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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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June 2003 Archives, Page Two

CLG Endorses Dennis Kucinich (CLG Press Release) "Citizens for Legitimate Government Steering Committee Endorses Dennis Kucinich as the Democratic candidate for President in 2004. CLG Founder and Chair, Michael D. Rectenwald, announced the CLG's endorsement. 'Dennis Kucinich has consistently opposed the agenda of the Bush regime. Bush's policies were clearly rejected by the voters when nefarious GOP operatives and their judicial apologists annulled the Presidential Election of 2000.'"

Dean Finished First in Primary Kucinich Prevents Dean From Reaching 50 Percent --Former Vermont governor Howard Dean finished first among Democratic presidential candidates in the closely watched online "primary" organized by -- but a strong showing by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) prevented Dean from winning enough votes to secure the online advocacy group's outright endorsement.

Report on the 2003 PAC Primary
Braun 7021 2.21%;
Dean 139360 43.87%; Edwards 10146 3.19%; Graham 7113 2.24%; Kerry 49973 15.73%; Kucinich 76000 23.93%; Gephardt 7755 2.44%; Lieberman 6095 1.92%; Sharpton 1677 0.53%; Other 6121 1.93%; Undecided 6378 2.01%; 317647 100.00%

Dean Wins Online Poll, Falls Short of Endorsement Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean won an online poll held by, but fell short of grabbing enough votes to win the 1.4 million-member liberal group's endorsement, sponsors said on Friday. Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich finished second in the nine-candidate Democratic field with nearly 24 percent, and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry was third with just below 16 percent.

Newsday Poll: "Will You Vote For The Bush/Cheney 2004 Presidential Ticket?" 15.1%, Definitely (610 responses) 83.5%, Absolutely Not (3370 responses) 1.4%, Undecided (57 responses) 4037 total responses [Poll is on right-hand column; snapshot taken June 27, 2003 19:29 GMT.]

Democrats seek inquiry of Iraqi arms House Democrats renewed their push yesterday for a deeper investigation into the handling of intelligence on Iraq's weapons program.

US widens postwar Iraq review The Pentagon has sent a team of outside policy experts to conduct an independent review of postwar operations in Iraq amid growing criticism that the US failed to prepare adequately for occupation.

Distorted Intelligence? Secret German records cast doubt on the Saddam-Al Qaeda connection. Hundreds of pages of confidential German law-enforcement records raise new questions about the Bush dictatorship’s core evidence purporting to show solid links between Osama bin Laden’s terror network and Saddam Hussein’s regime.

White House, U.N. Nuke Agency Differ on Iraq Centrifuge Find The White House said Thursday that the discovery of documents and parts from Iraq's pre-1991 nuclear weapons efforts supported the Bush dictatorship's contention that Saddam Hussein's government had concealed weapons programs. The U.N. nuclear watchdog agency interpreted the find as proof that Iraq's nuclear weapons effort had never been revived.

State Department experts question CIA claim Iraqi trailers are weapons labs US State Department experts disputed CIA conclusions that tractor-trailers found in Iraq were mobile biological weapons labs, while the White House stuck by the claim.

Galloway sues over Hussein claims MP George Galloway has issued High Court libel proceedings against The Daily Telegraph over a claim that he was in the pay of Saddam Hussein. Mr Galloway has always strenuously denied that he took any money from the Iraqi regime.

New York Times reporter Judith Miller accused of "hijacking" military unit in Iraq More on the "newspaper of record" and WMD lies --by Bill Vann "Three months into their occupation of Iraq, US military forces have failed to find any evidence of the supposed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons that Washington claimed as the principal justification for invading the country. It is no longer possible to conceal the fact that the Bush administration lied to the American people to promote an unprovoked war of aggression."

Blair backs removal of all dictators Poodle Tony Blair has privately told aides the world's democracies should not hesitate to topple dictators like Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe when they can. [In that case, Poodle Blair needs to start with George W. Bush.]

Senators see long U.S. stay in Iraq The Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the panel's senior Democrat called Wednesday for Dictator Bush "to level" with the American people and tell them the United States will have to maintain a major presence in Iraq for years.

America's tired troops just want to go home Feeling tired and depressed after being away from home for months, young American soldiers in Iraq say they are not peacekeepers and are ready to go home.

More than 200,000 reserve units still on duty America's so-called "weekend warriors" are still in uniform even though Dictator Bush declared an end to "major combat operations in Iraq" nearly two months ago.

US firm to rebuild Iraqi army Part of the US defence group Northrop Grumman has been given a year and $48m (£28.7m) to create a new Iraqi army. The contract was awarded to Northrop's military training arm, the Vinnell corporation, which already trains the Saudi National Guard.

Soldiers 'will create cycle of revenge' MPs from across the political spectrum today reacted with shock and concern to revelations that trigger-happy US troops in Iraq regularly kill civilians... Former government whip Graham Allen, who led Labour backbenchers in opposition to the war against Saddam, said the Americans' conduct was creating a "cycle of hatred and revenge".

Iraq ambushes claim more lives Fresh ambushes against US targets in and around Baghdad have killed at least one American soldier and an Iraqi civilian.

Two U.S. soldiers feared abducted north of Baghdad, official says Two American soldiers appear to have been abducted in Iraq, defense officials said Thursday.

Jazeera Airs Tape of Attack on U.S. Troops in Iraq An Arab satellite channel on Wednesday broadcast footage of what appeared to be an explosion under a U.S. military vehicle in Iraq and said a previously unknown group sent the video tape vowing further attacks soon.

Six Brits killed as insurgent strikes spread southward (Tuesday) The attacks in of Majar al-Kabir came amid an alarming spike in the number of attacks on coalition forces. The U.S. military said Iraqi insurgents had carried out 25 attacks against U.S. and British over a 24-hour period.

U.S.-U.K. Occupiers Not in Guerrilla War, Rumsfeld Says (DoD) Former Saddam Hussein sympathizers and criminals are behind the attacks on U.S.-U.K occupying forces in Iraq, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said on Capitol Hill today. The secretary also said he does not believe the activity in Iraq rises to the level of a guerrilla war.

Searches 'stopped' before Iraq killings Controversial weapon searches in the Iraqi town where six British soldiers were killed had been stopped in response to protests from local people, the Army has said.

Ex-diplomat criticizes postwar Iraq plan A former U.S. ambassador who had been working with a U.S.-led reconstruction team in Iraq said in an interview broadcast Thursday that Washington failed to prepare to run the country after the war.

Political fallout over Iraq rattling US The political fallout from the unexpected hazards of occupying Iraq is starting to be felt in Washington, although it remains unclear who, if anyone, is to be held responsible for what is seen as inadequate postwar planning.

Navratilova slams censorship in U.S. Nine-time Wimbledon singles champion Martina Navratilova has blasted what she sees as censorship in the United States over radio stations not giving airplay to anti-war bands.

I Never Promised You a Ruse Garden A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush --"Dear Lt. George W. Bush, I hope you don't mind me referring to you by the only true military rank you ever achieved, that being the one from your on-again, off-again 'days' in the, um, Texas Air National Guard. Ever since I saw you in that flyboy outfit, landing on that ship, I assumed you now wanted to be addressed by your military title, as opposed to the civilian rank imposed on you by your dad's friends. So, Lieutenant, I was wondering, would you do me a favor?"

Veteran neo-con advisor moves on Iran When The Washington Post published a list of the people whom Karl Rove, Dictator George W Bush's closest advisor, regularly consults for advice outside the regime, foreign policy veterans were shocked when Michael Ledeen popped up as the only full-time international affairs analyst. "When I saw that, I couldn't believe it," said one retired senior diplomat. "But then again, with this administration, it seemed frighteningly plausible."

Bush calls for Liberia's Taylor to step aside Dictator Bush stepped deeper into Africa's political and military strife Thursday, calling for Liberian President Charles Taylor to give up power, for an interim government to be installed in Congo by next week and for democracy to be established in Zimbabwe.

Mandela Unrelenting Ahead of Bush Tour of Africa Former South African President Nelson Mandela kept up his verbal onslaught against George W. Bush on Friday and implied he would not meet the U.S. dictator when he makes his first visit to Africa next month.

Commitment waning in Afghanistan? Senior members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are voicing frustration over what they see as a lack of administration follow-through in Afghanistan. The worried lawmakers believe it has troubling implications for reconstruction in Iraq.

US shooting in the dark in Afghanistan --by Syed Saleem Shahzad "Despite the best efforts of its military and intelligence apparatus and political manipulation in Pakistan, in the year and a half since the demise of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, the United States and its allies have failed to break the Taliban and al-Qaeda in that country. Indeed, the resistance movement in Afghanistan has fully re-organized itself, even setting up offices, and official claims to the contrary, US forces are fighting in the dark."

Venezuelan move to replace US$ with the Euro upsetting Washington editor & publisher Roy S. Carson writes: A move by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias to replace the US$ with the Euro is seen as upsetting Washington more than when Iraq's Saddam Hussein started using the Euro for oil transactions last November ... precipitating the US-led action to invade Iraq.

Revealed: US plan to 'own' space As part of a plan to ensure its total military supremacy, the US is preparing to complete the domination of space -- by any means necessary. Neil Mackay explains the terrifying new face of global warfare "The Air Force Space Command Strategic Master Plan is a clear statement of the US's intention to dominate the world by turning space into the crucial battlefield of the 21st century. The document details how the US Air Force Space Command is developing exotic new weapons, nuclear warheads and spacecraft to allow the US to hit any target on earth within seconds. It also unashamedly states that the US will not allow any other power to get a foothold in space. The rush to militarise space will also see domestic laws and foreign agreements torn up. As the document warns: 'To fully develop and exploit [space] ... some US policies and international treaties may need to be reviewed and modified'."

US arrogance knows no bounds (Shanghai Star) "Today I was watching BBC World when George W. Bush came on speaking at a conference on genetically modified (GM) foods in California. He was telling the Europeans that their desire not to support or buy GM foods was wrong and was contributing to famine in Africa. Their decision, he said, was based on - and this is the funny bit - 'unfounded fears'. Unfounded fears? Now, wouldn't that be like starting a war in a country because they allegedly had weapons of mass destruction? Weapons of mass destruction which, as of now, have not been located ... about the existence of which the UN weapons inspector expressed doubt. A war begun on the 'unfounded fears' that Iraq might have and use these weapons. A war with ulterior motives. Just as it has been suggested that George Bush may have ulterior motives for supporting bio-tech companies."

House and Senate Pass Measures for Broad Overhaul of Medicare The Senate and the House today approved the biggest expansion of Medicare since its creation nearly four decades ago, passing legislation to provide prescription drug benefits to the elderly and give private health plans a much larger role in the program.

House Passes Medicare Drug Bill by One Vote The U.S. House of Representatives early on Friday approved by a single vote a $400 billion bill to add a prescription drug benefit to Medicare and expand the role of private health plans in the program.

LCV Releases the 2003 Presidential [sic] Report Card (League of Conservation Voters 'Report Card') "After carefully reviewing the actions of President [sic] Bush and his Administration, LCV announced that he has failed the environment. Deceptively named initiatives such as 'Healthy Forests' and 'Clear Skies,' mask the Bush Administration's agenda of allowing industry to increase their profits at the expense of environmental protection and public health. In particular, the Bush Administration has attacked, weakened or undermined laws providing clean air, clean water, and toxic waste cleanups."

Millions of Children Die Needlessly Each Year, Doctors Say Six million children in poor countries who die from preventable illnesses each year could be saved but intervention and treatments are not reaching them, health experts said on Friday.

Prosecutor: Company Illegally Sent Billions Overseas A Manhattan company has been indicted on charges of sending billions of dollars overseas to help clients, possibly including drug dealers and terrorists, hide money, prosecutors said Thursday.

Senator Strom Thurmond Dead at 100 Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, a one-time Democratic segregationist who helped fuel the rise of the modern conservative Republican Party in the South, died Thursday. He was 100 and the longest-serving senator in history.

Unlimited power of arrest to ASIO Australia's domestic intelligence agency, ASIO, will have aggressive new powers from today to detain for an unlimited period citizens suspected of having information about terrorist offences.

ASIO laws may be invalid, say legal experts New ASIO laws may not survive a constitutional test, legal experts said yesterday, as the controversial measures made their final passage through Parliament.

Weapons inspector: "Powell bluffed the UN" Secretary of State Colin Powell was bluffing the UN when claiming that Iraq had a robust program of weapons of mass destruction, according to the Norwegian weapons inspector Jørn Siljeholm.

U.N. Panel Reports No al-Qaida-Iraq Ties The U.N. terrorism committee has found no evidence to support Bush dictatorship claims of a link between Iraq and al-Qaida, and the United States has provided the committee with no proof, officials said Thursday.

BBC clashes with Blair aide over Iraq intelligence Britain's BBC has refused to back down in the face of angry criticism from Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair's communications chief over a government dossier of intelligence on Iraq.

BBC hits back in Iraq row BBC director of news Richard Sambrook has accused Alastair Campbell of "seriously misrepresenting" BBC journalism with his claim that the corporation reported "lies" in a story about the government exaggerating the threat posed by Saddam Hussein before the Iraq war. Mr Sambrook responded robustly to Mr Campbell's comments, which were made before a select committee of MPs yesterday, saying the BBC stood by defence correspondent Andrew Gilligan's original story and had nothing to apologise for: "Frankly I don't think the BBC needs to be taught lessons in the use of sources by a communications department which plagiarised a 12-year-old thesis and distributed unattributed."

W.House Dismisses State Dept. Iraqi Trailer Review The White House said on Thursday it stood by the CIA's conclusion that mobile trailers found in Iraq were intended for making biological weapons, dismissing a conflicting assessment from the State Department's intelligence division.

OIC unwilling to oversee multi-nation Iraq force Pakistan has reportedly failed to get an encouraging response to its proposal for an Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) umbrella for a multi-nation stabilization force in Iraq.

Iraqis step up attacks on Allied troops British and American forces were on high alert tonight as Iraqis opposed to the US-led occupation stepped up their attacks on Allied troops.

2 U.S. Soldiers Killed by Iraqi Ambushes A bomb exploded Thursday near a U.S. military vehicle on the road to Baghdad's airport and assailants threw grenades at a U.S.-led convoy, the second such ambush in two days. Two American servicemen and two Iraqi civilians were killed.

New Explosion Hits Key Iraqi Oil Pipeline An Iraqi oil pipeline was on fire on Thursday following an explosion, the sixth in the country in two weeks, a senior Iraqi oil official said.

US authorities in Iraq learn embarrassing lesson in Arabic US authorities in Iraq have been forced to change the name of the planned Iraqi armed forces, after learning that the original title they came up with created an unfortunate acronym in Arabic. The planned force was originally entitled the New Iraqi Corps, whose initials in English produce a colourful Arabic synonym for fornication.

IAEA: Centrifuge parts not evidence of 'smoking gun' U.N. watchdog: Iraq had no nuclear weapons program after '91 --The International Atomic Energy Agency said Thursday the parts needed to develop a bomb program that the CIA says were found in Baghdad are not "evidence of a smoking gun" proving Iraq had a current weapons of mass destruction program.

Iraqi Provides Pre-'91 Nuke Program Items A former Iraqi nuclear scientist has provided American authorities parts and documents from Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program he claims to have buried more than 12 years ago, a U.S. intelligence official says.

No Senior Iraqis Killed in Convoy Attack There is no evidence that senior Iraqi leaders were among those killed in a U.S. attack on a convoy last week near the Syrian border, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday.

Syria protests against US strike Syria says it has protested to the US Government over an American military strike thought to have been aimed at Saddam Hussein.

Bush dictatorship targets Iran for US aggression The Bush dictatorship last week clearly marked out Iran as a prime target for US aggression. While stopping short of formally declaring "regime change" in Teheran to be official policy, Washington ratcheted up the pressure over Iran’s nuclear program, repeating its unsubstantiated claims that the country was secretly building nuclear weapons.

Abbas: Bush says God instructs him Selected minutes acquired by Haaretz from one of last week's cease-fire negotiations between Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and faction leaders from the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Popular and Democratic Fronts, reveal some of the factors at play behind the scenes in the effort to achieve a hudna... According to Abbas, immediately thereafter Bush said: "God told me to strike at al Qaida and I struck them, and then he instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them."

Hugo Chavez Is Crazy! --by Greg Palast "...if you read the New York Times, you'll only know that President Chavez is an 'autocrat,' a 'ruinous demagogue,' and a 'would-be dictator,' who resigned when he recognized his unpopularity. Odd phrasings – 'dictator' and 'autocrat' – to describe Chavez, who was elected by a landslide majority (56 percent) of the voters. Unlike our President [sic]. "

US plan for arms depot denied UK magazine report rejected as groundless The government (Thailand) has not granted permission for the US military to build an arms depot in Chonburi as alleged by the opposition, Foreign Minister Surakiart Sathirathai said yesterday.

Lawyers Slam Trial Plans for 'Terror' Detainees The Pentagon's plans to try detainees at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba and elsewhere for terrorism and war crimes fall far short of minimum international due process standards, according to two major U.S. human rights groups and legal experts.

Airport Screeners May Get X-Ray Vision Susan Hallowell steps into a metal booth that bounces X-rays off her skin, producing a black-and-white image that reveals enough to produce a world-class blush... The government is considering using this "backscatter" X-ray technology at airport security checkpoints.

Wolfowitz to Choose Tribunal Commission Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Thursday ordered his top deputy to decide who will serve on a military commission, or tribunal, to hear charges against terrorism suspects.

Sept. 11 Suspect May Question Witness A federal appeals court Thursday dismissed the government's appeal of a lower court order granting accused Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui the right to question a senior al-Qaida leader in U.S. custody.

5-Minute Video of George W. Bush on the Morning of 9/11 --by Russ Kick "In this footage obtained exclusively by The Memory Hole, watch as the President [sic] of the United States sits and does nothing after learning that his country is under attack. Note: This is not the truncated, 2-minute footage that has been available for a year. This is a much longer version, never before seen by the public."

Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Law Banning Sodomy The Supreme Court struck down a ban on gay sex Thursday, ruling that the law was an unconstitutional violation of privacy.

Suit Against Nike Can Proceed-Top Court The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday allowed a suit against Nike Inc. to proceed, dismissing for the time being Nike's assertion that the Constitution protected a publicity campaign to counter accusations that Asian sweatshops made its footwear.

Rep. Issa was charged in San Jose auto theft Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, the driving force behind the effort to recall Gov. Gray Davis, was prosecuted with his brother in San Jose in 1980 for allegedly faking the theft of Issa's Mercedes Benz sedan and selling it to a car dealer for $16,000, according to court records.

Federal Regulators Uphold California Energy Contracts Federal energy regulators today rejected a request by California to invalidate more than $12 billion in energy contracts signed at the height of the state's electricity crisis, even though they have determined that widespread manipulation helped drive prices higher.

Regulators Limit Scope of Enron Sales Federal energy regulators on Wednesday punished bankrupt Enron Corp. for its role in manipulating Western power markets two years ago and threatened costly penalties for the company's partners in that scheme. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also voted to uphold the validity of long-term power contracts in California and other Western states that were signed at the height of the energy crisis in 2000 and 2001. The commission turned down requests for refunds for excessive power prices in the Pacific Northwest.

States' Fiscal Crises Won't Be Over Soon The financial crisis weighing on U.S. states may persist through 2004, putting governments that have already exhausted emergency funds in a dire position, a national study released on Thursday said.

Very Richest's Share of Income Grew Even Bigger, Data Show The 400 wealthiest taxpayers accounted for more than 1 percent of all the income in the United States in the year 2000, more than double their share just eight years earlier, according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service. But their tax burden plummeted over the period.

8 million may lose OT pay Bush dictatorship proposal would dramatically alter rules for paying overtime, study says. More than 8 million workers in the United States will be ineligible for overtime pay under a plan proposed recently by the Bush dictatorship, a research group said Thursday.

White House Won't Release Medicare Memo The Bush regime's top Medicare accountant has calculated how millions of senior citizens would be affected by bringing private managed care into the program, but the dictatorship won't release the information.

Clinton says gains made under him being erased Former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday pointed his finger at the Bush dictatorship, saying it is erasing accomplishments that he worked hard to achieve.

Hillary Could Replace Daschle Democratic lawmakers and aides said yesterday there is growing interest in tapping Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Senate Democratic leader if Sen. Tom Daschle retires next year.

Voting With Conscience... The Wellstone Way -- by Kin O'Brien "Like many people who are chomping at the bit to oust Bush from OUR HOUSE, I've been trying to sort through all the Democratic candidates who are trying to convince us that he or she is the answer to our problems in 2004... I thought it was right to vote outside my conscience because it was the easiest way to victory. That's not the Wellstone Way, though."

Thousands Cast Votes in Online Primary More than 210,000 people have voted so far in the 48-hour, online Democratic presidential primary being held by the advocacy group, officials with the organization said Wednesday.

Bush's Re-s-election number sinks to 40 per cent "If the election were held today, would you definitely vote to re[s-]elect George W. Bush as president, consider voting for someone else, or definitely vote for someone else as president?" Ipsos-Reid/Cook Political Report Poll. Latest: June 17-19, 2003.

Expert Said to Tell Legislators He Was Pressed to Distort Some Evidence A top State Department expert on chemical and biological weapons told Congressional committees in closed-door hearings last week that he had been pressed to tailor his analysis on Iraq and other matters to conform with the Bush dictatorship's views, several Congressional officials said today.

Blair aide to face grilling Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair's top aide is due to testify today to a parliamentary committee over claims the government made about Iraqi biological and chemical weapons.

Blair comments outrage Iran The British Ambassador in Tehran, Richard Dalton, has been called in by the Iranian foreign ministry to receive a verbal protest over remarks made in the UK Parliament yesterday by Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair. Mr Blair said that the recent anti-regime demonstrations in Iran deserved Britain's support.

A chip off the old block? What do Fascism's belligerent founding father and our own democratically elected Prime Minister have in common? A great deal more than you might imagine, according to Nicholas Farrell, the author of a major new biography of Benito Mussolini "...I cannot help noticing that Blair and Mussolini have rather a lot in common. I am not saying that Blair has consciously copied Mussolini. But Blair, probably without even realising it, does seem to have imbibed quite a few things from the Duce. For a start, Blair extols the virtues of the Third Way, which was the phrase coined by the Fascists, no less, to describe their alternative to capitalism and communism. Blair began as a left-wing pacifist and became a right-wing warmonger."

Inexperienced Hands Guide Iraq Rebuilding U.S. Military Lacks Skills For Task, Some Officials Say --Two months after the fall of Baghdad, the critical task of postwar rebuilding and governance of most Iraqi cities remains in the hands of U.S. military personnel, almost all of whom lack expertise in government administration and familiarity with the Arab world.

Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary, has paid tribute to the British soldiers who died in an attack in Iraq and given warning that there could be more casualties to come.

US soldier dies in Iraq Centcom says US soldier in 1st Armored Division dies in noncombat incident in Iraq without providing details. An American soldier in the 1st Armored Division has died in what US Central Command (Centcom) described Wednesday as a "a noncombat incident" in Iraq.

Syrian guards 'will be returned' The United States has confirmed that it has been treating five Syrian border guards injured during a strike by the US military based in neighbouring Iraq. US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld did not explain how the Syrians came to be injured in the US attack, or whether a cross-border attack had been authorised by Washington.

Veil of Secrecy Around Village Hit in U.S. Raid On a desolate panorama of hardtack desert along the Syrian border here, the United States military has cordoned off part of this village, evicted five families whose houses were bombed six days ago and refused to say what is going on.

Blair Offers More Troops for Iraq After Killing of 6 Britons After the killing of six British soldiers in disputed circumstances in southern Iraq, Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair pledged today to maintain Britain's military presence and offered to send reinforcements if commanders on the ground asked for them.

Hoon: We may need more troops Thousands more British troops could be sent to Iraq following the killing of six soldiers, Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said today.

Outnumbered and outgunned Yesterday tension was still high and thousands took to the streets to protest at the British military presence. "A British soldier held the underwear of a woman and stretched it," Faleh Saleem said. "How can we accept this as Muslims and as Shi'ites?" Rabee al-Malki added: "These British soldiers came with their dogs and pointed weapons at women and children. As Muslims, we can't accept dogs at our homes."

U.K. Demands Surrender of Iraq Assailants British forces gave civilian leaders in Majar al-Kabir 48 hours to hand over gunmen who killed six military policemen after a violent demonstration that left four Iraqi civilians dead, a municipal official said Wednesday.

6 British Soldiers Are Killed as Unrest in Iraq Spreads Iraqi gunmen killed six British soldiers today in southern Iraq as violence and unrest spread to areas of the country that had been largely quiet since the war ended almost two months ago.

Named: Six British Troops 'Murdered' in Iraq Six soldiers killed in an attack on British forces in Southern Iraq were murdered, a military spokesman claimed today. "This attack was unprovoked. It was murder," Lieutenant-Colonel Ronnie McCourt told reporters outside a British military base near the scene of the killings. Local Iraqis claim the Royal Military Police soldiers were chased down and killed by towns people furious about civilian deaths during a demonstration in Majar Al-Kabir.

Army: It was murder Six British soldiers were murdered by a frenzied Iraqi mob in an unprovoked attack, the Army said today. Iraqis claimed that the "Red Caps" - based in Colchester - were hunted down after firing into the crowds which had gathered to protest at heavy-handed searches by British troops in the area 90 miles north of Basra.

Violence spreads south as forces of the rump regime get ever bolder British targeted after spate of attacks on US troops blamed on Saddam loyalists --Over the last few weeks, attacks by Iraqi resistance fighters have become both more intense and more audacious, including daylight ambushes on heavily armoured US convoys. Those operating in the Sunni Triangle may have decided to extend their operations southwards, knowing that the British soldiers, having shed their body armour, offered a soft target.

Death and chaos in Iraq Our soldiers should not pay the price ( "In the end, the British forces, like those of the US, remain an occupying army whether or not they are wearing their helmets: their position is compromised by the chaotic administration imposed by Washington's envoys. President [sic] Bush's obsession with 'catching Saddam', voiced again yesterday, is not a solution. What is needed is a coherent plan to hand back Iraq to the Iraqis rather than the limping measures taken so far."

"Comical Ali" captured The Daily Mirror says U.S. troops have arrested Iraq's information minister under Saddam Hussein, MohammedSaeed al-Sahaf, at a roadblocks in a Baghdad suburb.

Secrecy Shrouds Halliburton Hiring Frenzy at Houston Hotel Hundreds of American and foreign workers are being recruited by a division of Houston-based Halliburton -- KBR, formerly Kellogg Brown & Root -- to work on the rebuilding of Iraq. But the recruitment operation is being kept under tight wraps, apparently due to continuing political controversy over Halliburton's role in the lucrative post-war work.

Embedded Reporter's Role In Army Unit's Actions Questioned by Military New York Times reporter Judith Miller played a highly unusual role in an Army unit assigned to search for dangerous Iraqi weapons, according to U.S. military officials, prompting criticism that the unit was turned into what one official called a "rogue operation."

We ask the questions It took a British journalist to put the American Defence Secretary on the spot. Why, asks Justin Webb, are the US media so timorous? --"The world's most powerful nation does not have the world's most powerful press... I went to see the Vice-President [sic] make a speech a few nights ago. He finished with a reference to the war in Iraq, telling his audience: 'You did well - you have my thanks.' Were these troops or government officials he was addressing? Neither, in fact: the occasion was the annual dinner of the American Radio and Television Correspondents Association."

Zap! Air Force eyes Star Wars-style lasers "Star Wars" laser battles might have happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but for the U.S. Air Force they're just now starting to become a reality with a new high energy laser weapon and F-16 flight simulator.

Defense deputy gets authority for military tribunals U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has delegated his role as "appointing authority" for military commissions to his deputy, according to Pentagon officials. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld signed a delegation last weekend putting Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz in authority over the tribunals that will try al Qaeda and Taliban suspects, the officials said.

Enemy Combatant Decision Marks Change, Officials Say Dictator Bush's decision to declare a Qatari student an enemy combatant signals a more aggressive approach against terrorism suspects in the face of new threats from Al Qaeda, and it increases the chances that Zacarias Moussaoui will wind up in a military brig as well, officials and legal observers said today. [*See: US brands Qatari national enemy combatant]

U.S. Again Uses Enemy Combatant Label to Deny Basic Rights The Bush Dictatorship’s designation of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a Qatari national living in the United States, as an "enemy combatant" threatens basic rights safeguards, Human Rights Watch said today. The Justice Department announced today that it was dropping criminal charges against al-Marri and that he would instead be held without charge by the U.S. military.

Secret arrests and detentions Bush invokes "enemy combatant" rule against defendants --by Bill Vann "In the wake of a federal appeals court ruling earlier this month affirming the US government’s right to conduct secret arrests, the Bush administration has announced a series of measures that significantly escalate the police-state powers it has assumed in the name of a 'war on terrorism.' ...These tribunals will deny the accused the right to a jury trial, the right to confront their accusers, and the right to judicial review of their sentences, which could include death. Under the rules outlined by the Pentagon, in the unlikely case that a tribunal hands down an acquittal or a light sentence, US authorities can overrule it and impose their own judgment."

WSWS interview: Father protests indefinite detention of son at Guantanamo Bay --by Richard Phillips "It is 19 months since American military authorities began jailing prisoners captured in the US-led war in Afghanistan at Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay, where they are denied all access to lawyers and their families. Among more than 660 prisoners from 42 countries in the concentration camp-style jail are two Australians, 27-year-old David Hicks and 46-year-old Mamdouh Habib..."

Mishandling of Afghanistan Allows Taliban Revival (Newsday) "Remember the Taliban? Yes, the bad guys who got kicked out of Kabul, courtesy of U.S. forces and warlord militias. Well, they're back. Actually, they never really went away in Afghanistan, despite the trouncing they got... By all accounts, the Taliban, the extremist Islamic group that once ruled Afghanistan by ruthless decree, has not only reorganized, but is raising funds to fight U.S. and other forces in its attempt to regain power."

Spy planes grounded before Sept. 11 Prowling the skies over Afghanistan in the months before Dictator Bush took office, unmanned and unarmed Predator drones proved to be one of America’s major successes in its frustrating hunt for Osama bin Laden. But the promising aircraft remained grounded under the new administration until after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, say current and former U.S. officials.

Officials: U.S. Slow on Bin Laden Drones When Dictator Bush took office in January 2001, the White House was told that Predator drones had recently spotted Osama bin Laden as many as three times and officials were urged to arm the unmanned planes with missiles to kill the al-Qaida leader. But the Bush regime failed to get drones back into the Afghan skies until after the Sept. 11 attacks later that year, current and former U.S. officials say. The disappearance in 2001 of U.S. Predators from the skies over Afghanistan is discussed in classified sections of Congress' report into pre-Sept. 11 intelligence failures and is expected to be examined by an independent commission appointed by the dictator and Congress, officials said.

Ex-Bush Aide's Blast On Security A former White House counterterrorism adviser who recently quit his job publicly criticized the Bush dictatorship yesterday for what he called inadequate funding and weak oversight of domestic security.

Security checks ground air marshals More than 100 federal air marshals have been fired or stripped of their flight status in recent weeks for problems stemming from their security clearance background investigations. In addition, some air marshals are flying without having received their final security clearances, Transportation Security Administration sources said. The revelations fuel critics’ charges that a key element of post-9/11 airline security is being poorly managed.

Judicial Nominee Battle Flares Senate panel acts to block filibusters --The ongoing battle over judicial nominees kicked up a notch yesterday when a Senate panel took an initial but significant step to limit the ability of the minority to block by filibuster controversial judicial nominees. With no Democrats present, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee voted 10-0 to send to the full Senate a resolution proposed by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) that would effectively end filibusters for judicial nominees.

Senate Defeats Democrats' Efforts on Drug Benefits The Senate yesterday turned back Democratic efforts to expand a proposed prescription drug benefit for elderly Americans. In one of yesterday's most significant votes, the Senate rejected, 54 to 42, a proposal by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) to eliminate a gap in benefits that would occur each year after drug costs reach $4,500 and before they hit $5,800. Between those two amounts, no benefits are paid.

Senate Rejects Democratic Changes in Drug Bill The U.S. Senate on Tuesday rejected a series of Democratic amendments aimed at expanding benefits in the massive Medicare drug bill, but lawmakers made progress toward resolving one of their last big disputes about allocating money in the bipartisan package.

The Case for Public Patents --by Dennis J. Kucinich "I will soon be introducing legislation that would create a new network of government labs for the research, development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products and biologics. The labs would be responsible for developing new cures and bringing them to the American people in a timely and affordable manner, something that the pharmaceutical industry has glaringly failed to do... Over time, we have watched the pharmaceutical industry fail on three counts: submitting fewer and fewer drugs to FDA for approval, creating 'copycat' drugs instead of truly new cures and raising drug prices higher every year."

Bush Backs Religious Groups on Hiring Hill Urged to Ease Rules on Bias Dictator Bush called on Congress yesterday to make it easier for federally funded religious groups to base their hiring decisions on a job candidate's religion and sexual orientation. A White House position paper sent to Capitol Hill argues that "religious hiring rights" are part of religious organizations' civil rights.

Environmentalists Bash Bush [scroll to second article on page] The League of Conservation Voters assailed Dictator Bush on Tuesday, saying the Republican is "well on his way to compiling the worst environmental record in the history of our nation." The environmental group, formally nonpartisan but with close ties to congressional Democrats, gave the dictator a grade of F, a drop from a D- grade in January 2002.

Internet voters overwhelm election site Activists staging a massive online Democratic presidential primary ran into some technical problems Tuesday as a flood of Internet voters briefly overwhelmed the Web site and halted the voting process for more than an hour.

Pro-Choicers Join Anti-War Activists to Protest the Dictator The Anti-Bush Campaign Kicks Off --In what looked like a mini dress rehearsal for the cacophony of dissent that's expected to hit the streets of New York City during next summer's GOP convention, nearly 3,000 demonstrators gathered on Seventh Avenue to protest Dictator Bush as he presided over a $2,000-a-plate fundraiser inside midtown's Sheraton Hotel on Monday.

Protests Hit Bush on War, Taxes, Education (NY) Inside the hotel on Monday, Dictator Bush extolled his record on a number of topics -- the war in Iraq, tax cuts, education policy. Outside, protesters lined the streets to demonstrate against his dictatorship on those issues and more.

Bush protest NYC
Protesters Chant Anti-Bush Slogans --Protesters chant anti-Bush slogans during a demonstration outside the hotel where Bush attended a fundraiser in New York. (AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews) June 23, 2003

Radioactive rabbit threat at Dounreay (Scotland) The stringent security measures had taken account of a threat from terrorists but not, apparently, from the local wildlife. Managers at the Dounreay nuclear complex felt the arrangements put in place to safeguard low-level waste at the site offered enough protection against attack... Not enough, however, to put off determined rabbits who have been found burrowing into the storage area.

US admits it is facing political sabotage in Iraq The US-led dictatorship in Iraq admitted Tuesday that it was suffering incidents of political sabotage, amid pipeline explosions and an unexplained loss of power in the capital for more than a day.

U.S., British Forces Under Fire in Iraq U.S. and British forces came under fire in Iraq on Tuesday, as security around the country's vital oil pipelines was beefed up after several explosions blamed on sabotage.

UK troops injured in 'hostile' Iraq incident Several British troops have been injured in an "hostile shooting incident" in southern Iraq, the Defence Ministry and military officials say.

Six British MPs Killed in Southern Iraq Six British soldiers died in southern Iraq on Tuesday, and eight others were wounded when Iraqis ambushed a patrol and a helicopter. The circumstances of the deaths were unclear. The slain soldiers were military policemen who were training Iraqi police, Defense Secretary Geoffrey Hoon said in London.

Six UK troops killed in Iraq Six British soldiers have been killed and eight injured in two separate incidents in southern Iraq.

Iraqi Villagers Say Strike Was Case of Mistaken Identity Attack on Home, Convoy Breeds Anger --Residents said the U.S. blitz lasted two hours under cover of night. And they said they were left wondering why a village -- whose biggest change in the wake of the government's fall is that its sheep can graze closer to the Syrian border -- is now occupied by American forces.

Second day of total power outage in Baghdad Power blackout sparks rush for generators in Iraqi capital as temperatures exceed 40 Centigrade. With early summer shade temperatures already well above 40 Centigrade (104 Fahrenheit) and worse to come, the prospects of repeated power failure months in to the US effort to rebuild was just too much to contemplate.

Army alerts bidders to new Iraq oil well contracts The U.S. Army has alerted potential bidders to new competitive work to repair and rebuild Iraq's oil wells, replacing a previous contract given to a unit of Halliburton Co., the oil services group once led by Vice pResident Dick Cheney.

Spain extends military presence in Iraq In breach of its repeated assurances that it would not do so, the Spanish Popular Party government recently announced it will contribute 1,100 soldiers to an 8,000-strong military force to be deployed in central Iraq by September.

Protesters bring Iraqi nuclear powder to US forces Environmentalists presented U.S. forces in Iraq with what they said was a looted radioactive canister on Tuesday and slammed the occupiers for leaving more radioactive material at large.

Our troops suffer uranium sickness Australian servicemen and women who served in the recent Iraq war were reporting symptoms of uranium sickness, a United States nuclear weapons expert said today.

Soldier haunted by burned children On a scorching afternoon, while on duty at an Army airfield, Sgt. David J. Borell was approached by an Iraqi who pleaded for help for his three children, burned when they set fire to a bag containing explosive powder left over from war in Iraq. Borell immediately called for assistance. But the two Army doctors who arrived about an hour later refused to help the children because their injuries were not life-threatening and had not been inflicted by U.S. troops.

Straw concedes 'substantial error' in Iraq weapons document Downing Street's second dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction caused an "embarrassment" for the Government, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw conceded today.

Straw: We never said Iraq was imminent threat British FM claims Downing Street talked about current and serious threat posed by Iraq rather than imminent threat. Britain never claimed that Saddam Hussein's regime posed an "immediate and imminent threat" to the world with its weapons of mass destruction, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Tuesday.

Clay supports probe of Iraq weapons intelligence Missouri Rep. William Lacy Clay is supporting an investigation into what the Bush dictatorship knew about Saddam Hussein's weapons program before the war in Iraq.

Bush's Vietnam --by John Pilger "The Americans call the guerrillas 'Saddam loyalists' and 'Ba'athist fighters', in the same way they used to dismiss the Vietnamese as 'communists'. Recently, in Falluja, in the Sunni heartland of Iraq, it was clearly not the presence of Ba'athists or Saddamists, but the brutal behaviour of the occupiers, who fired point-blank at a crowd, that inspired the resistance... 'Search and destroy', the scorched-earth tactic from Vietnam, is back." [a must read]

Iraqi Fighters: "We will send them back the bodies of their soldiers" --by Firas Al-Atraqchi "Somewhere in America, someone is itching to say 'told you so'. Elsewhere in the world, millions of people laugh, scoff, mock, and launch vitriol and hyperbole when discussing America's role in the world. All of a sudden, the so-called victory in Iraq, which was neither a military nor a popular victory, is beginning to look like a public relations disaster."

Denial and Deception --by Paul Krugman "Politics is full of ironies. On the White House Web site, George W. Bush's speech from Oct. 7, 2002 — in which he made the case for war with Iraq — bears the headline 'Denial and Deception.' Indeed. There is no longer any serious doubt that Bush administration officials deceived us into war. The key question now is why so many influential people are in denial, unwilling to admit the obvious."

U.S. pullback in S. Korea also alarming to N. Korea In a new twist, North Korea now fears that if the United States rolls up its human tripwire, it will free U.S. military planners to go north, bombing nuclear sites near Pyongyang, the capital... Alexandre Mansourov, a former Soviet diplomat in Pyongyang who now teaches security studies in Hawaii, translated North Korea's concerns to mean, "If the U.S. pulls out of the bases, North Korea knows that the U.S. is preparing a pre-emptive strike."

Senators Debate Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons Initiative The debate on the Senate floor was more temperate than the House debate, but the opinions as strong when senators considered the merits of maintaining current restrictions on research and development of new low yield nuclear weapons.

Missing Cargo Jet Prompts Africa Search In a brazen act, two men climbed aboard an idle Boeing 727 cargo jet in Angola last month and flew off into the African sky without a trace. The disappearance touched off searches across the continent and, in the post-Sept. 11 era, prompted worries about why the plane was taken.

U.S. Warns Texas of Possible Terrorism Federal homeland security officials have informed Texas law enforcement agencies of intelligence reportedly gathered from suspected al-Qaida operatives discussing potential terrorism in the state next month.

US journalist surrenders in Aceh amid spy claims An American freelance journalist has given himself up to the Indonesian army in Aceh, after being accused by local authorities of spying for pro-independence rebels in the province.

U.S. Probes Death of Prisoner in Afghanistan The U.S. military is investigating the death of an Afghan man in its custody over the weekend, the third such case reported here since the Taliban fell, officials said today.

Bush determines Qatari student is an enemy combatant Dictator Bush made a surprise decision on Monday to declare a Qatari student an enemy combatant. That action removed the student from the criminal court system after prosecutors said new information had linked him to plots by al Qaeda for a second round of terrorist attacks after Sept. 11, 2001.

US brands Qatari national enemy combatant US authorities have branded Qatari national Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri as an enemy combatant who helped set up al-Qaeda cells in the United States, dropping criminal charges against him and turning him over to military custody.

A Fate Sealed Under Secrecy --by Jimmy Breslin "On March 1, give or take a day, in Columbus, Ohio, the FBI arrested an American citizen they say is Iyman Faris. There wasn't a word uttered. He vanished. No lawyer was notified. He made no phone calls and wrote no postcards or letters. He was a United States citizen who disappeared without a trace into a secret metal world... They held him secretly in an iron world for the next six weeks. This is plenty of time to hand out giant beatings. Oh, yes, don't gasp. If cops are performing a Fascist act, then always suspect them of acting like Fascists. They have fun beating people up."

Stop the Poverty to Stop the Terrorism Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt talks to Gary Jones --America risks fuelling terrorism by failing to keep its promise to help the world's poorest countries, Cabinet Minister Patricia Hewitt warned yesterday. Recruiting terrorists will be easier unless the US and Europe finally adopt fair and open trade policies, said the Trade Secretary.

Senate committee -- without Democrats -- votes to limit filibusters Focus on Bush judicial nominees --A Senate committee with all its Democratic members absent voted to limit filibusters of Dictator Bush's judicial nominees Tuesday, a move Republicans hope will usher future federal judges through the Senate faster, even if Democrats want to stop them.

EU Says Bush Accusations on Biotech Policy Untrue Europe shot back at Washington on Tuesday in their war over genetically modified food, accusing Dictator Bush of falsehoods about EU restrictions on the eve of a summit meant to ease transatlantic tensions.

60 arrested in Sacramento bio-tech protests (CA) Sixty protesters have been arrested in demonstrations against this week's meeting of more than 100 agriculture officials from around the world.

S.C. Man Charged with Threatening the President[sic]’s Safety For Holding Protest Sign Brett Bursey goes on trial today for simply holding a sign that read “No War For Oil” outside a Dictator Bush speech last October. Bursey is being charged with the federal crime of threatening the dictator’s safety.

New Yorkers protest against Bush's Iraq policy Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets on Monday in downtown Manhattan to protest against US Dictator George W. Bush's obsession with war on Iraq and occupation of the country to the neglect of domestic issues such as education, health care and employment.

NYC Bush Protest, June 23, 2003 (Photo album)

All in a Night's Work – $4M Donors gave $2,000 apiece to take part in Bush fundraiser in New York. Dictator Bush collected $4 million tonight in a state that voted Democratic in the past four national elections but will be contested by Republicans next year.

[June 23 lead stories:] Troops 'ain't coming home soon' Three senior US senators from both parties have criticised the Bush Dictatorship for not communicating clearly the need for US forces to stay in Iraq for a prolonged time.

Senators Predict 5-Year Presence in Iraq U.S. senators said on Monday American troops could remain in Iraq for at least five years, and U.S. officials said there was no indication toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein or his sons were killed in an attack on suspected "regime figures" in western Iraq.

U.S. Senators Say Five Years in Iraq Likely Leading U.S. senators from both parties said on Monday American troops could be in Iraq for at least five years but the White House cautioned it was too soon to set a time limit on U.S. involvement in Iraq.

U.S. forces attack convoy; shoot Syrian border guards; trying to identify dead and captured U.S. experts are trying to identify those killed and captured when an attack on a fleeing Iraqi convoy lead to the shooting of Syrian border guards, three defense officials said Monday.

Sabotage, ambush for Iraq troops U.S. efforts stalled by attacks on soldiers, pipelines --Insurgents fired rocket-propelled grenades at U.S. Army patrols in two western Iraqi towns, where troops were also caught in an ambush involving a 12-year-old girl, the military said Monday. As challenges to U.S. forces trying to bring order to Iraq intensified, an explosion hit an Iraqi oil pipeline Monday near the Syrian border, the second such blast in three days.

Sabotage cuts oil pipeline A grenade attack killed a US soldier in Iraq on Sunday as a pipeline fire blazed after an overnight explosion described by an Oil Ministry official as sabotage.

US picks up tab for its Iraq allies When the Pentagon proudly announced last week that more countries had agreed to send peacekeeping troops to Iraq, one fact drew little attention: US taxpayers will be paying a fair chunk of the bill.

Intelligence agencies may avoid inquiry scrutiny (Australia) A parliamentary inquiry into the intelligence received by the Federal Government on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq cannot compel two key intelligence agencies to appear.

Top Blair Aide to Go Public Over Iraq Weapons Prime Minister Tony Blair's top aide is to testify to a parliamentary committee over claims the British government made about Iraqi biological and chemical weapons, officials said Monday.

Radical Venezuelan Opposition Asks Army to Overthrow Chavez The radical wing of the Venezuelan opposition, the Bloque Democrático, urged the National Armed Forces (FAN) to demand the resignation of President Hugo Chávez and to "overthrow him by armed force" in the event that he refuses to hold a recall referendum.

Split Ruling in Supreme Court on Race and University Admissions In two split decisions, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that minority applicants may be given an edge when applying for admissions to universities, but limited how much a factor race can play in the selection of students.

Justices Uphold Use of Internet Filters in Public Libraries A sharply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that Congress can force the nation's public libraries to equip computers with anti-pornography filters.

Democrats Rip Bush, Hail Affirmative Action Ruling Democratic White House hopefuls called Monday's divided U.S. Supreme Court rulings on racial preferences a defeat for Dictator Bush, and a reminder of the need for defenders of civil rights on the nation's highest court.

Dean Launches 2004 U.S. Presidential Campaign Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean formally launched his 2004 Democratic presidential campaign on Monday, vowing to restore a sense of community and purpose to a nation "in crisis" from Dictator Bush 's divisive policies.

Captured al-Qa'eda man was FBI spy The American al-Qa'eda operative unmasked last week as having planned to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge was first detained in March, and has been used by the FBI for months as a double agent, it was reported yesterday.

Sabotage, Looting Delay Iraq Oil Flow Iraq re-entered the world oil market Sunday with its first shipment of crude since the war, but sabotage and looting along its largest pipeline delayed the flow of freshly pumped oil - the key to the reconstruction of an economy devastated by sanctions and war.

U.S. Announces Creation of New Iraq Army U.S.-led civil administrators announced the creation of a new Iraqi army Monday and said recruitment will begin next week, hoping to contain Iraqi anger over desperate unemployment and to curb a rash of attacks against U.S. forces.

Right-wing activist targets Blagojevich, moderates "Bipartisanship is another name for date rape," Grover Norquist, a former adviser to onetime U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, told the Denver Post. He has since backed away from that comment, claiming he was merely quoting a conservative axiom. But at the recent Illinois conservative meeting, he reportedly called Democrats "competing parasites and coercive utopians."

Bush Speech Overstated Iraq Report Hussein-Al Qaeda Link Wasn't Definite --In a nationally televised address last October in which he sought to rally congressional support for a resolution authorizing war against Iraq, Dictator Bush declared that the government of Saddam Hussein posed an immediate threat to the United States by outlining what he said was evidence pointing to its ongoing ties with al Qaeda. A still-classified national intelligence report circulating within the Bush regime at the time, however, portrayed a far less clear picture about the link between Iraq and al Qaeda than the one presented by the dictator, according to U.S. intelligence analysts and congressional sources who have read the report.

Now Bush blames failure to find WMD on looters In his weekly radio address yesterday, Mr Bush was forced to produce a new explanation of why the US has not found Iraq's alleged chemical and biological weapons. He told listeners that suspect sites had been looted in the closing days of Saddam Hussein's regime.

US war reporter under fire A reporter for The New York Times, Judith Miller, is the target of claims that she and her newspaper have been the vehicle for White House and Pentagon "propaganda" over Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Rumsfeld seeks to punish France for its stance While Dictator Bush wants to mend fences with France over its opposition to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld is not so forgiving.

DNA tests after missiles strike 'Saddam convoy' American specialists were carrying out DNA tests last night on human remains believed by US military sources to be those of Saddam Hussein and one of his sons, The Observer can reveal.

Attacks in Iraq Traced to New Resistance Network Loosely organized group's goal is to drive U.S. out, officials say. Groups of armed fighters from the Baath Party and security agencies of ousted president Saddam Hussein have organized a loose network called the Return with the aim of driving U.S. forces out of the country, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials.

'I just pulled the trigger' A closer look at these American GIs, sweltering in the heat of an unwelcoming Iraq, reveals the glazed eyes and limp expressions of those who have witnessed a war they do not understand and have begun to resent. By their own admission these American soldiers have killed civilians without hesitation, shot wounded fighters and left others to die in agony.

'Telflon' Tony takes a tumble in the polls Polls show that trust in Mr Blair - formerly known as "Teflon Tony" for his unassailable ratings - has slumped.

US losing the peace in Afghanistan Just as the United States is struggling to deal with major postwar headaches in Iraq, its efforts to pacify Afghanistan appear to be unraveling, according to a new report by a key group of experts sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Asia Society.

What’s the Joint Terrorism Task Force Doing in the Tiny Town of Rachel? (NV) FBI agents have confirmed that a search warrant was served Thursday night on the home of a self-described military watchdog in the tiny town of Rachel, near the mysterious Area 51 military base. We've learned this action was initiated by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The search warrant remains sealed and the FBI won’t say what was seized from the home of Rachel resident Chuck Clark. We believe the action was taken because Chuck Clark escorted the I-Team on a tour of the roads surrounding the base. During the visit, he showed us the location of military sensors, hidden on public land.

FBI raids home near Area 51 Man says authorities were searching for photos, data about classified military base (NV) FBI agents and other law enforcement officials raided a Rachel man's rented trailer home Thursday while he was out of state, searching for what he said were photographs and data stored in his computers about the classified military installation known as Area 51.

Stop the Bush Air Pollution Plan --animation by Mark Fiore hosted on the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) website, with online quick action to take to fight the Bush dictatorship's 'Clear Skies' plan.

GOP's Orrin Hatch removes link to porn site from his website When Orrin Hatch's "Exploring Utah" Web page boasted about his state's natural wonders, he didn't have in mind the photos of bare-breasted women that constituents saw when they clicked on the page's Utah-related search engine...

Blair buried health warning on GM crops, says sacked minister Meacher says PM dismissed evidence on bacteria so that modified crops could be sold to public --Michael Meacher, the former environment minister, has accused Tony Blair's spin doctors and ministers of systematically ignoring or rubbishing the evidence that genetically modified crops could be a health hazard or could harm the environment.

Government determined to sell GM food to consumers Crop production likely to be given the green light as Whitehall seeks to overcome public hostility --Tony Blair's advisers are to launch a new offensive this summer to persuade British consumers that genetically modified foods are safe.

US sends warning to Libya over 'pursuit of WMD' Libya has been "aggressively pursuing" the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction since the United Nations sanctions against the country were suspended after the Lockerbie trial, America claimed yesterday.

Unknown Iraqi Group Vows to Kill U.S. Soldiers Disavowing any link with Saddam Hussein, a previously unheard-of Iraqi group [that Bush has created via his policies of international terrorism] vowed on Saturday to kill U.S. soldiers until they leave Iraq. "We will send them back the bodies of their soldiers one after another in retaliation for the terrorist and provocative actions that their dirty, barbarous forces have carried out," said a masked man on a videotape received by Lebanon's LBC television. There was no way to verify its authenticity.

Smashed US memorial points to deepening Iraqi anger Signs are sprouting that US troops - and the ineffective new US-led authority they have ushered in - are wearing out their welcome. Graffiti sprayed across one highway overpass reads: "Go home Americans." Spray-painted in red inside a downtown bus stop: "Go away, U.S.A."

Wagner plays US troops into Iraq crackdown U.S. troops psyched up on Wagner crashed into Iraqi homes to "hunt for gunmen" on Saturday, as Shi'ite Muslims rallied against the U.S. occupation of Iraq. As helicopters clattered overhead, they began their hunt with their ears still ringing from a blast of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries played at their base nearby in a bizarre musical association with the Vietnam war movie Apocalypse Now.

US Troops Smash Open Homes to Hunt Iraqi Militants They rammed their vehicles into metal gates to smash them open, rounded up Iraqi men from their homes at gunpoint and wrote a code on their arms with marker pens [just like the Nazis did with their prisoners in the concentration camps in Germany. More similarities between the Bush regime and Adolph Hitler's emerge every day, with one difference cited (as it's been noted) Hitler was elected, Bush was not. --Lori Price]

Shi'ite group says U.S. raids Baghdad office U.S. commandos have raided an office of Iraq's main Shi'ite group, the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), in Baghdad and detained three members, SCIRI said on Saturday. It said that U.S. forces, including commandos, thoroughly searched the office on Friday and confiscated documents and computers, detained three staff members and humiliated others.

Iraq attacks rattle White House Officials fear potential diplomatic and political fallout --Inside the Bush dictatorship, where top officials resolutely emphasize postwar progress in Iraq while playing down the setbacks, the rising American death toll and the increasing number of attacks on U.S. troops is causing increasing worry.

Whackjob Rumsfeld Comments Inspire District's Ire Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has suggested that the homicide rate in Baghdad is lower than that in the nation's capital. Around Washington, those are fighting words. Mayor Anthony A. Williams and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton declared their own war yesterday against the country's top defense official.

Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003 -- Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq Has an Interest "I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President [sic] of the United States of America, find that the threat of attachment or other judicial process against the Development Fund for Iraq, Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein, and proceeds, obligations, or any financial instruments of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the sale or marketing thereof, and interests therein, obstructs the orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and maintenance of peace and security in the country, and the development of political, administrative, and economic institutions in Iraq. This situation constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat."

Media Silent on Clark's 9/11 Comments: Gen. says White House pushed Saddam link without evidence (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting Press Release) "...the June 15 edition of NBC's Meet the Press was unusual for the buzz that it didn't generate. Former General Wesley Clark told anchor Tim Russert that Bush administration officials had engaged in a campaign to implicate Saddam Hussein in the September 11 attacks-- starting that very day. Clark said that he'd been called on September 11 and urged to link Baghdad to the terror attacks, but declined to do so because of a lack of evidence."

Without WMDs, it's got to be the oil --by Derrick Z. Jackson "Seven weeks later and with no vile vials in hand, Bush gave a speech Monday in Elizabeth, N.J., where he did not make a single reference to weapons of mass destruction. Instead, Bush chose to distract Americans from his Nixonian erasing of his justification for war by criticizing his critics as 'revisionist historians.' Meanwhile, Bush's fellow Republicans in Congress were suppressing history by fighting any formal investigation into the possible cooking of intelligence to exaggerate the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Their job, for the time being, is being made a piece of cake by a Democratic Party that cannot spell the term 'opposition party' if you spotted them all the o's and p's."

WMD lies no surprise --by Crispin Sartwell "...the case was luridly bad from the get-go, riddled with holes that were obvious to anyone who was watching. We kept reaching for crudely forged documents and aluminum tubes. When Secretary of State Colin Powell got up in front of the United Nations to make the case that Saddam was connected to Osama bin Laden, he used as his main point the existence of an al-Qaeda training camp in Iraq. The camp was in the Kurdish autonomous zone, controlled not by Saddam but by the people to whom we had allied ourselves. That would have justified bombing D.C. - but not Baghdad."

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: Bush’s "big lie" and the crisis of American imperialism (WSWS) "More than two months after the US occupation of Baghdad, and three months after the onset of the American invasion, the Bush administration has been unable to produce any evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. It is increasingly obvious that the entire basis on which the White House and the American media 'sold' the war was a lie."

UK Politician Rebuffs U.S. Paper's Iraq Cash Apology A radical British politician close to Saddam Hussein's old government refused on Friday to accept an apology from an American newspaper which retracted a claim he had received $10 million to promote Iraq in the West.

Telegraph stands by Galloway allegations The Daily Telegraph has renewed its defence of its allegations that suspended Labour MP George Galloway accepted payments from Saddam Hussein's regime, despite today's admission by a US newspaper which made similar claims that the documents on which its own story was based were "almost certainly forgeries".

Antiwar groups turn their focus to Bush The Win Without War coalition and kicked off a new campaign yesterday with a full-page ad in the New York Times that labeled Bush a ''misleader'' and demanded an independent commission to determine the truth about US intelligence on Iraq.

The Masters of Spin Why the Bush administration is the most arrogant in memory --by Eleanor Clift "American GIs are dying almost daily. So are Iraqis. But that hasn’t stopped President [sic] Bush from embarking on a fund-raising spree premised on his triumphal role as commander in chief. Who needs reality when you’ve got spin? ...The debate over weapons of mass destruction is an inside-the-Beltway story; it’s not resonating with the public. The bigger question is existential: do the gods punish hubris? This is the most arrogant administration in memory. Every day brings another issue where a careful observer of the political scene cannot believe what’s happening."

New Zealand military to join occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan Following a series of high-level rebukes and trade retaliation by the Bush administration over critical statements made by the New Zealand prime minister of the Iraq war, the Labour government has decided to send troops and army engineers to Afghanistan and Iraq.

American military bans BBC crew from Guantanamo Bay for talking to inmates The US military clashed with British journalists yesterday at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay after inmates shouted to a BBC Panorama team who had been invited to tour the maximum security camp. An audio recording made by the Panorama team was seized by US forces and the BBC reporter Vivienne White was banished to a section of the bay away from Camp Delta.

Afghan court to try journalists for blasphemy Afghanistan's Supreme Court is to try two journalists arrested for running articles considered blasphemous in this conservative Islamic society, a court official said on Saturday.

Blank check for Ashcroft / An appeals court upholds secret detentions (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) "...most Americans also believe -- we hope, anyway -- that even after 9/11 the Justice Department should not be given a blank check in seeking out potential terrorists... The final decision about whether secret arrests are legal under U.S. law and the Constitution may be made by the U.S. Supreme Court, which, so far, also has been overly deferential to the executive branch on post-Sept. 11 issues."

Bush to NGOs: Watch your mouths --by Naomi Klein "The Bush administration has found its next target for pre-emptive war, but it's not Iran, Syria or North Korea -- not yet, anyway. Before launching any new foreign adventures, the Bush gang has some homeland housekeeping to take care of: It is going to sweep up those pesky non-governmental organizations that are helping to turn world opinion against U.S. bombs and brands."

Senator Ready to Filibuster Over Views of Court Pick Senator John Kerry said yesterday that he would filibuster any Supreme Court nominee who opposes the legality of abortion or would "turn back the clock" on civil liberties, the environment and worker protection.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream founder backs Kucinich Dean gets maple sundae --Ben Cohen, who with Jerry Greenfield founded Ben & Jerry's Homemade ice cream in Burlington, Vermont, said Friday that he is supporting Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

Ex-DeLay Group Plans to Keep Westar Funds A political action committee once affiliated with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has no plans to donate to charity or return a $25,000 contribution from a utility now embroiled in a campaign fund-raising controversy, a DeLay associate said Friday.

GOP Convention Nears Fund-Raising Goals Organizers of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City say they have collected nearly all of the $60 million they had agreed to raise, according to a newspaper report.

N.Y. Democrats Help Fund GOP Convention Pride in the Big Apple [!?!] has been the incentive for several deep-pocketed Democrats to cross party lines and promise millions to help stage the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York.

Bush Raises $2.25M in Ga. Campaign Sweep In his cross-country quest for dollars to pad his re-s-election coffers, Dictator Bush found $2.25 million Friday in an affluent lakeside golfing community in rural Georgia, where swanky automobiles share the streets with battered pickups.

Home Foreclosures Hit Record High U.S. mortgages in foreclosure climbed to a record high in the first three months of 2003 as job losses and personal bankruptcies forced more people out of their homes, a mortgage industry group said on Friday.

Democrats Say Proposed Drug Plan Not Good Enough Democrats said on Saturday a proposed plan to help the elderly pay for prescription drugs falls short and urged older Americans to back a measure that would eliminate benefits disruptions.

Monsanto Sends Seed-Saving Farmer to Prison A farmer opposed to Monsanto Co.'s [whackjob] genetic seed licensing practices was sentenced May 7 in federal court at St. Louis to eight months in prison for lying about a truckload of cotton seed he hid for a friend.

Police will run internet after terrorist attack [UK] Wide-ranging powers to enable the police to run the internet and the rest of Britain’s information superhighway in the event of a terrorist attack will be unveiled this week. Airlines, the transport network, town halls and the postal service could also come under police direction in the event of a national disaster.

Blair on a new mission for Bush Poodle Tony Blair yesterday embarked on another diplomatic mission to persuade France and Germany to set aside their suspicions and back George Bush, the United States dictator, over his tough stance on Iran. [It's Groundhog Day!! OMG, we have *been there*, didn't buy the T-shirt!!!]

TV3 graphic: George Bush - Professional Fascist TV3 has apologised after a graphic labelling US Dictator George W. Bush a "professional fascist" flashed up during its primetime news. The baseline graphic, which was supposed to have promoted an upcoming weather bulletin, was aired to 360,000 viewers [that is awesome] halfway through Wednesday night's news. [WHY apologize ???]

Bush is a Nazi

One rogue state down, six still to go Iraq has been promoted out of the league, but six other countries are still listed. How the US deals with these "rogue" states has become a battlefield of its own within the Bush dictatorship, although there are signs diplomacy may prevail over military might in one or two cases.

Iran has no plans to develop nuclear weapons: Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Iranian president had recently assured him Iran had no plans to develop nuclear weapons.

US prepares military blockade against North Korea US Secretary of State Colin Powell signalled this week that the Bush dictatorship intends to press ahead with plans to impose what amounts to a military blockade of North Korea—an action that threatens to plunge North East Asia into war.

War crimes suits filed in Belgium against Bush, Blair US Dictator George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair have been accused of war crimes in Iraq under a fiercely contested Belgian law, the government here said.

Netanyahu Says Iraq-Israel Oil Line No Pipe-Dream Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he expected an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel to be reopened in the near future after being closed when Israel became a state in 1948. The United States, Israel's closest ally, toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during an invasion that began in March. A U.S.-led dictatorship now runs Iraq and many Arabs voice concern over the control Washington can exercise over Iraq's oil wealth.

Bush 'misled every one of us', says rival for White House The leading Democratic presidential contender John Kerry has brought the Iraqi weapons controversy to the forefront of the White House race, accusing George Bush of "misleading every one of us" when he took the US to war against Saddam Hussein.

'Government risked my life by copying Iraq study' The postgraduate student whose work was plagiarised in the "dodgy dossier" on Iraq's arms said yesterday that he feared for his life because of the Government's "reckless" decision to publish the document.

Galloway papers deemed forgeries Iraq experts, ink-aging tests discredit documents behind earlier Monitor story. On April 25, 2003, this newspaper ran a story about documents obtained in Iraq that alleged Saddam Hussein's regime had paid a British member of Parliament, George Galloway, $10 million over 11 years to promote its interests in the West. An extensive Monitor investigation has subsequently determined that the six papers detailed in the April 25 piece are, in fact, almost certainly forgeries.

Newspaper apologises to Galloway over 'Saddam millions' forgeries Suspended Labour MP George Galloway today attacked a newspaper which has apologised for claiming the anti–war campaigner had taken millions of pounds from Saddam Hussein. Mr Galloway insisted that he always knew the allegations were based on "malice, fabrication and forgery" and would "soon fall apart".

Reason to Deceive WMD Lies Could Be the New Watergate --by Cynthia Cotts "What did the president [sic] know, and when did he know it? The refrain dates back to Watergate days, when Richard Nixon had to resign because of his lies. Just think, with gavel-to-gavel coverage, WMD hearings could be an enlightening spectacle, filling the cable channels with Watergate nostalgia while reminding the world that in America, political leaders have an obligation to tell the truth. Even lying about sex, as conservatives liked to remind us during the Clinton era, is an impeachable offense."

US worried about mounting casualties in Iraq US lawmakers on Wednesday expressed alarm at the rising number of dead and wounded US troops in Iraq, with some highlighting fears that US forces may be overextended.

Wives of 3rd Infantry soldiers want husbands home During the war in Iraq, the Army's 3rd Infantry took more casualties than any other military division. Now, with the heavy combat all but over, many wives angrily say their battle-weary husbands need to come home.

U.S. Troops Frustrated With Role In Iraq Soldiers Say They Are Ill-Equipped For Peacekeeping --Facing daily assaults from a well-armed resistance, U.S. troops in volatile central Iraq say they are growing frustrated and disillusioned with their role as postwar peacekeepers.

American troops shoot down two Iraqi protesters In an incident that will further fuel popular hostility to the American occupation of Iraq, US troops killed at least two men in Baghdad on Wednesday when they opened fire on a protest outside the US dictatorship’s headquarters.

'Organised' resistance A pattern of skilfully executed assaults on US troops has led the US authorities to believe that they are facing more than the chaotic violence evident immediately after the collapse of Saddam's government in April, the officials said.

Rocket-Propelled Grenade Injures Two Soldiers Destroys Power Transformer in Fallujah --A rocket-propelled grenade slammed into an electrical transformer near U.S. troops in Fallujah, injuring two soldiers and sending a tower of flame into the night sky, witnesses and the U.S. military said Friday.

Loyalists hit Iraqis aiding U.S. Sniper kills GI -- military raids snare hundreds -- In an apparent shift of tactics Tuesday, anti-American insurgents fired on the mayor's office and courthouse in Fallujah and at a police station in Khaldiya. The attacks on civilian installations could be a sign that Iraqis who cooperate with Americans have become targets, U.S. military officials said.

507th ex-POWs still under media gag order Pfc. Jessica Lynch's convoy didn't get lost, but got wrong directions, that took it to an area where it was ambushed. The new information involves the 507th Maintenance Company out of Fort Bliss, Texas... Meanwhile, Lynch, 20, remains in a private room at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The other five ex-POWs from the 507th -- Shoshana Johnson, James Riley, Edgar Hernandez, Joseph Hudson and Patrick Miller -- are all back at Fort Bliss. They are still under a gag order that prevents them from speaking to the media about their time as POWs in Iraq.

Saving Private Jessica --by Nicholas D. Krstof "...It looks as if the first accounts of the rescue [of Pfc. Jessica Lynch] were embellished, like the imminent threat from W.M.D., and like wartime pronouncements about an uprising in Basra and imminent defections of generals. There's a pattern: we were misled... My guess is that 'Saving Private Lynch' was a complex tale vastly oversimplified by officials, partly because of genuine ambiguities and partly because they wanted a good story to build political support for the war — a repetition of the exaggerations over W.M.D. We weren't quite lied to, but facts were subordinated to politics, and truth was treated as an endlessly stretchable fabric."

The war, brought to you by the White House To see what media consolidation will do to British television, look no further than the US - where Glutton Bowl is typical fare --by John Willis "...during the Iraq conflict the problem wasn't just the US flag fluttering in the corner of the screens or the loose language from embedded reporters using 'we'; it was also that much of the coverage, particularly on the cable channels, could have been written and produced by the White House... There was little or no debate. America's leaders remained unchallenged. Any lack of patriotism was punished with McCarthyite vigour, even in the television industry, where CBS's Ed Gernon was summarily dismissed for a mild case of expressing his opinion."

Discarded War Munitions Leach Poisons Into the Baltic American teams may be struggling to find chemical weapons and other poisonous materials in Iraq, but tens of thousands of bombs and barrels filled with blistering agents and nerve gas lie scattered in the Baltic Sea and the eastern Atlantic.

Force Of July Rumsfeld lobbies locals to celebrate the invasion of Iraq --by Jim Washburn "Perhaps Rumsfeld and his fellows think it’s time to stage-manage another round of administration-friendly patriotism now that, when left to their own devices, many patriotic Americans instead are supporting the troops by asking the Bush administration: Why did you commit our forces to kill and die in a war without good cause? Where is proof of the 'imminent threat' you cited with such certainty in justifying the abandonment of two centuries of U.S. tradition and 'preemptively' attacking another nation? If you cause people to be killed (including 139 Americans, at least 3,240 Iraqi civilians and probably tens of thousands of conscripts) without good cause, isn’t that murder? Why do you tell critics to be patient, that these things take time, when that’s the exact argument you rejected from the UN weapons inspectors? Why are the oilfields the only things that are secure in Iraq, where you’ve permitted even atomic materials to be looted? Why have you committed our forces indefinitely, with no exit strategy, to a country where they’re under daily attack? Huh, why?"

U.N. reports nearly 5 million Iraqis suffer from chronic poverty Nearly one in every five Iraqis living in the southern half of the country suffers from chronic poverty, the World Food Program said Thursday, warning that the situation could worsen in the aftermath of the war.

U.S. Risks Losing Afghanistan Peace - Report Afghanistan is at risk of reverting to control by warlords and the United States of suffering a defeat in the "war on terrorism" unless Washington strengthens the Kabul government, a nongovernmental report said on Wednesday.

U.S. Pilots Avoid Prosecution for Bombing Canadian Troops The Air Force decided today not to court-martial two pilots who mistakenly dropped bombs on Canadian troops in Afghanistan last year, killing four.

CIA alarmed by failure to find stolen airliner On a sleepy Sunday evening, a Boeing 727 suddenly fires its engines and jerks out of its space in the Angolan capital, Luanda. Shocked airtraffic controllers frantically radio the plane to call it back. The pilot, a mystery man who boarded minutes earlier, ignores them. ...the disappearance of the aircraft almost four weeks ago has alarmed the US, which fears it could be used in an 11 September-style attack on American targets in Africa.

Companies Told to Store Employee IMs New rule says financial firms must hold on to chat records for three years. U.S. securities regulators put a further onus on financial firms to keep records of their business this week, this time focusing on the increasingly popular form of communication known as instant messaging.

Texas Monthly puts DeLay on worst-lawmakers list Magazine critical of him for messing with state business --He's not a Texas state lawmaker, but because he messed with state business, U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay ended up on Texas Monthly magazine's list of Top 10 Worst legislators.

Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate? Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Nutcase-Utah) suggested Tuesday that people who download copyright materials from the Internet should have their computers automatically destroyed. But Hatch himself is using unlicensed software on his official website, which presumably would qualify his computer to be smoked by the system he proposes.

Senate Begins Process to Reverse New F.C.C. Rules on Media Moving with unusual speed, the Senate today began the process of reversing the recent decision by federal regulators to loosen media ownership rules and enable the nation's largest newspaper and broadcasting conglomerates to grow even larger.

Senate Committee Votes to Overturn FCC Ruling The Senate Commerce Committee voted Thursday to overturn parts of a Federal Communications Commission decision freeing media companies from decades-old ownership limits and allowing them to buy more outlets and merge in new ways.

Al Gore Testing Water for Cable Network President Al Gore has enlisted heavyweight media investor Steven Rattner to help develop his plan for a liberal-minded cable network, according to sources familiar with the embryonic venture.

The Progressive Story of America --by Bill Moyers Wednesday, 04 June 2003 --Speech by Bill Moyers at the Take Back America Conference discussing the history of the progressive media movement in America.

Bush May Be Relieved if No Justice Quits Although picking a justice is a plum assignment for a president, a retirement and confirmation battle so close to George Bush's re-s-election campaign is likely to provoke a political imbroglio that Bush might prefer to avoid. Better, perhaps, to bank on re-s-election and hope for one or two court vacancies early in a second term, "when the newly re-elected president is at the peak of his political strength," said Emory University law professor David Garrow.

EPA, White House clash on climate Upcoming report changed to downplay issue --Responding to what could be her last policy battle before stepping down next week, Environmental Protection Agency chief Christie Whitman has acknowledged that an upcoming state of the environment report will leave out a section on global warming due to differences between EPA and White House officials over "the science and conclusions on climate change."

Talks Collapse on U.S. Efforts to Open Europe to Biotech Food Talks between the United States and the European Union over opening up Europe to genetically modified [Franken]foods broke down in Geneva today, the Bush dictatorship announced, heightening trans-Atlantic tensions. European officials said the long-term effects of altered [Franken]food remained uncertain.

Kerry says he'll filibuster Supreme Court nominees who do not support abortion rights Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Friday that he is prepared to block any Supreme Court nominee who would not uphold the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

Graham quiet about his role on Patriot Act On the campaign trail, he isn't bringing up that he co-wrote the controversial bill in the Senate. When Sen. Bob Graham campaigned in Iowa last weekend, at least two Democratic activists complained that the USA Patriot Act threatened civil liberties. They asked what he planned to do about it. The Florida senator replied that he was unhappy with Attorney General John Ashcroft's implementation of the antiterrorism law, but Graham neglected to mention an important fact: He co-wrote it.

Liberal pariah Ralph Nader flirts with new White House run --as a Republican One election campaign transformed Ralph Nader from the perennial champion of liberal causes to a hated figure for the American left, but Nader is not finished yet. Nader says that if the Greens reject him, he might choose to run as an independent, or possibly even as a Republican, which would pit him against George W. Bush in the primary. "Wouldn't that be interesting? A Republican run?" he muses.

Breast cancer rise linked to deodorants A possible link between increasing use of antiperspirants and rising rates of breast cancer is being investigated by scientists.

20,000 Allied Troops to Aid U.S. Effort to 'Stabilize' Iraq The Pentagon has received commitments from allies to send two multinational divisions totaling 20,000 troops by late summer to help 'stabilize' Iraq, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said yesterday on Capitol Hill. [Iraq became Vietnam quicker than a New York minute. --Lori Price]

US says troops face Iraqi 'guerrilla war' US forces are facing a "guerrilla war" in Iraq but the American public is prepared to accept [?!?] the growing death toll, Pentagon officials said yesterday.

From liberation to counter-insurgency It is clear that the weeks of chaos that followed the collapse of Saddam's government in early April have taken a serious toll on US hopes that Iraqis, either out of fear and awe of Washington's military might or out of gratitude, would simply do what they were told by their 'liberators' [invaders]. According to Tom Engelhardt, the vocabulary of the Vietnam War is re-infiltrating the press...

US troops 'shoot civilians' American soldiers in Iraq today make the astonishing admission that they regularly kill civilians. In a series of disturbing interviews which throws light on the chaos gripping the country, GIs also confess to leaving wounded Iraqi fighters to die, and even to shooting injured enemy soldiers.

Iraqis Say U.S. Using Saddam's Baath as Scapegoat The United States insists die-hard supporters of Saddam Hussein are behind a spate of deadly attacks on U.S. troops -- but many Iraqis believe American blunders are more to blame. They argue it is heavy-handed American raids, along with the failure to restore basic services, that are fueling the violence and insecurity, not Saddam loyalists.

In volatile Iraq, US curbs press US issues an order against inciting attacks on minorities or US troops [via the media]. Iraqi journalists are not taking kindly to the restrictions. Among the scores of new publications that have flooded Iraq's newsstands since the US-led overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime, the broadsheet As-Saah is one of the most widely read. In a front-page editorial Wednesday, the paper's senior editor let readers know what he thought of the country's liberators: "Bremer is a Baathist," the headline reads. [LOL!]

Iraqi Gunmen Curse America at Protester's Funeral Cursing America, scores of gunmen fired in the air on Thursday at the funeral of a former Iraqi air force man killed by U.S. troops during a violent protest in Baghdad.

Just another day in Baghdad The demonstrating Iraqis have no work, no money and are desperate. Two are shot dead. Nearby, an American soldier guarding a gas station is casually killed --Hussein Saber shook with fury as he lay on a dirty hospital bed last night and told the story of another day in Baghdad, a city torn apart by killings, misunderstanding and the startling failures of America's military occupation...

U.S. Soldier Dies as Military Ambulance Is Ambushed in Iraq Attackers fired a rocket propelled grenade at a U.S. military ambulance, killing one U.S. soldier and injuring two others on Thursday, a military spokesman said. It was the third reported attack on U.S. personnel or their offices in the last 24 hours.

Three U.S. Soldiers Reported Killed in Iraq Al-Jazeera television said three U.S. soldiers had been killed in Iraq on Thursday in an attack by gunmen, and showed pictures of a burning military vehicle.

Pentagon commander deems deaths of American soldiers 'insignificant' Attackers fired a rocket-propelled grenade at a U.S. military ambulance in Iraq on Thursday, killing one U.S. soldier and injuring two others, the military said. It was the third deadly attack in 24 hours on Americans in Iraq. American military commanders in Iraq say attacks on their forces happen daily, though one commander on Tuesday dismissed the fighting as "militarily insignificant."

Rumsfeld Downplays Resistance in Iraq Baghdad has less violent crime than the U.S. capital [?!?], Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said in playing down recent deadly attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq. Some lawmakers are increasingly uneasy about the daily killings of soldiers, the stretching thin of troop forces, excessive demands on reservists and the costs of the war.

Iraqis Were Set to Vote, but U.S. Wielded a Veto Last week, L. Paul Bremer III, the head of the American military occupation in Iraq, unilaterally canceled what American officials here said would have been the first such election in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Overruling the local American military commander, Mr. Bremer decreed that conditions in Najaf were not appropriate for an election. [Just like the 2000 coup d'etat, when the election was voided, and the Idiot Usurper was installed.]

UN hopes of big influence over postwar Iraq fade Hopes that the United Nations and other international monitors might over time win substantial influence over Iraqi reconstruction were fading yesterday, as detailed proposals for the management of Iraqi oil receipts threatened to leave multilateral institutions with only minor powers.

Weapons ultimatum issued in northern Iraq The US and Kurdish authorities in Iraq yesterday issued a joint ultimatum for all groups in the north of the country, other than the two main Kurdish parties,to give up their heavy weapons.

Belgium Gets War Crimes Cases Against Bush/Blair Belgium said on Thursday it had received lawsuits against Dictator Bush and British Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair under a war crimes law. But it said it had forwarded the cases to the defendants' countries, reducing their chances of reaching a court.

Kerry says Bush misled Americans on war Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said Wednesday that Dictator Bush broke his promise to build an international coalition against Iraq's Saddam Hussein and then waged a war based on questionable intelligence.

Bush challenged over Iraq weapons US Dictator George W Bush is facing fresh charges that he exaggerated the threat of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction to win support for the war. In a strong attack on Mr Bush's regime, Democratic Senator John Kerry accused the dictator of misleading everyone.

Oral evidence Taken before the Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday 17 June 2003 Witness: Mr Robin Cook, a Member of the House, examined. [and] Witness: Clare Short, a Member of the House, examined.

Oral evidence Taken before the Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday 17 June 2003 Witness: Dr Gary Samore, Director of Studies, International Institute for Strategic Studies, examined.

Cabinet was kept in dark, inquiry told The decision to go to war against Iraq was made by a cabal of unelected advisers in Downing Street acting without the approval of the Cabinet, Clare Short claimed yesterday. [Right, and the decision to install Bush in 2000 was made by a 'cabal of unelected advisers', as well.]

What the World Thinks of America: Poll results More than 11,000 people in 11 countries were asked what they thought of the United States and its place in the world. Here are some of the results. (Click here for full poll results on .pdf format.)

BBC's World Service (The Guardian) "The BBC's survey of global attitudes to the United States is important evidence for anybody trying to explain why America both fascinates and infuriates the rest of the world. The White House will note that while America won [?!?] the Iraq war, it is losing the battle for global public opinion on issues like nuclear proliferation, world poverty and climate change. Among the 11,000 people polled across 11 countries, from Brazil to Russia, Washington's decision to topple Saddam Hussein is regarded as more wrong than right. More worryingly, in Muslim Indonesia and Jordan, the US is considered as more dangerous than al-Qaida."

Bush Says 'We Will Not Tolerate' Nuclear Arms in Iran Dictator George W. Bush said Wednesday the international community must make clear to Iran that "we will not tolerate" construction of a nuclear weapon by Tehran. Speaking to reporters as he met members of Congress at the White House, Bush directed some of his strongest language at Iran since lumping that country with Iraq and North Korea as three "axis of evil" states in early 2002.

Increasingly, there's a furor over comparing Bush to the Führer Continuing grief for the commander in thief. --by Beth Gillin "Did you notice that when the Architect in The Matrix: Reloaded tells Neo about human evil, the faces of George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler flash on video screens? Did you catch CBS's mini-series, Hitler: The Rise of Evil, which implicitly compared the burning of the Reichstag and the suspension of Germany's constitution to the events of 9/11 and the passage of the Patriot Act?" [Yeah, Beth, we did. And, since the Idiot Usurping Lying Dictatorial Weasel's family worked in tandem with Adolph Hitler, I really see nothing wrong with the analogy, except to say that George W. Bush may very well end up killing more people than Adolph Hitler. --Lori Price]

US oil giant faces court battle over Burma violations One of America's most powerful oil conglomerates looks likely to get its comeuppance in court over its overseas business practices after spreading a trail of misery through a small rainforest village in the Tenasserim region of Burma in November 1994.

US oilmen fight Blair on transparency US oil companies were fighting yesterday to prevent an anti-corruption initiative being made mandatory at an industry forum meeting in London assembled by Tony Blair.

Bush's 9/11 coverup? Family members of victims of the terror attacks say the White House has smothered every attempt to get to the bottom of the outrageous intelligence failures that took place on its watch. --by Eric Boehlert ( feature) "While the administration of President [sic] George W. Bush is aggressively positioning itself as the world leader in the war on terrorism, some families of the Sept. 11 victims say that the facts increasingly contradict that script. The White House long opposed the formation of a blue ribbon Sept. 11 commission, some say, and even now that panel is underfunded and struggling to build momentum. And, they say, the administration is suppressing a 900-page congressional study, possibly out of fear that the findings will be politically damaging to Bush."

Senator Says White House Pre-Attack Briefings May Have 'Probative Value' as 9/11 Evidence --by Tom Flocco "Breaking new ground, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), a member of the intelligence committee, hinted that multiple terrorism updates in the months prior to the attacks at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon could have 'probative value' as evidence in the Commission’s ongoing investigation. This was the first reference by a government official to the White House briefings as 9/11 evidence."

False Terrorism Tips to F.B.I. Uproot the Lives of Suspects ...Matters only got worse for the federal team when the judge threw out the fraud charge as unsubstantiated, dismissing the prosecutor with a stinging reference to the George Orwell's work on "totalitarian government." ...After a wave of criticism, Bush dictatorship officials have been revising their policies for handling terrorist suspects.

Britain Shuns U.S. Supreme Court Model As Corrupt: Perhaps We Should Heed Their Distrust --by Sam Hamod "Little noticed in the American press, the British have made a wise move in shunning the American Supreme Court model as a model for their own Supreme Court. As they mentioned in their comments, 'Allowing judges to sit for life, and then decide when they want to retire, so as to allow their allies to take their seats, is in itself quite corrupt.' And right they are."

National Programs to Vaccinate for Smallpox Come to a Halt Government officials said today that both the civilian and military smallpox vaccination programs had virtually come to a halt, the military program because it has vaccinated everyone it can and the civilian program because few people volunteered for it.

Not in Kansas Anymore (The Washington Post) "'It never ceases to amaze me that people are so cynical they want to tie money to issues, money to bills, money to amendments,' the House majority leader, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), said the other day. Would this be the same Mr. DeLay who is renowned for keeping a ledger in his office tracking 'friendly' and 'unfriendly' political action committees -- as measured by their contributions to the GOP? The same Mr. DeLay who was chastised by the House ethics committee for threatening a Washington trade association with retaliation after it hired a Democrat? One way to tamp down the cynicism that upsets him would be for Mr. DeLay to call on the Justice Department to investigate the matter that prompted his lament."

Excellent Year for Executives CEO Compensation Rose Nearly 17% --After dipping in 2001, take-home pay for chief executives at some of the largest U.S. companies swelled last year, driven by fatter bonuses and bigger payouts from long-term incentive plans, a new study shows.

Down and Out in White-Collar America Professionals have never had a tougher time finding a job. It's not just the economy; the rules of the game are changing. Whether you're a newly minted college grad or a seasoned exec with Fortune 500 experience, the job market now is the harshest it's been in decades--bleaker than the "white-collar recession" of the early 1990s and by many counts even more severe than the downturn of the early 1980s.

A Loophole for Busting High-Tech Wages --by Jim Hightower "Their [big American corporations] latest ingenious gimmick is an obscure provision in our nation's immigration laws. It's called the L-1 Visa, and apparently the 'L' stands for Loophole. It's certainly a big one, allowing such corporations as Cigna, General Electric, and Merrill Lynch to import low-wage technology workers from India to replace their American employees."

Toll of Health Insurance Gap Detailed Inadequate Care Costs Billions, Study Finds --Allowing millions of Americans to live without health insurance costs the nation between $65 billion and $130 billion every year, according to a report released yesterday.

Global warming could trigger mass extinction Rising global temperatures over the next century could trigger a catastrophe to rival the worst mass extinction in the history of the planet, leading British scientists warned today.

Report by the E.P.A. Leaves Out Data on Climate Change The Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to publish a draft report next week on the state of the environment, but after editing by the White House, a long section describing risks from rising global temperatures has been whittled to a few noncommittal paragraphs. Drafts of the climate section, with changes sought by the White House, were given to The New York Times yesterday by a former E.P.A. official, along with earlier drafts and an internal memorandum in which some officials protested the changes.

Pesticide Faulted for Frog Abnormalities Scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency say there is "sufficient evidence" to conclude that the country's most widely used pesticide, atrazine, causes sexual abnormality in frogs.

Fatal Police Chase Ignites Rioting in Michigan Town When they threw the bricks and smashed the windows, when they set the blazes that devoured a dozen buildings over the past two harrowing nights, the people of this depressed city [Benton Harbor] on Lake Michigan were not just angry about the 28-year-old motorcyclist killed early Monday in a high-speed police chase. They were still simmering, many said, over 7-year-old Trent Patterson, who died in a police chase a few years back, and Arthur Partee, who was strangled by police officers only two months ago. They said they were still seething over a teenager's mysterious drowning in the St. Joseph's River in 1991, and the man who was shot in the back by an officer the year before.

Michigan City Orders Curfew After Rioting State police sent 150 troopers into the city Wednesday after two nights of rioting touched off by a deadly police chase in this community, plagued for years by poverty, high unemployment and racial tensions. City officials also said they would aggressively enforce an overnight curfew already on the books for those 16 and younger, saying 'those are the ones causing the trouble'. [?!? Dictator Bush's policies are 'causing the trouble'.]

Parliament in Italy Passes Immunity Law for Berlusconi The Italian Parliament tonight granted Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi immunity from prosecution while he remains in office, in effect suspending his corruption trial days before he assumes the rotating presidency of the European Union. Critics say the laws are tailor-made to help Mr. Berlusconi, who is Italy's wealthiest man, elude prosecution for questionable business deals made before he took office.

Bush Will Not Tolerate Iran Nuclear Arms Dictator Bush said Wednesday that he and other world leaders will not tolerate nuclear weapons in Iran and he urged Tehran to treat protesters seeking the ouster of the Islamic government with "the utmost of respect." [Contrast US actions in Iraq (Iraqis killed after US troops open fire on demonstrators) with Dictator Bush's statement, above, regarding [CIA backed?] demonstrators in Iran.]

Card: US troops may serve as peacekeepers in Israel White House chief of staff Andrew Card yesterday said "it is too early" to rule out the use of U.S. troops as peacekeepers in Israel and a future Palestinian state. Card was in New Hampshire yesterday to speak to Republican activists.

Short: I was briefed on Blair's secret war pact Senior figures in the intelligence community and across Whitehall briefed the former international development secretary Clare Short that Poodle Tony Blair had made a secret agreement last summer with George Bush to invade Iraq in February or March, she claimed yesterday.

Shocking, shoddy and shameful: Short's verdict on Blair's campaign to win backing for W-ar Former ministers rail against Blair for sidelining his Cabinet and misusing intelligence - a charge echoed in Washington --Clare Short launched a devastating attack yesterday on the "collapse in decision-making" at the heart of Poodle Tony Blair's government.

Exposed: Blair, Iraq and the great deception Poodle Tony Blair was charged with deliberately misleading the public over Iraq's weapons of mass destruction yesterday as two former cabinet ministers revealed that MI6 believed Saddam Hussein's arsenal posed no immediate threat.

Blair in trouble Two former cabinet ministers accuse British PM of exaggerating threat by Iraq and following Washington blindly --by Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey "These are troubled times for Prime Minister Tony Blair. After receiving a hail of criticism from world public opinion, the truth finally comes out in the Foreign Affairs Select Committee meeting in Whitehall, London: two former ministers, Claire Short and Robin Cook, accuse him of exaggerating the evidence against Baghdad. ...Washington had decided on military action by March at the latest. It was not based on WMD, it was based on resources and strategic options. The rest was a blatant lie and Blair decided to go along with it."

MP tells of Blair's honourable deception Intelligence agencies, in private briefings to British cabinet ministers before the Iraq war, were unable to provide clear evidence that Saddam Hussein had ready-to-use weapons of mass destruction, two former ministers have claimed.

Agencies will not have to testify at weapons inquiry (Australia) The chairman of the committee that will investigate pre-war intelligence about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction says it will not be able to uncover much because it cannot call key agencies to testify.

U.S. Intelligence Doubted Iraq Would Use Gas American intelligence analysts reported to the Bush dictatorship last year that Saddam Hussein's government had begun to deploy chemical weapons [?!?] but that Baghdad would almost certainly not use them unless the government's survival was at stake, United States officials said today. The November D.I.A. report, which remains classified, indicates that most analysts believed at the time that Iraq had some illegal weapons, but that Mr. Hussein was not likely to use them or share them with terrorists.

Ex-CIA director says administration stretched facts on Iraq Former CIA director Stansfield Turner accused the Bush dictatorship Tuesday of "overstretching the facts" about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in making its case for invading that country.

CIA deliberately misled UN arms inspectors, says senator The row over Iraq's missing weapons intensified in Washington yesterday as a leading Senate Democrat accused the CIA of deliberately misleading United Nations inspectors to help clear the decks for an invasion of Iraq.

Republicans Dismiss Questions Over Evidence on Banned Weapons in Iraq As part of the drive to limit political fallout, Republicans have moved quickly to resist Democrats' calls for a summer of public hearings, even as the intelligence committees of both houses begin reviewing intelligence material delivered under tight security by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Kucinich: Republican-Led Congress Shunning Congressional Responsibility Congressional Republicans Refuse to Hold Republican President [sic] Accountable --Refuse Open Hearings Into Iraq’s WMD (Dennis Kucinich Press Release) "Today, Kucinich stated: 'Protection of the truth and the Constitutional role of Congress as a co-equal branch should not be a partisan matter. Yet, yesterday Republicans in the House International Relations Committee stonewalled an investigation of the Bush Administration’s false claims that sent America to war against Iraq.'"

Iraqis killed after US troops open fire on demonstrators US troops opened fire on a demonstration in Baghdad yesterday, killing at least one former Iraqi soldier and injuring others, an AFP correspondent at the scene reported.

Three dead in Baghdad violence Growing tension between Iraqis and occupying US troops in Baghdad has flared into violence, leaving two protesters and one US soldier dead.

U.S. soldier killed in Baghdad A U.S. soldier was killed and another wounded in a drive-by shooting in central Baghdad on Wednesday, the latest in a wave of attacks and ambushes targeting American forces in Iraq. Earlier, American forces fired into a crowd of Iraqi protesters outside the headquarters of the U.S.-led administration in the capital, killing two people.

U.S. troops swelter under the Iraqi sun, endure guerrilla attacks In the back of a Bradley fighting vehicle, the still air soars to 130 degrees and sweat stains the soldiers' desert camouflage uniforms as they patrol central Iraq, hunting for insurgents.

Iraqis Say U.S. Fired Indiscriminately When a convoy of Fourth Infantry Division soldiers was caught in an ambush on Sunday, the soldiers opened fire to protect themselves and an Iraqi civilian bus was caught in the crossfire, the military said a day after the incident. ...But the bus driver, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ali, 25, told The Associated Press on Tuesday he was passing a convoy of six or seven vehicles when he heard an explosion and the Americans fired wildly on the bus and on the roadside. Witnesses agreed with his account.

Report Says U.S. Did Target Media Outlets In Gulf War II --by Christopher Bollyn "A detailed analysis of the coalition air campaign done by Michael Moseley of the U.S. Air Force says there were 10 authorized strikes against 'media facilities,' including the bombing of the Baghdad office of the Qatar-based al Jazeera Arabic television news network, according to an article in The Age, an Australian newspaper that obtained an unclassified version of the report."

Protester dies after setting fire to herself Two Iranian women set themselves ablaze in Paris yesterday during a protest against a mass round-up of left-wing Iranian exiles in France, including their leader Maryam Rajavi.

N Korea resolute on nuclear weapons North Korea's state-run media yesterday acknowledged publicly for the first time that the country has a nuclear weapons program and said it would never give it up without concessions by the United States.

British call for N. Korea blockade Britain has called on the international community to isolate North Korea, on the same day the communist country's state-run media said for the first time a nuclear program was in place. British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon on Wednesday said ships and aircraft suspected of delivering materials for use in weapons of mass destruction should be intercepted. [The British are diverting attention from the missing WMD in Iraq!]

US marines sent to Liberia A United States naval vessel carrying 1,500 marines, 1,200 sailors as well as attack helicopters returning from Iraq is being diverted to the West African country of Liberia, raising the possibility of US military intervention.

Plutonium missing from Los Alamos lab The Project on Government Oversight quotes sources as saying about 2 grams of plutonium is missing from the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In Angola, A Jetliner's Vanishing Act Boeing 727 Is Subject Of Search, U.S. Worry --A Boeing 727 has been missing since it took off from the Luanda airport around dinnertime on May 25, setting off a continent-wide search for its whereabouts that includes the CIA, the State Department and a number of African nations. Their fear is that terrorists could stage a replay of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, using the plane in a suicide attack somewhere in Africa.

Report Finds No Wrongdoing in Search for Texas Lawmakers An internal investigation at the Department of Homeland Security has found no evidence that the department did anything wrong [?!?] when it agreed to assist in the search for a group of Texas Democratic lawmakers who had fled the state in a partisan dispute, according to a report made public today. [Yes, Homeland Suckyourity is a Fascist agency, just carrying out its directives.]

Court OKs secret imprisonments A divided federal appellate court ruled Tuesday that the Bush dictatorship was justified in refusing to identify hundreds of foreigners charged with immigration violations after the Sept. 11 attacks.

U.S. Rights Group Bids to Boost Detainee Lawsuit Civil rights lawyers on Wednesday used a government report that acknowledged mistreatment of Arab and Muslim detainees to support a lawsuit filed against U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Senator: Destroy Computers of People Who Illegally Download Music The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Orrin Hatch, (R-Insane-Utah) said Tuesday he favors developing new technology to remotely destroy the computers of people who illegally download music from the Internet.

Report: Terror System Flags David Nelsons David Nelson is not an easy name to have these days. Across the country men with this name say they have been pulled off airplanes, questioned by FBI agents and harassed when traveling by air.

Second night of riots in Mich. city Violence tied to death of black motorcyclist chased by police --Police quelled a second night of disturbances after rioters protesting the death of a motorcyclist during a police chase set at least five buildings and five cars on fire. Allegations of police harassment have been a source of tension in the economically struggling city of 12,000.

W.House Rebuffs Democrats on High-Court Nominees The White House on Wednesday brushed aside a request by Senate Democrats for more influence in the selection of any U.S. Supreme Court nominations.

Bush's ideological facade hides political goal --by Neal Gabler "From the moment of his disputed election in 2000 [coup d'etat], President [sic] Bush has been dramatically reversing the traditional relationship between politics and policy. In his administration, politics seem less a means to policy than policy is a means to politics. Its goal is not to further the conservative revolution as advertised. The presidency[sic]'s real goal is to disable the Democratic opposition, once and for all." [a must read]

Democrats' Online Appeal As revolutions go, this one began with remarkably little fanfare. Last Thursday sent out an e-mail to its members -- all 1.4 million of them -- asking if they'd like to take part in an online Democratic presidential primary later this month.

Will We See Gore TV? The former Veep looks at creating a liberal alternative to conservative talk radio and television Numerous sources in Hollywood and Washington tell TIME that President Al Gore has been quietly sounding out potential financial backers for a cable television network that would feature "progressive" viewpoints.

Gore Eyeing Liberal Cable Network, Magazine Says President Al Gore is seeking financial backers for a liberal cable television network to help Democrats counter conservative media voices, Time magazine reported on its Web site on Wednesday.

Democrats Seek Changes in Medicare Bill Senate Democrats set out Wednesday to win changes in Medicare prescription drug legislation, including one proposal allowing the government to offer coverage alongside private industry and a separate plan to eliminate a $1,300 gap in coverage.

House G.O.P. Push to Eliminate Estate Taxes House Republicans, fresh from winning a $330 billion tax cut on wages and investment income, pushed Wednesday to eliminate estate taxes by the end of the decade.

AMA: Drug Company Should Not Sit in Exams The American Medical Association adopted its first policy on "shadowing," opposing the practice where drug company sales representatives sit in on patient exams [?!?], unless patient consent and privacy issues can be properly addressed.

Large penis enters Parliament The national students' union presented a 2.5 metre-long penis to the Dutch Parliament on Tuesday. Under the slogan "in gelul kan je niet wonen" (roughly translated "in balls/excrement you cannot live"), the unusual publicity stunt is part of their campaign to get subsidies for student flats.

Bishop of Phoenix Steps Down in Wake of Two Scandals The Vatican accepted the resignation today of Bishop Thomas J. O'Brien of Phoenix, who has been buffeted by consecutive scandals involving the cover-up of sexual misconduct by priests and a fatal hit-and-run accident.

Coke Confirms Product Test Was Rigged Coca-Cola acknowledged yesterday that employees manipulated the results of a market test of Frozen Coke at Burger King restaurants, confirming one of the accusations raised by a former executive who has sued the company.

The photo of 'Apparently, US Soldiers Oral-Rape Iraqi Woman' has been removed until verified for accuracy and validity. --Lori Price

Special forces 'prepare for Iran attack' British and American intelligence and special forces have been put on alert for a conflict with Iran within the next 12 months, as fears grow that Tehran is building a nuclear weapons programme.

French Police Detain Iranians in Paris More than 1,000 French police raided the offices of an Iranian opposition group in the Paris region on Tuesday, detaining more than 150 people and seizing $1.3 million in American currency [?!?], officials said. The dawn sweep targeted the People's Mujahedeen of Iran, which is the political branch of the Iraq-based Mujahedeen Khalq fighting the clerical government in Tehran. The European Union declared the People's Mujaheeden a terrorist organization in 2002.

CIA takes over hunt for illegal weapons The CIA has been put in charge of the hunt for [planting of?] weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, replacing the Pentagon, which has failed over the past two months to uncover any conclusive evidence that Saddam Hussein had an illegal arms program.

Blair: We could be thrown out The Prime Minister today prepared to deliver a bleak warning to his party that his Government could yet go down in flames, ushering in a new era of Conservative power.

Blair Accused of Deception in Iraq Weapons Threat Two former senior British ministers accused Prime Minister Poodle Tony Blair of deceiving the public at the start of a parliamentary inquiry on Tuesday into the government's justification for launching a war with Iraq.

MI6 'said Iraq was no threat' Former Cabinet ministers Robin Cook and Clare Short said they were both told by MI6 in the run-up to the war with Iraq that Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction did not pose any immediate threat.

Iraq dossier was 'spectacular own goal', says Cook The Government went to war with Iraq using information that was "highly suggestible" and intelligence that was selected to fit its position, former Cabinet minister Robin Cook has said.

Cook doubts Saddam Hussein threat Former foreign secretary Robin Cook today dealt a series of devastating blows to the government's case for a war against Iraq, saying that it was "now clear that Saddam Hussein did not represent a 'clear and serious threat'".

Leaked report is blow to Blair Poodle Tony Blair was confronted by new claims that coalition intelligence on Saddam Hussein's weapons was distorted today as a parliamentary inquiry got under way.

Pressure mounts over WMD claims An inquiry opens on Tuesday into whether the UK Government misled parliament on the threat posed by Iraq, as Washington comes under fresh attack for allegedly manipulating evidence.

US intelligence on Iraqi weapons rubbish says MP A Federal Opposition backbencher has strongly criticised United States' intelligence agencies, describing information they supplied on Iraq's banned weapons as "rubbish".

Levin Seeks Release of WMD Intelligence A Democratic senator urged the CIA on Monday to release information that he said would prove the United States withheld from U.N. inspectors key information on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Senator queries WMD claims A senior US senator says he has evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) deliberately withheld crucial information from the UN arms inspectors deployed to Iraq.

Iraq sinks into postwar morass The United States-led reconstruction effort in Iraq is "in chaos" and suffering from "a complete absence of strategic direction", a very senior British official in Baghdad has said.

America's rebuilding of Iraq is in chaos, say British The American-led reconstruction effort in Iraq is "in chaos" and suffering from "a complete absence of strategic direction", a very senior British official in Baghdad has told The Telegraph.

Unexploded cluster bombs blanket Iraqi cities New evidence emerged this month of the widespread use by US and British forces of deadly cluster bombs in densely populated areas of Iraq. On June 1, the London-based Observer newspaper published a map produced by the US/UK military-run Humanitarian Operations Center (HOC), based in Kuwait, showing the location of unexploded bombs and land mines throughout the devastated country.

Operation Desert Scorpion Continues Throughout Iraq (DoD) Operation Desert Scorpion continues throughout Iraq, said Army 5th Corps officials.

U.S. Arrests of Rebels Continue in Iraq U.S. soldiers arrested more than 400 people in northern and central Iraq, part of a campaign against insurgents who added a new tactic Tuesday: targeting Iraqi civilians deemed too close to America.

US troops detain 371 in Desert Scorpion The US army has detained 371 people in the Baghdad area and northern Iraq as part of Operation Desert Scorpion, aimed at rooting out armed resistance.

Tensions Rise in Central Iraq as U.S. Raids Homes Local Gunfire Targets Occupying Troops; Two Explosions in Baghdad Cause Civilian Casualties --An unfolding low-intensity conflict in central Iraq gathered pace today as U.S. troops raided at least two towns while guerrilla-style fighters mounted ambushes against American forces in several locations.

US troops scour Baghdad after sniper kills soldier Scores of heavily armed US troops swept through central Baghdad yesterday, sealing off roads and searching houses, after a soldier was killed overnight by sniper fire in the north of the lawless city.

Sniper Kills U.S. Soldier in Baghdad A U.S. soldier on patrol in northern Baghdad was killed by a single shot from a sniper, the military said Tuesday.

US soldier dies after shooting in Iraq A US soldier died in Baghdad yesterday of gunshot wounds sustained during a night patrol through the Iraqi capital.

Nine U.S. Soldiers Are Wounded Battling Pockets of Iraqi Resistance Days after the United States military said it had completed a successful operation to quell an insurgency in a region north of Baghdad, at least nine American soldiers were wounded in two separate incidents near the same area on Sunday afternoon, a military spokesman said today.

Graham: Bush must be fired Candidate questions intelligence on Iraq --Sen. Bob Graham told New Hampshire Democrats yesterday that he and his competitors want Americans to fire George Bush.

We can seize the day The task is not to overthrow globalisation but to use it for a democratic revolution --by George Monbiot "Last week Jack Straw illuminated the depths of his political cowardice by shining upon them the full and feeble beam of his political courage. He proposed to alter the constitution of the UN security council. He would like to double its permanent membership, though without granting the new members the privileges accorded to the five existing ones. ...By tearing down the security council to go to war with Iraq, George Bush has ripped the veil off his own intentions. The ambitions of his project now stand before us, naked and undeniable. Straw, like a frantic tailor, is seeking to restore his client's modesty. He knows that a naked emperor cannot govern unopposed for long."

BBC poll shows disapproval of Iraq war The US-led military campaign in Iraq and the policies of Dictator George W. Bush have been condemned in an 11-country opinion poll conducted by the BBC.

Inmates Released from Guantánamo Tell Tales of Despair Afghans and Pakistanis who were detained for many months by the American military at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba before being released without charges are describing the conditions as so desperate that some captives tried to kill themselves.

Names of 9/11 Detainees Can Remain Secret, Court Rules A federal appeals court, reversing a lower-court decision, ruled today that the government did not have to disclose the names of more than 700 people detained in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, agreeing with the Justice Department that making that information public could "allow Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups to map the course of the investigation." [?!?]

Former security advisor says Bush failing to counter terror threat A top White House anti-terrorism advisor who quit five days before the start of the Iraq war has accused Dictator George W. Bush of not doing enough in the fight against terrorism. He has since joined the presidential campaign of Democratic Senator John Kerry. [*See: Former Aide Takes Aim at War on Terror.]

Dereliction of Duty --by Paul Krugman "Last Thursday a House subcommittee met to finalize next year's homeland security appropriation. The ranking Democrat announced that he would introduce an amendment adding roughly $1 billion for areas like port security and border security that, according to just about every expert, have been severely neglected since Sept. 11... It was a perfect symbol of the reality of the Bush administration's 'war on terror.' Behind the rhetoric — and behind the veil of secrecy, invoked in the name of national security but actually used to prevent public scrutiny — lies a pattern of neglect, of refusal to take crucial actions to protect us from terrorists. Actual counterterrorism, it seems, doesn't fit the administration's agenda."

Does world hate George W. Bush? Poll: Many think U.S. more dangerous to global peace than al-Qaida --If results of a new international poll are to be believed, the world is a hostile place for Americans, and particularly so for Dictator George W. Bush.

Supreme Court Limits Forced Medication of Some for Trial The Supreme Court placed strict limits today on the government's ability to medicate mentally ill defendants forcibly to make them competent to stand trial.

Dividend Tax Cut Will Benefit Many in House, Financial Reports Show Some Representatives May Save Thousands --Dozens of House members stand to save thousands of dollars thanks to the dividend tax cut that Congress passed last month, according to annual disclosure records released yesterday.

Job Market Worst Since Early 1990s Three out of four employers expect to cut jobs or hold off on hiring this summer, contributing to the worst employment market since the early 1990s, a new survey said Tuesday.

Bush Launches Record Campaign Fund-Raising Effort Dictator Bush on Tuesday was launching what would be the biggest U.S. campaign money-raising effort as he seeks to turn his wartime popularity [?!?] into a source of revenue for his re-s-election bid.

Racicot to Head Bush - Cheney Campaign Marc Racicot is leaving the helm of the Republican National Committee to lead Dictator Bush's re-s-election effort, and Ed Gillespie, a Washington lobbyist and GOP strategist, will become chairman of the political organization.

Australian government resumes push for detention without trial --by Mike Head "Having joined the Bush administration’s illegal war on the Iraqi people, the Australian government is renewing its assault on democratic rights at home."

Georgian authorities seize radioactive ingredients for 'dirty bomb' from taxi A taxi driver was detained after authorities in the Georgian capital found nerve gas and radioactive materials that can make a "dirty bomb" in his cab, officials said Monday.

US accused of stirring up student protests in Iran Protests against the mullahs' rule spread across Iran yesterday, despite violence from pro-regime militants who smashed their way into university dormitories and attacked students. ['Smashed' and 'attacked'? Sounds like the Miami Dade riot in November, 2000, when GOP thugs stopped the counting of the votes so that Bush could get installed in the coup. --Lori Price]

Iran protests at US 'interference' Iran has made a strong protest over what it calls American "interference" in its internal affairs. The diplomatic move came after almost a week of anti-government protests, which US Dictator George W Bush said were "the beginnings of people expressing themselves toward a free Iran".

US under fire over Iran protests Iranian leaders from both the conservative and reformist factions have strongly condemned the United States for supporting the continuing pro-democracy demonstrations in the country. The foreign ministry described the White House statement as "flagrant interference" in Iran's internal affairs.

Senate Panel to Review Weapons Data Senate intelligence committee Chairman Pat Roberts said yesterday his panel will hold closed hearings and probably will produce a report on what U.S. intelligence agencies knew about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the war and whether the Bush dictatorship conveyed that information accurately to the public.

Halliburton's Iraq oil industry work may last longer than expected Halliburton's contract to restart Iraq's oil production has doubled in cost over the past month, and the no-bid work may last longer than expected, the Army says. The expanded role awarded to Vice pResident Dick Cheney's former company cost taxpayers $184.7 million as of last week, up from $76.7 million a month ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers confirmed this week.

Second intelligence report: "No Reliable Information" Iraqis Stockpiling Chemical Weapons A newly-disclosed DIA report, classified "secret,'' is entitled, "Iraq's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapon and Missile Program: Progress, Prospects, and Potential Vulnerabilities.'' ...In one section about Iraq's chemical weapons capabilities, the report says: "No reliable information indicates whether Iraq is producing and stockpiling chemical weapons or where the country has or will establish its chemical agent production facility."

U.S. Confirms Soldiers Were Wounded in 2 Attacks in Iraq Days after the United States military said it had completed a "textbook" operation to quell insurgency in a region north of Baghdad, at least nine American soldiers were wounded in two separate incidents near the same area on Sunday afternoon, a military spokesman in the capital confirmed today.

US troops ambushed amid drive to extinguish resistance Soldiers are injured in guerrilla attack as Americans tackle renewed loyalist activity that has claimed 40 soldiers since 1 May --Iraqi resistance ambushed an American convoy in a hostile region north of Baghdad yesterday, wounding several soldiers, as the US army stepped up search-and-destroy operations against fighters loyal to Saddam Hussein.

U.S. Convoy Is Ambushed in Iraq, Wounding Several Soldiers Iraqi resistance ambushed a U.S. convoy in the hostile region north of Baghdad Sunday, wounding several soldiers, as a new U.S. mission was launched to hunt for Saddam Hussein loyalists blamed for recent attacks.

U.S. Hunts Suspected Ambushers in Iraq Led by informants, U.S. soldiers swept into homes in Baghdad and several outlying towns Monday in pursuit of Saddam Hussein loyalists who have been ambushing American forces. At least 59 Iraqis were detained, most taken away blindfolded and handcuffed.

US troops try to crush resistance Thousands of United States troops backed by tanks and aircraft carried out extensive raids early yesterday morning in at least four Iraqi cities, military officials said.

U.S. Forces Conduct Arms Raids in Iraq U.S. forces fanned out across Iraq on Sunday to seize arms and put down potential foes in a campaign called Operation Desert Scorpion [LOL! I guess they can't keep on calling it 'Operation Iraqi Freedom', what a joke *that* was!], a day after a deadline passed for Iraqis to hand in heavy weapons. Some Iraqi residents said the raid was conducted too harshly.

Villagers enraged and baffled by American show of force US troops accused of indiscriminate use of firepower in countering guerrilla attacks --US troops, in their largest military operation since the end of the war, are trying to stamp out resistance in farming villages along the Tigris river north of Baghdad, but their massive use of firepower has infuriated Iraqis in the area.

Few Iraqis Meet the Deadline for Turning in Their Guns The Iraqi guard at the entrance of the police academy, one of several places where citizens could surrender illegal weapons to U.S. occupation forces, shook his head when asked how many had met today's deadline for handing over guns without penalty. "We've had plenty of reporters, but no weapons come in," he said.

US support in Iraq fades after raids How one Iraqi's lifelong love for America shattered --Six weeks after Dictator Bush declared the major fighting over, the ''shock and awe'' campaign that flushed Saddam Hussein's government from power has settled into a protracted, guerrilla-style war against organized units. This new phase dashes hopes of a speedy American withdrawal, and could severely test the US military presence and Iraqi support for it, according to senior American officials and military specialists.

Shepherd sues over slaughter An Iraqi shepherd is seeking $US200 million ($300 million) in damages from the United States military for the deaths of 17 members of his family in a missile strike, in the first such suit filed through the courts of the US-led occupation dictatorship.

Iraq's lethal peace It could yet change American minds (The Guardian) The grim story reported by our correspondent today from a village north of Baghdad, where a family of shepherds were shot by US tanks, is just one of many. In another incident last week, a family were killed as they 'worked in their wheat field to extinguish fires set by US flares'. ...The latest military offensives, with their ambiguous bodycounts and dodgy 'terrorist' identifications, began to recall the US 'search and destroy' operations in Vietnam over 30 years ago."

U.S. Soldiers Strip Baghdadis Clean Of Their Savings After almost nine weeks of the downfall of Iraq to the hands of the U.S.-led occupation and now that the free-for-all looting that swept the anarchy-mired country has come under control, the Iraqis are now facing new "Ali Babas," namely, U.S. soldiers who strip them clean of their savings and possessions.

10,000 rally against British rule in Basra Some 10,000 people demonstrated yesterday in the centre of Basra demanding that the British army allow Iraqis to run the southern capital, an eyewitness said.

Belgian "Boycott Bush" Campaign Closes U.S. Oil Stations Belgium spearheaded an international anti-U.S. boycott campaign to condemn the U.S. illegal war on Iraq and the ongoing occupation of the war-scarred country, while U.S. Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld hit out on June 13 at the anti-war country over a law allowing lawsuits against foreigners for war crimes.

Turning the tanks on the reporters Iraq will go down as the war when journalists seemed to become a target, writes Philip Knightley "The figures in Iraq tell a terrible story. Fifteen media people dead, with two missing, presumed dead. If you consider how short the campaign was, Iraq will be notorious as the most dangerous war for journalists ever. This is bad enough. But - and here we tread on delicate ground - it is a fact that the largest single group of them appear to have been killed by the US military."

Unanswered questions -- Find the truth A full investigation of whether we went to war on false pretenses should begin now (The Capital-Journal) "We just went to war based on weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaida. If we were mistaken, a lot of people need to be held accountable -- from the president [sic] on down. Anything less than an exhaustive investigation keeps the door wide open for innuendo and insinuations. And it raises the suspicion that a cover-up is under way."

The War Built On A Lie View From the Left --by Harley Sorensen " Why mince words? These are the facts: 1) President [sic] George W. Bush is a liar. 2) Secretary of State Colin Powell is a liar. 3) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is a liar. 4) National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice is a liar. To the above facts we might add these: There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, none were there when our war against Iraq began, and none will be found unless we plant them there."

A mission in Iraq built on a lie When Bush wondered what to do about September 11 an ultra-right lobby group was there to tell him, writes Robert Manne. "It is gradually becoming transparent that the endlessly repeated claim used to justify the invasion of Iraq - that Saddam Hussein possessed a vast arsenal of weapons of mass destruction - was false... The spurious justification constitutes, in my opinion, one of the greatest foreign policy scandals involving Western governments since 1945. It is surely imperative for all those who care about democracy - whether or not they supported the war - to try to discover an explanation for the deception and the true causes of what has occurred."

U.S. media caved in to the Bush agenda --by Eric Margolis "...starting with Afghanistan, the Bush White House threatened big corporate media it would be held 'unpatriotic' and occasionally hinted at unspecified reprisals if coverage did not actively support the war effort there and in Iraq. Big media too often caved in, sometimes sounding like a public relations arm of the administration. ...there was near total domination of Iraq media commentary by the special interest groups that helped to engineer this phony war."

Spinning out of control Australians are a politically disengaged bunch, writes David Fickling, but their government's deception over the war in Iraq may yet jolt them out of their apathy --"In the US, news that Washington ignored the testimony of its own intelligence agencies has been greeted by the plunging of heads into sand. For conservatives and much of the US mainstream, such matters are best not thought about. The four-square solidarity behind the White House following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks will admit no imperfection on the part of government."

World must 'deal harshly' with Hamas: Bush US Dictator George W Bush today said the world must "deal harshly" with the Palestinian militant group Hamas and a leading Republican senator said US troops may have to go after them.

Hagen wants Clinton to head NATO One of Norway's most highly profiled and right-wing politicians, Carl I Hagen, is urging the nomination of former US President Bill Clinton as new NATO boss. Norwegian officials have given up hopes that their own defense minister, Kristin Krohn Devold, will get the job. Hagen, who heads Norway's Progress Party, told newspaper Aftenposten Monday that NATO's new leader should have international authority, respect and experience. He thinks Clinton, therefore, is the perfect choice.

Former Aide Takes Aim at War on Terror Rand Beers's resignation surprised Washington, but what he did next was even more astounding. Eight weeks after leaving the Bush White House as special assistant to the dictator for combating terrorism, he volunteered as national security adviser for Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.), a Democratic candidate for president, in a campaign to oust his former boss. All of which points to a question: What does this intelligence insider know?

Pentagon spokeswoman stepping down Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke, the U.S. Defense Department's most visible woman, is leaving her post at the end of the week, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced Monday.

Patriot Act of 2001 casts wide net Long-sought details have begun to emerge from the Justice Department on how anti-terrorist provisions of the USA Patriot Act were applied in nonterror investigations, just as battle lines are being drawn on proposed new powers in a Patriot Act II. Software, like that sold by Innovative Systems of Pittsburgh, helps firms in 25 finance-related industries covered by the law to compare millions of customer records with thousands of entries on federal government blacklists. "Suspicious Activity Reports" [?!?] will be required to the Treasury Department from car dealers, insurance companies, investment brokers, lenders, and real-estate firms.

Oakland High rallies to fire Principal Mok Principal let Secret Service interrogate students, put up barbed wire, locked school gates --by JR "'We are really pushing for the policy to be changed in the school district, and specifically for Mr. Mok to get fired. He’s (violated) a lot of people’s civil rights, and we want there to be recognition of the laws that he has broken,' said Mary Jane, an 11th grader at Oakland High who helped to organize the June 6 rally outside of the gates of Oakland High. One of the students’ demands was to fire the principal of the school, who a few weeks ago was in the news for allowing the Secret Service to interrogate two students without notifying their parents before or after the govern-mental terrorist act."

U.S. Attorney General hiding U.S. Special Virus Program says activist (Press Release -- .pdf) "Human rights activist Boyd E. Graves was served copy of U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's June 12, 2003 reply to his federal lawsuit compelling the United States provide the full and immediate disclosure of The U.S. Special Virus Program late Friday afternoon. 'Ashcroft is seeking to further hide the formerly secret U.S. Special Virus Program and the evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS,' Graves said referring to the U.S. Attorney General's response to his complaint which seeks review of over 20,000 federal virus development papers."

12 Are Released From Jail in Appeal of Texas Drug Busts A dozen blacks jailed in a series of small-town drug busts that were based on the now-discredited testimony of a single undercover agent were ordered freed on bail Monday pending appeals. A special prosecutor has said he will dismiss the cases if an appeals court orders new trials.

California Coup: Recall of Calif. Governor Close to Ballot A Republican-led campaign to recall California's Democratic governor, once dismissed as improbable, now appears poised to qualify for the ballot - and to shake up California politics like never before. A little-known Reichwing congressman who has poured $800,000 into the effort so far.

Goodbye, Erin Brockovich, as class actions end It was the kind of legal action that made a heroine out of beauty-queen-turned-crusader Erin Brockovich, pitting the little people against the might of corporate America. But now the US Congress is set to hand business chiefs the greatest gift since the advent of the Bush dictatorship: an end to so-called 'class action' suits.

22 States Limiting Doctors' Latitude in Medicaid Drugs In one of the most successful [?!?] efforts to rein in the fast-rising cost of Medicaid, the government health plan for the poor, states are limiting which drugs doctors can prescribe for Medicaid patients... States negotiate below-retail prices and rebates with drug makers but keep those figures secret at the manufacturers' insistence.

Church and state against the wall in voucher case --by Robyn E. Blumner "Vouchers are back before the U.S. Supreme Court, and this time the court has the opportunity to demolish whatever it left standing of the wall separating church and state."

Prepping for Coup 2004: Online Registration and Voting Experiment to Be Launched A DoD voting experiment [?!?] in the 2000 presidential s-elections that allowed military and overseas voters to cast their ballots through the Internet will be expanded in 2004.

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark Moves Closer to Candidacy Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, who has been flirting with a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination for months, took another step toward a candidacy yesterday. Asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" about a run, Clark said, "I'm going to have to consider it."

US out of Iraq!

U.S. Troops May Have to Go After Hamas, Lawmaker A leading Republican lawmaker said on Sunday U.S. forces may have to help "root out terrorism" [?!?] in the Middle East conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, including taking aim at Hamas.

Bush Says World Must 'Deal Harshly' with Hamas Dictator Bush said on Sunday the world must "deal harshly" with the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

U.S. Forces "Slaughter" Iraqis At Dawn: Eyewitness American troops "slaughtered" more than one hundred Iraqi civilians, most of them killed while asleep, at the early hours of Friday, June 13, eyewitnesses told "The bodies of 12 of your boys were found tied with ropes, each with a bullet in the head. The Americans detained them and immediately executed them in this horrible way," charged Abu Saadoun, one of the town tribal leaders. "Now we have to avenge not only the occupation of our country but also the slaughtering of our boys. We will open the gates of hell on the Americans," he pledged in exclusive statements to IOL.

U.S. Forces Launch Raids Across Iraq to Quell Uprisings Thousands of American troops backed by tanks, planes and helicopters carried out extensive raids early this morning in this restive city and in at least two other Iraqi cities, military officials said.

U.S. Troops Search for Suspected Iraqi Militia Leaders Hundreds of U.S. Army troops wearing night vision equipment raided the conservative town of Fallujah west of Baghdad early Sunday, hunting for suspected militia leaders and searching for illegal weapons in a major operation. The operation was called "Spartan Scorpion." [Well, let's call it what it really is: 'Operation Bl*w Job, Part Deux.' --Lori Price]

U.S. Hunt for Baath Members Humiliates, Angers Villagers Deaths of Teenager and Two Others Spark Talk of Revenge --By this weekend, the largest military operation since the war's end -- one involving 4,000 troops -- had wound down in this prosperous village 40 miles northwest of Baghdad, with no U.S. soldiers killed and little resistance. But in the aftermath, Thuluya has become a town transformed. "After this operation, we think 100 Saddams is better than the Americans," said Ibrahim Ali Hussein, 60, a farmer with a white scarf tied loosely over his head.

Details In Iraq Strike Revised 7 Dead May Include Shepherd's Family --An attack on Iraqis here by U.S. troops after an American tank patrol was ambushed Friday morning killed seven people, not 27 as initially reported, U.S. military officials said today, and Iraqi witnesses said five of the dead were not involved in the ambush. The five people killed, according to witnesses and relatives, were an elderly shepherd, three of his sons and one son-in-law. A fourth son was wounded, and his relatives said doctors told them he may never walk again.

Battles rage across Saddam Hussein heartland where Iraqi fighters resist US occupation American troops said yesterday that they had killed 27 Iraqis who ambushed a tank with rocket-propelled grenades north of Baghdad, bringing to 97 the number of Iraqi resistance killed in two days of clashes.

Iraqi Leader Asks U.S. to Stop Military Sweeps Adnan Pachachi, a respected elder Iraqi statesman encouraged by Bush dictatorship officials to enter postwar politics here, criticized the United States military today for its increasingly aggressive operations in Iraq and said they should be suspended while an interim Iraqi government is formed over the next month.

U.S. Military Compound in Iraq Attacked-TV Unidentified Iraqi resistance launched a mortar attack on a U.S. military headquarters in Ramadi, west of the capital Baghdad setting the building on fire, an Arab television station reported Sunday.

Helicopter shot down by Iraqi resistance American forces in Iraq have begun an offensive against Iraqi resistance who shot down a US helicopter yesterday morning.

Pentagon Officials Say They See No Organized Iraqi Resistance [?!?] Pentagon officials monitoring attacks on American forces in Iraq say that the hit-and-run violence bears the hallmarks of small-unit military planning and even some tactical skill, but that as yet there are no indications of a centrally organized resistance movement. The Iraqi resistance appear united in their goal — to kill Americans.

US-led occupation warns foreign diplomats they remain in Iraq at own risk The US-led occupation warned foreign diplomats Thursday that they remain in Iraq at their own risk, and that they would only be able to deploy troops or guards for their own safety with prior occupation authorization. The stark warning was contained in a circular the foreign ministry began distributing to "foreign liaison offices" in Baghdad Thursday.

Iraqi mobile labs nothing to do with germ warfare, report finds An official British investigation into two trailers found in northern Iraq has concluded they are not mobile germ warfare labs, as was claimed by Poodle Tony Blair and Dictator George Bush, but were for the production of hydrogen to fill artillery balloons, as the Iraqis have continued to insist.

Howard's Iraq evidence on parade in UK The Howard Government will be dragged into a potentially explosive British parliamentary inquiry into the doctoring of intelligence on Iraq after a former Australian defence analyst was unexpectedly called to give evidence. Andrew Wilkie, formerly with the Office of National Assessments (ONA), will use his appearance this week to tip a bucket on the Government's use of the now-suspect intelligence to justify Australia's role in the war. Mr Wilkie said he would expose the Government's "exaggeration" of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction and "concoction" of links between Saddam Hussein and terrorists.

Banned Weapons Remain Unseen Foe CAMP SLAYER, Iraq --Frustrations grow as one false lead after another sends teams of U.S. and allied arms hunters across Iraq. "The looters had a better day than we did," said Lt. Col. Michael Kingsford as he ordered his team to head home. "One thing I can say for sure is there's no smoking gun here."

CIA experts on Iraq arms shifted to different jobs Some say 2 staffers in 'exile' because banned weapons not found --The CIA has reassigned two senior officials who oversaw its analysis on Iraq and the deposed regime's alleged weapons of mass destruction, a move that a CIA spokesman said was routine but that others portrayed as an "exile."

CIA shuffling sparks more Iraq doubts "Two of the key players on this problem have essentially been sent into deep exile," said one agency official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The official added that the changes seemed designed to show the Bush dictatorship that "we're being responsive to charges that we did not perform well."

Sanctions killed 1.5m Iraqis: UN agencies As political fallout rains down on London and Washington amid the absence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, another controversial justification must also be revisited : economic sanctions directly responsible for the deaths of at least 1.5 million Iraqis.

Soldiers forced to buy private treatment for war injuries British troops injured in war are being forced to pay for private medical treatment or face long delays for operations on the National Health Service.

France Chides Washington Over 'My Way' World View France's defense minister took a double swipe at the United States on Saturday, accusing her counterpart Donald Rumsfeld of American supremacism and U.S. industry of waging "economic war" on Europe.

US marines diverted to Liberia A US marine expeditionary force was heading for the strife-riven west African state of Liberia on Friday night after Washington came under increased pressure to deploy troops in what would be its biggest military engagement in Africa since the early 1990s.

Iran 'jams' US-based satellite channels after clashes Iran's cleric-run government has declared war on satellite television and allegedly begun jamming American-based channels, blaming them for inciting the wave of student-led protests which have brought bloody clashes to Teheran's streets.

Thinking Outside the Box: Facing Reality In This Time (We may have to go to the UN or the Hague to stop the fascism of Bush and Ashcroft before it’s too late for our American democracy. At present, neither our speaking or writing is having the effect necessary to stop this fascistic steamrollering of democracy and civil rights in America and the world.) --by Sam Hamod "We come now, sober from anger, sober from reading, from writing our hearts out, from facing the lies we have been told, facing the hard cold facts that our nation is but one step away from fascism, from a Hitlerian dictatorship that has pushed America into the permanent war that Orwell wrote about a half-century ago."

Nasa gives go-ahead for nuclear mission to outer planets An ambitious and controversial mission to explore the other planets of the solar system using nuclear-powered spacecraft has come a step closer after Nasa gave a giant aerospace company the go-ahead to develop revolutionary new engines. Critics will question the safety of launching potentially dangerous nuclear material into space, especially after the technical failures that led to shuttle crash earlier this year.

Protesters Say No To HMO (CT) Activist Group Rallies 100 To Counter Bush (June 12, 2003) --As they passed New Britain General Hospital, where police stood guard and several dozen onlookers gathered for the pResidential visit, the noisy group chanted: "Bush's plan has to go! We don't want your HMO!"

Just Ahead: A Fiscal Wreck House Lards Tax Credit Bill (The Miami Herald) "Already the projected $5.6 trillion 10-year budget surplus that President [sic] Bush inherited when he took office [literally, *took* office] has turned into $4 trillion plus deficit. We still haven't paid for the war in Iraq. Heaven knows how much Iraq nation-building and the ongoing war on terrorism will cost. Congress is readying a $400 billion prescription-drug bill that won't solve the fundamental problem of skyrocketing medical costs and Medicare financing. And how is Social Security going to pay for all those Baby Boomers heading for retirement?"

School closures threatened State Superintendent Ed Richardson said Friday he will order Alabama's 1,400 public schools to close Oct. 1 if voters reject Gov. Bob Riley's (R - Insane) tax plan and legislators fail to adopt an education budget.

Inspection finds problems at VA hospital The St. Louis VA Medical Center has been placed on "conditional accreditation" after a surprise inspection uncovered a series of problems at the center's John Cochran hospital. A Vietnam veteran and former Granite City factory worker said he recently filed a formal complaint with the center over delays in diagnosing and treating his lung cancer.

Rowland to Pay Ethics Fine Settlement Includes Fine, Restitution For Vacations --Conn. Gov. John G. Rowland (R - Enron Crony) will pay the state nearly $9,000 to settle a State Ethics Commission complaint about his acceptance of free or cut-rate vacation accommodations from wealthy friends who have done millions of dollars in business with the state. Rowland is the only governor to pay a fine to the State Ethics Commission, and this will be his second.

Dean Wins Straw Poll Former Gov. Howard Dean was victorious in a straw poll of Democratic activists at the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention. Dean beat eight competing Democrats in both categories -- delegates and alternates, and official guests.

Dean aligns with Bush on death penalty Former Gov. Howard Dean appears to be shedding some of the liberal tendencies that have won him national attention as he now expands his support for the death penalty.

Presidential hopeful Kerry wants tougher fuel-efficiency laws Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, moving to stake his claim as a leading environmentalist among the Democratic presidential candidates, on Friday called for tougher miles-per-gallon rules for SUVs and other vehicles.

Secularism is on the rise Researchers at the City University of New York made a subtle change in 2001 when updating their portrait of U.S. religious identities. They asked: "What religion do you identify with, if any?" A stunning 14 percent said "no religion" — nearly 30 million Americans. Another question asked if respondents were religious or secular, and 16 percent chose "secular."

Powell Tells Syria to Quash Terror Acts Syria, listed by the United States as a sponsor of terrorism, is the latest Arab country that Secretary of State Colin Powell is asking to help quash terrorist acts in the Middle East.

British air marshal vetoed US targets British commanders were regarded by American forces as their "conscience" during the war against Iraq, Britain's top military officer in the Gulf revealed last night. Air Marshal Brian Burridge also made clear that he had vetoed the US choice of targets and disapproved of Washington's talk of "shock and awe" tactics.

White House was warned of dubious intelligence, official says Dictator Bush in his State of the Union address this year accused Saddam Hussein of trying to buy uranium from Africa even though the CIA had warned White House and other officials that the story didn't check out. A senior CIA official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the intelligence agency informed the White House on March 9, 2002 that an agency source who had traveled to Niger couldn't confirm European intelligence reports that Iraq was attempting to buy uranium from the West African country.

Spooks draw smoking gun and PM ducks for cover Last weekend The Independent on Sunday reported that intelligence officers were holding what amounted to a "smoking gun" which detailed the political pressure exerted on some analysts to produce evidence of WMD palatable to Downing Street. It apparently contained dates and times when Downing Street was in touch, what was asked for and what was supplied.

Fury erupts at Blair's 'botched' reshuffle Poodle Tony Blair was accused of creating chaos and confusion throughout government last night as anger grew over the way far-reaching constitutional changes had been rushed through without consultation. Iain Duncan Smith said the Prime Minister was acting like a "tinpot dictator" [LOL! We have one of those here!] and treating the centuries-old British constitution as his "personal plaything".

Leading Democrat slams Republican move to close hearings on US' Iraq intelligence A top congressional Democrat slammed as "totally inadequate" a decision by Republican lawmakers to hold closed door hearings on the quality and accuracy of intelligence reports used to justify the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Stupid is as stupid does: Many believe Iraq had, used weapons Polls say beliefs, facts in conflict --A third of the American public believes U.S. forces found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, according to a recent poll. And 22 percent said Iraq actually used chemical or biological weapons. Before the war, half of those polled in a survey said Iraqis were among the 19 hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Boys Who Cried Wolfowitz --by Bill Keller "We're now up to Day 87 of the largely fruitless hunt for Iraq's unconventional weapons. Allegations keep piling up that the Bush administration tried to scam the world into war by exaggerating evidence of the Iraqi threat. One critic has pronounced it 'arguably the worst scandal in American political history.' So you might reasonably ask a supporter of the war, How do you feel about that war now?"

The Dog Ate My WMDs --by William Rivers Pitt "They [the Bush dictatorship] lied us into a war that, beyond the death toll, served as the greatest Al Qaeda recruiting drive in the history of the world. They lied about a war that cost billions of dollars which could have been better used to bolster America's amazingly substandard anti-terror defenses. They are attempting, in the aftermath, to misuse the CIA by blaming them for all of it."

U.S. interrogates "al Qaeda sympathisers" in Iraq The U.S. military said on Saturday it was interrogating 74 people detained in a raid in northern Iraq to determine whether they were active members of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda network. Asked whether the group had been actively planning attacks on U.S. forces, or just sympathised with bin Laden's anti- American ideology, the spokesman said: "An al Qaeda sympathiser is somebody who would do the coalition [sic: US-UK invaders] and the country of Iraq harm, and frankly the whole world harm." [By his definition, the entire Bush dictatorship is populated with al Qaeda sympathizers. --Lori Price]

US troops kill 97 Iraqis in new attacks American forces, returning to large-scale combat in Iraq barely six weeks after Dictator George Bush declared victory, have killed at least 97 Iraqi resistance during the past two days in battles against an increasingly sophisticated local resistance.

U.S. Accused of Killing 5 Iraqi Civilians Wailing and reciting verses, dozens of Iraqi villagers on Saturday mourned five civilians they said U.S. forces killed in their hunt for Saddam Hussein loyalists, the biggest American operation since the war ended two months ago.

7 Iraqis Killed After Ambushing U.S. Army Tank Patrol American forces killed seven Iraqis in a ground and air operation here today after a United States tank patrol was attacked north of Baghdad.

In biggest clash since war, US says it killed 70 Iraqi resistance United States forces have killed at least 70 people in an attack on what they called a 'terrorist camp' [freedom fighters camp] north-west of Baghdad, US military officials say. One US soldier was wounded in the deadliest operation since Dictator George Bush declared on May 1 that the major fighting was over.

U.S. attack threatens to create thousands of new Iraqi enemies Hassan Ibrahim walked the narrow space between the fresh graves and shook his head. There were 78, some of them packed with more than one body, with rocks as markers. The air stank of death. The names of the dead were written on paper and folded into soda bottles stuck in the ground. "This town was safe before the Americans come here and made a lot of blood," said Ibrahim. "Is this the democracy they were talking about?"

Turkey FM says pipeline sabotaged Turkey’s Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said yesterday that the main pipeline supplying oil from northern Iraq had been sabotaged, after local residents reported bomb attacks that set fires blazing.

BBC and Guardian cover up US role in Iraq looting Looting of archaeological sites and regional museums is continuing in Iraq despite the responsibility under international law of the US as the occupying power to protect cultural sites. The journal Archaeology is documenting the extent of looting...

Rumsfeld waves stick over war crimes law The US Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, on his first visit to NATO since the Iraq war, annoyed Europeans by in effect threatening to set up NATO headquarters elsewhere if Belgium did not rescind a law that has been used to accuse US officials of war crimes.

US voted out of human rights body in symbolic rebuke In a symbolic rebuke to the Bush dictatorship, the member nations of the Organization of American States (OAS) have for the first time voted to exclude the US from representation on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, considered the most prestigious human rights monitoring body in the Western Hemisphere.

US suffers Latin American rebuke at OAS meeting US Secretary of State Colin Powell came away empty handed from the annual meeting of the Organization of American States held earlier this week in Santiago, Chile. Not only did the US delegation fail to push through its agenda of a unified hard line against Cuba, for the first time in its history the OAS voted against seating the US nominee for the body’s human rights commission.

America's imperial delusion The US drive for world domination has no historical precedent --by Eric Hobsbawm "The present world situation is unprecedented. The great global empires of the past - such as the Spanish and notably the British - bear little comparison with what we see today in the United States empire. A key novelty of the US imperial project is that all other empires knew that they were not the only ones, and none aimed at global domination. None believed themselves invulnerable, even if they believed themselves to be central to the world - as China did, or the Roman empire."

They Impeach Murderers, Don't They? Bush Must Step Down --by Ted Rall "Nixon and Clinton escaped criminal prosecution for burglary, perjury and obstruction of justice. George W. Bush, however, stands accused as the greatest mass murderer in American history... Although Bush, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice denied such legal niceties to the concentration-camp inmates captured in their illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, these high-ranking Administration henchmen should be quickly turned over--after impeachment proceedings for what might properly be called Slaughtergate--to an international tribunal for prosecution of war crimes."

Moussaoui Case Not Just About Sept. 11 The government's case against terrorism suspect Zacarias Moussaoui is based on al-Qaida's wide-ranging conspiracy to kill Americans, not solely on the Sept. 11 attacks, a prosecutor said in legal arguments released Thursday.

NBC: Radioactive materials missing The United States is failing to prevent terrorists around the world from stealing radioactive materials that could be used to make explosives known as "dirty bombs," according to a blistering congressional report obtained by NBC News.

Hawks turned media into parrots --by Antonia Zerbisias "Turns out that CNN was the Pentagon's Bitch after all. That was my rather unladylike phrase for AOL Time Warner's news network throughout the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq... At least that's how I interpret a study conducted March 20 to April 9, the first three weeks of the war, by Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting ( American television viewers 'were more than six times as likely to see a pro-war source as one who was anti-war; with U.S. guests alone, the ratio increases to 25 to 1,' [as reported in] the May/June edition of FAIR's magazine Extra! ...Looks like Canada's airwaves are not about to 'liberated' by AOL Time Warner nor by News Corp., which owns Fox, nor by General Electric, which owns NBC. There will be no bending over for the Pentagon on our screens."

Police board Greenpeace ship during logging protest Spanish police have detained four Greenpeace members. It comes after the environmental activists tied themselves to the mast and anchor of a ship they said was carrying wood procured from illegal logging.

DPS had no power to arrest legislators, lawyers say Democrat raising issue in lawsuit just in case 2nd walkout is planned --Lawyers for a Fort Worth lawmaker argued in court Friday that the Texas Department of Public Safety had no authority to try to arrest House Democrats who fled to Oklahoma last month, blocking a vote on a congressional redistricting bill.

DPS Documents: More Questions About Killer-D Manhunt On Monday, May 12, Officer Kelly North of the Texas Dept. of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement Division put in an 18-hour day (from 7:30am Monday to 1:45am Tuesday morning), and a significant hunk of his official 13 hours was devoted to the Great Texas House Democratic Legislator Manhunt. According to published reports, several DPS narcotics officers joined North on that fool's errand, and in all, some 300 DPS officers were involved in the chase.

Free drugs or free speech? A canceled Billings rock concert could provoke an early challenge to new national anti-drug legislation. Some critics also have worried that the law could be used to squelch political activity.

Conyers wants special counsel to investigate Westar donations to Congress members The ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee asked the attorney general Friday to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate campaign donations to Republicans by a utility seeking a legislative exemption that could have saved the company billions of dollars.

GOP Governor Eases Liability For Big Chicken Firms Md. Drops Policy on Manure Runoff in Bay --Maryland Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. (R- Corporate Tool) announced yesterday that the state would abandon rules that hold such poultry giants as Tyson Foods and Perdue Farms Inc. accountable for pollution caused by chicken waste flushing into the Chesapeake Bay.

Senate Dominated by Affluent Lawmakers From its multimillionaire majority leader, Sen. Bill Frist, to its members of more modest means, the Senate is dominated by people far more affluent than nearly all those they represent, lawmakers' financial disclosure forms show.

Jobless at 20 year high Most unemployment claims since 1983 --In an ongoing sign of the weak economy, the number of Americans getting unemployment benefits hit the highest level in more than 20 years during the last week of May.

Some Senators Fear Employers Will Drop Retirees' Drug Plans Members of Congress said today that a bill to add prescription drug benefits to Medicare would give employers a powerful incentive to curtail the drug coverage that they now provide to retired workers.

Maine OKs Universal Health Insurance State lawmakers passed a bill that would provide 180,000 uninsured people access to medical coverage in one of the nation's most comprehensive health insurance plans.

AmeriCorps Officials Are Told of Cutbacks Local Directors Expect 'Devastating' Reductions in Program Bush Pledged to Expand [OOps! It looks like the Idiot Usurper is caught in yet another lie! --Lori Price] --Local directors of AmeriCorps, the community service program Dictator Bush has repeatedly praised and promised to expand, said yesterday they have been notified of what they called "devastating" cutbacks in their allocation of volunteers for the coming year.

Graham Begins 'BobCats' Fund-Raising Push Florida Sen. Bob Graham has launched a new fund-raising effort to enhance his standing in the Democratic presidential money race and challenge Dictator Bush next year. Graham announced the creation of the "BobCats," or individuals who raise $1,000 in small donations from "friends, neighbors and co-workers" for his campaign.

Democratic candidate buys first ads of presidential campaign Breaking the political ice, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean will air the first ad of the 2004 presidential campaign next week, party officials said Friday.

Your Vegan Holistic President Sure an odd, spiritual guy like Dennis Kucinich doesn't have a chance in hell. But it sure is nice to dream --by Mark Morford "No one truly recalls the overwhelming sentiment just after 9/11, a stunned and saddened nation rethinking its core values... We could've chosen a Kucinich-style path. We could've easily chosen peace and cooperation and humanity and communication. BushCo chose the exact opposite. And now, here we are. Globally disrespected, almost universally feared and loathed and resented, our economy hammered, the vicious GOP war machine cranking on all cylinders, openly lying about the justifications for war, huge numbers of misguided citizens truly believing 9/11 is a valid excuse to annihilate Iraq and slaughter thousands, maybe Syria and North Korea and Libya and Lebanon and who knows who else, next."

Bush loses fight with space-age scooter Dictator George Bush has lost a battle of wills with a Segway scooter. The US commander-in-thief took a tumble during a family break in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Idiot Usurper Fails Segway Challenge

Bush Set to Start 2004 Fund-Raising Dictator Bush begins raising money in earnest this week for his 2004 re-election effort with a two-week, cross-country sprint expected to take in millions of dollars.

Comcast paying employees to spot nonsubscribers Spot dish, get paid a bounty --Beginning this month, the cable giant's 4,300 Bay Area employees -- and their families -- are being offered $1.50 for every dish they report that isn't already in a database of known satellite subscribers that Comcast is quietly compiling.

Firm Silent as Patients Died Device Maker Pleads Guilty To Misleading FDA --A major maker of medical devices pleaded guilty yesterday to covering up thousands of incidents in which its product malfunctioned as it was being inserted in patients' bodies. Twelve patients died, and dozens needed emergency surgery.

Wis. Offers Smallpox Vaccine to Workers Wisconsin officials are offering smallpox shots [the deadly vaccines that taxpayers bought when he gave the pharmaceutical companies a corporate welfare boondoggle last year] to health care workers and others who have been in close contact with animals or people with the monkeypox virus.

US turns to the Taliban Such is the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan, compounded by the return to the country of a large number of former Afghan communist refugees, that United States and Pakistani intelligence officials have met with Taliban leaders in an effort to devise a political solution to prevent the country from being further ripped apart.

Minor error, Blair's media chief says of plagiarism The use of segments from a Californian PhD student's 13-year-old thesis in a British government dossier to justify a war against Iraq was just 'a minor mistake', [?!?] Britain's media chief has said.

CIA rejects blame for Bush's Iraq uranium claim The CIA rejected any blame on Thursday for the use of a faulty intelligence report by Dictator George W. Bush as he built his case for war against Iraq.

Official: CIA Doubted Iraq Uranium Claims The CIA expressed doubts as it passed along prewar claims that Iraq sought uranium from the African country of Niger, a senior intelligence official said Thursday. The allegations made it into Dictator Bush's State of disUnion address anyway.

CIA Says It Cabled Key Data to White House The CIA, facing criticism for its failure to pass on a key piece of information that put in doubt Iraq's purported attempts to buy uranium from Niger, said yesterday it sent a cable to the White House and other government agencies in March 2002 that said the claim had been denied by officials from the central African country. But Bush dictatorship officials acknowledged that the 11/2-page document did not include the conclusion of a former U.S. ambassador dispatched by the CIA to Niger the month before that documents outlining a transfer of uranium to Baghdad were not authentic.

Covert Unit Hunted for Iraqi Arms Amid Raids and Rescue, Task Force 20 Failed to Pinpoint Weapons --A covert Army Special Forces unit, operating in Iraq since before the war began in March, has played a dominant but ultimately unsuccessful role in the Bush dictatorship's stymied hunt for weapons of mass destruction, according to military and intelligence sources in Baghdad and Washington.

Hillary Clinton calls for inquiry over Iraq Hillary Clinton has called for independent inquiries to review the credibility of the intelligence used to justify war in Iraq. The New York senator joined the mounting pressure in both Britain and the US to investigate allegations that details of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction were exaggerated.

White House in Denial --by Nicholas D. Kristof "I don't believe that the president [sic] deliberately lied to the public in an attempt to scare Americans into supporting his war. But it does look as if ideologues in the administration deceived themselves about Iraq's nuclear programs — and then deceived the American public as well."

Army Backtracks on Halliburton Contract Halliburton's no-bid work to revive Iraq's oil industry is likely to last longer than originally estimated, the Army has acknowledged, and the cost to the government has more than doubled in the past month.

Sabotage hits Iraq pipeline as crude exports prepare to resume An Iraqi oil pipeline was burning after being sabotaged as the country's crude was set to return to the world market, and despite an offensive by US-led forces against opponents of their occupation [Nazi] regime. [Apparently, the Iraqis don't appreciate 'Operation Iraqi Freedom'. --Lori Price]

Pipeline ablaze in Iraq after bombing: report Fires are reportedly blazing on the oil pipeline from Iraq's northern oilfields after what residents say were twin bomb attacks targeting exports through Turkey. Residents have told journalists that the pipeline was attacked by Iraqis with explosives to stop the Americans taking the oil out to Turkey.

Turkey Says Pipeline Sabotage Theory Probed Turkey said on Friday investigations were under way to establish whether sabotage was to blame for a blast on the Iraqi section of a pipeline carrying oil to Turkey.

Purported Saddam Hussein Letter Threatens New Attacks Saddam Hussein has called on foreigners to leave Iraq and threatened attacks in countries with troops occupying his former stronghold, according to a letter he purportedly faxed to an Arabic newspaper on Friday. "We warn all foreign citizens and all those who came with cowardly occupier...of the need to leave Iraq before the 17th of next June," said the three-page letter, sent to the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi and made available to Reuters.

U.S. troops kill 27 Iraqi 'attackers' [freedom fighters resisting the US occupation] Earlier raid on terrorist training camp kills 70 'combatants' [freedom fighters resisting the US occupation] --U.S. forces killed 27 Iraqi [freedom] fighters in a ground and air pursuit Friday after the Iraqis attacked an American tank patrol north of Baghdad, the military said. As many as 70 combatants were killed and a large cache of weapons was seized in the heavy engagement, a major combat operation that U.S. officials described as "real warfare."

US launches major military offensive in "liberated" Iraq Two months after the fall of Baghdad, the American military has been forced to launch a major assault on an area to the northwest of the Iraqi capital in a desperate bid to suppress mounting resistance to the US occupation.

100 Iraqis killed in violent clashes Almost 100 Iraqis were killed overnight in two of the bloodiest attacks since the fall of Baghdad. In the first confrontation, US troops [terrorists] were reported to have killed at least 70 people in a raid on a "terrorist" training camp about 90 miles north-west of Baghdad.

US moves in on Iraq's resistance US troops were questioning about 400 suspects yesterday after the biggest military operation in Iraq since the regime collapsed two months ago. Several Iraqis are believed to have died in the three-day operation, called Peninsula Strike, north of Baghdad. One civilian source said there had been a "number of dead".

Iraqis Protest Troops Entering Mosque Around 200 Iraqis rallied Friday in downtown Baghdad to protest U.S. soldiers entering a mosque, claiming the troops mistreated worshippers and took money.

Iraqi shepherd sues Rumsfeld, Franks over loss of relatives and flock An Iraqi shepherd is seeking 200 million dollars in damages from the US military for the deaths of 17 members of his family as well as 200 sheep in a missile strike, in the first such suit filed through the courts of the US-led occupation dictatorship. [Note: The link to this article accesses the defense-aerospace index.]

Resistance to occupation is growing US and British troops are being sucked into an Iraqi quagmire --by Richard Norton-Taylor and Rory McCarthy "While attention has focused on the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, growing evidence that the war is far from over has been overlooked... Hostile residents are not shy of threatening more attacks, insisting they are not Saddam loyalists but angry at the US military occupation. Aggressive house searches and the killing by US troops of 18 protesters in a demonstration last month have provoked fury... US troops are now being sucked into Iraq much deeper than they imagined, or were told."

War may have killed 10,000 civilians, researchers say At least 5,000 civilians may have been killed during the invasion of Iraq, an independent research group has claimed. As more evidence is collated, it says, the figure could reach 10,000.

Thousands at Risk of Cholera in Iraq, UK and US Neglecting the Needs of Civilians As raw sewage from open drains contaminates drinking water, temperatures soar and electricity is in short supply, the risk of epidemic diseases such as cholera spreading in Baghdad increases daily.

Belgium Sticks by War Crimes Law Despite U.S. Anger Belgium stuck by its war crimes law on Friday despite demands for radical change by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld on Thursday vowed to freeze spending on NATO's new headquarters in Brussels unless the law was revoked.

US threatens to boycott Belgium over war crimes law The bitter dispute between the US and Europe over Iraq burst into the open again yesterday when the US threatened Belgium with a boycott and Germany and France registered protests at the UN about Washington's continued opposition to the international criminal court.

Barbershop Wisdom Says Bush in Trouble --by William O. Beeman "The defensive purpose of the war is now being called fully into question. Weapons of mass destruction have not been found. The al-Qaeda connection remains non-existent. The altruistic nature of the war is being overwhelmed by stories of profiteering by American industrial interests with ties to the administration, like Halliburton, and continual reference to Iraq's oil resources."

Ashcroft pushing PATRIOT II, Bush hesitating Attorney General John Ashcroft is pushing for enhanced law enforcement powers to conduct the nation's ongoing war on terrorism, but the White House is taking a cautious route in the face of some public and congressional reservations.

U.S. Will Tighten Rules on Holding Terror Suspects Federal authorities said today that they planned to use stricter standards for identifying and locking up terrorist suspects in light of concerns raised in a recent report that hundreds of illegal immigrants were mistreated after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Senators Question FBI's Propensity to Investigate Agents Three senior senators are raising questions about the FBI's decision to conduct a fourth internal investigation of an agent who aired concerns about the bureau's counterterrorism investigations.

U.S. Conservatives Take Aim at NGOs While non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and Oxfam have made significant contributions to human rights, the environment, and development, they are using their growing prominence and power to pursue a "liberal" agenda at the international level that threatens U.S. sovereignty and free-market capitalism [Well, shucks, *someone* has to...]. That was the message delivered by a series of speakers at an all-day conference, "Nongovernmental Organizations: The Growing Power of an Unelected Few," Wednesday sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a Washington think tank that has been particularly influential with the Bush dictatorship.

Handout Photos Don't Tell the Whole Story Media Gets Less Access at White House --by Allan Wolper "The picture was propaganda-perfect. It showed President [sic] Bush holding the hand of Army Sgt. First Class Thomas Douglas as the wounded soldier lay in a Walter Reed Hospital bed in Washington, D.C., recovering from the bullet wounds that earned him a Purple Heart in the Iraq war... The wire services -- behaving like adjuncts of the White House -- distributed the staged hospital scenes, and noted in their captions that the photos were handouts."

GOP Closer to Moving Class Action Suits A Republican push to move virtually all national class-action lawsuits from state court into federal court is close to becoming reality. Dictator Bush and the GOP-controlled House are already on board and the Republican-controlled Senate is on the verge of passing its own version of the legislation.

House Passes Bill Curbing Class Action Suits The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation that sponsors said would curb 'abuse' [?!?] of class-action lawsuits by moving most of them from state to federal courts, where judges may be less sympathetic. Opponents denounced the measure as "corporate welfare," saying that because it was retroactive to some pending cases, it would help companies like Enron Corp. that are beset by scandals and are fighting shareholder lawsuits.

Few People Likely to Escape Higher Taxes Fines, fees, surcharges, taxes: Whatever you call it, the bottom line is that cash-strapped states are seeking billions of new dollars from their citizens, enough to potentially double the load of new taxes this year and erase much of the windfall American taxpayers enjoyed in the 1990s.

Law lets state seize homes of dead nursing home patients (TX) A new state law lets the state seize the homes of some nursing home patients after they die, rather than allowing them to go to family members.

Frist stands among wealthiest senators New Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is among the wealthiest in a Senate full of millionaires, according to financial disclosure forms released Friday. Frist is among many in the Senate who are likely to reap benefits this year from the just-passed $350 billion tax cuts that reduce the maximum tax rate on both dividends and capital gains to 15 percent, down from 38.6 percent for dividends and 20 percent for capital gains.

Bill allows some Head Start schools to base hiring on religion Religiously oriented groups that provide federal preschool programs could refuse to hire teachers based on their faith, a House panel voted Thursday in approving a scaled-back 'overhaul' of Head Start.

'Some Crazy Guy' --by Paul Krugman "There's no point in getting mad at Mr. [Representative Tom] DeLay and his clique: they are what they are. I do, however, get angry at moderates, liberals and traditional conservatives who avert their eyes, pretending that current disputes are just politics as usual. They aren't — what we're looking at here is a radical power play, which if it succeeds will transform our country. Yet it's considered uncool to point that out. Many of those who minimize the threat the radical right now poses to America as we know it would hate to live in the country Mr. DeLay wants to create. Yet by playing down the seriousness of the challenge, they help bring his vision closer to reality."

Dennis Kucinich: The Progressive Vision ( Kucinich platform brochure --"It’s time for America to resume its glorious journey. Time to reject shrinking jobs and wages, disappearing savings and rights. Time to reject the detour towards fear and greed. Time to look out upon the world for friends, not enemies. Time to counter the control of corporations over our politics, our economy, our resources, and mass media..." Click here to view brochure in .pdf format.

Leader of Effort to Recall California Governor Is Named in Dispute A California congressman leading an effort to recall Gov. Gray Davis is caught in his own controversy, facing accusations that he has financed the effort with "soft money" checks, in violation of the new federal campaign finance law.

Garofalo Series Canned, Conspiracy Theories Abound Less than a week after ABC pulled the plug on Janeane Garofalo's proposed midseason comedy, "Slice o' Life," speculation is already building that the comedian fell victim to her liberal political views.

Frank Files Domestic Partner Bill Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) and Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN) today filed legislation to recognize domestic partnerships within the Federal Government workforce.

Sickko Savage Sues Web Sites Radio and television talk show 'host' [and Reichwing whackjob] Michael Savage, is suing three gay websites of his homophobic attacks. The suit alleges that by endorsing a boycott of advertisers called for by GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the defendants are causing Savage financial damage by unjustifiably interfering in his business relationships with program advertisers. [This is a good opportunity to remind folks to keep boycotting Savage and Talk Radio Network Inc., so that Maggot-face loses more money and is eventually forced off the air. --Lori Price]

GOP's Giordano Sentenced To 37 Years Former Waterbury Mayor (R-Typical) Philip Giordano was sentenced today to 37 years in federal prison for sexually abusing two preteen girls.


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