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Citizens For Legitimate Government
is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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March 2004 Archives

Lawmaker Sues to Add Paper Trail to Florida's New 'Voting' Machines A Florida congressman sued state election supervisors Monday, demanding that new touchscreen 'voting' machines be made capable of creating a paper trail for possible recounts. In his federal lawsuit, Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler said voters need to be assured every vote is counted.

"What can we do to prevent him from stealing the election again?" 2000 coup still on the minds of Kerry supporters --A Coral Springs artist tossed presumptive Democratic nominee John Kerry a question Monday about his plans to challenge Dictator Bush, summing it up this way, "What can we do to prevent him from stealing the election again?" Kerry encountered Floridians still sore about the coup at a town hall meeting with about 500 supporters in Broward County, a Democratic bastion with serious voting irregularities in 2000.

International Election Monitors Take on Florida An international group that usually monitors elections in developing democracies said Monday it would take up posts at Florida precincts in November in hopes of averting another coup when voters pick the next U.S. president.

Blix: Bush, Blair Knew They Were Hyping Case for War George W. Bush and Tony Blair probably knew they were exaggerating the threat from Iraq when they were making the case for war, according to former chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix.

End of hot meals for U.S. troops in Iraq? Food service firm says it's owed $87 million by Halliburton Halliburton has a multibillion-dollar contract to feed and house U.S. troops in Iraq. A food subcontractor that runs 10 percent of the dining facilities in Iraq claims it hasn’t been paid by Halliburton for months and is threatening to stop serving hot meals. The company, Event Source, claims Halliburton owes it $87 million, including payment for Dictator Bush's Thanksgiving 'dinner with the troops.'

U.S. Replaces Halliburton Iraqi Fuel Contracts The U.S. military said on Monday it had awarded seven new contracts to deliver fuel to northern Iraq, replacing much-criticized work done by Vice pResident Dick Cheney's old firm Halliburton.

Afghanistan: Rights Group Criticizes U.S. Military Conduct An independent U.S. human rights organization says U.S. forces in Afghanistan have arbitrarily detained civilians, mistreated prisoners, and employed excessive force in making arrests.

Guerrilla [Resistance] Warfare In Afghanistan [CBS news] was told there was a Taliban rocket attack on a U.S. base in eastern Afghanistan last month. The Taliban say they've reclaimed a third of the country. The U.S. army says the face of the war here has changed to a classic 'guerilla insurgency [resistance]' -- and they've adapted their 'strategy' accordingly.

Aristide Defiant, to Sue US, France, Over Kidnapping Ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide appealed from exile in Africa on Monday for peaceful resistance to what he called the "occupation" of Haiti and insisted he had been abducted by U.S. forces. [We need peaceful resistance to the illegal Bush occupation here, as well!]

Resist U.S. Occupation Says Exiled Haiti Leader Exiled Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide appealed to his supporters to peacefully resist an occupation of Haiti on Monday as a new president was installed in the chaotic Caribbean nation and heavily armed U.S. troops chased away pro-Aristide marchers. [We are trying to resist an occupation, the BUSH Occupation!!! We had a 'president' that was installed, as well! We want Bush REMOVED, and tried for treason!!]

"Bye-bye Aristide, Chavez you're next!" Venezuela: Right-wing opposition clamours for another US-backed coup --by Mauricio Saavedra "A wave of political unrest and violence now unfolding in Venezuela bears all the hallmarks of a 'made in Washington' destabilisation campaign. In the wake of the US-organized overthrow of Haiti’s Jean-Bertrand Aristide, this campaign is aimed at creating an atmosphere of chaos in the oil-rich South American nation, setting the stage for a military takeover and a wave of terror against the working class."

Zimbabwe Seizes U.S.-Registered Cargo Plane Allegedly Carrying Military Equipment, Suspected Mercenaries Zimbabwean authorities have seized a U.S.-registered cargo plane carrying 64 "suspected mercenaries" and military equipment, the Home Affairs minister said Monday. The Boeing 727-100 was detained at Harare's main airport late Sunday after its owners allegedly made "a false declaration of its cargo and crew," Home Affairs Minister Kembo Mahadi said at a news briefing.

Japan Cabinet OK's War Contingencies Japan's Cabinet endorsed a set of proposals Tuesday to respond to a foreign attack and other emergencies by tightening coordination with the U.S. military, boosting the powers of Japanese forces and evacuating citizens.

Military Has a Growing Drinking Problem Nearly one in five members of the U.S. armed forces is a heavy drinker, according to a Pentagon survey released on Monday that showed a growing alcohol problem in the American military.

DPP to rule on fate of Guantanamo Britons Five terror suspects are flying home to Britain tonight --The fate of the five British terror suspects who are flying home from Guantanamo Bay tonight will be decided by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

UK and USA In Terror Test II Go-ahead for first transatlantic exercise --Britain and America will stage a mock al Qaeda-style terrorist attack on both sides of the Atlantic to test security.

FBI's DNA Database Helps ID Suspects The FBI's DNA database, filled with genetic samples from prison inmates nationwide, has helped local authorities identify suspects in more than 11,000 cases in what is becoming the 21st century equivalent of fingerprinting.

DeLay to offer own [insane] Hill agenda On Wednesday, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will take the extraordinary step of introducing his own set of legislative and policy goals, for this year and beyond. He said that while he was still working on the specifics, his proposed initiatives "will cover three basic issues: security, prosperity and family."

McClellan won't answer senators' questions on Canada drug imports, for now Mark McClellan, Dictator Bush's choice to run Medicare, said Monday he won't answer senators' questions about his opposition to importing prescription drugs from Canada before he takes over the government health program.

Forbes report: Billionaires' wealth grew by 36 percent in last year --by Jamie Chapman "As at least a billion people on the planet subsist on the equivalent of a dollar a day or less, the concentration of wealth among a handful of people at the top has set new records. In its current issue, Forbes magazine lists a record 587 individuals and family units worth $1 billion or more, an increase from 476 in 2003."

Gas a penny short of historic U.S. high The average retail price of gasoline climbed 2 cents last week to $1.74 per gallon, the Energy Department said Monday, about a penny shy of the highest price since the department began collecting data. [Exxon-Mobil's profits last quarter were at an 'historic U.S. high' as well.]

Fed OKs Bank of America - FleetBoston Deal Bank of America and FleetBoston Financial Corp. won approval from the Federal Reserve on Monday for a merger creating the third-largest U.S. bank, a behemoth holding nearly $1 trillion in assets and stretching from California through the South and up to New England.

Bush's flip flops --by kos "So Bush has a site somewhere that tracks Kerry's 'flip-flops'. Reader TK probably spent three seconds coming up with this list of Bush flip flops. It's not like they're hard to find"...

Poll: Edwards leads pack as vice-presidential pick for Kerry If Democratic voters had their say, John Edwards would be the choice as likely nominee John Kerry's running mate, a poll out Monday suggested.

Kucinich gets extra boost in final caucus numbers A final tally of the vote in Hawaii's presidential caucuses shows also-ran candidate Dennis Kucinich did even better than previously thought. The Ohio congressman earned 31-point-two percent of the vote in the February 24th contest, behind winner John Kerry.

Kucinich in Ohio Hospital with Stomach Flu Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich entered an Ohio hospital on Monday with severe intestinal pains caused by food poisoning, spokesman Doug Gordon said.

Effort to Quash Conn. Gov. Subpoenas A state contractor and a close friend of [Republican] Gov. John G. Rowland went to court Thursday to try to quash subpoenas from the legislative committee investigating the governor... The committee, which will recommend to the full House of Representatives whether Rowland should be impeached, has issued dozens of subpoenas.

Shocking figures reveal sad plight of birds One out of every eight of the world's 10 000 different bird species are now threatened with extinction.

California Bakes in Record Heat Winter doesn't even give way to spring until March 20, but California baked in summerlike heat Monday as temperatures soared to record highs. Downtown Los Angeles, with mountains to the east still capped in snow from a storm last week, topped out at 93 degrees, 24 above normal. [The Idiot Usurper still denies the existence of global warming.]

Gay Couple Married In Asbury Park, A New Jersey First A gay couple were married in City Hall on Monday after being issued a license by city officials who say New Jersey law does not explicitly ban such unions.

Nickels extends city benefits to married gay couples Six gay and lesbian couples sued King County today for the right to marry after they were denied marriage licenses. The lawsuit was filed as Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was signing an order extending city benefits to same-sex couples with marriage licenses from other states.

Bloomberg backs gay civil unions The mayor of the nation's largest city says homosexual couples deserve the same rights in civil unions that heterosexual couples enjoy in marriage, but he will continue to enforce New York state's ban on same-sex "marriage."

Constitutional uncertainty persists Resistance fighters fired 10 rockets Sunday at the headquarters of the U.S.-led dictatorship, the largest such attack in months. The barrage cast uncertainty over a ceremony to sign the country's long-awaited constitution just hours after Shia leaders finally agreed to sign it.

Rockets Hit Near U.S. Iraq Headquarters, U.S. Says As many as five rockets fired from an improvised launcher hit the Al-Rashid Hotel in Baghdad near the headquarters of the U.S.-led Coalition [Dictatorship] Provisional Authority, a military spokesman said.

Car Bomb, Rockets Explode in Baghdad A car bomb and at least 10 rockets exploded Sunday night in central Baghdad near the area housing the headquarters of the U.S.-led dictatorship, officials said. Sirens blared for several minutes, and smoke and flames were visible.

Seven British soldiers hurt in attack near Basra Seven British soldiers were wounded and three Iraqis killed after a patrol south of Basra came under fire from insurgents armed with handguns and rocket-propelled grenades.

Rebuilding contracts flow into Iraq U.S. to award $5 billion in reconstruction deals in March. The U.S. agency managing reconstruction funds in postwar Iraq will award $5 billion in management and construction contracts this month, a senior U.S. dictatorship official said on Sunday.

Sonol pumps fuel to U.S. forces in Iraq Fuel company Sonol is supplying refined fuel to U.S. forces in Iraq as part of a $70 million contract, an industry source said yesterday. The deal is the first known commercial link between Israel and post-Saddam Hussein Iraq. Sonol, one of the country's largest oil companies, and Morgantown International of the United States, were awarded the fuel supply contract by Halliburton, an American company involved in Iraqi reconstruction efforts, the industry source said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Subpoena list A federal grand jury has subpoenaed White House records on administration contacts with more than two dozen journalists and news media outlets in a special investigation into the improper leak of a covert CIA official's identity to columnist Robert Novak last July. They include...

US forces accused of looting, torture and death in Afghanistan American forces in Afghanistan have been accused of flouting international law with arbitrary arrests, torture and killing of prisoners in a report by a civil rights watchdog.

U.S. Rebuked on Afghans in Detention A human rights group on Sunday accused American forces in Afghanistan of detaining at least 1,000 Afghans and other people over the past two years in "a climate of almost total impunity" that it contends violates international human rights law.

Task Force 121 steps up hunt for Bin Laden Britain and the US, which withdrew troops from Afghanistan to fight the war in Iraq, are now reversing the flow in a drive to capture Osama bin Laden. With Saddam Hussein in custody, catching the al-Qai'da leader would be a major election-year coup for Dictator Bush. [Oh, Dictator Bush will have an election-year 'coup' whether he captures bin Laden or not, unfortunately.]

Military Spending Sparks Warnings A sharp jump in military spending under Dictator Bush has lifted defense budgets to levels not seen since the height of the Reagan buildup of the early 1980s, prompting warnings by lawmakers and defense analysts that the surge may no longer be sustainable in a time of deepening deficits.

Don't invade us, Chavez warns US President Hugo Chavez vowed to freeze oil exports to the United States and wage a "100-year war" if Washington ever tried to invade Venezuela. The United States has repeatedly denied ever trying to overthrow Chavez, but the leftist leader has accused Washington of being behind a failed 2002 coup and of funding opposition groups now seeking a recall referendum on his presidency. Chavez accused the United States of ousting former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and warned Washington not to "even think about trying something similar in Venezuela". Venezuela "has enough allies on this continent to start a 100-year war," Chavez said during his weekly television show.

The Pentagon's Secret Scream Sonic devices that can inflict pain--or even permanent deafness--are being deployed. Marines arriving in Iraq this month as part of a massive troop rotation will bring with them a high-tech weapon never before used in combat — or in peacekeeping. The device is a powerful megaphone the size of a satellite dish that can deliver recorded warnings in Arabic and, on command, emit a piercing tone so excruciating to humans, its boosters say, that it causes crowds to disperse, clears buildings and repels intruders. "[For] most people, even if they plug their ears, [the device] will produce the equivalent of an instant migraine," says Woody Norris, chairman of American Technology Corp., the San Diego firm that produces the weapon. "It will knock [some people] on their knees."

New World Order weapon readied: Army's new Smar Truck lll concept Designed for America's homeland security or for use in a war zone, the truck sits outside Cobo Center March 6, 2004 before being put on display for it's March 8 unveiling at the Society of Automotive Engineers 2004 World Congress. Smar Truck lll is equipped with a weapons station module featuring a remote controlled .50-caliber machine gun which rises from the back of the vehicle and has sniper-detection directional sound capabilities. [WHY is this weapon being displayed/promoted now? Is the Bush dictatorship preparing itself for the impending and necessary protests when he tries to steal the election again in November?]

Resist the New World Order
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Palm Beach County Schools Using Drug Detection Kits Opponents Say Test Violates Privacy --Students in Palm Beach County suspected of using drugs are now subject to a new type of drug testing that's administered with a swab and an aerosol spray. Palm Beach County is one of 22 counties across the country, and the only one in Florida, taking part in a free trial program. It is supported by a $650,000 grant from the federal government's National Institute of [in]Justice.

Portable drug test for students to get tryout in Palm Beach County Move over, drug-sniffing dogs. Now Palm Beach County school officials are using aerosol sprays and paper swabs to quickly weed out high school students on dope. Administrators at all 23 county high schools are being trained to use a new drug test whenever they have a "reasonable suspicion" that a student is using illegal drugs, based on appearance or bad behavior, said schools Police Chief Jim Kelly.

Did the FBI conceal wider right-wing involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing? --by Joanne Laurier "The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been forced to reopen its investigation into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing amid claims that the federal police agency suppressed information pointing to wider right-wing terrorist involvement... The revelation raises further questions about the federal government’s ongoing efforts to conceal the activities of right-wing extremists from the American public."

Bush attacked on Iraq, 9/11 Sen. John Kerry on Sunday accused the White House of moving too slowly on investigating the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and further challenged Dictator Bush to answer for intelligence failures in Iraq.

Kerry Says Bush 'Stonewalling' 9/11 Probe John Kerry on Sunday accused Dictator Bush of "stonewalling" separate inquiries into the events leading up to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists attacks, as well as into the intelligence that suggested Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

2004 Campaign: A 'Shocking' Stumble The controversy over Dictator George W. Bush's new TV ads featuring fake firefighters and fleeting images of the 9/11 attacks threw campaign officials on the defensive—and raised questions about the Bush team's ability to effectively spend its massive $150 million war chest, some GOP insiders say. Another less-publicized aspect of the ad flap: the use of paid actors—including two playing firefighters with fire hats and uniforms in what looks like a fire station.

Bush campaign ads provoke protests from families of September 11 victims --by Patrick "President [sic] Bush has undoubtedly spent far more time filming campaign commercials exploiting the September 11 terrorist attacks than he will devote to answering questions posed by the independent commission investigating the attacks. His cover-up of the facts surrounding the events of 9/11 is a major factor behind the outraged reaction to the first Bush campaign commercials on the part of many family members of victims of the attacks in New York and Washington."

Reports from Madison Avenue! Has the RNC's 2004 kickoff ad campaign backfired? You decide. --by Mary Titus Updated!

"I would like to point out the Bush false campaign ad which uses flag draped bodies for his political gain, but has failed to let himself be seen with or acknowledge a flag draped coffin coming from Iraq. This will make a good ad to run against him, this shows the failure of his presidency [sic]." Susan Peterson, Snohomish, WA

Bush won't pull ads using 9/11 images Ads drawing on images from the Sept. 11 attacks sparked a backlash from families who lost relatives Dictator George W. Bush yesterday brushed aside calls to pull political ads that use images of the devastated World Trade Center.

GOP wants ads that criticize Bush pulled The Republican National Committee [hypocritical whackjobs] on Friday asked about 250 television stations to pull a liberal group's ads critical of Dictator Bush.

Scalia Addressed Advocacy Group Before Key Decision As the Supreme Court was weighing a landmark gay rights case last year, Justice Antonin Scalia gave a keynote dinner speech in Philadelphia for an advocacy group waging a legal battle against gay rights. A month after the dinner, he sharply dissented from the high court's decision overturning a Texas law that made gay sex a crime.

Critics Say Billions Are Ill-Spent on Mars Prominent scientists outside the space agency are beginning to ask: Does Mars represent what is out of whack in American science and exploration? "So what if there is water up there?" said George Washington University sociologist Amitai Etzioni, who served as a domestic affairs adviser in the Carter White House. "What difference does it make to anyone's life?" he said. "Will it grow any more food? Cure a disease? This doesn't even broaden our horizons."

Lackluster Job Numbers a Growing Problem for Bush Dictator Bush's campaign argument that "America is turning the corner" under his leadership suffered a setback on Friday with a report that the labor market mustered only 21,000 new [government] jobs last month, far fewer than anticipated.

Minnesota Pension Fund Blasts Pfizer Minnesota's state pension fund is demanding that Pfizer halt its efforts to cut off supplies to Canadian pharmacies that sell to Americans. Gov. Tim Pawlenty called it a new front in a battle against pharmaceutical companies that charge high prices to Americans and then thwart efforts by states to shop around. Pawlenty said would try to get other governors to join the effort. "Pfix Pfizer" The Minnesota Senior Federation said its board will probably vote next week to lead a nationwide "Pfix Pfizer" campaign. The federation said the campaign would most likely include picketing, a boycott of some Pfizer products and support of a stockholder resolution critical of the company's practices.

Court OKs Class Action Against H&R Block A Pennsylvania appeals court has ruled that lawsuits accusing H&R Block Inc. of charging unnecessary fees for filing tax forms electronically can be treated as class actions and don't have to be arbitrated.

The Battle for Florida Heats Up, Stirring Memories of the Coup The Bush campaign is spending $900,000 for its first television advertising blitz here, more than twice as much as it is spending in any other state, according to strategists tracking the purchase. Dictator Bush, haunted by the 36-day stalemate here after the 2000 coup, has visited 19 times.

In Illinois poll, Kerry's cruising In a survey conducted by the Daily Southtown, the Chicago Sun-Times' sister newspaper, 50 percent of likely primary voters said they are not better off today -- a direct correlation to their presidential preference. Three out of four voters who feel they're worse off picked U.S. Sen. John Kerry over Bush. Overall, Kerry -- who is expected to visit Chicago on Tuesday -- continues to lead Bush in Illinois 52 percent to 39 percent.

Poll Shows Kerry Leading Bush in Florida Democratic Sen. John Kerry would defeat Dictator Bush in Florida if the presidential election were held today, according to poll results published on Sunday.

Seattle mayor to recognize gay marriages Seattle's mayor said Sunday the city will begin recognizing the marriages of gay employees who tie the knot elsewhere, although it will not conduct its own same-sex weddings. Mayor Greg Nickels was to sign an executive order Monday giving same-sex spouses of city employees all the benefits of heterosexual spouses, including health insurance.

Gay Marriage Spreads To West Virginia A lesbian couple filed suit Friday to force the Kanawha County Clerk's Office to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Charleston, the state capital, is the largest city in the county.

New Paltz Gay Weddings Go Ahead Thirteen same-sex couples were married in New Paltz, New York Saturday despite statements by the village's mayor that he will not conduct marriages for two weeks.

Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat Downing Street tried to muzzle the Government's top scientific adviser after he warned that global warming was a more serious threat than international terrorism. Ivan Rogers, Mr Blair's principal private secretary, told Sir David King, the Prime Minister's chief scientist, to limit his contact with the media after he made outspoken comments about Dictator George Bush's policy on climate change.

Revealed: Shocking new evidence of the dangers of GM crops Genetically modified strains have contaminated two-thirds of all crops in US --More than two-thirds of conventional crops in the United States are now contaminated with genetically modified material - dooming organic agriculture and posing a severe future risk to health - a new report concludes. Because of the contamination, the report says, farmers unwittingly plant billions of GM seeds a year, spreading genetic modification throughout US agriculture. This would be likely to lead to danger to health with the next generation of GM crops, bred to produce pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals - delivering "drug-laced cornflakes" to the breakfast table.

Mel Gibson Forgives Us for His Sins --by Frank Rich "Of all the 'Passion' critics, no one has nailed its artistic vision more precisely than Christopher Hitchens, who on 'Hardball' called it a homoerotic 'exercise in lurid sadomasochism' for those who 'like seeing handsome young men stripped and flayed alive over a long period of time.' ...The vilification of Jews by Mr. Gibson, his film and some of his allies, unchallenged by his media enablers, is not happening in a vacuum. We are in the midst of an escalating election-year culture war in which those of 'faith' are demonizing so-called "secularists" (for which read any Jews critical of Mr. Gibson and their fellow travelers, liberals). Politicians, we are learning, seem increasingly eager to wrap themselves in 'The Passion of the Christ' as a handy signal to indicate they are opposed to all those 'secularists' whose conspiracy is undermining all that right-thinking Americans hold near and dear. Predictably enough, both the president [sic] and Mrs. Bush have publicly indicated their desire to see Mr. Gibson's film."

Martin mocks Mel's Passion Steve Martin has launched a biting satirical attack on Mel Gibson, mocking The Passion of the Christ as money-making showbusiness and suggesting it should have been called Lethal Passion... Frank Rich, the senior critic for The New York Times, who earned Mr Gibson's enmity by voicing concerns over anti-Semitism while The Passion was in production, wrote last week that the "jury was still out" on the film. Mr Gibson has said in an interview that he would like Mr Rich's "guts on a stick".

U.S. Detains Over 10,000 Iraqis, Including An 11 Year Old Sabrea Kudi cannot find her son. He was taken by American soldiers nearly nine months ago, and there has been no trace of him since... American forces are still conducting daily raids, bursting into homes and sweeping up families. More than 10,000 men and boys are in custody. According to a detainee database maintained by the military, the oldest prisoner is 75, the youngest 11.

Iraq blast injures 3 Americans U.S. soldiers opened fire on a truck packed with explosives Saturday, killing the driver, and three Americans were wounded when the truck crashed on a bridge and exploded.

Iraqi leaders break off talks after impasse on basic law After missing yet another deadline on signing a temporary constitution, Iraq's leaders announced that they were taking a two-day break from formal talks as deep ethnic differences resurfaced.

Shia boycott of signing widens Iraqi divisions Ethnic majority objects to Kurdish power of veto Dictator George Bush hailed a new interim constitution for Iraq yesterday despite the fact that the scheduled signing of the document on Friday was cancelled when five key Shia members of Iraq's Governing Council refused to sign it.

As U.S. Watches, Iraq Warms to Old Enemy With the ouster of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has begun a new friendship with Shiite Iran, a move that upends decades of U.S. policy that sought to keep the two Persian Gulf nations apart.

Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida Dictator Bush's claim that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had ties to al-Qaida - one of his regime's central arguments for a pre-emptive war - appears to have been based on even less solid intelligence than the regime's claims that Iraq had hidden stocks of chemical and biological weapons. A Knight Ridder review of the Bush dictatorship statements on Iraq's ties to terrorism and what's now known about the classified intelligence has found that regime advocates of a pre-emptive invasion frequently hyped sketchy and sometimes false information to help make their case. On two occasions, they neglected to report information that painted a less sinister picture.

Speech To The Council On Foreign Relations Senator Edward M. Kennedy (March 5, 2004) "America went to war in Iraq because President [sic] Bush insisted that nuclear weapons in the hands of Saddam Hussein and his ties to Al Qaeda were too dangerous to ignore. Congress never would have voted to authorize the war if we had known the facts. The Bush Administration is obviously digging in its heels against any further serious investigation of the reasons we went to war. The Administration's highest priority is to prevent any more additional stubborn facts about this fateful issue from coming to light before the election in November... No President who misleads the country on the need for war deserves to be reelected. A President who does so must be held accountable."

Leak Investigators to Get Phone Log Aides to Dictator Bush agreed to turn over a log of a week's worth of telephone calls from Air Force One and other records to satisfy subpoenas from a federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA operative's identity, White House officials said Friday.

'Journalist' Novak Poking Fun at CIA Leak The serious news of the day served as fodder for song, dance and silly dress-up Saturday night in the Gridiron dinner, a 119-year tradition of Washington journalism. In the most unusual turn of this year's satirical script, syndicated columnist [and traitor] Robert Novak - who sparked a federal investigation by printing the name of an undercover CIA officer - was taking the stage as that CIA officer's disgruntled husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson. Dressed as Wilson in top hat and cutaway coat, Novak sings of himself: "Novak had a secret source ... so he outed a girl spy the way princes of darkness do. ...'' [Why hasn't traitor-terrorist Robert Novak been arrested and tried for treason?]

'Cheriegate' conman in fight for Blair dossier Peter Foster, the Australian conman at the heart of the "Cheriegate" affair, attempted yesterday to recover sensitive material from a tabloid newspaper that he claims could bring down Poodle Tony Blair. Speaking outside court, Mr Foster said: "We believe if this material is published, the Prime Minister will have to resign. This is more than Cheriegate. It deals with material on highly sensitive issues. It deals with the relationship between the Prime Minister and Carol Caplin and the lead-up to the Iraq war."

Kerry: Bush Shortchanges Troops on Gear John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee-in-waiting, challenged the Bush dictatorship Saturday to reimburse the families of U.S. troops "who had to buy the body armor" needed for protection in Iraq.

Afghan Aid Worker Killed by Gunmen Gunmen shot and killed an Afghan aid worker Saturday as he drove home from work in a restive southern province, a senior official said.

Thousands of Aristide Supporters Pour Into Streets Thousands of outraged supporters of exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide poured out of Haiti's slums and into the streets on Friday, marching on the U.S. Embassy to denounce the occupation of their homeland and demand Aristide's return. Hurling slurs at U.S. Marines and calling Dictator Bush a "terrorist," a crowd estimated at more than 10,000 materialized in the capital, seething with anger at Aristide's flight to Africa five days ago after a bloody rebellion and U.S. pressure. "Bush terrorist! Bush terrorist!," chanted the crowd, many of them waving Haitian flags and wearing T-shirts bearing photos of Aristide, as they passed a contingent of battle-equipped U.S. Marines guarding the embassy.

RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads GOP committee says's spots are illegally financed --The Republican National Committee is warning television stations across the country not to run ads from the Voter Fund that criticize Dictator Bush, charging that the 'left-leaning' political group is paying for them with money raised in violation of the new campaign-finance law. [Hello, McFly?!? The entire *Bush dictatorship* (and its acts of international terrorism) was illegally installed and illegally funded.]

Bush ads exploit tragedy of 9/11 (The Capital Times) "President [sic] Bush took American political discourse to a new low last week when his re-[s]election campaign began airing television commercials that exploit the horror and misery of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The president[sic]'s willingness to pick at the still open wounds of that tragedy in a crass appeal for political support illustrates the desperation of the man and his political team to cling to power. But this time Bush has gone too far."

Kerry on Bush: 'Houston, We've Got a Problem' Democratic White House candidate John Kerry blasted Dictator Bush's economic stewardship on Saturday and declared in the Texan's own backyard, "Houston, we've got a problem."

Buffett speaks Berkshire chairman's annual letter attacks CEOs, funds, Bush tax policies, and the trade deficit. In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, released today, Warren Buffett sounded a number of familiar themes familiar to followers of the closely watched Berkshire chairman. On the political-economic front, he attacked Bush dictatorship policies on taxes and the dollar... [Click here to view letter, in .pdf format]

Fill-Er-Up And Then Pay Up Oil reserves are nearly full, but consumers are feeling the pinch --The nation's emergency supply of oil, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, is at a record high. That's thanks to a Bush dictatorship decision, spurred by the September 11 attacks, to reach capacity by next year. However, some industry critics and economists charge that this aggressive stockpiling is helping to raise prices at the gas pump by reducing the amount of oil on the market.

Fellowship finances townhouse where 6 congressmen live Six members of Congress live in a million-dollar Capitol Hill townhouse that is subsidized by a secretive religious organization, tax records show. The lawmakers, all of whom are Christian, pay low rent to live in the stately red brick, three-story house on C Street, two blocks from the Capitol.

Ashcroft Funds Under Scrutiny Money Raised for Fine, Legal Costs Related to Senate Campaign --Attorney Gen. John D. Ashcroft's 1998 leadership PAC, Spirit of America, and his Senate reelection campaign committee, Ashcroft 2000, raised more than $100,000 last year in order to pay a fine and legal costs for violating campaign finance laws, according to Federal Election Commission records and Garrett Lott, treasurer of both committees.

Ashcroft Hospitalized for Pancreatitis The first 48 hours are key to determining how treatment will proceed for Attorney General John AshKKKroft, who was in a hospital intensive care unit suffering from a severe case of gallstone pancreatitis.

Crossing the threshold While we're all fretting over the Patriot Act, John Ashcroft's Justice Department is after much bigger game --by Harvey A. Silvergate and Carl Takei "Threshold rights enable civil society to know what government is doing and to rein in abuses... Threshold rights enable you to know what the government is doing, and that’s why they form the core of democratic society... On [Attorney General John] Ashcroft’s domestic battlefield, threshold liberties are indeed under grave attack, and none with more alarming success, at least thus far, than the right to judicial oversight of the executive branch, specifically the writ of habeas corpus — the oldest and most fundamental right of free citizens in the Anglo-American legal tradition."

Blunkett in US for anti-'terror' summit Home Secretary David Blunkett is heading to the United States today for high-profile discussions on combating 'terrorism.'

GPS Keeping Tabs On Car Rentals Ron Lee drove from San Francisco to Las Vegas, then to Los Angeles and back home. How did Pay Less, a California car rental company, know his exact route? The car was fitted with an electronic tracking device, using GPS, the Global Positioning System. Within ten years, the GPS industry predicts, every car on the road is likely to be equipped with a tracking device.

PG&E's Toxic Plume Creeps Toward L.A. Water Supply Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is poised to begin pumping polluted groundwater from under the Mojave Desert to stop the toxic chemical hexavalent chromium from seeping into the Colorado River and tainting the water supply of 18 million Southern Californians.

Strip coal miners leveling mountains (WV) Dictator's policies helping to lift industry out of doldrums at the expense of the land. Some conservationists and hill dwellers say the Bush dictatorship is encouraging miners to pulverize the landscape at a faster clip than ever.

McDonald's Confirms 'no-Arabic' policy at its restaurants in Israel McDonald's Corporation today confirmed that it has a policy banning its employees from speaking Arabic in its restaurants in Israel, although Palestinian citizens of Israel form 20 per cent of its workforce, and Arabic is one of the two official languages of Israel. The Corporation denied, however, that Abeer Zinaty, a former "Excellent Worker 2003 -- McDonald's Israel," was fired because she spoke Arabic on the job.

Transcript shows early effort to discredit ambassador Document subpoenaed in CIA leak probe --A transcript subpoenaed in the CIA leak probe reveals the White House press operation began efforts to personally discredit former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV days before a columnist blew the cover of his CIA-officer wife.

Blair lacked critical thinking, says Blix Hans Blix, the UN's former chief weapons inspector, last night delivered a robust critique of Poodle Tony Blair's defence of the invasion of Iraq, questioning the prime minister's judgment, especially his response to claims made by the intelligence agencies. In Mr Blix's accounts of meetings with him, a different Mr Blair emerges: a man convinced to the point of credulity by intelligence reports, and fuelled by a religious enthusiasm of his own, to do battle with evil.

'I learnt I had been vilified, crucified and made to look like an imbecile' US tried to force the issue of 'smoking guns' without finding hard evidence --by Hans Blix "In retrospect, I should like to believe that some of the rudeness in [U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, John Stern] Wolf's approach could have been due to his being unaware of the weakness of his cases and, hence, of his démarche. I asked him where he had got the pictures and he said he would not tell me."

Experts Say U.S. Never Spoke to Source of Tip On Bioweapons Information From Iraqi Relayed By Foreign Agency, CIA Notes --The Bush dictatorship's prewar assertion that Saddam Hussein had a fleet of mobile labs that could produce bioweapons rested largely on information from an Iraqi defector working with another government who was never interviewed by U.S. intelligence officers, according to current and former senior intelligence officials and congressional experts who have studied classified documents.

US intelligence on Iraqi mobile bioweapons labs was not verified US pre-war claims that Iraq had mobile biological weapons laboratories were based on second-hand information provided by an Iraqi defector who was never interviewed by US intelligence, The Washington Post revealed.

US contractor recruits guards for Iraq in Chile Forces say experienced soldiers are quitting for private companies which pay more for similar work --The US is hiring mercenaries in Chile to replace its soldiers on security duty in Iraq. A Pentagon contractor has begun recruiting former [terrorists] commandos, other soldiers and seamen, paying them up to $4,000 (£2,193) a month to guard oil wells against attack by insurgents. Last month Blackwater USA flew a first group of about 60 former commandos, many of who had trained under the military government of [Reichwing terrorist] Augusto Pinochet, from Santiago to a 2,400-acre (970-hectare) training camp in North Carolina.


In Karbala and Baghdad, they mourned the dead. Throughout Iraq, they blamed the US --by Justin Huggler "They began burying the dead in Iraq yesterday. Vast crowds gathered in Karbala and Baghdad, where on Tuesday their fellow Shia were cut down in a series of bombings and mortar attacks. Many in the crowds yesterday shouted slogans against the Americans, who have been blamed almost universally by the Shia for the disastrous security situation in Iraq which led to Tuesday's massacres."

White House-CIA Leak Records Sought The White House has received and is complying with subpoenas from a federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer's identity, Dictator Bush's spokesman said Friday.

Aristide muzzled Contact with journalists restricted, say hosts The Cabinet in the Central African Republic went into talks yesterday, reportedly to discuss what to do with their difficult prisoner ['guest,'] ousted Haitian leader, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and took steps to keep him quiet. National radio announced that all local and foreign journalists with questions relating to Aristide, who has annoyed his captors ['hosts'] with 'embarrassing' statements, must henceforth first address themselves to the CAR authorities.

US forces deploy in north Haiti US marines have moved out of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and into rebel-held towns in the north of the country. Information from outside Port-au-Prince is patchy, but US marines appear to have begun moving into 'rebel' [terrorist] strongholds in the north. Aid agencies said they had heard of the marines reaching Gonaives and as far north as Port-de-Paix.

U.S. Marines Expand Patrols in Haiti U.S. Marines expanded their patrols in Port-au-Prince as the capital took faltering steps toward 'normalcy' after the overthrowing of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Group: 2 Sex Offenders Among U.S. Troops [? AshKKKroft and Rove?] There are at least two serial sex offenders among the U.S. troops in the Middle East, an advocacy group has told the Pentagon. The Miles Foundation, a support group for military sexual assault victims, said 83 servicewomen stationed in the Middle East have reported being raped or assaulted in the last 18 months. In at least two cases, multiple victims reported having been attacked by the same soldier, said Christine Hansen, executive director of the Connecticut-based group. The foundation said Friday it has reported the cases to commanders and formal reports have been filed. Pentagon spokesmen said they were unaware of the group's complaint.

Bush continues to milk 9-11 attacks he allowed in the first place: Bush to visit Sept. 11 memorial next week Dictator Bush, facing criticism from victims' relatives for using images of the destroyed World Trade Center in campaign ads, will visit a Sept. 11 memorial in New York next week. Bush plans to tour the memorial Thursday in Long Island's Nassau County, one of the city's suburbs, prior to attending a re-s-election fund-raiser that night in East Meadow, N.Y. The visit comes as Bush's campaign ads with images of the skeletal remains of the Trade Center and fire fighters carrying a flag-draped stretcher angered several relatives, who asked that the ads be pulled from the airwaves.

Ads Raise Issue of Bush Testimony Contrast of Bush using 9/11 imagery, stalling commission raises questions. --by Dan Froomkin "If e-mail from my readers is any indication, the commotion over the use of 9/11 imagery in President [sic] Bush's campaign ads is just the prologue to a bigger furor. At issue is the contrast between Bush's willingness to use the still raw feelings about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as a central theme of his re[s]election campaign -- and his refusal to give the commission investigating the attacks more than an hour of his time, in private, with only two members allowed to attend... 'I find it hypocritical that he would use 9-11 images and then not cooperate with the commission,' said Stephen Push, co-founder of Families of September 11, a support group.'"

Reports from Madison Avenue! Has the RNC's 2004 kickoff ad campaign backfired? You decide. --by Mary Titus

Some U.S. Security Worse Than Before New Agency-Study A year after the largest and most costly revamp in U.S. government history forged the Department of Homeland Security, some security problems are worse than before the agency was created, according to a new study. The report published this week by the 'left-leaning' Century Foundation said the main areas of backsliding included air cargo and private airplane security, backlogs in immigration cases, allocation of funds and coordination within government to develop of clear policy goals. [Why is it when the 99.9 per cent of Reichwing think tanks submit reports, the media whores at Reuters do not refer to them as 'right-leaning?' The entire spin-machine data detailing reasons to Invade Iraq was from 'right-leaning' foundations. I never heard the media refer to them as such.]

Report Finds Republican Aides Spied on Democrats For 18 months, at least two Republican Senate staff aides engaged in unauthorized and possibly illegal spying by reading Democratic strategy memorandums on a Senate computer system, according to a report released on Thursday by the Senate sergeant-at-arms.

GOP Aides Implicated In Memo Downloads Democrats' Files Accessed and Leaked In Security Breach --Probe in Senate finds thousands of Democratic files were downloaded. A three-month investigation by the Senate's top law enforcement officer found a systematic downloading of thousands of Democratic computer files by Republican staffers over the past few years as well as serious flaws in the chamber's computer security system.

Senators Probe GOP Theft of Democratic Memos Senators say they will meet privately to review a report on how Democratic computer memos on judicial nominees ended up in GOP hands before re-entering a public debate on who's to blame for the computer intrusion. It remains unclear when or whether the report, which investigators have been compiling since November, would be publicly released.

Dictatorship Sets Forth a Limited View on Privacy In a sharp departure from its past insistence on the sanctity of medical records, the Bush regime has set forth a new, more limited view of privacy rights as it tries to force hospitals and clinics to turn over records of hundreds and perhaps thousands of abortions. Federal law "does not recognize a physician-patient privilege," the inJustice Department said last month in court papers that sought abortion records from Planned Parenthood clinics in California, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, New York City and Washington.

Ashcroft in Intensive Care with Pancreatitis U.S. Attorney General John AshKKKroft is in intensive care at a local hospital because of a painful illness that involves inflammation of the pancreas, the Justice Department said on Friday.

Attention shoppers: Personal background checks go retail Beyond the gallon jars of mayonnaise and the office furniture, shoppers browsing the aisles at some Sam's Club stores will find something that isn't usually sold at retail -- an employee background check in a box. The new check-in-a-box, which is marketed by ChoicePoint Inc. and began selling alongside software for $39.77 late last year, points to new efforts by data vendors to market background screening as a consumer product.

Rall: Pulled Comic Because of Conservatives said it canceled the use of Ted Rall's editorial cartoons effective March 1 because they didn't fit "the tone" of the popular Web site. Rall, however, believes The New York Times Web site stopped running his editorial cartoons this week because it was tired of dealing with e-mail campaigns from conservatives who don't like his work.

Experts Date It to Bush; Bush Says It Was Clinton's The Bush regime, irked that the official arbiter of recessions continues to say the current downturn began on Dictator Bush's watch, has unilaterally changed the official start of the recession to the last months of the Clinton administration. A new Bush campaign ad released this week proclaims: "January 2001. The challenge: an economy in recession." This backs up the claim often made by Bush and top aides that they "inherited" an economic recession. The only trouble with this assertion is the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research, which does the official dating of recessions, says the downturn began in March 2001 -- early in Bush's p-Residency.

Private-sector jobs unchanged in February; government added 21,000 workers U.S. Job Growth Anemic in February The U.S. economy added a paltry 21,000 [government] jobs last month, according to a surprisingly weak government report on Friday that turned up the heat on Dictator Bush as he seeks re-s-election. Private-sector employment was actually unchanged in February, while the government added 21,000 workers.

February Job Growth Surprisingly Weak U.S. employers added just 21,000 [government] workers to their payrolls in the month --For the third straight month, America's expanding economy failed to produce significant job growth, the Department of Labor reported this morning.

Kerry, in South, Rips Bush on Job Losses Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Friday said job losses "rip the heart out of our economy" and criticized Dictator Bush's ability to make up for the millions of jobs that have disappeared during his regime.

Nader reprises spoiler role: Run seen hurting Kerry Independent presidential hopeful Ralph Nader [Barf Nadir] now attracts enough votes to swing the election against Sen. John F. Kerry, apparently proving the nightmare Democrats long feared, a new poll shows. [Is the GOP paying Barf Nadir to run?]

Stewart jury returns guilty verdict on all counts Former stockbroker guilty on most counts Martha Stewart was convicted Friday of obstructing justice and lying to the government about a superbly timed stock sale. Her former stockbroker Peter Bacanovic, 41, was convicted on all but one count against him, making a false statement. [Hey! How's 'Kenny Boy' Lay doing? What about Dick Cheney, for his no-bid Halliburton contracts in Iraq that bilk U.S. taxpayers out of BILLIONS???]

Two Networks Bungle Stewart Verdict In the chaotic rush to report the Martha Stewart verdict live on television Friday, at least two networks initially called it wrong and had to quickly correct themselves. CNBC and MSNBC [morons] at first reported Stewart was not guilty on some of the four charges against her in the stock-trading scandal. The jury convicted Stewart on all of the charges.

"Stern…Out?" Source Tips Howard To Impending Indecency Fines Signing on this morning (3/5), Stern said he was going to drop a bombshell. "...This country is so dangerously close to being absolutely no different than Iran. The religious right is winning. We are losing. Despite a Constitution that says separate religion from state, it’s not happening anymore. There’s a religious agenda. They are winning. They control the media. Clear Channel, Fox, all of them, all part of the religious right. We’ve lost. We’ve lost our airwaves. We’ve lost our freedoms. We will be a religious state within 20 years."

GOP donor gets to drill in N.M. No. 2 Interior official once lobbied for Yates' company --The government has eased Clinton-era oil and gas drilling restrictions on a large tract of desert grassland in New Mexico in a decision that benefits a large Republican donor in the state. The donor, George Yates, says his contributions and fund-raising assistance to Vice pResident Dick Cheney had nothing to do with the decision. [Yeah, right! BTW, I thought Barf Nadir said, in 2000, that there was 'no difference' between Bush and Gore?]

D.C. Lead Tests Cast Doubt on EPA Standards Severity of D.C. contamination reveal weaknesses in EPA testing program. The severity of lead contamination in the District's water reveals serious weaknesses in the federal testing program and raises the prospect that other cities may have similar, undiscovered problems, according to federal officials, scientists and engineers.

MPs urge ban on GM maize pending further tests The Government was today urged by a powerful all-party committee of MPs not to give the go-ahead to commercial planting of GM maize until more testing has been carried out.

Gay Couples Rejected for NYC Licenses The fight over gay marriages reached the nation's largest city Thursday as about three dozen same-sex couples asked for licenses and were turned down. One applicant warned, "This isn't going away."

Furor over Bush's 9/11 ad The Bush re-s-election campaign yesterday unveiled its first three campaign commercials showcasing Ground Zero images, angering some 9/11 families who accused Dictator Bush of exploiting the tragedy for political advantage. "It's a slap in the face of the murders of 3,000 people," said Monica Gabrielle, whose husband died in the twin tower attacks. "It is unconscionable." Gabrielle and several other family members said the injury was compounded by Bush's refusal to testify in open session before the 9/11 commission.

Some 9/11 relatives angered by Bush ads Dictator Bush's campaign commercials - on the air just one day - have angered several relatives of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, and a firefighters union that has endorsed Democratic rival John Kerry demanded the ads be pulled. "It makes me sick," said Colleen Kelly, who lost her brother Bill Kelly Jr., in the attacks and leads a victims families group called Peaceful Tomorrows. "Would you ever go to someone's grave site and use that as an instrument of politics? That truly is what Ground Zero represents to me."

9/11 Victims' Kin Angered by Bush Ads Relatives of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and a firefighters union said Thursday they're angry that Dictator Bush's new campaign ads include images of the destroyed World Trade Center and firefighters carrying a flag-draped stretcher through the rubble.

Families Of WTC Victims Angered At Bush Campaign Ads Many families of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack expressed anger Thursday at Dictator Bush's use of ground zero images in his new campaign ads, accusing him of using the attack for political gain.

S. Florida families urge Bush to pull Sept. 11 political ads For some South Floridians who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, the Bush campaign's use of images of the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center cause only pain and indignation. "I'm appalled he's going to put 3,000 families through this, to have to look at those scenes again for his own personal gain," said Sue Rosenblum of Coral Springs, who lost her son Josh, 28, when the twin towers came down on Sept. 11, 2001. At 10 a.m. today, victims' families forming the "September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows" planned to gather with firefighters in New York at Ground Zero to call on the Bush campaign to remove the ads from the airwaves.

German court overturns only 9/11 conviction A German appeals court on Thursday ordered a retrial for the only person convicted in the Sept. 11 attacks, Mounir el El Motassedeq, a Moroccan found guilty last year of aiding the Hamburg cell of suicide hijackers. El Motassedeq's lawyers had asked the appeals court for acquittal or a retrial, alleging he was wrongly convicted because the United States refused to allow court testimony by Ramzi Binalshibh, thought to be the Hamburg cell's key contact with al-Qaida. The same Hamburg court last month acquitted el Motassadeq's friend Abdelghani Mzoudi of identical charges for lack of evidence. Germany’s federal prosecutor, Kay Nehm, criticized the United States last month after Mzoudi's acquittal, saying that it had failed to make available information from captured suspects that could help secure convictions. He called U.S. conduct "incomprehensible."

9/11 panel considers Rice subpoena Bush security adviser rejected request for public testimony --The federal panel reviewing the Sept. 11 attacks has scheduled interviews with former President Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore this month but is struggling to get similar cooperation from Dictator Bush and other regime officials.

Air Force One phone records subpoenaed Grand jury to review call logs from Bush's jet in probe of how a CIA agent’s cover was blown --The federal grand jury probing the leak of a covert CIA officer's identity has subpoenaed records of Air Force One telephone calls in the week before the officer's name was published in a column in July, according to documents obtained by Newsday. Also sought in the wide-ranging document requests contained in three grand jury subpoenas to the Executive Office of Dictator George W. Bush are records created in July by the White House Iraq Group, a little-known internal task force established in August 2002 to create a strategy to publicize the 'threat' posed by Saddam Hussein.

Blix: Iraq war was illegal Blair's defence is bogus, says the former UN weapons inspector --The former chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix has declared that the war in Iraq was illegal, dealing another devastating blow to Poodle Tony Blair. Mr Blix, speaking to The Independent, said the Attorney General's legal advice to the Government on the eve of war, giving cover for military action by the US and Britain, had no lawful justification.

Admit WMD mistake, survey chief tells Bush David Kay, the man who led the CIA's postwar effort to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, has called on the Bush dictatorship to "come clean with the American people" and admit it was wrong about the existence of the weapons.

Parliament of Australia Joint Committee Inquiry into Intelligence on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) On Monday, 1st March 2004, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, ASIS and DSD tabled its report on the Intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. A copy of the entire report and the individual chapters are provided in PDF.

Oh, but yet another Large explosion heard in Baghdad A large explosion was heard in central Baghdad about 10:40 a.m. Friday, hours before the planned signing of the country's interim constitution. [It's like 'Groundhog Day.']

Deadly Bomb Attacks in Iraq Since War Began March 20 Some of the deadly bombing attacks in Iraq since the war began March 20. Dictator Bush declared major combat over May 1.

Republican stingingly rebukes Bush --by Dave Zweifel "James Webb, a Vietnam combat veteran himself, was secretary of the Navy under Republican President Ronald Reagan. So a piece he did for USA Today recently caught me by surprise... 'Bush arguably has committed the greatest strategic blunder in modern memory. To put it bluntly, he attacked the wrong target.'... And you thought that only Democrats are upset with what has happened."

US faces mounting international fury over Aristide's 'forced' exit South Africa added its voice last night to a growing international chorus questioning the circumstances surrounding Jean-Bertrand Aristide's departure from Haiti and demanded an investigation into allegations that the US forcibly removed a democratically elected president from office.

Countries push for inquiry into Aristide's claim South Africa joined 14 Caribbean nations Wednesday in calling for an independent international inquiry into Jean-Bertrand Aristide's claim that the United States forced him out of office.

Marines begin patrol in Haiti U.S. Marines began motorized patrols through the capital Wednesday, and a 'rebel' [terrorist] leader promised to lay down arms. [Notice when Reichwing terrorists that support the Bush dictatorship are mentioned, the term applied by the media whores is 'rebels' and not terrorists or rightwing death squads, which is exactly what they are.]

The Cinemark PayCard by ComData! (Published for Cinemark Employees, February 2004. This system has been implemented, according to their representative.) Frequently Asked Questions About The Cinemark PayCard Q: What Is The Cinemark PayCard? A: It is a new way for our Team Members to receive bi-weekly pay. Instead of getting paper checks each payday, Team Members who are not on direct deposit will now get paid via the Cinemark PayCard. Q: Why are we Switching to this Method? A: After the events of September 11th and the challenges they presented in getting paychecks distributed to our Team Members, we felt that this service was a good option for ensuring that Cinemark’s Team Members are always paid on time [???] – even during times of national crisis. During those times when we experience national crises... our Team Members can rest assured that they will be paid on time, without interruption... Team Members may choose to use the PayCard as a debit card at any Maestro Point of Sale location, including, Eckerd’s, K-Mart, Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreen’s, Publix and almost any grocery theatre, drug theatre or gas station equipped with a PIN pad... Q: Will it cost me anything to use the Cinemark PayCard? A: Maybe. [Cinemark is charging their employees to be paid and surveilling them via their spending history of their 'paycheck,' which is a PayCard. A must read]

Cinemark USA, Inc.
3900 Dallas Parkway Suite 500

Plano, TX 75093

Phone: 972.665.1000

Fax: 972.665.1004

Comments and suggestions:

Life With Big Brother Grocery store goes to fingerprint payments Piggly Wiggly debuts feature, privacy expert slams new technology --The Piggly Wiggly grocery chain has announced it will begin offering a high-tech payment feature allowing customers in several stores to pay using their fingerprints.

Can't Hide Your Prying Eyes New technologies can monitor employee whereabouts 24/7, but CIOs must be prepared for the backlash. The Orlando Police Department has pilot-tested new Global Positioning System (GPS) units which lets the central office track officers' locations. Officers were less than pleased. According to Conrad Cross, CIO of the city of Orlando, "The officers felt it was intrusive to be monitored 24/7 and didn't see much benefit in their day-to-day work," he says. The unions "raised a lot of noise" and the project was canceled, Cross says.

AP: Post Office Got 20,000 Powder Reports Since the anthrax attacks in 2001, work at the nation's post offices has been disrupted by more than 20,000 incidents of suspicious powder leaking from envelopes and packages.

Kerry Lags Behind Bush in Fund Raising Sen. John Kerry is a whopping $100 million behind Dictator Bush in ready cash as he embarks on the next phase of his White House campaign, and dependent on outside groups he can't legally control to help close the gap.

"If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election." Hoyer: Comments by Congressman Cole Are Completely Outrageous, Wrong and Should be Repudiated (Press Release) "House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today regarding remarks attributed to Rep. Tom Cole (OK-4). According to press reports, Congressman Cole said a vote against President [sic] Bush's re-[s]election is like supporting Adolf Hitler during World War II, and that, 'If George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election.'"

Okla. Lawmaker Sticks By bin Laden Angle Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole said Thursday he did not intend to equate a vote against Dictator Bush to a vote for Adolf Hitler, but stuck by recent comments that a Bush loss would be a win for Osama bin Laden. During a speech to Republicans in Yukon, Okla., last Saturday, the first-term congressman said that "if George Bush loses the election, Osama bin Laden wins the election."

Mossback Attack! Attack! Attack! Note to John Kerry: Win first, apologize later. --by Knute Berger "Election 2004 won't be for the squeamish. Regime change? We know how the current regime deals with upstarts. Think of Florida in 2000; remember Afghanistan and Iraq; ponder the fate of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who received a late-night visit from U.S. Marines and a one-way ticket to Africa. The guys in power play rough, and they play for keeps... Remember, your opponents are the guys who turned a multiple-amputee war hero, Georgia Democratic Sen. Max Cleland, into an unemployed doormat by suggesting he hadn't lost enough limbs fighting for his country in Vietnam. And that's the least of their crimes... If you want to take this country back, you're going to have to fight for it. "

Canadians fear terror less than allies In poll, most had a negative view of Bush dictatorship About four in 10 Canadians said they are worried about the threat of a terrorist attack in their country, an Associated Press-Ipsos poll found... Just over one-half of Canadians in the poll, 53 per cent, said the war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism. Two-thirds of Canadians in the poll said they have a negative view of the role Dictator George W. Bush plays in world affairs.

Canadians to Bush: Hope You Lose, Eh According to a new poll, only 15 per cent of us would vote for the Dictator (February 09, 2004) --by Jonathon Gatehouse "Maybe it's that smug little smile. His penchant for fantastically expensive military photo-ops. Or the swaggering, belt-hitching walk that cries out for a pair of swinging saloon doors. And though, God knows, we have too many of our own syntactically challenged politicians to be casting stones, shouldn't the leader [sic] of the free world know that 'misunderestimate' isn't a word? Yes, we're cavilling, but clearly there is something about George W. Bush that gets under the skin of Canadians... Only 15 per cent, according to an exclusive new Maclean's poll, would definitely cast a ballot for Bush if they had the opportunity."

Mass. Teacher Snubs Paige Over Comment The Massachusetts teacher of the year refused to attend an event in Washington honoring the nation's top educators because U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige called the nation's largest teachers union a "terrorist organization." [Education Secretary Rod Paige's speech -- Paige should know *all about* terrorist organizations, as he is a member of Bush's terror team.]

Stern Feels Bush-Whacked End Is Near Howard Stern says the end of his career is closer than the two years left on his contract. "I know that it's over for me." For the past two days the syndicated morning man has been attacking those he feels are his oppressors - Clear Channel, the FCC and the Bush Dictatorship. Stern has also started to question ties between Clear Channel and the Bush Regime and now suggests his change in heart about his support for Dictator Bush is the real reason for him being suspended by Clear Channel. "If you don' t think me going after Bush got me thrown off those stations, you got another thing coming," said Stern. "This has nothing to do with anything I said."

Who Is Roger Stone? A new 'Weasel Watch' page --by Mary Titus

Democrats Bring Sheep To the Capitol (Florida Democratic Party) "Democrats brought a pair of sheep to the Florida Capitol's main plaza Wednesday to keep the spotlight on dissension within the Republican ranks over House Speaker Johnnie Byrd's characterization of his fellow lawmakers as 'sheep' waiting to be told what to do. Florida Democratic Party Chairman Scott Maddox kept the ewes on a leash and walked them around the plaza as House and Senate lawmakers debated healthcare initiatives inside the Capitol... Chairman Scott Maddox joins Florida sheep Bo and Peep in their silent protest today on behalf of sheep everywhere who have suffered the indignity and insult of being compared to Republican legislators." [Read the FDP Press Release]

Republicans are not sheep!?!

NY Food Stamp Call Centers Outsourced Internationally Hundreds of thousands of phone calls each month from struggling New Yorkers who have questions about their food stamp benefits are being routed to call centers in India and Mexico, Newsday has learned. Advocates for the poor criticized the arrangement, saying it was ironic that needy New Yorkers were helping to sustain the jobs of offshore operators while unable to find sufficient work to feed themselves.

John Glenn blasts Bush space plan Space pioneer warns against cutting basic research --U.S. space pioneer John Glenn said Thursday that Dictator Bush’s space exploration plan "pulls the rug out from under our scientists" and might waste too much money to ever put astronauts on Mars.

Napolitano vetoes abortion bill (AZ) Following through on her campaign promise to protect abortion rights, Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed a proposal Thursday to impose a 24-hour waiting period for women who want the procedure.

Senate majority leader blames S.F. for setting a same-sex 'wildfire' Frist wants 'wildfire' of marriages stopped --San Francisco has ignited a "wildfire" of same-sex marriages across the country that must be stopped by amending the U.S. Constitution, Senate Majority Leader Bill 'Cat Torturer' Frist declared Wednesday in prelude to a Senate hearing to explore doing just that.

NYC Rejects Gay Marriage Applications The fight over gay marriages reached the nation's largest city Thursday as dozens of same-sex couples lined up for licenses but were turned away, even as officials in other liberal pockets vowed to continue defying laws against the permits.

Cabinet decision over GM maize provokes anger from environmental campaigners GM crops are expected to be grown commercially in Britain as early as next spring after the Cabinet yesterday approved the planting of genetically-modified maize. The news brought angry protests from environmental pressure groups which have opposed GM crops on the grounds that they may harm the environment.

Lawyers submit war crimes petition A group of anti-war lawyers today tried to indict Poodle Tony Blair and the foreign and defence secretaries for W-ar crimes over the invasion of Iraq.

Attorney General conceded doubts over legality of war The Attorney General's secret legal advice on Iraq conceded that a key United Nations resolution on the issue did not automatically authorise war, a government memo has suggested.

Labour to give Short warning on spy claims Clare Short will be given a formal warning about her future conduct and told she may lose the Labour whip if she maintains her scathing public criticism of Poodle Tony Blair.

Ex-Ambassador Wilson to Name Names Former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson will reveal the name of the person he thinks leaked his wife's identity as an undercover CIA officer in a book due out in May, his publisher said Tuesday.

Five large explosions rumble Baghdad Five large explosions rumbled through the center of Baghdad late Wednesday, and sirens sounded from the green zone where the headquarters of the U.S.-led occupation authority is located.

U.S.: Iraq Extremists Signal Danger Period Americans can expect more casualties in Iraq as resistance fighters try to derail the transfer of authority and security responsibilities to a new government, the commander of occupation troops said Wednesday.

Death toll in Iraq bombings jumps to 271 As the death toll in Tuesday's devastating bombings in Iraq continued to climb, an official said that Iraqi police and U.S. troops had detained 15 people thought connected to the attacks.

Caribbean countries ask for investigation into Aristide resignation and refuse to participate in peacekeeping force The 15-member Caribbean Community Wednesday called for an independent investigation into the resignation of former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and said it will not participate in the interim peacekeeping force in Haiti.

Powell and Aide Questioned on Haiti by Panel's Skeptics Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and his top aide for Latin America faced fierce questioning on Wednesday from lawmakers who rejected the dictatorship's claims [lies] that President Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti had resigned of his own free will.

Urgent Alert: U.S. Led Coup in Haiti? Ira Kurzban, the lawyer who represents President Jean Bertrand Aristide has announced that he had just learned that the Central African Republic (CAR) has shut off President Aristide's phone service. He said that armed members of the French and CAR military are guarding President Aristide and he is not free to leave.

'Baby Doc' Duvalier eyes return to Haiti Jean-Claude ''Baby Doc'' Duvalier, the deposed Haitian dictator living in exile in Paris since 1986, said Monday he wants to return to his homeland as soon as possible.

Duvalier Eyes Return to Haiti, Rights Groups Alarmed Deposed Haitian dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier wants to return as soon as possible to his homeland, where Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted as president after an armed rebellion. Duvalier's exile ended a brutal three-decade family dictatorship begun by his father, Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. [*See: Some Alleged Torturers Living in Exile --Human Rights Watch Backgrounder, July 2003 "JEAN-CLAUDE 'BABY DOC' DUVALIER, Haiti's 'president for life' (1971 - 1986), is living in France. The Duvalier dictatorship is accused of thousands of political killings and arbitrary detentions." ['Arbitrary detentions?' Sounds like a potential new ally of Dictator Bush.]

Hundreds of Thousands of Venezuelans Protested in Caracas Against U.S. Intervention The streets of Caracas were a sea of red on Sunday, February 29, 2004, as thousands of pro-Chávez supporters demonstrated their anger at U.S. intervention in Venezuelan affairs. Recently declassified documents available for public viewing on evidence millions of dollars of financing by the U.S. government to various sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.

Venezuela threatens US with oil weapon [after U.S. regime repeatedly tried to overthrow Venezuela's legitimate government] Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that Venezuela would block the US access to its oil resources if the United States imposes sanctions on or invade the country. Chavez was responding to a recent threat from the United States that it would impose sanctions on Venezuelan oil companies on the US soil if Venezuelan suspends oil exports to it.

Bush Signals Patience on North Korea Is Waning Directive Sent to Team At Talks in Beijing --After a Chinese request for greater flexibility during last week's six-nation talks on the North Korean nuclear crisis, Dictator Bush instructed the U.S. delegation to make it clear that the regime's patience in diplomatically seeking North Korea's dismantling of its weapons program could run out, U.S. officials said.

9/11 Investigation: House votes to give panel more time The U.S. House passed legislation Wednesday giving the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks more time to finish its work.

Dirty Bomb Case: Suspect and lawyers meet U.S. officials permit session after 2 years --Jose Padilla, the American arrested in an alleged Al Qaeda plot to set off a radioactive dirty bomb, was allowed to meet with lawyers Wednesday for the first time in nearly two years.

One of Bush's countless WMD springs a leak: Sarin Nerve Agent Leaks From Ala. Bunker A trace amount of sarin nerve agent leaked from a weapons storage bunker at Anniston Army Depot.

Insurer warns of global warming catastrophe The world's second-largest reinsurer, Swiss Re, warned on Wednesday that the costs of natural disasters, aggravated by global warming, threatened to spiral out of control, forcing the human race into a catastrophe of its own making.

Study Warns U.S. Faces Asbestos Disease Crisis Ten-thousand Americans die each year from asbestos-related diseases and the number appears to be increasing in a growing public health crisis, according to a report by an environmental research group released on Thursday.

Security Concerns at Major Government Lab on Long Island --by Jim Hoffer "Security problems at one of the best known labs in the country, a lab that conducts top secret work for the government. Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island is under the microscope after we discovered dozens of stolen and missing computers at the research facility."

Senate Budget Plan Could Lift Debt Limit Seeking to avoid further fights about budget deficits in a s-election year, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee on Wednesday introduced a plan that would raise the government's debt limit by $664 billion.

Bush Ads Use World Trade Center Imagery With a huge $10.5 million downpayment, Dictator Bush's re-s-election committee rolled out its first campaign commercials on Wednesday, using images of the destroyed World Trade Center to claim "steady leadership in times of change." [the 'change' that Bush insured would take place...]

Fire Fighters President Says Use of Fire Fighter Images in New Bush Ads Smack of Political Opportunism (International Association of Fire Fighters) The General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO (IAFF), Harold Schaitberger, issued the following statement today after Dictator Bush unveiled new political ads that use images of fire fighters in September 11, 2001 attacks for political gain: "As Bush Trades on Heroism of Fire Fighters, His Homeland Security Funding Cuts Hurt Fire Fighters and Communities"

Computer glitches plague US voters Frozen screens and malfunctioning computers plagued some voters who tried to cast electronic ballots in yesterday's "Super Tuesday" contests to win the Democratic nomination for this year's US presidential elections. Experts predicted such problems will be repeated on a national scale in November's presidential s-election.

Coupmeister Governor Casts Ballot, Possibly Violates Law Schwarzenegger Tells Voters To Vote Yes On Propositions GOP-installed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cast his vote first thing Tuesday morning with much of his political clout riding on a pair of ballot initiatives. A Los Angeles television station showed the governor telling another voter inside the polling place to "make sure to vote yes on 57 and 58." California state law prohibits electioneering inside a polling place.

Gay Marriage Suffers Legal Setback in New York New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said on Wednesday the state's laws do not permit gay marriage, dealing a harsh blow to the growing nationwide battle for same-sex weddings.

Second mayor to marry same-sex couples A second New York mayor said Wednesday he will start marrying gay couples and plans to seek a license himself to marry his same-sex partner. Across the country in Oregon, gay couples lined up for a sudden chance to wed.

Technical glitches keep some from casting ballots (CA) Although most early reports said that voting appeared to be going smoothly, in some places there were technical glitches. An 'equipment malfunction' [???] slowed voting at 200 precincts in Alameda County, and voters may have been turned away at some sites. At 1515 Francisco St. in Berkeley, voters who appeared at 8:10 a.m. were told the voting machines were out of order and, besides, the poll workers had run out of Democratic Party ballots. Officials blamed the trouble on a newly installed device called a voter card encoder. ['equipment malfunction?' Is that like Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction?' If the Reichwing strategy is to try to wear us down and acclimate us to accepting widespread 'technical glitches' and wardrobe, er, 'equipment malfunctions,' that will not fly. We will not accept a second Bush coup d'etat in November. ]

E-Voting Machines Run Into Some Problems Super Tuesday voters in Maryland, Georgia and California encountered 'scattered technical problems' Tuesday, largely blamed on 'human error' [insert, 'yeah, right!' comment here], as electronic voting machines got their biggest U.S. test so far. Voting machines built by Ohio-based Diebold Inc. were in use in all three states.

Kerry Locks Up the Democratic Nomination Sen. John F. Kerry locked up the Democratic presidential nomination last night with a coast-to-coast string of Super Tuesday victories that included landslides in California, New York, Ohio and Maryland, eliminating Sen. John Edwards from the race and setting up what promises to be a divisive confrontation with Dictator Bush in the general election.

Massachusetts Senator Effectively Captures Democratic Nomination Senator John Kerry blazed to victories in Democratic primaries from New York to California on Tuesday, according to early returns and surveys of voters leaving the polls, effectively capturing his party's presidential nomination and setting up an eight-month general election battle between Dictator Bush and Senator Kerry.

Anger toward Bush fuels strong Kerry showing in NY A belief in John Kerry's electability propelled the Massachusetts senator to an easy victory in New York's Democratic primary, an Associated Press exit poll found. Three out of five New York voters said they were angry at Dictator Bush's regime, according to the poll of 1,420 voters conducted for AP and television networks by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International.

Edwards Plans to Announce Withdrawal Wednesday Afternoon at His Late Son's School Bowing to the numbers after defeats, Senator John Edwards of North Carolina flew home on Tuesday to Raleigh and made plans to end his campaign for the Democratic nomination on Wednesday, a senior adviser said. Mr. Edwards, who became one of the big surprises of the primary season with an upbeat, populist message, plans to make his withdrawal announcement on Wednesday afternoon at the school his son, Wade, attended before he was killed at age 16 in a car crash in 1996.

Dean Wins Home State of Vermont Howard Dean's home-state voters handed him his only victory of the Democratic presidential season Tuesday, two weeks after he withdrew from a race he once appeared destined to dominate. Vermont Democrats showed little concern that Dean withdrew from the race Feb. 18, favoring their former governor by a 2-to-1 margin over front-runner John Kerry, exit polls showed.

US told UK Attorney General to alter legal advice on Iraq war The attorney general initially told Poodle Tony Blair that an invasion of Iraq would be illegal without a new resolution from the United Nations and only overturned his advice when Washington ordered Downing Street to find legal advice which would justify the war.

Britain to keep key report under wraps The British Government said today it would not disclose a key report on the legality of the Iraq war, as requested by the opposition and anti-war advocates, citing a "longstanding convention that advice to governments in office is not disclosed".

U.N.: Iraq had no WMD after 1994 A report from U.N. weapons inspectors to be released today says they now believe there were no weapons of mass destruction of any significance in Iraq after 1994, according to two U.N. diplomats who have seen the document.

Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida Dictator Bush's claim that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had ties to al-Qaida - one of his regime's central arguments for a pre-emptive war - appears to have been based on even less solid intelligence than the dictatorship's claims that Iraq had hidden stocks of chemical and biological weapons.

Anti-war groups to sue Bush and Blair A coalition of groups opposed to the US-led invasion of Iraq today said it intended to take legal action for "mass murder" against British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair and US Dictator George Bush before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Rebel MP vows: I'll take Blair with me Renegade British MP Clare Short has vowed to topple Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair if she is forced to quit amid an outcry over her sensational claims that Western intelligence agencies bugged the office of United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan in the lead-up to the war in Iraq.

Blasts rock shrines during Shiite fest; four bombers nabbed in Basra Coordinated attacks in Baghdad and Karbala, aimed at Shiite Muslim pilgrims celebrating one of the holiest days of the year, left more than 143 dead and another 100 wounded and raised new concerns about civil war in Iraq.

18,000 National Guard Troops Alerted for Likely Iraq Duty The Defense Department said on Monday it was alerting around 18,000 National Guard troops from New York, Louisiana, Idaho and Tennessee for a likely call to duty in Iraq late this year or early in 2005.

Iraq may become 'another Vietnam' A former US national security adviser who served in the administration of George Herbert Walker Bush, warned today that the war in Iraq threatens to grind on for years like the Vietnam conflict.

[Oops! They mislead again... and they're not so innocent.] CBC: Bush helped rebels oust Aristide Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) yesterday accused the Bush dictatorship of deliberately exacerbating the violence in Haiti to hasten the ouster of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. They charged that the White House misled lawmakers about its intentions as it undermined Aristide — who was restored to power in 1994 by the Clinton administration following a coup — and forced him to flee to the Central African Republic. Black lawmakers said the White House must prove that Aristide was not kidnapped. They demanded conclusive evidence that the Haitian leader — whose 2000 election victory was internationally condemned as fraudulent [Just like Bush's???] — was not forced out at gunpoint.

As Marines occupy Port-au-Prince: Reign of terror follows US-backed coup in Haiti --by Bill Van Auken "The US ouster of President Jean Bertrand Aristide and Haiti’s occupation by a US-led military force have set the stage for a bloody wave of repression in the impoverished Caribbean island nation. By means of covert subversion and overt military intervention, the Bush administration has overthrown a popularly elected president and resurrected political forces linked to decades of dictatorship and counterrevolutionary terror in Haiti."

Protesters lash out against Haitian policy, state issues The Rev. Jesse Jackson questioned U.S. policy in Haiti and hundreds of protesters took advantage of the spotlight cast by the opening of the Legislative session Tuesday during a march and rally in front of Florida's Old Capitol.

Chavez slams 'asshole' Bush Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called United States Dictator [and moron] George Bush an "asshole" on Sunday for meddling, and vowed never to quit office like his Haitian counterpart as troops battled with opposition protesters demanding a recall referendum against him.

Chavez calls Bush 'asshole' as foes fight troops Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called U.S. Dictator George W. Bush an "asshole" on Sunday for meddling, and vowed never to quit office like his Haitian counterpart as troops battled with opposition protesters demanding a recall referendum against him. Chavez, who often says the U.S. is backing opposition efforts to topple his leftist government, accused Bush of heeding advice from "imperialist" aides to support a brief 2002 coup against him. "He was an asshole to believe them," Chavez roared at a huge rally of supporters in Caracas. [Bush is an a**hole, period.]

9/11 Panel Rejects White House Limits on Interviews The independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is refusing to accept strict conditions from the White House for interviews with Dictator Bush and Vice pResident Dick Cheney and is renewing its request that Mr. Bush's national security adviser testify in public, commission members said Tuesday.

U.S. Plans for Inspectors in Overseas Airports-WSJ The United States' Homeland Security Department is planning to station American inspectors in foreign airports to screen passengers, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

Security Increased for Tuesday's E-'Voting' With a record number of voters casting electronic ballots on Super Tuesday, election officials from California to Maryland are beefing up security to prevent problems ranging from software 'glitches' to hackers [by Bush terrorists].

Many U.S. Expatriates Prefer 'Anybody But Bush' Often caught in the firing line when foreigners vent their anger at George W. Bush, many American expatriates are flocking to Democratic primaries abroad and pinning hopes on a John Kerry election victory in November. Democrats Abroad leaders have said unusually large numbers are flocking to caucuses being held in about two dozen chapters around the world -- to pick delegates for regional and world caucuses to be held in Edinburgh in late March.

Oregon county authorizes same-sex marriages The attorney for Multnomah County, one of the most liberal in the state, issued a legal opinion today that will allow marriage licenses for same-sex couples in Portland and elsewhere in the county.

Aristide Claims US Forces Kidnapped Him Californian Democrat Maxine Waters says that the former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide claims that he was kidnapped by the US military and diplomats and that he did not resign as officially reported. Walters says that Aristide insists "The world must know it was a coup. That I was kidnapped. That I was forced out. That's what happened. I did not resign. I did not go willingly. I was forced to go."

U.S. activist claims Aristide kidnapped at gunpoint by U.S. troops --An African-American activist says former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide telephoned him Monday to say that he was kidnapped at gunpoint by American soldiers and ousted by in U.S. coup d'etat. Aristide said he was being held prisoner at the Renaissance Palace in Bangui, Central African Republic, said Randall Robinson. "He asked that I tell the word that it is a coup. That he was abducted by American soldiers and put aboard a plane," said Robinson, the founder and former president of the TransAfrica lobbying forum in Washington D.C. Robinson currently lives on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Robinson said Aristide claimed he was being held prisoner in the Central African Republic at a building surrounded by soldiers.

President Aristide Says 'I Was Kidnapped' 'Tell the World It Is A Coup' ( "Multiple sources that just spoke with Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide told Democracy Now! that Aristide says he was 'kidnapped' and taken by force to the Central African Republic. Congressmember Maxine Waters said she received a call from Aristide at 9am EST. 'He's surrounded by military. It's like he is in jail, he said. He says he was kidnapped,' said Waters. She said he had been threatened by what he called US diplomats. According to Waters, the diplomats reportedly told the Haitian president that if he did not leave Haiti, paramilitary leader Guy Philippe would storm the palace and Aristide would be killed. According to Waters, Aristide was told by the US that they were withdrawing Aristide's US security."

Rep Maxine Waters: Aristide Says 'I Was Kidnapped' "Congressmember Maxine Waters said she received a call from Aristide at 9am EST. 'He's surrounded by military. It's like he is in jail, he said. He says he was kidnapped,' said Waters. [transcript of the Democracy Now! interview with Rep. Maxine Waters]

Ousted Haitian President Aristide claims he was "kidnapped" Ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide claims he ''did not resign'' and was ''kidnapped'' by U.S. diplomatic and military officials, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters told The Herald on Monday. ''The world must know it was a coup,'' Waters quoted Aristide as saying. "That I was kidnapped. That I was forced out. That's what happened. I did not resign. I did not go willingly. I was forced to go.''

"All 'notorious terrorists' backed by US" Iran's influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani alleged that the United States was backing "notorious terrorists," after the United States criticized the Islamic Republic's human rights record. "All the world-known and notorious terrorists are made with US money, support and experience," Rafsanjani said during a sermon at weekly Friday prayers broadcast on state radio. [The Bush dictatorship backs some lesser known terrorists, as well.]

Get Shorty Maverick ex-minister Clare Short could face a Scotland Yard investigation over leaking state secrets about spying. As more claims about international espionage emerged yesterday Home Secretary David Blunkett said Ms Short may be investigated for claiming Britain spied on UN chief Kofi Annan. The Mirror can also reveal the government will face embarrassment next week about its bugging operations, when Labour MPs demand the truth from Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in the Commons.

Short: Legal ruling on Iraq war fixed An ex-minister claims Britain's top law official may have submitted to political pressure and illegally approved going to war with Iraq. Speaking to the Observer newspaper on Sunday, former cabinet minister Clare Short said Attorney General Lord Peter Goldsmith hastily redrafted "prevaricating" advice to the government just days before the war began.

Revealed: Attorney General changed his advice on legality of Iraq war Lord Goldsmith believed that a 'further UN resolution was needed'. Blair under increasing pressure to publish full legal case for Iraq war --The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, changed his advice in the run-up to war in Iraq to declare that the conflict was legal, The Independent on Sunday has learnt.

Blix says US spied on him over Iraq Former chief United Nations weapons inspector Mr Hans Blix said today he suspected the United States bugged his office and home in the run-up to the Iraq war, but had no hard evidence. Describing such behaviour as "disgusting", Mr Blix told Britain’s Guardian newspaper in an interview: “It feels like an intrusion into your integrity in a situation when you are actually on the same side."

PM must answer to House on Short claims, says Kennedy Poodle Tony Blair will be under pressure this week to tell Parliament whether it is true that British agents bugged the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan.

Iran's Defence Minister slams US plan for M-East Iran's Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani rejected Washington's plan to spread US-style democracy across the Middle East, saying it was a pretext to threaten his country, as well as Lebanon and Syria. "My visit aims to reinforce cooperation to counterbalance American threats against the region under the slogan of the extension of democracy," said Shamkhani shortly after he arrived in Beirut from Damascus.

"Rumsfeld knows nothing about Middle East" Iran denied Tuesday it was allowing militants to cross its border into Iraq, saying allegations to the contrary from US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld only showed he was "incapable of understanding Iraq or the Middle East".

Iran allocates $1.5 mn to fight US conspiracies The Iranian parliament adopted a bill authorising the government to spend $1million and 500 thousand to "neutralise US plots and conspiracies" against the Islamic republic.

US troops 'made Aristide leave' Haitian leader Jean Bertrand Aristide was taken away from his home by US soldiers, it was claimed today. A man who said he was a caretaker for the now exiled president told France's RTL radio station the troops forced Aristide out. "The American army came to take him away at two in the morning," the man said. "The Americans forced him out with weapons. It was American soldiers." [Another Bush coup d'etat. American citizens will *not permit* him to carry out a second coup d'etat on U.S. soil in November.]

Bulletin--Haiti "The live reports on KPFA and Democracy Now radio have brought out the following: --Aristide was taken out of the Presidential Palace at 5 am this morning in handcuffs after meeting there with the US ambassador James Foley. He was led out by 10 marines. One of his personal guard and an ABC tv cameraman have both confirmed that. --Ira Kurzban, attorney for Republic of Haiti, has accused the US of kidnapping the Haitian president --the home of the Port-au-prince mayor was burned to the ground and that of another town's mayor was shot up, killing two inside (at least) --Tom Foley said last night that the death squads were on the way to kill Aristide and that the US wouldn't lift a finger to stop them... LISTEN TO or Democracy Now. The media is filled with the lies the Bush administration is putting out. NO ONE KNOWS WHERE ARISTIDE IS. HE DID NOT RESIGN. He and his wife said over and over they would never leave before the end of his term, on the radio, to Congressmen and friends - but that doesn't stop the media from continuing to repeat the most outrageous lies." --Karen Lee Wald

The Destabilization of Haiti --by Michel Chossudovsky "The armed insurrection which contributed to unseating President Aristide on February 29th 2004 was the result of a carefully staged military intelligence operation... It constitutes a well armed, trained and equipped paramilitary unit integrated by former members of Le Front pour l'avancement et le progrès d'Haiti (FRAPH), the "plain clothes" death squadrons, involved in mass killings of civilians and political assassinations during the CIA sponsored 1991 military coup, which led to the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Jean Bertrand Aristide. The self-proclaimed Front pour la Libération et la reconstruction nationale (FLRN) (National Liberation and Reconstruction Front) is led by Guy Philippe, a former member of the Haitian Armed Forces and Police Chief. Philippe had been trained during the 1991 coup years by US Special Forces in Ecuador, together with a dozen other Haitian Army officers... Washington seeks to reinstate Haiti as a full-fledged US colony, with all the appearances of a functioning democracy. The objective is to impose a puppet regime in Port-au-Prince and establish a permanent US military presence in Haiti. The US Administration ultimately seeks to militarize the Caribbean basin."

Bush sends US Marines into Haiti US Dictator George Bush says he has deployed US Marines to be the "leading element" in an international force to help stabilise Haiti. Early on Sunday, Haiti's President Jean-Bertrand Aristide flew out of the country in an unmarked jet, following a three-week rebellion against him.

Looters step over the dead as Haiti collapses into anarchy --by Phil Davison in Port-au-Prince "I thought it was a pile of rubbish I stepped on, half-covered by sheets of cardboard on the seedy waterfront of the Haitian capital. It took a photographer colleague to point out that it was the body of a young man, riddled with bullets and covered with rotting fruit... Hundreds of Haitians trampled over the body as they looted everything they could lay their hands on from the port of this lawless city."

Bush ignored Haiti: Edwards America's Democratic presidential candidates today attacked Dictator George W. Bush's handling of the crisis in Haiti, saying he ignored the impoverished country and let it slip into chaos. Senator John Kerry, the frontrunner for the party's nomination, made no explicit endorsement of plans to send US troops to the Caribbean state, but his main rival, Senator John Edwards, said they should be part of a UN force.

UN Security Council Approves Sending Peacekeepers to Haiti The United Nations Security Council approved sending a peacekeeping force to Haiti after President Jean-Bertrand Aristide "resigned."

Chavez Denounces Bush as Foes Fight Troops Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Dictator Bush an "---hole" on Sunday and told him not to meddle as his opponents battled troops ahead of a ruling on a recall vote against him. Chavez, who often says the U.S. is backing opposition efforts to topple his government, accused Bush of listening to "imperialist" aides whom he said advised the U.S. leader to support a brief 2002 coup against him. "He was an ---hole to believe them," Chavez roared at a rally of supporters in Caracas. [Bush is an "---hole," period.]

Venezuela would stop oil to U.S. if invaded -Chavez Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned the U.S. government Sunday that if it tried to invade Venezuela or impose a trade blockade against his country, he would shut off Venezuelan oil supplies to the United States. In his speech, Chavez also called Bush an "asshole" for, he said, supporting a short-lived coup in 2002 that briefly toppled him.

Venezuelan Loyalists Take to the Streets Chanting "Chavez! Chavez!" more than 100,000 Venezuelans marched Sunday to support President Hugo Chavez as opponents [supported by Dictator Bush] demanding his recall staged demonstrations in several cities.

Seattle is closer to France than to Texas --by David Horsey "In January, a cartoon festival was held in the town of Carquefou, just outside of Nantes in the northwest corner of France. Students of all ages competed in a contest to illustrate their vision of the United States... One cartoon summed up American villainy with a series of three hands. The first was a fist representing Stalin's Russia. The second was a saluting palm, representing Hitler's Germany. The third was another fist clutching a cross, representing Bush's America. Stalin, Hitler and Bush -- one French student's axis of evil."

"The Fog of War" Wins Oscar Director Errol Morris' "The Fog of War" - a portrait of Robert McNamara, U.S. defense secretary for much of the Vietnam War - won the Oscar for feature-length documentary. Morris compared U.S. military action overseas today with the Vietnam era. "Forty years ago, this country went down a rabbit hole in Vietnam - millions died," Morris said. "I fear we're going down the rabbit hole once again."

Work on Israeli Barrier Ordered Stopped Israel's Supreme Court on Sunday ordered the government to suspend work for one week on a section of the West Bank security barrier, an attorney said, while security forces arrested three Palestinian youths who planned an attack.

Bush orders bin Laden caught George W. Bush has reportedly ordered US agencies to step up efforts to catch Osama bin Laden amid accusations by Democratic presidential frontrunner John Kerry that the White House has neglected the al-Qa'ida leader to the US's peril. The renewed focus on bin Laden, who US intelligence believes is hiding on the mountainous Afghanistan-Pakistan border, comes amid bitter politicking in the US over national security.

Kerry takes aim at national security Harshly criticizes dictator's policies --Massachusetts Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday launched a scathing offensive against Dictator Bush's national security policy, accusing him of failing to protect the American people in myriad ways -- from allegedly allowing al-Qaida terror leader Osama Bin Laden to escape two years ago to failing to clamp down on terrorism funding sources. [Did Bush let bin Laden 'escape' so that he could be 'captured' at a more politically expedient moment?]

Death-penalty trial for Oklahoma bomb accomplice could backfire on FBI Oklahoma prosecutors have one simple but provocative goal in dragging Timothy McVeigh's friend and convicted accomplice, Terry Nichols, back into court today: not satisfied with the life sentence he is already serving, they want to send him to the death chamber for his role in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. As the trial gets under way, however, a flurry of new evidence promises to demonstrate quite the opposite of what the prosecutors are hoping to prove: that Nichols, far from being a key player in the conspiracy, was a relatively marginal figure, and that a gang of neo-Nazi bank robbers, hitherto ignored by federal and state prosecutors, had a far more prominent role.

Attorneys Will Try to Argue that Nichols was Framed Attorneys for Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols say they will try to keep him out of the state's death chamber by claiming he was the fall guy for a group of conspirators. His attorneys say they plan to call several witnesses including an inmate who spent time on death row with Timothy McVeigh, and a member of a gang of white supremacist bank robbers.

U.S. Muslim Charities Complain of 'Witch Hunt' Muslim charities and organizations in the United States say they are the target of a government "witch hunt" since Sept. 11 which is intimidating donors and hampering their work. Required by their faith to pay "zakat," or alms for the needy, Muslims say the ripple effects of the government's hunt for terrorist funds are hurting their community at its core and making them feel like suspects.

Area colleges doing their bit for homeland security BETHLEHEM TWP., Pa. The efforts to bring terrorism training into the classroom go beyond in-house resources. Textbooks on the topic are being published at an accelerated rate. National workshops and conferences with a focus on terrorism training have also cropped up recently.

Marines in Valley to train for urban war (AZ) The 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit out of Camp Pendleton, Calif. is tuning up its urban-warfare techniques. As part of the training, Marine helicopter pilots will practice urban flying and navigation techniques using routes and altitudes approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The Marines will also coordinate their activities with federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies.

Have your thumb ready to ride the bus Pinellas schools ponder a $2-million system that would require students to use their thumbprint to get on the bus. The Pinellas school system is ready to approve a new technology that uses student fingerprints to keep track of who is riding school buses. If the School Board approves the proposal March 9, Pinellas will become one of four Florida school districts in the process of implementing Global Positioning Systems with a student-tracking system.

Did Your Legislator Vote To Kill U.S. Job Market? --by Tom Flocco "Wide reports indicate that Washington politicians are purposefully bleeding away America's wealth, economic vitality, and high-paying or national security-oriented industrial jobs--forcing constituents to absorb costs of corporate financial and tax incentives which subsidize the loss of these jobs. White House officials now refer to shipping American jobs overseas as a 'new type of international trade,' thus creating a federal 'job deficit' to stand adjacent to its burgeoning trade and spending deficits."

Gas prices surge The average U.S. price of gasoline jumped nearly 7 cents per gallon over the past two weeks, the result of higher prices for crude oil and [the overwhelming greed of the copora-terrorists who control our government who allow them to have record-breaking profits every quarter].

Nearly Half of Black Men Found Jobless A new study examining trends in joblessness in New York City since 2000 suggests that by 2003, nearly one of every two black men between 16 and 64 was not working.

Black Voters Align With Democrats Against Bush Kerry's Appeal Has Been High, but Edwards Hopes to Connect in Georgia Primary --With little prodding from the two major candidates, black voters have joined the Democratic Party's quest to take back the White House this year.

Poll: 'Investor class' favors Kerry Money/ICR poll shows that Democrat has narrow edge over Bush; health care seen as top issue. The nation's investors give Democratic presidential contender John Kerry a slight edge over Dictator Bush, according to a new poll that also shows health care costs and deficit reduction are investors' most pressing concerns.

A vote for Dean (The Rutland Herald) "Howard Dean is no longer an official candidate for president, but he remains a Democratic leader with an important message and a committed following. Our endorsement for him in the Vermont primary on Tuesday is a gesture of gratitude for what he has done in the Democratic campaign and a vote of confidence in the message he brings to the nation now and in the future. Dean brought clarity to the Democratic race when there was muddle. He brought courage to the Democratic field when there was timidity. He helped set the agenda for the Democratic primary and potentially for the nation as the general election nears." [Click here for Dean photo gallery]

Georgia voters in foul mood Democrats feel ignored by party angry with Bush --As Georgia Democrats head to the polls to choose a presidential nominee on Super Tuesday, the red clay on the soles of their shoes may be about the only thing that distinguishes them from Democrats elsewhere on national issues. Like voters in other Democratic primaries, they are dissatisfied with, if not downright angry at, Dictator Bush; worried about jobs, health care and education; and upset about the war in Iraq, according to a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution/WSB-TV poll conducted by Zogby International.

Poll Woes For Bush A CBS News poll shows Dictator Bush's approval rating slipping below 50 percent for the first time in that survey. Some 47% of Americans now approve of the way the Dictator is handling his job, while 44% disapprove. The same poll shows a John Kerry/John Edwards ticket beating one headed by Mr. Bush and Vice pResident Dick Cheney in the fall election, by a margin of 50 percent to 42 percent.

Bush Focuses on Raising Campaign Cash Dictator Bush plans a week of heavy fund raising starting Monday, collecting campaign cash in the nation's capital, California and Texas for his re-s-election and for fellow Republicans.

Rowland lawyers to submit impeachment standards brief Connecticut Gov. [Republican] John G. Rowland's lawyers will submit a 26-page brief Monday to a legislative inquiry committee, laying out a legal and historical analysis of what standards of impeachment they believe should apply to the embattled governor. One standard should be that impeachment should be reserved for grave misconduct during office, the brief says. [Why was Bill Clinton impeached?]

Planned Parenthood Refuses To Hand Over Records The San Diego chapter of Planned Parenthood said it will not comply with a court order demanding it hand over hundreds of confidential medical records to the inJustice Department, 10News reported.

S.F. Mayor Slams Bush Over Gay Weddings Mayor Gavin Newsom accused Dictator Bush of political showmanship and discrimination because of the Social Security Administration's decision to not accept any marriage licenses from San Francisco — gay or straight — until the same-sex issue is resolved.

Sharpton Returns With a Few Good Jabs but Very Few Delegates Mr. Sharpton has few volunteers working in the streets of New York and his campaign is deeply in debt. In addition, both he and the campaign have been rocked by less-than-favorable attention by the media, including the black press, specifically for his work with a well-known Republican strategist, Roger Stone. [*See: Sleeping With the GOP --A Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton's Campaign]

I Detest This Film ..With A Passion --by Christopher Hitchens "If you like seeing handsome young men stripped and tied up and flayed with whips, The Passion Of The Christ is the movie for you... Along with the protracted torture comes a simple-minded but nonetheless bigoted version of the more questionable bits of the Gospels... [H]e [Mel Gibson] ran a series of screenings for right-wing fundamentalists only, and refused to show any tapes to anyone who wasn't a religious nut."

U.S., Pakistan Deny Bin Laden Was Captured Pentagon and Pakistani officials on Saturday denied an Iranian state radio report that Osama bin Laden was captured in Pakistan's border region with Afghanistan "a long time ago." The director of Iran radio's Pashtun service, Asheq Hossein, said he had two sources for the report. The radio quoted its reporter as saying bin Laden had been in custody for a period of time, but a U.S. announcement of the capture was being withheld by Dictator Bush until closer to the November election. "Osama bin Laden has been arrested a long time ago, but Bush is intending to use it for propaganda maneuvering in the presidential election," he said. [Look for an Osama sighting, round-up, and trot-out during the Democratic National Convention, to change the debate (a la gay marriage and "The Passion of the Christ"- good 'cultural' distractions) and to zap the media coverage of the convention.]

Pakistan denies bin Ladin 'capture' Pakistan has denied a report that Usama bin Ladin has been captured in a tribal area of Pakistan. The report on Saturday by the external Pashto-language service of Iranian state radio quoted an "informed source" as saying the alleged arrest took place "some time ago", but gave no further details. It went on to claim that US officials were keeping news of the arrest secret and were likely to announce it later in the year - in order to help US Dictator George Bush's re-s-election chances in November polls.

U.S. Denies Iran Report of Bin Laden's Capture The U.S. Department of Defense denied reports by Iran's official IRNA news agency on Saturday that al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been captured. IRNA quoted a story on Iran's state radio Pashtun service which reported "a very reliable source" as saying bin Laden had been captured in a tribal area of Pakistan. [Reuters 'forgot': The radio quoted its reporter as saying bin Laden had been in custody for a period of time, but a U.S. announcement of the capture was being withheld by Dictator Bush until closer to the November election. "Osama bin Laden has been arrested a long time ago, but Bush is intending to use it for propaganda maneuvering in the presidential election," he said.]

Iranian Radio Reports Bin Laden Captured February 28, 2004 at 3:30:30 PST TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's state radio, quoting an unnamed source, said Saturday that Osama bin Laden was captured in Pakistan "a long time ago." U.S. and Pakistani officials denied the report. The report said that U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's visit to the region this week was in connection with the arrest. In Washington, a U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, denied early Saturday that bin Laden was captured. The report was carried by Iran radio's external Pushtun service. The director of Iran radio's Pushtun service, Asheq Hossein, said he had two sources for the report that bin Laden had been captured.

Fox [Faux] reporter's whereabouts may indicate bin Laden capture imminent --by Dave Taylor "I have a feeling that Osama bin Laden is about to be captured. The reason behind this prediction is that Fox [Faux] News Channel's Bret Baier is reporting from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on military operations in the area. It's my feeling that Baier, the national security [?!?] correspondent for the network, was sent to the area on a tip from the Bush administration. Why would he be there otherwise? Since Fox [Faux] seems to be more pro-Bush than any of the other news organizations, it seems to be a reasonable conclusion that he might have some inside information. Military officials have already denied that they have bin Laden cornered. What better pre-[s]election news would there be for Bush than to have bin Laden in U.S. hands before voters go to the polls."

New U.S. Effort Steps Up Hunt for bin Laden Dictator Bush has approved a plan to intensify the effort to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, senior dictatorship and military officials say, as a combination of better intelligence, improving weather and a refocusing of resources away from Iraq has reinvigorated the hunt along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Presidential politics are also at play. Though the White House denies that Mr. Bush is letting the election influence strategy, some of his aides have privately spoken about the obvious advantages of going into the last months of the election campaign with both Mr. Hussein and Mr. bin Laden in custody. [So, prior to this 'election' year, the hunt for bin Laden was *less* than vigorous and *less* than intense?]

Iraqi youth drowned 'when British soldiers forced him to swim across canal' after arrest British soldiers have been accused of forcing a 16-year-old Iraqi boy to his death in a canal in Basra. A witness claims he and Ahmad Jabbar Kareem were among four youths captured by British troops in the city last May, driven to the canal and ordered across. Three survived, but Ahmad, who could not swim, drowned. [Was this drowning a component of Bush's 'Operation Iraqi Freedom?' Just curious.]

US soldiers suspended in prisoner abuse probe (February 24, 2004) Seventeen US soldiers have been suspended of duties pending the outcome of the investigation into alleged allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners, a US officer said today. The 17 include a battalion commander and a company commander, Colonel William Darley said.

Iraqi intellectuals under siege Grief physically overwhelms Dr Bushra al-Rawi. Months after Dr Muhammad al-Rawi was murdered, she wishes her husband had taken the threats on his life more seriously. The dead man's name was on an ominous list naming professors, intellectuals and academics marked for assassination after the US-led occupation of Iraq. Many academics fear a deliberate brain drain is being executed now through murder... Many academics describe how they began receiving single bullets and verbal warnings for their staunch anti-occupation stances and calls for Iraqis to resist the invasion. [Are these assassinations a component of Bush's 'Operation Iraqi Freedom?' Just curious.]

Iraqi Experts Tossed With The Water Workers Ineligible To Fix Polluted Systems --With nearly 40 years of civil engineering service under his belt, Sabah Al-Ani is among Iraq's top experts in water treatment. He kept the country's systems up and running through countless floods and droughts, years of economic sanctions and three wars. After bombings and looting sprees left the water network in worse shape than ever, Al-Ani prepared to help out once again. But a directive from the U.S.-led occupation authority locked him out of the reconstruction process.

Australian spy circle tied to UN bugging Australia was privy to the phone-tapping operation on the United Nations figures Kofi Annan and Hans Blix before the Iraq war, receiving transcripts under the intelligence-sharing arrangement with the US and Britain. And the bugging was almost certainly undertaken - at least in part - by spy satellites linked with the Pine Gap relay station outside Alice Springs, an intelligence source told the Herald.

How Britain and the US keep watch on the world From the National Security Agency's imposing headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland, ringed by a double-chain fence topped by barbed wire with strands of electrified wire between them, America "bugs" the world. Its computers - measured in acres occupied by them rather than simple figures - "vacuum the entire electromagnetic spectrum", homing in on "key words" which may suggest something of interest to NSA customers is being conveyed.

US refuses comment on UN spying charges The White House refused to comment on whether the United States spied on UN Secretary General Kofi Annan or urged any allies to do so, amid charges that Britain did so ahead of the war in Iraq.

Why they bugged the Secretary-General As progress towards war on Iraq began to stall in the United Nations, Britain's spies put their ears to the wall. --by Brian Whitaker "In the last few weeks before the invasion of Iraq it became clear that George Bush, with Tony Blair in tow, was bent on war - and one of the key people standing in his way was the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan... As far as Britain and the US were concerned, the UN was becoming an obstacle to the overthrow of Saddam, rather than a means of facilitating it."

British government to keep key report on Iraq war under wraps The British government said on Saturday it would not disclose a key report on the legality of the Iraq war, as requested by the opposition and anti-war activists, citing a "long-standing convention that advice to governments in office is not disclosed". The announcement came shortly after Greenpeace asked for the confidential report by Attorney General Peter Goldsmith to be published.

No 10 Rejects Fresh Demands to Release Iraq War Legal Advice The Government today rejected fresh demands to release the Attorney-General’s advice on the legality of the war in Iraq. Environmental group Greenpeace is demanding access to Lord Goldsmith’s advice to ministers so it can defend 14 activists in court following an anti-war protest last year.

Greenpeace urges publication of report on Iraq war as trial looms Greenpeace said Saturday it had asked for a confidential report on the legality of the Iraq war to be published as 14 demonstrators of the environmental organisation are facing trial next month.

Japan says 500 million dollars in grants to go into Iraq trust fund Japan will allocate 500 million dollars of a 1.5-billion-dollar grant it promised Iraq this year to trust funds managed by the United Nations and World Bank for rebuilding projects, Tokyo's ambassador to Iraq said.

US angers allies with new Middle East plan A US working paper for June's G8 summit of the leading industrial powers in Georgia sets out Dictator Bush's "Greater Middle East (GME) Initiative", which sees the overthrow of Saddam Hussein as a springboard for launching change throughout the region. It is being seen in some European and Arab capitals, however, as another attempt by the US to impose its will on the Middle East.

More troops needed in Afghanistan to prevent "terrorism:" NATO chief The secretary general of NATO urged members of the military alliance on Friday to send more troops to Afghanistan in order to prevent the country from once again becoming a safe place where "terrorism" can take hold.

At least 11 killed in shooting near Afghan border where 'anti-terror' sweep ongoing Pakistani forces exchanged fire with gunmen in a minibus that failed to stop at a roadblock early Saturday, killing 11 people and injuring six, the army spokesman told The Associated Press.

US increases military presence in Africa The United States is scaling up its military presence in Africa as concern mounts over 'terrorist threats' on the continent, the deputy head of American forces in Europe said. The focus on Africa is part of major restructuring as US forces in Europe reposition for the war against [for] terror.

US and France target Haiti's elected president for removal --by Keith Jones "The United States and France are demanding the political head of Haiti’s elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. At a special three-hour session of the United Nations Security Council Thursday evening, US, French and Canadian diplomats brushed aside a plea from Jamaica’s foreign minister, on behalf of the 15-member association of Caribbean states (CARICOM), for the deployment of a multinational security force to prevent the overthrow of Aristide’s government by fascist gunmen. A small but heavily-armed rebel force, led by former officers of Haiti’s disbanded national army and the FRAPH death squad, have overrun much of the country during the past three weeks and are now threatening to march on the capital, Port-au-Prince."

Pentagon to offer direct 'news' service The U.S. military will launch its own 'news' service [propaganda outlet] in Iraq and Afghanistan to send military video, text and photos directly to the Internet or news outlets.

Treasury Department Is Warning Publishers of the Perils of Criminal Editing of the 'Enemy' The federal government has warned publishers they may face grave legal consequences for editing manuscripts from Iran and other disfavored nations, on the ground that such tinkering amounts to trading with the 'enemy.' "It is against the principles of scholarship and freedom of expression, as well as the interests of science, to require publishers to get U.S. government permission to publish the works of scholars and researchers who happen to live in countries with oppressive regimes," said Eric A. Swanson, a senior vice president at John Wiley & Sons, which publishes scientific, technical and medical books and journals.

Republican National Convention Declared 'National Security' Event' Manhattan's Republican National Convention, Aug. 30 through Sept. 2, has been declared a national security event, which gives the Secret Service status as lead federal agency helping coordinate the activities of other agencies. Agencies plan to stage mock drills in June. The Police Department - which will decide where protesters will be permitted and how they will be allowed to assemble, whether behind barricades or in penned areas - must first wait for the Secret Service to makes its decision, law enforcement officials said. [Will we tolerate the fascist 'First Amendment Zones' and 'penned areas' for this protest?]

Mega barf alert! Bush Backs New Terrorism TV Series In what would be a highly unusual action for a p-Resident, George W. Bush is apparently giving the White House seal of approval to a television series, D.H.S.--The Series, a drama about the Department of Home Security being introduced Thursday night to prospective networks at an Industry gathering. Dictator Bush and Homeland Suckyourity Secretary Tom Ridge both "endorse and contribute sound bites to the introductions of the series," according to the show's producers.

Democrats Decry Bush on Job Losses The Bush dictatorship lacks economic leadership at a time when states like Ohio are hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs, Rep. Tim Ryan said Saturday in the Democrats' weekly radio address.

Bush Touts Drug-Testing and Faith-Based Treatment Dictator Bush, claiming a s-election-year 'victory' in the government's battle against illegal drug use, pledged more money on Saturday for faith-based treatment programs and schools that randomly test teenagers for drugs.

Stern In Big Blast At Bush Besieged shock jock Howard Stern said he fears his "suspension" last Wednesday by radio behemoth Clear Channel has turned into a firing. "I might be taken off all the stations very soon, and my last words to you are 'G.W.B.,' " Stern told listeners yesterday. "Get him out of office. I'm tellin' you, man, he's in dangerous territory [with] a religious agenda and you gotta vote him out - anyone but Bush," Stern railed.

Bush pledged to back ban in Nov., Musgrave aide says Dictator Bush pledged to Rep. Marilyn Musgrave that he would support her proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting gay marriage three months before he made Tuesday's public pronouncement, according to Musgrave's top aide. The White House has [lied] said Bush made the decision only after officials in San Francisco and New Mexico presided over same-sex marriages.

Dozens of gay couples on waiting list for marriage in New York village More than 350 same-sex couples have signed up on a waiting list to be married in this village that has joined San Francisco in offering the ceremonies.

Jesus Scholars Find Fault in Gibson's 'Passion' Mel Gibson's portrayal of the final 12 hours of Jesus in his film "The Passion of the Christ" has been hailed as the gospel truth by some believers, but many scholars complain that it is riddled with historical errors. Their complaints range from inaccuracies about hairstyles and clothes to a lack of gospel context in the film which has raised a furor among Jewish groups who fear its graphic depiction of the crucifixion will fan anti-Jewish violence.

British intelligence gave Blair 'snippets of Chirac's private conversations' Poodle Tony Blair will be challenged next week over allegations that he received British intelligence reports about the private conversations of Jacques Chirac in the approach to the Iraq war.

NEW FEATURE!! From a CLG reader --Each day, we will post a reader's comment on an issue, and the comment will be included in the day's newsletter. Today's comment is from Susan Peterson, see below. Please send your comments to: The comments are archived here.

'Britain and US shared transcripts after bugging Blix's mobile phone' The controversy over alleged British and American "dirty tricks" at the United Nations deepened yesterday with claims that two chiefs of Iraq arms inspection missions had been victims of spying.

Double whammy for Blair on U.N. spy claims Claims by a former British cabinet minister that British intelligence bugged United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan has plunged Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair into a new post-Iraq war crisis -- adding to concerns that Britain's Official Secrets Act is in disarray.

Blix: I was a target too Chief UN weapons inspector believes he was bugged --The United Nations spying row widened yesterday when its former weapons inspector, Hans Blix, told the Guardian he suspected both his UN office and his home in New York were bugged in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Spying row fuelled by Blix phone bugging claim New claims that Britain and its allies bugged Iraqi weapons inspector Hans Blix’s mobile phone today escalated the row over British agents allegedly spying on United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan. Former Cabinet minister Clare Short yesterday sparked a massive row when she claimed the UK had bugged Mr Annan’s telephone conversations and that she had seen transcripts of them. Australian Broadcasting Corporation's investigative reporter, Andrew Fowler, said that Mr Blix was also being bugged in the run-up to the Gulf War.

Blair's Fury At Short Over UN Spying Claim Premier slams rogue MP over 'irresponsible' bugging claims --Clare Short was told to shut up [!?!] yesterday after appalling the Government with her claim that British spies bugged UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. Barely able to conceal his fury, Poodle Tony Blair called her "totally irresponsible" and accused her of undermining security. He warned he would "reflect" on her future. [...Reflect *this.*]

I quit because the war against Iraq was illegal, says former government lawyer Poole Tony Blair's insistence that the war on Iraq was legal suffered a blow yesterday when a former senior government lawyer broke her silence to challenge the assertion. Elizabeth Wilmshurst, the former deputy legal adviser at the Foreign Office, revealed in a statement that she had quit her post on the eve of the conflict because she disagreed with the Attorney General's advice.

Lawmakers seek Halliburton internal documents Two key Democratic lawmakers want Halliburton to turn over internal documents that reportedly identified significant deficiencies in the company's cost controls. Company officials would not say Friday whether they would agree to hand over the report to the lawmakers. Halliburton turned down a Houston Chronicle request for the documents Friday.

Protesters demonstrate against Halliburton, U.S. presence in Iraq About 30 protesters, some wearing pig masks and handing out bread loaves, gathered outside the Austin offices of Kellogg, Brown and Root on Tuesday, chanting "Halliburton shame on you" and "Cheney out of Iraq."

Bush accused of supporting Haitian rebels Haitian activists Friday accused the Bush dictatorship of covertly supporting opposition forces to oust President Aristide from power. "The Bush administration is again engaged in regime change by armed aggression," former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark said. "This time, the armed aggression is against the administration of the democratically elected president of Haiti."

US Mulls Sending Three Warships, Marines to Haiti The United States is considering sending three warships with about 2,000 U.S. Marines, headed by the helicopter carrier USS Saipan, to rebellion-torn Haiti as the Pentagon weighs options to address the crisis, defense officials said on Friday.

Veteran activist assails Powell as traitor to blacks Veteran activist Randall Robinson said Friday Secretary of State Colin Powell has become "an immoral traitor to his race" based on his policies toward Haiti and other black majority countries.

Fox [Faux] reporter's whereabouts may indicate bin Laden capture imminent --by Dave Taylor "I have a feeling that Osama bin Laden is about to be captured. The reason behind this prediction is that Fox [Faux] News Channel's Bret Baier is reporting from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on military operations in the area. It's my feeling that Baier, the national security [?!?] correspondent for the network, was sent to the area on a tip from the Bush administration. Why would he be there otherwise? Since Fox [Faux] seems to be more pro-Bush than any of the other news organizations, it seems to be a reasonable conclusion that he might have some inside information. Military officials have already denied that they have bin Laden cornered. What better pre-[s]election news would there be for Bush than to have bin Laden in U.S. hands before voters go to the polls."

Kerry: Bush Has Failed in 9/11 Response Democrat John Kerry, widely assailed by Republican critics, said Friday that Dictator Bush has failed in his response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and faulted the Republican for breaking promises on the economy, education and health care. [Bush failed before 9-11, as well, as that is why we *have* '9-11.' Look for an Osama sighting, round-up, and trot-out just before the November Diebold s-elections, the grand 'October surprise.' Bush cannot 'win' any other way... unless, of course, Janet Jackson has another wardrobe malfunction or Scott Peterson makes a startling confession during the Democratic National Convention... the ultimate Weapons of Mass Distraction.]

Hastert u-turns on Commission Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Reichwing-Ill.) has dropped his opposition to a 60-day extension requested by a national commission to write a report analyzing the causes of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Hastert unexpectedly reversed himself after Sens. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) threatened to delay crucial legislation to continue funding for the nation’s transportation system by attaching a proposal to extend the commission’s deadline.

Mega bulimia alert!! NY: Ground Zero or No Ground Zero? Back in December Bill Harris, the man in charge of planning the Republican convention in NYC this September, told 1010 WINS that no events will take place at Ground Zero. It seems, contrary to Mr. Harris's comments to 1010 WINS, that Ground Zero is still very much in the running. Yankee Stadium has also been floated as a possible acceptance speech venue. Bush himself certainly wanted to draw explicit links between himself and Ground Zero when he kicked off his campaign on Monday night.

Army, Homeland Security plan for unmanned aerial vehicles The Army expects to spend much more than originally planned on unmanned aerial vehicles, a top official said this week. And the Homeland Security Department wants to spend $10 million to test UAVs next year. The aircraft were used in Iraq and Afghanistan because they can fly over enemy territory without putting humans in danger. ["I guess American Citizens are now the enemy?" --observation by CLG reader, Xavier Casto]

Mega Barf Alert: Homeland Security network starts Today's launch of the Homeland Security Information Network represents an important step for cooperation among federal, state and local agencies, officials said. The network expands the Joint Regional Information Exchange System (JRIES), a network that many states have been developing with the Defense Intelligence Agency for the last several years. By the end of the year all 50 states, the top urban areas and the Homeland Security Department will be connected through this secure network, said DHS Secretary Tom Ridge.

Electronic Vote Faces Big Test of Its Security Millions of voters in 10 states will cast ballots on Tuesday in the single biggest test so far of new touchscreen 'voting' machines. Here in Georgia, along with Maryland and California, an estimated six million people will be using machines from Diebold Election Systems, which has been the focus of the biggest controversy. Independent studies have found flaws in Diebold's system that researchers say might allow hackers or corrupt insiders to reprogram the touchscreens or computers that tally the votes, without leaving a trace. For more than a year, Diebold also has been fighting conspiracy theories that say its Jetsons-at-the-polling-place wares serve as cover for an ongoing effort to stuff electronic ballot boxes on behalf of the Republican Party. Diebold's chief executive, Walden W. O'Dell, had sent out a fund-raising letter for the Bush campaign last summer saying he was committed to "helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes for the president [sic] next year." *See: CLG's B.Y.O.B., Bring Your Own (paper) Ballot

Texas D.A. zeroes in on Tom Delay's political action committee A few years ago, Republican state Rep. Tom Craddick set his sights on the Texas House speaker's job and quietly began lining up support from fellow lawmakers. At the same time, Craddick began doling out $152,000 to state House candidates from a political action committee created by rising Republican congressman Tom DeLay of Texas, soon to become U.S. House majority leader. In 2002, the GOP won a majority in the Texas Legislature, and Craddick was elected speaker. Now, prosecutors want to know whether the $152,000 in payments amounted to influence-buying, and whether DeLay's PAC, Texans for a Republican Majority, was used to violate campaign finance law in other ways as well.

Protesters turn out as Bush takes campaign on the road (KY) From ISCO Industries, Bush went to a luncheon that raised $1.2 million for his re-s-election campaign -- only to be greeted by about 100 protesters waving signs with a single word: ''Jobs.''

Bush Budget Said to Cause $2.75T Deficits Dictator Bush's budget would produce deficits totaling $2.75 trillion over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office projected Friday in the first authoritative look at the plan's longer-range implications.

Bush budget would produce $2.75 trillion deficits over decade, CBO says Dictator Bush's budget would produce deficits totaling $2.75 trillion over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office projected Friday in the first authoritative look at the plan's longer-range implications.

Bush Ejects Two From Bioethics Council Changes Renew Criticism That the Dictator Puts Politics Ahead of Science --Dictator Bush yesterday dismissed two members of his handpicked Council on Bioethics -- a scientist and a moral philosopher who had been among the more outspoken advocates for research on human embryo cells.

Jeb Bush, pondscum: Fla. Gov. May End Housing Trust Funds Gov. Jeb Bush is considering ending two popular housing trust funds, having proposed money be pulled from the program to cover other costs for two consecutive years. In 1992, the state started a 20-cent tax on every $1,000 spent on real estate transactions. The tax was funneled into two trust funds to be spent by state and local governments on affordable housing.

Kerry, Edwards & Kucinich on Jobs --by Thomas McCullock "In last night's debate between the democratic candidates, Dennis Kucinich challenged both John Kerry and John Edwards to pledge to cancel NAFTA to protect jobs. Both refused, claiming they would instead 'fix' NAFTA. As Mr. Kucinich points out, that's impossible. We do not have the authority to do so, the WTO would simply overrule any such attempt.

Fonda, Kerry and Photo Fakery --by Ken Light "Anybody with Internet access and an interest in John Kerry has probably seen my photograph by now -- or the part of it that I made, anyway. The other part is a fake, a visual lie. There's an AP credit down in the right corner. That's a lie, too. As far as I know, John Kerry never shared a demonstration podium with Jane Fonda, and the fact that a widely circulated photo showed him doing so -- until it was exposed in recent weeks as a hoax -- tells us more about the troublesome combination of Photoshop and the Internet than it does about the prospective Democratic candidate for president."

Vietnamese Agent Orange victims slam US NO GOODWILL: A group representing Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange lashed out at the US on Friday for failing to address the consequences of the use of the highly toxic defoliant during the Vietnam War.

Social Security won't accept SF marriage licenses as ID The Social Security Administration has told its offices nationwide not to accept marriage certificates from San Francisco as proof of identification for newlyweds looking to make name changes on Social Security cards.

Calif. Court Won't Stop Gay Marriages The California Supreme Court declined a request by the state attorney general Friday to immediately shut down San Francisco's gay weddings and nullify the nearly 3,500 marriages already performed.

Calif. Asks State High Court to Stop Gay Marriages California's attorney general asked the state Supreme Court on Friday to stop San Francisco immediately from performing same-sex weddings and to invalidate the thousands of marriages already conducted, but the court took no action.

Judge drops most serious charge against Stewart A federal judge on Friday threw out the most serious charge against Martha Stewart, securities fraud, just before her trial goes to a jury.

Scientists suspect health threat from GM maize Scientists investigating a spate of illnesses among people living close to GM maize fields in the Philippines believe that the crop may have triggered fevers, respiratory illnesses and skin reactions. If preliminary results are confirmed, it would be one of the first recorded cases of serious health problems associated with GM crops, and could damage the reputation of the biotech agriculture industry, which is rapidly expanding in developing countries.

Blix, Butler 'bugged' The British or US intelligence services monitored former United Nations chief weapons inspector Hans Blix's mobile phone whenever he was in Iraq, sources have told the ABC. A key Australian official at the heart of attempts to locate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, Richard Butler, has also told the ABC that he was bugged while carrying out delicate international negotiations with the Iraqis.

UK 'spied on UN's Kofi Annan' British spies listened in to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's office in the run up to the Iraq war, former UK cabinet minister Clare Short says.

Britain's spying shame Fury at claims Britain spied on UN --Britain faced deep international embarrassment last night after the former cabinet minister Clare Short claimed that its security services spied on Kofi Annan, the United Nations secretary general, in the run-up to last year's Iraq war.

Blair Hit by UN Spying Claim, Attacks Accuser Britain spied on U.N. chief Kofi Annan before the Iraq war, former minister Clare Short said on Thursday, threatening a fresh crisis for Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair as he tries in vain to put the conflict behind him.

UN chief wants spying to stop United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan says any attempts to spy on his office would be illegal and should cease immediately. A former minister in the Blair Government, Clare Short, says Britain spied on Mr Annan during key debates at the UN in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. Mr Annan says any spying on his office should stop.

U.N.: UK spying 'illegal' if true A U.N. spokesman said the world agency "would be disappointed" if reports that British spies listened in on Secretary-General Kofi Annan's phone conversations turn out to be true.

UN warning over spy allegations British spies would have undermined the United Nations' work if it was true they bugged Secretary General Kofi Annan's office, says a UN spokesman.

British government abandons trial of whistleblower who said Iraq war was illegal The trial of Katharine Gun, the British intelligence officer who leaked a secret memo about joint United States/United Kingdom spying at the United Nations last year, has collapsed... Gun said she leaked the memo because it "exposed serious illegality and wrongdoing on the part of the US Government who attempted to subvert our own security services" and hoped that she could "prevent wide-scale death and casualties among ordinary Iraqi people and UK forces in the course of an illegal war."

U.S. Won't Sign Anti-Land Mine Treaty The Bush dictatorship intends to end the U.S. military's use of land mines that are not timed to self-destruct but will not sign a 150-nation anti-land mine treaty, a senior regime official said Thursday.

Air Force reviewing 69 assault cases A team of Air Force investigators are reviewing 69 alleged sexual assaults that have occurred since 1996, to determine whether they were handled appropriately by base authorities.

US Senate Panel Approves 9 / 11 Commission Extension The Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday approved a two-month extension for the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but the legislation faced an uphill battle because the leader of the House of Representatives opposes it.

Bush to Limit Testimony Before 9/11 Panel Dictator Bush and Vice pResident Dick Cheney have placed strict limits on the private interviews they will grant to the federal commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks, saying that they will meet only with the panel's top two officials and that Mr. Bush will submit to only a single hour of questioning, commission members said Wednesday.

9/11 panelist may quit over Bush secrecy Frustrated by Bush dictatorship restrictions, a former senator said yesterday he might quit the special commission investigating the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Ex-Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.), now president of New York's New School University, told the Daily News that resigning is "on my list of possibilities" because the dictatorship continues to block the full panel's access to top intelligence officials and materials. "I am no longer ... feeling comfortable that I'm going to be able to read and process what I need in order to participate in writing a report about how it was that 19 men defeated every single defensive system the U.S. put up to kill 3,000 Americans on Sept. 11," said Kerrey. [Petition to Senate to Investigate Oddities of 9/11
23,400 signatures]

FBI agents face charges over WTC souvenirs Thirteen FBI agents, including five from Minneapolis, took debris or other mementos from the ruins of the World Trade Center, the bureau said Thursday. The Justice Department's inspector general cited two of the unidentified agents for misconduct, and others could face disciplinary action, the FBI said in a statement.

AP: Lawmakers Ask Who Analyzes Threats An office overseen by the central intelligence director now plays the key role of analyzing threats to the United States, even though the Department of Homeland Security was opened a year ago for that very reason. Critics note that Homeland lacks resource and hasn't hired all the employees Congress has funded. "It's a joke," said Vince Cannistraro, a former CIA counterterrorism chief who still maintains contacts in the intelligence community. "What do you gain by having a DHS intelligence shop?" Privately, even some in U.S. law enforcement and intelligence circles have quietly called Homeland's analysts inexperienced and reactionary.

Scalia, Lawyers Went Hunting While Cases Were Pending Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was the guest of a Kansas law school two years ago and went pheasant hunting on a trip arranged by the school's dean, all within weeks of hearing two cases in which the dean was a lead attorney. And University of Kansas School of Law Dean Stephen R. McAllister enlisted then-Gov. Bill Graves and former state Senate President Dick Bond, both Republicans, to go as well.

Threat to liberty at FTAA worth a second look --by Jim DeFede "The criminalization of dissent. Four words that capture what I've clumsily tried to write about. The criminalization of dissent is precisely what took place in Miami... UNCHECKED POWER... In Miami we gave the police a club and they wielded it indiscriminately, striking seniors and retirees, union members and environmentalists, reporters and innocent bystanders. No matter how legitimate your belief or your actions, if you were downtown during the FTAA, you were viewed with suspicion, forced to walk past riot-clad officers and treated as if you were doing something wrong."

Anti-terror law puts new demands on businesses For New York businessman Joseph Coleman, the USA Patriot Act has turned his 11 check-cashing stores in Harlem and the Bronx into evidence collectors for federal law enforcement. Under the act, Coleman must keep track of customers whose transactions seem suspicious — for whatever reason — in case the FBI, IRS or some other U.S. law enforcement agency is interested. "Now, business people have to be cops," says Coleman, 54, president of RiteCheck Financial Service Centers.

US inJustice Dept. Seeks Hundreds of Medical Records The U.S. inJustice Department has subpoenaed Planned Parenthood for the confidential medical records of hundreds of women as part of its defense against challenges to a federal law that bans a type of late-term abortion, the family planning organization said on Thursday.

House Backs 'Unborn Victims' Bill The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday easily approved legislation that would make killing or harming a "child in utero" a federal crime, hoping the strong 254-163 vote will give the issue momentum in the Senate.

Abortion ban goes to governor of S. Dakota A bill banning almost all abortions in South Dakota has cleared both chambers of the Legislature and is ready for Gov. Mike Rounds to consider. The House, which approved the proposed ban earlier this month, accepted a Senate amendment adding an exception for cases where carrying a baby to term could pose a significant threat to the health of the mother.

Bill could make cost of viewing Arizona public records prohibitive Viewing public records in Arizona could become expensive under a legislative bill that critics say would hurt citizens' ability to scrutinize government action.

Extra Unemployment Benefits Lose in Senate A Senate measure to extend federal unemployment benefits failed by two votes Thursday despite the election year support of 12 Republicans from states hit hard by layoffs.

Cronkite Aids Opponents of Medicare Law Opponents of the new Medicare prescription drug law have recruited Walter Cronkite for a campaign that highlights what they see as the law's shortcomings.

Senate OKs Handgun Locks Legislation A Senate agreement requiring child safety locks on U.S. handguns gave Democrats encouragement Thursday that renewing an assault weapons ban might also become part of a package to protect gun makers and sellers from gun crime lawsuits.

Gasoline supplies likely to shrink, prices rise Motorists face gasoline shortages as well as record prices the next few weeks because of the unending greed of Dick Cheney's corpora-terrorist friends in the energy industry [skintight U.S. refining and distribution network].

One Producer of U.S. Beef Wants to Test All Its Cattle A beef producer in Kansas has proposed testing all its cattle for mad cow disease so it can resume exports to Japan, but it is encountering resistance from the Agriculture Department and other beef producers.

Mo. Democrats: Viacom Said No to Ad The state Democratic Party on Thursday accused media giant Viacom of political favoritism and corporate censorship for backing out of a deal to sell billboard space for a political ad.

Ohio becomes key battleground state Florida is so passe. This year's must-have state is Ohio. Since the 2000 coup, traditional tossup states such as Florida and Missouri have become more friendly for Republicans while a few states have shifted toward Democrats — Pennsylvania and Michigan, most notably. That may mean fewer swing states in November, with Ohio and its 20 electoral votes perhaps the most prominent, strategists say. No Republican has ever won the presidency without Ohio. [*See: The New York Times, November 9, 2003 "Machine Politics in the Digital Age" In mid-August, Walden W. O'Dell, the chief executive of Diebold Inc., sat down at his computer to compose a letter inviting 100 wealthy and politically inclined friends to a Republican Party fund-raiser, to be held at his home in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. "I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president [sic] next year," wrote Mr. O'Dell, whose company is based in Canton, Ohio. That is hardly unusual for Mr. O'Dell. A longtime Republican, he is a member of President [sic] Bush's "Rangers and Pioneers,'' an elite group of loyalists who have raised at least $100,000 each for the 2004 race. But it is not the only way that Mr. O'Dell is involved in the election process. Through Diebold Election Systems, a subsidiary in McKinney, Tex., his company is among the country's biggest suppliers of paperless, touch-screen voting machines.]

Republicans Rally Around Cheney as Rumors Swirl Dictator Bush and other Republicans are rallying around Vice pResident Dick Cheney as they seek to quash rumors that Bush might ultimately replace Cheney on his re-s-election ticket.

Stations of the Crass --by Maureen Dowd "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Mel Gibson and George W. Bush are courting bigotry in the name of sanctity... If the president [sic] is truly concerned about preserving the sanctity of marriage, as one of my readers suggested, why not make divorce illegal and stone adulterers? Our soldiers are being killed in Iraq; Osama's still on the loose; jobs are being exported all over the world; the deficit has reached biblical proportions. And our president [sic] is worrying about Mars and marriage?"

Dean: Nominee Must Cast Bush As Ideologue Dr. Howard Dean says the only way his party can defeat Dictator Bush is to stand strong for its principles and paint the Republican as a radical ideologue. The former Vermont governor said the Democratic Party should "not paper over its differences with the most radical administration in our lifetime," according to remarks prepared for delivery Thursday to supporters in New Haven, Conn.

Kerry and Edwards Keep Their Gloves on in Lively USC Debate Sounding alternately like rivals and potential running mates, John Edwards and John F. Kerry sparred Thursday over values, trade policy and their commitment to reforming Washington in a lively debate where they accused Dictator Bush of playing politics with the gay marriage issue.

Democratic Chairman to Stay Through 2004 Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe said Thursday he plans to step down as head of the national party when his term concludes early next year.

From tragedy to farce He's running for president as an independent, not as a Green. He has no organization. He's starting late. Does Ralph Nader's narcissism have no bounds? --by Todd Gitlin "Ralph Nader's narcissism has metastasized to such proportions that he came forward to announce his candidacy without being able to brandish a single one of the celebrities who surrounded him in 2000... To the struggle against 'corporate-occupied territory,' Nader offers only himself. La troisième partie, c'est moi. He has gone way over into flying saucer territory. He occupies an Area 51 of his own. Will he make the headquarters of his campaign in Roswell, N. M.?"

Suit challenges state law barring marriage licenses for gays More than 170 gay men and women filed a lawsuit Wednesday challenging the Florida law prohibiting them from obtaining marriage licenses.

Village mayor in New York state says he'll marry gay couples The 26-year-old mayor of a progressive college village in the Hudson Valley says he'll begin performing gay marriages Friday, calling it "my moral obligation.''

Chicago Baseball Fans Say Goodbye to a Bad Ball A flash of explosive charges shredded an infamous baseball into a spaghetti-like heap on Thursday as fans of the Chicago Cubs publicly demolished the ball that may have cost the team its first trip to the World Series in 58 years.

Halliburton probe could spread to US embassy staff US embassy officials in Kuwait could be drawn into a criminal investigation into Halliburton's fuel imports into Iraq. Halliburton, an oilfield services company formerly headed by vice-pResident Dick Cheney, has been at the centre of a series of scandals on its work in postwar Iraq.

Iraq war is boon for Halliburton --by Carl Hiaasen "As the war in Iraq grows increasingly unpopular, the company's windfall looks increasingly obscene... • In 2000, Cheney agrees to leave Halliburton and become George W. Bush's running mate. • Halliburton says goodbye to Cheney with a stupefying retirement package worth more than $20 million. • When Bush decides to invade Iraq, Cheney's old company gets the biggest chunk of the business. The White House wants us to believe it's all coincidence, and maybe it is. Maybe someday I'll win the Daytona 500, too. In a golf cart. The war has been a spectacular boon for Halliburton, which last year raked in $3.4 billion for its work in Iraq -- about 20 percent of the company's total revenue, according to Bloomberg News."

White House rebuffs UK contracts bid Top-level lobbying by British ministers on a trip to Washington on behalf of UK companies trying to win work in Iraq has been rebuffed by White House officials.

Perle Resigns Controversial Figure Quits Advisory Panel Post A controversial associate [war criminal] of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has resigned from his seat on a key Pentagon advisory panel, ABCNEWS has learned.

Lockerbie: CIA witness gagged by US government 28 May 2000 --A former CIA agent who claims Libya is not responsible for the Lockerbie bombing is being gagged by the US government under state secrecy laws and faces 10 years in prison if he reveals any information about the terrorist attack. Diplomats are now demanding that the CIA agent, Dr Richard Fuisz, be released from the gagging order. Fuisz, a multi-millionaire businessman and pharmaceutical researcher, was, according to US intelligence sources, the CIA's key operative in the Syrian capital Damascus during the 1980s where he also had business interests. One month before a court order was served on him by the US government gagging him from speaking on the grounds of national security, he spoke to US congressional aide Susan Lindauer, telling her he knew the identities of the Lockerbie bombers and claiming they were not Libyan... The 1994 gagging order was issued following disclosures by Fuisz during other legal proceedings about alleged illegal exports of military equipment to Iraq.

Whistleblower: Cleared Government: Accused of cover-up --Case for war: An official secret --Poodle Tony Blair faced fresh questions about the legality of the war on Iraq last night after prosecutors dropped charges against a whistleblower [Katharine Gun] who had threatened to expose secrets in court.

How a GCHQ translator uncovered an American dirty tricks campaign From the advice of the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, about the legality of the war, to tales of dirty tricks involving British intelligence, a trial in the full glare of publicity would have led to highly embarrassing revelations for Poodle Tony Blair. So Katharine Gun walked free from the Old Bailey yesterday, a heroine to those who opposed the invasion.

Short: 'There had clearly been some shenanigans going on' Clare Short [who had resigned from her post as International Development Secretary in 2003] told The Independent yesterday: "I tried to discuss his advice with the Cabinet, but they said, 'Oh, shut up Clare'. It was obvious to me that something mysterious had gone on. There had clearly been some shenanigans going on."

Shiite Leader Sistani Threatens Intifada Against U.S. Iraqi Shiite Leader Seyyid Ali Al-Sistani yesterday warned that he would call for an intifada (uprising) if American soldiers stayed in Iraq after the handover of power on June 30, 2004. He also insisted that there should be a significant role for the Shiite in the future administration of the country, as they make up the majority of the population.

2 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq helicopter crash Deputy police chief assassinated; resistance fighteres warn of more attacks --Two American soldiers were killed Wednesday when their helicopter crashed in a river west of Baghdad, and gunmen assassinated the deputy police chief in the northern city of Mosul.

Five Afghan aid workers killed in ambush Gunmen opened fire on a vehicle carrying Afghan aid workers east of the capital, killing five and wounding two others, Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali said Thursday. Another Afghan aid worker was missing.

Rapes Reported by Servicewomen in the Persian Gulf and Elsewhere The United States military is facing the gravest accusations of sexual misconduct in years, with dozens of servicewomen in the Persian Gulf area and elsewhere saying they were sexually assaulted or raped by fellow troops, lawmakers and victims advocates said on Wednesday.

US may hold acquitted Guantanamo inmates Officials in Washington have confirmed that detainees at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba might be kept there for security reasons even if they are acquitted by military tribunals. If found guilty, the detainees could be held beyond any sentence laid down by the tribunals.

US 'may hold cleared detainees' Pentagon officials have confirmed that Guantanamo detainees may still be kept in detention, even if they are found not guilty by a military tribunal. They say detainees could be kept prisoner if they are considered a security risk.

U.S. Military Lawyers Criticize Guantanamo Trials The system created by the United States for trials by military tribunal of foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay is fundamentally unfair and hopelessly antiquated, military lawyers assigned to represent these prisoners said on Wednesday.

Anti-'Terror' System Launches Network allows agencies across the country to share data instantaneously. Hundreds of federal, state and local intelligence and law enforcement agencies will be able to share 'threat' reports, investigative leads and potential evidence instantaneously under a new counter-'terrorism' computer system announced yesterday by Homeland Suckyourity Secretary Tom Ridge.

Downing Street forces Blunkett to back down over secret terror trials David Blunkett backed off yesterday from controversial proposals for a draconian strengthening of anti-'terrorism' laws in the face of opposition from Cabinet colleagues.

NBC News: Ricin Tests May Have Been Wrong There is a new theory emerging about the ricin scare two weeks ago. NBC News has learned investigators are looking into the possibility that there never was any ricin attack in the first place. [Right, Bill 'Cat-Torturer' Frist lied because his floor/staff/computers were under investigation for accessing thousands of Democratic computer files and distributing them. Frist needed to get people off of his floor, and quickly.]

FBI offers details on ricin-laced letter to White House The FBI this week released a photo of a letter addressed to the White House last fall that contained ricin and threatened to "turn D.C. into a ghost town" if new trucking regulations went into effect.

Hastert Tells White House He Won't Extend 9/11 Panel In a blow to the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has told the White House and fellow Republicans that he will not bring up legislation to extend its May 27 deadline, officials said on Wednesday. National security adviser Condoleezza Rice has also refused to testify publicly on the grounds she is a presidential [sic] adviser and not a Senate-confirmed Cabinet officer.

9/11 Panel: Rice won't appear at public hearing The commission investigating the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks said Wednesday that National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice had declined their request to testify at a public hearing next month.

9/11 Panel Urges Rice to Testify Publicly The federal commission reviewing the Sept. 11 attacks expressed disappointment Wednesday with national security adviser Condoleezza Rice for refusing to testify in public.

F.B.I. Agents Took Mementos From Rubble of Twin Towers Thirteen agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation took mementos, debris or valuables from the Staten Island landfill that held the rubble of the World Trade Center, and the F.B.I. now plans to formally ban the removal of crime-scene items as a result, officials said on Wednesday.

Greenspan: Cut Social Security Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan on Wednesday said Congress should weigh trimming future Social Security benefits by raising the retirement age and offering less generous adjustments to future payments.

Greenspan urges Congress to make tax cuts permanent Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Green-span said yesterday that Congress should make Dictator Bush's tax cuts permanent and cover the $1 trillion price by trimming future benefits in Social Security and other entitlement programs.

Greenspan Urges Cuts to Social Security to Rein In Deficit Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan urged Congress on Wednesday to deal with the country's escalating budget deficit by cutting benefits for future Social Security retirees rather than raising taxes.

FDA Blasted On Drug Discounts U.S. regulators should support imports of cheaper prescription medicines from Canada and investigate attempts by the drug industry to limit supplies north of the border, a Capitol Hill summit on the issue was told Tuesday. "The American consumer is being cheated and the FDA is driving the getaway car," North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan, a Democrat, told the summit. [Oops! MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable forgot to cover this one.]

If Pharmaceuticals Produced Outside the U.S. are Unsafe, Why Isn't The Rest of The World Dead? --by Joe Rothstein "The pharmaceutical industry manages to produce much of the world’s supply of prescription and over the counter drugs in many countries and sell them to people the world over, including U.S. If the drugs produced in Japan, Singapore, Italy and elsewhere were not safe, then most of the rest of the world would be dead... The pharmaceutical industry has seen to it that the federal government prohibits drugs made in the United States and sold in foreign countries from being shipped back to the this country for resale. This policy was just reaffirmed in the recently passed Medicare bill—which the pharmaceutical industry spent nearly $200 million lobbying Congress to approve."

GOP to Push Medical Malpractice Bill Senate Republicans say they will keep making Democrats vote on a bill curbing medical malpractice lawsuits, despite losing another attempt to get the legislation out of the Senate and to the White House.

Bush seeks protection for gun dealers Dictator Bush urged the Senate to pass a bill that would protect gun dealers and manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits but without any amendments that would extend the assault-weapons ban or close gun-show loopholes. The Dictator's action has made it a tougher battle to extend the Clinton-era assault-weapons ban, which expires Sept. 13.

Cartoonist: $10,000 for Bush service witness On Monday, Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau offered a $10,000 reward in his syndicated newspaper comic strip for anyone who ''personally witnessed'' Bush reporting for drills at Dannelly Air National Guard base in Alabama between May and November 1972. Trudeau explains in strips later this week -- and on his website, -- that the reward money will be given to the USO in the witness' name.

Maui puts Kucinich on the map A healthy turnout of the disillusioned and the enthusiastic led to "a huge sweep" for Congressman Dennis Kucinich in the Maui County Democratic Party caucuses Tuesday evening. Maui party Chairman Jonathan Starr said the numbers reflected the effort of the Kucinich campaign - which included two stopovers by the candidate - and concerns over the directions taken by the Bush dictatorship.

Candidate Ralph Nader, meet candidate Dennis Kucinich --by Eric Ringham "To hear Ralph Nader dismiss the Democratic field, as he did in announcing his presidential candidacy Sunday, you'd think he'd never heard of Dennis Kucinich... Dean has pledged his support to the Democratic nominee. Kucinich has done the same -- insisting that the pledge means he'll be supporting himself. In fact, all the Democrats made the pledge, long before the first votes were cast. Nader won't do that. Some imagine a scenario that involves a last-minute throw of support to the Democratic nominee -- but they imagined that scenario in 2000, too."

Supreme Court Approves Denial of Divinity Scholarships The Supreme Court, in a new rendering on separation of church and state, voted Wednesday to let states withhold scholarships from students studying theology. Wednesday's case has implications for Dictator Bush's plan to allow more church-based organizations to compete for government money.

New Warnings on D.C. Water District to Issue Warning on Lead --Health Advisory on Water to Target Pregnant Women, Small Children --D.C. health officials plan to announce today that all pregnant women and children younger than 6 who live in homes with lead service lines should immediately stop drinking unfiltered tap water and have their blood tested, a rare safety measure they say is necessary to safeguard the city's most vulnerable population.

Howard Stern Dropped from Clear Channel Stations Radio station giant Clear Channel Communications Inc. said on Wednesday it was dumping nationally syndicated shock jock Howard Stern from its stations under a new "zero tolerance" policy toward indecency.

Here come the brides After 25 years together -- including children, mortgages, intimacy and boredom -- Kay and I stood for six hours in the San Francisco rain to become mundane and unspecial. To be married. --by Carol Adair "I am, at least for now, truly and legally married to my dear Kay."


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