Monday from its assertions that Iraq had illegal weapons, saying it now wanted to compare prewar intelligence assessments with what may be actually found there. While Republican leaders have focused on the C.I.A. and how it gathered intelligence, Democrats have called for a close look at how the White House used that information.

Bush Under Pressure Over Iraqi Elections, WMD Dictator Bush was under pressure on two fronts on Monday as calls grew in Iraq for early elections while at home his pre-W-ar assertion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction faced mounting criticism.

Howard still unrepentant on Iraq war The Prime Minister, John Howard, said yesterday he would never retreat from his decision to join the war against Iraq, even if the Government's prewar claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction proved false.

Iraq War Not Humanitarian, Group Says The war in Iraq cannot be justified as an intervention in defense of human rights even though it ended a brutal regime, Human Rights Watch said Monday, dismissing one of the Bush dictatorship's main arguments for the invasion.

Rocket Fired at U.S. Post in Baghdad Resistance fighters [?] fired a rocket on Monday night across the Tigris River and into a parking lot of the compound housing the headquarters of occupation forces in Iraq. The attack came just a few hours after the minister in charge of the police and security said at a news conference there that the continuing violence was one reason not to hold elections this year. [Wow, what an amazing *coincidence*... NOT!]

Rocket Hits U.S. Compound in Baghdad A rocket landed Monday night near coalition headquarters in the U.S.-controlled area of Baghdad known as the "green zone" but 'caused no injuries or damage' [?!?], the U.S. military said. The rocket fell in an open parking lot near the Republican Palace used by top U.S. officials in Iraq, an occupation official said on condition of anonymity.

More details of Army's abuse probe surface The U.S. military's criminal investigation into potential abuse of Iraqi detainees by U.S. soldiers at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq now includes reports from soldiers that military police took photographs showing soldiers hitting detainees, CNN has learned.

Dean: Iraqi Standard of Living Worse Now Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean said Sunday that the standard of living for Iraqis is a "whole lot worse'' since Saddam Hussein's removal from power in last year's American-led invasion. "You can say that it's great that Saddam is gone and I'm sure that a lot of Iraqis feel it is great that Saddam is gone,'' said the former Vermont governor, an unflinching critic of the war against Iraq. "But a lot of them gave their lives. And their living standard is a whole lot worse now than it was before.'' [Also, the living standard of most Americans is a *whole lot worse* since Bush took [literally, *took*] office. And what Bob Dylan wrote is true about Bush's occupation of Iraq: "Yonder stands your orphan with his gun."]

Doing Business With the Enemy ( "Did it ever occur to you that when President [sic] Bush says, 'Money is the lifeblood of terrorist operations,' he's talking about your money -- and every other American's money? Just about everyone with a 401(k) pension plan or mutual fund has money invested in companies that are doing business in so-called rogue states." [So this means Halliburton is getting paid on both ends of the terrorism W-ar: for helping finance "terrorism" and helping to fight W-ars against "terrorism." Halliburton has its hands in the pockets of "rogue" nations and the US all at the same time. Maybe HALLIBURTON actually *IS* "Terrorism" itself!!!! Halliburton is making money for fighting W-ars it first helps to start! Halliburton *IS* guilty of TREASON!!!!]

Chief Justice Balks at Ethical Questions Raised by Senators Chief Justice [and Bush-Cheney whore] William H. Rehnquist on Monday rebuffed two Democratic senators who questioned Justice Antonin Scalia's impartiality in an appeal involving Scalia's friend and hunting partner, Vice pResident Dick Cheney.

LA federal judge rules part of Patriot Act unconstitutional A federal judge has ruled that a portion of the USA Patriot Act, which bars giving expert advice or assistance to groups designated as foreign terrorist organizations, is unconstitutional and the government may not enforce it.

Whistleblower Coming In Cold From the F.B.I. --by Gail Sheehy --Sibel Edmonds says she was shocked at the lack of security in the F.B.I.’s counterintelligence squad when she went to work there shortly after Sept. 11. But when she spoke up, she was canned. "Last Friday, the four women from New Jersey who have faced down the F.B.I. on its failures in preventing the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, that claimed their husbands’ lives were personally invited to the bureau’s Hoover Building offices in Washington, D.C., for a second visit. Their host was none other than F.B.I. director Robert Mueller..."

IRS will track Free File taxpayers The IRS this year will flag taxpayers who use its free electronic filing program, a change that has touched off a privacy firestorm.

Budget analysts see deeper 10-year deficits of $2.4 trillion The government's budget outlook deteriorated further on Monday as the Congressional Budget Office projected nearly $2.4 trillion in deficits over the next decade. Along with the forecast, almost $1 trillion worse than estimated in August, Congress' nonpartisan fiscal watchdog said this year's deficit would hit $477 billion. That would be a record in dollar terms.

US budget deficit reaches $500bn The US Federal budget deficit could reach $2.4 trillion over the next 10 years, $1 trillion more than previously estimated, official estimates said.

Judge Dismisses U.S. Slave Reparations Lawsuit A federal judge Monday dismissed a lawsuit demanding reparations from companies accused of profiting from American slavery, suggesting the issue belongs in the U.S. Congress and not his courtroom.

Clark Wins Initial N.H. Primary Votes Wesley Clark won the initial votes cast Tuesday morning in New Hampshire's Democratic presidential primary, the first to be counted in a state primary this year.

Dean back in dead heat with Kerry Statistically, two are tied in latest MSNBC poll --The three-day rolling average has Kerry with 28 percent to Dean’s 25 percent in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary on Tuesday. MSNBC's Felix Schein reports, "The Iowa scream itself may be playing a part in the rebound" in the polls. "For Deanics around the Granite State, the footage of Dean's explosion has served as a rallying cry, producing signs like the ones in Plymouth reading, 'Four more years of Bush and we’ll all be screaming' or 'Scream for Dean.' Not only has the rant assumed a cult status but it has also plastered Dean’s face all over America’s television screens leading some to resort to the old line that any publicity is good publicity." [Scream on, Dean! We are Screaming for you! It's either your scream or the scream of MILLIONS who suffer and/or die at the hands of the Bush NAZI REGIME!!!]

Conn. Governor Impeachment Panel Gets Unanimous OK Connecticut lawmakers voted unanimously on Monday to set up a panel to investigate whether to launch an impeachment probe of embattled [Republican] Gov. John Rowland after he accepted gifts and free work from state contractors and lied about it.

Bush Brother's Divorce Produces Some Startling Disclosures Messy divorce has produced some eye-opening disclosures [that we will not hear about on Faux News or MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable, that is for sure]. Among them: Neil Bush had sex with women who showed up uninvited at his hotel rooms in Asia; he had an affair and may have fathered a child out of wedlock; and he stands to make millions from businesses in which he has little expertise - including a computer-chip company managed in part by the son of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin.

Money tapes may bury Sharon, says former aide Israeli police are examining more than 50 hours of potentially explosive taped conversation between Ariel Sharon and his sons, recorded by a former close aide, David Spector. Mr Spector said his tapes could be important evidence in a police investigation into the Israeli Prime Minister and bring about his downfall.

Beef industry, federal regulators long ignored warnings Mad cow discovery punctures myth of US "firewall" against disease --by Tom Seabaugh and Jerry Isaacs "Independent scientists and consumer advocates have long warned that BSE would appear in the US. The giant agribusinesses that dominate the industry and their political representatives in Washington... have repeatedly resisted measures that could protect the public, including those that have substantially reduced the incidence of the disease in Britain and much of Europe since being instituted after the outbreak of the 1980s."

Parrot's oratory stuns scientists The finding of a parrot with an almost unparalleled power to communicate with people has brought scientists up short. The bird, a captive African grey called N'kisi, has a vocabulary of 950 words, and shows signs of a sense of humour. [950 words? That's a several hundred word advantage over that of the Idiot Usurper's knowledge base.]

US must quit Iraq before vote, say Sunnis An influential Sunni Muslim group in Iraq said yesterday it was opposed to partial elections scheduled for the summer and wanted a vote taken only when American forces had left the country.

Bechtel in $2.5b deal to build Doha airport Qatar yesterday announced it had awarded a $2.5 billion contract to US construction giant Bechtel to build a new airport.

Dean: Iraqi Standard of Living Worse Now Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean said Sunday that the standard of living for Iraqis is a "whole lot worse'' since Saddam Hussein's removal from power in last year's American-led invasion. "You can say that it's great that Saddam is gone and I'm sure that a lot of Iraqis feel it is great that Saddam is gone,'' said the former Vermont governor, an unflinching critic of the war against Iraq. "But a lot of them gave their lives. And their living standard is a whole lot worse now than it was before.'' [Also, the living standard of most Americans is a *whole lot worse* since Bush took [literally, *took*] office. And what Bob Dylan wrote is true about Bush's occupation of Iraq: "He understands your orphan with his gun."]

Kucinich: Iraq Policy Will Lead to Draft America's policy in Iraq will lead to a resumption of the military draft, Democrat Dennis Kucinich told high school and college students Saturday. "The body count keeps rising,'' Kucinich said, pointing to reports of more deaths in Iraq.

Kerry: Bush Rush to War Ignores Vietnam Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry says Dictator Bush has breached a faith to keep young people from dying needlessly in combat, which he said was a lesson from the Vietnam War.

Kay: Lack of Iraqi WMD Requires Review U.S. intelligence agencies need to explain why their research indicated Iraq possessed banned weapons before the American-led invasion, says the outgoing top U.S. inspector, who now believes Saddam Hussein had no such arms. "I don't think they exist," David Kay said Sunday. "The fact that we found so far the weapons do not exist — we've got to deal with that difference and understand why." [NO! Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-and the PNAC crew need to explain why they LIED to the American people in order to carry out an illegal and immoral war for Halliburton and Bechtel!]

Kay Asks Why U.S. Thought Iraq Had WMD U.S. intelligence agencies need to explain why their research indicated Iraq possessed banned weapons before the American-led invasion, says the outgoing top U.S. inspector, who now believes Saddam Hussein had no such arms.

Kay Doubts Presence of Illicit Iraq Arms The outgoing chief U.S. weapons inspector says his inability to find illicit arms in Iraq raises serious questions about American intelligence-gathering. [We need to raise 'serious questions' as to why Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rove have not yet been tried for treason.]

Democrats Call for Probe of Iraq Weapons Claims Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry said on Sunday the Bush dictatorship, including Vice pResident Dick Cheney, should be "held accountable" for claims Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Spy chiefs warn PM: don't blame us for war British intelligence chiefs launched a pre-emptive strike against Poodle Tony Blair last night, ahead of the publication of the Hutton report, and blamed the government for pressurising them into cherry-picking intelligence to justify the war on Iraq.

Blair defiant over WMDs as aides face Hutton censure At least nine people - six associated with Poodle Tony Blair's government and three from the BBC - could be in the firing line when Lord Hutton delivers his much-anticipated report into the death of David Kelly on Wednesday.

Blair Faces Major Test in Iraq Arms Probe Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair faces a crucial judgment next week in a political and personal drama that goes to the heart of the debate about whether he hyped the case for war in Iraq.

Blair stares into abyss Chancellor challenged to save PM in fees fight --Poodle Tony Blair was last night battling to save his premiership from the abyss on tuition fees with more concessions due to be announced to MPs today, and a minister calling on the chancellor to warn rebels they would not be given ministerial office in a future Brown administration.

Paranoid Poodle: Blair feared Chirac was "out to get him" before Iraq war Poodle Tony Blair believed that Jacques Chirac was "out to get him" ahead of the Iraq war, because the French leader feared Britain's prime minister was usurping his own position as the natural leader of Europe, the Financial Times (FT) newspaper reported.

As with the United States, Iraq wants direct elections, Bush does not: Delays and Split on Iraqi Council Imperil U.S. Plan A powerful cleric's demand for quick elections has delayed the drafting of an interim constitution and created a serious new split in the Iraqi Governing Council, officials said Sunday, further undermining the Bush dictatorship's troubled plan for a political transition in Iraq. [Wasn't one of the mega-lies that Bush espoused to justify the Halliburton oil grab, was that the U.S. wanted to 'bring democracy' to the people of Iraq?]

Iraqi Melting Pot Nears Boiling Point In oil-rich Kirkuk, Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens compete for a place in the new order. This fabled city of muddy streets and hidden guns, where one person's folklore is another's atrocity, has U.S. officials concerned that ethnic tensions could ignite a civil war and spoil plans for a unified Iraq.

U.S. Loses Fifth Copter This Month in Iraq The U.S. military lost its fifth helicopter this month in Iraq, which crashed in the Tigris river while searching for a soldier whose boat had capsized. The aircraft's two crew members and the soldier remained missing Monday.

Army Copter With 2 Pilots Crashes in Iraq A U.S. military helicopter crashed Sunday in the Tigris River in the northern town of Mosul while searching for a soldier, and both crewmembers were missing, a spokeswoman said.

US soldier dies in Iraq; thousands protest in Tokyo against deployment Another US soldier was killed in Iraq, the eighth American troop fatality in a 24-hour wave of violence, as thousands rallied in Tokyo against sending Japanese troops to the war-battered country.

BSE fears spread to Canadian Forces in Kabul Canada has temporarily taken tonnes of U.S. beef off the menu at its main military base in Afghanistan because of concerns over mad cow disease.

The US is now in the hands of a group of extremists Fundamentalism has spawned an ideology of American supremacy --by George Soros "The ideologues of American supremacy and President [sic] Bush personally never cease to remind us that September 11 changed the world. It is only as the untoward consequences of the invasion of Iraq become apparent that people are beginning to realise something has gone woefully wrong... When he stood for election in 2000, President [sic] Bush promised a humble foreign policy. I contend that the Bush administration has deliberately exploited September 11 to pursue policies that the American public would not have otherwise tolerated."

Venezuela Upbraids U.S. Over Terrorism Complaint Venezuela Sunday rejected U.S. complaints that it was not doing enough to fight terrorism and said Washington should set an example by bringing to justice "terrorist" foes of President Hugo Chavez who are seeking U.S. asylum.

New federal air passenger screening program set to start this summer Northwest Airlines and every other U.S. airline soon will be required to send the names and travel plans of all their customers to the federal government as part of a massive computerized screening program designed to identify potential 'terrorists' before they board an airplane.

Give 9/11 Panel More Time (Los Angeles Times) "The administration, which initially opposed the commission's creation but then endorsed it, has hampered its research and insists on shortening its life span from 24 months, as originally proposed by Congress, to 18 months. This timetable raises questions of cynical political calculation — whether the administration really wants to know what went awry in the past to fix it or whether it just wants to get any damaging revelations out well before the fall presidential campaign heats up... The commission only recently received copies of the 'president[sic]'s daily brief,' crafted by the CIA. These files could reveal whether President [sic] Bush had been warned before 9/11 of the possibility of terrorist attacks using commercial planes."

AWOL? Deserter? Bring It On! Either Way, Lt. George W. Bush Abandoned His Nation and Dishonored His Flight Suit. Either Way, This is a Fight Democrats Should Fight - and Win. --by Bob Fertik "Despite the evidence, George W. Bush insists that he did perform his required drills at a base in Alabama in the fall of 1972, and then performed additional drills back in Texas in the spring of 1973. But the documents show otherwise, and Bush's commanding officers in both Alabama and Texas say they never saw Bush during those two years, as Walter Robinson of the Boston Globe first reported on May 23, 2000."

[Reichwing Puke] Dennis Miller to Give Bush a Free Pass [GOP whore] Dennis Miller has usually been happy to spray his acerbic wit across the political spectrum, but things will be different on his new CNBC talk program. President [sic] Bush is in a mock-free zone. "I like him," Miller explained. "I'm going to give him a pass. I take care of my friends." [Now *there's* a real journalist... NOT!]

Bush, Congress Face Historic Deficits Federal deficits are setting records as Dictator Bush and Congress plunge into the election year's budget work and both parties wonder if the red ink will prove to be a campaign issue.

Clinton: Bush's economic plans threaten U.S. growth The United States will not continue its leadership in the world unless it grows economically, former President Clinton said Sunday, adding that Dictator Bush's economic policies threaten expansion.

Dr. Bill Frist, Moral Monster: He'd Do Anything for Pussy --by Alexander Cockburn (December 31, 2002) "As for Bill Frist [the sick-o Senate Majority 'Leader'], the millionaire Tennessee sawbones, everything you need to know about this unpleasing man was contained in one short paragraph of a profile of Frist by Michael Kranish in the Boston Globe Sunday magazine for October 27, 2002, covering the years when Frist was in Boston, first at Harvard Medical School and then at Mass General. 'Frist is an animal lover who said his decision to become a doctor was clinched when he helped heal a friend's dog. But Frist now found himself forced to kill animals during medical research. And his new dilemma was finding enough animals to kill. Soon, he began lying to obtain more animals. He went to the animal shelters around Boston and promised he would care for the cats as pets. Then he killed them during experiments. 'It was a heinous and dishonest thing to do,' Frist wrote. 'I was going a little crazy.'' So now the US senate is going to be led by the cat world's answer to Dr Mengele!"

Bush Seeking to Limit Malpractice Awards Dictator Bush is trying to resuscitate a measure to place nationwide caps on medical malpractice awards, a move he has made a centerpiece of his s-election-year focus on health care [?????]. Senate Democrats stalled the bill last year, arguing it would help the insurance industry [one of Bush's paymasters], not patients.

Polls: Clark Has Slim Lead in Oklahoma Several leading Democratic presidential candidates are fighting for the top position in Arizona, Oklahoma and South Carolina, according to polls done in those states with Feb. 3 primaries.

Nixon's Fake Plot to Disrupt the 1972 Republican Convention With Lethal Force. Perjured Cop Testimony Blamed the Anti-War Movement. --by Mary Titus "As we approach the political conventions this summer, it may be useful to look to the past to study how the FBI and police engage provocateurs."

Global warming will plunge Britain into new ice age 'within decades' Britain is likely to be plunged into an ice age within our lifetime by global warming, new research suggests.

Powell: Possible Iraq Had No Banned Arms Secretary of State Colin Powell held out the possibility Saturday that prewar Iraq may not have possessed weapons of mass destruction.

New WMD blow for Tony Blair Britain 's opposition Conservatives called on Saturday for a public inquiry about the British decision to join the war on Iraq following the resignation of the top US official charged with tracking down Iraq 's alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Blair's future at stake as judge reports Wednesday on Kelly suicide Nothing less than the future of British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair hangs in the balance this week as a long-awaited report of the judicial inquiry into the suicide of weapons expert David Kelly is made public.

War crimes trial for Hussein could reveal details of past U.S. help Saddam Hussein's loyalists may not be the only ones edgy about the prospect of a war crimes trial for the former Iraqi leader. Vexing questions also could surface about how much the United States helped Iraq during its eight-year war with Iran -- and whether it tried to stop Iraqi atrocities

'It's just wrong what we're doing' In an exclusive interview, repentant Vietnam War architect Robert McNamara breaks his silence on Iraq: The United States, he says, is making the same mistakes all over again. --by Doug Saunders

Archbishop calls on Blair to admit Iraq war was wrong Archbishop Desmond Tutu says Tony Blair and George Bush should admit the war in Iraq was wrong.

Democrat Edwards Wants Iraq War Case Investigation Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards called on Saturday for an independent commission to investigate if the Bush dictatorship misled the U.S. Congress in making its case for war with Iraq and demanded an end to war profiteering. He said Halliburton Co. and others who had secured contracts to rebuild Iraq were major Bush political contributors.

U.S. sees significant role for U.N. in Iraq handover The United States said it envisaged a significant role for the United Nations in a planned handover of power to Iraqis, while resistance fighters killed five U.S. soldiers and four civilians in Iraq.

Ex-U.N. arms expert to head U.S. hunt in Iraq Charles Duelfer has been named by the CIA to lead the U.S. team hunting for unconventional weapons in Iraq. Despite the many reports he had written for the United Nations on Iraq's arms, Duelfer recently expressed doubts unconventional weapons will ever be found. "I think that Mr. Kay and his team have looked very hard. I think the reason that they haven't found them is they're probably not there," he told NBC on Jan. 8.

U.S. Soldier Dies in Iraq Grenade Attack Resistance fighters fired a rocket propelled grenade at a Bradley fighting vehicle that was on patrol in central Iraq, killing a U.S. soldier, a military spokeswoman said Sunday.

5 G.I.'s Are Killed in a Wave of Violence Resistance fighters in Iraq killed or wounded scores of people in several attacks on Saturday, including two American soldiers who were killed by a makeshift bomb on a road near Falluja and three more who died in a truck-bomb attack in Khaldiya, military officials said.

Iraq Blasts Kill Five U.S. Troops, Four Iraqis A car bomb exploded at the entrance to an American military base in Iraq on Saturday, killing three U.S. soldiers just hours after separate blasts elsewhere left two servicemen and at least four Iraqis dead.

Iraq Blasts Kill Four Iraqis, Two U.S. Soldiers A bomb exploded under a car on Saturday in the heart of the volatile Iraqi town of Samarra, killing four Iraqis and wounding dozens, while a separate bomb attack on a U.S. convoy killed two soldiers.

Stress epidemic strikes American forces in Iraq The war's over, but the suicide rate is high and the army is riddled with acute psychiatric problems. Up to one in five of the American military personnel in Iraq will suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, say senior forces' medical staff dealing with the psychiatric fallout of the war.

Cheney: Direct threats require 'decisive action' Says nations must be prepared to use force if diplomacy fails --Democratic nations must join together to fight 'terrorism' and the spread of the world’s most dangerous weapons, but if diplomacy fails, they must be prepared to use force, Vice pResident Dick Cheney said Saturday. [An effective 'decisive action' might be putting the Bush junta on trial for treason.]

Cheney Dodges Question of U.S. As Empire Asked on Saturday whether he considered the United States to be an empire, Vice pResident Dick Cheney had the perfect dodge: Ask my wife. Lynne Cheney was responsible, the vice pResident said, for the quote from Benjamin Franklin on the family Christmas card: "If a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?"

'Christian Terrorists' Anti-Abortionist Calls for Violence, Says It Is Religious Duty --An anti-abortion activist, calling for a new wave of violence against clinics and doctors, is following the example of violent Islamic fundamentalists, telling those who share his views to become "Christian terrorists" and promising them a reward in Heaven. [One person's 'terrorist' is another person's freedom fighter. Some people may think it is time to become 'anti-coup terrorists' and leave NO Diebold machine standing for the 2004 s-election as it is their *religious duty* to protect the planet from another stolen election and four more years of George W. Bush's international terrorism.]

Newsweek Poll: Campaign 2004 52 Percent of Voters Don't Want to See Bush Re-S-elected (44% Do), 47 Percent Strongly Do Not

Bush 'stole' the presidential election: Cherie Blair In a forthright view that is likely to embarrass her husband, Cherie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair, is reported to have observed that George W Bush "stole" the US presidential election from Al Gore. "Cherie Blair still believed that Bush had stolen the White House from Gore," author Philip Stephens wrote in his book "Tony Blair: The Making of a World Leader."

Computer reportedly seized from Frist's office Democrats say their computers were infiltrated by GOP staffers Federal investigators reportedly have seized a staff computer in Senate Majority Leader Bill 'Cat Torturer' Frist's office in a probe to find Republican aides who spied on Democrats ['improperly accessed Democrats' memos] on opposing judicial nominees.

Michigan unemployment rate rises slightly to 7.2 percent December rate was worst of 2003 --Michigan’s unemployment rate remained above 7 percent for the seventh-straight month in December, according to the state Department of Labor and Economic Growth.

Democrat Clark Pledges Prescription Drug Reform Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark promised on Friday to force pharmaceutical companies to reimburse taxpayers when they use federal subsidies to develop profitable prescription drugs.

Kerry Takes to Ice with Hockey Greats in N.Hampshire John Kerry, leading the pack of Democratic presidential candidates in New Hampshire, laced up his skates on Saturday and took to the ice with some legendary hockey stars from the Boston Bruins.

Dean Says His White House Bid Is on Comeback Trail Democratic White House hopeful Howard Dean said on Saturday his embattled campaign was moving in the right direction despite the obsession with his televised outburst in Iowa and "under-the-table" tactics in the state's caucuses.

German trial hears how Iranian agent warned US of impending al-Qaida attack The United States was warned of impending September 11 terrorist attacks by an Iranian spy, but ignored him, German secret service agents testified yesterday in the trial of an alleged al-Qaida terrorist.

Hussein's WMD never existed, says chief American arms inspector David Kay, who stood down yesterday as head of the Bush regime's hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, said that he did not believe that any stockpiles of such weapons ever existed.

Iraq Illicit Arms Gone Before War, Departing Inspector States David Kay, who led the American effort to find banned weapons in Iraq, said Friday after stepping down from his post that he has concluded that Iraq had no stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons at the start of the war last year.

Kay Resigns, Contradicts Bush on Weapons David Kay stepped down as leader of the U.S. hunt for banned weapons in Iraq on Friday, and fired a parting shot at the Bush dictatorship, while pressure mounted on Washington to hold early direct elections in Iraq.

US appoints new head for Iraq weapons search The director of America's Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet, has appointed a new leader of the US team looking for evidence of chemical or biological weapons in Iraq.

The CIA revolt against the White House Former intelligence official Larry C. Johnson blasts the Bush administration's "outright pattern of bullying." --by Mark Follman "...[F]or almost a year, the White House has been quietly fighting a contentious battle at home on the national security front -- against the U.S. intelligence community itself. Vocal retired intelligence officials, and anonymous active ones, have protested repeatedly that the White House has coerced intelligence agencies to rig findings and analysis to suit administration aims... The latest salvo was launched this week when a group of respected former CIA officials, led by decorated analyst Larry C. Johnson, sent a letter to Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert demanding that Congress hold the White House accountable for deliberately revealing the identity of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame." [registration required]

Ex-CIA Officers Ask Congress to Probe Plame Leak A group of former CIA staffers is pushing for a congressional investigation into the "shameful" leaking of the name of undercover officer Valerie Plame, whose husband cast doubt on the Bush regime's claims about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

Helicopter crashes in Iraq; 2 pilots dead A U.S. Army OH-58 Kiowa Warrior helicopter attached to the 101st Airborne Division crashed Friday in northern Iraq, killing the two pilots, the U.S. military said.

Iraq women gunned down Four Iraqi women who worked for the US army have been killed in a gun attack on their minibus. Police said several other women were wounded in Wednesday's attack near the town of Falluja, about 50 kilometres (32 miles) west of the capital Baghdad.

Halliburton Repays Government $6.3M Payment Covers Alleged Kickbacks to Employees Working in Iraq --Halliburton Co. said today that it has repaid the government $6.3 million to cover potential overcharging for work in Iraq related to possible kickbacks to fired employees.

Senate Dems push for Halliburton probe Senate Democrats are demanding a investigation of U.S. government dealings with Halliburton Co., following revelations of kickbacks on Iraq contracts.

Halliburton audit finds possible problems Internal probe unveils potential overbilling in Pentagon contract --At least one, perhaps two former Halliburton Co. employees may have accepted improper payments from a Kuwaiti subcontractor providing support for the U.S. military, as part of an alleged scheme to overcharge the Pentagon by some $6 million.

Report: Halliburton staff took kickbacks The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Halliburton Co. has told the Pentagon that two employees pocketed up to $6 million in kickbacks for awarding a Kuwaiti-based company with work supplying U.S. troops in Iraq.

Judge raises award in suit against Halliburton, Ramco A judge has tacked on an additional $35.6 million to an existing judgment against Houston-based Halliburton Energy Services Inc., Scotland-based Ramco Energy Plc, and Ramco Oil Ltd. for violating confidentiality contracts over the development of an oil field in Kazakhstan.

Halliburton Corruption in Nigeria Reaches Washington In Paris, a French judge has reportedly warned that Vice pResident Dick Cheney could be charged over allegations that his former company, Halliburton, paid $180 million in bribes to build a Nigerian gas plant. Other allegations are abundant: Nigerian prosecutors also have been investigating a disclosure by Halliburton that an official of Kellogg Brown & Root allegedly paid $2.4 million to a Nigerian official in 2001 in return for lower taxes...

Call to investigate Britain for Iraq war crimes A group of legal experts are calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague to investigate Britain for war crimes in Iraq.

Arabs slam U.S. over democracy Arab and Muslim leaders have slammed the United States' campaign for democracy in the Middle East as hypocritical, saying Washington should first end its "double standards" in the Israeli-Arab conflict.

When was Bush transformed into the see-no-evil president [sic]? --by Elizabeth Sullivan "Tuesday night, President [sic] Bush recast the Iraq war as a 'liberation.' Last year at this time, he was selling it as a national security mission critical to U.S. safety... [W]hen U.N. weapons inspectors busted up Saddam's nuclear program in the early 1990s, they found one uranium enrichment plant built to the precise design of a previously discarded U.S. weapons-lab blueprint... An Iraqi microbiologist who trained at the U.S. government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1985 openly carried bio-bugs back with him, including denatured plague strains and the West Nile virus.

Wars 'useful', says US army chief The head of the United States army has said that the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided a "tremendous focus" for the military. 'Silver lining' --General Schoomaker said the attacks on America in September 2001 and subsequent events had given the US army a rare opportunity to change. "There is a huge silver lining in this cloud," he said. "War is a tremendous focus... Now we have this focusing opportunity, and we have the fact that [Bush family bushiness partner, Osama bin Laden, and al-Qaida] have actually attacked our homeland, which gives it some oomph." He said it was no use having an army that did nothing but train. "There's got to be a certain appetite for what the hell we exist for," he said.

Bush to Seek $401.7B Pentagon Budget Dictator Bush will ask Congress to approve $401.7 billion in defense spending for the budget year that begins in October, a 7 percent increase over this year, the Pentagon announced Friday. [After the 2004 coup d'etat, Bush will then seek an additional $40 billion dollars for Halliburton ['Iraq and Afghanistan'].]

Pendleton Chopper Crash Kills All 4 Crew Members A military helicopter crashed during a training mission at this base north of San Diego, killing all four people aboard, officials said.

Military train derails near Charleston An accident Thursday night in a CSX Transportation train yard north of Charleston, S.C., resulted in the derailment of 13 train cars, including three that were carrying military ammunition.

Study finds link between Agent Orange, cancer Military concedes toxic chemical increases risk of illness --Air Force veterans who were exposed to the chemical defoliant Agent Orange during the Vietnam War have an increased risk of prostate and skin cancer, military researchers [finally] reported.

Bush Aims to Expand USA Patriot Act Defeated in his bid to expand the USA Patriot Act, Dictator Bush is raising his voice to persuade Congress to at least renew the measure.

Holy may God strike him dead if he is lying, Batman! Ashcroft Says U.S. Not Greedy for Empire U.S. Attorney General [and terrorist nutball] John Ashcroft denied Friday Washington was greedy for empire and stressed it needed partners to prevail in the war on terror.

Paranoid shift --by Michael Hasty "In his book, 'Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower,' William Blum warns of how the media will make anything that smacks of 'conspiracy theory' an immediate 'object of ridicule.' This prevents the media from ever having to investigate the many strange interconnections among the ruling class—for example, the relationship between the boards of directors of media giants, and the energy, banking and defense industries. These unmentionable topics are usually treated with what Blum calls 'the media's most effective tool—silence.' But in case somebody's asking questions, all you have to do is say, 'conspiracy theory,' and any allegation instantly becomes too frivolous to merit serious attention."

Whore Court Questioned On Allowing Scalia Trip Two top Senate Democrats challenged Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist yesterday to explain the Supreme Court procedures that permitted Justice Antonin Scalia to spend several days recently duck hunting with Vice pResident Cheney, who is a named party in a case pending before the Whore Court.

Rehnquist questioned on Cheney-Scalia trip Two leading Democratic senators asked Chief Justice William Rehnquist on Thursday about the propriety of a hunting trip Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia took with Vice pResident Dick Cheney while Cheney has a case pending before the high court.

Dick Cheney Kills Birds Dead The manly veep has himself a lazy, "canned" pheasant slaughter, and we are so impressed --by Mark Morford "Dick and about nine other overfed white guys sitting in a comfy luxury blind with their manly shotguns, waiting for the Westmoreland guy stationed behind them on a hill to release clusters of stunned, fat, tame game birds from a net. Then they shoot them... This is yet another perfect example of the American agenda as set forth by the CheneyRumsfeldRove Triumvirate o' Pain, very much the way this administration attacks the world. No competition. No sportsmanship. No fairness. Zero respect. No reverence. And no actual talent required. Just kill at will."

Federal judges reject GOP challenge in Colorado redistricting battle A three-judge federal panel on Friday rejected a challenge by the Republican-dominated Legislature over Colorado's congressional redistricting map, but stayed the ruling to see if the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue.

Diebold Gets Stay in California Delay was the order of the day in California Thursday as the secretary of state's Voting Systems Panel, or VSP, postponed announcing any sanctions against Diebold [S-]Election Systems.

Making Votes Count The Perils of Online Voting (The New York Times) "Four computer scientists brought in by the Pentagon to analyze a plan for Internet voting by the military issued a blistering report this week, concluding that the program should be halted. These four are the only members of a 10-member advisory committee to issue a report on the program. Their findings make it clear that the potential for hackers to steal votes or otherwise subvert elections electronically is too high. Congress should suspend the program."

Top accountant facing 6 charges The former chief accounting officer of Enron was indicted yesterday on six felony charges that accuse him of participating in a multi-year effort to disguise the company's collapsing financial performance.

Prosecutors decline Rush Limbaugh's plea offer Prosecutors rejected a deal Rush Limbaugh's attorney suggested that would have seen the conservative radio commentator enter a drug intervention program rather than face charges for illegally obtaining prescription painkillers, records show.

Chemical Industry Given Private Access to EPA; Seeks Approval of Pesticides at Expense of Wildlife ( "A lawsuit filed last week asserts that the Bush Administration is allowing a special task force from the chemical industry to lobby secretly and illegally inside the Environmental Protection Agency. The task force aims to circumvent current protections for endangered species. If successful, it will be easier for the industry to gain approval for the use of certain pesticides."

Mad Cow Probe Spreads to Seventh Facility The investigation into mad cow disease spread to a farm in central Washington state, the seventh facility linked to an infected Holstein, agriculture officials said Friday.

USDA Finds Herdmates of Mad Cow Animal in Idaho Animal health officials investigating the first U.S. case of mad cow disease have identified three animals in Idaho that were herdmates of the infected dairy cow in Washington state, the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Friday.

Ehrlich Cuts Funding for Bay, Disabled Programs A $23.8 billion spending plan Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R-of course) released yesterday provides no aid to two groups long supported by the state: the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Maryland Education Program and Best Buddies International, a mentoring program for the developmentally disabled run by Anthony Shriver, a son of Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

State must push to get cheaper prescription drugs What We Pay Compared to Canada Is Outrageous (The Mercury News) "California taxpayers should be outraged about the premium the state pays for prescription drugs in comparison to Canadians.. [T]he state is projecting that it will pay nearly $4 billion to U.S. pharmaceutical companies for prescription drugs for its Medi-Cal program. Yet Canadians who buy their prescription drugs from the very same pharmaceutical companies pay 40 percent less than Californians."

The Other America --by Bob Herbert "Either the president [sic] doesn't get it, or he is deliberately ignoring the hard times that have enveloped millions of Americans on his watch... The interests of the great corporations and the wealthy, privileged classes are not the same as those of American working families. And because the power of government has shifted so radically in favor of the interests of the former, there is little left but indifference to the needs and aspirations of the latter, who just happen to be the vast majority of Americans.

Democrat Clark Pledges Prescription Drug Reform Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark promised on Friday to force pharmaceutical companies to reimburse taxpayers when they use federal subsidies to develop profitable prescription drugs.

We May Have Dean to Kick Around --by David Greenberg "When I first saw the snippets of [Democratic candidate Dr. Howard] Dean's Monday night speech, they struck me as little more than the fiery rallying cry of an exhausted, hoarse campaigner trying to keep disappointment from sapping his troops... What had been a relatively innocuous, if slightly goofy, speech has metamorphosed into a real threat to his prospects, as late-night comedians drill home the image of a deranged Dean. Perhaps the propensity toward hysteria and overheated rhetoric belongs to the media, not to Dean."

Howard and Judy - The Diane Sawyer Interview (Howard and Judy Dean were interviewed by Diane Sawyer on ABC's Prime Time Thursday. Click here for transcript of the interview. (

Dean Getting Second Look From N.H. Interviews with nearly two dozen undecided voters Friday suggest that Dr. Howard Dean's political makeover could at least stop his dip in popularity due to his Iowa speech. Dean drew enormous crowds all day — 1,500 on Friday in Keene, N. H. , where he said, "Wow, I hope there are some undecideds out there so we can sway them."

Will Bush play the bioterror card? --by Lori R. Price "There is no way on God's green earth that Karl Rove will let the Idiot Usurper debate *any* Democratic candidate three nights in a row on national television, and Rove can't 'Wellstone' all of them... Even a staged bin Laden 'capture' may not be enough. Bush needs to turn to something that would grab a little more attention and insure the desired clampdown, just in time for the 2004 s-election."

Legislating the next coup d'etat: House panel prepares House for catastrophic attack A House committee recommended legislation Wednesday that would provide for fast special elections [???!!!] if a terrorist attack killed or incapacitated many House members. ['fast special elections' is a codeword for coup d'etat.]

Network Execs Gather to Discuss How to Cover Next Terror Attack Steven Brill had a summit meeting of TV anchormen and their bosses over dinner at his Fifth Avenue apartment on Tuesday night with Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge to discuss how they'll cover the next terrorist attack.

Court stays release of American 'enemy combatant' A US federal appeals court granted the government a stay on its ruling ordering the release from military custody of Jose Padilla, an American citizen detained as an enemy combatant.

9-11 is no reason to suspend the Constitution --by Floyd J. McKay "Bush has used 9-11 to set himself above the law. Unlike World War II or other declared wars, this is a 'war' without end. What president [sic] is going to declare 'Mission Accomplished' on the deck of the USS Lincoln, only to have some loony set off a bomb in the subway? Not likely — we will be fighting a war on terrorism for the rest of our natural lives. What does this mean for the Constitution, then? Does it mean more secret arrests and detentions, the sealing of court records and closing of trials?"

9/11 widow in N.H. talks about her lawsuit against the government A lawyer for a widow suing the Bush dictatorship for negligence in the 9-11 terrorist attacks asked a New Hampshire audience Wednesday to press presidential candidates on whether they will investigate the attacks.

9/11 is low on White House priority list (The Palm Beach Post) "...[Dictator] Bush shouldn't get to sabotage a more important review of his administration's actions and inactions leading up to Sept. 11, 2001.The bipartisan panel investigating the attacks won't be finished by the May 27 deadline. The Bush administration's refusal to cooperate with the panel is the primary reason that it won't be ready to produce a comprehensive report... President [sic] Bush must be afraid that the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States will produce a report showing that he ignored warnings of an Al-Qaeda strike -- and possibly specific warnings about using hijacked airplanes as missiles."

New Egyptian Hit Song Blames US for 9/11 The song blames America itself for the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center: "Hey people, it was only a tower, and I swear by God that they are the ones who pulled it down."

Powell Rebukes Dems for Criticizing Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell on Wednesday criticized Democratic presidential candidates for saying "ridiculous, outrageous and irresponsible" things about Dictator Bush. Powell said it was "just awful" and "total absurdity" for former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean to speak openly about theories that suggest Bush was warned in advance about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. [Hmmm... looks like Dr. Dean hit a sore spot with the Bush dictatorship,<g>. 'Warned in advance' is just the tip of the sad and sorry iceberg of Bush lies. Could this be the reason why the Rove media is now attempting to destroy Howard Dean?]

Infiltration of files seen as extensive Senate panel's GOP staff spied on Democrats --Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe. For Democrats, the scandal highlights GOP dirty tricks that could result in ethics complaints to the Senate and the Washington Bar -- or even criminal charges under computer intrusion laws.

Federal Database a Trove of Personal Info A federally funded crime database run by seven states is looking increasingly to privacy advocates like a potent substitute for the data-mining program the Pentagon scrapped after public rebuke.

Republicans try to cut off 'soft money' to activist groups Alarmed by the sudden emergence of political interest groups bent on defeating Dictator Bush, Republicans are trying to limit the groups' ability to raise millions of dollars.

Vets want proof of Bush service Ten Jefferson County Vietnam veterans are offering $1,000 to anyone with proof that Texas Gov. George W. Bush actually served in the Alabama National Guard.

10 killed in Iraq attacks Two US soldiers, two Iraqi policemen and six civilians, including four women working for the US military, were killed in separate attacks near Baghdad, police and military sources said yesterday.

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq mortar attack Resistance fighters kill 4 women, 2 Iraqi police in separate incidents --A barrage of mortar fire struck a U.S. military encampment in central Iraq, killing two American soldiers and critically wounding a third, the military said Thursday.

Halliburton Tells Pentagon Workers Took Kickbacks to Award Projects in Iraq Halliburton Co. has told the Pentagon that two employees took kickbacks valued at up to $6 million in return for awarding a Kuwaiti-based company with lucrative work supplying U.S. troops in Iraq, Friday's Wall Street Journal reported.

Grand Jury Hears Plame Case Testimony begins in front of a grand jury in the investigation into whether the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame was improperly leaked to the press --Sources with knowledge of the case tell TIME that behind closed doors at the E. Barrett Prettyman federal courthouse, nearby the Capitol, a grand jury began hearing testimony Wednesday in the investigation of who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame to columnist Robert Novak and other journalists.

Ex-C.I.A. Aides Ask for Leak Inquiry by Congress A group of former intelligence officers is pressing Congressional leaders to open an immediate inquiry into the disclosure last summer of the name of an undercover C.I.A. officer, Valerie Plame.

Report: Rumsfeld considers striking Hizbullah to provoke Syria US Secretary of Defense [terrorist nutball, actually] Donald Rumsfeld is considering provoking a military confrontation with Syria by attacking Hizbullah bases near the Syrian border in Lebanon, according to the authoritative London-based Jane's Intelligence Digest. In an article to be published on Friday, the journal said multi-faceted US attacks, which would be conducted within the framework of the 'global war on terrorism', are likely to focus on Hizbullah bases in the Bekaa Valley of eastern Lebanon.

Guard survey hints at exodus Re-enlistments may dip with longer tours --Just as the Pentagon is increasingly relying on the National Guard and other part-time troops for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, an internal Guard survey suggests that the demanding deployments could prompt a significant number of its soldiers to quit the military.

Gulf War Syndrome action demanded A call for action for those suffering from so-called Gulf War Syndrome is due to be made in the House of Lords. Lord Morris of Manchester will demand the government responds to a coroner's ruling that an ex-soldier's death was linked to his service in the 1991 war.

Canadian sues US for deporting him to Syria for torture A Syrian-born Canadian filed a lawsuit in US federal court, accusing Attorney General John AshKKKroft and other top officials of deporting him to Syria in the knowledge he would be tortured.

I would be suicide bomber in Israel, says Lib Dem MP A senior MP provoked anger last night after claiming that she would consider becoming a suicide bomber if she was living in conditions faced by the Palestinians. Dr Jenny Tonge, the former Liberal Democrat spokeswoman on international development, said that she did not condone the Palestinian bombers, but said she could "understand" their actions.

$328-Billion Spending Bill Approved Congress today sent Dictator Bush a $328-billion spending bill that clears the way for new rules dealing with gun purchases, media ownership and overtime pay. The bill allows the regime to move ahead with controversial rules limiting overtime pay, lets big media companies buy more TV stations and delays implementation of country-of-origin food labeling. "We can drive a vehicle on the surface of Mars and we cannot put labels on meat?" said Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), who held up a package of steak on the Senate floor. "Total nonsense."

President [sic] Bush Falls Off Mark With Speech --by Calvin Woodward "President [sic] Bush declared 'jobs are on the rise' — literally true, but listlessly so. His report on the death of the 'death tax' was a bit premature. His account of Afghanistan moving toward freedom and normalcy is challenged by some of the realities on the ground. Bush's State of the Union speech Tuesday was notably cautious in comparison with the one last year, when he made claims about Iraq that didn't stand up."

Bush act starts to wear thin --by Haroon Siddiqui "Even allowing for his domestic needs in an election year, it [George W. Bush's State of the disUnion speech] was riddled with disingenuous, at times dishonest, formulations as well as logical inconsistencies... He [Bush] is weak on the domestic front — a jobless economic recovery that may not last until the fall. He has little choice but to keep exploiting fear and pose as the war president [sic] with the mantra of battling 'terror,' 'terrorism' and 'terrorists.' But the act is wearing thin and he will increasingly be seen as a one-trick pony."

Protesters congregate outside before Dictator Bush speaks at Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio, Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2004. (photo)

Reagan's Son to Pen Anti-Bush Editorial Ron Reagan, son of the former president of the United States, is set to write an editorial piece for Esquire magazine urging the end of the Bush dictatorship.

Prevent future election debacles in Florida Our opinion: Add paper trail of votes to electronic voting process (The Miami Herald) "The ritzy voting systems installed in Florida in the aftermath of the 2000 election debacle [coup d'etat] are extremely accurate, but they lack a vital safeguard to guarantee that every voter's choices are counted and verified. They don't make a paper record of all votes cast, a crucial document for recounts... U.S. Sen. Bob Graham last month introduced a bill that would require a paper record of votes. Florida officials shouldn't wait for the outcome of this legislation, however, before initiating steps to create a paper trail for every election here."

Party faithful seen focused on electability More than 122,000 Democrats attended the Iowa caucuses Monday, of which roughly 45 percent were first-time participants, according to entrance polls. Iowa Democrats drew criticism in 2000 after results were slow and turnout in the two-candidate race was low at roughly 61,000. [Rove, take note: Bush hatred is a tremendous motivating factor in increasing voter registration/turnout in 2004. It's gonna' take a lot more energy for the Bush junta to reinstall itself in the second coup d'etat.]

Kucinich: 'Hello, Bath!' Democratic presidential hopeful lays out his vision for America before 400 enthusiastic listeners (ME) If you think Dennis Kucinich's campaign for president of the United States is not serious, try explaining that to the more than 400 people who overflowed the sanctuary of the United Church of Christ Congregational on Congress Street Wednesday evening to listen to Kucinich speak.

Delaware Gov. Eyes Insurance for All Cancer Victims The governor of Delaware, which ranks sixth in the nation in cancer death rates, on Thursday proposed guaranteeing health insurance for every state resident stricken with the disease. "Some will say 'no other state has done it.' To them I say, it's about time that someone did, and Delaware will lead the way," [Democratic] Gov. Ruth Ann Minner said.

Janklow Draws 100-Day Jail Sentence [Republican] Bill Janklow, who dominated South Dakota politics for three decades as governor and then congressman, was sentenced to 100 days in jail [OMG, that's all ?!?] Thursday for an auto accident that killed a motorcyclist and ended Janklow's career in disgrace.

Ex-Rep. Janklow Sentenced to 100 Days in Fatal Crash Former South Dakota Rep. Bill Janklow, convicted of speeding through a stop sign and killing a motorcyclist, was sentenced on Thursday to 100 days in jail, avoiding a potentially lengthy prison term. Judge Rodney Steele of the Moody County Circuit Court ruled Janklow should serve the first 30 days of his 100-day sentence in jail then begin a daytime work release program, which Steele said he hoped the former governor would use to teach. [Teach *what?* How Republican government officials get away with MURDER???]

Janklow gets [100 days] jail time, fine, 3 years probation Bill Janklow, a [Reichwing] law-and-order politician known for his no-nonsense approach to crime and public policy, will spend 100 days in jail as punishment for the death of Randy Scott. The sentence is a fraction of the 10 years he might have received as a prison term for the second-degree manslaughter conviction a Moody County jury saddled him with Dec. 8. Under Circuit Judge Rodney Steele's ruling Thursday, Janklow also will have his record cleared of the felony if he meets other conditions for good behavior.

New Scott Peterson Murder Trial Judge Off the Case Prosecutors seeking to show that Scott Peterson murdered his pregnant wife had a respected veteran judge dismissed from the case on Thursday just a day after his appointment.

ICC to Get Evidence of Illegality of War A strong case arguing the illegality of the invasion of Iraq will be handed soon to the International Criminal Court at The Hague. The report prepared by eight leading international lawyers and professors of law drawn from four countries makes a strong case against the illegality of the way British and U.S. troops fought the war.

UK cluster bombs may be war crime British use of cluster bombs in the Iraq war could count as a war crime and justifies further investigation by the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor in the Hague, a group of international lawyers say.

Blair: 'No doubt' Iraq had WMD British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair Wednesday deflected a call for an independent inquiry into his country's role in the Iraq war, saying there was "absolutely no doubt" about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. In a parliament session, Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy dismissed Dictator Bush's State of disUnion remarks about Iraq as "rhetoric" and called for an independent inquiry "into the entire basis on which this country (Britain) was taken into that war in Iraq."

Families' Threat To Sue Hoon Geoff Hoon could be sued by the families of soldiers killed in friendly fire incidents in Iraq. The Defence Secretary pledged a fully integrated defence system to prevent the attacks. He admitted later that the equipment was not in place in time.

U.S. made Iraq a hotbed of terrorism: Russia In its most damning indictment of the U.S war in Iraq yet, Russia accused the U.S. of putting Iraq on the brink of disintegration and turning it into a hotbed of terrorism and instability that may fuse with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

CIA officers warn of Iraq civil war, contradicting Bush's optimism CIA officers in Iraq are warning that the country may be on a path to civil war, current and former U.S. officials said Wednesday, starkly contradicting the upbeat assessment that Dictator Bush gave in his State of the disUnion address.

Iraqis Want U.N. Verdict on Feasibility of Elections Iraq's most influential Shi'ite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, is likely to drop his demand for early elections if the United Nations concludes they would not be feasible, a Shi'ite political leader said on Wednesday.

Bush may seek billions for Iraq after s-election Dictator George W. Bush may seek an additional $40 billion or more for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan next year -- on top of the $400 billion military budget he will send to Congress next month, congressional sources and budget analysts said on Wednesday. But Bush is unlikely to send the request to Congress until after the November presidential s-election, minimizing any political damage, the sources said.

Notice to Army Reserve members: don't count on continuing to avoid mobilization Members of the Army Reserve sometimes complain of not knowing when -- or whether -- they might be mobilized for active duty. Soon they may complain of knowing all too well.

Japanese leader under fire over troops for Iraq Japan's main opposition leader yesterday called for the prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, to resign during a heated parliamentary debate on the deployment of Japanese ground troops to Iraq.

Suffer the French Schoolchildren Hatred Bush Hath Wrought --by Ted Rall "The European media has covered a different war than the one you've seen on CNN and Fox News. A 14-year-old Iraqi boy, shot by U.S. troops in Baghdad, was interviewed for five minutes on the evening news.'They did it on purpose,' he said. 'They were laughing.' The bloody corpses of Iraqi civilians are standard TV fare here. The Bush Administration is routinely portrayed as greedy, stupid and mean." [In other words, the European media provides accurate broadcasts.]

Ex-C.I.A. Aides Ask Inquiry by Congress Over Leak of Name A group of former intelligence officers is pressing Congressional leaders to open an immediate inquiry into the disclosure last summer of the name of an undercover C.I.A. officer, Valerie Plame.

Pentagon report throws doubt on defence system capability A Pentagon report says existing test data gives only limited confidence in a missile defence system that the United States is intent on deploying from this year and which Australia is to be part of.

Military Lawyer Slams U.S. Terrorism Tribunals The U.S. Marine Corps lawyer assigned to defend an Australian terror suspect being held at the Guantanamo naval base in Cuba Wednesday criticized the military tribunal process and said it will not allow a fair trial.

City of Los Angeles defies Bush over extending tough terror law Los Angeles' city council defied Dictator George W. Bush and voted to back legislation that would repeal parts of the controversial USA Patriot Act that Bush wants renewed.

GOP students launch complaint Web site Republican students at the University of Colorado launched a Web site to gather complaints about left-leaning faculty members, saying they want to document discrimination against conservative students and indoctrination to the liberal viewpoint. [Document *this.*]

Justice Department Investigating Leak of Classified NSA Material Regarding Sept. 11 Attacks Probe of Intercepted Messages Focuses on Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.) The investigation centers on the disclosure in 2002 that the National Security Agency had intercepted two messages on the eve of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks signaling that something was to happen the next day. The cryptic messages were not translated until Sept. 12.

New evidence halts 9/11 verdict A German court has agreed to allow a new prosecution witness in the trial of an 11 September suspect which appeared to have all but crumbled last month. The dramatic move has delayed the verdict in the case of Abdelghani Mzoudi which was expected this week. Prosecutors gave no details of the new witness but Mr Mzoudi's defence lawyer, Guel Pinar, said the witness was an unidentified Iranian intelligence officer who was claiming to have informed US authorities of an impending attack before September 2001.

Bush Challenged on 'Safer America' disUnion Message Security analysts and a leading human rights campaigner called Wednesday for a rethink of the war on terror and challenged Dictator Bush's assertion that it was making America safer.

Court Backs EPA on Anti-Pollution Rules The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the federal Environmental Protection Agency can override state officials and order some anti-pollution measures that may be more costly.

Democrats Won't Get Justice Memo Texans Say Document Could Embarrass GOP [Holy too f**king bad, Batman!] The Justice Department has formally refused a demand from Texas Democrats to release a lengthy internal memo about a Republican redistricting plan that experts believe could produce a GOP gain of as many as seven House seats in that state later this year, according to documents and officials. The new voting map was enacted in October by the Republican-controlled Texas legislature after months of conflict, and Attorney General John D. Ashcroft cleared it in December.

Report Says Internet 'Voting' System Is Too Insecure to Use A new $22 million system to allow soldiers and other Americans overseas to vote via the Internet is inherently insecure and should be abandoned, according to members of a panel of computer security experts asked by the government to review the program. The system, Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment, or SERVE, was developed with financing from the Department of Defense and will first be used in this year's primaries and general s-election. [We need to stop Karl Rove's preparations for the second Bush coup d'etat.]

Risks Seen in Pentagon's Internet 'Voting' Plan The U.S. government should abandon an Internet-'voting' system planned by the Pentagon because hackers could easily tamper with election results, several computer-science professors said on Wednesday.

Wireless e-voting machines raise concern Computer scientists are concerned that new electronic 'voting' machines - already bought by several US states - have been designed to have the capability to transmit vote tallies wirelessly. Critics of e-voting have previously cited uncertified software upgrades or bugs in the programs as problems, but they say the new touchscreen machines' wireless potential poses a novel security threat.

Bottom Lines From Sen. Lott? In the Washingtonian's February issue, National Editor Kim Eisler quotes Trent Lott, the Mississippi Republican, as referring to former Carter administration official and journalist Hodding Carter III as "Hodding the Turd". Carter responded. "That's my boy," he said of Lott, laughing and recalling that their mutual "animus" dated to the days when Carter owned a newspaper in Greenville, Miss. "I ran editorials saying then what he is now: a racist piece of dreck."

As Democrats Vote in Iowa and New Hampshire, Dictator Bush Looks Vulnerable in Both His Re-S-elect and Face-Off with Generic Democrat --Dictator George W. Bush’s job performance has dropped since mid-December, while his vulnerability increases when matched against an unnamed Democrat or when respondents are asked if he should be re-s-elected. Matched against an unnamed Democrat: January 15-18, 2004 - Bush % 41; Any Democrat % 45

Dean collects nearly $600,000 in donations since Iowa Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean has raised $590,000 since his Iowa loss, his campaign reported Wednesday night.

Bribes claim threatens to bring down Sharon Ariel Sharon has been left one step away from corruption charges and being forced from office by the indictment of a businessman yesterday for allegedly paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Israeli prime minister's family for political favours.

Sharon may face legal challenge Businessman's indictment on bribery charges raises questions --Prosecutors will decide "within weeks or months" whether to indict Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a scandal involving alleged bribes from an Israeli businessman in the late '90s, Israeli Justice Ministry sources said Wednesday.

Abortion foe clobbered with pie Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry held a press conference outside an East Village Planned Parenthood yesterday - and was promptly greeted by a chocolate pie.

U.S. Rep pushes for impeachment hearings on Cheney U.S. Rep Jerry Costello has called for impeachment hearings against U.S. Vice pResident Dick Cheney during Congress' session that begins today. Costello questioned the award of billions of dollars of contracts to Cheney's former corporation Halliburton to 'extinguish fires' and 'rebuild' Iraq's oil infrastructure after the war.

Iraqis Want Saddam's Old U.S. Friends on Trial If Iraqis ever see Saddam Hussein on trial, they want his former American allies shackled beside him [Yes! We want to see that, as well. The entire Bush junta needs to be tried and convicted for past and present W-ar crimes!!]

US set for Iraq election retreat Britain now backs early poll --The US-led occupation in Iraq is on the verge of bowing to Shia Muslim pressure for direct elections before the handover of power on June 30, the Guardian has learned.

Kurds turn against US after losing control over oil-rich land Kurdish community claims it had more autonomy under Saddam Hussein --Iraqi Kurds, the one Iraqi community that has broadly supported the American occupation, are expressing growing anger at the failure of the United States and its allies to give them full control of their own affairs and allow the Kurds to expel Arabs placed in Kurdistan by Saddam Hussein.

Why Do Iowans Like to Caucus But Iraqis Don't? --by Ivan Eland "Iowans seem pretty happy with their quadrennial caucuses... Half a world away, however, Iraqi Shiites have launched massive demonstrations against the Bush administration’s plan for caucuses to elect an interim national assembly. Why do Iowans love what Iraqi Shiites hate? It’s simple: Iowa's version of caucuses is true grassroots democracy in action, whereas the U.S. occupation authority’s version in Iraq is a sham."

Spanish politician in Blair gaffe A Spanish politician has reportedly called Poodle Tony Blair "a complete dickhead" on live television, but didn't know his comment had been heard. The comment by Jose Bono, one of the three most powerful figures in Spain's Socialist Party, was recorded by a TV team as he talked to Joaquin Almunia, a former Socialist leader. Mr Bono said: "Hey, and our colleague Blair? He's a complete dickhead (un gilipollas integral). He's an imbecile."

Two post-Iraq suicides not listed by Army A soldier who served in Iraq apparently hanged himself with a bedsheet last week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, but the Pentagon did not count that death two days later when it announced "a very small increase" in the suicide rate from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Missile Lands in U.S. Compound in Iraq A missile landed in the sprawling U.S. compound in central Baghdad late Tuesday, causing little damage, a U.S. spokesman said. Officials were investigating a report that one person was wounded.

Exit polls, Iowa Caucuses (MSNBC) "Do you approve or disapprove of the United States' decision to go to war with Iraq last year? Disapprove, 75 %; Approve, 24 %"

Pentagon auditors request Halliburton probe Halliburton Co. faced new troubles Thursday over its Iraqi operations as Pentagon auditors requested a formal investigation into the company, and a prominent House Democrat accused Halliburton and Bush regime officials of wrongdoing.

Pentagon Ponders Probe of Parts Prices A defense contractor that overcharged the military for helicopter parts could face a criminal investigation, a Pentagon official said Tuesday.

Venezuela's Security & Defense Council confirms USA involvement in April 2002 coup d'etat During an interview on State VTV program, " En Confianza," Venezuela's Defense Council of the Nation secretary, General Melvin Lopez Hidalgo, presented evidence of US Embassy complicity in the events of April 11, 2002, implicating a US citizen. The citizen identified himself as a US Major and was captured in 2001 when, the General claims, the coup was in its planning stages.

Guantanamo families to take fight to US American civil liberties group to help British detainees --The families of British detainees at Guantanamo Bay are to take their fight for the men's release to the US with the help of the foremost American civil liberties group, they announced yesterday.

5 million on terrorism list U.S. security agents have a master list of five million people worldwide thought to be potential terrorists or criminals, officials say. "The U.S. lookout index contains some five million names of known terrorists and other persons representing a potential problem," Brian Davis, a senior Canadian immigration official in Paris, said in a confidential document obtained by the Sun. [Hopefully, international terrorist and criminal George W. Bush is on the list, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and Ashkkkroft.]

Bush Pushes Plan to Permit Internet Surveillance The Bush dictatorship is pushing to ratify an international convention that civil libertarians say would pose serious threats to privacy rights at home and abroad. After delaying for about two years, U.S. Dictator George W. Bush recently asked the U.S. Senate to ratify the Council of Europe Cybercrime Convention, a global agreement apparently created to help police worldwide cooperate to STOP DISSENT ['fight Internet crimes']. The agreement also makes it mandatory for each participating nation to grant new powers of search and seizure to its law enforcement authorities, including the power to force an Internet service provider (ISP) to preserve a customer's usage records and to monitor his or her online activities as they occur. If approved by the Senate, experts say, U.S. police would be required to cooperate in "mutual assistance requests" from police in other nations "to the widest extent possible".

A further attack on democratic rights All US airline passengers to undergo government background checks --by Jamie Chapman "The US Transportation Security Agency (TSA) gave the go-ahead last week to a new screening system for airline passengers. The Computer Assisted Passenger PreScreening program, known as CAPPS 2, involves a two-stage process for determining who will be subject to additional security checks at airports, and who will be denied the right to fly altogether."

Data on 10m Northwest fliers handed to NASA for 'testing' Documents obtained by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) under the US Freedom of Information Act reveal that a second US airline, Northwest, handed over passenger data to the feds without the passengers' knowledge.

Britain prepares its own version of US Patriot Act --by Richard Tyler "The Civil Contingencies Bill, published on January 7, is meant to serve as a legal veneer for the Labour government of Prime Minister Tony Blair to defend its own existence during an 'emergency'. It grants ministers draconian powers to remove fundamental civil liberties."

The most prominent cabal of international terrorists are assembled in one room, yet: Security tightens for dictator's speech Drill staged to prepare for potential attack --The nation’s capital is being wrapped in an unusually tight security blanket Tuesday in preparation for Dictator Bush’s State of the disUnion speech, according to government officials. Two weeks ago Capitol Hill officials staged a mock attack [?!!!] on the Capitol building as one might play out during the State of the Union address.

Defiant Bush says US needs no permission for war, defends Iraq invasion A defiant US Dictator George W. Bush unapologetically defended his decision to invade Iraq last year, insisting it had made the United States 'safer' and vowing never to seek permission to wage war in 'self-defense'.

Text of Bush's speech --Transcript of Dictator Bush's State of the Union address as recorded by The New York Times.

Dems Challenge Bush's Picture of U.S. Democrats challenged the bright picture of America presented in Dictator Bush's State of the disUnion address Tuesday, saying it belied a darker reality of lost jobs, rising deficits and mounting casualties in Iraq.

Democrats Say Bush Speech Slights Average Americans Democrats seeking to oust George W. Bush from the White House on Tuesday harshly criticized as empty promises for ordinary Americans the State of the disUnion speech by the dictator.

Democrats say Bush has created new axis of evil Opposition Democrats accused Dictator George W. Bush of leading the Unites States into isolation in the world and creating a new "Axis of Evil" with his policies.

Bush Tax Agenda Clashes With Deficits Dictator Bush used his State of the disUnion address to renew calls for permanent tax cuts, a goal that appears stymied already by congressional brooding over budget deficits and the unrelenting politicking of an election year.

Addressing Bush's state of disunion --by James Carroll "In his state of the Union address tonight, President [sic] Bush will speak of the nightmare he has created in Iraq as if it is a dream come true. Yet the contrary facts of the American misadventure have begun to speak for themselves. When the awful story of the Iraq war is written, the two weeks just past may be recognized as a time when the deception and disarray of Bush's policy were made more clear than ever."

Fiction review: State of the Union --by Gene Collier "Last year's State of the Union address didn't come until Jan. 28, but back then there were no Iowa caucuses to divert attention from, and, in the judgment of White House political operatives, there was no particular rush to have George Bush lie on the record... As for the famous weapons of mass destruction justification for the pre-emptive Iraq action, the same phantom numbers also remain on the White House Web site: 25,000 liters of anthrax, 38,000 liters of botulinim toxin, 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent, and 30,000 munitions for delivering chemical weapons... In the meantime, 500 young Americans are dead, thousands more maimed, and the far greater number of Iraqi civilians blown to bits, many of them children, can't even be reliably estimated."

Going for Broke --by Paul Krugman "Meanwhile, the lying has already begun, with the Republican National Committee's willful misrepresentation of Wesley Clark's prewar statements. (Why are news organizations letting them get away with this?) The question we should ask is, Where is all this leading? ...Karl Rove and other insiders must know all this. So they must figure that once they have won the [s-]election, they will have such a complete lock on power that they can break many of their promises with impunity. What will they do with that lock on power? Their election strategy — confuse the middle, but feed the base — suggests the answer."

U.S. uses 1800s law to target Greenpeace When prosecutors brought charges against Greenpeace for protesting a shipment of Amazon mahogany, they dusted off a 19th century federal law enacted to stop pimps from clambering aboard ships entering port. The federal government has never successfully prosecuted an entire activist organization on criminal charges over its protest methods -- not Operation Rescue, not the NAACP, not even the Ku Klux Klan.

Poll: Dean Holds Slim New Hampshire Lead Over Kerry Democrat Howard Dean holds a dwindling two-point lead over Iowa caucus winner John Kerry in New Hampshire one week before the state's presidential primary, according to a Reuters/MSNBC/Zogby poll released on Tuesday.

Dean Disarms Hecklers with National Anthem Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean on Tuesday unleashed an unlikely weapon to disarm hecklers -- the U.S. national anthem.

Citigroup earnings hit $18bn full-year record Citigroup, the world's biggest financial services group, on Tuesday underlined the benefits of size and diversity by reporting a 17 per cent jump in annual net income to $17.85bn, a record for a publicly traded company.

Sharon backs art-wrecking ambassador Ariel Sharon, Israel's Prime Minister, has supported his ambassador to Sweden, who vandalised an installation in a Stockholm exhibition that featured a Palestinian woman suicide bomber.

Coke with Yet Another New Twist: Toxic Cola --by Amit Srivastava "The Indian parliament has banned the sale of Coke and Pepsi products in its cafeteria... The ban came as the result of tests, including those by the Indian government, which found high concentrations of pesticides and insecticides, including lindane, DDT, malathion and chlorpyrifos, in the colas, making them unfit for consumption."

US sugar barons 'block global war on obesity' Leading scientists accused the Bush dictatorship last night of putting the interests of powerful American sugar barons ahead of the global fight against obesity.
CLG Endorses Dennis Kucinich (CLG Press Release) "Citizens for Legitimate Government Steering Committee Endorses Dennis Kucinich as the Democratic candidate for President in 2004." CLG Founder, Michael D. Rectenwald, announced the CLG's endorsement. Click here to see the CLG endorsement press release on the website.

Tens of thousands march to demand elections They marched by the tens of thousands for hours and hours, waving banners, shouting slogans and proudly carrying photographs of the man they called their inspiration - Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. "All the people are with you, Sayyed Ali," demonstrators chanted yesterday as part of the rapidly growing movement to reject the US plan to turn over its control to Iraqis on July 1 without direct elections. [We need to fight for 'Diebold-free' direct elections here, too!]

UN Expected to Intervene in Iraqi Election Dispute The United Nations appeared likely to accept a request from Iraqi leaders and the United States on Monday to send a mission to Baghdad that might help resolve an impasse on electing an interim government by July.

US begins new Baghdad offensive US military officers say they have begun a new offensive in Baghdad, called Operation Iron Resolve [???!!!], aimed at landing a knockout blow against insurgent leaders and financiers in the capital.

'I will survive', vows Blair Poodle Tony Blair says he faces a difficult time next week when Parliament votes on top-up fees and the Hutton Inquiry publishes its report into the death of Dr David Kelly.

Hutton: 48% think Blair lied Poll reveals public pressure for resignation if PM criticised -Poodle Tony Blair is losing the battle for public opinion on two key issues - the Hutton inquiry and tuition fees - that will next week determine the fate of his premiership, according to the results of this month's Guardian/ICM opinion poll.

Widow renews attack after meeting Hoon The widow of a British soldier killed in the Iraq war due to a shortage of body armour called for Geoff Hoon, the Secretary of State for Defence, to "consider his position'" yesterday after meeting him in London.

U.S. bomb said to kill 11 Afghan villagers A U.S. helicopter attacked a house in a village in southern Afghanistan, killing 11 people, four of them children, Afghan officials said Monday.

Eleven dead following air raid on Afghan village A United States air raid on an Afghan village has killed 11 civilians including four children and three women, a local governor said yesterday.

Panning defence plan Protesters oppose Canada's role in missile defence system Throwing "missiles" made of cardboard into the air, a few dozen Halifax demonstrators protested against Canada's participation in the U.S. missile 'defence' programme.

Diplomat Worried of U.S. Plans for Cuba Dagoberto Rodriguez, Cuba's top diplomat in Washington, spends his days looking for hints about what the Bush dictatorship has in mind for his country. He doesn't like what he sees. [We don't like what Bush has in store for us, either!]

Will proposed school terror plan terrify children? The Florida Senate is looking at a law that would require every public school in the state to hold 10 emergency drills a year, including five full scale evacuations and at least one that amounts to a terrorist drill. This idea has educators worried about the mental welfare of their students.

George W Bush and the real state of the [dis]Union Today the Dictator gives his annual address. As the election battle begins, how does his first term add up? 501: Number of American servicemen to die in Iraq from the beginning of the war - so far 0: Number of American combat deaths in Germany after the Nazi surrender to the Allies in May 1945 0: Number of coffins of dead soldiers returning home from Iraq that the Bush regime has allowed to be photographed 0: Number of funerals or memorials that Dictator Bush has attended for soldiers killed in Iraq 100: Number of fund-raisers attended by Bush or Vice-pResident Dick Cheney in 2003...

Domestic Issues Hurt Bush in Poll Unnamed Democrat Pulls Nearly Even --Dictator Bush delivers his State of the disUnion address tonight to an American public that has become broadly dissatisfied with his domestic agenda, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Insurers to Get 10.6% Increase From Medicare Dictator Bush will increase Medicare payments to health maintenance organizations and other private health plans by a record 10.6 percent in an effort to line the pockets of Bush's paymasters ['persuade them to enter the Medicare market and increase benefits for the elderly'], dictatorship officials say.

Space Industry Could See $90+ Billion Market This Year The International Space Business Council announced that the '2004 State of the Space Industry' would be released late this week. Among its conclusions are that a rebound in commercial orders for satellites and launch vehicles, combined with an increasing Department of Defense budget for space systems, and a rise in consumer satellite services will drive the industry toward greater growth.

Three-fifths of Americans oppose Bush's mission to moon, Mars More than three-fifths of Americans oppose Dictator George W. Bush's proposal to return to the moon and eventually put a human on Mars, according to a poll released Sunday. [Well, if Bush is the one sent - albeit short of the necessities that would elevate him to 'human' status - that's fine.]

Massachusetts Senator Gets Lift for the Race in New Hampshire Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts won the Iowa caucuses here Monday by presenting himself as the strongest Democrat his party had to send up against Dictator Bush next year. Senator John Edwards of North Carolina came in second, catapulting him into the first tier of presidential contenders.

Kerry Wins Iowa Caucuses John Kerry and John Edwards rode 11th-hour surges to a one-two finish in Iowa's kickoff presidential caucuses Monday, dealing a stunning blow to favorite Howard Dean. Kerry's comeback blew the nomination fight wide open, setting the stage for a free-for-all in New Hampshire's follow-up primary.

In Defeat, Fiery Dean Sounds Reinvigorated Longtime frontrunner shrugs off Iowa finish with perhaps his most frenzied speech yet. With hundreds of supporters waving American flags and chanting his name, former Vermont governor Howard Dean gave Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin a hard high-five...

Dean Blames Third-Place Finish on Attacks Howard Dean finished his Iowa campaign Monday night the way he began — impassioned and defiant of his Washington rivals. "We have not begun to fight," Dean shouted to supporters after a third-place finish behind Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts and John Edwards of North Carolina.

Gephardt Signals End to Presidential Bid Rep. Dick Gephardt conceded defeat in the Democratic presidential race Monday night after a weak fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses and aides said he would fly home to make a formal withdrawal.

Edwards, Kucinich agree to share support in Iowa caucuses Democratic presidential candidates John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich have struck a deal to support each other should one candidate fail to draw the minimum support needed to compete in Monday night's Iowa caucuses, Edwards campaign sources said.

King Day Marked With Protests Against War Americans observed Martin Luther King Day on Monday with some activists charging that the W-ar in Iraq and other Bush regime policies run counter to what the civil rights leader stood for.

Students walk out on Bush's speech 'Students of FAMU' leave before Gov. Jeb Bush speaks on Martin Luther King Day, arguing the governor's visit is disrespectful to Dr. King's legacy and black students. About a dozen students walked out Monday before Gov. Jeb Bush gave a Martin Luther King Day address at historically black Florida A&M University.

Crude oil price rises to $34.50 a barrel Crude oil prices for February delivery rose 7 cents to $34.50 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, weekend.

Japan Minister Says Worried About More BSE in U.S. Japan's farm minister on Tuesday expressed concern about the possibility the United States might discover new cases of mad cow disease, and reiterated Japan's stance that it would not resume imports until it was sure of the safety of U.S. beef.

More Cows of Infected Canadian Herd Found While farmers tried to boost consumer confidence shaken by the country's first case of mad cow disease, federal agriculture officials announced they had tracked down five more animals from a herd of Canadian cattle that included the infected Holstein, slaughtered in Washington state.

U.S. eyes space as possible battleground Dictator George W. Bush's plan to expand the exploration of space parallels U.S. efforts to control the heavens for military, economic and strategic gain. Among other things, the Pentagon expects to spend at least $50 billion over the next five years to develop and field a multi-layered shield against incoming missiles that could deliver nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Clark says Congress should determine whether Bush's war decisions criminal Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark said Thursday it was up to Congress to determine whether Dictator Bush's march to war in Iraq amounted to a criminal offense.

Blair faces new war crimes accusation An eminent panel of legal experts is to accuse Poodle Tony Blair of committing war crimes in Iraq in a formal complaint to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

'I have changed my mind on Blair: he's worse than I thought' A few months ago, Tam Dalyell, the veteran Labour MP and founder of Parliament's awkward squad, said Poodle Tony Blair was the "worst Prime Minister" of the eight he has known. Over afternoon tea with strawberry jam and scones in the elegant Pugin Bar at the House of Commons, Mr Dalyell confided to me [Reporter Colin Brown] that he had changed his opinion of Mr Blair. "He is not the worst," said Mr Dalyell last week. "He is by far the worst." "Tony should go," he declared. "And he should take his friend Lord Falconer [the Lord Chancellor] with him."

Queen Rift With Blair Over Iraq and Peers The Queen blocked a new wave of peerages in the New Year's honours, saying it was 'too political'... She has repeatedly questioned Blair about the role of British troops in Iraq and when they would be able to come home.

Hoon faces censure over body armour for UK troops Defence Secretary dismissed Army fears. Government 'delayed procurement of vital kit' --The row over fatal shortages of equipment for British troops intensified last night as it emerged that the Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon, is to be censured in a Commons report and that key procurements were delayed because of their political sensitivity.

Hoon criticised for saying Kelly was 'no martyr' Geoff Hoon, the Secretary of State for Defence, came in for renewed criticism yesterday after he was accused of prejudging Lord Hutton's inquiry into the death of the government scientist David Kelly.

Shells found near Basra were not chemical weapons Three dozen mortar shells found buried in southern Iraq did not contain chemical blister agents as initially reported, the Danish army said yesterday.

'No blister agent' in Iraq shells Three dozen mortar shells uncovered in Iraq earlier this month had no chemical agents, the Danish army says. It is not clear why initial tests first showed they could contain blister gas, the Danish army said in a statement carried by the AP news agency. [The initial 'test results' were for the Faux 'News' propaganda circuit.]

Bush's pipe dreams for reconstructing Iraq Nine months after the fall of Baghdad, as resistance fighters target oil installations and Iraqis queue for fuel, the Bush dictatorship has abandoned its pre-war assertions that Iraq's natural resources would largely fund reconstruction. Behind the scenes, senior figures in the regime - including Donald Rumsfeld, defence secretary, Douglas Feith, in charge of Pentagon postwar planning, Vice-pResident Richard Cheney, as well as the CIA's George Tenet - were being advised by former officials, experts and corporate bosses that the badly dilapidated Iraqi oil industry in no way represented a financial lifeline.

13 hurt in bomb attack in Iraqi holy city Thirteen people were injured, one seriously, in a bomb blast on Sunday in the holy Shiite city of Karbala in central Iraq, hospital sources said.

Suicide bomber kills up to 20 and injures 100 as blast at US headquarters reverberates through Baghdad A suicide bomber drove his white pick-up truck to the gates of the headquarters of the US-led military force in Baghdad yesterday and detonated 1,000lbs of explosives, killing at least 20 people and wounding up to 100 others - almost all Iraqis.

At Least 20 Dead in Baghdad Blast Suicide Attack Outside U.S. Headquarters Wounds Over 60 --A white pickup truck loaded with 1,000 pounds of plastic explosives and several 155mm artillery shells exploded at the main public gate to the U.S. occupation headquarters Sunday, killing at least 20 bystanders and injuring more than 60 others, U.S. military officials said.

2 U.S. Defense Workers Among Dead in Baghdad Blast A suicide bomber blew up his car outside the main U.S. headquarters in Baghdad on Sunday, killing 16 Iraqi civilians and two U.S. Defense Department staff in the deadliest attack in Baghdad since the 'capture' of Saddam Hussein.

Bomb attack shows capture of Saddam Hussein has done little to weaken resistance The suicide bomb in a white pick-up truck which exploded at the entrance to the heavily guarded headquarters of the US-led occupation in Baghdad yesterday showed how little the 'capture' of Saddam Hussein last month has affected the level of violence in Iraq.

Relatives wait in vain for word on Iraqis jailed by U.S. At the barbed wire fence around Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison, Safia Shamri pleaded with a U.S. soldier to be allowed a glimpse of her only remaining son, who she says has been in jail since October...

NZ Greens see red over missile plan A proposed joint Australia-United States military training facility across the Tasman could lead to a downgrade of New Zealand's defence relationship with its neighbour, the Green Party warns. New Zealand "should be upfront that we don't look kindly on US bases being established there", Greens foreign affairs spokesman Keith Locke said.

French far right blamed for attack on Muslim official A bomb has destroyed a car belonging to a recently appointed French government official who was born in Algeria, in an apparent attempt to inflame racial and religious tensions in France.

French fury over US treatment of air staff In the latest bout of Franco-American squabbling, hundreds of Air France pilots and cabin crew who have French nationality but were born in Muslim countries are furious at being singled out for stringent security measures when they land in the US.

Bush seeking Supreme Court precedents to dismantle democratic rights --by John Andrews "The Bush administration is using cases of people dragooned during its so-called 'war on terror' to establish broad legal precedents supporting unlimited presidential power to imprison people without charges and then to hide its operations from public scrutiny. Having already upheld the Bush administration in one such case, the same Supreme Court which intervened in the 2000 elections to halt the counting of Florida ballots and steal the election for George Bush will be deciding at least four more 'war on terror' cases before its term ends in late June."

"Friend of court" applications denounce Guantanamo Bay detentions as illegal --by Richard Phillips "Last week 85 British MPs and more than 50 peers joined a list of over 10 organisations and individuals that have submitted amicus curiae applications to the US Supreme Court over the Bush administration’s illegal detention of Guantanamo Bay prisoners."

Paper: 9/11 Trial Prosecutor Investigated The Justice Department is investigating possible misconduct by the lead prosecutor in the nation's first major post-Sept. 11 terrorism trial, according to a published report.

9/11 Panel Unlikely to Get Later Deadline Hearings Being Scaled Back to Finish Work by May --Dictator Bush and House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Nutball-Ill.) have decided to oppose granting more time to an independent commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, virtually guaranteeing that the panel will have to complete its work by the end of May, officials said last week. A growing number of commission members had concluded that the panel needs more time to prepare a thorough and credible accounting of missteps leading to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But the White House and leading Republicans have informed the panel that they oppose any delay, which raises the possibility that Sept. 11-related controversies could emerge during the heat of the presidential campaign, sources said. [Hmm... what 'Sept. 11-related controversies could they possibly be referring to? That 'Bush knew'?]

Trip With Cheney Puts Ethics Spotlight on Scalia Friends hunt ducks together, even as the justice is set to hear the vice pResident's case. Vice pResident Dick Cheney and Supreme Court inJustice Antonin Scalia spent part of last week duck hunting together at a private camp in southern Louisiana just three weeks after the court agreed to take up the vice pResident's appeal in lawsuits over his handling of the regime's energy task force.

Bush to Revive Social Security Tax Plan Dictator Bush will use next week's State of the Union address to try to revive a proposal that would allow younger workers to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes in the stock market, aides say.

US beef 'passed off as Australian' One of Australia's key beef customers has confirmed that some United States beef is being illegally labelled and sold as Australian product.

U.S. School Segregation Now at '69 Level Half a century after the Supreme Court ordered the desegregation of American education, schools are almost as segregated as they were when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, according to a report released today by Harvard University researchers.

Protesters rally against Bush policies (WY) Across the street from a building bearing the name of Vice pResident Dick Cheney, around 100 people gathered in Pioneer Park on Saturday to protest the policies of Cheney and his boss, Dictator George W. Bush. "We went into a sovereign nation and decimated the population," said event organizer Thomas Bleming of Lusk...

College Republican Blackshirts Turn Violent: Two political rallies turned into a brawl Saturday night in Des Moines. Democratic rally at Drake's Olmstead Center featured comedian Janene Garafalo and classic rock star Joan Jett, but it got a surprise visit from some unwanted guests. A group of college Republicans [Waffen-SS] at their Midwest caucus leadership conference heard about the rally and stormed in. One of the Bush supporters shoved Jett and she pushed back in anger.

'04 [S-]Election Could Be 2000 Redux [No, no it won't. We will *not* permit a second Reichwing coup d'etat in Amerika.] A CBS News/New York Times poll shows that the election year is starting with a White House race that resembles the ultra-close and hotly-contested coup in 2000. If the November presidential election were held today, 45% of voters say they would vote for the Democratic candidate and 43% would vote to re-s-elect Dictator Bush.

The betrayal of U.S. voters It is little wonder that last month, Fortune magazine named paperless voting its "worst technology" of 2003. Electronic voting machines should produce a paper trail - hard-copy receipts that voters can check to ensure that their votes were accurately reported and that can later be used in a recount. Compounding the technology issues are the political entanglements of voting machine companies. Walden O'Dell, the head of Diebold Inc., has raised large sums for Dictator George W. Bush and pledged in a campaign fund-raising letter that he was "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic]" in 2004.

Timing of Address No Accident, Official Says The winner of the Iowa caucuses on Monday night will have an unexpected competitor waiting right around the corner, and he is not one of the Democrats running for president. The opponent is Dictator Bush and his State of the Union address, which White House officials scheduled for Tuesday night, only 24 hours after Iowa, to draw attention from the Democratic victor, a Republican close to the Bush campaign said.

Carter praises Dean's 'courageous and outspoken' stands Former President Carter praised Democrat Howard Dean on Sunday for his "courageous and outspoken" stands -- in particular his steadfast opposition to the Iraq war -- but the 39th president stopped short of an endorsement on the eve of the Iowa caucuses.

Dean, Ex-President Carter Meet on Eve of Caucus Sending a subtle message of support on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, former President Jimmy Carter on Sunday praised Democratic White House hopeful Howard Dean's courage and frankness after they met over homemade scones and jam.

Howard Dean in the N.H. primary (The Keene Sentinel) "Today, this newspaper endorses Howard Dean’s candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. We come to this decision not without some difficulty, given the appeal of the Clark and Edwards candidacies. But we believe on balance that Dean is best-equipped to restore respect for this country abroad while protecting the interests of Americans at home."

Dean's Wife Joins Him on Iowa Campaign Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean, facing a tight battle in Monday's Iowa caucuses, got some last-minute help from a surprise source on Sunday -- his wife.

Edwards Hopes for Iowa Caucus Surprise Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards vowed Sunday to defeat Dictator Bush across "my back yard" in the South as he strained to convert late campaign enthusiasm into an Iowa caucus surprise.

Clark Wins Endorsement From McGovern Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark was endorsed Sunday by former Sen. George McGovern, the party's 1972 nominee. He called Clark the "best of the lot" of candidates in the race.

Jimmy Walter wears a mock flight suit to make fun of U.S. Dictator George W. Bush before a campaign stop for U.S. Democratic presidential candidate retired General Wesley Clark in Pembroke, New Hampshire, January 17, 2004. One of the patches on Walter's flight suit reads 'Chicken Hawk in Chief.' (photo)

Kerry Is Helped by Kennedy in Final Push in Iowa In a final push before Iowa passes judgment on the Democrats who would be president, John Kerry campaigned on Sunday with his party's most iconic figure, Edward Kennedy, and a man whose life Kerry had saved during the Vietnam war.

Ten-Point Plan to Bring Our Troops Home From Iraq --by Dennis Kucinich ( "The following is the only detailed plan from any candidate for President that will quickly bring all US troops home from Iraq..."

Kucinich Defends Native American Rights As other candidates for the Democratic nomination for president swarmed Iowa on the Saturday before its leadoff caucuses, Dennis Kucinich was in New Mexico calling for greater protection of rights for American Indians.

World Social Summit Activists call for actions against US companies The anti-globalisation movement was weighing its tone yesterday as its annual strategy meeting got underway with calls for action against US companies and appeals to find a new and more militant means of protest.

Activist uses the sand as his canvas An activist artist re-creates a Picasso poster on South Beach, using people as his paint. (FL) Saturday afternoon, before a crowd of more than 1,000 gathered in the name of peace, artist John Quigley re-created Pablo Picasso's 1959 Amnistia on the sand just north of 10th Street in South Beach -- using people as his art material.

Poll: Bush's Approval Sinking A CBS News/New York Times poll of 1,022 adults puts the dictator's approval rating at 50%, matching his lowest ever, and the largest number ever – 45% - disapproving. [I am now thinking and linking... the perfect storm is brewing: 9-11 commission revelations, O'Neill's book, the resistance in Iraq running rampant... plummeting poll numbers could mean the dreaded October Surprise: Will Cheney-Rove 'allow' a terrorist attack, to provide for the November coup d'etat? Bush has pulled/scaled back most of the 'real' security measures at ports and nuclear plants. Why?]

Poll: Bush Slipping Among Independents Dictator Bush's support among political independents, a critical voting group in the coming year, has been slipping in recent weeks, a poll released Saturday found.

At Least 18 Killed in Bomb Attack in Baghdad A large bomb exploded at the main gate of the American occupation headquarters in Baghdad on Sunday morning, killing and wounding people in a crowd gathering to enter the heavily fortified compound. The attack appeared to be an effort by resistance fighters to strike as close as they could approach to the heart of American authority in Baghdad. The bomb killed at least 16 Iraqi civilians and two employees of the U.S. Department of Defense, and wounded at least 25, Reuters reported.

Large Explosion Rocks Central Baghdad, 15 Dead A suspected car bomb exploded outside the main U.S. military and civilian headquarters in Baghdad on Sunday, killing about 15 Iraqis, wounding several other people and setting vehicles on fire.

Car bomb rips entrance of US-led occupation HQ in Baghdad A powerful car bomb ripped the main gate to the headquarters of the US-led occupation in Iraq, claiming casualties among the large number of people lined up for work inside the Baghdad compound.

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 500 3 U.S. soldiers killed in bombing, fourth dies in non-combat incident --The number of U.S. service members who have died in Iraq since the war began last March reached 500 on Saturday after a roadside bomb detonated north of Baghdad, killing three U.S. soldiers and two Iraqi civil defense troopers.

Iraq Resistance Seen Using More Skill to Down Copters A classified Army study of the downings of military helicopters in Iraq found that resistance fighters have used increasingly sophisticated tactics and weapons — including at least one advanced missile — to attack American aircraft, senior Army officials in Iraq and the Persian Gulf region say.

Halliburton unit may be subject of criminal probe Overcharging alleged on fuel in Iraq --Pentagon yet to make official decision --Three U.S. lawmakers say Pentagon criminal investigators have been asked to look into whether a unit of Halliburton Co., the oil-services company once headed by Vice-pResident Dick Cheney, overcharged for fuel trucked into Iraq. Trucking in fuel was part of a no-bid contract given to Halliburton's Kellogg Brown & Root Inc. to rebuild Iraq's oil industry.

Occupation uses 1918 British report on tribal system As the United States scrambles to end a dispute with Shia leaders over plans to elect an interim government in Iraq before July, it has emerged that American commanders are seeking to reach out to tribal leaders by relying on a report devised in 1918 by Britain, the country's then ruler. [Insert eyeroll here.]

Dems chide Bush on intel and security Just four days before the dictator's State of the disUnion address, congressional Democrats challenged the regime on both homeland security and the nagging questions about the intelligence that led the United States into war against Iraq.

A Dishonest War --by Edward M. Kennedy "Of the many issues competing for attention in this new and defining year, one is of a unique order of magnitude: President [sic] Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq. The facts demonstrate how dishonest that decision was. As former Treasury secretary Paul H. O'Neill recently confirmed, the debate over military action began as soon as President [sic] Bush took office [literally, *took* office]... The events of Sept. 11, 2001, gave advocates of war the opening they needed."

Pentagon Withholds Cold War Medical Data AP Enterprise: Pentagon Denying Victims Data on Cold War Weapons Tests -- The Pentagon is continuing to withhold documents on Cold War chemical and biological weapons tests that used unsuspecting sailors as "human samplers" [?!?] after telling Congress it had released all medically relevant information.

US military will stay in Georgia US officials have said that their military presence in Georgia will now become permanent. Having trained three battalions of Georgian soldiers, US military instructors were due to leave in March.

Al-Qaeda launches online terrorist manual Al-Qaeda has issued a chilling new call to arms to recruits who remain undetected by security agencies. In a terrorist manual published on the internet, Osama bin Laden says: 'After Iraq and Afghanistan will come the Crusader invasion of Saudi Arabia. All fighters all over the world must be ready.' [Thanks for making us so much safer, Bush... NOT!!]

Anti-globalisation movement seeks world alliance against Bush Anti-globalisation activists called for the world to unite against the United States as 100,000 people from 130 countries met off a Bombay highway in the movement's first forum since the Iraq W-ar.

Bush Seeks Quick Ruling on U.S. Detainees The Bush dictatorship is asking the Supreme Court to decide by summer whether national security justifies detention of American citizens indefinitely and without charges.

Airline Gave Government Information on Passengers A second airline has acknowledged releasing information on its passengers for an experiment to determine if the government could "mine" the data to spot terrorists. The carrier, Northwest Airlines, confirmed that it gave NASA [???!!!] data on passengers who flew during several months in 2001. The information Northwest turned over to the government appears to involve more than 10 million passengers. Researchers at NASA's Ames Laboratory had hoped to use data to find unusual travel patterns as clues to terrorists' identities. [Hey, NASA! Here's a terrorist's identity: George W. Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He has killed thousands, and is threatening to kill again. He must be stopped.]

Watching Big Brother Bill Brown wants to take you on the Surveillance Camera Outdoor Walking Tour (Scowt for short) in New York... In the five years since the New York Civil Liberties Union counted 2,397 cameras in the first formal survey in New York, Mr. Brown estimated that the number of cameras jumped to 7,200.

Clark Hints at Bush's Military Service [or lack thereof] Wesley Clark suggested Saturday that questions remain about Dictator Bush's Vietnam-era service in the Texas Air National Guard, but the retired general stopped short of endorsing a comment by actor-director Michael Moore that Bush was "a deserter."

Cheney, Scalia Socialized While Supreme Court Considered Case Involving Vice pResident Government watchdogs are raising concerns about a potential conflict of interest for inJustice Antonin Scalia because he had dinner and went on a hunting trip with Dick Cheney while the Whore Court was involved in a case about the vice pResident's energy task force.

Schwarzenegger Budget Denies Some Health Care Reichwing GOP 'Governor' Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal would cap health care payments for illegal immigrants, reduce state payments for in-home care of the elderly and disabled and suspend the scheduled 2005 cost-of-living increase in the state's share of the Supplemental Security Income program. More than 75,000 legal and illegal immigrants and 110,000 children in low-income families would lose health coverage in the first year of the plan, according to Health Access, a nonprofit group that advocates expansion of coverage.

Seattle to Pay Protesters $250,000 to Settle WTO Lawsuit The city has agreed to pay $250,000 to settle a lawsuit by protesters who say they were illegally arrested during the 1999 World Trade Organization demonstrations, but plaintiffs won't get an apology.

Workers Assail Night Lock-Ins by Wal-Mart For more than 15 years, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, has locked in overnight employees at some of its Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores. It is a policy that many employees say has created disconcerting situations, such as when a worker in Indiana suffered a heart attack, when hurricanes hit in Florida and when workers' wives have gone into labor.

White House: Direct Elections Unfeasible in Iraq Bush Considers Changes to Iraq Handover Plan Faced with objections from Iraq's most powerful Muslim cleric, the White House said on Friday that it may agree to changes in a plan to hand over political power to Iraqis by July 1 but insisted direct elections were unfeasible. [We don't have direct elections here, either!]

U.S. May Rethink Election in Iraq Bremer leaves Baghdad for talks in Washington as a Shiite leader builds pressure for a direct vote, which so far has been opposed by Bush. U.S. officials say there is no time to prepare for free and fair elections by June 30, when the United States plans to return sovereignty to Iraq. [There was/is 'no time' for free and fair elections here, either, as George Bush stole the 2000 election in a coup d'etat, and the Diebold touch-screen 'voting' machines, sans paper trail, are poised to implement the 2004 coup.]

Hoon admits he may be forced to resign Defence secretary Geoff Hoon on Friday admitted he could be forced to resign following the impending Hutton report and an investigation into claims that equipment shortages caused the death of a British soldier.

Hoon must quit, says Iraq widow The widow of a British soldier killed in Iraq after having to give his body armour to other soldiers has called on Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon to resign.

Iraqi Oil Gets Own Police Force A security upgrade is part of the new Iraqi Force Protection Service, specifically charged with safeguarding the pipelines and refineries that are the circulatory system of Halliburton's ['the country's'] financial lifeblood.

Halliburton subsidiary wins Iraq oil contract The US military awarded two contracts Friday to boost Halliburton's coffers ['restore Iraq's oil infrastructure to pre-W-ar levels'], the largest one worth up to 1.2 billion dollars going to Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root.

Officials deny forcing the hiring of Kuwaiti firm Top Kuwaiti officials are denying allegations they forced the Halliburton company to hire a small firm accused of bilking U.S. taxpayers $61 million to bring gas into Iraq.

Human rights groups: US may be guilty of "collective punishment" war crime in Iraq US military forces in Iraq appear to be committing war crimes by detaining the relatives of suspected insurgents and demolishing their homes, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW), the international human rights organization.

Sanchez Orders Iraq Prisoner Abuse Probe The commander of U.S. forces in Iraq has ordered an investigation into reports of abuse of prisoners at occupation detention centers here, the U.S. military said Friday.

Jailed Immigrants to Register for Draft Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who gained notoriety for putting inmates on chain gangs and issuing them striped uniforms and pink underwear, has now ordered all undocumented immigrants currently in jail to register for the draft.

Cheney's grim vision: decades of W-ar In a forceful preview of the Bush regime's expansionist military policies in this s-election year, Vice pResident Dick Cheney Wednesday painted a grim picture of what he said was the growing threat of a catastrophic terrorist attack in the United States and warned that the 'battle', like the Cold War, could last generations. The vice pResident's tone, in a major address to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, was sobering, unlike many other comments recently by senior dictatorship officials that have stressed successes in the war on terrorism. [The Bush junta, an organized and heavily funded group of terrorists and the biggest threat to world peace, needs to be stopped.]

Waihopai "US spy base" in NZ Activists plan protest against Waihopai spy base in Marlborough, claim it is working for US "crimes against humanity" --Activists will be out in force in Blenheim this week protesting at what they describe as the hypocrisy of the Waihopai spy base. They say the base is New Zealand's biggest contribution to the war in Iraq.

Dishonest Dubya "Lying Action Figure" (animation)

Fresh Recruits If Bush wants to continue to occupy Iraq, he's going to have to find some new soldiers to do the work --by Eleanor Clift "It's one of those little ironies of life that Democrats in Congress are pressing for an expanded military while their party prepares to nominate an antiwar candidate for president... Meanwhile, the Republicans, the party of small government and fiscal restraint, are ginning up a big new spending program to send Americans to the moon while whistling past the deficits."

Well, well, well. Looky here! Check out the impetus behind the Idiot Usurper's new Moon-Mars obsession: NASA Ames Center looks at problem of drilling on Mars (Petroleum News --North America's Source for Oil and Gas News, February, 2001) Week of February 28, 2001 --Dr. Geoffrey Briggs, director, Center for Mars Exploration at the NASA Ames Center, told "Meet Alaska" that NASA is looking at ways to drill on Mars to look for water — and the life it might contain. Briggs said NASA has been working with Halliburton, Shell, Baker-Hughes and the Los Alamos National Laboratory to identify drilling technologies that might work on Mars.

Rumsfeld asks Supreme Court to overturn "enemy combatant" ruling US Defense Secretary [and Reichwing sick-o] Donald Rumsfeld asked the US Supreme Court to overturn an appeals court ruling that an American citizen accused of plotting with al-Qaeda to set off a radioactive "dirty bomb" could not be detained as an enemy combatant.

U.S. Seeks Air Security Deals With Europe The United States will try to strike deals with individual European nations to place armed sky marshals on trans-Atlantic flights, a top U.S. official said Friday.

9/11 director gave evidence to own inquiry The panel set up to investigate why the United States failed to prevent the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, faced angry questions Thursday after revelations that two of its own senior officials were so closely involved in the events under investigation that they have been interviewed as part of the inquiry. Philip Zelikow, the commission's executive director, worked on the Bush-Cheney transition team as the new dictatorship took power [literally, *took* power], advising his longtime associate and former boss, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, on the incoming National Security Council.

Groups Urge Probe Of Ashcroft's '00 Bid Five public interest groups have asked the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to open a criminal investigation of election law violations allegedly committed by Attorney General John D. Ashcroft's campaign during his unsuccessful 2000 Senate reelection campaign. [While they are at it, they should Investigate the Carnahan plane crash --the one prior to the Wellstone plane crash. Isn't it odd that only DEMOCRATS seem to be aboard planes that just happen to crash during strikingly inconvenient, pre-election times? Also, the oddity that only DEMOCRATS received letters steeped in 100,000 anthrax spores just before 'Patriot' Act I needed signatures. But, I digress...]

Democrats slam Bush on Pickering appointment Democratic presidential candidates assailed Dictator Bush's decision to bypass Congress and appoint Charles W. Pickering to the federal appeals court, calling it a threat to civil rights and the "ultimate hypocrisy" after Bush's visit to the grave site of Martin Luther King Jr. Democrats had accused the Mississippi judge of supporting segregation as a young man, and pushing anti-abortion and anti-voting rights views as a state lawmaker.

Bypassing Congress, Bush Installs Judge on Federal Appeals Court In an election-year slap at filibustering Democrats, Dictator Bush sidestepped Congress on Friday and installed Mississippi judge Charles Pickering to the federal appeals court after a two-year battle filled with racial, religious and regional argument. [Bush should know all about *installation*, since he himself was *installed* in a Reichwing coup d'etat in 2000.]

Whore Court Won't Block Texas Redistrict Plan The U.S. [Less-Than] Supreme Court refused Friday to block Texas from holding congressional elections next fall under a hard-fought new map that could cost the Democrats as many as six House seats.

Rep. Wexler sues in push for ballot printouts Arguing that he's exhausted other options and that time is running out to ensure an accurate 2004 election, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, turned to the courts Friday in his quest to require paper printouts from electronic voting machines.

Source: Rep. Harris Won't Run for Senate U.S. Rep. [and GOP coupmeister] KKKatherine Harris, who gained international attention for her role in the 2000 coup d'etat, will not enter the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, The Associated Press learned Friday.

Environment Groups Assail Bush Record Environment News Service (ENS) --Dictator George W. Bush has the worst environmental record in American history and shows no signs of changing his tune, environmentalists said Wednesday at a press briefing.

Argentina Limits Reactor Route An Argentine judge has banned Southern California Edison from shipping a decommissioned nuclear reactor from San Onofre within 200 miles of his nation's coast, adding a new and risky complication to hauling the atomic refuse to a disposal site.

45,000 People Quit AARP Over Medicare At least 45,000 people have quit the AARP over its support for Medicare legislation last year, association president William Novelli said Friday.

Conn. Gov. Woes Latest of 'Corrupticut' Scandals Tales of ill-gotten buried gold, mayoral sleaze and a federal corruption probe of the governor have rattled Connecticut's Yankee reputation and exposed an underside to the state's image of quaint houses and rolling New England hills. This week's launch of an investigation that could lead to Republican Gov. John Rowland's impeachment marked the latest blow to a state pundits have started calling "Corrupticut."

Schwarzenegger budget to slash health and education in California --by Rafael Azul and Jerry Isaacs "California’s Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, outlined a budget proposal January 9 that constitutes a massive assault on health, education and other social service programs upon which millions of people in the state rely."

City workers: We were told to vote, work for Newsom S.F. city attorney probes campaign charge by 9 street cleaners --Nine members of a city street-cleaning crew say a top official of the San Francisco Department of Public Works and supervisors of a nonprofit organization funded by the city agency pressured them into voting for Gavin Newsom for mayor and walking precincts for his campaign on election day.

Arctic Winds Leave Eastern U.S. Colder Than Iceland Bone-chilling arctic winds and record low temperatures swept the U.S. Northeast on Friday, closing schools in Boston, disrupting flights in New York and raising the chance of New England power blackouts.

Bangor, Me., Jan. 16, 2004
Associated Press
A Northeastern Siege --Skin-blistering cold and biting winds continued to curse the Northeast. In Bangor, Me., ice and flames enveloped a historic building on Friday.

US 'lied' about media deaths Washington and senior US commanders in Iraq are responsible for the death of two journalists killed when a US tank crew fired at their hotel in Baghdad last year, Reporters Without Borders said in a report on Thursday. The Paris-based media watchdog branded the US government's response to the incident as a "lie".

Spanish politician labels Blair an 'imbecile' on live television Poodle Tony Blair has been called "a complete dickhead" by a leading Spanish politician live on television. The comment was made by Jose Bono, one of the three most powerful figures in the Socialist Party. His remarks were not intended to be heard, but were recorded by a television team while he was talking to Joaquin Almunia, a former Socialist leader. Mr Bono said: "Hey, and our colleague Blair? He's a complete dickhead (un gilipollas integral). He's an imbecile."

Soldier's tapes pile pressure on Hoon to quit Widow airs husband's recordings about fears of kit shortage and says defence chief misled Commons --The defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, came under renewed pressure to resign yesterday after it emerged that a British soldier had complained about the lack of vital equipment shortly before he was killed in Iraq.

U.S. weapons hunter won't return to Iraq - source David Kay, the chief U.S. weapons hunter in Iraq, has told the CIA he will not return to his post, a U.S. government source said on Thursday, a move that critics could seize upon as a sign that he has given up hope of finding banned arms.

Democrat Challenges Bush on Iraqi Intelligence Lapse The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee is calling on Dictator Bush to provide a public accounting next week of why prewar American 'intelligence' assessments that Iraq possessed illicit weapons now appear to have been mistaken.

Bremer Returns to U.S. for Consultations Tens of Thousands March in Iraq Against U.S. Policy --L. Paul Bremer, the civilian dictator of Iraq, is returning to Washington for discussions Friday with Dictator Bush's top foreign policy advisers about a possible United Nations role in Iraq's six-month transition to self-rule, U.S. officials said.

Documents Raise New Halliburton Questions Halliburton chose a high-priced Kuwaiti supplier for gasoline in Iraq just one day after considering bids from only three companies, an Army document says.

2 Halliburton subcontractors killed in Iraq Two Halliburton Co. subcontractors were killed and one company employee was injured today, when their convoy was ambushed near Tikrit, company officials confirmed.

British soldier's widow releases damning Iraq tape The widow of a British soldier shot dead in Iraq while not wearing a flak jacket has just released an audio tape made by her husband. On it, he complains about the lack of proper equipment they had been issued for battle. Sergeant Stephen Roberts made the tape the night before he died.

Family of slain soldier finds ally in Kennedy Fearing their son may have died needlessly in Iraq, Massachusetts residents Brian and Alma Hart want some honest answers from Dictator Bush. The Harts, of Bedford, were guests of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., for Kennedy's speech Wednesday before the Center for American Progress during which he condemned the W-ar as a White House political product systematically marketed for election gains.

Saddam Hussein told his militia to avoid al Qaeda Saddam Hussein warned his fedayeen militia against throwing in their lot with the Islamic militants flocking to Iraq to fight US forces, according to a document found with the deposed president when he was captured.

Can PM appease Bush? --by Thomas Walkom "Some refer to George W. Bush as another Hitler. This is a gross exaggeration. He has constructed no death camps and only one concentration camp — at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba... True, both masterfully used traumatic events at home (the 1933 Reichstag fire for Hitler; 9/11 for Bush) to make a frightened and resentful populace accept restrictions on civil liberties."

US proposes defence training facility in Australia The United States is interested in setting up a training facility in Australia for both American and Australian defence forces. Earlier, Prime Minister John Howard said the Government would be "recklessly negligent" if it did not consider joining the United States' [failed] missile defence program, known as the "Son of Star Wars".

Bush's Power to Plan Trial of Detainees Is Challenged Five uniformed military lawyers assigned to defend detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have filed a brief with the Supreme Court, challenging the basis of Dictator Bush's plan to use military tribunals without civilian court review to try some of the detainees there.

Children still held at Guantanamo: Pentagon The United States has held three child detainees at its military base in Guantanamo Bay for more than a year and the Pentagon said today it has no plans to move or free them, despite international pressure.

Democrats say Bush dictatorship failing to protect country from possible terror attacks Despite creating a Homeland Security Department and spending $10 billion to screen airline passengers and secure the nation's airports, the Bush dictatorship has failed to adequately protect the nation against another terrorist attack, congressional Democrats contend.

Air Passenger Code Plan In Motion Precautions in the name of air security are about to taken to a level unimaginable in the United States only a few years ago.

U.S. Pilot Held in Brazil in Fingerprint Spat An American Airlines pilot was arrested at Sao Paulo International Airport on Wednesday after making an obscene gesture while being photographed by Brazilian immigration officers, police said. The pilot, Dale Robin Hersh, raised his middle finger at police while undergoing recently introduced Brazilian security measures that require U.S. citizens to be fingerprinted and photographed upon entering the South American country. Local media said the 52-year-old pilot was fined 36,000 reais ($12,775) and released, but his passport was confiscated pending receipt of the payment.

2 on 9/11 Panel Are Questioned on Earlier Security Roles The executive director of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has become a witness in the inquiry and has been interviewed by his own staff about his involvement in shaping the Bush dictatorship's early counterterrorism strategy, officials said on Wednesday.

CBS Rejects Anti-Bush Super Bowl Commercial Viacom's CBS today rejected a request from liberal group MoveOn to air a 30-second anti-Dictator Bush ad during the Super Bowl, saying the spot violated the network's policy against running issue advocacy advertising.

Protesters Storm Barricades in Anti-Bush Protest at Luther-King Grave Around 800 protesters surged past Secret Service barricades in a bid to prevent US dictator George Bush from visiting the grave of Martin Luther King on what would have been the civil rights leader’s 75th birthday. Activists booed, chanted and beat drums near the Atlanta grave site yesterday, furious that Bush was there. The protesters pushed past Secret Service barricades [Great!] and pounded on the sides of city buses parked on the street in front of King’s tomb to block them from the dictator’s motorcade.

Protesters push past barricades at King's tomb Hundreds of people pushed past barricades set up by the Secret Service to protest Dictator Bush's visit to the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr. on Thursday, which would have been the slain civil rights leader's 75th birthday.

Bush's King visit scorned Dictator's self-invitation a problem, organizers say Dictator Bush's visit on Thursday to observe what would have been the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 75th birthday isn't sitting well with area tribute organizers. They say Bush invited himself to their party and will potentially force the cancellation of some events due to security concerns. What's more, they say, Bush will profit from a fund-raiser he will piggyback with his visit to Atlanta.

Industry hopes soar with space plan Energy, Aerospace Firms Have Lobbied NASA for Years --Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Dick Cheney's Halliburton interested --An industry official who refused to be identified said the oil and gas industry, including Halliburton, would benefit considerably from technology that was developed for drilling on Mars, including the tools, the miniaturization, the drilling mechanism, the robotic systems and the control systems.

Gore blasts Bush space plan, says Earth neglected President Al Gore scoffed at Dictator George W. Bush's plan to send astronauts to the moon and Mars and said Bush was a "moral coward" for ignoring global environmental threats.

Report finds lack of universal health insurance growing more costly The federal Institute of Medicine called on Congress yesterday to strive for universal medical coverage by 2010, saying the social costs from millions going without health insurance more than justify the costs of creating a health system that would guarantee coverage for all.

No mad cow tests in Wash. Federal agriculture officials did not test any commercial cattle for mad cow disease through the first seven months of 2003 in Washington state -- where the first U.S. case of the disease was detected last month -- according to records obtained by United Press International.

GOP Operative Digs Into Democrats' Backgrounds (CT) As Gov. John G. Rowland was warning legislators last week that the investigations into his conduct could lead to increased scrutiny of their actions, a top Republican operative was doing a little scrutinizing of his own. David Boomer, a longtime Rowland aide who was hired by the state Republican Party to help the governor fight for his job, researched several years of financial disclosure documents filed by three high-ranking Democrats at the forefront of the legislature's move to investigate and possibly impeach Rowland.

Study: Network News Criticizes Dean Most Howard Dean received significantly more criticism on network newscasts than the other Democratic presidential contenders, who were the subjects of more favorable coverage, according to a study released Thursday.

Democrats and Networks Are at Odds Over Polling Officials of the Democratic presidential campaigns and the Iowa Democratic Party say they are worried that the major television networks will unduly influence next Monday's caucuses by reporting poll results before the voting is over.

US accused of sabotaging obesity strategy The US was accused yesterday of trying to scupper the World Health Organisation's guidelines designed to curb the rising epidemic of obesity and disease, which could be damaging to its food and drink corporations.

Northeast U.S. in deep freeze — and getting colder Temperatures weren’t expected to rise out of the single digits Thursday across much of the Northeast, where Watertown, N.Y., dropped to 31 below zero and the morning wind chill was minus-46 degrees.

FBI Chief Says Tribunals May Try 9/11 Suspects The director of the FBI said yesterday that he expects the accused conspirators in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, including alleged mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed, to be tried by military tribunals rather than by criminal courts.

Bush: Go Fetch Me A Burger Dictator Bush interrupted a White House meeting to tell his chief of staff to go and get some cheeseburgers, it was revealed last night. After waiting in vain for an earlier food order, Bush called in White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, and said: "You're the chief of staff. You think you're up to getting us some cheeseburgers?" The story is one of further allegations about Bush's behaviour in the Oval office from former US Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's account.

Surreal moments serving a mythological president [sic] The weekend after September 11, George Bush's former Treasury secretary, Paul O'Neill, sat in a leather armchair at Camp David, the presidential retreat, devouring a pile of intelligence documents on al-Qaeda handed out by the CIA boss, George Tenet. A two-day crisis meeting of Mr Bush's senior advisers had finally wound up. Leafing through the CIA documents, Mr O'Neill was astonished to read plans for covert assassinations around the globe designed to remove opponents of the US Government. The plans had virtually no civilian checks and balances. "What I was thinking is, 'I hope the President [sic] really reads this carefully', Mr O'Neill said. "It's kind of his job. You can't forfeit this much responsibility to unelected individuals. But I knew he wouldn't."

O'Neill Book Paints Devastating Portrait of Bush Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's portrait of George W. Bush depicts a passive and superficial president [sic] surrounded by right-wing ideologues who lacks the intellectual rigor or even the curiosity to think through the effects of his policies.

Rumsfeld Says He Contacted Ex-Official on Bush Book 'Defense' Secretary [and Reichwing nutball] Donald H. Rumsfeld, pulling back one veil shrouding personal discussions among cabinet-level officials, said Tuesday that he twice telephoned former Treasury Secretary Paul H. O'Neill after hearing he was writing a "sour grapes" [?!?] book on the Bush dictatorship.

Bush admits he targeted Hussein from the start Comments could boost criticism of Bush's case for war against Iraq --Dictator Bush acknowledged for the first time yesterday that he was mapping preparations to topple Iraqi president Saddam Hussein as soon as he took office. Bush's comments came in response to former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's contention in a new book that the 'chief executive' was gunning for Hussein nine months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and two years before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Kennedy Calls War a 'Political Product' Marketed by Bush Dictator Bush marketed the war on Iraq as a "political product" to influence the 2002 elections and is doing so again this year, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) charged yesterday in a scathing speech accusing Bush of putting politics ahead of national security.

Kennedy: Bush Broke Faith with Americans on Iraq Fueled by former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's blasts at the Bush dictatorship, the U.S. Senate's leading liberal Democrat Wednesday accused the Republican White House of breaking faith with Americans by forcing them into an unnecessary war with Iraq.

Spain's PM Says Bush Acts Like an Emperor Dictator Bush is seen in Europe as an emperor, and many Europeans find that difficult to accept, says Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar. "The combination of being a Republican, of being an emperor, a Texan and outspoken is really a bad mix," Aznar said in an interview Wednesday in The Washington Post.

W-ar Crimes Complaint Against Franks Tossed The Belgian High Court threw out a war crimes complaint Wednesday against retired U.S. Gen. Tommy Franks, backing a lower court ruling that Belgium had no jurisdiction in the case against the commander of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

What, again? And then, the obligatory exoneration and additional contracts will surely follow... Pentagon Studies Halliburton Pricing The Pentagon said on Wednesday its inspector general was looking into a pricing "irregularity" related to fuel brought into Iraq by Vice pResident Dick Cheney's old firm Halliburton.

Several Killed by Bomb in Central Iraqi Town, Witnesses Say A suspected car bomb exploded outside a police station in the central Iraqi town of Baquba Wednesday, killing several people, witnesses said.

At Least 2 Iraqis Killed by Suicide Bomber At least two civilians were killed here early today in a suicide bomb blast at an Iraqi police station, police officials said, adding that they opened fire at the bomber's car as it was driven toward the station. But a senior American military official later offered a different account, saying the explosion was not the result of a suicide bombing. He said that the bomb had been planted in a car parked outside the station, and that at least five people were killed.

U.S. Soldiers' Suicide Rate Is Up in Iraq U.S. soldiers in Iraq are killing themselves at a high rate despite the work of special teams sent to help troops deal with combat stress, the Pentagon's top doctor said Wednesday.

Suicides of U.S. Troops Rising in Iraq -Pentagon At least 21 U.S. troops have committed suicide in Iraq, a growing toll that represents one of every seven American "non-hostile" deaths since the war began last March, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

Over 60 Bulgarian Soldiers Quit Iraq-Bound Unit A total of 62 Bulgarian soldiers have quit a peacekeeping unit due to replace troops in Iraq after a car bomb killed five of their compatriots last month, Chief of Staff Nikola Kolev said Wednesday.

Howard turns up Hutton heat on Blair Michael Howard today kept up the pressure on Poodle Tony Blair, claiming the prime minister was in a "desperately dodgy" position over his role in the "naming strategy" that led to the outing of David Kelly.

Are we safer? Not as long as al-Qaeda lurks --by Joseph L. Galloway "Have we permitted ourselves to become bogged down in Iraq, in what at best is a sideshow in the Global War on Terrorism, while diverting precious manpower and resources away from the real objective? More than a few analysts believe that is precisely what has happened - most recently Dr. Jeffrey Record, author and visiting professor at the Air War College."

British peace activist shot by Israeli soldier dies British peace activist Tom Hurndall, who was left in a coma after he was shot by an Israeli soldier, has died, his family said today.

Military lawyers criticize tribunal Five U.S. military lawyers assigned to defend prisoners captured in Afghanistan in a newly created military tribunal filed a sharply worded "friend of the court" brief with the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday, arguing against the tribunal's legitimacy, the detention of the prisoners without hearings, and the Bush dictatorship's attempt to have the judicial branched "usurped." [Hmm... 'legitimacy' and 'usurping'. Those two words should be familiar to Bush, since he is NOT the legitimate president, and he usurped the 2000 election.]

Cuba detainees seek right to appeal The Bush dictatorship's plan to use military tribunals to try foreign terrorism suspects should allow appeals to civilian courts, five military lawyers assigned to suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, said Wednesday in papers filed with the Supreme Court.

Armed Sudanese man arrested at Heathrow under anti-terror laws A Sudanese man armed with bullets was being questioned by anti-terrorist police [?!?] last night after being arrested at Heathrow airport hours after walking undetected through American security in Washington DC.

Brazil Fines U.S. Pilot for Making Gesture An American Airlines pilot was fined nearly $13,000 Wednesday on accusations he made an obscene gesture when being photographed at the airport as part of entry requirements for U.S. citizens, officials said.

Brazil continues to check US IDs The Brazilian Government will go on with its policy of extra security checks on US citizens. At present all US visitors to Brazil must be photographed and fingerprinted. The measures are a response to similar rules recently introduced in the United States.

Victims' families renew request for 9/11 records Families of victims of the World Trade Center terrorist attack said Wednesday they will go back to court to find out more about the final hours of their relatives' lives on September 11, 2001.

Seeking to Limit the F-Word U.S. Federal Communications Commission [and Reichwing corpora-terrorist] Chairman Michael Powell has proposed barring the word "f+++" from most radio and broadcast television, regardless of the context, sources close to the issue say.

Alabama Court Rejects Moore's Challenge The Alabama Supreme Court rejected Roy Moore's request to cancel the appointment of a seven-member replacement court to hear his appeal of his ouster as chief justice.

Daschle Says Seniors Getting Propaganda Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle accused the Bush dictatorship Wednesday of sending seniors propaganda rather than explanations about changes in the Medicare program.

Religious left creates lobby to oust Bush from White House A new lobby recently opened an office near the US Congress, but instead of sporting designer suits, its disciples wear clerical collars: They belong to the religious left and say their top goal is to oust Dictator George. W Bush from the White House.

Whackjob Bush, mindless of the 5-trillion-dollar deficit he alone has created, calls for a return to 'Space Exploration' Dictator Bush sounded a new call for manned space exploration today, reviving a vision put forth by his father 15 years ago: returning to the Moon and eventually sending astronauts on to Mars. [As long as Bush and his junta are sent to Mars, I'm all for it.]

Bush is from Mars when it comes to budget (Palm Beach Post) "Last month, the Bush White House reportedly was searching for a 'Kennedy Moment,' announcement of some big, non-Iraq issue to define the reelection campaign. In fact, George W. Bush today will announce a 'Bush Moment' -- taken from President George H.W. Bush... And now, Mr. Bush will propose something else that the country doesn't need and can't afford. If there's much more of this, the president [sic] will be closer to a 'Herbert Hoover Moment.'"

Rubin warns against growing U.S. deficits The U.S. federal budget is on an unsustainable path, and in the absence of any significant policy changes, federal deficits could total around $5 trillion over the next decade, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin said Tuesday.

U.S. Economic Policies Under Fire at Americas Summit Latin American leaders told Dictator Bush on Tuesday "perverse" U.S.-backed economic policies had failed their nations although they also agreed to fight corruption and 'terrorism' together. [That's odd, given that Bush himself is the source of most of the corruption and terrorism in the world.]

Enron Wizard Admits Conspiracy The mastermind behind secretive partnerships that led to the collapse of Enron Corp. pleaded guilty yesterday to two conspiracy charges and agreed to help investigators learn what the company's top executives knew about its crumbling finances.

Judge Upholds $520M Microsoft Verdict A judge upheld a jury's decision requiring Microsoft Corp. to pay $520 million on grounds that its popular Internet Explorer browser infringed on a patent.

J.P. Morgan Chase to Acquire Bank One in $60 Billion Deal J.P. Morgan Chase has agreed to acquire Bank One for $60 billion in a deal that would realign the competitive landscape among the world's global banking giants, executives close to the talks said today. The merger would create a financial behemoth and a true rival to the world's largest banking company, Citigroup.

Defiant Conn. Gov. Rowland Faces Impeachment Probe Connecticut lawmakers on Wednesday started the formal process of trying to impeach embattled Republican Gov. John Rowland, who remained adamant he would not resign despite accusations of corruption.

Panel to Investigate Connecticut Governor The Connecticut Legislature will form a bipartisan committee to investigate the scandal surrounding [Republican] Gov. John G. Rowland and recommend whether he should be impeached, the leader of the state House said Wednesday.

Push begins for paper backups on new electronic voting machines (FL) Spurred by a contested result in last week's special election for state House, local leaders on two fronts advanced the effort to create a paper backup for electronic voting machines.

Will there be a paper trail? Cowlitz County launches e-voting Cowlitz County voters in the military and overseas now register and vote online for the fall 2004 elections. The county Auditor's Office, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Office of the Secretary of State, joined the Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment along with seven other counties in Washington and 50 counties in the United States.

How the Iowa caucuses work Neighbors sip coffee, tout their candidates --Unlike primaries, where machines count the votes, the Iowa caucuses are dynamic and intimate, a cousin of the New England town-hall meeting. They are performed at the most fundamental political level — in each of the state’s 1,993 precincts.

Moseley Braun poised to end campaign Carol Moseley Braun, the former senator and ambassador who waged a campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, intends to withdraw from the race, sources tell MSNBC. The candidate will formally withdraw on Thursday and endorse Howard Dean at an event at an Iowa high school.

Dean Wins First Primary, a Nonbinding Vote in Washington Howard Dean won the District of Columbia's nonbinding presidential primary here on Tuesday, with incomplete returns showing the Rev. Al Sharpton running a stronger second place than had been expected.

More voters take notice of Kucinich Dennis Kucinich is running for president, and many of the people whose automatic response once was "Who?" have a growing awareness of the candidate out in far left field.

Court Begins Hearing Nev. Nuke Waste Case Opponents of a planned nuclear waste dump in Nevada argued in court Wednesday the government has failed to ensure that the public will be protected when radiation from the entombed waste reaches its peak hundreds of thousands of years from now.

First commercial GM crop may be planted in spring after advisers give qualified approval The first genetically modified (GM) crop to be grown commercially in Britain could be planted as early as this spring following provisional approval from the Government's scientific advisers.

White House seeks control on health, safety The Office of Management and Budget wants to have the final say on releasing emergency declarations to the public. Under a new proposal, the White House would decide what and when the public would be told about an outbreak of mad cow disease, an anthrax release, a nuclear plant accident or any other crisis [likely caused/engineered by the Bush dictatorship]. The White House Office of Management and Budget is trying to gain final control over release of emergency declarations from the federal agencies responsible for public health, safety and the environment. [Do we trust the Bush regime --amongst the greatest passel of liars to ever wreak havoc on God's green earth --with this responsibility? NO, we do not.]

US military 'brutalised' journalists News agency demands inquiry after American forces in Iraq allegedly treated camera crew as enemy personnel --The international news agency Reuters has made a formal complaint to the Pentagon following the "wrongful" arrest and apparent "brutalisation" of three of its staff this month by US troops in Iraq. "They were brutalised, terrified and humiliated for three days," one source said. "It was pretty grim stuff. There was mental and physical abuse." He added: "It makes you wonder what happens to ordinary Iraqis."

Rumsfeld Warned of US War Crimes US military forces in Iraq 'appear' to have committed war crimes by detaining relatives of suspected insurgents or wanted former officials, and demolishing their homes, the US-based advocacy group Human Rights Watch has warned.

US forces violated Geneva Conventions in demolishing Iraqi homes, HRW says Human Rights Watch (HRW) said US forces had violated international rules of war by demolishing civilian houses that were the suspected homes of Iraqi insurgents or former officials of Saddam Hussein's government.

Corroborating O'Neill's Account Official Confirms Claims That Saddam Was Bush’s Focus Before 9/11 --Dictator Bush ordered the Pentagon to explore the possibility of a ground invasion of Iraq well before the United States was attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, an official told ABCNEWS, confirming the account former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill gives in his new book.

'Secret' O'Neill document from Cheney's Energy Project A document purporting to back former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's charge the White House prepared for the Iraq war long before 9-11 is not from the Pentagon as claimed, according to a Defense Department consultant who closely follows Iraq. The document, says Laurie Mylroie, an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, but was "part of the Energy Project that was the focus of Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney's attention before the 9-11 strikes." [Note: the content/tone of this article is Reichwing ('World Net Daily'), but it makes you wonder what other nuggets lurk in Cheney's secret energy project. Cheney's Energy Project documents need to be made public.]

O'Neill Denies Charges on Book Documents Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill on Tuesday denied that classified documents were used in a controversial new book in which he paints an unflattering portrait of Dictator Bush. He softened some of his criticism in the face of a strong counterattack by the dictatorship.

Wesley Clark Calls for Probe on Iraq War Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark on Tuesday criticized the timing of an investigation of former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and suggested Dictator Bush was more concerned with "political security'' than national security. "They didn't wait 24 hours in initiating an investigation on Paul O'Neill,'' Clark said. "They're not concerned about national security. But they're really concerned about political security. I think they've got their priorities upside down.''

Bush 'on par with German war plan' America's war on terror was likened yesterday to Germany's strategy during two world wars. Dictator Bush was warned that his campaign could drag the US into conflicts with countries that posed no real threat. The invasion of Iraq was an unnecessary part of America's "dangerously indiscriminate and ambitious" war on terror, said a report published by the US Army War College.

The Awful Truth --by Paul Krugman "The point is that the credentials of the critics just keep getting better. How can Howard Dean's assertion that the capture of Saddam hasn't made us safer be dismissed as bizarre, when a report published by the Army War College says that the war in Iraq was a 'detour' that undermined the fight against terror? How can charges by Wesley Clark and others that the administration was looking for an excuse to invade Iraq be dismissed as paranoid in the light of Mr. O'Neill's revelations? So far administration officials have attacked Mr. O'Neill's character but haven't refuted any of his facts."

O'Neill's take / Lifting the veil on the Bush administration (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) "Thank you, Paul O'Neill. Comments by the former Treasury secretary and Alcoa head on how the Bush administration works and how it approached war with Iraq can provide the American people useful insights in this election year... What Mr. O'Neill's and others' recent analysis of the Iraq war, so far resulting in 341 combat deaths and costing billions in deficit dollars, leaves out is, if it wasn't weapons of mass destruction or a link to Sept. 11, then what was it that drove the administration? Oil, Israel, war profits for U.S. companies, the re-[s]election of Mr. Bush as a 'war president [sic]'?"

Bush 'outed' on Iraq (Toronto Star) "And so it comes out. Invading Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein was a top priority at U.S. President [sic] George Bush's very first National Security Council meeting — seven full months before the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks Bush then cited as a reason for 'pre-emptively' disarming Saddam's regime... This White House has forfeited any right to have its utterances taken on faith. Right up to the March, 2003, invasion, Bush led the world to think war might be avoided."

Former cabinet member: Bush pushed war with Iraq long before 9/11 --by Patrick Martin "Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, forced out of office a year ago, has revealed in a new book that the Bush administration began high-level discussions of invading and conquering Iraq as soon as Bush entered the White House in January 2001. O’Neill’s account demonstrates that war with Iraq was decided on long before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and that the Bush administration seized on September 11 as a pretext.

US troops shoot 4 Iraqi civilians American soldiers killed at least four Iraqi civilians yesterday in Fallujah, a town at the heart of the anti-US insurgency while a US Apache helicopter crashed nearby, probably after being hit by ground fire.

Helicopter downed An Army Apache attack helicopter went down yesterday apparently because of hostile fire - the third aircraft lost this month in the volatile region west of Baghdad. Occupation troops killed three Iraqis in restive cities outside the capital, police said.

Downing of chopper part of a worrying trend for US A US army Apache attack helicopter has been shot down - the third to be downed by Iraqi insurgents in two weeks - near the militant town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad.

Ghost Troop — 3/7 Cavalry — R. I. P. America's Disgraced Dead from the Battle of Baghdad --by Captain Eric Holmes May, MI, USA "...Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cavalry is the unit comprised of all the unacknowledged dead soldiers from the Battle of Baghdad, who are receiving no just reckoning or recognition because the media lied — and continue to lie – about the Battle of Baghdad. We have a Watergate cover up on our hands; worse, we have a war. I have assumed command of Ghost Troop and, according to the oath I swore when I accepted commission as an Army officer, I have self-mobilized (under my former rank of captain) to oppose the Bush cover up of the unpleasant realities of Iraq — especially of Ghost Troop, 3/7 Cavalry. I consider myself to be in a state of revolution against an unconstitutional, unconscionable abuse of the public’s right to know — the first freedom guaranteed to Americans."

Oil prices hit highest level since Iraq war Crude oil futures hit post-Iraq W-ar highs on Tuesday but later fell on profit-taking as speculative interest in oil remained around four-year highs.

U.S., Saudis Prepare For Bolstered Military Training Saudi Arabia and the United States are completing details for an accelerated military training schedule for 2004. The U.S. 'Defense' Department has drafted a schedule for bolstered military training of the Saudi military and National Guard over the next year.

Uzbek Air Crash Kills 37, Including UN Official A Soviet-built Yak-40 airliner crashed on Tuesday evening as it approached the Uzbek capital Tashkent, killing 37 people, including a senior U.N. official, and scattering body parts over a wide area.

U.S. Considers Plan to Base Warplanes on Guam The Pentagon is considering permanently placing warplanes on Guam, which could become a key outpost in the event of war on the Korean Peninsula or the Taiwan Strait, a senior Air Force commander said on Tuesday.

U.S. Official Report to Slam Israel's Separation Wall The U.S. State Department is expected to strongly slam Israel’s separation wall in the West Bank in its annual human rights report, due for publication in March 2003.

Study Raises Projection For 'Dirty Bomb' Toll A well-executed "dirty bomb" attack on a U.S. city could expose hundreds of people to potentially lethal amounts of radiation, researchers said yesterday in a Pentagon-funded study that sharply raises estimates of the human toll from such an attack. [Hmm... WHY does the Bush dictatorship keep focusing on a 'dirty bomb' attack?]

Military Lawyers Question Tribunal Rules In Supreme Court Brief, Detainees' Defenders Say Constitution Requires Civilian Review --Five military lawyers assigned to defend detainees at Guantanamo Bay are planning to tell the U.S. Supreme Court that some of the rules drawn up for special military trials are unconstitutional.

Court OKs Police Roadblocks The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that police may set up roadblocks to collect tips about crimes, rejecting concerns that authorities might use the checkpoints to fish for unrelated suspicious activity. The 6-3 decision allows officers to block traffic and ask motorists for help in 'solving crimes' [enhancing the Bush police state]. Critics have complained that authorities might misuse the power, disguising dragnets as "informational checkpoints."

Muslim Groups' IRS Files Sought by Senate Panel Hill Panel Probing Alleged 'Terror' Ties; Muslim leaders decry tactics. The Senate Finance Committee has asked the Internal Revenue Service to turn over confidential tax and financial records, including donor lists, on dozens of Muslim charities and foundations as part of a widening congressional investigation into alleged ties between tax-exempt organizations and 'terrorist' groups, according to documents and officials.

Treasury breaks word on e-mail anonymity The U.S. Treasury Department plans to publish nearly 10,000 e-mail addresses on the Web, violating its privacy promise to Americans who used e-mail to comment on a government proceeding.

I'm Not Paranoid, Am I? --by Ken Schram "Remember my story about the frog? Put a frog in a pot of boiling water and it just jumps right out. But put the frog in a pot of warm water and slowly bring that water to a boil and the frog just sits in there until it croaks. We're the frog, folks. How long before our mail is screened, or our phone conversations monitored? How long before there are 'safety' checkpoints for us to go through when crossing state borders. Too far-fetched? Well, that's the beauty of the warm water/slow boil approach: cooked before we even realize the flame's been on high."

President [sic] aiming at New Mexico's forests The Bush dictatorship has opened the nation's wildest forest to devastating commercial interests at huge benefit to his campaign but at large cost to taxpayers, says Robert Peek, who warns that New Mexico's wild forest lands appear to be among those next on Bush's list. "Two days before Christmas, President [sic] George W. Bush was busy playing Grinch with America's greatest wild forest."

Bush Plans $1.5 Billion Drive for Promotion of Marriage Regime officials say they are planning an extensive s-election-year initiative to promote marriage, especially among low-income couples, and they are weighing whether Dictator Bush should promote the plan next week in his State of the disUnion address.

Ex-Enron Exec Fastow, Wife OK Guilty Plea Former Enron finance chief Andrew Fastow and his wife have agreed to plead guilty for their roles in a massive accounting scandal that brought down the energy giant in 2001, sources told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

In-House Audit Says Wal-Mart Violated Labor Laws An internal audit now under court seal warned top executives at Wal-Mart Stores three years ago that employee records at 128 stores pointed to extensive violations of child-labor laws and state regulations requiring time for breaks and meals.

Conn. Gov. Rowland Again Refuses to Quit [Republican] Gov. John G. Rowland said Tuesday that he is not swayed by the growing number of calls that he resign for accepting gifts from state employees and a state contractor and then lying about it.

Judge denies Janklow's request for acquittal (SD) Circuit Judge Rodney Steele denied a request today to overturn the manslaughter conviction of U.S. [Republican] Rep. Bill Janklow.

Reichwing Whackjob Sen. Miller to Back Bush U.S. Sen. Zell Miller, a Georgia 'Democrat' who has frequently broken with his party to support Republican policies, has agreed to campaign for Dictator Bush's reselection, a campaign spokesman said on Tuesday.

Democrats See a New Urgency in Health Care The Democratic Party's presidential candidates are proposing, once again, major new programs for guaranteed, affordable health insurance, setting the stage for one of the starker contrasts with Dictator Bush in the general election campaign. Senator John Edwards, the North Carolina Democrat, declared that it was time to "make health care a birthright for every child born in America, for the first time in American history."

Dean Wins D.C. Democratic Primary Howard Dean is in the lead, but Reverend Al Sharpton is posting a strong showing, as results continue to come in from the D.C. primary.

Ex-President Carter to Offer Support for Dean Former President Jimmy Carter will offer support for Democratic White House hopeful Howard Dean in a joint appearance in Georgia on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, campaign aides said on Tuesday.

Iowa's Dark Art of Caucusing Is Turning a Bit More Public The caucuses will convene at 6:30 p.m. as participants arrive and sign in. Some could have a dozen or so people show up, others in the hundreds. After candidate letters are read and nominating papers circulated, the hat is passed for money to help pay for the caucuses...

Top Ten Signs You've Been On The Campaign Trail Too Long presented by Dick Gephardt, January 12, 2003 [*For Audio file, click here.]

Franken signs with liberal radio Progress Media planned to announce Tuesday that it has reached an agreement with comedian and best-selling author Al Franken to host a live, three-hour daily broadcast that would form the anchor of the programming schedule, according to people familiar with the matter.

Record retreat in Swiss glaciers in 2003 due to climate change: scientists Switzerland's glaciers melted by a record amount during 2003 under the onslaught of long-term climate change, a top Swiss science academy said Tuesday.


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