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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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March 2003 Archives

Thousands of U.S. fatalities expected in Iraq Experts say likelihood of urban combat and exposure to [U.S.?] WMD will result in "many thousands" of U.S. military dead. Military experts are quietly warning that the impending war will likely yield a high U.S. death toll.

U.S. Army prepares for 9,000 casualties The U.S. Army is stationing a minimum 9,000 soldiers at a "casualty replacement center" in Kuwait to swiftly replace troops lost across the border in Iraq combat.

Iraq no threat: ex-analyst Iraq did not pose a threat to any country, the former intelligence officer who quit his job in protest over the looming Iraq war has told a peace rally outside Parliament House.

FBI probes fake papers on Iraq The FBI is looking into the forgery of a key piece of evidence linking Iraq to a nuclear weapons program, including the possibility that a foreign government [?!?] is using a deception campaign to foster support for military action against Iraq. [LOL! That would be the Bush-Rumsfeld-Rove-Cheney-Halliburton 'foreign' government consisting of Nazis, sickkos, and whackjobs that installed itself in the United States via a coup in 2000! --Lori Price]

UK says war coming closer War with Iraq appears a step closer after Tony Blair said he believed a second United Nations resolution on Iraq was "now probably less likely than at any time".

U.S.: Talks could slide past deadline The White House said negotiations at the United Nations over a new Iraq resolution could continue next week despite Dictator Bush's call for a vote by Friday. But White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer steadfastly refused Thursday to say Bush had abandoned the Monday, March 17 deadline.

Tide turns against Bush --by Thomas Walkom "The Iraq crisis is no longer about stopping Iraq. It is about stopping the United States... Most countries outside the U.S. are no longer worried about rogue Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. They are worried about rogue American President [sic] George W. Bush."

European Union in New Warning on Bush Go-It-Alone War In another call for the Bush regime to slow its march toward war, the foreign relations head of the European Union warned today that Europe might withhold money for the reconstruction of Iraq if the United States waged war without the approval of the Security Council.

France rejects plan for disarmament tests · French opposition extraordinary, says Straw · Poodle Blair: second resolution less likely · Iraq rejects drone accusations France today stated its opposition to Britain's six tests for Iraqi disarmament and threw the likelihood of a vote on a second resolution into doubt.

Iraqi 'secret surrender' negotiations under way "Secret surrender" negotiations have begun with key Iraqi military officials in hopes some military units will not fight U.S. and coalition forces should there be a war.

Iraqi Drone U.S. Warned of Looks More Like Model Airplane A remotely piloted aircraft that the United States has warned could spread chemical weapons appears to be made of balsa wood and duct tape, with two small propellors attached to what look like the engines of a weed whacker.[I wonder if Bush's brain is made of balsa wood and duct tape. That could explain a lot. --Lori Price]

Iraqi 'Deadly Drone' Made of Balsa Wood and Duct Tape A remotely piloted aircraft that the United States has warned could spread chemical weapons appears to be made of balsa wood and duct tape, with two small propellors attached to what look like the engines of a weed whacker... Its balsa wood wings were held together with duct tape. [ROFL! The Bush dictatorship is a sick one, isn't it?]

Oil firms 'discuss Iraqi stake' Oil firms BP and Shell have confirmed they would be interested in developing oil fields in Iraq, in the aftermath of any potential war in the area.

IEA: oil supplies too tight for war Oil markets ‘running on empty’ as U.S. readies Iraq attack --A surge in world oil output last month has left producer countries with too little spare capacity to fully offset a wartime halt in supplies from Iraq, the International Energy Agency warned.

U.S. Troops in Afghan Firefight, Drop Leaflets in Southern Iraq U.S. Special Forces soldiers came under fire in Afghanistan March 12, prompting a firefight that left five enemy dead, military officials said. Elsewhere within the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility, coalition forces dropped 120,000 informational leaflets [LOL!] over southern Iraq March 12 at about 7 a.m. local time.

Wall Street Journal editorial reveals imperialist arrogance and racism behind US war drive --by Patrick Martin "An editorial published Wednesday in the Wall Street Journal drops the pretense that 'human rights' and democracy are the motivation for a US war against Iraq, and fulminates in unabashedly chauvinist and imperialistic terms against any international opposition to the Bush administration’s war plans."

Oscars blacklist stars in bid to prevent peace protest speeches The backlash against prominent stars opposing any attack on Iraq has impacted on this year’s Oscars, with organisers drawing up a blacklist of people who will not be allowed a platform to air anti-war views.

Sy Hersh casts critical eye on Bush regime The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh (or ''Sy,'' as everyone calls him) began his Tuesday night remarks at Harvard in typically incendiary fashion. ''I'm really happy this [event] tonight did not begin with a prayer,'' he said, taking a transparent shot at George Bush's religious fervor. ''We are not a theocracy, folks.''

Goldsmith Award Winner Criticizes Bush Regime Journalist Seymour Hersh denounced the Bush regime’s approach to Iraq last night after accepting the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism at the Kennedy School of Government’s ARCO Forum.

It's Official: NYC Council Opposes War In a vote that elicited a range of emotional responses, the City Council approved a resolution Wednesday opposing war with Iraq except as a last resort.

US Soldiers Storm Camp (UK) Armed Us troops stormed the peace camp at RAF Fairford and ripped protesters' banners off the fence. Dressed in boiler suits and armed with serrated combat knives, the men stripped the 10ft steel fence at Gate 10. By 2pm yesterday they were putting up a barbed wire fence to keep the demonstrators at bay.

Activists Rush to Rally Again In Last-Ditch Antiwar Effort Antiwar activists are gearing up for a march on Washington on Saturday, the latest for a global peace movement that has mobilized with increasing frequency as the nation prepares for a war with Iraq.

Four anti-war protesters arrested trying to enter Capitol Four people protesting war in Iraq were arrested Thursday after trying to enter the Capitol via an entrance closed to the public.

G.I. Bunny surrounded at Grass Valley Kmart (NV) G.I. Easter Bunny baskets invaded the shelves of the Grass Valley Kmart this week. The takeover did not go by unnoticed by Nevada City resident Joanna Robinson who captured one of the baskets inside the local Kmart store. After Kmart security forces were unsuccessful in convincing the 54-year-old woman to retreat, reinforcement in the form of the Grass Valley police arrived and arrested Robinson.

No More "G.I. Easter Bunny Baskets" at Grass Valley Kmart (NV) They gathered in front of the Grass Valley Kmart to voice their opposition to the "G.I. Easter Bunny Basket" sold at the store. The action was prompted by Joanna Robinson's arrest yesterday, when Grass Valley Police took her into custody for trespassing and disrupting the business of Kmart. Cheers erupted when Utah Philipps announced the store manager's decision not to restock the controversial Easter baskets that combined war toys and candies.

French Fry Ban Targets Wrong Country? The U.S. Congress picked on the wrong country when it replaced "French fries" with "Freedom fries" on its menus to protest France's opposition to a possible U.S.-led war in Iraq, according to a Belgian fry expert. Michel Mes, who runs the Web Site, said that fried potatoes were invented in Belgium, not France, and were only referred to as French fries in the United States.

The whackjobs at the Pentagon need a name for their impending slaughter in Iraq! --U.S. ponders name for likely war against Iraq The names for U.S. military operations over the years have been poetic, moralizing and in one case so forgettable that leaders of that mission forgot it. There are all sorts of rules for coming up with a name, involving many Pentagon offices. In the end, though, it always has been more art than science... Send your ideas to:, and I will compile a list of the best suggestions and disseminate to the media. *Please keep checking back to the website here, as I am frequently updating the page.

Warplanes en route to S. Korea U.S. sees Pyongyang’s moves as 'worrisome' --The U.S. air force said on Wednesday that stealth warplanes will arrive in South Korea this week for annual military drills that North Korea says are evidence of "sinister" U.S. plans for nuclear war.

U.S. to resume flights near North Korea The U.S. Air Force said Wednesday it will resume reconnaissance flights off the coast of North Korea for the first time since a March 2 incident that was perceived as hostile.

State Republicans Look to Scrap Primaries Republican-led legislatures in five states believe they've found a way to ease the budget crunch — eliminate the 2004 presidential primaries. State Democratic lawmakers are crying foul, arguing that their GOP colleagues' motivation is political.

AP Protests Gov't Seizure of Package Government agencies opened a package mailed between two Associated Press reporters last September and seized a copy of an eight-year-old unclassified FBI lab report without obtaining a warrant or notifying the news agency.

CIA Executive Tabbed to Head Threat Intelligence Center A veteran Central Intelligence Agency executive will head the Terrorist Threat Integration Center slated to start operations May 1.

Senate Passes Bill Limiting Abortion The Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to ban a procedure that critics call partial birth abortion, a triumph for Dictator Bush and the Republicans who took control [yes, *took* control] of Congress this year.

Senate Votes to Ban Disputed Abortion Procedure After an emotional and caustic debate over abortion rights, the Senate voted overwhelmingly today to ban a highly disputed procedure that its critics call partial-birth abortion.

Oil, gas industry gets two-year break from storm water permits Developers of oil and gas sites across the country will have at least two more years before they are required to get new storm water permits intended to protect fish, wildlife and people.

Developer Gets Rent-Free Deal on Federal Land The Army Corps of Engineers owns 456 lakes in 43 states, and under federal rules, private developers must pay fair market value to lease land from the corps along those lakes. But Ronald W. Howell, an Oklahoma lobbyist, a consultant and a prominent Republican fund-raiser, is one developer who recently found a cheaper way.

Rove predicts Democratic challenger 'will be strong' Whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination will pose a serious challenge to Dictator Bush's re-s-election bid in 2004, White House political adviser Karl Rove says.

Time To Impeach? Conyers Joins Meeting To Mull Ousting Bush --House Judiciary ranking member John Conyers (D-Mich.) assembled more than two-dozen prominent liberal attorneys and legal scholars on Tuesday to mull over articles of impeachment drafted against Dictator Bush by activists seeking to block military action against Saddam Hussein. (*need paid subscription to view this Roll Call article in full.)

Israeli monitor intercepts order: War starting on March 18 The U.S. military has been ordered to launch a war against Iraq on March 18, an Israeli official said in a televised report. Israeli government monitor, Michael Gurdus, reported on late Tuesday that the order was relayed by U.S. Central Command to all American forces in the Persian Gulf. [personal note: That's my birthday. Ugh!!!! --Lori]

Out of the straitjacket The US wants to use potentially lethal chemicals against Iraq - despite the fact that this would contravene international law --by Alastair Hay "The US secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld, recently argued that the military should again be allowed to use chemicals as weapons of war in Iraq... What Rumsfeld is proposing is illegal."

Cheney is still paid by Pentagon contractor Bush deputy gets $1m from firm with Iraq oil deal --Halliburton, the Texas company which has been awarded the Pentagon's contract to put out potential oil-field fires in Iraq and which is bidding for postwar construction contracts, is still making annual payments to its former chief executive, the vice-pResident, Dick Cheney.

UN pulls more than 30 inspectors out of Iraq The United Nations says it has pulled out more than 30 weapons inspectors throughout Iraq.

Bush phones Howard over Iraq strategy In a 20-minute phone conversation, Dictator George W Bush told Prime Minister ["Poodle II"] John Howard the US is trying to secure a resolution in the United Nations Security Council.

Australian intelligence expert quits over 'dumb' policy on Iraq A Senior intelligence adviser to the Australian prime minister, John Howard, resigned yesterday in a protest against the country’s likely involvement in a war with Iraq.

Coalition media machine goes into full spin For the thousands of British troops assembled in Kuwait, war is still days away, but Downing Street’s spin machine is already working overtime to win the propaganda battle... A senior White House "communications staffer" is also on his way to Qatar as part of a joint effort to ensure the message coming from military briefings fits seamlessly with the line in Washington and London.

Blair spells out demands on President Hussein · Hussein 'must give TV declaration' · Blair: UK troops will take part · Second resolution 'this week' --The prime minister, Poodle Tony Blair, today spelled out Britain's final demands for the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, to give up his weapons of mass destruction or face military action.

Britain Sets Out 6 New Terms for Hussein to Avoid War Despite apparent American misgivings about Britain's likely participation in a war in Iraq, Prime Minister Tony Blair laid down six new conditions today for Saddam Hussein to avoid war. At the same time, he insisted that British troops would take part in an invasion of Iraq if Baghdad failed to comply with the terms.

Britain sets out proposed tests for Iraq in new resolution Britain set out a list of conditions for Iraq's disarmament today, hoping to break an impasse at the United Nations that has left Prime Minister Tony Blair vulnerable at home because of his support for the tough U.S. line.

Brits Backing Out? Sources tell CBS News that Great Britain – America's closest ally – may find it politically impossible to commit its military to a U.S.-led attack on Saddam Hussein. And that could force the United States to go it alone in Iraq.

US ready for war without Britain The United States indicated last night that it was prepared to go to war with Iraq without Britain because of Poodle Tony Blair's domestic political difficulties.

Rumsfeld: US may have to launch war without Britain America has suggested for the first time that Britain may have to reduce its role in a war against Iraq – or not take part at all – because of Poodle Tony Blair's political difficulties.

US ready to fight 'without UK' US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has sparked diplomatic confusion by suggesting America has alternative plans if the UK decides not to go to war with Iraq.

Rumsfeld Backtracks on British War Role in Iraq Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Tuesday left open the possibility the United States might invade Iraq without the help of British forces, then quickly backtracked to quell the firestorm his remarks touched off.

US may go it alone as Blair is caught in diplomatic deadlock Washington was forced to admit for the first time last night that it might have to start the war against Iraq without British forces because of the internal political problems heaping up for Poodle Tony Blair.

40 Labour MPs call for Blair to resign Labour Party discontent over Poodle Tony Blair's stance on Iraq burst into the open for the first time yesterday when more than 40 MPs called for the Prime Minister to resign.

Labour plotters take first steps to oust Blair Labour opponents of war with Iraq took the first steps last night towards launching a leadership challenge if Poodle Tony Blair commits British troops to American-led military action without the explicit authority of the United Nations.

France and Russia campaign for mass abstentions at United Nations Despite French and Russian undertakings to veto any United Nations resolution authorising war against Iraq, it appeared yesterday that they are actually counting on not having to vote at all by leading a mass abstention.

Top US firms vie for post-war Iraq contracts With war against Iraq only days away, a small group of giant American construction firms are furiously competing for a $900 million US government contract for the initial rebuilding of infrastructure that will be shattered by US bombs and missiles.

War talk boosts arctic oil supporters Refuge drilling depends on one Senate vote --Senate Republicans are expected to resurface a proposal next week to open a small part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling — and this time it could very well pass. Though opposed by environmentalists and most Democrats, the proposal has been buoyed by soaring energy prices, talk of war and the fact that Republicans have found a way to get around a stall tactic by Democrats.

The Plan --Were Neo-Conservatives’ 1998 Memos a Blueprint for Iraq War? (Nightline) Years before George W. Bush entered the White House, and years before the Sept. 11 attacks set the direction of his presidency, a group of influential neo-conservatives hatched a plan to get Saddam Hussein out of power.

The 'macho president' ignores calls for peace --by Helen Thomas "The usually macho president [sic] was strangely tranquil throughout the news conference, speaking in a monotone, picking out reporters to call on from a prepared script... ABC-TV's Ted Koppel Nightline program recently discussed reports that Bush has been influenced by the Project for the New American Century, which proposes that the United States assume military control of the Gulf region."

Whose War? A neoconservative clique seeks to ensnare our country in a series of wars that are not in America’s interest. --by Patrick J. Buchanan "The War Party may have gotten its war. But it has also gotten something it did not bargain for... In a rare moment in U.S. journalism, Tim Russert put this question directly to Richard Perle: 'Can you assure American viewers ... that we’re in this situation against Saddam Hussein and his removal for American security interests? And what would be the link in terms of Israel?'"

I Vant to Be Alone --by Maureen Dowd "Just when you thought it couldn't get more Strangelovian, it does. The Bush bullies, having driven off all the other kids in the international schoolyard, are now resorting to imaginary friends... Ari Fleischer upped the ante, conjuring up an entire international forum filled with imaginary allies."

Point of No Return --by Bridget Gibson "Today, we the people stand alone against our government. Not in revolution but in a diametrically opposed fashion. We stand without representation as surely as we did before our country was founded and declared its separation from the rule of King George of England."

Ten Reasons Why Many Gulf War Veterans Oppose Re-Invading Iraq --by anonymous Gulf war veteran (Sept. 24, 2002) "With all the war fever about re-invading Iraq, the press and politicians are ignoring the opinion of the veterans of our last war in the Gulf... Our opinions should be solicited and heard before troops deploy for battle, not after they have returned wounded, ill or in body bags."

Appeals Court Weighs Bush's War Powers Act of Congress Needed for Iraq Invasion, Suit Says --A federal appeals court is weighing on a rare and expedited basis a lawsuit challenging the dictator's right to wage war on Iraq without a formal declaration of war by Congress.

Thousands more take stand against conflict in demonstrations throughout Britain Thousands of people across Britain took to the streets in heavy rain at the weekend in protest at the impending war with Iraq.

Five arrested at UA Students object to cost of 'unjust war,' tuition hikes At the University of Arizona yesterday, three students, a UA employee and a newspaper photographer were arrested inside the school's Administration Building.

U.S. tests massive bomb Designed for use in 'psychological operations' --The U.S. Air Force Tuesday tested the biggest conventional bomb in the military's arsenal, dropping the new 21,000-pound device on a test site at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, U.S. officials said.

Largest Conventional Bomb Dropped in a Test in Florida The Air Force today successfully [sic] tested in Florida the largest conventional bomb in the American arsenal, a munition so massive that its 18,000 pounds of high explosives must be dropped from the rear of a cargo plane, officials said. The new bomb, still in its test phase, could be dropped on Iraq should Dictator Bush order the nation to war.

Did Pakistan stage bin Laden aide arrest? A grainy video purporting to show the arrest of two al Qaeda leaders has done little to deflect accusations that Pakistan may have staged this month's raid to give it leeway to abstain in a UN vote on an Iraq war. Today, a former ISI chief said he believed Mohammed was actually arrested some time ago in a different city.

Guantanamo appeal denied A US appeals court has ruled that prisoners held at a US military base in Cuba do not have the right to hearings in American courts.

Half a century after Nuremberg, world criminal court opens The International Criminal Court marks an important development in human rights but US hostility may compromise its effectiveness --The birth of the ICC is taking place despite fierce opposition from the United States. And the timing of today's ceremony, just as the US and Britain prepare to launch military action of undetermined legality against Iraq, is lost on few in The Hague.

Bush Trying to Ban Judicial Filibusters [Rightwing media sugar coats story, calling article: "Bush writes senate a letter" LOL!] Republicans are trying a new approach in their effort to break the Senate logjam over the judicial nomination of Miguel Estrada. Dictator Bush is calling on the Senate to permanently ban judicial filibusters.

Richard Perle brands journalist Seymour Hersh a "terrorist" --by Bill Vann "A noted journalist’s unearthing of evidence of profiteering by a leading architect of the Bush administration’s war on Iraq has evoked an extraordinary response. Richard Perle, chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, answered the exposure of his use of public office for private gain by denouncing veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh as a 'terrorist.'"

Republicans poised for anti-abortion victory in Senate Cheered on by the religious right, the new Republican leadership in the US Senate is hoping to ban a rare form of late-term abortion usually only performed when the mother is in danger or the child is likely to die soon after birth.

Two mid-level Enron officials will be charged with conspiracy, fraud Two mid-level Enron officials will be charged with conspiracy, fraud and likely other charges Wednesday in a deal to get cash out of the company's much touted but failing plans to deliver movies over the Internet.

Pentagon Threatens to Fire on Independent Reporters in Iraq The Pentagon has threatened to fire on the satellite uplink positions of independent journalists in Iraq, according to veteran BBC war correspondent, Kate Adie. In an interview with Irish radio, Ms. Adie said that questioned about the consequences of such potentially fatal actions, a senior Pentagon officer had said: "Who cares.. ..They've been warned."

US awards deals for post-war Iraq The US Government has invited companies to compete for projects which could begin in Iraq immediately after a war. Among the companies invited to tender is the Texas-based Halliburton, where US Vice-pResident Dick Cheney served as chief executive from 1995 to 2000. [What a deal! Cheney pushes to destroy Iraq, then gets compensated for rebuilding Iraq!]

U.N. Withdraws U-2 Planes U.N. arms inspectors said Tuesday they had withdrawn two U-2 reconnaissance planes over Iraq for safety reasons after Baghdad complained both aircraft were in the air simultaneously.

Annan Says U.S. Will Violate Charter if It Acts Without Approval Secretary General Kofi Annan warned today that if the United States fails to win approval from the Security Council for an attack on Iraq, Washington's decision to act alone or outside the Council would violate the United Nations charter.

Scramble for Support: U.S. puts off U.N. vote, open to later deadline The United States is willing to further amend its draft U.N. resolution that would authorize war against Iraq — but the White House on Tuesday ruled out giving Saddam Hussein another month to disarm.

Security Council vote on Iraq delayed as U.S. mulls revisions Adopting a two-pronged strategy to avert a U.N. defeat, the Bush dictatorship once again portrayed Iraq as in violation of international demands it disarm, but signaled a willingness to revise its troubled resolution endorsing the use of force.

Chirac vows to veto war resolution France's President, Jacques Chirac, stated explicitly for the first time last night that he would veto a resolution authorising war.

Russia Will Vote Against Iraq Resolution Foreign Minster Igor Ivanov warned today the Kremlin will vote against the U.S. and British resolution that gives Saddam Hussein a March 17 deadline to disarm, news agencies reported.

Pakistan will abstain from U.N. vote on Iraq Pakistan will abstain from voting in the U.N. Security Council on a U.S.-backed resolution approving war with Iraq, a spokesman for the ruling party said Tuesday.

Pakistan: Very Difficult to Support Iraq War Pakistan's Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali said on Monday it would be very difficult for Pakistan, a member of the U.N. Security Council, to support a war in Iraq.

A 'non' from Chirac means Blair cannot get his mandate After weeks of speculation and carefully phrased threats, President Jacques Chirac has made his position on the French veto clear. It means that whatever amendments are made to the British-American-Spanish draft resolution there can now be no formal UN approval for an invasion of Iraq.

'Blair must go' - Labour MP Tam Dalyell, a veteran of Britain's Labour Party and the oldest member of the House of Commons, called on Monday for the resignation of Prime Minister Tony Blair over his policy on Iraq.

Short faces the sack for 'act of treachery' Clare Short's days as a cabinet minister were numbered last night as Tony Blair's close allies hit back at her devastating attack on his strategy on Iraq. One government source described her attack as "an act of treachery".

Short Vows to Resign if Blair Snubs UN on Iraq Short accuses Blair and vows to quit if he snubs UN on Iraq --Clare Short threatened to quit last night after branding Tony Blair's policy on Iraq as "reckless".

Pressure mounts on Blair British Prime Minister Tony Blair battled on Sunday to win world support for his tough stand on disarming Baghdad, as a resignation and mounting rebellion in his Labour government raised the stakes of his Iraq gamble.

Another U.S. Diplomat Quits Over Iraq Policy A U.S. diplomat resigned yesterday in protest against Dictator Bush's preparations to attack Iraq, the second to do so in less than a month.

U.S. diplomat resigns over Iraq war plans A U.S. diplomat resigned from government service Monday in protest at Dictator Bush's preparations to attack Iraq, the second to do so in less than a month.

Buchanan Charges Neocons With 'Warmongering' In this week's American Conservative, editor Pat Buchanan issues a controversial, 5000-word indictment of the 'War Party' of Bennett, Kristol, Podhoretz and Richard Perle.

Lunch With the Chairman --by Seymour M. Hersh Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi? "[Richard N. Perle, the chairman of the Defense Policy Board] is also a managing partner in a venture-capital company called Trireme Partners L.P., which was registered in November, 2001, in Delaware. Trireme’s main business, according to a two-page letter that one of its representatives sent to [international arms broker Adnan] Khashoggi last November, is to invest in companies dealing in technology, goods, and services that are of value to homeland security and defense. The letter argued that the fear of terrorism would increase the demand for such products in Europe and in countries like Saudi Arabia and Singapore."

Coalition Strikes Targets, Drops Leaflets Coalition aircraft have conducted a series of strikes in the Southern No-fly Zone since March 8, U.S. Central Command officials said today.

Supporters of war with Iraq rally Downtown (Pittsburgh) Supporters of military action in Iraq gathered yesterday in a boisterous rally that put housewives and bikers shoulder-to-shoulder and occasionally found the words "God Bless America" juxtaposed with "rock on brother -- ride free." [We need to mobilize against this media-induced rightwing display of jingoism!!]

Morons in Congress waste time and tax dollars by passing insane measures: French Fries Get New Name in Congress House cafeterias will be serving fries with a side order of patriotism Tuesday with a decision by GOP lawmakers to replace the "French" cuisine with "freedom fries."

Nashville Woman Fired for Anti-War Letter A woman was fired from her job at Jones Media after replying to an e-mail written by country singer [and rightwing nutcase] Charlie Daniels.

Crisis fears grip City as shares hit 7-year low (UK) Fears were being raised in the City last night about the threat of a financial crisis among insurance companies and banks after share prices fell to their lowest level in seven and a half years.

The Dollar Has Had Its Day Is There a Eurologist in the House? --by Ben Tripp "These are all plausible enough explanations for what appears at first glance to be an insane crusade to precipitate World War Three, crush all resistance to American global hegemony, and found a Christian empire that feeds on the desperation and poverty of resource-rich wog subject states. Say it isn't so, Joe. Not to worry. Us experts are all sure this benighted administration must have some far less dramatic, policy-based objectives..."

Good Spies Make Good Neighbors --by Lloyd Grove "On the glossy side were photos of the Berlin Wall, a bronze statue of Office of Strategic Services founder William'Wild Bill' Donovan and an aerial view of the Central Intelligence Agency. On the matte side -- along with phone numbers for the CIA's public affairs office and security operations center -- was an admonition to 'report anything unusual or suspicious associated with your community and/or the Headquarters.'"

Federal counter-disinformation office back in business The Counter-Disinformation/Misinformation Team's moniker is more impressive than its budget. It's a crew of two toiling in anonymity at the State Department, writing reports they are prohibited by law from disseminating to the U.S. public.

Saudi Arabia to confiscate bin Laden's T-shirts Saudi authorities have ordered the confiscation of T-shirts bearing portraits of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden and the World Trade Center under attack, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Half a century after Nuremberg, world criminal court opens The International Criminal Court marks an important development in human rights but US hostility may compromise its effectiveness --The birth of the ICC is taking place despite fierce opposition from the United States. USA for the International Criminal Court --Find elected officials, including the president, members of Congress, and more.

Amnesty International: There is no 'Acceptable' Torture (Press release) Admissions in NY Times Article at Odds With President [sic] Bush's Earlier Promises --Amnesty International, which recently has met with Department of Defense officials on this issue, renewed its call for President [sic] Bush to condemn publicly all forms of torture, and for the commander-in-chief to enforce the international prohibition on torture in interrogation of suspects.

Judge: Dirty Bomb Suspect Can Meet With Lawyers A federal judge Tuesday cleared the way for a man accused of plotting to detonate a radiological dirty bomb in the United States to meet with his lawyers for the first time.

A Politically Weakened President [sic] Approaches Decision on War If the election were held today, only 39% of registered voters are sure they would vote for the re-s-election of Dictator George W. Bush, and 34% would definitely vote for someone else, in a poll conducted February 18-20 and March 4-6, 2003 among 1,545 registered voters. That is a dramatic decline in Bush’s political standing domestically.

FEC ruling reveals GOP consultant would have collected over half a million dollars from Enron In a controversy that touched White House political adviser Karl Rove, Enron Corp. signed contracts with GOP consultant Ralph Reed worth more than half a million dollars, the Federal Election Commission revealed in a ruling.

National Communications System Joins Homeland Security Department After a nearly 40-year relationship with the Department of Defense, the National Communications System became part of the Department of Homeland Security March 5 during ceremonies at the Defense Information System Agency's Skyline 7 auditorium here.

Ashcroft seeks $1 billion for DNA tests The budget proposed by Dictator Bush for the fiscal year that starts October 1 would provide $232.6 million for a range of DNA programs [?!?] and grants to states, with the administration tentatively planning for a total commitment over $1 billion over the next five years.

Weapon of Mass DISTRACTION: Supreme Court to hear police questioning case --Revising landmark Miranda decision --The Whore Court agreed Monday to consider limits on police questioning, revisiting its landmark 1966 Miranda ruling that officers must warn people they arrest of their right to remain silent.

Smallpox Campaign Taxing Health Resources Program Siphons Funds, Staffing From Other Projects, State and Local Officials Say --As they rush to answer Dictator Bush's mandate to vaccinate millions of emergency workers against smallpox, state and local health officials say they have stopped virtually all other counterterrorism efforts and in many cases have begun trimming services such as prenatal care, AIDS prevention, water testing and tuberculosis tracking.

Senate Revisits Ban of Abortion Procedure The Senate began what is expected to be an emotional, divisive debate today about legislation that bans certain procedures critics call partial-birth abortion, used to terminate second- and third-trimester pregnancies.

Arkansas governor signs 'Choose Life' plate into law Gov. Mike Huckabee signed a bill Monday authorizing a "Choose Life" specialty license plate, adding Arkansas to a growing list of states that allow car tags with an anti-abortion slogan.

Polar sea ice could be gone by the end of the century Much of the Earth's frozen north will have defrosted by the end of the century, according to the latest study of the effect of global warming on the Arctic.

Governor's Environmental Nominee Defeated (MD) The Senate voted down Gov. Robert Ehrlich's appointment of Lynn Buhl to be the state environmental secretary. Opponents argue that she does not have the management needed to run a major state agency. They also have questioned her commitment to the environment.

Michael Rectenwald responds to a CLG visitor who declares CLG members "ani [sic] American" --"The war is about? What, weapons of mass destruction? Strangely, all the weapons of mass destruction around Iraq are under the control of the US and the UK, like the evidence in search of the crime. The absurdity would be funny, were it not so potentially and probably tragic." --Michael Rectenwald

We have your sons: CIA Two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind [who died in a Sept., 2002 raid] of the September 11 attacks, are being used by the CIA to force their father to talk. [Would that be from the grave?] CIA interrogators confirmed that the boys, Yousef al-Khalid, 9, and his brother, Abed al-Khalid, 7, were staying at a secret address where they were being encouraged to talk about their father's activities. [Your tax dollars at work: sickkos in the CIA interrogating seven and nine year-olds. --Lori Price]

Minister calls Bush a dictator Germany clashed with the United States again yesterday over the Iraq crisis after a Junior Defence Minister in Berlin described pResident Bush as a dictator.

Pentagon seeks a nuclear digger The Pentagon is about to take the first public step to produce an earth-penetrating nuclear weapon that could be aimed at North Korea's underground nuclear and missile production facilities, Bush Dictatorship officials say.

U.S. ponders name for likely war against Iraq The names for U.S. military operations over the years have been poetic, moralizing and in one case so forgettable that leaders of that mission forgot it. There are all sorts of rules for coming up with a name, involving many Pentagon offices. In the end, though, it always has been more art than science... [How about "Operation B**w Job?" Sorry, but I just can't come up with a more appropriate moniker. --Lori Price]

Howard readies for war as US struggles for votes The Prime Minister, John Howard, has cleared the way for an announcement on Thursday committing Australia to war in Iraq, if Britain and the United States fail to get backing for a new United Nations resolution.

Urgent Diplomacy [not to mention bribes and threats] Fails to Gain U.S. 9 Votes in the U.N. [LOL!] After a weekend of urgent "diplomacy", the Bush dictatorship has so far fallen short of lining up nine votes on the United Nations Security Council in favor of a resolution that would threaten Saddam Hussein with war if Iraq did not disarm, regime officials said today.

Allies unlikely to help pay for second Iraq invasion Allies who bankrolled most of the first U.S.-led war against Iraq in 1991 will almost certainly not help pay for a second one.

Diplomats are given five days to avert war With the world braced for war, America, Britain and France yesterday embarked on a final frenzy of persuasion, with diplomats given five more days to stop a conflict.

Chirac drumming up support to halt US-British rush to war French President Jacques Chirac is lobbying other heads of state to join him at an emergency summit of United Nations Security Council members to search for a compromise on Iraq, according to a statement from his office at the weekend.

Blair Faces Home Front Revolt Over Iraq War British Prime Minister Tony Blair, battling on the diplomatic front over preparations to wage war on Iraq, now faces a home front revolt with the first public threat of a ministerial resignation on the issue.

Blair 'not diverted' by Short threat to resign Prime Minister Tony Blair is focused on obtaining a second UN resolution on Iraq despite a threat by International Development Secretary Clare Short to resign, his spokesman said today.

I'll quit over reckless war, warns Short Clare Short split the Cabinet last night by declaring that she would resign from the Government if Poodle Tony Blair sanctioned military action against Iraq without a second United Nations resolution.

British Official Would Quit Over Iraq A member of Prime Minister Tony Blair's Cabinet said Sunday she will quit in protest if Britain participates in a war on Iraq without United Nations backing.

Some in military will risk jail before going to Iraq National Guard reservist Bryan Alarcon said "no" when his sergeant called looking for volunteers to go to Turkey as part of the U.S. military ramp-up to war. If he's ordered to go, Alarcon says, he'll refuse - even if his decision lands him in jail.

Harkin: I was fooled on Bush Iraq plans Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa said Thursday that if Congress were voting now on its resolution authorizing the dictator to take military action against Iraq, he would oppose it. "I'm not going to be fooled twice," said Harkin, who backed Dictator Bush on the resolution last year. [Hello, McFly! Did you actually think Bush would tell you the *truth*? He stole the election! --that should have been your wake-up call.]

Bush Sr warning over unilateral action The first President Bush [and only 'President Bush'] has told his son that hopes of peace in the Middle East would be ruined if a war with Iraq were not backed by international unity.

Opposition attracts Public opinion in the Middle East is increasingly backing western critics of a war in Iraq, and questioning the region's own leaders. -- by Brian Whitaker "'Vive la France!' The placard would not have looked out of place at a Gaullist election rally in Paris, or a protest by French farmers objecting to imports of British cabbages."

Missouri GOP Chairman's Resignation Letter (Mar. 8, 2003) --by Jack Walters "Our Country Above Politics --As the Bush administration moves toward certain war in the Middle East-a war which I believe nothing good will come from, a war which is unjust, unnecessary, and a war which will undoubtedly widen, perhaps even into world war, thereby placing our nation in dire peril-I have made a decision regarding my position as Boone County Republican Chairman..."

Boone County GOP may expel chairman (Feb. 13, 2003) Boone County's Republican chairman said some party members had asked him to resign because of his public statements opposing war with Iraq. But the chairman, Jack Walters of Columbia, said Wednesday that he wouldn't step down because he had a right to free speech. "Isn't that my right? Isn't that your right? Isn't that the right of every American?" Walters asked.

Nutcase Richard Perle Calls Journalist a Terrorist (Transcript, CNN Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer) PERLE: " Look, Sy Hersh is the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist, frankly. BLITZER: Well, on the basis of -- why do you say that? A terrorist?"

Photos taken by Human Shields in Baghdad Tour of duty - Christiaan Briggs "Welcome to TNT[Australian Website Magazine]'s Human Shield page, where we're following New Zealander Christiaan Briggs as he and the Truth Justice Peace Action Iraq group put themselves in the line of fire in an effort to avert war."

Iraq: Stop the W-ar!
Christiaan Briggs, Highway of Death, Basrah, Iraq, 28th February, 2003. Where the U.S. used Depleted Uranium Armour Piercing rounds on 20 000 retreating Iraqi troops in 1991. The uranium from these shells has caused a massive increase in congenital disorders and cancer amongst civilians in the area.

"Peace of Sh*t" - Save the world! "It's easy! All you have to do is sh*t on Bush... The game is set in the UN Security Council, and features international superstars like United States defence minister Donald Rumsfeld as 'the soldier', German foreign minister Joschka Fischer as 'the angel', and French prime minister Jacques Chirac as 'the worm'. Dubbya appears as 'the cowboy'."

Iraq: Stop the W-ar!
Iraqi children look at the Tigris River through the hole of an anti-war banner. (Michael Robinson-Chavez/Post)

Bush has media walking a fine line --by Peter Johnson "...[ at last week's news conference] Bush made two unprecedented moves that could signal the way he and his administration plan to handle — some say intimidate — the media during wartime."

Howard heckled by tomato-throwing protesters Around 600 anti-war protesters whistled, thumped drums and set fire to flags outside New Zealand's parliament today as Australian Prime Minister John Howard met leaders inside. The protesters, who included three Green Party MPs, also hurled tomatoes onto the steps of the parliament building in a show of anger over Howard's unstinting support for US-led military action against Iraq.

Peace march stopped at Santana Row's door (CA) Santana Row officials barred about 100 peace activists from marching through the upscale shopping center Sunday, but said the move had nothing to do with the group's opposition to a likely U.S. attack on Iraq.

University of Maryland Students Seek to Overturn Free Speech Ban at College Park Campus The American Civil Liberties Union and a private Washington law firm today filed a lawsuit on behalf of students at the University of Maryland at College Park who are challenging a university policy that places unreasonable restrictions on outdoor public speaking and leafleting on the university’s 1,500-acre campus.

U.S. Weakening May Push Fed to Buy Government Notes The Federal Reserve may opt for unconventional tactics, such as direct purchases of Treasury notes, to fight deflation should a possible war with Iraq weaken an already flagging U.S. economy.

Clinton on '60 Minutes': tax cut is bad economics Former President Bill Clinton said a conflict with Iraq and the subsequent rebuilding will cost many billions of dollars when the country is at a deficit.

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York North Korea would launch a ballistic missile attack on the United States if Washington made a pre-emptive strike against the communist state's nuclear facility, the man described as Pyongyang's "unofficial spokesman" claimed yesterday. [God! Will someone *please* give Pyongyang his bottle and have him take his afternoon nap! Don't worry, as soon as Bush is done obliterating Iraq, you'll get all the attention you crave. And, Iran is next on the Bush Armageddon agenda. (See below.) --Lori Price]

North Korea test-fires second missile North Korea test-fired a cruise missile into the sea off its east coast today, the second in two weeks, South Korea's Defence Ministry said.

Iran's Nuclear Program Speeds Ahead 'Startling' Progress at Complex Poses Challenge to Bush Dictatorship at Delicate Time --Near the town of Natanz in central Iran, 160 newly minted centrifuges stand in neat rows inside a nuclear complex that the United States and other countries were surprised to learn about only seven months ago.

Fear of terrorists trying to raise dumped anthrax Terrorists could try to obtain chemical weapons containing anthrax dumped off the Scottish coast, a council warned yesterday. More than 100,000 tonnes of chemical weapons in 16 merchant ships were sunk between 50 and 100 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. [Stupid is as stupid does...]

INS Absorbed by Homeland Security On March 1, 2003, the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) officially became the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS), operating under the Department of Homeland Security.

Court rules Graves competent to prosecute AIDS bioengineering case (Press release) A March sixth federal court order mandates civil rights activist Boyd E. Graves legally competent to prosecute the AIDS bioengineering case originally filed in the Southern District of California Dec. 6, 2001... President [sic] George W. Bush and other named defendants inside the case are provided 60 days by law and are compelled to respond to Dr. Graves' complaint by May 1, 2003."

GOP hopes to push Pickering through The nomination of U.S. District Judge Charles Pickering of Hattiesburg, Miss., was rejected in a party-line vote in last year's Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee. Pickering's opponents said he was insensitive to the rights of women and minorities.

The GOP Home Shopping Network --by Al Kamen "That most lamentable duct tape suggestion last week [month] by a Homeland Security official -- which drove countless panicked citizens out to buy the product -- has been widely derided as useless and pretty crazy... 46 percent to be precise -- of the duct tape sold in this country is manufactured by a company in Avon, Ohio. And the founder of that company, that would be Jack Kahl, gave how much to the Republican National Committee and other GOP committees in the 2000 election cycle? Would that be more than $100,000?"

UN launches inquiry into American spying The United Nations has begun a top-level investigation into the bugging of its delegations by the United States, first revealed in The Observer last week.

GCHQ arrest over Observer spying report An employee at the top-secret Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has been arrested following revelations in The Observer last weekend about an American 'dirty tricks' surveillance operation to win votes at the United Nations in favour of a tough new resolution on Iraq.

UN plan to give President Hussein 72 hours to leave Baghdad The Pope brokers secret exile deal to avert war --Saddam Hussein and his family are to be given 72 hours on Tuesday to accept an offer of exile, while 50 of Iraq's top military brass will be offered an amnesty in return for full co-operation with the United Nations in a secret plan to be tabled at its New York headquarters.

Blair faces wave of resignations as ministerial aides issue ultimatum Tony Blair will face a wave of government resignations if he commits British troops to a war on Iraq without securing a second United Nations mandate for military action.

Blair sets out final terms to avoid war ·President Hussein ordered to destroy hundreds of Scud and chemicals missiles ·PM 'will get backing' for Iraq ultimatum ·Ministers threaten to quit --Saddam Hussein is to be given a 'final and non-negotiable' list of weapons he must destroy or account for within six days to prevent a devastating onslaught from American and British forces.

U.N. inspectors: U.S. used forged reports U.N. weapons inspectors cast doubts on U.S. assertions about Iraq's weapons programs, saying Baghdad is cooperating with inspections and that some documents presented as evidence were forged.

UK nuclear evidence a fake British intelligence claims that Saddam Hussein has been trying to import uranium for a nuclear bomb are unfounded and based on deliberately fabricated evidence, according to an investigation by the UN nuclear inspectors in Iraq.

Top Inspectors Criticize CIA Data on Iraqi Sites Blix and Elbaradei reject key intelligence claims. Some U.S. officials admit quality is poor. --On the eve of a possible war in Iraq, a question looms increasingly large: If U.S. intelligence is so good, why are United Nations experts still unable to confirm whether Saddam Hussein is actively concealing and producing illegal weapons?

Iraq destroys more missiles Iraq resumed the destruction of Al Samoud 2 missiles Saturday and called on the United Nations to lift sanctions after arms inspectors gave a positive assessment of Baghdad's cooperation.

Iraq demands end to sanctions after Blix report Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has called on the United Nations Security Council on Saturday to lift 12 years of sanctions against Iraq after what he said was its fulfilling of its disarmament commitments.

Iraq calls for end to sanctions Emboldened by the latest weapons inspectors' report, Iraq on Saturday called on the United Nations to remove crippling sanctions and ban weapons of mass destruction in the entire Middle East — and eventually in the United States.

No need for war, PM tells Americans U.S. has already 'won,' Chrétien says Interview with ABC set to air today Prime Minister Jean Chrétien will tell Americans in a nationally televised interview today that their government has already won the standoff with Iraq by pressuring Saddam Hussein to disarm.

Chirac calls for Security Council summit President Jacques Chirac is lobbying other heads of state to join him at an emergency summit of U.N. Security Council members to search for compromise on Iraq, his office said Saturday. The Elysee presidential palace also reiterated France's objection to a U.S.-British draft resolution giving Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein a March 17 ultimatum to destroy weapons of mass destruction or prove he has none. "The ultimatum resolution is not acceptable and therefore will not be accepted by France," the president's office said.

Russia says British resolution on Iraq is unfeasible Russia is the latest country to say it will do everything it can to block the passage of a British resolution on Iraq through the United Nations (UN) Security Council.

This war came from a think tank --by Jochen Boelsche "It was in no way a conspiracy. As far back as 1998, ultra right US think tanks had developed and published plans for an era of US world domination, sidelining the UN and attacking Iraq. These people were not taken seriously. But now they are calling the tune."

Just War — or a Just War? --by Jimmy Carter "As a Christian and as a president who was severely provoked by international crises, I became thoroughly familiar with the principles of a just war, and it is clear that a substantially unilateral attack on Iraq does not meet these standards. This is an almost universal conviction of religious leaders, with the most notable exception of a few spokesmen of the Southern Baptist Convention who are greatly influenced by their commitment to Israel based on eschatological, or final days, theology."

A Detour From the War on Terrorism --by Gary Hart "The urgent necessity to disband terrorist networks abroad and to secure the American homeland has been replaced by the Bush administration's puzzling preoccupation with Saddam Hussein. He has become George Bush's White Whale, an obsession that has cost us international solidarity in eradicating terrorism, the goodwill of tens of millions of people worldwide and the role of benign democratic world leader."

Paras will make lightning assault on Baghdad airport British paratroopers are preparing to seize Baghdad's Saddam International Airport in a bold and high-risk air assault.

Air Defense Units in Southern Iraq Hit Hard The commander of U.S. air forces in the Persian Gulf region said yesterday that several months of intensified U.S. airstrikes had hit all fixed air defenses in southern Iraq known to American officials.

Coalition Forces Target Iraqi Communications Sites Operation SOUTHERN WATCH Coalition aircraft used precision-guided weapons today to target four Iraqi military communications sites. The communication sites were located near Qalat Sukkar, approximately 125 miles southeast of Baghdad.

Saddam Hussein's Soldiers Surrender Iraqi soldiers have crossed the Kuwait border and tried to surrender to British forces - because they thought the war had already started. The motley band of a dozen troops waved the white flag as British paratroopers tested their weapons during a routine exercise.

Crucial Helicopters Arrive in Kuwait The wind died, the skies cleared and, just before dawn today, the weather-delayed USNS Dahl berthed with the last critical U.S. Army weapons needed to attack Iraq.

Beware of Iraqis ordering maps: German counter intelligence [LOL!] Germany's counter intelligence service on Saturday warned local authorities in the north of the country to be on the look-out for Iraqis who might be trying to purchase maps or aerial photos of German cities.

Let Them Hate as Long as They Fear --by Paul Krugman "'Oderint dum metuant' translates, roughly, as 'let them hate as long as they fear.' It was a favorite saying of the emperor Caligula, and may seem over the top as a description of current U.S. policy. But this week's crisis in U.S.-Mexican relations — a crisis that has been almost ignored north of the border — suggests that it is a perfect description of George Bush's attitude toward the world." [...Uh, you know the world is in serious trouble when a top national editorialist is comparing the US 'president''s views to those of emperor Caligula's. --Lori Price]

Not Scripted [Yeah, right!], but Listed Checklist of reporters helps Bush work [deceive during] news conference --Midway through his Thursday night news conference, Dictator George W. Bush glanced downward at a list on his lectern, then looked up and recognized John King of CNN. When another reporter tried to get his attention, Bush was having none of it. "We'll be there in a minute," he said. "This is scripted."

The presidential press conference --by David North "The political aims of the Bush administration require such a blatant and continuous falsification of reality that all connection is lost between what the president [sic] says and what masses of people generally perceive. The lies of the administration necessarily assume, therefore, a grotesque 'in your face' character."

The Xanax Cowboy --by Maureen Dowd "You might sum up the president[sic]'s call to war Thursday night as 'Message: I scare.' ...the Xanax cowboy made it clear that Saddam is going to pay for 9/11. Even if the fiendish Iraqi dictator was not involved with Al Qaeda, he has supported 'Al Qaeda-type organizations,' as the president fudged, or 'Al Qaeda types' or 'a terrorist network like Al Qaeda.'"

Gratitude to Turkey (Petition --action) " [to] send our heartfelt gratitude to those members of the Parliament who today, March 1, 2003, may have contributed greatly to averting this invasion by refusing to allow Mr. Bush to station 72,000 troops there for the purpose of attacking Iraq."

Large Groups Barred From Protesting Near White House Large groups of anti-war demonstrators will no longer be allowed anywhere near the White House. Chief Teresa Chambers says if war breaks out and large groups want to get to the White House, officers will ring Lafayette Park to make sure no one gets in.


Washington, D.C.: Stop the W-ar! Getty Images --Several thousand demonstrators, organized by Code Pink, a predominantly female anti-war movement, marched to the White House today to protest a possible war against Iraq.

With Passion and a Dash of Pink, Women Gather to Protest War Several thousand protesters, many of them wearing pink as a symbol of opposition among women to the possible war, carried placards and sang and chanted slogans in a low-key demonstration organized by an organization called Code Pink, a play on the national color-coded security alert system.

Authors Arrested in War Protest at White House Acclaimed authors Alice Walker and Maxine Hong Kingston were among a group of 23 women arrested in front of the White House on Saturday as they protested against what they called a misguided march toward war, protest organizers said.

Guard says he lost job in T-shirt flap The security officer at Crossgates Mall who signed a trespassing complaint against a war protester was fired Friday.

CIA holds young sons of captured al-Qa'eda chief Two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks, are being used by the CIA to force their father to talk. [?!?] Last night CIA interrogators confirmed that the boys, aged seven and nine, were staying at a secret address where they were being encouraged to talk about their father's activities. [This Amerikan regime has crossed the threshold of insanity long, long, ago as it is now manifest that the Bush dictatorship is stooping to techniques not endured in the world since Adolph Hitler assumed power in Nazi Germany.]

US forces confirm Qaeda suspects arrest, casualties US forces hunting for Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda followers in Afghanistan, said on Saturday they had detained seven men in the country’s Helmand province but did not identify them.

Nephew of Pakistani president arrested The nephew of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was arrested in the United States on February 19 on a charge of having an expired visa.

$100 billion a year to tackle world's water crisis [that the CIA is fomenting] Most of the world's water crises can be resolved, but would require political will and spending from $50 billion to $100 billion a year, the United Nations' top envoy on water issues said on Wednesday.

Justice in Amerika 50 years' jail for video thefts upheld --The United States Whore Court has ruled that a 50-year sentence being served by a man who shoplifted videos as gifts for his children is not a "cruel and unusual" punishment.

Don't let the Bush administration log 100-year-old trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument (National Resources Defence Council --action) "The Bush administration wants to sacrifice some of the oldest, largest trees in the Giant Sequoia National Monument to loggers. The Forest Service will accept comments only until March 17th, so send yours today." [Please take this action. Don't let Bush force his agenda for environmental terrorism through while he keeps us distracted with Iraq... and Korea... and Osama... and torturing alleged terrorists who are already dead. --Lori Price]

Abortion: 'no effect' on breast cancer Overseas research should put to bed fears that having an abortion increases the risk of breast cancer later in life, Australian experts have said.

Colin Powell, Exercise Honorable Exit Strategy --by William O. Beeman "Colin Powell should resign - now, with honor... Ever the good soldier, Secretary Powell was compelled to squander his reputation for honesty and forthright dealing in a presentation before the United Nations fraught with questionable information and half-formulated conclusions."

His War's In Court --by Ellis Henican "The argument is beautiful in its simplicity. Could it really keep America out of war? The argument says George W. Bush doesn't have the legal authority to attack the sovereign nation of Iraq..."

CNN Larry King Live Interview With Robert Byrd March 7, 2003 (Transcript) "BYRD: The point is, this country isn't being attacked. The president [sic] is setting up a straw man here when he says that he has taken a constitutional oath to defend the constitution and so on, and it's his job to protect the American people. Protect the American people from the -- from what? We're not -- the American people aren't being attacked, nor are they under threat of direct or imminent attack by Saddam Hussein and Iraq."

Kuwait Sandstorms Tough for U.S. Soldiers Sandstorms are making things uncomfortable for troops waiting for a possible war with Iraq. They also present major problems for U.S. war planners.

U.S. Public Divided on War With Iraq, CBS News Poll Shows The U.S. public is divided on whether the Bush administration has presented enough evidence to justify a war with Iraq, with 47 percent saying the Bush regime has made the case for war and 44 percent saying it still hasn't, according to a new CBS News poll.

Oil Hits Highest Price Since Before Gulf War Crude oil prices rose yesterday to their highest level since Iraq's occupation of Kuwait in 1990, hitting $37.78 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, as Dictator Bush's comments at a news conference Thursday convinced many traders that a war with Iraq was near.

Troop Movement Could Cost $25 Billion, Congressional Office Finds The Congressional Budget Office estimated today that simply sending troops and equipment to the Persian Gulf to fight Iraq and returning them home would cost nearly $25 billion and that the total cost of a potential war would doubtless be much higher depending on how long hostilities lasted and how much was spent on reconstruction and other assistance.

US troops seen at key Saudi airport Hundreds of American troops have taken control of a civilian airport in Saudi Arabia, close to the border with Iraq, according to a witness. The move - which has not been officially confirmed - calls into question the kingdom's public statements that it will not facilitate a military strike against the Baghdad regime.

Army chief says British troops ready for battle British troops in the Gulf are ready for immediate action, General Sir Mike Jackson, Chief of the General Staff, said yesterday. In another sign that a war in Iraq was imminent, he said: "Four to five days would be ideal. But even if it was today, it's good to go."

Bush: Clap Me Or No EU Speech George Bush pulled out of a speech to the European Parliament when MEPs wouldn't guarantee a standing ovation. A source close to negotiations said last night: "President [sic] Bush agreed to a speech but insisted he get a standing ovation like at the State of the Union address. His people also insisted there were no protests, or heckling." Mr Bush's every appearance in the US is stage-managed, with audiences full of supporters. [Yes, and if you disagree with "stage-management" at Dictator Bush's appearances, you are herded into a "First Amendment Zone", and threatened with a felony charge. See Michael Rectenwald's account of such an experience: "Neville Island on Labor Day 2002: First Amendment Behind Bars"]

Archaeologists warn of Iraq war’s devastating consequences The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), the leading professional association for archaeologists in North America, has issued a statement expressing its “profound concern about the potential for damage to monuments, sites, antiquities, and cultural institutions as a result of war.”

UN leaders draw up secret blueprint for postwar Iraq US forces will hand over three months after Saddam Hussein is defeated --The United Nations has drawn up a confidential plan to establish a post-Hussein government in Iraq in a move that suggests its leaders now consider war all but inevitable. The UN is breaking a taboo, and arguably breaching its charter, by considering plans for Iraq’s future governance while it deals daily with President Saddam Hussein’s regime as a legitimate member.

Britain: Times leaks secret UN blueprint for post-war Iraq The United Nations has drafted a confidential blueprint for administering Iraq, following a US-led attack on the country.

'Bribes' pushing UN waverers into support for war For example, polls suggest that 90 per cent of Mexicans favour giving the UN weapons inspectors more time to do their job, but economic reality may prevail. Mexico relies on the US market for 80 per cent of its exports.

March 17: deadline for war Britain and America lost patience with Iraq last night by tabling an ultimatum giving Saddam Hussein until March 17 to disarm or face war.

Blair under pressure as Labour MPs consider second rebellion Tony Blair was under more pressure than ever yesterday to deliver a second United Nations resolution as Labour MPs reacted angrily to Dictator George Bush's uncompromising stance on war on Iraq.

Russia Opposes Ultimatum for President Hussein Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said he would oppose a Security Council resolution that would give Saddam Hussein until March 17 to destroy banned weapons.

Blix's Iraq Report Deepens U.N. Rift Team's Assessment Cautiously Upbeat --The chief U.N. weapons inspector today provided a cautiously upbeat assessment of Iraqi disarmament, deepening a split within the U.N. Security Council over the U.S. drive to win international support for a military strike.

Congress urged to permit 'low-yield' atomic weapons The Pentagon has asked Congress to lift its restriction on the development of smaller "low-yield" nuclear warheads, a move critics say would encourage other countries to develop their own stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

ElBaradei: Proof Iraq Imported Uranium Was Fake The head of the U.N. nuclear agency said on Friday that the documents backing U.S. and British allegations that Iraq had attempted to import uranium from Niger were "not authentic."

Some Evidence on Iraq Called Fake U.N. Nuclear Inspector Says Documents on Purchases Were Forged --A key piece of evidence linking Iraq to a nuclear weapons program appears to have been fabricated, the United Nations' chief nuclear inspector said yesterday in a report that called into question U.S. and British claims about Iraq's secret nuclear ambitions.

Congress passes Iraq resolution with help from newcomer Senator Laden Senator Bin Laden, a new face on the Senate floor, was the pResident's top supporter on the Iraq issue. The House and Senate have voted overwhelmingly to grant pResident Bush the power to attack Iraq unilaterally, cause widespread disruption in the Middle East, and inspire thousands of terrorists around the world, thanks to the support of brand-new Senator Laden and his intense support for the Iraq resolution and the pResident. (humor)

N Korea 'spokesman' gives US ominous warning The man considered North Korea's unofficial spokesman has warned that the communist country will soon have the capacity to rain missiles down upon most cities in the United States.

US lets N. Korea get nuclear data The Bush regime has not suspended or revoked the authority of Westinghouse Co. to transfer documents related to nuclear technology to North Korea, despite the fact that the Asian nation has admitted that it violated terms of a nonproliferation agreement it signed with Washington in 1994, US Department of Energy documents show.

America admits suspects died in interrogations American military officials acknowledged yesterday that two prisoners captured in Afghanistan in December had been killed while under interrogation at Bagram air base north of Kabul – reviving concerns that the US is resorting to torture in its treatment of Taliban fighters and suspected al-Qa'ida operatives.

Allegations of Torture Hurt American Cause --by Jonathan Turley "Even more disturbing is emerging evidence that the United States may be operating something that would have seemed unimaginable only two years ago: an American torture facility... U.S. officials have admitted using techniques that this nation previously denounced as violations of international law. One official involved in the 'interrogation center' in Afghanistan said, 'If you don't violate someone's human rights, you probably aren't doing your job.'"

GOP Leader Criticizes Bush Comment A senior Republican lawmaker, firing back at Dictator Bush for recent statements blaming Congress for underfunding emergency workers, accused the White House of factual inaccuracy and inadequate communication.

Firms Curbing Employees' Web Access Across the country, thousands of large and small firms -- and government agencies -- are installing special software that can block access to individual Web sites from employees' computers.

Florida charges ex-Bibb deputy with e-mailing threats Bond was set at $5,000 Thursday for a former Bibb County deputy sheriff jailed on a charge that he sent threatening e-mail to a South Florida hospital last fall after three medical students were detained as suspected terrorists.

Fla. Officials Warn of Bacteria Outbreak Health official warned of extensive bacteria outbreaks at five South Florida beaches popular with spring break crowds.

Blix hails Iraqi cooperation Only hours after the US dictator, George Bush, threatened to push for a resolution authorising military action against Iraq within days, the chief UN weapons inspector this afternoon described Iraqi cooperation on disarmament as "active or even proactive". He called for inspectors to be given more time.

Iraq carrying out 'substantial' disarmament, chief inspector says Iraq's destruction of its Al Samoud 2 missiles constitutes a "substantial measure of disarmament," the chief U.N. weapons inspector reported to the Security Council on Friday.

Inspectors report, Britain readies amendment Powell: Iraq in 'category of non-cooperation' --Chief U.N. weapons inspectors Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei told the U.N. Security Council on Friday that they were making progress, need more time, and have found no smoking gun in terms of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Britain proposes March 17 deadline for President Hussein Britain and the United States today proposed giving Saddam Hussein an ultimatum to comply with U.N. inspections by March 17 or face war.

Blix wants months - and Straw offers 10 days Despite a report from the chief UN weapons inspector describing Iraqi cooperation as "active or even proactive", America and Britain today pushed for a resolution giving Iraq a maximum of 10 days to comply fully with UN demands to disarm.

U.S., Britain will give President Hussein short deadline The United States and Britain will give Saddam Hussein a short deadline to comply with U.N. inspections or face war and call for a vote early next week on the amended resolution, diplomats said Friday.

Three-day warning, then war Britain launched a final attempt last night to secure United Nations backing for a second resolution as Dictator George W Bush declared that the world had entered the "last phase of diplomacy" over Iraq.

Bush: We will go to war against Iraq without UN The United States is prepared to go to war against Iraq on its own, Dictator George Bush told the American people in a televised address early today. "We really don't need anybody's permission," he said. [No, that's true. You can be a dictatorial nutcase all on your own as you have continually proven, leading us down the path to an insane and unjust war. --Lori Price]

'We don't need permission' Dictator Bush said yesterday that he would pursue "the last phase of diplomacy" to persuade a skittish U.N. Security Council to help disarm Saddam Hussein, but vowed to act without its approval, declaring that "when it comes to our security, we really don't need anybody's permission."

Bush: U.S. May Act on Iraq Without U.N. Dictator Bush, preparing the nation for the possibility of war, said Thursday night the United States will drive Saddam Hussein from power if it comes to war in Iraq - with or without support from France, Germany and other skeptical allies.

With Stiff Resolve, Bush Says Iraq Will Be Disarmed On the eve of a crucial United Nations meeting, Dictator Bush reiterated his commitment tonight to see Iraq disarmed, peacefully if possible but by force if necessary, for the safety of the United States and the world.

Pentagon's Insane "Shock and Awe" Finally Gets Mentioned in The New York Times Top General Sees Plan to Shock Iraq Into Surrendering -- Military officials have said the plan calls for unleashing 3,000 precision-guided bombs and missiles in the first 48 hours of a short air campaign, to be followed quickly by ground operations.

"Shock and Awe" A U.S. war plan calls for the launch in March of three or four hundred cruise missiles a day at the start of a war on Iraq, more than were fired during the entire first Gulf War, according to a televised report on Friday...CBS said the battle plan, called "shock and awe"... We call the plan, "shock, awe, disgust and demonstrate criminal insanity." The time for regime change in the US is long, long overdue. We are now faced with silently sponsoring a violation of numerous international treaties and laws, a violation of the national and international will of the vast majority, and the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis and others. Human shields or not, the Bush regime is set to murder everything in its path. The endgame is not even the important thing for them. Can Oil be enough to justify this killing, even for such homicidal maniacs? Power has gone undergone an unprecedented mutation, and merely wishes to extend itself without reason, cause, or even ideological justification.

US troops 'pouring into Saudi Arabia' Thousands of American soldiers are pouring into Saudi Arabia in preparation for an invasion of Iraq, independent sources say.

U.S. Asks 60 Nations to Expel Some Iraqis The United States has asked about 60 countries to expel selected Iraqis who officials say are undercover agents [?!?] possibly poised to attack American interests overseas, officials said.

Halliburton wins contract on Iraq oil firefighting A Halliburton Co. subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root has won the contract to oversee any firefighting operations at Iraqi oilfields after any U.S.-led invasion, a Defense Department source said on Thursday. [The quintessential cui bono, in a nutshell...]

Press corps doyenne gets no notice A long-running Washington tradition apparently ended last night when, for the first time in memory, the doyenne of the White House press corps was not called on in a presidential press conference. Syndicated columnist Helen Thomas, who has covered every president since John F. Kennedy, was relegated to the third row in last night's East Room event.

The Wall Street Journal spells it out: Turkey could lose "oil spoils" of war For all the denials in Washington and the corporate media, the looming invasion of Iraq is all about oil and strategic control over the Middle East and the wider Central Asian region. The Wall Street Journal, the voice of American big business, declared as much in its March 4 editorial denouncing the vote by the Turkish parliament to reject the use of the country as a staging post for the US operation.

War would be illegal (Guardian) --letter to editor "We are teachers of international law. On the basis of the information publicly available, there is no justification under international law for the use of military force against Iraq..."

Letter to the CLG Editors: Perception and Action --by Skip Mendler " we see a potential threat -- not of external physical attack, but of an internal dismantling of our system of government. Not a threat against American lives, but against American freedoms."

Anti-War T-Shirts Cut From TV Performance The British Broadcasting Corp. on Friday said shots of George Michael's backing musicians wearing anti-war T-shirts will likely be cut from a television show.

Australian students protest in numerous cities and towns An estimated 30,000 Australian school and university students took part in rallies and marches on March 5 as part of the international "Books not Bombs" day of action.

Students pack Capitol in their plea for peace (WI) For more than 20 minutes early Wednesday afternoon, about 2,000 students filled the state Capitol rotunda with defiantly deafening cheers.

Hillary given 'pink slip' for stance on Iraq war Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was handed a "pink slip" — a frilly piece of lingerie — yesterday from an enraged group of female war protesters who told her to quit her job because she was not doing enough to oppose military action against Iraq.

Keep Gays Out Of Military Colin Powell Says US Secretary of State Colin Powell says gays and lesbians do not belong in the military. In an interview with the online teen magazine Powel defended 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'.

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base 'Blunt force injuries' cited in murder ruling --Two prisoners who died while being held for interrogation at the US military base in Afghanistan had apparently been beaten, according to a military pathologist's report. A criminal investigation is now under way into the deaths which have both been classified as homicides.

Halliburton theft ups terror fears Halliburton Co., the world's No. 2 oil field services firm, said Thursday it has started a probe involving U.S. and Nigerian government officials over theft of a radioactive device used at its Nigerian operations. Vice pResident Dick Cheney was chairman and CEO of Halliburton from 1995 to 2000.

North Korea says U.S. aims to attack Pyongyang rips Bush’s comments on ‘military option’ --North Korea said Friday that Dictator Bush signaled U.S. plans to attack its nuclear facilities when he said he did not rule out using military force against the North.

U.S. Expands Clandestine Surveillance Operations The number of secret searches approved by Ashcroft since the 9/11 attacks is triple those authorized in the previous 20 years.

Schools Rallied to Cause of Homeland Security The nation's education and homeland security chiefs are giving schools new tools and money to help them prepare for terrorism and other disasters. With war in Iraq appearing imminent, many schools have grown jittery over how to protect students and calm parents. [To relieve such jitters, see "Impeaching Bush" articles, below.]

Poll: 'Unnamed Democrat' leads Bush The "as-yet-unnamed" Democratic presidential nominee has a slight edge over Dictator Bush according to the latest national Quinnipiac poll.

CBO Projects $1.8T Deficit in Bush Budget Dictator Bush's proposed new round of tax cuts and the rest of his budget would produce unabated federal deficits over the coming decade totaling a massive $1.82 trillion, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected on Friday.

Panel: Bush Plan Imperils Medicare A committee of corporate executives and a respected research group jointly warned yesterday that federal budget deficits, coupled with Dictator George W. Bush's tax cut plan, threaten Social Security and Medicare.

GOP Hid Insurance Firm Donations in Tight Races Six state Republicans won with cash funneled from 21st Century to local groups. With only days left before the November election, state Republicans solicited nearly $1 million from a Los Angeles insurance company and channeled it to key races around California in a way that hid the source of the contributions.

Report: Gas Prices Headed For Record Levels American motorists should prepare to pay record gasoline prices in April, the federal Energy Information Administration said Thursday. If a war in Iraq disrupts Middle East oil supplies, prices will be even higher, the agency said.

Fed report: Almost zero growth Underscoring the debilitating effect that tensions with Iraq are having on the economy, the Federal Reserve released a report Wednesday showing growth had stagnated in virtually every corner of the country in the first two months of the year.

Companies slashed 308,000 jobs in February The nation's unemployment rate increased to 5.8 percent in February and companies across the economy slashed 308,000 jobs -- the steepest one-month slide since hiring hit a slump in the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Mississippi House approves voter identification bill Voters would be required to show identification every time they go to the polls under a bill passed by the Mississippi House, legislation some say could open old wounds from the civil rights era.

Impeaching Bush (National Review) Over the past few weeks, some of the most liberal members of the House have discussed the possibility of impeaching Bush. Talks have intensified this week, lawmakers say, largely because war with Iraq appears imminent. Impeachment Resolution Against President George W. Bush --by Francis A. Boyle Professor of Law; View the Articles of Impeachment, drafted by Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Sen. Clinton is taking a poll on Iraq war: 212-688-6262

Troops told war to start March 17, says paper British troops based in the Gulf had been told to prepare for an invasion of Iraq on March 17, the Daily Express has reported.

U.S. Orders Two Iraqi Diplomats to Leave The United States has ordered two Iraqi diplomats to leave the country, Iraq's U.N. ambassador said Wednesday.

Bush to Hold News Conference Tonight on Iraq Dictator Bush will hold a prime-time news conference tonight to discuss his determination to disarm [?!?] Iraq and the campaign against terrorism [?!? in actuality, the campaign *for* terrorism, via his insane policies], the White House announced today.

Bush Makes the Call (Drudge) Dictator Bush on Wednesday night was to make the ultimate call whether to strike and invade Iraq with military force. A top White House source offered few details, but did reveal the dictator would make a "defining decision" by morning.

War is being won before it begins As the dips dance at the UN, the prewar is on. Several intelligence sources confirm that over the past few months, more U.S., British and Israeli commandos than ever have been operating inside Iraq... Could any eleventh-hour war-avoiding scheme succeed? "Probably not," says a former Russian official. "But if [Dictator] Bush decides he wants to avoid a war after all, then [Moscow's] is about the only game in town."

Iraq air patrols doubled US defence officials have said aircraft from the US and British forces enforcing the southern no-fly zone in Iraq have more than doubled the number of their patrols.

Blix Hopes It's Not Too Late to Avoid War In an upbeat preview of his report on Iraq, the chief U.N. inspector said Baghdad is now cooperating "a great deal more" in providing evidence about its weapons programs and he would welcome more time for inspections.

China rallies behind war opponents China has said there is no need for a new resolution on Iraq, dealing a fresh blow to US diplomatic efforts to push a new motion against Iraq through the United Nations.

China Opposes New Resolution on Iraq Chinese leader Jiang Zemin told the French president Thursday that an additional U.N. resolution on Iraq is not necessary, an official Chinese news agency reported. [Well, it's official. The *entire world* is united against Bush the Dictator.]

France, Germany and Russia Vow to Stop Use of Force Against Iraq In a serious challenge to the Bush dictatorship, the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Russia issued a firm declaration today saying they would not permit passage of a Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq.

France, Russia, Germany Will 'Not Allow' Passage of U.N. Resolution White House Still Confident Resolution Will Pass --The foreign ministers of France, Germany and Russia said Wednesday they will "not allow" passage of an American-backed U.N. resolution to authorize war against Iraq — further highlighting the deep trans-Atlantic split between Washington and two of its closest allies.

America Resorts to Economic Blackmail Showing its exasperation with Russia's growing defiance of U.S. war plans, the United States on Wednesday resorted to economic blackmail and warned Russia that it risks jeopardizing its bid to join the World Trade Organization if it vetoes a UN Security Council resolution.

Dictator Bush warns Mexico In an interview in the White House with several news organizations, Dictator George Bush sent an unmistakable signal to the Mexican government that he expects them to support the U.S. position on Iraq in an upcoming key vote in the United Nations, speaking of possible "discipline" [?!?] if they don’t. [LOL, will the Mexicans be grounded for a week or lose car privileges if they don't support the insane US position? Bush is *such* an idiot and international embarrassment. --Lori Price]

U.S. in a Tough Position As Isolation Increases The Bush regime this week has become increasingly isolated in the world over its determination to topple the Iraqi government, leaving it in a diplomatically difficult position in advance of a critical U.N. Security Council meeting Friday.

Britain seeks compromise to close UN divide over Iraq British diplomats at the United Nations are working on a compromise to avoid a head-on collision over Iraq at the UN tomorrow after France and Russia warned that they will "not allow" a new resolution authorising war in the Gulf.

Compromise resolution likely as UN opposition remains firm Britain is working behind the scenes for a compromise United Nations resolution in the face of unbending opposition from France, Russia and Germany over war against Iraq.

Booth-Blair axis embarrassed by opinion on Iraq Cherie Blair's legal chambers dealt an embarrassing blow to the government yesterday after lawyers said military action with Iraq would be a clear violation of international law.

Blair and Bush 'still confident' Poodle Tony Blair and Dictator George W Bush expressed confidence last night that they would secure United Nations approval for war in Iraq, despite determined opposition from France, Germany and Russia.

Blair confident on new UN vote Tony Blair, UK prime minister, is determined to put the second UN resolution on Iraq, tabled by Britain, the US and Spain, to a vote, according to his officials. The poodle's spokesman said: "This will be put to a vote and we are confident of getting it."

Britain's dirty secret This is Falluja 2, identified by Colin Powell as an Iraqi chemical weapons plant. Confidential documents show we were warned but we helped build it. And we covered it up --A chemical plant which the US says is a key component in Iraq's chemical warfare arsenal was secretly built by Britain in 1985 behind the backs of the Americans, the Guardian can disclose.

Threats Posed by Water Scarcity Detailed U.N. Report Warns Of Looming Crisis --The world's limited reserves of clean, fresh water are shrinking fast, posing a serious threat to public health, political stability and the environment, according to a massive analysis released yesterday by the United Nations. [especially after US corporations push the Bush dictatorship to have Iraq bombed into oblivion, so that the corporations get control of the water supply. --Lori Price]

Ever new lines in the sand --by Haroon Siddiqui "Another week, another American rationale for hurtling toward an invasion of Iraq. The latest from George W. Bush is that he wants to establish democracy there... What we are witnessing in Washington is a dangerously ideological administration so bent on waging war that it would say just about anything to justify its holy mission.

Democrats Join in Challenge to Bush Over Foreign Policy Even presidential contenders who back an Iraq war say his approach to international relations is harming U.S. security and alienating allies.

Pa. Democrat Backs Away From Iraq Vote A House Democrat who voted last fall to let the White House use military force in Iraq accused the Bush regime Wednesday of bungling diplomatic relations and said the United States should not go to war without broad international backing.

Agent Who Saw 9/11 Lapses Still Faults F.B.I. on Terror The veteran F.B.I. agent who exposed the bureau's failure to heed evidence of terrorist plots before the Sept. 11 attacks is now warning her superiors that the bureau is not prepared to deal with new terrorist strikes that she and many colleagues fear would result from an American war with Iraq.

Americans ill-served by own media --by Antonia Zerbisias "At the time, 65 per cent of Americans were convinced that Al Qaeda and Iraq were 'allied' even though the U.S. administration had yet to present its 'evidence' — which turned out to be cribbed, typos and all, from a student paper. Despite the fact that 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were Saudi, with the rest Egyptian, Lebanese and from the United Arab Emirates, 49 per cent of those surveyed were convinced that at least one of them, if not most of them, was a card-carrying Iraqi citizen. Only 17 per cent knew that not one was a boy from Baghdad."

Customs seizes antiwar video Canada Customs has seized 50 copies of an antiwar video to investigate if the tapes being imported by an Ontario man are obscene or constitute hate propaganda. [I think the Canadian Customs officials may have the anti-W-ar video confused with Bush's State of disUnion videotape, wherein the Idiot Usurper advocates assassination and the like. Certainly, Bush's speech, not to mention, his daily activities, fits the criteria of "obscene and hate propaganda". --Lori Price]

Mall Wants to Drop Peace T-Shirt Charges Officials at a mall where a man was arrested for refusing to remove an anti-war T-shirt asked Wednesday that trespassing charges against him be dropped.

Protesters gather at Crossgates Mall Upset over arrest of man with peace T-shirt --Protesters descended on Crossgates Mall Wednesday. The "Mall Walk for Peace" drew people from several peace groups to protest the arrest of 61-year-old Stephen Downs of Selkirk earlier this week.

Lawyer Arrested for Wearing a 'Peace' T-Shirt A lawyer was arrested late Monday and charged with trespassing at a public mall in the state of New York after refusing to take off a T-shirt advocating peace that he had just purchased at the mall. He could face up to a year in prison if convicted.

U.S. Students Hold Anti-War Rallies In anti-war protests that ranged from quiet demonstrations to boisterous rallies, thousands of students across the country left classrooms to declare their opposition to a war in Iraq.

U of Maryland Students Storm Rt. 1 The March 5th Student Strike was a great success at the University of Maryland. 700 - 1000 Students, Staff, Faculty and parents took part in March 5th Student Strike against the war on University of Maryland campus today.

Downtown protesters arrested (NY) Eleven local people, including some well-known Christian community leaders, were arrested at the Federal Building Wednesday when they refused to end an Ash Wednesday anti-war protest in an entranceway.

White House bomb gibe creates uproar (Australia) A student union sticker declaring "Bomb the White House" provoked uproar yesterday among students and peace advocates. The row came as thousands of high school students hit the streets of Melbourne's CBD yesterday in a peace protest.

Anti-war protesters pile dung outside Labour HQ Anti-war protesters led by comedian Mark Thomas have heaped fertiliser on the steps of the Labour Party headquarters. Bemused passers-by looked on as seven sacks of dung were spread near the door of the party offices in Old Queen Street, Westminster, in a protest against conflict in Iraq.

"Democracy is for Wimps": Leaked White House Transcript (5) March 1, 2003 --by Lee Waters (humor) "VICE PRESIDENT [sic] CHENEY: He's with us on women and abortion. But not the death penalty or Iraq. And I'm not sure we can get away with doing to him what we did to Paul Wellstone. Wellstone was just a Senator. The Pope could drag us all down for a long long time. Like, forever."

GOP fails to end Democratic filibuster on Estrada Senate Republicans failed Thursday to break a Democratic blockade on Miguel Estrada's nomination for a federal appeals court judgeship, dealing Dictator Bush his first major defeat since the GOP won control of Congress last November.

Afghan detainees' deaths ruled homicides Military coroners have determined that the deaths of two detainees while in U.S. custody in Afghanistan were homicides. A criminal investigation into the December deaths of the two men is in its final stages, but a U.S. military source said it is not clear whether anyone will be charged.

Walker Lindh assault claimed The FBI is investigating a reported attack on American Taliban John Walker Lindh by one or more white supremacists at the Federal Correctional Institution here.

Privacy Activist Takes on Delta At issue is Delta's test run this month of CAPPS II, the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System. CAPPS II would require background checks on all airline passengers when they book a ticket, including checking credit reports, banking and criminal records.

NTSB Report: Nothing Wrong With Wellstone Plane The airplane that crashed and killed Sen. Paul Wellstone had a clean maintenance history and underwent a detailed, scheduled inspection two months before it crashed, federal documents show.

Smallpox Compensation Proposed The Bush dictatorship, seeking to rescue its foundering [and deadly] smallpox immunization campaign, has agreed to a limited compensation package for medical personnel and emergency responders who are injured by the vaccine, health officials said yesterday.

Whore Court Chief Justice's Daughter Resigns --Alleged Myriad of Misconduct Charges Janet Rehnquist, under fire from members of Congress and government investigators for alleged professional misconduct, will resign her post as inspector general of the Department of Health and Human Services on June 1.

White House Asks Satirist to Remove Image An Internet lampoon of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's wife is no laughing matter at the White House, which has asked a satirist to remove pictures of her -- complete with red clown noses -- from his Web site.

Lynne Cheney: NOT a crystal  meth pusher
A Brooklyn satirist's Internet lampoon of Vice pResident Dick Cheney's heinous wife hasn't got 'em rolling in the aisles at the White House.

Irate Vice pResident [sic] Cheney Issues A Punctilious, Legally Precise "Oh, Wise Guy, eh? Why I Oughta!" Letter to Nefarious "WHITEHOUSE.ORG" Terror Portal! "Either you take down that snotty biography of my wife, or I'll have my Bahamas-educated legal staff take a break from shredding Energy Task Force documents to use taxpayer-owned stationery and office equipment to fire off another toothless intimidation missive – in which a big spooky bundle of mis-cited, irrelevant legal precedents and a shockingly incompetent inability to differentiate between fake and real Presidential Seals are sandwiched between two pansy requests to let yours truly wipe my ass with the First Amendment!" [Vice pResident Cheney's lawyer demanded the removal of one of's pages, which mock his moronic, hypocritical, rightwing, insipid wife, Lynne. Mega-barf-side-bar: being married to Dick Cheney! --Lori Price]

Arctic Refuge Damaged, Scientists Find As Congress prepares to consider opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas production, an elite scientific panel reported Tuesday that 30 years of energy development in Alaska had already damaged the region's environment and culture.


Clinton, Dole to Debate on '60 Minutes' Former President Clinton and his 1996 election opponent Bob Dole are joining the CBS newsmagazine "60 Minutes" for weekly debates on national issues in the show's old "Point-Counterpoint" style.

Advisors warn Bush he faces "humiliating" defeat on UN resolution Senior aides to Dictator George W. Bush say he faces a humiliating defeat before the United Nations Security Council next week. And signs emerged today that the U.S. may withdraw the resolution from security council consideration.

France, Germany, Russia vow to nix war vote French, German and Russian foreign ministers said Wednesday at a news conference in Paris that they will "not allow" passage of a U.N. resolution to authorize war against Iraq.

U.S. ready for war without U.N., Powell says Secretary of State Colin Powell told Russia's television that the United States was prepared to lead a war against Iraq with or without the consent of the United Nations.

Saddam Hussein's removal the only possible outcome, US says Saddam Hussein can never be trusted to disarm because his past lies about illicit weapons make it impossible to believe him no matter what he now destroys or surrenders to weapons inspectors, the White House has said. [Speaking of liars that can't be trusted, Bu$h, regime change begins at home.]

White House Rejects Pope's Iraq Argument The White House rejected on Tuesday the Vatican's argument that there is no moral justification for a pre-emptive war in Iraq as Dictator Bush prepared to meet with a special envoy sent by Pope John Paul II.

US will target 50 top Iraqis for capture or elimination About 50 top Iraqi leaders closely associated with President Saddam Hussein will be targeted for capture or elimination if the United States goes to war against Baghdad, The Wall Street Journal reports. [?!? This is INSANE!!!]

Saddam Hussein tells Iraqis U.S. wants to enslave Arabs Saddam Hussein accused the United States of trying to enslave Arabs and said Iraq will defeat any invaders, even as he continued to destroy his Al Samoud 2 missile system Tuesday in hopes of averting a war.

Force is next resort, Bush tells Pyongyang Dictator George Bush gave notice yesterday that the US will resort to military force against North Korea if diplomacy fails to stop it building a substantial nuclear arsenal.

U.S. repositions bombers near North Korea The United States is basing more heavy bombers near North Korea and will formally protest the communist nation's "reckless actions" in using MiG fighters to intercept a U.S. surveillance plane, officials said.

U.S. orders 24 long-range bombers to Guam Twenty-four bombers will begin moving from bases in the United States to Guam as part of a planned beefing up of U.S. military forces in the Pacific to send a "message" to North Korea, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Serious Charge By Air Mechanics Two lawsuits allege that civilian mechanics at Charleston Air Force Base were told to falsify maintenance records on C-17s, the cargo planes used to haul supplies overseas for a possible war with Iraq.

Peace Takes A Bullet In which the Bush Doctrine means never having to say, sorry about all the warheads and death --by Mark Morford "These are the final days of peace in America. Please remember to turn off the lights and lock up when you leave. These are the last days of relative calm before we start bombing and massacring hundreds of thousands of people and in so doing enter into what many believe will a very long, drawn-out, insanely expensive, volatile, destabilizing, completely unwinnable war against a cheap thug of an opponent who has negligible military might and zero capacity to actually harm the U.S. in any substantive way. U-S-A! U-S-A!"

Europe Hacker Laws Could Make Protest a Crime The justice ministers of the European Union have agreed on laws intended to deter computer hacking and the spreading of computer viruses. But legal experts say the new measures could pose problems because the language could also outlaw people who organize protests online, as happened recently, en masse, with protests against a war in Iraq.

In new twist, feds seize Internet domain names In a series of raids in recent weeks, the Justice Department has extended such grabs to property that might seem esoteric but worry civil libertarians - Internet domain names. Critics of the Justice Department's recent moves also say they fear the government could use the new method to spy on Web surfers who visit confiscated sites.

Anonymity of Internet chat rooms' discussion of public officials argued before PA Supreme Court Messages about public figures in Internet chat rooms are akin to anonymous pamphlets like Thomas Paine's ''Common Sense'' and their authors should have the same right to keep their identities secret, advocates told Pennsylvania's highest court.

Man arrested for wearing "Give Peace a Chance" T-shirt at a mall A Selkirk man says he was arrested Monday for expressing his objection to possible war with Iraq at Crossgates Mall in Guilderland, New York. He says all he did was wear a T-shirt bearing a message of peace, which he actually purchased in the mall. "We were just shopping. We were wearing these T-shirts. We weren't handing out leaflets, we weren't saying anything," Roger Downs recalled. [1-518-869-9565 --phone number of Pyramid Co., the mall's owner.]

Library changes policy, will release sign-up sheets only under a court order (MO) The St. Louis Public Library has quietly changed the policy that allowed an FBI agent to walk out of the Carpenter branch with patrons' computer sign-up sheets without a court order in late December. Under the new policy, approved by the library board Feb. 3 but not publicized, computer-sign up sheets will be deemed private records and will only be turned over to law enforcement under a court order.

White House may lose its Sheen of peace Pressure is growing for the president to lose his job because of his uncompromising stance on the war. That's President Bartlet, as played by Martin Sheen in the hit television series, The West Wing. NBC is under pressure [from rightwing nutcases, Freepers and maggots] to sack him from its show or face a boycott or withdrawal of advertising.

Hollywood Actors Raise McCarthyism Specter on Iraq Hollywood actors, facing a vitriolic backlash for their opposition to a war against Iraq, have raised the specter of Cold War McCarthyism in an appeal to avoid returning to one of the movie industry's darkest hours.

Anti-war forces get new recruit Pacific Exchange's ex-chief to protest If the United States attacks Iraq, a former president of the Pacific Exchange plans to participate in nonviolent demonstrations aimed at shutting down San Francisco's Financial District, including his former employer.

Hillary Hawks Up War Talk Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton "fully supports" Dictator Bush's Iraq policy, her office said last night - on the eve of her visit today to an upstate arsenal that makes military hardware like mortars and howitzers for U.S. troops.

Big bucks won't buy respect for 'Brand America' --by Jennifer Wells "Perhaps it was back in their shared days as directors of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. that Colin Powell and Charlotte Beers began drinking from the same cup, or the same vat of Kool-Aid. How else to explain how the twosome could conjure the hallucinogenic idea of fixing the image of the U.S. in the Arab world by turning a great and serious task into an advertising campaign?"

Saudis funded Bali bomb claim An American lawyer has claimed he has proof that money from Saudi Arabia was used to fund terrorist cells involved in the Bali bombing.

How Pak intelligence hit al-Qaeda on Sept 11 (2002) An unidentified Yemeni who fell prey to a police sniper on the building's rooftop, was initially identified by a Karachi police investigator as Khalid Mohammad Sheikh. Latter reports said that Khalid Mohammad Sheikh was being held by the police for his direct role in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Daniel Pearl and therefore rejected that the idea that the dead man was Khalid Mohammad Sheikh, one of the most wanted man on the FBI list.

Is there more to the capture of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed than meets the eye? --by Paul Thompson "What exactly did happen is unclear, but the details of his arrest suggest something very disturbing is going on. Was Mohammed Actually Arrested in Rawalpindi?"

Bush Plan a Boon to Drug Companies Medicare Prescription Proposal Would Also Benefit Insurers, Analysts Say --Health care economists said the drug benefit Dictator Bush proposed for Medicare yesterday would be a bonanza for the pharmaceutical and managed-care industries, both of which are huge donors to Republicans.

Supreme Court Upholds Three-Strikes Law The Whore Court today upheld long sentences meted out under the nation's toughest three-time offender law, ruling that a prison term of 25 years to life is not too harsh for a small-time thief who shoplifted golf clubs.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush wants voters to reconsider class size, high-speed rail Gov. Jeb Bush wants to create a $40 million contingency fund to "protect" Florida's tourism industry in case of war with Iraq, and suggested voters rethink constitutional amendments they approved to cap class sizes and build a high-speed rail system. Supporters of the amendments and some lawmakers said Bush, who was re-s-elected last year (with machines lacking paper trails), was trying to subvert the will of the voters. [The liberal amendments on the Florida ballot passed in 2002, yet Bush "won" the vote for governor? Why would Floridians pass a liberal agenda, but vote for a rightwing thug? --Lori Price]

Scientists question electronic voting ...David Dill, professor of computer science at Stanford observes: The machines the county planned to buy, like those other jurisdictions around the country are installing, "pose an unacceptable risk that errors or deliberate election- rigging will go undetected, since they do not provide a way for the voters to verify independently that the machine correctly records and counts the votes they have cast."

CNN imposes new "script control" Even as the Pentagon released the details of its planned wartime censorship, CNN was imposing a draconian system of internal vetting that suggests the major media networks will give the US administration little concern.

US public turns to Europe for news The threat of war in Iraq is driving increasing numbers of Americans to British and international news web sites in search of the broader picture. The American public is apparently turning away from the mostly US-centric American media in search of unbiased reporting and other points of views.

Bioterrorism test set for rural Oklahoma A crop-duster will buzz parts of rural Oklahoma in the coming weeks, dropping powdered clay and grain alcohol [LOL!] in a test the government hopes will help prepare the nation for a bioterrorist attack. Resident Carolyn Kennedy said there isn't anything to worry about as long as the Army is telling the truth. [Good luck with that one, <g>] "But it's the government and I don't trust the government," she said, then added jokingly: "They'll knock us out with one spray."

Raided family of microbiologist denies official version of al-Qaida arrests At no point, the family say, was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected architect of the September 11 attacks, or any other man in the house. The agents did not even ask about them. "The only people in the house were my brother, his wife and their kids," Qudsia said. "I have absolutely no idea why the police came here." [MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable is debating whether or not torture is an acceptable "method" of extracting information from the dead guy they just "captured". Can someone please awaken me when this Twilight Zone episode in Amerikan history is over? --Lori Price]

Luntz memo exposes Bush's new green strategy The Republican party is changing tactics on the environment, avoiding "frightening" phrases such as global warming, after a confidential party memo warned that it is the domestic issue on which George Bush is most vulnerable. The memo, by the leading Republican consultant Frank Luntz, concedes the party has "lost the environmental communications battle" and urges its politicians to encourage the public in the view that there is no scientific consensus on the dangers of greenhouse gases. [*Luntz is the one who is continually trotted out as the polling pundit, as he was during coup 2000, etc. --conveniently failing to mention that he is a Republican consultant.]

Rumsfeld accuses US media of misleading the public US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has criticised the American media for producing misinformation. [Well, the Bush regime has a direct pipeline to Faux and the other media whores, so I don't see how that's possible.]

U.S., Britain Set Timetable at U.N. The United States and Britain have agreed that it is pointless to continue a U.N. Security Council debate over Iraq beyond next week [!?!], but are unlikely to press for a vote on their new resolution authorizing war unless they are assured of the necessary nine-vote majority, U.S. and diplomatic officials said yesterday.

Chirac 'deserves Nobel Peace Prize' French President Jacques Chirac - a Nobel Peace Prize nominee - deserves to win the award if he succeeds in averting war against Iraq, his Algerian counterpart Abdelaziz Bouteflika has declared.

Canada peace bid lives on: Envoy Heinbecker fights to sell compromise The credibility of the United Nations may depend on finding a way out of the impasse over positions on disarming Iraq, Canada's U.N. ambassador says. The disheartening news, according to Heinbecker, was Ari Fleischer's insistence that U.S. Dictator George W. Bush expects a "regime change [in Iraq]," not just disarmament.

US unveils aggressive strategy against Iraq Senior officials at the Pentagon say US and British forces have been attacking Iraqi military installations in an aggressive shift in strategy in the no-fly zones over the country.

Iraq: U.S.-U.K. Raid Kills Six Civilians in Basra Iraq said on Monday that U.S. and British warplanes killed six civilians and wounded another 15 in raids on Basra, but Washington said the jets struck military targets after coming under anti-aircraft fire.

'Six Iraqis die' in US-UK raids Six Iraqis have been reported killed and 15 wounded in an overnight US-British air strike that is being described as part of an aggressive shift in policy.

300 SAS troops already in Iraq Several thousand allied special forces, including more than 300 SAS personnel, are already operating inside Iraq.

His budget can't support Bush's blank-check war (Palm Beach Post) "A price tag for invading Iraq leaked out of the Pentagon last week: $95 billion, including the cost to buy off Turkey. That would bring this year's projected deficit to $402 billion. Doesn't that news, at last, take more tax cuts off the table? The record deficit, which the president[sic]'s father set in 1992, is $290 billion."

White House lobbies for tax-cut plan The White House is enlisting Fortune 500 companies and financial advisers in an unprecedented campaign to sign up 84 million investors as lobbyists for Dictator Bush's tax cuts.

Bush is a dictator
A carnival float shows paper mache figure of German conservative opposition leader Angela Merkel emerging from the buttocks of Uncle Sam during the traditional Rose Monday carnival parade in Duesseldorf, March 3, 2003. Merkel has strongly criticized the German government's anti-Iraq war stance and recently visited Washington. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender

Report: U.S. Snooped On U.N. Members The National Security Agency launched a "surge" in surveillance of the U.S.-based missions of Security Council members whose votes could be critical to a resolution backing war against Iraq, according to a secret memo obtained by the Observer. [See CLG's summaries of the story from two days ago.] Poll on Iraq is Suspended after Conservative Web Site Urges Partisans to Skew Vote (CT) A regional poll on local reaction to American policy in Iraq was suspended late Friday when the management of the was advised that outside influences were participating in the poll -- and skewing its results. One such site was, a conservative web site that has been active in support of war in Iraq.

Albright: Bush Should Hold Off on Iraq Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Says Bush Should Hold Off on Iraq Invasion --Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright urged Dictator Bush on Monday to wait longer before attacking Iraq, saying current pressure was forcing Baghdad to disarm.

Turkish parliament votes down US war plans In a surprise vote last Saturday, the Turkish parliament denied permission for the stationing of US troops on Turkish territory as part of the preparation for a war against Iraq.

Canada’s prime minister denounces US "regime change" policy Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien expressed alarm Friday over the Bush regime’s assertion that irrespective of what happens with the United Nations’ disarmament process the US will proceed with "regime change" in Iraq.

Military Force is an Option in Dealing With North Korea, says Bush For the first time, U.S. Dictator George W. Bush has raised the possibility of using military force against North Korea, if diplomatic efforts fail to halt Pyongyang's nuclear development program.

North Korean jets intercept U.S. plane, no hostile fire North Korean fighter jets intercepted a U.S. Air Force reconnaissance plane over the Sea of Japan and one used its radar in a manner that indicated it might attack, U.S. officials said Monday.

Bush Administration Alienating Allies, says Senator Biden The top ranking Democrat on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Joseph Biden of Delaware, says the Bush regime is alienating allies needed to help fight the war on terrorism.

Blair rating at lowest since the fuel crisis Only 31 per cent of people were satisfied with Poodle Tony Blair's performance, while 61 per cent said they were dissatisfied.

Afghanistan retakes heroin crown Afghanistan retook its place as the world's leading producer of heroin last year, after US-led forces overthrew the Taliban which had banned cultivation of opium poppies. [The Bush dictatorship has achieved its goal. Is the Carlyle group receiving a percentage of the profits? --Lori Price]

Graham: His 9-11 "Outrage" Florida senator says reported FBI and CIA failures inspired his White House run --Bob Graham says he became "outraged" by the intelligence and law-enforcement failures discovered by the inquiry—most of which, he charges, are still being suppressed by the Bush dictatorship.

Democrats On Hill Split On Agenda Nearly four months after unexpected election losses prompted a reevaluation of their priorities, congressional Democrats are conflicted over their party's direction, deeply divided over Iraq and struggling to agree on a domestic agenda.

Apocalypse is nigh, Buffett tells Berkshire faithful Warren Buffett is poised to issue his most doom-laden forecast for the state of the world economy yet, including a damning verdict on the derivatives industry he fears could cause a global financial crisis.

Homeland Security Details Unveiled Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said today that the new department will hire 2,000 additional people to patrol the border and conduct inspections of travelers and their bags and vehicles.

Homeland Security Update: "We've got gun-toting Cubans sailing right on to Florida beaches and swilling beer on the streets of Key West."

Is Your Television Watching You? Could the federal government find out what you're watching on TV? Even if you're not the subject of a criminal investigation? If you're a satellite TV or TiVo owner, the answer is yes, according to legal experts and industry officials.

Mock terrorist attack to be staged on Tube (UK) A catastrophic terrorist attack on the London Underground will be simulated this month as part of the Government's planning against the threat from chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

The Networks, Newsless if Not Speechless Says one network executive: "The White House was incredibly heavy-handed with the request. At a time when we're leading up to war, they said it was going to make news."

'Bullying' Bush hard to stomach for some Friends, enemies alike see Bush as arrogant --Even allies telling president [sic] to tone down the rhetoric --by Linda Diebel " Why can't President [sic] George W. Bush seem to win friends and influence people these days? Is he a bully at the head of an imperial presidency?" [Why yes, yes he is (Seinfeld intonation).]

O'Reilly Threatens Dissenters 'You Will be Considered Enemies of the State' --'You Will be Spotlighted' --Joins Cheney Campaign of 'Anti-Patriotism' Intimidation Bill O'Reilly - 02/26: "Once the war against Saddam Hussein begins, we expect every American to support our military, and if you can't do that, just shut up. Americans, and indeed our foreign allies who actively work against our military once the war is underway, will be considered enemies of the state by me. [?!?]

A Really Foul Ball Keith Olbermann is so angry at News Corp. that he has given back a five-figure book advance rather than have anything further to do with Rupert Murdoch's operation. "I cannot be in the same bed with that company," says the sportscaster, who left Faux Sports two years ago.

Defiant airport screeners join union The American Federation of Government Employees swore in the first group of airport screeners as union members yesterday in a public act of defiance toward the Bush dictatorship.

Veterans Lobby for Better Health Care American Legion delegations are lobbying Congress to increase VA health care spending, using survey results showing an average seven-month wait to see a primary care doctor.

Some calm, God willing (Palm Beach Post) The Republic survived 143 years without a pledge and another 22 years without 'under God' in it, and both the Republic -- and God -- will survive this ruling. Let that thought promote calm as the ranting grows.

US Lying About Shaikh Mohammed Capture: He Died in 2002 (Oct. 30, 2002, Asia Times) Now it has emerged that Kuwaiti national Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did indeed perish in the raid, but his wife and child were taken from the apartment and handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in whose hands they remain. Major Catch, Critical Time (The New York Times, Mar. 2, 2003) Of all the milestones in the Bush dictatorship's 18-month campaign against terrorism, the apprehension of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, possibly the most fearsome of Osama bin Laden's chief lieutenants, came at a critical juncture. Dictator Bush's critics have been complaining that his focus on President Saddam Hussein had distracted the nation from the war against Al Qaeda. [Yes, Bush needed Words of Mass Distraction as Iraq was destroying the al-Samoud missiles! Bush's "big fish" was a dead fish. -- Lori Price]

Pakistani's family shocked by Al Qaeda arrest Members of Quddus's family said he was the only person arrested in a raid by 20 to 25 security men armed with Kalashnikov rifles on their house in Westridge, a middle-class area of Rawalpindi at 22:30 GMT Friday. "My brother was the only man in the house when the raid took place," his sister Qudsia Khanum said. Some analysts questioned whether Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had actually been arrested on Saturday and speculated he may have been held for some time.

Terror unmasked Mystery surrounded al-Qaeda kingpin Khalid Sheik Mohammed's whereabouts before his capture. It had been rumoured he had been killed or arrested in a shoot-out in Karachi on September 11, 2002 during which another al-Qaeda member was captured. Some reports went so far as to suggest his wife and son had identified his body and buried him under the watchful eye of the FBI. [Yes, and Sheik Mohammed has been brought back from the grave by Karl Rove, et al., to get Bush's poll numbers above fifty per cent. At least it's better than Bush carrying out another terrorist attack, to get his numbers back up. --Lori Price]

Was 'mastermind' really captured? --by Robert Fisk "In the theatre of the absurd into which America's hunt for Al Qaeda so often descends, the 'arrest' — the quotation marks are all too necessary — of Khaled Shaikh Mohammed is nearer the Gilbert and Sullivan end of the repertory."

Iraq Destroys More Missiles and Pledges New Report on Nerve Gas The United Nations said on Monday Iraq, seeking to avert a threatened U.S. invasion, would submit a new report on VX nerve gas and anthrax stocks in a week's time, as Baghdad scrapped more of its banned missiles.

Iraq destroys missiles - but Bush and Blair don't blink Iraq began decommissioning its arsenal of banned al-Samoud 2 missiles last night as ministers disclosed to The Telegraph that America and Britain are prepared to launch military action immediately after the United Nations Security Council votes on a second resolution, regardless of its outcome.

War against Saddam Hussein will start as soon as next Thursday War against Saddam Hussein will start as soon as March 13, The Sun can reveal. A crucial UN Security Council vote for war is now likely a week this Wednesday. A top US intelligence source said last night: "The moment we know we have the nine votes needed, we will go for it. The military won’t hang around after that."

Turks Say No Means No Revote on denial of U.S. is put off --Top Turkish officials Sunday rejected a quick new parliamentary vote on allowing U.S. troops to use Turkey to open a northern front in a potential war against Iraq, further setting back U.S. war planning.

More U.S. Military Equipment Landed in Turkish Port U.S.-flagged carriers are offloading military equipment in the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun on Sunday, March 2, as Turkish Prime Minister Abdullah Gul warned Iraq against misusing the defeated parliamentary motion to delay compliance with the UN disarmament efforts. The U.S.-flagged ship Tellus offloaded in mid-February 522 military vehicles among other military equipments, in the Mediterranean port of Iskenderun, southern Turkey without permission from the Turkish government.

'Reckless beyond belief' A London think-tank has warned the US may lose interest in Iraq after a possible war, leaving the same power structure in place... Report author Toby Dodge said it was "reckless beyond belief" to have no coherent post-conflict plan.

French vow to veto 'war by timetable' Dominique de Villepin, the French Foreign Minister, widened the gulf between Paris and London by accusing the US and Britain of making "war on a timetable". "You cannot say 'I want Saddam Hussein to disarm' and at the same time when he is disarming say they're not doing what they should," he told the BBC's Breakfast with Frost programme.

Spanish PM on shaky ground A shy former tax inspector has led Spain kicking and screaming into ground zero of the Iraq crisis, gambling that his avid support for the United States will help his country gain global clout.

Bush Is Undeterred by Opposition to Using Force Against Iraq The political and logistical obstacles to realizing Dictator Bush's goal of ousting Saddam Hussein within weeks seem to keep mounting... And yet Mr. Bush not only sounds more certain than ever that he is about to lead the United States into war — he also talks almost as if Mr. Hussein has already been deposed.

Bush to try rallying Americans for Iraq war Dictator Bush is stepping up his efforts to rally Americans for war with Iraq as polls continue to show deep misgivings about the prospect of military action.

Iraq issues missiles warning Iraq has warned it might halt the destruction of its al-Samoud II missiles if the United States continues to threaten military action without backing from the United Nations.

US-UK bomb key Iraqi targets · 'Undeclared war' enters new phase · Missile systems hit · Rocket launchers destroyed Britain and the United States have all but fired the first shots of the second Gulf war by dramatically extending the range of targets in the "no-fly zones" over Iraq to soften up the country for an allied ground invasion.

Some British "Human Shields" Leave Iraq, Cite Safety Fears Some of the peace activists who went to Iraq to serve as human shields in the event of war returned home, fearing for their safety, a spokesman said Sunday.

Organizers of Antiwar Movement Plan to Go Beyond Protests (UK) More than 120 activists from 28 countries emerged from an all-day strategy session here this weekend with plans not just to protest a prospective U.S.-led war against Iraq but to prevent it from happening.

TrainSTOPping in Belgium Almost 100 peace-activists are arrested in Melsele, where they wanted to block trains with American military material. This weekend, 18 trains are expected to pass through Belgium. Once set free, activists organized an action in Zwijndrecht (Antwerp) and Lille (France) to protest against the death trains and the arrests of Belgian and French peace activists.

Theatres in global anti-war protest Stage actors across the globe are holding an international protest against a possible war with Iraq.

Sheen: NBC concerned with my antiwar work Actor Martin Sheen said NBC executives fear his opposition to a U.S.-led war against Iraq will hurt his popular television show "The West Wing."

Ford slams brakes on Bush reports Harrison Ford wants off Dubya's team - because he says he was never on it. Ford tells us Bush's military strategy is "exactly the opposite" of the way he feels. "What I'm for is a regime change on both sides," Ford said through his manager, Patricia McQueeney.

Peter Gabriel On Why He Backs The Mirror Rock star Peter Gabriel signed the Daily Mirror's anti-war petition yesterday and called on Tony Blair to back a solution to the crisis that avoids bloodshed.

Hail and farewell --by Chris Matthews "For 15 years, I have been among the grand and lucky few to write a newspaper column... I hate this war that's coming in Iraq. I don't think we'll be proud of it. Oppose this war because it will create a millennium of hatred and the suicidal terrorism that comes with it. You talk about Bush trying to avenge his father. What about the tens of millions of Arab sons who will want to finish a fight we start next spring in Baghdad?"

North Korea waiting for Iraq attack The Bush regime's experts on North Korea and intelligence officials have told Dictator George Bush they expect that the North will turn on the reprocessing plant that can produce weapons-grade plutonium in the next few weeks. The officials say they believe that North Korea may time the bomb-making to coincide with the start of military action against Iraq, a moment when North Korea may think that the United States is distracted.

Proposed Projects Under the Information Awareness Office --Projects that were accepted and will be funded by IAO

Teen suspended over twin towers T-shirt Officials at Finley Junior High School in Chicago Ridge, a suburb west of Chicago, told Ian Itani's mother in a letter that the 14-year-old's decision to wear the T-shirt "could be taken as a promotion of terrorism." Colleen Itani said her son, whose father is of Lebanese descent, was simply trying to send a message that all Arabs are not responsible for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Terror Commission Seeks Classified Papers The independent commission on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is trying to get a half-million pages of documents compiled by the House and Senate intelligence committees. It is also drafting a budget to determine whether it can get by on the [measly] $3 million [?!?] appropriated by Congress.

Economy May Be Hurting Bush Popularity More Than Iraq The popularity of Dictator George W. Bush has slipped over the past several months amid lower public ratings of the economy and uncertainty over when a war with Iraq might begin. Sold To Group Tied To Saudi Nationals, a struggling Garden City start-up scheduled to provide online absentee ballots for U.S. military personnel in the 2004 federal election, has quietly sold controlling power to an investment group with ties to unnamed Saudi nationals, according to company correspondence.

Bush's '04 Campaign Quietly Being Planned Dictator Bush has postponed his re-s-election campaign until after a war with Iraq, but White House and Republican Party strategists have begun planning for a contest in which they envision raising as much as $250 million to wage a battle designed to make the GOP the country's majority party.

Broward taxpayers must spend millions more on voting A high-tech voting system has yet to prove itself. But it is clear that its $17.2 million price tag was just a down payment. Taxpayers will end up paying millions more in years to come to cast ballots. A South Florida Sun-Sentinel investigation also found that county officials sidestepped contracting rules, failed to ask critical questions about the reliability of the new machines and tried to use the purchase to repair strained relations with minority communities.

Dissent Exposed! --by Mark Fiore (animation)

Fort Florida A federal program allows police agencies nationwide to equip themselves like the military, but with little training and not much oversight. An analysis in Florida shows a stockpile of unused weapons and overarmed communities.

Fed-Up Viewers Say, "No More Lies!" People Smash Their TVs at NBC Studios --Early Sunday morning, a group of disgruntled television viewers calling themselves “Meet The People” disowned their television sets in front of NBC studios to protest the pro-war media bias prevalent in Sunday morning talk shows. They then proceeded to smash the sets, under a banner that screamed, "Dismantle Weapons of Mass Deception." [That is awesome.]

US accused of spying on Security Council delegates America's top spy agency is reportedly conducting a secret surveillance campaign against UN Security Council delegations as part of its push to gain support for war against Iraq.

Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members --The United States is conducting a secret 'dirty tricks' campaign against UN Security Council delegations in New York as part of its battle to win votes in favour of war against Iraq.

Bush and Blair to ditch UN if France blocks intervention Iraq destroys four missiles, but Straw says it's just a 'cynical' move to divide UN --As hopes fade of winning a second UN resolution, Britain and the United States are now preparing the ground to argue that both governments already have the implied authority of the UN for conflict. [Implied authority? Oh, OK, I'll use my implied authority to toss stones at Faux's satellite dishes so they can't transmit. The authority to do so is implied. (Just kidding, AshKKKroft. Take a chill pill, or better yet --go anoint yourself with Crisco again.) --Lori Price]

US prepares to use toxic gases in Iraq The US is preparing to use the toxic riot-control agents CS gas and pepper spray in Iraq in contravention of the Chemical Weapons Convention, provoking the first split in the Anglo-US alliance.

U.S. Is Striking Iraqi Missiles Near Kuwait Iraq has placed surface-to-surface missiles within range of Kuwait in recent weeks, prompting a series of American airstrikes and opening a new phase in the low-grade air war between Iraq and the United States, according to American officials.

Why does Bush push to silence free speech? President[sic]'s obsession threatens stability around the world --by Ramsey Clark "At this moment, U.S. anger over meetings with Saddam Hussein reflects Bush administration fears that opposition voices might begin to ask, 'Who are the real aggressors, the greater threats to peace, the most dangerous terrorists?' Once a person is able to hear all sides and is informed, the answers cannot be controlled by government propaganda." [Got that, Rove? Good.]

Negotiations between US and Turkey incongruous Twenty-eight lawyers released a written statement claiming that the deal between strategic allies the United States and Turkey breaches the Turkish Constitution. The jurists stressed that they would make a legal application on this incongruous deal between the U.S. and Turkey to deploy troops on Turkish soil to launch a northern front in a looming U.S.-led attack to Iraq.

Turks march against allowing US troops in Thousands of protesters marched through Turkey's capital on Saturday, urging parliament to reject a U.S. request to use the country as a launch pad for an attack on Iraq. "No to war, don't let people die," the crowd chanted in front of a stage where a large banner read, "The people will stop this war." [Yes, we will.]

Turkish Deputies Refuse to Accept American Troops The Turkish Parliament today dealt a heavy blow [<g>] to the Bush dictatorship's plans for a northern front against Iraq, narrowly rejecting a measure that would have allowed thousands of American combat troops to use the country as a base for an attack.

Turkey rejects U.S. troop plan Vote nullified after opposition objects --Turkey’s parliament speaker said on Saturday a motion to allow U.S. troops into the country for a possible Iraq war had been rejected, an MP told reporters.

Arab Summit: Public Saudi - Libyan confrontation; Discussions resume behind closed doors The Arab summit, held in Egypt, went into crisis after Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi said during his speech that Saudi Arabia had formed "an alliance with the devil" when it asked US troops to protect it from Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War.

Poll: Jordanians return to hard-line stance towards USA due to its regional policy A recent study conducted by a Jordanian firm, a copy of which obtained by, showed that the Jordanian society has become more inclined to take a hard-line stance towards the US.

Someone Please Give the President [sic] a Map --by Richard Reeves "'Otherwise dealing with,' as we learned in the State of the Union message, is the president[sic]'s euphemism for assassination. Now he is defining that as American justice. Actually, American justice is about the presumption of innocence and trial by peers. What the president [sic] was bragging about used to be called 'lynching.'"

Fallacies and War Misleading a nervous America to the wrong conclusion --by Dave Koehler "One of the favorite methods of the current administration is a false dilemma. This is when only two choices are given when, in reality, there are more options. Right after 9/11 you heard, 'You are either with us or against us,' in the fight against terrorism. Actually, countries can be both against terrorism and not an ally of the U.S."

Antiwar activists plan nonviolent blockades If US-led forces attack Iraq, antiwar activists around the country plan to blockade federal buildings and disrupt major business districts with large protests and civil disobedience.

Ten anti-war activists arrested at protest over U.S. military planes at Irish airport Police arrested 10 anti-war activists Saturday as they tried to breach fences at a southwest Irish airport where U.S. military planes involved in preparation for a possible war with Iraq have been landing for months.

Peace advocates: 'It's our patriotic duty' (FL) About 150 people opposed to a war in Iraq brought their lawn chairs, beach towels and protests signs to Young Circle Park in Hollywood Saturday and listened as speakers, rappers, musicians and even a former presidential hopeful advocated peace.

Chileans disrobe, protest war on Iraq About 300 Chileans stripped naked on Saturday to protest a war on Iraq, demanding President Ricardo Lagos vote against the United States in the U.N. Security Council.

Helpless Britons appeal to France for "regime change" A group of British dissidents has appealed to France to invade the United Kingdom and bring about regime change. [LOL!]

British pop star George Michael 'grave' about war British pop star George Michael, who created a single lampooning Dictator George W. Bush last year, is to record an anti-war song that will be broadcast to over 100 million homes across Europe. [He had better avoid all planes with no black boxes (the type Wellstone boarded), as Rove is not going to be pleased with Michael's plans. --Lori Price]

The Long Bomb --by Thomas L. Friedman "And don't believe the polls. I've been to nearly 20 states recently, and I've found that 95 percent of the country wants to see Iraq dealt with without a war. But President [sic] Bush is a man on a mission.

President[sic]'s overtones spark concern Bush's faith part of war rationale (Chicago Tribune) "As president [sic], Bush has infused his speeches with religious references and language that evoke evangelical Christianity. But as he talks about war with Iraq, many see increasingly religious overtones in his rhetoric, prompting blistering criticism from a more secular Europe and from Americans uneasy with his ready invocations."

When a government lies to its people --by Carla Binion "The Bush administration's lies 'justifying' war in Iraq should insult the intelligence and electrify the conscience of the American people and the world community. The fact that the administration has repeatedly exploited the September 11 tragedy and used it to build a case for unjust war is the most offensive lie of all."

Philippines turns US troops back The United States has been forced into an embarrassing retreat [<g>] over plans to deploy more than 1700 troops against Islamic guerillas in the southern Philippines.

Patient Has Smallpox Related Infection --Doctors in California are trying to determine how an adult's eye became infected with the same virus used in the military's smallpox vaccination program. [Bush's plan to start a smallpox epidemic is right on target. Now everyone will clamor for the deadly vaccines that Bush has been trying to force on us from the get-go. --Lori Price]

Angry Hill Republicans say Bush is screwing his own party President [sic] George W. Bush has an interesting political strategy for why his domestic agenda may fail. Blame the Republicans... "That was an incredibly stupid thing for the White House to do," a senior House GOP aide complained Thursday." One Capitol Hill source said House Speaker Dennis J. Hastert, already angry at Bush's remarks, lost his temper when a staffer suggested he go public with his feeling about what Bush said. "What do you want me to do, call the President [sic] a liar? George Bush may screw his party. I don't!" Hastert is reported to have said.

Bush Blames Hill Republicans Dictator's Homeland Security Explanation Creates Problems for Allies --Dictator Bush's campaign to enact his domestic agenda and win re-s-election next year is creating political problems for congressional Republicans. Bush, accused by Democrats of shortchanging homeland security, is blaming the GOP-controlled Congress for underfunding programs to guard against terrorism.

Republicans Growing Restive Over Bush Domestic Agenda As the dictator works to build international support for action against Iraq, he is losing backing for his domestic agenda from some prominent Republicans in Congress and in state capitals.

Governor sets sights on repeal of class-size measure Can Florida's governor persuade lawmakers to erase the constitutional amendment that 53 percent of the voters approved last year, capping class sizes? Bush will probably not be as blunt in his State of the State speech Tuesday as he was when he was caught on tape in the heat of his reelection campaign last year, when he assured lawmakers, "I've got a couple of devious plans if this thing passes.'' [Fifty-three percent of Floridians voted for the liberal class-cap proposal on the ballot, but voted for the Repig Governor, Jeb, who had already been outed for declaring that he had 'devious plans' to overturn the class-cap amendment, if it passed? LOL. Can you say massive vote fraud in the 2002 s-elections, as well? --Lori Price]

Nepotism in D.C.; it’s a family affair It was former President George Bush who campaigned using the phrase family values. Eleven years later, that president’s son has "inherited" [stole, actually] his old job. And Washington’s business has become a family affair like never before.

AFL-CIO vents its anger at Bush Meeting spurs efforts to defeat him in '04 --Any faint hopes that Dictator George W. Bush may have harbored for healing the rift between himself and organized labor cannot have survived this week's meetings of the AFL-CIO executive council.

Personal Bankruptcies to Hit Record-Fitch U.S. consumer bankruptcies should hit a record high in 2003 for a second straight year as a persistently weak economy slams debt-laden households, Fitch Ratings agency said on Friday.

Davis to Get Financing From Carlyle for Vivendi Bid, People Say Billionaire Marvin Davis will get financing from buyout firm Carlyle Group as part of his $15 billion offer to buy Vivendi Universal SA's U.S. entertainment assets, people familiar with the matter said.

Clinic Not Consulted on Air Force Rapes An Air Force investigative team that spent 10 days looking into rapes at the Air Force Academy did not talk with the city's primary rape and domestic abuse clinic, where 22 of the alleged victims sought help.

The rogue cop of Tulia, Texas It was the biggest drug bust the town had ever seen, and Tom Coleman was its hero. But then it all went wrong. (Australia's account of Texas injustice)

Michael Rectenwald responds to a CLG visitor who declares CLG a "seditious website" --"No amount of tragedies occurring on his watch, no matter what wars he wages illegally and in violation of international law, no international treaties broken or refused, no amount of deficit his 'budgets' accrue (an historical record) no amount of stock value that is lost (an historical record), no matter how many rightwing judges he attempts to push through, nothing, none of this, changes the basic fact. Bush was installed, not elected." --Michael Rectenwald

Bush may tap Depression-era fund to bribe Turkey U.S. Dictator George W. Bush may dip into a Depression-era emergency fund for a short-term loan [long- term bribe] to Turkey as he presses for access to Turkish bases for a possible attack on Iraq, regime and congressional sources say. [Hello, McFly! This is INSANE!! Can someone figure out how to remove this lunatic from office, before he triggers either a worldwide global depression or a nuclear holocaust??? --Lori Price]

Turkish Vote on US Troops Nullified The speaker of the Turkish parliament has nullified a vote approving the use of Turkish bases by U.S. troops for a possible war with Iraq.

U.S.: Saddam must go into exile for war to be averted The White House said Friday that Iraq could prevent war only by disarming and sending Saddam Hussein into exile, in an apparent shift from the previous position of the Bush dictatorship.

Iraq honours pledge to destroy missiles Iraq destroyed four al-Samoud 2 missiles yesterday and agreed with the United Nations on a timetable to dismantle the rest of its missile program, Iraqi officials said.

'Successfully Destroyed' U.N. says first Iraqi missile destroyed U.N., Baghdad set ‘timetable and action plan’ --U.N. inspectors confirmed Saturday that Iraq had begun destroying its Al Samoud 2 missiles as required and had agreed to a timetable to scrap the rest of them within a matter of weeks.

Iraq Starts Scrapping Banned Missiles Iraq started destroying its banned al-Samoud missiles on Saturday under the gaze of U.N. inspectors, complicating an American push to win international support to go to war against Baghdad for failing to disarm.

Iraq's promised missile destruction 'very significant, real disarmament' - Blix Iraq's promised destruction of its Al Samoud 2 missiles is "a very significant piece of real disarmament," chief United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix said today, as a written report by UN monitors on the inspection process was distributed to Security Council members late Friday.

Iraqi Defector Claimed Arms Were Destroyed by 1995 A prominent Iraqi defector credited by Dictator Bush and other senior U.S. officials with helping to reveal the full extent of Baghdad's secret biological, chemical and nuclear weapons told U.N. inspectors in 1995 that the vast majority of Iraq's deadliest weapons had already been destroyed, according to a confidential copy of the notes of the meeting.

The Defector’s Secrets Hussein Kamel, the highest-ranking Iraqi official ever to defect from Saddam Hussein’s inner circle, told CIA and British intelligence officers and U.N. inspectors in the summer of 1995 that after the Gulf War, Iraq destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons stocks and the missiles to deliver them. Click here (.pdf file) for transcript of Kamel's interview with UNSCOM inspectors. Offers $1,000 Reward for Evidence of Iraq's Weapons is offering a $1,000 reward for convincing evidence of Iraq's prohibited weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical, and biological. According to co-founder Bob Fertik, "George Bush said several times this week that Iraq's destruction of its Al Samoud 2 missiles would not be sufficient to prevent war, because they are 'just the tip of the iceberg.' But earlier this week, Newsweek revealed [.pdf] that the former head of Iraq's weapons programs told UN inspectors and the CIA in 1995 that Iraq had destroyed all weapons of mass destruction after the Gulf War in 1991," Fertik said.

War offers Iran ticket off axis of evil Brewing conflict next door in Baghdad puts Tehran on best behavior

Cost of War Remains Unanswered Question The Bush regime's unwillingness to publicly estimate either the cost of a possible war with Iraq or the number of U.S. troops that will be required to stabilize the country afterward is triggering complaints among Democrats as Dictator Bush and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld work to build support for forcibly disarming the Iraqi regime.

ACT, students to take to streets Anti-war demonstrators will target the US embassy in Canberra today as war moves closer in Iraq.

Hoops Player Protests During Anthem Division III Manhattanville senior forward Toni Smith player again refused to face the flag during the national anthem. The sociology major previously released a 250-word statement outlining the reasons for her protest, citing "the inequalities that are embedded into the America system" and "the war American will soon be entering."

'Who's next?' Chretien asks U.S. 'I'm OK. I only have 11 months left,' PM says --The United States is heading down a dangerous road that leads away from the United Nations by demanding that Iraq change its president, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien said today.

Secret, Scary Plans --by Nicholas D. Kristof "Some of the most secret and scariest work under way in the Pentagon these days is the planning for a possible military strike against nuclear sites in North Korea... several factions in the administration are serious about a military strike if diplomacy fails, and since the White House is unwilling to try diplomacy in any meaningful way, it probably will fail."

Military Mission to Philippines on Hold A plan to send 3,000 U.S. troops to the Philippines to track down Muslim separatist guerrillas [probably, other types of "guerrillas", too] was left in limbo yesterday after military leaders from both countries failed to find a way to reconcile Philippine law with the prospect of American combat operations in the island nation. [LOL!]

Hippie Crap Saves The World --Can better orgasms and upping your personal vibe really thwart BushCo idiocy? --by Mark Morford "ShrubCo blindly steers the nation like a giant careening Hummer toward the history-mauling notion of preemptive violence, of attacking anyone who might somehow threaten the U.S. even before such a threat is tangible..."

Error message for Dictator Bush (humor)

U.S. Arrivals Face Radiation Check All travelers arriving in the United States will be screened by federal border inspectors for radiological materials beginning this weekend, according to senior Bush regime officials.

Pentagon Releases Tribunal Crime List The Pentagon on Friday released a draft list of two dozen crimes [!?!], including terrorism, rape and using poisons, which could be used when prosecuting terrorism suspects before military tribunals.

FBI says airplane doing surveillance Information gathering related to 'anti-terrorism' efforts, officials say --The single-engine plane flying around Bloomington lately is an FBI surveillance plane. Two FBI officials said Thursday the Cessna 182 is conducting nonelectronic visual surveillance of individuals, vehicles and gathering places such as businesses under that surveillance.

FBI acknowledges mystery flights The FBI acknowledged that a small plane whose frequent, unexplained flights over the city had raised fears among some residents is being used by the agency to monitor people who might have terrorist connections.

CAPPS II Data-Mining System Will Invade Privacy and Create Government Blacklist of Americans, ACLU Warns (American Civil Liberties Press Release) "A secretive new system for conducting background checks on all airline passengers threatens to create a bureaucratic machine for destroying Americans' privacy and a government blacklist that will harm innocent Americans, the ACLU said today."

FBI Recruits and Protects Violent Informants Nationwide, Ex-Agents Say For decades, in cities from coast to coast, FBI agents recruited killers and crime bosses as informants and then looked the other way as they continued to commit violent crimes.

US health care workers spurn Bush smallpox vaccination plan The vast majority of the health care workers who were to be inoculated against smallpox over the past month, under plans linked to the Bush regime’s preparations for war with Iraq, have declined the vaccine.

Court Won't Reconsider Ban on Pledge of Allegiance A federal appeals court on Friday rejected the Bush regime's request to reconsider its decision that the Pledge of Allegiance is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion when recited in public classrooms, setting up a showdown at the Whore Court.

White House Won't Bar Logging on Alaska Land The Bush dictatorship, in a closely watched conservation decision, ruled yesterday that it will not provide wilderness protection to millions of acres of Alaska's Tongass National Forest.

GOP Aides Revise Bill To Help Big Firms Even before Congress begins debating Dictator Bush's tax cut plan, Republican tax-writing aides have inserted a generous new provision for major corporations and their shareholders that some fear could open the legislation to a tidal wave of loopholes.

Corporate America, come home! In the wake of the Enron scandal, US shareholders are calling for an end to tax-avoiding companies registering off-shore, writes David Teather "Off-shore registrations have always raised suspicions but the concerns have come to the fore since the shocks delivered to corporate America and Wall Street in the 18 months since Enron began to implode and which continue to reverberate."

Gov. Bush's Plane Struck By Lightning Gov. Jeb Bush's plane was hit by lightning Thursday as it traveled from Tallahassee to Orlando. [Immediately following "God's act of terrorism", Attorney General John D. Ashcroft announced his intention to hold the lightning as an enemy combatant, and recommended that the Homeland Security threat level be elevated to "Orange". --Lori Price]

Lightning Puts Hole Gov. Bush's Plane Gov. Jeb Bush's plane was struck by lightning that zapped a hole in a wing during a flight Thursday from Tallahassee to Orlando.

Bill Clinton tapped for jury duty Former president ready to serve, his lawyer says --Former President Bill Clinton has been tapped for jury duty.

Civic Duty, Sure, but Wasn't the White House Enough? The jury selection questionnaires in a case involving a gang shooting were supposed to be confidential, but there was a glaring clue to the identity of Prospective Juror No. 142 in federal court in Manhattan yesterday. Where it asks for previous jobs held, he filled in President of the United States.

Stupidity should be cured, says DNA discoverer Fifty years to the day from the discovery of the structure of DNA, one of its co-discoverers has caused a storm by suggesting that stupidity is a genetic disease that should be cured. [Hopefully, Bush will be their first experiment.]

Support for Bush's re-s-election falls below 50 percent The percentage of registered voters who say they would support Dictator Bush in 2004 fell below 50 percent for the first time, according to a new CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup poll, which finds more Americans concerned about the economy. [And, imagine what the *actual* poll numbers are, not filtered through CensoringNewsNetwork's corporate-run propaganda machine!]

Looky here! While we debate Bush's W-ar, Cook is in, along with two other rightwing nutcases! Senate GOP Forces Approval of 3 Nominees --A Senate committee approved three of Dictator Bush's judicial nominees, overriding Democratic attempts to delay a vote as they have with the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the federal appellate bench. Deborah Cook Is the Typical Bush Judicial Nominee — So Watch Out --by Adam Cohen "The administration is loading the courts with judges who rule in favor of discriminating companies, abusive bosses and employers who injure their workers and lie about it. And it is counting on the rest of us not to notice."

Russia threatens to veto resolution The United States suffered a significant setback Friday in its attempts to win U.N. backing for military action in Iraq when Russia’s foreign minister said Moscow was prepared to veto a war resolution "in the interests of international stability."

UK taxpayers forced to pay millions for Iraq arms The British taxpayer has unknowingly picked up huge bills for helping to arm Iraq before the last Gulf war, the Guardian can disclose. The government has secretly written cheques totalling more than £33m for arms companies who supplied Saddam Hussein in the 1980s.

Muzzle Rumsfeld, Aznar tells US The Spanish prime minister has asked Dictator George W Bush to rein in his defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, whom he accuses of stoking anti-war sentiment in Europe with his hawkish rhetoric.

U.S. Diplomat's Letter of Resignation Text of John Brady Kiesling's letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin L. Powell. Mr. Kiesling is a career diplomat who has served in United States embassies from Tel Aviv to Casablanca to Yerevan. "...We spread disproportionate terror and confusion in the public mind, arbitrarily linking the unrelated problems of terrorism and Iraq. The result, and perhaps the motive, is to justify a vast misallocation of shrinking public wealth to the military and to weaken the safeguards that protect American citizens from the heavy hand of government..."

Blair's support plunges as Iraq divisions hit home Support for British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair, under fire from within his own party and the public over his hawkish stance on Iraq, is at its lowest point since he came to power, a poll published on Friday showed.

Support for revolt across Labour Wednesday night's monumental rebellion over Iraq spread to every corner of the parliamentary Labour party, and is likely to be even larger if Tony Blair tries to go to war without explicit UN support.

Iraq 'to destroy' banned missiles Iraq said today that it would destroy its al-Samoud missiles within two days, as US officials reported that Iraqi troops and equipment have begun moving towards Baghdad.

Canada confirms won't send ground troops to Iraq The Canadian government stated clearly on Thursday it would be unable to make any substantial deployment of ground troops to Iraq because of its commitment to peacekeeping in Afghanistan.

Dems Angry Over Iraq War Cost Estimates House Democrats lashed out at a top defense official Thursday over the Bush regime's refusal to provide any cost estimates of a war against Iraq.

Italian opponents of war block US military transports Since last Friday, thousands of Italian war protesters have been blocking military trains used by US armed forces to transport soldiers, weapons and tanks from a north Italian base to Livorno, where the materials are due to travel on by ship.

Vatican stands firm against Iraq war U.S. arguments don’t meet church’s criteria for ‘just war’ --The Roman Catholic Church has been unyielding, saying that the U.S. arguments for regime change are unacceptable.

Union Federation Opposes War With Iraq The nation's largest labor federation declared its opposition Thursday to war against Iraq at this time, saying Dictator Bush has not made a case for an attack without broad support from U.S. allies.

Billionaire Soros blasts Bush, calls on Dictator to honor world opinion Billionaire capitalist George Soros, whose shrewd speculation conquered world markets, delivered a scathing denunciation of Bush regime policies yesterday, accusing the White House of shirking its responsibility as the world's only superpower.

Turkey Offered Deal on Textiles Package Linked To Hosting Troops --The United States has offered Turkey a package of limited textile trade concessions as a "reward" [That's Post CIA-spin, again. Call it what it is: a bribe.] for letting U.S. troops use the country as a jumping-off point for an attack on Iraq, sources said yesterday.

US blackmailing Turkey, says official A senior member of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's party on Thursday accused the United States of using near blackmail tactics to win approval for American troops to deploy in Turkey.

Mexico, Strongarmed by US, Appears to Shift Stance on Iraq The most intense pressure came directly from Washington. In the past three weeks, State Department officials including Kim Holmes, the assistant secretary of state for international organizations, visited Mexico City, said Richard Grenell, spokesman for the U.S. Mission. "They actually told us: 'any country that doesn't go along with us will be paying a heavy price,'" one Mexican diplomat said recently. [Bush doesn't include the billions in bribes (not to mention, threats) to other nations when the cost of W-ar is estimated.]

Key states bow to war pressure Security council waverers change tack --International solidarity against a US-British resolution that would trigger war against Iraq began to break down yesterday when three key members of the United Nations security council showed the first signs of wobbling.

The options: how and when the operation might begin When could a war begin, and how would it unfold? The US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, has declared that the US-UK coalition now has enough firepower in the Gulf region to begin an invasion whenever George Bush and Tony Blair might order it.

U.S. troop buildup now over 200,000 The U.S. military buildup for war topped 200,000 troops in the Persian Gulf region Thursday, while inside Iraq Saddam Hussein was said to be moving some of his best-trained forces into new positions.

Bulgarian pimps shipping in reinforcements for US troops Bulgarian pimps have been moving armies of prostitute reinforcements hundreds of miles across country to cash in on the arrival of US troops.

US expands its military presence around globe Buried in the US military's budget submission to Congress this month was a little-noticed request for $200m (€186m, £127m) to help train and equip forces of foreign countries. Compared with other items in the Pentagon's $380bn budget, the figure is minimal, close to the cost of a single new F/A-22 tactical fighter.

Bush Channels Neoconservative Vision In a major policy address to the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Dictator George W. Bush Wednesday declared that a U.S. victory in Iraq "could begin a new stage for Middle Eastern peace." The speech was the latest in an accelerating series of appearances by Bush and other senior members of his regime to drum up public support for war in Iraq with or without the Security Council's authorization. [Neoconservative (Hitlerian, truth be told) or not --Bush is far too stupid to have a "vision" as to his next peanut butter and jelly sandwich, yet alone for the Middle East peace process. BTW, what happened to his vow to "govern from the center", when he was trying to engender public support for Coup 2000? --Lori Price]

Bush lays out his "vision" for the Middle East US imperialism’s rendezvous with disaster --by Bill Vann "With its scare stories about weapons of mass destruction and allegations of Baghdad-terrorist ties having failed to stem worldwide opposition to a war against Iraq, the Bush administration this week unveiled a new pretense for aggression. War, it claimed in typical Orwellian fashion, is the only means of achieving peace, and US military occupation is the road to democracy in the Middle East."

Perle: Bush Criminally Negligent in Allowing Sept. 11th Terrorist Attacks (Meet the Press Transcript for Feb. 23) "MR. PERLE: I’m critical of the failure to recognize the threat that Osama bin Laden posed before— everything we did after September 11 could have been done before September 11."

Pakistan: U.N. Rights Chief Decries Secret Detentions, Transfers To U.S. Speaking at the end of a three-day visit to Pakistan, U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Sergio Vieira de Mello yesterday denounced secret arrests of al-Qaeda suspects in Pakistan and their transfer to the United States.

Pentagon spy database funding revealed The U.S. Defense Department has awarded millions of dollars to more than two-dozen research projects that involve a controversial data-mining project aimed at compiling electronic dossiers on Americans. Nearly 200 corporations and universities submitted proposals to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, according to government documents brought to light by a privacy group Thursday.

Before you board an airplane, your background will be checked The government is getting ready to test a new risk-detection system that would check background information and assign a threat level to everyone who buys a ticket for a commercial flight. Advocates say the system will weed out [?!?] dangerous people while ensuring law-abiding citizens aren't given unnecessary scrutiny. [LOL! Where will all the weeds go???]

Air Passenger Screening System Planned Civil liberties groups are objecting to a government plan for a new system that would check background information and assign a threat level to everyone who buys a ticket for a commercial flight.

Senators Want FBI Info on Web Spying Three U.S. senators have introduced legislation to enhance congressional oversight and public reporting of the FBI's domestic surveillance efforts, including the agency's efforts to monitor Internet activity by Americans.

Maine teachers warned: Watch anti-war talk in classroom After complaints that the children of soldiers were upset by anti-war comments at school [?!?], Maine's top education official warned teachers to be careful of what they say in class about a possible invasion of Iraq.

3 Fall Ill After Smallpox Vaccinations Officials are investigating medical problems in three health care workers who became ill after receiving the smallpox vaccine, though only one appears to have had a reaction to the inoculation. [?!? Looks like The New York Times is in *damage control* mode again, LOL!]

Unions Angry After Chao's Visit Labor Leaders Fault Secretary's Remarks --Labor leaders leaving an annual gathering here today carried with them the challenges of a movement facing low membership, a stagnant economy, eroding benefits -- and anger over a private confrontation with Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao.

Diebold - The face of modern ballot tampering --by Faun Otter "The lack of any exit polling on November 5 has been oddly ignored by the media. Those pesky tracking polls leading up to the elections have been explained away by a ‘late surge to the Republicans’ caused by.... hmmmm, how about sun spot activity? With no exit polls, there was no other feedback to conflict with the 'official' results, this allowed the Diebold touch screen machines to change the way election fraud is carried out."

United States District Court Southern District of New York (.pdf) United For Peace and Justice v. The City of New York; Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York; and Raymond Kelly, Commissioner of the New York City Police Department, Defendants --File for legal document detailing the decision to prohibit the New York City Feb. 15 march.

Court Reverses Ruling on Jane Akre's rBGH Suit Appeals Court Reverses Jury in AKRE V FOX TV CASE --Accepting a defense rejected by three other Florida state judges on at least six separate motions, a Florida appeals court has reversed the $425,000 jury verdict in favor of journalist Jane Akre who charged she was pressured by Faux Television management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information.

Attack not yet legal, says expert The latest United Nations Security Council draft resolution would not be sufficient to authorise a United States-led attack on Iraq under international law, an expert from one of the world's most prestigious international relations schools, Nicholas Wheeler, said yesterday.

Allies hushed up weapons' destruction The highest-ranking defector ever to turn informant on Saddam Hussein’s government told United Nations weapons inspectors in 1995 that Iraq had destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons stocks after the Gulf war.

Veterans Group Calls for Rumsfeld Resignation (AGWVA Press Release) "The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA) now calls for the resignation of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. In response to questioning by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, (D-WV), Rumsfeld denied any knowledge that the United States had shipped biological weapons to Iraq during the 1980’s. Rumsfeld was addressing the Armed Services Committee last week, when he stated that he "…had no knowledge of any such shipments and doubted that they ever occurred."

CBS, White House Clash Over Saddam Interview The White House criticized CBS television on Wednesday over what a spokesman said was a spurned offer to rebut comments by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during an interview to air on Wednesday evening. [WHY is Dictator Bush allowed to meddle in (an alleged) 'free' press?]

Islamic states may use oil to pressure West Kuala Lumpur: Islamic countries will consider using oil as a way of exerting pressure on the West to prevent war on Iraq, but have reached no decision on the tactic, the Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, said yesterday.

Oil could reach 80 US dollars barrel in extended war: Forecast The price of oil could reach 80 U.S. dollars a barrel - four times the long-term average - in the worst case scenario of an extended war spreading outside Iraq, the New Zealand Treasury predicted in a report released on Thursday.

Back-bench rebellion rocks Blair Poodle Tony Blair suffered the biggest rebellion of his premiership last night, when 121 Labour MPs - almost half of the party’s back-benchers - voted against the government’s policy on Iraq.

Rebel vote stuns Blair 121 Labour members vote against war · Biggest ever revolt against a government · Tory support helps save PM --Poodle Tony Blair's Iraqi war strategy was shaken to the core last night when 121 Labour backbenchers defied a three-line whip to join a cross-party revolt and tell the prime minister that the case for military action against Saddam Hussein is not yet made.

Blair rocked by biggest revolt over war on Iraq Tony Blair faced the prospect last night of taking the nation to war with the most divided Parliament since Suez after almost 200 MPs from all parties opposed early military action against Iraq.

U.S. Diplomat Resigns, Protesting 'Our Fervent Pursuit of War' A career diplomat who has served in United States embassies from Tel Aviv to Casablanca to Yerevan resigned this week in protest against the country's policies on Iraq.

Veteran U.S. diplomat resigns to protest Iraq policy A veteran U.S. diplomat has resigned to protest Dictator George W. Bush' policies on Iraq.

Setback for Gulf deployment (UK) Only half of the RAF jets due to move to the Gulf have yet reached their destination, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed. The rest are stuck at bases in Cyprus and Britain because Muslim countries have refused to allow them to fly over.

Australian legal experts declare an invasion of Iraq a war crime Forty-three Australian experts in international law and human rights legislation have issued a declaration that an invasion of Iraq will be an open breach of international law and a crime against humanity, even if it takes place with the authorisation of the UN Security Council.

Wolfowitz Says U.S. Buildup Will Continue Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told Fox Network's Brit Hume, on Feb. 26, that the U.S. military buildup in the Middle East will continue.

Cost of Iraq War Could Approach $100 Billion Pentagon planners believe the cost of a war with Iraq could balloon to $95 billion or higher, eclipsing earlier estimates, regime and congressional sources said on Wednesday.

US media's war challenge There have been widespread complaints that the US media is, at worst, openly partisan in favour of Dictator Bush and, at best, cowed into withholding criticism of his regime - and policy towards Iraq.

A Tip on Iraq From Those Who Walked That Road The French paid dearly for imperial and military hubris. Listen up, U.S. --by Robert Scheer "The alliances on 'Survivor' have more stability and logic than those currently held by the United States. We need a weekly two-hour special to keep us in the know. Did we buy off Turkey yet? Hey, what's $15 billion for a mercenary in need? And is Syria, the sworn enemy of our enemy, Saddam Hussein, our new friend?"

US 'virtual march' over Iraq Thousands of anti-war activists have been bombarding the White House and senators with phone calls and e-mails in a virtual protest over the Iraq crisis.

Anti-war protesters flood Senate, White House offices with calls in 'virtual march' Anti-war protesters traded marching shoes for phones, fax machines and computers Wednesday as part of a "virtual march" on the nation's capital.

Antiwar Protesters Flood Senate Phone Lines Thousands of antiwar protesters flooded Senate phone lines today as part of a "Virtual March" on Washington.

Hundreds Protest Bush I at Tufts University Former President George Bush defended the policies that resulted in war with Iraq 12 years ago, in a speech at Tufts University on Wednesday. About 300 people voiced opposition to the possibility of another war with Iraq near the auditorium where Bush was appearing.

Antiwar sentiment pervades British Academy Film Awards ceremonies Film stars in Britain and France use the awards platform to make political statements in London.

Egyptians rally against war At least 100,000 people have attended an angry rally against any war with Iraq at a stadium in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

"Shot" By Friendly Fire! --by Tom Flocco "Widow’s only son threatened with jail, sent to Kuwait frontlines for refusing anthrax shots / Fighter pilots and support crew sick from or refusing injection are ostracized, demoted, grounded, and forced into retirement by Air Force generals..."

We have 25kg of cyanide says terror group (New Zealand) A group calling itself September 11 and claiming to possess 25kg of "weapon grade cyanide" is behind the terrorism threat to the America's Cup. The threat is outlined in the letter sent to the United States Embassy and the British and Australian High Commissions.

Cyanide letter threat to Cup (New Zealand) A national security alert has been sparked after the discovery of a letter containing cyanide which makes a terrorist threat to the America's Cup. Letters were sent to the United States Embassy and the British and Australian High Commissions at the same time last week.

N Korea activates 'plutonium' reactor North Korea has for the first time in almost a decade reactivated a nuclear reactor capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium, Washington said last night.

Army helicopter crashes in Colombia A Colombian army Black Hawk helicopter has crashed in the north, killing all 23 soldiers aboard. [HOW many Black Hawk helicopter crashes have occurred since 2002? 30.]

FBI Agents Raid Lorain Store For Possible Fraud Investigation Involves Businesses, Homes In 14 States --FBI agents simultaneously searched hundreds of businesses and homes across the nation Wednesday morning. The national scheme apparently started in a Milwaukee butcher shop and then grew to involve more than 300 stores in 14 states. [Ever get the feeling you are living in Germany, circa 1939?]

Senate Criticizes FBI on Anti-Terror Law The FBI has done a poor job with an anti-terrorism law that permits unprecedented levels of domestic surveillance, Senate Judiciary Committee lawmakers said Tuesday.

Sept. 11 Suspect Moussaoui Wants to Torture Ashcroft Accused Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui said he wants to torture U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, court documents showed on Wednesday.

Supreme Court won't hear news media appeal of gag order The Supreme Court refused today to consider whether judges can block reporters from talking to jurors after a trial.

Domestic stealth bombs From hounding medical-marijuana growers to stacking the courts with conservative judges, the Bush administration is pandering to the right while America prepares for war --by Kristen Lombardi "A second resolution on war in Iraq. A Bush post-invasion plan. Millions of antiwar protesters take to the streets. Saddam Hussein gets feisty with weapons inspectors. It’s no surprise that stories without an Iraq angle get little or no attention these days."

The Political Mind Behind Tort "Reform" For those who argue that Dictator Bush's support for limiting jury awards has nothing to do with politics, a complication has emerged: His top political adviser, nutcase Karl Rove, has taken credit for the issue.

How Gas Companies Manipulate Prices "The memo discusses strategies to reduce the supply of gasoline in the Midwest."

EU demanding sweeping deregulation in service sector and privatization of public services, leaked trade negotiating documents show The national consumer group Public Citizen joined civil society groups around the globe today in a coordinated release of secret negotiating documents that have been leaked from the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) service-sector negotiations.

Advisers tell Bush climate plan is useless Strategy 'lacks vision, goals, timetable and criteria' [just like Bush himself] --George Bush's strategy on global warming suffered a setback yesterday when a panel of scientists convened at the request of the White House condemned it as lacking vision, and wasting time and money on research questions that were resolved years ago.

Fourth Supine Democratic Senator Backs Estrada Dictator Bush picked up a fourth U.S. Senate Supine Democrat on Tuesday, Bill Nelson of Florida, in support of his embattled nomination of Miguel Estrada to a federal appeals court.

US initial jobless claims hit 10-week high The U.S. labor market has deteriorated in the past few weeks. The average of initial jobless claims over the past four weeks rose 4,000 to 399,750, a seven-week high. Initial claims in the most recent week rose 11,000 to 417,000, a 10-week high. In the prior week, the average of continuing claims rose 20,000 to 3.36 million, a five-week high.

Bush Aide Hubbard Announces Resignation Glenn Hubbard, the chief architect of the Bush regime's tax cut package, announced his resignation Wednesday as head of the dictator's Council of Economic Advisers.

Too Much --by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman "For almost two years now, we have covered the Bush White House with astonishment. We are astonished by the simple fact that this President [sic], with such strong ties to the corporate establishment, has for two years sailed smoothly through our democratic waters, at a time of rising popular discontent, unemployment, corporate scandals, national security disasters, and most recently, gasoline above $2 a gallon."

A Day After He Was Fired, Phil Donahue Strikes Back at MSNBC Phil Donahue struck back at MSNBC on Wednesday for his firing, suggesting the network was too quick to pull the trigger and that it might be trying to "out-fox Fox" with conservative voices.


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