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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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July 2004 Archives

Pentagon Reportedly Aimed to Hold Detainees in Secret --Proposal to keep some prisoners 'off the books' went against promises for yearly case reviews. --Despite pledging yearly reviews for all prisoners held by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Pentagon officials tentatively agreed during a high-level meeting last month to deny that process to some detainees and to keep their existence secret "for intelligence reasons," senior defense officials said Thursday. Under the proposal, some prisoners would in effect be kept off public records and away from the scrutiny of lawyers and judges.

U.S. News obtains all classified annexes to the Taguba report on Abu Ghraib --The most comprehensive view yet of what went wrong at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, based on a review of all 106 classified annexes to the report of Major General Antonio Taguba, shows abuses were facilitated--and likely encouraged--by a chaotic and dangerous environment made worse by constant pressure from Washington to squeeze intelligence from detainees.

Clarke calls U.S. treatment of Iraqi prisoners "war crime" --Former White House terrorism czar Richard Clarke called the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib a "war crime" and again blasted the Bush regime for actions that he said are intensifying the threat of terrorism.

Full text: Conclusions of Senate's Iraq report --Report on the prewar intelligence assessments --The Senate Intelligence Committee report's conclusions on pre-war intelligence failures in Iraq, as released. (Portions of the conclusions were blacked out, by the committee, prior to public release.) SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE UNITED STATES SENATE - REPORT ON THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY'S PREWAR INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENTS ON IRAQ

Death toll for U.S.-led occupation in Iraq tops 1,000 --In a grim milestone, the number of deaths in the American-led occupation in Iraq surpassed 1,000 this week.

US told to 'butt out' of Aussie politics --Former PMs Keating and Fraser accuse top American officials of trying to sway voters and pressuring opposition stance on troops in Iraq --The United States has been told to 'butt out' of Australian politics by two former prime ministers who accused US officials of trying to sway Australian voters in a knife-edge general election due within months. Top US officials, including Dictator George W. Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell, have been pressuring Australia's opposition Labor Party to drop a promise to withdraw troops from Iraq if it wins polls tipped for October.

Israel's barrier ruled illegal --World Court edict is non-binding --Arabs to seek action by U.N. --Arab nations will ask the U.N. General Assembly next week to urge the destruction of the barrier Israel is building to seal off the West Bank, following yesterday's ruling by the International Court of Justice. "Israel is in violation of international law, of international legitimacy, and the General Assembly now will be called upon to look into this matter," said Ambassador Yahya Mahmassani, representative of the 22-nation Arab League at the United Nations.

In Words of World Court, a Wall That Is 'Contrary to International Law' --Excerpts from the nonbinding decision on Friday by the International Court of Justice, which concluded that Israel's construction of the barrier in the West Bank is illegal

Osama 'directing attack on US' --Bush dictatorship officials warn of strike to influence upcoming election --Osama bin Laden [Bush?] and his chief lieutenants, operating from hideouts suspected to be along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border [that Bush permitted to flourish by diverting military resources to Iraq], are directing an Al-Qaeda effort to launch an attack in the United States later this year, according to Bush regime officials.

U.S. warns of Al Qaeda attack before presidential vote No details given; threat level stable --In the latest warning that 'Al Qaeda terrorists' are preparing to attack the United States before the November elections, Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge on Thursday alerted Americans that the group was readying a large-scale strike.

Tabloid headquarters to be fumigated --Nearly three years after being the site of a deadly anthrax attack, the former headquarters of a supermarket tabloid is being fumigated in an attempt to eradicate the deadly spores. Chlorine dioxide will be pumped into the American Media Inc. building to kill the anthrax spores, which have spread throughout its 65,000 square feet. The cleanup is being led by BioONE, a company established by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Sabre Technical Services, which decontaminated other buildings hit by anthrax attacks.

Stiff sentence for gas station owner who lied in terrorism probe --Terror probe suspect gets max -- A federal judge in Brooklyn found sentencing guidelines unconstitutional Friday but still hit an immigrant from Yemen with a tough prison term for lying to investigators probing terrorism. U.S. District Judge Nina Gershon's ruling tossing out the guidelines is one of an apparently growing number of similar decisions by federal court judges after a U.S. Supreme Court decision last month that put the federal sentencing structure into question.

Effort to Curb Scope of Antiterrorism [sic] Law Falls Short --An effort to bar the government from demanding records from libraries and booksellers in some terrorism investigations fell one vote short of passage in the House on Thursday after a late burst of lobbying prompted nine Republicans to switch their votes. The outcome led to angry recriminations from House Democrats, who accused Republicans of "vote-rigging" by holding the vote open for an extra 23 minutes to get enough colleagues to switch votes. Frustrated Democrats shouted "Shame, shame!" and "Democracy!" as the voting continued, but Republicans defended their right as the majority party to keep the vote open to "educate members" [threaten and blackmail members, such as during the Medicare vote?] about the dangers of scaling back government counterterrorism [dictatorial] powers.

Journalists hit by new US visa rules --A crackdown by US authorities on issuing visas to foreign journalists threatens to cause chaos for overseas broadcasters and newspapers just five months before the presidential election. The new rules, which come into force next week, will ban overseas reporters and news crews stationed in the US from renewing their visas without leaving the country first. Just five months before American voters decide who will be appointed to the most powerful office in the world, the US state department said it would not longer allow overseas journalists to renew visas from within the country.

Convention security to test new DHS operations center --'Terror' concerns have pushed new DHS, intelligence networks to the forefront --Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge yesterday said new IT systems have been deployed ahead of schedule to ensure that the government is capable of managing any security crisis that might arise during this summer's political conventions.

Republican Bias at Faux News Documented in New Film, Featuring Former Employees --Former Faux Journalists, Internal Memos to Blow the Whistle on Faux Partisan Bias --At a New York press conference this coming Monday, four former Faux News employees will go on the record to expose Faux's persistent Republican partisan bias, while releasing internal memorandums from Fox News Channel showing executive level instructions to Faux on how to bias the news.

Holy coincidence, Batman!! Bush military record 'has been destroyed' -- Records that could have helped clarify whether George Bush fulfilled his Air National Guard duties in Alabama during the Vietnam War, as he has insisted, were 'inadvertently [yeah, right!] destroyed' several years ago, the Pentagon has conceded.

Pentagon Say Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed --Military records that could help establish George Bush's whereabouts during his disputed service in the Texas Air National Guard more than 30 years ago have been 'inadvertently' [?!?] destroyed, according to the Pentagon.

Daschle denies hugging Moore --There was no hug between "Fahrenheit 9/11" director Michael Moore and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle at the film's June 23 premiere in Washington, D.C., Daschle said Thursday. When asked about Moore's account of a hug after the premiere and the criticism Daschle has received for it, the South Dakota Democrat said he and Moore did not embrace. [But he corroborates having sat on George Bush's lap during a White House meeting.]

Fahrenheit 9/11 is runaway success in France --"Fahrenheit 9/11" is the hottest cinema ticket in France, its national distributor said Thursday, one day after the Michael Moore documentary bashing US Dictator George W. Bush opened across the country. Some 100,000 people went to see it Wednesday, putting it in line to become France's most-watched documentary ever, the company, Mars Distribution, said.

Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed --Florida election officials used a flawed method to come up with a listing of people believed to be convicted felons, a list that they are recommending be used to purge voter registration rolls, state officials acknowledged yesterday. Of nearly 48,000 Florida residents on the felon list, only 61 are Hispanic. By contrast, more than 22,000 are African-American. The effect could be significant: black voters are overwhelmingly Democratic, while Hispanics in Florida tend to vote Republican.

Angry Bush Walks Out on Media, Refuses to Answer Questions About Relationship With Ken Lay --A clearly-rattled George W. Bush walked out of a media briefing Thursday, refusing to answer questions about his close relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth Lay, a campaign benefactor Bush nicknamed "Kenny Boy" when the two were up-and-comers in Texas. Bush, visibly upset, stomped off the stage when reporters pressed him about his relationship with Lay and left White House press secretary Scott McClellan to deal with the questions.

Give It Back, George: The Lay Loot That Bought the White House Bush and Republicans Should Give Up Ill-Gotten Gains --by Greg Palast "If the G-men don't know where the tainted loot is cached, try this address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Ask for George or Dick. Ken Lay and his Enron team are the Number One political career donors to George W. Bush. Mr. Lay and his Mrs., with no money to pay back bilked creditors, still managed to personally put up $100,000 for George's inaugural Ball plus $793,110 for personal donations to Republicans. Lay's Enron team dropped $4.2 million into the party that let Enron party."

George W. Bush, environmental terrorist: Forest Service Approves Logging in Alaska's Tongass --Federal officials are allowing a 665-acre timber harvest in a roadless area of Tongass National Forest, the first since an anti-logging rule was lifted early this year.

Nevada Loses Yucca Mt. Waste Site Appeal --A federal appeals court on Friday rejected Nevada's arguments against building a nuclear waste site in the state, but ordered the government to develop a new plan to protect the public against radiation releases beyond the proposed 10,000 years.

Peat bogs harbour carbon time bomb --The world’s peat bogs are haemorrhaging carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming, warns a UK researcher. And worse still, the process appears to be feeding off itself, as rising atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide are triggering further releases from the bogs.

Gov. Bush vetoes free pre-kindergarten measure --Gov. Jeb Bush vetoed a bill Friday that would have implemented a free prekindergarten program for Florida's 4-year-olds, which was approved by Florida voters two years ago.

Dean Appeals to Nader to End Bid --In a lively radio debate Friday, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean tried to get Ralph Nader to abandon his long-shot White House bid. Nader, the man Democrats blame for George W. Bush's coup d'etat in 2000, declined and vowed to continue his GOP-funded ['independent'] campaign.

GOP donors funding Nader Bush supporters give independent's bid a financial lift --Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader -- still not on the ballot in a single state -- has received a recent windfall of contributions from deep-pocketed Republicans with a history of big contributions to the party, an analysis of federal records show. Nearly one in 10 of Nader's major donors -- those writing checks of $1, 000 or more -- have given in recent months to the Bush-Cheney campaign, the latest documents show. GOP fund-raisers also have "bundled" contributions -- gathering hefty donations for maximum effect to help Nader, who has criticized the practice in the past.

Slave trade is back in US, senators told --Despite stricter enforcement and greater protection for victims, human traffickers continue to smuggle in thousands of people from poor countries to work as slaves in brothels, homes, factories and farms in the United States.

FDA Delays Mad Cow Feed Rules --The Food and Drug Administrationon Friday banned brains and other cattle parts that could carry mad cow disease from use in cosmetics and dietary supplements, but delayed some similar safeguards in animal feed for up to two years.


CLG Founder and Honorary Chair, Michael Rectenwald to appear on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country" at 10PM ET Thursday, July 8. (The show reairs at 3AM ET). Tune in for Michael's comments on Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11." From the July 8 "Scarborough Country" newsletter: "Also in Scarborough Country tonight is Mike Rectenwald, founder of the group 'Citizens for Legitimate Government,' who's seen 'Fahrenheit 9/11' three times and says Moore can stand behind every fact in the movie." ***Please sign Lori's 'Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks,' as it is closing in on 25 thousand signatures, and will be mentioned this evening on the show!***

In an effort to completely stifle any protest: DoD to Assist Security Efforts for U.S. Political Events --The Defense Department is ready to provide 'support' [?!?] to safeguard this fall's Democratic and Republican national conventions and the presidential election, a senior U.S. military officer said here today. "We support (Homeland Security) Secretary (Tom) Ridge in his operations," Army Brig. Gen. David Rodriquez, deputy operations director for the Joint Staff, told reporters at a Pentagon news conference.

Bush terror team setting stage to disrupt 2004 elections: Ridge: Political Conventions Likely Terrorist Targets --Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge today warned Americans that al Qaeda [the Bush terror team?] is planning to attack somewhere in the United States between now and the national presidential election. Ridge told reporters that al Qaeda is now "moving ahead with its plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process." [By continually invoking 'al Qaeda,' the Bush terror team can shut down all legitimate dissent at the Republican National Convention]

Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot --A steady stream of intelligence, including nuggets from militant-linked Web sites, indicates al-Qaida wants to attack the United States to disrupt the upcoming elections, federal officials said Thursday. Besides elaborate security plans for the political conventions this summer in Boston and New York, the officials are considering how to intimidate voters ['secure polling places'] come November.

Bush Coordinating War on [of] Terror With Election (The Daily Mis-Lead) "In the months after the tragic attacks of 9/11, President [sic] Bush told the American people that he had 'no ambition whatsoever to use [the War on Terror] as a political issue' But according to a new report, the Bush Administration is now demanding that international allies coordinate the arrest of al Qaeda terrorists to coincide with key U.S. political events, so as to maximize political benefits for the President [sic]."

Officials: Bin Laden guiding plots against U.S. --Ridge: Terrorists' aim is to influence presidential vote --A plot to carry out a large-scale terror attack against the United States in the near future is being directed by Osama bin Laden and other top al Qaeda members, senior intelligence officials said Thursday.

Holy coincidence, Batman! Ridge announces new, dire 'al Qaeda' terror alerts and... Bush Wins; House Leaves Patriot Act As Is --The Republican-led House bowed to a White House veto threat Thursday and stood by the USA Patriot Act, defeating an effort to block the part of the anti-terrorism law that helps the government investigate people's reading habits. The effort to defy Bush and bridle the law's powers lost by 210-210, with a majority needed to prevail. The amendment appeared on its way to victory as the roll call's normal 15-minute time limit expired, but GOP leaders kept the vote open for 23 more minutes as they persuaded about 10 Republicans who initially supported the provision to change their votes.

House RollCall Patriot Act --The 210-210 roll call Thursday by which the House rejected an amendment preventing authorities from using the USA Patriot Act to acquire records from libraries, bookstores and other businesses. An amendment needs a majority vote to pass.

Michigan State Police boost homeland security efforts --Michigan State Police officials said Thursday they have heightened security in response to unspecified terror threats to the United States from al-Bush-duh.

Oil Prices Rise After U.S. Terror Warning --Crude oil prices in New York surged above $40 a barrel Thursday for the first time in more than a month after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security signaled 'terrorists' were scheming to disrupt U.S. elections.

July Surprise? --by John B. Judis, Spencer Ackerman & Massoud Ansari "...[E]ven as the president[sic]'s poll numbers were sliding, his administration was implementing a plan to insure the public's confidence in his hunt for Al Qaeda. This spring, the administration significantly increased its pressure on Pakistan to kill or capture Osama bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman Al Zawahiri, or the Taliban's Mullah Mohammed Omar, all of whom are believed to be hiding in the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan. This public pressure would be appropriate, even laudable, had it not been accompanied by an unseemly private insistence that the Pakistanis deliver these high-value targets (HVTs) before Americans go to the polls in November. ...The New Republic has learned that Pakistani security officials have been told they must produce HVTs by the election. According to one source in Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), "The Pakistani government is really desperate and wants to flush out bin Laden and his associates after the latest pressures from the U.S. administration to deliver before the [upcoming] U.S. elections."

Ashcroft's Interest (The American Prospect Exclusive) The Attorney General received numerous briefings last year on the Plame case: "Whatever the FBI knew, [he] was able to know within days if he wanted to." --by Murray S. Waas --"Attorney General John Ashcroft received numerous detailed briefings last year regarding the criminal investigation of the unauthorized disclosure of a CIA agent's identity, during which he was told specific information relating to the potential culpability of several close political associates in the Bush administration, according to senior federal law-enforcement sources. Among other things, the sources said, Ashcroft was provided extensive details of an FBI interview of Karl Rove, President [sic] George W. Bush's chief political advisor... The briefings raise questions about the appropriateness of Ashcroft's involvement in the investigation, especially given his longstanding ties to Rove."

MI6 rushed to back case for Iraq war --The Butler report into intelligence on weapons of mass destruction will paint a picture of Britain's intelligence services rushing to try to justify a political decision to go to war in Iraq. A central finding of the report, according to people familiar with its contents, will be that intelligence failings stemmed from Downing Street's decision first to be ready for war and later to publicly justify it by the threat seen posed by Iraq's WMD.

Basis for Iraq war flawed, says Blix --Hans Blix has told the Butler inquiry the intelligence used by Britain and the US to underpin their justification for war on Iraq was inaccurate and overstated the threat of weapons of mass destruction. He has also told the inquiry, which reports next Wednesday, that the government did not exercise sufficient critical judgment in analysing and presenting the intelligence it was given.

GAO: Pentagon IT mismanagement wastes billions The study outlines serious shortfalls that are also affecting Iraq military operations --Despite years of modernization efforts that cost taxpayers billions of dollars, thousands of accounting, personnel and logistics systems at the Pentagon remain "fundamentally flawed" and have led to logistics and pay problems for forces serving in Iraq, according to a new report by the U.S. General Accounting Office (download PDF).

Iraq Insurgency Far Larger Than Thought --The Iraq insurgency is far larger than the 5,000 resistance fighters previously thought to be at its core, U.S. military officials say, and it's being led by well-armed Iraqi Sunnis angry at being pushed from power alongside Saddam Hussein.

U.S. Starts Drawing Plans to Cut Its Troops in Iraq --With the US puppet dictatorship ['an interim Iraqi government'] now in place, the Pentagon is beginning long-range planning on how to reduce the number of American troops in Iraq, senior military officials said Wednesday.

US soldiers seek asylum in Canada --Two US soldiers pleading for asylum in Canada after walking out on their units over fierce objections to the Iraq war have appeared in a Toronto courtroom.

Helen Thomas Points to Government 'Lies' "This government lies," journalistic legend Helen Thomas told a group of editors, reporters and interns from The Indianapolis Star on Wednesday. She also called Bush dictatorship claims on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "baloney."

Americans hung Afghan detainees by feet --3 arrested after setting on private jail in Kabul --Three Americans arrested in Afghanistan were on a self-appointed counterterrorism mission that included abusing eight inmates in a private jail by hanging them by their feet, Afghan officials said Thursday.

Afghans Arrest Americans in Abuse Case --Afghan forces arrested three Americans, including a purported former Green Beret, after raiding a jail they were allegedly running in the Afghan capital and finding prisoners hanging from their feet, officials said Thursday.

Blair Calls for an End to Guantanamo Prison Camp --During a meeting with lawmakers on Tuesday, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay an "anomaly that must end" during tough questioning over his relationship with Washington. British Prime Minister Tony Blair strayed from his own personal party line and openly criticized the United States' policy regarding the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Rights Activists Assail Pentagon Guantanamo Moves --Human rights activists demanded on Thursday that the United States give lawyers access to Guantanamo prisoners, and criticized an internal process devised by the Pentagon for these foreign terrorism suspects to contest whether they are being held lawfully.

Israeli interrogators in Iraq -- An exclusive report (, subscription required) "At least one aspect of the occupation of Iraq was well planned by Washington. The USA needed help conducting mass interrogations of Arabic-speaking detainees. Foreign Report can now reveal that, to make up for this shortfall, the USA employed Israeli security service (Shin Bet) experts to help their US counterparts 'break' their captives... Foreign Report has learnt that top Shin Bet interrogation experts were sent to Iraq to help with the most difficult interrogations, such as the captured heads of the Iraqi intelligence - and perhaps with former president Saddam Hussein."

Our Broken System --by Sibel Edmonds "On Tuesday, July 6, 2004, Judge Reggie Walton made a decision and ruled on my case. Under his ruling, I, an American citizen, am not entitled to pursue my 1st and 5th Amendment rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States. The vague reasoning cited, without any explanation, is to protect 'certain diplomatic relations for national security.' ...This court decision by itself would have been appalling and alarming enough, but in light of all other actions taken against my case for the past two years it demonstrates a broken system, a system abused and corrupted by the current executive, a system badly in need of repair."

Israel holds fast to "ambiguity" policy after IAEA chief meets Sharon --Israel held fast to its policy of ambiguity about whether it has nuclear weapons and its refusal to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei concluded a visit.

Kerry, Edwards: Fla. Votes to Be Counted --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and running mate John Edwards sought to rally voters in Florida on Thursday by recalling the coup d'etat in 2000. "I got news for you. In 2004, not only does every vote in Florida count, but every vote is going to be counted," Kerry said during a sweltering rally inside an airport hanger. "They fix those machines, we'll fix America."

Lawsuit challenges Florida ballot-recount rules --The rule prohibits manual recounting of ballots cast with touch-screen machines --Voter rights groups sued Florida election administrators yesterday to overturn a rule that prohibits the manual recounting of ballots cast with touch-screen machines, a lawsuit with echoes of the coup d'etat ['state's disputed 2000 presidential election voting']. The lawsuit called the rule "illogical" and said it rests on the questionable assumption that electronic voting machines perform flawlessly 100% of the time.

Florida Reverses, Says It Won't Strip 2,500 Ex-Felons of Voting Rights --The Florida Division of Elections has done an about-face and decided it will allow voting by almost 2,500 former felons whose restored voting rights had been threatened with revocation.

What Actions You Can Take Now To Make Sure Our Votes Count! --by Cheryl Guttman "Millions of voters will be voting on new electronic voting machines that computer programmers are warning are vulnerable to errors and hacking. ...[I]nformation about calls, faxes, emails you can make today to pass national and local legislation for essential voting reforms to make sure all our votes our counted."

Ex-Enron CEO pleads not guilty --Indictment says Lay deceived public, shareholders, government --Former Enron Corp. CEO Kenneth Lay pleaded innocent Thursday to federal charges that he was involved in a wide-ranging scheme to deceive the public, company shareholders and government regulators about the energy company that he founded and led to industry prominence before its collapse.

US Dictator George W. Bush walks away from a briefing with the media, refusing to answer questions after he was asked about Enron and the reported indictment of former CEO Kenneth Lay, who was a close adviser and fund-raiser for Bush and his father, earning him the pResidential nickname of 'Kenny Boy.'--photo (AFP/Paul J. Richards)

Squirrel species threatened by fires --The littlest potential victim of two wildfires on Arizona's Mount Graham could be an endangered type of red squirrel that has been living on the peak since the Ice Age. The world's only colony of Mount Graham red squirrels - numbering fewer than 300 - has been threatened in recent days by flames lapping toward the animals' spruce and fir forest near the 10,700-foot summit.


Lawmakers briefed on terror attack threat --Top FBI, CIA and Homeland Security Department officials briefed House members Wednesday about a steady stream of intelligence indicating al-Qaida may seek to mount an attack aimed at disrupting U.S. elections. [As Bush's poll numbers plummet... is the Reichwing prepping for the ultimate 'October surprise?']

Lawmakers Take Aim at Part of Patriot Act --Lawmakers who say portions of the USA Patriot Act went too far are taking aim at its provision that made it easier for investigators to learn what people are reading — despite a veto threat from the White House.

White House threatens spending bill veto if Patriot Act is weakened --The White House threatened Wednesday to veto a wide-ranging spending bill if the House uses it to weaken the USA Patriot Act, raising the prospect of an election-year fight over Dictator Bush's quest for expanded powers to suppress domestic dissent ['counter 'terrorists.']

US sets up new Guantanamo panels --The US government is setting up new military tribunals to review the legal status of terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, the Pentagon says. The new so-called Combatant Status Review tribunals will consist of three officers, at least one of whom will be a military lawyer. But the detainees will not have access to a lawyer themselves for these tribunals - only another military officer to assist them.

US Dictatorship Says 9 More 'Enemy Combatants' Subject to Military Tribunals --Presidential [sic] Military Order Applied to Nine more Combatants --The DoD announced today that Dictator Bush determined that nine more enemy combatants currently detained by the United States are subject to his military order of Nov. 13, 2001. Today’s action makes these individuals eligible for trial by military commissions. This brings to 15 the number of detainees that Bush has determined are subject to his military order.

US Dictatorship in Iraq Approves Law Allowing Martial Rule --Insurgents, Iraqi and U.S. Forces Engage in a Rare Daytime Battle --Iraq's interim government announced a new national security law on Wednesday that will allow US Dictator ['Prime Minister'] Ayad Allawi to exercise broad powers of martial rule to combat a persistent insurgency. The law gives Allawi "extraordinary authorities" to declare curfews, restrict communications, seize assets, restrict civic associations and assume direct command of security forces in areas deemed to be emergency zones. In those places, police and military units would have the freedom to search and detain people without judicial orders. [Is martial rule part of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom?']

Allawi awards himself special powers --The US Dictator in Iraq ['Iraqi Prime Minister'], Iyad Allawi, has signed into law broad powers that allow him to impose curfews anywhere in the country, ban seditious groups and order detentions of people suspected of being security risks.

US troops kill Iraqi preparing wedding feast --US forces killed an Iraqi motorist at close range in Baghdad, then left the scene without any comment, according to eyewitnesses. The motorist had overtaken a military convoy on his way to the hotel where he was making final preparations two days ahead of his wedding, police and relatives said... The dead man's father vowed to join the resistance against US occupation troops in Iraq. "God curse the Americans! God curse the Americans!", he shouted.

US death squads unleashed in Iraq: Iraqi family disputes U.S. military account of man's death --The Americans came for Sajid al-Bawi at 3 a.m., ramming his gate with a Humvee, breaking down the front door with their rifles and bursting into his living room, where, his family says, he was sleeping with his wife and five children. "That's Sajid," said a masked Iraqi who was with them, pointing. The soldiers took al-Bawi into an adjoining room for interrogation and an hour later they left, accompanied by a hooded man the family said it assumed was al-Bawi. It was only after the soldiers left, family members said, that they discovered al-Bawi's bullet-riddled corpse wedged beside a refrigerator in the room in which he was questioned.

An account of mistreatment of girls and boys in Iraqi prisons: "Undressing, blows and cold water" --Internal UNICEF report: USA intern children for an indefinite time without legal process --According to inquiries undertaken by the ARD political magazine REPORT MAINZ, indications increase that, within Iraqi prisons, US soldiers even mistreated children and youngsters. Two different sources independently recorded the inhuman treatment of imprisoned minors within the premises of the scandalous prison Abu Ghreib, according to REPORT MAINZ.

Four US marines killed in Iraqi operation --Four more United States marines have been killed in action in Iraq's restive Al-Anbar province, the US military said, taking its death toll in the region to 14 in just over one week.

US deserter's Canadian campaign -- "I'm coming for you," reads one threatening e-mail, laced with racism and obscenities. "Desserters [sic] should get shot in the back especially at war time," reads another. Vicious messages, mostly from Americans, have flooded the inbox of 25-year-old Jeremy Hinzman, an American soldier who deserted to seek refugee status in Canada after refusing to participate in the war in Iraq, which he has called a "criminal enterprise".

Keating hits out at 'dumb' US comments --Former prime minister Paul Keating says comments by the US dictatorship about Labor's Iraq policy are an unwarranted intervention in Australian domestic politics. US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage says after recent meetings with Labor MPs in Washington it is clear the ALP is split over its commitment to remove Australian troops from Iraq by Christmas. Mr Keating says the comments by Mr Armitage are unwarranted. "Beating up on friendly foreign political parties is not only unsightly, it's dumb and counterproductive in the longer term," Mr Keating said in a statement. He said Labor "will not be thugged by US officials". [Yes, we won't be 'thugged' by US officials, either. We will not tolerate a second coup d'etat in November.]

Australia signs on to missile defence shield --The United States and Australia signed a pact today to develop a controversial missile defence shield as they expressed concerns about proliferation of ballistic missiles capable of carrying weapons of mass destruction.

Missile shield will destabilise region, Latham says --Federal Opposition leader Mark Latham says a proposed Australia-US missile defence shield will make the Asia-Pacific region more dangerous. The United States and Australia have signed a 25-year agreement to cooperate in the development of missile defences.

Judge Tosses Suit by Fired FBI Translator --A federal judge threw out a lawsuit Tuesday by a whistle-blower who alleged security lapses in the FBI's translator program, ruling that her claims might expose government secrets that could damage national security. U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton said he was satisfied with claims by Attorney General John Ashcroft and a senior FBI official that the civil lawsuit by Sibel Edmonds could expose intelligence-gathering methods and disrupt diplomatic relations with foreign governments. The judge said he couldn't explain further because his explanation itself would expose sensitive secrets.

Bush Liked Less Than Hussein, Bin Laden --Dictator Bush is disliked by more Hungarian secondary school children than former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, according to an opinion poll published on Wednesday. The survey of 34,000 students, aged 16-18, from 655 high schools showed Adolf Hitler was the most disliked foreign personality with 25 percent of the vote, followed by Bush with 23 percent [Hey! That's within the 'margin of error' of Hitler's percentage!] and Bin Laden with 16 percent. [See the poll results you get when Faux News isn't in the mix???]

Mega Bulimia Alert!! Bush Raises Issue of Edwards' Experience --The Idiot Usurper (Bush) criticized Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards in his home state on Wednesday by questioning whether Edwards had sufficient experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Cheney's Illegal Actions Raise Warning Flags at White House --by Teresa Hampton "Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney illegally intervened to secure a $7 billion no-bid contract for his former employer, energy giant Halliburton, an analysis by the White House counsel’s office concludes. Although the analysis is not available to the public because of the secrecy of 'attorney-client privilege,' it has generated speculation among senior White House aides who suggest the Vice President [sic] should step down as President [sic] George W. Bush’s running mate for the November Presidential elections."

Senate votes to confirm controversial judicial nominee --The Senate voted 51-46 Tuesday to confirm Dictator Bush's appointment to a federal judgeship of an Arkansas attorney who's written publicly that married women must be subordinate to their husbands. Bush's nomination of J. Leon Holmes became a lightning rod in the debate over women's equality.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Prompts State Investigation --A California sheriff's department featured in the movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" is now the focus of a state investigation. In San Francisco Wednesday, hundreds of activists watched a special screening of the controversial film "Fahrenheit 9/11," NBC11 reported. Some of the people in the audience are in the film. An anti-war group called Peace Fresno is featured in the movie because a Fresno sheriff's deputy infiltrated the group for 6 months in 2003 and is seen at a protest in the film. California Attorney General Bill Lockyear has opened an investigation into the surveillance of the group.

Group challenges Florida rule on touchscreen recounts --A group sued the state Wednesday, hoping to reverse a Division of Elections rule that tells elections supervisors that they don't have to include touchscreen ballots in manual recounts. The rule ignores the fact that machines can malfunction or be tampered with, according to the suit filed by a group calling itself the Voter Protection Coalition Round Table.

Kerry, Edwards Debut Team To Throng In St. Petersburg --The 2004 presidential battle roared to life in downtown St. Petersburg on Wednesday night as a spirited crowd estimated at 10,000 overwhelmed the first Florida appearance of the John Kerry and John Edwards tandem.

Polls Show Voters Approve of Edwards Pick -- Democrat John Kerry's choice of John Edwards as his running mate drew a largely favorable public response on Wednesday, with polls showing majorities of voters approved of the choice but did not think it would change their vote in November.

Former Enron CEO to Face Criminal Charges --Federal prosecutors are preparing to announce criminal charges against former Enron Corp. chief executive Kenneth L. Lay as early as Thursday, according to sources involved in the two-and-a-half year old investigation.

Enron Ex-Chief Kenneth Lay Indicted, to Surrender --Former Enron Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Kenneth Lay on Thursday is to surrender to face criminal charges related to his leadership of the energy giant, which fell from Wall Street's loftiest heights into corporate exile and bankruptcy.

Enron's Lay indicted --Former Enron CEO indicted by grand jury in Houston, source says. Former Enron Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay has been indicted by a grand jury in Houston, a person close to the investigation told CNNfn Wednesday.

Study: CEO Pay Rose 27% in 2003 --Stock awards help drive the average corporate chieftain’s annual compensation to $4.6 million, exceeding the previous year’s figure by $1 million.

Australia warned of water crisis --Australia will suffer from severe water shortages and more wild weather if it fails to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, a report says.

1000s Without Electricity As Storms Hit --Thousands were left without electricity today as high winds and driving rain caused havoc throughout southern England. As gales brought down trees and disrupted transport it felt more like November than July.


U.S. Official Seeking Iraq Contracts Carried Out Unauthorized Probes --A senior Defense Department official conducted unauthorized investigations of Iraq reconstruction efforts and used their results to push for lucrative contracts for friends and their business clients, according to current and former Pentagon officials and documents. John A. "Jack" Shaw, deputy undersecretary for international technology security, represented himself as an agent of the Pentagon's inspector general in conducting the investigations this year, sources said. In one case, Shaw disguised himself as an employee of Halliburton Co. and gained access to a port in southern Iraq after he was denied entry by the U.S. military, the sources said.

Few Detainees in Iraq Are Foreign Fighters --Only 90 of the more than 5,700 people in custody in Iraq as security risks are foreign fighters, defense officials said on Tuesday, a figure that suggests the Bush regime may have overstated the role of outside militants in the deadly insurgency.

Norway reacts to torture of children --As a reaction to the alleged torture of children, Norwegian authorities state they will address the US both politically and diplomatically and clearly state that it is not tolerated. German television aired footage of American abuse of children in jails in Iraq Monday. "Such assaults are unacceptable," said Odd Jostein Sæter, parliamentary secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office, to the Norwegian television channel NRK. "It is against international laws and it is also unacceptable from a moral point of view. This is why we react strongly, as we already have reacted to the abuse which is documented at the prisons in Iraq."

Iraqi: U.S. Soldiers Laughed at Drowning --The 19-year-old Iraqi's swimming skills were no match for the Tigris. "Marwan, save me!" Zaidoun Fadel Hassoun screamed to his cousin, himself struggling to stay afloat. The teenager drowned; his cousin made it to shore. "I could hear them laughing," Marwan Fadel Hassoun said, recalling how U.S. soldiers pushed the young men into the river. "They were behaving like they were watching a comedy on stage."

Negroponte's (new) death squads? US-Created Death Squads ['Iraqi Group'] Threatens To Kill Al-Zarqawi 'Salvation Movement' Orders bin Laden Associate to Leave --A group of armed masked men threatened Tuesday to kill Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, saying that he was murdering innocent Iraqis and defiling Islam. In a videotape sent to al-Arabiya television, John Negroponte's death squads 'the previously unknown group', which called itself the "Salvation Movement," ordered al-Zarqawi to leave the country immediately.

Iraqi PM backs strike on Falluja --Iraq's new US puppet dictator ['prime minister'] says his government co-operated in a US air strike on the volatile city of Falluja, which killed at least 10 people. In an unprecedented statement, [former CIA agent]Iyad Allawi said his interim government had provided intelligence for the attack.

Car bombing reportedly kills 13 in Iraq --A car bomb exploded in the town of Khalis on Tuesday, killing 13 people attending a wake for the victims of a previous attack, hospital officials said. Separately, three U.S. Marines assigned to the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force were killed while on duty in western Iraq, the military said in a statement Tuesday.

Kidnapped marine 'safe after defecting' to Islamists --Kidnapped US marine Wassef Ali Hassoun has been taken to "a place of safety" after he pledged not to return to the US military, his captors told al-Jazeera television in a statement yesterday.

Thompson rips veep's Halliburton --New York City's controller accused Vice pResident Cheney's former employer Halliburton yesterday of taking blood money from state sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran and Libya. Controller William Thompson - who oversees an $80 billion pension fund for city workers - said cops and firefighters are outraged that their retirement portfolios include stock in U.S. firms getting fat off contracts with rogue nations like Iran, which funds the terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas and is suspected of giving sanctuary to Al Qaeda leaders.

Blair says WMD 'may never be found' --Tony Blair has said Iraq's weapons of mass destruction "may never be found".

Blair Admits Friction in Bush Relationship --Facing hostile questioning in parliament, Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged on Tuesday some friction in his close relationship with George W. Bush and the political problems the friendship causes at home.

U.S. pilot found guilty in 'friendly fire' incident --Mistaken bombing killed four Canadians --An Air Force pilot involved in a "friendly fire" bombing that killed four Canadian troops in Afghanistan was found guilty Tuesday of dereliction of duty, reprimanded and ordered to forfeit more than $5,000 in pay.

As Pentagon Calls to Duty Inactive Reserve Specialists, Trained Lesbian & Gay Personnel Continue to be Fired --As military leaders begin re-calling to duty thousands of inactive reserve specialists, lesbian, gay and bisexual service members trained in the same fields continue to be fired simply because of their sexual orientation.

9/11 Panelists Rebut Cheney on Information --The leaders of the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks on Tuesday disputed Vice pResident Dick Cheney's suggestion that he probably had access to more intelligence than the commission did about possible ties between the Qaeda terrorist network and Iraq.

9/11 Panel Defends Intelligence --Commissioners Had Access to Same Sources as Cheney --The commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks said yesterday that it has had access to the same information on alleged ties between al Qaeda and Iraq as Vice pResident Cheney, who suggested last month that the panel may not have been privy to all available intelligence when it found limited links between the two.

Mike Rectenwald's appearance on 'Scarborough Country' at 3AM EST. Lori's 'Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks,' as it is closing in on 25 thousand signatures, and was mentioned this evening on the show!

Translator in eye of storm on retroactive classification --Sifting through old classified materials in the days after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, FBI translator Sibel Edmonds said, she made an alarming discovery: Intercepts relevant to the terrorist plot, including references to skyscrapers, had been overlooked because they were badly translated into English. Edmonds, 34, who is fluent in Turkish and Farsi, said she quickly reported the mistake to an FBI superior. Five months later, after flagging what she said were several other security lapses in her division, she was fired. Now, after more than two years of investigations and congressional inquiries, Edmonds is at the center of an extraordinary storm over US classification rules that sheds new light on the secrecy imperative supported by members of the Bush dictatorship.

U.S. shows anthrax probe details to judge --The Justice Department on Tuesday revealed details of its anthrax investigation to a federal judge who is considering a lawsuit brought by a scientist described as a "person of interest" in the case.

You've Got Mail (and Court Says Others Can Read It) --Last week a federal appeals court in Boston ruled that federal wiretap laws do not apply to e-mail messages if they are stored, even for a millisecond, on the computers of the Internet providers that process them - meaning that it can be legal for the government or others to read such messages without a court order.

Kerry Announces Edwards As Running Mate --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Tuesday selected former rival John Edwards to be his running mate, calling the rich former trial lawyer and rookie senator a man who showed "guts and determination and political skill" in his unsuccessful race against Kerry for the party's nomination. As Kerry announced his decision in Pittsburgh, a huge crowd of supporters burst into applause, waving handmade signs that mixed with professionally printed "Kerry-Edwards" placards kept under wraps until the last minute.

Kerry-Edwards on to Victory!!
Democratic presidential candidate Sen.John Kerry, D-Mass., announces he's selected John Edwards as his running mate during a campaign rally in downtown Pittsburgh, Tuesday, July 6, 2004. (AP Photo/Gene Puskar)

Kerry-Edwards: A New Team for a New America --"...In just a few minutes, I will announce that Senator John Edwards will join me as my running-mate on the Democratic ticket as a candidate for vice president of the United States. Teresa and I could not be more excited that John and Elizabeth Edwards will be our partners in our journey to make America stronger at home and respected in the world. You are the heart and soul of our campaign... "

Edwards brings pizazz, charm to Kerry campaign --Southern charmer John Edwards will bring pizazz and some welcome excitement to Democrat John Kerry's presidential campaign, viewed by many to date as dull and lifeless, media experts said on Tuesday.

NY Post picks wrong running mate for Kerry; 'exclusive' gave nod to Gephardt, not Edwards --Dewey defeats ... Gephardt? The [Reichwing] New York Post, in a front page gaffe reminiscent of the 1948 headline wrongly announcing President Truman's defeat, proclaimed Tuesday that Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry would select Rep. Dick Gephardt as his running mate. "KERRY'S CHOICE," read the headline over the Page One "exclusive" story. "Dem picks Gephardt as VP candidate." The story, which ran without a byline, was accompanied by a file photo of the Missouri congressman and the Massachusetts senator. [But, CLG was correct when it broke the story to mainstream media at 3:36 EST."Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 3:36 AM Subject: Edwards VP decals added to Kerry plane in Pittsburgh 07-05-04" Also, NBC needs to pull their promo declaring that Andrea Mitchell *broke* the story. It's a lie.]

Edwards VP decals added to Kerry plane in Pittsburgh: Report --John Edwards 'VP' decals have been added to the Kerry plane in Pittsburgh. "John Kerry's 757 was in hgr 4 pit tonight John Edwards vp decals were being put on engine cowlings and upper fuselage."

Activist: E-Voting to Be a 'Train Wreck' --A literary publicist has uncovered conflicts of interests and security flaws inside the companies that make electronic ballot machines. Bev Harris has unearthed obscure arrest records, ties to conservative political groups and other embarrassing secrets of senior executives at voting companies. Her conclusion: there will be so many problems with the more than 100,000 paperless voting terminals to be used in the November presidential election that the fiasco will dwarf the coup d'etat ['Florida's hanging chad debacle'] of 2000. "We have a train wreck that's definitely going to happen," Harris said.

Democrats serve cops, prosecutor --State police, U.S. attorney subpoenaed by Democrats in eavesdropping lawsuit --Virginia Democrats have pulled the state police and a federal prosecutor into their eavesdropping lawsuit against the Republican Party.

More litigation will follow on the Cheney energy task force --by John W. Dean "On June 24, in Cheney v. U.S. District Court, the Supreme Court gave Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney only a partial victory in the suit that seeks to learn how his National Energy Policy Development Group developed its recommendations... Cheney wanted the suit to be dismissed. Instead, the court sent the case back to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit for further adjudication... November election results key to future of case - What will likely happen next in the case? That will be influenced by the results of the election."

Senate Confirms Controversial Nominee to Federal Court --The Senate voted 51 to 46 yesterday to confirm a nomination to the U.S. District Court in Little Rock after a sharp debate over his comments about abortion, women's rights and other topics. Six Democrats, including both Arkansas senators, backed the nomination of James Leon Holmes, offsetting five Republicans who said his conservative positions were too extreme.

Inquiry Confirms Top Medicare Official Threatened Actuary Over Cost of Drug Benefits --An internal investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services confirms that the top Medicare official threatened to fire the program's chief actuary if he told Congress that drug benefits would probably cost much more than the White House acknowledged.

Report: Withholding Medicare Costs Legal --Bush dictatorship officials broke no laws in withholding from Congress estimates of the cost of the new Medicare law, says an internal investigation made public Tuesday. The Health and Human Services Department inspector general, the agency's internal watchdog [?!?], said its three-month investigation found that regime officials used aggressive tactics to keep from Congress its much higher estimates of the legislation's cost -- $100 billion more than the dictator and other officials were acknowledging. [Yet threats to fire him if he ratted on the liars was not illegal, declared Bush's selected henchmen carrying out the "investigation." Analogously, why not have Scott Peterson act as the prosecutor in his own case?]

Britain's Blair to keep up pressure on US over Kyoto --British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Tuesday that climate change was the greatest long-term problem facing the world today and that the United States should be encouraged to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Study: Cough drugs no better than sugar syrup --Children's symptoms improve without treatment --Two ingredients commonly used in cough syrup are no better than sugar water in suppressing night-time coughing in children, according to a study published Tuesday.


Fla. election supervisors may not finish 'checking' purge list by November election --State officials defend list of felon voters --State elections officials Friday angrily defended the integrity of their list of nearly 48,000 "potential felons" who could be purged from the voting rolls amid mounting evidence that thousands of names were put on the list by mistake. And elections supervisors throughout the state -- many of whom reported being inundated with calls from concerned voters -- said they were moving carefully to 'check' out every name on the list. Many said they didn't expect to finish before the August primaries or even the November general election.

U.S. airstrike in Fallujah kills 10 --U.S forces dropped two tons of bombs on a purported militant safehouse in Fallujah, killing at least 10 people, according to officials, and turning the building into a 30-foot-deep pit of sand and rubble.

KBR worker dies from injuries in Iraq attack --A contractor for Halliburton Co. subsidiary KBR died from injuries sustained during a mortar attack in Iraq, the company has announced.

Oil prices rise on Iraqi pipeline attacks --Oil prices moved higher yesterday after new attacks on Iraqi oil lines forced the country to reduce its exports by half.

Oil Prices Rise Amid Iraq, Yukos Troubles --Oil prices moved higher Monday, after new attacks on Iraqi oil lines forced the country to reduce its exports by half. News of Russian oil giant Yukos' expanding legal and financial troubles added to traders' anxiety.

Former envoy attacks Iraq blunders --Bush and Blair acted on wrong advice, says ex-diplomat --Tony Blair's former envoy to Baghdad yesterday launched his strongest attack on Britain and America, declaring that both countries had made catastrophic mistakes before and after the invasion of Iraq.

Davies: No 10 conducted witch-hunt against BBC --Gavyn Davies, the former BBC chairman, denounced the government for conducting a "witch-hunt" against the corporation last year and accused Downing Street of deliberately discrediting the weapons expert David Kelly, who later committed suicide.

Blair to offer partial apology over war --Tony Blair is preparing to issue a partial apology over Iraq in response to strong criticism of Britain's pre-war intelligence about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction expected in the Butler inquiry report next week.

Spooked --Britain's spy chiefs will be blamed in a damning report next week into the intelligence errors used to justify war against Iraq. And Tony Blair's unshakeable conviction that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction will be blown apart in Lord Butler's 100-page hard-hitting report.

Poll: over 40% of Canadian teens think America is "evil" --Can West News Services, owners of several Canadian newspapers including the National Post as well as the Global Television Network commissioned a series of polls to determine how young people feel about the issues that were facing the country’s voters... In one telephone poll of teens between the ages of 14 and 18, over 40 per cent of the respondents described the United States as being "evil". That number rose to 64 per cent for French Canadian youth.

Latham challenges Howard over 'dirt unit' --Federal Opposition Leader Mark Latham says he does not believe government denials of a dirt unit set up to dig into his background. Mr Latham today repeated calls to his political enemies to lay off his family, saying he was not prepared to live his public life in a swirl of rumours and smears.

Lay off my family: Latham's fury --Mark Latham, the Labor leader (and outspoken critic of the Iraq W-ar), is complaining of a "dirt unit" out to get him. The Opposition Leader, Mark Latham, has confronted six-year-old rumours of his involvement in sexual harassment and an explicit bucks night video, emphatically denying the suggestions and issuing an emotional plea to the media to "lay off" his family. Latham appealed for the sympathy of the people while blaming the Government for running a dirty tricks campaign against him. "I've been subjected to more rumours and smears than you can poke a stick at," he said. "I've got nothing to hide about my past... The third area for these rumours appears to be the Government's dirt machine ... I simply urge the Prime Minister to disband the dirt units."

PM tries to bury claims of digging dirt --The Prime Minister, John Howard, has rejected Mark Latham's claims that a Federal Government "dirt unit" had fed damaging rumours about the Opposition Leader's past - an assertion Labor failed to substantiate yesterday. A Government staffer, Ian Hanke, denied Mr Latham's claim that he headed a Government unit set up to "dig dirt" on the Labor leader's background.

AP Observes Guantanamo Detention Center -- A two-day tour of Guantanamo Bay afforded The Associated Press the most extensive access ever allowed independent journalists, giving them views of some 50 detainees, including some in a new maximum-security prison. One detainee said he, too, was a reporter.

Israel Urges U.S. To Ignore World Court Ruling --Israel has told the White House it has no intention of abiding by a World Court ruling on the legality of its West Bank barrier. Israel's foreign minister also pressed for U.S. support to block any U.N. action against Israel, the Washington Times reported Saturday.

Saudi secret service 'riddled' with al-Qa'ida --Saudi Arabia's intelligence agencies are so infiltrated by al-Qa'ida sympathisers that the kingdom's counter-terrorist campaign is failing and militant operations are spreading into neighbouring states, senior Arab and Western officials have warned. The main Saudi intelligence organisation responsible for combating al-Qa'ida at the Interior Ministry is riddled with agents linked to the militants, the officials say.

100,000 small missiles in circulation --Study says the shoulder-fired devices, which can shoot down a civilian aircraft, are widely available on the black market --About 100,000 surface-to-air missiles capable of blowing a civilian airliner out of the sky are in circulation around the world, some in the hands of terrorist groups, a survey said.

Distinct signature found in '01 anthrax --Discovery raises hope that source can be traced --In a possible break for the FBI's investigation of the anthrax letters of 2001, scientists have discovered that the mailed anthrax was a mix of two slightly different samples, giving the bacteria a distinct signature that might make it easier to match with a source, according to two non-government experts who have been told of the finding.

Air Crash Victim Was Weapons Expert --The pilot of an aircraft who died alongside three passengers when it crashed into a field was an expert in chemical and biological weapons, it emerged today. Dr Paul Norman, 52, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, was killed when the single-engine Cessna 206 he was piloting crashed in Devon on Sunday.

HPD sees Tasers stun-guns as 'nonlethal' alternative --While he served as Phoenix's police chief, Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt bought more Taser guns than any department in the country, equipping all of his 1,600 patrol officers. Now he wants to make the Houston Police Department the nation's largest buyer with a proposed purchase of 3,600 Tasers -- again, equipping every patrol officer with the devices, which fire two tiny darts that deliver a debilitating electric shock.

U.S. banks ban hats, sunglasses and hoods --Some Kentucky banks are the latest to set fashion standards for customers by refusing service to anyone wearing a hat, sunglasses or a hood. The policy began in Massachusetts, where bank officials say it's hard to know how many robberies have been avoided by the no-hat, no-hood, no-sunglasses policy.

Initiative Seeks Curbs on Consumer Lawsuits --Dozens of companies have collected $7 million to promote a measure making it more difficult to sue businesses, and political consultants say Proposition 64 could become the hottest ballot initiative of 2004. At issue is California's tough Unfair Competition Law, which lets consumers sue businesses to stop unfair and deceptive business practices even when those consumers have not been harmed personally. The initiative would sharply limit who can sue and under which circumstances.

Regulators Outgunned by Big Firms --The state agency charged with monitoring accounting practices struggles to conduct investigations with a limited staff and budget. California's difficulties in monitoring the performance of large firms are persisting despite a major overhaul of the board that lawmakers enacted two years ago in the wake of the Enron and WorldCom scandals, board officials and outside observers say... The changes did not provide the board with new penalties it could levy against errant corporations. Nor did the changes enable the board to increase its staff of four investigators, who must police 63,000 individual accountants and 4,500 firms.

NEA Endorses Kerry for President --The National Education Association, the nation's largest union, endorsed Democrat John Kerry for president Monday, the final touch in its campaign to increase school spending and reshape the biggest education law in decades.

Edwards Could Be Named Kerry's Running Mate Tuesday --Kerry Expected To Announce Choice At Pittsburgh Rally --The identity of John Kerry's running mate soon be revealed. CNN reported Monday night that Kerry -- the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee -- is expected to announce his Vice Presidential selection Tuesday morning at a rally in Pittsburgh. The network also reported that the VP candidate will not be at the rally as part of an effort to keep the choice secret until the announcement has been made.

Kerry-Edwards Meeting Fuels VP Mate Talk --Sen. John Edwards interrupted his Walt Disney World vacation last week to meet with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, adding a new level of intrigue to the vice presidential search.

Edwards Finds Crowd Of Enthusiastic Supporters At Beach --Democratic VP Candidate Gets Rock Star Treatment --North Carolina Sen. John Edwards took his traditional Fourth of July walk on Wrightsville Beach. This year's walk created quite a stir. With all the autograph signing and picture taking, Edwards got rock star treatment.

Exposing Ralph Nader --research compilation from

Gennifer Flowers joins Senate candidate on tour --Florida's lukewarm U.S. Senate race is about to draw national celebrity attention. Enter Gennifer Flowers, the publicity-catching woman [and GOP tool] who claimed to have had a 12-year affair with former President Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. Republican Senate candidate Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch who has nearly made a career out of suing the Clintons, will accompany Flowers, his former client, at a trio of fund-raisers in South Florida later this month.


Mehr als 100 Kinder inhaftiert - Bericht über Misshandlungen durch US-Soldaten (Der Spiegel) Mehr als 100 Kinder sind nach Informationen des Internationalen Roten Kreuzes in irakischen Gefängnissen inhaftiert, darunter auch in berüchtigten Knast Abu Ghreib. Wie das TV-Magazin "Report" berichtet, soll es auch zu Misshandlungen von Kindern und Jugendlichen durch Koalitionstruppen gekommen sein. Mainz - "Wir haben zwischen Januar und Mai dieses Jahres insgesamt 107 Kinder registriert, und zwar während 19 Besuchen an sechs verschiedenen Haftorten", sagte der Sprecher des Internationalen Roten Kreuzes (IKRK), Florian Westphal, in Genf gegenüber dem SWR-Magazin "Report Mainz". Er verwies darauf, dass dies Haftorte waren, die von Koalitionstruppen kontrolliert werden. Die Zahl der gefangen gehaltenen Kinder könnte auch höher sein, so Westphal. [Translation: More than 100 children imprisoned - report of abuse by U.S. soldiers --More than 100 children are imprisoned in Iraqi prisons according to information of the International Red Cross, among them also notorious prison Abu Ghraib. As the TV magazine "Report" reported, occupation-troops are likely to have abused children and teenagers. Mainz Report - "Between January and May of this year, we registered 107 children altogether, in fact during 19 visits at six different loactions of custody", the speaker of the International Red Cross (IKRK) Florian Westphal said, in Geneva opposite the SWR magazine "Report Mainz". It referred to the fact that this detention places are controlled by occupation troops. The number of the imprisoned children could also be higher, according to Westphal. (rough translation)]

Lawsuit: Iraqi in Abu Ghraib saw captors rape, kill detainees --An Iraqi-born Swede's allegations of rape, sexual humiliation and abuse in Abu Ghraib prison were added Thursday to an ongoing lawsuit in San Diego against U.S. defense contractors.

Afghan Militia Accused in Detainee Death --When Afghan militiamen raided a home in this remote southern village in November, they found no weapons but dragged away a 28-year-old man and accused him of being a 'terrorist.' Two months later, the family got Abdul Wahid's body back, with little explanation. The U.S. military says Wahid died in American custody — one of four such cases under criminal investigation in Afghanistan — but the man's father blames the Afghan militia [?!?], not U.S. forces.

Legality of Iraq occupation 'flawed' --The senior Foreign Office lawyer who resigned after ministers ignored her advice that the war in Iraq was illegal has issued a damning legal critique of the occupation, claiming that the alleged abuse of prisoners "could amount to war crimes".

Sabotage cuts Iraq oil exports 37% from Basra --Crude oil futures rose to a two-week high last week on concern attacks might occur --Iraqi oil exports through the Basra Oil Terminal, the country's largest oil export facility, are down by 37 per cent after resistance fighters struck a pipeline in the south yesterday, disrupting supplies for the third time in less than two months.

America has sown the seeds of civil war in Iraq It's not religious rivalry but the puppet regime that threatens stability --by Sami Ramadani "Many Iraqis feel that the US-appointed transitional government has no moral authority over the man in the dock, both because of their past association with his regime and because they came, in the words of a now common Iraqi saying, 'on the backs of American tanks'. As one Iraqi observed: 'If they give Saddam a fair trial, they will all end up with him in the dock - Kissinger, Reagan, Thatcher, Blair, the two Bushes and Allawi.' The trial might succeed in serving short-term propaganda purposes in the west, but it will not hide the fact that in installing a protege government, the US has taken the most dangerous step on the road to civil war in Iraq."

Did one woman's obsession take America to war? She is a conspiracy theorist whose political conceits have consistently been proved wrong. So why were Bush and his aides so keen to swallow Laurie Mylroie's theories on Saddam and terrorism? --by Peter Bergen "During the 1980s she was an apologist for Saddam's regime, but became anti-Saddam around the time of his invasion of Kuwait in 1990. In the run-up to that Gulf war, with New York Times reporter [and Reichwing tool] Judith Miller, [Laurie] Mylroie wrote Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf, a well-reviewed bestseller... The reality is that by the mid-90s, the FBI, the CIA and the State Department had found no evidence implicating the Iraqi government in the first Trade Centre attack."

Holy kangaroo court, Batman!! Iraq likely to hang Saddam, says former envoy --Saddam Hussein is "very likely" to be hanged if found guilty of war crimes and genocide, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Britain's former special envoy to Iraq, believes. He said he expected capital punishment to be reinstated now power has been transferred from occupation authorities, which suspended its use, to the interim government.

Army Stage-Managed Fall of Hussein Statue -- As the Iraqi regime was collapsing on April 9, 2003, Marines converged on Firdos Square in central Baghdad, site of an enormous statue of Saddam Hussein. It was a Marine colonel — not joyous Iraqi civilians, as was widely assumed from the TV images — who decided to topple the statue, the Army report said. And it was a quick-thinking Army psychological operations team that made it appear to be a spontaneous Iraqi undertaking. After the colonel — who was not named in the report — selected the statue as a "target of opportunity," the psychological team used loudspeakers to encourage Iraqi civilians to assist, according to an account by a unit member. But Marines had draped an American flag over the statue's face.

Saudis freed Britons in a secret swap of prisoners --Six Britons convicted on terrorism charges in Saudi Arabia were released last year as part of a secret three-way deal in which the US set free a number of Saudi prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. The deal was brokered to obtain Saudi support for the invasion of Iraq.

[Oh, but another] 'Islamic' Website Traces Back to Houston, Texas (research from: Websites call for revenge after Iraqi jail abuse Jordan Times, Thursday, May 6, 2004 "'The new conservatives, and particularly the gang of (US President [sic] George W.) Bush, are enjoying the humiliation of the Muslims,' wrote Kuwaiti Islamist Sheikh Hamed Ben Abdallah Ali on'" is a URL --Domain Dossier will continue with Address lookup canonical name - Aliases - Addresses, Network Whois record Queried with

OrgName: Everyones Internet, Inc.
Address: 2600 Southwest Freeway
Address: Suite 500
City: Houston
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 77098
Country: US

Militant group denies killing US Marine --Confusion surrounded the fate of a US Marine last night after an Iraqi militant group denied they had killed him, despite claims on two Islamic extremist websites that 24-year-old Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun had been beheaded.

Iran, Syria accused of supporting Iraqi insurgents --Iraq's new government will this week publish 'evidence' of ties between foreign countries and Muslim extremists and supporters of Saddam Hussein's regime who have launched an insurgency, a British newspaper reported yesterday. Hoshyar Zebari, Iraqi foreign minister, told the Sunday Telegraph that the US puppet dictatorship ['his government'] had 'gathered information from intelligence services' showing support by some neighbouring countries to the insurgents.

Top CIA analyst says United States is losing the war on terror --The number of CIA experts devoted to fighting Osama bin Laden and preventing new attacks by his network remains about the same nearly three years after the Sept. 11 strikes, according to a senior CIA analyst who has written a new book arguing that bin Laden is winning his struggle against the United States.

Fears of Attack at Conventions Drive New Plans --The federal authorities, concerned about a terror attack during this summer's national political conventions, have begun a new effort to identify potential extremists inside the United States, including conducting interviews in communities where terrorists might seek refuge, government officials said. The fears about an incident during the conventions or later in the year have also led state and local officials to impose extraordinary security precautions.

"Fahrenheit 9/11" may be first documentary to top $100 million --Last weekend's top film, Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," held up strongly, taking in an estimated $17 million from Friday to Saturday. Doubling its theater count to 1,725, "Fahrenheit 9/11" pushed its total to $56.1 million and has a good shot at becoming the first documentary to top the $100 million mark.

TIME Cover: Michael Moore's War --...The Hunting of the President, co-directed by Clinton friend Harry Thomason, was originally to go to 30 theaters; now its distributor has revved the number to 125, and has put the film’s trailer on many screens showing Fahrenheit 9/11. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which books films to be shown on military bases around the world, has contacted Fahrenheit’s distributor to book the film, TIME reports.

The Patriot's Act What's more American than asking questions? --by Michael Moore, Michael Moore's latest documentary film is "Fahrenheit 9/11." --"For too long now we have abandoned our flag to those who see it as a symbol of war and dominance, as a way to crush dissent at home. Flags are flying from the back of SUVs, rising high above car dealerships, plastering the windows of businesses and adorning paper bags from fast-food restaurants. But these flags are intended to send a message: 'You're either with us or you're against us,' 'Bring it on!' or 'Watch what you say, watch what you do.' Those who absconded with our flag now use it as a weapon against those who question America's course."

Their George and Ours --by Barbara Ehrenreich "The bulk of the declaration [Declaration of Independence] is devoted to a list of charges against George III, several of which bear an eerie relevance to our own time. George III is accused, for example, of 'depriving us in many cases of the benefits of Trial by Jury.' ...'He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil power,' the declaration said of George III, and today the military is indulgently allowed to investigate its own crimes in Iraq. ...The signers further indicted their erstwhile monarch for 'taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws, and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments.' The administration has been trying its best to establish a modern equivalent to the divine right of kings, with legal memorandums asserting that George II's 'inherent' powers allow him to ignore federal laws prohibiting torture and war crimes."

Questions over felon 'purge list' threaten Florida governor --As thousands of Floridians learn that a state list could wrongly bar them from voting, Democrats have found a rallying point for the November elections and proof, they say, of long-held suspicions that Gov. Jeb Bush's elections machinery is rigged against them. More than 2,100 people, many of them black Democrats, remain on the list of potentially ineligible ex-con voters despite winning clemency - and the right to vote - after their crimes, The Miami Herald reported Friday.

'Felon' voting rights face a new hurdle Hundreds of Floridians who have voted for years could be stopped because they didn't re-register -- they hadn't been told. More than 1,600 Florida 'felons' whose right to vote was legally restored remain on a state list of potentially ineligible voters because they have yet to re-register to vote, a hurdle that critics say is sure to create confusion as the national election looms.

Democrats ask Nader to drop out as US presidential race tightens --The head of the Democratic Party urged Ralph Nader to drop out of the US presidential race, holding out the possibility the GOP tool ['consumer advocate'] could play "an important role" in future Democratic endeavours.

Seaphire gets license for plant genetics --Phoenix company Seaphire International Inc. has an exclusive license to use technology to genetically modify plants that use less nitrogen, 'saving the environment' and reducing costs for agribusiness ['farmers']. Last month, Seaphire signed a licensing deal to develop salt-resistant crops.

Microsoft's browser dominance at risk as experts warn of security holes The global dominance of Microsoft's web browser could soon be over following a stark security warning from a senior panel of internet experts who say it opens the door to online criminals. The US Computer Emergency Response Team said that flaws in the software expose users to criminals who can spy on their activities, steal their personal details or send junk e-mail from their computers without them knowing.

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776.

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America,

'...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security...'

Their George and Ours --by Barbara Ehrenreich (not the main point of the article, but comments worth citing) "...But it is the final sentence of the declaration that deserves the closest study: 'And for the support of this Declaration . . . we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.' Today, those who believe that the war on terror requires the sacrifice of our liberties like to argue that 'the Constitution is not a suicide pact.' In a sense, however, the Declaration of Independence was precisely that. By signing Jefferson's text, the signers of the declaration were putting their lives on the line... If the rebel American militias were beaten on the battlefield, their ringleaders could expect to be hanged as traitors." [We will not tolerate a *second* coup d'etat, in November.]

Congressman suggests Bush hiding bin Laden --'They are trying to decide what day they should bring him out' --In a speech to business leaders in India, Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., gave credence to a rumor that the U.S. has captured Osama bin Laden and for political reasons is waiting for the right moment to reveal it, according to the Indo-Asian News Service. "There are already rumours circulating that Osama bin Laden is being held somewhere already and it's only that they are trying to decide what day they should bring him out," McDermott told Confederation of Indian Industry representatives at a luncheon in New Delhi on Thursday. [The Idiot Usurper may be planning an 'October Surprise,' by trotting out al-CIA-duh freelancer, Osama bin Laden.]

U.N. monitors sought for U.S. presidential election --Still smarting from the 2000 coup d'etat, a group of congressional Democrats led by Dallas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson has asked the United Nations to monitor this year's presidential election. "We are deeply concerned that the right of U.S. citizens to vote in free and fair elections is again in jeopardy," the lawmakers wrote to Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

U.S. accused of depleting Iraq fund --Money is intended for rebuilding use; international board plans to do audit --U.S. officials in charge of the Development Fund for Iraq drained all but $900 million from the $20 billion fund by late last month in what a watchdog group has called an "11th-hour splurge."

Hussein Could Call CIA in His Defence --Evidence offered by a top CIA man could confirm the testimony given by Saddam Hussein at the opening of his trial in Baghdad Thursday that he knew of the Halabja massacre only from the newspapers. A report prepared by the top CIA official handling the matter says Saddam Hussein was not responsible for the massacre, and indicates that it was the work of Iranians. Further, the Scott inquiry on the role of the British government has gathered evidence that following the massacre the United States in fact armed Saddam Hussein to counter the Iranians chemicals for chemicals. [US officials (terrorists) need to be tried for their war crimes and for being accessories to murder.] poll: Will Saddam receive a fair trial? Response Votes: Yes 28% - No 72% [as of 05:12GMT, July 4, 2004]

Sadr: Occupation Not Over Sadr Tells Iraqis to Sustain Resistance --Moqtada Sadr, the rebellious Shiite Muslim cleric, insisted Friday that the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq had not ended with the recent handover of limited political powers to an interim government, and called on his followers to continue resisting the large presence of foreign troops in the country.

Resistance Fighters Set Iraqi Oil Pipeline Ablaze First Major Attack Since 'Handover' of Political Authority --Resistance fighters set a southern oil pipeline ablaze on Saturday, halving Iraq's vital crude exports, in the first major sabotage attack since the United States transferred political authority to a US puppet dictatorship ['an Iraqi interim government.']

Lebanon confirms slaying of U.S. Marine in Iraq --U.S. says it is checking on report of Cpl. Hassoun’s death --A U.S. Marine abducted by Iraqi militants has been killed, Lebanon's state-run news agency reported Sunday, citing the Foreign Ministry.

U.S. Cancels Celebration in Bahrain, Renews Warning --The U.S. Embassy's Independence Day celebration in Bahrain was canceled and family members of embassy staff and nonessential workers were asked to leave on Saturday, a day after a mandatory evacuation order for other Americans.

U.S. looking into new claim of abuse in secret prisons --The military is investigating possible U.S. abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan, where at least four detainees have died. --The U.S. military is investigating a new claim of abuse in a network of secretive American jails where at least four captives have died, officials said Saturday. Also, a rights group said an Afghan man claimed he was burned and beaten so badly last year by Afghan militiamen guarding an American base that he needed surgery.

3rd Inquiry on Afghan Abuse Is Planned --The United States military said Saturday that a new allegation of prisoner abuse was being investigated in Afghanistan, the third such investigation to be announced since the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal broke.

Rumsfeld gave go-ahead for Abu Ghraib tactics, says general in charge --The former head of the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad has for the first time accused the American Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, of directly authorising Guantanamo Bay-style interrogation tactics.

Israeli Interrogator at Abu Ghraib Prison Claim on BBC --The American general formerly in charge of Abu Ghraib prison has told the BBC that she has evidence that the Israelis were involved in interrogating Iraqi detainees at another facility.

U.S. General Says Met Israeli Interrogator in Iraq --The U.S. general who was in charge of Baghdad's notorious Abu Ghraib prison said on Saturday she had met an Israeli interrogator in Iraq, a controversial allegation likely to irritate many in the Arab world.

Justice Dept Wants CIA Interrogation Tactics Shown --The U.S. Justice Department is pressing the CIA to publicly reveal the specific interrogation methods authorized by the Bush regime for a handful of senior al CIA-duh captives, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Guantanamo Britons challenge imprisonment --Lawyers representing nine Guantanamo Bay prisoners, two of them British, have filed lawsuits in a U.S. court arguing their detention is unlawful and unconstitutional.

Lawyers file challenges to detention of 9 suspects --Lawyers have filed suit demanding that the U.S. government justify its detention of nine foreign terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

US sidles up to well-oiled autocracy --Opposition activists in Azerbaijan accuse America of double standards on rights --Mehdi, still hobbling after nine months, likened the torture to having his "brain pulled out by a magnet". Strapped to an electric chair inside the bowels of the Azerbaijani police's organised crime unit, metal panels were put under his feet, he said. A plastic bib was tied to his front, and headphones with earpieces like the metal tip of a doctor's otoscope were put inside his ears. His masked interrogators gave him one last chance to denounce the Musavat opposition party he supported, and then switched on the current, he said... Human rights activists and opposition supporters have accused Washington of double standards on Azerbaijan. The US state department said reports of his torture were "credible". Yet sanctions - lifted for reasons of national [puke] security - have not been reintroduced, and military aid has been increased.

No, We Are Not Being Paranoid (New York Press) "Before taking a much-deserved break, Governor Pataki and the state legislature agreed to add 100 new crimes to the ever-expanding list of those already requiring a DNA sample from the perp. Since it was created in 2000, the state's DNA Databank has reportedly gathered a sampling from more than 118,000 convicted felons. It's about to get a lot more... Those 100 new crimes on the list aren't just felonies—now they're including misdemeanors. Before long, you may well be required to provide a DNA sample to police after receiving a parking ticket. And mark our word: It won't be long before it changes from a 'criminal DNA databank' to a 'citizen DNA databank.'"

Midwest Theaters Ban 'Fahrenheit 9/11' --The president of a company that owns movie theaters in Iowa and Nebraska is refusing to show director Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11." R.L. Fridley, owner [and Reichwing tool] of Des Moines-based Fridley Theatres, says the controversial documentary incites 'terrorism.' [Contact information for R.L. Fridley and his Reichwing theatres:]

R. L. Fridley
3603 Davisson Rd
Des Moines, IA 50310

Fridley Theatres
1321 Walnut St.
Des Moines, IA 50309
515-282-9287 or

[Contact info, courtesy:]

Fury [?!?] as Fahrenheit 9/11 director backs illegal not-for-profit downloads --Controversial film-maker Michael Moore has welcomed the appearance on the internet of pirated copies of his anti-Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 and claimed he is happy for anybody to download it free of charge. Moore said: "Is it wrong for someone who’s bought a film on DVD to let a friend watch it for free? Of course it’s not. It never has been and never will be. I think information, art and ideas should be shared."

Director Morris to Make Anti-Bush Ads --Errol Morris, whose documentary "The Fog of War" earned the Oscar for 2003, has enlisted with the political action group MoveOn to create television ads aimed at ousting U.S. Dictator Bush this fall, the group said Friday.

Democratic Party Platform Attacks Bush Doctrine Details How a Kerry Administration Would Differ From Bush Dictatorship --Bearing the strong imprint of Sen. John F. Kerry, the Democratic Party's 2004 platform offers a stinging indictment of Dictator Bush's national security policies, charging the regime has "walked away from more than 100 years of American leadership in the world" and left the country less safe.

Evangelicals warned of GOP ties --Leaders issue draft report on dangers of political partisanship --The bond between the Republican Party and white, conservative Christians is so strong that other Americans often think of them as synonymous. Yet a new document circulating among evangelicals warns that being too enmeshed in partisan politics could undermine Christians' moral agenda as they seek to become even more engaged in civic affairs.

Material Costs of Medical Compounds Investigative Research Reveals the True Costs of Drugs --by Sharon Davis / Department of Commerce "In our independent investigation of how much profit drug companies really make, we obtained the actual price of active ingredients used in some of the most popular drugs sold in America. The chart below speaks for itself... For 145 of my pain pills, I paid $72.57. I could have got 150 at Costco for $28.08."

Fla. Voters Surprised to Be on Felons List --Many Floridians have been shocked to find their names on a new state list of nearly 48,000 people identified as felons who may be ineligible to vote, even though they have no criminal record or have been granted clemency.

Unlikely activist brashly discredits paperless voting machines --Bev Harris has uncovered conflicts of interests and security flaws inside the companies that make electronic ballot machines... Her conclusion: there will be so many problems with the more than 100,000 paperless voting terminals to be used in the November presidential election that the fiasco will dwarf Florida's hanging chad debacle [coup d'etat] of 2000.

Nader Won't Be on the Ballot in Arizona --Supporters of GOP tool Ralph Nader on Friday abandoned their effort to place the independent candidate on the presidential ballot in Arizona after Democrats challenged thousands of signatures. The Democrats said more than 70 percent of the signatures were invalid. [...just like the 2000 presidential 'election' itself]

Scandal Follows Scandal in Connecticut --Accusations chased the [Republican] governor out of office. Now the state's top police official has been put on leave over larceny and conspiracy charges. The day after Connecticut's [Republican] governor resigned amid scandal, the chief of staff to the state's highest-ranking police official was arrested Friday on larceny and conspiracy charges.

French mad cow disease cases went undetected --A mad cow disease epidemic in France went completely undetected and led to almost 50,000 severely infected animals entering the food chain, according to a shocking report by French government researchers.


New Halliburton waste alleged --Former company auditor: 'It's just a gravy train' --The Pentagon has already awarded Halliburton Co., the controversial military contractor, deals worth up to $18 billion for its' work' in Iraq. But now former Halliburton insiders have come forward with new allegations of massive waste of taxpayer money.

Underclass of Workers Created in Iraq --Many Foreign Laborers Receive Inferior Pay, Food and Shelter --The war in Iraq has been a windfall for Kellogg Brown & Root Inc., the company that has a multibillion-dollar contract to provide support services for U.S. troops. Its profits have come thanks to the hard work of people like Dharmapalan Ajayakumar, who until last month served as a kitchen helper at a military base...

Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People? Memo To: Sandy Berger, National Security Advisor From: Jude Wanniski Re: Iraqi use of Poison Gas (November 18, 1998) "To Senator Helms: ...You would agree, I think, that at the very least our State Department gave a 'green light' to Saddam Hussein to go into Kuwait in August 1990. The more I read of the events of the period, the more I believe history will record that the Gulf War was unnecessary, perhaps even that Saddam Hussein was willing to retreat back to his borders, but our government decided we preferred the war to the status quo ante... Iraqi Power and U.S. Security in the Middle East --Excerpt, Chapter 5 --U.S. SECURITY AND IRAQI POWER ...Having looked at all of the evidence that was available to us, we find it impossible to confirm the State Department’s claim that gas was used in this instance. To begin with there were never any victims produced. International relief organizations who examined the Kurds -- in Turkey where they had gone for asylum -- failed to discover any. Nor were there ever any found inside Iraq."

Iran: US control of Saddam's trial would ensure cover-up --International tribunal could expose former close ties with Iraq --"Americans handed over Saddam to an interim government, which they themselves have appointed to make sure the Iraqi court trying him would not examine any US involvement in his war against Iran," Mohammed Sadeq al-Husseini, an adviser to former Culture Minister Ayatollah Mohajerani, said from Tehran. "They are concerned that an international tribunal could expose close US relations with Iraq when Saddam was bombing Iran with chemical weapons," he added.

Born Under a Cloud of Irony --The new, free Iraq may officially be in the hands of a former terrorist. --by Robert Scheer "...[A]lthough the interim prime minister is a former member of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party who later conducted anti-Hussein terrorist operations on behalf of the CIA — operations in which innocent Iraqi civilians may have been killed — his anointment as leader of a 'free Iraq' is being hailed by President [sic] Bush as a great victory in the war on terror. According to several former intelligence officials interviewed by the New York Times this month, the political group run by interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi in the 1990s, but financed by the CIA, 'used car bombs and other explosive devices smuggled into Iraq' in an attempt to sabotage and destabilize Hussein's regime... In 1996, one of Allawi's top officers and his group's self-proclaimed chief bomb maker detailed the mechanics behind Allawi's murderous actions in a videotape subsequently obtained by a British newspaper, the Independent. On the tape he even expresses annoyance that the CIA had shortchanged him on one job, a car bombing, allegedly paying only half the agreed-upon amount."

Reports: Soldiers Charged in Iraqis Death --Four soldiers have been charged in the drowning death of an Iraqi forced to jump off a bridge in Samarra, north of Baghdad, according to media reports. The soldiers, all from Fort Carson, were reportedly part of a patrol that detained two Iraqi men in January and ordered them to jump off a bridge into the Tigris River.

Pentagon Alerted to Trouble in Ranks --Reports over a decade have warned of recruits with criminal pasts and of the violent behavior of some active-duty service members. The Pentagon was warned repeatedly going back a decade that it was accepting military recruits with criminal histories and was too lenient with those already in uniform who exhibited violent or other troubling behavior.

Blair shelves plans to send more troops to Iraq --Tony Blair has shelved plans to send more than 3,000 British troops to Iraq to deal with the expected upsurge in violence after the hand-over of power to the interim Iraq authority.

Poland says Iraq shells date to Iran war --The Polish military has said shells containing a chemical weapons agent found in Iraq date back to the Iran-Iraq war, Polish radio reported Friday. Polish radio said 17 rocket shells and two mortar shells had been found by Polish forces in late June.

Operation Summer Pulse --by Peter Vervoorn "Dick Cheney, the king of f*cked ducks, certainly seems to have lost his composure, as each US move on the Grand Chessboard leads further into the swamp."

Pentagon Sends Americans Home From Bahrain --The Pentagon said Friday it is withdrawing service members' families and nonessential personnel from Bahrain for at least 30 days in response to information of planned 'terrorist' attacks in the tiny Persian Gulf nation.

US airports told to monitor Pakistanis --The US Department of Homeland Security has alerted six major airports in the United States to carefully monitor all travellers of Pakistani origin, including US citizens. The order was circulated through a DHS memo, warning airports in Washington, New York, New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles to look for Pakistani travellers with suspected links to 'terrorists.'

Petitions filed in US court demanding release of Guantanamo detainees --Lawyers filed habeas corpus petitions in a US federal court here demanding the immediate release of nine war-on-[of]terror detainees being held at a US Naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the legal group representing them said.

Typical late-Friday-afternoon-shocker-on-a-holiday-weekend civil liberties horror story, which will be completely ignored by the Reichwing media whores: Lawsuit: Lawyer-Client Talks Were Taped --A group of Legal Aid lawyers has filed a lawsuit accusing a former federal warden and prison officers of secretly videotaping the lawyers' conversations with Arab and Muslim immigrants detained after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Oh, but another 9-11 'Odditiy' Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted (September 12, 2001) The World Trade Center was destroyed just days after a heightened security alert was lifted at the landmark 110-story towers, security personnel said yesterday. Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One, said the security detail had been working 12-hour shifts for the past two weeks because of numerous phone threats. But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed. "Today was the first day there was not the extra security," Coard said.

AP: FBI Interviews Terror Trial Judge --The federal judge who oversaw the first major terror trial after Sept. 11 has been interviewed by FBI agents investigating allegations of misconduct in the case, a rare instance of a judge becoming a witness in a probe involving the case he continues to preside over.

Big part of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' profit goes to charity ...A charity, or charities, as yet unnamed, will receive about 60 percent of the net profit ultimately generated by "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- a tally that could be tens of millions of dollars.

Fahrenheit 9/11: (scroll down to news summary) On the day "Fahrenheit 9/11" opens to more than 1,700 theaters across the country, ABC News reports that the Army and Air Force Exchange Service is in talks with Lions Gate to screen "Fahrenheit" to U.S. service members around the world. Lt. Col. Deborah Pressley tells Hartman that when given access to a print, the AAFES plans to show the film in its 159 theaters — including one in Balad, Iraq.

Send the Bush dictatorship a message with your "Fahrenheit 9/11" ticket stub! After you view "Fahrenheit 9/11," send your ticket stub to the Idiot Usurper!! Mail your ticket stub to:

George W. Bush (a.k.a. 'Occupant')
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

with a note attached... 'I saw what you did last summer.'

The Potential Felon Match List of the Florida Division Of Elections: Check It For Yourself! (People For the American Way) "On July 1, People For the American Way Foundation received from the Florida Division of Elections an electronic copy of a list of more than 47,000 registered Florida voters who the Division thinks may be ineligible to vote because of felony convictions. This list is now a public record available for inspection and copying by anyone as a result of the decision on July 1 by the Leon County Circuit Court in CNN v. Florida Department of State."

Fla. GOP: 'Let Ralph Run!' Nader a point of contention between Florida's political parties --Ralph Nader could make the difference in Florida again this year — if he gets on the ballot... Republicans are launching political attacks on Democrats for their desire to keep Nader from being a factor. When Nader first got in the race in February, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Scott Maddox said he would be watching carefully Nader's efforts to get on the ballot and mount a challenge if he doesn't precisely follow Florida law. After reiterating those thoughts this week, his counterpoint at the Republican Party of Florida issued a press release titled "Let Ralph Run!"

Do YOU have questions for the Idiot Usurper's brother, Jeb? ***Open Office Hours*** --Thursday, July 15, 2004, Governor Bush and Lieutenant Governor Jennings will hold Open Office Hours in Defuniak Springs (Walton County). The one-on-one, 5 minute meetings with citizens will take place at the Walton County Courthouse beginning at 8:00 a.m. CENTRAL TIME. Registration begins at 7:00 a.m. It is first come-first serve, so get there early!! [Hopefully, Jeb Bush will answer *all* CLGers questions, <g>, so be sure to inquire about his role in the 2000 coup d'etat and why he signed Executive Order #01-261 on September 7, 2001, putting Florida's National Guard in control of all law enforcement and Florida's FEMA. Holy Qaeda coincidence, Batman!!]

A Second Hot Tub Emerges [LOL!] And The First One, Which Rowland Gave Away, Is Still Causing A Stir (CT) The infamous hot tub that became the symbol of ex-[Republican-Bush-buddy]Gov. John G. Rowland's ethical lapses has turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving -nothing but trouble. The state Department of Public Works is looking into how one of its employees came to own the spa, last seen outside Rowland's summer cottage on Bantam Lake in Litchfield...

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chief Endorses Offshoring of Jobs -- U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas Donohue is promoting overseas outsourcing of jobs as a way to expand corpora-terrorism ['boost the economy and even increase employment'] - a stance that rankles jobless white-collar workers, particularly in the flagging technology industry.

State: Mercury In Cereal Box Toy Illegal --Attorney General Seeks Immediate Recall of Kellogg's Products Containing Spider Man Novelty --Connecticut wants Kellogg Co. to take its promotional Spider-Man toy "Spidey-Signal," with its mercury-containing battery, and sling it out of the state. The toy, packaged in several brands of Kellogg's cereal, violates state laws banning the sale of some novelty items and toys containing mercury and should be removed from supermarket shelves immediately, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Wednesday.

Cereal Maker To Pull 'Spidey' Toys --Kellogg Co. has agreed to stop shipping to Connecticut cereal boxes with enclosed Spidey-Signal toys, which are powered by a battery containing mercury, the state attorney general's office announced Friday.

Sainsburys blockaded nationally! SAINSBURY'S DEPOTS BLOCKADED: NO GM IN OUR MILK! ( "Sainsbury's chilled food distribution centres are blockaded across the country in protest against GM feed being fed to dairy cows. Sainsbury's five biggest UK distribution centres have been shut down tonight. Environmentalists and consumers are simultaneously blockading the supermarket chain's chilled-goods depots in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield."


Former GOP consultant pleads guilty to jamming Democratic phones on Election Day --The former head of a Republican consulting group has pleaded guilty to jamming Democratic telephone lines in several New Hampshire cities on Election Day two years ago. The jamming involved more than 800 computer-generated calls and lasted for about 11/2 hours on Nov. 5, 2002, the day voters decided several races, including a close Senate contest between outgoing Gov. Jeanne Shaheen and GOP Rep. John E. Sununu, who 'won' by fewer than 20,000 votes. "There is, short of murder, not much that is more horrific in America than purposely trying to stop people from voting," said Raymond Buckley, vice chairman of the state Democratic Party.

[President Hussein is being tried for the illegal invasion of Kuwait. Why isn't Dictator Bush on trial for the illegal invasion of Iraq?]

'Real criminal is Bush,' Hussein says --Saddam Hussein rejected charges of war crimes and genocide against him in a court appearance Thursday, telling a judge "this is all theater, the real criminal is Bush," according to a reporter in an official media pool. [Well, it was Bush who illegally invaded and occupied a sovereign nation, and it was Bush I whose ambassador gave Hussein the green light to invade Kuwait, and it was Bush family rogue Rumsfeld who visited Hussein and assured him of US support AFTER the reputed gassing of the Kurds. Oh, we’re not saying Hussein wasn’t a criminal, but it was the CIA that made Hussein and it was the US who sold him arms and poison gasses, and it was Bush who invaded and killed tens of thousands of Iraqis based on misinformation, exaggeration and deception. So, what we are saying is the Hussein is a criminal who once was a US-backed criminal but now a ready-made villain for the theater that is Bush’s War of profit and trial of the re-selection campaign. Hussein isn’t wrong.]

Hussein defiant in first court appearance --Saddam Hussein has questioned the legitimacy of the tribunal set up to try him during his first appearance in the dock. According to Aljazeera correspondent Abd al-Adhim Muhammad, the former president questioned the legitimacy of the legal process: "How do you bring me to this place without any defence attorney?" When asked by the judge to identify himself, Saddam answered, "I am Saddam Hussein al-Majid, the president of the republic of Iraq."

Bush and Iraqi Judge Bans Release of Courtroom Audio

Rockets Hit Two Baghdad Hotels --Rockets hit two central Baghdad hotels used by foreigners and Iraqi officials on Friday morning and guards outside one of them said at least three people were wounded or killed. Outside the Baghdad Hotel, guards refused to let journalists approach.

Insurgents Stage Attacks Across Iraq --On a day when Saddam Hussein gave a rambling, defiant speech in an arraignment before an Iraqi judge, insurgents staged deadly attacks across the country today, pressing their tenacious efforts to drive out American troops and their allies. [Iraqis do not accept the surrogate US government in Iraq, and there is nothing to celebrate, Mr. Scarborough.]

The stooge of Baghdad --Iraq handover - Puppet regimes have had a poor record over the past 2,000 years. Allawi is unlikely to improve on it. --by Kevin Toolis "On the surface, Allawi's credentials as a puppet ruler are excellent. Born into a wealthy Shia family, he joined the Ba'ath Party as a student in Baghdad. In 1971, he left for London, where he spent the next three decades. In 1978, Saddam Hussein's agents tried to kill him with an axe at his home in north London. During the first Gulf war, while working for MI6 and the CIA, Allawi founded the Iraqi National Accord. The INA was one of six organisations favoured for funding under the US Congress's Iraqi Liberation Act 1998. Allawi has been on the CIA payroll for a decade and was allegedly responsible for the disastrous Downing Street claim that Saddam's mythical weapons of mass destruction could be operational in 45 minutes. He is a strong supporter of recruiting ex-members of Saddam's secret torture police, the Mukhabarat, to fight the insurgents."

US leaves Iraq running on empty --by Emad Mekay "A barrage of binding decrees passed during the United States occupation of Iraq, combined with a lack of resources, heavy debt and the continuing presence of a massive US force, provide clear evidence that the recent handover of authority to Iraqis does not equal real control over the economy."

Embarrassment for US military as captured men aren't Taliban commanders --The US military in Afghanistan is confronted with an embarrassing situation following the realisation that the two men in its custody were Afghan government officials from Helmand province rather than top Taliban commanders as claimed by it earlier.

U.S. troops using Afghanistan maps riddled with errors --The secretive National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency acknowledged yesterday that it has made numerous mistakes in topographical maps issued to U.S. troops in Afghanistan since 2002.

1 in 6 Iraq Veterans Is Found to Suffer Stress-Related Disorder --About one in six soldiers returning from the war in Iraq shows signs of post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional difficulties, researchers are reporting today.

US plans huge show of force in Pacific --Seven aircraft carriers to move within striking distance of China; Taiwan forces slated to join in drill --The United States is planning a massive show of force in the Pacific Ocean near China to register a point with Beijing. This will be the first time in US naval history that it sends seven of its 12 carrier strike groups (CSGs) to just one region.

Taser gets $1.8M order from U.S. military --For the second time this week, Scottsdale-based Taser International Inc. announced a new contract, this time with its biggest customer yet. Wednesday's announcement was of a $1.8 million order to provide stun guns and accessories to the U.S. military.

Lawyers Seek Access To 53 at Guantanamo --Letter to Rumsfeld Faxed Yesterday --A group of lawyers who represent 53 detainees at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, demanded yesterday that the Pentagon grant them unfettered access to their clients, saying that a U.S. Supreme Court decision this week leaves no doubt that the detainees have that right.

U.S. Removes Peacekeepers Over War Crimes Court --The U.S. military is pulling small numbers of troops out of two U.N. peacekeeping operations in Kosovo and Africa because they are no longer exempt from prosecution in the International Criminal Court, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Terror Suspect Got Hazardous Material OK --A man who authorities believe may have been part of an al-Qaida "sleeper cell" obtained a license to haul hazardous materials months after he was identified as a suspected terrorist by the FBI, officials said. The FBI identified Mohamad Kamal Elzahabi as a suspected terrorist before the attacks of 2001, the Star Tribune reported in Wednesday's editions, citing unidentified law enforcement officials.

FBI Warns Police to Be on Alert for July 4 Attacks --The FBI on Thursday warned police of potential July 4 attacks by al CIA-duh using tactics like assault teams, car bombs and suicide bombs, although it said it had no credible threat for the holiday.

Voter-Purge List of 'Felons' Made Public --Florida's error-prone list of 47,763 suspected 'felons' who could be tossed from voter rolls before November's presidential election contains nearly three times as many registered Democrats as Republicans. Almost half are racial minorities.

Judge rules for media on Florida voter list --Upholds both 'right to inspect' and 'right to copy' --A state court judge in Florida ordered Thursday that the board of elections immediately release a list of nearly 50,000 suspected 'felons' to CNN and other news organizations that last month sued the state for access to copies of the list.

Thousands Volunteer for Nazi [GOP] Convention --Ten thousand people have signed up to volunteer at the Nazi ['Republican National'] Convention, but city officials are bracing for the possibility that some won't show up as a form of protest. Groups planning protests during the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 convention at Madison Square Garden have been encouraging activists to sign up to volunteer and then either not report for duty or show up and cause trouble. [Great ideas!!]

Dean for VP? --A group that wants Howard Dean on the John Kerry ticket plans to mount a fight at the Democratic Convention later this month. The National Draft Dean for VP Committee says it will use a petition drive to nominate the former Vermont governor as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Kerry Fund-Raising Hits $180 Million Mark --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has raised $180 million in his bid for the White House, including $34 million in the last month alone, his campaign announced on Thursday.

Bush Plan Opens More Forests to Logging --Governors would have to petition the federal government to block road-building in remote areas of national forests under a Bush regime proposal to boost logging.

Bush campaign fires at Kerry opposition to logging --The Bush-Cheney campaign says Senator John Kerry's criticism of efforts to ease wildfire threats with expedited logging of national forests shows how badly his brand of environmentalism is out of step with most Westerners. Kerry's campaign countered that the Bush dictatorship's forest policy is aimed more at bolstering timber industry profits than protecting communities from fire threats.

Churchgoers Get Direction From Bush Campaign --The Bush-Cheney re-s-election campaign has sent a detailed plan of action to 'religious' volunteers across the country asking them to turn over church directories to the campaign, distribute issue guides in their churches and persuade their pastors to hold voter registration drives.

Moviegoer handing out fliers arrested --And after watching Fahrenheit 9/11, Elizabeth Zollner planned to pass out a handful of fliers promoting a political event featuring the movie's director, Michael Moore... Early Sunday, Zollner was jailed on charges of trespassing, obstructing an officer and battery on a law enforcement officer after an encounter outside Brandon's AMC Regency 20. AMC Theaters were warned about political organizing around Fahrenheit 9/11, said Rick King, of Kansas City, Mo., a national spokesman for the chain. Company policy prohibits distributing in theaters.

L.A. Police Strike Suspect in New Video (CA) A second video has surfaced showing police striking a prone suspect with a flashlight.


Iraq is worse off than before the war began, GAO reports --In a few key areas - electricity, the judicial system and overall security - the Iraq that America handed back to its residents Monday is worse off than before the war began last year, according to calculations in a new General Accounting Office report released Tuesday. The report was released on the same day that the CPA's inspector general issued three reports that highlighted serious management difficulties at the CPA. The reports found that the CPA wasted millions of dollars at a Hilton resort hotel in Kuwait...

Reports: Billions of Iraqi Funds Missing --Billions of dollars belonging to Iraq is not accounted for by the Coalition Provisional Authority, which was given responsibility by the United Nations for the country's finances, British lawmakers and aid activists said Monday. There are glaring gaps in the handling of $20 billion generated by Iraq's oil and other sources since the U.S.-led war to oust Saddam Hussein ended last year, according to reports from the Liberal Democrats, Britain's third-largest political party, and Christian Aid. The Christian Aid report also said the majority of Iraq's reconstruction projects have been awarded to U.S. companies, which charge up to 10 times more than Iraqi firms.

Pentagon perverts declare wedding party a 'significant intelligence target' -- U.S.: Iraq wedding attack was legitimate --The U.S. military said Wednesday an initial investigation of an air attack near the Syrian border last month hit a legitimate military target, despite claims by Iraqi survivors and police who said it was a wedding party.

The resistance campaign is Iraq's real war of liberation --The sham of this week's handover will do nothing to end the uprising --by Seumas Milne "The new ruler of Iraq is in real life the incoming US ambassador, John Negroponte, who oversaw the US contra terror campaign against Nicaragua in the 1980s and will now exercise ultimate power from his 3,000-strong fortified embassy inside Saddam Hussein's former palace compounds. In all meaningful senses, the occupation will continue... The anti-occupation guerrillas are routinely damned as terrorists, Ba'athist remnants, Islamist fanatics or mindless insurgents without a political programme... But it has become ever clearer that they are in fact a classic resistance movement with widespread support waging an increasingly successful guerrilla war against the occupying armies. Their tactics are overwhelmingly in line with those of resistance campaigns throughout modern history, targeting both the occupiers themselves and the local police and military working for them."

'The liberation of Baghdad is not far away' --by Alix de la Grange "On the eve of the so-called transfer of sovereignty to the new Iraqi caretaker government on June 30, former Saddam Hussein generals turned members of the elite of the Iraqi resistance movement have abandoned their clandestine positions for a while to explain their version of events and talk about their plans. According to these Ba'ath officials, 'the big battle' in Iraq is yet to take place. 'The Americans have prepared the war, we have prepared the post-war. And the transfer of power on June 30 will not change anything regarding our objectives. This new provisional government appointed by the Americans has no legitimacy in our eyes. They are nothing but puppets.' ... 'We are aware that the kidnapping of foreign nationals blemishes our image, but try to understand the situation. We are forced to control the identity of people circulating in our territory. If we have proof that they are humanitarians or journalists we release them. If they are spies, mercenaries or collaborators we execute them. On this matter, let's be clear, we are not responsible for the death of Nick Berg, the American who was beheaded.' ...'What American troops cannot do today, NATO troops won't be able to do later on. Everyone must know: Western troops will be regarded by Iraqis as occupiers. This is something that George W Bush and his faithful ally Tony Blair will do well to think about. If they have won a battle, they have not won the war yet. The great battle is still to begin. The liberation of Baghdad is not far away." [a must read]

'They were feeding the Americans' --The Taliban have claimed responsibility for kidnapping 12 Afghan truck drivers taking supplies to United States-led occupation bases in southern Afghanistan, a man claiming to be a spokesperson for the ousted militia said on Wednesday. "We claim responsibility for destroying four trucks, and kidnapping the drivers," Abdul Latif Hakimi told reporters, without elaborating on the condition of the hostages. "They were transporting foodstuffs for the Americans, they were feeding the Americans," he added.

Blasts Kill One in Eastern Afghanistan --Two bombs hidden in crates of fruit exploded at security checkpoints in downtown Jalalabad on Wednesday, killing a man and wounding 26 other people.

Iraqi insurgents attack U.S. base, injuring 11 soldiers --Insurgents fired at least 10 mortar rounds at a U.S. base on the outskirts of Baghdad International Airport on Wednesday, wounding 11 soldiers, two of them seriously, and starting a fire that burned for well over an hour.

Army Expects Further Involuntary Troop Call-Up --Thousands more former soldiers could be ordered to Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to 5,600 reservists already set to be called back into active-duty service, the Army said on Wednesday.

Army recalls 5,600 former soldiers --For the first time in more than a decade, the Army is forcing thousands of former soldiers back into uniform, a reflection of the strain on the service of long campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Father of Iraq beheading victim rips Bush --The father of an American beheaded in Iraq said Tuesday the handover of sovereignty there was a sham and accused Dictator Bush of causing immense pain to thousands of people by going to war. Michael Berg, whose 26-year-old son, Nicholas, was decapitated by militants, said at a news conference organized by the Stop the War Coalition that the transfer was "nothing more than another nut-and-shell game."

San Francisco voters get chance to express views on Iraq --San Francisco voters will have more than one chance to express their views on the U.S.-led W-ar in Iraq this presidential election year after four local officials submitted a ballot measure Tuesday calling on the federal government to end the conflict.

San Francisco Puts Anti-War Measure on Nov. Ballot --San Francisco residents will vote in November on whether to demand the return of all U.S. troops from Iraq -- a largely symbolic gesture in a city viewed as one of the most liberal in the nation.

Chirac slams U.S. policy again --French President Jacques Chirac, clashing with U.S. foreign policy for a second day, says the isolation of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat would hinder Middle East peacemaking. Chirac, who already had clashed with Bush at the NATO summit in Istanbul over Turkey and the Atlantic alliance's role in Afghanistan, said the U.S. policy was "not very prudent or compatible with a strategy of restoring peace" in the region.

Petulant DoD whackjobs make up their own laws: 'Terrorist's Will Not Be Released, DoD Official Says --No dangerous terrorists [LOL! 'dangerous' terrorists? Are there *non* dangerous terrorists?] are going to get out of detention because of Supreme Court decisions handed down June 28, a senior DoD official said here today. "No one's being released as a result of the decisions," DoD Deputy General Counsel John Sullivan said in an interview with the Pentagon Channel and American Forces Press Service today. "In fact, the Supreme Court reaffirmed our authority to detain enemy combatants."

Guantanamo Detainee Case Sent to Calif. --The Supreme Court told a California court on Wednesday to reconsider whether a lawsuit filed on behalf of a detainee at a Navy base prison in Cuba was filed in the wrong place.

Coast Guard To Board Each Foreign Ship --The Coast Guard will board every foreign-flagged vessel that sails into a U.S. port beginning Thursday to check whether it is complying with rules aimed at foiling terrorists. A maritime treaty signed by about 150 countries requires each ship to have a security officer, alarm system, automatic identification system, access restrictions to the engine room and bridge, and a method of checking IDs of people who board...

Ashcroft: Supreme Court giving more rights to terrorists --Attorney General [and Reichwing terrorist] John Ashcroft said Wednesday that the U.S. Supreme Court gave more rights to terrorists in three recent decisions, and Justice Department attorneys are poring over the rulings to determine their consequences.

Pentagon Expands Anthrax, Smallpox Vaccinations --The Pentagon plans to expand the number of troops receiving anthrax and smallpox vaccinations to forces based in South Korea, officials said on Wednesday.

Anthrax, Smallpox Protection Policies Updated --William Winkenwerder, Jr., MD, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, today announced that the anthrax and smallpox vaccination programs would include selected units within the U. S. Pacific Command, additional personnel now serving with the U.S. Central Command and selected other groups of individuals.

Terror Suspect Received Haz-Mat License --A man who authorities believe may have been part of an al-Qaida "sleeper cell" obtained a license to haul hazardous materials months after he was identified as a suspected terrorist by the FBI, officials said.

Goss jabbed in 9/11 movie 'Fahrenheit' scene triggers office calls (FL) Michael Moore’s box-office smash "Fahrenheit 9/11" is keeping the phones ringing in the office of Rep. Porter Goss, R-Liar-Sanibel. Moviegoers have been calling Goss’ office since the film’s debut last week. In the film, Goss is shown discussing the Patriot Act. He mentions that Americans with concerns about U.S. intelligence can call an 800 number. Moore informs viewers there is no such number and displays the number for Goss' office across the street from the U.S. Capitol. "We’re getting hundreds of calls," said spokeswoman Julie Almacy. [Goss' phone number: 202-225-2536. You may want to ask him about the following incident, cited on "During the Sep11th week, it was Porter Goss, together with Bob Graham, who met with the head of Pakistan Secret Service, ISI, who was already in the U.S. before the attacks. The reason for this meeting was never disclosed."]

Bush to Name Florida's Porter Goss as CIA Chief --June 24, 2004 (Bloomberg) -- Dictator George W. Bush intends to name U.S. Representative Porter Goss, a former intelligence officer, as the new head of the Central Intelligence Agency, a Bush regime official said. The Florida Republican was a clandestine CIA officer for a decade before he entering politics in 1974 by running for local office in Sanibel Florida.

Bush's War on Science --by Howard Dean, M.D. "I write this week's column as a physician. The Bush administration has declared war on science. In the Orwellian world of 21st century America, two plus two no longer equals four where public policy is concerned, and science is no exception. When a right-wing theory is contradicted by an inconvenient scientific fact, the science is not refuted; it is simply discarded or ignored... Will it be long before a prominent panel of fundamentalist theologians, conservative columnists, and a few token scientists take up the question of whether the theory of evolution should be banned from the nation's classrooms? Stay tuned. In George Bush's America, ignorance is strength."

Cheney Booed At Yankees - Red Sox Game --Vice pResident Dick Cheney spent about 20 minutes in Manager Joe Torre's office and in the clubhouse shaking hands with players before the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox, 11-3, last night at Yankee Stadium. During the singing of "God Bless America" in the seventh inning, an image of Cheney was shown on the scoreboard. It was greeted with booing, so the Yankees quickly removed the image.

Sen. Clinton: Cheney Needs Anger Management for 'F-Word' Outburst In the Northwest: Upbeat and personal with Hillary Rodham Clinton --by Joel Connelly "[Clinton] responded strongly yesterday to an incident on the Senate floor last week in which Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney walked away from Sen. Pat Leahy after unleashing a vulgarity involving the 'f-word.'... 'For the vice president [sic] to use his position, as president of the Senate [sic], to insult a senator and then be unapologetic about it introduces a level of discord into Senate procedure that is unfortunate.' The 'gentlewoman from New York' suggested that Cheney enroll in an anger management course."

When Cheney's mask slips, it reveals Bush Nothing will persuade the president [sic] to drop his mentor from the team, not even an explosion of expletives --by Sidney Blumenthal " It was Cheney who said to UN weapons inspector Hans Blix as he embarked on his mission to Iraq: 'We will not hesitate to discredit you'; Cheney who personally tried to force the CIA to give credence to Ahmed Chalabi's fabricated and false evidence on WMD; Cheney who, along with Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld (to whom he was deputy in the Nixon White House), undermined Secretary of State Colin Powell at every turn; and it is Cheney who is the neo-conservatives' godfather... Even before his outburst, Cheney had come to stand for special interests, secrecy and political coercion. Under the stress of Bush's falling polls, he cracked."

A Declaration Calling for the Resignation or Removal of John Ashcroft, Attorney General of the United States (Center for American Progress) "The history of law enforcement by the present Attorney General is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States, to the detriment of both our liberty and our security."

Court: E-mail providers can read messages --Ruling has huge implications for online privacy rights --In an online eavesdropping case with potentially profound implications, a federal appeals court ruled it was acceptable for a company that offered e-mail service to surreptitiously track its subscribers’ messages.

Drug Prices Rose After Medicare Law, Group Says --Prices for medicines most used by older Americans rose steadily after the Bush dictatorship enacted the new Medicare law late last year, the nation's largest group representing the elderly said on Wednesday.

U.S. families struggle with medical debt-study --One in seven families in the United States -- most of which are already covered by health insurance -- are struggling with debt from medical expenses, a study found on Wednesday. That amounts to 20 million families, many of which report difficulties paying for basic needs like food and shelter because of problems with debt from medical care, the nonprofit Center for Studying Health System Change found in its poll of 25,400 families.

Report: Janklow avoided tickets 16 times --Former Rep.[Republican] Bill Janklow, who resigned from Congress after being convicted in a highway death, was stopped 16 times by state troopers during his last term as governor but was never ticketed, according to a South Dakota Highway Patrol report.

Jesse Jackson Says GOP Pushing 'Ideology of the Confederacy' --Jesse Jackson accused the Republican Party, conservatives and the retailer Wal-Mart of attempting to "push the ideology of the Confederacy" in America.

Stern lambastes Bush, FCC --'I criticize Bush and then I'm fired' --Radio host Howard Stern took aim at the Bush dictatorship, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and media giant Clear Channel as he announced Wednesday that his program will soon be broadcast on nine new stations across the country. Stern accused Clear Channel of taking him off the air not for reasons of obscenity but because he had spoken out against Dictator Bush. "Clear Channel is very tied to the Bush administration" Stern said. "Clear Channel for years has been defending me...I criticize Bush and then I'm fired...They acted out of politics."

Fed boosts rates for first time in 4 years Central bank raises benchmark borrowing level by quarter-point to 1.25 percent --The Federal Reserve raised key short-term interest rates Wednesday for the first time in more than four years, launching a risky campaign to suppress inflation without stamping out 'economic growth.'

Conservative Groups Accused of Aiding Nader --A watchdog group says it will file a complaint with federal election officials, accusing two conservative organizations of illegally helping Ralph Nader's presidential campaign, possibly with support from Dictator Bush's re-s-election campaign. Both groups acknowledge trying to influence Nader's petition drive Saturday in Oregon, in hopes that getting him on the ballot would take votes away from Democrat John Kerry and help Bush win the battleground state.

Bush Bigs Open Their Wallets For Nader --Nationally, at least three dozen Bush donors have opened their wallets for Nader. Among them: Richard J. Egan of Hopkinton, Mass., who maxed out with a $2,000 gift. Could this be the same Richard J. Egan who was chairman of EMC Corp.? Who served as Dictator Bush's ambassador to Ireland? Who has raised at least $200,000 for Bush? No, Egan's assistant says, that's "a different Dick Egan." What a coincidence, since state and Federal Election Commission records show Dick Egan the Naderite living at the same address as Dick Egan the Bush Ranger. The Ranger's son, John R. Egan, a $10,000 donor to the Republican National Committee, also has ponied up $2,000 for Nader.

Mass. Lawmakers Push Kerry Successor Bill --The Democrat-dominated Massachusetts House gave final approval Wednesday to a bill stripping Republican Gov. Mitt Romney of the power to appoint a successor to John Kerry's Senate seat if he is elected president.

Up to 100 more mad cow cases expected --The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported Wednesday a cow that initially tested positive for mad cow disease has come back negative on follow-up testing, but a food industry consultant told United Press International he estimates there could be more than 100 cases of the deadly disorder in the country's herds.

Doctors demand ban on smoking in public (UK) Doctors stepped up their demands for tougher measures to protect the nation's health yesterday by calling for outright bans on smoking in public and the advertising of junk food to children.


Fahrenheit 9-11 and the Burning of Bush: A review, by Michael Rectenwald -- "There's no question about it, Michael Moore's new film is an all-out assault on the Bush Regime--from its theft of the White House, to its utter implication and embroilment with the perpetrators of 9-11, its real loyalty to the oil-rich Saudi Royal Family, the Bush-bin Laden nexus in the Carlyle Group, and the complete falsity behind the march to War on Iraq. Most importantly, however, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 chronicles the fates of the victims to this series of atrocities: the victims of 9/11 and their families who demanded but were not (and still are not) able to get answers and thus closure to this event, the US citizens who lost rights and a say in our government, including its elections, the innocent Iraqis dying and being tortured in an unjust war and Occupation, the US soldiers dying and being lied to about the reasons, and the families who lost sons and daughters in Iraq, and without a real shred of justification."

MSNBC Primetime Update, June 29, 2004 "'Fahrenheit 9/11': Michael Moore's documentary received an 'R-rating', but some theatres don't seem to care. Joe Scarborough asks why youngsters are being allowed to see the film?" "Because, 'youngsters' are not too young to be killed in Iraq." --Mike Rectenwald

The defiance of science --More than 4,000 scientists have signed a petition accusing George Bush of twisting their work to further his political agenda. Andrew Buncombe investigates the war between the White House and the men in white coats. "Critics say that the administration has adopted three strategies to twist facts. The first is to manipulate the membership of advisory committees, stacking them with people who share its views... The second strategy is simply to misrepresent the truth... The final strategy, outlined by Martin McKee and Thomas Novotny in an article in the European Journal of Public Health, is to block funding for controversial issues."

Billboard Altered to Show Bush Quote --Quote Featured In 'Fahrenheit 9-11' --A Sacramento billboard drew a lot of attention Tuesday after it was altered to show a quote from Dictator George W. Bush that was included in the controversial new Michael Moore movie. The billboard near Land Park Drive and Broadway, which was originally for Baskin Robbins, was changed to show a quote from Dictator George W. Bush. The quote -- "A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's no question about it" -- was included in the film "Fahrenheit 9-11."

Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops --The Army is preparing to notify about 5,600 retired and discharged soldiers who are not members of the National Guard or Reserve that they will be involuntarily recalled to active duty for possible service in Iraq or Afghanistan, Army officials said Tuesday.

Army Recalling Thousands Who Left Service --Digging deeper for help in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army is recalling to active duty about 5,600 people who recently left the service and still have a reserve obligation.

Blast in Iraq Kills Three Marines --Three U.S. Marines were killed and another two were injured Tuesday when a roadside bomb blasted a military convoy in southeast Baghdad, the U.S. military said Tuesday.

Hussein to face court in Iraq --Saddam Hussein will be shown in public for the first time since his capture either today or tomorrow, as the long process of bringing him 'to account' begins.

Attack Iran, US chief ordered British --America's military commander in Iraq ordered British troops to prepare a full-scale ground offensive against Iranian forces that had crossed the border and grabbed disputed territory, a senior officer has disclosed. An attack would almost certainly have provoked open conflict with Iran. But the British chose instead to resolve the matter through diplomatic channels. [Thank God the Idiot Usurper (Bush) was not in the mix!]

Argentina [and entire planet] fed up with US "meddling": minister --Argentine Foreign Minister Rafael Bielsa has said that Buenos Aires was "fed up" with the top US diplomat for Latin America, Roger Noriega, for interfering in the South American country's affairs, after he expressed concern over demonstrators.

Abducted Marine Had Deserted the Military --The American marine who is being threatened by his kidnappers with beheading had deserted the military because he was emotionally traumatized, and was abducted by his captors while trying to make his way home to his native Lebanon, a Marine officer said Tuesday. The officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he believed that Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun was betrayed by Iraqis he befriended on his base and ended up in the hands of Islamic extremists. [?!? Or... by Occupation terrorists, a la Nick Berg?]

Father of Executed American Blasts Bush, Media --The father of an American civilian beheaded in Iraq accused Dictator Bush and the U.S. media Tuesday of ignoring the "horrible face of war."

Pentagon Names Tribunal to Hear Guantanamo Trials --The Pentagon took an important step on Tuesday toward starting the first U.S. military tribunals since World War II, naming the officers who will decide the fate of the three Guantanamo prisoners charged by the United States.

U.S. Military Tribunal to Try 3 Suspects --Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba - The Pentagon announced Tuesday that it has formed a five-member military tribunal to try three 'terrorism' suspects held at this U.S. naval base. The trials - of an Australian, a Sudanese and a Yemeni - would be the first of any of the prisoners swept up in the U.S. war on [of] terror and held at Guantanamo.

Supreme Court Affirms Right to Detain Enemy Combatants --In decisions handed down June 28, the Supreme Court strongly reaffirmed the dictator's ability to detain enemy combatants, including U.S. citizens, in the war on [of] terror. But a senior DoD official admitted that the department was "surprised" by other parts of the decisions.

Supreme Court set to rule on separation fence Wednesday --Supreme Court Justices Aharon Barak, Eliahu Mazza, and Mishael Cheshin are due to hand down a ruling of principle Wednesday morning, on the West Bank separation fence.

Mega Barf Alert! U.S. Finds Truckers, Pilots Tied to Terror --Government background checks of foreign airline crew members and truckers licensed to haul hazardous materials in the United States turned up 38 with possible terrorist connections, Homeland Security Department officials said Tuesday.

Interpol makes Seattle deal --Seattle police and representatives from the international police organization, Interpol, today will announce an agreement to share information. Seattle becomes the first city in the Pacific Northwest to develop a communication agreement with Interpol through its U.S. National Central Bureau.

Lawmakers Ask Ashcroft Why Suspect Freed --Key lawmakers, including a Republican committee chairmen, are asking the Justice Department to explain why it released a terror suspect to Syria when several prosecutors and FBI agents had collected evidence for possible criminal charges against the man.

Moore tries to rally fans --At homes and businesses across the nation, crowds organized by listen to an anti-Bush message from filmmaker Michael Moore.

Voting official seeks process for canceling Election Day over terrorism --The government needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if [Bush's] terrorists strike the United States again, says the chairman of a new federal voting commission. Such guidelines do not currently exist, said DeForest B. Soaries, head of the voting panel. Soaries was appointed to the federal Election Assistance Commission last year by Dictator Bush. Soaries also said he wants to know what federal officials are doing to increase security on Election Day.

Doubts cast on voter database --More questions are raised about the accuracy of the state's central voter database, used to come up with a list of nearly 48,000 voters who have been identified as possible felons ineligible to vote. The accuracy of Florida's $2 million central voter database came under fire again Monday, following revelations that the list does not include the names of thousands of former criminals whose right to vote was restored prior to 1977. Since the central voter database relies on both clemency information and arrest information from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there is the potential that someone could show up as an ineligible voter when that person actually had their rights restored.

Watchdog group urges voting system audit (FL) A Miami-Dade elections watchdog organization is traveling to the state capital today to turn up the heat on the governor: The group wants him to order a statewide audit of voting systems to check if the machines will work on Election Day.

Prepping for Coup 2004: Poll: Bush, Kerry Deadlocked in Florida --Dictator Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry are locked in a very close race in their battle for the 27 electoral votes in Florida, according to a new poll in the essential swing state of 2000. Bush and Kerry had the backing of 43 percent apiece in a three-way matchup with 'independent' [GOP tool] Ralph Nader, who had the support of 5 percent in the telephone poll conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute of Connecticut.

The angry author, a literary storm and 'one dead armadillo' --A slim volume of fiction from the ordinarily mild-mannered minimalist Nicholson Baker, Checkpoint, features two characters who spend much of its 115 pages discussing how to assassinate Dictator George Bush. They don't actually do the deed, or even attempt it, but the book is - according to early snippets - replete with deep-seated anger and elegantly nasty epithets hurled at both the Dictator and his cabinet. Mr Baker's publisher, Alfred Knopf, plans to release the book on 24 August, on the eve of the Republican National Convention in New York. According to the Post's account, its two protagonists, Ben and Jay, talk down and dirty about the Bush regime into a tape recorder during an in-room lunch at a Washington hotel. At one point, Jay calls Mr Bush an "unelected [expletive] drunken OILMAN" who is "squatting" in the White House and "muttering over his prayer book every morning." At another point, he calls Mr Bush "one dead armadillo". [Can we pre-order?]

"Go F*** Yourself, Dick Cheney." Now, We Feel Better! (Buzzflash) "Thanks for empowering us Dick! Thanks for telling Neil Cavuto on FOX News that you felt better after you told mild-mannered Vermont Democratic Senator Pat Leahy, 'Go F*** Yourself.' How you liberated us from so many things: From the FCC, which is fining radio personalities who use such words on the air. From the prudish concerns of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who now says it's fine with him for you to use such language. From your right wing religious Salem Witch trial supporters who believe words like the ones you spoke only come from the mouths of Satanic Democrats..."

Cheney booed at Yankees-Red Sox Game --With Vice pResident Dick Cheney looking on and a sellout crowd of 55,231 yelling from the first pitch, there was a postseason atmosphere at Yankee Stadium... Cheney watched part of the game from the box of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and part from a first-row seat next to the Yankees dugout, where he sat between New York Gov. George Pataki and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Cheney was booed when he was shown on the right-field videoboard during the seventh-inning stretch.

Tom DeLay's Amoral Code --House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is hands-down one of the most corrupt politicians in the United States. --by Katrina vanden Heuvel "'The Hammer' -- [House Majority 'Leader' Tom] DeLay got that nickname because he runs the US House of Representatives with an iron fist -- has allegedly bribed his GOP colleagues to win their votes for legislation that he desperately wanted to pass in the House..."

Sex pros get ready for party --With thousands of Republicans [Nazis] set to invade the city this summer, high-priced escorts and strippers are preparing for one grand old party. Agencies are flying in extra call girls from around the globe to meet the expected demand during the Aug. 30-Sept. 2 gathering at Madison Square Garden.

Court Blocks Law Regulating Internet Access to Pornography --The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Congress's latest effort to curb children's access to sexually explicit material on the Internet. But at the same time it gave the Bush dictatorship a second chance to defend the law as a trial on its constitutionality goes forward in Federal District Court in Philadelphia.

Fed begins debating interest rates --Poised to raise interest rates for the first time in four years, the Federal Reserve on Tuesday began debating how fast and how high.

Bid to Stop Mass. Gay Marriages Rejected --A federal appeals court Tuesday rejected an attempt by conservative groups and state lawmakers to stop gay marriage in Massachusetts.


U.S.-Led Forces Would Back Martial Law, Bush Says --Dictator Bush said today that occupation forces in Iraq would support a possible decision by the new Iraqi leadership to declare martial law to deal with escalating violence and [US engendered] terror attacks.

All prisoners in Iraq must be freed: Amnesty International --All prisoners held in Iraq must be released after the handover of 'sovereignty' and any further detentions by the US-led occupation would be illegal, human rights watchdog Amnesty International said on Monday.

'Power' handed over to new Iraq government --The US-led occupation handed over 'sovereignty' to the new Iraqi government today - two days earlier than planned. The surprise move - formally ending the occupation by occupation forces - took place in a low-key ceremony in Baghdad's heavily-guarded Green Zone.

Iraq and Al Qaeda --Forget the 'Poisons and Deadly Gases' --A captured Qaeda commander who was a principal source for Bush regime claims that Osama bin Laden collaborated with Saddam Hussein's regime has changed his story, setting back White House efforts to shore up the credibility of its original case for the invasion of Iraq.

Gore accuses Bush, Cheney of lying about link between al-Qaida and Iraq --President Al Gore on Thursday accused Dictator Bush of lying about a link between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein and said the Dictator refuses to back down from that position to avoid political fallout. "They dare not admit the truth lest they look like complete fools for launching our country into a reckless, discretionary war against a nation that posed no immediate threat to us whatsoever," Gore said during a speech at Georgetown University Law Center.

£20m 'hole' in Iraqi funds held by US-led authority --The US-controlled dictatorship in Baghdad has failed to account for more than £20m of the country's money as it hands over 'power' to an Iraqi government, a report says. The money - oil revenues and international funds frozen during Saddam Hussein's regime - had passed into the coffers of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) before disappearing, according to the report. [Note: the missing funds may be $20 billion, not million. Digging further...]

Report: Iraqi Militants Kill U.S. Soldier --Iraqi militants killed an American soldier they have held hostage for nearly three months, saying the killing was because the U.S. government did not change its policy in Iraq, Al-Jazeera television reported Tuesday.

U.S. casualties for June --As of Friday, 25, 848 U.S. service members have died since the beginning of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Defense Department.

Army Plans to Call Up Thousands of Reserve Troops --For the first time since Operation Desert Storm, the Army plans to announce this week an involuntary mobilization of thousands of troops from the Individual Ready Reserve, various press outlets are planning to report. The move, which Army officials say is likely to involve notifying roughly 6,500 soldiers about a possible deployment, is meant to fill holes in active and reserve units preparing to go to Iraq and Afghanistan this fall and early next year.

Blair Must Go --It seems a strange time for one of Britain's most powerful union leaders to call for a new face at No 10. After all, Derek Simpson has just given Tony Blair a cheque for £500,000. But that is precisely what he's doing. "The words stick in the throat," says the Amicus general secretary at his plush offices in Covent Garden, London. "'Blair has got to go.' You don't want to say it.... The truth is, I like him. He is very bright and capable of being extremely charming. It's not the personality - it's the policies."

Are They Losing It? --by Maureen Dowd "One thing you've got to say for Dick Cheney: No one will ever again dismiss the vice presidency [sic] as a pitcher of warm spit. Mr. Major League Potty Mouth has shown that, with obsequiousness to the president and obtuseness to the facts, a vice president [sic] can run the world. Right into the ground. This week, it's not just Democrats who are questioning whether Vice is losing it."

Negroponte 'looked the other way' --U.S. ambassador to Iraq under fire for rights record --[John] Negroponte was one of a group of officials involved in Central America at that time who have since — to the astonishment of the international diplomatic community — been rehabilitated by President [sic] George W. Bush. His behaviour in Honduras would have come under scrutiny when he was appointed as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in 2001, but his appointment hearing came in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, when there was little appetite for such an inquiry and when there was a desire to have such a key post filled speedily... Negroponte represented the U.S. during one of the most corrupt periods of its foreign policy, presided over by Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior."

Gitmo detainee Hicks appeal likely --An Australian held in a U.S. military prison for more than two years without trial is likely to challenge his detention in an American court. Former farmhand David Hicks, 28, has won the right to an independent assessment of his imprisonment following a decision Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court allowing inmates in the Guantanamo Bay facility at Cuba can challenge their detention.

High Court Slams Bush on Terror Suspects --The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the war on [of] terrorism does not give the government a "blank check" to hold a U.S. citizen and foreign-born terror suspects in legal limbo, a forceful denunciation of Bush regime tactics since the Sept. 11 attacks. Ruling in two cases, the high court refused to endorse a central claim of the White House: that the government has authority to seize and detain terrorism suspects and indefinitely deny access to courts or lawyers while interrogating them.

Court rules U.S. can hold citizen as 'enemy combatant' --Supreme Court gives Guantanamo detainees access to U.S. courts --The Supreme Court delivered a partial victory to the Bush dictatorship in its war on [of] terrorism Monday, ruling narrowly that Congress gave Dictator Bush the power to hold an American citizen without charges or trial, but that the detainee can challenge his treatment in court.

NEWSWEEK: 9-11 Commission Staff Has Concluded Attacks Were Preventable, Lapses By CIA Primarily Responsible, Say Sources --'I Can Tell You There Will Be a New DCI [Director of Central Intelligence] This Year,' Says White House Official PRNewswire Press Release --"Sources tell Newsweek that the 9-11 Commission staff has concluded that the terror attacks were probably preventable-and that lapses by the CIA are primarily responsible."

Box Office Tally Climbs for 'Fahrenheit 9/11' --Box-office fever for Michael Moore's searing anti-Bush documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" climbed a bit higher on Monday as distributors touted record-breaking ticket sales about $2 million more than first reported. According to a final tally of weekend receipts, Moore's critique of Dictator Bush and his policies since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on America grossed $23.9 million during its first three days of release across the United States and Canada.

Michael Moore claims political victory as 'Fahrenheit' soars into records --US filmmaker Michael Moore claimed a major political coup against US Dictator George W. Bush as "Fahrenheit 9/11" scorched box office records and shook the US political scene. [That works, since Bush pulled the first coup d'etat in 2000.]

Fahrenheit 9/11 is No. 1 at box office --Michael Moore's controversial Bush-bashing film has strongest opening ever for a documentary. Bush-bashing became the nation's favorite spectator sport over the weekend as Michael Moore's red-hot documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" earned more in its first three days of release across North America than his previous record-breaking movie did in its entire run.

Distributor plots expansion --"Fahrenheit 9/11" went a long way toward recouping its expenses this weekend, and with a wide expansion of runs in the works over the next 10 days, an eventual domestic cume approaching $100 million is not out of the question.

One Group That's Not Polarized: 9 out of 10 Film Reviewers for Daily Papers Back 'Fahrenheit' --They like Mike... An E & P survey of 63 daily papers that ran reviews, in "red" and "blue" states alike, finds that 56 gave 'Fahrenheit 9/11' a positive nod, with only 7 abstaining, an almost 90% favorable rating.

Fahrenheit 9-11 and the Burning of Bush: A review, by Michael Rectenwald

Clinton Sells Nearly 1 Million Books --Former President Clinton's memoirs have sold nearly 1 million copies in less than a week, his publisher said Monday. Publisher Alfred A. Knopf said 935,000 copies of "My Life" had been sold by the end of Sunday, and the million mark should be reached soon.

Bush's Rating Falls to Its Lowest Point, New Survey Finds --Dictator Bush's job approval rating has fallen to the lowest level of his pResidency, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. The poll found Americans stiffening their opposition to the Iraq war, worried that the invasion could invite domestic terrorist attacks and skeptical about whether the White House has been fully truthful about the war or about abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison.

Senate majority leader refuses to criticize Cheney for cursing --Majority 'leader' Bill Frist refused yesterday to criticize Vice pResident Dick Cheney for cursing on the floor of the Senate in a confrontation with a Democratic senator.

Senate Anthrax Exposure More Widespread Than Reported --Anthrax contamination on Capitol Hill appears to have been more widespread than was previously reported, according to a recently published report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which suggests that Capitol Police inadvertently spread the deadly bacteria beyond the Hart Senate Office Building while responding to the October 2001 crisis.

National Alert System In Disarray --The Emergency Alert System, emblematic of the nation's emergency alert network, is a mess, says a group of leading state and local disaster response officials.

FBI Warns Home-Made Mines May Lurk in U.S. Waters --Home-made bombs and mines hidden in inner tubes or other harmless-looking flotsam may be bobbing in U.S. waters, a confidential FBI bulletin warned shortly before new 'anti-terror' shipping laws take effect.

Beef Industry in Holding Pattern After Test Another U.S. Animal Could Have Mad Cow Disease --The beef industry and processors such as Tyson Foods are in "wait-and-see" mode after an inconclusive test for mad cow disease.

New U.S. Mad Cow Case May Affect Beef Ban, Kamei Says --Discovery of a second case of mad cow disease in the U.S. may affect Japan's ban on imports of beef from that country, said Yoshiyuki Kamei, minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries.


Fahrenheit 9/11 on track to be the highest grossing documentary in US history: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Tops $8M in First Day --"Fahrenheit 9/11," Michael Moore's assault on Dictator Bush, took in $8.2 million to $8.4 million in its first day, positioning it as the weekend's No. 1 film, its distributors said Saturday.

Fahrenheit 9/11 breaks records
"Sold out" signs on display at the Cinearts Empire Theater. Chronicle photo by Darryl Bush

Moore film a hot ticket
Film fans in Oakland wait to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" at Grand Lake Theater. Theater owner Allen Michaan is not enforcing the R rating. Chronicle photo by Lance Iversen

Moore film a hot ticket 'Fahrenheit 9/11' energizes the anti-Bush multitudes (Bay Area, CA) Even with fervid lefties crowding into the movies at the ungodly hour of 10 in the morning, the depth of reaction to Moore's highly emotional movie was remarkable for its intensity. In San Francisco, the largest theater in the Loew's Metreon was nearly filled to its 600-seat capacity -- and this was for a documentary, hardly the kind of hot ticket that normally has fans racing through the turnstiles.

Fahrenheit 9-11 censored in PA Republican voter stronghold? --by Tom Flocco "Michael Moore’s controversial new movie Fahrenheit 9-11 was completely blacked out in densely Republican vote-heavy Delaware county and faced near total censorship in the fifth largest U.S. market--Philadelphia and its Delaware Valley suburbs--as the film opened yesterday on just 12 screens out of 377 total ( 3 % ) in 43 Philadelphia area theaters. Moore wrote, produced and directed the movie documentary critical of President [sic] Bush’s war policy and actions during the September 11, 2001 attacks."

Hitler Image Used in Bush Campaign Web Ad [in order to show Bush-Rove's mentor?] The image of Adolf Hitler has emerged again in the battle for the White House as Democrats and Republicans both have tried to liken their opponents to the Nazi dictator. A new Bush-Cheney re-s-election video features clips of Hitler — the same ones the campaign criticized when they were used in a Web spot that appeared on the Internet site of the liberal activist group as part of a contest in January.

CIA insider slams Bush antiterror policies --A book written by a top CIA counterterrorism official alleges that the Bush regime has bungled the war on [of] terror, and because of poor decisions the United States faces a choice in Iraq and Afghanistan "between war and endless war."

Don't You Dare Disrespect the Fuhrer! Angry White House pulls RTE interview --The White House has lodged a complaint with the Irish Embassy in Washington over RTE journalist Carole Coleman's interview with US Dictator George Bush. And it is believed the Dictator's staff have now withdrawn from an exclusive interview which was to have been given to RTE this morning by Laura Bush.

During a summit meeting in Ireland by Dictator Bush and Irish and European leaders, a march to protest the Iraq war moved along a highway toward Dromoland Castle, site of the talks. Reuters

Protesters delay Bush speech --As Dictator Bush spoke at an outdoor joint news conference with Prime Minister Bertie Ahern of Ireland and Romano Prodi, the president of the European Union, anti-war protesters blocked at least one of the main roads leading to Dromoland Castle, a 16th century Renaissance fortress-turned-luxury-resort where Bush was staying. A symbolic victory over a pResident who prizes punctuality, anti-war protesters forced a 30-minute delay in Bush's news conference.

Stepping out to a cold Irish welcome --Smiling and waving, George Bush glided down the steps of Air Force One at Shannon airport last night, seemingly unfazed by his tag as the most unwelcome American ever to set foot on Irish soil. The dictator and his wife, Laura, were spared the sight of thousands of Irish protesters at the airport entrance and whisked off in an armoured Cadillac to the 16th century Dromoland castle in County Clare... Pretzels are off the menu [Gee, that's a shame] at his working lunch with European statesmen... But what Mr Bush has been choking on recently is the gristle of the Irish media.

McAleese warns Bush over torture of POWs --President Mary McAleese voiced strong concerns over the maltreatment of Iraqi POWs by occupation forces during a private meeting with George Bush yesterday. The Irish President told Dictator Bush during a 30-minute meeting that there was deep disquiet about the war in Iraq among the people of Ireland and the EU.

CIA Puts Harsh Tactics On Hold --Memo on Methods of Interrogation Had Wide Review --The CIA has suspended the use of extraordinary interrogation techniques approved by the White House pending a review by Justice Department and other regime lawyers, intelligence officials said. Current and former CIA officers aware of the recent decision said the suspension reflects the CIA's fears of being accused of unsanctioned and illegal activities, as it was in the 1970s.

Bush's re-s-election hopes slide as Iraq prisoner abuse scandal deepens --Despite a massive damage-control effort, the prisoner abuse scandal is threatening to poison further the image of the Bush dictatorship at home and abroad, deepening the cloud over the Dictator's re-s-election prospects.

New Iraqi police fight US troops who trained them --Since April, when a US offensive failed to crush an uprising by Islamic fighters and Ba'athist loyalists, Fallujah has been effectively a no-go area for American troops. A newly formed, 2,000-strong force known as the Fallujah brigade, led by a Saddam-era general, Mohammed Latif, was supposed to disarm the rebels. Instead, the town remains a hotbed of resistance.

Iraq Insurgency Showing Signs of Momentum --Analysts and some U.S. commanders say it could be too late to reverse the wave of violence. As this week's coordinated violence demonstrates, Iraq's insurgent movement is increasingly potent, riding a wave of anti-U.S. nationalism and religious extremism. Just days before an Iraqi government takes control of the country, experts and some commanders fear it may be too late to turn back the militant tide.

Soldier Aboard C-130 Killed, Another Dies in Rocket Attack --Two U.S. soldiers were killed today in Iraq, occupation military officials in Baghdad announced. An occupation C-130 Hercules transport aircraft leaving Baghdad International Airport about 5 p.m. was hit by small-arms fire, Army Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, Multinational Force Iraq deputy operations director [W-ar criminal], said.

Car-bombing kills 23 as Iraq's bloody sovereignty build-up continues --A car-bomb attack killed 23 people south of Baghdad in the latest atrocity to blight Iraq's build-up to 'sovereignty' this week as the caretaker prime minister said instability could delay national 'elections' for two months.

Iraq war casualties mounting for U.S. citizen soldiers --The Iraq war is taking a growing toll on soldiers of the National Guard and Reserve, which have suffered more deaths since April 1 than in the previous seven months combined.

Car Bomb in Hilla Kills 17 Iraqis -U.S. Army --A bomb exploded in the Iraqi town of Hilla on Saturday, killing 17 Iraqi civilians and wounding around 40, the U.S. military said.

A man identified by Iraqi insurgents as a captured U.S. Marine is shown in a video on Al-Jazeera TV. Occupation trying to confirm. (Sunday, 22:20 GMT)

Abu Zarqawi must be a busy little bee, especially considering that he has been reported as *dead*. Al-Zarqawi Terror Group Kidnaps 3 Turks --Militants loyal to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said Saturday they have kidnapped three Turkish workers and threatened to behead them in 72 hours, heightening tensions just ahead of a visit by Dictator Bush to Turkey.

Hostage and Beheading Threat to Turkey --by Nico Haupt "Zarqawi is believed to be dead since April 2003, as AsiaTimes wrote in March 2004. The new 'kidnapping' followed some bombs exploded in Turkey's two main cities on Thursday before a visit by Bush to Ankara and a NATO summit in Istanbul, which will end on the same day of the Kidnapper's 72-hour deadline."

Bush dictatorship boosts worldwide illegal drug trade: U.N.: Afghan poppies driving worldwide opium production --Worldwide opium production is increasing, driven by a sharp rise in poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, the United Nations said Friday in a report released in Russia, one of the prime routes for Afghan opium and heroin reaching the West. Afghanistan was responsible for three-quarters of the world's illegal opium supply and for a 5% increase in the world supply between 2002 and 2003, the report said. "We expect even more production in Afghanistan next year," Sandeep Chawla of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime said at a news conference in Vienna, Austria.

Dictatorship Tries to Rein In Scientists --Health and Human Services Department orders vetting of experts on panels convened by the U.N.'s health agency. The Bush dictatorship has ordered that government scientists must be approved by a senior political appointee before they can participate in meetings convened by the World Health Organization, the leading international health and science agency.

Scientists Now Need OK to Consult WHO --Government scientists must now be cleared by a Bush political appointee before they can lend their expertise to the World Health Organization, a change that a Democratic lawmaker said fits a pattern of politicizing science.

New York Streets to Be Blocked to Secure Nazi [Republican] Convention --New York City announced ambitious security measures yesterday for the Nazi [Republican] National Convention, including shutting down Midtown thoroughfares for hours each day, putting a concrete barrier around Madison Square Garden, and letting protesters get only as close as one corner of the convention site.

Mega barf alert! Sen. Miller to Speak at Nazi [GOP] Convention --Georgia Sen. Zell Miller, the highest profile 'Democrat' to endorse Dictator Bush for re-s-election, will speak at the Republican National Convention later this summer, a congressional aide said Friday.

Aerial Drones Assigned to Arizona Border Patrol --Two aerial drones were assigned to Arizona border patrol on Friday in an unprecedented drive to secure a 350-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexican border that has become the most popular and deadliest corridor for illegal immigrants.

A New [LOL,-wait-'til-you-hear-this-one] Terror Threat --This holiday, watch out for those floating beer coolers --The FBI has introduced the specter of a new terrorism threat: booby-trapped beer coolers. A lightly classified bulletin sent to 18,000 state and local agencies last week advised local authorities to look out for plastic-foam containers, inner tubes and other waterborne flotsam commonly seen around marinas that could be rigged to blow up on contact. Also, the bulletin warned, terrorists might attach bombs to buoys. FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials say no such devices have actually been discovered, nor is there any current intelligence that terrorists are hatching plots involving floating bombs. [Right. There is no *intelligence.*]

FBI warns of possible deadly floating material --The FBI issued a warning last week for state and local authorities to be on the lookout for booby-trapped floating material in and around the nation's marinas, warning they could contain explosives. A homeland security official told CNN on Sunday there is "no intelligence terrorists are planning to or want to do this."

Well, gag me with a chainsaw: Internet Is Extremists' Channel of Choice --Al-Bush-duh-linked terror groups and their sympathizers have in recent months made a big splash on the Internet, making it their communications channel of choice. They're benefiting from free discussion boards, e-mail accounts and other online forums for propaganda, recruitment, fund-raising and even planning. [Speaking of free discussion boards, be sure to register in our Discus forum for your free discussion.]

W.House on Cheney Obscenity: These Things Happen --Dictator Bush is not taking Vice pResident Dick Cheney to the woodshed for uttering an expletive to a Democratic opponent in the U.S. Senate.

Whackjob terrorist Cheney Tells Sen. Leahy F*** Off --Vice pResident Cheney cursed at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy during a confrontation on the Senate floor while members were having their annual group picture taken earlier this week, Leahy and Senate sources said Thursday. Senate aides with knowledge of the encounter Tuesday said the vice pResident confronted Leahy about some of the Democrat's criticism about alleged improprieties in Iraq military contracts awarded to Halliburton Co. Cheney, who as vice president is president of the Senate, is a former CEO of Halliburton. Leahy responded by criticizing the White House for standing by allies who had accused Democrats of being anti-Catholic last year in opposing one of Dictator Bush's judicial nominees, said one Senate aide, speaking on condition of anonymity. Cheney then responded, "F-- off" or "F-- you," the aide said. [No, Dick--you, Bush and Colin can have a f---ing orgy.]

Sources: Cheney curses senator over Halliburton criticism --This year's Senate class photo turned smiles into snarls as Vice pResident Dick Cheney reportedly used profanity toward one senior Democrat, sources said. Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who was on the receiving end of Cheney's ire, confirmed that the vice pResident used profanity during Tuesday's class photo.

Activists cry foul in electronic voting furore --US voting activists who fear an "electoral train wreck" worse than Florida 2000 if electronic ballot machines are allowed to determine the outcome of November's presidential s-election, are claiming a breakthrough victory after the scandal-ridden resignation of one of the country's most outspoken e-voting apologists.

Kerry Cancels Speech, Honors Picket Line --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry may cancel plans to speak to the U.S. Conference of Mayors rather than cross a police officers' picket line.

Nebraska State Senator Arrested --State Sen. [Republican] Ray Mossey of Bellevue was arrested Friday on suspicion of prescription fraud and carrying a concealed weapon. Mossey, a retired Omaha police officer, was taken into custody at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Greens Reject Endorsement for Ralph Nader --The Green Party nominated Texas attorney David Cobb as its candidate for president Saturday, dealing a blow to [GOP tool] 'independent' Ralph Nader's campaign.


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