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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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July 2005 Archives, Page Two

Georgian Would-Be Assassin Details Grenade Attack on Bush 27 Jul 2005 Vladimir Arutyunyan, accused of throwing a grenade at U.S. Dictator George Bush, has described his assassination attempt. During a conversation with the head of the Georgian police press center, Guram Donadze, who was quoted by Izvestia newspaper, Arutyunyan apparently said: "I will tell you why I did it. Because Bush is a prick!" [That's putting it mildly, Vladimir. But, read why the CLG opposes individual acts of terrorism. Let's be clear. The reason for opposing individual acts of terrorism is political, not "moral." (After all, those who decry terrorism as "immoral" support state terror and mass murder on a regular basis.) Terrorism belittles the role of the people in the real political process. As Trotsky writes, "The smoke from the confusion clears away, the panic disappears, the successor of the murdered minister makes his appearance, life settles into the old rut...only police repression grows more savage and brazen."]

Grenade Thrower Meant to Kill Bush 26 Jul 2005 The man who has confessed to throwing a live grenade at Dictator Bush during a rally in Georgia's capital says he hoped to kill the U.S. 'leader,' his lawyer said Tuesday.

Grenade Suspect Charged With Terrorism 26 Jul 2005 A man who admitted throwing a live grenade at Dictator Bush during a rally in Georgia's capital said he hoped to kill him. Authorities charged Vladimir Arutyunian with terrorism on Tuesday, said Arutyunian's lawyer, Guliko Dzhimsheladze.

'I saw ___ fucking a kid...' Details of Bush's child-raping terrorists at Abu Ghraib prison Warning: Graphic! --Source: The "Taguba Report" On Treatment Of Abu Ghraib Prisoners In Iraq, statement by Kasim Mehaddi Hilas, Detainee #151108, 1300/18 Jan 04, as published by The Washington Post. [Click here for the full Taguba Report.]

Bush Administration Files 11th Hour Papers Blocking the Release of Darby CD Photos and Video of Abu Ghraib Torture (Center For Constitutional Rights) "On July 22, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) denounced the latest efforts of the Bush Administration to block the release of the Darby photos and videos depicting torture at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison facility."

Witness: Dogs Bit Abu Ghraib Detainees 26 Jul 2005 Two Iraqis at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison were bitten by dogs as they were being handled by sergeants who were competing to see who could scare more detainees, a witness testified Tuesday.

Two Dog Handlers Face Abu Ghraib Hearing 25 Jul 2005 Two Army dog handlers accused of using the animals in a personal contest to frighten detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison are scheduled to appear for a military equivalent of a grand jury hearing Tuesday.

Afghan Protesters Riot at U.S. Base 26 Jul 2005 Hundreds of protesters chanting "Die America!'' and throwing stones tried to batter down a gate at the U.S. military's main Afghan base Tuesday, adding to anxieties in a country worried that fighting with resistance fighters could disrupt 'elections.' [Does that mean that they could get stuck with an UNelected terrorist imbecile as a leader, as we have in the US?]

Here's a big *bleeping* surprise: Iraq Constitution May Erode Women's Rights 26 Jul 2005 A part of Iraq's draft constitution obtained by The Associated Press gives Islam a major role in Iraqi civil law, raising concerns that women could lose rights in marriage, divorce and inheritance.

Iraqi Official Demands Timetable for Withdrawal By Aaron Glantz "The following interview with Iraq's minister of civil society activities, Ala'a al-Safi, was conducted July 20, 2005, after Iraqi Premier Ibrahim al-Jaafari's historic visit to Iran. In the interview, al-Safi explains how the Iraqi government is endeavoring to warm relations with its neighbors and push the Bush administration into setting a timeline for U.S. withdrawal."

50,000 Iraqi 'insurgents' dead, caught 26 Jul 2005 U.S. and Iraqi forces have killed or arrested more than 50,000 Iraqi 'insurgents' in the past seven months, a former top general who has headed repeated Pentagon assessment missions to Iraq said yesterday.

50 killed in Afghanistan clashes 26 Jul 2005 Around 50 suspected Taliban fighters were killed in clashes with US and Afghan forces in central Afghanistan last night, officials said today.

Halliburton to the rescue! Iraqi Electricity Sector Needs 20 Billion Dollars 26 Jul 2005 Mohsen Alloush, Iraqi electricity minister, said that the projects and programs relating to the electricity sector need about 20 billion dollars so that electricity resumes natural performance.

Raytheon Company Awarded $124.1 Million Standard Missile-3 Contract 22 Jul 2005 Raytheon has been awarded a $124.1 million contract from the U.S. Navy to build, test and deliver additional Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) rounds to the Missile Defense Agency to 'meet' the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense deployment requirements.

$120M To Lockheed From BAE For Long-Range Naval Artillery Shells 21 Jul 2005 Lockheed Martin has received a five-year, $120 million cost-plus-award-fee contract from BAE Systems for further development and test of the Long-Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) for the Advanced Gun System (AGS) on the U.S. Navy's next- generation destroyer, the DD (X).

Anti-Terror War Pushed to Africa --Under Long-Term Program, Pentagon to Train Soldiers of 9 Nations 26 Jul 2005 The U.S. military is embarking on a long-term push into Africa to counter what it considers growing inroads of al Qaeda and other terrorist networks in poor, lawless and predominantly Muslim expanses of the continent. [Translation: The US oil imperialists have yet to arrive, and Halliburton is hungry for more 'no-bid' contracts.]

UN seeks definition of terrorism 26 Jul 2005 UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has urged world leaders to agree on a universal definition of terrorism. [Terrorism=Bush]

U.S. Officials Retool Slogan for Terror War 26 Jul 2005 The Bush regime is retooling its slogan for the fight 'against' Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, pushing the idea that the long-term struggle is as much an ideological battle as a military mission, senior administration and military officials said Monday. [Yeah, the new slogan - a manifestation of actual Bush regime policies - is *Help Wanted.*]

Blair Won't 'Give One Inch' to Terrorists 26 Jul 2005 Prime Minister Tony Blair vowed Tuesday not to "give one inch" on British policies in Iraq or the Middle East, and said his government is determined to toughen laws against terrorists and their supporters [Bush] in the wake of attacks on London's transit system.

Blair admits Iraq terror recruitment link 26 Jul 2005 British Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged Tuesday the Iraq war was being used to recruit terrorists, but said it was no excuse for the London bombings.

Egypt Had Warning Before Deadly Attack 26 Jul 2005 Investigators have identified a suspected suicide bomber in the weekend attacks that killed scores in this Red Sea resort, saying he was an Egyptian with Islamic militant ties, officials said Tuesday as dozens more people were questioned in the probe. Security officials also said Egyptian authorities received information about an imminent terrorist attack in Sharm el-Sheik days ahead of the devastating bombings.

Let's talk terror, premiers tell PM 27 Jul 2005 Premiers have requested an urgent meeting of the nation's political leaders to review Australia's preparedness to deal with a terrorist attack, warning that the London bombings mean the prospect of an attack on home soil "is even more real".

Leaders discuss terror measures 26 Jul 2005 Britain's three main party leaders today agreed to meet again in September to discuss new anti[pro]-terrorism measures, rather than seek to recall parliament over the summer. After cross-party talks at Downing Street today, there is a consensus to create offences of inciting terrorism, preparing an attack and giving or receiving terrorist training. [Minute-by-minute report of Blair's press briefing]

NYPD studies London bombings for lessons --Explosives expert dispatched to U.K.; police contacting chemical suppliers 26 Jul 2005 Scrambling to prevent a U.S. version of the recent terror attacks in London, the New York Police Department dispatched its own explosives expert to Britain to study the suicide bombings, officials said.

Airport security could get a little more intimate 27 Jul 2005 A traveller's checklist: luggage, passport, visa, ticket. And now this: do I look good naked? Sydney Airport says it is keeping a close eye on overseas trials of a machine that can see through your clothes and show whether you are carrying a bomb or a gun.

Anti-terror police seize car 26 Jul 2005 Police have seized a car in north London in connection with the investigation into last week's attempted bomb attacks in the capital, Scotland Yard said today. They are examining a car recovered in the Strawberry Vale part of the city, about three-quarters of a mile from the block of flats in New Southgate that anti[pro]-terrorist officers raided yesterday.

Brazilian was shot eight times, inquest told --Inquiry by police complaints authority to look at all ranks involved, including those who gave orders 26 Jul 2005 Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian man killed by police after being mistaken for a suicide bomber, was shot eight times at Stockwell Tube station on Friday, not five times as had previously been reported.

Two-thirds of Muslims consider leaving UK 26 Jul 2005 Hundreds of thousands of Muslims have thought about leaving Britain after the London bombings, according to a new Guardian/ICM poll. The figure illustrates how widespread fears are of an anti-Muslim backlash following the July 7 bombings which were carried out by British born suicide bombers. [Download today's poll in full (pdf)]

Senate Backs Scouts' Use of Military Bases 26 Jul 2005 The Senate voted Tuesday to allow U.S. military bases to continue to host Boy Scouts events, responding to lawsuits and a federal court ruling aimed at severing relationships between the government and the youth group.

What Did the President Know? By Dan Froomkin 25 Jul 2005 "...[Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald's] investigation appears to have turned its focus to discrepancies in the testimony of White House senior adviser Karl Rove and vice presidential chief of staff I. Lewis 'Scooter' Libby. Fitzgerald may be trying to determine whether evidence exists to bring perjury or obstruction of justice charges. And that raises the issue of what -- if anything -- Rove and Libby told Bush and Cheney about their roles."

Bush aims to lower corporate hurdles for funds 25 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush plans a meeting of corporate and religious leaders next year to increase business contributions to social programs sponsored by religious organizations, the White House said on Monday.

A Step Toward a [Reichwing] Shift at SEC --Senate Panel to Consider Nominations of Chairman, Two Commissioners 26 Jul 2005 A Senate committee holds hearings today on a package of nominations to the Securities and Exchange Commission likely to alter the political balance of a body that has been dominated in recent years by an alliance of two Democrats and its retired Republican chairman. Investor advocates yesterday sounded alarms about the nomination of Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.) to be chairman, replacing William H. Donaldson, who rankled some lawmakers and trade groups by voting alongside the panel's two Democrats on several key rules.

Gonzales: Roberts Not Bound by Statement 26 Jul 2005 If confirmed to the Supreme Court, John Roberts would not be bound by his past statement that the 1973 decision legalizing abortion is settled law, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday.

Lawmakers Reach a Deal on New Energy Policies 26 Jul 2005 House and Senate negotiators came to agreement on broad energy legislation early today... But it does little to immediately lower the price of gasoline at the pump.

Senate Moves to Shield Gun Industry 26 Jul 2005 The Senate on Tuesday put off until fall completing a $491 billion defense bill to act this week on the National Rifle Association's top priority: shielding gun manufacturers and dealers from liability suits stemming from gun crimes.

Weed discovery brings calls for GM ban 26 Jul 2005 Britain cannot afford to take the risk of spreading genetically modified genes to wild plants and should ban GM crops that have wild relatives in the countryside, the former environment minister Michael Meacher said yesterday.

200 cities in the West hit record highs 26 Jul 2005 Temperatures soared past 100 in several cities Monday, and the National Weather Service posted excessive heat warnings and advisories from Illinois to Louisiana and from Nebraska to the District of Columbia. Some areas weren't expected to receive a break until Wednesday. Some 200 cities in the West hit daily record highs last week, including Las Vegas, Nevada, at 117, and Death Valley, California, at 129, the weather service said.

Killer flu linked to bird feces 26 Jul 2005 Three family members who died of bird flu earlier this month were infected by chicken droppings that contained the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus, Indonesia's agriculture ministry has said.


War On Britain: 85% Blame Bombs On War In Iraq 25 Jul 2005 An overwhelming 85 per cent of people blame the Iraq invasion for the London bombings, a Daily Mirror/GMTV poll reveals today.

Was a "Bomber" Superimposed onto Metropolitan Police Surveillance Camera Photo? 25 Jul 2005

Met chief defends 'shoot-to-kill' policy for his officers 25 Jul 2005 The head of the Metropolitan Police has defended his force's "shoot-to-kill" policy when dealing with suspected suicide bombers, adding that more people could be shot dead.

Police shot Brazilian eight times 25 Jul 2005 The Brazilian man who was mistaken for a suicide bomber was shot eight times by police, his inquest has heard. Electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder, at Stockwell Tube station, south London, on Friday.

Brazilians protest shooting death in victim's hometown 25 Jul 2005 Hundreds of relatives and friends of a Brazilian shot to death in London after being mistaken for a terrorist marched along the cobblestone streets of his hometown Monday, demanding the arrest of the British police who fired the fatal shots.

Press questions police action 25 Jul 2005 The British press on Monday questioned the police handling of investigations into the bomb attacks on the London transport system in the wake of the fatal shooting of an innocent Brazilian man.

A Fifth Man in U.K. Blasts May Be at Large 25 Jul 2005 British police Monday identified two of four men believed responsible for last week's botched transit bombings and said an explosive found in a park was like those used in the attempted attacks, raising fears a fifth bomber was on the loose.

London Police Extend Search Beyond 4 Would-Be Bombers 25 Jul 2005 London police extended their anti- terrorism search beyond last week's four would-be bombers, looking for links with the July 7 attacks and investigating whether other people may have supported them. [Bush, Blair, Cheney, and Giuliani?]

Scotland Yard Names Two Bombing Suspects --Two More People Arrested in North London 25 Jul 2005 British police Monday identified two of the four men who allegedly tried to bomb London's transportation system last week and issued a fresh appeal for the public's help in tracking them down.

Effort here to charge London suspect was blocked 24 Jul 2005 The Justice Department blocked efforts by its prosecutors in Seattle in 2002 to bring criminal charges against Haroon Aswat, according to federal law-enforcement officials who were involved in the case. British authorities suspect Aswat of taking part in the July 7 London bombings, which killed 56 and prompted an intense worldwide manhunt for him.

U.K. cops want to attack terrorism Web sites 25 Jul 2005 Europe Security threats British chief police officers are asking the U.K. government for new powers that would allow them to attack terrorist Web sites. A list of antiterror recommendations from the Association of Chief Police Officers has been handed to Members of Parliament in the wake of the London bombings this month, as the government reviews laws on how to tackle terrorism. Under the proposals, it would become an offense to fail to disclose encryption keys and to use the Internet to facilitate acts of terrorism... The list of recommendations does not detail how police would attack Web sites, but in many cases remotely disabling a Web server involves a denial-of-service attack, in which floods of data are sent to the server to overwhelm it. [What is a 'terrorist' website?]

Chief Police Officers Recommend Changes to Counter the Terrorist Threat (The Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales, and N. Ireland Press Release) 21 Jul 2005 Chief Police Officers today supported several key changes to existing counter terrorist legislation including; - Acts Preparatory to Terrorism - Indirect Incitement to Criminal Acts - Providing or Receiving Training in the use of Hazardous Substances They also proposed some further changes to law and procedure including; - a new offence of not disclosing encryption keys - Extension of maximum pre-charge detention on suspicion of terrorism from 14 days to 3 months...

US Right turns on Blair for being 'soft on terror' 25 Jul 2005 The American Right, for four years a fount of rapturous praise for Tony Blair, is showing signs of falling out of love with Britain over what it sees as its soft and ineffective record on terrorism. [Right, we need to try Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rove for treason as soon as possible, to end Bush's global war of terror.]

ACLU investigates random train searches 25 Jul 2005 The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut has begun an investigation into a new practice of random searches on Metro-North trains, a spokesman said Monday.

Man Arrested After Penn Station Scare 25 Jul 2005 Police arrested a man following a bomb scare that emptied Pennsylvania Station (NY) and disrupted service on Amtrak, commuter trains and city subways for about an hour, and officers also halted a tour bus and searched its passengers.

Man charged for New York bomb scare 25 Jul 2005 A man who triggered a bomb scare and the evacuation of New York's Penn Station has been arraigned on charges of making a terrorist threat and falsely reporting an incident, prosecutors said Monday.

6 Purported CIA Operatives Sought in Italy 25 Jul 2005 An Italian court on Monday issued arrest warrants for six more purported CIA operatives [criminals], accusing them of allegedly helping plan the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian Muslim cleric, a court official said.

GOP Senators Ready Detainee Amendments 25 Jul 2005 Senate Republicans planned to push ahead with legislation regulating the treatment and interrogation of terrorism suspects in U.S. custody, despite a White House veto threat.

Halliburton announces 284 percent increase in war profits ( 25 Jul 2005 Halliburton announced on Friday that its KBR division, responsible for carrying out Pentagon contracts, experienced a 284 percent increase in operating profits during the second quarter of this year.

Conflicts' costs may exceed $700 billion 25 Jul 2005 Halliburton ['The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan'] have already cost taxpayers $314 billion, and the Congressional Budget Office projects additional expenses of perhaps $450 billion over the next 10 years.

Despite $2 billion spent, residents say Baghdad is crumbling 25 Jul 2005 Over 18 months, American officials spent almost $2 billion for to revive the capital ravaged by war and neglect, according to Army Gen. William G. Webster, who heads the 30,000 U.S. and foreign troops and 15,000 Iraqi soldiers known collectively as Task Force Baghdad. But the money goes to for long-term projects that yield few visible results and for security to protect the construction sites from sabotage. [Well, the money actually *goes* to *Halliburton.*]

Shots to the Heart of Iraq --Innocent civilians, including people who are considered vital to building democracy, are increasingly being killed by U.S. troops. 25 Jul 2005 Three men in an unmarked sedan pulled up near the headquarters of the national police major crimes unit. The two passengers, wearing traditional Arab dishdasha gowns, stepped from the car. At the same moment, a U.S. military convoy emerged from an underpass. Apparently believing the men were staging an ambush, the Americans fired, killing one passenger and wounding the other. The sedan's driver was hit in the head by two bullet fragments. The soldiers drove on without stopping.

Rand: Not enough troops in Iraq 21 Jul 2005 U.S. and 'coalition' troops have have numbered at least 250,000 in Iraq to provide security in the immediate aftermath of the war, the Rand Corp. said.

Iraq: This is now an unwinnable conflict As he completes another tour of duty in the chaos of Iraq, award-winning reporter Patrick Cockburn charts how Bush and Blair's 'winnable war' turned into a mess that is inspiring a worldwide insurgency. 24 Jul 2005 "The war in Iraq is now joining the Boer War in 1899 and the Suez crisis in 1956 as ill-considered ventures that have done Britain more harm than good. It has demonstrably strengthened al-Qa'ida by providing it with a large pool of activists and sympathisers across the Muslim world it did not possess before the invasion of 2003. The war, which started out as a demonstration of US strength as the world's only superpower, has turned into a demonstration of weakness."

One US soldier among 13 killed in "heavy fighting" in Afghanistan 25 Jul 2005 One US soldier and an Afghan serviceman were killed in "heavy fighting" that also left 11 resistance fighters dead in south-central Afghanistan, the US military said.

6 Troops Wounded in Afghanistan 25 Jul 2005 A roadside bomb exploded in eastern Afghanistan, striking a U.S. military convoy and wounding six American troops, the U.S. military said Monday.

Guard recruits fall off steeply 25 Jul 2005 The National Guard is facing the deepest shortfalls in recruiting in more than a decade just when it is at its busiest since World War II, forcing commanders to rethink how they attract and keep part-time guardsmen.

Munition exposure linked to brain cancer in US vets 25 Jul 2005 Gulf War veterans exposed to chemical munitions at Khamisiyah, Iraq are nearly twice as likely as their unexposed peers from the same war to die from brain cancer, according to a report in the American Journal of Public Health.

Tommy Thompson Gets Chip Implant 24 Jul 2005 Implanted microchips are getting a plug from a heavy hitter - former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson. Thompson plans to promote a product made by his new company a medical info chip � by having one implanted in his arm. [Try a brain implant, instead, moron.]

N.Y. Diabetes-Tracking Plan Draws Concern 25 Jul 2005 officials in New York propose a similar system to monitor people with diabetes, a non-contagious foe. Conceived after a sharp rise in diabetes deaths over the past 20 years, the plan would require medical labs to report to New York City the results of a certain type of test that indicates how well individual patients are controlling their diabetes.

White House Warns Dems on Roberts Papers [Warn *this.*] 25 Jul 2005 The White House on Monday warned Democrats not to make extensive requests for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' legal writings in previous Republican administrations, saying many such documents are "out of bounds."

Roberts Declines to Explain Federalist Society Listing 25 Jul 2005 Supreme Court nominee John Roberts declined Monday to say why he was listed in a leadership directory of the Federalist Society and the White House said he has no recollection of belonging to the conservative group.

Bush Approval Rating Falls to 44% in U.S. 24 Jul 2005 George W. Bush continues to lose public backing in the United States, according to a poll by Scripps Howard News Service released by Ohio University. 44 per cent of respondents approve of the pResident’s performance, a five per cent drop since February.

Spoof of Bush Wins Faux Faulkner Contest 24 Jul 2005 A scathing parody that likens pResident Bush to the "idiot" in William Faulkner's novel "The Sound and the Fury" has won this year's Faulkner write-alike contest — and touched off a literary spat.

GM crops created superweed, say scientists Modified rape crosses with wild plant to create tough pesticide-resistant strain 25 Jul 2005 Modified genes from crops in a GM crop trial have transferred into local wild plants, creating a form of herbicide-resistant "superweed", the Guardian can reveal.

Health experts still bracing for deadlier bird flu strain 26 Jul 2005 Medical experts are bracing for a new and deadlier virus mutating from bird flu and the common human influenza, according to a top official of the Department of Health.

Mystery Chinese disease toll now 17 25 Jul 2005 death toll from an unidentified disease has risen to 17 with 41 other people affected in southwest China's Sichuan province, state media said overnight.

Bird Flu Deaths Sow Panic In Wealthy Jakarta Suburb --Officials Have Not Found Source of Outbreak 25 Jul 2005 When Iwan Siswara Rafei, a government auditor, and his two young daughters died suddenly this month, there was panic in their middle-class suburb along with reports that they were Indonesia's first casualties of bird flu.

At least 41 people die in western US heatwave 25 Jul 2005 relentless heatwave has killed at least 41 people in the western United States.


White House Won't Show All Roberts Papers 24 Jul 2005 The Bush regime does not intend to release all memos and others documents written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts during his tenure with two Republican administrations, a White House representative said Sunday.

White House Won't Say When It Learned of CIA Leak Probe 24 Jul 2005 The White House isn't responding to questions about when top officials were informed about an investigation into the revelation of a CIA operative's identity. The first person notified by the Justice Department, then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, said he told chief of staff Andy Card immediately, but waited 12 hours to tell anyone else in the executive mansion.

Eight Days in July By Frank Rich 24 Jul 2005 "As White House counsel, he [Alberto Gonzales ]was the one first notified that the Justice Department, at the request of the C.I.A., had opened an investigation into the outing of Joseph Wilson's wife. That notification came at 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2003, but it took Mr. Gonzales 12 more hours to inform the White House staff that it must 'preserve all materials' relevant to the investigation. This 12-hour delay, he has said, was sanctioned by the Justice Department, but since the department was then run by John Ashcroft, a Bush loyalist who refused to recuse himself from the Plame case, inquiring Senate Democrats would examine this 12-hour delay as closely as an 18½-minute tape gap."

Atty. Gen. Gonzales Responds to Frank Rich's '12-Hour Gap' Charge 24 Jul 2005 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, responding to a strong charge in a column by Frank Rich in The New York Times’ today, said there was nothing improper about waiting 12 hours to "preserve all materials" after being informed by the Justice Department in 2003 that it was launching an investigation into the disclosure of Valerie Plame’s status as a CIA agent. Gonzales told Bob Schieffer on the CBS show "Face the Nation" that he had been given permission by the Justice Department to hold off overnight if he saw fit, which he did. But he did tell one man that night: Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Gonzales testified in leak investigation 24 Jul 2005 --Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he had been called last year to testify before a grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA official's identity.

For Bush, Effect of Investigation of C.I.A. Leak Case Is Uncertain 24 Jul 2005 Did George W. Bush know in the fall of 2003, when he was telling the public that no one wanted to get to the bottom of the case more than he did, that Karl Rove, his longtime strategist and senior adviser, and I. Lewis Libby Jr., Vice pResident Dick Cheney's chief of staff, had touched on the C.I.A. officer's identity in conversations with journalists before the officer's name became public?

Cheney Working to Block Legislation on Detainees 24 Jul 2005 Vice pResident Dick Cheney is leading a White House lobbying effort to block legislation offered by Republican senators that would regulate the detention, treatment and trials of detainees held by the American military.

Police ask for tough new powers --PM told of need for three-month detention of suspects and crackdown on websites 22 Jul 2005 Police last night told Tony Blair that they need sweeping new powers to counter the terrorist threat, including the right to detain a suspect for up to three months without charge instead of the current 14 days.

Straw defends shoot to kill policy 24 Jul 2005 Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has defended the so-called "shoot-to-kill" policy adopted by police for dealing with suspected suicide bombers.

Met chief apologises after shooting 24 Jul 2005 Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has admitted more people could be shot after his officers gunned down an innocent man in their hunt for would-be suicide bombers. He apologised to the family of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, but said there would be no change to the police shoot-to-kill policy.

Shoppers face searches as security is stepped up 24 Jul 2005 Retailers are facing the possibility of searching shoppers after police advice in response to 'the general critical threat to the UK', the British Retail Consortium confirmed.

Legal Issues Being Raised on Searches in Subways 24 Jul 2005 The decision last week to have police officers inspect the belongings of thousands of subway riders has opened a thicket of legal and constitutional issues, involving criminal procedure, transit security and concerns about potential misuse of the new tactic.

Call for scanning system on tube --Security Ministry considers explosive-detecting devices at stations 23 Jul 2005 Deployment of explosives-detecting technologies and enhanced CCTV coverage are being examined as a means of boosting security on Britain's underground, rail and bus networks.

"I was in tube bomb carriage - and survived" 11 Jul 2005 Cambridge dancer Bruce Lait has spoken of his miraculous escape when a bomb exploded just yards away from him in a Tube train carriage [underground tunnel near London's Aldgate East station]. As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been. "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said. [In other words, the bombing on London's Aldgate East station (7/7) was not a 'suicide' bombing.]

Punishment for looking like a terrorist -- Five shots to the head By Stan Moore 24 Jul 2005 "If you happen to be Brazilian or a Sikh or Portuguese or some other swarthy, dark-haired culture, don't enter the London subway systems looking suspicious. As far as police are concerned, your suspiciousness carries with it the death penalty. You can't be allowed to trigger a hidden bomb, even if you don't have a bomb."

U.K. Police Arrest Man, Suspect al-Qaida 24 Jul 2005 British police arrested a third man in connection with last week's failed attack against London's transit system and said Sunday they were trying to penetrate what they suspect is an al-Qaida [al-CIAduh] network behind the plot.

'Iraq has been an absolute gift to al-Qaida' 24 Jul 2005 Anger over the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict also seems to be providing some inspiration, despite early arguments from Bush regime officials that fighting 'insurgents' in Iraq would help prevent them from launching attacks on Western targets. The war has instead turned into a recruiting tool, experts said.

Blair's bombs --Terror and the UK - The senseless repercussions of interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine demand that we renew our anger at our leaders. Our troops must come home. We owe it to all those who died in London on 7 July. By John Pilger "In all the coverage of the bombing of London, a truth has struggled to be heard. With honourable exceptions, it has been said guardedly, apologetically. Occasionally, a member of the public has broken the silence, as an east Londoner did when he walked in front of a CNN camera crew and reporter in mid-platitude. 'Iraq!' he said. 'We invaded Iraq and what did we expect? Go on, say it.'"

Thanks to Bush: Terrorist camps thriving --Operating under new names and with the implicit approval of the Pakistani military, schools that train jihadists are an open secret 22 Jul 2005 New evidence has emerged that Pakistan has continued to let Muslim militant factions run military-style camps to train guerrilla fighters.

New York's major train station evacuated over bomb alarm 24 Jul 2005 Pennsylvania Station, a major train station in New York city, was evacuated and train service disrupted for about an hour on Sunday... The threat was a false alarm, and service on all lines was restored about an hour later.

Bomber Kills 22 in Iraq; U.S. Says 40 Dead 24 Jul 2005 A suicide attacker slammed a truck loaded with explosives into sand barriers outside a Baghdad police station Sunday, killing at least 22 people and wounding 30, police said.

U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack in Southern Afghanistan 24 Jul 2005 A U.S. soldier was killed and another wounded in an attack by suspected Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, a U.S. military spokesman said.

Army Likely to Fall Short in Recruiting, General Says 24 Jul 2005 The Army's top personnel officer acknowledged this week that the service will probably miss its recruiting goal this year, the first public admission by a senior Army official and a stark reminder of the Iraq war's impact on enlistments.

Report paints USS San Antonio as lemon 22 Jul 2005 A Navy inspection report describes the USS San Antonio as having "great potential for future useful service to the fleet." Operative word: potential. After years of work, the vessel billed as a stealth ship is infested with corrosion, badly wired, poorly built, and deemed so unsafe that Navy inspectors warned its crew shouldn't take it to sea.

Congress Report: TSA Broke Privacy Laws 24 Jul 2005 The Transportation Security Administration violated privacy protections by secretly collecting personal information on at least 250,000 people, congressional investigators said Friday.

Library leader questions Patriot Act 24 Jul 2005 The president of the American Library Association has one word for the USA Patriot Act's so-called library clause -- "Kafkaesque."

Feds used "sneak and peak" Patriot Act to catch marijuana growers 23 Jul 2005 The house at the U.S. end of that 360-foot drug-smuggling tunnel to Canada belongs to a Spokane-area couple, the Spokesman-Review newspaper reported Saturday... Federal investigators used a "sneak-and-peak" warrant available under the USA Patriot Act to enter the U.S. house on July 2 and later installed cameras and listening devices in the home.

Lawmakers Remove Roadblock to Energy Bill 25 Jul 2005 House and Senate conferees abandoned giving makers of the gasoline additive MTBE liability protection against environmental lawsuits on Sunday, removing the major roadblock to enactment of broad energy legislation

Unknown Illness Kills Nine Chinese Farmers --Deaths Could Be Linked to Outbreaks of Bird Flu in Nine Asian Countries 24 Jul 2005 An unidentified disease has killed nine farmers and sickened 11 others in a rural part of China's western Sichuan province, prompting the government to dispatch an emergency team of researchers to investigate whether the deaths are related to bird flu, a Health Ministry spokesman said Saturday.

Desert sandstorm heads toward Florida --As if the heat weren't enough, a sand cloud drifting from Africa could bother people with respiratory problems. 24 Jul 2005 The cloud of dust, which is about the size of the continental United States, originated in the Sahara Desert and could be over Florida early this week.


CIA Leak Investigation Turns to Possible Perjury, Obstruction 23 Jul 2005 The special prosecutor in the CIA leak investigation has shifted his focus from determining whether White House officials violated a law against exposing undercover agents to determining whether evidence exists to bring perjury or obstruction of justice charges, according to people briefed in recent days on the inquiry's status.

Testimony By Rove and Libby Examined --Leak Prosecutor Seeks Discrepancies 23 Jul 2005 Special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has been reviewing over the past several months discrepancies and gaps in witness testimony in his investigation of the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame, according to lawyers in the case and witness statements.

Bush aide misled FBI, say reports 23 Jul 2005 The investigation into the White House leak of a CIA agent's identity is now focusing on whether two top administration officials provided misleading statements to the FBI, it was reported yesterday.

Ex-CIA Officers Rip Bush Over Rove Leak 22 Jul 2005 Former U.S. intelligence officers criticized Dictator Bush on Friday for not disciplining Karl Rove in connection with the leak of the name of a CIA officer, saying Bush's lack of action has jeopardized national security.

Former Plame Colleague Criticizes pResident Bush and His Aides 23 Jul 2005 A former CIA colleague of Valerie Plame and professed Republican gave the Democrats' weekly radio address, saying pResident George W. Bush broke his promise to fire whoever disclosed her identity as a covert agent.

Democrats spotlight CIA leak in radio address 23 Jul 2005 Democrats slammed pResident Bush's response to a top aide's role in outing a covert CIA operative on Saturday, turning their radio address over to an ex-agent critical of his actions.

Halliburton Shares Soar on 2Q Profit --Halliburton Shares Soar 10 Percent After It Posts Profit for Second Quarter 22 Jul 2005 Oilfield services firm Halliburton Co.'s shares soared 10 percent Friday after it reported that an influx of new government contracts at its KBR and energy services units drove it to a second-quarter profit.

Details of US microwave-weapon tests revealed 22 Jul 2005 Volunteers taking part in tests of the Pentagon's "less-lethal" microwave weapon were banned from wearing glasses or contact lenses due to safety fears. The precautions raise concerns about how safe the Active Denial System (ADS) weapon would be if used in real crowd-control situations.

White House Aims to Block Legislation on Detainees 23 Jul 2005 The Bush regime in recent days has been lobbying to block legislation supported by Republican senators that would bar the U.S. military from engaging in "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" of detainees, from hiding prisoners from the Red Cross, and from using interrogation methods not authorized by a new Army field manual.

White House threatens veto on detainee policies 21 Jul 2005 The White House on Thursday threatened to veto a massive Senate bill for $442 billion in next year's defense programs if it moves to regulate the Pentagon's treatment of detainees or sets up a commission to investigate operations at Guantanamo Bay prison and elsewhere.

Detainee Dies In Aid Station 23 Jul 2005 FORWARD OPERATING BASE KALSU, Iraq --A male Iraqi detainee who was originally captured July 10 and suspected of 'terrorist' activity died July 22 at the aid station here.

How a Trip to Film in Iraq Ended in a Military Jail Cell 24 Jul 2005 After his first four days in solitary confinement at an American military prison in Iraq, Cyrus Kar was taken from his small cell and brought before two F.B.I. agents, who before questioning him gave him a sheet of paper listing his rights.

New Shoot-to-kill guidelines for UK police 22 Jul 2005 Police have been given secret new shoot-to-kill guidelines in recent weeks, it emerged on Friday after officers shot a man dead on an Underground train at Stockwell, south London. The new guidelines for armed police and surveillance officers confronting suspected suicide terrorists advise them to shoot to the head and not the body in case the suspect has a bomb.

Shot man not connected to bombing 23 Jul 2005 A man shot dead by police hunting the bombers behind Thursday's London attacks was unconnected to the incidents, police have confirmed.

UK Police: Man Killed Unrelated to Probe 23 Jul 2005 The man shot and killed on a subway car by London police in front of horrified commuters apparently had nothing to do with this month's bombings on the city's transit system, police said Saturday in expressing their "regrets.''

Coincidence of bomb exercises? 17 Jul 2005 ...Peter Power, one time high ranking employee of Scotland Yard and member of its Anti-Terrorist Branch, reported in two major UK media outlets that his company Visor Consulting had on the morning of 7th of July been conducting 'crisis exercises' whose scenarios uncannily mirrored those of the actual attack.

Pressure on U.S. to Use More Surveillance 23 Jul 2005 Pressure is building for greater use of video cameras to keep watch over the nation's cities - particularly in transportation systems and other spots vulnerable to terrorism - after the bombings in London.

US teen gets prison for making 'terrorist threat' 21 Jul 2005 A teenager convicted of plotting to kill fellow students was sentenced to prison on Thursday in what the prosecution called the first case to apply U.S. anti[pro]-terrorism laws to threats of school violence.

Growing numbers of Americans think Iraq war raises risks of terrorism: poll [Nah, 'ya think?] 22 Jul 2005 A growing number of Americans fear the war in Iraq is undermining the fight against terrorism and raising the risk of terrorist attacks in their country, a poll found.

Al-Qaeda in Iraq kidnaps Algerian envoy 24 Jul 2005 Al-CIAduh in Iraq said today it had kidnapped the chief of the Algerian mission in Baghdad, according to an Internet statement. [Does the Al-Qaeda website domain ownership be traced to Houston, Texas, where most of the 'radical Islamic websites' can be found?]

88 killed in Egypt Red Sea resort bombings 23 Jul 2005 Suicide car bombers unleashed a trail of carnage in Egypt's tourist-packed Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, killing at least 88 people, including nine foreigners.

McKinney reopens 9/11 --Conspiracy theories implicating pResident aired at 8-hour hearing 23 Jul 2005 Rep. Cynthia Mc­Kinney (D-Georgia) led a Capitol Hill hearing Friday on whether the Bush administration was involved in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

With Bush's help, GE courts Indian PM, nuke sector 23 Jul 2005 Just over an hour after the White House's surprise pledge to help India develop its civilian nuclear power sector, the head of General Electric, the American company that could benefit most from the policy change, sat down for a celebratory dinner.

GOP candidate calls for Bush impeachment 21 Jul 2005 A Congressional candidate who wants to impeach pResident Bush insists he can win the Republican primary. Dennis Morrisseau, 62, of West Pawlet, VT, plans to seek the Republican nomination to run for U.S. House of Representatives. A central part of his platform, Morrisseau said, will be bringing articles of impeachment against Bush. [Awesome, but a treason trial would be more appropriate.]

GOP-linked Fla. firm helping promote Roberts 22 Jul 2005 A law firm headed by the former chairman of the Florida GOP is part of an $18 million campaign blitz supporting U.S. Supreme Court nominee [Reichwing whackjob] John Roberts and backed by the conservative group that underwrote the anti-John Kerry "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth" ads last year.

Judges: OK to Destroy Unused 2000 Ballots 22 Jul 2005 Unused butterfly ballots left over from the 2000 presidential s-election are not public records and can be destroyed, a Florida appeals court ruled. [LOL, unused. Yeah, we all sure know that the f*cking ballots in Floriduh went *unused.*]

Florida Court Rejects Demand for Paperless E-voting
--Decision Confirms County Council's Ability to Purchase Accessible, Auditable Equipment 21 Jul 2005 A federal District Court judge in Florida ruled today that Volusia County is not required to purchase touchscreen 'voting' machines that do not produce a voter-verifiable paper trail.

Massive flu outbreak could happen at any moment, WHO warns [Yes, and that particular moment will likely arrive when the Rove/Libby scandal reaches the boiling point.] 22 Jul 2005 The world could at any time be faced with a massive flu outbreak like those in 1918 or 1968 that killed tens of millions of people, the World Health Organization warned, urging countries to be prepared.

Signs point to global influenza outbreak--WHO warning 22 Jul 2005 Indonesia's first human bird flu case, coupled with more birds dying elsewhere including Russia, are signs a long-dreaded global influenza pandemic may be approaching, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday.


Patriot Act renewed and toughened 22 Jul 2005 The USA Patriot Act was renewed and toughened today [The House of Representatives reauthorised the act by 257-171], making permanent the US government's unprecedented powers to investigate suspected terrorists. A new provision added by Republicans applies the federal death penalty for terrorist offences that result in death.

House votes to make Patriot Act permanent 21 Jul 2005 The U.S. House of Representatives voted Thursday to make most of the USA Patriot Act permanent, rejecting attempts to constrict government surveillance. The House voted to extend most of the law's central antiterrorism provisions -- defeating proposals by both Democratic and Republican members to limit government's authority to monitor what people say or read.

U.S. House Extends Patriot Act 22 Jul 2005 The U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly yesterday to extend the Patriot Act, Washington's main anti[pro]-terrorism tool, just hours after televisions in the Capitol beamed images of a new attack in London. [LOL, another Bush-al-CIAduh 'you wash my back, I'll wash yours' *coincidence* that the detectives on Law & Order: Criminal Intent would unmask in approximately fourteen pico-seconds.]

N.Y. to Search Subway Riders 22 Jul 2005 New York City officials announced Thursday that police would begin randomly inspecting backpacks and other packages today on its subway system. The searches will rotate through the 468 stations of the system, which carries more than 4.5 million passengers on an average weekday. [Yes, but in Bush's dictatorship, some people are more random than others.]

LIRR will search riders --In response to second set of London bombings, random bag searches begin Friday morning 22 Jul 2005 Passengers stepping onto Long Island Rail Road platforms today will be subject to random bag searches before they board trains, in an unprecedented measure adopted after terrorists bombed London's transit system for the second time in two weeks. Passengers riding subways, buses and ferries also will be subject to search.

New York Starts to Inspect Bags on the Subways 22 Jul 2005 The police last night began random searches of backpacks and packages brought into the New York City subways as officials expressed alarm about the latest bomb incidents in the London transit system. Transit officials in several other cities - Boston, Washington and San Francisco - said they were considering similar measures, although few have actually started randomly checking bags.

Metro Patrols Grow As Security Tightens --New York Police Begin Bag Searches 22 Jul 2005 Washington's Metro transit agency tightened security yesterday in response to the latest London bombings, increasing patrols and planning a sweep of the subway system last night to search for explosives and weapons.

London Police Kill Man at Subway Station 22 Jul 2005 Police shot and killed a man wearing a thick coat [?!? I guess you can get shot for that] at a London subway station today, a day after the jittery city was hit by its second wave of terrorist attacks in two weeks. The man died after being shot by officers at the Stockwell subway station in south London, police said. "They pushed him onto the floor and unloaded five shots into him. He's dead," witness Mark Whitby told the British Broadcasting Corp. Whitby said the man did not appear to have been carrying anything but said he was wearing a thick coat that looked padded.

Seattle Man Questioned in London Bombings 23 Jul 2005 An American once accused of trying to set up a terror training camp in Oregon is being questioned about a man sought in the London bombings, U.S. officials said Friday.

Terror Suspect Released 22 Jul 2005 A 29-year-old man arrested in West Yorkshire in the wake of the July 7 bombings has been released without charge.

London Hit Again With Explosions --Small Blasts on 3 Trains and a Bus Reminiscent of Deadly July 7 Attacks 22 Jul 2005 Four small explosions shut down the city's public transit system at lunchtime Thursday and sent panicked passengers fleeing for safety in an echo of the deadly suicide strikes of two weeks ago. Police reported one injury.

Airspace Authority Changes Weighed 22 Jul 2005 Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff are near agreement on a plan to give the military sole authority to shoot down civilian aircraft that violate restricted airspace over Washington, a Pentagon official said yesterday. [Why not? It appears that the US military shot down Flight 93 over Shanksville, PA on Sept. 11, 2001.]

Islamic Terror Web By Johnathan Galt "Who is paying the bills for these web sites? But most interesting, the Islamic Terrorist web sites are mainly based in the UK and USA." [mind-blowing compilation]

Has the Toronto Star Attempted to Tip Off the Public to a Coming Terrorist Attack in Toronto? (cloakanddaggrer) "The Hidden Language of Art might not seem so exciting, but it is required understanding to continue in the analysis of this picture published in The Toronto Star Sunday July 10th, 2005. It was displayed on the front page. The piece is called Summer Survival Guide. Many of the concealed symbols are contained therein. Some are blatantly obvious. ...[A]bove the donut shop you can clearly see an explosion on the roof patio."

W.Va. Homeland Security Probed 22 Jul 2005 The West Virginia Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is conducting an internal review based on allegations of misspent funds, improprieties and "abuse." A published report states that four high-ranking officials have left the division since April.

Syria says US forces fired on troops 22 Jul 2005 Syria has said its border troops have been fired on by US and Iraqi forces and accused Washington, London and Baghdad of a lack of cooperation in preventing fighters infiltrating into Iraq.

PM rules out extra troops for Iraq 22 Jul 2005 Prime Minister John Howard has told the British Government that Australia will not send any more troops to Iraq. There has been speculation that Britain would withdraw its troops next year and Australia could be asked to increase its commitment.

Government Defies an Order to Release Iraq Abuse Photos 23 Jul 2005 Lawyers for the Defense Department are refusing to cooperate with a federal judge's order to release secret photographs and videotapes related to the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal.

ACLU Blames Gov't for Abu Ghraib Delay 23 Jul 2005 The American Civil Liberties Union accused the government Friday of putting another legal roadblock in the way of its bid to allow the public see photographs and videos stemming from the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

Pentagon Proposes Rise in Age Limit for Recruits 22 Jul 2005 With the Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard all on pace to fall short of their recruitment goals for the year, the military is reconsidering its age limits for recruits.

DOD asks Congress to OK raising maximum age for enlisted recruits 22 Jul 2005 Earlier this week, defense officials asked Congress to consider raising the maximum age for new enlisted recruits from 35 to 42.

Venezuela-U.S: Looming War of the Airwaves 22 Jul 2005 The Venezuelan Congress approved a resolution opposing a decision by the U.S. House of Representatives to finance radio and TV broadcasts to Venezuela with the aim of countering Telesur, a new pan-Latin American station.

Firm Hired by Navy to Sway Vieques Vote 23 Jul 2005 The Navy hired a communications firm for $1.6 million in 2001 in an apparent attempt to influence the outcome of a vote on whether part of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques would continue to serve as a bombing range, according to documents obtained by a watchdog group.

Former agents criticize Bush over CIA leak 22 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush's failure to take action against a top aide involved in the outing of a covert CIA operative sends "the wrong message" overseas, former U.S. intelligence officials said on Friday.

Waxman: 11 Security Breaches in Plame Case --Factsheet published today cites multiple administration leaks By Rep. Henry Waxman 22 Jul 2005 "The disclosure of the covert identity of Valerie Plame Wilson in a July 14, 2003, column by Robert Novak has triggered a criminal investigation and led to calls for congressional investigations. The Novak column, however, appears to be only one of multiple leaks of Ms. Wilson's identity. A new fact sheet released today by Rep. Waxman documents that there appear to be at least 11 separate instances in which Administration officials disclosed information about Ms. Wilson's identity and association with the CIA."

Democrats to hold Rove hearing 22 Jul 2005 Congressional Democrats will conduct an unofficial hearing today that may return public attention to White House deputy chief of staff [Reichwing terrorist] Karl Rove and any role he had in disclosing the identity of a covert intelligence officer whose husband criticized pre-war intelligence pResident Bush used to justify the war in Iraq.

Rove, Libby Accounts in CIA Case Differ With Those of Reporters 22 Jul 2005 Two top White House aides have given accounts to a special prosecutor about how reporters first told them the identity of a CIA agent that are at odds with what the reporters have said, according to people familiar with the case.

For Two Aides in Leak Case, 2nd Issue Rises 22 Jul 2005 At the same time in July 2003 that a C.I.A. operative's identity was exposed, two key White House officials who talked to journalists about the officer were also working closely together on a related underlying issue: whether pResident Bush was correct in suggesting earlier that year that Iraq had been trying to acquire nuclear materials from Africa... The special counsel in the case, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, has been examining this period of time to determine whether the officials' work on the George J. Tenet statement led in some way to the disclosure of Ms. Wilson's identity to Robert D. Novak, the syndicated columnist, according to the people who have been briefed.

Lawyer Admits Giving FBI Memo to Reporter 23 Jul 2005 A defense attorney on Friday admitted giving an FBI memo to a newspaper reporter writing about a corruption probe, and a federal judge urged a prosecutor to investigate how two other sealed documents were leaked. The reporter's story was one of two articles that The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer had delayed publishing out of concern there would be an investigation into who disclosed the documents.

Kerry Seeks Release of Roberts' Documents 22 Jul 2005 Democratic Sen. John Kerry urged the White House on Friday to release "in their entirety" all documents and memos from Supreme Court nominee John Roberts' tenure in two Republican administrations.

Supreme Court nominee helped counsel Gov. Bush in 2000 recount [coup d'etat] 22 Jul 2005 Supreme Court nominee [Bush whore] John Roberts' brief meeting with Gov. Jeb Bush during the 2000 presidential recount in Florida has some Democrats questioning whether he would be a politically partisan justice.

Who is John G. Roberts Jr.? 20 Jul 2005 In 1991, John Roberts argued before the U.S. Supreme Court that the landmark Roe v. Wade case that established abortion rights was "wrongly decided" and without support "in the text, structure or history of the Constitution." ...Roberts is a member of the conservative legal group, the Federal Society, and helped the Republican legal team that won Bush v. Gore, which made George W. Bush president in 2000.

Disgraced ex-Giuliani official claims mental illness, judge prescribes prison 22 Jul 2005 A former top Giuliani administration official insisted mental illness made him do "all these wacky things" -- like embezzling hundreds of thousands of city dollars -- but a federal judge Thursday didn't buy it, sentencing him to 63 months behind bars.

Bush resumes push for social security 22 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush is back on the road today, pushing for an overhaul of Social Security.

Anti-gay signs over Beltline were protected, court rules (WI) 22 Jul 2005 Monroe pastor and anti-gay crusader Ralph Ovadal had a constitutional right to display banners over the Beltline in 2003, despite the reactions of drivers who caused traffic problems, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.

Judge clears way for logging in forest 22 Jul 2005 A federal judge has cleared the way for logging and tree-thinning in the Wayne National Forest in southern Ohio after environmentalists tried to block it as a threat to the endangered Indiana bat.

Record power demand sparks Calif. blackout scare 21 Jul 2005 California looked set to escape without power blackouts on Thursday, allaying earlier fears sparked by record breaking demand in the southern half of the state and a series of power plant breakdowns, a spokesman for the state's Independent System Operator said.

Hurricane Season's 6th Storm Forms 22 Jul 2005 The busy Atlantic hurricane season marked its sixth tropical storm when Franklin formed near the northern Bahamas. The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said the birth of Franklin marked the earliest appearance by the sixth storm of the season in recorded history.


US asks court for power to detain indefinitely --Case on Illinois Muslim convert sparks debate 21 Jul 2005 A government attorney argued yesterday that America is a battlefield and Dictator Bush therefore has the authority to detain enemy combatants indefinitely in this country.

UK plans global extremists list 21 Jul 2005 The UK is to set up a global database of extremists who face automatic vetting before being allowed in, Home Secretary Charles Clarke has told MPs. He said the database would list "unacceptable behaviour" such as radical preaching, websites and writing articles intended to foment terrorism.

Treaty gives CIA powers over Irish citizens 21 Jul 2005 US investigators, including CIA agents, will be allowed interrogate Irish citizens on Irish soil in total secrecy, under an agreement signed between Ireland and the US last week. Suspects will also have to give testimony and allow property to be searched and seized even if what the suspect is accused of is not a crime in Ireland.

Police to Check Bags on NYC Subways 22 Jul 2005 Police will begin conducting random searches of packages and backpacks carried by people entering city subways, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Thursday after a new series of bomb attacks in London.

D.C. considers random searches 20 Jul 2005 Subway riders may face 'random' [!?!] police checks of their bags under a security measure being considered in the nation's capital, the latest city to look for ways to deter terrorism on rail systems. [Well, under Bush's dictatorship, some people are considered more 'random' than others.]

House, Senate debate Patriot Act extension 21 Jul 2005 Just hours after explosions created fresh terrorist concerns in London on Thursday [Holy *coincidence,* Batman!!], the House debated an extension of the USA Patriot Act, the premier American anti[pro]-terrorism tool. The bill called for making permanent 14 of 16 provisions of the original law, passed in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and scheduled to expire at the end of this year. It also gave a 10-year extension to two provisions — one allowing roving wiretaps and another allowing searches of library and medical records.

House poised to reauthorize USA Patriot Act 21 Jul 2005 The House of Representatives, ignoring protests from civil liberties groups and some conservatives, moved on Thursday to renew the USA Patriot Act giving the government unprecedented powers to investigate suspected 'terrorists.'

Bush Calls on Congress to Extend Patriot Act Provisions --16 Items, Some Controversial, Set to Expire at End of Year 21 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush visited Baltimores busy port Wednesday and renewed his call for Congress to extend the expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act, which gives government wide latitude in investigating suspected terrorists.

Bush sees London attacks as reason for Patriot Act 21 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush yesterday invoked the terrorist attacks in London as a compelling reason for Congress to renew the USA Patriot Act and for local governments to beef up security on mass-transit systems.

House to Take Up Patriot Act Extension 21 Jul 2005 After months of political maneuvering, the House is set to open debate Thursday on the future of the sweeping antiterrorism law known as the USA Patriot Act, as the Bush regime pushes to solidify support for the law and Democrats sought to impose new restrictions.

Even revisions to USA Patriot Act are being deliberated in secret By Paul K. McMasters 20 Jul 2005 "Imagine a country where the making of some laws can be done behind closed doors, where government agents can enforce laws in secret, and where the courts can accept secret evidence and compel silence about the mere existence of cases brought before them. If you find that hard to imagine in the United States of America, think harder. In a time of terrorism, even core democratic principles can be challenged — or subverted... As this column was being written, House and Senate leaders were working out their differences, sometimes behind closed doors, on whether to reauthorize the counterterrorism law [USA Patriot Act] enacted in a panic after the Sept. 11 attacks of 2001."

New York mulling 'bio-chem' drills in schools 21 Jul 2005 As terrorist attacks in London provide a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities of an open [?!?] society, New York State is preparing to take the safety of its public schools to another level, drawing up guidelines that could make "chem-bio" decontamination exercises as routine as fire drills for the state's public school students.

'Unprecedented' spending on security, Bush declares 22 Jul 2005 Dictator George W. Bush, in his most extensive comments on homeland protection since the bombing attacks in London, has promised significantly higher spending on U.S. transit and port security and vowed that "these terrorists will not shake our will."

Border Chief Reaches Out to Volunteers 20 Jul 2005 The top U.S. border enforcement official said Wednesday that his agency is exploring ways to involve citizen volunteers [read: US Gestapo] in creating "something akin to a Border Patrol auxiliary" _ a significant shift after a high-profile civilian campaign this spring along the Arizona-Mexico border.

Bush regime opposes shield for journalists 20 Jul 2005 The Bush dictatorship on Wednesday opposed federal legislation to protect journalists from having to reveal confidential sources because it would create "serious impediments" to law enforcement and fighting 'terrorism.'

Journalists Push for Shield Law --Hearing Addresses Federal Protection From Revealing Sources 21 Jul 2005 Journalists asked the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday to back federal legislation to protect reporters from being forced to disclose anonymous sources, with Time Inc.'s editor in chief saying the lack of a federal shield law has led to "chaos."

Lawyer: Padilla can be detained without charges 20 Jul 2005 A government lawyer contended Tuesday that Dictator Bush has the authority to indefinitely imprison former Chicago gang member and accused 'terrorist' Jose Padilla without charges even though Padilla is an American citizen who was captured in the United States.

Egypt clears chemist of London links 19 Jul 2005 Egypt has said that a detained chemist wanted by Britain for questioning over the London bombings has no links to the attacks or to al-CIAduh.

Bomb 'mastermind' was victim of name confusion 20 Jul 2005 A man widely reported to have slipped into Britain to "mastermind" the London bombings was an innocent Pakistani who happened to have a similar name to a suspected al-Qa'ida leader.

UK boy wrongly labelled as bomber 21 Jul 2005 Evidence showing that all three of the London bombers of Pakistani descent visited Pakistan last year has been thrown into doubt. A photograph of a passport purporting to show bomber Hasib Hussain was in fact that of a 16-year-old British boy with the same name.

Small Explosions Shut Down London Subway Stations --Police Commissioner Says No Significant Casualties or Damage [Right, al-CIAduh did just enough damage to get the Patriot Act extension approved] 21 Jul 2005 Small explosions at three London subway stations and on a double-decker bus shut down part of the city's transportation system Thursday but caused no significant casualties or damage, and Prime Minister Tony Blair encouraged people to resume their normal activities.

Bus 'blast' and three tube stations evacuated 21 Jul 2005 Emergency services teams are at three different tube stations in London following "incidents". A bus was also hit by a small explosion. A British Transport Police spokeswoman said Warren Street, Shepherds Bush and Oval stations had all been evacuated. All Tube lines are being suspended.

Tube Explosion Reported 14:03 UK, 21 Jul 2005 There has been unconfirmed reports of an explosion on the London Underground, and an incident on a bus in Hackney, East London. Stations at Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush have been closed. The Ambulance service reports one injury at Warren Street station.

House Votes Against Early Iraq Withdrawal 21 Jul 2005 Calls for an early withdrawal from Iraq are a mistake that will only embolden terrorists, the House resolved Wednesday. The resolution drew opposition from Democrats, who said it implied that questioning pResident Bush's Iraq policies is unpatriotic. [Gag me with a chainsaw!!! They *are* unpatriotic, and are destructive to the entire planet, save Halliburton!]

Two Algeria Diplomats Kidnapped in Iraq 21 Jul 2005 Two Algerian diplomats and their driver were dragged from their car by gunmen Thursday in Baghdad in the latest abductions apparently aimed at scaring off Muslim governments supporting the U.S.-backed Iraqi regime.

Most soldiers in Iraq report low unit morale: army study 20 Jul 2005 More than half of US soldiers serving in Iraq reported low or very low unit morale in an army survey conducted last year, an army mental health advisory team reported Wednesday.

Guantanamo inmates declare hunger strike 21 Jul 2005 Some 50 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have declared they are on a hunger strike, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

Plame's Identity Marked As Secret --Memo Central to Probe of Leak Was Written By State Dept. Analyst 21 Jul 2005 A classified State Department memorandum central to a federal leak investigation contained information about CIA officer Valerie Plame in a paragraph marked "(S)" for secret, a clear indication that any Bush administration official who read it should have been aware the information was classified, according to current and former government officials.

Roberts Has Backed Administration Policies 20 Jul 2005 John G. Roberts has demonstrated strong backing for Bush regime policies, ruling against Geneva Conventions protections for detainees at Guantanamo Bay and in favor of keeping Vice pResident Dick Cheney's energy task force records secret.

Previous Work, Stock Ownership Could Lead to Recusals for Roberts 21 Jul 2005 As one of the country's preeminent appellate lawyers, John G. Roberts Jr. advanced the interests of major corporate clients. Rules that govern conflicts of interest would allow him to hear Supreme Court cases involving those same companies on different issues.

Democrats poised to roll over, once again: Democrats unlikely to block Bush nominee-analysts 20 Jul 2005 Barring unforeseen revelations, Dictator Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court John Roberts is highly likely to be confirmed, political analysts said on Wednesday.

Indonesia on alert after bird flu deaths 22 Jul 2005 Indonesia is preparing 44 hospitals across the archipelago for treatment and detection of bird flu after the country recorded its first deaths from the virus.

Phoenix Heat Kills At Least 18 21 Jul 2005 A record heat wave has led to the deaths of 18 people in Phoenix, most of them homeless, leaving officials scrambling to provide water and shelter to the city's transient population.


Get Out the Vote By Seymour M. Hersh Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq's election? 18 Jul 2005 "A State Department official confirmed that there was an effort to give direct funding to certain candidates [for the 'election' in Iraq, 30 January 2005]. 'The goal was to level the playing field, and Allawi was not the sole playing field,' he said. Warrick was not operating on his own, the State Department official said. 'This issue went to high levels, and was approved'—within the State Department and by others in the Bush Administration, in the late spring of 2004."

UK Soldiers to Face War Crimes 20 Jul 2005 Three British soldiers are to be court martialled in Britain on war crimes charges for alleged inhuman treatment of detainees in Iraq.

'25,000 Iraqis killed since US invasion' 20 Jul 2005 About 25,000 people have been killed and 42,000 injured in Iraq by occupation forces, 'insurgents' and criminal gangs since the start of the war in March 2003, according to an independent study published yesterday. The figure is dramatically lower than the hotly contested previous estimate published in the Lancet medical journal last year, which asserted that as many as 100,000 had died.

Qaeda warns European nations to quit Iraq by August 15 or risk attacks 19 Jul 2005 The Al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] terror network warned European nations to pull their troops out of Iraq within a month or face more attacks like the deadly London bombings, according to an Internet statement.

Official report 'linked terror risk to Iraq' 19 Jul 2005 A British intelligence document warned weeks before the 7 July bombings that events in Iraq were fuelling "terrorist related activity in the UK", according to leaks published today.

June Report Led Britain to Lower Its Terror Alert [so Al-CIAduh could attack] 19 Jul 2005 Less than a month before the London bombings, Britain's top intelligence and law enforcement officials concluded that "at present there is not a group with both the current intent and the capability to attack the U.K.," according to a confidential terror threat assessment report.

Experts yet to determine explosives London bombers used 19 Jul 2005 Police are still trying to establish the type of explosives used in the London bombings, more than 12 days after the attacks which killed at least 56 people, it emerged last night. Early reports suggested the bombers had used a military plastic explosive during the attacks on the capital's transport network.

'Top' al-Qaeda figure held over London attacks 20 Jul 2005 Armed police in Pakistan seized a major al-Qaeda figure yesterday who has suspected close links to the London bombers, The Times has learnt.

Police win more time to quiz suspect 19 Jul 2005 British police have been granted more time today to question a 29-year-old man arrested last week in connection with investigations into the London bus and Underground bombs.

UK Set For New Terrorism Laws 19 Jul 2005 Britain has moved closer to passing tough new anti[pro]-terrorism laws after the interior minister won opposition support, as the toll from the July 7 bomb attacks rose to 56 and investigations reveal links to Pakistan.

Tough new anti-terror laws receive cross-party backing 19 Jul 2005 Sweeping new anti[pro]-terrorist powers are set to be rushed through after the government and opposition parties forged a broad agreement on the political response to the London attacks.

Senate OKs Homeland Security Bill 19 Jul 2005 The Senate approved a $31.8 billion homeland security bill last week but declined to boost funding even more for mass transit, first responders, cargo security and border patrols.

U.S. apologizes to Muslim scholar for denying entry 19 Jul 2005 The United States has apologized to a prominent Britain-based Muslim scholar for denying him entry to the country last week, and has given him a new U.S. visa, the U.S. Embassy in London said on Tuesday.

Baghdad hospital doctors on strike against soldiers 19 Jul 2005 More than two dozen doctors walked out of one of Baghdad's busiest hospitals on Tuesday to protest what they said was abuse by Iraqi soldiers, leaving about 100 patients to fend for themselves in chaotic wards.

Iraqi gunmen target airbase staff 19 Jul 2005 At least 13 people have died in an ambush on a minibus carrying workers to a US base in Baquba, Iraqi police say.

Iraqi Constitution Draft Includes Curbs to Women's Rights 20 Jul 2005 A working draft of Iraq's new constitution would cede a strong role to Islamic law and could sharply curb women's rights, particularly in personal matters like divorce and family inheritance.

CIA Leak Investigation Focuses on Ari Fleischer ( 19 Jul 2005 "As calls build for the firing or resignation of Karl Rove, there is much speculation in Washington over who else in the administration may have been involved in the outing of Plame and the covering up of any criminal or questionable actions. In recent days, an increasing amount of attention has been focused on former White House spokesperson Ari Fleischer, either as a leaker himself or as a participant in a cover-up." [Scroll to item.]

An Unlikely Story --Karl Rove's alibi would be easier to believe if he hadn't hidden it from FBI investigators in 2003. By Murray Waas 19 Jul 2005 "White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove did not disclose that he had ever discussed CIA officer Valerie Plame with Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper during Rove’s first interview with the FBI, according to legal sources with firsthand knowledge of the matter. The omission by Rove created doubt for federal investigators, almost from the inception of their criminal probe into who leaked Plame's name to columnist Robert Novak, as to whether Rove was withholding crucial information from them, and perhaps even misleading or lying to them, the sources said."

Bush's Shift Offers Support for Rove in Probe of CIA Agent Leak 19 Jul 2005 pResident George W. Bush raised the threshold for ousting his top aide, Karl Rove, if he revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent.

Bush won't say if Rove offered to resign 19 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush today sidestepped a question about whether his top adviser, Karl Rove, offered to resign over the leaking of a covert CIA operative's identity and said he would deal with the issue when an investigation into the case was over.

MSNBC Question of the Day: Do you agree with pRes. Bush's handling of the CIA leak investigation? 13694 responses; Yes 19%, No 81% [20 July 00:34 GMT snapshot]

Fire Rove Now!! ( petition) "Mr. President, despite carefully worded denials, it is now apparent that your most senior advisor discussed the identity of an undercover CIA agent with a reporter. His clear aim was to discredit that agent’s husband who had dared to challenge the administration in the buildup to the war. You cannot remain silent. Fire Karl Rove."

Judy Miller's War By Alexander Cockburn 18 Aug 2003 "Lay all Judith Miller's New York Times stories end to end, from late 2001 to June 2003 and you get a desolate picture of a reporter with an agenda, both manipulating and being manipulated by US government officials, Iraqi exiles and defectors, an entire Noah's Ark of scam-artists."

Statement by DNC Chairman on the Nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court 19 July U.S. Newswire "Faced with a growing scandal surrounding the involvement of Deputy White House chief of Staff Karl Rove and Vice President [sic] Cheney's Chief of Staff Lewis Libby in the leaking the identity of a covert CIA operative, President [sic] Bush announced his nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court late this evening. Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean today issued the following statement on the nomination: 'It is disappointing that when President Bush had the chance to bring the country together, he instead turned to a nominee who may have impressive legal credentials, but also has sharp partisan credentials that cannot be ignored.'"

Bush picks conservative for court 20 Jul 2005 US pResident George W. Bush has chose conservative appeals court judge John Roberts as his first nominee to the Supreme Court. This will ignite what could be a fierce partisan clash over his bid to shift the closely divided panel to the right.

Bush picks anti-abortion judge for Supreme Court 20 Jul 2005 US pResident George Bush has chosen federal appeals court judge John Roberts jnr as his first nominee for the Supreme Court. The selection of a rock-solid conservative could trigger a tumultuous battle over the direction of the nation's highest court, a senior administration official said.

Confirmed Judges Confirm Our Worst Fears --DC Circuit Decisions & Federal Circuit Decisions ( John Roberts, DC Circuit "In the short time since he was confirmed by the Senate in May 2003, Judge Roberts has issued troubling dissents from decisions by the full D.C. Circuit not to reconsider two important rulings. These included a decision upholding the constitutionality of the Endangered Species Act as applied in a California case and a ruling against Bush Administration efforts to keep secret the records concerning Vice President [sic] Cheney's energy task force."

Poll: Public sees Bush as less trustworthy 19 Jul 2005 Americans have growing doubts about Dictator Bush's honesty and his effectiveness, according to a poll taken at a time people are uneasy with the war in Iraq, uncertain about the economy and nervous about the terrorist threat.

Diebold rep gave $10,000 to Ohio county --GOP Vendor's donation questioned 16 Jul 2005 A contractor who represents Diebold Election Systems arrived at the office of Franklin County Board of Elections Director Matthew Damschroder with an open checkbook on the same day the county was opening bids for voter-registration software. Pasquale "Pat" Gallina arrived unannounced, Damschroder said. "I'm here to give you $10,000," the elections director recalls Gallina saying. "Who do I make it payable to?" "Well, you’re certainly not going to make it out to me," Damschroder says he told Gallina. "But I'm sure the Franklin County Republican Party would appreciate a donation."

Judge Asked to Dismiss Bush Protest Suit 18 Jul 2005 Iowa City, Iowa - Federal prosecutors, citing government immunity from lawsuits, have asked a judge to dismiss a claim by two women who were arrested at a Bush campaign rally and strip-searched at a county jail.

States Trying to Blunt Property Ruling 19 Jul 2005 Alarmed by the prospect of local governments seizing homes and turning the property over to developers, lawmakers in at least half the states are rushing to blunt last month's U.S. Supreme Court ruling expanding the power of eminent domain.

Law Requires Lessons on Constitution --Federal Workers, Students Affected 19 Jul 2005 Tucked into a massive appropriations bill approved without fanfare late last year by Congress [fathered by Sen. Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.)], is the requirement that every one of the estimated 1.8 million federal employees in the executive branch receive "educational and training" materials about the charter on Constitution Day, a holiday celebrating the Sept. 17, 1787 signing.

House GOP fired messengers who warned of veterans' services shortfall 17 Jul 2005 Fellow Republicans warned House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Tom DeLay more than a year ago that the government would come up short -- by at least $750 million -- for veterans' health care. The leaders' response: Fire the messengers.

Bush Aims to Expand System of Merit Pay --Unions Criticize Plan Based on DHS Model 19 Jul 2005 The Bush regime wants to abolish the General Schedule pay system by 2010 and require that at least part of every pay raise for the government's 1.8 million civilian employees hinge on an annual performance evaluation, Dictator Bush's top management guru said yesterday.

U.S. Republicans introduce tough immigration bill 19 Jul 2005 All of the estimated 10 million to 12 million illegal aliens in the United States would have to leave the country under an immigration bill introduced on Tuesday by two conservative Republican senators.

Seven Treated After Ohio Chemical Leak 19 Jul 2005 Seven people were hosed off and treated for breathing problems and throat pain after a chemical leaked from a tank at a power plant on the campus of Ohio State University.

Secret Toxic Weapons Transports Exposed By John Tiffany 02 Jul 2005 Anti-depleted uranium (DU) activists, who have been fighting for more than a year to prevent the renewal of a special 'hazmat' exemption for the deadly substance, scored a big win recently when the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced its intent to let the special exemption lapse. The exemption permits the movement of highly toxic, radioactive DU on the highways without a DOT 'radioactive' warning placard being displayed on the secret shipments."

Crawford Confirmed As Head of FDA --Senate Approval Took Five Months 19 Jul 2005 The Senate confirmed acting Commissioner Lester M. Crawford as the permanent head of the Food and Drug Administration yesterday, five contentious months after he was nominated by pResident Bush.

Mega barf alert!! Tattooed Fruit Is on Way 19 Jul 2005 A pear is just a pear, except when it is also a laser-coded information delivery system with advanced security clearance. No one knows exactly when every piece of fruit will be traceable, but the trend is clear: Wal-Mart is already requiring all pallets delivered to its headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., to be fitted with radio frequency identification tags, so that they can be tracked by a satellite. [The 5,748,398th reason to *boycott* predatory capitalists, Wal-Mart.]

GOP Chairmen Face Off on Global Warming 18 Jul 2005 House Science Committee Chairman Sherwood L. Boehlert (R-N.Y.) has demanded that another senior Republican, Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Joe Barton (Environmental Terrorist-Tex.), call off his investigation of three scientists who have charted Earth's rapid warming in recent decades.

Clinton warns of global warming dangers 19 Jul 2005 Former President Clinton sounded a warning Tuesday against the dangers of climate change as he met with young South Africans, and had lunch with Nelson Mandela.


Top Aides Reportedly Set Sights on Wilson --Rove and Cheney chief of staff were intent on discrediting CIA agent's husband, prosecutors have been told. 18 Jul 2005 Top aides to pResident Bush and Vice pResident Dick Cheney were intensely focused on discrediting former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV in the days after he wrote an op-ed article for the New York Times suggesting the administration manipulated intelligence to justify going to war in Iraq, federal investigators have been told.

Rove steered reporter towards CIA agent 19 Jul 2005 A Time reporter has implicated two senior Bush Administration officials in the leaking of the name of a covert CIA agent married to a leading critic of the White House's Iraq policy.

Prosecutor's Probe Centers on Rove, Memo, Phone Calls 18 Jul 2005 A memo, prepared by the State Department on July 7, 2003, informed top Bush administration officials that the wife of ex- diplomat and Bush critic Joseph Wilson was a CIA agent. On the same day the memo was prepared, White House phone logs show Novak placed a call to White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, according to lawyers familiar with the case and a witness who has testified before the grand jury. On the flight to Africa, Fleischer was seen perusing the State Department memo on Wilson and his wife, according to a former administration official who was also on the trip.

Bush: Aides Who 'Committed a Crime' Will Be Fired 18 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush, whose White House is facing increasing pressure in the investigation of the public identification of a covert CIA operative, said today that he would fire anyone found to have committed a crime. Last year, he had said he would fire anyone who had leaked such information.

Waxman: New Bush Statement on Rove Conflicts with Executive Order By Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles) 18 Jul 2005 "Dear Mr. President: In June 2004, you said that you would fire anyone found to be involved in the disclosure of Valerie Wilson's identity as a covert CIA agent. Today, you significantly changed your position, stating that you would remove Karl Rove or other White House officials involved in the security breach only 'if someone committed a crime.' Your new standard is not consistent with your obligations to enforce Executive Order 12958, which governs the protection of national security secrets... Under the executive order, you may not wait until criminal intent and liability are proved by a prosecutor. Instead, you have an affirmative obligation to take 'appropriate and prompt corrective action.'"

Public Catching On to Dirty Deeds By Bill Gallagher 19 Jul 2005 "Lying and denying, kicking and screaming, the Busheviks are defending comrade Karl Rove from the enemies of the state who are attacking him... ...Rove is a treasonous coward, the most manipulative and cynical political operative since Rasputin. He has brought his political venereal disease to public life and Rove's clap has infected a large segment of the once-respectable Republican Party. He has mainstreamed and brought to national practice his ruthless partisanship, grand diversions and deceptions and, above all, his model of winning elections by using any means necessary to destroy opponents."

FO accused of censoring insider book on Iraq war 18 Jul 2005 Jack Straw, the foreign secretary, is blocking passages from a fly-on-the-wall account by Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Britain's former ambassador to the UN, on the run-up to the war in Iraq.

Rumsfeld vows speedy action on Guantanamo trials 18 Jul 2005 The Pentagon will move ahead as quickly as possible with special U.S. military trials of two Guantanamo Bay prisoners after a court validated the proceedings, and will bring charges against eight more detainees, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Monday.

Military Trials for Two Guantanamo Detainees to Resume Soon 18 Jul 2005 Military tribunals proceedings "will resume as soon as possible" against two 'enemy-combatant' detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.

Guantanamo inmate forced to wear bra, act like a dog: report 13 Jul 2005 CBC News A suspected terrorist was forced to wear a bra, dance with another man and behave like a dog during his interrogation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military investigators said Wednesday.

Congressman says bomb Mecca if US attacked 19 Jul 2005 Congressman Thomas G Tancredo, (R-Reichwing Terrorist-CO) said in a radio interview aired by a Florida station that if a multiple-city attack happened in the United States in the next 90 days, as predicted by an Israeli expert [?!?], and was found to be the work of extremist Muslims, then "we should take out their holy sites."

Resistance fighters kill 24 in attacks across Iraq 18 Jul 2005 Gunmen killed at least 24 police, soldiers and government workers in Iraq on Monday, and an Iraqi general said about 50 suspected resistance fighters were captured in the first days of a new security [?!?] operation in Baghdad.

170 in Iraq killed by suicide attacks in last week 18 Jul 2005 Suicide bombers killed 22 people in the Baghdad area Sunday, as resistance fighters stepped up a relentless campaign that claimed more than 90 lives a night before in a bombing near a Shiite mosque south of the capital.

Weekend of slaughter propels Iraq towards all-out civil war 18 Jul 2005 Iraq is slipping into all-out civil war, a Shia leader declared yesterday, as a devastating onslaught of suicide bombers slaughtered more than 150 people, most of them Shias, around the capital at the weekend.

Iran-Iraq oil pipeline to become operational next year 18 Jul 2005 Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said in Tehran on Monday that the construction of pipeline intended to transfer oil from Iran to Iraq, whose agreement was signed 10 months ago, is already underway and is expected to be implemented within a year.

Lawyer Wants Saddam Trial Moved From Iraq 18 Jul 2005 A lawyer for Saddam Hussein said Monday that Iraq's insurgency has made Baghdad far too dangerous a venue for the former leader's trial, and that the proceeding should be moved to another country.

U.S. lays groundwork for bases in Eastern Europe 18 Jul 2005 The Army is conducting joint military exercises this month in Bulgaria and Romania as a key test of Pentagon plans to develop Eastern European bases as staging areas for fighting in the Middle East.

Britain 'at risk' for supporting Iraq war --Security experts say Iraq war strengthened Al Qaeda --Straw rejects link between backing US and bombings 19 Jul 2005 An influential think-tank said on Monday that backing the United States in Iraq put Britain more at risk from terrorist attacks, an accusation forcefully rejected by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s government.

UK rejects Iraq link to London bombs, seeks new law 18 Jul 2005 The British government angrily rejected on Monday a report which said its backing for war in Iraq had raised the risk of terrorist attack, as ministers cast around for new laws to help stop a repeat of attacks on London.

London transport network controlled by former CIA agent ( 14 Jul 2005

Transport for London: Board and Chief Officers --The Commissioner Bob Kiley (chair) Prior to his appointment as Commissioner of Transport for London in January 2001, Robert Kiley served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York City Partnership... Early in his career, he was with the CIA, where he served as Manager of Intelligence Operations and then as Executive Assistant to the Director.

Bob Kiley: Going Underground 13 Jan 2001 Former CIA agent Bob Kiley has been drafted in to try to save London's ailing Tube network. His four-year contract started on Monday. By Andrew Walker of the BBC's News Profiles Unit.

Exclusive: The Hunt 9 Jul 2005 ...[T]he investigation received a serious setback when it was discovered the CCTV cameras on the bus that blew up were not working so detectives will not get vital images of the bomber. One senior Yard source said: "It's a big blow and a disappointment. If the cameras had been running we would have had pin-sharp close-up pictures of the person who carried out this atrocity. "We don't know if the driver forgot to switch them on or if there was a technical problem but there are no images." The bus had four cameras - one covering people getting on, the second at the exit doors and one on each deck scanning the length of the vehicle.

FBI bulletin warns of terrorism plot at Texas border --Informant disclosed plan to FBI agents, according to memo 17 Jul 2005 Dirt roads trace pale lines across a desolate landscape of bald peaks and plunging canyons near Texas' Big Bend and bridge the international boundary at dozens of improvised crossings. There is growing concern they could become deadly conduits for terrorism. The concern is buttressed by a confidential but unclassified FBI intelligence bulletin, obtained by The Dallas Morning News, that contains the vague outlines of a possible terrorist plot. [Read: Bush's Weapon of Mass Distraction for traitor Karl Rove's media woes.]

Anti-Immigration Groups Head to Interior 17 Jul 2005 A volunteer movement that vows to guard America from a wave of illegal immigration has spread from the U.S.-Mexican border to Appalachia. At least 40 anti-immigration groups [Gestapo] have popped up nationally, inspired by the Minuteman Project.

Bush's Gestapo in full swing: War protester pulled from Oswego County parade, arrested 16 Jul 2005 An Oswego County (NY) sheriff's deputy pulled Joshua A. Davies, 23, out of the Mexico Volunteer Fire Department Field Days parade and charged him with disorderly conduct. Mark Harris said that Davies had been walking in the parade carrying an "Impeach Bush" sign and another sign calling for an end to the war in Iraq. Harris said he saw Davies get searched, handcuffed and put in a sheriff's patrol car. "My kids watched it," Harris, a 20-year veteran of the Air Force, said. "Some asked, 'Can they do that?'" They were talking about what the deputy did, not the protester.

Racy reading can put a felon in jail --A sex offender went to jail for reading Maxim magazine after probation officers decided that it was 'sexually stimulating' 17 Jul 2005 When probation officers searched the Miami home of Andrew Calderon on May 18, they found no drugs, no guns, no porn. In his room, they did find a sexy calendar, a racy poster, and a few copies of Maxim magazine. To probation officials, those items were far from innocent. They locked up Calderon, saying the 23-year-old sex offender violated paragraph 30 of his probation agreement by having ''sexually stimulating'' material.

Governors: Driver's License Costs to Soar 18 Jul 2005 Fees for a new driver's license could triple. Lines at motor vehicles offices could stretch out the door. Governors warned Monday that states and consumers would bear much of the burden for a terrorism-driven push to turn licenses into a national ID card.

Bush Plans Interviews With Court Candidates --Bush Wants Confirmation by October 19 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush said yesterday that he plans to interview finalists for the Supreme Court to "get this process moving" so that the Senate can confirm the next justice by the beginning of the new term in October, but gave little clue about whom he is considering.

Five From the 5th Circuit Mentioned for High Court --Southern Appeals Bench Known for Conservatism 19 Jul 2005 The New Orleans-based appellate court is considered among the most conservative in the land -- but it is still at the center of politics and history.

Conservative Legal Group's Clout Growing 18 Jul 2005 Founded by three law students in 1982 as a debating society, the Federalist Society now boasts a membership of more than 25,000 that includes prominent members of the Bush regime, the federal judiciary and Congress. Supreme Court justices, Cabinet members and other top Bush aides take regular turns at the society's podium.

FEC Clears Rev. Jerry Falwell on Complaint 18 Jul 2005 The Federal Election Commission has dismissed a complaint against the Rev. [Whackjob] Jerry Falwell that said he broke federal election law by urging followers last summer to re-select Dictator Bush.

EPA Paid Weather Channel for Videos 19 Jul 2005 The Environmental Protection Agency paid the Weather Channel $40,000 to produce and broadcast several videos about ozone depletion, urban heat problems and the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. The videos do not explicitly say that the agency spent taxpayers' dollars to secure the Weather Channel's participation.

US may need animal-health czar to protect consumer 18 Jul 2005 Consolidating U.S. animal disease oversight under one high-level government czar [agribusiness flunky] may be the best way to protect consumers from mad cow disease, bird flu and other serious animal ailments that can jump species, a National Academy of Sciences panel said on Monday.

RNC Raised $59.4M in First Half of Year 18 Jul 2005 The Republican National Committee collected nearly $60 million through the first half of the year, giving the GOP a solid financial footing for the midterm congressional elections in 2006.


U.S. Could Strike Northern Syria 17 Jul 2005 The United States has been considering attacking Sunni insurgency centers in Syria. Western diplomatic sources and analysts said the U.S. Defense Department and Central Command have been warning of the increasing activity of a Sunni insurgency network in northern Syria. They said the Pentagon has been discussing a U.S. strike that could end [?!?] the network's operation.

Bush denies he influenced Iraq elections 17 Jul 2005 Bush regime officials say they drew up but did not proceed [Yeah, right!] with a plan to influence the January elections in Iraq. An article in the next issue of The New Yorker reports that the White House decided to go ahead with the plan despite Congressional outcry. [Bush stole two elections in the US - why *wouldn't* he steal Iraq's 'election,' after the illegal invasion?]

No 10 blocks envoy's book on Iraq 17 Jul 2005 A controversial fly-on-the wall account of the Iraq war by one of Britain's most senior former diplomats has been blocked by Downing Street and the Foreign Office. Publication of The Costs of War by Sir Jeremy Greenstock, UK ambassador to the UN during the build-up to the 2003 war and the Prime Minister's special envoy to Iraq in its aftermath, has been halted.

Writing poetry was the balm that kept Guantanamo prisoners from going mad --Former inmates say they wrote thousands of lines 17 Jul 2005 During three years in Guantanamo Bay, Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost says that poetry kept him from losing his sanity. By the time of his release this spring, he had written more than 25,000 lines in his Cuban prison cell.

IRAQ: A Snapshot of Life Under Empire --by Trish Schuh 18 Jul 2005 "On a visit later to the Karbala office of Iraqi Human Rights Watch, Hussein Al Abrahemy placed a cluster bomb on his desk. He claimed citizens had unsuccessfully requested many times that the US military retrieve the WMDs. Daisy cutters, in addition to cluster bombs, were still being found throughout the city. Children thought the yellow devices were toys. So on April 3, 2005, a committee headed by Ali Hamza of the Muslim Peacemakers Team finally decided to dispose of the ordnance themselves. Attempting to clear a school yard of explosives, Hamza was killed."

Pace of troop deaths up in Iraq 17 Jul 2005 U.S. military deaths in Iraq increased by about one-third in the past year.

Suicide bomber attacks kill 22 in Iraq 17 Jul 2005 Suicide bombers killed 22 people in the Baghdad area Sunday, as resistance fighters stepped up a relentless campaign that claimed more than 90 lives a night before in a horrific bombing near a Shiite mosque south of the capital.

24-hour death toll tops 100 in Iraq --4 car bombers slay 19 in Baghdad morning after fuel tanker blast 17 Jul 2005 Relatives struggled Sunday to identify dozens of charred bodies from a fiery suicide attack that killed "more than 90" people in front of a Shiite mosque in this town south of Baghdad, even as new suicide strikes killed 19 people in the Baghdad area, police said.

Study cites seeds of terror in Iraq --War radicalized most, probes find 17 Jul 2005 New investigations by the Saudi Arabian government and an Israeli think tank -- both of which painstakingly analyzed the backgrounds and motivations of hundreds of foreigners entering Iraq to fight the United States -- have found that the vast majority of these foreign fighters are not former terrorists and became radicalized by the war itself.

Iraq: A nation where suicide bombing is a fact of life By Patrick Cockburn 18 Jul 2005 "US troops treat every Iraqi driving a vehicle that gets near them as a potential suicide bomber. They fire on suspicion. Almost every Iraqi family I know has a friend or relative who has been accidentally killed by edgy American soldiers."

Saddam formally charged 18 Jul 2005 Iraq's special tribunal has laid the first formal charges against Saddam Hussein for crimes committed during his 25-year rule and proceedings could begin "within days", the tribunal said on Sunday. [Let's get the *special tribunal* going for George W. Bush and his merry band of Reichwing terrorists, who have committed 25-years worth of crimes within their four-and-a-half-year rule.]

Four U.S. soldiers wounded in Afghan blast 17 Jul 2005 Four U.S. soldiers were wounded in Afghanistan when their vehicle was hit by a blast in a restive southeastern province, the U.S. military said on Sunday.

Governors raise concerns on National Guard role 16 Jul 2005 Governors voiced concern about repeated National Guard deployments overseas and considered ways to improve schools on Saturday as they opened their annual meeting in Iowa.

Top Cheney Aide Among Sources in CIA Story 17 Jul 2005 Vice pResident Dick Cheney's top aide was among the sources for a Time magazine reporter's story about the identity of a CIA officer, the reporter said Sunday. Until last week, the White House had insisted for nearly two years that vice presidential chief of staff Lewis ('Scooter') Libby and presidential adviser Karl Rove were not involved in the leaks of CIA officer Valerie Plame's identity. Time reporter Matt Cooper said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he spoke to Libby after first learning about Wilson's wife from Rove.

Rove was first source on CIA agent -Time reporter 17 Jul 2005 White House political aide Karl Rove was the first person to tell a Time magazine reporter that the wife of a prominent critic of the Bush regime's Iraq policy was a CIA agent, the reporter said in an article on Sunday. Time correspondent Matthew Cooper said he told a grand jury last week that Rove told him the woman worked at the "agency," or CIA, on weapons of mass destruction issues, and ended the call by saying "I've already said too much."

In Plame Leaks, Long Shadows --Rove Knew of CIA Agent, Husband's Role in Criticizing Bush 17 Jul 2005 Karl Rove had a secret. In public, he was masterminding Dictator Bush's re[s]election and brushing off suggestions he had played any part in an unfolding drama: the unmasking of CIA operative Valerie Plame. In private, the senior White House adviser was meeting, on five occasions, with federal prosecutors to tell what he knew about the matter.

If Rove were a Democrat, he'd be shot --by George McEvoy 16 Jul 2005 "I'm certainly happy that George W. Bush and Karl Rove are not Democrats. If they were, just imagine the mess this country would be in right now, even worse than the mess it is in. First, there would be cries of 'treason' directed at Mr. Rove from the Republican ranks. Some of the more overheated members of Congress would demand that he be taken immediately out back of the Capitol and shot by a firing squad [That's our recommendation, precisely.] After all, he revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent, did he not?"

FBI Terrorism Unit Eyed Web Protest Sites --Documents Show Monitoring of Convention Demonstrators 18 Jul 2005 FBI agents monitored Web sites calling for protests against the 2004 political conventions in New York and Boston on behalf of the bureau's counterterrorism unit, according to FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

FBI Says It Has Files on Rights Groups 18 Jul 2005 The FBI has thousands of pages of records in its files relating to the monitoring of civil rights, environmental and similar advocacy groups, the Justice Department acknowledges.

London Stagecoach Employee Says Bus Bombing Suspicious By Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet 15 Jul 2005 "Our contact [from Stagecoach] works a route roughly one mile from the site of the bus bombing last Thursday. The bus driver pointed out that the number 30 bus was the only one to be re-routed after the initial bombs went off in the London Underground, every other bus carried on its normal journey, but for some reason this bus was diverted. [On CCTV] 'CCTV gets maintained at least 2 or 3 times a week and can digitally store up to 2 whole weeks worth of footage...So when I heard that the CCTV wasn't working on a vehicle that's no more than 2 years old since last June...I'm sorry that's rubbish, I work for the company I know different... Drivers in the depot already think the so called bombers had inside help because it was too organised. Some even think it had help from the company.'"

How the Government Staged the London Bombings in Ten Easy Steps By Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet 13 Jul 2005 "Ten Step Method To Staging a Terrorist Attack... 4) While four Arabs are in London, plant explosives in their houses in Leeds. Plant some explosives in one of their cars in Luton for the police to later discover. Remember that Qu'ran and flight manual in the hijackers' car? Ha ha, they fell for that one hook, line and sinker. No need to change tactics on this one. 5) Before the bombings take place, make sure you warn any of your buddies who are scheduled to be anywhere near where the bombs go off. If this gets leaked to the press, just deny it."

No inquiry on Intelligence lapses: UK 17 Jul 2005 Britain today said there will be no inquiry into why the bombers who carried out the London blasts were not nabbed earlier amidst reports that one of them had been assessed by an intelligence agency as not posing a threat, even as a set of proposed anti-terror laws were circulated among lawmakers for speedy adoption. Lord Chancellor Charles Falconer said "now is not the time" for an inquiry, but for a decision on what legal steps were needed against terror, referring to the anti-terror Bill on which discussions will begin tomorrow.

UK Govt plans tough new anti-terrorism laws 18 Jul 2005 (Transcript from AM) "RAFAEL EPSTEIN: For now, though, the Government here is concentrating on tough new anti-terror laws outlawing 'indirect incitement' to terrorism [?!?], 'acts preparatory' to terrorism and 'providing or receiving training'.LORD FALCONER [The Lord Chancellor]: No more inciting or encouraging people to take place in terrorist acts indirectly. For example, saying what a good thing suicide bombing is in the context of London. Those are the things we need to stop, those are the things we need to clamp down on."

Hunt for London bombing network fans out across globe 17 Jul 2005 Officers in London have been given until Tuesday to question a 29-year-old man arrested on suspicion of "the commission, instigation or preparation of acts of terrorism". Home Secretary Charles Clarke will tell parliament on Monday about planned new laws to target anyone receiving or giving training in preparation for terrorist acts and to outlaw those who glorify or encourage such attacks.

Seven New Terror Arrests 17 Jul 2005 One person has been arrested in West Yorkshire in connection with the London bombings. Six people have also been arrested in the Beeston area of Leeds under the Terrorism Act in a move not directly linked to the July 7 strikes.

Several Quizzed Over London Bomb Links 16 Jul 2005 Several people have been questioned in Pakistan about their possible links to one of the London bombers. Officials quizzed a number of students and teachers at one of two religious schools which were allegedly visited by 22-year-old Shahzad Tanweer.

Ten-fold increase in racist crimes in UK since London blasts 17 Jul 2005 About 500 racist crimes have been reported to police in the UK during the last ten days since the serial bomb blasts here, a ten-fold increase in the number of such incidents in the country.

Howard: national identity card could be a new weapon against terrorism 18 Jul 2005 The push for a national identity card threatens to cause more splits in the Government than the mandatory detention brawl after the Prime Minister, John Howard, said the card could be a new weapon against terrorism. Some Coalition MPs said yesterday the card might cause fresh divisions in the Government's ranks, while the question of embedding fingerprints in the cards could add a volatile new dimension to the debate.

Finger Scanning At Disney Parks Causes Concern 14 Jul 2005 The addition of finger scanning technology at the entrances of Walt Disney World theme parks for all visitors has caused concern among privacy advocates, according to a Local 6 News report. Tourists visiting Disney theme parks in Central Florida must now provide their index and middle fingers to be scanned before entering the front gates.

The Legislated Drugging of the American People --by Nancy Levant 16 Jul 2005 "The bill [Project BioShield II Act of 2005 (S. 975), introduced 29 April 2005] builds upon the first BioShield bill, which was signed into law on July 21, 2004, and authorized $5.6 billion over 10 years to encourage pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop bioterrorism countermeasures. BioShield II would provide additional liability protections for firms creating vaccines or drugs that could cause injuries. No action has been scheduled on the bill yet.' ...Project BioShield encourages, expands, and speeds up new business for big pharma, and then guarantees big pharma that they will absolutely have buyers for new drugs if they make them. $2.5 billion from Homeland Security plus another $890 million for Project BioShield, which guarantees the sale of any and all vaccines big pharma comes up with in the next 10 years."

Evolving Catastrophic H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic in 2005 (Recombinomics Commentary) 17 Jul 2005 "The latest boxun report describes 10 strains of H5N1 circulating in China. Eight of the ten have some evidence for human infections, but there is no direct independent confirmation of the data. The data suggest that the 2005 pandemic is well underway and a wide range of catastrophic events will continue to make news. The report also suggests H5N1 in China is diverse and evolving, expanding a trend that will likely culminate in an event that may make the 1918 flu pandemic look tame." [Looks like Bush's pharma-terrorists are about to make *a killing.* See: Defense Logistics Agency Spends $58m on Tamiflu 12 Jul 2005 --Roche Laboratories Inc., Nutley, N.J., is being awarded a maximum $58,000,000 firm fixed price contract for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps for Oseltamivir Phosphate Capsules -Tamiflu, which is used to treat Avian flu.]

San Diego County Democrats Call For Bush Impeachment "Adopted by the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee on 7.12.05 - Resolution Calling for Impeachment of President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld for High Crimes and Misdemeanors" [Scroll to item.]

Group launches patrol of U.S.-Mexico border --Protesters greet all-civilian California Border Watch near San Diego 16 Jul 2005 Volunteers began patrolling remote mountains outside San Diego on Saturday, watching for illegal immigrants and drug smugglers as part of a campaign to draw attention to the nation’s porous border with Mexico. On Saturday, a group of about 100 protesters outnumbered the volunteers, and California patrols' leader Jim Chase temporarily drove away from the border to chants of "racists, go home."

Barricades at BayWalk make protesters wary 15 Jul 2005 St. Petersburg, FL --At BayWalk tonight, expect to see metal bike-rack barricades erected adjacent to the entertainment complex's main crosswalk. Plans are to use the barricades on Friday and Saturday nights. Antiwar demonstrators who've stood on the sidewalk virtually every Saturday night for more than two years feel that protesters are being pushed out entirely.

The ground zero they didn't want us to see 16 Jul 2005 The atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima 60 years ago. Within weeks, the US government had sent in a research team to record the effects of the blast - for their eyes only. Years later, 700 photographs were found on a trash heap. By Adam Levy

Emily regains Category 4 strength 09:54 AEST 17 Jul 2005 Packing winds near 220km/h, Hurricane Emily has begun passing Jamaica, threatening to buffet its south-coast with dangerously high gusts after ravaging Grenada. [This is the *5th* named mid-July. But, Bush has assured us that global warming *does not exist.*]


Bush Plan Called for Covert Aid in Iraq Vote 17 Jul 2005 In the months before the Iraqi elections in January, Dictator Bush approved a plan to provide covert support to certain Iraqi candidates and political parties, but rescinded the proposal because of Congressional opposition, current and former government officials said Saturday. The article (The New Yorker), by Seymour M. Hersh, reports that the Bush administration proceeded with the covert plan over the Congressional objections. Any clandestine American effort to influence the Iraqi elections, or to provide particular support to candidates or parties seen as amenable to working with the United States, would have run counter to the Bush administration's assertions that the vote would be free and unfettered.

Iran ayatollah says Blair government could have bombed London 15 Jul 2005 One of Iran’s most powerful clerics hinted during the Friday prayers sermon in Tehran today that last week’s London bombings could have been the work of the United Kingdom government. Addressing worshippers at the site of Tehran University, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, who heads the Guardian Council, said, "At times they blame this [London bombings] as the work of Al'Qaeda. Al'Qaeda means [George W.] Bush and [Tony] Blair who were the mothers of Al'Qaeda and brought to life this illegitimate child. There exists the possibility that the British government carried out this work, like the possibility [of American involvement] in the September 11 affair, since they themselves stand to benefit the most", Jannati said. [Well-said!!]

U.S. Terror Attack — 'Ninety Days at Most' 14 Jul 2005 Counter[pro]terrorism expert Juval Aviv spoke with FOX Fan Central about what Americans can do to protect themselves in case of a terror attack. Do you believe another terrorist attack is likely on American soil? I predict, based primarily on information that is floating in Europe and the Middle East, that an event is imminent and around the corner here in the United States. It could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could happen in the next few months. Ninety days at the most. [Uh, how is this *known* in advance, unless these 'officials' are approving/planning it?]

London Bombers Have Ties to United States --Phone Records Show Link to Suspected Terror Recruiter 15 Jul 2005 One of the bombers in last week's attacks made a direct phone call to a suspected recruiter for an extremist group in New York [*LOL*]. Authorities told ABC News that records show Mohammed Sidique Khan, the eldest of the bombers now believed to be the field commander of the attacks, had called a person who is associated with the Islamic Center, a mosque in Queens, N.Y. [Gag me with a chainsaw! The Bush-Blair terror team wants to jam the Patriot Act 'upgrade' and the National ID card down our throats! BTW, what happened to initial reports out of the UK stating that the explosives were of *military grade*?]

Court Gutting in Congress (The New York Times) 16 Jul 2005 "Congress is quietly considering whether to destroy one of the pillars of constitutional law: the habeas corpus power of the federal courts to determine whether an indigent defendant has been unjustly sentenced to death in state courts. A bill making alarming progress in committee would effectively strip federal courts of most review power and shift it to the attorney general. That's right: the chief prosecutor of the United States would become the judge of whether state courts behave fairly enough toward defendants appealing capital convictions. If a state system was certified as up to snuff, then the federal courts would lose their jurisdiction and condemned defendants their last hope. It is appalling that lawmakers would visit such destruction on a basic human right that's been painfully secured across three centuries of jurisprudence."

U.K. probing Canadian link to bombings: report 16 Jul 2005 British police are reportedly investigating a Canadian link to the London bombings that killed dozens and wounded hundreds.

France 'to expel radical imams' 15 Jul 2005 French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to deport any Muslim cleric preaching violence. Speaking after meeting his Spanish counterpart in Madrid, Mr Sarkozy said he would seek the expulsion of imams in France "whose sermons are radical".

13 'tortured to death by police' 14 Jul 2005 Iraqi security forces stormed several houses in Baghdad early yesterday and detained 13 people, including a Sunni cleric, before torturing and killing most of them, a member of an influential Sunni group said.

U.S. charges 11 soldiers with abusing detainees 16 Jul 2005 The United States military has charged 11 soldiers with assaulting prisoners, the army said on Saturday.

Guantanamo Military Tribunals Are Upheld 16 Jul 2005 An appellate court says the plan to try captives does not violate U.S. law or the Geneva accord. A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the Bush dictatorship's plan to use military tribunals to try detainees at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was constitutional.

Ruling Lets U.S. Restart Trials at Guantánamo 16 Jul 2005 A federal appeals court ruled unanimously on Friday that the military could resume war crimes trials of terrorism suspects at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which were suspended last year.

Suicide bombing kills 60 in massive fireball south of Baghdad 17 Jul 2005 A suicide bomber killed at least 60 people and injured 85 in a massive fireball Saturday when he blew himself up next to a liquefied gas tanker outside a Shiite mosque south of Baghdad, an interior ministry official said. [Oops! A fuel tanker, of all places!! Those darn insurgents... Gee, it looks like the price of oil will rise (again) on Monday... Cui Bono? Why, ExxonMobil.]

Three British soldiers die after roadside explosion in Iraq 17 Jul 2005 An investigation was under way last night after three British soldiers died and two others were injured in a roadside bomb blast in Iraq.

Iraq resistance kills 15,including British soldiers 16 Jul 2005 Resistance fighters killed at least 15 people in Iraq on Saturday, including three British soldiers, a day after spectacular suicide bombings struck across Baghdad.

Gunmen kill tribal leader in Afghanistan 16 Jul 2005 Suspected Taliban gunmen kidnapped and hanged a pro-government tribal leader in southern Afghanistan, an official said Saturday, describing the latest killing of an ally of President Hamid Karzai.

Many question long-term cost 17 Jul 2005 The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have already cost taxpayers $314 billion, and the Congressional Budget Office projects additional expenses of perhaps $450 billion over the next 10 years.

MTA Turbans 15 Jul 2005 Five Sikhs have filed discrimination complaints against the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York. They say they were forced to wear M-T-A logos on their turbans when they work in the subways -- and they say it was humiliating. Their lawyer says other employees who wear Yankees caps or other head gear are not required to wear the M-T-A logos.

Tenn. Teen Jailed for Burning U.S. Flag 15 Jul 2005 Maryville, Tenn. [i.e., Red State hell] A teenager was jailed for nine days after being accused of burning an American flag on the Fourth of July, and he faces trial next month.

White House in panic over spy scandal --Bush is on the rack over a revelation that his close aide Karl Rove exposed a CIA agent 17 Jul 2005 It was a question the White House press corps once believed unthinkable. Has President [sic] George W Bush lost confidence in his political guru, Karl Rove? The so-called 'Valerie Plame affair' has the Bush administration in a panic. An investigation into whether White House officials deliberately blew the cover of a CIA agent in an attempt to hit out at a critic of the Iraq war has Rove firmly in its sights.

State Dept. Memo Gets Scrutiny in Leak Inquiry on C.I.A. Officer 16 Jul 2005 Prosecutors in the C.I.A. leak case have shown intense interest in a 2003 State Department memorandum that explained how a former diplomat came to be dispatched on an intelligence-gathering mission and the role of his wife, a C.I.A. officer, in the trip, people who have been officially briefed on the case said.

Rove e-mailed security official about talk 16 Jul 2005 Prosecutors investigating a CIA officer's blown cover gathered e-mail evidence that a top White House intelligence official knew Bush confidant Karl Rove had spoken to a reporter just days before the journalist identified the covert operative.

Rove leak is just part of larger scandal --by Daniel Schorr "Let me remind you that the underlying issue in the Karl Rove controversy is not a leak, but a war and how America was misled into that war. In 2002 President [sic] Bush, having decided to invade Iraq, was casting about for a casus belli."

The Screwing of America and The Stain on The Flag --by Kin O'Brien "Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Karl Rove has outed a CIA agent and risked the lives of said agent as well as all her contacts in the world. His action, with the enthusiastic compliance of a couple of so-called unbiased news reporters, has made our country more vulnerable to terrorism. His behavior is beyond disgusting and is UNPATRIOTIC. Karl Rove has possibly committed an act of treason."

Ex-Clinton Aide Charges Republicans 'Want to Kill Us' 15 Jul 2005 Democratic political strategist Paul Begala was featured at the Campus Progress National Student Conference, which was designed to provide campus liberals with the tools necessary to fight the conservative movement. Begala's presence on the panel created a stir when he declared that Republicans had "done a p***-poor job of defending" the U.S. Republicans, he said, "want to kill us." [Exactamundo!]

Court Says E.P.A. Can Limit Its Regulation of Emissions 16 Jul 2005 A federal appeals court rejected on Friday an effort by a dozen states and cities, along with environmental groups, to have the Bush administration regulate greenhouse gases that spill out of the tailpipes of new cars and trucks.

Under fire, Arnold quits $8M mag job 16 Jul 2005 A day after an aide said the issue was "much ado about nothing," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger abruptly canceled his $8 million consulting contract with a magazine publisher Friday amid complaints that he had a conflict of interest with his job as California's chief executive.

Bird flu a national security issue, Rudd says 16 Jul Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd (AU) says avian influenza represents a national security challenge. He says he agrees with world health experts who say the bird flu will cause a pandemic if it mutates, allowing human to human transmission.

Fresh fears over spread of bird flu 16 Jul 2005 A man and his two daughters have died of suspected bird flu in Indonesia, and initial investigations showed they had no contact with poultry, raising concerns of possible human-to-human transmission.


New York police to warn public on suicide bombers 14 Jul 2005 Police in New York will board city buses and subway trains and teach passengers how to recognize suicide bombers [?!?], officials said on Thursday in the wake of the deadly blasts blamed on such bombers in London. [ROFL, if it wasn't so pathetic. I predicted "'Possible suicide bomber' threatens Blue state shopping mall" on 5 July 2005 (***BEFORE*** the UK suicide bombings). See: Informal CLG poll: "What story will 'break' on the day the Reichwing media is forced to reveal that Karl Rove 'outed' Valerie Plame?" --by Lori Price]

More attacks likely, says Sir Ian 15 Jul 2005 Britain's most senior police officer has warned there was a "very strong possibility" of further terrorist bombings after last week's suicide attacks in London. Sir Ian Blair believes his detectives will establish a "clear link" between the bombers and al Qaida [al-CIAduh], who have in the past launched bomb attacks in waves.

Leeds University lecturer held in Cairo over bombs 15 Jul 2005 An Egyptian scientist who police want to speak to as part of the London bombing inquiry has been arrested in Cairo, it has been reported. Magdy el-Nashar, who studied for a PhD at Leeds University, is thought to have links to a Leeds flat being searched by anti[pro]-terrorist officers.

Egyptian took grad courses in N. Carolina 15 Jul 2005 The biochemist detained in Cairo in connection with the London bombings is an intelligent, quiet young man who advanced to one of Egypt's most prestigious research centers. Magdy Mahmoud Mustafa el-Nashar studied chemistry at Cairo University and for his doctorate studies was accepted by the National Research Center, one of Egypt's most prestigious institutions. In late 1999, the center sponsored him for a winter semester at North Carolina State University, and then for the teaching and research position at Leeds, where he moved in late 2000.

Chemist Denies Any Role in London Attacks 15 Jul 2005 Magdy Mahmoud Mustafa el-Nashar, who was arrested in Cairo, denied any role in the attacks, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement. No charges have been filed against him. Also Friday, police in Leeds raided a shop selling Islamic books and DVDs blocks from where at least two of the four [alleged] suicide bombers lived, and they seized materials.

UK Muslim leader barred from US 14 Jul 2005 British Muslim leader Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi has said he has been refused entry to the US without explanation. The head of the Muslim College said he flew from London to New York to give a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in New York but was turned back.

Crying 'Wolf' tactic no longer working (la.indymedia) By DLi "After the London bombings, UK's Toady Blair tried to spin the cause of the attacks away from his Imperialist invasion of Iraq, but the British public isn't buying the Bush poodle's blame on Muslim fundamentalists. In a phone poll right after the attacks, British citizens overwhelmingly (some 72%) believed that it was Britain's illegal War on Iraq that brought on the bombings.... A Gallup poll after the London attacks had 56% of U.S. respondents correctly linking the USA-UK Invasion/Occupation of Iraq as the cause."

Toronto seen as easy terrorist target 15 Jul 2005 Terrorist bombs could cause widespread carnage in Toronto but the city is not prepared, Canadian experts say.

Australia to consider ID card to fight terrorism 15 Jul 2005 Australia should consider introducing a national identity card in the wake of the London bombings and the rise in [Bush's] global terrorism, Prime Minister John Howard said on Friday.

Howard puts identity card back on agenda 15 Jul 2005 Prime Minister John Howard has put national identity cards back on the agenda in the wake of the London bombings and a damning report on immigration department blunders.

$31.8-Billion Homeland Security Bill Passes 15 Jul 2005 On the way to passing a $31.8-billion Homeland Security spending bill Thursday, Senate Republican leaders beat back a series of attempts — pressed by senators from states with large urban centers — to increase money for mass transit protection by as much as $1.4 billion. GOP leaders argued that pharmaceutical corpora-terrorists need another financial windfall ['potentially catastrophic threats such as nuclear, chemical and biological attacks should get higher priorities'].

BlueBear Network Acquires Breakthrough 3D Face Camera 15 Jul 2005 BlueBear Network International, Inc. announced today it has successfully tested proprietary 3D MugShot camera technology for the law enforcement market worldwide.

Miami Police Get New High-Tech 911 System 14 Jul 2005 The Miami Police Department's 911 system has gone high-tech with new tools. One feature of the new computer-aided dispatch system will allow a dispatcher to pinpoint the location of a person calling from a cell phone.

The Rebellion: 8 Months After U.S.-Led Siege, Insurgents Rise Again in Falluja 15 Jul 2005 Transformed into a police state after last winter's siege, this should be the safest city in all of Iraq. Thousands of American and Iraqi troops live in crumbling buildings here and patrol streets laced with concertina wire. Any Iraqi entering the city must show a badge and undergo a search at one of six checkpoints. There is a 10 p.m. curfew. But the insurgency [sic - *resistance*] is rising from the rubble nevertheless. [Of course, everyone would and should resist -- as this New York Times article refers to the US-installed government in Iraq -- a *police state.*]

Ten suicide bombs in Iraqi capital, 25 dead 15 Jul 2005 Ten suicide car bombers exploded in a series of apparently coordinated attacks across the Iraqi capital on Friday, killing at least 25 people and wounding more than 100, police sources said. All appeared to target U.S. or Iraqi security forces, police said.

24 Suspected Taliban Fighters Found Dead 15 Jul 2005 Pakistani troops Friday found the bodies of 24 suspected Taliban militants who were killed in overnight fighting with U.S. and Afghan soldiers near the border inside Afghanistan, an army spokesman said.

MSNBC: An Appeals Court has ruled that Guantánamo Bay detainees may be tried by military commissions. Guantánamo Bay's 'enemy combatants' can be put on trial for crimes against the United States. [When will the 'enemy combatants' in the White House be similarly tried for their crimes against the United States?]

US appeals court says Guantanamo trial can proceed 15 Jul 2005 A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that a Guantanamo prisoner, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, could be tried by a military tribunal, reversing a lower court decision that such a trial was unlawful and would violate his rights. Hamdan's trial was halted last November by a district court judge who declared the military tribunal procedures unlawful.

Judge Dismisses Navy SEAL Suit Against AP 14 Jul 2005 A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against The Associated Press and one of its reporters that alleged the news organization violated privacy and copyright laws by publishing photos of Navy SEALs posing with Iraqi prisoners.

Rove Indirectly Confirmed Plame's Identity, Lawyer Says --Incident took place the week before columnist Robert Novak named her, revealing her position. White House senior adviser Karl Rove indirectly confirmed the CIA affiliation of an administration critic's wife for Robert D. Novak the week before the columnist named her and revealed her position, a lawyer involved in the case said last night. The operative, Valerie Plame, is the wife of Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former ambassador who had publicly disputed the White House's contention that Saddam Hussein had sought to buy uranium from Niger for possible use in a nuclear weapon.

Rove Reportedly Held Phone Talk on C.I.A. Officer 15 Jul 2005 Karl Rove, the White House senior adviser, spoke with the columnist Robert D. Novak as he was preparing an article in July 2003 that identified a C.I.A. officer who was undercover, someone who has been officially briefed on the matter said Thursday.

Source: Rove Got CIA Agent ID From Media [?!?] 15 Jul 2005 Presidential confidant Karl Rove testified to a grand jury that he learned the identity of a CIA operative originally from journalists, then informally discussed the information with a Time magazine reporter days before the story broke, according to a person briefed on the testimony. [Yeah, right!]

91 members of Congress call for Rove to explain or resign 15 Jul 2005 A letter put forth by ranking House Judiciary Committee Democrat John Conyers (D-MI) calling on Bush adviser Karl Rove to explain or resign over his role in the outing of a CIA agent has garnered signatures from 91 members of Congress and was issued to President [sic] Bush late yesterday, RAW STORY has learned.

Dems Seek Probe on Rove Role in CIA Leak 14 Jul 2005 Democrats stirred the pot Thursday in the case of presidential aide Karl Rove and the news leak that unmasked a CIA agent. They triggered a partisan clash in the Senate, sought a House investigation and brought the husband of the undercover operative to the Capitol, where he accused the White House of a "smear campaign."

Post: White House fears indictment 14 Jul 2005 White House officials told The Washington Post they fear someone in the Bush administration may be indicted regarding the leak of a covert CIA operative's name.

CIA agent's husband says Rove pushed Plame story 14 Jul 2005 The husband of a CIA agent whose identity was exposed during the fierce debate over the Iraq war accused the White House on Thursday of being involved in a giant "cover-up" involving top aide Karl Rove.

Unmasked CIA agent's husband says Rove must go 14 Jul 2005 The husband of a CIA agent at the center of a Washington leak scandal accused the White House of a "smear campaign" to discredit him, and challenged pResident George W. Bush to fire senior aide Karl Rove.

Karl Rove's America By Paul Krugman 15 Jul 2005 "John Gibson of Fox News says that Karl Rove should be given a medal. I agree: Mr. Rove should receive a medal from the American Political Science Association for his pioneering discoveries about modern American politics. The medal can, if necessary, be delivered to his prison cell... Every time I read a lament for the post-9/11 era of national unity, I wonder what people are talking about. On the issues I was watching, the Republicans' exploitation of the atrocity began while ground zero was still smoldering."

It Appears That Karl Rove Is In Serious Trouble By John W. Dean "...I have in mind the laws invoked by the Bush Justice Department in the relatively minor leak case that it vigorously prosecuted, though it involved information that was not nearly as sensitive as that which Rove provided Matt Cooper (and possibly others). [Jonathan] Randel was a Drug Enforcement Agency analyst, a PhD in history, working in the Atlanta office of the DEA. Randel was convinced that British Lord Michael Ashcroft (a major contributor to Britain's Conservative Party, as well as American conservative causes) was being ignored by DEA, and its investigation of money laundering... Randel leaked the fact that Lord Ashcroft's name was in the DEA files, and this fact soon surfaced in the London news media... On January 9, 2003, Randel was sentenced to a year in a federal prison, followed by three years probation. This sentence prompted the U.S. Attorney to boast that the conviction of Randel made a good example of how the Bush Administration would handle leakers... Karl Rove may be able to claim that he did not know he was leaking 'classified information' about a 'covert agent,' but there can be no question he understood that what he was leaking was 'sensitive information.' The very fact that Matt Cooper called it 'double super secret background' information suggests Rove knew of its sensitivity, if he did not know it was classified information (which by definition is sensitive)."

Rehnquist Says He'll Stay on Supreme Court 14 Jul 2005 Squelching rumors of his retirement, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist said Thursday he will continue heading the Supreme Court despite his battle with thyroid cancer. "I'm not about to announce my retirement," he said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press.

Major GOP Donor Favored as Next CPB Chairman 15 Jul 2005 A leading Republican donor who once suggested that public broadcasting journalists should be penalized for biased programs is the top candidate to succeed the controversial chairman at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, according to people at CPB and others in public broadcasting.

Frist rebuts complaint, denies he hid $1.44M loan 14 Jul 2005 In his first public comments about his campaign finances, Senate Majority Leader Bill ['Cat Torturer'] Frist yesterday said he was not trying to hide a $1.44 million loan in 2000 and 2001, as a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission alleges.

GOP Rep. Cunningham Won't Seek Reelection 15 Jul 2005 Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.), whose house was raided by the FBI this month in an investigation of his ties to a defense contractor, announced yesterday that he will not seek reelection but will serve out his term.

Schwarzenegger Reimbursement Is Drawing Fire 15 Jul 2005 Arnold Schwarzenegger, who refused a state salary when he became [a GOP-installed] governor, stands to earn at least $5 million under previously undisclosed terms of a contract with a group of fitness magazines, an agreement that critics called a conflict of interest Thursday.

Appeals Court Overturns Canada Beef Ban 14 Jul 2005 A federal appeals court on Thursday overturned the ban on imports of Canadian cattle, throwing out a lower court's ruling that renewing the imports could spread mad cow disease in the United States.

2,000 British Gas jobs facing axe 15 Jul 2005 British Gas is planning to cut up to 2,000 jobs and transfer work to India, sparking threats of industrial action, union leaders said.


Not Enough Caskets for the Iraqi Dead 14 Jul 2005 Coffin makers are unable to keep up with the demand for caskets in Iraq where tens of people die every day due to the continual armed attacks and bombings. While casket prices increased due to the ever increasing demand, it is impossible to find caskets for the bodies of the poor and homeless. The price of a coffin varies from between $35 and $50 in Bagdat (Baghdad), in a city where one person dies every hour.

Iraqi civilian casualties 12 Jul 2005 An Iraqi humanitarian organization is reporting that 128,000 Iraqis have been killed since the U.S. invasion began in March 2003.

Iraq Suicide Bombers Strike Green Zone 14 Jul 2005 Two suicide bombers struck a checkpoint near the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad Thursday, killing at least two policemen, but a third attacker was wounded and captured by U.S. and Iraqi security forces, officials said.

Children killed in Baghdad car blast 14 Jul 2005 Up to 27 people, including at least 13 children, have been killed and up to 18 wounded by a car bomb in Baghdad. The attack on Wednesday occurred near a patrol of US forces, police sources said.

Found In Iraq: Camel Spider (coastocoastam) 14 Jul 2005 Making the rounds on the Internet is this photo of "camel spiders," photographed by troops in Iraq... [Warning! Graphic photo of monster spider, almost as disgusting as Bush himself (but not quite).]

Abu Ghraib Tactics First Used at Guantanamo --Techniques were approved by Defense Secretary Rumsfeld as part of special interrogation plan for "20th hijacker" in 2002, new investigation finds. 14 Jul 2005 The report's findings are the strongest indication yet that the abusive practices seen in photographs at Abu Ghraib were not the invention of a small group of thrill-seeking military police officers.

Report Discredits F.B.I. Claims of Abuse at Guantánamo Bay 14 Jul 2005 A high-level military investigation into complaints by F.B.I. agents about the abuse of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, concluded in a report released Wednesday that their treatment was sometimes degrading but did not qualify as inhumane or as torture.

Bush's POW-MIA Chief Accused of Abuse 12 Jul 2005 The man leading the Defense Department's search for missing American service members is being investigated by the Pentagon for allegations of abusive management, The Associated Press has learned.

Downed US Seals may have got too close to Bin Laden 10 Jul 2005 The first sign of trouble was a radio message requesting immediate extraction. A four-man team of US Navy Seal commandos had run into heavy enemy [US?] fire on a remote, thickly forested trail in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. ...According to former special forces officers and other military sources, the four-man Seal strike team may have come too close to one of the US-led coalition’s highest-priority targets — perhaps Mullah Muhammad Omar, the former Taliban leader, or even Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda.

28 senators call for formal Halliburton inquiry 13 Jul 2005 Twenty eight Democratic U.S. Senators, led by U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND), are calling for a formal Department of Defense investigation into what they described as "alarming" reports of fraudulent, wasteful and abusive practices by Halliburton in providing food to U.S. troops in Iraq, RAW STORY has learned.

Dems aim to increase army size --A team of Senate and House Bush sycophants ['Democrats'] today are planning to introduce legislation today aimed at significantly increasing size of the U.S. Army. 13 Jul 2005 Sen. Joseph LieberBush (D-Actually-R-Conn.), ranking member of the Senate Armed Services (SASC) airland subcommittee, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), a SASC member, and Reps. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.), both members of the House Armed Services committee, are pressing for the passage of the United States Army Relief Act.

Pace quickens in review of UK anti-terrorism laws 14 Jul 2005 British Prime Minister Tony Blair will seek backing from political rivals on anti-terrorist laws police believe are vital after last week's London bombings and which the government may decide to pass quickly. Blair told parliament on Wednesday that Britain would move to close its borders to people suspected of preaching religious hatred and deport those already doing so. Home Secretary Charles Clarke has also begun an immediate review of powers he has to exclude people from Britain who are inciting terrorism [?!?], the spokesman said.

UK govt to mull tougher terror incitement measures 13 Jul 2005 Prime Minister Tony Blair said the government will soon consider tougher measures against people who incite or instigate terrorism, in the wake of last week's London bombings. 'We will look urgently at how we strengthen the procedures to exclude people from entering the UK who may incite hatred or act contrary to the public good, and at how we deport such people, if they come here, more easily,' he said during questioning in the House of Commons.

UK will deport extremist Imams: Blair 14 Jul 2005 Affirming Britain's determination to crack down on extremists, Prime Minister Tony Blair on Wednesday said anti[pro]-terror laws would be tightened.

U.K. Police Raid 8th Home as London Bombs Probe Grows 14 Jul 2005 British police today raided an eighth home in England as they expanded their investigation of last week's London subway and bus bombings, attacks that may have been carried out by U.K.-born Muslims as young as 18.

Terror hunt: police raid another house 14 Jul 2005 British police have carried out a raid in the town of Aylesbury, just north of London, in connection with investigations into last week's bombings in the capital, police said.

Hold on to your hats: Chertoff to Overhaul Homeland Security 13 Jul 2005 Proclaiming the Homeland Security Department "open to change,'' Secretary Michael Chertoff on Wednesday announced plans to centralize his agency's terror analysis, put a higher priority on bioterrorism and step up detection systems in mass transit. [Bioterrorism is Bush's trump card, to insure the continuation of his dictatorship.]

Bush picks tech lawyer for homeland security post 14 Jul 2005 pResident Bush said on Wednesday that he has chosen Stewart Baker, one of Washington's most influential technology lawyers, to be assistant secretary of homeland security for policy. Baker served as the general counsel of the National Security Agency (NSA) - the bane of many civil libertarians - during the early 1990s.

States forced to pay for Bush's War of Terror: Chertoff: States Foot Transit Safety Bill 14 Jul 2005 The federal government can provide only limited help to states and local governments to protect transit systems from terror attacks, and local officials must be largely responsible for the costs of improved subway, train and bus security, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Thursday.

Senators Propose Curbs on Patriot Act 14 Jul 2005 Two senior members of the Senate Judiciary Committee introduced legislation yesterday that would lead to more restrictions on the government's powers under the USA Patriot Act, setting the stage for a protracted legislative battle in coming months over the controversial anti[pro]-terrorism law.

Democrats Call for Bill on Security Clearance 14 Jul 2005 Senate Democrats moved forcefully into the controversy surrounding White House aide Karl Rove on Thursday, calling for legislation to deny security clearances to officials who disclose the identity of an undercover agent.

Bush 'not prejudging' Rove probe 13 Jul US Dictator George W Bush has said he will withhold judgment about top aide Karl Rove's involvement in a CIA leak until a federal investigation is over.

CIA agent's husband sees W. House cover-up on leak 14 Jul 2005 The husband of a CIA agent whose identity was revealed amid debate over the Iraq war accused the White House on Thursday of being involved in a giant "cover-up" in the scandal and said President Bush should fire his top aide Karl Rove.

Dean urges Bush to fire Rove --Democratic leader says U.S. security should be defended 14 Jul 2005 Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean tried Wednesday night to turn the pressure up on pResident Bush to fire political adviser Karl Rove.

Joseph Wilson Calls on Bush to Fire Rove 14 Jul 2005 Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson called on pResident Bush Thursday to fire deputy chief of staff Karl Rove, saying Bush's top-level aide engaged in an ''abuse of power'' by discussing Wilson's wife's job with a reporter.

Wilson's Iraq Assertions Hold Up Under Fire From Rove Backers 14 Jul 2005 Two-year old assertions by former ambassador Joseph Wilson regarding Iraq and uranium, which lie at the heart of the controversy over who at the White House identified a covert U.S. operative, have held up in the face of attacks by supporters of presidential adviser Karl Rove.

Judge: DeLay Associate to Face Charges 14 Jul 2005 A state district judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss charges of money laundering and accepting illegal political contributions against an associate of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

Kennedy Rebukes Santorum for Comments --Republican Repeats Remark Linking Scandal to Boston 'Liberalism' 14 Jul 2005 Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) led a phalanx of Massachusetts politicians yesterday in demanding that the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, apologize for blaming the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal on "liberalism" in Boston. Rep. Barney Frank called Santorum a "jerk."

Santorum blasted for Boston remarks --Kennedy, Kerry demand apology for 2002 column 14 Jul 2005 Massachusetts Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry lambasted Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum yesterday for writing that the Catholic Church's pedophile scandal was centered in Boston in part because of the city's morally permissive culture.

Marx voted top thinker 14 Jul 2005 Karl Marx has been voted the greatest ever philosopher following a poll by Melvyn Bragg's Radio 4 show In Our Time.

Rehnquist Leaves Hospital 14 Jul 2005 Chief inJustice William H. Rehnquist, who suffers from thyroid cancer, checked out of the hospital Thursday after staying two nights to have a fever monitored.

US chief justice in hospital bed 13 Jul 2005, 19:45 GMT 20:45 UK US Chief Justice William Rehnquist has been admitted to hospital because of a fever, the Supreme Court has said. The 80-year-old judge, who suffers from thyroid cancer, was taken to Arlington Hospital in Virginia on Tuesday night for "observation and tests".

Review Finds 44 NIH Scientists Violated Rules 14 Jul 2005 Forty-four government scientists who also worked as consultants for drug companies violated agency regulations designed to prevent conflicts of interest, a review by the National Institutes of Health shows. Of the 44 scientists found to have violated agency rules, 36 are still employed at NIH and have been referred for possible disciplinary action. Nine of those thirty-six have also been referred to the HHS Office of Inspector General for investigation of possible criminal violations.

Ebbers Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for $11 Billion Fraud 13 Jul 2005 Bernard J. Ebbers, the founder and former chief executive of WorldCom, was sentenced to 25 years in prison today for his role in the record $11 billion accounting fraud that brought down the telecommunications company in 2002.

Man killed by police officer had no gun 13 Jul 2005 Columbus police confirmed that an alleged bank robber shot dead by an officer was not armed. But police spokesman Sgt. Brent Mull said the suspect, Shawn McCoy, 33, was known to carry weapons [!?!].

Gen Teflon: unborn US babies soaked in chemicals 14 Jul 2005 Unborn US babies are soaking in a stew of chemicals, including mercury, petrol by-products and pesticides, according to a report released today. The report by the Environmental Working Group is based on tests of 10 samples of umbilical cord blood taken by the American Red Cross. They found an average of 287 contaminants in the blood, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and the Teflon chemical PFOA.

US group calls for health warnings on soft drinks 13 Jul 2005 A U.S. consumer group on Wednesday called for cigarette-style warnings on soft drinks to alert consumers that too much of the sugary beverages can make them fat and cause other health problems.

'No defence against bird flu' 14 Jul 2005 Assurances from South Africa's Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang that South Africa has well advanced plans to contain a bird flu outbreak are not backed up by the facts, says official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) spokesperson Diane Kohler-Barnard.

Vietnam bird flu toll hits 40, more infected 14 Jul 2005 Bird flu has killed another Vietnamese and infected three more, taking the country's toll to 40 -- half of them killed since the H5N1 virus returned in December, the media reported on Thursday.

Mysterious Hot Spot Sparks Fire 11 Jul 2005 Santa Barbara, Calif. - Scientists are puzzled by a mysterious Los Padres National Forest hot spot where 400-degree ground ignited a wildfire.

Pet Lion Grows Too Big For Cage 14 Jul 2005 A 400-pound African lion has grown too big for his cage and will have to leave his home with a Kentucky family. The family claims the pet they bought at an auction is harmless, and Simba even shares his cage with a little dog named Jumper.


GOP talking points on Rove seek to discredit Wilson 12 Jul 2005 RAW STORY has obtained an exclusive copy of Republican talking points on Bush adviser Karl Rove's leaking the name of a CIA agent to a reporter, circulated by the Republican National Committee to "D.C. Talkers" in Washington. The document, emblazoned with the words "Special Edition" and dated Tuesday [12 July], seeks to discredit claims put forth by Ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife was 'outed' as a covert operative by a conservative columnist.
Quick action! Contact the Reichwinger whose name appears on the GOP's 'Wilson/Rove Research & Talking Points' --Carolyn Weyforth, Director of Television, Republican National Committee: - RNC Communications - Phone: 202-863-8614, Fax: 202-863-8773 [*See recent CLG interview: Joseph Wilson: The Bush Crowd: "A Real Threat to Our Republic"]

The Big Lie About Valerie Plame By Larry Johnson 13 Jul 2005 "The misinformation being spread in the media about the Plame affair is alarming and damaging to the longterm security interests of the United States. Republicans' talking points are trying to savage Joe Wilson and, by implication, his wife, Valerie Plame as liars. That is the truly big lie. For starters, Valerie Plame was an undercover operations officer until outed in the press by Robert Novak. Novak's column was not an isolated attack. It was in fact part of a coordinated, orchestrated smear that we now know includes at least Karl Rove."

GOP on Offense in Defense of Rove 13 Jul 2005 Republicans mounted an aggressive and coordinated defense of Karl Rove yesterday, contending that the White House's top political adviser did nothing improper or illegal when he discussed a covert CIA official with a reporter.

White House: Bush Has Confidence in Rove 12 Jul 2005 Dictator Bush supports Karl Rove, the White House said Tuesday, rebuffing Democratic calls for Bush to fire his top political adviser over his role in the leak of an undercover CIA officer's identity.

CIA Leak Probe Focuses on Rove 12 Jul 2005 Karl Rove is known at the White House as "the architect," the strategist behind pResident Bush's political victories. Sometimes he's even called "Bush's brain." Now "the leaker" may become his new nickname, and some wonder if the White House deputy chief of staff will survive.

MSNBC Poll (12 Jul) What do you think should happen to Karl Rove? Nothing 7%; His security clearance should be revoked 12%; He should resign 81%; 9200 responses (16:14 GMT 12 Jul 2005 - no link, poll has been replaced) [Where is the 'treason trial with all appropriate penalties' option?]

UK-based dissident denies link to website that carried al-Qaida claim 09 Jul 2005 The claim of responsibility for the London attacks was first posted on one of the dozens of Islamic websites that are routinely monitored by western intelligence services. The statement, under the name of the Secret Organisation of the al-Qaida Jihad in Europe, was posted on an Arabic website,, which is registered by Qalaah Qalaah in Abu Dhabi and hosted by a server in Houston, Texas... The server in Houston has intriguing connections. Everyone's Internet was founded by brothers Robert and Roy Marsh in 1998 and by 2002 had an income of more than $30m (now about £17m). Roy Marsh counts among his friends pResident George Bush's former sister-in-law, Sharon Bush, and the president's navy secretary.

Bomb hunt focuses on masterminds [Bush safe from search] 13 Jul 2005 Police investigating the London bombs are now focusing on finding those who masterminded the suspected suicide attacks that have killed at least 52.

UK police hunt mastermind behind London bombings 13 Jul 2005 Police hunted on Wednesday for a mastermind behind suicide bombings in London... In Brussels, Home Secretary Clarke challenged the European Union to overcome civil liberties concerns and agree to new anti-terrorism measures such as the compulsory storage of phone and Internet usage records.

UK 'to face more suicide attacks' 13 Jul 2005 Home Secretary Charles Clarke today warned Britain must prepare for more suicide attacks amid fears scores more UK-based fanatics are ready to die for their cause. Mr Clarke's warning comes after intelligence chiefs told Tony Blair in a briefing yesterday that there are more than 200 'home-grown terrorists' [?!?] trained to carry out suicide bombings living in Britain.

Media Death Toll Still Mounting in Iraq by Aaron Glantz 12 Jul 2005 "It's time the U.S. military stopped shooting journalists. In the last three weeks, American soldiers have killed at least four journalists in Iraq... Those killings, plus the shooting death of a Baghdad TV editor and a stringer for a Western news agency, bring the total number of journalists killed by U.S. forces in Iraq to 17, according to the International Federation of Journalists... Unembedded journalists in Iraq are also frequently arrested by the U.S. military."

100,000 Iraqi Civilian Deaths in 28 Months 12 Jul 2005 The US invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime has cost 100,000 Iraqi civilian lives. An international research organization in Switzerland said US troops killed 39,000 civilians since the beginning of the war.

10 Sunnis Suffocate in Iraqi Police Custody 12 Jul 2005 Iraq's widely feared police commandos were struggling on Tuesday to explain how at least 10 Sunni Arab men and youths, one only 17, suffocated after a commando unit seized them from a hospital emergency ward and locked them in a police van in summer temperatures exceeding 110 degrees.

Guantánamo Reprimand Was Sought, an Aide Says 13 Jul 2005 A high-level military investigation into accusations of abuse of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, recommended a reprimand for the former commander of the prison, but his superior declined to admonish him, said a Congressional aide who has read a report on the inquiry.

U.S. military balked at punishing Guantanamo chief 13 Jul 2005 Military investigators who looked into FBI accounts of Guantanamo Bay detainee abuse urged that a former commander of the prison be reprimanded, but U.S. Southern Command declined to do so, sources familiar with the probe said on Tuesday.

National Guard criticized for anti-Islam poster 12 Jul 2005 Islamic leaders and peace groups are criticizing the California National Guard for a flier posted in its headquarters suggesting the United States should execute Islamic terrorists with bullets dipped in pig's blood to deny them entry to heaven.

Iraq car bomb kills at least 27 including children, US soldier 13 Jul 2005 A suicide car bomber sped to American soldiers as they distributed candy to children and detonated his vehicle today, killing up to 27 other people, US and Iraqi officials said. One US soldier and about a dozen children were among the dead.

Iraqi PM warns worse to come from insurgents 13 Jul 2005 Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari told his violence-weary nation to brace for even larger attacks as resistance fighters exact revenge on the government for its "success" in rebuilding the country. [No. They are resistance fighters, defending themselves against a Bush-led band of mercenaries and terrorists who have *destroyed* their country.]

Official Admits Errors in Iraq 13 Jul 2005 Douglas J. Feith, a top Pentagon official who was deeply involved in planning the Iraq war, said that there were significant missteps in the administration's strategy, including the delayed transfer of power to a new Iraqi government, and that he did not know whether the invading U.S. force was the right size.

U.S. Army National Guard's recruiting woes deepen 11 Jul 2005 The Army National Guard, struggling more than any other part of the U.S. military to sign up new troops amid the Iraq war, missed its ninth straight monthly recruiting goal in June, officials said on Monday.

Government hypocritical over Afghanistan - Greens 12 Jul 2005 The Australian Greens have accused the federal government of hypocrisy as it decides whether to send troops to Afghanistan while refusing Afghani asylum seekers protection visas.

Bolton May Accept Recess Appointment 13 Jul 2005 John R. Bolton's nomination to be ambassador to the United Nations was the hottest issue in Congress a few months ago... With neither the White House nor Senate Democrats showing any sign of yielding in their long-running dispute over documents related to Bolton's State Department work, speculation is rife that Bolton is prepared to accept a recess appointment good through the end of 2006.

Israel to ask U.S. for $2.2 billion in aid for pullout 11 Jul 2005 A delegation of senior Israeli officials that left for Washington over the weekend will ask the American government Monday evening for some $2.2 billion in special aid for the disengagement plan.

Uncle Sam to give Israeli settler families 1 mil each to relocate? Sign me up! By Jane P. Stillwater "I read in the papers today that Ariel Sharon has just asked the United States for an extra $2,200,000,000.00 to cover the cost of relocating Israeli 'settlers' away from the Gaza Strip. Okay. I got out my calculator. If the U.S. gives Sharon 2.5 billion dollars to help move 9,100 settlers, that's $241,758.24 each! For a family of four, that's $967,032.96 per family. How come we aren't giving almost one million US dollars per family to the poor displaced settlers in Rwanda? In Columbia? In Haiti? In Darfur? Or in Iraq? And what about the people in New London, Connecticut that the Supreme Court recently kicked out of THEIR homes? Are they getting one mil per family too?"

U.S. Homeland Security Changes Aimed at Borders, Intelligence 13 Jul 2005 U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff plans a wide-ranging restructuring of the two- year-old department that will emphasize preparing for catastrophic events, securing borders and protecting the transportation of people and goods, a department official said.

From Faux News Fan [of Terrorism] Central: U.S. Terror Attack — 'Ninety Days at Most' 13 Jul 2005 Counterterrorism expert Juval Aviv spoke with FOX Fan Central about what Americans can do to protect themselves in case of a terror attack. Do you believe another terrorist attack is likely on American soil? I predict, based primarily on information that is floating in Europe and the Middle East, that an event is imminent and around the corner here in the United States. It could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could happen in the next few months. Ninety days at the most.

$1B sought for rail security --Schumer and Clinton join Senate Democrats in call to add funds for transit safety after London bombings 13 Jul 2005 Calling the rails the "terrorist target of choice," some Democrats, including New York Sens. Charles Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton, pushed yesterday to add $1 billion for transit and rail security to a Homeland Security spending bill.

The Dangerous Comfort of Secrecy (The New York Times) 12 Jul 2005 "The Bush administration is classifying the documents to be kept from public scrutiny at the rate of 125 a minute. The move toward greater secrecy has nearly doubled the number of documents annually hidden from public view - to well more than 15 million last year, nearly twice the number classified in 2001 - as bureaucrats have invented more amorphous categories like 'sensitive security information... The White House has also been increasing the number of offices empowered to classify information, extending the privilege to agencies like the Agriculture Department... The federal Information Security Oversight Office finds secrecy reaching such ludicrous levels as classifying information already in school textbooks and Supreme Court decisions."

Defense Logistics Agency Spends $58m on Tamiflu 12 Jul 2005 --Roche Laboratories Inc., Nutley, N.J., is being awarded a maximum $58,000,000 firm fixed price contract for Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps for Oseltamivir Phosphate Capsules [Tamiflu, which is used to treat Avian flu]. This is a requirements contract with a base year and one option period. Performance completion date is Feb. 28, 2006.

Judge Refuses to Drop Case Against DeLay Ally 13 Jul 2005 A Texas state judge yesterday reaffirmed the indictment of a political associate of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Terrorist-Tex.). The ruling was the latest of several in Texas courts to run against former officials of Texans for a Republican Majority, which was created by DeLay and his political aides to orchestrate a 2002 takeover of the Texas House.

US says Enron agrees to $356 mln for pension claims 11 Jul 2005 Enron Corp agreed to put a $356.25 million price tag on government and employee claims against the fallen energy giant's retirement plans, the U.S. Labor Department said on Monday.

Medicaid co-pays would hit poor hard, groups say 12 Jul 2005 A proposal by state governors to adopt Medicaid co-payments widely would seriously degrade medical care for the poor and burden hospital emergency rooms, two public policy groups said on Tuesday.

U.S. Berated Over Indians' Treatment --Judge Orders Interior Dept. to Send Written Warnings About Its Credibility 13 Jul 2005 In a scathing rebuke of the federal government's treatment of Native Americans, a federal judge yesterday ordered the Interior Department to include notices in its correspondence with Indians whose land the government holds in trust, warning them that the government's information may not be credible.

Mo. Prosecutors Look Into 1995 Execution 12 Jul 2005 Prosecutors are investigating whether a man may have been wrongly executed in 1995 after the victim's family and others recently raised questions about whether he was guilty of the crime.

EU laws on sale of vitamins 'valid' 12 Jul 2005 Controversial new European laws which could outlaw thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements were upheld by European Court judges.

Thousands of vitamin products threatened by ruling 13 Jul 2005 Campaigners for Britain's millions of vitamin and supplement users have reacted with dismay to a ruling that could sweep up to 5,000 products off the shelves.

Exxon Mobil Becomes Focus of a Boycott 12 Jul 2005 A coalition of environmental and liberal lobbying groups is planning a boycott of Exxon Mobil products to protest the company's challenges to warnings about global warming and its support for oil and gas exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Tropical Storm Emily is season's fifth named storm 12 Jul 2005 A new tropical storm picked up speed and was expected to gain strength as it churned toward the Caribbean early Tuesday. Emily's formation late Monday was the earliest date on record for five named storms to develop, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.


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