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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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June 2003 Archives

U.S. Gets War Crimes Tribunal Exemption The U.N. Security Council on Thursday approved another one-year exemption for US W-ar Making Occupation Forces from prosecution by the new international war crimes tribunal. President Clinton's administration had signed the 1988 Rome treaty setting up the International Criminal Court, but the Bush dictatorship has rescinded the U.S. signature. [Once again, the media whores at MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable have censored a major international story. --Lori Price]

US plays aid card to fix war crimes exemption The US is turning up the heat on the countries of the Balkans and eastern Europe to secure war crimes immunity deals for Americans and exemptions from the year-old international criminal court. The American campaign is creating bitterness and cynicism in the countries being intimidated, particularly in the successor states of former Yugoslavia which perpetrated and suffered the worst war crimes seen in Europe since the Nazis. [Well, the Bush dictatorship is the *new* Nazi regime. --Lori Price]

Annan warning over US immunity US W-ar Making Occupation Forces should not repeatedly be granted immunity from prosecution by the new International Criminal Court, Kofi Annan has warned the United Nations Security Council.

Blix questions starting wars on unproven claims Hans Blix, the U.N.'s chief weapons inspector in Iraq in the runup to the U.S.-led war there, questioned on Thursday whether countries should start wars based on information gathered by intelligence agencies.

Blix warns against use of force based on unconfirmed intelligence Countries should be wary about authorizing military force based on intelligence reports, outgoing chief UN weapons inspector for Iraq Hans Blix told a French newspaper in an interview published Thursday.

Japan PM struggles to defend support for US with no Iraqi WMD found Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi struggled to justify his support for the Iraq war Wednesday as he came under fire from opposition leaders amid the continued failure of the US occupation forces to unearth Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction.

Milburn goes - Blair loses close ally Alan Milburn's resignation makes the Cabinet table a lonelier place for Poodle Tony Blair. The former Health Secretary was a key ally of the Prime Minister as he sought to balance the influence of his powerful Chancellor. He has become the latest in a steady stream of Blairite casualties to leave the Cabinet.

Weapons story called 'all a lie' Former Saddam Hussein aide says there are no banned arms --Blair refuses to appear before committee --Iraq's weapons of mass destruction were all destroyed years ago, a former senior official at the Iraqi information ministry during Saddam Hussein's rule said yesterday. "Washington and London knew all about Iraq's banned weapons because the West helped Iraq to acquire them," Amir al-Helou, previously editor-in-chief of the Baathist government weekly Alif Baa magazine, said.

GOP blocks Iraq probe Congressional Republicans on Wednesday rejected Democratic calls for a formal investigation into intelligence on Iraq's weapons programs, contending that such a probe could harm intelligence agencies' work. [LOL! Contending that... they don't want to see the Idiot Usurping Lying Dictatorial Weasel face impeachment. --Lori Price]

GOP: No need for further probe of Iraqi arms claims Republican leaders dismissed calls by Democrats for a full-blown congressional investigation into whether the Bush dictatorship exaggerated prewar evidence of Iraqi weapons programs, while promising Wednesday to explore the matter thoroughly in routine hearings.

Radioactive Mystery How Did 'Bogus' Info about Iraq's Nuclear Plans Get Into Bush's Speech? Lawmakers investigating why the United States went to war are expected to look into how false information about Iraq trying to buy uranium for nuclear weapons made it into Dictator Bush's State of disUnion speech.

CIA Did Not Share Doubt on Iraq Data [?!?] A key component of Dictator Bush's claim in his State of disUnion address last January that Iraq had an active nuclear weapons program -- its alleged attempt to buy uranium in Niger -- was disputed by a CIA-directed mission to the central African nation in early 2002, according to senior dictatorship officials and a former government official. But the CIA did not pass on the detailed results of its investigation to the White House or other government agencies, the officials said. [Yeah, right! Rove is a busy little bee right now. This is The Washington Post reporting that its paymaster, the CIA, is 'taking the fall' for Bush, to save him from impeachment. -- Lori Price]

'Mechanical failure' in F-16 crash A US F-16 fighter crashed south-west of the Iraqi capital today, US - UK invasion forces' commanders said, adding that it was not the result of hostile action despite the shooting down of an Apache helicopter elsewhere in Iraq during the day.

US Air Force F-16 crashes A US F-16 fighter crashed southwest of the Iraqi capital today for as yet unknown reasons [?], US Central Command said.

Army Apache Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq A U.S. Army Apache attack helicopter was shot down Thursday in western Iraq, apparently by hostile fire, a military statement said. It was the first military aircraft downed by ground fire since the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime two months ago.

Ex-Iraqi army soldiers try to storm gov't building in Mosul Violent clashes erupted in Mosul as several hundred former members of the Iraqi army demanding their salaries tried to storm the government building in the northern Iraqi town.

Iraqi Detainee Dies in Custody -U.S. Military An Iraqi detainee held at a facility run by U.S.-led forces in southeastern Iraq was found dead, the U.S. military said on Thursday. U.S. forces released about 7,000 prisoners taken in the Iraq war, but Washington said in May they still held about 2,000, including an undisclosed number of Iraqis and foreign fighters deemed to be "unlawful combatants."

Press Release: 1st UK Legal Challenge To War On Iraq ~ (post-war) "Gloucester Crown Court: Friday 20th June @10:00am.--A Great Photo Opportunity To See All The Defendants Together... The 10 Defendants in the cases below will plead 'lawful excuse' for doing, or attempting, criminal damage at RAF/USAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK, in the lead up to and during the bombing of Iraq, on the grounds that war on Iraq was illegal making their actions, or attempted actions, legal." [*See also:]

Intelligence Officer Challenges Bush Dictatorship on 'Why They Hate Us' In a new book entitled Through Our Enemies' Eyes, one senior American intelligence officer, simply dubbed "Anonymous," sharply disagrees with that view. ...Anonymous said Osama bin Laden has a clear political agenda. He says that agenda includes reducing U.S. support for Israel, a withdrawal of all American troops from the Arabian Peninsula, an end to what Osama bin Laden labeled as aggression against Iraq, and a halt to what Osama bin Laden viewed as Western exploitation of oil and natural gas resources of Muslim countries.

U.S. Expands Plan for Cargo Inspections at Foreign Ports The Bush dictatorship has decided to place teams of American inspectors at major seaports in Muslim nations and other smaller, strategically located foreign ports to prevent [... Allow? Bush's poll numbers are sinking, he needs a distraction from the missing WMDs. That is why the Carlyle Group bought CSX transport. --Lori Price] terrorists from using cargo containers to smuggle chemical, biological or nuclear weapons into the United States, senior regime officials said.

Muslim ports to have U.S. inspectors Teams of U.S. inspectors will be placed in major seaports in Muslim countries to seek [plant?] high risk items, a report said Thursday.

Drifting toward fascism --by David Rozelle "Based upon how our America now conducts itself among its fellow human beings - including us, its own citizenry - what is our nation becoming? What, if we're honest with ourselves, are we to call a system of government that behaves in these ways: ...Footnote: Fascism: 'A philosophy of government that stresses the primacy and glory of the state ...'"

Come Back, Clinton Sex Nation Is the country better off with a president who actually has an active libido? Hell yes. --by Mark Morford "At least Clinton had Stephanopolous and Carville and Mike McCurry and hell even Gore had a sort of stiff bland GQ handsomeness. Bush has Ashcroft and Dick Cheney and Karl Rove and Ari Fleischer. Paint peels. Flowers wilt. Hide the children. ...Now, glimpse the current state of American affairs, that acidic stifling powder-keg feeling, that sense of sad closed-mindedness and deep-seated fear and the sense that the only real screwing going on is what the USA Patriot Act and the 2004 Bush budget are doing to you, right now. Show me a brutish dictator/despot/pseudo-fascist/Rumsfeld, and I'll show you a sneering hunk of sexual ineptitude."

House OKs Class-Action Suits to Fed Court The House on Thursday approved moving virtually all national class-action lawsuits from state court into federal court, a move supporters hope will curb frivolous [?!?] lawsuits but opponents fear will allow big businesses to escape multimillion-dollar verdicts for misdeeds.

Fed gives the economy a D 'Beige book' report has little good to say about the economy, raising hopes of a rate cut --The Federal Reserve gave the U.S. economy's performance in April and May a barely-passing grade Wednesday, in a report likely to solidify market expectations that an interest-rate cut is on the way.

Stock losses cull millionaire ranks Survey says U.S. had 100,000 fewer millionaires in 2002 despite increase in global wealth. Stock losses contributed heavily to a decline in the number of North American millionaires last year, even as the world's richest people are getting richer, according to a new report.

Bush to Fund a Third of Non-Social Security Spending This Year with Borrowed Money (Citizens for Tax Justice) Click here to see .pdf version of this analysis.

Workers Paying a Larger Share for Drug Plans After a decade of soaring spending on prescription drugs, employers and health plans are forcing their workers to pay more for most drugs and refusing payment entirely for certain medicines that they reject as not essential.

Texas Ranks Last In Child Insurance Coverage Providing healthcare for children is something thousands of West Texas families struggle with... While Texas ranks the worst with 22% of its children uninsured, it's closely followed by New Mexico at 21%. Arizona and Louisiana tie for the third slot with 18% of their children uninsured.

Read My Lips --by Thomas L. Friedman "...when the president [sic] says he wants yet another round of reckless 'tax cuts,' which will shift huge burdens to our children, Democrats should simply refer to them as 'service cuts,' because that is the only way these tax cuts will be paid for — by cuts in services. Indeed, the Democrats' bumper sticker in 2004 should be: 'Read my lips, no new services. Thank you, President [sic] Bush.' Say it with me now: 'Read my lips, no new services — or old ones.'"

Circuit court nominee takes heat for remarks Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor stuck by his strong comments against abortion and gays Wednesday, winning Democrats' respect for his candor but criticism for views.

Hillary Clinton's poll rating rises Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's image has improved since the release of her blockbuster memoir, even though many people seem skeptical about some of the claims she makes, a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll has found.

Monkeypox may have spread human-to-human Health officials in Wisconsin said today that a health care worker may have contracted monkeypox from a human patient in what would be the first case of the disease spreading from person to person in this country.

GOP Rejects Formal Probe of Iraq Intel Majority Republicans in Congress brushed aside Democratic pleas for a formal investigation into the handling of intelligence on Iraq's weapons programs, saying Wednesday that routine oversight should suffice. [Suffice *this.* --Lori Price]

Republicans Limit Probe of Iraq Intelligence Republicans in Congress on Wednesday rebuffed calls by Democrats for a full-blown investigation into whether the Bush dictatorship misread or inflated the threats posed by Iraq before going to war.

McCain: Don't delay Iraq hearings Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain joined on Tuesday a growing list of lawmakers pressing for hearings into the Bush administration's failure so far to prove prewar allegations that Saddam Hussein's regime had weapons of mass destruction.

Intelligence Committee to investigate war on Iraq intelligence The Senate Intelligence Committee plans to hold closed-door hearings into the intelligence information that was available prior to the war with Iraq. [WHY are they 'closed-door' hearings? We need open-door hearings, so the Idiot Usurper can be tried for treason when the truth emerges. --Lori Price]

Blix: I was smeared by the Pentagon Hans Blix, the UN chief weapons inspector, lashed out last night at the "bastards" who have tried to undermine him throughout the three years he has held his high-profile post. In an extraordinary departure from the diplomatic language with which he has come to be associated, Mr Blix assailed his critics in both Washington and Iraq.

Blix stung by 'Pentagon smear' The UN chief weapons inspector, Hans Blix, has lashed out at the US Defence Department, saying some "bastards" in Washington tried to undermine him in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Blair will not appear before WMD inquiry Neither the prime minister nor his communications chief will appear before the foreign affairs select committee inquiry into WMD, Poodle Tony Blair today told the Commons.

Security watchdog attacks Blair over Iraq intelligence The Parliamentary watchdog responsible for security accused the Government yesterday of manipulating intelligence on Iraq while failing to provide political leadership for the war on terror.

Norway rubs salt into Bush's war wound ...On Tuesday Norwegian Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik rubbed salt into the wounds. "It is interesting that no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq", said Bondevik during a conference in Oslo on Tuesday. "As long as no weapons of mass destruction have been found, it strengthens the stand Norway took against the war", the PM said, stressing that the whole point of the war was the fear that weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq.

How the media might have to cop the blame for Bush's blushes From rushing to report on the no-WMDs scandal, the press has been caught up in the scandal, writes Russ Baker. "The growing scandal over the Bush Administration's manipulation of intelligence data on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction focuses on the role of the White House. But it doesn't devote proper attention to the role of the US media in the propaganda effort that misled the world. Probably the central character in that effort was The New York Times' Judith Miller, perhaps the world's leading journalistic 'specialist' in covering chemical and biological weapons threats... On April 21, in a front-page story from Iraq, Miller suggested that US forces had failed to find the much-ballyhooed WMDs - the ostensible primary reason for the invasion - because they had been recently destroyed or existed only as precursors with dual civilian uses. Her source? A man standing in the distance wearing a baseball cap, who military sources told her was an Iraqi scientist who had told them those things."

US warning over criminal court Washington has asked the UN to grant US peacekeepers [?!? foreign occupiers] another year's exemption from prosecution by the new International Criminal Court. It has also warned European governments that opposition to the US efforts to gain immunity will harm transatlantic ties. The International Criminal Court is the first permanent war crimes court and was first conceived at the Nuremberg trials 57 years ago that prosecuted Nazi leaders. [Yes, the ICC is the perfect vehicle to try Nazi Bush and Poodle Blair.]

US clashes with Europe over war crimes The United States and several European countries are once again on a collision course at the United Nations, as Washington manoeuvres to renew controversial provisions that shield its troops from prosecution for war crimes.

*Here is why the Bush Dictatorship fears the International Criminal Court: US soldiers accused of raping teenage girls Iraqi newspaper run by Sunni Muslims traded charges yesterday with the US-led occupation authority over the alleged rape of two Iraqi girls by US soldiers, a claim denied by the U.S.-U.K. occupation forces.

*Here is *also* why the Bush Dictatorship fears the International Criminal Court: U.S. Forces Detain 400 Iraqis in a Large-Scale Roundup Two brief gun battles erupted when American forces entered Thuluiya, a farming town, early Monday, American commanders said. Four Iraqis died, four Americans were wounded and 375 Iraqi men were detained. Iraqi civilians said American soldiers handcuffed women and children, beat one man to death and allowed another to die of a heart attack, charges American officials called "absolutely false."

Investigation Finds At Least 3,240 Iraqi Civilians Killed During W-ar At least 3,240 civilians died across Iraq during a month of war, including 1,896 in Baghdad, according to a five-week Associated Press investigation. [ estimates the civilian casualties range at 5,531 to 7,203.]

Bechtel vows to hire Iraqis US construction giant Bechtel has been defending its plans for the reconstruction of Iraq. Bechtel is the largest recipient of reconstruction contracts so far, having landed a US government project worth up to $680m (£433m).

Hussein alive and dangerous Saddam Hussein is alive in northern Iraq, encouraging resistance and handing out bounties for killing US soldiers, it was claimed yesterday. The claim by Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, exiled under Saddam's rule, comes amid a spate of deadly and well-organised attacks on US forces.

G.I.'s in Iraqi City Are Stalked by Faceless Enemies at Night Since the American command quadrupled its military presence here last week, not a day has gone by without troops weathering an ambush, a rocket-propelled grenade attack, an assault with automatic weapons or a mine blast.

US soldier dies in Iraq attack An American paratrooper has died and another has been injured in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the US military says. Some Iraqis say troops are being heavy-handed and they resent the American military presence.

U.S. Soldiers Wilt Under Fierce Iraqi Sun At 3 p.m., it's 110 degrees in the shade. With the legendary Mesopotamian sun hammering down, U.S. troops swaddled in long-sleeve uniforms and gear look like ants roasting under a magnifying glass.

Bay Area man risks life for Iraq's zoo animals How do you save a zoo caught in a war zone? For San Franciscan Stephen Bognar, the answer was easy -- if somewhat difficult. Rent a truck, drive to Baghdad and buy raw meat. A whole lot of meat. [*Please see Baghdad Zoo Relief Effort from the North Carolina Zoo website, including related articles on administering aid to Baghdad Zoo.]

U.S. Can't Rule Out N.Korea Strike, Rumsfeld Adviser Says The United States should be prepared to destroy North Korea's Yongbyon reactor if necessary to keep Pyongyang from trafficking in nuclear weapons, an influential member [whackjob] of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's advisory panel said on Wednesday.

Pinter blasts 'Nazi America' and 'deluded idiot' Blair The playwright Harold Pinter last night likened George W Bush's dictatorship to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, saying the US was charging towards world domination while the American public and Britain's "mass-murdering" prime minister sat back and watched. In conversation on stage with Michael Billington, the Guardian's theatre critic, Pinter said the US government was the most dangerous power that had ever existed. The American detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where al-Qaida and Taliban suspects were being held, was a concentration camp. Pinter blamed "millions of totally deluded American people" for not staging a mass revolt. ...The US population could not be let off scot-free for putting the country under the control of an "illegally elected president - in other words, a fake".

Guantanamo death chamber planned A court and execution chamber could be built at the US detention camp in Cuba under plans being drawn up by military officials. Military tribunals for some of the hundreds of men detained at the US base on Guantanamo Bay moved a step closer last month with the appointment of a chief prosecutor and chief defence counsel.

Rumsfeld choice of army chief angers top brass Donald Rumsfeld, the American defence secretary, yesterday selected a retired general as head of the US army, bypassing the military's top brass and stoking tensions within the Pentagon. The extraordinary break with convention is the latest episode in a series of confrontations between Mr Rumsfeld and the US army leadership.

Bill Moyers's Presidential Address --by John Nichols "Recalling the populism and old-school progressivism of the era in which William Jennings Bryan stirred the Democratic National Convention of 1896 to enter into the great struggle between privilege and democracy -- and to spontaneously nominate the young Nebraskan for president -- journalist and former presidential aide Bill Moyers delivered a call to arms against 'government of, by and for the ruling corporate class.'"

This is Your Story - The Progressive Story of America. Pass It On. --by Bill Moyers Text of speech to the Take Back America conference sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future June 4, 2003 Washington, DC --"So go for it. Never mind the odds. Remember what the progressives faced. Karl Rove isn't tougher than Mark Hanna was in his time and a hundred years from now some historian will be wondering how it was that Norquist and Company got away with it as long as they did – how they waged war almost unopposed on the infrastructure of social justice, on the arrangements that make life fair, on the mutual rights and responsibilities that offer opportunity, civil liberties, and a decent standard of living to the least among us."

Poll: Bush Approval Drops on Sour Economy Dictator Bush's approval rating has dropped to 57 percent from 73 percent since April as voters soured on his handling of the economy, a poll published on Wednesday showed.

While we were distracted by Bush's missing WMDs: Senate OKs Billions for Nuclear Power The Senate endorsed a plan Tuesday for the government to provide loan guarantees for construction of a half dozen nuclear power plants that supporters say are necessary for the industry's [Cheney's corporate pals'] survival. Opponents questioned why nuclear power should be singled out for such largess, which they said could cost taxpayers $14 billion to $16 billion should the future power reactors fail and be abandoned. [Also, there is the possibility that Bush's al-Qa'ida could terrorize Amerika with plutonium rolling freely down the interstate, for which there is no safe repository. --Lori Price]

Budget Deficit Seen Soaring Above $400 Billion The approval of Dictator Bush's latest tax cuts will push the U.S. budget deficit to a new record of more than $400 billion this year, government analysts now predict.

World economy sliding towards deflation and recession While it provided a short-term boost to share markets, last week’s decision by the European Central Bank (ECB) to cut interest rates by 0.5 percentage points is another indication of the worsening outlook for the global economy.

Hillary Clinton memoir sells 200,000 copies on day one Former US first lady Hillary Clinton's revealing memoir "Living History" sold 200,000 copies on its first day in bookstores nationwide.

Microsoft steps into security software industry Microsoft is moving into the software security business with the purchase of antivirus technology, stepping into a market it has long ceded to others.

U.S. Urges Smallpox Vaccine for Monkeypox Exposure U.S. health authorities on Wednesday recommended smallpox vaccinations for anyone exposed to "monkeypox" either from infected pets or from the roughly 63 human cases, all but one in the U.S. Midwest. [Bush is trying to force the deadly smallpox vaccines on us, again. --Lori Price]

Michael Rectenwald responds to a rightwinger who calls us Bolsheviks: "Bush v. Citizens for Leninist Govt" "Bush never won an election for P-resident, Iraq had no WMDs when Bush illegally and terroristically attacked that nation, and the notion of links to al-Qa'ida are fading as fast as the Clinton economy in the aftermath of its gutting by the Bush marauders of the national treasury for his thieving friends." --Michael Rectenwald

[CLG Founder and Chair, Michael Rectenwald, summarized the phony WMD motive back in March!!] March 30 Anti-W-ar Rally Pittsburgh Speech --by Michael Rectenwald "First the war was about WMDs. Now, the war is against Hussein and for liberation. Tell that to the children whose limbs have been blown off, or whose skulls have been exploded by shrapnel. The only WMDs are those of the so-called 'coalition' forces, exploding like the evidence in search of the crime. ...The nakedness of the power grab [in Iraq] is indeed an extension of the naked grab for power that has characterized the Bush regime since the original coup in 2000. The new W-ar of imperialism calls for a new resolve of resistance."

Senators Urge Congress to Hold Hearings on Iraq Two key senators said on Tuesday that Congress should hold hearings on what intelligence led the United States to go to war against Iraq.

CIA had doubts on Iraq link to al-Qaida The debunking of the Bush dictatorship's pre-war certainties on Iraq gathered pace yesterday when it emerged that the CIA knew for months that a connection between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida was highly unlikely.

Bush backs CIA chief on Iraq intelligence Raymond McGovern, a retired 27-year CIA veteran who serves in the leadership of Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, said some retired intelligence officers see the Bush dictatorship positioning Tenet as the fall guy for allegedly flawed intelligence... McGovern said he doubted the Bush dictatorship would jettison Tenet. The CIA chief remains "too useful where he is," McGovern said. Sacking Tenet would risk the CIA chief telling "all he knows" about pre-Sept. 11 CIA warnings on al-Qaida that went unheeded by the White House, McGovern added.

Blair and Campbell will shun Commons inquiry into WMD Neither Tony Blair nor Alastair Campbell will allow the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to question them about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Downing Street revealed yesterday.

Campbell to defy MPs over Iraq arms Alastair Campbell was set to defy MPs who want to question him over Government claims made in the run-up to war with Iraq. Suggestions that Downing Street exaggerated intelligence to justify the war are being probed by two Parliamentary committees.

Campbell refuses to testify on Iraq role Alastair Campbell, the prime minister's director of communications, is to refuse to give evidence to the Commons foreign affairs committee, which meets in public, about his role in the publication of intelligence briefings before the Iraq war. Poodle Tony Blair will also reportedly snub the committee.

Al-Qa'ida suspects deny links with Saddam Hussein Dictator Bush has denied [?!?] that American credibility has been damaged by the row over the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - even as intelligence officials undermined another of his regime's allegations against Saddam Hussein. Intelligence officials revealed the dictatorship's claim of links between Iraq and al-Qa'ida had been denied by the two most senior members of the network being held in American custody.

Mobile Lies --by Imad Khadduri "As the swelter of anger bubbles from the machination of misinformation that led to the faltering WMD casus belli for invading Iraq, the retreat and half-baked excuses of Bush, Blair, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Powell further expose the sharp edge of their deceit. Whether it was 'intelligence' failure or 'flailing' the intelligence, time will soon tell. In the meantime, the fig leaves keep falling."

Bad Iraq Data From Start to Finish Americans were duped: Evidence of administration manipulation and mendacity just keeps rolling in. --by Robert Scheer "Ever since the tragedy of Sept. 11, the Bush administration has relied on selective and distorted intelligence data to make the case for invading Iraq. But the truth will out, and the White House is now scrambling to explain away its mendacity...The British Parliament is in an uproar, but so far the U.S. Congress has failed to exercise its obligation to hold the executive branch accountable."

Who's Accountable? --by Paul Krugman "...dishonest salesmanship has been the hallmark of the Bush administration's approach to domestic policy. And it has become increasingly clear that the selling of the war with Iraq was no different... I'll tell you what's outrageous. It's not the fact that people are criticizing the administration; it's the fact that nobody is being held accountable for misleading the nation into war."

New Reports Implicate Soldiers in Death of Journalists On April 8, two journalists were killed in Baghdad. By this date, only weeks into the conflict, the death toll for journalists in Iraq was an alarming 10, more than double the total killed in the entirety of the first Gulf War in 1991. ...With the recent release of an investigation by the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists there is new evidence that the incident was in fact entirely avoidable, and a Spanish judge is being asked to file formal extradition charges against the three US military officers responsible.

US soldiers accused of raping teenage girls Iraqi newspaper run by Sunni Muslims traded charges yesterday with the US-led occupation authority over the alleged rape of two Iraqi girls by US soldiers, a claim denied by the U.S.-U.K. occupation forces. According to the daily As-Saah, the girls, aged 14 and 15, were talking to American soldiers in Suwaira, 180km south of Baghdad, on Friday when the soldiers suggested they accompany them to their camp to take pictures but then collectively raped the pair.

AP Tallies 3,240 Civilian Deaths in Iraq At least 3,240 civilians died across Iraq during a month of war, including 1,896 in Baghdad, according to a five-week Associated Press investigation.

Child sickness 'soars' in Iraq The number of children in Iraq suffering from diarrhoea and related diseases appears to have risen dramatically in the past year, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) said on Sunday.

U.S. Soldiers Face Growing Resistance Attacks in Central Iraq Become More Frequent and Sophisticated --Attacks on American troops are growing in frequency and sophistication across central Iraq, a crescent of discontent and hostility where many Iraqis remain opposed to the U.S. occupation of their country.

Rumsfeld Sees No Quick End to Attacks in Iraq Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday he expected remnants of Saddam Hussein's forces to go on attacking U.S.-led troops in Iraq for months but they would ultimately be rooted out.

Guard, Reserve short on recruits The Pentagon's heavy use of part-time military units in the 'war on terrorism' and the invasion of Iraq may be starting to exact a price: The nation's largest auxiliary forces — the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve — are beginning to have trouble meeting their recruiting targets.

Fuss over Army plan for gas grenade A new rifle-launched gas grenade, invented by the U.S. Army ostensibly for nonlethal crowd control [?!?], has created a stir because the patent filed on the technology claims that it can deliver chemical and biological agents, two payloads forbidden by international treaty and U.S. law.

U.S. Sees Likely Al Qaeda WMD Attack Within 2 Years The United States sees a high probability the clandestine al Qaeda network will try to launch a chemical, biological or nuclear attack within two years, the U.S. government said in a report made public on Monday. [Yes, conveniently, just in time for Bush to have an excuse to shut down 'elections' in 2004, as his poll numbers plummet over the missing WMD in Iraq. --Lori Price]

Justices Provide a Victory to One Category of Job-Bias Plaintiffs A unanimous Supreme Court made it significantly easier today for workers to win discrimination suits against their employers in cases where race, sex, religion or national origin is one factor among others in a dismissal or other adverse job action.

Electricity costs near 20-year highs U.S. air conditioning bills might bulge this summer as electricity prices are projected to rise to their highest level in at least two decades [due to the scams perpetrated by Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force --Lori Price].

Greenspan Sees Higher Natural Gas Prices Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan predicted tight supplies of natural gas and high prices for a prolonged period Tuesday [due to the scams perpetrated by Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force --Lori Price].

CBO Expects Deficit to Shatter Record The Congressional Budget Office now expects this year's federal deficit to exceed $400 billion, shattering the previous record.

Spreading the Tax Bite Around (graph) "Taking all types of government taxes into consideration, the tax burden, as a percentage of pretax income, is roughly the same for all income groups."

Presidential hopeful rallies backers in Austin Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean said he hoped to raise $50,000 during his half-day stop in Austin, which also included a private fund-raiser and a public rally at Plaza Saltillo in East Austin. The rally attracted about 3,000 people, according to organizers, which is unusually large for so early in the campaign.

Bookseller: Hillary Clinton's memoirs set first-day record Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's memoirs set a Barnes & Noble sales record for nonfiction books on its first day on store shelves, the company said Tuesday. Clinton signed over a thousand copies of the book, Living History, at a promotional event at a Barnes & Noble store in midtown Manhattan Monday, the first day the book was on sale.

Crowds camp out overnight for Hillary Clinton book tour Her first appearance in New York City suggested that her fans are hungry and legion. They camped out overnight on the pavement and donned wristbands for the right to see her. This new American star is none other than former first lady and current New York Senator, Hillary Clinton.

U.S. Hunt for Iraqi Banned Weapons Slows U.S. military units assigned to track down Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have run out of places to look and are getting time off or being assigned to other duties, even as pressure mounts on Dictator Bush to explain why no banned arms have been found.

Dictator, Top Advisers: 'Iraq Had a Weapons Program' (DoD) "Iraq had a weapons program," the president [sic] said. "Intelligence throughout the decade showed they had a weapons program. I am absolutely convinced with time we'll find out that they did have a weapons program." [The word program has been added to the White House prevaricator's mantra, that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.]

Bush Adamant Iraq Had Banned Weapons 'Program' Dictator Bush stated flatly on Monday that Iraq had a weapons of mass destruction program and rejected the idea of Washington's credibility being at stake in the search for banned arms. But he stopped short of repeating previous vows that the weapons themselves would be found.

Kristol: Bush Made Misstatements on Iraq WMDs In comments sure to be seized upon by Bush dictatorship critics at home and abroad, one of the leading proponents of the war in Iraq said Sunday that Dictator Bush may have misstated the case that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction before the U.S. attacked.

Weapon threat not the motive for war, ex-spy says Australia's premier intelligence analysis agency told the Federal Government that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction threat was not the prime motive for the United States going to war against Iraq, a former intelligence officer said yesterday.

'Smoking Gun' From No10 Files The intelligence services are said to have a "smoking gun" proving they were pressed to provide evidence to No10 to justify the Iraq war. MI5, MI6 and GCHQ have kept files of memos, chats and information requests. It was also claimed yesterday that Downing Street scrapped one six-page dossier in March last year because it didn't verify that Saddam was a growing threat.

'PM rashly grabbed at fragments' Discord between No 10 and intelligence services intensifies Richard Stott, Sunday Mirror, June 8 "Spooks and spies... is a world of shadows, half-truths... and disinformation. Put into that mix a politician who is committed to a particular course of action and we finish up with a very muddy brew... Weapons of mass destruction provided the reason for war and after that it was a matter of making the facts fit the theory rather than the other way round..."

Blunkett admits weapons error Dossier on Iraqi threat 'should not have been published' --David Blunkett yesterday became the most senior minister to admit publicly that Downing Street was wrong to publish the "dodgy dossier" on the military threat posed by Saddam Hussein, as both sides in the simmering Whitehall intelligence row moved to cool tempers.

No Dodging Dossier Spin ( "David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, says it was a mistake to issue the 'dodgy dossier' on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. He is right about that. But he also suggests that it didn't matter. On that, he is very, very wrong. That dossier formed a large part of the case for sending British troops to war - and some to their death. Yet it indicated an incredible contempt for the facts and the British people."

No links to Saddam Hussein, al-Qaeda pair claim Al-Qaeda did not work with Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime, two of the terrorist network's senior leaders have told the CIA, intelligence officials say.

Captives Deny Qaeda Worked With Baghdad Two of the highest-ranking leaders of Al Qaeda in American custody have told the C.I.A. in separate interrogations that the terrorist organization did not work jointly with the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein, according to several intelligence officials.

Tablets that may reveal El Niño secrets are feared lost in Iraq The secrets of El Niño, one of the most mysterious and destructive weather systems, could be unlocked by hundreds of thousands of ancient clay tablets now feared lost or damaged in the chaos of Iraq.

U.S. Soldier Shot and Killed in Iraq, 8th to Die in 14 Days Unknown gunmen shot and killed an American soldier at a checkpoint in Western Iraq today, continuing a series of attacks that have killed eight American soldiers in 14 days.

U.S. forced to print Saddam banknotes [LOL!] They have torn down his statues and peppered his portraits with bullet holes, but Iraq's interim U.S. rulers have been forced to print millions of new banknotes bearing the face of Saddam Hussein.

Pressure grows over US killing of journalists The Pentagon has claimed that the tank fire was a purely defensive move. But interviews with more than a dozen eye-witnesses at the hotel tell a different story. The unanimous rendition given to the investigators was that no shots of any sort were fired from the hotel.

Government will launch news network to counter 'anti-American' image Middle East airwaves are clogged with “hate speak…disinformation [and] incitement to violence” that is anti-Western and anti-American, said Norman Pattiz, one of America’s most prominent news media executives. Now, armed with a congressional mandate and more than $30 million in government funds, Pattiz and a team of media gurus are going to compete with those networks [via lies and propaganda] for hearts and minds on the Arab street.

The Suicide Squaddies Two young soldiers have killed themselves after falling ill with suspected Gulf War Syndrome following the latest conflict in Iraq. Both men committed suicide after showing recognised symptoms of the illness - blamed on controversial jabs our troops were given before the war.

'Not a chance in hell' for Blair Euro presidency Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock claims there is "not a chance in hell" Prime Minister Tony Blair would ever be elected president of Europe. [Right, and there should be 'Not a chance in hell' for the Idiot Usurping Lying Dictatorial Weasel to be re-s-elected, either, but Joe 'Lori Klausutis' Scarborough has other plans!! --Lori Price]

What future for the UN? Former UK cabinet minister Clare Short assesses US-UN relations in the wake of the Iraq conflict, and argues global security can only be achieved through the UN. "American power cannot make America safe. If America continues to throw its weight around and to bully or punish anyone who gets in its way, it will stoke up more and more resentment and hatred across the world. And this atmosphere acts as a recruiting sergeant for terrorism - the very enemy against which the post-11 September focus of American attention is directed."

Afghanistan may get more troops The British government will not rule out sending more troops to troubled provinces in Afghanistan where security is still lacking and the Taliban are reappearing.

US helicopters in secret mission to spray Afghanistan's opium fields Farmers believe that, operating in darkness, US forces sprayed their fields with herbicide. ...Crop spraying in Afghanistan would be a different matter - effectively an attempt at bio-sabotage in a country where the approval of the population's representatives had not been sought.

Taliban are back - and with a murderous vengeance The resurgence of the Taliban was dramatically illustrated yesterday when a suspected car bomber blew up a military bus in the heart of Kabul, killing at least four German peacekeepers and injuring 29 others.

Former Clinton Investigator Confirmed as Judge A one-time congressional investigator of Bill and Hillary Clinton's Arkansas land deals won Senate confirmation on Monday as a federal appeals court judge, with the former first lady casting the lone vote against him.

More Than 1,000 People Show for Hillary Clinton Signing More than 1,000 people clamored for Hillary Rodham Clinton's new book, an autograph and a chance to meet the senator on Monday as she launched a rock star-like tour to promote her long-awaited memoirs.

Hillary Clinton Exclusive extracts from Hillary Clinton's new book begin on Tuesday only in the print version of the Herald and continue only in the Herald on Wednesday and Thursday.

Maybe Helen spooked the president [sic] --by Frank DeFrank "We haven't heard from the president [sic] in a news conference setting since that embarrassing, scripted performance March 6... Seems there's lots of questions Americans would like to ask about Iraq, peace in the Middle East, tax cuts and the economy. So why won't President [sic] Bush face the nation's press? You suppose he's afraid of Helen Thomas?"

CIA-funded software can scour millions of photos for items The CIA is bankrolling efforts to improve technology designed to scour millions of digital photos or video clips for particular cars or street signs or even, some day, human faces.

Feds May OK Stun Guns on Airplanes The Transportation Security Administration says non-lethal stun guns could be allowed on airplanes as another layer of security [?!?].

Missouri jail guard convicted of assault for urinating on inmates A former guard who stood on a jail roof and urinated on four inmates playing basketball below was convicted of misdemeanor assault Wednesday.

Crooked Arm of the Law --by Jonathan Turley " was recently disclosed that the Justice Department and FBI officials allowed an innocent man to be sentenced to death and remain incarcerated for 30 years for a murder that they knew was ordered by one of their own informants... Though the Justice Department does not hesitate to prosecute people like Martha Stewart and others for any allegedly false statement given to federal investigators, they are far more circumspect in dealing with their own ranks."

Rally protests Head Start proposal Dictator Bush is proposing letting individual states take over the program, now run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services... "If these changes happen, I don't think parents will have the strong voice we now have in the program," said Charles Hill, Jr., one of about 50 people who attended a rally against the proposed changes Saturday morning at the Osbourne Community Center.

Less Lethal Cousin of Smallpox Arrives in U.S. Monkeypox, a viral disease related to smallpox but less infectious and less deadly, has been detected for the first time in the Americas, with at least 23 cases reported in three Midwestern states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said yesterday. [Who brought it here? --Lori Price]

Officials Report 40 Cases of Monkeypox Health officials investigating an outbreak of monkeypox that apparently spread from pet prairie dogs to people said Monday the number of reported cases has risen to at least 40, including four that have been confirmed.

Pentagon: No Chemical Weapons George Bush was told by Pentagon chiefs there was NO evidence Iraq was building weapons of mass destruction, it emerged yesterday. A previously top secret report said it did not have enough "reliable information" chemical and biological weapons were being amassed. Yet the Defence Intelligence Agency report dates from September 2002 - when US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was publicly claiming Saddam Hussein had vast stockpiles of the arms. [Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, et al., need to be tried for treason. --Lori Price]

Pentagon had no reliable evidence of Iraqi weapons last Sept The Pentagon's intelligence agency had no hard evidence of Iraqi chemical weapons last fall but believed Iraq had a programme in place to produce them, the agency's chief said.

Blow to Blair over 'mobile labs' Saddam Hussein's trucks were for balloons, not germs --Poodle Tony Blair faces a fresh crisis over Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, as evidence emerges that two vehicles that he has repeatedly claimed to be Iraqi mobile biological warfare production units are nothing of the sort. The Observer has established that it is increasingly likely that the units were designed to be used for hydrogen production to fill artillery balloons, part of a system originally sold to Saddam by Britain in 1987.

Saddam Hussein's chemical labs 'made no weapons' The intelligence agencies of Saddam Hussein ran a network of secret cells that carried out chemical and biological research but produced no weapons, according to a top Iraqi security official.

Wheels fall off the 'mobile labs' as doubts grow over evidence This paper has, from the outset, consistently questioned the legality, morality and necessity of war with Iraq and has repeatedly called for firm evidence of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. In this special report we examine the growing doubts over their existence --by Raymond Whitaker, Paul Lashmar and Andrew Buncombe "Britain and America's case for war on Iraq - that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction posed an imminent threat to the world - came close to unravelling last week. The claims of Tony Blair, George Bush and other senior British and American figures, powerfully made in numerous speeches and several dossiers, including the February presentation to the UN Security Council by Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, were undermined by a stream of contradictory evidence."

Revealed: the secret cabal which spun for Blair Britain ran a covert 'dirty tricks' operation designed specifically to produce misleading intelligence that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction to give the UK a justifiable excuse to wage war on Iraq.

Spies threaten Blair with 'smoking gun' over Iraq Senior intelligence officers kept secret records of meetings after pressure from No 10 --Intelligence officers are holding a "smoking gun" which proves that they were subjected to a series of demands by Poodle Tony Blair's staff in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Blair, his aides missinformed citizens, the world, to justify Iraq war British Prime Minister, Tony Blair's aides called on the British intelligence to reformulate the file of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, reported the BBC yesterday. The British news network quoted a source close to the British intelligence as saying that Blair personally took part in re-writing the file before it was published in September 2002.

No 10 ordered Reid to go on the offensive against media Cabinet bruiser John Reid was instructed by Downing Street to make his now famous attack last week on "rogue elements" within the security services. His comments have angered seniors figures in the intelligence community, who see them as an attack on their profession.

Blair misled us all, says widow of commando Lianne Seymour, whose husband was killed in the war, accuses the PM of a breach of trust --The widow of a British commando killed in the Iraq war has accused Poodle Tony Blair of "deceiving" her husband with misleading claims about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

No 10 says sorry to MI6 for 'dodgy' Iraq dossier Tony Blair's closest adviser has written a personal letter apologising to Sir Richard Dearlove, the chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, for discrediting the service with the release to journalists last January of the so-called "dodgy dossier" on Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. [*See "Labour 'doctored' second dossier on WMDs" --Poodle Tony Blair's denial that he exaggerated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's weapons is called into question today by fresh accusations that Downing Street distorted a second Iraq dossier.]

No 10 regret on war dossier Downing Street is to express regret about the fundamental flaws in the second 'dodgy dossier' on Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

Focus: Comical Tony As 62% of people find Tony Blair’s government untrustworthy, David Cracknell and Nick Fielding examine his 'blunder' on Iraq "Three decades on from the crisis faced by Richard Nixon, the British prime minister is embroiled in a scandal which, as one Labour backbencher put it, may be 'more serious than Watergate'. The allegations that Downing Street embellished raw intelligence material in order to legalise the invasion of Iraq simply will not go away."

Partner in Cherie law firm seeks judicial review of 'illegal' invasion One of the co-founders of Cherie Blair's law firm has launched a blistering attack on the legality of the Iraq war.

For a time I believed him --by Michael Portillo "I've supported Tony Blair over Iraq, but last week he disappointed me. On Wednesday, he faced the House of Commons charged with having 'sexed up' the evidence on weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the run-up to the war. In a performance worthy of Harry Houdini, he gave his accusers the slip. But slippery was how he looked."

An abuse of intelligence ( "It is as close as we will ever get to an admission of guilt. Alastair Campbell, the Prime Minister's director of communications, has written to the head of MI6 to apologise for, in effect, misusing intelligence reports. In January, the Government released a now infamous dossier on Saddam's weapons programme. Some of its information did, indeed, derive from secret briefings; but some came from extraneous sources, including a 12-year-old PhD thesis."

Leader: Show us the proof ( "The foreign affairs select committee is to launch an investigation but it too falls short of the full independent committee of inquiry needed. ...Last September he [Poodle Tony Blair] insisted in the House of Commons that the existence of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction was 'not American or British propaganda'. The onus is on him to prove it."

The arms hunt: were they weapons of self-delusion? Despite frantic efforts by leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, it's the story that won't go away. As spies and spin doctors trade insults, the mystery of Saddam Hussein's arsenal grows ever deeper. --by Peter Beaumont, Kamal Ahmed, Ed Vulliamy, David Fickling "...On both sides of the Atlantic, war on Iraq has given way to an altogether more difficult guerrilla battle over propaganda. Victory is in danger of being soured by nagging doubts: was the public deceived, by the manipulation of intelligence, as to the nature of the enemy they were fighting?"

Bush, Blair Face Heat Over Iraq Weapons Before the war, the Bush dictatorship portrayed Iraq as full of killer poisons with strange names and deadly effects, which terrorists could get hold of and unleash on U.S. cities. Those claims and fears have not been borne out so far.

USA lied about Iraq's weapons (March 19, 2003) A US-based Norwegian weapons inspector accuses the USA and Secretary of State Colin Powell with providing the United Nations Security Council with incorrect and misleading information about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), newspaper Dagbladet reports. Joern Siljeholm, Ph.D. in environmental chemistry, risk analysis and toxicology, said that the USA's basis for going to war is thin indeed, and called it a slap in the face to the United Nations weapons inspectors.

Bush Liars at the Pentagon and the Do Nothing Democrats --by Sam Hamod "To this day, the do-nothing Democrats, who are more worried about what may be false popularity numbers for Bush, have done nothing about this in any big way. They have not called for impeachment on a large scale; they have not called for an impartial inquiry into the Pentagon and the roles of the Feith [led Pentagon 'intelligence'] team, Wolfowitz or the influence of the 'Defense Policy Board' (formerly headed by Richard Perle—an non-publicly elected group and a group not appointed by Congress—but only self-elected lobbyists made up primarily of far right neo-cons)."

Kucinich: Show Us the Evidence, Mr. President [sic] Kucinich Leads 30 Members of Congress In Introducing a Resolution of Inquiry to Force Administration to Turn Over Intelligence On Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (Press release) "Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), today, led 30 Members of Congress in introducing a Resolution of Inquiry in the House of Representatives to force the Administration to turn over the intelligence to back its yet unproven claims that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. 'It is long past time that the President [sic] and this Administration show its evidence,' stated Kucinich, the leader of the opposition to the war in Iraq in the House. 'Today, we are introducing a Resolution of Inquiry to compel the White House to substantiate its claims. The President [sic] led the nation to war, and spent at least $63 billion on that war, on the basis of these unfounded assertions.'"

Seven men on mission improbable UN inspectors are assessing Iraq's largest nuclear plant. But the US will not let them aid its own vain search for Saddam's arsenal --UN experts are this weekend back inside Iraq for the first time since the war against the regime began, but they are operating under more restrictions than they were when Saddam Hussein was in power.

Governments Lie - Democracy in Crisis --by Carla Binion "Some say the Bush cabal has lied about reasons for war. Others say the word 'lie' is too strident, although the facts show the administration's actions fit the dictionary definition of lying."

Sunday's Editorial Cartoon --by Jim Morin, The Miami Herald

U.S. To Ban "Incitement" Against Occupation In Iraq In a move that is likely to trigger an outcry from Iraqi parties, politicians and scholars as well as international human rights advocates, the U.S.-led occupation dictatorship said Thursday, June 5, it would outlaw any "incitement" against the Anglo-American forces in Iraq even inside mosque.

U.S. Sidelines Exiles Who Were To Govern Iraq Instead of endorsing an interim government, U.S. dictator here, L. Paul Bremer III, plans to name Iraqis to an advisory council. Former Iraqi opposition leaders, many of whom were brought back from exile by the U.S. government with the expectation that they would run the country, have been largely sidelined by the U.S.-led occupation authority here, which views them as insufficiently representative and too disorganized to take charge.

U.S. Soldier Killed, 4 Hurt Near Tikrit A U.S. soldier was killed and four others were wounded today in an attack near Saddam Hussein's home town of Tikrit, a military statement said.

Barrels Looted at Nuclear Site Raise Fears for Iraqi Villagers For nearly three weeks, hundreds of villagers who live in the shadow of the high earthen berm and barbed wire fences that surrounded the labyrinth of the Iraqi nuclear program here bathed in and ingested water laced with radioactive contaminants from the barrels.

Treasures of Nimrud Found in Iraqi Vault The world-famous treasures of Nimrud, unaccounted for since Baghdad fell two months ago, have been located in good condition in the country's Central Bank - in a secret vault-inside-a-vault submerged in sewage water, U.S. occupation authorities said Saturday.

Weapons of mass stupidity The marriage of television and propaganda may well have been the funeral of reason --by Hal Crowther "Years ago in Moscow, at the dawn of perestroika, a pair of Russian journalists showed me headlines from the New York Post that made Khruschev's 'We will bury you' sound like 'Have a nice day.' How can there ever be peace, they asked me, if America hates us so much? ..Is it sheer coincidence that the president[sic]'s stage manager, Greg Jenkins--responsible for the notorious flight-suit landing on the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln, and for posing George Bush against Mt. Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty--was recently a producer at Fox News?" [a must-read]

Now the US wants control of space The United States is planning to take control of parts of space and develop patrolling military aircraft in orbit [?!?] as part of a revived Star Wars proposal for an American military empire above the ozone layer. [Whackjob Bush is busy increasing the deficits with these nutcase scenarios, to pad 'defense' contractors coffers. --Lori Price]

Details Sought on Bush Role in Texas Dispute A Democratic leader asked yesterday for details of communication by Dictator Bush and his senior adviser, Karl Rove, with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) about a partisan Texas dispute that absorbed federal resources.

Lawyer: Eglin Inmate Gets Solitary for 'political' News Clippings EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. --An inmate serving 90 days at the federal prison camp here for protesting at another military base was put in solitary confinement because he received and distributed political newspaper and magazine clippings, his lawyer said Thursday. Send Bud a card at: William Fletcher Combs, #91402-020 2H4, C/O Santa Rosa County Jail, P.O. Box 7129, Milton, FL 32572. If anyone gets a newspaper copy, please send the page to Tom for Bud's scrap book.

Senior Homeland Security Official Obtained Unaccredited Academic Degrees Following news reports that a senior official at the Homeland Security Department appears to have obtained her academic degrees from an unaccredited diploma mill, several members of Congress are seeking to learn how background checks and security clearances failed to flag the questionable credentials. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., chairwoman of the Democratic Caucus’ Homeland Security task force, sent a letter June 4 to HSD secretary Tom Ridge asking for a full investigation.

Homeland Security official has bogus computer degrees A senior official at the Homeland Security Department bought her degrees in computing science from a diploma fabrication plant, it has emerged. Laura Callahan, a senior director in the office of the chief information officer of Homeland Security, allegedly picked up three degrees from an establishment refused accreditation from the US Department of Education, claims Washington Technology today.

Bush Seeks Federal Workforce Overhaul Nation's Security at Stake, Bush Dictatorship Says --The Bush dictatorship, citing 'national security concerns' [LOLOL!!!], is pressing Congress to enact the biggest overhaul of the federal civil service system in a quarter-century. ...Bush wants to discipline bad [?!?] workers without lengthy appeals and limit union bargaining rights over workplace conditions. [*WHAT* does THIS have to do with 'NATIONAL SECURITY'??? --Lori Price]

Air Academy Has New Sex Assault Policy The Air Force Academy on Friday released a new policy for handling sexual assault cases that will create a team to investigate complaints and counsel victims, but which does not guarantee their privacy.

Schools to receive a smaller increase Critics say funding won't be adequate for reducing classes --Seven months after voters approved a sweeping mandate to shrink public-school class sizes, Florida's schools will receive less new money per student next fall than they did this school year.

Pox-Like Outbreak Reported 19 Ill in Midwest; CDC Issues Alert --At least 19 people in three Midwestern states have contracted a disease related to smallpox, marking the first outbreak of the life-threatening illness in the United States, federal heath officials said yesterday.

Nebraska considers war against Iowa A Nebraska lawmaker is so fed up with constituents crossing the state border to gamble that she proposed going to war with neighboring Iowa.

Ex-Official: Evidence Distorted for W-ar The Bush dictatorship distorted intelligence and presented conjecture as evidence to justify a U.S. invasion of Iraq, according to a retired intelligence official who served during the months before the war.

Intelligence Historian Says CIA 'Buckled' on Iraq The CIA bowed to Bush regime pressure to hype the threat of Saddam Hussein's weapons programs ahead of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, a leading national security historian concluded in a detailed study of the spy agency's public pronouncements.

Report doesn't back weapons claims Did U.S. officials exaggerate Iraqi threat in push for war? The Pentagon’s intelligence agency had no hard evidence of Iraqi chemical weapons last fall but believed Iraq had a program in place to produce them, the agency’s chief said Friday. The assessment suggests a higher degree of uncertainty about the immediacy of an Iraqi threat — at least with regard to one portion of its banned weapons programs — than the Bush dictatorship indicated publicly in building its case for disarming Iraq, with force if necessary.

Bush Caught In Huge Lie, But Washington Post Won't Say It: Bush Certainty On Iraq Arms Went Beyond Analysts' Views During the weeks last fall before critical votes in Congress and the United Nations on going to war in Iraq, senior regime officials, including Dictator Bush, expressed certainty in public that Iraq possessed chemical and biological weapons, even though U.S. intelligence agencies were reporting they had no direct evidence that such weapons existed.

Some Analysts of Iraq Trailers Reject Germ Use American and British intelligence analysts with direct access to the evidence are disputing claims that the mysterious trailers found in Iraq were for making deadly germs. In interviews over the last week, they said the mobile units were more likely intended for other purposes and charged that the evaluation process had been damaged by a rush to judgment.

"Admit Your Lies", Ex U.N. Inspector Tells U.S., U.K. The United States and Britain should admit they lied when claiming the ousted Baghdad regime had weapons of mass destruction, Scott Ritter, a former U.N. senior weapons inspector in Iraq, said in an interview published here Friday, June 6.

Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense? --by John W. Dean "To put it bluntly, if Bush has taken Congress and the nation into war based on bogus information, he is cooked. Manipulation or deliberate misuse of national security intelligence data, if proven, could be 'a high crime' under the Constitution's impeachment clause. It would also be a violation of federal criminal law, including the broad federal anti-conspiracy statute, which renders it a felony 'to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose.'"

Sharpton Mocks Bush's Failed Searches Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton, in an appeal to liberal activists Friday, mocked Dictator Bush for failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, deposed leader Saddam Hussein or terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Iraq Troops In 2nd Child Porn Probe A second Intelligence Corps sergeant has been arrested in Iraq after child porn pictures were allegedly found on a military laptop computer. This latest scandal is deeply embarrassing to the army. Military police in Iraq are already investigating three allegations of war crimes committed by British troops.

Cleric Tells Iraqis to Wait Before They Strike US A respected cleric in an Iraqi city that has seen repeated attacks on U.S. troops called on Sunni Muslims on Friday to bide their time before trying to drive out the Americans, as war with them would be suicidal. "The question is not whether to resist, but when," Sheik Makki al-Kubeisi told worshippers at a packed mosque at Friday prayers.

Missing Iraqi Antiquities Found in Secret Vault Almost all of the priceless items feared stolen from the Baghdad Museum when it was ransacked by looters have been found safe in a secret vault, the U.S.-led dictatorship for Iraq said on Saturday. [Yeah, right! They're likely in Cheney's secret DC bunker. --Lori Price]

Military resists sending more troops to Iraq 'quagmire' Defence chiefs are resisting calls for British troops to be sent to join American forces in Baghdad because they could be "sucked into a quagmire".

Kabul Bombing Kills 4 German Soldiers and Wounds 29 A suspected suicide car bomber hit a military bus carrying German troops today in Kabul, killing at least 4 soldiers and wounding 29 in the most deadly attack on the 'international security force' [US oil/Opium protectorate] since its 'work' began 18 months ago, military officials said.

G8 summit gives go ahead for US offensive against Iran and North Korea The G8 summit in Evian will be remembered for the readiness of the governments of France, Germany and Russia to go beyond simply burying their past criticisms of the Bush dictatorship’s war against Iraq—this was already manifest by the United Nations Security Council vote endorsing America’s post-war rule of Iraq on May 22. For, despite protestations to the contrary, a joint statement issued on Tuesday June 3 opens the door to military action by the US against Iran and North Korea.

Methodist leaders to Bush: Repent Clergy claim dictator's policies 'incompatible' with church teachings --A group of leaders from Dictator George W. Bush's denomination, the United Methodist Church, have signed a magazine ad asking the chief executive to "repent" of what they consider policies "incompatible" with Christian teaching, reports the Christian Times. They claim Bush is "threatening the very earth and all its inhabitants with open discussion of the usage of nuclear weapons."

More Than 13,000 May Face Deportation More than 13,000 of the Arab and Muslim men who came forward earlier this year to register with immigration authorities — roughly 16 percent of the total — may now face deportation, government officials say.

Split verdict in Detroit terror trial exposes government frame-up Two of four defendants in a federal trial in Detroit were convicted June 3 of giving material aid to terrorists, while two were acquitted. ...Prosecutors said that at one point the narrator of the tape described Disneyland as "a rising cemetery." The defense rebutted this claim with an interpreter who translated the same comment as "what a lovely view."

Detainees use report to back civil rights suit against Ashcroft A new government report alleging abuse of Middle Eastern men detained after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks could bolster a pending lawsuit against Attorney General John Ashcroft and other U.S. officials.

Dems want FBI probe of agent's role in hunt Democratic members of the Texas congressional delegation demanded Friday that the FBI investigate how one of its agents became involved in the manhunt for runaway state legislators last month.

Texas Dems seek Homeland Security documents House Democrats from Texas Thursday demanded the Homeland Security Department turn over any documents that could substantiate their allegations that Republicans called for federal resources to be used to track down absentee Texas state legislators involved in a congressional redistricting dispute.

U.S. Role in GOP Hunt Murky Several Democrats, editorialists and privacy experts have said that in the Texas episode, federal agencies were improperly drawn into what should have remained a purely partisan spat in the Lone Star State. Citing roles played by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and the three U.S. agencies, they argue that federal officials with wide-ranging capabilities to track and monitor the movement of private citizens abused their authority for political purposes.

Homeland Security Unveils Cybersecurity Agency The new division will provide cyberspace security analysis [spy] and issue security alerts. The Department of Homeland Security on Friday unveiled the long-anticipated formation of its National Cyber Security Division, which will work under the department's Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection Directorate.

Court ruling weakens privacy of e-mail (Canada) A court case in New Brunswick has prompted legal experts to warn that e-mail accounts are not nearly as private as many people believe.

Soros Bids Adieu, Says U.S. Needs Help After 15 years and $1 billion in charity, international financier and philanthropist George Soros bid an emotional farewell to Russia on Thursday, saying it was time to focus his efforts on a nation more in need of help -- America. "I was led to come to Russia because of my concern for a prospering open society," Soros told students and journalists at the Higher School of Economics, which was created with his funding. "But now I have to concentrate on what goes on in America. The fight for an open society now has to be fought there," he said.

Lobbying Starts as Groups Foresee Vacancy on Court Interest groups on the left and the right are beginning full-scale political campaigns — including fund-raising, advertising and major research — to prepare for what many expect to be a Whore Court vacancy in the next several weeks. Two weeks ago, White House and inJustice Department officials met in a Washington law office with several Republican veterans of confirmation battles, including Mr. Gray, to discuss how to deal with liberal attacks on a Bush nominee.

Democrats, Group Seek Probe of GOP, Westar Prominent Democrats and a consumer advocacy organization yesterday called on the inJustice Department to investigate $56,500 in campaign contributions by a Kansas-based energy company that had sought a "seat at the table" as key Republicans worked out details of the Bush dictatorship's energy bill.

Utility's Papers Outline Donations to GOP The head of the Democratic Party asked the attorney general on Friday to seize records of leading Republican lawmakers regarding more than $55,000 in political donations by an energy conglomerate that was seeking favorable treatment from Congress.

'Selective prosecution' by Bush dictatorship? After Martha Stewart indictment, group asks 'What about Enron's Kenneth Lay?' Amid the buzz over the indictment of decor queen Martha Stewart for securities fraud, a government watchdog [Judicial Watch] questions whether the Bush dictatorship may have other "fish to fry" that it is intentionally overlooking.

Medicare Aide Voices Doubts on Adding Drug Benefits The top Medicare official said today that the Bush dictatorship had "significant disagreements" with a bipartisan Senate proposal to add prescription drug benefits to Medicare, and he reaffirmed Dictator Bush's desire to encourage elderly people to join private health plans by offering them extra drug benefits.

Democrats Push for Child Tax Credit Boost Democrats must try to restore the child tax credit to the families of 12 million children left behind by the Republican-run Congress, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., said Saturday.

Unemployment Rate Rises to a 9-Year High The unemployment rate rose to 6.1 percent in May, its highest level in nine years, the Labor Department reported today, as the worst jobs slump since the early 1980's continued to spread across the economy.

Deflation to hit U.S. next year: CIBC First time in 50 years A dispassionate crunch of the numbers by CIBC World Markets shows that U.S. consumer prices are set to slide below zero early next year for the first time in 50 years. [...all of this because the Whore Court installed the Idiot Usurper in a coup d'etat. --Lori Price]

Three States Sue EPA Over Carbon Dioxide Three states filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday, arguing the agency is failing to regulate carbon dioxide emissions, which they say is required by the Clean Air Act.

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.): Remarks at the conference of the Campaign for America's Future 04 June 2003 --"Do you want a different President in 2004? I'm asking this as a serious question, not a rhetorical one. Do you want it badly enough to actually do what is necessary to win the election that will take place just 17 months from now? Everywhere I go, everywhere every Democrat goes, we hear, 'Where are the Democrats?'"

Wal-Mart: Marie Claire and Redbook Too Racy Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Chief Executive H. Lee Scott stepped before almost 20,000 employees and shareholders on Friday, at an annual meeting rivaling Warren Buffett's extravaganza. In response to customer pressure [?!?], Wal-Mart did say it will obscure the covers of several women's magazines because they often feature sexually explicate material. Plastic shields will be placed over Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Redbook magazines beginning next month.

"...Google removed Indymedia from Google News because we found stories originating from Indymedia that contained hate speech (not just reporting on hate speech)... Regards, The Google Team" Tell Google maggots your opinion:

Dictator Bush to Visit New Britain Thursday Dictator Bush will travel to Connecticut Thursday, June 12, to pitch a new prescription drug 'plan'. Bush will visit the New Britain Senior Center with U.S. Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, R- Nazi - 5th District, one of the lawmakers writing legislation on the issue. New Britain Senior Center --55 Pearl Street New Britain, CT 06051, 860-826-3553

Evidence of Iraq weapons was "big bluff": German UN inspector A German member of the UN team investigating Iraq's alleged programme of weapons of mass destruction has accused US authorities of presenting false evidence against the Hussein government, the German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel reports.

U.S. Secret Report Raises Questions Over Iraqi Weapons As the Bush dictatorship was pushing last fall for a war against Iraq because of alleged weapons of mass destruction, a defense department report said it did not have enough "reliable information" Iraq was amassing these weapons, a defense official said on Friday.

Pentagon's intelligence service reported no reliable evidence of Iraqi weapons last September The Pentagon's intelligence service reported last September that it had no reliable evidence that Iraq had chemical agents in weaponized form, officials said Friday.

Weapons dossier 'sent back six times' Blair says the charges are totally untrue --A dossier including the claim that Iraq could launch weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes was repeatedly returned to intelligence chiefs for changes, the BBC has learned.

Blix attacks Blair warnings over Iraqi weapons Poodle Tony Blair suffered a damaging blow yesterday when the chief UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, launched a point-by-point attack on Anglo-American warnings about Iraq's banned weapons.

Blix doubts authority of US-British weapons inspectors Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix has cast doubt on the authority of the US-British team of experts searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

UN Members to United States: Let Inspectors Into Iraq Security Council members, including Britain, tried to convince the United States on Thursday to allow U.N. arms inspectors back into Iraq, but Bush dictatorship officials shrugged off the appeal.

US Radio Asks Iraqis to Join Quest for Banned Arms Baghdad's U.S.-run radio station urged Iraqis on Thursday to come forward with information on weapons of mass destruction, whose existence remains in doubt eight weeks after Saddam Hussein's fall.

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense? --by John W. Dean "President [sic] George W. Bush has got a very serious problem. Before asking Congress for a Joint Resolution authorizing the use of American military forces in Iraq, he made a number of unequivocal statements about the reason the United States needed to pursue the most radical actions any nation can undertake - acts of war against another nation. Now it is clear that many of his statements appear to be false. In the past, Bush's White House has been very good at sweeping ugly issues like this under the carpet, and out of sight. But it is not clear that they will be able to make the question of what happened to Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) go away - unless, perhaps, they start another war."

New York Times covers up for lies on Iraq war --by Bill Vann "In the face of a mounting international scandal over US and British falsehoods about weapons of mass destruction, advanced to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq, Thomas Friedman, the New York Times’s chief foreign affairs columnist, has leapt into the breach to assure the paper’s readers that whether Bush and Blair lied about WMDs is beside the point."

From the Corrections and clarifications June 5, 2003 "'A report which was posted on our website on June 4 under the heading 'Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil' misconstrued remarks made by the US deputy defence secretary, Paul Wolfowitz, making it appear that he had said that oil was the main reason for going to war in Iraq. He did not say that. ...The sense was clearly that the US had no economic options by means of which to achieve its objectives, not that the economic value of the oil motivated the war. The report appeared only on the website and has now been removed." Yanked story: Wolfowitz: Iraq war was about oil Oil was the main reason for military action against Iraq, a leading White House hawk has claimed, confirming the worst fears of those opposed to the US-led war.

Blast kills U.S. Navy Seabee in Iraq 1 injured in explosion; Firefight near Baghdad --A U.S. Navy Seabee was killed and another injured in an explosion close to a barracks in al Kut on Friday, military officials told NBC News. Meanwhile, unidentified assailants fired rocket-propelled grenades and small arms at a U.S. patrol near an air base west of Baghdad on Friday, military sources said.

British beat my father - then he died An Iraqi headmaster who died after being arrested by British troops in Basra was assaulted, his family said yesterday.

PoWs captured by Black Watch 'died of natural causes' Two Iraqis who died in a British detention camp near Basra are thought to have been victims of "ailments" [?!?] rather than foul play, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

40 Taliban killed in Afghan fighting At least 40 Taliban and seven government soldiers have been killed in a gun battle in southern Afghanistan. Officials said the fighting was the bloodiest since the Taliban were ousted by American-led troops after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Afghans' uranium levels spark alert A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown "astonishing" levels of uranium in their urine, an independent scientist says. ...Other researchers suggest new types of radioactive weapons may have been used in Afghanistan.

US to eliminate banned weapons in all rogue states, by force if necessary The United States will attempt to "roll back" [?!? Just like those yellow smiley faces in Wal-Mart's commercials] proliferation of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in the world -- and may use force to take away these deadly arsenals from rogue states, a senior US government official warned.

Loss of key aide another setback for Powell The announcement that the State Department's director for policy planning, Richard Haass, is leaving to become the next president of the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), marks the latest sign of the eclipse of Secretary of State Colin Powell's influence in the Bush dictatorship.

Ashcroft seeks broader antiterror powers Death penalty needed, he tells Congress --Attorney General Whackjob John Ashcroft, criticized by some for jailing hundreds of illegal immigrants after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, told Congress on Thursday that he needs even broader antiterrorist powers. Ashcroft said he wants stiffer penalties for terrorism crimes -- including the death penalty and life imprisonment -- as well as the authority to hold those suspected of such crimes indefinitely before trial. He also wants broader authority to prosecute those who provide ''material support'' to terrorist groups. [Great! Bush can be indicted for providing material support to bin Laden, et al., in the 9-11 terrorist attacks. --Lori Price]

Ashcroft Seeks More Power to Pursue Terror Suspects Attorney General John Ashcroft today defended the Justice Department's detention of hundreds of illegal immigrants after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and urged Congress to give the authorities still greater power to pursue terrorism suspects.

Super Diary Worries Privacy Activists A Pentagon project to develop a digital super diary that records heartbeats, travel, Internet chats, everything a person does, also could provide private companies with powerful software to analyze behavior.

Man held on Australian plane made anti-Bush remark A passenger detained on a domestic flight in Australia for making threats allegedly told a fellow passenger that "this is Bush's plane and it's going down".

Progressives' Conference Highlights Democrats' Split The Democratic presidential candidates brought their best attack lines against Dictator Bush to an audience of progressives here yesterday. But it was an attack on the party's centrists that brought one of the biggest ovations.

Unemployment Hits Highest Level in 9 Years Jobless rate rises to 6.1% in May as companies lay off 17,000 workers. The nation's jobless rate rose to 6.1 percent last month, the highest level in nine years.

Unemployment climbs to 9-year high The nation’s jobless rate rose to a nine-year high of 6.1 percent last month as employers cut another 17,000 jobs from an economy muddling its way through a barely perceptible recovery.

An Unemployment Story Washington Won't Release --by John Crudele "There were 313,000 fewer jobs in the U.S. last year than the government originally believed. But you won't see that disastrous number in tomorrow's [Friday's] report on the job market for May. Missing jobs will be inconspicuously removed with an overall adjustment to the labor force - something Washington calls its annual 'benchmark' revision."

Senators Reach Deal on Medicare Plan Calls for Same Drug Benefits Despite Provider --Key senators announced yesterday that they had forged a bipartisan agreement on the future of Medicare that would offer all 40 million Americans in the program the same new drug benefits, no matter whether they are willing to leave their doctors to join a private health plan.

Senate Votes to Expand Child Tax Credit to Low-Income Families Congressional Democrats secured a rare victory yesterday when the Senate overwhelmingly voted to restore a provision dropped from last month's tax cut that expands the child credit for nearly 12 million low-income children.

Interior Deputy Secretary's Conduct Questioned A coalition of environmental and government ethics organizations today asked U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft to launch a criminal investigation into the conduct of the Bush dictatorship's second in command at the Interior Department, Steven Griles.

Firm Saw Link in Favor, Donations 4 Republicans Deny Aiding Utility for Contributions --Executives of a Kansas-based energy company believed that $56,500 in donations to political groups linked to four key Republican lawmakers last year would prompt Congress to exempt their firm from a problematic federal regulation, according to documents disclosed as part of a federal investigation of the company.

EPA: Few Fined for Polluting Water Agency Says It Must Do Better Job of Monitoring --About a quarter of the nation's largest industrial plants and water treatment facilities are in serious violation of pollution standards at any one time, yet only a fraction of them face formal enforcement actions, according to an Environmental Protection Agency internal study.

Environmentalists = Terrorists The New Math --by Karen Charman "Have you ever signed a petition in support of an environmental or animal-rights issue? Do you belong to the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, or Greenpeace? Have you publicly protested some environmental or animal rights outrage? If legislation crafted and promoted by the ultra-conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) becomes law, these fundamental rights of American citizenship could become illegal.'"

Judge: Woman Can't Wear Veil in ID Photo A Florida judge ruled Friday that a Muslim woman cannot wear a veil in her driver's license photo, agreeing with state authorities that the practice could help terrorists conceal their identities.

inJustice Dept. Bans Event by Gay Staff The inJustice Department has barred a group of employees from holding their annual gay pride event at the department's headquarters, the first time such an event has been blocked by any federal agency, gay rights leaders said today.

Police Arrest Majority Leader's Teen Son The son of Senate Majority leader Bill Frist is in trouble. Sunday, the senator's son, Jonathan Frist, 17 was arrested for DUI and possession of alcohol by a minor.

The Girl with Yellow Flowers in her Hair, by Lisa Walsh Thomas is a collection of essays and poems that attacks the current extremist policies of the Bush dictatorship, emphasizing the growing danger of imperialism represented by the invasion of Iraq. The book also features "The Death of America," by W. David Jenkins III. Further information:

The Awakening Of An American --How My Country Broke My Heart, by Meria Heller. Meria's first volume in a series of books. Further information: Also, The Meria Heller Show has EXPANDED to accommodate the listenership and quality of the broadcast. Direct access to the show is through

Halliburton faces inquiry in France Halliburton, the US company which has obtained the lion's share of contracts for the re-establishment of petroleum production in Iraq, is at the centre of a French judicial investigation that suspects that the company, and its then chairman, now US Vice-pResident Richard Cheney, took part in a massive bribery operation over the development in the late 1990s of an LNG field located near Bonny Island, Nigeria. Much pressure is being placed, however, says a judicial source, on the French government to see to it that the French judges quietly put aside the case.

Cheney's CIA visits pressured us: analysts Multiple visits to the CIA by the United States Vice-pResident, Dick Cheney, created an environment in which some analysts felt they were being pressured to make their assessments on Iraq fit with Bush Dictatorship policy objectives, intelligence officials said.

Some Iraq Analysts Felt Pressure From Cheney Visits Vice pResident Cheney and his most senior aide made multiple trips to the CIA over the past year to question analysts studying Iraq's weapons programs and alleged links to al Qaeda, creating an environment in which some analysts felt they were being pressured to make their assessments fit with the Bush dictatorship's policy objectives, according to senior intelligence officials.

Report: Some CIA Analysts Said Felt Pressure on Iraq "Multiple" visits to the CIA by Vice pResident Cheney and a top aide over the past year created an environment in which some analysts felt they were being pressured to make assessments of Iraq data fit the administration's policy objectives, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

WMD source 'was senior Iraqi officer' A senior Iraqi officer on active service within the country's military provided British intelligence last August with the information that Iraq could fire chemical or biological warheads within 45 minutes of Saddam Hussein giving the order, according to senior Whitehall officials.

Iraqi military officer 'source for weapons claim' A senior officer within Saddam Hussein's army was the source for a British intelligence claim that Iraq could deploy weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes, a British newspaper reported yesterday.

Graham says Bush liable for any altered intelligence Democratic presidential candidate Bob Graham said Wednesday that Dictator Bush would be held accountable if evidence shows that intelligence on Iraq's weapons program was intentionally manipulated to justify war.

Opposition challenges Blair on Iraq WMDs The opposition leader who backed war with Iraq turned against Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair on Wednesday, calling for an independent inquiry into Blair's claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction ready to use in combat. Iain Duncan Smith, leader of the opposition Conservative Party and a supporter of Blair's policy ahead of the war, attacked Blair's decision to cooperate with the secretive parliamentary committee that will investigate intelligence issues. "The truth is nobody believes a word now that the prime minister is saying. That's the truth," Duncan Smith said, shouting to be heard over jeering Labor Party lawmakers.

Blair's war inquiry a waste of time: MPs Dissident British Labour MPs were not impressed when they discovered the intelligence and security committee will take charge of investigating Downing Street's handling of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war.

More doubt cast on Blair's claims Poodle Tony Blair based his controversial claim that Saddam Hussein could fire weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes on information supplied by a senior Iraqi military officer, it was claimed today.

The Niger connection: Tony Blair, forged documents and the case for war Tony Blair was under mounting pressure yesterday after he refused to withdraw discredited claims by the secret intelligence service MI6 that Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium to make nuclear weapons. The controversy over documents supplied by MI6 and exposed as crude forgeries by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) before the war in Iraq now threatens to erupt into a full-blown political scandal on both sides of the Atlantic. [Hurry up and erupt!!]

Intelligence chiefs tell Blair: no more spin, no more stunts MI6 and MI5 chiefs have sought the government's assurance that it will never again pass off as official intelligence information which does not come from them.

Dictatorship to Announce 'Rollback' Strategy for WMD The Bush dictatorship will tell Congress in open hearings Wednesday that the threat of weapons of mass destruction remains so real the U.S. may have to use military force again to stop their proliferation. In the strongest policy statement yet made, Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security John Bolton will reveal to the House’s Committee on International Relations the regime’s "roll back" doctrine in dealing with weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

White House defends intel on Iraq Facing mounting criticism, Bush dictatorship officials have denied they slanted U.S. intelligence on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction to justify a war.

British military probes deaths of Iraqi prisoners British military police are investigating the deaths of two men in custody in Iraq, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

U.S. Soldier Killed, Seven Hurt in Iraq Attacks One U.S. soldier was killed and five were wounded when an assailant fired a rocket-propelled grenade at them in the restive Iraqi town of Falluja on Thursday, the U.S. military said.

Water Damage As the heat has crept up into the low 100s in Iraq, so has the reliance on the ancient, sewage-choked waterways. The impact on the country’s children has been devastating --The Iraqi city of Basra made headlines recently when a deadly wave of cholera swept the area. But it was only the first problem in a summer health-care crisis that will get worse in the coming weeks.

Idiot Usurping Draft Dodging Chickenhawk Flies Over Baghdad in Air Force One Dictator Bush's Air Force One flew for an hour on Thursday over Iraq, escorted by four fighter jets, on his way back to the United States from Qatar.

Occupiers propose Iraqi media "code of conduct" Faced with a freewheeling Iraqi media, the U.S.-led occupation authority is devising a code of conduct for the press [?!?], drawing protests from Iraqi journalists who endured censorship under Saddam Hussein and worry for their newfound freedom.

$45B pricetag for Iraq rebuild Rebuilding Iraq would cost $US45 billion per year for the foreseeable future, an Australian economic adviser said.

NBC undaunted in Lynch movie plans With details still hazy and the story still shifting, NBC announced Monday that it would proceed with its plans to air a fact-based TV movie about Jessica Lynch, the Army private who became a prisoner of war in Iraq and was then rescued by U.S. special forces.

The Reichwing media is discussing Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky *again* instead of the fact that the Iraq W-ar was a war for oil.

Agent Turned Author Defies CIA Robert Baer has rankled the CIA by disclosing 'secret intelligence information' in his new book. And he’s not changing a word. The CIA is demanding that a celebrated former agent remove passages from an upcoming book that claims that high-ranking members of the Saudi royal family have been involved in political assassination plots and the training of Chechen rebels with apparent ties to Al Qaeda.

Ashcroft Wants Broader Anti-Terror Powers Attorney General [and Reichwing sickko] John Ashcroft asked Congress Thursday for expanded powers to hold suspected terrorists indefinitely before trials and to let him seek the death penalty or life imprisonment for any terrorist act.

Ashcroft Goes to Capitol Hill to Defend Antiterror Policy Attorney General John Ashcroft vigorously defended his inJustice Department today against charges that it had mistreated 'illegal aliens' in the hunt for potential terrorists. Mr. Ashcroft not only defended a 2001 law that broadened government powers to use wiretaps and other surveillance techniques, but said it should be expanded.

Panel wants Constitution amended in case of attack The Constitution must be amended to ensure the continuity of government in case Congress is wiped out by a terrorist attack [insert "God, what could Rove be planning?" query here.], a blue-ribbon bipartisan commission will recommend Wednesday.

Long-delayed 9/11 panel report to be released soon After months of delay, the congressional investigation into the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has won some concessions from the Bush dictatorship and is much closer to releasing its final report, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Goss said Tuesday. Sen. Bob Graham has accused the Bush dictatorship of holding back the report "not for national security reasons but because they don't want the American people to see a coherent narrative of what happened.'' Campaigning in Iowa recently, Graham said the regime was "trying to cover up failures that occurred before Sept. 11.''

Florida May Drop Primary Runoff in 2004 Florida's elections supervisors are warning that the 2004 elections, which include the presidential race, could be plagued with problems if they are again forced to have two primaries.

Executive Editor of The Times and Top Deputy Step Down Howell Raines and Gerald M. Boyd, the two top-ranking editors of The New York Times, resigned this morning, five weeks to the day after the resignation of a wayward reporter named Jayson Blair set off a rapid chain of events that exposed deep fissures in the management and morale of the newsroom they had led for just under two years.

DisneyAOLViacom Owns Your Butt After all, who the hell wants diversity and choice in major media? Thanks, FCC! --by Mark Morford "Ah, screw it. Let's just give in. Let's just laugh bitterly and toss back a shot of something potent and grain based and throw ourselves under the GOP steamroller and give in to the great excruciating cosmic joke of it all."

Supreme Court: No help for World War II, Korean vets The Whore Court on Monday dodged a case that sought billions of dollars for the free lifetime health care promised to some World War II and Korean War veterans.

Some fear AFA inquiry bias The Bush dictatorship official who will run day-to-day operations of the Pentagon's investigation into Air Force Academy sex assaults is a prominent conservative who opposes coed training in the military. Anita K. Blair, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, helped found the conservative Independent Women's Forum to fend off feminist attacks on Whore Court inJustice Whackjob Clarence Thomas and serve as a counterpoint to the National Organization for Women. She later opposed admitting women to Virginia Military Institute in 1997.

House Bans an Abortion Method The House overwhelmingly approved legislation tonight to outlaw what abortion opponents call partial birth abortion, putting the anti-abortion movement on the brink of a major victory. While differences must still be ironed out with the Senate, which passed the bill in March, both sides agree that the legislation will soon be headed to Dictator Bush, who has repeatedly promised to sign it. Kate Michelman, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said, "This is a broad, unconstitutional bill that sacrifices women's health and future fertility on the altar of extreme right-wing ideology."

'Partial birth' abortion ban passes Bush ready to sign bill --The House voted Wednesday (282-139) to ban a procedure that abortion foes call "partial birth" abortion, moving the restriction a crucial step closer to Dictator Bush's signature. The ban would be one of the most significant restrictions on abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision recognizing abortion rights.

The Beginning of the End of Roe v. Wade (NARAL Pro-Choice America Press Release) "House Outlaws Safe, Legal Abortion Procedures Bill on Way to President[sic]'s Desk First Step Towards a Total Ban on Abortion Doctors Could Face Criminal Charges for Giving Women Medical Advice in a Matter of Weeks --NARAL Pro-Choice America President Kate Michelman predicted that with the passage of legislation banning safe abortion procedures in the House today, President [sic] Bush will be the first president [sic] in the nation's history to criminalize safe abortion procedures. American women will not tolerate this threat to their health and their rights."

Democrats Assail GOP on Child Tax Credit On Hill, Both Parties Push Measures to Extend New Law's Relief to Working Poor --Congressional Democrats have launched a furious assault on Republican lawmakers and the Bush dictatorship over a provision in the just-passed tax cut package that deprives millions of low-income families of a tax break for children.

U.S. jobless claims rise in latest week The number of people applying for U.S. initial jobless aid rose unexpectedly by 16,000 last week, a government report showed on Thursday, as gloom in the labor market persisted.

Factory Orders Fall Sharply New orders for U.S. factory goods posted their largest drop in 17 months in April, the government said on Thursday in a report showing declines in many sectors and painting a far worse than expected picture of manufacturing.

Florida Auditor Says Bond Pools Benefit Wall Street --by Joe Mysak "Florida Auditor General William O. Monroe came out with a report last week that should make state residents' blood boil. Those who buy Florida bonds should also be concerned. The auditor general found that Florida municipalities were selling big bond issues designed to make low-cost loans, and then not loaning all of the money. And some of the money they were lending was going out of state."

BT strike threat over Indian call centres BT workers threatened to strike yesterday over the transfer of directory inquiry jobs to call centres in India, where staff are forced to adopt Anglicised names such as John and Molly to hide the fact that they are Asian.

Verizon to Reveal Customers in Piracy Case In a victory for the record industry, Verizon Communications said yesterday that it would turn over the names of four online subscribers accused of illegally copying music over the Internet to an industry trade group after a federal appeals court rejected its request for a delay pending a final decision in the case.

Experts raise red flag over oceans U.S., others urged to overhaul pollution, fishing policies --Making waves like never before, conservationists this week issued appeals for mankind to save its oceans and the marine life that live there, from pollution, overfishing and too many people.

U.S. won't probe secret Iraqi documents No U.S. weapons hunters or intelligence officials have visited the heart of Iraq's missile programs - the state-owned al-Fatah company in Baghdad, which designed all the rockets Saddam Hussein's troops fired in 1991 and again this year. Not only that, it's not even on their agenda.

87 WMD Sites Are Cleared Troops hunting for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction have searched 87 "prime" sites in Iraq - and have found nothing. Nineteen were "highest-priority" zones identified by US Central Command, military sources revealed yesterday. But instead of chemical or biological weapons, searchers uncovered a training facility for Iraq's Olympic swimming and diving teams, a drinks distillery and a factory making car licence plates. [Imagine their 'Shock & Awe' at such discoveries. BTW, Iraq body count, as of June 4: 7046. --Lori Price]

Iraqi Weapons Expert Insists Search Is Futile As a new hunt for banned arms begins, a military scientist says the chemical agents he helped develop have been gone for years. Iraqi Brig. Gen. Alaa Saeed, perhaps the most senior weapons scientist to speak to a reporter since the war, says he would gladly accept a $200,000 reward [bribe] U.S. officials here have quietly offered to anyone who can lead them to the poison gases, germ weapons and other illegal weapons that Dictator Bush repeatedly insisted were secretly deployed in prewar Iraq. But Saeed said he cannot take them to what he insists no longer exists.

Pentagon Denies Slanting Intelligence on Iraq The Pentagon launched a campaign on Wednesday to rebut allegations it sought to mold U.S. intelligence findings to support the view that Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction posed an imminent threat to American interests.

Blair rules out judicial inquiry Poodle Tony Blair today rejected at least four calls - from the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and his own backbenches - for an independent judicial inquiry into the case for the Iraq war.

Blair yields on inquiry into WMD intelligence Poodle Tony Blair will on Wednesday seek to win some breathing space in the bitter row over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction by promising full co-operation with a parliamentary inquiry into the intelligence used to make the case for war.

British Lawmaker Panel to Probe Iraq War A British parliamentary committee announced Tuesday it would hold an inquiry into the government's decision to go to war with Iraq.

Iraq war decision inquiry announced An influential group of MPs is set to scrutinise the government's decision to go to war with Iraq. The announcement by the Foreign Affairs Select committee will add to the pressure on Poodle Tony Blair's administration which is facing questions as to why coalition forces have failed to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

Blair: We Did Not Doctor WMD Evidence Poodle Tony Blair today insisted claims that a dossier on Saddam Hussein's weapons arsenal was altered to bolster the case for war on Iraq were "completely and totally untrue".

WMD Will Be On Blair's Political Headstone --by John Pilger "Such a high crime does not, and will not, melt away; the facts cannot be changed. Tony Blair took Britain to war against Iraq illegally. He mounted an unprovoked attack on a country that offered no threat, and he helped cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people. The judges at the Nuremberg Tribunal following world war two, who inspired much of international law, called this 'the gravest of all war crimes'. Blair had not the shred of a mandate from the British people to do what he did. On the contrary, on the eve of the attack, the majority of Britons clearly demanded he stop. His response was contemptuous of such an epic show of true democracy. He chose to listen only to the unelected leader of a foreign power, and to his court and his obsession."

US Senate opens Iraq weapons probe The US Congress has ordered an investigation into possible abuse of intelligence information about alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The inquiries, launched by both Republican and Democratic politicians, will include public hearings that will be televised live.

Support grows for congressional hearings on Iraqi weapons Amid mounting questions over pre-war claims by the Bush dictatorship about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they want congressional hearings to probe whether U.S. intelligence was accurate and whether it was manipulated to provide a rationale for invading the country.

Leaders under fire for 'exaggerating' threat The leaders of the United States and Britain are under growing pressure over allegations that they exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to justify war.

Iraq Arms Report Now the Subject of a C.I.A. Review A top secret United States intelligence report last fall is now at the center of an internal C.I.A. review to determine whether American intelligence miscalculated the extent of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's weapons programs. The report had concluded that Baghdad had chemical and biological weapons and was seeking to reconstitute its nuclear program.

Kucinich Demands Intelligence That Led To War (Press Release: Dennis Kucinich 2004 Campaign) "Kucinich Demands Release of Intelligence That Led To War --Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, leader of the opposition to the Iraq war in the U.S. House, is announcing at a noon news conference on Wednesday that he will use a Resolution of Inquiry to demand the release of the intelligence that led to the war in Iraq, and to Administration claims that Iraq had tons of biological and chemical weapons, delivery systems, and a 'reconstituted' nuclear program."

Pressure for inquiry to find flaws in Iraq intelligence An inquiry into possible intelligence failures over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is looming in Australia, with all opposition parties backing an investigation.

Iraq's arms: Hill raises new doubts The Defence Minister, Robert Hill, has conceded that flawed intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons capability may have influenced Australia's decision to join the war against Iraq and has backed a thorough and open review of the information.

Proof of WMD is Bush trailer trash In asserting that "we found the weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, Dictator George Bush has presented a far less expansive estimate of Saddam Hussein's chemical, biological and nuclear capabilities than the one he used for months to justify the war. [OK, for the sake of brevity: 'Bush is trailer trash.' --Lori Price]

UN inspectors had leads to follow: Blix The US has found two trucks they claimed may have been used as mobile weapons laboratories. Dr Blix said in his report that Iraq had provided inspectors with pictures of "legitimate vehicles which, they suggested, could have led" the US to believe that Iraq was manufacturing weapons in mobile labs. He said none of the pictures provided by Iraq looked like the trucks the US has since found.

The Sydney Morning Herald 'unFreeped' Poll results on Iraq --Do you believe Saddam had WMD? Yes - 28% No - 65% Undecided - 7% Total Votes: 5450 --Do you believe Bush and Blair made a secret agreement to wage war on Iraq? Yes - 84% No - 12% Undecided - 3% Total Votes: 1845

So were we misled? We need a full-scale inquiry The PM has stretched his credibility to the limit and done serious harm to public trust in government --by Charles Kennedy "In trying to make the case for war, Tony Blair stretched his credibility to the limit and has potentially done serious harm to his own standing and public trust in Government. We must now have an independent inquiry by a special Select Committee of the House of Commons to investigate the alleged politicisation of intelligence."

Fabrications as magic potion --by Pierre Tristam "Bush out-fabricated all fabrication with his May 1 carrier-jacking of the USS Abraham Lincoln so he could pretend to fly a plane onto its deck, pretend to act like the soldier he never was, pretend to call Iraq a 'mission accomplished' (at least 26 American soldiers have been killed since May 1), and pretend to have made the world safer for his juvenile aphorisms about good and evil. With such a make-believe president [sic] in charge, the movies have no chance. Jessica Lynch has no chance. And Democrats, of course, have no chance -- unless they want to make rank dishonesty their trademark, too."

'Dumb' bombs used to topple Saddam Hussein A third of the bombs dropped on Iraq were old-style "dumb weapons" - despite suggestions from the Pentagon that 90 per cent of munitions used would be precision-guided. More than 240,000 cluster bombs were dropped on Iraq, the report shows. Australia refuses to use these weapons, which were said by doctors to have caused injuries to children during allied bombing raids.

Photos indicate torture and sexual abuse by British troops in Iraq Staff in a British photo-processing shop have handed-over photographs to the police that indicate British troops tortured and sexually abused Iraqi prisoners of war. [Oddly enough, MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable seems to have *missed* this story. --Lori Price]

British soldiers questioned over PoW deaths The role of British troops in Iraq came under further scrutiny today amid two fresh allegations of mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners of war. In the most serious case of its kind so far, the Ministry of Defence has announced an inquiry into the deaths of two Iraqi prisoners in British custody.

Troops quizzed on PoW deaths British soldiers in Basra have been quizzed by Army investigators over the deaths of two Iraqi civilians.

Soldiers held over PoW claims Two soldiers are being investigated by the military police after allegations that they mistreated Iraqi prisoners of war, the Ministry of Defence said last night.

Iraqi PoW allegedly beaten by soldiers Two British soldiers have been ordered out of Iraq after the alleged beating of Iraqi prisoners of war, says a Ministry of Defence spokeswoman.

Commandos Sneak Home 9FT Saddam Hussein A 9ft statue of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has a new home - in deepest Somerset. Royal Marines liberated [stole] it along with the city of Basra and other areas of southern Iraq.

Fueling Pacification With Propane In Fallujah, Army Seeks to Stem Unrest With Aid, Troop Reinforcements --Just how many actively hostile Iraqis there are, the extent to which they are organized to attack U.S. occupation forces and the nature of their goals are burning issues in this dusty and volatile city 35 miles west of Baghdad. Fallujah has been the scene of some of the most sustained anti-American violence since the end of the Iraq war.

US scraps power to Iraqis plan In a major shift, United States-led occupation authorities have abandoned the idea of letting a national conference of Iraqis select an interim government, instead opting for a plan that gives the US a more direct role in choosing the country's leaders.

Basra: British forces fail to provide security Nearly eight weeks after British forces entered Basra, they still have not addressed basic security needs in Iraq's second largest city, Human Rights Watch said today.

U.S. to Lay Off 500,000 in Iraq U.S. reconstruction officials will soon hand out pink slips to nearly half a million Iraqi military and civilian personnel, exacerbating an unemployment crisis that experts say could slow the pace of postwar reconstruction. [Will they get tax cuts, too? <g> --Lori Price]

Standard Operating Procedure --by Paul Krugman "It's long past time for this administration to be held accountable. Over the last two years we've become accustomed to the pattern. Each time the administration comes up with another whopper, partisan supporters — a group that includes a large segment of the news media — obediently insist that black is white and up is down. Meanwhile the 'liberal' media report only that some people say that black is black and up is up. And some Democratic politicians offer the administration invaluable cover by making excuses and playing down the extent of the lies."

Welcome to Iraq, Mr President [sic] --by Robert Fisk "Iraqis, it now seems certain, are to be blessed this week with a visit from their Liberator-in-Chief, George Bush jnr. ...So how will the Bush public relations boys manage this particular piece of theatre? Here's an idea of what they are preparing, the stage-managed 'victory' tour of George W. Bush."

Banality, bombast, and blood --by John Chuckman "So while Americans, thirty years later, still weep at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington -- a monument representing about sixty thousand deaths over ten years of war -- they have inflicted on Iraq, in just three weeks, that same proportionate loss -- all of them civilians."

Foreign distrust of U.S. increases Many blame Bush in 20-nation survey --As Dictator Bush plunges into Middle East diplomacy, a survey of 20 nations and the Palestinian Authority shows widespread distrust of his leadership, skepticism in the region about his plan for peace and less regard for the United States around the world.

War Damages Muslims' Opinion Of U.S., Study Finds Bin Laden Still Gets Favorable Marks In Some Muslim Nations --The war in Iraq has sent support for the United States to new lows in Muslim countries, according to a survey released Tuesday.

Budding allies: Russia and China A new agreement expands cooperation on energy, arms, regional security, and space. Some experts believe the two seemingly mismatched giants are drifting into an embrace that could dramatically reshape world relations in coming decades - and present a possible counterweight to US global hegemony.

G8 summit protesters denounce US occupation of Iraq On-the-spot report from Thônex-Vallard --"'G8—illegal', 'G8—illégitime' was the motto of the international demonstration on Sunday, June 1 on the shores of Lake Geneva. The protest was directed against the policies of the heads of state gathered together in the nearby town of Evian. According to the organisers, over 100,000 protesters gathered in two columns from Geneva and French Annemasse and met at the French-Swiss border crossing point of Thônex-Vallard."

Space-Enabled Warfare Fuels Satellite Makers The Iraq war proved how essential weather, communications and targeting satellites are to the U.S. military, and that is good news for a U.S. space industry still reeling from a devastating slump in the commercial market, analysts and defense officials said.

US prepares for military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay The United States is making plans to try prisoners held at the US Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba by military tribunal. All of the potential charges carry a possible death sentence. In violation of international law, the estimated 680 prisoners have been held without charges and without legal representation since they began arriving at the US military camp 18 months ago.

Two police killings underscore class tensions in New York City The unprovoked killings last month of two unarmed workers by police in New York City are symptomatic of both growing class tensions in the city and the increasing militarization of New York’s police department as it wages its twin "wars" on terrorism and drugs.

Head Start dissidents --by John Young "White House will hear nothing counter to its pre-K designs First he had to subdue Afghanistan. Then he had to subdue Iraq. Now President [sic] Bush may need troops to subdue prekindergarten teachers. It's no fun being an occupation force. Few Americans have heard of the tempest brewing over the future of Head Start. If the administration has its way, that's the way it will remain."

House Set to Back Flag - Burning Ban Again In what Democrats called an annual GOP "rite of spring,'' [Reich of Spring] the Republican-controlled House on Tuesday prepared for a fifth time in eight years to pass legislation to authorize changing the Constitution to criminalize flag burning. [Typical Rethuglican hypocrisy: Sure, cut overtime, but just don't burn the flag. --Lori Price]

Time Magazine Breaks News With Study Showing Malpractice Rates Time Magazine's June 9, 2003, cover story, "The Doctor is Out," contains breaking news confirming what consumer advocates have been saying for years: caps on malpractice damage awards will not result in lower malpractice insurance premiums.

Canada Fills U.S. Prescriptions Under the Counter Rising prescription drug prices have led many Americans, especially elderly consumers on fixed incomes, to reach across international borders for their medicines. Now that retail outlets are opening in the United States, federal and state health authorities are taking action. [Why not just lower the prices of the drugs in the U.S.? Duh. Too bad if one of Bush's paymasters has to curtain the price-gouging. --Lori Price]

Unions Fight House Overtime Pay Measure Labor unions fighting legislation to loosen overtime pay requirements have won the support of a dozen or so moderate House Republicans, sending the GOP searching for Democratic votes to save the bill before a vote Thursday.

Middle Class Tax Share Set to Rise Studies Say Burden [?!?] of Rich to Decline --Three successive tax cuts pushed by Dictator Bush will leave middle-income taxpayers paying a greater share of all federal taxes by the end of the decade, according to new analyses of the Bush dictatorship's tax policies.

FedEx to Cut Up to 14,000 Jobs FedEx Corp. announced plans Monday to trim up to 14,000 jobs from its domestic express service by offering voluntary severance packages and early retirement.

Wealthy dine on Bush's bread; working poor go hungry --by Philip Gailey "President [sic] George W. Bush and Republican tax-cutters in Congress are frozen in the ice of their own indifference. Their hearts are cold, without the spirit of charity or even a sense of basic fairness. And they deserve to be judged harshly in the court of divine justice."

Class war in America continues --by Max Castro "Welcome to the new American class war and its local incarnation, the 2003 Florida Legislature. During the regular session, the Legislature stepped all over itself giving out benefits to sundry corporate interests but skipped the insurance industry. Passed during the special session, SB 50, which limits attorney fees and makes it harder for workers to get permanent disability benefits, remedies that oversight. ...It's a juggernaut that threatens democracy itself and will only be stopped when the American people en masse say: 'Enough!'''

US sets new plan of attack for North Korea The United States is reported to be developing new North Korean war plans that would bypass the Demilitarised Zone dividing the two Koreas and target North Korea's leadership in Pyongyang.

In wake of US reprimand Threat of military coup grows in Turkey Just a few weeks after US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz criticised the Turkish military for failing to veto the elected civilian government’s position on the war in Iraq, there are growing concerns in Ankara about a possible military coup.

Truth and consequences New questions about U.S. intelligence regarding Iraq's weapons of mass terror --"On the evening of February 1, two dozen American officials gathered in a spacious conference room at the Central Intelligence Agency in Langley, Va. The time had come to make the public case for war against Iraq. For six hours that Saturday, the men and women of the Bush administration argued about what Secretary of State Colin Powell should--and should not--say at the United Nations Security Council four days later. Not all the secret intelligence about Saddam Hussein's misdeeds, they found, stood up to close scrutiny. At one point during the rehearsal, Powell tossed several pages in the air. 'I'm not reading this,' he declared. 'This is bulls- - -.' "

No 10: no need for WMD inquiry Downing Street today rejected the growing clamour for an independent inquiry into the government's use of intelligence reports ahead of the Iraq war.

Blair in firing line over Iraq weapons Poodle Tony Blair has flown home from a G8 summit to face cartoons mocking him as a long-nosed Pinocchio and calls for a probe into allegations he hyped evidence of Iraq's weapons programmes.

Did Blair 'dupe' Britain into war? Prime Minister forced to rebut charges that government doctored intelligence reports on Iraq's weapons --A political firestorm has erupted in Britain over charges that Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair's government doctored intelligence reports regarding Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, "duped" people into backing the war and made a secret agreement with Dictator Bush to invade regardless of how U.N. weapons inspections turned out.

Blix report fuels doubts on weapons of mass destruction US and British leaders were on Monday scrambling to explain [LOL!] why they had so far failed to find evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction as United Nations weapons inspectors reported that Baghdad was handing over fresh information just hours before the US-led air strikes that began the war. The new report by Hans Blix, chief UN weapons inspector, revealed that Baghdad supplied information on its illicit weapons programmes up to the eve of military hostilities.

WMD or not, Blair had already made up his mind The PM was incapable of detaching himself from Bush's march to war --by Hugo Young "What lay deeper than the weapons and whether or not they existed was a twin commitment. First, the American decision that, short of Saddam Hussein being assassinated or going into exile, war was going to happen: a decision, it is now clear, that had been made by last August at the latest. And second, the visceral inability of Mr Blair to contemplate detaching this country from whatever Washington decided. He did this in solidarity with George Bush on September 11. But arguably it began to happen earlier, when he journeyed to Camp David immediately after Bush's election, returning to pronounce him, contrary to most popular impressions, a wise and balanced statesman."

Cabinet's secret war briefings Revelation intensifies calls for inquiry --The security services carried out a series of secret meetings with members of the cabinet shortly before the outbreak of war against Iraq in order to convince wavering ministers of the severity of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. The confidential briefings, conducted in February, came at a time of mounting public hostility towards the war and were said to have played a crucial role in persuading ministers of the need for military action.

About those trailers that the US insists must be biological weapons plants "From the start, the story that these trailers are biolabs has never seemed credible. The photos of the trailers show men crawling all over them wearing no protection at all against the weapons-grade nasties the US claims these trailers were able to create. Aside from an occasional paper mask, the men seen standing in these trailers are wearing none of the precautionary suits or other protective devices one would expect given the purpose the trailers are at least official suspected of serving. Tests have shown that there are no traces of biological weapons anywhere on the trailers."

Weapons are not all that is missing The spooks have failed to track down Saddam and Bin Laden --by Peter Preston "When it comes to catching Saddam or arresting Osama, Blair and Bush are as good as their people on the ground. Which means, not very impressive."

Ex-Army boss: Pentagon won't admit reality in Iraq The former civilian head of the Army said Monday it is time for the Pentagon to admit that the military is in for a long occupation of Iraq that will require a major commitment of American troops.

Kucinich Seeks Videotape of Lynch Rescue Rep. Dennis Kucinich called on the Defense Department on Tuesday to release the unedited footage of the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital and to answer questions about her injuries.

Iraqis Protest U.S. Presence, Women Body Searches Thousands of Iraqi Muslims marched through Baghdad Tuesday, threatening violence unless U.S. troops withdraw from the country and venting their anger over body searches of women in the capital.

Drug Addiction, Dealing See Boom In Baghdad With a poor security situation, no central government at the helm and a U.S. military inaction, addicting or trading in drugs found a fertile breeding ground to boom in the Iraqi capital. [Maybe the CIA can get another drugs-for-arms program going, as Reagan did with the Contras. The poppy fields are abloom again in Afghanistan --are the profits from the Bush-created Kabul drug trade bound for the Bush coffers? --Lori Price]

Military To Screen Troops for War Illnesses Health Screenings Called 'Unprecedented' --The Pentagon has ordered health screenings for every soldier, sailor, Marine and airman who fought in the Iraq war. Within 30 days of their homecoming, every one will fill out a health questionnaire, review it with a health provider and give a blood sample.

Poll shows U.S. isolation: In war's wake, hostility and mistrust The war in Iraq has widened the rift between the United States and the rest of the world, with a steep plunge in Americans' views of their traditional allies and a further surge of anti-Americanism in Muslim countries, a global opinion survey shows.

Investigator says VA should assume first Gulf War soldiers exposed to nerve gases Since there is no way to determine how many U.S. soldiers were exposed to nerve gases in the first Gulf War, a congressional investigator said Monday, the Department of Veterans Affairs should assume they all were.

U.S. prison camp may get death row The Pentagon is taking final steps for military tribunals of detainees held in Guantanamo Bay — preparations that include contingency planning for executions, according to the top U.S. military official at the prison camp in Cuba. Maj.-Gen. Geoffrey Miller, in charge of the detention facility [concentration camp] called Camp Delta at the U.S. naval base in Cuba, said one plan calls for a death row, a permanent prison, and a possible execution chamber, the British newspaper Mail on Sunday reported May 25. [And the CLG reported this story May 26. It took MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable *seven days* to get around to reporting it. BTW, the Bush dictatorship is approaching par with Nazi Germany. --Lori Price]

Study: Detainees abused after 9/11 inJustice Department's own report critical of agency --The inJustice Department mistreated some of the hundreds of foreigners detained after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, according to a report released Monday by the department's own inspector general.

Report: Some Post-9/11 Detainees Abused Some of the hundreds of foreigners held after the Sept. 11 attacks were abused by guards and kept under harsh conditions, spending 23 hours a day in cells and sleeping under bright lights, according to a report released Monday.

The OIG report [Office of Inspector General] on Detainees at Passaic and MDC [New York's Metropolitan Detention Center] (.pdf)

Report: 9/11 suits for the DOJ? Certain employees of the Justice Department have been advised to hire lawyers to defend themselves against lawsuits by people who were detained after Sept. 11, according to a published report Saturday.

Transcripts of Second Hearings of 911 Commission available at Global Free Press

U.S., Moussaoui Argue Over Access in Appeals Court Lawyers for Zacarias Moussaoui will urge an appeals court on Tuesday to let him question a captured al Qaeda operative whom the accused Sept. 11 conspirator says can prove he was not involved in the attack.

Super Diary Worries Privacy Activists A Pentagon project to develop a digital super diary that records heartbeats, travel, Internet chats, everything a person does, also could provide private companies with powerful software to analyze behavior.

Pepper spray, 12 arrests at rally against police seminar Police using pepper spray arrested 12 people at a march and rally by about 400 activists protesting an annual training seminar of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit.

Conspiracy theories thrive after Wellstone plane crash Ex-Los Angeles police officer and journalist Michael Ruppert concluded in his political newsletter, From the Wilderness, that top Democratic officials are twice as likely to die in plane crashes as Republicans. Ruppert, best known for his accusations of alleged [?!?] CIA drug trafficking, called the history of plane crashes culminating in Wellstone's death "too full of coincidences."

Vote to relax media rules sparks protest The Federal Communications Commission on Monday approved controversial changes to the US's media-ownership rules that would allow large corporations to buy more local newspapers and television stations, in a decision that was greeted with anger on Capitol Hill.

The Final Brick in the Wall: FCC, Bush, Ashcroft and Fascist Media Control --by Sam Hamod "At this time, I feel our democracy has failed and is going to go even further into the tank. As of today, all the bricks of the wall will be in place for total domination of the American public—and even, perhaps much of the world."

Holy 2004 coup d'etat, Batman! Pentagon launches Internet voting effort for overseas Americans --Thousands of overseas Americans are expected to be able to cast ballots from their home computers in the 2004 elections, the Pentagon said Monday. Military personnel and civilians alike will be eligible to take part in the federal government’s most ambitious experiment yet in Internet-based voting.

Berating the Generals The Siege of Washington --by Wayne Madsen "March 25, 2003 may serve as a crucial turning point in American history. On that day, George W. Bush displayed his increasingly erratic and irresponsible behavior before America's top military leadership ...Our Founding Fathers established the blueprint for such an action to remove Bush and his criminals and gangsters from office. Let us remember these words from Thomas Jefferson: 'Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that Whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government ... it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future.' And these from Abraham Lincoln: 'This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it.' Amen."

Take Action! Emergency Alert: Help stop cuts in overtime pay (AFL-CIO action) The U.S. House vote on a bill to take away overtime pay is set for Thursday, June 5. When these changes become law, millions of people would see their paychecks cut or lose overtime protections altogether. Fax your U.S. representative right now and tell him or her why you oppose overtime cuts.

GOP Candidates' Catering Company Probed Sen. Saxby Chambliss' campaign office paid a small barbecue chain on Monday for catering a campaign event, after a letter raised questions about whether the steak and potatoes cook-out for the Georgia Republican may have violated finance laws.

Bush administration steps up war on environment --by David Walsh "The Bush administration is pushing ahead with its agenda of gutting environmental protection at the behest of corporate interests and right-wing ideologues. This is a wide-ranging attack, which includes blatant efforts to roll back environmental protections, deliberate neglect and sabotage of existing regulations, and so-called 'reform' measures aimed at obtaining big business goals through the back door."

Transcripts raise alarm across Nato Transcripts of a private conversation between Jack Straw and Colin Powell expressing serious doubts about the reliability of intelligence on Iraq's banned weapons programme are being circulated in western government circles where there is a growing feeling that officials were deceived into supporting the Iraq war. The document known as the "Waldorf transcripts" - after the New York hotel where the US secretary of state was staying before making a crucial speech to the UN security council earlier this year - is seen by the Guardian as part of an effort among Nato allies to "rein in some of the less acceptable policies of the Bush administration".

Russia Dismisses U.S. Weapons Lab Proof Claim Russia dismissed Monday U.S. efforts to present its discovery of a mobile laboratory as an example of Iraq's banned weapons program, saying only U.N. scientists could officially certify weapons as illegal. "The only information we have about weapons in Iraq is concerning this mobile laboratory that could make biological weapons," Yuri Fedotov, a deputy foreign minister with responsibility for Iraq, told Interfax news agency. "However, even American experts recognize that there were no traces of biological agents in this trailer," he added.

Senator Vows Full Probe Into U.S. Data on Iraq Arms A senior U.S. senator on Sunday promised a full investigation into the growing controversy over whether the Bush dictatorship deliberately exaggerated the threat posed by Iraq's chemical and biological arms.

US spy agencies not taking blame if banned weapons not found The "spooks," as they are called, believe they did their jobs right, said Vincent Cannistraro, former counterterrorism chief for the Central Intelligence Agency. "All I can tell you is there is a general feeling among CIA analysts that intelligence was politicized and that the CIA and (Defense Intelligence Agency) was not given full consideration because the Pentagon, the policymakers, including the vice-president[sic]'s office, did not want to hear that message. They wanted to hear a hardline message supporting a policy they already adopted," Cannistraro said.

War crime threat to Blair The mother of a North soldier who died in the Gulf has said that Tony Blair should be prosecuted as a war criminal if no weapons of mass destruction are found in Iraq.

Short: Blair lied to cabinet and made secret war pact with US Tory threat to break ranks on Iraq --Poodle Tony Blair is facing mounting pressure from across the House of Commons to hold an independent inquiry into the Iraq war after Clare Short levelled the incendiary allegation at the prime minister that he had lied to the cabinet.

Short renews attack over WMD and Blair's 'deception' Clare Short turned up the pressure on Tony Blair yesterday by accusing him of deceiving the Cabinet on three crucial elements of the Iraq crisis.

Blair puts credibility on line as weapons row builds Poodle Tony Blair faced Labour demands last night for an independent inquiry into the Iraq crisis after a double attack by two former cabinet ministers into his handling of the build-up to war.

Poetic Licence: US intelligence hoax hits the fan --by Kaleem Omar "The Bush administration should have heeded Mark Twain’s advice: 'When in doubt, speak the truth.' But it didn’t, and thought it could fool people into believing that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, had links to Al Qaeda and was even involved in the 9/11 attacks on the US. This, of course, was rubbish, tripe of the highest order, as many of us had been saying for months. The truth, however, will out sooner or later. And the expletive deleted has finally hit the fan."

Bush Plays Down Banned Weapons Hunt in Iraq The Bush dictatorship defended Sunday the slow pace of efforts to find banned weapons in Iraq, citing other pressing priorities from restoring order to rebuilding the country.

America's Matrix --by Robert Parry "'Matrix' and its sequel. 'Matrix Reloaded,' offer a useful analogy for anyone trying to make sense of the chasm that has opened between what’s real and what Americans perceive is real. Like the science-fiction world of the two movies, a false reality is being pulled daily over people’s eyes, often through what they see and hear on their TV screens. Facts have lost value. Logic rarely applies."

US Nazi Lieutenant in Fallujah: "If they kill one of our guys, it's going to be tenfold. If you shoot one round, I'll shoot 1,000." Instead of going home, the 3,000 men and women of the 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade have been told they will be heading instead to the volatile city of Fallujah. Sgt. Kenneth Molina and his troops don't see themselves going to Fallujah as peacekeepers. "They told us to lock and load your weapons. Lube your 25s [a Bradley Fighting Vehicle's cannon]. And get ready to clean house. ... This ain't going to be a peacekeeping mission. Not for us," Molina said. "If they kill one of our guys, it's going to be tenfold. If you shoot one round, I'll shoot 1,000. You have to make an example," said Lt. Harry Heintz, 25, of Demorest, Ga. Pounding his fist on the table where he and his men eat, Heintz added, "We're like a pit bull on a chain. You cut the chain and you're going to have problems."

U.S. to Appoint Council in Iraq Officials Decide Not to Allow Large Assembly to Pick Interim Leaders --The U.S. occupation dictatorship has decided to handpick between 25 and 30 Iraqis to serve on an interim political council to advise U.S. officials on day-to-day governance issues rather than convene a large assembly where Iraqi delegates would debate the form and membership of their transitional administration, a senior U.S. official said today. [Well, the US Whore Court installed the Idiot Usurper in 2000, so this step is par for the course. --Lori Price]

US says its planes are being attacked in Iraq The US-led invaders in Iraq said on Sunday its planes were coming under regular fire when trying to land at airports across the country, especially in Baghdad.

Leave Iraq, Tribesmen and Sacked Troops Tell U.S. Thousands of sacked Iraqi soldiers threatened Monday to launch suicide attacks against U.S. troops as leaders of the country's squabbling tribes told the Americans they could face war if they did not leave soon. [WTG, tribesmen and sacked Iraqi troops! <g> --Lori Price]

Sacked Iraqi Troops Threaten Attacks on U.S. Forces Thousands of sacked Iraqi soldiers marched on the U.S.-led administration Monday and threatened to launch suicide attacks on American troops in Baghdad unless they were paid wages and compensation.

Troops Attacked in Baghdad in Fresh Signs of Resistance Gunmen firing rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles attacked an American military convoy late today in the neighborhood where Saddam Hussein made his last public appearance on April 9, the day the capital fell to U.S.-U.K.invasion forces.

A Tale of Two Baghdads As U.S. Soldiers Perceive Warm Welcome, Residents Express Anger --To the troops of Bravo Company, moving through a corner of this weary capital, their morning patrol represents a benign presence. To Mohammed Abdullah, standing on the sidewalk as the 10-man patrol passed his gated house, their presence is, as he terms it, "despicable."

Occupation Forces Renew Food Rations $2 Billion Effort Is Largest Ever by U.N. The national food-rationing program introduced by Saddam Hussein because of international sanctions was reestablished today by occupation dictatorship who concluded that Iraqis need the rice, cooking oil and chickpeas to stave off hunger in a paralyzed economy [caused by the Bush dictatorship]

Navy: Four U.S. Soldiers Vanish on Boats in Gulf The U.S. Navy said Monday two small boats carrying four U.S. soldiers and at least three civilians disappeared in northern Gulf waters Sunday.

U.S. Seeks Ability to 'Take Down' N. Korea Quickly U.S. plans to transform allied forces at the Korean demilitarized zone would be aimed ensuring U.S. and South Korean forces could begin "taking down" the North's frontline from the first hour of a war, a senior U.S. defense official said Monday.

North Korea, US move to boost their fighting power North Korea is launching a new military conscription effort to boost the regime's 1.1 million-strong army as the United States revealed massive spending to augment the fighting capability of its garrison in South Korea and improve Seoul's anti-missile shield.

Bush Presses Case on Iran and Korea at Economic Talks Dictator Bush stepped onto French soil today to meet the European leaders who vociferously opposed the war in Iraq, but rather than rehash their differences he spent the day trying to increase pressure on two other nations he regards as major threats — Iran and North Korea — to give up their nuclear weapons programs.

French hold up weapons deal French hold up G8 deal on weapons --The US and Britain were last night battling to overcome French objections to win the support of the Group of Eight major industrialised states for an action plan to tighten the screws on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. [They should start by disarming international terrorist George W. Bush. --Lori Price]

Scores of Thousands Protest Conference, Some Violently Geneva police said that between 40,000 and 50,000 people took part in the combined marches, although though some protest organizers said there were as many as 120,000. [MSNBC's official 'fuzzy math' tally was 28. <g> --Lori Price]

Bush trying to hide 9/11 information, Graham says Citing proposed changes in several sections of a report -- which was based on the congressional investigation he helped oversee as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee --Florida Senator Bob Graham said on CNN's Late Edition that the Bush dictatorship was trying to hide information submitted in open session and, in some cases, reported in the media.''That's not being done for any legitimate national security reasons,'' Graham told CNN. "It's being done because they don't want the American people to see a coherent narrative of what happened.''

Al-Qaeda operatives may be in US, say officials [Yes. They are in the White House. --Lori Price] Shrewd recruiting of young militants has allowed al-Qaeda to re-establish itself in Osama bin Laden's homeland and around the world in preparation for new attacks on the United States and its allies.

Report Says Sept. 11 Detentions 'Unduly Harsh' Foreigners detained as part of the investigation into the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States were held too long without being told of charges against them and were subjected to "unduly harsh" conditions of confinement, a Justice Department audit showed on Monday.

U.S. prison population largest in world With a record-setting 2 million people now locked up in American jails and prisons, the United States has overtaken Russia and has a higher percentage of its citizens behind bars than any other country.

Philly council passes anti-Patriot Act resolution Philadelphia on Thursday became the largest city in the nation to pass a resolution condemning the USA Patriot Act, saying it "weakens, contradicts and undermines" constitutionally protected rights.

[Comment: Notice how Eric Rudolph, the alleged rightwing terrorist, is not referred to as a terrorist in the media, as John Lee Malvo was? Methinks the John AshKKKroft racist double standard is the code of the road... --Lori Price]

FCC vote paves way for bigger media Agency relaxes long-standing restrictions on ownership --In a contentious 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission agreed Monday to allow broadcasters to buy more television stations and to let one company own newspapers and TV channels in the same city.

2nd Study Finds Gaps in Tax Cuts A new study by groups critical of the tax law that Dictator Bush signed on Wednesday has found that 8 million mostly low-income taxpayers will not receive any benefit from the law.

Bush 'buried' critical report The Bush dictatorship reportedly buried a report commissioned by the US Treasury which predicted a budget deficit of over $44,000bn and called for tax rises.

Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today's population, that is more than $5,700 per person.

Coming soon: the great GM crops debate. But does the Government really want your views? --by Michael McCarthy "It's obscure. It's small scale. It's been starved of funds. It has not been nationally advertised. In fact, it hasn't been advertised at all. You could be forgiven for thinking the Government doesn't want you to know about it. Yet this is the National GM Debate. Starting tomorrow, it will be the only official chance people will have to make their views known over whether genetically modified crops should be commercially grown in Britain."

'Bed chains' for Canada Sars violators A top Canadian health official has warned people that they might have to be "chained to a bed" if they violate the strict Sars quarantine rules in Toronto.

June 1: Amber Frey: can you save us all? The connection: if Amber gives another press conference with a new makeover, begging for her privacy [?!?], MSNBC won't have to cover the actual news of lack of WMDs, the economic depression, and Bush's plummeting poll numbers. Ergo, Karl Rove won't *do* something (of a code red nature) to engender public support for Bush as he slouches toward re-s-election. --Lori Price

Bush 'skewed facts to justify attack on Iraq' A growing number of US national security professionals are accusing the Bush Dictatorship of slanting the facts and hijacking the intelligence apparatus to justify its rush to war in Iraq.

German minister accuses US of deception over Iraq Germany's development minister has accused the US of deceiving the world over its reasons for waging war on Iraq. Wieczorek-Zeul has joined a chorus of criticism in Europe of remarks by US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz that weapons of mass destruction became a war banner because it was the only reason which everyone in the Bush dictatorship could agree on.

Iraq's arms: Hill raises new doubts The Defence Minister, Robert Hill, has conceded that flawed intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons capability may have influenced Australia's decision to join the war against Iraq and has backed a thorough and open review of the information.

Revealed: How Blair used discredited WMD 'evidence' UK intelligence chiefs warned claim that Iraq could activate banned weapons in 45 minutes came from unreliable defector --Poodle Tony Blair's sensational pre-war claim that Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "could be activated within 45 minutes" was based on information from a single Iraqi defector of dubious reliability, The Independent on Sunday can reveal.

The lies that led us into war ... The UK and the US manipulated UN reports - and conjured an anthrax dump from thin air --by Glen Rangwala "One key tactic of the British and United States governments in their campaign on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction was to talk up suspicions and to portray possibility as fact. The clearest example was the quotation and misquotation of the reports of United Nations weapons inspectors."

Blair Faces Demand for Inquiry Into Iraq Weapons British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair faced fresh accusations Sunday from two former ministers that he exaggerated the threat from Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction to justify invading Iraq.

Iraq weapons row intensifies Ex-cabinet minister Clare Short has accused Poodle Tony Blair of duping the public over Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction. She believes the prime minister put political spin on weapons intelligence information, to justify the case for W-ar.

Short: 'Blair duped us all along. We were misled. We were deceived' Clare Short, the former International Development Secretary, last night accused Poodle Tony Blair of "duping" the nation over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to drive Britain to war against Saddam Hussein.

American senators and British MPs call for public inquiry over Iraqi arms The British and American governments are under pressure to explain how they reached the conclusion that the threat posed by Iraq's arsenal of illegal weapons justified going to war.

Unease grows of war under false pretext Britain's Prime Minister, Poodle Tony Blair, made the first visit to postwar Iraq by a Western leader amid mounting questions in the United States and Britain about the alleged weapons arsenal that was the stated reason for war against Saddam Hussein.

Doubt on key war claims The controversy over the quality of intelligence used to justify the Iraq war flared yesterday after reports that British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and his US counterpart, Colin Powell, privately expressed serious doubts about the information. [Notice how the Bush dictatorship is shifting the blame to the 'intelligence community', so that the Idiot Usurper is isolated from criticism? --Lori Price]

Powell was under pressure to use shaky intelligence on Iraq: report US Secretary of State Colin Powell was under persistent pressure from the Pentagon and White House to include questionable intelligence in his report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction he delivered at the United Nations last February, a US weekly reported.

Powell, Straw Voiced Doubts Over Iraq’s WMDs: Diplomats U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and his British counterpart Jack Straw privately voiced doubts over Iraq’s weapons program, fueling the controversy worldwide over charges that London and Washington distorted intelligence assessments about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, a leading British newspaper revealed Saturday, May 31.

Bush, Blair Face Heat on Iraq Weapons Senior politicians on both sides of the Atlantic want answers to what is becoming the most asked question since major combat ended in Iraq: Where are the unconventional weapons the U.S.-U.K. invasion forces said they went to war to destroy?

Weapons hope fades There are now more people in Iraq hunting for weapons of mass destruction than ever before but hopes of finding them are waning rapidly.

Blair: I have secret proof of weapons Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair last night insisted he had secret proof [?!? ROFL!] that weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq in his strongest signal yet that U.S.-U.K.invasion forces believe they may have begun to uncover leads to Iraq's alleged deadly arms cache. [No, that Rumsfeld is closer to having the WMD PLANTED. --Lori Price]

Bush: 'We found' banned arms [Yes, good idea to have the word 'found' in quotation marks, LOL!] Unclear whether Idiot Usurper was equating labs with weapons --As a new U.S.-led team of international experts is heading to Iraq to intensify the search for weapons of mass destruction, Dictator Bush says banned armaments already have been found - even though regime officials have said they have only located mobile laboratories suspected of producing them.

What was Really in Those Trailers? --by Marc Pienaar "Hydrogen gas can be manufactured using a simple process that is entirely consistent with what was found in the trailer factories in Iraq. The CIA says that hydrogen production is a 'plausible cover story' for the mobile production plants recently found in Iraq. However, this 'cover' story seems to match exactly what was found, whereas the germ production theory is a bit of a stretch. ...Once again the rest of the world is laughing up their sleeves at the US - this really goes from the sublime to the ridiculous."

Weapons of Mass Disappearance The war in Iraq was based largely on intelligence about banned arms that still haven't been found. Was America's spy craft wrong — or manipulated? --by Michael Duffy "How do take your country to war when it doesn't really want to go? You could subcontract with another nation, fight on the sly and hope no one notices. But if you need a lot of troops to prevail and you would like to remind everyone in the neighborhood who's boss anyway, then what you need most is a good reason — something to stir up the folks back home."

Revealed: the cluster bombs that litter Iraq The shocking extent of unexploded cluster bombs dropped by American and British planes, which litter Iraq eight weeks after the conflict, is revealed in detail for the first time today.

Iraq nuclear looters leave trail of anguish US officials are recovering barrels looted from Iraq's nuclear agency, buying back containers that may be radioactive from people who were washing clothes and storing food in them.

Eight-man unit to be questioned over Iraqi PoW 'torture' pictures The investigation into alleged torture of Iraqi prisoners of war was dramatically widened last night when Army investigators began questioning the other members of the eight-man unit of a soldier arrested last week.

Soldier's war snaps show British troops abusing prisoners A British soldier was being questioned yesterday over the discovery of pictures showing possible war crimes against Iraqi prisoners.

Basra protests against UK leader Iraqis in Basra have taken to the streets to protest against a British commander being installed as the de facto leader of the city. The committee of utility experts charged with getting the city's infrastructure back on its feet is headed by Brigadier Adrian Bradshaw, the commander of the British Seventh Brigade, the Desert Rats. [And, we need to protest here against a dictator being installed as the de facto leader of the country. --Lori Price]

3 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq crash 6 injured in road accident; Child killed in separate accident --Three U.S. soldiers were killed and six injured in a traffic accident in northern Iraq, a military statement said on Saturday. The military also said a U.S. supply trailer ran over and killed an Iraqi child in another road accident south of Baghdad. [U.S. Invaders: Get Out of Iraq, Now.]

'Occupiers are failing desperate city' Aid agencies have accused the British and United States governments of failing to meet their legal obligations to the people of Iraq.

U.S.-U.K. Invasion Officials Now Allow Iraqi Civilians to Keep Assault Rifles In a significant retreat in American efforts to seize weapons held by Iraqi citizens, American and British officials said today that Iraqis would be allowed to keep AK-47 assault rifles in their homes and businesses.

Waggy Dog Stories --by Paul Krugman "An administration hypes the threat posed by a foreign power. It talks of links to Islamic fundamentalist terrorism; it warns about a nuclear weapons program. The news media play along, and the country is swept up in war fever. The war drives everything else — including scandals involving administration officials — from the public's consciousness. The 1997 movie 'Wag the Dog' had quite a plot. Although the movie's title has entered the language, I don't know how many people have watched it lately. Read the screenplay. If you don't think it bears a resemblance to recent events, you're in denial."

Officials Say Al Qaeda is Regrouped, Ready to Act Shrewd recruiting of new, young militants has allowed Al Qaeda to reestablish itself here in Osama bin Laden's homeland and around the world as an elusive and deadly threat that is seeking to launch new attacks in the United States and other countries, many U.S. officials now believe.

Where Are Saddam & Osama? --by Dick Meyer "Pardon me for beating a dead – or alive – horse, but what’s the deal with Saddam Hussein? Is he dead? Is he alive? If he’s alive, any hints about where he might be? Are we getting warmer? Colder? And by the way, what about Osama bin Laden? Asking the big, fat obvious questions appears to be a violation of civil etiquette in George Bush’s Emerald City, a place where Republican dreams really do come true -- lately."

Newsweek Poll: Bush's poll numbers drop As American troops continue to occupy an unstable Iraq and the search for chemical and biological weapons inside the country so far proves unsuccessful, George W. Bush’s approval ratings are drifting back toward pre-war levels, according to the latest NEWSWEEK poll. [Oh, no! Better not tell Karl Rove --the Rove regime will invade Iran or have another 9-11 terrorist attack, just to get the Idiot Usurper's poll numbers back up! --Lori Price]

Nerve Gas Exposure in Iraq in '91 Probed The government miscalculated [?!?] the number of U.S. troops who may have been exposed to nerve gases when Iraqi weapons were destroyed during the first Gulf War, congressional investigators say.

U.S. to Put Economic Pressure on N. Korea With impoverished North Korea on the brink of collapse, the United States wants nations in the region to use economic pressure to force it to halt its nuclear ambitions, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Saturday.

U.S. will hold a grudge against Canada: Rice The Bush dictatorship's disappointment with Canada for refusing to join the war on Iraq will not disappear quickly, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said yesterday.

Russian Central Bank Switches Currency Reserves to Euro Russia's central bank has decided to hold part of its foreign currency reserves in euros.

Anti-G8 protesters clash with police Thousands march on towns near summit --Thousands of protesters blocked highways and bridges, set fire to barricades and drew volleys of tear gas and rubber pellets Sunday from anti-riot police near the Group of Eight summit in the French town of Evian.

anti-G8 protest
Demonstrations against the G-8 summit in Evian, France, turned violent in front of the Hotel Royal in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Sunday.

anti-G8 prostest by thousands
Thousands of anti-G-8 demonstrators march on a highway near Annemasse, southeastern France, Sunday, June 1, 2003. The anti-globalization movement has designated Sunday as a day of protest against the G-8 summit taking place in nearby Evian. (AP Photo/Jerome Delay)

anti-G8 protest signs
Anti G8 protestors march with placards and banners through the center of Geneva, Sunday June 1, 2003. Several thousands of anti-globalisation demonstrators arrived to Geneva to protest against the G8 summit which runs from June 1-3 in Evian, France. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

Summit protesters, police clash Thousands of anti-globalization demonstrators clashed with police near the Group of Eight summit in Evian and in Switzerland on Sunday, blocking highways and bridges, setting fire to barricades and drawing volleys of tear gas and rubber pellets from anti-riot agents.

Steel defences set up for G8 summit Evian, the idyllic spot on the shores of Lake Geneva where the leaders of the world's richest countries meet today, is about to become one of the most heavily protected towns in the world, sealed off under a massive Swiss-French security operation against the double threat of terrorist attacks and demonstrations by anti-globalisation protesters.

Texas Border-Watch Group Gets Sued A self-styled border-watch group was accused of terrorizing six undocumented immigrants in a lawsuit aimed at bankrupting the organization and any ranchers who cooperate with it. The suit, filed Thursday, labels the Abilene-based Ranch Rescue an illegal paramilitary unit that is motivated by racial hatred. [Sounds like the GOP 'Team Leaders'! --Lori Price]

Judge: JP told inmates he'd have sex with their wives A Jefferson County Justice of the Peace told inmates he knew their home addresses and would have sex with their wives while they were locked up, took off his belt and instructed parents to use it to beat their children and swore at those who appeared before him, according to a Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct report. [Sounds like a candidate for Bush's High Whore Court. After all, sleaze Clarence Thomas is a member of the Whore Court. --Lori Price]

Tribal Donation to GOP Draws Attention An Indian tribe paid $100,000 to the Republican Party at the same time it was trying to meet with Interior Secretary Gale Norton over land issues, internal GOP records show.

Drug Companies Increase Spending to Lobby Congress and Governments Lobbyists for the drug industry are stepping up spending to influence Congress, the states and even foreign governments as the debate intensifies over how to provide prescription drug benefits to the elderly, industry executives say.

Democrats Say U.S. Tax Cut Unfair to Poor Families Legislation this week granting $350 billion in tax cuts is unfair to American families with low and middle incomes, the Democrats said on Saturday.

Obey the law and keep Bush off the Illinois ballot, say state Libertarians Illinois should obey its ballot access laws -- and keep Dictator George W. Bush off the 2004 ballot. So said the Libertarian Party of Illinois, after Republicans revealed that they would not nominate their 2004 presidential candidate until seven days after the Illinois deadline for certifying candidates for the November ballot.

Honoring our nation's heroes all year --by Jim Carnes "While no one can determine the precise number of homeless veterans in America, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that more than 275,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and at least 500,000 are homeless at some time during the year."

Public was misled, claim ex-CIA men A group of former US intelligence officials has written to Dictator Bush claiming that the US Congress and the American public were misled about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction before the war.

U.S. Insiders Say Iraq Intel Deliberately Skewed A growing number of U.S. national security professionals are accusing the Bush dictatorship of slanting the facts and hijacking the $30 billion intelligence apparatus to justify its rush to war in Iraq.

US Intel 'Simply Wrong' on Chemical Attack-General U.S. intelligence was "simply wrong" in leading military commanders to believe their troops were likely to be attacked with chemical weapons in the Iraq war, the top U.S. Marine general there said on Friday.

Vanishing Agents Did Iraq really have weapons of mass destruction? --by Fred Kaplan "Enough already. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appeared at the Council on Foreign Relations last Tuesday and, during the question-answer period, made the usual excuses for why his team of biochem-weapon hunters hasn't yet found any."

A lack of intelligence Australia's spies knew the United States was lying about Iraq's WMD programme. So why didn't the Government choose to believe them? --by Andrew Wilkie "'Intelligence' was how the Americans described the material accumulating on Iraq from their super-sophisticated spy systems. But to analysts at the Office of National Assessments in Canberra, a decent chunk of the growing pile looked like rubbish. In their offices on the top floor of the drab ASIO building, ONA experts found much of the US material worthy only of the delete button or the classified waste chute to the truck-sized shredder in the basement."

US government lied about Iraqi weapons to justify war --by Patrick Martin "US government officials deliberately lied about Iraq’s supposed stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in order to concoct a suitable pretext for war. That is the only politically serious conclusion that can be drawn from the revelations and admissions of the past week."

Tenet Defends Iraq Intelligence CIA Chief Rebuts Allegations of Pressure From Dictatorship Before the War --CIA Director George J. Tenet took the unusual step yesterday of publicly defending the agency's intelligence on Iraq's possession of chemical and biological weapons, amid growing criticism that the Bush dictatorship exaggerated what it knew about Iraqi weapons programs to advance the case for going to W-ar.

Straw, Powell had serious doubts over their Iraqi weapons claims Jack Straw and his US counterpart, Colin Powell, privately expressed serious doubts about the quality of intelligence on Iraq's banned weapons programme at the very time they were publicly trumpeting it to get UN support for a war on Iraq, the Guardian has learned. [It is time for Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Franks, et al. TO BE TRIED FOR TREASON, with all appropriate penalties for treason on the table. --Lori Price]

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction --The Assessment of the British Government (.pdf)

Bush aides fear tumult in Iraq rising Questions swirl about dubious intelligence, weapons, troops --Some of Dictator Bush's top advisers now fear the war in Iraq is becoming a political, diplomatic and military mess, instead of being the centerpiece of the dictator's re-s-election campaign that they had hoped for.

Rumsfeld changes tack by insisting that WMD will be found [as soon as he has them planted] Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, insisted yesterday that weapons of mass destruction were still in Iraq as Washington and London rejected claims that they used intelligence as "propaganda".

My horror at PoW sex abuse pics Shocking pictures — revealed by The Sun yesterday — showed male Iraqis apparently forced into sexual positions by their British captors. In another a prisoner was suspended by rope from a fork-lift truck driven by a laughing Brit. The Army probe into the photos scandal has been stepped up amid fears that a "hornets' nest" of horror could be unearthed.

Military police question British soldier over 'PoW torture' photos Military police were questioning a British soldier last night over photographs allegedly depicting troops torturing an Iraqi prisoner of war.

'Torture' snaps: man held A British soldier has been arrested over sickening "torture" photos of an Iraqi prisoner. They show a PoW dangling from a fork-lift truck. Others allegedly depict soldiers committing sex acts near captured Iraqis. The squaddie — in the 1st Royal Regiment of Fusiliers — was seized after he took a roll of film to his local photo shop to be developed. Horrified lab workers called in police.

Mum: my lad's just naive The mum of the soldier held over the "torture" snaps said yesterday he had made "one big mistake". Margaret Bartlam claimed her son Gary, 18, was naive. She told The Sun: "S**t happens in the Army. I feel sorry for our lad because he’s gone through a lot."

Iraqi Oil Revenues Projected At 4.5 Billion Dollars Until End- 2003: MEES Revenues from Iraqi oil exports are expected to reach 4.5 billion dollars by year`s end, the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES) reports in its Monday edition.

Lawmaker says Halliburton deals on Iraq bigger than reported Halliburton Co. has received more US government contracts in Iraq than earlier reported, including an "obscure but lucrative" deal with 425 million dollars, a US lawmaker says.

Iraqis say Lynch rescue force was overkill The U.S. commandos refused a key and instead broke down doors and went in with guns drawn. They carried away the prisoner in the dead of night with helicopter and armored vehicle backup -- even though there was no Iraqi military presence and the hospital staff didn't resist.

We need visit from the Truth Fairy With Jessica Lynch, Osama, WMDs, It's Tough To Tell What's Real --by John Baer "It [the 'rescue' of Jessica Lynch] helped pump up patriotism and mitigate misgivings about military competence. It couldn't have come at a better time. It put me in mind of the 1997 Barry Levinson film 'Wag the Dog,' in which a war is created and a hero manufactured to divert national attention from a Washington scandal (or a sour economy?). Wonder if Karl Rove saw the film." [Are you kidding? Rove f-king *wrote* the script, <g> --Lori Price]

Actor pours scorn on Bush and Iraq conflict Sean Penn has issued a damning indictment of Dictator George Bush, the Iraq war, and the American media - in the shape of whole page advertisement in yesterday's New York Times.

Actor Sean Penn Bashes Bush, Iraq War in Newspaper Actor Sean Penn published a 4,000-word open letter in the front section of the New York Times on Friday defending his December trip to Baghdad and criticizing the U.S.-led war on Iraq.

Iran: Tehran Ready to Accept Full IAEA Inspections Under Certain Conditions Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi says his country is ready to allow full inspections of its nuclear facilities, but only under certain conditions.

Bush: No plans to attack Syria, Iran US Dictator George W. Bush has denied reports about his plans to attack Syria and Iran and dismissed them as "pure speculation."

Bush dismisses reports of Iran attack Dictator George W. Bush, speaking to a Russian television reporter in an interview aired Friday, dismissed media reports that the United States may launch an attack on Iran as "pure speculation."

No deterrents in US war on terror-Cheney The United States will not pursue deterrence or containment policies in its so-called war on terrorism but would instead seek to utterly destroy its enemies, Vice pResident Dick Cheney said on Saturday.

US warns of fallout from Mahathir 'war on Islam' comment The United States has bluntly warned Malaysia's Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, to tone down his anti-American rhetoric or risk damaging relations between the two countries.

Investigators Look at Nerve Gas Exposure The government miscalculated [?!?] the number of U.S. troops who may have been exposed to nerve gases when Iraqi weapons were destroyed during the first Gulf War, congressional investigators say.

Bush Visits Concentration Camps That His Family Helped Build Dictator Bush starts his trip to Europe and the Middle East somberly - with a visit to the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz meant to drive home the "dangers of evil unchecked." ['dangers of evil unchecked' --yes, such as the Bush dictatorship!!]

Gold Fillings, Auschwitz & George Bush --by Glen Yeadon "In 1922, Averell Harriman traveled to Germany to set up a branch of W.A. Harriman in Berlin. Harriman had hired George Herbert Walker, George Bush's grandfather to run both the New York and Berlin branches of his expanding investment firm. During his stay in Germany Harriman had met the Thyseen family and agreed to help the Thyssen’s set up an American bank. In 1923, Germany was in economic shambles and Thyssen met with his friend General Ludendorff, who advised him that Germany’s hope lied with Hitler and the Nazi Party. Thyssen soon became a financial backer of the Nazis and Hitler."

Nazis and Bush family history: Government investigated Bush family's financing of Hitler --by Carla Binion "In another Simpson book, The Splendid Blonde Beast, the author wrote about George H. W. Bush's father, Prescott, and his maternal grandfather, George Herbert Walker. Both Bert Walker and Prescott Bush were powerful financial supporters of Adolf Hitler. Walker was president of Union Banking Corporation, a firm that traded with Germany and helped German industrialists consolidate Hitler's political power. Simpson says Union Banking became a Nazi money-laundering machine."

Police clash with G8 protesters French police have fired tear gas at hundreds of anti-globalisation protesters who have gathered ahead of the G8 summit. [*See G8 Protest pictures from Indymedia: Pictures G8 M30 and Noborder demo pics: Geneva 30th May]

Anti-G8 protesters clash with police Hundreds of protesters opposed to the Group of Eight summit threw rocks at a meeting hall Saturday, then clashed with police who fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Demonstrators warm up in Geneva for mass cross-border anti-G8 rally About 3,000 anti-globalization protesters limbered up outside the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva as thousands of others began arriving for Sunday's cross-border anti-G8 rally.

France rings G8 town with steel French security forces have launched a massive security operation in the run-up to the Group of Eight summit, which begins on Sunday.

9/11 Lawsuits for the Justice Department? The release of a report critical of the DOJ's post-Sept. 11 roundup of terror suspects could mean legal action against some officials --Certain employees of the Justice Department have been advised to hire lawyers to defend them in a spate of lawsuits that could be filed shortly by people who were detained in the wake of 9/11.

Post-Sept. 11 Detainee Sweep Criticized The government ignored long-standing immigration practices so it could hold dozens of foreigners for long periods following the Sept. 11 attacks, the Justice Department inspector general has concluded.

The News No One Is Reporting American Political Refugees Flee Abroad --by W. Madsen "Chalk up another first for the Bush regime. For the first time in America's history, US citizens and legal residents are fleeing the so-called 'land of the free' in anticipation of a further erosion of civil liberties, martial law, or mass detention. From across the United States reports are filtering in about families and individuals who are selling their homes, packing their bags, and making arrangements to leave."

U.S. Cautiously Begins to Seize Millions in Foreign Banks The Justice Department has begun using its expanded "counterterrorism" [?!?] powers to seize millions of dollars from foreign banks that do business in the United States, creating tensions with the State Department and some allies. The seizure power has opened up doors once closed in financial crime investigations, a financial investigator with the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in New York said. "Now we can get ahold of money where we couldn't before," he said. "...It's such a powerful tool, you could knock the economy of a country on its head if it were a big enough case."

Democrats Say Deficit Headed Above $400 Billion Democrats, eager to hammer home their message that Dictator Bush's tax cuts are driving the country into a fiscal ditch, on Friday estimated government budget deficits will top $400 billion this year and approach $500 billion in 2004.

Fiction and the Tax Cut Bush gets his gimmicky tax cut while a $400 child credit for millions of low-wage families is eliminated. Are his critics suffering from outrage exhaustion? --by Eleanor Clift "Under the glittering chandeliers of the East Room of the White House, President [sic] Bush signed into law the most wealth-oriented tax bill in history. ...More than 2 million jobs have been lost since Bush became president [sic], yet it feels in Washington as if we’re living in a second Gilded Age. Worries about income inequality or imbalance are treated like quaint notions from another era."

Another Day, Another $350 Billion in Debt --by Bill Moyers, Now with Bill Moyers "Nothing was said about cutting out the working poor from this tax credit as Mr. Bush signed his tax bill. Nor was anything said when the President [sic] closed the door to his office and quietly put his signature on another bill, this one raising the debt ceiling to its highest level in history. No sooner had this happened than it was revealed by the Financial Times – a British newspaper by the way – that the White House withheld a Treasury department study showing that the country faces chronic deficits totaling over $44 trillion dollars. They kept it secret lest it throw the fear of God into Congress and the financial markets and cost them the tax cut for the rich."

Whacking the Waitresses And the other effects of George W. Bush’s war on the poor --by Jonathan Alter "It took a billionaire, Warren Buffett, to point out that the Bush tax plan was 'class warfare.' Too many of the rest of us have acted as if the Bush administration’s severe tilt toward the rich was an opinion instead of a fact. ...the $350 billion number is a fiction. The real cost of the tax cut is closer to $1 trillion; the lower number is just part of an elaborate accounting gimmick, as even GOP Rep. Bill Thomas, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, acknowledges."

Big Drug Company Says It May Face Obstruction Case The Schering-Plough Corporation said yesterday that it could soon be indicted in a federal investigation into its prescription drug marketing practices, and face charges that employees destroyed documents related to the case.

Schering-Plough faces possible criminal charges Schering-Plough Corp., a U.S. drugmaker under investigation for its sales and marketing practices, said Friday it was being probed for destroying documents related to the inquiry and that prosecutors intended to seek a criminal indictment.

Secrecy provision aims to cloak budget papers (TX) A provision under consideration in a bill needed to balance the state's $118 billion two-year budget proposes cloaking future budget writers in secrecy.

Calif. Gov. Says Power Regulation Needed - Paper California Gov. Gray Davis said for the first time he favors ditching the state's experiment with free-market electricity and returning to a more closely regulated system, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Saturday.

Mercury in rain surpasses safe level Concentrations at least twice the EPA standard for toxin in lake --Rainfall in the Carolinas has concentrations of mercury, a toxic metal, that are about twice as high as levels the federal government calls safe in lakes, an advocacy group reported Thursday.

Irony of 2003: Rethuglicans Call Edwards a 'Petty Criminal' [LOL! They should know!!] A conservative political group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Friday, calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "petty criminal" for accepting questionable campaign donations.

Reno spurs Boca's Democratic Club Former U.S. Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Janet Reno couldn't even walk through the front door of the South County Civic Center Wednesday without being swarmed by admirers.

1996 Olympics Bombing Suspect Captured Eric Rudolph, the longtime fugitive charged in the 1996 Olympic Park bombing and in attacks at an abortion clinic and a gay nightclub, was arrested early Saturday in the mountains of North Carolina.

May 30: More shocking than the Laci Peterson autopsy report! Torture pictures of sex acts, 'sexier' government reports, and dining on Saddam's gazelles!

Pentagon Eyes Massive Covert Attack on Iran The Pentagon is advocating a massive covert action program to overthrow Iran's ruling ayatollahs as the "only way" to stop the country's nuclear weapons ambitions, senior State Department and Pentagon officials told ABCNEWS. [Holy Deja Vu, Batman!! The Bush dictatorship is INSANE!! --Lori Price]

'US plan for military action against Iran complete' Washington has drawn up a plan for military action against Iran, which it accuses of supporting terrorism and having a secret nuclear weapons program, a Russian newspaper reported yesterday, citing diplomats.

Tehran denies links to al-Qa'ida terrorists Iran has denied allegations that it has secret nuclear facilities or links with al-Qa'ida, after Poodle Tony Blair called for the regime to come clean about its nuclear programme. [Poodle Blair needs to 'come clean' about lying about the WMD in Iraq. --Lori Price]

Soldier 'took torture snaps' A British soldier is today being questioned by Ministry of Defence war crimes investigators after the emergence of photographs showing disturbing scenes of alleged "torture" of Iraqi PoWs. One of the photographs is reported to show an Iraqi PoW gagged and bound, hanging in netting from a fork-lift truck. Others allegedly depict soldiers committing sex acts near captured Iraqis. [The Bush-Blair whackjobs need to be prosecuted for W-ar crimes, and the Idiot Usurper and Poodle Blair need to be tried for treason. --Lori Price]

'Torture' snaps: man held A British soldier has been arrested over sickening "torture" photos of an Iraqi prisoner. They show a PoW dangling from a fork-lift truck. Others allegedly depict soldiers committing sex acts near captured Iraqis. Last night a war crimes probe was launched by the Army’s Special Investigations Branch. If proven, the incident would be a breach of the Geneva Convention and would cause huge embarrassment to the Army and Government.

Minister confirms that cluster bombs were used on civilian areas in Iraq British troops used cluster bombs in built-up areas during the war in Iraq, the Government confirmed for the first time yesterday.

Allied use of cluster bombs illegal, minister admits (UK) The Government admitted during the war on Iraq that the use of cluster bombs against civilian targets would "not be legal", a letter obtained by The Independent has revealed.

Official explodes key WMD claim Downing Street doctored a dossier on Iraq's weapons programme to make it "sexier", according to a senior British official, who claims intelligence services were unhappy with the assertion that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were ready for use within 45 minutes. [Click here for the No 10 dossier in question. (.pdf)]

WMD just a convenient excuse for war, admits Wolfowitz The Bush dictatorship focused on alleged weapons of mass destruction as the primary justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force because it was politically convenient, a top-level official at the Pentagon has acknowledged.

Comments Revive Doubts Over Iraq Weapons European critics of the Iraq war expressed shock Friday at published remarks by a senior U.S. official playing down Iraq's weapons of mass destruction as the reason for the conflict. [Don't be afraid of offending your CIA paymasters, Washington Post: say it... 'war', not 'conflict', LOL! --Lori Price]

Rumsfeld Denies 'False Pretext' for Iraq War Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld denied on Thursday that the Iraq war was waged under a false pretext even though U.S. search teams have failed to find the chemical and biological weapons cited as justification for the invasion.

Officials: Rumsfeld trying to make foreign policy Dictator Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and other top officials are spending hours coping with frequent, unsolicited attempts by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to make foreign policy, according to senior regime officials who are directly involved.

Rockefeller Rips Lack of Iraqi WMD Finds If Iraq's weapons of mass destruction posed enough of a threat to justify war, they should have been found by now, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said Thursday.

Government blames spies over war (UK) A senior minister warned yesterday that the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq would constitute "Britain's biggest ever intelligence failure" and would trigger an overhaul of the security services.

Angry Blair Says UK Did Not Invent WMD Evidence British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair said on Friday his government did not fabricate evidence [LOL!] of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction to justify the war on Iraq.

Emergency statement needed on weapons, Blair is told Poodle Tony Blair will face a barrage of hostile questions in Parliament next week on the failure of U.S.-U.K. invasion forces to uncover the weapons of mass destruction that formed the legal basis for war on Iraq.

Blair faces inquiry call over weapons Poodle Tony Blair's postwar tour of Iraq ran into trouble before he had even set foot in the country when his former foreign minister, Robin Cook, said the British Prime Minister faced a growing crisis over the failure to uncover weapons of mass destruction.

Britain must not be suckered a second time by the White House The British government needs to concede that we went to war for reasons of US foreign policy and Republican Party politics --by Robin Cook "Before the war he [Donald Rumsfeld] told us that Saddam had 'large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and an active programme to develop nuclear weapons'. After the war he explains away the failure to find any of these stockpiles or nuclear installations on the possibility that Saddam's regime 'decided they would destroy them prior to a conflict'. You have to admire his effrontery. But not his logic."

Save Our Spooks --by Nicholas D. Kristof "On Day 71 of the Hunt for Iraqi W.M.D., yesterday, once again nothing turned up. Maybe we'll do better on Day 72. But we might have better luck searching for something just as alarming: the growing evidence that the administration grossly manipulated intelligence about those weapons of mass destruction in the runup to the Iraq war."

No court martial for men who refused to fight Two British soldiers sent home from the Gulf because they questioned the legality of the war in Iraq are not to face military charges. [Hence, no discussion of the legality of the W-ar in Iraq]

Chafing at Authority in Iraq Firing of Council In Basra Upsets Middle Class --In the past week, British and U.S. occupation forces have dumped the mayor and his council, concluding that the interim government was composed mostly of unpopular tribal sheiks with ties to former president Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party. Occupation authorities have thus decided that Iraqis here are not yet ready to govern themselves -- at all.

Iraqi group formed to resist U.S.-U.K. occupation forces An Iraqi group that claims to have elected its command committee from most of the country's provinces has been formed to fight and prevent cooperation with U.S.-U.K. occupation forces in Iraq. The group said its principal mission was to "liberate the Iraqi territories from foreign occupation," using "all adequate political and military means." [Can I join? <g> --Lori Price]

Iraq [Vietnam?] war has not ended, says US: More troops planned to tackle unrest --The top U.S.-U.K. invasion forces' commander in Iraq said on Thursday he was mulling sending extra troops to western Iraq to tackle what he described as a continuing "war" against "regime holdouts".

U.S. Commander to Step Up Action Against Iraqi Attackers 'War Has Not Ended,' General Says After Another Soldier Dies --After another attack that killed a U.S. soldier, the commanding general of U.S. forces in Iraq declared today that "the war has not ended" and signaled the start of a new military phase to root out what he described as die-hard supporters of fallen president Saddam Hussein.

Faced with growing resistance, US prepares military repression in Iraq Backing off from earlier promises to quickly scale back the US military force presently occupying Iraq, the Pentagon has announced that it will instead increase the number of troops deployed in the country and indefinitely postpone the scheduled departure of key combat units.

U.S. military says killed two Iraqi civilians U.S. troops killed two Iraqi civilians and injured two others after their vehicle failed to stop at a checkpoint [?!?] in a town north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said on Thursday.

In Searching Homes, U.S. Troops Crossed the Threshold of Unrest U.S. soldiers in armored vehicles and Humvees, backed by helicopters, moved aggressively to search homes -- by residents' count, more than 30 -- in answer to the attack. Iraqis said the soldiers who entered their homes that day, and talked to the women inside, crossed a line established by tradition and honor.

Oil, campaign execs help in Iraq Iraq is being helmed by a group of American executives and government officials handpicked by the Bush dictatorship, ministry by ministry. Among the ministers is former Shell Oil chief Philip Carroll, who also headed the Fluor Corp., one of six companies hired by the Defense Department before the war in a closed bid for Iraq reconstruction projects. Under his leadership the corporation gave $483,000 in individual, political action committee and soft money contributions to political campaigns between 1999 and 2002, 57 percent of it to Republicans. Carroll retired from Fluor last year. Carroll is the senior adviser to the Ministry of Oil.

Anti-War Polish Mayor Banned from Bush Visit The mayor of the Polish city of Krakow said Thursday he had been excluded from Dictator Bush's visit to the city this weekend because of his opposition to the war on Iraq.

CNN Digs Up 'News' From March 27, LOL! Iraqi missile targeted coalition HQ during war The Iraqi military came within seconds of possibly wiping out the headquarters of the U.S.-U.K. invading ground forces with a missile on March 27, U.S. military officials said. The missile was intercepted and destroyed by a U.S. Patriot missile shortly before it could have hit its target.

Hungry for Real Food [?!?], Troops Go Hunting on Palace Grounds Hussein's Gazelles Prove More Appetizing [?!?] Than MREs [Meals Ready to Eat] --"For a short but glorious [Ugh! MEGA barf-whackjob alert!] time, the cavalrymen of Charlie Troop dined on gazelle. The U.S. military [sickkos] may not have been able to hunt down Saddam Hussein, but some of its soldiers had a field day hunting wild game that the former Iraqi president brought to live on the walled grounds of his two presidential palaces near the Baghdad airport."

N Korea warns US of nuclear retaliation North Korea says any action the United States takes against it will result in a nuclear war that will reduce the peninsula to ashes.

Congress, White House clash over declassifying 9/11 report A behind-the-scenes dispute over how much the public should be allowed to see of a report on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks could touch off a constitutional confrontation between Congress and the White House.

Jailing the messenger The CIA fired its own broadside this week, publishing an "unclassified" memorandum that recommends using espionage laws to prosecute media outlets that publish or broadcast leaked information from government officials if that information turns out to be classified. "They want to intimidate and chill the press, and they want to criminalize the free flow of discussion, and they want to use September 11 as the lever to do this." --Tom Rosenstiel, Committee of Concerned Journalists

Madison Libraries Rebel Against Patriot Act Mayor: 'The Patriot Act Is Unpatriotic' --The director of Madison's public libraries fears the U.S. Patriot Act could have a stifling effect on what you feel comfortable reading. Under the controversial Patriot Act, FBI agents can get a court order to see what books you checks out and you would never know it.

White House insider cleans up Bush's image on film Written and produced by a White House insider with the close co-operation of Mr. Bush and his top officials, the movie The Big Dance represents an unusually close merger of Washington's ambitions with the Hollywood entertainment machinery. The project was filmed in Canada and is eligible for financial aid from Canadian taxpayers.

Domestic agenda of Bush's journey President[sic], advisers seek ways to boost evangelical turnout --by Howard Fineman "I asked Karl Rove more than a year ago what his goal was for ’04. His straightforward, unblinking answer: to increase evangelical turnout. ...with its 'faith-based' initiative stuck in Congress and facing an uncertain future in the courts, the administration is pressing a series of faith-friendly measures administratively — the result of an all-points bulletin issued by Rove & Co. to look for ways to play to the Base without new legislation."

Shell keeps distance from buried papers Royal Dutch/Shell Group said documents found buried in New Mexico are "everyday" office waste [?!?] and shouldn't be linked to litigation involving Houston-based EOTT Energy.

Federal workers knock job cuts Democratic candidate blasts Bush's plan to privatize government agencies --Up to 80,000 federal workers in the Bay Area could lose their jobs in the next two years if the Bush dictatorship follows through with plans to privatize government agencies, protesters said Thursday.

Hillary Clinton Taking Fire From Left as Well as Right After years of being vilified by conservatives, Hillary Rodham Clinton is suddenly facing mounting criticism from an unlikely quarter: liberals. Core Democratic constituencies that helped Mrs. Clinton win her Senate seat in New York two and a half years ago are expressing deep disappointment in her, saying she has been unwilling to challenge Dictator Bush and Republican leaders in Congress on issues of importance to them.

Bush wants quick decision on holding '04 primary runoff Gov. Jeb Bush has asked the Legislature to resolve as quickly as possible whether Florida will have a primary runoff election in 2004. Lawmakers did away with the primary runoff in 2002 and must determine whether to reinstate it. If they do, voters would cast primary ballots in July instead of September. Such an early primary could wreak havoc with federal filing deadlines and force presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bob Graham to file for his Senate election in mid-March 2004 -- before a Democratic White House nominee is chosen.

Rain contains dangerous levels of mercury A new report released Thursday found mercury levels in the rain in 12 states along the Atlantic and the Gulf coasts are more than is recommended for lakes and streams.

Group: Mercury pollutes waters Texas is among states warning consumers against eating fish Concentrations of mercury in the rainwater in several Southern states, including Texas, exceed the safe level established by the Environmental Protection Agency for lake water by as much as 96 times, an environmental group reported Thursday.

In Ontario, 5,000 Are Put Under Quarantine More than 5,000 people were ordered into quarantine in Ontario today, and health officials reported 33 new probable cases and 29 suspected cases of SARS, raising fears the disease could spread rapidly once more.

Top 10 Bush lies for Thursday, May 29:

Bush lie #1: Blair faces revolt as US admits doubts 'It is possible that Iraqi leaders had decided to destroy the weapons of mass destruction prior to conflict': Donald Rumsfeld, on Tuesday night --Poodle Tony Blair's post-war tour of Iraq today ran into trouble before he had even set foot in the country when Robin Cook served notice that the prime minister faces a growing crisis over the failure to uncover weapons of mass destruction. Seizing on the "breathtaking" admission by Donald Rumsfeld that Saddam Hussein may have destroyed his weapons, the former foreign secretary issued a blunt warning to the prime minister that he took Britain to war on a false basis.

Bush lie #2: The case for war is blown apart Poodle Tony Blair stood accused last night of misleading Parliament and the British people over Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, and his claims that the threat posed by Iraq justified war.

Bush lie #3: Rumsfeld concedes banned Iraqi weapons may not exist After seven weeks of fruitless search, the Bush dictatorship has come the closest so far to conceding that, contrary to its pre-invasion scaremongering, there may not have been any chemical or biological weapons in Iraq. [Odd, no coverage of this on MoreSh*tNoBrainsCable. Maybe Scott Peterson got a new haircut and Amber Frey is holding another press conference to reveal a new makeover and assert her privacy rights again. --Lori Price]

Bush lie #4: U.S. Hedges on Finding Iraqi Weapons Officials Cite the Possibility of Long or Fruitless Search for Banned Arms --Pressed in recent congressional hearings and public appearances to explain why the United States has been unable to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, senior Bush regime officials have begun to lay the groundwork for the possibility that it may take a long time, if ever, before they are able to prove the expansive case they made to justify the war.

Bush lie #5: No Bunker where U.S. Bombs Targeted Saddam-CBS The Baghdad bunker which the United States said it bombed on the opening night of the Iraq war in a bid to kill Saddam Hussein never existed, CBS Evening News reported Wednesday.

Bush lie #6: US accused of deserting diplomatic path in Iraq France concluded in early January that the US had abandoned the diplomatic path to disarm Iraq via the United Nations and was already determined to overthrow Saddam Hussein. A senior aide to Dictator George W. Bush says the critical "internal moment" in the White House came in the second week of December, when the dictator was briefed on Iraq's weapons declaration. "It was not even a credible document," the White House official said... The findings imply that the UN diplomatic process was pre-judged. White House officials told the American public up until March that the president [sic] had not decided to use force.

Bush lie #7: 9-11 Commission Testimony Too Hot to Be Under Oath --by Tom Flocco "Curiously however, none of the testimony offered before the Commission was sworn under oath (either on Thursday or Friday); and the most critical statements concerning the 9/11 military response failures occurred on the morning prior to a long Memorial Day weekend when the public would not be paying attention. ...[Chairman Thomas Kean’s Deputy for Communications Alvin S.] Felzenberg, a former Heritage Foundation fellow connected to the Bush 2000 presidential [sic] transition, who has also written for The Weekly Standard, told us 'We will not be swearing in witnesses during any [public or private] 9/11 testimony.'"

Bush lie #8: White House Shelved Report on $44 Trillion in Future Deficits In the midst of negotiating a steep tax cuts package, the US government shelved a report that showed the United States faces future federal budget deficits of more than 44.2 trillion dollars. [Yes, but the report did not chronicle Bill Clinton's sex life, so it is fine for the Idiot Usurper to have it shelved. The mainstream media whores will not touch the story, so no worries for Karl Rove. --Lori Price]

Bush lie #9: Washington turns to "regime change" in Iran Top officials in the Bush administration met Tuesday to discuss American policy toward Iran. The meeting between Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, Bush’s national security adviser, came in the wake of published reports indicating that the Pentagon’s right-wing civilian leadership is strongly pushing a strategy of "regime change."

Bush lie #10: Pentagon Aims Guns at Lynch Reports --by Robert Scheer "It is one thing when the talk-show bullies who shamelessly smeared the last president, even as he attacked the training camps of Al Qaeda, now term it anti-American or even treasonous to dare criticize the Bush administration. When our Pentagon, however — a $400-billion- a-year juggernaut — savages individual journalists for questioning its version of events, it is worth noting. ...what is a grave disservice is manipulating a gullible media with leaked distortions from unnamed official sources about [Jessica] Lynch's heroics in battle."

Iraqi weapons only one reason for war-Wolfowitz The U.S. decision to stress the threat posed by Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction above all others was taken for ''bureaucratic'' [?!?] reasons to justify the war, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz was quoted as saying in remarks released Wednesday.

Riot Chases Troops Out of Iraqi Town [WTG!!] 'They were terrifying the women and children,' one protester says after U.S. soldiers search homes for weapons. --In the third straight day of Iraqi violence against the U.S. military occupation of the country, residents enraged over house-to-house searches in this western town ransacked the police station, stoned U.S. armored military vehicles and set police cars on fire Wednesday.

US gunfire kills three teens at Iraqi wedding US soldiers opened fire on a festive wedding parade earlier this week, killing three teenagers and wounding seven others after the celebrants fired weapons in the air. The shooting, on Monday night, was only one of a series of deadly incidents this week that have sharply increased tension between US troops and Iraqi civilians.

Villagers fall ill amid fears of nuclear contamination Elifat Rusum Saber, 14, of Riyadh village, has been nauseated, tired and bleeding from the nose since her brother brought home metal and chemicals from the neighbouring Tuwaitha nuclear research centre two days after the fall of Baghdad... The International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN's nuclear watchdog, will send a team of inspectors to Iraq next week to establish how much uranium and other radioactive materials may be missing from the site.

Slain Spanish cameraman's family files suit Relatives of a Spanish cameraman killed in a U.S. tank attack on a Baghdad hotel asked Spain's high court on Tuesday to investigate and put on trial three U.S. soldiers. The document submitted to the high court by the family stated: "The facts related constitute from the perspective of international law 'war crimes'."

MoD finally sanctions investigation into missing camera crew The Ministry of Defence has belatedly sanctioned an official investigation into the disappearance of two members of an ITN camera crew during the war in Iraq.

Lynches Say They Can't Discuss POW Rescue American POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch's parents said Thursday they are not permitted to discuss details of their daughter's capture and rescue in Iraq.

War on terror leaves world in fear, says Amnesty The United States and Britain are using the "war on terror" as a pretext to abuse human rights and their oppressive actions have made the world "more insecure than since the Cold War", Amnesty International said yesterday.

War on Terror Makes World More Dangerous -Amnesty Washington's "war on terror" has made the world more dangerous by curbing human rights, undermining international law and shielding governments from scrutiny, Amnesty International said Wednesday. In one of its sharpest criticisms yet of Washington, Amnesty said the bid to stamp out terror in the wake of the attacks of Sept. 11 had largely backfired. [No, the 'war on terror' is 'progressing' just as Rove have intended it to do following the 9-11 terrorist attacks that occurred on Bush's 'watch'. --Lori Price]

Bush's Intimidation Tactics Undiplomatic President [sic] Holds Grudge Against Nations That Opposed War --by Helen Thomas "Revenge must be very sweet, considering the hard-nosed approach the Bush administration takes toward those who opposed the president[sic]'s decision to invade Iraq. President [sic] George W. Bush's personal grudge against several nations is still obvious, including France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Mexico and Chile."

Former attorney general says Bush should be impeached The U.S. invasion of Iraq was the most serious act of aggression in the country’s history and it was in clear violation of the most important provisions of international law, according to former Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

Clinton Wants Change in Presidential Term Limits Former President Bill Clinton said on Wednesday Congress should change the rule that barred him from seeking a third term in the White House, but stopped short of saying he wants to return as commander-in-chief.

Lying, Like Gambling, is a Virtue The Republican Party 2004 Playbook --by Alan Bisbort "It's clear, from perusing this playbook, that Republicans are pretty cocksure they'll be able to fool American voters into thinking they stand for something besides shoveling cash at the obscenely rich, collectively shafting the rest of us, and consolidating more raw unchecked state/corporate power. ...allow me to share some random talking points from the GOP playbook. Fittingly, the slogan they've chosen for Campaign 2004 is 'LYING, LIKE GAMBLING, IS A VIRTUE.'"

Jayson Blair & Ann Coulter – Separated at Birth --by Dan Borchers "In a shocking development of industry-shaking proportions, we have discovered that the Jayson Blair phenomenon crosses race, gender and even (horror of horror!) ideological lines."

Just what did DeLay know about the Dems' Texas plane? --by Josh Marshall "At 34, I thought it’d be a while longer before I’d have to say that I hailed from a bygone era. But in my day, if a House majority leader was directly involved in a scandal that triggered a potentially criminal investigation at one cabinet department, an administrative review at another, and a grand jury investigation in his home state, he’d be in some trouble. Members of the opposition party might even push to get to the bottom of it. Luckily for Tom DeLay, though, times change."

Former Senator Files Libel Lawsuit Former U.S. South Dakota Senator Jim Abourezk is suing a "political" web site,, for millions of dollars. The Democrat joins a long list of what the rightwing sickkos claim are "traitors".

Members of Congress Urge John Ashcroft to Drop Criminal Prosecution of South Carolina Protester for Carrying an Anti-Bush Sign Outside Designated Zone (Rep. Barney Frank Press Release, May 27, 2003) "Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) announced that eleven Members of the House of Representatives, including many leaders on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Select Committee on Homeland Security, sent a letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft today, urging him to drop the Federal criminal prosecution of a South Carolina man who attended a Bush speech at an airport and refused to give up his sign reading, 'No more war for oil.'"

Texas Residents: Oppose Secret Surveillance of Texans (ACLU) Proposed legislation before the Texas Legislature includes a provision that would make secret the location and objectives of surveillance cameras used by law enforcement to watch innocent citizens. If this legislation passed, you would have no way of knowing when you, your family or your home was being monitored.

White House shelved deficit report Study commissioned by O’Neill sees $44 trillion in red ink --The Bush dictatorship has shelved a report commissioned by the Treasury that shows the U.S. currently faces a future of chronic federal budget deficits totaling at least $44 trillion in current U.S. dollars.

US 'faces future of chronic deficits' The Bush dictatorship has shelved a report commissioned by the Treasury that shows the US currently faces a future of chronic federal budget deficits totalling at least $44,200bn in current US dollars

Chrétien hit by storm of controversy Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has sparked a storm of criticism ranging from the White House to his own backbenchers after attacking the United States for its burgeoning federal deficit. However, in Athens yesterday, Mr. Chrétien insisted it's fair to attack the U.S. deficit because it could undermine world economic growth.

IMF says concerted action needed if dollar continues to decline rapidly A further rapid decline in the dollar would require concerted action from governments and central banks, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Horst Koehler said in a newspaper interview.

Tax Law Omits Child Credit in Low-Income Brackets A last-minute revision by House and Senate leaders in the tax bill that Dictator Bush signed today will prevent millions of minimum-wage families from receiving the increased child credit that is in the measure, say Congressional officials and outside groups.

Democratic Economics --by Robert B. Reich "George W. Bush's sales plan for his tax cut is much the same as the one for his war on Iraq. Use whatever the public is concerned about, even though the solution has almost nothing to do with that concern. Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld wanted to oust Saddam Hussein long before September 11, but 9-11 offered a great excuse even though no clear evidence linked Hussein with terrorism. Similarly, the supply-siders behind Bush have been peddling giant tax cuts on the rich for years. The current economic meltdown gives them an excuse for another round, even though tax cuts on the rich have nothing to do with reviving the economy..."

Exxon Backs Groups That Question Global Warming Exxon Mobil has publicly softened its stance toward global warming over the last year, with a pledge of $10 million in annual donations for 10 years to Stanford University for climate research. At the same time, the company, the world's largest oil and gas concern, has increased donations to Washington-based policy groups that, like Exxon itself, question the human role in global warming and argue that proposed government policies to limit carbon dioxide emissions associated with global warming are too heavy handed.

Towle Resignation Leaves GOP in Bind (NY) Towle resigns, pleads guilty in bribe case --After intense and secret negotiations, Suffolk Legis. Fred Towle Jr. (R-Shirley) pleaded guilty yesterday to receiving a cash bribe of more than $10,000 - part of which was to be passed on to another public official - and using campaign funds on personal expenses for himself and others. [LOL!]

Health Official Estimates Sharp Rise in Toronto's SARS Cases The number of new SARS cases in Canada's largest city could top 60, a senior health adviser said Thursday, raising worries about a possible a new travel advisory.

New 'Gulf War Syndrome' Storm (UK) Four soldiers may sue over new Gulf War jabs illness --Four soldiers who had multiple inoculations before the Iraq conflict are threatening to sue for a new Gulf War syndrome.

Morale reportedly flagging as U.S. soldiers who invaded Iraq anticipate going home Ask any soldier in Iraq with a 3rd Infantry Division patch on the shoulder how it's going, and the reply will be some version of the following four words: ''Ready to go home.''

'The Yanks Have Really Screwed Up in Iraq': Interview with Scott Taylor --by Christopher Deliso "ST: ...No doubt about it, the Yanks have really screwed up in Iraq. There is a lot of chaos and looting, and the only concern their soldiers have is for their own self-defense. They don't generally try to intervene against looters, etc., but when they do it is in a very clumsy and culturally insensitive way. They usually only make the situation worse."

US finds evidence of WMD at last - buried in a field near Maryland The good news for the Pentagon yesterday was that its investigators finally unearthed evidence of weapons of mass destruction, including 100 vials of anthrax and other dangerous bacteria. The bad news was that the stash was found, not in Iraq, but fewer than 50 miles from Washington, in the Maryland countryside.

Newspaper reporters in row over Chalabi A row between two New York Times reporters over a story on an Iraqi exile leader raises questions about the paper's coverage of the search for weapons said to be hidden by Saddam Hussein.

Canberra was warned on spy reports, says ex-analyst Warnings by Australian intelligence officials that US spy reports exaggerated Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs and links to terrorists were discounted by the Federal Government, a former intelligence analyst said yesterday.

US wants money for bombs Australia is to be billed several million dollars by the United States for bombs dropped on Iraq. Weeks after George W. Bush's public thank you to John Howard, the bills are due to arrive – including the cost of US food eaten by some Diggers.

Report counters Pentagon's account of hotel attack A report by a journalists' advocacy group disputes the Pentagon's account of a U.S. attack on a Baghdad hotel that killed two cameramen in April. ''There is simply no evidence to support the official U.S. position that U.S. forces were returning hostile fire from the Palestine Hotel,'' a report from the Committee to Protect Journalists stated.

Journalist Deaths in Baghdad Hotel 'Avoidable'-CPJ The killing of two journalists, including a Reuters TV cameraman, by U.S. tank fire in Baghdad in April was not deliberate but was avoidable, a journalist's watchdog group [Committee to Protect Journalists] said on Tuesday.

Iraqi brigadier explains how Saddam Hussein lost the war --by Robert Fisk "For the brigadier-general commanding Baghdad's missile air defences last month, it was the voices that cut into his military radio traffic that signalled the end of the war. ...'It was the psychological war that did the worst damage to us. The Americans knew all our frequencies. I could have replied directly to those voices, but we were ordered not to, and I obeyed for my own security.'"

The Rape of Iraq Saddam Hussein forecast what would happen to his country in his work "Zabiba and the King" --by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey "After the vicious and murderous assault on Iraq by the US/UK alliance, in which it was patently obvious that neither human life nor the rule of law deserved a modicum of respect from the Bush and Blair regimes, follow the bounty hunters: gangs of thieves raping Iraq, stealing its considerable archaeological resources and destroying the National Library in its entirety. ...Where are the US troops, who under the Geneva Convention have the obligation to guarantee the peace as the invading force? The anarchy that reins in Iraq is proof that the United States of America has yet again failed to honour its duties under international law, something which is becoming the norm for the Bush regime."

On To Tehran? The threat of war is real --by Justin Raimondo "Okay, let's play 'Name That Nation': Al Qaeda is supposedly hiding there, the country's rulers are fast developing 'weapons of mass destruction,' and the population, we are told, longs for 'liberation.' No, it's not Iraq before the recent war, but Iran before the next war. ...All the stories they told us about Iraq are now being repeated, shamelessly, in an Iranian context, the only difference being that, this time around, no one is even bothering to verify or treat them as anything other than a pretext for 'Operation Iranian 'Freedom.'"

Kucinich: Administration's Rhetoric Towards Iran Is Dangerous and Destabilizing Aggressive approach to Iran could further isolate US from international community and further erode US standing in the world (Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich Press Release, May 27, 2003) "The Administration’s increased rhetoric and aggressive approach towards Iran is a dangerous and misguided policy which could further destabilize the region and further isolate the United States from the international community, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich stated today."

Warning over war on terror The "war on terror" has made the world a more dangerous place and created divisions which make conflict more likely, says Amnesty International.

US looks away as new ally tortures Islamists Uzbekistan's president steps up repression of opponents --Independent human rights groups estimate that there are more than 600 politically motivated arrests a year in Uzbekistan, and 6,500 political prisoners, some tortured to death. According to a forensic report commissioned by the British embassy, in August two prisoners were even boiled to death. The US condemned this repression for many years. But since September 11 rewrote America's strategic interests in central Asia, the government of President Islam Karimov has become Washington's new best friend in the region.

Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death Broadcast for the first time ever in the US: eyewitnesses testify that US troops were complicit in the massacre of up to 3,000 Taliban prisoners during the Afghan War --May 23, on Democracy Now!, the U.S. aired the premiere of the documentary film Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death.

Uncertainty in Saudi Arabia (Power and Interest News Report - PINR) --drafted by Matthew Riemer "The leadership in Saudi Arabia is in danger and, in fact, has been for some time. ...Diplomatic ambiguity on the part of the United States and widely consumed news that questions Saudi Arabia's role in the war on terror will only assist in the creation of a global and regional environment that threatens to irreparably destabilize Saudi Arabia and possibly topple the House of Saud."

Bush case on defense plan cites N. Korea Dictator Bush specifically names North Korea as a key threat in an unpublished order on missile defense and says such a system is needed as a hedge against military surprises and intelligence failures.

Graham: Bush and U.S. spy agencies are trying to hide details of Sept. 11 report Sen. Bob Graham says Dictator Bush and U.S. spy agencies are trying to hide details of a Sept. 11 report written by his committee and the House intelligence panel chaired by Rep. Porter Goss, R-Sanibel. The report documents intelligence lapses that allowed the plot to go undetected, but Graham, who was forced off the committee this year by Senate term limits, says more incendiary information in the partially released report is being kept classified. "The terrorists have regenerated," the Florida Democrat and presidential candidate told Iowa union workers this month. "And the president [sic] is now attempting to cover up the facts."

9/11: The American Connection New scandal spotlights terror flight school's hidden ties --by Daniel Hopsicker "A controversy over the sudden closing of a flight school in Orlando in early March reveals a hidden connection between the bankruptcy in Orlando and the secretive organization which ran Huffman Aviation in Venice, the unacknowledged home base of Mohamed Atta and his Hamburg cadre during almost their entire time in the U.S."

High Court Won't Review Secret Deportation Hearings The U.S. Whore Court rejected on Tuesday a challenge to the federal government's policy of holding secret immigration hearings of people detained after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

U.S. Supreme Court backs police in Miranda case A fractured U.S. Whore Court ruled Tuesday that a police officer did not violate the rights of a gravely wounded farm worker by interrogating him at the hospital without reading him his Miranda rights. Oliverio Martinez was shot five times by police and then subjected to a lengthy interrogation as he awaited medical treatment. He was never told of his rights, and he says a police sergeant kept questioning him even after he said that he did not want to answer. Mr. Martinez, who was never charged with a crime, was left blind and paralyzed.

Police Questioning Allowed to the Point of Coercion The Whore Court ruled today that police questioning in the absence of Miranda warnings, even questioning that is overbearing to the point of coercion, does not violate the constitutional protection against compelled self-incrimination, as long as no incriminating statements are introduced at the suspect's trial.

Utah prison in need of firing squad Law-enforcement officers sought to kill inmates who don't want lethal injection --Wanted: Willing executioners for two convicted murderers. Must be psychologically sound and familiar with .30-calibre rifles. No victims' relatives need apply.

Democrat search probe spreads to Perry, aide Pair reportedly in DPS command post --A legislative investigator said Tuesday that Gov. Rick Perry and his point man on anti-terrorism were in a state police command post the day the state enlisted federal Homeland Security forces to help search for runaway House Democrats. "Obviously, it raises some serious concerns about the use of Homeland Security in domestic political matters," House General Investigating Committee Chairman Kevin Bailey, D-Houston, said. Federal officials have said they were misled by the state into assisting in the search.

Malfunction [?!?] blamed for gap on DPS tape Texas state police officials on Monday blamed a faulty duplication machine for a five-hour gap in a Capitol security tape that was given to a House committee investigating how authorities handled the Democratic walkout. [LOL!]

Giving $100,000 to every US millionaire The Republican-controlled Congress gave final passage May 23 to legislation that will slash tax rates for corporate dividends and capital gains, providing a windfall of close to $100,000 for every American millionaire.

Congress adopts Bush tax cut for the wealthy --by Patrick Martin "Meeting its self-imposed deadline of Memorial Day, the Bush administration celebrated the national holiday in the manner most fitting for a government of millionaires and former corporate CEOs. It pushed legislation through Congress giving every American millionaire a tax cut averaging $93,500, while providing little or nothing to the vast majority of working people."

GOP Disdained the Jobless in the Battle Over Tax Cuts --by Mrianne Means "Almost 9 million Americans are now unemployed, and the jobless rate has soared to 6 percent, matching an eight-year high. A total of 2.7 million jobs have been lost since Bush came to the White House. ...Even the Joint Taxation Committee, which is controlled by the Republican majority, estimates that massive tax cuts are more likely to lose jobs than create new ones."

As economic fears creep higher, dreaded 'D' word lurks in wings You might recall your parents or grandparents talking about it. Falling prices. Rising unemployment. Global recession. Financial collapse. The "D" word: Depression. The four horsemen of the Depression aren't here yet, but you can hear the faint hoofbeats of at least three of them.

FCC Plan to Alter Media Rules Spurs Growing Debate Substantial grass-roots resistance to the Federal Communications Commission's plans to relax or eliminate several major media ownership rules has been building in recent weeks, turning a number-crunching bureaucratic process into a growing debate on free speech.

Kucinich Files Comments With the FCC Against Further Deregulation; Singles Out Clear Channel Kucinich States, "Walking further down the path of deregulation skews the national discourse and is directly contrary to the welfare of the public" (Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich Press Release, May 22, 2003) "It is adamantly not in the public interest to grant a few corporations the privilege to broadcast their views and augment their voice to the American people at the expense of the many, stated Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) in comments filed with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) today."

Petition: Stop the Florida-tion of the 2004 Election Today, there is a new and real threat to voters, this time coming from touchscreen voting machines with no paper trails and the computerized purges of voter rolls. You can join SCLC President Martin Luther King III and investigative reporter Greg Palast in opposing the "Florida-tion" of the 2004 Presidential election by signing this petition. A complete copy of the petition will be delivered by Working Assets to Attorney General John Ashcroft.

How sweet it is: Respect for Clinton rebounds among Americans --by DeWayne Wickham "...Bill Clinton now ranks as this nation's third best chief executive, according to a recent CNN/USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. Only Abraham Lincoln (chosen by 15%) and John F. Kennedy (13%) finished ahead of Clinton (11%) in the April poll, which asked Americans who was 'the greatest' president."

Through A Glass Darkly An Interpretation of Bush's Character --by John Chuckman "...Bush waged his ferocious post-election pursuit of legitimacy through threats and court actions, finally securing appointment to office by America's Supreme Court, it resembled the way Hitler, never actually elected, worked ferociously behind the scenes and on the streets at a time of great political instability to secure appointment as Chancellor by President von Hindenburg."

Bush, Willie Nelson Share Much In Philosophy, Texas, Past Drunkenness --by Mike Hudson "The great country singer Willie Nelson likes to tell a story about the time his then-wife came home unexpectedly and found him in bed with another woman. 'Are you going to believe what you see, or are you going to believe what I tell you?' he asked. ...President [sic] George W. Bush reminds me more and more of Willie Nelson every day. ...Our smirking, and often apparently medicated, president [sic]-- who, by the way, lost the general election by 500,000 votes -- will tell us only, 'Are you going to believe what you see or are you going to believe what I tell you?'"

Democrats: Profiles In Spinelessness --by Arianna Huffington " could just as easily serve as the motto for the whole Democratic Party: 'Vote for us -- we kinda, sorta disagree.' The Party leaders are so timid, spineless, and lacking in confidence that to compare them to jellyfish would be an insult to invertebrates. Call them the pusillanimous opposition."

FCAT plan, students left in limbo Session ends with no OK from Senate on changes --In a sharp rebuke of Gov. Jeb Bush, the Florida Senate adjourned Tuesday without approving changes to the state's high school graduation requirements, meaning thousands of seniors who failed the FCAT will finish school in the coming weeks without knowing if they're qualified to attend college.

Gay Student Attacked by Teacher's Aide Possibly Victim of Hate Crime (NTAC Press Release) "On Thursday, a Houston high school student reported that a teacher's aide assaulted him in class because he is gay. The teacher's aide, also an assistant coach at the school, allegedly taunted the student with comments about his sexual orientation over the course of the school year."

Blair's EU hammer blow Poodle Tony Blair’s credibility over Europe lay in tatters last night, after Brussels unveiled a blueprint for a European superstate. In the new vision for Europe, there would be an elected president and an all-powerful European minister of foreign affairs.

Peru Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests Unpopular President Alejandro Toledo, facing a wave of violent strikes and protests that has crippled transit and stymied public services, on Tuesday declared a state of emergency across Peru.

Sharon backtracks on term "occupation" in face of internal rebellion Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon went into damage-control mode after stunning the country and his own party by using the term "occupation" to refer to Israeli presence in the Palestinian territories.

PM urges nixing citizenship to children with Palestinian parent Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the heads of the defense establishment have requested that the Justice Ministry write an amendment to the Citizenship Law that would prevent the automatic granting of citizenship to children born to one Israeli and one Palestinian parent.

Canada Moves to Ease Marijuana Possession Law The Canadian government introduced legislation today to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana but set stricter penalties for those apprehended for trafficking the drug.

SARS Shuts Toronto School, 6,400 in Quarantine Concern about SARS shut down a Toronto-area high school on Wednesday, sending staff and students into quarantine and raising fears the virus may have spread from hospitals to the broader community.


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