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March 2007 Archives, Page Two

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld 27 Mar 2007 Former Defense Secretary [war criminal] Donald H. Rumsfeld cannot be tried on allegations of torture in overseas military prisons, a federal judge said Tuesday in a case he described as "lamentable." U.S. District Judge Thomas F. Hogan threw out a lawsuit brought on behalf of nine former prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. The lawsuit contends the prisoners were beaten, suspended upside down from the ceiling by chains, urinated on, shocked, sexually humiliated, burned, locked inside boxes and subjected to mock executions. [Hopefully, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rove will end up in the same prisons and subjected to the same treatment--that is, except for the mock executions.]

UK in 'discreet talks' with Iran 27 Mar 2007 The government is attempting to "discreetly" talk to the Iranians to secure the release of 15 Royal Navy personnel, Downing Street has said. Tony Blair's spokesman said that if the talks were unsuccessful, the government may have to become "more explicit".

Blair Warns of 'Different Phase' Over Britons in Iran 27 Mar 2007 U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said that efforts to release 15 British sailors and Marines seized by Iran will enter a "different phase" if negotiations fail.

Iraq backs Britain over captured sailors 26 Mar 2007 The [US-installed] Iraqi regime today waded into the row over the detention by Iran last week of 15 British sailors and Marines, demanding their release and insisting that they were seized in Iraqi waters, not Iranian waters as maintained by Tehran.

U.S. Navy Launches Show of Force Off Coast of Iran 27 Mar 2007 The U.S. Navy on Tuesday began its largest demonstration of force in the Persian Gulf since the 2003 invasion of Iraq, led by a pair of aircraft carriers and backed by warplanes flying simulated attack maneuvers off the coast of Iran. The maneuvers bring together two strike groups of U.S. warships and more than 100 U.S. warplanes to conduct simulated air warfare in the crowded Gulf shipping lanes.

Russian intelligence sees U.S. military buildup on Iran border 27 Mar 2007 Russian military intelligence services are reporting a flurry of activity by U.S. Armed Forces near Iran's borders, a high-ranking security source said Tuesday.

Oil spikes $5 on rumors of Iran attack --After-hours contract briefly jumps 8 percent on rumors that Iran fired on U.S. warships 27 Mar 2007 U.S. crude futures briefly spiked over $5 a barrel in electronic trading late Tuesday on rumors that Iran fired on U.S. Navy warships. Crude gave up most of those gains according to one trader after reports of a confrontation were denied.

Senate sets deadline for withdrawal of troops from Iraq --Vote brings showdown with White House closer 28 Mar 2007 The likelihood of a showdown between the White House and the Democratic-controlled Congress edged closer yesterday when the Senate passed a bill setting a deadline for the withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq. Should the non-binding resolution be implemented, the last active US troops will leave Iraq on March 31 2008, five years and 11 days after the US-led invasion.

Senate votes for Iraq withdrawal by March 2008 --Defying veto threat, lawmakers narrowly signal support for troop pullout 27 Mar 2007 Defying a veto threat, the Democratic-controlled Senate narrowly signaled support Tuesday for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by next March. Republican attempts to scuttle the non-binding timeline failed on a vote of 50-48, largely along party lines.

Marines Recalling 1,800 Reservists to Active Duty --Reservists would report for duty in October and deploy to Iraq in early 2008 27 Mar 2007 The Marine Corps is recalling 1,800 reservists to active duty, citing a shortage of volunteers to fill some jobs in Iraq. Members of the branch's Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) will get letters this week notifying them of plans to mobilize them involuntarily for a year, said Lt. Col. Jeff Riehl of Marine manpower and reserve affairs.

British backtrack on Iraq death toll 27 Mar 2007 British government officials have backed the methods used by scientists who concluded that more than 600,000 Iraqis have been killed since the invasion, the BBC reported yesterday.

80 killed in Iraq 28 Mar 2007 A suicide [US] bomber tricked soldiers into believing he was bringing food supplies to a northern Iraqi town [Tal Afar] on Tuesday in the deadliest of a spate of attacks that killed nearly 80 people nationwide.

Police: Vehicle bombers kill at least 58 --103 wounded in blasts in Tal Afar, Ramadi; 14 killed in earlier attacks 27 Mar 2007 Two [US] truck bombs struck markets in Tal Afar and a suicide car bomber exploded his payload near Ramadi on Tuesday — the latest attacks in a surge of violence outside the Iraqi capital. The three bombings killed at least 58 people, including 48 in Tal Afar.

2 Americans killed in Iraq rocket attack 27 Mar 2007 Two Americans, a contractor and a soldier, were killed in a rocket attack on the heavy guarded Green Zone on Tuesday, according to statements from the U.S. Embassy and the military. Five other people were wounded, one contractor [mercenary] who was seriously hurt and three with slight wounds. A second soldier also was wounded in the attack, but the military did not give a condition.

McCaffrey Paints Gloomy Picture of Iraq --In Contrast to His Previous Views, Retired General Writes of 'Strategic Peril' 28 Mar 2007 An influential retired Army general released a dire assessment of the situation in Iraq, based on a recent round of meetings there with Gen. David H. Petraeus and 16 other senior U.S. commanders. "The population is in despair," retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey wrote in an eight-page document compiled in his capacity as a professor at West Point. "Life in many of the urban areas is now desperate."

Majority in US backs 2008 pull-out from Iraq 27 Mar 2007 A majority of Americans favor pulling US troops out of Iraq by fall 2008, but oppose cutting off funds to the 140,000 soldiers in the country, according to a poll published Tuesday. [The funds aren't *going* to the soldiers. They are *going* to Halliburton, KBR, and Blackwater USA, which fuels the insurgency and thus provides their raison d'etre. --LRP]

Prodi Wins Vote on Afghanistan, Extending Life of Government 28 Mar 2007 Prime Minister Romano Prodi won a Senate vote to continue funding Italian forces in Afghanistan, extending the life of his 10-month-old government that was pushed to the brink of collapse a month ago over the same issue. The decree to fund Italy's 2,000 troops for another year passed last night with 180 votes, including four from non- elected, life senators that offset defections within Prodi's own ranks.

2 Canadian Soldiers Hurt in Afghanistan 27 Mar 2007 Canadian soldiers have been injured in southern Afghanistan. Their small convoy of light-armoured vehicles was ambushed in the Zhari district west of Kandahar City, when Taliban 'insurgents' began firing rocket-propelled grenades.

NATO's potty rules shut out Afghans 26 Mar 2007 Under a bizarre policy that echoes the days of segregation in the United States, Afghans who work at the NATO base at Kandahar Airfield must use separate toilets marked "local nationals only." Several Afghans told The Globe and Mail the practice is insulting, but they are dependent on NATO for their livelihoods and reluctant to speak out.

Agency head resigns over veterans-home flap 27 Mar 2007 Facing mounting criticism from family members and legislators over the scandal at a state-run nursing home for veterans, Patrick Chorpenning, director of the Arizona Department of Veterans Services, resigned this morning. Chorpenning came under intense criticism after state health inspectors found several cases of patient neglect at the Arizona State Veteran Home in central Phoenix.

Bomb threat made against United Nations: police 27 Mar 2007 A bomb threat made against the United Nations headquarters on Tuesday is being investigated as a potential hoax, New York police said.

Sewage flood in northern Gaza kills 5 27 Mar 2007 A huge sewage reservoir in the northern Gaza Strip collapsed Tuesday, killing five people in a frothing cascade of waste and mud that swamped a village and highlighted the desperate need to upgrade Gaza's overburdened infrastructure.

Torturers 'must pay victims' - UN 27 Mar 2007 States that commit acts of torture should be forced to pay for victims' rehabilitation, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak has said. [The US will go broke.]

Hicks coming home 28 Mar 2007 David Hicks pleaded guilty to helping terrorists because he was desperate to escape five years of "hell" in Guantanamo Bay and return to Australia, his father, Terry Hicks, says.

Plea bargain a perfect solution for Canberra By Tom Allard 28 Mar 2007 It took more than two years after his arrest in Afghanistan for [David] Hicks to get his legal representation from Major Mori. By the time the two men met, Hicks has said, he had already been through a harrowing ordeal at the hands of his captors. Beatings, regular mysterious injections, anal penetration, threats of being taken to Egypt for torture, prolonged isolation, Hicks said he had suffered them all... But it appears that Hicks could serve several years in an Adelaide prison under the deal.

David Hicks 'terror' profits blocked 28 Mar 2007 The Federal Government is set to block self-confessed [tortured, framed] 'terrorist' David Hicks from making millions of dollars selling his story. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock hinted today any move by Hicks to profit from a book or other media deal would likely by blocked by federal proceeds of crime laws. Mr Ruddock also said state and federal governments would be unable to alter any sentence US authorities handed down to David Hicks if he was returned to Australia.

David Hicks pleads guilty on one count --AI observer attends arraignment at Guantánamo 27 Mar 2007 At a hearing in Guantánamo on 26 March 2007, in his sixth year of detention and at the start of the US administration’s second attempt in the last three years to try him before a military commission, Australian national David Hicks pleaded guilty to one specification under the charge of "providing material support for terrorism". This plea was made after years of indefinite detention, isolation and allegations of torture and ill-treatment, and after a day in which Hicks’ legal representation was reduced by the military judge overseeing the commission.

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists 27 Mar 2007 Private businesses such as rental and mortgage companies and car dealers are checking the names of customers against a list of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers made publicly available by the Treasury Department, sometimes denying services to ordinary people whose names are similar to those on the list... An executive order issued by President [sic] Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has expanded the list and its consequences in unforeseen ways.

FBI Provided Inaccurate Data for Surveillance Warrants 27 Mar 2007 FBI agents repeatedly provided inaccurate information to win secret court approval of surveillance warrants in terrorism and espionage cases, prompting officials to tighten controls on the way the bureau uses that powerful anti-terrorism tool, according to Justice Department and FBI officials. A internal FBI review in early 2006 of some of the more than 2,000 surveillance warrants the bureau obtains each year confirmed that dozens of inaccuracies had been provided to the court.

Court Rules Against Whistle-Blower --Cheney whore Antonin Scalia writes 6-2 Court ruling 27 Mar 2007 The Supreme Court left an 81-year-old retired engineer [James Stone] without a penny to show for his role in exposing fraud at former nuclear weapons plant Rockwell International, now part of aerospace giant Boeing Co.

GOP Groups Told to Keep Bush Officials' E-Mails --Rove trolls used ',' '' and '' to thwart investigations 27 Mar 2007 A Democratic House committee chairman yesterday told the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign to retain copies of all e-mails sent or received by White House officials using e-mail accounts under their control, raising the political stakes in the congressional inquiry into U.S. attorneys' firings. Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) said his broadly written request was based on evidence that White House officials -- particularly aides to top political adviser Karl Rove -- have used their politically related e-mail accounts to hide the conduct of official business regarding the prosecutor firings and other matters being investigated by Congress.

Former Top Justice Official to Contradict Gonzales Statements By Chitra Ragavan 26 Mar 2007 When Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's former chief of staff, D. Kyle Sampson, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee this Thursday about the controversial firings of eight U.S. attorneys, he's unlikely to throw any big bombs [How about small ones? <g>] at the Bush administration that are of the magnitude of a direct link between Bush's political advisor Karl Rove and the dismissals, a close associate of Sampson's tells U.S. News. But Sampson will set off some fireworks by contradicting a key assurance that Gonzales made to Congress and the American public last Tuesday that he was not in the loop during the long deliberations leading up to the firings.

DOJ Official Ignored White House Guidance (ABC) 26 Mar 2007 The firestorm over the fired U.S. attorneys was sparked last month when a top Justice Department official ignored guidance from the White House and rejected advice from senior administration lawyers over his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The official, Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, ignored White House Counsel Harriet Miers and senior lawyers in the Justice Department when he told the committee last month of specific reasons why the administration fired seven U.S. attorneys -- and appeared to acknowledge for the first time that politics was behind one dismissal.

Teen sex scandal ignored by AG, others for 2 years --Probe widened, involving hundreds of complaints of sexual abuse in system 27 Mar 2007 The Texas juvenile justice sexual abuse scandal – in which Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton are accused of failing to take action – is a broader scandal that was covered up for two years, involving hundreds of serious complaints and investigations against dozens of staff members, according to officials.

'Reaganomics' pioneer faces jail term for fraud 28 Mar 2007 Once he was the poster child of "Reaganomics", the workaholic whizz-kid who masterminded the trickle-down, supply side economic revolution launched by the 40th US President, before he spectacularly fell into disgrace with his boss. Now, however, David Stockman risks a far greater disgrace: conviction and a prison term for fraud, false accounting and obstruction of justice in the downfall of the car components company he ran before it went bankrupt in 2005.

Embattled Smithsonian Official Resigns 27 Mar 2007 The governing board of the Smithsonian Institution announced Monday that it had accepted the resignation of its top official, Lawrence M. Small, after an internal audit showing that the museum complex had paid for his routine use of lavish perks like chauffeured cars, private jets, top-rated hotels and catered meals.

Exxon Mobil lovin' it! Strong hurricanes to hit U.S. Gulf in 07: AccuWeather 27 Mar 2007 The U.S. Gulf Coast, which is still rebuilding almost two years after Hurricane Katrina [Bush's blown levees], faces a renewed threat of powerful storms this year, private forecaster AccuWeather said on Tuesday. [More excuses for the corpora-terrorists at Exxon Mobil to gouge the public due to 'refinery' problems.]


Iraq may allow former members of Hussein's party to return [Well, life in Iraq was much better under Saddam Hussein, anyway.] 26 Mar 2007 Iraq's [US-installed] prime minister and president will introduce a bill in parliament as early as Tuesday that allows former members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party to return to government jobs and join the military, two Iraqi officials said. The measure provides for a three-month challenge period after which Hussein's ex-followers — including those who worked in the feared security apparatus and paramilitary forces — would be immune.

Iraq law to reinstate Baathists 27 Mar 2007 The Iraqi government plans to bring in a new law to allow former members of ex-president Saddam Hussein's Baath party to return to official posts.

U.S. Envoy Says He Met With Iraq Rebels 26 Mar 2007 The senior American envoy in Iraq, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, held talks last year with men he believed represented major 'insurgent' groups in a drive to bring militant Sunni Arabs into politics. He is the first American official to publicly acknowledge holding such talks.

Rocket shakes U.S. embassy in Baghdad 26 Mar 2007 A rocket landed in Baghdad's heavily fortified 'international' [Halliburton-built] Green Zone on Monday, rocking the U.S. embassy but causing no casualties, witnesses said.

Iraqi deaths survey 'was robust' 26 Mar 2007 The British government was advised against publicly criticising a report estimating that 655,000 Iraqis had died due to the war, the BBC has learnt.

US Republican sees Iraq pullout passing then vetoed 26 Mar 2007 President [sic] George W. Bush is likely to lose a first-round fight with Democrats over a critical funding bill that sets a date for American troops to withdraw from Iraq, the U.S. Senate's Republican leader said on Monday.

Senate GOP leader says he'll fight Iraq pullout bill 26 Mar 2007 Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said Monday he will try to block a Democratic effort to force troop withdrawal but won't stand in the way of the Iraq spending bill that would contain it because he knows President [sic] Bush would veto the package.

Impeachment brought up as option 26 Mar 2007 With his go-it-alone approach on Iraq, President [sic] Bush is flouting Congress and the public, so angering lawmakers that some consider impeachment a response to his war policy, a senator from Bush's own party (Chuck Hagel, D-Neb.) said Sunday.

US sees West in Afghanistan for many years 26 Mar 2007 The United States urged European countries on Monday to provide more troops and aid for Afghanistan, forecasting an international presence in the war-shattered country for "many, many years" to come.

US watchdog criticizes 9 officers in Tillman case 26 Mar 2007 A Pentagon watchdog on Monday found fault with nine officers for investigations and incorrect accounts of the death of U.S. Army Ranger and former professional football star Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

More Veterans Calling The Streets Home --An Estimated 200,000 U.S. War Veterans Are Homeless (CBS) 25 Mar 2007 One in three homeless Americans is a veteran. On any given night in this country, an estimated 200,000 are living on the streets. Many served in Vietnam, but experts expect the number of Iraq veterans to swell in coming years.

Iran Softens Stance on British Sailors 27 Mar 2007 Iran said Monday it was questioning 15 British sailors and marines to determine if their alleged entry into Iranian waters was "intentional or unintentional" before deciding what to do with them - the first sign it could be seeking a way out of the standoff.

Exxon Mobil lovin' it! Oil hits 2007 high near $63 on Iran tensions 26 Mar 2007 Oil climbed toward $63 a barrel on Monday, setting a fresh 2007 record, as tensions rose between major powers and Iran over the OPEC producer's disputed nuclear program.

Seized sailors 'held in Tehran' 26 Mar 2007 The 15 Royal Navy personnel who were seized on Friday are being held at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps base in Tehran, the BBC has been told. An Iranian source told the BBC's security correspondent the Britons were being interrogated to find out if their mission was intelligence-gathering [spying].

Iran will be attacked beginning of April: Russian military experts 19 Mar 2007 Russian military experts think that the planning of the American military attack against Iran crossed the point of no return on February 20th, when the Director-General of the AIEA, Mohammed ElBaradei, acknowledged the inability of the Agency, in his report, "to confirm the peaceful character of the nuclear program of Iran ". According to the Russian weekly, Argoumenty nedeli, military action will take place during the first week of April, before Catholic and orthodox Passovers... It is also possible that Iran is hit on Friday, April 6, a bank holiday in Muslim countries. [Source: L'Iran serait attaqué début avril (experts militaires russes) 19 mars 2007]

German minister defends U.S. missile shield plans 26 Mar 2007 Conservative German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung defended U.S. plans to build a missile shield in eastern Europe, an idea that has been attacked by Russia and the conservatives' own coalition partners.

Colombia army chief linked to outlaw militias, terrorists, drug traffickers --The allegations come as Congress reviews aid to the U.S. ally. 25 Mar 2007 The CIA has obtained new intelligence alleging that the head of Colombia's U.S.-backed army collaborated extensively with right-wing militias that Washington considers terrorist organizations, including a militia headed by one of the country's leading drug traffickers.

CIA document links Colombian army chief to right-wing "terrorists" By Bill Van Auken 27 Mar 2007 In another blow to the Bush administration’s closest political ally in Latin America, an intelligence report obtained by the US Central Intelligence Agency has charged Colombia’s army chief Gen. Mario Montoya with collaborating intimately with right-wing paramilitaries who are classified by Washington as terrorists. The paramilitary organization, the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, known by its Spanish acronym AUC, is also believed to be one of the principal forces in cocaine trafficking from Colombia.

Hicks pleads guilty in Guantanamo tribunal 27 Mar 2007 Australian prisoner David Hicks pleaded guilty on Monday in a U.S. military tribunal to a charge of providing material support to terrorists. The judge ordered the prosecutors and defence lawyers to draw up a plea agreement by 4 p.m. EDT (2000 GMT) on Tuesday, which was expected to spell out what sentence he would serve.

Hicks' lawyers ousted from Guantanamo court 27 Mar 2007 Two of David Hicks lawyers left the military [kangaroo] court today in sensational circumstances after the tribunal's judge said they had not complied with procedural rules. Judge Colonel Ralph Kohlmann said lead civilian lawyer Joshua Dratel could not sit as counsel until he had signed a letter of agreement to comply with tribunal procedure. The hearing was dominated by legal debate in which Major Michael Mori and Mr Dratel set out to discredit the new Military Commission process. Mr Dratel said he did not sign a letter of agreement regarding the new commission ahead of today’s arraignment because it "provides a blank cheque that draws on my ethical obligations as a lawyer" Mr Dratel told the judge: "I'm in compliance with the Federal Statute but not the unilateral rule of this authority".

Aussie Terror Suspect Wants More Lawyers 26 Mar 2007 Australian David Hicks, an alleged al-Qaida-trained fighter, said in a courtroom Monday that he needed more lawyers to defend himself against a charge that he provided material support for terrorism.

Former kangaroo skinner in kangaroo court: Australian faces U.S. military judge in Guantanamo 26 Mar 2007 Australian prisoner David Hicks stood before a U.S. military judge at the Guantanamo naval base on Monday to answer a charge of providing material support for terrorism by fighting for 'al Qaeda' in Afghanistan. The 31-year-old former kangaroo skinner is the first prisoner charged in the revised military tribunals created by the U.S. Congress after the Supreme Court struck down an earlier version that U.S. President [sic] George W. Bush authorized to try foreign captives on terrorism charges.

Kucinich to investigate 'narrow portion' of Sept. 11 attacks 26 Mar 2007 (Albany, NY) Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) was the guest speaker at Upper Hudson Peace Action's 25th anniversary dinner... Kucinich said that as chairman of a House subcommittee on domestic policy, he plans to launch an investigation of "a narrow portion" of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The 9/11 Commission that published its final report in 2004 never resolved some conflicting facts, Kucinich said.

Berlusconi facing five years behind bars 27 Mar 2007 Prosecutors in Milan are seeking a five year prison sentence on appeal for former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, accused of bribing judges. "Mr Berlusconi was the driving force in this case," said prosecutor Piero De Petris, according to the ANSA news agency.

Committee Directs RNC to Preserve White House Emails (Committee on Oversight and Government Reform - United States House of Representatives) 26 Mar 2007 Citing evidence that senior White House officials are using RNC and other political email accounts to avoid leaving a record of official communications, Chairman [Henry A.] Waxman directs the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney ’04 Campaign to preserve the emails of White House officials and to meet with Committee staff to explain how the accounts are managed and what steps are being taken to protect the emails from destruction and tampering.

Gonzales Aide Won't Testify in Senate 27 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' liaison with the White House [Monica Goodling] will refuse to answer questions at upcoming Senate hearings about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, citing her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, her lawyer said Monday.

Gonzales aide to invoke Fifth Amendment --Goodling will refuse to answer Senate questions on fired U.S. attorneys 26 Mar 2007 Monica Goodling, a Justice Department official involved in the firings of federal prosecutors, will refuse to answer questions at upcoming Senate hearings, citing Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination, her lawyer said Monday. [Gee, if it was a *Democrat* invoking the Fifth Amendment, the Reichwing would be all over that like a duck on a June bug! --LRP]

Was the Fix In? New White House Counsel Accused of Favoritism for Cheney's Halliburton By Nathan Newman 18 Dec 2000 This Sunday, December 17th, Bush nominated Alberto Gonzales, a man Bush put on the Texas Supreme Court in 1999, to be the new White House Counsel. Yet Justice Gonzales has been a focus of ethical controversy in Texas, with the organization Texans for Public Justice noting that Gonzales like other Texas Supreme Court Justices, have taken large amounts of money from the Cheney-run Halliburton companies, then ruled in favor of the company in cases that came before the Court.

Senate aide arrested for carrying gun, ammo 26 Mar 2007 An aide to U.S. Sen. Jim Webb, a Virginia Democrat and gun rights advocate, was arrested on Monday by Capitol Police for carrying a loaded gun and two full ammunition magazines into a Senate office building.

Mega bulimia alert! Santorum to make films on 'radical Islam' and 'radical leftists' 26 Mar 2007 Former Pennsylvania senator [Reichwing terrorist] Rick Santorum said in an interview last week that he is planning two film projects in part to counter what he characterized as the stream of left-wing documentaries coming from Hollywood and independent filmmakers. The first project, Santorum said, would explore the relationship between radical Islam and the radical leftists in various countries around the world, including Latin America.

CDC Held Passengers On Plane In Newark --Some Passengers Hospitalized In Newark Health Scare 26 Mar 2007 Passengers were allowed to get off a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport on Monday after authorities had held them because some of them appeared to be sick. The Continental flight arrived at 2 p.m. in New Jersey, and passengers disembarked about 4 p.m. after officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allowed [!?!] them off, said Marc La Vorgna, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport.

Health Officials Examine Jet at Newark After 80 People Get Sick 26 Mar 2007 Passengers on a flight from Hong Kong were allowed to deplane Monday at Newark International Airport after some of them reported feeling ill, airport officials said. Officials from the federal Centers for Disease Control boarded the plane upon its arrival in New Jersey and, after checking and clearing the passengers, allowed them to deplane about two hours later, said Marc La Vorgna, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the airport.

Reason #5,729,527 to overthrow the Bush dictatorship: 'After more than four years, Mrs. Derks, now 81, has yet to receive a penny from Conseco, while her family has paid about $70,000.' Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers 26 Mar 2007 Tens of thousands of elderly Americans have received life-prolonging care as a result of their long-term-care policies. With more than eight million customers, such insurance is one of the many products that companies are pitching to older Americans reaching retirement. Yet thousands of policyholders say they have received only excuses about why insurers will not pay. [The Bush regime is the wellspring for corpora-terrorism; Iraq is his Weapon of Mass Distraction for endless corporate crime. Time to read...]


Cheney assures early Iraq pullout won't be allowed 25 Mar 2007 US Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney has assured political allies that an early withdrawal of US forces from Iraq would not be allowed, despite efforts by Congress to impose a deadline on US combat operations there.

Chavez asks world to halt alleged planned US attack on Iran 26 Mar 2007 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called on nations around the world to help stop what he says is a planned US attack on Iran. Chavez, speaking one day after the UN Security Council voted to tighten sanctions on Iran over Tehran`s refusal to curtail its nuclear programme, cited a Russian press report which purportedly details the time and place of an attack on Iran by the United States, which he has dubbed "The Empire."

Blair Calls Capture of Sailors 'Serious' [So's the cash-for-honours scandal that no one's talking about: Police told Blair would resign if cautioned.] 26 Mar 2007 Prime Minister Tony Blair on Sunday called the Iranian seizure of 15 British sailors and marines "unjustified and wrong," saying in his first remarks on the escalating confrontation that London saw it as a "very serious situation." Iran said the issue was being "considered legally,"' suggesting the possibility that the group may be tried for illegally entering Iranian waters off the coast of Iraq. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insisted during a trip to the Middle East that the Britons be released, saying "we all fully trust the British'' account. [Oh, no we don't! We know Blair is a lying sack of sh*t!]

US troops 'would have fought Iranian captors' 26 Mar 2007 A senior American commander in the Gulf [Lt-Cdr Erik Horner] has said his men would have fired on the Iranian Republican Guard rather than let themselves be taken hostage.

Hagel: Some see impeachment as option 25 Mar 2007 With his go-it-alone approach on Iraq, President [sic] Bush is flouting Congress and the public, so angering lawmakers that some consider impeachment an option over his war policy, a senator from Bush's own party [Chuck Hagel, Neb.] said Sunday.

'There is enough of an argument in 650,000 deaths for this investigation and inquiry to start without more delay.' Time to try Iraq war leaders-Spanish judge Garzon 20 Mar 2007 The judge who tried to jail Chile's former dictator Augusto Pinochet said on Tuesday it was time to hold U.S. President [sic] George W. Bush and his allies to account for waging war in Iraq. In an opinion piece in the newspaper El Pais, published on the fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion, Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon said the war was "one of the most sordid and unjustifiable episodes in recent human history". he said.

Spain judge says Bush and Iraq war allies should face war crimes charges 20 Mar 2007 Baltasar Garzon, an investigating judge for Spain's National Court, said Tuesday that President [sic] George W. Bush and his allies eventually should face war crimes charges for their actions in Iraq.

US Senate to debate troop pullout from Iraq 26 Mar 2007 The US Senate was to take up binding legislation Monday to withdraw US troops from Iraq within one year -- setting up a showdown with President [sic] George W. Bush, who has vowed a veto. The Senate was to debate 'emergency' funding of 121.6 billion dollars for the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan in a bill that would also set a strict March 2008 time line for the pullout of most US combat forces.

Hit on Iraqi official seen as inside job 25 Mar 2007 The suicide attack against Iraq's Sunni deputy prime minister is now seen as an [a US] inside job carried out by a member of his own security detail - a distant relative who had been arrested as an 'insurgent,' freed at the official's request, then hired as a bodyguard, a senior security official and an aide to the victim told The Associated Press on Sunday.

US, Iraqi troops battle gunmen after mosque attack 25 Mar 2007 U.S. and Iraqi troops clashed with gunmen in a town south of Baghdad on Sunday shortly after a Sunni mosque was set ablaze [by US terrorists] 'in an apparent revenge attack for the destruction of a Shi'ite mosque in the town a day earlier.'

5 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Are Killed by Bombs 26 Mar 2007 Roadside bombs killed five American soldiers in Iraq on Sunday, including four in a single strike in the volatile province of Diyala, northeast of the capital, the military said.

The Missing Returnees By Rod Nordland 24 Mar 2007 The Baghdad Security Plan is going so well that Iraqis displaced by sectarian violence are flocking back to their homes in Baghdad, so a number of officials are telling us. The only problem with that: it's probably not true... Officials have a pretty good handle on this, he said, because the government is offering a bounty of 250,000 dinars (about $192) to each family that returns to its home, and they also pay a small benefit to families who are displaced, so people both fleeing and returning have a big incentive to register.

Australia to boost troops to Afghanistan 25 Mar 2007 Australia was likely to send a special forces task group to Afghanistan to counter an expected offensive by Taliban rebels, Defence Minister Brendan Nelson said today.

British soldiers 'go Awol because Army ignores mental health problems' 26 Mar 2007 Thousands of British soldiers have gone absent without leave since 2003 because the Army is unwilling to accept the gravity of mental problems caused by their tours in Iraq. The Ministry of Defence estimates there have been 10,000 Awol incidents since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and 1,100 servicemen are currently "on the run" from the Army.

Honda threatens Pentagon with hearings on Pat Tillman's death 24 Mar 2007 If the Pentagon does not take appropriate steps in response to a report to be released Monday that is expected to strongly criticize high-ranking military officials for their role in the handling of the friendly-fire death of former NFL star Pat Tillman, Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) threatened Saturday that he would call for congressional hearings on the issue.

Hicks prepared to bargain 26 Mar 2007 Speculation is mounting that David Hicks is about to do a deal with US prosecuting authorities to plead guilty to terrorism charges in exchange for being able to return to Australia.

Detainee's Lawyers Seek Removal of Prosecutor 26 Mar 2007 Defense lawyers for the Australian detainee David Hicks have filed a motion to disqualify the chief prosecutor, Col. Morris D. Davis. The defense lawyers claimed in a motion that Colonel Davis violated rules of professional conduct with a blistering attack this month on Mr. Hicks's military defense lawyer, Maj. Michael Mori of the United States Marine Corps. This month, Colonel Davis suggested that Mr. Hicks’s military lawyer, Major Mori, might have violated the law [?!?] with public criticism of the military tribunals that has included calling them kangaroo courts. [They are.]

Australian detainee to appear before US military tribunal 25 Mar 2007 Australian David Hicks, 31, is slated Monday afternoon to become the first Guantanamo captive to appear before a newly constituted Military Commission in what would be the first war-crimes tribunal [KBR-constructed kangaroo court] since World War II. [The whole world knows it should be Bush, Blair and Cheney Halliburton that should be tried for war crimes, *not* David Hicks.]

David Hicks has his day before a flawed court 26 Mar 2007 ...[David] Hicks's right of appeal is limited compared to that of the US Government, whilst his right to make a habeas corpus claim before an independent judicial body has been revoked. Rights under the Geneva conventions which provide basic fundamental guarantees and which were pivotal in the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the presidential military commission process have been removed. Finally, and perhaps most compellingly, the charges against Hicks of providing material support to terrorism in Afghanistan are unknown to international law and represent a retrospective application of law contrary to the US constitution.

Former US Sailor Charged with Terrorism and Espionage 25 Mar 2007 A federal grand jury in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has returned a two-count indictment charging Hassan Abujihaad, formerly known as Paul R. Hall of Phoenix, Arizona, with material support of terrorism and disclosing previously classified information relating to the national defense.

City Asks Court Not to Unseal Police Spy Files 26 Mar 2007 Lawyers for the city, responding to a request to unseal records of police surveillance leading up to the 2004 Repugnant Nazi Convention in New York, say that the documents should remain secret because the news media will "fixate upon and sensationalize them," hurting the city’s ability to defend itself in lawsuits over mass arrests.

Authorities find more uses for DNA databases 25 Mar 2007 Local prosecutors and crime labs are using more DNA databases. Such tools — called "suspect" or "linkage" databases by crime labs and "rogue" databases by groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union — are among several devices that have expanded the reach of DNA-based crime fighting and opened it to criticism from privacy advocates.

Chicago Police Officers Accused of Assault in Bar 26 Mar 2007 Authorities are investigating allegations that six off-duty Chicago police officers were captured on video assaulting four men in a bar, the second report of police involved in an assault to surface in a week.

Republican support for attorney general erodes --Senators question his truthfulness; firing of prosecutor in GOP case is eyed 25 Mar 2007 Republican support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales eroded Sunday as three key senators sharply questioned his truthfulness and a Democrat [Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.] joined the list of lawmakers who want him to resign over the firing of eight federal prosecutors.

GSA Chief Is Accused of Playing Politics --Doan allegedly asked how they could "help 'our candidates' in the next elections" 26 Mar 2007 Witnesses have told congressional investigators that the chief of the General Services Administration and a deputy in Karl Rove's political affairs office at the White House joined in a videoconference earlier this year with top GSA political appointees, who discussed ways to help Republican candidates. With GSA Administrator Lurita Alexis Doan and up to 40 regional administrators on hand, J. Scott Jennings, the White House's deputy director of political affairs, gave a PowerPoint presentation on Jan. 26 of polling data about the 2006 elections.

Police told Blair would resign if cautioned 25 Mar 2007 Police officers investigating the cash-for-honours scandal wanted to interview Tony Blair under caution but backed off after being warned that it could lead to his resignation, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal. Allies of Mr Blair indicated to Scotland Yard that his position as Prime Minister would become untenable if he were treated as a suspect, rather than simply as a witness.

Kissinger's extradition to Uruguay sought over Operation Condor 25 Mar 2007 An attorney for a victim of Uruguay's 1973-1985 dictatorship has asked his government to request the extradition of former US secretary of state [war criminal] Henry Kissinger over his alleged role in the notorious Operation Condor. Condor was a secret plan hatched by South American dictators in the 1970s to eliminate leftist political opponents in the region. The Latin American dictatorships of the time "were mere executors" of a "plan of extermination" hatched in the United States by a group led by Kissinger, said attorney Gustavo Salle, who represents the family of Bernardo Arnone.

Sydney aims for world first climate change blackout 25 Mar 2007 Australia’s largest city will be plunged into darkness for an hour on Saturday in an attempt at a world first blackout to raise awareness of global warming, organisers say.


Terror Database Has Quadrupled In Four Years --U.S. Watch Lists Are Drawn From Massive Clearinghouse 25 Mar 2007 Called TIDE, for Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, the list is a storehouse for data about individuals that the intelligence community believes might harm the United States. It is the wellspring for watch lists distributed to airlines, law enforcement, border posts and U.S. consulates. Ballooning from fewer than 100,000 files in 2003 to about 435,000, the growing database threatens to overwhelm the people who manage it.

15 Britons Taken to Tehran As Iran Dispute Intensifies 25 Mar 2007 Fifteen British sailors and marines seized by Iranian naval forces have been taken to Tehran for questioning as a diplomatic dispute between Iran and the West intensified Saturday. The Iranian Fars news agency reported that the British personnel were being asked to explain what Iran calls their "aggressive" trespass into Iranian territorial waters on Friday. The agency quoted an unidentified official as saying that Iran had evidence that the British service members knew they had crossed into Iranian territory. "The explanations provided by the British marines and recordings made by the seized British vessels testify to the fact that the British forces were fully informed they had trespassed the Iranian waters," the official said.

Iran 'to try Britons for espionage' 25 Mar 2007 Fifteen British sailors and marines arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards off the coast of Iraq may be charged with spying. A website run by associates of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, reported last night that the Britons would be put before a court and indicted. Iranian student groups called yesterday for the 15 detainees to be held until US forces released five Revolutionary Guards captured in Iraq earlier this year.

Sailors admitted incursion - Iran 24 Mar 2007 Royal Navy personnel seized at gunpoint [spies] by Iran in the Gulf have admitted being in the country's waters, an Iranian general has claimed. Gen Ali Reza Afshar told Iranian media the 15 personnel were being interrogated, but were in good health.

Iran insists British sailors were in its water, denounces 'blatant aggression' 24 Mar 2007 The Iranian military questioned 15 detained British soldiers [spies] Saturday and said they confessed to illegally entering the country's territorial waters as Iran accused Britain of ''blatant aggression.''

Iran says Britons confessed to territory violation --Iran says entry of Britons a "suspicious act" 24 Mar 2007 Iran's military said on Saturday British naval personnel [spies] seized in the Gulf confessed to entering Iranian waters illegally, but Britain maintained they were detained inside Iraqi territory and demanded their release.

Exxon Mobil is making a *killing* on UK Gulf of Tonkin II: Crude prices cross $62 a barrel after Iran captures British sailors 24 Mar 2007 Crude prices crossed $62 a barrel Friday to a three-month high, following the incident in the Middle East in which Iran captured 15 British Royal Navy personnel, triggering the prospect of increased tensions in the region.

U.N. Security Council takes action on Iran --15-member body unanimously OKs new sanctions over uranium enrichment 24 Mar 2007 The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved on Saturday new arms and financial sanctions against Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment.

Suicide bombers strike in Iraq, killing dozens 24 Mar 2007 Suicide bombers struck across Iraq on Saturday in a sharp upsurge in violence that killed more than 60 people, many of them policemen.

Suicide truck bomb strikes police station in Iraq --Blast in southern Baghdad area kills at least 18 people as attacks step up 24 Mar 2007 A suicide truck bomber struck a police station in Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 18 people, police said.

Ministers finally admit full scale of war casualties 23 Mar 2007 Casualty figures show that more British soldiers have been seriously hurt fighting 'insurgents' than during the initial invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Independent has learned the figures will show that 114 British soldiers were seriously hurt in Iraq from 2004, compared to 46 during the invasion of 2003.

Bomb goes off within yards of UN chief in Baghdad 23 Mar 2007 A rocket or mortar bomb exploded 50 yards from the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, as he was telling reporters in Baghdad that he was thinking of boosting the UN presence in Iraq because of improved security.

US soldier gets 27 months in Iraq gang-rape case 22 Mar 2007 A U.S. soldier who pleaded guilty in connection with the rape of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl and the killing of her family was sentenced to 27 months in prison, officials at Ft. Campbell in Kentucky said on Wednesday.

Top brass to be held accountable for US sport star's death 24 Mar 2007 A Pentagon probe will recommend that nine officers, including up to four generals, be held accountable for mistakes in the aftermath of the friendly-fire death of a former US football star [Pat Tillman] killed by his comrades in Afghanistan.

Harper accuses Liberals of having more sympathy for Taliban than soldiers 23 Mar 2007 Prime Minister Stephen Harper went for the jugular again in question period Wednesday, accusing Liberal MPs of being more supportive of Taliban prisoners than of Canadian soldiers... His attack drew angry jeers from the Liberal ranks and had Stephane Dion demanding an apology. The Bloc Quebecois, meanwhile, said Wednesday's exchange on a world issue explains why the prime minister gets compared so often to George W. Bush. "It's indecent," Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe said.

Harper calls Liberals Taliban lovers 22 Mar 2007 Prime Minister Stephen Harper accused the Liberals Wednesday of showing "passion" for the Taliban and not supporting Canadian troops in Afghanistan during a bitter exchange in Parliament. Liberal Leader Stephane Dion immediately called on the prime minister to apologize, but Harper brushed him off.

Canadian, US fighters conduct joint training in North 23 Mar 2007 Canadian and US aircraft supporting the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) will conduct joint training in the Canadian North early next week. The Canadian and Alaskan NORAD Regions will practice conducting joint long-range detection missions.

New leader takes NORAD reins --Air Force general also installed as head of Northern Command 24 Mar 2007 U.S. military leaders shuffled their Colorado-based homeland-defense command Friday, moving forward with plans to focus more on China and embrace broader missions, from border patrol to missile defense. Gates installed Air Force Gen. Victor Renuart as leader of both Northern Command and NORAD. Renuart most recently was senior military assistant to the secretary of defense, and previously oversaw military planning for the [failed] Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. [In other words, oh-but-another useless, incompetent Bush troll.]

Cheney's Hand Seen in Executive Privilege Fight 23 Mar 2007 Republican insiders see the hand of Vice President [sic] Cheney in the White House's tough stand against allowing political adviser Karl Rove and other senior White House officials to publicly testify under oath before Congress.

Bush, Key Senator Still Backing Gonzales 25 Mar 2007 The White House and a key Republican senator reaffirmed support Saturday for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales even as Democrats questioned his credibility for apparently misrepresenting his role in firing eight federal prosecutors.

Gonzales Met With Advisers on Dismissals 24 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and senior advisers discussed the plan to remove seven United States attorneys at a meeting last Nov. 27, 10 days before the dismissals were carried out, according to a Justice Department calendar entry disclosed Friday. The previously undisclosed meeting appeared to contradict Mr. Gonzales’s previous statements about his knowledge of the dismissals.

New U.S. attorneys seem to have partisan records 23 Mar 2007 Under President [sic] Bush, the Justice Department has backed laws that narrow minority voting rights and pressed U.S. attorneys to investigate voter fraud - policies that critics say have been intended to suppress Democratic votes. Bush, his deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, and other Republican political advisers have highlighted voting rights issues and what Rove has called the "growing problem" of election fraud by Democrats since Bush took power [*literally,* took power] in the tumultuous 'election' [coup d'etat] of 2000. Since 2005, McClatchy Newspapers has found, Bush has appointed at least three U.S. attorneys who had worked in the Justice Department's civil rights division when it was rolling back longstanding voting-rights policies aimed at protecting predominantly poor, minority voters.

Guantanamo Bay prison to remain open throughout Bush presidency 24 Mar 2007 The detention center for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, probably will remain open beyond the end of President [sic] Bush's term despite his stated desire to close it, the White House said Friday.

Gonzales thwarted Cuban jail closure 24 Mar 2007 As the newly appointed US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates repeatedly argued for the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to be shut down and for prisoners held there to be tried in a US court.

In Limbo, C.I.A. Awaits Rules on Interrogation 25 Mar 2007 A sharp debate within the Bush regime over the future of the Central Intelligence Agency’s detention and interrogation program has left the agency without the authority to use harsh interrogation techniques [torture] that the White House said last fall were necessary in questioning terrorism suspects, according to administration and Congressional officials.

'This is extraordinary rendition.' Anger at US 'rendition' of refugees who fled Somalia 23 Mar 2007 At least 150 people arrested in Kenya after fleeing violence in Somalia have been secretly flown to Somalia and Ethiopia, where they are being held incommunicado in underground prisons, human rights groups say. It is alleged they were questioned by US and British officials.

UK terror suspects stopped at airport 24 Mar 2007 Anti-Terrorist police have admitted that they were forced to seize prematurely three men suspected of helping the July 7 suicide bombers because two of them were about to board a flight to Pakistan. A third man was arrested in Leeds three hours later.

U.K. Cops to Grill 2005 Bombing Suspects 23 Mar 2007 British investigators were to begin questioning three suspects Friday over their alleged involvement in the worst-ever terrorist attack in London, the July 7, 2005 suicide bombings that killed 52 commuters. Under British law, police will have 28 days to question the three suspects before they must be charged or released.

N.Y. Police Spied Broadly Before G.O.P. Convention 25 Mar 2007 For at least a year before the 2004 Republican National Convention [Repugnant Nazi Convention, as CLG referred to it], teams of undercover New York City police officers traveled to cities across the country, Canada and Europe to conduct covert observations of people who planned to protest at the convention, according to police records and interviews. Undercover New York police officers attended meetings of political groups, posing as sympathizers or fellow activists, the records show. Other investigators mined Internet sites and chat rooms. From these operations, run by the department’s "R.N.C. Intelligence Squad" the police identified a handful of groups and individuals who expressed interest in creating havoc during the convention, as well as some who used Web sites to urge or predict violence.

New passport applicants must go for interviews --Information to be checked against personal dossier 21 Mar 2007 (UK) More than 600,000 people a year applying for a passport for the first time will from May have to attend a compulsory interview up to 20 miles from their home, it was announced yesterday. The new applicants, half of whom will be aged 16 to 19, will be asked to prove their identity by responding to a stock of about 200 possible questions on their family and financial history. The admission that each passport application would be checked against a dossier of personal information drawn from existing government databases led anti-ID card campaigners to argue that it undermined ministers' claims that the passport/identity card would not involve any more information than existing passports. From 2009, fingerprints will also be taken from each applicant.

TSA Employees Accused of Thefts at LAX 22 Mar 2007 Misdemeanor theft cases are being filed against 10 employees and a transient suspected of pilfering the personal property of travelers at LAX, the City Attorney's Office announced today. Most of the alleged thieves are employed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration [LOL!], said Nick Velasquez of the City Attorney's Office.

9/11 Remains Possibly Used to Pave Roads 24 Mar 2007 Debris that may have contained bits of bone from victims of the World Trade Center attacks was used to fill potholes and pave city roads, according to court papers filed on Friday.

FBI objects to lawyer's deposition request 24 Mar 2007 The FBI on Friday objected to a Utah lawyer's motion to conduct depositions of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols and a death-row inmate in a lawsuit that alleges the attorney's brother was murdered in a federal prison. Attorney Jesse Trentadue says the two prisoners can provide valuable information concerning his brother's death in 1995 and the FBI's alleged refusal to turn over all relevant documents requested in his Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit.

Ex-Official At Interior Hid His Ties to Abramoff --Griles Pleads Guilty to Lying to Senate 24 Mar 2007 The former No. 2 official in the Interior Department yesterday admitted lying to the Senate about his relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who gained the official's intervention at the agency for his Indian tribal clients. J. Steven Griles pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to a felony for making false statements in testimony before the Senate Indian Affairs Committee in November 2005 and in an earlier interview with panel investigators. He is the 10th person -- and the second high-level Bush administration official -- to face criminal charges in the continuing Justice Department investigation into Abramoff's lobbying activities.

Task Force Formed to Investigate Florida 13th Election 23 Mar 2007 Nearly five months after Florida Republican Vern Buchanan narrowly defeated [sic] Democrat Christine Jennings in the state’s 13th District, a congressional committee has organized a task force to investigate the controversial election.

Mega barf alert! Monsanto Asks Court to Allow Sale of GMO Alfalfa 24 Mar 2007 Monsanto Co. has asked a San Francisco federal court to allow it to continue selling its genetically modified Roundup Ready Alfalfa while the USDA conducts a court-ordered environmental impact study. [Is Monsanto's GMO 'food' linked to the tainted pet food from Menu Foods? Are the corpora-terrorist trolls at the FDA, installed by the Bush regime, covering up the actual reasons behind the recall? --LRP]


Documents show Gonzales approved firings of U.S. attorneys 24 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales approved plans to fire several U.S. attorneys in a November meeting, according to documents released Friday that contradict earlier claims that he was not closely involved in the dismissals. The Nov. 27 meeting, in which the attorney general and at least five top Justice Department officials participated, focused on a five-step plan for carrying out the firings of the prosecutors, Justice Department officials said late Friday.

UK contingency plans for rapid withdrawal from Iraq 22 Mar 2007 The British government has plans drawn up to organize a rapid withdrawal of its troops from Iraq in circumstance of operational difficulties, Defence Minister Lord Drayson has admitted. "In the event that conditions on the ground required a withdrawal, there are contingencies available to military commanders," Drayson said in a written parliamentary reply published Tuesday.

Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister in surgery after Baghdad bombing 23 Mar 2007 Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Salam al-Zobaie was wounded and undergoing surgery after a suicide bomber blew himself up in a hall where he was attending prayers today, police and security officials said. Six of Zobaie's guards were killed in the second assassination attempt on a senior member of the U.S.-backed government in a month. One of Zobaie's aides said the suicide bomber appeared to have been one of his own guards.

Assassination attempt on Iraq's deputy PM 23 Mar 2007 Iraq's deputy prime minister has been wounded during an assassination attempt which killed at least four people in Iraq.

Iraq Deputy Prime Minister Survives Car Bomb; 5 Die 23 Mar 2007 Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Salam al-Zaubai survived a car bomb attack in Baghdad today and was taken to a U.S. military hospital. Al-Zaubai was in unstable condition and undergoing surgery, Agence France-Presse said.

GAO Faults U.S. Military Over Munitions in Iraq --Report Says 'Insurgents' Took Unsecured Explosives 23 Mar 2007 The U.S. military's faulty war plans and insufficient troops in Iraq left thousands and possibly millions of tons of conventional munitions unsecured or in the hands of 'insurgent' [US] groups after the 2003 invasion -- allowing widespread looting of weapons and explosives used to make roadside bombs that cause the bulk of U.S. casualties, according to a government report released yesterday. [The US keeps Iraq in a constant state of chaos and violence so that there is a 'need' for Halliburton, KBR and Blackwater USA to stay in Iraq and continue to make billion$ off of Bush's war crimes. --LRP]

US struggles to avert Turkish intervention in northern Iraq --Ankara claims Kurdish rebels preparing attacks 23 Mar 2007 The US is scrambling to head off a "disastrous" Turkish military intervention in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq that threatens to derail the Baghdad 'security' surge and open up a third front in the battle to save Iraq from disintegration. Senior Bush administration officials have assured Turkey in recent days that US forces will increase efforts to root out Kurdistan Workers' party (PKK) guerrillas enjoying safe haven in the Qandil mountains, on the Iraq-Iran-Turkey border.

Deaths In Iraq Have Reached 1 Million --Grim claim on fourth anniversary of conflict 19 Mar 2007 The number of deaths in Iraq since the start of the conflict could be as high as one million, it was claimed yesterday. On the fourth anniversary of the invasion by Allied troops, an Australian scientist [Dr Gideon Polya] insisted the true death toll dwarfed previous estimates.

Bush vows to veto Iraq pull-out bill 23 Mar 2007 President [sic] George W. Bush threatened on Friday to veto legislation approved by the House of Representatives that would impose a deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq.

House approves deadline for war pullout --In 218-212 vote, Speaker Pelosi wins gamble with Sept. 1, 2008, withdrawal from Iraq -- 23 Mar 2007 The House of Representatives on Friday passed legislation that would set Sept. 1, 2008, as the deadline for pulling all U.S. combat troops out of Iraq. The withdrawal legislation was part of a $124 billion spending package.

Eight Heroes in Congress Make a Stand for Peace By David Swanson 23 Feb 2007 Here are the results of the March 23, 2007, vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to give Bush and Cheney over $100 billion more for war... One Democrat voted "Present". But eight Democrats voted No because they oppose further funding of this war... Here are the eight with links to contact and thank them: Thank Dennis Kucinich, John Lewis, Barbara Lee, Mike McNulty, Mike Michaud, Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, and Lynn Woolsey.

Statements From the House Debate on Iraq 23 Mar 2007 Statements by House members during debate on legislation funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: "(Timelines) are the instrument by which we communicate to the Iraqi politicians that they must begin to resolve their differences. They must step up because we are not going to run our baby-sitting service forever." - Rep. David Obey, D-WI, and chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

UK Gulf of Tonkin II about to pay off: U.S. and Britain seek quick vote on Iran sanctions 23 Mar 2007 The United States and Britain said today they are pushing for a Security Council vote Saturday to impose further sanctions on Iran, choosing not to work for unanimous council support or to wait for the Islamic Republic's president to make his case in person.

Iran summons UK envoy over naval detentions 23 Mar 2007 Iran summoned the British charge d'affaires to Tehran on Friday to protest over what it said was the illegal entry of British naval personnel into Iranian waters, state [as opposed to corporate] television reported.

Iran Seizes 15 U.K. Sailors, Marines in Gulf Waters 23 Mar 2007 Iran seized 15 British sailors and Marines who were conducting "routine boarding operations" in Iraqi [Iranian] waters, the U.K. Ministry of Defence said. Iran's foreign ministry confirmed seizing the Britons "for investigation and questioning'' and said it was because British sailors have illegally entered its own territorial waters "a number of times," Agence France-Presse reported, citing Iranian State television.

UK sailors captured at gunpoint 23 Mar 2007 Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Ministry of Defence says. The men were seized at 1030 local time when they boarded a boat in the Gulf, off the coast of Iraq, which they suspected was smuggling cars. [?]

Marine unit ordered out of Afghanistan for allegedly killing civilians 23 Mar 2007 Marines accused of shooting and killing civilians after a suicide bombing in Afghanistan are under U.S. investigation, and their entire unit [about 120 Marines]has been ordered to leave the country, officials said Friday.

Almost 100 people killed in Afghanistan 24 Mar 2007 At least 89 people, including 69 Taliban rebels, were killed in two days of fighting in Afghanistan, officials said on Friday, as violence soared with the onset of spring.

Report: Officers withheld Tillman death details 23 Mar 2007 A Pentagon investigation will recommend that nine officers, including up to four generals, be held accountable for missteps in the aftermath of the friendly fire death of Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, senior defense officials said.

Pentagon to blame 9 officers in Tillman case: CBS 23 Feb 2007 The Pentagon's inspector general will blame nine U.S. Army officers, including up to four generals, for missteps after the April 2004 death in Afghanistan by friendly fire of former NFL star Pat Tillman, the "CBS Evening News" reported on Friday. It said the Pentagon would release its findings on Monday, showing the officers failed to follow regulations and used poor judgment in keeping the truth of the cause of Tillman's death from his family for more than a month.

Army Revises Upward Number of Desertions in '06 23 Mar 2007 A total of 3,196 active-duty soldiers deserted the Army last year, or 853 more than previously reported, according to revised figures from the Army. The new calculations by the Army, which had about 500,000 active-duty troops at the end of 2006, significantly alter the annual desertion totals since the 2000 fiscal year.

Mega barf alert! U.S. to test-fly guard drones 22 Mar 2007 The Homeland Security Department and the military this summer will test whether drones flying 65,000 feet above the nation's busiest airports could be used to protect planes from being shot down by terrorists with shoulder-fired missiles. Dubbed "Project Chloe" after a character on Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's favorite TV show, 24, [LOL! What a f*king moron!] the anti-missile strategy is the latest to be explored by government leaders looking to thwart potential missile threats at commercial airports.

MoD pays tribute to sailors killed in blast aboard nuclear submarine 23 Mar 2007 Two British sailors who died in an explosion aboard a nuclear submarine during an operation under the Arctic ice cap were named yesterday by the Ministry of Defence.

Latest Hicks setback exposes injustice: Labor 24 Mar 2007 Australian terror suspect David Hicks has lost an eleventh hour bid to halt Monday's appearance in a Guantanamo Bay courtroom. Labor says the refusal by one tier of the United States' legal system to delay Hicks' trial is confirmation that the military commission process is unjust.

US judge won't delay David Hicks' trial 24 Mar 2007 A US federal judge said on Friday she will not delay a military terrorism trial against Australian detainee David Hicks at the Guantanamo Bay military base.

'At some point -- a point we passed long ago -- the secrecy itself becomes a threat to our democracy.' My National Security Letter Gag Order By Anonymous 23 Mar 2007 Three years ago, I received a national security letter (NSL) in my capacity as the president of a small Internet access and consulting business. The letter ordered me to provide sensitive information about one of my clients. There was no indication that a judge had reviewed or approved the letter, and it turned out that none had. The letter came with a gag provision that prohibited me from telling anyone, including my client, that the FBI was seeking this information... Rather than turn over the information, I contacted lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union, and in April 2004 I filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the NSL power.

I Was Against Presidential Privilege Before I Was for It By E.J. Dionne 23 Mar 2007 The senator vigorously rejected the president’s claim of executive privilege. "I find this extraordinary and troublesome," he said, "and I think it will ultimately be damaging to the president. ... This is an attempt to stonewall our committee, and the public will be outraged." [The speaker was] Alfonse D’Amato, discussing Bill Clinton’s invocation of executive privilege in the Whitewater investigation. So many principles that Republicans held dear when they were trying to take Clinton down are no longer operative... To investigate Clinton—even his Christmas card list—was God’s work. To investigate Bush is "to head down the partisan road of issuing subpoenas and demanding show trials," as the president [sic] put it this week.

'Two guards came on, and they had a mask on. It was pretty scary.' Passengers Detained During Smallpox Scare 23 Mar 2007 Passengers onboard a flight landing at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Friday were quarantined for several hours because a fellow passenger claimed he had smallpox. The threat was proven false after the man was taken to Carolinas Medical Center for testing. Under federal guidelines, all the passengers had to stay put until the threat could be confirmed or proven false. Passengers had to give their names, addresses and phone numbers so authorities could reach them.

Huge U.S. economic losses forecast in flu pandemic 22 Mar 2007 An influenza pandemic on the scale of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" would inflict $700 billion in economic losses in the United States and a 5.5 percent GDP drop in a year, according to a report released on Thursday. Such a pandemic could trigger the second-deepest U.S. economic recession since World War Two, the report from the advocacy group Trust for America's Health found. [Halliburton, KBR and Blackwater USA, however, will make a *killing.* Count on it! The Bush regime is already taking steps to get the pandemic party started. --LRP]

FEC Democrats Say Bush Violated Legal Limits 23 Mar 2007 The three Democrats on the Federal Election Commission revealed yesterday that they strongly believe President [sic] Bush exceeded legal spending limits during the 2004 presidential contest [coup d'etat] and that his campaign owes the government $40 million.

Former deputy Interior secretary pleads guilty --Griles is highest ranking official caught up in Abramoff probe 23 Mar 2007 Former Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles pleaded guilty Friday to obstruction of justice in a Senate committee’s investigation, becoming the highest-ranking Bush regime official convicted in the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal.

U.S. Suggests Cutting Abramoff Sentence 22 Mar 2007 Federal prosecutors took the first steps toward reducing the prison sentence of former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, currently scheduled for release in 2011 for a Florida fraud conviction.

White House Spokesman to Undergo Surgery 23 Mar 2007 Presidential spokesman Tony Snow is undergoing surgery Monday to remove a growth in his lower abdomen, a procedure he said was being done "out of an aggressive sense of caution" because he had colon cancer two years ago.

Rat poison found in tainted pet food --Animal deaths have led to nationwide recall 23 Mar 2007 Rat poison has been found in pet food blamed for the deaths of at least 16 cats and dogs, a spokeswoman for the State Department of Agriculture and Markets said Friday. Spokeswoman Jessica Chittenden would not identify [!?!] the chemical or its source beyond saying it was a rodent poison.

"Knut Day" in Berlin as polar bear cub goes public 23 Mar 2007 Germany's youngest celebrity, Knut the polar bear cub, made his much-anticipated public debut at Berlin Zoo on Friday and appeared unfazed by the media scrum surrounding his first excursion. German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel has adopted Knut and used his appearance to further the debate on climate change. [Pictures of Knut]


FBI Violations May Number 3,000, Official Says --600 of these violations could be "cases of serious misconduct" involving improper use of "national security letters" 21 Mar 2007 The Justice Department's inspector general told a committee of angry House members yesterday that the FBI may have violated the law or government policies as many as 3,000 times since 2003 as agents secretly collected the telephone, bank and credit card records of U.S. citizens and foreign nationals residing here.

Senate Committee Joins in Authorizing Bush Subpoenas 22 Mar 2007 A Senate panel probing the firing of eight U.S. attorneys joined a House subcommittee in authorizing subpoenas to compel testimony by Karl Rove, President [sic] George W. Bush's top political adviser, and other White House officials.

Subpoenas Force Talks for Testimony Deal 23 Mar 2007 Democrats are pressing President [sic] Bush to allow his political guru Karl Rove and other top aides to answer questions under oath about the firing of federal prosecutors. The brokering has already begun.

E-Mails Show Machinations to Replace Prosecutor --Administration Worked for Months to Make Rove Aide U.S. Attorney in Arkansas 23 Mar 2007 Two months before Bud Cummins was fired as U.S. attorney in Little Rock, a protege of presidential adviser Karl Rove was maneuvering with the Justice Department to take his place... Rove and Harriet Miers, then the White House counsel, were keenly interested in putting him in the position, e-mails reveal. New documents also show that Justice and White House officials were preparing for President [sic] Bush's approval of the appointment as early as last summer, five months before Griffin took the job... The evidence runs contrary to assurances from Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales that no such move had been planned.

U.S. Attorney in Michigan Disputes Reason for Removal 23 Mar 2007 The ousted United States attorney in western Michigan [Margaret M. Chiara] said Thursday that she was told last November that she was being forced out to make way for another lawyer the Bush administration wanted to groom, not because of management problems.

Fitzgerald Ranked During Leak Case --Justice Dept. Fired 2 With Same Rating 20 Mar 2007 U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald was ranked among prosecutors who had "not distinguished themselves" on a Justice Department chart sent to the White House in March 2005, when he was in the midst of leading the CIA leak investigation that resulted in the perjury conviction of a vice presidential aide, administration officials said yesterday. The ranking placed Fitzgerald below "strong U.S. Attorneys . . . who exhibited loyalty" to the administration but above "weak U.S. Attorneys who . . . chafed against Administration initiatives, etc.," according to Justice documents. The chart was the first step in an effort to identify U.S. attorneys who should be removed. Two prosecutors who received the same ranking as Fitzgerald were later fired, documents show.

US ambassador meddled in case: former attorney 23 Mar 2007 The former leader of the US Justice Department team that prosecuted a landmark lawsuit against tobacco companies [Sharon Eubanks] has claimed that Bush Administration political appointees - including the present US ambassador to Australia - repeatedly ordered her to take steps that weakened the Government's racketeering case. "The political people were pushing the buttons and ordering us to say what we said," she said. "And because of that, we failed to zealously represent the interests of the American public."

What Bush is hiding --In the U.S. attorney scandal, Alberto Gonzales gave orders, but he also took them -- from Karl Rove, who plotted to turn the federal criminal justice system into the Republican Holy Office of the Inquisition. By Sidney Blumenthal 22 Mar 2007 In the U.S. attorneys scandal, Gonzales was an active though second-level perpetrator. While he gave orders, he also took orders. Just as his chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, has resigned as a fall guy, so Gonzales would be yet another fall guy if he were to resign. He was assigned responsibility for the purge of U.S. attorneys but did not conceive it... The disclosure of the e-mails establishing Rove's centrality suggests not only the political chain of command but also the hierarchy of coverup. Bush protects Gonzales in order to protect those who gave Gonzales his marching orders -- Rove and Bush himself.

Liberals Relent on Iraq War Funding --House Likely to Pass Bill With Pullout Date 23 Mar 2007 Liberal opposition to a $124 billion war spending bill broke last night, when leaders of the antiwar Out of Iraq Caucus pledged to Democratic leaders that they will not block the measure, which sets timelines for bringing U.S. troops home. The acquiescence of the liberals probably means that the House will pass a binding measure today that would establish tough readiness standards for the deployment of combat forces and an Aug. 31, 2008, deadline for their removal from Iraq. [Response to 'acquiesence of the liberals']

Police tell anti-war protesters to take down 'Camp Pelosi' 22 Mar 2007 Anti-war protesters in their 11th day of a round-the-clock vigil in front of Rep. Nancy Pelosi's Pacific Heights home were ordered by San Francisco police Thursday night to remove protest signs, banners and canopies that adorned what they called Camp Pelosi.

Anti-war protesters arrested at Pelosi's office 22 Mar 2007 Four members of the anti-war group Code Pink were arrested outside the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Thursday afternoon, following an announcement that they would seek to take over the office.

Baghdad blast disrupts Ban-Maliki conference 22 Mar 2007 A mortar attack hit Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone on Thursday as the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held a news conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Iraqi officials said nearby buildings shook and people clutched their furniture when the huge explosion took place at about 1530 (1230 GMT) in the Green Zone in central Baghdad.

Baghdad seeks insurgent allies against al-Qaeda 23 Mar 2007 Having obtained the surprise release of a leading Shiite radical, the [US-installed] Iraqi Government is holding talks with insurgent groups to persuade them to help drive al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] out of the country, a senior Iraqi official says.

Iraq, 'Insurgent' Negotiations Stalled 22 Mar 2007 Iraq's [US-installed] government has engaged in secret negotiations seeking to get some Sunni Arab 'insurgent' groups to give up their fight, but the talks are deadlocked over the lack of a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops, a senior official said Thursday. Saad Yousif al-Muttalibi of the Ministry of National Dialogue and Reconciliation said talks have been taking place inside and outside Iraq over the past three months and involved five or six 'insurgent' groups.

Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol 22 Mar 2007 A MND-B Soldier died when an improvised explosive device detonated while the unit conducted route clearance operations in a western section of the Iraqi capital.

Pentagon Investigates VA Retirement Home 22 Mar 2007 In the latest allegations of poor treatment for veterans, the Pentagon said Thursday it is investigating conditions at a veterans' retirement home in the capital. A medical team went for an inspection Wednesday after Defense Secretary Robert Gates got a letter from congressional investigators about allegations of a rising death rate and rooms spattered with blood, urine and feces at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington. [The blood, urine and feces in the rooms? Oh, that's just the GOP 'supporting our troops.']

'Most of Iraq is reasonably under control, at least as well as Detroit.' Detroit likened to Iraq by GOP lawmaker 22 Mar 2007 A Republican congressman representing Tipton, Michigan is taking heat for saying that most of Iraq "is reasonably under control, at least as well as Detroit." Freshman Rep. Tim Walberg's comments, made Monday on WILS-AM in Lansing, didn't sit well with Democrats -- who issued a news release Wednesday -- or the office of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. "Any reference to Detroit as a war zone is absurd," said Matt Allen, the mayor's spokesman. [Hopefully, the insurgents are winning in Detroit.]

Portland council urges no Iran attack 22 Mar 2007 (OR) While national lawmakers debate the Iraq war, the Portland City Council has moved on to Iran. Portland is the second U.S. city to pass such a resolution, following Berkeley, Calif.

Bolton admits Lebanon truce block 22 Mar 2007 A former top American diplomat says the US deliberately resisted calls for a immediate ceasefire during the conflict in Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Former ambassador to the UN John Bolton told the BBC that before any ceasefire Washington wanted Israel to eliminate Hezbollah's military capability.

Israel's Peres says wouldn't have entered Lebanon war 22 Mar 2007 Deputy Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, in testimony to a Lebanon war inquiry released on Thursday, said he would not have entered last year's war if the decision had rested with him.

Detainees reported abusive treatment in CIA custody: Red Cross 21 Mar 2007 Terror detainees once held in the CIA's secret prisons were kept and questioned under highly abusive conditions, the International Committee of the Red Cross said in a confidential report based on interviews with suspects.

New to Pentagon, Gates Argued for Closing Guantánamo Prison 23 Mar 2007 In his first weeks as defense secretary, Robert M. Gates repeatedly argued that the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, had become so tainted abroad that legal proceedings at Guantánamo would be viewed as illegitimate [just like the Bush regime itself], according to senior administration officials. He told President [sic] Bush and others that it should be shut down as quickly as possible.

C.I.A. Seeks Disguise for Agent at Trial 23 Mar 2007 The C.I.A. wants an agent to testiLIE in disguise and use a fake name at a terrorism trial to protect his identity and 'secret agency sites' [black ops prisons] in Afghanistan, papers filed on Thursday said. The trial is that of Jose Padilla, who is accused of belonging to a North American cell supporting Islamic terror groups around the world.

Three arrested over July 7 bombings 22 Mar 2007 Three men were today arrested in connection with the July 7 London bombings, which killed 52 commuters on the capital's public transport system. In the first significant arrests since the 2005 [Bush-Blair] suicide attacks, two men, aged 23 and 30, were detained shortly before 1pm at Manchester airport, where they were due to catch a flight to Pakistan.

Sea containers 'obvious alternative' for terrorists: report 22 Mar 2007 A new report warns that sea containers are an "obvious alternative" for terrorists looking to strike North American targets and it says Canadian ports are ill-equipped to monitor them.

Former Sailor Accused of Supporting Terrorism Indicted In Conn. 21 Mar 2007 A former Navy sailor arrested two weeks ago on terrorism charges was indicted Wednesday in Connecticut and is due in court Friday. Hassan Abujihaad is accused of supporting terrorism by disclosing secret information about the location of Navy ships and the best ways to attack them.

Homeland Security dismisses Real ID privacy worries 21 Mar 2007 A senior U.S. Department of Homeland Security official on Wednesday said he finds privacy concerns prompted by the proposed Real ID regime puzzling. Real ID has been a target of criticism since Congress enacted it three years ago as part of an "emergency" Iraq spending bill.

States Seek $1 Billion Down-Payment for Real ID 21 Mar 2007 Earlier this month, US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff extended the proposed deadlines for states to comply with the new Real ID regulations. At the time, he estimated states may incur up to $14 billion in expenses over the next ten years to comply with his department's directives. So on Monday, the National Governors' Association petitioned the House Budget Committee to set aside an initial $1 billion from federal revenues, to handle the states' up-front costs.

Edwards Campaign in Uncharted Territory 23 Mar 2007 John and Elizabeth Edwards stood side-by-side in the North Carolina sunshine to announce that her cancer was back and that his run for the presidency would go forward at full speed. It was a sympathetic tableau that drew an immediate outpouring of well wishes from people of all political persuasions.

Edwards to continue campaign despite return of wife's cancer 22 Mar 2007 Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said today that his wife's cancer has returned and is no longer curable, but is treatable. But he said he will continue his campaign.

Edwards to Continue '08 Bid Despite Wife's Cancer 22 Mar 2007 John Edwards, the North Carolina Democrat, said today that his wife’s cancer had returned, but that his bid for the presidency "goes on strongly." "The campaign goes on, the campaign goes on strongly," he said, with his wife, Elizabeth, at his side.

Ex-Chief of Collins & Aikman Is Said to Be Facing Indictment 22 Mar 2007 David A. Stockman, a former congressman who served as President Ronald Reagan’s first budget director, is expected to be indicted on charges of accounting fraud related to his role as chairman of an auto parts supplier, people with knowledge of the matter said Wednesday.

Private takeover might drive up road tolls --Florida lawmakers may allow private companies to build and run toll roads. Automatic hikes in tolls across the state are also proposed. 22 Mar 2007 The Florida Legislature is considering letting private companies build roads and charge drivers tolls to recoup their investment. The measure, which could be approved by the state House as soon as today, would also require automatic hikes at all existing toll roads in the state.

Consumer Confidence Plunges Amid Rising Gas Prices 20 Mar 2007 Consumer confidence plunged this week, reversing its gains for the year amid rising gas prices, a volatile stock market and fresh signs of inflation. The Washington Post-ABC News Consumer Comfort Index (CCI) had its biggest one-week drop in more than three years.

How to ctrl, alt, delete $48 billion 22 Mar 2007 ...Imagine wiping out a disk drive containing information for an account worth $US38 billion ($A48 billion). That's what happened to a computer technician reformatting a disk drive at the Alaska Department of Revenue. While doing routine maintenance work, the technician accidentally deleted applicant information for an oil-funded account, and mistakenly reformatted the backup drive, as well. Over the next few days, as the department, the division and consultants from Microsoft and Dell laboured to retrieve the data, it became obvious the worst-case scenario was at hand.

Dear Microsoft By Barry Tudor 22 Mar 2007 Dear Microsoft... Your software, much to my surprise, anticipates my hardware capabilities, and removes basic functionality to the desires of my will, and replaces what control I had of my own machine, with corporate law-written garbage code. It then stifles any attempt to subvert the system and "make it do what I want it to do" by refusing ASPI layers, killing DAV, and many other subversive and hidden little "tricks." ...Please take Microsoft Vista, and shove it up your collective asses. I hope you choke on it like I am choking on your freedom-limiting and stifled code.

Are GM Crops Killing Bees? By Gunther Latsch 22 Mar 2007 A mysterious decimation of bee populations has German beekeepers worried, while a similar phenomenon in the United States is gradually assuming catastrophic proportions. The consequences for agriculture and the economy could be enormous.

Knut Will Live, Promises Berlin Zoo 21 Mar 2007 Keep your paws off Knut, was the message from animal lovers across Germany in response to calls for Berlin's beloved polar bear cub to be put down. Now the Berlin Zoo has promised that Knut's life is not in danger. Knut is safe.


Appeals court reverses conviction for GOP official in New Hampshire phone-jamming case 21 Mar 2007 A federal appeals court on Wednesday reversed the conviction and sentence of a former Republican National Committee official [James Tobin] accused in a phone-jamming plot on Election Day 2002.

Karl Rove back in the cross hairs again 21 Mar 2007 KKKarl Rove, architect of President [sic] George W. Bush's two election 'victories' [sic - coup d'etats] and the Democrats' favorite target, is back in the cross hairs again -- this time over the firings of U.S. prosecutors. [Well, we certainly hope that this is the *last time* Karl Rove is ever in the cross hairs. (Think about it.) --LRP]

Showdown looms in attorney firings probe 22 Mar 2007 President [sic] Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress careened closer to a full-blown legal showdown over the firing of federal prosecutors Wednesday as a House subcommittee voted subpoenas for top administration officials in defiance of the White House.

Panel Approves Five Subpoenas on Top Bush Officials 22 Mar 2007 A House panel authorized subpoenas Wednesday requiring Karl Rove and four other senior Bush administration officials to testify under oath in the inquiry into the dismissals of eight federal prosecutors.

House panel OKs subpoenas for Rove, other White House aides --The move sets up a constitutional showdown over firings of U.S. attorneys 21 Mar 2007 A House panel on Wednesday defied the White House and authorized subpoenas for President [sic] Bush’s political adviser, Karl Rove and other top aides, setting up a constitutional showdown over the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

Bush rejects Senate 'show trials' 21 Mar 2007 US President [sic] George W Bush says he will not allow his advisers to take part in "show trials" in the escalating row over the firing of federal prosecutors. [Right, what we need are not show trials, but REAL trials--of Bush and Cheney for war crimes!]

Why I Was Fired By David C. Iglesias 21 Mar 2007 Although we [United States attorneys] receive our appointments through the political process (I am a Republican who was recommended by Senator Pete Domenici), we are expected to be apolitical once we are in office. I will never forget John Ashcroft, then the attorney general, telling me during the summer of 2001 that politics should play no role during my tenure. I took that message to heart. Little did I know that I could be fired for not being political.

Anti-War Dems Near Defeat on Spending Bill ( 21 Mar 2007 The most outspoken critics of the $124 billion wartime spending bill in the House are facing withering support in their fight to defeat it.

Iraq 'should talk to militants' 21 Mar 2007 The vice-president of Iraq, Tareq al-Hashemi, has called for talks to be opened with the country's 'insurgents' in an attempt to bring peace.

Iraq PM orders Sadr aide released by U.S. forces 21 Mar 2007 U.S. forces have released a senior aide to Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on the orders of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the prime minister's office said on Wednesday.

World 'ignoring Iraqi refugees' 20 Mar 2007 The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says there has been an "abject denial" around the world of the humanitarian impact of invading Iraq. Syria says it is home to 1.2m Iraqi refugees, with up to 800,000 in Jordan.

'Bush can come fight here.' "It is like the movie 'Groundhog Day.'" --US troops in Iraq want out 20 Mar 2007 For US troops from 9th Cavalry Regiment bumping around the dangerous streets of Baghdad in Humvees after dark on Monday, news that their deployment in Iraq could be extended fell like a hammer blow. "We just want to get out of here as soon as possible," said one vehicle commander in one of his few printable comments. "Bush should send all the Death Row prisoners here and they can be killed fighting the terrorists. We've had enough," said another soldier, as the Humvee accelerated past a roadside car in case it exploded. Added yet another, "Bush can come fight here. He can take my 1,000 dollars a month and I'll go home." [Bush should BE a death-row prisoner!]

AP: Mold, Leaky Roofs Beset VA Clinics 21 Mar 2007 The Veterans Affairs' vast network of 1,400 health clinics and hospitals is beset by maintenance problems such as mold, leaking roofs and even a colony of bats, an internal review says. The investigation, ordered two weeks ago by VA Secretary Jim Nicholson, is the first major review of the facilities conducted since the disclosure of squalid conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Third 'think Iraq war was right' 20 Mar 2007 A third of people in the UK think going to war in Iraq was justified, but six in 10 believe it was a mistake, a BBC survey suggests.

Afghanistan admits to Taliban 'prisoner exchange' 20 Mar 2007 The Afghan government admitted Tuesday to exchanging Taliban prisoners for an Italian hostage as the United Nations and United States led criticism of any negotiations with "terrorists." [Who were the terrorists in the exchange? The US-installed-pipeline/opium-friendly Afghan government or the Taliban?]

More suicide bombers enter Afghanistan 20 Mar 2007 Suicide bombers are crossing the border from Pakistan into Afghanistan with increasing frequency, launching attacks directed against foreign military convoys with funding from abroad, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a report to the Security Council on Tuesday.

Derry's airport 'first to ban CIA flights' 20 Mar 2007 The City Of Derry Airport is expected to be the first in Europe to officially ban controversial CIA flights transporting terror suspects to secret prisons, it emerged today.

Ex-Captive in Guantánamo Makes Run for Office in Australia 21 Mar 2007 Mamdouh Habib was an early case of rendition [kidnapping]... He was released from Guantánamo and returned to Australia in February 2005 without any charges filed against him, because the Bush administration did not want the torture allegations aired in court, Australian and American officials have said. Now, he is running in elections on March 24 for a seat in the parliament of the state of New South Wales, whose capital is Sydney.

Why CIA abuse is medieval madness --Torture can produce unreliable confessions, while non-coercive methods often reach the truth By Michael Otterman 22 Mar 2007 Since medieval times, water-boarding, or forcing water into captives' lungs, has been used to compel prisoners to confess. During the Inquisition, water-boarded prisoners admitted to shape-shifting and cavorting with the devil. Today, terrorism suspects subjected to this medieval torture admit the wildest things too. Just ask 9/11 plotter, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed... After 2 1/2 minutes on the waterboard, CIA officials said he was "begging to confess". He admitted to 31 different plots - nearly every act of terrorism against the US since the early 1990s.

US penalties threaten Iran oil projects 22 Mar 2007 The Bush regime has quietly been warning energy companies, including Shell, Repsol and SKS, the Malaysian oil company, as well as the governments of China, India, Pakistan and Malaysia, that penalties are possible if they pursue energy deals with Iran. As a result, several huge projects planned for Iran could be vulnerable... The Bush Administration has tried to avoid diplomatic or political controversies through talks.

U.N. seeks compromise on Iran sanctions 22 Mar 2007 U.N. negotiators sought on Wednesday to bridge differences with South Africa on sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, with the United States stressing the importance of Russian pressure on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment.

Two dead in freak nuclear sub accident 22 Mar 2007 Two British submariners were killed and a third injured in an accident today on board a nuclear submarine under the ice cap in the Arctic Ocean, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in London said.

Israel holds massive chemical attack drill --Thousands of police, soldiers hold nation's biggest disaster rehearsal yet 20 Mar 2007 Air raid sirens wailed across Israel Tuesday and thousands of security forces and rescue crews were mobilized in a nationwide drill to prepare for [their?] possible chemical attacks or an Iranian missile strike.

Halliburton opens manufacturing center in Mexico 21 Mar 2007 Halliburton’s Energy Services Group (ESG) is opening a new manufacturing center in Monterrey, Mexico, to meet its customers’ increasing demands for 'energy services products.' The grand opening of the facility is expected to take place in May 2007. ['Insurgents?']

U.S. judges slow to disclose travel 21 Mar 2007 A new requirement that federal judges promptly tell the public about their expense-paid trips has so far produced no disclosures, a judicial ethics watchdog group said Wednesday. The change took effect Jan. 1, requiring sponsors of trips to report in advance who is paying for judges' travel and lodging at private seminars.

Edwards, Wife to Speak to Press Thursday 21 Mar 2007 Presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth, have scheduled a press conference Thursday at noon in Chapel Hill. The campaign would not say what they would discuss, but observers have been awaiting an update on Elizabeth Edwards' latest breast cancer checkup.

Gore Warns Congress of 'Planetary Emergency' 21 Mar 2007 Former President Al Gore, rejecting complaints by Republican lawmakers that he was waging an alarmist war on coal and oil use, insisted before Congressional panels today that human-caused global warming constitutes a "planetary emergency" requiring an aggressive federal response.

Gore urges US action to avert global warming catastrophe 21 Mar 2007 Former President Al Gore today told the US Congress that climate change posed "a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilisation and the habitability of the Earth".

'In my more than three decades in government, I have never seen anything approaching the degree to which information flow from scientists to the public has been screened and controlled as it has now.' US fudging of climate science - details revealed 20 Mar 2007 The Bush administration has again been charged with interfering with federal climate science, in order to underplay the significance of global warming. In a continuing investigation, the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held its second hearing on the issue on Monday. Documents "appear to portray a systematic White House effort to minimise the significance of climate change", said a memo released by the committee.

Bush administration reinterprets species law --Activists plan to sue 19 Mar 2007 Tired of losing lawsuits brought by conservation groups, the Bush regime issued a new interpretation of the Endangered Species Act that would allow it to protect plants and animals only in areas where they are struggling to survive, while ignoring places they are healthy or have already died out. [His is the 'species' of human garbage that needs to be "struggling to survive."]

Kill this cub? You must be Knuts! 21 Mar 2007 A German zoo has been told it should let a baby polar bear named Knut die after it was rejected by its mother. However Berlin Zoo has rejected calls for Knut to be put down.

Health alert over Tamiflu 21 Mar 2007 Japanese health officials issued an alert over giving flu drug Tamiflu to teenagers on Wednesday as Myanmar reported a further outbreak of bird flu in poultry. Tamiflu is regarded as one of the main drugs effective against a bird flu pandemic, but a series of cases, including teen suicides in Japan, have fuelled concern the drug could induce psychiatric symptoms. [Oops! There goes Rumsfeld's stock portfolio! See: Rumsfeld's growing stake in Tamiflu 31 Oct 2005 Defense Secretary, ex-chairman of flu treatment rights holder, sees portfolio value growing.]

H5N1 kills rare eagle near Japan bird flu sites 19 Mar 2007 The H5N1 bird flu virus killed a rare species of eagle, captured within 75 km (47 miles) of sites of three Japanese outbreaks of the virus among poultry earlier this year, the environment ministry said on Monday.

Group blasts FDA plan to allow 'food' from clones 21 Mar 2007 Findings of a U.S. government study that would help pave the way for the sale of milk and meat from cloned animals was "flawed" and failed to adequately check for possible side-effects, a consumer group said on Wednesday.

Tests by Pet Food Maker Killed 7 Animals Before Recall 20 Mar 2007 Of the 10 cats and dogs whose deaths have been linked to pet food that was recalled over the weekend, seven died in a test that the manufacturer [Menu Foods of Streetsville, Ontario] began administering last month, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday.


The Delusions of the Last Rightwing Remnant: --The Rec Report --By Michael Rectenwald Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007 I should like to educate the Busheviks about something called "academic freedom," which, unlike the freedumb (freedom to be dumb) avowed on, actually allows one to have a reasoned opinion that differs from that of the king-and-priest mob that stones dissenters... This same mob is a dangerous cabal with members that include dangerous, prominent politicians.

Scientist accuses White House of 'Nazi' tactics 19 Mar 2007 A government scientist, under sharp questioning by a federal panel for his outspoken views on global warming, stood by his view today that the Bush administration's information policies smacked of Nazi Germany. James Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, took particular issue with the administration's rule that a government information officer listen in on his interviews with reporters and its refusal to allow him to be interviewed by National Public Radio.

Bush will fight congressional subpoenas on attorney firings 20 Mar 2007 President [sic] George W. Bush said he will fight any attempt by Congress to subpoena his aides in the investigation into the firings of eight U.S. attorneys. "Access to White House staff is always a sensitive issue," In remarks at the White House, Bush said some lawmakers want his aides subpoenaed as part of a "partisan fishing expedition."

President Bush's Comments on the Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys 20 Mar 2007 (Transcript) It will be regrettable if they [the Democrats] choose to head down the partisan road of issuing subpoenas and demanding show trials when I have agreed to make key White House officials and documents available. I have proposed a reasonable way to avoid an impasse. I hope they don't choose confrontation. I will oppose any attempts to subpoena White House officials. [Dictator Bush is ranting about the possibility of "show trials," if KKKarl Rove and his inner circle of hell is subpoenaed! Talk to *David Hicks* about a 'show trial' --trials of terror suspects have begun without a lawyer or reporter in sight --in the kangaroo court that IS Guantanamo Bay!! --Lori Price]

Bush and Senate Clash in Inquiry on Prosecutors 21 Mar 2007 President [sic] Bush and Congress clashed Tuesday over an inquiry into the firing of federal prosecutors and appeared headed toward a constitutional showdown over demands from Capitol Hill for more information about internal White House deliberations... Responding defiantly on a day in which tension over the affair played out on multiple fronts, Mr. Bush said he would resist any effort to put his top aides under "the klieg lights" in "show trials" on Capitol Hill, and he reiterated his support for Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, whose backing among Republicans on Capitol Hill ebbed further on Tuesday.

Bush Warns Dems to Take Offer in Firings 20 Mar 2007 A defiant President [sic] Bush warned Democrats Tuesday to accept his offer to have top aides testilie about the firings of federal prosecutors only privately and not under oath or risk a constitutional showdown from which he would not back down. Democrats' response to his proposal was swift and firm: They said they would start authorizing subpoenas as soon as Wednesday for the White House aides.

White House Offers Interview With Rove 21 Mar 2007 The White House pushed back Tuesday against Democrats demanding answers on the firings of federal prosecutors, refusing to allow Dictator Bush's top aides to testilie publicly and under oath about their roles in the dismissals.

Senate Limits Gonzales' Hiring Authority 20 Mar 2007 The Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to end the Bush regime's ability to unilaterally fill U.S. attorney vacancies as a backlash to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' firing of eight federal prosecutors. The Senate by a 94-2 vote passed a bill that would cancel the attorney general's power to appoint U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation.

Justice Dept. worked to contain U.S. attorney fallout --Documents show that officials scrambled to curb bad publicity over the widening scandal. 20 Mar 2007 As the scandal over the firing of a select group of U.S. attorneys was building two weeks ago, the No. 2 official at the Justice Department tried to persuade one of those being removed that Washington was not out to ruin their reputations.

Excerpts From the 3,000 Pp. of Documents 21 Mar 2007 Among the excerpts from 3,000 pages of documents the Justice Department turned over to Congress late Monday night: Oct. 17, 2006 e-mail from Sampson to Elston: Subject: FW: United States Attorneys See below for my list of U.S. Attorneys we should consider replacing. Does it match up with yours.

Bush calls Gonzales to express support --White House denies it's looking for possible successors to attorney general 20 Mar 2007 President [sic] Bush sent a powerful message of support Tuesday for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, calling his longtime friend to express unwavering support in the face of calls for his resignation.

Tancredo: Time for Gonzales to 'Move On' 20 Mar 2007 Presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo has joined the growing chorus of lawmakers calling for U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign - only not for the usual reason. Unlike others criticizing Gonzales over the recent firing of eight U.S. attorneys, the Colorado Republican said the embattled attorney general should go because of "a series of leadership failures" - chiefly his handling of illegal immigration prosecutions.

Senator Eyes Another Attorney Departure 20 Mar 2007 Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Tuesday she wants answers about the departure of the former U.S. attorney in Los Angeles [Debra Yang], who resigned last October before the Justice Department's dismissal of eight other U.S. attorneys sparked controversy.

Lawmakers warn FBI on surveillance powers --Agency told it could lose broad spying authority after revelations of abuses 20 Mar 2007 Republicans and Democrats sternly warned the FBI on Tuesday that it could lose its broad power to collect telephone, e-mail and financial records to hunt terrorists if the agency doesn’t quickly address widespread abuses of the authority detailed in a recent internal investigation.

Democratic leaders rally prominent party members to support Iraq war bill 20 Mar 2007 Up to a dozen Democrats might resist setting a deadline to end the war in Iraq, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to rally prominent party members to help widen the margin for a nail-biting vote.

Former Iraqi Vice President Hanged 20 Mar 2007 The former deputy [Taha Yassin Ramadan] in Saddam Hussein's government was hanged before dawn Tuesday for the killings of 148 Shiites, an official with the prime minister's office said. [We are still awaiting the trials of our war criminals in the US.]

Iraq Bombers Blow Up 2 Children Used as Decoys 21 Mar 2007 'Insurgents' [US terrorists] detonated a bomb in a car with two children in it after using the children as decoys to get through a military checkpoint in Baghdad, an American general said Tuesday.

Shelling, Bombs Kill 14 In Baghdad 20 Mar 2007 Four mortar shells landed in a Baghdad residential neighborhood Tuesday, killing four people and injuring 20 others in one of several deadly attacks.

Manufacturer: Israeli spy planes patrolling the skies of Iraq and Afghanistan 20 Mar 2007 Pilotless planes small enough for a single soldier to carry and operate are gathering intelligence for U.S.-led forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli manufacturer [Elbit Systems] said Monday.

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army (Democracy Now!) 20 Mar 2007 Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill joins us to talk about his new book, "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army." Scahill writes, "Blackwater is the elite Praetorian Guard for the 'global war on terror,' with its own military base, a fleet of twenty aircraft, and 20,000 private contractors at the ready. Run by a multimillionaire Christian conservative who bankrolls President [sic] Bush and his allies, its forces are capable of overthrowing governments."

US troops in Iraq want out 20 Mar 2007 For US troops from 9th Cavalry Regiment bumping around the dangerous streets of Baghdad in Humvees after dark on Monday, news that their deployment in Iraq could be extended fell like a hammer blow. Their commanders had cautioned that their second one-year tour due to end in October could be prolonged while US President [sic] George W. Bush later warned troops it was too soon to "pack up and go home." The expletives during the four-hour night patrol turned the air in the Humvee, already thick with cigarette smoke, a dark shade of blue.

US public's support of Iraq war sliding faster now --Four years after the US invasion, Americans who now regret the war outnumber supporters by 14 percentage points. 20 Mar 2007 Support among Americans for the Iraq war began to slip just weeks after US troops breached Baghdad and toppled the statue of Saddam Hussein. But since last fall, the downward slope has become precipitous, with doubts spreading from Democrats and independents into the Republican core of support.

Anti-war protesters outside of NYSE arrested --Activists, who displayed record profits of companies, have been charged with disorderly conduct and failure to obey police. 19 Mar 2007 Forty-four anti-war activists carrying "blood-splattered" cardboard signs displaying the record profits of companies were arrested outside the New York Stock Exchange Monday morning.

Hicks in fresh torture claims 21 Mar 2007 David Hicks has renewed allegations of torture at Guantanamo Bay, claiming he was stamped on, repeatedly hit with a rifle butt and injected with drugs. A new document written by Hicks in support of his bid for British citizenship expands on previous claims and details new allegations of abuse. The terror suspect says his body was shaved and he was spat on. The document forms part of an affidavit in a British court in which he is seeking to over-ride a Blair government decision to deny him citizenship.

Australian lawyer to meet Hicks at Guantanamo Bay 20 Mar 2007 Australian lawyer David McLeod will meet Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks this weekend to discuss the impending trial by a US military tribunal. It will be the first time the two have spoken since the South Australian was charged with providing material support for terrorism. Hicks will face a preliminary hearing next Monday. "I haven't seen David since he was charged," Mr McLeod said.

CIA didn't try to stop secret deportation of U.S. citizen, officials say 19 Mar 2007 CIA officers in Kenya failed to use their influence to win the release of an American citizen who was secretly deported to Somalia and is now imprisoned in Ethiopia, a country that the State Department says abuses detainees, according to an internal U.S. government e-mail.

U.S. allies in Africa may have engaged in secret prisoner renditions 13 Mar 2007 A network of U.S. allies in East Africa secretly have transferred to prisons in Somalia and Ethiopia at least 80 people who were captured in Kenya while fleeing the recent war in Somalia, according to human rights advocates here.

Man from Uncle Joe: Gordon compared to Stalin 20 Mar 2007 Chancellor Gordon Brown was branded "Stalinist" today by his former top civil servant Lord Turnbull, once Whitehall's most senior mandarin. The ex-Cabinet secretary and permanent secretary to the Treasury said Mr Brown treated other senior ministers "with more or less complete contempt".

Dubai group in talks on U.S. aviation assets: source 19 Mar 2007 Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) is nearing a deal to buy a series of aviation businesses from U.S. private equity firm Carlyle Group for more than $1.5 billion, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday. As part of the agreement, DAE would buy Landmark Aviation, an aircraft maintenance provider, and Standard Aero, which provides repair and overhaul services at airport terminals for small-jet aviation and some military transports, according to the source.

Climate science was doctored 21 Mar 2007 The Bush administration diluted scientific evidence of global warming, one of its former high-ranking officials has admitted. Philip Cooney, an oil industry lobbyist now working for Exxon Mobil, conceded during a congressional hearing yesterday that while he was chief of staff of the White House Council on Environmental Quality he watered down reports on the adverse effects of man-made emissions on the planet's climate.

Pipeline companies are fighting release of specifics of equipment --They appeal judge's ruling that data be public 19 Mar 2007 Claiming that the release of detailed information on oil and gas pipelines could aid terrorists or troublemakers, pipeline companies in Washington are appealing a judge's order that they disclose specifics about their potentially explosive lines.

'How many minds did he pollute?' Biology teacher fired for referring to Bible [He was *fired* for linking evolution to Nazism and being an illiterate Reichwing whackjob, who likely posts on!] he was fired for 20 Mar 2007 During his eight days as a part-time high school biology teacher, Kris Helphinstine included Biblical references in material he provided to students and gave a PowerPoint presentation that made links between evolution, Nazi Germany and Planned Parenthood. That was enough for the Sisters School Board, which fired the teacher Monday night for deviating from the curriculum on the theory of evolution.

I.R.S. Agents Feel Pressed to End Corporate Cases 20 Mar 2007 The head of the Internal Revenue Service faces questions in Congress today about auditors' complaints that they are being forced to close corporate cases prematurely, allowing billions in tax dollars to go unpaid.

Cheney taken to D.C. hospital for checkup on leg --Vice president has follow-up appointment to check on blood clot in leg 20 Mar 2007 Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney went back to George Washington University Hospital on Tuesday for a follow-up examination in connection with a blood clot discovered in his leg, NBC News reported.

Vice President Cheney gets symbolic impeachment 19 Mar 2007 Students from Madison High School and elsewhere around the nation argued, debated and voted to impeach Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney at the "Harvard Model Congress" held on Thursday, Feb. 22, at Harvard University. [Ok, now we just need to 'go live.']

Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time? Speech by Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) Posted by Chad Ely 19 Mar 2007 We need to reevaluate the direction of this administration by looking at its conduct in office, by determining whether it has faithfully followed the laws of our nation. I'm prepared to start that process. I began this week with a speech on the floor of the House, which warned the administration that its actions toward Iran already constitute a case to ask the question about impeachment. So I'm asking you, what do you think? Do you think it's time?

Gore, a man on a mission By Brent Budowsky 19 Mar 2007 Al Gore’s testimony before the Senate and the House embodies the gold standard about how a political leader with a cause can rally a movement, get things done, and change the world... Gore is a man on a mission. It is exciting to witness the power of an idea, and a leader who views politics as an honorable profession to serve the national and global interest.

'We want this baby polar bear dead' say animal rights lobby 20 Mar 2007 Tiny, fluffy and adorable, Knut the baby polar bear became an animal superstar after he was abandoned by his mother. At three months old, however, the playful 19lb bundle of fur is at the centre of an impassioned debate over whether he should live or die. Animal rights activists argue that he should be given a lethal injection rather than brought up suffering the humiliation of being treated as a domestic pet. [The little bear should live.]


Bush: Iraq pullout could spark new 9/11 19 Mar 2007 President [sic] George W Bush has used the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war to warn that US withdrawal would unleash a "contagion of violence" that could spark a repeat of the Sept 11 attacks. [No, a repeat of the Sept. 11 attacks will occur when George W. Bush gives the order.]

U.S. attorney's firing may be connected to CIA corruption probe 18 Mar 2007 Fired San Diego U.S. attorney Carol Lam notified the Justice Department that she intended to execute search warrants on a high-ranking CIA official as part of a corruption probe the day before a Justice Department official sent an e-mail that said Lam needed to be fired, U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Sunday.

Justice Dept. Recognized Prosecutor's Work on Election Fraud Before His Firing 19 Mar 2007 One of the U.S. attorneys fired by the Bush administration after Republican complaints that he neglected to prosecute voter fraud had been heralded for his expertise in that area by the Justice Department, which twice selected him to train other federal prosecutors to pursue election crimes. David C. Iglesias, who was dismissed as U.S. attorney for New Mexico in December, was one of two chief federal prosecutors invited to teach at a "voting integrity symposium" in October 2005. [See: Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys --The Rec Report --By Michael Rectenwald 14 Mar 2007.]

Leahy intends to subpoena Bush officials 18 Mar 2007 The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman [Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT] last said Sunday he intends to subpoena White House officials involved in ousting federal prosecutors and is dismissing anything short of their testimony in public.

White House says it hopes Gonzales remains attorney general 19 Mar 2007 Amid bipartisan calls for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resignation in a scandal over dismissals of eight federal prosecutors, the White House said Monday, "We hope he stays."

White House Seeking Gonzales Replacements ( 19 Mar 2007 Republican officials operating at the behest of the White House have begun seeking a possible successor to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose support among GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill has collapsed, according to party sources familiar with the discussions.

It Wasn’t Just a Bad Idea. It May Have Been Against the Law. By Adam Cohen 19 Mar 2007 The Bush administration has done a terrible job of explaining its decision to fire eight United States attorneys.... But the administration has been strangely successful in pushing its message that the scandal is at worst a political misdeed, not a criminal matter. It is true, as the White House keeps saying, that United States attorneys serve "at the pleasure of the president," which means he can dismiss them whenever he wants. But if the attorneys were fired to interfere with a valid prosecution, or to punish them for not misusing their offices, that may well have been illegal.

This is getting good.

It's STILL The Oil: Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before Invasion By Greg Palast 18 Mar 2007 ...[T]he war has caused a hell of a supply squeeze — and Big Oil just loves it. Oil today is $57 a barrel versus the $18 a barrel price under Bill "Love-Not-War" Clinton... But before we shed tears for Big Oil’s having to hand Halliburton its slice, let me note that the value of the reserves of the five biggest oil companies more than doubled during the war to $2.36 trillion... In other words, the war has gone exactly to plan — the Houston plan... Exxon-Mobil reported a record $10 billion profit last quarter, the largest of any corporation in history. Mission Accomplished.

Iraq and Washington's 'seeds of democracy' By F. William Engdahl 30 Jul 2005 When George W. Bush spoke of planting the 'seeds of democracy’ few realized he might have had in mind Monsanto seeds... Buried deep among the Bremer [Administrator Paul Bremer III] laws was Order 81, 'Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety Law'... In plain English, this gives holders of patents on certain plant varieties, i.e. large foreign multinationals, absolute rights for 20 years over use of their seeds in Iraqi agriculture. The protected plant varieties are Genetically Modified or Gene Manipulated (GM) plants, and an Iraqi farmer who chose to plant such seeds must sign an agreement with the seed company holding the patent that he would pay a 'technology fee' and an annual license fee for planting the patented seeds.

U.N. condemns chlorine bombings in Iraq 19 Mar 2007 U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon strongly condemns multiple [US] terrorist bombings using chlorine gas in Iraq which have wounded or sickened more than 350 people.

The Americans planned to make him a suicide-bomber (Roads to Iraq) 18 Mar 2007 Iraqirabita tells a story about an Iraq interpreter working on an American military base, who was sent to the city by his bosses to buy computer hardware. He took the car but he stopped by friends. He got suspicious because the Americans call him every now and then asking him if he was already in the market? He parked the car in the middle of nowhere and answered 'yes,' -- a few minutes after that the car exploded. The guy left the country after that for Turkey. [Edited: grammar]

Salvador Option Surfaces Again By Elizabeth DiNovella 15 Mar 2007 But the similarities between U.S. military involvement in Iraq and El Salvador don’t end there. In order to circumvent Congressionally mandated limits on the number of U.S. military personnel on the ground, the Pentagon outsourced the work to private contractors. Some of the same private military contractors, such as DynCorp, now hold contracts for security work in Iraq. The use of paramilitaries and mercenaries led to the deaths of thousands of people in El Salvador.

GI Gets 10 Years in Deaths of 3 Iraqis 19 Mar 2007 A soldier accused of ordering subordinates to kill three Iraqi detainees should be sentenced to 10 years in prison, a military jury decided Monday. Staff Sgt. Ray Girouard, who was found guilty Friday of negligent homicide in his court-martial, could have received up to 21 years in prison.

Gunmen Kidnap and Kill Iraqi Mayor 19 Mar 2007 The mayor of a small Shiite village south of Baghdad [Khalaf Ghargan, the mayor of Dijelah] was kidnapped on his way to work Monday, and his bullet-riddled body was later found dumped along a highway, police and morgue officials said. Another body, handcuffed and showing signs of torture, also turned up at the morgue Monday, morgue official Maamoun Ajeel al-Rubaie said.

Iraqis give US thumbs down, four years after war: poll 19 Mar 2007 Iraqis are increasingly pessimistic about the future, four years after ouster of Saddam Hussein -- and fewer than one in five have faith in the US-led occupation, a poll showed Monday.

More than 100 arrested in Iraq protests 19 Mar 2007 Police arrested more than 100 Iraq war protesters in San Francisco and New York City on Monday as the nation marked the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Hundreds on Commons protest war --Fourth anniversary of invasion draws politicians, citizens calling for shift in Bush's Iraq policy 19 Mar 2007 (Ithaca, NY) Hundreds flocked to The Commons Saturday, joining tens of thousands around the world, to protest the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

US embassy officials bombed in Kabul 19 Mar 2007 A number of US embassy officials were wounded and a 15-year-old Afghan civilian killed when a Taleban suicide car bomber blew himself up next to a convoy in Kabul this morning. The explosion took place as the convoy made its way through a road located two miles from the embassy, scattering debris around the motorcade as well as passing pedestrians.

AP reporter witnesses Afghan bomb attack By Fisnik Abrashi 19 Mar 2007 Just as we picked up speed, a huge fireball erupted in the convoy about 50 to 70 yards ahead of us. Black smoke billowed into the air while debris showered down. We pulled over and jumped out to seek safety behind a wall... A French military officer - part of the NATO-led security force that patrols Kabul - said the U.S. embassy security team blocked him from approaching the scene for 20 minutes.

Taliban support rising in Afghanistan: study 19 Mar 2007 Canadian troops are facing another challenge in Afghanistan as Taliban support among civilians has rocketed to nearly 27 per cent. [Just 27 per cent?]

Detainee Alleges He Was Beaten in U.S. Custody 19 Mar 2007 David Hicks, the first detainee to be formally charged under the new military tribunal rules at Guantánamo, has alleged in a court document filed here that during nearly five years in American custody he was beaten frequently during interrogations [torture] and witnessed the abuse of other prisoners.

Detainee Said to Confess Role in Cole Bombing 19 Mar 2007 A top Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] operative acknowledged his role in the bombings of two American embassies in Africa in 1998 and in the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen in 2000, according to a transcript released by the Pentagon today. The [tortured?] operative, Walid bin Attash, who is also known as Khallad, made his statement, according to the transcript, to a combatant status review tribunal at the naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, on March 12.

Canada minister apologizes over Afghan detainees 19 Mar 2007 Canada's defence minister [Gordon O'Connor], in trouble over whether Taliban suspects captured by Canadian troops and handed over to Afghan authorities had then been abused, admitted on Monday he had misled Parliament about the matter. Canada's military police complaints commission is probing allegations that on at least 18 occasions, Canadian officials handed over prisoners in the knowledge they might be tortured.

ICC prosecutor says Bush, Blair could face war crimes investigation 19 Mar 2007 US President [sic] George Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair may one day face war crimes charges before the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, according to ICC Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo. Moreno-Ocampo said Sunday that the ICC could investigate allegations of war crimes stemming from the conduct of coalition [occupation] forces in Iraq , so long as Iraq agrees to ratify the Rome Statute and accede to ICC jurisdiction.

Privatization run amok: Major New Problems At Walter Reed 19 Mar 2007 A major 9NEWS NOW Exclusive -- allegations from a former inspector at Walter Reed of widespread and dangerous problems in nearly all the buildings at the Army's premier hospital. Burst steam pipes near electrical cables, rats, mold, and holes in floors and walls -- all of that extends far beyond the well-publicized problems at the notorious Building 18. And 9NEWS NOW has learned managers may have been slow to respond. A worried quality control inspector, Mark Cordell, finally quit last week in frustration, and brought his fears to 9NEWS NOW. "I won't sit back and watch someone get killed," he says while running through 81 pictures of the problems on a laptop computer. Cordell says the worst of it may be Building 40.

Privatizing Walter Reed delayed 3 years 18 Mar 2007 An Army contract to privatize maintenance at Walter Reed Medical Center was delayed more than three years amid bureaucratic bickering and legal squabbles... Documents from the investigative and auditing arm of Congress map a trail of bid, rebid, protests and appeals between 2003, when Walter Reed was first selected for outsourcing, and 2006, when a five-year, $120 million contract was finally awarded. The disputes involved hospital management, the Pentagon, Congress and IAP Worldwide Services Inc., a company with powerful political connections and the only private bidder to handle maintenance, security, public works and management of military personnel. IAP is owned by a New York hedge fund whose board is chaired by former Treasury Secretary John Snow, and it is led by former executives of Kellogg, Brown and Root, the subsidiary spun off by Texas-based Halliburton Inc., the oil services firm once [still] run by Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney.

Israel declares Lebanon conflict a war 19 Mar 2007 Israel formally declared last year's fighting with Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas a war on Monday, but it is searching for a name for the 34-day conflict. A ministerial committee decided on the designation and its chairman said he expected a name would be found within a week in consultation with a separate panel set up by Defense Minister Amir Peretz.

Military database released to Peace Now shows little land seized from Palestinians to build largest West Bank settlement 14 Mar 2007 A military database released to an anti-settlement group under court pressure shows that very little private land was seized from Palestinians to build Israel's largest West Bank settlement, the watchdog group reported on Wednesday. The new numbers are vastly smaller than numbers Peace Now issued in a November report based on leaked information. [See: Report: Jewish Settlements Built on Palestinian Property 21 Nov 2006.]

Bloomberg Kills 'Sensitive' 9/11 Probe 18 Mar 2007 Mayor Michael Bloomberg (NY) killed a study on the city's response to the 9/11 attacks after his lawyers said they did not want a report that cited any missteps or dealt with "environmental" or "respirator issues," says a former city official. City lawyers raised fears that the proposed "after-action report" - which the U.S. Department of Justice had offered to fund - could lead to criticism and fuel lawsuits, David Longshore, former director of special programs for the city's Office of Emergency Management, told The Post.

GOP Gave Lieberman a Boost --Money Poured In After Lieberman Primary Loss 19 Mar 2007 It's no secret that Joe LieberBush got strong support from Republicans last year, and that he has made strong overtures this year to Senate Republicans... But new data show the extent of the help he got from big GOP donors in the last weeks of his 2006 campaign, as they poured more than $1.5 million into his final pre-election push - with subtle but unmistakable help from the White House.

NYPD officers charged with manslaughter 19 Mar 2007 Three police officers charged in a 50-bullet barrage that killed an unarmed groom on his wedding day appeared before a judge Monday and had their first encounter since the shooting with the victims and their families.


Senator predicts Gonzales will be forced out within a week 18 Mar 2007 A top Democrat [Sen. Charles Schumer, N.Y.] predicted Sunday that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would be forced from his job within a week for the Justice Department's mishandling of the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

Leahy Wants Bush Aides to Testify on Fired Prosecutors 18 Mar 2007 The Democratic senator leading the inquiry into the dismissal of federal prosecutors insisted today that Karl Rove and other top aides to President [sic] Bush must testify publicly and under oath, setting up a confrontation between Congress and the White House, which has said it is unlikely to agree to such a demand.

Senate may subpoena White House aide Karl Rove 19 Mar 2007 White House political strategist Karl Rove will face a Senate subpoena this week if he does not agree to testify in a dispute over fired prosecutors that has put pressure on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to quit, a Senate committee head said on Sunday.

U.S. attorney candidate can't practice law 17 Mar 2007 Former Republican congressman Rick White, one of three candidates the Republicans have submitted to replace John McKay as U.S. attorney for Western Washington, cannot practice law in the state. White's license was suspended by the state Supreme Court in August 2003 for failure to pay his bar dues. He was reinstated to the bar in 2005 after paying a small fee, but currently holds an "inactive" status.

Iglesias: My Firing Was a 'Political Hit' 18 Mar 2007 Today on Fox [Faux] News Sunday, former U.S. attorney David Iglesias beat back several misleading claims by Bush administration officials, and reasserted that his firing was a "political hit," not done for performance reasons. He pointed out that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales agreed to write him a recommendation even after he was fired. "If [my firing] was performance based, there is no way they would have agreed to have allowed me to list them as a reference," he said. "In fact, they agreed, telling me that the true nature was political, not performance."

Amid Concerns, FBI Lapses Went On --Records Collection Brought Internal Questions But Little Scrutiny 18 Mar 2007 FBI counterterrorism officials continued to use flawed procedures to obtain thousands of U.S. telephone records during a two-year period when bureau lawyers and managers were expressing escalating concerns about the practice, according to senior FBI and Justice Department officials and documents. At least one senior FBI headquarters official -- whom the bureau declined to name -- signed these "national security letters" without including the required proof that the letters were linked to FBI counterterrorism or espionage investigations, an FBI official said. The flawed procedures involved the use of emergency demands for records, called "exigent circumstance" letters, which contained false or undocumented claims.

Court 'can envisage' Blair, Bush prosecution 17 Mar 2007 Tony Blair faces the prospect of an International Criminal Court investigation for alleged coalition war crimes in Iraq. The court's chief prosecutor told The Sunday Telegraph that he would be willing to launch an inquiry and could envisage a scenario in which the Prime Minister and American President [sic] George W Bush could one day face charges at The Hague. Luis Moreno-Ocampo urged Arab countries, particularly Iraq, to sign up to the court to enable allegations against the West to be pursued.

Poison gas attacks bring new horror to Iraq 18 Mar 2007 A disturbing twist in Iraq's 'insurgency' [US war crimes] has emerged, after multiple suicide bombings using chlorine-laden trucks killed at least eight and wounded hundreds of men, women and children. Three [US] bombers struck in a matter of hours on Friday and yesterday in the Sunni 'insurgent' [resistance] stronghold of Anbar province, killing two policemen and forcing about 350 Iraqi civilians and six US troops to seek medical treatment for exposure to the gas.

Insurgents resilient in fifth week of security crackdown 19 Mar 2007 Sunni 'insurgents' - showing surprising tenacity in the fifth week of the US-Iraqi security crackdown - killed at least six more US troops over the weekend and a Sunni 'insurgent' [US] car bomber hit a largely Shiite district in the capital yesterday, killing at least eight people.

Iraq police find 9 decapitated colleagues 18 Mar 2007 Iraqi police on Sunday found the decapitated bodies of nine policemen with their hands bound and bearing signs of torture in a rural area in western Iraq where al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] militants have a strong presence, police said.

7 More American Troops Killed in Iraq 18 Mar 2007 The U.S. military on Sunday announced the deaths of seven more troops in Iraq, including four killed by a roadside bomb while patrolling western Baghdad - the latest American casualties in a monthlong security crackdown in the capital.

Australia in Iraq troops pledge 18 Mar 2007 Australian troops will remain in Iraq until Iraqis are able to take control of their own security [!?!], Australian Prime Minister John Howard has said.

Howard in mid-air scare over war-torn Iraq 18 Mar 2007 Prime Minister John Howard was involved in a mid-air drama over an 'insurgent' stronghold in southern Iraq last night. The PM's RAAF Hercules was forced to make an emergency landing just minutes after take-off when its cabin filled with thick smoke. The plane had taken off from Tallil — an area infamous for attacks by insurgents loyal to Shiite leader Sheikh Muqtada al-Sadr — after a surprise visit by Mr Howard to Australian troops.

Hicks was forcibly sedated, says lawyer 19 Mar 2007 David Hicks was left frightened and confused after being forcibly sedated at Guantanamo Bay last month and then told of new charges the prosecution wanted to bring against him, his US military defence lawyer, Major Michael Mori, has said.

Lawyer demands reason for Hicks sedation 19 Mar 2007 Terror suspect David Hicks military lawyer Major Michael Mori, says he can't understand why his client would have been forcibly sedated and has demanded an explanation. "I don't understand why they would do this to him when they have said David has been compliant for five years," he said on ABC radio today.

War Protests Grow in D.C., Across U.S. 18 Mar 2007 Denouncing a conflict entering its fifth year, protesters across the country raised their voices Saturday against U.S. policy in Iraq and marched by the thousands to the Pentagon in the footsteps of an epic demonstration four decades ago against another divisive war.

Military Ill Prepared For Other Conflicts 19 Mar 2007 Four years after the invasion of Iraq, the high and growing demand for U.S. troops there and in Afghanistan has left ground forces in the United States short of the training, personnel and equipment that would be vital to fight a major ground conflict elsewhere, senior U.S. military and government officials acknowledge.

White House Says US Will Not Resume Palestinian Aid (VOA) 18 Mar 2007 The Palestinians put together a new government of two feuding factions - militant Hamas and moderate Fatah - in hopes of getting the United States and its allies to resume financial support. But the White House says the change is not enough, and the conditions for resumption of aid have not been met.

Supreme U.S. commander in Europe calls Israel 'model state' 18 Mar 2007 The supreme commander of NATO operations in Europe and head of the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), John Craddock, has called Israel a "model state" and the United States' closest ally in the Middle East.

Chavez opposes Ahmadinejad on Israel 17 Mar 2007 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who maintains warm ties with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, said Friday in a television interview that he opposed Ahmadinejad's call to "wipe Israel off the map." "I don't agree with [Ahmadinejad's] statements…I don't support causing harm to any nation," Chavez declared.

FEMA Seeks Reports About "Safe-Rooms" 14 Mar 2007 Release Number: 1687-018 If your family has built a safe-room and used it for shelter during the March 1, 2007, tornadoes, the Department of Homeland Security’s Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would like to hear about your experience. [LOL! That's none of FEMA's f*cking business!]

Sen. Dodd sets subprime hearing for Thursday 16 Mar 2007 The Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing on Thursday to look into the crisis in the subprime section of the U.S. mortgage market, said Chairman Christopher Dodd.

US Airways Starts to Move Some Travelers 19 Mar 2007 Thousands of weary travelers spent a third day waiting to reach their destinations Sunday as US Airways struggled to recover from the ice and snow storm that paralyzed airports in the Northeast.

US Airways Says Thousands Still Stuck --2 Days After Ice Storm, US Airways Says Trying to Find Seats for 100,000 Stuck Travelers 18 Mar 2007 Thousands of weary travelers faced a third day waiting to reach their destinations Sunday as US Airways struggled to recover from the ice and snow storm that paralyzed airports in the Northeast. The airline was still trying to find seats for 100,000 passengers systemwide whose flights were grounded by Friday's storm, spokesman Andrew Christie said.

Germany singles out US as obstacle to environmental unity 19 Mar 2007 A consensus on the need to protect the world's environment is emerging among rich and developing countries, but the US remains at odds with other nations on key points, Germany's Environment Minister has said.

Fourth Straight Day of Record Heat 18 Mar 2007 For the fourth consecutive day, Phoenix roasted in record high temperatures. It was 99 degrees Saturday, breaking the old record for the date of 92 degrees set in 1972. It was also 99 degrees on Friday, which shattered the old record of 95 set in 1921. Friday's temperature marked the hottest reading so early in a calendar year.

World's most important crops hit by global warming effects 19 Mar 2007 Global warming over the past quarter century has led to a fall in the yield of some of the most important food crops in the world, according to one of the first scientific studies of how climate change has affected cereal crops.


10-Point Plan to Rebuild the US after Bush's Destruction: Redux and Explanation ----The Rec Report --By Michael Rectenwald Saturday, 17 Mar 2007 The Republican Party avows and holds positions that are anathema to the lives of millions, if not billions. The Republican Party, officially or unofficially, declaims the reality of Global Warming. The Republican Party disavows the science of Global Warming because its corporate sponsors in the oil and automotive industries are powerful forces within the party... Rather than "fighting terrorism," the Republican Party is mass-producing it. [See Thursday's Rec Report: 10-Point Plan for Rebuilding the United States after Bush's Destruction By Michael Rectenwald 15 Mar 2007.]

Scandal over lawyers moves nearer to Bush 17 Mar 2007 The scandal over the sacking of eight government lawyers, allegedly for political reasons, moved closer to the White House last night after it was revealed that George W Bush's right-hand man [Karl Rove] was involved in discussions about the dismissals two years ago.

Gonzales's Ex-Aide Sampson Denies Withholding Info 17 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' former chief aide denies he purposefully withheld information from Justice Department officials who misled Congress about the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

Gonzales apologizes to prosecutors 16 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales apologized to the nation's 93 U.S. attorneys in a conference call Friday as he tried to hold on to his job amid the scandal over the firings of eight federal prosecutors.

Bush Cautions Democrats Against Setting Iraq Withdrawal Timeline 17 Mar 2007 U.S. President [sic] George Bush says he will veto an emergency spending bill for the war in Iraq, if Democrats, who control Congress, include conditions setting a timeline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops. Democrats say the president is committing American forces to an open-ended civil war.

In Iraq 'til terrorists are defeated: PM 17 Mar 2007 Australian Prime Minister John Howard and his Iraqi counterpart Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday refused to set a timetable for the withdrawal of Australian troops, vowing they will stay in Iraq until "terrorists [the US] are defeated".

Howard in Iraq plane drama 18 Mar 2007 An RAAF Hercules carrying Prime Minister John Howard was forced to make an emergency landing in southern Iraq on Saturday night after its cabin filled with smoke. All aboard were told to don oxygen masks. The emergency came just minutes after the aircraft had taken off from the Australian base in Tallil an area known for its 'insurgents' loyal to Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr.

Three chlorine bombs poison hundreds in Iraq 17 Mar 2007 'Insurgents' [?!?] in western Iraq set off three chlorine gas car bombs, U.S. forces said on Saturday, weeks after two similar attacks sparked fears of a new [US] campaign to use unconventional weapons in Iraq. [How do 'insurgents' obtain unconventional weapons and trucks? They don't. The US Army, however, has such weapons and means at their disposal. --LRP]

Truck bombers using chlorine kill 8 in Iraq 17 Mar 2007 Two suicide truck bombers [US terrorists] driving tanks filled with chlorine killed at least eight people and 85 were made ill on Friday in the western Iraqi town of Falluja, hospital sources said on Saturday. The first attack was at the entrance of Amiriyat Falluja, a large housing complex south of Falluja, that killed six people including policemen and making 79 ill, including 27 children.

Army sergeant guilty of negligent homicide in deaths of 3 Iraqis 17 Mar 2007 A military panel found a 101st Airborne soldier guilty of three counts of negligent homicide but not guilty of premeditated murder in the deaths of three Iraqi detainees. Staff Sgt. Ray Girouard was also found guilty of obstruction of justice for lying to investigators and a conspiracy charge for trying to conceal the crime.

U.S. soldier is shot to death in fighting in Baqouba, military says 17 Mar 2007 A U.S. soldier was shot to death Saturday during fighting northeast of Baghdad, and another was killed by a roadside bomb the day before, the military said.

US Military: Six US Soldiers Killed in Past Two Days in Iraq 16 Mar 2007 The U.S. military in Iraq says six American soldiers were killed in separate incidents over the past two days.

Thousands Protest As War Enters 5th Year 17 Mar 2007 Denouncing a conflict entering its fifth year, protesters raised their voices Saturday against U.S. policy in Iraq and marched by the thousands to the Pentagon in the footsteps of an epic demonstration four decades ago against another divisive war.

Thousands march to Pentagon in Iraq war protest 17 Mar 2007 Thousands of anti-war demonstrators, some carrying yellow and black signs reading "U.S. out of Iraq now!" marched on the Pentagon on Saturday, one of several protests worldwide to mark four years of war.

"This war is ... an offense against God." Christians gather in D.C. to protest war 17 Mar 2007 Thousands of Christians prayed for peace at an anti-war service Friday night at the Washington National Cathedral, kicking off a weekend of protests around the country to mark the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq.

Anti-war protesters arrested 17 Mar 2007 The late-night start of a rally against the U.S. war in Iraq resulted in dozens of protesters being arrested by police outside the White House. The demonstrators handcuffed about 11:30 p.m. Friday were among about 100 people who appeared on the sidewalk to pray in a planned act of civil disobedience, The Washington Post said Saturday.

Ex-CIA agent blasts White House --Plame Wilson says politics drove a reckless move 17 Mar 2007 Former covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson yesterday publicly accused the White House of destroying her career for political purposes, telling a congressional committee her identity was "carelessly and recklessly abused" by officials who revealed her name to the media.

Bulgaria to send more troops to Afghanistan 18 Mar 2007 Bulgaria’s government has said it will send an extra 335 troops to Afghanistan, of whom 200 will be stationed at Kandahar in the restive south of the country.

1 child killed in suicide blast targeting Canadian military in Afghanistan 17 Mar 2007 A suicide bomber targeting a Canadian military convoy killed a child and wounded a NATO soldier and three other people Saturday in southern Afghanistan, officials said.

Iran warns US against 'stupid move' 17 Mar 2007 Iran's army commander has warned the US and other Western powers not to make a "stupid move" over Tehran's nuclear work, and suggesting they would be surprised by Iran's military response if they attacked.

Iran Says Its Determined to Continue Uranium Enrichment 17 Mar 2007 Iran's president vowed Friday that Tehran would continue its uranium enrichment program. He termed the United Nations Security Council, UNSC, as an instrument used by Western countries against Iran.

Germany cautions U.S. not to split Europe with shield 17 Mar 2007 Germany sent a thinly veiled warning to the United States on Saturday not to try to split Europe into "old" and "new" with its plans to deploy parts of an anti-missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Italian lawyers want CIA agents' charges dropped 17 Mar 2007 Government attorneys have asked a top court to throw out indictments against 26 Americans - all but one of them believed to be CIA agents - accused of kidnapping an Egyptian terrorist suspect in a case that has strained Italian-U.S. relations.

Smallpox shot infects soldier's toddler son --Boy critically ill; mom also stricken 17 Mar 2007 In the first case of its kind in years, a 2-year-old Indiana boy is being treated in Chicago for a rare and life-threatening infection that he contracted from his father, a U.S. Army soldier recently vaccinated against [with] smallpox.

Toddler Contracts Rare Infection From Soldier Father's Vaccine 17 Mar 2007 A 2-year-old Indiana boy and his mother contracted a rare and life-threatening infection from his soldier father's smallpox vaccination, according to a published report. The boy and his mother were being treated in a specially ventilated room at the University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital, the Chicago Tribune reported Saturday.

Vehicle in Bush motorcade involved in accident 16 Mar 2007 A vehicle in President [sic] Bush's motorcade traveling from Washington to the Camp David presidential retreat collided Friday with another car on an icy Interstate, but no one was injured.

LAX police arrest pair pretending to be officers --A man and an armed woman are taken into custody and found with phony permit for carrying firearm aboard an aircraft. FBI joins the investigation. 17 Mar 2007 An armed woman and a man were arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on suspicion of impersonating peace officers, a Los Angeles Airport police spokesperson said today.

U.S. swamped with passport requests 17 Mar 2007 Mitch Rogatz, a book publisher from the Chicago suburb of Glencoe, grumbled as he camped out in a federal office building for at least four hours, waiting for the passport. Similar waiting games are being played out at passport processing sites across the country as the State Department wades through an unprecedented crush of passport applications. They are pouring in at more than 1 million per month.

White House Opposes D.C. Vote 17 Mar 2007 The White House declared its opposition yesterday to a bill that would give the District its first full seat in the House of Representatives, saying it is unconstitutional, and a key Senate supporter said such concerns could kill the measure. The bill seeks to increase the House permanently to 437 seats, from 435. In a bipartisan compromise, one seat would go to the overwhelmingly Democratic District, which has a nonvoting delegate in the House. The other would go to the next state in line to pick up a seat based on the 2000 Census: Utah, which leans Republican.

U.S. wildlife agency cutting 565 jobs, closing refuges --More than 200 wildlife refuges will be unstaffed 16 Mar 2007 The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is eliminating hundreds of jobs, cutting back programs and closing some national wildlife refuges as it grapples with a $2.5 billion budget shortfall. [Fear not: there's no budget shortfall for Halliburton, KBR and Blackwater USA.]

Investors to press U.S. Congress on global warming 17 Mar 2007 Joining a rising corporate chorus itching to sink money into clean energy projects, big investors will press the U.S. Congress on Monday to pass laws attempting to tackle global warming. [Why don't the corpora-terrorists sink their own profits into tackling (their) global warming? Why are the US taxpayers funding corporate welfare?]

Antarctic Glaciers' Sloughing of Ice Has Scientists at a Loss 16 Mar 2007 Some of the largest glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland are moving in unusual ways and are losing increased amounts of ice to the sea, researchers said yesterday. Although the changes in Greenland appear to be related to global warming [Nah, 'ya think?], it remains unclear what is causing the glaciers of frigid Antarctica and their "ice streams" to lose ice to the ocean in recent years, the researchers said.

50-Shot Barrage Leads to Charges for 3 Detectives 17 Mar 2007 (NY) A grand jury voted yesterday to indict three city police detectives in the killing of an unarmed 23-year-old black man [Sean Bell] who died in a burst of 50 police bullets outside a Queens strip club hours before he was to be wed last year, defense lawyers and police union leaders said last night.

Storm Strands People on Planes at JFK 17 Mar 2007 Hundreds of passengers were stranded for hours overnight on airliners that couldn't take off from John F. Kennedy International Airport because of the ice and snow storm that pummeled the Northeast.


U.S. Troop Buildup in Iraq Approaches 30,000 16 Mar 2007 The Pentagon is sending an additional Army brigade of 2,600 troops to Iraq, raising the number of soldiers approved for President [sic] George W. Bush's 'security plan' to nearly 30,000, a senior defense official said on Friday.

General wants additional troops --Move would boost planned expansion to almost 30,000 15 Mar 2007 The top US commander in Iraq [General David Petraeus] has requested another Army brigade, on top of five already on the way, as part of the controversial "surge" of American troops, senior Pentagon officials said today.

Pentagon to Deploy Aviation Unit to Iraq 16 Mar 2007 Some 2,600 soldiers from a combat aviation unit will go to Iraq ahead of schedule, part of the support troops the Pentagon has said are needed to back the extra combat units President [sic] Bush is sending there.

Latest Troop Request Could Anger Congressional Dems [LOL! So? They'll still vote for it and every other Bush/GOP proposal.] 16 Mar 2007 The top U.S. commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus has privately requested another 2,500-3,000 more soldiers as part of President [sic] Bush's temporary troop surge, pushing the temporary [sic] increase of U.S. soldiers to about 30,000.

Gates warns US plans to maintain presence in region 'for decades' --Sadr urges followers to oppose occupation forces 17 Mar 2007 The US is ready to defend its interests in the Middle East for decades to come, even though the Iraq war has been tougher than expected, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday. Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged his followers Friday to oppose occupying troops, raising the pressure on US-backed Iraqi forces conducting a security crackdown in Baghdad.

Iraq cleric slams occupiers, Sadr City mayor shot 16 Mar 2007 Iraqi Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged his followers on Friday to oppose occupying troops, raising the pressure on U.S.-backed Iraqi forces conducting a security crackdown in Baghdad. In a possible setback for the crackdown [LOL! 'Ya think?!?], the mayor of Sadr City, a Shi'ite militia stronghold in the capital, was wounded when gunmen opened fire on his car on Thursday.

Oops! 11 escape from British military prison in Iraq 17 Mar 2007 Eleven prisoners have escaped from a British military prison in southern Iraq. The British Army made the embarrassing admission after authorities discovered 11 prisoners had disappeared.

Iraq friendly fire death "criminal" -UK coroner 16 Mar 2007 A British coroner ruled on Friday a U.S. friendly fire air strike that killed a British soldier [Lance Corporal Matty Hull] was "criminal", a scathing verdict in a case that has exposed rifts between the Iraq allies.

Third of Iraqi children now malnourished four years after US invasion 16 Mar 2007 Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Iraq say that malnutrition rates have risen in Iraq from 19 percent before the US-led invasion to a national average of 28 percent four years later.

Hicks's lawyers lodge bid to stop US military hearings 17 Mar 2007 Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks's legal team has formally applied for an injunction to halt the South Australian's US military commission [kangaroo court]. US military lawyer Major Michael Mori has confirmed the application has been lodged with the District Court.

Defence wants to stop Afghan torture investigation 16 Mar 2007 The Defence Department says it may go to court to block a military watchdog from investigating a complaint about Canada's handling of prisoners in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan implicates U.S.-led troops in police deaths 16 Mar 2007 The Afghan government said today that U.S.-led occupation forces mistakenly [sic] killed five Afghan police in a southern province. "Coalition forces mistakenly opened fire on police," Interior Ministry spokesman Zemeri Bashary said. "Unfortunately five policemen were killed."

Latest Iraq-style attack targets Afghan police 15 Mar 2007 A suicide bomber struck near a police convoy in eastern Afghanistan yesterday, killing four civilians and an officer and wounding 38 people in the latest in a growing wave of Iraq-style attacks.

Aussie troops may go to Afghanistan 16 Mar 2007 Australia appears likely to send more troops to Afghanistan after John Howard yesterday made a surprise trip to Kabul for a crucial meeting with President Karzai ahead of an expected Taliban offensive in the next few months.

Subject of C.I.A. Leak Testifies on Capitol Hill 16 Mar 2007 Valerie Plame Wilson testified today that the career she loved as an undercover C.I.A. agent was "over in an instant" when her role was disclosed in the summer of 2003.

At Hearing, Plame Rebukes Bush Administration --CIA Operative Says Her Cover Was 'Carelessly and Recklessly' Destroyed 16 Mar 2007 Valerie Plame, the CIA officer whose leaked identity triggered a federal investigation that reached into the White House, today publicly refuted claims that she was not a covert employee and accused the White House and State Department of "carelessly and recklessly" destroying her cover for political purposes.

CIA's Wilson Blames 'Political Motives' for Unmasking 16 Mar 2007 Former CIA official Valerie Plame Wilson said Bush administration officials disclosed her covert status in 2003 for "purely political motives" and ended her work searching for weapons of mass destruction "in an instant."

'Hazy Memories' Cited in Attorneys Probe --White House Cites "Hazy Memories" in Prosecutor Firings; GOP Support Erodes for Gonzales 16 Mar 2007 The White House dropped its contention Friday that former Counsel Harriet Miers first raised the idea of firing U.S. attorneys, blaming "hazy memories" as e-mails shed new light on Karl Rove's role. Support eroded further for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

E-Mail Indicates Rove Role in Firings 16 Mar 2007 White House political adviser Karl Rove raised questions in early 2005 about replacing some federal prosecutors but allowing others to stay, an e-mail released Thursday shows. The one-page document, which incorporates an e-mail exchange in January 2005, also indicates Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was considering dismissing up to 20 percent of U.S. attorneys in the weeks before he took over the Justice Department.

Rove was asked to fire U.S. attorney 10 Mar 2007 Presidential advisor Karl Rove and at least one other member of the White House political team were urged by the New Mexico Republican party chairman to fire the state's U.S. attorney because of dissatisfaction in part with his failure to indict Democrats in a voter fraud investigation in the battleground election state.

Phony Fraud Charges (The New York Times ) 16 Mar 2007 In its fumbling attempts to explain the purge of United States attorneys, the Bush administration has argued that the fired prosecutors were not aggressive enough about addressing voter fraud. It is a phony argument... But more than that, it is a window on what may be a major reason for some of the firings. In partisan Republican circles, the pursuit of voter fraud is code for suppressing the votes of minorities and poor people. By resisting pressure to crack down on "fraud," the fired United States attorneys actually appear to have been standing up for the integrity of the election system. [See: Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys --The Rec Report By Michael Rectenwald 14 Mar 2007]

Memo to Gonzales By Eugene Robinson 16 Mar 2007 Arrogance has been the most consistent hallmark of George W. Bush's presidency [sic]. His administration's simple philosophy of government has been consistent: We can do any damn thing we want. We can invade Iraq. We can blow off the Geneva Conventions. We can listen to your private phone calls, Mr. and Ms. America, and we can read your private e-mails, too. We can arrest anybody we want and hold them as long as we want, and we don't even have to tell them why, much less file formal charges or hold a trial. We can even defy the laws of science -- or at least ignore the ones that annoy us, such as that whole "greenhouse effect" thing. We can use the troops for photo ops when they come back from war grievously wounded and then basically forget about them. And we don't have to explain ourselves, either.

ACLU: Congress Must Investigate Claims Gonzales Shut Down NSA Review to Escape Scrutiny 15 Mar 2007 Following reports by the National Journal that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales advised President [sic] Bush to shut down an internal review of the National Security Agency’s warrantless surveillance program due to the possibility that his own actions would be scrutinized, the American Civil Liberties Union today renewed its call for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the program.

Mega barf alert! FBI: Extremists Driving School Buses 16 Mar 2007 Suspected members of extremist groups have signed up as school bus drivers in the United States, counterterror officials said Friday, in a cautionary bulletin to police. An FBI spokesman said, "Parents and children have nothing to fear." [They have nothing to fear as the most dangerous extremist is in the White House, not driving a school bus. --LRP]

Italy Asks U.S. Indictments Be Tossed 16 Mar 2007 Government attorneys have asked a top court to throw out indictments against 26 Americans - all but one of them believed to be CIA agents - accused of kidnapping an Egyptian terrorist suspect in a case that has strained Italian-U.S. relations.

Rome delays CIA extradition request 16 Mar 2007 Italy said overnight it would wait for a ruling by the country's constitutional court before requesting the extradition of 26 CIA agents accused of abducting an Egyptian imam off the streets of Milan in 2003.

Senators pay heed to prisoner abuse case 16 Mar 2007 Two senators who watched Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confess to planning the Sept. 11 attacks and other plots said Friday that his allegations of mistreatment [torture] by U.S. captors should be taken seriously and investigated.

Did Sept. 11 mastermind who 'confessed' in Guantanamo kangaroo court die in 2002? A chilling inheritance of terror By Syed Saleem Shahzad 30 Oct 2002 Ever since the frenzied shootout last month on September 11 in Karachi there have been doubts over whether Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed head of al-Qaeda's military committee, died in the police raid on his apartment... Now it has emerged that Kuwaiti national Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did indeed perish in the raid, but his wife and child were taken from the apartment and handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in whose hands they remain. [See: "I was responsible for the 9/11 Operation, from A to Z." 15 Mar 2007 Excerpts from the testimony of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. A suspected [Waterboarded? Dead?] Al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] terrorist who recently confessed to planning the 9/11 attacks.]

Finally - KSM Connects the Dots By John Albanese 15 Mar 2007 I, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, being of sound mind and body, un-coerced through torture, and fully enjoying the legal representation and due process afforded me under the constitution of the United States of America, hereby confess to the following crimes associated with 9/11: I confess that I removed military-grade anthrax from the army’s Ft. Detrick, MD laboratories, and mailed it to liberal democrats in Congress who were threatening to slow down passage of the Patriot Act. I confess that I ordered Dick Cheney’s staff to begin taking the anti-anthrax antibiotic Cipro just days before the first of the anthrax letters were mailed... I confess that I forced NORAD to provide 3 timelines of events for that day, all of which have been proven to be inaccurate.

Bush unhurt in motorcade accident 16 Mar 2007 President [sic] George W. Bush was not harmed in a motorcade accident on Friday that involved another vehicle driving to Camp David for the weekend, the White House said.

Ethics Panel Dismisses Huckabee Case 16 Mar 2007 The Arkansas Ethics Commission unanimously dismissed a complaint Friday over Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee's destruction of computer hard drives [!?!] as he left the governor's office this year.

FEC dismisses complaint against Reid 16 Mar 2007 The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint a conservative group filed against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) over his use of campaign money to pay holiday bonuses at the hotel where he lives.

Feds: $26.9 Billion for Yucca Mountain 16 Mar 2007 It will cost $26.9 billion to build and operate the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump through 2023, the Energy Department said Friday in a new cost calculation.

Airlines Cancel Flights as Storm Pounds Northeast 16 Mar 2007 Airlines canceled hundreds of flights today as the Northeast was hammered by a late-winter storm.


10-Point Plan for Rebuilding the United States after Bush's Destruction ----The Rec Report --By Michael Rectenwald Thursday, 15 Mar 2007 I say, resist and tell it like it is. The war and the domestic crisis are the messes that Georgie made. Here are the steps I suggest to remedy this terrible situation.

E-Mails Show Rove's Role in U.S. Attorney Firings 15 Mar 2007 New unreleased e-mails from top administration officials show that the idea of firing all 93 U.S. attorneys was raised by White House adviser Karl Rove in early January 2005, indicating Rove was more involved in the plan than the White House previously acknowledged. The e-mails also show that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales discussed the idea of firing the attorneys en masse weeks before he was confirmed as attorney general. The e-mails directly contradict White House assertions that the notion originated with recently departed White House counsel Harriet Miers, and was her idea alone.

Aborted DOJ Probe Probably Would Have Targeted Gonzales By Murray Waas, 15 Mar 2007 Shortly before Attorney General Alberto Gonzales advised President [sic] Bush last year on whether to shut down a Justice Department inquiry regarding the administration's warrantless domestic eavesdropping program, Gonzales learned that his own conduct would likely be a focus of the investigation, according to government records and interviews. Bush personally intervened to sideline the Justice Department probe in April 2006 by taking the unusual step of denying investigators the security clearances necessary for their work.

Panel OKs subpoenas in U.S. attorney probe --Committee postpones authorizing subpoenas for President [sic] Bush's top aides 15 Mar 2007 The Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday cleared the way for subpoenas compelling five Justice Department officials and six of the federal prosecutors they fired to tell the story of a purge of U.S. attorneys that has prompted demands for the ouster of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. [See: Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys --The Rec Report By Michael Rectenwald 14 Mar 2007.]

GOP Support for Gonzales Erodes Further 15 Mar 2007 Republican support for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales eroded further Thursday amid an intensifying furor over his role in federal prosecutor firings, as new e-mails surfaced indicating that top White House political adviser Karl Rove had an early hand in the dismissals. A Senate panel approved subpoenas for Justice Department officials Thursday in a probe of the firings. Subpoenas for President [sic] Bush's top aides, including Rove, could come next week.

Gonzales's Hold on Job Slips Over Prosecutor Firings 15 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales's hold on his job is slipping after President [sic] George W. Bush, his chief benefactor, said he has some explaining to do and a Republican senator joined Democrats in urging him to step down.

Leahy says he will subpoena Rove 14 Mar 2007 Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, said Wednesday that he will subpoena Karl Rove to appear before his panel regarding the Bush administration's firing of eight U.S. attorneys, if the White House deputy chief of staff does not do so voluntarily.

All roads lead to Rove --The White House political director was clearly at the center of the partisan plot to fire U.S. attorneys, despite the administration's clumsy attempts to pretend otherwise. By Sidney Blumenthal 15 Mar 2007 The Bush administration's first instinct was to shield Karl Rove from scrutiny when Congress began inquiring about the unusual firings of eight U.S. attorneys... Rove was the conduit for Republican political grievances about the U.S. attorneys. He was the fulcrum and the lever. He was the collector of information and the magnet of power. He was the originator, formulator and director. But, initially, according to the administration, like [Alberto] Gonzales, he supposedly knew nothing and did nothing.

'Quite Unprecedented' --Former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White explains why the firing of eight federal prosecutors could threaten the historic independence of federal law-enforcement officials. By Julie Scelfo 15 Mar 2007 NEWSWEEK: So it’s atypical to be replaced in the middle of a president’s term? Mary Jo White: It’s quite atypical, absent some misconduct or other quite significant cause. What’s happened here, in my experience and to my knowledge, is quite unprecedented. And, if it turns out to be the case that some of the U.S. attorneys may have been removed for reasons of not bringing, or not bringing fast enough, politically charged cases, or they weren’t "loyal" to the president, then it becomes very, very disturbing.

U.S. attorney scandal widens By Ernie Dumas 14 Mar 2007 A sheaf of Justice Department memos that arrived on Capitol Hill Monday confirmed what had only been a strong suspicion: The White House intended to fully consolidate the entire federal criminal justice system into its political operation. The primary duty of every United States district attorney was to move along the Republican political agenda and see to it that Republicans were elected in the next election.

Al-Maliki says Iraq must pass oil law draft by 30 June for U.S. or his ouster possible 13 Mar 2007 Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki fears the Americans will withdraw support for his government — effectively ousting him — if parliament does not pass a draft oil law by the end of June, close associates of the Iraqi leader told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

U.S. Troops to Open 100 Garrisons Across Baghdad 15 Mar 2007 American forces here plan to operate out of 100 neighborhood garrisons across the capital in the next month as part of the new offensive to secure the city, the American commander in charge of Baghdad said today.

Senate Rejects Democratic Iraq Troop Withdrawal Plan 15 Mar 2007 The Senate rejected Democratic- backed legislation that calls for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq just hours after a House panel approved a plan to bring the troops home. Democratic Senators Ben Nelson (NE) and Mark Pryor (AR) voted with Republicans against the withdrawal plan along with Senator Joe LieberBush, the Israel independent. Only one Republican, Senator Gordon Smith (OR), broke ranks to vote with Democrats.

House panel upholds Iraq pullout plan 15 Mar 2007 A Democratic plan to require the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq passed its first test on Thursday as the House Appropriations Committee voted to endorse the proposal, overcoming Republican opposition. ...The bill allots $95.5 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Baghdad bomb kills 4 US troops as Senate rejects pull-out 15 Mar 2007 Four US soldiers were killed on Thursday when their convoy was bombed in Baghdad and 27 Iraqis died in other violence as the US Senate rejected a Democratic bid to set a timetable for a troop withdrawal.

If Elected ... Clinton Says Some G.I.'s in Iraq Would Remain 15 Mar 2007 Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton foresees a "remaining military as well as political mission" in Iraq, and says that if elected president, she would keep a reduced military force there to fight 'Al Qaeda,' deter Iranian aggression, protect the Kurds and possibly support the Iraqi military.

Accused US soldier denies role in killing Iraqi detainees 15 Mar 2007 A US army sergeant on trial for murder testified Thursday he had no role in the killing of unarmed Iraqi detainees, but helped to cover up the shootings out of loyalty to his men.

'We ask that you give the coroner just one single page.' UK friendly-fire widow begs Bush for transcript 15 Mar 2007 The widow [Susan Hull] of a British soldier mistakenly killed by a U.S. air strike in Iraq pleaded on Thursday for Washington to declassify a page of a U.S. report into his death.

UN poised to pass more Iran sanctions --A second resolution, which could come next week, adds an arms-export embargo and more financial measures. 16 Mar 2007 With signs multiplying that international pressure is having an impact on Iran, the United Nations Security Council is moving toward adoption of a second resolution of sanctions targeting the country's nuclear program.

US taxpayers funding the Coalition of the Bribed: US gives $750m to Pakistan 16 Mar 2007 The United States is to give Pakistan $750 million over five years to develop its troubled tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, a senior US official said yesterday. US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher announced the funding after holding talks with Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, a lynchpin in the US-led "war on [of] terror".

Sept. 11 [waterboarded] mastermind 'confesses' in Guantanamo hearing, according to hearing transcripts 14 Mar 2007 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, confessed to that attack and a string of others during a military hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to a transcript released by the Pentagon. "I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z," [?!?] Mohammed said in a statement read during the session, which was held last Saturday. [See: CIA's Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described 18 Nov 2005 Harsh interrogation techniques authorized by top officials of the CIA have led to questionable confessions and the death of a detainee since the techniques were first authorized in mid-March 2002, ABC News has been told by former and current intelligence officers and supervisors... According to the sources, CIA officers who subjected themselves to the water boarding technique lasted an average of 14 seconds before caving in. They said al Qaeda's toughest prisoner, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, won the admiration of interrogators when he was able to last between two and two-and-a-half minutes before begging to confess.]

Guantánamo, Dred Scott and the Amistad By Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith 14 Mar 2007 Can an American court declare that a group of human beings have no rights and can be enslaved or abused at will with no legal recourse? That question will soon be coming before the U.S. Supreme Court. In the last days of 2006, the GOP-led Congress passed the Military Commissions Act, which among other things stripped the right of habeas corpus from the captives held at Guantánamo. In late February, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals upheld that part of the law... Before they make a final decision, the justices should consider the cases of two of the Court's most famous imprisoned petitioners: the freed slave Dred Scott and the captive voyagers on the slave ship Amistad.

Israel says it won't work with coalition 15 Mar 2007 The rival Hamas and Fatah movements formed a long-elusive unity government Thursday, hoping to end bloody infighting and lead the Palestinians out of yearlong international isolation. Israel immediately said, however, that it would not deal with the new government.

'Son of Trident' survives major revolt by Labour MPs --95 of 352 Labour MPs defy whip by voting against government --21 Scottish MPs backed the government and 33 voted against 15 Mar 2007 Tony Blair was forced to rely on the Conservatives last night to win a key Commons vote on replacing the Trident nuclear deterrent, as a huge Labour rebellion saw a majority of Scottish MPs vote against the government.

Election workers sentenced for rigging '04 recount 14 Mar 2007 (OH) A judge suspicious of more corruption pressed two former election board workers to tell what they know and then sentenced them Tuesday to the maximum 18 months in prison for rigging the 2004 presidential election recount to make their job easier. "I can't help but feel there's more to this story," said Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Peter Corrigan, who allowed the women to remain free on bond pending appeal... "The defendants have never come clean," said Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter.

House overturns Bush order on papers secrecy 14 Mar 2007 Brushing aside a veto threat, the House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to overturn a 2001 order by President [sic] George W. Bush that lets former presidents keep their papers secret indefinitely.

Edwards' Campaign Headquarters Reopens 15 Mar 2007 The campaign headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards reopened Thursday after authorities determined the white substance found in an envelope wasn't dangerous, campaign officials said.

Edwards campaign headquarters evacuated --Staff member reportedly opens envelope containing white powder 14 Mar 2007 The campaign headquarters of Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was evacuated Wednesday after a staff member opened a letter containing white powder, a campaign official said. [Cheney?]

Giuliani's law firm tied to Venezuela's Chavez 15 Mar 2007 At first glance, former New York Mayor and 2008 presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani wouldn't seem to have much in common with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. But there is a link between the two, according to the Texas Ethics Commission. Giuliani's law firm, Bracewell and Giuliani, is making money by lobbying American lawmakers on behalf of Citgo Petroleum Corp. of Houston. Citgo is the American subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela -- the state-owned Venezuelan oil company. Bracewell and Giuliani made as much as $150,000 from the lobbying in 2005-06 and will make up to $100,000 this year, according to the ethics commission.

Who's uninsured in 2007? It's more than just the poor 14 Mar 2007 While each of their backgrounds is different, all have one thing in common: Through choices, circumstance, bad luck — or a combination of all — they are among the more than 46 million people in the USA, nearly 16% of the population, who lack health insurance.

Rash Outbreak Sends 32 Students to Hospital 15 Mar 2007 (Beloit, OH) At least 32 elementary school students were hospitalized Thursday afternoon after complaining of a rash. The children are students at Beloit Elementary School in Mahoning County... The school superintendent said the school has enacted its mass casualty plan [?!?] and health department officials are on their way [to commence the cover-up].

Winter Warmest on Record Worldwide 15 Mar 2007 This winter was the warmest on record worldwide, the government [NOAA Report] said Thursday in the latest worrisome report focusing on changing climate.

Tories Disband Expert Group On Climate Change 14 Mar 2007 The Conservative government has eliminated a section of Environment Canada that played a key role in shaping climate-change policies now being announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, The Canadian Press has learned.


Republican Election Fraud and the Firing of US Attorneys --The Rec Report --By Michael Rectenwald Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007 "Since the 2000 election ended in dispute in Florida," MSNBC reports, "Republicans at the national and local levels have repeatedly raised concerns about possible voter fraud, alleging that convicted felons and other ineligible voters have been permitted to cast ballots to the benefit of Democrats." Imagine that, the Republicans complaining about FRAUD in connection with VOTING! Now isn't that the most ironic idea you can imagine? [A must read]

Senate Republican urges Bush to fire Gonzales 14 Mar 2007 Sen. John Sununu of New Hampshire on Wednesday became the first Republican in the U.S. Congress to urge President [sic] George W. Bush to oust U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Fitzgerald: Rove tried to limit choice 14 Mar 2007 Former Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-Ill.) said Tuesday that White House political adviser Karl Rove told him in the spring of 2001 that he should limit his choice for U.S. attorney in Chicago to someone from Illinois. According to Fitzgerald, who was determined to bring in a prosecutor from outside the state, Rove "just said we don't want you going outside the state. We don't want to be moving U.S. attorneys around."

Gonzales Rejects Calls for Resignation 14 Mar 2007 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales rejected growing calls for his resignation Tuesday as scores of newly released documents detailed a two-year campaign by the Justice Department and White House to purge federal prosecutors.

ABC: Hillary Clinton Calls for Gonzales' Resignation --Senator Tells ABC News 'Buck Should Stop Somewhere' Over Issue of Fired Attorneys 13 Mar 2007 In an exclusive interview with "Good Morning America" today, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, for the first time called for the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Justice's Plan for Firing 7 Prosecutors 13 Mar 2007 The Justice Department laid out an elaborate, five-step plan for firing seven U.S. attorneys on Dec. 7. Entitled, "Plan for Replacing Certain United States Attorneys," the step-by-step instructions were sent by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, as an attachment to an e-mail. Sampson resigned Tuesday. The e-mail was released Tuesday by the House Judiciary Committee.

Fired attorneys say apologies are in order 14 Mar 2007 One of eight U.S. attorneys fired in a controversial Justice Department shakeup said Tuesday that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should rethink the dismissals, and two others said apologies were due.

MSNBC Poll: Should U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resign? 20502 responses Yes 77% No 20% Not sure 3.1% [Poll snapshot 19:47 EDT 14 Mar 2007]

Politics, Pure and Cynical (The New York Times) 14 Mar 2007 We wish we’d been surprised to learn that the White House was deeply involved in the politically motivated firing of eight United States attorneys, but the news had the unmistakable whiff of inevitability. This disaster is just part of the Bush administration's sordid history of waving the bloody bullhorn of 9/11 for the basest of motives: the perpetuation of power for power's sake... Time and again, Americans have discovered that these powers were not being used to make them safer, but in the service of Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney’s vision of a presidency so powerful that Congress and the courts are irrelevant, or Karl Rove’s fantasy of a permanent Republican majority.

US admits Iraq violence is 'civil war' 15 Mar 2007 The US military has admitted for the first time that some of the violence in Iraq can be described as constituting a civil war. In a newly negative assessment of the war to date, a quarterly Pentagon report says that the period from October to December was the most violent three-month period since 2003.

GOP works to defeat measure calling for Iraq withdrawal 14 Mar 2007 Senate Republicans will buckle down Thursday to try to prevent passage of a Democratic resolution that calls for getting most American forces out of Iraq by March 2008... "Mr. President, you're leading us off a cliff. Stop!" said Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.

GOP readies opposition to troop bill 14 Mar 2007 Democratic-backed legislation to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq cleared its first Senate hurdle Wednesday, but Republicans confidently predicted they would soon defeat it and President [sic] Bush backed them up with a veto threat.

Clinton Sees Some Troops Staying in Iraq if She Is Elected 14 Mar 2007 Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton foresees a "remaining military as well as political mission" in Iraq, and says that if elected president, she would keep a reduced but significant military force there to fight 'Al Qaeda,' deter Iranian aggression, protect the Kurds and possibly support the Iraqi military.

Senate Agrees to Begin Debate on Iraq War Measure 14 Mar 2007 The Senate agreed to begin debate on legislation that calls for U.S. troops to be withdrawn next year from the war in Iraq. [Whoop-de-do! See: Senate Democrats' budget leaves war funding intact 13 Mar 2007.]

Senate Democrats' budget leaves war funding intact 13 Mar 2007 Senate DemocRATs will unveil a 2008 budget today without cutting funds for defense or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The budget also would not roll back any of President [sic] Bush's tax cuts after 2010, when they are set to expire.

Three U.S. soldiers killed northeast of Baghdad; Marine reported killed in Anbar province 14 Mar 2007 Three U.S. soldiers were killed Wednesday following roadside bombs and small-arms fire in Diyala province, the military said.

Halliburton: From Bush's favourite to a national disgrace --It is a symbol of American cronyism, the beneficiary of lucrative Iraq contracts thanks to its relationship with Dick Cheney. Now Halliburton is relocating to Dubai - and US politicians are outraged. 14 Mar 2007 This week, Halliburton fuelled even more controversy when it announced that it was moving its chief executive and its corporate headquarters from Houston, Texas, to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question By Jeremy Scahill & Garrett Ordower 12 Mar 2007 There's a $400 million question facing the Pentagon's largest contractor, KBR, the former Halliburton subsidiary responsible for more than 50,000 personnel in Iraq and billions in government contracts: Will the mammoth corporation be forced to repay the government nearly half a billion dollars because it hired private security forces in Iraq, including Blackwater USA, when the Army itself was supposed to be providing it with protection?

Iraq war veteran's mother wins deportation reprieve 14 Mar 2007 The deportation of an Iraq war veteran's mother was dramatically halted yesterday when the Immigration minister, Liam Byrne, said he would personally review her case.

Oops! Navy Temporarily Loses Communication With Groton-Based Sub 14 Mar 2007 The U.S. Navy says it temporarily lost communication with the Groton-based submarine the U.S.S San Juan off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla. Communications were re-established early Wednesday.

UK votes to stay nuclear despite revolt 15 Mar 2007 The British parliament has backed Prime Minister Tony Blair's plans to renew the country's nuclear arsenal as opposition votes helped him survive a major rebellion in his own party. Eighty-seven MPs from Blair's Labour Party have voted against his plan to spend STG15 billion to STG20 billion ($A37 billion to $A49 billion) on new nuclear-armed submarines to replace those due to be decommissioned by 2024.

Only half of Labour MPs back new Trident 14 Mar 2007 Fewer than half of Labour back benchers support the Government's plans for Britain's £65bn replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system, according to a survey.

Chiquita to Pay $25M for Funding Terrorists 14 Mar 2007 Banana company Chiquita Brands International said Wednesday it has agreed to a $25 million fine after admitting it paid a Colombian terrorist group for 'protection' [!?!] in a volatile farming region. The settlement resolves a lengthy Justice Department investigation into the company's financial dealings with terrorist organizations in Colombia.

Bar clears lawyer accused of setting up bogus CIA front 13 Mar 2007 The Oregon State Bar dismissed a complaint accusing a Portland lawyer of setting up a bogus CIA front company. A letter dated March 12 states that an investigation found no evidence that Scott D. Caplan violated bar rules when he provided legal services for Bayard Foreign Marketing in 2003. Bayard later purchased an airplane that human rights groups claim was used by the CIA to ferry terrorism suspects to countries where they could be tortured for information.

Guantanamo inmate 'confesses' to Bali attack 15 Mar 2007 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, has admitted responsibility for the first Bali bombing and other major al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] operations [after torture?], according to the transcript of a hearing at Guantanamo Bay released today.

American imams sue US Air for removing them from flight 13 Mar 2007 Six Islamic religious leaders have filed suit against US Airways for having them removed from a domestic flight last November. Police escorted the imams, all residents of the United States, off a plane in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after passengers and airline staff said the men were acting suspiciously.

NBC slammed for 'anti-Semitic' TV show 11 Mar 2007 A popular US television series is coming under fire after a recent episode portrayed Israel in a harsh light and appeared to promote anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews as disloyal citizens. The plot line of the February 27 installment of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, a fictional police drama broadcast across America on NBC, centers on a journalist who is poisoned after his girlfriend uncovers a foul-up by Israeli intelligence. The show depicts Israeli bulldozers destroying Palestinian schools, with at least one character referring to "Israeli brutality." [Right, the show depicted Israel's terrorist bulldozers running rampant. How is that anti-Semitic? BTW, that episode *rocked.*]

Rep. Stark applauded for atheist outlook --Believed to be first congressman to declare nontheism 13 Mar 2007 The American Humanist Association applauded Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) for publicly acknowledging he does not believe in a supreme being. The declaration, it said, makes him the highest-ranking elected official - and first congressman - to proclaim to be an atheist.

'Bush, Assassin, we don't want you as a neighbour!' Demonstrators protest Bush visit in Mexico City 14 Mar 2007 Rowdy demonstrations have greeted Dictator George W. Bush during his Latin American tour. In Mexico City, hundreds of demonstrators carrying signs bearing slogans like "Bush, Assassin, we don't want you as a neighbour" protested Bush's visit by throwing rocks at heavily armoured riot police guarding the U.S. Embassy.

Democrats open 'Sunshine Week,' citing Bush secrecy 14 Mar 2007 Pushing back at what they say has been one of the most secretive administrations in decades, congressional Democrats launched "Sunshine Week" on Wednesday with bills to increase public access to government activities and protect whistle-blowers.

Judges Say E.P.A. Ignored Order in Setting Emission Standards 14 Mar 2007 A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit rebuked the Environmental Protection Agency in a decision Tuesday, indicating that the regulators had flouted Congress and the courts in setting the standards governing hazardous air pollution emissions from plants making bricks and ceramics.

Wanna Cut Your Jail Time? Donate A Kidney! 08 Mar 2007 Inmates in South Carolina could soon find that a kidney is worth 180 days. Lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow prisoners to donate organs or bone marrow in exchange for time off their sentences.

Press box snake makes reporters flee 14 Mar 2007 (Winter Haven, FL) A 3-foot black snake sent reporters scurrying in the press box as the New York Mets defeated the Cleveland Indians 6-5 in a spring training game on Tuesday. As the snake slithered across notebooks and laptop computers in the bottom of the fourth inning, fans stood up and laughed as they gazed into the press area.


'Mistakes were made' in firing of 8 attorneys, Gonzales says 13 Mar 2007 Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales, in a press conference amid a widening scandal over the Justice Department's firing of eight U.S. attorneys, said today that "mistakes were made" and that Congress was not fully informed of the reasons for the dismissals.

Gonzales Accepts Responsibility in Prosecutor Firings 13 Mar 2007 U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales accepted responsibility for "mistakes" surrounding the firing of eight U.S. attorneys as revelations the White House initiated the dismissals prompted new calls for his resignation.

Schumer: Gonzales Staffer "Will Not Become The Next Scooter Libby" By Paul Kiel 13 Mar 2007 This morning, Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) held a press conference to express their anger at the recent revelations from the Justice Department and White House. In it, Schumer said that the resignation of Alberto Gonzales' chief of staff Kyle Sampson "does not take heat off the attorney general. In fact, it raises the temperature. Kyle Sampson will not become the next Scooter Libby, the next fall guy."

Gonzales Chief Aide Quits After Prosecutor Firings 13 Mar 2007 The chief aide to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned amid new revelations about the Bush administration's ouster of eight U.S. attorneys. Kyle Sampson is the first high-level official to lose his job over the firings.

White House considered firing all 93 U.S. attorneys 13 Mar 2007 Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., the No. 3 Democrat in the Senate, today called on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to resign, charging that he misled lawmakers over the dismissal of eight federal prosecutors.

Firings Had Genesis in White House --White House First Suggested Dismissing Prosecutors 2 Years Ago, Documents Show 13 Mar 2007 The White House suggested two years ago that the Justice Department fire all 93 U.S. attorneys, a proposal that eventually resulted in the dismissals of eight prosecutors last year, according to e-mails and internal documents that the administration will provide to Congress today. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales approved the idea of firing a smaller group of U.S. attorneys shortly after taking office in February 2005.

White House Said to Prompt Firing of Prosecutors 13 Mar 2007 The White House was deeply involved in the decision late last year to dismiss federal prosecutors, including some who had been criticized by Republican lawmakers, administration officials said Monday. White House officials consulted with the Justice Department in preparing the list of United States attorneys who would be removed, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino disclosed.

Congress Demands Rove Testimony on Attorney Firings 12 Mar 2007 Congressional committees are now demanding the testimony of President [sic] Bush's top political adviser, Karl Rove, in the burgeoning investigation into the reasons behind the unusual firings of eight U.S. attorneys last year.

Excerpts From E-Mails on U.S. Attorneys 13 Mar 2007 Excerpts from e-mails regarding the firings of eight federal prosecutors, signed off upon by the White House legislative, political and communications offices...

Study: Feds Chase Dems More than GOPers By Paul Kiel 07 Feb 2007 A study of reported federal investigations of elected officials and candidates shows that the Bush administration’s Justice Department pursues Democrats far more than Republicans. 79 percent of elected officials and candidates who’ve faced a federal investigation (a total of 379) between 2001 and 2006 were Democrats, the study found – only 18 percent were Republicans... "The chance of such a heavy Democratic-Republican imbalance occurring at random is 1 in 10,000," according to the study's authors.

Clinton: Vast right-wing conspiracy is back --Cites anti-voter actions, phone jamming and intimidating phone calls 13 Mar 2007 The "vast, right-wing conspiracy" is back, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is warning, using a phrase she once coined to describe partisan plotting. On Tuesday, she asserted the conspiracy is alive and well, and cited as proof the Election Day 2002 case of phone jamming in New Hampshire, a case in which two Republican operatives pleaded guilty to criminal charges, and a third was convicted.

US refuses to hand over its Iraq rules of engagement to inquest 13 Mar 2007 American defence chiefs yesterday refused to hand over their rules of engagement for operating in Iraq to Ministry of Defence officials, in spite of a demand from a British court.

Soldier on Trial in Death of 3 Iraqis 13 Mar 2007 A soldier testified Tuesday that his sergeant gave him orders to kill three Iraqi detainees, then cut him with a knife to make it appear there had been a struggle. Spc. William B. Hunsaker said at the court-martial for Staff Sgt. Ray Girouard that his superior ordered him and another soldier to cut loose three detainees, then shoot them as they fled.

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq 12 Mar 2007 Five U.S. soldiers were killed and three others wounded in Iraq on Sunday, the U.S. military said on Monday.

Blix: Britain Embellished Iraq Dossiers 12 Mar 2007 The British government embellished intelligence used to justify the decision to invade Iraq in 2003, the former U.N. chief weapons inspector said in an interview broadcast Monday.

£1bn-a-year cost of war in Iraq 'would be better spent on NHS hospitals' 13 Mar 2007 The spiralling cost of the Iraq war to the British taxpayer is set to exceed £1bn this year for the first time since the invasion. The figures were released as MPs protested about the plight of Britain's NHS hospitals, ordered to cut costs to wipe out their £512m deficit by the end of this month. Many MPs said the money would be better spent on the service.

In Iraq, American military finds it has an alcohol problem 12 Mar 2007 Strictly forbidden by the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan, alcohol has been involved in a number of crimes committed by soldiers there. Alcohol- and drug-related charges were involved in more than a third of all army criminal prosecutions of soldiers in the two war zones — 240 of the 665 cases resulting in convictions, according to records obtained by The New York Times through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Your country needs you... but not you: Soldiers' mother faces deportation --Leven Bowman served in Iraq. His brother Damian was an army poster boy. Now the Home Office wants to deport their mother and her 15-year-old daughter. 13 Mar 2007 Five years after supporting her son during a perilous tour of Iraq, Mrs Joy Bowman and her 15-year-old daughter, who is preparing for GCSEs, face being deported tomorrow - further victims of a Home Office that places its removal targets ahead of the role in British life played by those it is deporting.

Poll: 58 percent want U.S. troops out of Iraq by 2008 13 Mar 2007 Nearly six in ten Americans want to see U.S. troops leave Iraq either immediately or within a year, and more would rather have Congress running U.S. policy in the conflict than President [sic] Bush, according to a CNN poll out Tuesday.

Whose Oil Is It, Anyway? By Antonia Juhasz 13 Mar 2007 The Iraq hydrocarbon law would take the majority of Iraq’s oil out of the exclusive hands of the Iraqi government and open it to international oil companies for a generation or more. In March 2001, the National Energy Policy Development Group (better known as Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney’s energy task force), which included executives of America’s largest energy companies, recommended that the United States government support initiatives by Middle Eastern countries "to open up areas of their energy sectors to foreign investment."

Pelosi hears boos at AIPAC 13 Mar 2007 Members [Reichwing maggots] of the main pro-Israel lobbying group offered scattered boos to a statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) that the Iraq war has been a failure on several scores. The boos, mixed with some polite applause, stood in stark contrast to the reception House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) received minutes earlier.

Suicide bomb attack kills 3 civilians near Afghan-Pakistan border 13 Mar 2007 A suicide bomber crossed the border from Pakistan into southern Afghanistan on Tuesday and blew himself up in a crowded pedestrian area, killing three civilians and wounding eight, police said.

Roadside bomb kills 9 police in western Afghanistan 12 Mar 2007 A roadside bomb targeting a police convoy killed nine officers, including a local commander, and left one critically wounded Monday in western Afghanistan, officials said.

General Stands by Stance Against Gay Troops 13 Mar 2007 Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, declined today to apologize for saying that he believes homosexuality is "immoral" and that he therefore supports the ban on gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military.

Russia warns Iran of 'irreversible consequences': report 13 Mar 2007 Russia warned Iran on Tuesday of "irreversible consequences" for the Bushehr nuclear power station project should Tehran fail to resolve a financing dispute, state-run RIA Novosti reported.

Israel Recalls Naked, Drunk Ambassador 12 Mar 2007 Israel has recalled its ambassador to El Salvador after he was found bound, drunk and naked in the yard of his residence, a spokeswoman said Monday. Two weeks ago, El Salvador police found Tsuriel Raphael naked outside his residence, tied up, gagged and drunk, Israeli media reported. He was wearing several sex toys at the time, the media said.

Minister quits to vote against Trident plan 12 Mar 2007 A Government minister resigned today in protest at Prime Minister Tony Blair's plans to renew Britain's Trident nuclear deterrent system. Nigel Griffiths stepped down as Deputy Leader of the House of Commons to be able to vote against the Government in the key vote on Trident on Wednesday.

Army to study debris off Wai'anae Coast 13 Mar 2007 The Army has taken the lead in investigating [Yeah, right!] flammable military propellants [WMDs] that last week came to the attention of authorities at Ma'ili Beach but may have been washing up on the Wai'anae Coast for decades.

Mega barf alert! Collins and Chertoff Fight to Save the National ID 12 Mar 2007 Bush administration officials and some Republican senators remain undeterred by the mounting opposition among state governments to a national ID measure and are looking to companies and organizations that will benefit from the ID scheme to persuade opponents beyond the Beltway to back down. Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican of Maine, is the author of the latest effort to sell reluctant states on the REAL ID Act, the 2005 measure which would coerce states into issuing nationally standardized driver’s licenses and require them to enter information about their drivers in nationally accessible databases.

Former Sailor Accused of Providing Data to Terrorist Web Site 08 Mar 2007 A former sailor was arrested yesterday in Phoenix on federal charges of providing material support for a conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals amid allegations that he sent classified information about a U.S. Navy battle group's movements in the Middle East to a terrorist Web site in early 2001... FBI agents also describe a pattern of what they call suspicious activities [?!?] after Paul R. Hall was honorably discharged in January 2002.

Homeland Security Creates National Computer Forensics Institute --The new national cybercrime training and investigatory facility is a partnership between the DHS and Alabama state officials. 12 Mar 2007 The Department of Homeland Security teamed up with Alabama state officials to create the National Computer Forensic Institute in Hoover, Ala. The new center is focused on being an aid in the field of computer forensics and digital evidence analysis, according to a Department of Homeland Security release.

Report: Blair Aide Pressured to Lie 13 Mar 2007 A key aide to Tony Blair claimed she was asked to lie about the role of the prime minister's chief fundraiser to detectives probing allegations political honors were traded for cash, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.

AP: New Orleans pumps were faulty 13 Mar 2007 The Army Corps of Engineers installed defective flood-control pumps last year despite warnings from its own expert that the equipment would fail during a storm, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. The drainage-canal pumps were custom-designed and built under a $26.6 million contract awarded after competitive bidding to Moving Water Industries Corp. of Deerfield Beach, Fla. MWI is owned by J. David Eller and his sons. Eller was once a business partner of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in a venture called Bush-El that marketed MWI pumps. And Eller has donated about $128,000 to politicians, the vast majority of it to the Republican Party, since 1996, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Deadliest, safest states for truck crashes listed --Safety coalition criticizes federal rules as 'putting cargo over people' 12 Mar 2007 More than 100 people a week are killed in large-truck crashes in this country, according to safety groups that called Monday for reducing how long big-rig drivers can work without rest.

Report says TXU manipulated Texas power market 13 Mar 2007 TXU Corp. manipulated the Texas electric market in 2005, costing consumers $70 million and giving the utility $20 million in extra profits, according to an outside expert whose report was released by state regulators today.

U.S. stocks sell off as subprime bites again 13 Mar 2007 U.S. stocks sank on Tuesday, causing the Dow Jones Industrial Average to give up 242 points, as the rising tide of problems in the subprime mortgage market spurred fear of contagion across the whole financial sector, while weaker-than-expected retail sales confirmed a slowing economic outlook.

Vaccines are used to spread (not 'prevent') viruses: Bird flu detected in vaccinated Egypt flocks - source 13 Mar 2007 Egypt has detected bird flu in chickens and ducks from reportedly vaccinated flocks, an animal health official said on Tuesday. The official, who closely follows bird flu in Egypt, said chickens and ducks from vaccinated household flocks and on poultry farms had tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu virus this year in 12 locations, and eight of the infections were detected this month.

Aussie cancer vaccine runs into Texas trouble 14 Mar 2007 Politicians in Texas have blocked the mandatory vaccination of girls with an Australian-invented drug to prevent [spread] cervical cancer, saying the program would contradict the state's abstinence-only sex education policy. Today, the Texas House approved a bill that would keep the Gardasil vaccine off the list of required shots for school attendance, despite Governor Rick Perry's executive order last month requiring the vaccine.

UK first to set legally-binding carbon targets 14 Mar 2007 Britain has become the first country to propose legislation setting binding limits on greenhouse gases as it stepped up its campaign for a new global warming pact to succeed the Kyoto Protocol.

UK 'to lead world' in climate change fight 13 Mar 2007 Britain will lead the world towards combating climate change, Tony Blair vowed today. He unveiled a "revolutionary step" in the Government's blueprint for reducing harmful emissions, binding the UK to a 60-per-cent cut by 2050.


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