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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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July 2006 Archives

Guantanamo Bay detainees face 'systematic' abuse: CCR report 10 Jul 2006 Prisoners at the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay have been subjected to "systematic physical, psychological, sexual, medical and religious abuse," according to a report released Monday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). CCR describes the 51-page "Report on Torture and Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment of Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba," as the most comprehensive primary-source account of abuse at the facility.

Pentagon bows to pressure on Guantanamo --Bush regime extends Geneva protections to terror suspects 11 Jul 2006 The Bush regime, bowing to court edict and political pressure, guaranteed the basic protections of the Geneva Conventions to captives in the war on [of] terrorism and asked lawmakers Tuesday to restore the military tribunals now in limbo.

US applies Geneva Convention to military detainees 11 Jul 2006 The Pentagon acknowledged for the first time that all detainees held by the U.S. military are covered by the protections of an article of the Geneva Conventions that bars inhumane treatment, according to a memo made public on Tuesday.

Italy eyes rogue spies in CIA kidnap 11 Jul 2006 Italy's government said on Tuesday it did not believe its intelligence agency aided the alleged CIA abduction of a terrorism suspect in Milan -- but left open the possibility that rogue Italian agents may have been involved.

2 Britons appeal extradition to U.S. on terrorism charges 11 Jul 2006 Lawyers for two British men indicted on terrorism charges, including one indicted in Connecticut, launched appeals against extradition Tuesday, arguing that U.S. assurances they will receive civilian trials cannot be trusted.

Terror laws racist: Lawyer --White groups ignored, court told 11 Jul 2006 Canada's anti-terror legislation is discriminatory because it focuses solely on Muslim and "brown" organizations, lawyer Rocco Galati charged yesterday in a courtroom here. The legislation is unfair because it fails to list "white" groups, like the Ku Klux Klan, in an index of organizations considered by Ottawa to have terrorist links, Galati said.

Negroponte: leaks damage business cooperation 10 Jul 2006 Recent media exposure of secret U.S. intelligence programs has made it harder for the Bush administration to collaborate with private businesses in combating [fomenting] terrorism, intelligence chief John Negroponte said on Monday.

Protesters Call On Government to Prosecute the New York Times 11 Jul 2006 At a rally outside the New York Times's office last night, protesters called on the government to prosecute the newspaper for its recent publication of government "security secrets." [Well, we're calling on the government to prosecute Bush, Cheney Halliburton, Rumsfeld, and Rove for treason.]

Al-Qaeda posts rape revenge video 11 Jul 2006 The Iraqi branch of 'al-Qaeda' has put a video on the internet showing the mutilated bodies of two US soldiers kidnapped in June and executed to avenge a young Iraqi woman [14-year-old girl] raped near Mahmudiyah south of Baghdad.

US court asked for gag order in Iraq rape-murder 11 Jul 2006 A lawyer for a former U.S. soldier charged with killing a family of four in Iraq and raping one of them asked a judge on Tuesday for a gag order preventing officials from President [sic] George W. Bush on down from commenting on the case.

Rogue Gunmen Won't Be Tolerated, U.S. General Says 10 Jul 2006 U.S. and Iraqi security forces will go after any rogue band or group that preys on innocent Iraqi citizens, a senior U.S. officer said in Baghdad today. [Oh, they're going to go after themselves?]

Bombers kill 16, Iraq parlt hears of civil war 11 Jul 2006 Suicide bombers struck outside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone on Tuesday, killing 16 people, close to where parliament met in heated session to hear at least one lawmaker warn that civil war was close at hand. [Well, if the bombers would have improved their accuracy, that discussion would have been *moot.* --LRP]

900 more UK troops to Afghanistan 11 Jul 2006 Britain plans to send almost 900 more troops and additional helicopters to support its soldiers in southern Afghanistan, Defence Minister Des Browne said today.

Chemical warfare: Inside Britain's toxic house of horrors --Lethal doses of poison were tested on troops, says report into top secret Porton Down 09 Jul 2006 Servicemen were deliberately subjected to lethal doses of poison in secret tests at Porton Down, an official report will admit this week. The Ministry of Defence is now braced for a flood of compensation claims from volunteers used in trials at its chemical weapons research centre. See sub-sections: 'The guinea pigs: A history of dangerous experiments' and 'The volunteer: The sailor given LSD in a sherry glass.'

Bomb attack on Bombay trains kills 190 11 Jul 2006 Eight bombs exploded in first-class compartments of packed Bombay commuter trains Tuesday, killing 190 people and wounding hundreds in a well-coordinated terror attack on the heart of a city that embodies India‘s global ambitions.

NYC ups transit security after India bombings 11 Jul 2006 New York City beefed up its transit security Tuesday as the result of the deadly bombings of Bombay's commuter rail network. The New York City Police Department said it was increasing the number of random [illegal] bag searches and putting hundreds of extra officers in the subways during the evening rush hour.

Closer US-India ties fuel terrorism-Afghan minister 11 Jul 2006 Closer U.S. ties with Pakistan's rival India have worried neighbours and fuelled increased terrorist activity in Afghanistan, the Afghan foreign minister said on Tuesday.

9-11 flap won't stop UW lecturer 10 Jul 2006 The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced Monday that it would keep Kevin Barrett as a part-time lecturer and allow him to teach a 'controversial' theory on the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in spite of political pressure to dismiss him.

Wis. school lets 'radical' instructor teach 10 Jul 2006 An instructor at the University of Wisconsin who has said he believes U.S. officials orchestrated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, will be allowed to teach a course on Islam, the school said Monday.

Judge Upholds F.B.I. Search of Lawmaker's Office 11 Jul 2006 While acknowledging the unprecedented nature of the F.B.I. search of Representative William J. Jefferson’s legislative offices, a federal judge ruled Monday that the seizure of records there was legal and did not violate the constitutional separation of powers between Congress and the executive branch.

Lieberman campaign files forms to run as petitioning candidate 10 Jul 2006 (CT) 'Democratic' U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman filed paperwork Monday that will allow him to collect signatures to petition his way onto the November ballot if he loses the August primary. LieberBush also filed papers with the secretary of the state's office Monday to create a new party called Connecticut for Lieberman. [There is no Connecticut for Lieberman, only Lieberbush for Bush. --MDR]

US Government Expands RFID File Tracking 10 Jul 2006 3M landed its second major government contract for RFID file-tracking last week from the U.S. Tax Court, which will deploy the 3M RFID Tracking System to improve the tracking and retrieval process of its more than 100,000 case files.

Artificial Blood Experiment Hits 27 U.S. Cities 07 Jul 2006 Brian Ross and Joseph Rhee Report: In 27 cities across the United States, seriously injured accident victims could end up in a medical experiment, without their knowledge or consent. The federal government has given the company [pharma-terrorists] that makes it approval to use badly bleeding accident victims as test subjects, without the subjects' informed consent.

Artificial Blood Experiment: Is Your City Participating? 07 Jul 2006 Northfield Lab's experimental blood substitute Polyheme is currently in randomized phase III clinical trials recruiting patients without informed consent all over the country. At one point, it was being tested in as many as 27 cities; it is still being tested in 23 hospitals in 20 cities. With the FDA's approval, Northfield Lab has recruited hospitals to participate in the trial study with exemption from informed consent requirements on study participants.

Pharma-terrorists killing thousands more people per year than 'al-Qaeda': Prices soar for cancer drugs 11 Jul 2006 Spiraling prices for new cancer therapies — up to $10,000 a month for a single drug — are causing alarm among patients and insurance companies. "These costs are out of control," says Fran Visco, president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, which is planning a conference focused on drug costs in the fall. "We can't allow it to continue."

The chickens come home to roost for one of the biggest taxpayer rip-offs in U.S. history: Part of Boston 'Big Dig' tunnel collapses, kills 1 11 Jul 2006 A three-tonne chunk of concrete fell from a tunnel ceiling in Boston's $14-billion "Big Dig" project, killing a woman in a car and rekindling questions over the safety of the nation's biggest public works venture.

Mayor calls for third-party probe of tunnel collapse 11 Jul 2006 Boston Mayor Tom Menino says he’s convening a meeting of city and state officials to discuss examination of the part of the Big Dig tunnel that collapsed last night, killing a Jamaica Plain woman. He says for the public to have confidence in any inquiry, neither the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority nor the Federal Highway Administration should be involved.

Heads up! Terrorist Haynes again on deck: Administration Again Pushing Anti-Environmental Court Nominee ( "For more than two years now, the Bush administration has been seeking to place the Pentagon's top lawyer, William Haynes II, on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit (see BushGreenwatch, 12/18/03 and 3/16/04). As a key player in developing the Pentagon's military tribunal plan for suspected terrorists... Also active in proposing ways the U.S. could circumvent international treaties banning torture, as well as supporting indefinite detentions of American citizens without benefit of legal counsel or meaningful judicial review, Haynes came to the attention of environmental advocates early in the Bush administration with what will surely stand as one of the strangest arguments in the history of environmental law."

G8 to discuss sharing nuclear power with emerging nations 11 Jul 2006 Nuclear power expansion to emerging economies such as China will feature high on the energy agenda of the G8 group of industrialised nations when it meets in St Petersburg from 15 to 17 July.

Columbia River toxins moving up food chain 10 Jul 2006 First were the crayfish near Bonneville Dam, so loaded with toxins that scientists wondered how they could still be alive... Over the past five years, virtually unnoticed amid other issues, scientists have unearthed a wealth of new information detailing the extent of toxic contamination in the Columbia River, enough that the Environmental Protection Agency added the entire 1,200-mile river to a shortlist of major waterways demanding national attention.

The Long Burn: Warming drove recent upswing in wildfires 08 Jul 2006 Major forest fires in the western United States have become more frequent and destructive over the past 2 decades. The trend has occurred in step with rising average temperatures in the region. "Climate change in the West is a reality," says Thomas Swetnam of the University of Arizona in Tucson. "Now, we're starting to see the effects."


FBI plans new Net-tapping push 07 Jul 2006 The FBI has drafted sweeping legislation that would require Internet service providers to create wiretapping hubs for police surveillance and force makers of networking gear to build in backdoors for eavesdropping, CNET has learned.

Bush may have broken law over intelligence [No, you don't say? MAY have? He is a complete criminal and intelligence is a law he broke at birth.] 10 Jul 2006 The White House kept intelligence activities secret from the lawmakers responsible for overseeing them until whistleblowers revealed the programmes, the house intelligence committee chairman said yesterday. A Republican congressman, Pete Hoekstra, said he had been told about the secret programmes by whistleblowers and had asked the Bush administration about them, using codenames.

Congress kept in dark on spying 11 Jul 2006 A senior Republican congressman has hit out at the Bush administration's intelligence practices, saying the White House concealed at least one large operation in possible violation of the law.

Ex-spy: CIA, Italians worked on abduction --Arrest warrant targets 4 accused Americans 09 Jul 2006 A former Italian intelligence agent told prosecutors that the top CIA official in Italy in 2003 worked directly with Italian military intelligence to abduct a Muslim cleric who was later imprisoned [and tortured] in Egypt, according to an arrest warrant filed last week.

Bosnia Cleared 3 Suspected CIA Flights Through Sarajevo 10 Jul 2006 Bosnian air traffic authorities authorized the landing and takeoff of three flights that a European rights organization believes might have been used by the CIA to transport suspects [rendition], a civil aviation official said Monday.

Agent who led Bin Laden hunt criticises CIA --Closure of unit 'wasted 10 years' experience' 08 Jul 2006 The man who led America's hunt for Osama bin Laden has said the CIA was wrong to disband the only unit devoted entirely to the terrorist leader's pursuit - just at a time when al-Qaida is reasserting its influence over global jihad.

Iraq to ask UN to end U.S. immunity after rape case 10 Jul 2006 Iraq will ask the United Nations to end immunity from local law for U.S. troops, the human rights minister said on Monday, as the military named five soldiers charged in a rape-murder case that has outraged Iraqis.

Victim was just 14 when she was raped and killed by US soldiers 11 Jul 2006 The young Iraqi woman who five US soldiers are accused of raping and killing on March 12 was 14 years old, not over 20, as US officials have said. US court documents described Abeer Qasim Hamza al-Janabi, who was shot dead along with her sister and parents, as an "adult female" and estimated her age as 25. Local officials and relatives had said she was 15 or 16, but her identity card and a copy of her death certificate show she was born on August 19, 1991 in Baghdad.

Soldiers named in rape, murder case 10 Jul 2006 The U.S. military has named five men as accomplices in the rape and murder of an Iraqi woman and her family members.

5 More Soldiers Charged in Iraq Rape Case 09 Jul 2006 Four more U.S. soldiers have been charged with rape and murder and a fifth with dereliction of duty in the alleged [premeditated] rape-slaying of a young Iraqi woman [15-year-old] and the killings of her relatives in Mahmoudiya, the military said Sunday.

Marine cover-up over Haditha deaths? Officers up to colonel reportedly ignored evidence of a crime 08 Jul 2006 The No. 2 U.S. commander in Iraq completed a review Friday of an investigation into a possible cover-up of the alleged Marine killings of 24 Iraqi civilians in the western town of Haditha.

Who kidnapped 50 people in Al-Salhyia? By LadyBird 09 Jul 2006 "On the other side of Al-Salhyia and less than 1 kilometer there is the 'Green Zone' with it’s guards, watching towers and patrols. Al-Salhyia is in the middle of all this. Now, can anybody tell me how can the kidnappers go there with 6 minibuses, abducting people randomly from the street and leave the area without being noticed? Nobody asked them where are you going?, who are you?, nobody managed to contact the police? Unless the kidnappers are the Iraqi police themselves or a dark 'Salvadorian Militia' working for the Americans creating the chaos."

"I Was a Mouthpiece for the American Military" --An embedded TV producer's frank assessment By Ken Silverstein 07 Jul 2006 "I recently spoke with a former senior TV producer for Reuters who worked in Iraq between 2003 and 2004. The producer, who asked that she not be identified by name... was embedded with American troops for 45 days... During her 45 days in Tikrit, she told me, she didn't file a single story critical of the American project in Iraq. 'There was no balance,' she said. 'What we were doing wasn't real journalism.'"

Baghdad Erupts in Mob Violence 10 Jul 2006 A mob of [US] gunmen went on a brazen daytime rampage through a predominantly Sunni Arab district of western Baghdad on Sunday, pulling people from their cars and homes and killing them in what officials and residents called a spasm of revenge by Shiite militias for the [US] bombing of a Shiite mosque on Saturday.

Three American soldiers killed in Iraq battle 09 Jul 2006 Three American soldiers were killed in fighting in Al-Anbar yesterday amid reports that senior military officers could be accused of negligence in a probe into the alleged killing of 24 Iraqi civilians by US marines in the same province.

3 U.S. soldiers die when bomb strikes armored vehicle 09 Jul 2006 Three U.S. soldiers scouring the roads of western Iraq for remote-controlled explosive devices were killed by a roadside bomb that destroyed their heavily protected vehicle, U.S. military officials said.

Car bomb wounds 4 US troops in Ramadi 09 Jul 2006 A car bomb struck a convoy in Ramadi on Sunday, wounding four American troops, the military said.

Half of all UK special forces set for Afghanistan 10 Jul 2006 More than half of Britain's special forces are to be committed to Afghanistan to help curb the growing threat of Taliban 'insurgents.'

1 Cdn soldier dead, 2 more injured in Afghanistan 09 Jul 2006 A Canadian soldier has been killed in a gun battle west of Kandahar City, Afghanistan, and two more Canadian soldiers were injured.

Family barbecue in Gaza ended in tragedy 10 Jul 2006 A badly injured 12-year-old Palestinian boy described yesterday how his family were barbecuing corn on the cob in the backyard of their home when it was struck by a missile which killed his mother, older brother and six-year-old sister.

Japan eases pressure for immediate vote on N.Korea 10 Jul 2006 Japan reined in its drive for an immediate vote on North Korean sanctions at the U.N. Security Council on Monday, offering regional powers a chance to resolve a missile crisis through direct diplomacy.

Bush approves 80 million dollars to foster 'democracy' in Cuba 10 Jul 2006 US President [sic] George W. Bush has approved 80 million dollars over two years to help foster 'democracy' [fascism] in Cuba, and enable citizens of the Communist island free themselves "from the repressive control of the Castro regime." [Who will free us from the repressive control of the Bush regime?]

The End of Cowboy Diplomacy --Why George W. Bush's grand strategy for remaking the world had to change By Mike Allen, Romesh Ratnesar 09 Jul 2006 "All the good feeling at the White House on July 4 couldn't hide the fact that he finds himself in a world of hurt. A grinding and unpopular war in Iraq, a growing insurgency in Afghanistan, an impasse over Iran's nuclear ambitions, a brewing war between Israel and the Palestinians--the litany of global crises would test the fortitude of any President [sic], let alone a second-termer with an approval rating mired in Warren Harding territory. And there's no relief in sight."

Trident is evil and against God, bishops warn Blair 10 Jul 2006 Nineteen bishops have joined the row over the replacement of Britain's nuclear weapons by warning the Prime Minister that the possession of Trident is "evil" and "profoundly anti-God".

MPs warn Blair over nuclear review sham 10 Jul 2006 A cross-party committee of MPs has warned the Prime Minister against using the Government's energy review as a charade to allow a new generation of nuclear power stations.

UK to publish terror alerts 09 Jul 2006 The British Government is to publish the country's terror alert status for the first time and switch to a US-style five level warning system, British newspapers reported.

Website warnings to reveal terror attack threat levels 10 Jul 2006 A NEW public warning system to alert people to the threat of attacks by al-CIAduh and other terror groups was due to be announced today. For the first time, details of current threat levels are to be published on the websites of the Home Office and the security service, MI5.

Lopez Obrador heads to court over Mexico vote --Leftist candidate, thousands of supporters trying to force recount 09 Jul 2006 Leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador headed to court Sunday evening to file evidence of fraud that he hoped would overturn his conservative rival’s 'razor-thin preliminary victory' [Bush-ChoicePoint coup d'etat]. Lopez Obrador said his lawyers would give the Federal Electoral Court evidence of fraud, including computerized manipulation of the results [as in the US].

GOPedophiles determined to stop the vote: Ga. Appeals Restraining Order on Voter IDs 10 Jul 2006 Georgia's attorney general filed an emergency appeal Monday of a court order that blocks the state from enforcing its new voter photo identification law during next week's primary elections.

"The operative phrase is 'not if but when.'" Red Cross: Prepare for bird flu [Yes, prepare to *resist* rather than be hauled off to a KBR detention center for forced, deadly vaccinations. See: KBR awarded $385M Homeland Security contract for U.S. detention centers 24 Jan 2006.] Organization advises to stock up on water, food; central Illinois could see virus as early as September [Right, just in time for 'elections.'] 09 Jul 2006 Avian flu pandemic could hit central Illinois as early as September with migratory birds flying down the Illinois River waterway, and health officials are recommending households have two to three weeks of supplies in the event of widespread quarantines. [Count on it. Even Diebold can't save the GOP in the 2006-2008 'elections.' Bush is poised to play the bioterror card. --LRP]

Sandton ice ball fell out of clear sky, says scientist 08 Jul 2006 The giant ice ball that fell from the Douglasdale sky has put the suburb on the meteorological map. Research conducted by a Nasa-affiliated scientist suggests that the frozen object that plummeted from the clear sky last Friday morning was one of the first "megacryometeors" to be recorded in Africa. And Professor Jesus Martinez-Frias, head of the Planetary Geology Laboratory at the Centro de Astrobiología in Madrid, has warned that the microwave oven-sized ice object could be a portent of "serious environmental problems".


Iraq Police Force Rife With Abuse, Documents Say 09 Jul 2006 Brutality and corruption are rampant in Iraq's police force, with abuses ranging from the widespread rape of female prisoners and the release of terrorism suspects in exchange for bribes to assassinations of police officers and participation in insurgent bombings, according to confidential Iraqi government documents detailing more than 400 police corruption investigations. Officers also have beaten prisoners to death, been involved in kidnapping rings, sold thousands of stolen and forged Iraqi passports and passed along vital information to 'insurgents,' the Iraqi documents allege. [The U.S. installed, trained Iraq police force is the personification of the Bush regime: Brutality, corruption, abuses, rapes, bribery, assassinations, bombings, beatings, kidnapping rings, thievery, forgery and spying. Your tax dollars at work. --LRP]

Budget document details $50 billion war request 08 Jul 2006 President Bush would spend a quarter of the $50 billion down payment he wants for next year's Iraq and Afghanistan war costs to replace damaged weapons and equipment, while an additional $3 billion would go to train and equip Iraqi and Afghan forces. [See: Iraq Police Force Rife With Abuse, Documents Say 08 Jul 2006.]

Two dead soldiers, eight more to go, vow avengers of Iraqi girl's rape 09 Jul 2006 The American soldiers accused of raping an Iraqi girl and then murdering her and her family may have provoked an 'insurgent' [resistance fighters'] revenge plot in which two of their comrades were abducted and beheaded last month, it has been claimed.

Four US soldiers charged in Iraq rape-murder 09 Jul 2006 Three U.S. soldiers were charged with the rape and murder of an Iraqi teenager and killing her family, bringing to four the number of Americans accused of the four deaths in March, the U.S. military said on Sunday. A fourth soldier was charged on Saturday with dereliction of duty for failing to report the case.

U.S. Military Braces for Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq 09 Jul 2006 No American serviceman has been executed since 1961. But in the past month, new cases in Iraq have led to charges against 12 American servicemen who may face the death penalty in connection with the killing of Iraqi civilians.

Pacific bases grapple with series of child porn incidents 09 Jul 2006 In recent months, several servicemembers on Okinawa have been court-martialed on charges of downloading child pornography on the Internet. In one case, an Air Force technical sergeant on Kadena Air Base was found guilty of using his home computer to solicit sex from a 13-year-old girl who also lived on base.

Bush says Geneva Conventions do not apply to Guantanamo Bay 08 Jul 2006 U.S. President [sic] George Bush says the people being held at Guantanamo Bay do not fall under the Geneva Conventions because they do not represent a country. [Neither does the spawn of Satan himself - Bush.]

U.S. Seeks "Filter Teams" to Scour Lawyer-Client Documents of Guantanamo Detainees [Nugget buried in a Saturday PentaPost article!] 08 Jul 2006 Three suicides at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may have been part of a broader plot by detainees who were using confidential lawyer-client papers and envelopes to pass handwritten notes their guards could not intercept, according to documents that government lawyers filed yesterday in federal court. Notes that investigators found [Planted?] after the suicides on June 10 were apparently written on the back of notepaper stamped "Attorney Client Privilege," which allowed detainees to communicate secretly without interference, according to government officials. The alleged discoveries have led military commanders to suspend allowing detainees to have paper provided by defense lawyers. Government lawyers have also asked a judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to allow them to assemble "filter teams" to scour more than 1,100 pounds of documents seized by investigators, some of which are protected by lawyer-client privilege and would usually be off-limits to authorities.

International Protest Day calls for the end of Guantánamo Bay (Action posted on 07 Jul 2006 On the 15th of July 2006, Cageprisoners as part of the National Guantánamo Coalition along with many supporting organisations has called for an International Day of Protest demanding the closure of the base. The demonstrations call to the end of detention, illegality, torture, deaths and Guantanamo Bay as a whole. The worldwide demonstrations will be held in the United States, Australia, Yemen, Kuwait and Bahrain. [Download the flyer here.]

Murder In Samarkand By Craig Murray July 2006 "In publishing 'Murder in Samarkand' I had wanted to publish the supporting documentation in the book to cooroborate my story, especially as the FCO is claiming that the story is essentially untrue. In that sense, perhaps the most interesting link in the documents below is the very first document, which is a table of detailed amendments the FCO insisted be made to the text. This is fascinating if you consider just how much it confirms was true, particularly in the conversations it refers to between officials. Many of the other documents I managed to have released under the Freedom of Information Act or Data Protection Act. I was astonished when the FCO announced that they would still take legal action against me if I published them. They argue that - and this astonished me - even if a document is released under the DPA or FoIA, it is still copyright of the Crown and so cannot be published."

Quick action! Poodle Blair's dictatorship is trying to get Ambassador Craig Murray to remove documents from his website, claiming they're in violation of 'Crown Copyright.' We're going to link to and/or mirror publish (and distribute the "Murder in Samarkand" documents throughout CLG-land). Furthermore, everyone needs to write to this whackjob and tell him we're not obeying the Crown's orders!!!
Treasury Solicitor, Gareth Buttrill:

Dear Mr. Buttrill:
Citizens For Legitimate Government (which is not subject to Crown Copyright or Poodle Blair's dictatorship) is going to link to and/or mirror-publish the "Murder in Samarkand" documents from Ambassador Craig Murray's site that you are trying to suppress.

Lori R. Price
Gen. Mgr.
Citizens For Legitimate Government

7 suspected terrorists flee Saudi prison [So Bush bin Laden can hire them.] 08 Jul 2006 Seven suspected terrorists escaped from a prison in the Saudi capital, officials said Saturday - a rare jailbreak in the tightly controlled kingdom and U.S. ally in the war on [of] terrorism.

Ally Told Bush Project Secrecy Might Be Illegal 09 Jul 2006 In a sharply worded letter to President [sic] Bush in May, an important Congressional ally charged that the administration might have violated the law by failing to inform Congress of some secret intelligence programs and risked losing Republican support on national security matters. The letter from Representative Peter Hoekstra of Michigan, the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, did not specify the intelligence activities that he believed had been hidden from Congress.

Mosque members denounce FBI raid as desecration 08 Jul 2006 (Pittsburgh, PA) The congregation of the Light of the Age mosque yesterday denounced the June 30 FBI raid on the site as "unjust, unethical and unnecessary." An arrest took place during prayer hours, and some members of the largely African-American congregation were detained and questioned on the street, group members said.

13 Cited for Protest at NSA Headquarters 09 Jul 2006 Thirteen anti-war activists were given citations Saturday for protesting outside the National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade.

British forces boost Taliban in Afghanistan, says Browne 08 Jul 2006 The presence of British forces in Afghanistan has "energised" the Taliban, Defence Secretary Des Browne has admitted. Mr Browne made the confession amid speculation that reinforcements will be added to the current deployment of 3300 troops in the southern Helmand province.

Afghan MP says family shot in occupation misfire 07 Jul 2006 A member of the Afghan parliament said on Friday U.S.-led troops mistakenly [Yeah, right!] fired on a car carrying members of his family, killing one and wounding four.

Afghanistan Bomb Kills Peruvian Soldier 08 Jul 2006 A roadside bomb killed a Peruvian soldier and wounded four other NATO troops patrolling western Afghanistan on Sunday, the Spanish Defense Ministry said.

Seven U.S.-led troops wounded in Afghan clashes 08 Jul 2006 Seven members of Afghanistan's U.S.-led occupation force have been wounded and six Taliban killed in the latest clashes in the bloodiest phase of Afghan violence since the Taliban were 'ousted' nearly five years ago.

Breaking: Two car bombs explode near Shiite prayer site in central Baghdad, killing 10 people and wounding 25, Iraqi police say. 09 Jul 2006

Shiite gunmen ambush Sunnis in Baghdad --At least 37 killed in escalation of violence 09 Jul 2006 Masked Shiite gunmen [US death squads] stopped cars in western Baghdad, grabbing people from the street and separating Sunni Arabs from the rest, killing at least 37 people, police said, in a dramatic escalation of sectarian violence in the country. [WHO has the authority to stop cars in western Baghdad and grab people from the street? The US occupation forces, and/or their agents.]

Three US soldiers killed in Anbar province, w. Iraq 09 Jul 2006 Three US soldiers and an Iraqi woman translator were killed Saturday in separate incidents.

Israel strikes after ceasefire rejected 09 Jul 2006 Israel launched air strikes across the Gaza Strip on Sunday after rebuffing a proposed ceasefire by the Palestinian prime minister.

U.S. Navy missile destroyer arrives in Japan 08 Jul 2006 A U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer equipped with the navy's most advanced Aegis combat weapon system arrived at the navy's Yokosuka base in Japan on Saturday, a U.S. Navy spokeswoman said.

100,000 Obrador supporters protest election theft 08 Jul 2006 More than 100,000 defiant supporters of leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador massed Saturday in a bid to overturn 'his narrow election defeat' [a Bush-ChoicePoint engendered coup d'etat] with protests that threatened to widen Mexico's regional and class divisions. [The protests need to turn to revolution, then creep north. --LRP]

250,000 rally against Mexico's vote results --Candidate Lopez Obrador to present fraud charges today in presidential ballot 09 Jul 2006 About a quarter of a million people chanting "Fraud! Fraud!" jammed Mexico City's central square yesterday to back leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's bid to overturn his narrow electoral defeat [sic] with court appeals and mass marches. "There is convincing evidence that they took votes away from us," Lopez Obrador said. "We are certain that we won on July 2, and we are going to defend our victory." Many in the crowd said they were ready for a fight if Lopez Obrador did not prevail. "To the death!" shouted Maria Irene Ramirez, a 53-year-old retired railroad worker from Hidalgo state. [WHY didn't such protests take place in the US, after *two* coup d'etats? Now the GOPedophiles are poised to steal the 2006 and 2008 'elections.']

Pentagon eyewitness IDs Global Hawk Report by Christopher Bollyn 08 Jul 2006 Samuel Danner (electrical engineer for AmTrak), was involved in the clean-up at the Pentagon crash site and inspected the debris at the site. He said, 'It was not a Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon. The plane looked like a hump-back whale.' He thinks a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. (There were only seven made as of 9/11/01 and two were missing at the time.) Danner is a former pilot.

Pick a Crisis - Any Crisis By Nancy Levant 07 Jul 2006 "The 'pandemic' is looming, so we are told day and night with TV, movies, wildlife and medical experts, etc., and we now have legislation passed to deal specifically with this pandemic. Strange how they know for a fact that it's coming, and also have some sense of how many people are going to die, though they don’t know how (or if) 'the virus' will mutate. It’s strange how this pandemic coincides with the globalists’ desire for massive global depopulation by 2050."

DeLay suggests he might not retire 07 Jul 2006 Former U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay suggested Friday that he may not be ready for retirement just yet, a day after a federal judge ruled that his name must remain on the November ballot even though he resigned from Congress.

Cunningham friend investigated 09 Jul 2006 The prosecutors who sent former U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham to jail for taking bribes are focusing their attention on his friend Brent Wilkes, a San Diego defense contractor who won nearly $100 million in contracts in the past decade. Wilkes also has links to other corruption investigations.

Airlines pressure Congress over pension bill 09 Jul 2006 Bankrupt U.S. carriers Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines have stepped up pressure on Congress to finish pension legislation that would give them more time to fund plans that are billions of dollars in the red and in danger of termination. Top executives have lobbied lawmakers and written letters in recent weeks to push House-Senate negotiators trying to craft a final bill.

Supporting the Troops 18 Jun 2006 The yearly cost of unemployment benefits for disabled military personnel has ballooned to $3 billion. Is the U.S. prepared for the oncoming wave of Iraq war vets?

Storm triggers state of emergency in Berlin 08 Jul 2006 A state of emergency was declared in Berlin for seven hours as a violent summer storm lashed the German capital, local authorities said on Saturday. Meteorologists said Berlin had more than half its average monthly rainfall for July in just a few minutes.


Terror crew urged (by FBI) to hit FBI's buildings 06 Jul 2006 An FBI informant urged seven terror suspects to target FBI offices throughout the country - including one in New York - and even helped the men scout the buildings, law enforcement sources told the Daily News yesterday.

FBI Disrupts New York Transportation Plot 07 Jul 2006 Authorities have disrupted foreign terrorists plotting to attack the transportation tunnels running beneath the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, the FBI announced Friday. [MSNBC: The attacks were to have taken place in "October or November 2006" --Bush bin Laden's 'October Surprise.' That's why Homeland Security is livid at the 'premature disclosure' by the media. Looks like KKKarl Rove is going to have to 'Plan B' it. --LRP]

Canadian may be connected to NYC plot: police 07 Jul 2006 Officials are investigating whether a Canadian is connected to an alleged terrorist plot to bomb the train tunnels beneath the Hudson River, which is used by thousands of New York City commuters every day.

California Man Revealed as al Qaeda Leader [LOL!] 07 Jul 2006 Brian Ross Reports: For the first time, a former Orange County, Calif. teenage rock music fan has revealed his role as a top al Qaeda leader. Adam Gadahn, who disappeared from California seven years ago, appeared unmasked on an al Qaeda tape made public on the internet today.

Pair charged after terror raids 07 Jul 2006 (UK) Two men been charged with terrorism offences following a series of raids in Bolton, Greater Manchester, last month. The charges against one of the suspects, Omar Altimimi, relate to the possession of articles for the purposes of terrorism, and the collection of information likely to be useful for terrorism purposes.

Toronto to HQ anti-terrorism financing group 07 Jul 2006 An international organization that tracks the funding of terrorism and terrorist groups will be finding a home in Canada's financial capital. Formed in Brussels in 1995, the Egmont Group brings together more than 100 investigation units, including ones from the U.S., Cayman Islands and Korea.

Missing passports in hands of terrorists, criminals: newspaper [Oh, the Bush Administration has them?] 07 Jul 2006 About 50,000 Canadian passports that were lost or stolen in the last four years have fallen into the hands of criminals or terrorists, a Montreal newspaper reported on Friday.

College Student Tracking Assailed 07 Jul 2006 Private colleges yesterday fired a rather noisy shot across the bow of an education proposal aimed at tracking institutions of higher learning through a new national database of student records. "Is there some reason to reverse three decades of [privacy] policy and go down this Orwellian road?" asked Christopher B. Nelson, the president of St. John's College, during a conference call with reporters to call attention to a new survey on the subject.

The Newbie's Guide to Detecting the NSA By Ryan Singel and Kevin Poulsen 27 Jun 2006 "...[H]ere's the 27B Stroke 6 guide to detecting if your traffic is being funneled into the secret room on San Francisco's Folsom street. If you're a Windows user, fire up an MS-DOS command prompt. Now type tracert followed by the domain name of the website, e-mail host, VoIP switch, or whatever destination you're interested in. Watch as the program spits out your route, line by line."

First Guantanamo hearings set 08 Jul 2006 Two US Senate committees will start drafting legislation on military commissions for Guantanamo detainees, including Australian David Hicks, next week after the Supreme Court rejected the Government's plan for military trials.

Guantánamo inmate tells of worsening conditions 07 Jul 2006 An Australian terror suspect being held at Guantánamo Bay today told relatives that conditions at the prison camp had worsened. David Hicks told his family that the guards at the prison had become "very tough" since three inmates committed suicide last month, and said he thought other inmates were being punished for the deaths.

Filmmaker Sues Rumsfeld Over Iraq Detention 07 Jul 2006 A Los Angeles filmmaker today sued Defense Secretary [war criminal] Donald H. Rumsfeld and other high-ranking military officials, alleging they violated his civil rights, international law and the Geneva Convention by imprisoning him for 55 days in Iraq last year.

"We've got Aryan Nations graffiti in Baghdad." [That's because an Aryan Nation invaded Baghdad! --LRP] Neo-Nazis, Racists Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts 07 Jul 2006 Recruiting shortfalls caused by the war in Iraq have allowed "large numbers of neo-Nazis and skinhead extremists" to infiltrate the military, according to a watchdog organization. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks racist and right-wing militia groups, estimated that the numbers could run into the thousands...

Bush takes off the parachute. By Lynn Sweet 07 Jul 2006 "[George W.] Bush wanted to leave Washington to get some local flavor in a visit planned around a Drake Hotel fundraiser today for GOP governor candidate Judy Baar Topinka... Bush came through for Topinka even though an aide told columnist George Will in April that Topinka wanted the president to raise money for her 'late at night' and 'in an undisclosed location.'" ["...Topinka wanted the president [sic] to raise money for her 'late at night' and 'in an undisclosed location.'" --Oh, just like Bush's 'extraordinary rendition' suspects --hauled off to a CIA black ops prison site. --LRP]

Cheney really wants U.S. dictator By Andrew Greeley 07 Jul 2006 "The United States is caught up in a new campaign for a military dictatorship -- rule by a military chief with absolute power. The White House, inspired by Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney, has argued that in time of great danger, the president has unlimited powers as commander in chief. If he cites 'national security' he can do whatever he wants -- ignore Congress, disobey laws, disregard the courts, override the Constitution's Bill of Rights -- without being subject to any review... [Cheney] is a very dangerous person who would if he could destroy American freedom about which he and his mentor prate hypocritically... He uses the fear of terrorists as a pretext to advance his agenda of an all powerful president, a military dictator."

The Treason Card By Paul Krugman 07 Jul 2006 "Over the last few months a series of revelations have confirmed what should have been obvious a long time ago: the Bush administration and the movement it leads have been engaged in an authoritarian project, an effort to remove all the checks and balances that have heretofore constrained the executive branch. Much of this project involves the assertion of unprecedented executive authority — the right to imprison people indefinitely without charges (and torture them if the administration feels like it), the right to wiretap American citizens without court authorization, the right to declare, when signing laws passed by Congress, that the laws don't really mean what they say. But an almost equally important aspect of the project has been the attempt to create a political environment in which nobody dares to criticize the administration or reveal inconvenient facts about its actions. And that attempt has relied, from the beginning, on ascribing treasonous motives to those who refuse to toe the line." [Original link.]

George W. Bush Is Dead To Me --Nation cringes as the worst president ever continues long, painful slog to the end By Mark Morford 07 Jul 2006 "What a difference a handful of years makes. Now, overseas, we are a joke. A threat. A toxin. We are considered reckless and arrogant and ignorant, dangerous not just to the rest of the world but to the overall health of the planet. No one anywhere understands how a man like Bush can be the leader of the Free World, stolen election or no."

General Faults Marine Response to Iraq Killings 08 Jul 2006 The second-ranking American commander in Iraq has concluded that some senior Marine officers were negligent in failing to investigate more aggressively the killings of 24 Iraqi civilians by marines in Haditha last November, two Defense Department officials said Friday.

Over 30 Shiite militants killed or wounded in clash 07 Jul 2006 U.S. and Iraqi forces killed or wounded 30 to 40 Shiite militants in a gun battle in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City on Friday during which an Iraqi man believed to be a high-ranking 'insurgent' leader was also arrested, the U.S. military said.

In Gaza Today, Funerals and More Killings 07 Jul 2006 Today was a day of funerals across northern Gaza, with relatives and militants mourning those killed in Thursday's fierce fighting with Israeli troops, even as another five Palestinians were killed in more sporadic clashes.

NATO chief says troops will stay in Kosovo 07 Jul 2006 NATO "cannot afford to lower its guard" in Kosovo and will keep its troops there, Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has said. The alliance currently has 17,000 troops in Kosovo, Scheffer said.

UN delays North Korea vote after new threat 08 Jul 2006 North Korea has threatened to take "stronger physical actions" after Japan imposed punitive measures in response to this week's barrage of missile tests and pushed for international sanctions at the United Nations.

Venezuela gets backing for U.N. council seat 07 Jul 2006 Venezuela President Hugo Chávez took a major step toward securing a crucial bloc of votes for a seat on the U.N. Security Council Thursday after the 15-member Caribbean Community made it clear they would not support Guatemala's U.S.-backed candidacy.

Italy's Berlusconi Ordered to Stand Trial 07 Jul 2006 Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was ordered Friday to stand trial following an investigation into the sale of television rights at Mediaset SpA, Italian news agencies reported.

Calderon 'wins' disputed Mexico vote --Leftist candidate alleges fraud, vows court challenge 06 Jul 2006 The ruling party's Felipe Calderon 'won' the official count in Mexico's disputed presidential race by just under 0.6 percent Thursday, the culmination of a come-from-behind campaign for a recently obscure technocrat [Bush troll]. But his leftist rival earlier declared victory and said he'd fight the election in court. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blamed fraud for his narrow 'loss' in the vote count and called on his supporters to fill Mexico City's main square Saturday in a show of force. [*Hopefully.*]

Man indicted in phone jamming case will argue Administration approved election scheme 07 Jul 2006 The fourth man indicted in a New Hampshire phone-jamming scheme -- in which Republican operatives jammed the phone lines of Democratic get-out-the-vote efforts in a 2002 Senate race -- will argue at trial that the Bush Administration and the national Republican Party gave their approval to the plan, according to a motion filed by his attorney Thursday.

Georgia voter ID law on hold 08 Jul 2006 For now, Georgia voters will not be required to show a photo ID when they cast a ballot beginning Monday in the July primaries. A Fulton County judge stopped enforcement of the state's photo voter ID law on Friday, declaring it an illegal impediment to the right to vote.

Secret Service Reveals More Abramoff Visits 08 Jul 2006 The Secret Service on Friday revealed four more visits to the White House in 2001 by disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, including one to see a domestic policy aide to Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney. The newly released records of Abramoff's access to the White House bring the total number of his known visits to seven.

Body of Enron's Lay to be cremated [Of course!] Family will hold private service in Colorado on Sunday. 07 Jul 2006 The body of Enron Corp. founder Ken Lay will be cremated and his ashes buried in Aspen, Colo., where he died this week of an apparent heart attack [Yeah, right!], a newspaper reported Friday. [Remember "...[T]he aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them."]

Colin Powell taken ill at Clinton dinner 07 Jul 2006 (Aspen, CO) Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was briefly hospitalized early Friday after he fell ill at a restaurant where he was dining with former President Clinton and others, police said.

Spain Confirms Its First Case of Bird Flu 07 Jul 2006 Spain has recorded its first case of H5N1 bird flu, the Agriculture Ministry said Friday. The deadly strain was found in a water fowl in a marsh area outside the northern city of Vitoria.


Western Union blocks Arab cash transfers 06 Jul 2006 Money transfer agencies have delayed or blocked thousands of cash deliveries on suspicion of terrorist connections simply because senders or recipients have names like Mohammed or Ahmed, company officials said. [See: FBI, Western Union helped Israel pursue targeted assassinations 27 Jun 2006 From the spring of 2003 until autumn 2004, the Shin Bet security service tracked down Palestinian terror cells in the West Bank thanks to information from the Western Union money transfer service, which was passed on by the FBI. - Ask Western Union about their policies: 1-800-325-6000; or]

Iraq Corruption Unprecedented 06 Jul 2006 A committee investigating corruption in Iraq says it has reached unprecedented levels and those responsible are nearly untouchable. Judge Radi Hamza Radi, head of the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity set up in 2004, says corruption has "exploded" since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s government in 2003.

$300 million airport deal OK'd for Najaf 27 Jun 2006 Dubai, United Arab Emirates --World Strategic Initiatives Group said yesterday it will oversee the $300 million construction of an international airport in southern Iraq. The group is headed by Henry E. Wilkins, 48, who worked for the State Department advising the governments of Afghanistan and Bosnia on police issues. [Gee, shouldn't the electricity be working first?]

Ex-Blackwater USA worker accused of extortion 06 Jul 2006 A former Blackwater USA employee was charged with trying to extort $1 million from the security company by threatening to leak information about four contractors [mercenaries] killed in Iraq.

Zarqawi successor 'in Egypt jail' 06 Jul 2006 Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, the purported successor of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as leader of al-CIAduh in Iraq, is in an Egyptian prison and not Iraq, a lawyer has claimed. Egyptian newspaper Al-Masri al-Yawm has quoted Mamduh Ismail as saying he met al-Muhajir, also known as Sharif Hazaa, or Abu Ayub al-Masri, in Tura prison in Cairo, where he has been held for seven years. "Sharif Hazaa [al-Muhajir] is in Tura prison, and I met him two days ago while I was visiting some of my clients," Ismail told the newspaper. Al-Muhajir is on the "most wanted" list issued by the Iraqi government last week. The US military in Iraq has put a $5million price on his head. [LOL!]

US urged to close Guantanamo Bay prison 06 Jul 2006 Five United Nations human rights experts on Thursday called on international agencies and UN member states to assist the US in closing the Guantanamo Bay detention centre as soon as possible.

EU extends probe into CIA activities in Europe 06 Jul 2006 The European Parliament today voted to continue its investigation into alleged CIA secret prisons and flights in Europe for another six months, to determine whether European countries have colluded in human rights violations and breached the continent’s civil liberties treaties.

Pressure mounts over Europe-CIA collaboration 06 Jul 2006 For two years, European investigators probing alleged CIA abuses in the war on terrorism have been searching for a "smoking gun" and someone to put in the dock. With Wednesday's arrest of two Italian intelligence officials suspected of involvement in the alleged CIA kidnap of a terrorism suspect, they have set out on a new and significant track that could embarrass both Rome and Washington.

Italy govt likely knew about CIA kidnap -minister 07 Jul 2006 Italy's former government probably knew about the alleged CIA abduction of a terrorism suspect in 2003, new Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema said on Thursday, following the arrest of two Italian intelligence officials.

"Why did they have to take me away from my family? Torture me?" Algerian Tells of Dark Odyssey in U.S. Hands 07 Jul 2006 An Algerian named Laid Saidi carries a new set of allegations against America's secret detention program. In a recent interview, Mr. Saidi, 43, said that after he was expelled he was handed over to American agents and flown to Afghanistan, where he was held for 16 months before being delivered to Algeria and freed without ever being charged or told why he had been imprisoned. ...When the plane landed, he said, he was taken to what he described as a "dark prison" filled with deafening Western music... Men in black arrived, he said, and he remembers one shouting at him through an interpreter: "You are in a place that is out of the world. No one knows where you are, no one is going to defend you."

The imperial presidency crushed --The Supreme Court's rejection of kangaroo military tribunals shackles Bush's legacy to Nixon's -- and could even land him in the dock for war crimes. By Sidney Blumenthal 06 Jul 2006 "The Supreme Court ruling in the case of Hamdan v. Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, et al., on June 29 did far more than settle the limited question of whether alleged terrorist detainees can be tried before secret military tribunals. By declaring Bush's position unconstitutional, the court in effect judged his concept of his presidency and his methods in his 'global war on terror' illegitimate. In his majority opinion, Justice John Paul Stevens' strategic capitalization emphasized the larger point: 'The Executive,' he wrote, 'is bound to comply with the Rule of Law.'"

In another room, he found 15-year-old Abeer, naked and burned, with her head smashed in "by a concrete block or a piece of iron." In Cold Blood: Iraqi Tells of Massacre at Farmhouse 06 Jul 2006 He was the first to enter the charred farmhouse where the bodies of his relatives lay strewn about the floor, shot and bludgeoned to death. And he watched more than three months later as a U.S. Army officer took the two surviving children in his arms, barely able to hold back tears as he told them that the people who had killed their family would be punished. "Never in my mind could I have imagined such a gruesome sight," Abu Firas Janabi said of the day in March when his cousin, Fakhriya Taha Muhsen; her husband, Kasim Hamza Rasheed; and their two daughters were slain and their farmhouse set ablaze.

Federal judge to try soldier in Iraq rape, killings --Army official: Former private will not go before a military court martial 06 Jul 2006 The former Army private charged with raping an Iraqi woman and killing her family will all but certainly be tried in the federal court system, not through a military court martial, a senior Army official said Thursday.

Leave 'reckless' US troops at home 06 Jul 2006 Iraq’s prime minister has urged the US to keep "reckless" troops at home after the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi teenager. On Thursday, Nuri al-Maliki also repeated his demand for an independent investigation into the murder of family of four in March in Mahmoudiya.

Two US Choppers Downed in Iraq 06 Jul 2006 Two Apache helicopters from the US Air Force were brought down in the town of Al Dur, northeast of the Iraqi capital on Thursday, according to local TV Al Sharqiya.

Army requests more Afghanistan troops 06 Jul 2006 (UK) The Government has revealed that it has received an official request for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, told MPs that he was considering the application "as a matter of urgency" with the Chiefs of Staff.

Occupation Soldier Killed in Afghanistan 06 Jul 2006 A U.S.-led occupation soldier and 10 suspected Taliban militants died in the latest clashes to roil southern and eastern Afghanistan, while 'security' was tightened in Kabul after a series of bombings, officials said Thursday.

Draft Resolution Demands Israel Quit Gaza 06 Jul 2006 Acting on behalf of Arab nations, Qatar circulated a draft U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday demanding Israel end its offensive in the Gaza Strip and release the Palestinian officials it has arrested.

N. Korea threatens to fire more missiles 07 Jul 2006 North Korea angrily mocked international criticism of its multiple missile tests, threatening Thursday to fire off more rockets.

Taepodong-2 pointed at waters near Hawaii: report 07 Jul 2006 The Taepodong-2 long-range missile recently test-fired by North Korea was pointed at waters near Hawaii, the Sankei Shimbun reported Friday in its online edition.

Budget woes force Army bases to cut services $530 million shortfall at garrisons takes toll on basic supplies, functions 06 Jul 2006 A diversion of dollars to help fight the war in Iraq [Enrich Cheney Halliburton] has helped create a $530 million shortfall for Army posts at home and abroad, leaving some unable to pay utility bills or even cut the grass. [See: Halliburton gets $72 million bonus for work in Iraq 10 May 2005. See: 'Iraq was awash in cash. We played football with bricks of $100 bills' 20 Mar 2006 See: It was the largest one-time cash transfer in the history of the New York Fed. It weighed 28 tons and took up as much room as 74 washing machines. It was $2.4 billion in $100 bills, and Baghdad needed it ASAP. The initial request from U.S. officials in charge of Iraq required the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to decide whether it could open its vault on a Sunday, a day banks aren't usually open... The $2,401,600,000 was delivered to Baghdad on June 22, 2004.]

With only a letter, FBI can gather private data 06 Jul 2006 National Security Letters are the key to the trove of personal data. The Patriot Act, passed six weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, expanded the letters' reach. Now they can be issued if a local FBI official merely certifies that the information sought is "relevant" to an international terrorism or foreign intelligence investigation. According to U.S. Justice Department figures, the FBI served 9,254 National Security Letters concerning 3,501 individuals in 2005.

Conservative scrapes victory in Mexico amid claims of fraud 07 July 2006 Felipe Calderon, the conservative candidate in Mexico's presidential race, seemed to have clinched a slim victory as a national count ended yesterday. But his left-wing rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, refused to give up, threatening to plunge the country into political crisis. [*Hopefully.*]

Mexico leftist to challenge 'election' result: aide 06 Jul 2006 Mexico's leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will launch a legal challenge against 'election' results that show him losing a cliffhanger vote to his rightist ruling party rival, his campaign manager said on Thursday.

Judge Rules DeLay Stays on Ballot 06 Jul 2006 Former Representative Tom DeLay must stay on the Texas ballot in November despite his efforts to be declared ineligible so Republicans can select a stronger candidate, a federal judge ruled today.

Bush's Disapproval Tied to CA Gov's Race 06 Jul 2006 A new poll by the Survey and Policy Research Institute at San Jose State indicates President [sic] George Bush's disapproval rating may play an important role in the California governor's race. Although Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has widened his lead against State Treasurer Phil Angelides, 44 percent to 37, the survey finds that when you link the governor to the policies of President Bush, the challenger gains momentum.

Lieberman to opponent: 'I'm not Bush' 07 Jul 2006 U.S. Sen. Joe LieberBush sought to distance himself from the Bush administration during a televised debate with his upstart Democratic primary challenger Thursday, telling him: "I'm not George Bush." [No, you're only the sycophant up his ass.]

Who won the Connecticut Senate debate? *13629 responses Joe LIEberBush 16% Ned Lamont 79% It was a draw 4.8% [Poll snapshot: 01:00 DST 07 Jul]

Kerry not endorsing Lieberman in primary 06 Jul 2006 Senator John F. Kerry announced yesterday that he will support whoever wins next month's Democratic Senate primary in Connecticut, despite the decision by incumbent Senator Joseph I. LieberBush to run as an independent candidate if he loses the primary.

Senator Clinton: Lieberman on own if he loses party primary 05 Jul 2006 Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, a longtime supporter of Senator Joseph LieberBush, said Tuesday she will not back the Connecticut Democrat's bid for re-election if he loses their party's primary.

Hoosiers can get gun permits for life 06 Jul 2006 Indiana is the first state in the nation to offer residents lifetime handgun permits under a new law that went into effect this month -- a move hailed by Second Amendment supporters and blasted by gun-control advocates.

2 Top Courts Rule Against Gay Marriage 07 Jul 2006 The highest courts in two states dealt gay rights advocates dual setbacks Thursday, rejecting same-sex couples' bid to win marriage rights in New York and reinstating a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Georgia.

Court Voids $145 Billion Judgment in Tobacco Case 06 Jul 2006 The Florida Supreme Court upheld today a decision that threw out a $145 billion judgment against the nation's largest tobacco companies.


US, Iraqi troops raid hospital to 'hunt insurgents' 05 Jul 2006 U.S. and Iraqi forces raided a hospital in Ramadi on Wednesday, saying it was being used as a safe haven for rebel fighters to launch mortar and sniper attacks on them. U.S. forces have a cordon with checkpoints around Ramadi, a city of 400,000.

Marines Storm Ramadi Hospital --Long-planned raid on Ramadi General Hospital [Planned by the same war criminals who raped the 15-year-old?] 05 Jul 2006 Hospitals are considered off-limits in traditional warfare. [Yes, but not by war criminals, who take their orders from the most dangerous terrorist on earth: George W. Bush. --LRP]

Bodies flood Iraq morgue --Close to 1,600 Iraqis die in and around Baghdad in June, majority were shot 05 Jul 2006 Baghdad’s central morgue received nearly 1,600 bodies last month -- the highest number since the February bombing of a Shiite shrine sparked a wave of 'sectarian' [US] killings, a morgue official said on Wednesday.

In Basra, state of emergency provides little relief from violence 04 Jul 2006 Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's first major 'security' initiative, a 30-day state of emergency intended to restore peace to Basra, Iraq's second-largest city, appears to have failed [*duh*], residents there report.

Iraq car bomb kills six, US says more to come [They should know, since they're the ones planting them.] 05 Jul 2006 A car bomb killed six people near a Baghdad mosque on Wednesday, and the U.S. military said it expected to see a rise in such attacks, carried out by the new leader of al CIAduh in Iraq.

New al Qaeda Leader Likely to Boost Mobile Bomb Usage 05 Jul 2006 The new leader of al CIAduh in Iraq is an explosives expert [CIA troll] who could opt to increase 'insurgent' attacks using car and truck bombs, a senior U.S. military officer said in Baghdad today.

Explosion near Shiite mosque kills at least 12 --37 wounded after car bomb blast in holy city of Kufa 06 Jul 2006 A car bomb targeting Iranian pilgrims struck near a Shiite shrine in the holy city of Kufa on Thursday, killing at least 12 people and wounding 37, a local official and police said.

Army charges officer for refusing to fight in Iraq 06 Jul 2006 The U.S. Army filed three charges on Wednesday against an officer who refused to fight in Iraq due to objections over the legality of the war. First Lt. Ehren Watada remained at Fort Lewis base in Washington state when his unit shipped out to Iraq on June 22. Watada called the war and U.S. occupation of Iraq illegal and said participation would make him a party to war crimes.

Local Marine to Return Service Medal to Bush In Protest 03 Jul 2006 An Akron, OH, Marine who service in Iraq earned several medals for serving his country, but he's giving back one of the medals to the White House as a form of protest.

US Afghan raid 'kills 35 Taleban' 05 Jul 2006 US-led forces in Afghanistan say they have killed about 35 militants in a raid on a "known Taleban compound" [Translation: Civilians were massacred.] in the south of the country. The raid took place in the province of Helmand on Tuesday night, the force said in a statement.

British soldier killed in southern Afghanistan 05 Jul 2006 A British soldier was killed today in a Taliban ambush in the southern Afghan province of Helmand, the third British fatality since the weekend.

Israel plans retaliation for rocket strike 05 Jul 2006 Israel's security cabinet approved the re-occupation of parts of the Gaza Strip today in response to a Palestinian rocket strike [Yeah, right!] which hit the grounds of a school in the city of Ashqelon. Officials told the Associated Press that the army would create a "security zone" in northern Gaza.

Hamas warns Israel against toppling its government 05 Jul 2006 Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) threatened Israel on Wednesday with "violent and tough response" if Israel aimed to destroy the Hamas-led Palestinian government. "We will not allow any bid to topple this government," said a statement issued by Hamas.

North Korea Vows More Missile Launches 06 Jul 2006 North Korea on Thursday publicly acknowledged for the first time that it had tested missiles and vowed to continue launching them, threatening to "take stronger physical actions" against opponents of the tests.

North Korea has 3 or 4 more missiles on launch pads: South Korean media 05 Jul 2006 North Korea has three or four more missiles on launch pads and ready for firing, major South Korean newspapers reported Thursday. The missiles are either short-or medium-range, reported Chosun Ilbo, one of South Korea's largest dailies.

North Korea fires seventh test missile 05 Jul 2006 North Korea ignored international condemnation of its missile tests by launching a seventh missile today, insisting it was its sovereign right to do so. [How come it's fine and dandy for the US to test its Weapons of Mass Destruction every five pico-seconds and boil the atmosphere with insane space shuttle launches? --LRP]

Koizumi, Bush to push for N. Korea sanctions-Kyodo 06 Jul 2006 U.S. President [sic] George W. Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi agreed on Thursday to work together to have the United Nations agree sanctions against North Korea following its launch of a series of missiles, Kyodo news agency said.

Criminal Charges Filed Against George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in Iceland 03 Jul 2006 Reykjavik, Iceland A group of ten Icelandic citizens filed yesterday at the Office of the State's Police Chief criminal charges against George H.W. Bush, former U.S. President, who is expected in Iceland this evening at the invitation of Icelands's President Olafur R. Grimsson. The group accuses former President Bush for participation in war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, and crimes against internationally protected persons. It demands that former President Bush be detained by the Icelandic authorities and investigation on these charges.

Widespread illegal experiment conducted at Meir Hospital 05 Jul 2006 (Israel) Professor Mordechai Ravid and five other doctors and interns at Meir Hospital in Kfar Sava conducted an illegal medical experiment on some 60 women, most of whom were Arab. The experiment was conducted without obtaining the requisite approval of the hospital's Helsinki Committee for human experiments, and without the patients' signed consent.

Consultant Breached FBI's Computers --Frustrated by Bureaucracy, Hacker Says Agents Approved and Aided Break-Ins 06 Jul 2006 A government consultant, using computer programs easily found on the Internet, managed to crack the FBI's classified computer system and gain the passwords of 38,000 employees, including that of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III.

Terrorist response file found by road after car break-in 06 Jul 2006 A secret dossier explaining in detail how military chiefs would respond to a terrorist emergency has been found in a kitbag dumped in a ditch. The document, which contained information about how Cabinet ministers and leading security officials would meet to discuss an emergency, as well as phone numbers of important military figures, was stolen from a car while under the care of an army officer who works for the counter-terrorist wing of the Ministry of Defence.

London bombing survivors demand public inquiry 05 Jul 2006 Survivors of last year's London bombings, which killed 52 travellers and wounded more than 700 on the capital's transport system, say vital questions remain unanswered by the government. [Questions such as... Who did Poodle Blair hired to carry out the bombings?]

Italian spies arrested, Americans sought for kidnap 05 Jul 2006 Police arrested two officials from Italy's military intelligence agency on Wednesday and a judge issued arrest warrants for four Americans over the alleged CIA kidnapping of a terrorism suspect in 2003, officials said.

Italians held over CIA kidnap 05 Jul 2006 Two Italian intelligence officers have been arrested over the alleged CIA kidnapping of a terror suspect from Milan in 2003, city prosecutors say. Arrest warrants for four Americans were also issued, adding to 22 earlier ones.

Mexico leftist has slim early lead in vote recount 05 Jul 2006 Mexico's leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had an early, narrow lead over his conservative rival on Wednesday in a recount of a contested election.

Leftist calls for Florida-style recount in Mexico's presidential election 05 Jul 2006 Leftist Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador was set to formally request a Florida-style recount of Mexico's presidential election, as his rival's slender victory [sic] narrowed further.

Election Ballots found in trash dump in Veracruz --Translation by Indiana Green on 05 Jul 2006 Members of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) discoverd in Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz, election ballots thrown in the trash dump, this was attested and witnessed by a public notary and notification given to the proper authorities. In a press conference, the PRD's Chair for the state of Veracruz, Frank Rogelio Castán, confirmed that this incident is evidence of electoral fraud in Veracruz to impede the election of Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador to the Presidency of the Republic.

Navy Seeking Ways to Overcome Judge's Ban on Sonar 05 Jul 2006 The Navy will use passive sonar starting today during a major training exercise off Hawaii while exploring possible legal options to overcome a judge's temporary ban on active sonar, officials said Tuesday. Environmentalists with the Natural Resources Defense Council had brought suit alleging that the sound waves from active sonar would harm whales in the area. On Monday, U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper blocked its use pending a July 18 hearing.

Washington Babylon --California Republican congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham traded military contracts for $2.4 million in antiques, cash, and other booty. He is now in jail, but his case exposed a world of bribery, booze, and broads that reaches into the Pentagon, the C.I.A., and Congress. Washington is wondering: Who's next? By Judy Bachrach 05 Jul 2006 "The corruption of Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, a powerful California Republican, was, as the U.S. Attorney's Office maintains, historically 'unparalleled'—an astonishing statement coming in the wake of the Abramoff scandal."

Enron Founder Ken Lay Dead of Heart Attack 05 Jul 2006 The recently convicted former Enron chairman Kenneth L. Lay, 64, died early today near Aspen, Colo., a family spokeswoman said. Lay, convicted of fraud and conspiracy for his part in the Houston-based energy company's collapse, faced the possibility of life in prison at his sentencing scheduled for October.

Oil prices jump to record above $75 06 Jul 2006 Oil prices jumped to a record above 75 dollars a barrel on Wednesday, fuelled by rising demand for gasoline [and corpora-terrorists' greed].

An Outcry Rises as Debt Collectors Play Rough 05 Jul 2006 The rise in American consumer debt has been accompanied by a sharp increase in complaints about aggressive and sometimes unscrupulous tactics by debt collection agencies, a phenomenon that has government regulators increasingly concerned.


Iraq considers arming insurgents 04 Jul 2006 Iraq's 'government' is studying a request from some local 'insurgent' leaders to supply them with weapons so they can turn on the heavily armed foreign fighters who were once their allies, according to two Iraqi lawmakers. [Hasn't the US been doing that all along?]

The two faces of Rumsfeld --2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea --2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change 09 May 2003 Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, sat on the board of a company which three years ago sold two light water nuclear reactors to North Korea - a country he now regards as part of the "axis of evil" and which has been targeted for regime change by Washington because of its efforts to build nuclear weapons. Mr Rumsfeld was a non-executive director of ABB, a European engineering giant based in Zurich, when it won a $200m (£125m) contract to provide the design and key components for the reactors.

Rumsfeld subpoenaed over Abu Ghraib 02 Jul 2006 A Congressional committee subpoenaed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Friday at the request of U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays. Shays, R-4, sought the subpoena after the Pentagon refused to answer questions regarding allegations that an Army whistleblower faced retaliation for discussing abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison.

RAF doctor who refused Iraq under home detention 05 Jul 2006 An RAF doctor sentenced to eight months imprisonment for refusing to serve in Iraq has been released from jail and put under house detention. New Zealand-born Flight Lieutenant Malcolm Kendall-Smith, who has been tagged and placed under a curfew, has lodged an appeal against his conviction and sentence at the Court of Appeal. The RAF doctor had spent his period of incarceration in a closed high security prison, Chelmsford, instead of being transferred to an open prison as was the general expectation including that of Ministry of Defence officials.

Bush rallies troops as soldier faces Iraq murder charge 05 Jul 2006 At a time when the US military has been forced on the defensive amid the fifth incident in which US soldiers have been accused of killing Iraqi civilians, President [sic] George W. Bush attempted to boost morale by telling troops in Fort Bragg that they made American freedom [?!?] possible.

Fast in Washington for Iraq pullout 05 Jul 2006 An alliance of anti-war groups began a 24-hour fast outside the White House on America’s Independence Day — July 4 — to press their demand for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Blair promises more combat troops for Afghanistan duty 04 Jul 2006 Tony Blair yesterday signalled that more troops could be sent to reinforce the increasingly dangerous British mission in southern Afghanistan.

British troops facing air supply crisis in Afghanistan 05 Jul 2006 British forces in Afghanistan are facing a supply crisis because nearly half of their helicopter transport fleet is unable to fly in daylight hours due to the searing Helmand heat.

Bomb blast near presidential palace in Kabul 04 Jul 2006 At least ten people were hurt Tuesday when a bomb went off in front of a movie theater near the presidential palace in the Afghan capital. The blast in Kabul shattered windows at the theater and the nearby Justice Ministry. That's about 200 yards from the heavily fortified official residence of President Hamid Karzai.

Afghan capital rocked by blasts 05 Jul 2006 One person has been killed and seven wounded in two explosions involving buses carrying government workers in the Afghan capital, Kabul, police said.

12 militants killed in firefight in Afghanistan 05 Jul 2006 Fighting and exchange of fire between 'Taliban-linked' resistance fighters and Afghan security force have left 12 suspected militants dead in Kandahar, said a local official Tuesday.

Israel Makes Another Airstrike on Palestinian Interior Ministry --Civilians are reportedly injured in the Gaza City attack. 05 Jul 2006 Israeli missiles flattened a wing of the Hamas-run Palestinian Interior Ministry here today, in the latest wave of airstrikes meant to pressure Palestinian militants into freeing a captive Israeli soldier. Palestinians said several civilians were injured in the massive predawn blast at the building, which also was hit last week.

A "major escalation" Israel targets Palestinian Interior Ministry 05 Jul 2006 In other attacks early on Wednesday, Israeli aircraft fired missiles at a Hamas camp in southern Gaza and a Hamas-affiliated school in Gaza City. Israeli aircraft targeted the Palestinian Interior Ministry for the second time in a week.

Olmert Issues Veiled Threat Against Syria 04 Jul 2006 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday ignored a deadline to begin releasing Palestinian prisoners and instead issued a veiled threat against Syria, vowing to strike "those who sponsor" the militants in the Gaza Strip who seized a young Israeli soldier.

IDF raises alert on Syrian border 05 Jul 2006 The IDF has raised the level of alert along the northern border with Syria out of fear that President Bashar Assad would launch a strike against Israel in response to a recent IAF buzz of his palace.

North Korea test- fires 6 missiles 04 Jul 2006 North Korea test-fired at least six missiles over the Sea of Japan on Wednesday morning, including an intercontinental ballistic missile that apparently failed or was aborted 42 seconds after it was launched, White House and Pentagon officials said.

North Korea Tests Long-Range Missile --Controversial Rocket Fails as Other Types Are Fired; U.N. Session Set After U.S., Japan Condemn Action 05 Jul 2006 North Korea test-fired at least six missiles yesterday, including its long-range Taepodong-2, senior U.S. officials said, defying strong warnings from the United States and regional powers in Asia.

North Korean 'fireworks display' irritates US 05 Jul 2006 The United Nations Security Council was expected to meet on Wednesday to try to craft a response to the provocative firing of up to six missiles by the North Korean government. Tuesday's launch was intended to cause maximum irritation to Washington -- timed within minutes of the launch of the shuttle Discovery on Independence Day.

White House calls missile firing a 'provocation' 04 Jul 2006 The Bush regime said today that North Korea's firing of missiles was a provocation, but not an immediate threat to the United States.

Japan's Bond Futures Rise After North Korea Launches 6 Missiles 05 Jul 2006 Japanese government bond futures rose after North Korea fired missiles over the Sea of Japan, threatening to escalate a dispute over the communist nation's nuclear program that may spark a military conflict.

Kremlin requests right to hunt terrorists abroad 04 Jul 2006 Russia's President Vladimir Putin asked parliament on Tuesday for the right to send soldiers and special forces anywhere in the world to fight terrorists. [Good! He could then go after Bush.]

Al-Qaida plan to infiltrate MI5 revealed --Attempts to join agency disclosed as police say four major terror plots foiled [Yeah, right!] 04 Jul 2006 'Al-Qaida' sympathisers have been trying to join MI5 as the agency recruits more agents from diverse backgrounds in an attempt to bolster its counter-terrorism capability, security sources said last night. A number of potential infiltrators were discovered during the vetting process after applying, and weeded out.

American agent threatened "he'd put my wife's breasts ... in a vice." Joseph Thomas's wife in 'rape threats' 04 Jul 2006 An American official allegedly threatened to have the wife of Joseph Thomas raped, according to court documents released on Tuesday. Four months after Melbourne man Joseph Terrence Thomas was jailed for receiving funds and a plane ticket from 'al-Qaeda,' the Victorian Supreme Court has released a transcript of evidence Thomas gave during closed-court sessions at his trial... The American officer also allegedly threatened to send Thomas back to Afghanistan where the latest technique to extract information was "twisting testicles", Thomas said. He also threatened "he'd put my wife's breasts ... in a vice", Thomas told the court.

Thomas says torture threat made him talk 04 Jul 2006 The closed court testimony of convicted terrorism suspect Joseph Thomas has been released and in it he alleged he was threatened with torture and electrocution which left him with no choice but to speak to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) on the record.

Risdon jail conditions likened to Guantanamo Bay 03 Jul 2006 A prisoner advocate group has likened solitary confinement conditions at Hobart's Risdon jail to those at the United States's Guantanamo Bay prison camp.

"If I was the government, I couldn't sleep at night." Katrina shocks New Orleans visitors 10 months on 02 Jul 2006 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on Aug. 29, flooding 80 percent of the city and killing more than 1,500 from Louisiana in one of the worst natural disasters the country has seen. So far, only about half the population has returned and vast stretches of the city are nearly deserted and still full of debris... Visitors see other things -- such as the word "Baghdad" scrawled in black spray paint across a broken house in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, where it has been for months.

Documents reveal hidden fears over Britain's nuclear plants --Unexplained cracks in reactor cores increase likelihood of accident, say government inspectors 05 Jul 2006 Government nuclear inspectors have raised serious questions over the safety of Britain's ageing atomic power stations, some of which have developed major cracks in their reactor cores, documents reveal today.

Growing Acidity of Oceans May Kill Corals 05 Jul 2006 The escalating level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is making the world's oceans more acidic, government and independent scientists say. They warn that, by the end of the century, the trend could decimate coral reefs and creatures that underpin the sea's food web.

Crowds big at Clinton Library for July 4 04 Jul 2006 More than 3,000 people visited the Clinton Library next to downtown Little Rock on Tuesday, the Fourth of July.


US official threatened to rape wife of terror suspect: transcript 05 Jul 2006 An American official threatened to have the wife of terror suspect Joseph Thomas raped, according to court documents released yesterday. Four months after Thomas was jailed for receiving funds and a plane ticket from 'al-Qaeda,' the Victorian Supreme Court released the transcript of evidence he gave in closed court during his trial. Thomas had told the court that a US officer, who he believed worked for the CIA, threatened to rape his wife if he did not co-operate. The officer threatened to send Thomas back to Afghanistan, where the latest technique to extract information was twisting testicles.

C.I.A. Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden 04 Jul 2006 The Central Intelligence Agency has closed a unit that for a decade had the mission of hunting Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants, intelligence officials confirmed Monday.

CIA disbands Bin laden unit 04 Jul 2006 2006 The Guardian Nearly five years after George Bush vowed to bring Osama bin Laden to justice "dead or alive", it's the end of the line for the CIA's Alec Station, the unit dedicated to the hunt for the al-Qaida leader.

Bush Directed Cheney to Counter War Critic By Murray Waas 03 Jul 2006 President [sic] Bush told the special prosecutor in the CIA leak case that he directed Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney to personally lead an effort to counter allegations made by former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV that his administration had misrepresented intelligence information to make the case to go to war with Iraq, according to people familiar with the president's statement.

Killing and rape spree 05 Jul 2006 A former US soldier was charged yesterday with the rape and murder of a 15-year-old Iraqi girl, along with the murder of her parents and seven-year-old sister. The body of the teenager, who had voiced fears about soldiers' advances prior to her death, was found in her family's home in Mahmudiyah, near Baghdad.

Iraq demands justice in rape-slaying case 04 Jul 2006 Iraq Iraqi leaders are demanding assurances that justice will be served in the alleged rape and killing of an Iraqi woman and the alleged killing of three of her relatives. Former soldier [discharged shortly after the rape-homicide: did the U.S. Army know about the alleged war crimes, keep silent, but cut him loose? --LRP] Steven Green has been charged with killing two adults and a child, then raping the female and killing her. At least four other U-S soldiers are under investigation in the case. Iraq's justice minister says if it really happened, it's an "ugly and unethical crime, monstrous and inhuman." He is demanding that the U-N Security Council and other international organizations make sure troops are punished.

Bush vows to stay course in Iraq 04 Jul 2006 Dictator George W. Bush, trying to tap into Independence Day patriotism to revive domestic support for an unpopular war, vowed on Tuesday that U.S. troops would not leave Iraq until their mission was complete. ["Complete the mission" --Yes, there are still a few Iraqis who haven't been raped or murdered by the Bush regime.]

Iraq timetable would 'dishonour' troops 05 Jul 2006 US President [sic] George W. Mr Bush warned that setting a timetable for a US troop withdrawal from Iraq would dishonor the deaths of US soldiers there and give new strength to terrorists.

Deputy electricity minister abducted, 4 killed in Karbala 04 Jul 2006 Iraq's deputy electricity minister was abducted in Baghdad Tuesday by unidentified gunmen while in Karbala four Iraqis including a woman and two ex-members of Saddam Hussein's former ruling Baath party were shot dead. The deputy minister, Raed al-Hares, was travelling in a convoy in the capital's northern Talbiya quarter when Al-Hares and 19 bodyguards were seized by gunmen dressed in Iraqi security force uniforms [US death squads].

Iraqi deputy minister freed after kidnapping 04 Jul 2006 An Iraqi deputy electricity minister, kidnapped by gunmen on Tuesday along with 19 bodyguards was released 12 hours later unharmed, Interior Ministry sources said.

Iraq Provincial Governor Threatens to Quit 04 Jul 2006 A provincial police chief resigned Tuesday and the governor said he would leave his post after occupation forces turn over security to Iraqi forces in the southern area later this month, citing fears that violence will increase.

Man serves year in Iraq because of military clerical error 04 Jul 2006 A man whose military service was supposed to end seven years ago was sent to Iraq for a year by mistake because of an incorrect discharge date in his records.

US stars align in anti-Iraq war hunger strike 03 Jul 2006 Star Hollywood actor-activists including Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon and anti-war campaigners led by bereaved mother Cindy Sheehan plan to launch a hunger strike, demanding the immediate return of US troops from Iraq.

Homelessness a Threat for Iraq Vets 04 Jul 2006 Across America on any given evening, hundreds of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan like Noel are homeless, according to government estimates.

Israel warns of "long war" over soldier 04 Jul 2006 Israel warned the governing Palestinian faction Hamas that the "sky will fall on them" if they harm a captured soldier after a deadline passed on Tuesday for the Jewish state to accept a prisoner exchange.

Arab-Muslim bloc seeks UN censure of Israel on Gaza 04 Jul 2006 Arab and Muslim states will demand the U.N.'s top human rights forum should censure Israel for alleged abuses against Palestinians and that it halt a military assault in Gaza, according to a draft text obtained by Reuters on Tuesday.

Switzerland Claims Israel Breaking International Law in Gaza Offensive 03 Jul 2006 Switzerland said Monday that Israel has been violating international law in its Gaza offensive by heavy destruction and endangering civilians in acts of collective punishment banned under the Geneva conventions on the conduct of warfare. [Right, just like the U.S. in Iraq.]

U.S. to Give Afghans $2 Billion In Additional Military Equipment 04 Jul 2006 The United States said Monday it was giving $2 billion worth of military weapons and vehicles to 'modernize Afghanistan's national army...' [The $2 bln is for Cheney Halliburton's corpora-terrorists.]

5 Afghan workers for U.S. base killed 04 Jul 2006 A bomb exploded Tuesday in downtown Kabul, wounding at least 10 people, and five Afghan laborers were ambushed and fatally shot on their way to a U.S. military base in eastern Afghanistan, police and officials said.

North Korean Media Says U.S. Attack Would Prompt Nuclear War 03 Jul 2006 North Korea's state-run media said today the country's army is ready to answer any preemptive U.S. military attack against a missile site with a "relentless annihilating strike and a nuclear war.'' The Korean Central News Agency, citing an unidentified Rodong Sinmun newspaper analyst, highlighted what it described as aggressive U.S. intentions by repeating accusations that the U.S. military is sending spy planes into its airspace. [Is 'state-run media' similar to corporate-run media? As, the media in the U.S. is corporate-run --but that's never mentioned. --LRP]

Bush urged to intervene after Castro's death 03 Jul 2006 A new high-level report [by Reichwing whackjobs] due for publication later this week urges the United States government to begin preparations to intervene in Cuba in the event President Fidel Castro's death. The recommendations, which include the creation of an $80m (£43m) fund to promote "democracy" [sic] in Cuba, are contained in the latest report compiled by the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, created by Dictator George Bush three years ago.

Terrorism threat "clear and active" - Blair 04 Jul 2006 The threat of further attacks on Britain is "clear and active", Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Tuesday, just days before the first anniversary of the July 7 suicide bombings in London.

Police running 70 anti-terrorism investigations to combat 'sinister threats' [Like Bush?] 03 Jul 2006 Scotland Yard is running 70 live counter terrorism investigations and is at full stretch trying to deal with the "sinister" threats, one of the forces most senior officers said today.

"There are about 3 million votes missing." ChoicePoint's coup d'etat in Mexico: Leftist Mexican presidential candidate to demand vote-by-vote recount 04 Jul 2006 Mexico faced the possibility of weeks to months of political uncertainty after the leftist presidential candidate - trailing his conservative rival [Bush troll, Felipe Calderon] by a percentage point - called for a vote-by-vote recount, alleging millions of missing votes. "There are about 3 million votes missing," Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who campaigned on uplifting Mexico's poor, told reporters at his campaign headquarters Monday night.

Underdog Calderon beats odds for Mexican presidency [That's because the Bush regime stole it for him!!] 04 Jul 2006 National Action Party (PAN) candidate Felipe Calderon, a lawyer and economist with a Harvard degree, pleases Washington and Wall Street with plans to follow President Vicente Fox's free market policies. Labeled by opponents the candidate of the rich and seen by many as a bloodless technocrat, Calderon was a long shot to beat Lopez Obrador, a feisty leftist who promised to shake up government and economic policy in favor of the poor. [See: Stealing It In Front of Your Eyes --Dispatch from Mexico City By Greg Palast 03 Jul 2006 Calderon’s election is openly supported by the Bush Administration. On the ground in Mexico City, our news team reports accusations from inside the Obrador campaign that operatives of the PAN had access to voter files which are supposed to be the sole property of the nation’s electoral commission.]

Bush, Cheney raising ire in Fairfax 03 Jul 2006 (CA) Fairfax officials will vote Wednesday on whether to endorse a local petition calling for the impeachment of President [sic] George Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney.

Generic Drugs Delayed by FDA Due to Industry-Filed "Citizen Petitions" 04 Jul 2006 A procedure designed to alert the Food and Drug Administration to scientific and safety issues is getting a hard look from members of Congress, who say they are concerned that it may be getting subverted by the brand-name drug industry. Some at the FDA, as well as leaders in the generic drug industry, complain that "citizen petitions" -- requests for agency action that any individual, group or company can file -- are being misused by brand-name drugmakers to stave off generic competition.

I've changed my mind on nuclear power, admits Blair 04 Jul 2006 Tony Blair all but confirmed the government would commission a new series of nuclear power stations today, as he admitted to MPs he had "changed his mind" on the controversial issue. With the cost of dealing with radioactive waste from the existing UK power stations put at £75bn, attention has switched to how the government may have to subside private nuclear energy firms.


Al-Zarqawi's cell phone had phone numbers stored of senior Iraqi officials 03 Jul 2006 Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had the phone numbers of senior Iraqi officials stored in his cell phone, according to an Iraqi legislator. Waiel Abdul-Latif, a member of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's party, said Monday that authorities found the numbers after al-Zarqawi was re-killed in a U.S. air strike on June 7.

Zarqawi was victim of Al Qaeda plot with Americans: wife 02 Jul 2006 Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, the head of Al Qaeda in Iraq, was "sold to the Americans" because he became too powerful, his wife Um Mohamed said in an interview published on Sunday. In an interview with the Italian newspaper La Reppublica, Mohamed claimed her husband had been "the victim of a secret pact between Iraqi resistance fighters, the leaders of Al Qaeda and the American secret services to eliminate him. In return, the Americans agreed to slow down their search for Bin Laden."

US troops' alleged Iraq rape victim was a 15 year-old --Details Emerge in Alleged Army Rape, Killings 03 Jul 2006 Fifteen-year-old Abeer Qasim Hamza was afraid, her mother confided in a neighbor. As pretty as she was young, the girl had attracted the unwelcome attention of U.S. soldiers manning a checkpoint that the girl had to pass through almost daily in their village in the south-central city of Mahmudiyah, her mother told the neighbor. Abeer told her mother again and again in her last days that the soldiers had made advances toward her... The military official pointed to one discrepancy in the accounts, however. 'Preliminary information' in the military investigation put the age of the alleged rape victim at 20, rather than 15, as reported by her neighbors, officials and hospital records and officials in Mahmudiyah. [That's premeditated rape-homicide of a child. These war criminals and their employers/enablers - top members of the Bush regime - need to be tried for treason. --LRP]

US troops suspected of raping Iraq teenager -mayor 03 Jul 2006 The Iraqi woman at the centre of a rape-murder inquiry by the U.S. military was no more than 16 years old when she was killed along with her parents and young sister four months ago, the local mayor said on Monday.

Former US soldier charged with Iraq rape and murder 03 Jul 2006 A former US soldier has been arrested and charged with killing four Iraqi civilians and raping one of the female victims, American officials said today.

Democrats urge broader view of Bush war powers 02 Jul 2006 Senior Democrats called on Sunday for a broader review of whether President [sic] George W. Bush had overstepped his war powers after the Supreme Court struck down his administration's Guantanamo military tribunals.

Bush's Assaults on Freedom By Paul Craig Roberts 01 Jul 2006 "On June 29 the US Supreme Court in a 5-3 decision ruled that President Bush's effort to railroad tortured Guantanamo Bay detainees in kangaroo courts 'violates both US law and the Geneva Conventions.' ...Perhaps the Court's ruling has more far reaching implications. In finding Bush in violation of the Geneva Conventions, the ruling may have created a prima facie case for charges to be filed against Bush as a war criminal."

US troops detain Iraqis in foreign fighter hunt [OMG! They're hunting for *themselves?!?* The US terrorists in Iraq *are* the foreign fighters!!] 03 Jul 2006 U.S. troops rounded up 450 men in a village north of Baghdad over the weekend and held them for up to two days, questioning them about the presence of foreign fighters in the area, the mayor said on Monday.

Gunmen kill three women in Iraqi holy city 03 Jul 2006 A group of gunmen [US terrorists] killed two women and a teenage girl on Monday when they stormed a house allegedly used as a brothel [?!?] in Najaf, local security sources said. [Yeah, right! This is likely a new rape-homicide/cover-up by the US occupation forces in Iraq!!]

At Least 10 Killed in Attacks Across Iraq 03 Jul 2006 Bombs struck markets north and south of Baghdad on Monday, with nationwide attacks killing at least 10 people and wounding dozens, and parliament convened despite a boycott by Sunni Arab legislators protesting a colleague's abduction.

Marine, Soldier Killed in Iraq 03 Jul 2006 A Marine was killed in action today in Iraq's Anbar province and a soldier died in a roadside bomb explosion yesterday north of Baghdad.

Two British soldiers killed as Afghan poppy crop booms 03 Jul 2006 Two more British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, as Western officials there admit that the country is about to produce its largest ever poppy harvest. [The CIA's record-breaking opium cultivation/drug-running operation was Bush's raison d'etre for the invasion of Afghanistan.]

UK plans more Afghanistan troops --Review of tactics as soldiers killed 03 Jul 1006 Hundreds of extra combat troops will be deployed to southern Afghanistan under plans being drawn up by the Ministry of Defence as part of a review of tactics by British and Nato commanders.

Pilot Killed as U.S. Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan 02 Jul 2006 One crewman was killed and another was injured today when a U.S. AH-64 Apache attack helicopter crashed shortly after takeoff from Kandahar Airfield in southern Afghanistan, military officials reported.

Israel Says No Negotiations on Soldier 03 Jul 2006 Palestinian militants holding an Israeli soldier gave Israel less than 24 hours Monday to start releasing 1,500 Palestinian prisoners and implied he would die if it did not comply, but Israel said it would not negotiate.

Israel's aircraft hit Gaza 02 Jul 2006 Israeli helicopter gunships struck targets in the Gaza Strip early on Monday after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert ordered the army to step up operations to free an abducted soldier. Olmert also warned leaders of the Hamas-led Palestinian government that any of them could be targets for attack.

Israel threatens to target Hamas leaders --Air strike wrecks office of Palestinian prime minister 03 Jul 2006 Israel threatened to target the Hamas political leadership in the Gaza Strip with detention or worse yesterday as diplomatic efforts to negotiate the release of a soldier held by Palestinian militias stalled. An Israeli air strike destroyed the office of the Palestinian prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, in the early hours, without causing injury.

Bush plans $5 bln arms sale to Pakistan 03 Jul 2006 The Bush Administration said on Monday that it planned to sell Pakistan up to 36 advanced F-16 fighter jets built by Lockheed Martin Corp. in a weapons package that could be worth more than $5 billion.

Britons see US as vulgar empire builder 03 Jul 2006 Britons have never had such a low opinion of the leadership of the United States, a YouGov poll shows. As Americans prepare to celebrate the 230th anniversary of their independence tomorrow, the poll found that only 12 per cent of Britons trust them to act wisely on the global stage.

Judge Temporarily Bars Navy Use of Sonar 03 Jul 2006 A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday barring the Navy from using a type of sonar, allegedly harmful to marine mammals, during a Pacific warfare exercise scheduled to begin this week. The order comes three days after the Navy obtained a six-month national defense exemption from the Defense Department allowing it to use "mid-frequency active sonar."

Reid to toughen secrecy laws 03 Jul 2006 Plans for tougher official secrecy laws to prevent whistleblowers from revealing information about government policy have been drawn up by the home secretary, John Reid. He wants to stop members of the security and intelligence agencies, as well as other Whitehall officials with access to sensitive information, from claiming they acted in the public interest and were exposing wrongdoing or unlawful acts by the government.

Government contests control order ruling 03 Jul 2006 (UK) The government is today appealing against the overturning of a control order against a Manchester man after the decision left terror laws "in tatters". The appeal comes less than a week after a further court ruling struck out control orders on six other terror suspects...

MI5 conducts secret inquiry into 8,000 al-Qa'ida 'sympathisers' 03 Jul 2006 Up to 8,000 suspected al-Qa'ida sympathisers are being investigated by MI5 and the police in an operation to identify future terrorists, The Independent has learned. [OMG! Why not look for (and arrest) the *present* terrorists - Bush, Cheney Halliburton, Rumsfeld and Rove???] The huge covert inquiry, known as project Rich Picture, is aimed at finding people who are being groomed for terrorism, and at identifying the Islamist extremists carrying out the recruitment.

Tinker, tailor, broadcaster, spy - BBC had MI5 watch its staff 03 Jul 2006 Confidential papers show that the BBC allowed Britain's domestic security agency, MI5, to investigate the backgrounds and political affiliations of thousands of its employees, including newsreaders, reporters and continuity announcers. The files, which shed light on the BBC's hitherto secret links with MI5, show that at one stage it was responsible for vetting 6300 BBC posts - almost a third of the total workforce.

Al-Qaeda 'bid to infiltrate MI5' [LOL!] 03 Jul 2006 al-Qaeda [Al-CIAduh] sympathisers have been trying to infiltrate the British security service MI5, the BBC has learned. Whitehall officials confirmed what some had long suspected, says BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner. But those with al-Qaeda sympathies had been weeded out during a six- to eight- month vetting process, officials added. [Blair's BBC media whores are trying to prevent a backlash after the publication of this gem: Tinker, tailor, broadcaster, spy - BBC had MI5 watch its staff 03 Jul 2006]

U.S. Navy says al Qaeda poses major threat from sea 03 Jul 2006 The threat of an al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] attack from the sea remains an "absolute concern" and could intensify as operations on land are countered, the U.S. Navy's top commander in the Gulf told Reuters on Monday.

Gag me with a chainsaw! Lieberman stays in race even if loses Dem. primary 03 Jul 2006 Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman, the "Democratic" vice presidential nominee in 2000 who ran afoul of many party members over Iraq, said on Monday he would run in November even if he loses his party's primary.

Lieberman may campaign as independent 03 Jul 2006 Facing a stronger-than-expected Democratic primary challenge and sagging poll numbers because of his support of the Iraq war, Sen. Joe Lieberman [LieberBush] said Monday he'll collect signatures for an independent campaign if he loses next month's primary.

Stealing It In Front of Your Eyes --Dispatch from Mexico City By Greg Palast 03 Jul 2006 "Reuters News agency reports that, as of 8pm Eastern time, as voting concluded in Mexico, exit polls show Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the 'left-wing' Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) leading in exit polls over Felipe Calderon of the ruling conservative National Action Party (PAN)... Calderon’s election is openly supported by the Bush Administration. On the ground in Mexico City, our news team reports accusations from inside the Obrador campaign that operatives of the PAN had access to voter files which are supposed to be the sole property of the nation’s electoral commission... This past Friday, we reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had obtained Mexico’s voter files under a secret 'counterterrorism' contract with database company ChoicePoint of Alpharetta, Georgia."

Kerik's Name Removed From New York Jail 02 Jul 2006 A city jail renamed to honor former police commissioner Bernard Kerik in 2001 has resurrected its previous name after he pleaded guilty to charges of taking gifts from construction firm.

Deadly bird flu strain found in Nigeria 02 Jul 2006 The most lethal strain of bird flu has been detected in the eastern Nigerian state of Taraba, bringing to 15 the number of states, out of a total of 36, to be affected by the virus, a state official said Saturday.

Italy wants Bruno the bear's body 03 Jul 2006 Italy is to ask for the return of the body of Bruno, the brown bear killed in Bavaria last week by a government-sanctioned hunter [terrorist]. The bear, part of a project to reintroduce the species in northern Italy, made headlines as it roamed into Austria and Germany, killing sheep and rabbits and stealing honey. Bruno, the first wild bear to be seen in Germany since 1835, was killed by a single shot...


U.S. to pay $48 million to cover damages to Gaza power station 01 Jul 2006 United States officials said they expect that U.S. funds will be used to pay for the damages caused by an Israel Air Force strike Tuesday on a Palestinian power station in the Gaza Strip. The power station was insured by a U.S. government agency, according to The Boston Globe. [Note: Haaretz has altered their headline/article.]

Israel strikes Palestinian PM's office 02 Jul 2006 An Israeli helicopter fired a missile into the 'empty' [?!?] office of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday in an attack that drove home threats to target the Hamas leadership unless an abducted soldier is freed.

At Guantanamo, Dying Is Not Permitted (TIME investigation) The Supreme Court handed the prisoners at Gitmo a victory, but authorities there continue to use harsh methods to break one of their most common methods of protest — the hunger strike 30 Jun 2006 ...[T]hough the U.S. has condemned the hunger strikers at Gitmo, just last year the White House hailed a hunger-striking Iranian dissident for showing "that he is willing to die for his right to express his opinion." At Guantanamo, force-feeding has been standard policy at the camp ever since hunger strikes began in early 2002. The facility's top physicians have also told TIME that prisoners who resist are subjected to especially harsh methods, according to medical records obtained by TIME. [Warning! Graphic.]

Did Bush commit war crimes? Supreme Court's decision in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld could expose officials to prosecution. By Rosa Brooks 30 Jun 2006 "The Supreme Court on Thursday dealt the Bush administration a stinging rebuke, declaring in Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld that military commissions for trying terrorist suspects violate both U.S. military law and the Geneva Convention. But the real blockbuster in the Hamdan decision is the court's holding that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention applies to the conflict with Al Qaeda — a holding that makes high-ranking Bush administration officials potentially subject to prosecution under the federal War Crimes Act."

Congress to work with Bush on tribunals 02 Jul 2006 The US Congress looks set to co-operate with President [sic] George W. Bush in devising rules for military commissions to try alleged terrorist detainees. This follows last week’s historic Supreme Court decision that struck down the president’s claim that he could set the rules on his own authority.

A slender victory for democracy By Robert Kuttner 01 Jul 2006 "The Court required military trials to follow due process, but did not challenge [George W.] Bush's doctrine of indefinite detention for 'enemy combatants." In a concurring opinion, Justice Stephen Breyer wrote that 'nothing prevents the president from returning to Congress to seek the authority he believes necessary.' The risk is that the Republican Congress will take that invitation literally. Congress could legislate military tribunals. Republican leaders are working on legislation to explicitly legalize domestic spying. And with Bush pressing for a line-item veto, Congress could also authorize something close to Bush's signing statements."

Iraq clerics say rape case shows 'ugly America' 02 Jul 2006 News of the alleged rape and murder of an Iraqi woman by U.S. soldiers and the killing of her family "reveals the real, ugly face of America", Iraq's main organisation of Sunni Muslim clerics said on Sunday.

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of 01 July 2006. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice. Four US troops reported killed when Resistance bomb explodes in Barwanah near al-Hadithah. Sunni religious authority condemns mysterious bombing in Shi‘i market in Madinat in Baghdad, denounces attempts to stir up sectarianism... Resistance organization claims killing of American general. Resistance bomb reportedly kills US soldier in Balad. Mafkarat al-Islam: eyewitness account of savage US rape, murder of Iraqi family in al-Mahmudiyah in March. Resistance bomb reportedly kills three US troops in al-Latifiyah Friday evening.

Several die in Iraq market blast 02 Jul 2006 A bomb has exploded in a market south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing at least three people, reports say. At least 17 people were hurt in the Mahmudiya blast, which came a day after a huge car bomb killed more than 60 people at a market in Baghdad.

Two British soldiers, interpreter killed in Afghan attack 02 Jul 2006 U.S.-led forces bombed Taliban resistance fighters in Afghanistan on Sunday after two British soldiers and their Afghan interpreter were killed in an attack on a base.

UK told to expect more casualties in Afghanistan 02 Jul 2006 The commander of British forces in Afghanistan warned on Sunday night that there would be more UK casualties hours after two soldiers were killed in a battle with the Taliban in the south of the country.

Downer threatened US 03 Jul 2006 The Howard government used Australia's support for the US in Iraq as a bargaining chip to protect the country's multibillion-dollar wheat trade with Baghdad. New documents revealed how Australia feared the US would muscle in on Australia's dominant trading position with Saddam Hussein's regime. The documents show that more than six months before the Iraqi invasion, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer suggested military support for the US in Iraq would benefit Australia's commercial position.

Pentagon sees Iran bombing as unsuccessful: report 02 Jul 2006 Top Pentagon officers have told the Bush administration that bombing Iranian nuclear facilities would probably fail to destroy that country's nuclear program, the New Yorker magazine reported on Sunday.

Last Stand --The military's problem with the President's Iran policy. By Seymour M. Hersh 03 Jul 2006 "Inside the Pentagon, senior commanders have increasingly challenged the President’s plans [for a major bombing campaign in Iran], according to active-duty and retired officers and officials... A crucial issue in the military’s dissent, the officers said, is the fact that American and European intelligence agencies have not found specific evidence of clandestine activities or hidden facilities; the war planners are not sure what to hit."

We Have Nothing to Fear But Bush Himself By Paul Craig Roberts 12 Feb 2005 The [Iraq] insurgency, according to the Five Morons [Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice, Cheney and Bush], is because Syria and Iran won't close their borders, thus letting in 'terrorists' who are responsible for the insurgency. Some might think that this accusation is an example of the pot calling the kettle black coming as it does from the US, a country that has not only proven itself incapable of closing its own borders but also has demonstrated no respect whatsoever for the borders of other countries. The Bush administration, which already held the world record as the most deluded government in history, has now taken denial to unprecedented highs by blaming Syria and Iran for its 'Iraqi problem.'"

Chavez urges Africa to unite against US 01 Jul 2006 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called on Africa on Saturday to forge closer ties with Latin America to combat what he called a threat of U.S. hegemony.

Colorado Springs Air Force Installation On Heightened Alert --Four Installations Across The Country Are Affected By Order From U.S. Space Command 29 Jun 2006 An Air Force installation in Colorado Springs and one near Denver are operating with heightened security. The Cheyenne Mountain Air Station, which houses NORAD, is now at "Bravo-Plus".

Canada Plans to Upgrade Its Military Equipment and Mobility 02 Jul 2006 Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government has announced the most aggressive upgrade of Canada's military equipment in decades, laying out new expenditures of $15.3 billion to improve transportation capacities.

EP to vote on report of CIA illegal activity in Europe 02 Jul 2006 The European Parliament will debate and vote during its session in Strasbourg on Thursday on the interim report of the EP's Temporary Committee on illegal CIA activities in Europe. The report says the CIA was directly responsible for extraordinary renditions in Europe.

CIA break-in at top security location 02 Jul 2006 (New Delhi)Intelligence agencies and the Delhi police are investigating yet another spy break-in at a high security location in the capital, and this time around it involves the US intelligence agencies. SS Paul, a senior system analyst working with the National Security Council Secretariat, is being interrogated by the police and intelligence agencies to uncover the extent of information that he passed on to an American. The American, sources believe, was an undercover CIA operative in the Capital.

Mystery surrounds FBI raid on North Side mosque 01 Jul 2006 (PA) FBI agents yesterday raided a North Side residence known to many in the neighborhood and the Pittsburgh Islamic community as both an Islamic school and mosque. The agency would say only that the search was in connection with a "criminal investigation" and wouldn't elaborate.

GOP: War on [of] Terrorism Seen as Election Asset 02 Jul 2006 Dictator Bush says Democrats want to "wave the white flag of surrender" in Iraq. Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney accuses the opposition party's leaders of "defeatism" in the global war on terrorism. And House Republican leader John A. Boehner of Ohio charges Democrats who applauded last week's Supreme Court ruling on detainees with advocating "special privileges for terrorists." Ever since the [their] Sept. 11 attacks, Republicans have made an uncompromising stance against terrorism a cornerstone of their campaigns. Now, in the face of increasing violence in Iraq and eroding public support for the war at home, Republicans are turning again to the theme of toughness — with gloves off.

Schumer Urges Review of Govt. Anti[Pro]-Terror Plans 02 Jul 2006 Sen. Charles Schumer is urging the review of all the Bush administration's anti-terror programs in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision that military tribunals for Guantanamo detainees violate U.S. and international law. Schumer, a New York Democrat and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, called for the establishment of an independent commission to scrutinize Bush's war on [of] terror.

Lawmakers warn of al Qaeda threat to Britain 02 Jul 2006 Prime Minister Tony Blair must do more to resolve global conflicts that feed Islamist radicalism as Britain faces extremely serious threats from 'al Qaeda,' lawmakers said on Sunday. Parliament's influential Foreign Affairs Committee said in a report the situation in Iraq had provided a source of propaganda and a training ground for terrorists, a view Blair has dismissed in the past.

Secret Service, Police Seize Camera in Pitt-Jolie Photo Probe 01 Jul 2006 Police in this Massachusetts town say they have seized a digital camera with images of celebrity couple [Bush trolls] Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Africa for an investigation by Los Angeles authorities. Local police, accompanied by state police and Secret Service officers, went to the Westfield home of William Keys on Tuesday to recover a digital camera's memory stick after three photos that appeared on the Internet were tracked to Keys, police said Friday.

Bird flu most deadly in teens and young adults, eerie echo of 1918 pandemic 30 Jun 2006 The H5N1 avian flu virus has exacted an alarmingly high death toll among adolescents and young adults, - an eerie echo of the infamous Spanish flu, a new analysis of cumulative cases by the World Health Organization confirms. "The differences in the age-related case-fatality distribution among H5N1 cases are reminiscent of those observed during previous pandemics, particularly in 1918, where case-fatality rates were higher among young adults," the review said. [That's because Bush's bioterrorists have been busy little bees, resurrecting the 1918 virus. See: Killer flu recreated in the lab 07 Oct 2004 UK Scientists have shown that tiny changes to modern flu viruses could render them as deadly as the 1918 strain which killed millions. A US team added two genes from a sample of the 1918 virus to a modern strain known to have no effect on mice. Animals exposed to this composite were dying within days of symptoms similar to those found in human victims of the 1918 pandemic. See: Reigniting Spanish flu 05 Oct 2005 The influenza strain that killed up to 50 million people in the 1918 pandemic has been recreated by scientists.]

Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm 02 Jul 2006 Nationwide, the federal government has paid at least $1.3 billion in subsidies for rice and other crops since 2000 to individuals who do no farming at all, according to an analysis of government records by The Washington Post. Some of them collect hundreds of thousands of dollars without planting a seed.

Corps report ignores call for specifics --Details of Category 5 protections left out 01 Jul 2006 The Army Corps of Engineers, which was directed by Congress to prepare a report on how to protect Louisiana from a Category 5 hurricane, is poised to issue a vaguely-worded document that will not list the specific projects that would be needed to secure the state's fragile coastline. The report was to be issued Friday, but the corps postponed action until July 10 after several heated exchanges with representatives of Gov. Kathleen Blanco who say the Bush administration has inappropriately removed a list of specific projects that corps engineers had included in the document's initial draft.

Northeast floods stir global warming debate 29 Jun 2006 Images of swamped homes in the U.S. Northeast deepened suspicions over global warming, giving ammunition to scientists and others who say greenhouse gas-spewing cars and factories are fueling extreme weather.

Water Damage Shuts D.C. Museums for July 4 30 Jun 2006 Flood damage kept the National Museum of American History and the National Archives closed Friday at the start of the busy Independence Day holiday weekend.


Spy Agency Sought U.S. Call Records Before 9/11, Lawyers Say 30 Jun 2006 The U.S. National Security Agency asked AT&T Inc. to help it set up a domestic call monitoring site seven months before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, lawyers claimed June 23 in court papers filed in New York federal court. "The Bush Administration asserted this became necessary after 9/11,'' plaintiff's lawyer Carl Mayer said in a telephone interview. "This undermines that assertion.''

GOP Seeks Advantage In Ruling On Guantanamo Trials --National Security Is Likely Rallying Cry, Leaders Indicate 01 Jul 2006 Republicans yesterday looked to wrest a political victory from a legal defeat in the Supreme Court, serving notice to Democrats that they must back President [sic] Bush on how to try suspects at Guantanamo Bay or risk being branded as weak on terrorism. As the White House and lawmakers weighed next steps, House GOP leaders signaled they are ready to use this week's turn of events as a political weapon.

Congressional Democrats join with Republicans to maintain military commissions at Guantánamo By Tom Carter 01 Jul 2006 "In the aftermath of Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling barring the use of military commissions set up by the Bush administration to try detainees at the Guantánamo detention facility, the White House and Republicans in Congress have initiated a drive to provide congressional sanction for the commissions. Leading Democrats have already signaled that they will cooperate with the Republicans to pass such legislation."

Guantanamo win likely cost Navy lawyer his career --'Fearless' defense of detainee a stinging loss for Bush 01 Jul 2006 Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift -- the Navy lawyer who beat the president [sic] of the United States in a pivotal Supreme Court battle over trying alleged terrorists -- figures he'll probably have to find a new job. Of course, it's always risky to compare your boss to King George III. Swift made the analogy to the court, saying President Bush had overstepped his authority when he bypassed Congress and set up illegal military tribunals to try Guantanamo detainees such as Swift's alleged al-Qaida client, Salim Ahmed Hamdan... Despite his spectacular success, with the assistance of attorneys from the Seattle firm Perkins Coie, Swift thinks his military career is coming to an end.

Gonzales defends US 'renditions' 01 Jul 2006 In his first visit to Egypt, the US attorney-general has defended the secret transfer of terrorism suspects to countries where they could face torture - a practice the US calls "extraordinary rendition".

Frist: Europe Missile-Defense Site Needed 30 Jun 2006 Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist urged President [sic] Bush on Friday to intensify efforts to put interceptor missiles at a site in Europe to 'protect against' [foment] potential attacks from Iran.

U.S. Troops Facing Murder Probe --Atrocities Against Iraqi Family Alleged 01 Jul 2006 The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that American soldiers raped and killed a woman and killed three of her family members in a town south of Baghdad, then reported the incident as an insurgent attack [as they do, constantly], a military official said Friday.

*Premeditated* murder, rape by U.S. terrorists: GIs May Have Planned Iraq Rape, Slayings for Nearly a Week Investigators believe a group of U.S. soldiers suspected of raping an Iraqi woman, then killing her and three members of her family plotted the attack for nearly a week, a U.S. military official said Saturday. Up to five soldiers are being investigated in the March killings, the fifth pending case involving alleged slayings of Iraqi civilians by U.S. troops.

U.S. Troops Accused of Killing Iraq Family 30 Jun 2006 Five U.S. soldiers are being investigated for allegedly raping a young woman, then killing her and three relatives, an American military official said Friday, describing the latest allegations of abuse of Iraqi civilians. The soldiers also allegedly burned the body of the woman they are accused of assaulting in the March incident, the official told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

Car bomb kills dozens at Baghdad market --Official says 66 slain, 87 wounded in attack 01 Jul 2006 A parked car bomb exploded at a popular outdoor market Saturday in a Shiite slum in Baghdad, killing at least 66 people and wounding dozens, authorities said.

MP, 8 others abducted in Baghdad 01 Jul 2006 Sunni female MP Taiseer Najeh Awad al-Mashhadani was kidnapped in the Iraqi capital on Saturday along with eight of her bodyguards, a political source said.

Four U.S. Service Members Killed in Iraq 30 Jun 2006 The U.S. military has announced the deaths of a Marine and three soldiers from fighting in recent days in Iraq.

U.S. Probes Possible 'Friendly Fire' Death 01 Jul 2006 The U.S. military on Saturday said it was investigating the death of a soldier in eastern Afghanistan as a possible "friendly fire incident."

Defense IG to release reports on interagency contracting problems 30 Jun 2006 Faulty contracting practices and violations of a law on federal spending will be the subject of five reports to be released in August by the Defense Department inspector general's office, a Defense official told an acquisition advisory group Thursday.

Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies 01 Jul 2006 Israel last night threatened to assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh if Hamas militants did not release a captured Israeli soldier unharmed. The unprecedented warning was delivered to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a letter as Israel debated a deal offered by Hamas to free Corporal Gilad Shalit.

IDF forces arrest Palestinian cabinet ministers, lawmakers 30 Jun 2006 Attorney General Menachem Mazuz insisted that the arrests of dozens of senior Hamas officials be carried out under ordinary criminal warrants that would require legal proceedings against them under the Prevention of Terror Ordinance... The detention of Hamas parliamentarians in the early hours of Thursday morning had been planned several weeks ago and received approval from Mazuz on Wednesday. The same day, Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin presented Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with the list of Hamas officials slated for detention.

Gaza power plant hit by Israeli airstrike is insured by US agency 29 Jun 2006 The Palestinian power plant bombed by Israeli forces Tuesday is insured by a US government agency, and US officials say they expect American funds to be used to pay for the damage.

FBI, Western Union helped Israel pursue targeted assassinations 27 Jun 2006 From the spring of 2003 until autumn 2004, the Shin Bet security service tracked down Palestinian terror cells in the West Bank thanks to information from the Western Union money transfer service, which was passed on by the FBI. This fact was disclosed in a book published this week about America's war on [of] terror after September 11, 2001. In "The One Percent Doctrine," author Ron Suskind connects the transfer of intelligence from the FBI to the Shin Bet with several targeted assassinations carried out by Israel during this period.

Mexico's oil bonanza starts to dry up 30 Jun 2006 At current extraction rates, Mexico has only 10 years of proven oil reserves remaining. In Tabasco, engineers who have been fired from the company complain that Pemex under the Fox administration has unnecessarily given billions of dollars of service contracts to U.S. companies such as Bechtel, Halliburton and Schlumberger."

Bush Team Helps Ruling Party "Floridize" Mexican Presidential Election By Greg Palast 30 Jun 2006 "George Bush’s operatives have plans to jigger with the upcoming elections. I’m not talking about the November ‘06 vote in the USA (though they have plans for that, too). I’m talking about the election this Sunday in Mexico for their Presidency. ...[T]he use of American government resources to interfere in south-of-the-border campaigns is an open secret. The GOP’s International Republican Institute has run training sessions for the PAN youth wing, funded by US taxpayers through the 'National Endowment for Democracy.'"

White House urges Alaska lawmakers to OK gas deal 30 Jun 2006 Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney in a letter this week urged Alaska lawmakers to approve Gov. Frank Murkowski's controversial deal with major oil companies for a $20 billion natural gas pipeline from the state. Cheney sent the letter to members of the Alaska Legislature urging them to promptly enact legislation needed to seal the pipeline contract that Murkowski brokered with ConocoPhillips, BP Plc and Exxon Mobil Corp..

State Tracked Protesters in the Name of 'Security' --Officials say they have stopped monitoring antiwar and political rallies. The practice violates civil rights, Atty. Gen. Lockyer says. 01 Jul 2006 Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office in charge of protecting California against terrorism has tracked demonstrations staged by political and antiwar groups, a practice that senior law enforcement officials say is an abuse of civil liberties. The Times obtained reports prepared for the state Office of Homeland Security in recent months that contain details on the whereabouts and purpose of a number of political demonstrations throughout California.

State anti-terrorism agency monitored rallies, protests 30 Jun 2006 (CA) Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's anti[pro]-terror office tracked political rallies for several months, a practice the state Attorney General's office says was a violation of free speech rights. The governor's Office of Homeland Security received about 60 daily intelligence reports beginning in March, some containing details on the whereabouts and purpose of demonstrations throughout California, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Man charged after videotaping police 29 Jun 2006 (NH) A Nashua man is charged with violating state wiretap laws by recording a detective on his home security camera, while the detective was investigating the man’s sons... Police arrested Michael Gannon, 49, charging him with two felony counts of violating state eavesdropping and wiretap law by using an electronic device to record Karlis without the detective’s consent.

UIW to reinstate library's subscription to the New York Times 30 Jun 2006 The University of the Incarnate Word announced Friday that it will reinstate the library's print subscription to the New York Times after cancelling it earlier this week to protest the publication of stories exposing the government's secret anti[pro]-terrorism program to monitor international banking transactions.

Lawmaker Wants UW Lecturer Fired Over 9/11 Views --Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., Expressed Views On Milwaukee Radio Show 30 Jun 2006 University of Wisconsin-Madison officials are reviewing the background of a UW-Madison lecturer after a state lawmaker demanded he be fired for his beliefs about Sept. 11, 2001.

Bernard Kerik's guilty plea: Corruption case underscores fraud of "homeland security" By Bill Van Auken 01 Jul 2006 "Bernard Kerik, New York City’s former police commissioner and George W. Bush’s first choice to succeed Tom Ridge as secretary of the Homeland Security Department, appeared in a Bronx courtroom Friday to plead guilty to minor corruption charges. His guilty plea was part of a deal with prosecutors to avoid felony indictments and possible jail time... Had Kerik been appointed, he would have loyally carried out the same actions as his replacement, Michael Chertoff, who recently slashed homeland security funding for both New York City and Washington in order to funnel it into congressional districts that face no credible terrorist threats, but where Republicans are facing tight races in the November elections."

Calif. City Weighs Bush-Cheney Impeachment 29 Jun 2006 The left-leaning [Why don't we see the words 'right-leaning' before most cities in AmeriKKKa?] city of Berkeley will let voters decide whether to call for the impeachment of President [sic] Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney. The City Council voted Tuesday night to put the advisory measure on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Berkeley puts impeachment measure on fall ballot --Council unanimously decides to put the advisory measure to a vote this fall 29 Jun 2006 Berkeley voters may become the first in the nation to consider impeaching President [sic] Bush and Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney this November. The City Council voted this week to place an advisory measure on the ballot calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

Poll: Good News [*What* good news?] Fails to Boost Bush's Job Approval --In a new TIME survey, Americans say the pResident is performing poorly and that the country is increasingly on the wrong track. 30 Jun 2006 Bush's approval rating slipped to 35% in a TIME poll taken this week, down from 37% in March (and 53% in early 2005). Only 33% of Americans in the survey said they approved of Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq, vs. 35% in March...

Georgia to require photo IDs to vote 29 Jun 2006 Georgia voters must present government-issued photo identification to cast a ballot in the primary election, which is less than three weeks away, the State Election Board said Thursday.

Ex-Bush Aide Hopes to Avoid Theft Trial 29 Jun 2006 Former White House adviser Claude Allen is negotiating with prosecutors in hopes of avoiding a trial on theft charges, according to his attorney. Allen was one of President [sic] Bush's top domestic policy advisers in a $161,000-a-year job until he resigned in February, a month after he was arrested at a Target store in Gaithersburg.

$183 million sought from Enron's Lay, Skilling 30 Jun 2006 U.S. prosecutors asked a federal judge on Friday to force former Enron chief executives Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling to forfeit $183 million for their crimes at the collapsed energy company.

10,000 EPA Scientists Protest Library Closures --Loss of Access to Collections Will Hamper Emergency Response and Research (PEER) 29 Jun 2006 In an extraordinary letter of protest, representatives for 10,000 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scientists are asking Congress to stop the Bush administration from closing the agency’s network of technical research libraries. The EPA scientists, representing more than half of the total agency workforce, contend thousands of scientific studies are being put out of reach, hindering emergency preparedness, anti-pollution enforcement and long-term research, according to the letter released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). In his proposed budget for FY 2007, President [sic] Bush deleted $2 million of support for EPA’s libraries, amounting to 80% of the agency’s total budget for libraries. Without waiting for Congress to act, EPA has begun shuttering libraries, closing access to collections and reassigning staff.

Pharma-terrorists to punish doctor for exposing their deadly products: MMR doctor 'to face GMC charges' 12 Jun 2006 The doctor who first suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and autism is to be charged with serious professional misconduct, it is reported. The Independent newspaper reports that the General Medical Council will accuse Mr Andrew Wakefield of carrying out "inadequately founded" research.

Freak hailstorms hit Germany for second day 30 Jun 2006 A storm that drenched parts of south-western Germany and brought hailstones as big as tennis balls killed a man and injured more than 100 people, police said on Thursday. Less than 24 hours later, a similar hailstorm hit the same area of the Black Forest... Spots baked by the sun had reached temperatures of 60 degrees in Bosnia this week, according to the Sarajevo weather office, which said the previous seven days had been the hottest for a century.

Arctic sea levels dropping steadily 30 Jun 2006 Sea levels in the Arctic have been falling by a little more than two millimetres a year — exactly the opposite of what is happening elsewhere. The flow of water out of the Arctic could have an impact on the earth’s orbit, as more water settles closer to the equator. And a lot of water around the middle could cause variations in the rotation of the Earth.


Bush refuses to abandon tribunals 30 Jun 2006 US Dictator George Bush has refused to rule out military tribunals for inmates at Guantanamo Bay detention centre. His administration was dealt a blow on Thursday when the Supreme Court ruled it had overstepped its authority in setting up the tribunals. But Republican senators immediately began planning how to win congressional approval for new tribunals.

Bush Vows to Pursue Detainee Military Tribunals 29 Jun 2006 After a Supreme Court decision overruling war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees, Dictator Bush suggested Thursday he will ask Congress for approval to try terrorism suspects before military tribunals.

US ruling won't affect Guantanamo camp-commander 29 Jun 2006 A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on war crimes tribunals being held at Guantanamo navy base will have little effect on the detention camp that holds 450 foreign captives, the camp commander said.

Pentagon reaffirms need for Guantanamo prison 29 Jun 2006 The Pentagon on Thursday declined immediate comment on a US Supreme Court ruling on Guantanamo Bay, but reaffirmed its need for the prison for foreign terrorism suspects.

US Guantanamo tribunals 'illegal' 29 Jun 2006 The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Bush administration does not have the authority to try terrorism suspects by military tribunal.

Military tribunal for Hicks is illegal 30 Jun 2006 The US Supreme Court has ruled that the military commissions set up by the Bush Administration to try prisoners, including David Hicks, at Guantanamo Bay are illegal and must be abandoned.

Top U.S. court: Bush overstepped authority with Guantanamo war crimes trials 29 Jun 2006 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President [sic] George W. Bush overstepped his authority in creating military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees.

Checking the Decider By Eugene Robinson 30 Jun 2006 "Finally. It seemed almost too much to hope for, but the Supreme Court finally called George W. Bush onto the carpet yesterday and asked him the obvious question: What part of 'rule of law' do you not understand? The justices rejected the kangaroo-court tribunals the administration had planned for the detainees who have been held for years without charges at Guantanamo Bay -- proceedings engineered to have the appearance of due process but not the substance. ...Despite his outrageous claims of virtually unlimited presidential power, the self-proclaimed Decider doesn't get to decide everything."

Mr. Pyrrhus, Call Your Lawyer (New York Sun) 30 Jun 2006 "The Supreme Court killed a small forest yesterday with the 185 pages of conflicting opinions it issued yesterday in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, but it all boils down to only two points. First, the courts are ill equipped to deal with the legal complexities raised by the war on terror. And second, Congress can no longer avoid doing something about it. Although the ruling is a defeat for President [sic] Bush, it's certainly not a victory for his opponents."

UN rights forum adopts ban on "disappearances" 29 Jun 2006 The United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday unanimously approved an international treaty that would ban states from abducting perceived enemies and hiding them in secret prisons or killing them. [Dictator Bush and al CIAduh - are you listening?]

House Condemns Media for Reports on Secret Anti-Terror Programs 29 Jun 2006 The House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the news media for reports last week that exposed a secret government program to track terrorism financing.

House condemns intelligence leaks 29 Jun 2006 The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday condemned public disclosure of secret surveillance programs as Republicans stepped up their criticism of news media that published details of a bank-monitoring program last week.

Freedom of the Press Loses 220-195 By John Nichols 29 Jun 2006 "Connecticut Congressman Chris Shays was the only member of the Republican caucus to join Democrats in opposing a House resolution that condemns news organizations for providing the American people with information about what their government is doing in their name but without their informed consent. The non-binding resolution, rushed onto the House floor after President [sic] Bush and Vice President [sic] Cheney launched a public relations war against the New York Times for published leaked details of a Treasury Department effort to monitor bank transfers, was endorsed by a vote of 220-195 Thursday."

Five sue over companies alleged permission for NSA monitoring 28 Jun 2006 Five telephone customers filed a lawsuit this week against Hawaiian Telcom and other phone companies for allegedly allowing the National Security Agency to monitor their long distance calls. The lawsuit filed in U-S District Court in Honolulu seeks class action status.

Secretive list tracks disputed credit charges --Overseas online database might violate U.S. law 17 Jun 2006 If you've ever reversed the charge for a dubious credit card transaction or online purchase, your name could be on a secretive overseas database that consumer advocates say might violate protections guaranteed under U.S. law. The database is maintained by a Panama company named Goldwell Corp., which runs an online service called ChargeBack Bureau.

Firing of UW lecturer urged for 9/11 comments 30 Jun 2006 A state representative is calling for the immediate dismissal of a UW-Madison lecturer who said on a radio talk show Wednesday that U.S. government officials and the CIA orchestrated the attacks of Sept. 11. Rep. Steve Nass, R-Nazi-Whitewater, said Kevin Barrett should be barred from teaching an introductory course on Islam this fall because of remarks he made on an AM radio show.

Sept. 11 claim stirs UW probe --Instructor says U.S. planned the attacks to provoke war 29 Jun 2006 The University of Wisconsin-Madison announced Thursday that it would launch a review of an instructor who argues that the U.S. government orchestrated the Sept. 11 attacks for its own benefit... In a written statement Thursday, Provost Patrick Farrell said the university would conduct a 10-day review of Kevin Barrett's plans for the fall course and his past teaching performance. He said Barrett's syllabus, reading list and past evaluations by supervisors and students would be examined.

U.S. soldiers suspected of rape, murder in Iraq 30 Jun 2006 Five U.S. Army soldiers are being investigated for allegedly raping a young woman, then killing her and three members of her family in Iraq, a U.S. military official told The Associated Press today. The soldiers also allegedly burned the body of the woman they are accused of raping.

20 killed in Iraq bombings, shootings 29 Jun 2006 A rubbish collector and a Baghdad University security chief were killed today - among the latest victims of seemingly random [US] violence in Iraq as Prime Minister Nouri Maliki steps up his efforts to bring 'insurgents' into the political process.

U.S.: Marine and a Soldier Died in Iraq 30 Jun 2006 A U.S. Marine was killed Friday in fighting west of Baghdad, while a soldier died the day before north of the capital, the military said.

Armed and ready: private soldiers in Iraq 01 Jul 2006 ...Private companies employing former soldiers and police officers to protect government officials and corporate heads in Iraq has become a phenomenon of this conflict, leading to questions about not only their safety, but how well they are vetted and controlled. They are a private army, and more than 60 companies, employing at least 25,000 security guards, now work in Iraq protecting government, non-government organisations and private contractors. US and British companies have received much of this work, during which hundreds of private contractors have reportedly been killed.

Romania May Withdraw Its Troops From Iraq 29 Jun 2006 Romania's prime minister on Thursday proposed withdrawing his country's 890 troops from Iraq, citing security concerns and the operation's cost, but the president called the idea "unacceptable."

Seizure of Hamas MPs raises international alarm 30 Jun 2006 Israel's seizure of Hamas MPs and cabinet ministers raises "particular concerns", the G8 group of industrialised countries said today, echoing appeals for calm from many other parts of the world. "We call on Israel to exercise utmost restraint in the current crisis," the G8 foreign ministers said in a joint statement. "The detention of elected members of the Palestinian government and legislature raises particular concerns."

Haniyeh: Government will not cave into Israeli demands 30 Jun 2006 In his first public address since Israel began its offensive into the Gaza Strip, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas on Friday said his government would not cave into Israeli demands but said he was working hard to end a five-day-old crisis with Israel.

Gaza: 3 injured in IDF strike 30 Jun 2006 The Israel Air Force attacked a car traveling in the northern Gaza Strip Friday afternoon, which the Israel Defense Force claimed was carrying a group of Palestinians planning to fire Qassam rockets at Israel. Palestinian sources reported that three Palestinians were wounded in the strike.

Palestinians: Electric Transformers Hit 29 Jun 2006 Israeli airstrikes hit the Palestinian electricity distribution network late Thursday, Palestinian witnesses and officials said. The officials said two power transformers in northern Gaza were struck, plunging parts of the area into darkness. Two security officers were wounded by shrapnel, they said.

US set to clear India nuclear deal 30 Jun 2006 A controversial deal to help India develop civilian nuclear facilities has cleared another hurdle in the US Congress boosting its chances of winning full approval in coming weeks.

Purported bin Laden video praises al-Zarqawi --Terror leader speaks but is not seen [LOL! Of course not - he never is!] in paean to slain al-Qaida in Iraq chief 30 Jun 2006 A 19-minute videotaped message purportedly by Osama bin Laden paying tribute to slain al-Qaida in Iraq chief Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was posted on a Web site Thursday. [Holy coincidence, Batman! Just after the Supreme Court rules that the Bush regime broke the law with military tribunals, a new al CIAduh tape (audio-only, of course) emerges!]

Libby lawyer wants delay in CIA leak trial 29 Jun 2006 Lawyers for former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby sought Thursday to delay his trial on perjury and obstruction-of-justice charges in the CIA leak investigation.

Former NYPD Chief Pleads Guilty in Corruption Probe 30 Jun 2006 A year and a half after his Homeland Security nomination sank over ethics questions, former New York City Police Commissioner [Giuliani troll] Bernard Kerik pleaded guilty Friday to charges he accepted tens of thousands of dollars in gifts while he was a top city official. Kerik pleaded guilty to a pair of misdemeanors in a deal that spared him any jail time.

Bush Is Faulted on Economy as Gasoline Prices Rise, Poll Shows 29 Jun 2006 More than six in 10 Americans say the country is on the wrong track, according to a new Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times poll. More than half disapprove of Bush's handling of the economy, and 36 percent strongly disapprove.

Medicaid Rule Called A Threat to Millions --Proof of Citizenship Needed for Benefits 30 Jun 2006 A Medicaid rule takes effect tomorrow that will require more than 50 million poor Americans to prove their citizenship or lose their medical benefits or long-term care.

The lawlessness of the FDA, Big Pharma immunity, and crimes against humanity By Mike Adams 29 Jun 2006 "On June 30, an FDA 'Final Rule' goes into effect, establishing a regulatory power grab of such scale and scope that it attempts to bypass all laws, the will of Congress and fundamental protections for consumers. This 'Final Rule,' which may as well be called a 'Final Solution' for drug consumers, claims that consumers can no longer sue drug companies for the harm caused by any FDA-approved drug, even if the drug's manufacturer intentionally misled the FDA by hiding or fabricating clinical trial data. In one blatantly illegal act, the FDA is attempting to pull off the greatest Big Pharma coup of all: The outright elimination of any responsibility whatsoever for the suffering and death caused by deadly pharmaceuticals."

Judge blocks Georgia sex offender law 29 Jun 2006 A federal judge Thursday temporarily blocked the state of Georgia from preventing registered sex offenders from living within a thousand feet of school bus stops.

House votes to end 25-year offshore drilling ban --Measure passes by wide margin; bill’s chances in Senate are uncertain 29 Jun 2006 The House voted Thursday to end a quarter-century offshore drilling ban and allow energy companies to tap natural gas and oil beneath waters from New England to Alaska.

Katrina, 10 Months Later: Gutting New Orleans By Bill Quigley 28 Jun 2006 "Public education in New Orleans is mostly demolished and what remains is being privatized. The city is now the nation's laboratory for charter schools --publicly funded schools run by private bodies... The majority of the remaining schools are now charters... Public housing has been boarded up and fenced off as HUD announced plans to demolish 5000 apartments -- despite the greatest shortage of affordable housing in the region's history. HUD plans to let private companies develop the sites. In the meantime, the 4000 families locked out since Katrina are not allowed to return."

200,000 ordered to leave homes in Luzerne --As Susquehanna rises, hope rests on Wilkes- Barre's levee system. 29 Jun 2006 (PA) Up to 200,000 people in the Wilkes-Barre area were ordered to leave their homes Wednesday because of rising water on the Susquehanna River, while communities farther downstream and along the Delaware River also braced for major flooding.


Supreme Court Rejects Guantanamo Tribunals --Justices rule that Dictator Bush overstepped his authority in creating military war crimes trials for detainees as part of U.S. anti[pro]-terror policies. 29 Jun 2006 The Supreme Court today delivered a stunning rebuke to the Bush regime over its plans to try Guantanamo detainees before military commissions, ruling that the commissions are unconstitutional.

Supreme Court says Bush went too far at Guantanamo --5-3 ruling says military trials would violate U.S. law, Geneva conventions 29 Jun 2006 The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that President [sic] Bush overstepped his authority in ordering military war crimes trials for Guantanamo Bay detainees. The ruling, a rebuke to the regime and its aggressive anti[pro]-terror policies, was written by Justice John Paul Stevens, who said the proposed trials were illegal under U.S. law and international Geneva conventions.

U.S. Supreme Court Bars Tribunals, Cuts Bush's Wartime Powers 29 Jun 2006 The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Bush administration lacks authority to try Guantanamo Bay inmates before military tribunals in a ruling that sharply scales back presidential wartime powers.

Guantanamo Bay doctors "becoming involved in torture practices" 29 Jun 2006 An NI doctor has criticised the World Medical Association for not tackling the role doctors are playing at the Guantanamo Bay detention centre. Dr Iain Banks said it was a scandal that doctors were "becoming involved in torture practices".

Guantanamo detainee 'in great pain' 29 Jun 2006 A Bahraini detainee at Guantanamo Bay can barely stand or exercise after being subjected to painful force-feeding in an effort to make him abandon his hunger strike, his lawyers claimed yesterday. Isa Al Murbati revealed the problems during a meeting with his lawyers at the maximum-security facility in January, but notes taken by his representatives have only just been declassified.

Guantanamo Bay suicide prisoners 'showed no sign of being depressed' 28 Jun 2006 Three Guantanamo Bay detainees who hanged themselves in their cells were tested psychologically only days before their suicides and showed no signs of being depressed, a military doctor said yesterday. The doctor suggested the examinations... supported assertions by military officials that the prisoners killed themselves as a political act - not because they were despondent about their prolonged detention.

'Loose lips' kill Americans, says top Republican [No. *Bush* kills Americans.] 28 Jun 2006 Declaring that "loose lips" kill Americans, a top Congressional Republican leader said on Wednesday the House of Representatives will debate a resolution condemning the U.S. media for exposing details of secret intelligence programs.

CIA money trail probe under fire 29 Jun 2006 A civil liberties group has asked governments around the world, including Australia, to block the release of confidential financial records to US authorities tracking terrorist funding. London-based watchdog Privacy International said it had filed complaints with data-protection and privacy regulators in 17 countries, arguing that disclosures of financial transactions "were made without any legal basis or authority whatsoever" [i.e., the Bush way].

CIA 'monitor Irish bank transfers' 28 Jun 2006 The Irish Labour Party is calling for an immediate investigation following the revelation that the CIA has been monitoring the financial transaction of thousands of Irish people.

Bringing It All Back Home: The Bush War on Liberty Intensifies By Chris Floyd 27 Jun 2006 "Make no mistake: the Bush Regime intends to silence all dissenting voices and suppress all politically harmful information in the American establishment. It's a not a drive toward totalitarianism; they don't want or need to repress and control everything... They are perfectly happy to allow isolated enclaves of dissent to float around out there somewhere -- as long they remain isolated and, above all, ineffectual. What they cannot tolerate -- and increasingly will not tolerate -- is any institution, organization or person in a position of genuine influence on the American power structure to undermine the presidential dictatorship that the Regime has established."

Blair laid bare: the article that may get you arrested --In the guise of fighting terrorism and maintaining public order, Tony Blair's Government has quietly and systematically taken power from Parliament and the British people. The author charts a nine-year assault on civil liberties that reveals the danger of trading freedom for security - and must have Churchill spinning in his grave. By Henry Porter 29 June 2006 "Charged for quoting George Orwell in public --In another example of the Government's draconian stance on political protest, Steven Jago, 36... yesterday became the latest person to be charged under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act. On 18 June, Mr Jago carried a placard in Whitehall bearing the George Orwell quote: 'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' In his possession, he had several copies of an article in the American magazine Vanity Fair headlined 'Blair's Big Brother Legacy', which were confiscated by the police."

U.S., allies set July 5 deadline for Iran to agree to talks over nukes 29 Jun 2006 The Group of Eight industrialized nations told Iran on Thursday to give a "clear and substantive response" next week to an offer by major powers over its nuclear program.

Iraq war backfiring on US, experts warn 30 Jun 2006 The United States is losing its fight against terrorism and the Iraq war is the main reason, more than 80 per cent of American terrorism and national security experts have said in a survey. One expert, former CIA official Michael Scheuer, said the war in Iraq had provided global terrorist groups with a recruiting bonanza and a valuable training ground.

Iraqi armed groups set terms for truce 28 Jun 2006 Eleven armed groups opposed to the Iraqi government, working through mediators, have offered to immediately stop attacks on US-led forces in Iraq if a two-year timetable for the withdrawal of US soldiers is set, AP reports. They are demanding that the Iraqi government and Washington set the timetable.

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Won't Set Iraq Exit as AP Cites Sunni Offer 28 Jun 2006 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, asked about a report that Sunni insurgents have made a conditional offer to halt attacks in Iraq, said the U.S. won't set a timetable for withdrawing troops from the country.

Marine in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' killed 28 Jun 2006 A Marine and one-time recruiter who appeared in Michael Moore's documentary film "Fahrenheit 9/11" has died in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

Northern Illinois soldier killed in Iraq 28 Jun 2006 A 26-year-old soldier from northern Illinois has died of injuries suffered while serving in Iraq, the U.S. Department of Defense announced Wednesday.

UK's Afghan mission is failing, says drugs body 29 Jun 2006 The UK mission in Afghanistan is in danger of failing because of "misguided" support for American military and drug-eradication policies, an international think-tank has claimed.

Israelis Batter Gaza and Seize Hamas Officials 29 Jun 2006 Israel stepped up its confrontation on Wednesday with Palestinian resistance fighters over the capture of an Israeli soldier, battering northern Gazan towns with artillery and sending warplanes over the house of the Syrian president, who is influential with the Palestinian leader believed [?!?] to have ordered the kidnapping.

Syria claims 'provocation' as warplanes buzz President 29 Jun 2006 Israeli warplanes "buzzed" the summer residence of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, yesterday in an attempt to pressure him to secure the release of the abducted Israeli corporal Gilad Shalit. Military officials said the warplanes flew over President Assad's palace near the coastal port city of Latkia.

Syrian Air Defenses Fire on Israeli Jets 28 Jun 2006 Air defenses fired on Israeli warplanes that entered Syrian airspace early Wednesday and forced them to flee, state [?!?] TV said. State-run [?!?] Syrian television said two Israeli planes flew near Syria's Mediterranean coast early Wednesday, and "national air defenses opened fire in the direction of the planes, and they dispersed." [Why is it the PentaPost and Faux News are not referred to as 'corporate-run' newspapers, 'corporate-run' TV stations? --LRP]

Israeli missiles pound Gaza into new Dark Age in 'collective punishment' 29 Jun 2006 Smoke was still rising yesterday from the scorched wreckage of the six transformers at Gaza's only power station, each destroyed by a single missile fired by an Israeli warplane some 10 hours earlier. The strike was clinically effective, cutting all the electricity to 700,000 Gaza consumers, threatening water supplies and depriving its public of light, cooking, broadcast news, and ­ a crucial issue in scorching summer temperatures ­ fans.

10 'Grannies for Peace' arrested in Philadelphia 28 Jun 2006 Police arrested ten elderly members of the anti-war group called the Granny Peace Brigade who refused to leave a military recruiting center Wednesday after they were told they were too old to enlist.

Hollywood conservative files suit to stop mass surveillance by government 28 Jun 2006 She's a lifelong Republican, a proud conservative who rails against big government and doesn't have time for whiny liberalism. Now she's siding with the ACLU. Theresa Fortnash of Hollywood (FL) has filed a lawsuit in Miami seeking to stop the government from gathering records on virtually every telephone call made within the United States. She wants a federal judge to block AT&T from handing phone logs to the federal government.

Colorado Professor Calls Probe a Farce 28 Jun 2006 A University of Colorado professor who faces dismissal over research misconduct allegations said Wednesday he was singled out as a dissident scholar after he wrote an essay likening some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi... The governor and others called for Ward Churchill, who is tenured, to be fired. University officials concluded his essay was protected by the Constitution but they ordered an investigation into his scholarship.

Officials can ban newspapers for inmates: Supreme Court [Soon they'll be banned for everybody, if Bush gets his way.] 28 Jun 2006 A divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that prison officials can ban most newspapers, magazines and photographs for the most violent and 'disruptive' [?!?] inmates without violating their free-speech rights.

Top Court Rules States Free to Redistrict 28 Jun 2006 A fractured Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that states are free to redraw congressional districts at a time of their choosing, largely blessing Tom DeLay's bitterly contested handiwork in Texas and the gains it gave national Republicans.

S.E.C. Lawyer Claims Firing Over Fund Inquiry 28 Jun 2006 A former government attorney told Congress on Wednesday that he was fired for investigating a hedge fund too aggressively and said law enforcement is failing in its duty to protect investors in the growing hedge fund industry.

Interior Official Charged in Abramoff Scandal 29 Jun 2006 An Interior Department official [Roger G. Stillwell] who has acknowledged receiving meals and tickets to sporting events from former lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been charged with filing a false financial disclosure report.

VA chief says laptop with vets' data recovered 29 Jun 2006 The government has recovered the stolen laptop computer containing sensitive data for up to 26.5 million veterans and military personnel, Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson announced Thursday.

VA worker had OK for data later stolen 28 Jun 2006 The Veterans Affairs worker faulted for losing veterans' personal information had permission to access millions of Social Security numbers on a laptop from home, agency documents obtained by The Associated Press show.

House votes to overturn mandatory gun locks 29 Jun 2006 The U.S. House of Representatives voted [230-191] on Wednesday to overturn a recently enacted law requiring safety trigger locks on all hand guns sold in the United States.

GOPedophile convicted of abuse 28 Jun 2006 A political consultant [Reichwing nutcase, Carey Lee Cramer] whose company was behind a television ad accusing the Clinton-Gore administration of giving away nuclear technology was convicted of child molestation charges.

GOP's new 'values agenda' item fails 28 Jun 2006 House Republicans failed Wednesday to advance a bill protecting the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Only a day earlier, the GOP had placed the measure on its "American Values Agenda" in hopes of bolstering the party's prospects in the fall election. [For more on Republican "values," see: GOPedophile convicted of abuse.]

BP Manipulated U.S. Prices for Propane, CFTC Says 28 Jun 2006 BP Plc manipulated the price of propane used to heat homes and businesses in the northeastern U.S. in February 2004 and tried to do the same in April 2003, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said.

Join Us on June 29! ( "We are very honored to have Ann Wright come to Providence to speak on behalf of Carl Sheeler and the anti-war movement... Ann now works with many anti-war groups, has been touring recently with Cindy Sheehan and helps to run Camp Casey. Please join us at the Beneficent Church, Providence, RI, at 7:30 p.m. for a public forum."

Impacts of Climate Change in the United States --The potential impacts of global warming on the mid-Atlantic region --Critical Findings for Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, southern New York, and northern, coastal North Carolina from the First National Assessment of the Potential Consequences of Climate Variability and Change -- By Susan Subak, Ph.D., Natural Resources Defense Council (2000)

Up to 200,000 told to flee Northeast flooding --State of emergency declared for more than 60 counties 28 Jun 2006 Up to 200,000 people in the Wilkes-Barre area were ordered to evacuate their homes Wednesday because of rising water on the Susquehanna River, swelled by a record-breaking deluge that has killed at least 12 people across the Northeast.

Archives Protecting Collection From Floods 28 Jun 2006 The National Archives brought in giant dehumidifiers after flooding threatened some of its collection, including telegrams from Abraham Lincoln to his generals and copies of the Watergate tapes.


GOP bill targets NY Times 28 Jun 2006 Republican leaders are expected to introduce a resolution today condemning The New York Times for publishing a story last week that exposed government monitoring of banking records. The resolution is expected to condemn the leak and publication of classified documents, said one Republican aide with knowledge of the impending legislation.

GOP drafting resolution condemning media's terror finance reports 27 Jun 2006 Senate Republicans sharply criticized The New York Times and other news media Tuesday for disclosing a secret Bush administration effort to track terrorist financing, and House GOP leaders hurriedly drafted a resolution condemning the stories.

Damage Study Urged on Surveillance Reports 28 Jun 2006 Senator Pat Roberts (R-Terrorist-Kan.), the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, asked the director of national intelligence on Tuesday to assess any damage to American counterterrorism efforts caused by the disclosure of secret programs to monitor telephone calls and financial transactions.

Belgium Orders Probe of Swift Anti-Terrorism Case 28 Jun 2006 The Belgian government has ordered an investigation into the decision by Belgium-based cooperative Swift to provide bank-transfer data to the U.S. government by President [sic] George W. Bush.

Belgium to probe US monitoring of international money transfers 27 Jun 2006 Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt has ordered a probe into whether a Brussels-based banking consortium broke the law when it provided US anti-terror authorities with confidential information about international money transfers.

CIA monitors personal bank data of Irish citizens 28 Jun 2006 The personal data of thousands of Irish citizens that have sent or received money transfers to and from the US has been covertly logged by US anti[pro]-terrorist agencies.

"It follows that the (Home Secretary) had no power to make the orders and they must therefore all be quashed." Judge quashes terror control orders 28 Jun 2006 A senior judge has quashed control orders made against six men under the Government's anti-terrorist legislation. Mr Justice Sullivan, sitting at the High Court in London, said the orders were "incompatible" with Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights which prevents indefinite detention without trial.

Miami plot suspects entrapped: lawyers 27 Jun 2006 Seven men charged with conspiring to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago and the FBI building in Miami were entrapped by a federal informant, lawyers for two of the suspects said on Monday.

Top court allows statements despite treaty violation 28 Jun 2006 A divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that failure to tell foreign nationals of their international treaty right to contact their consulate when arrested should not result in throwing out anything they say to police.

US court prepares ruling on Guantanamo tribunals 27 Jun 2006 The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing a potential landmark ruling that could determine the fate of the military tribunals created by Dictator George W. Bush to try Guantanamo prisoners for war crimes.

Guantanamo inmates hid pills, nooses 28 Jun 2006 Guantanamo detainees were found with pills stuffed into the waistbands of their pants and in one case, inside a prosthetic leg, weeks before three prisoners hanged themselves, a doctor at the camp hospital said on Tuesday.

Pentagon Resists Ban on "Degrading Treatment" 26 Jun 2006 As new reports detail further abuse by the U.S. military of its prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, a behind-the-scenes battle is being fought between the U.S. departments of state and defence about whether a key section of the Geneva Conventions should be included in new rules governing Army interrogation techniques. The Pentagon is pushing to omit from new detainee policies a central principle of the Geneva Conventions that explicitly bans "humiliating and degrading treatment". The State Department is opposing the decision to exclude Geneva Conventions protections and has been pushing for the Pentagon and White House to reconsider.

US military admits killing "non-combatant" in Iraq 28 Jun 2006 The U.S. military, in the spotlight over murder charges against its troops accused of killing Iraqis, said it had killed a "non-combatant" during a raid in which an 'al Qaeda' militant was detained on Wednesday.

Former Bush spokesman offers pro-war 'embedded correspondents' to press --Former vets with deep GOP ties boost war effort in blogs 25 Jun 2006 A former spokesman for President [sic] Bush recently offered to several newspapers supposedly objective freelance stories from Iraq by two combat veterans who lead a pro-war group with deep Republican ties. Several months after revelations that a Pentagon contractor was paying Iraqi news outlets for favorable war coverage, former White House spokesman Taylor Gross approached at least four major newspapers, including The Buffalo News, with the offer.

AP: Media Had Wide Access in Vietnam War 27 Jun 2006 The news media's ability to cover the Vietnam War without censorship was unlike anything that has been seen since, correspondents who covered that conflict for The Associated Press said during a reunion. "We had relationships with officers and generals that are totally foreign to reporters trying to cover Iraq today, absolutely in a fantasy world," said Peter Arnett, who spent 13 years in Vietnam for the news cooperative from 1962 to 1975.

Iraqi Forces Will Not Be Independent for Some Time: General 28 Jun 2006 Iraq’s security forces will not become capable of fully independent operations for some time, the U.S. general responsible for building the force said June 27.

Analyst Says He Warned of Iraqi Resistance --Danger Was Clear Early, Wayne White Said 27 Jun 2006 Days after the United States invaded Iraq, senior U.S. officials were warned that Iraqi Sunnis would strongly resist American troops' occupation efforts, according to testimony given yesterday before Senate Democrats.

45 die in Iraq violence 28 Jun 2006 At least 45 people including two US soldiers were killed in the latest wave of violence to hit Iraq.

Socceroo match blast kills 22 in Iraqi village 28 Jun 2006 A bomb exploded in a crowded market square, killing 22 people, where young Iraqis were watching the Australia-Italy World Cup match.

US Marine exonerated for song about killing Iraqis 27 Jun 2006 The U.S. military will not punish a Marine who performed an obscenity-laced song to a laughing and cheering crowd of fellow troops in Iraq making light of killing Iraqis, the Marine Corps said on Tuesday.

Iran blames U.S., Britain for troubles in Iraq 28 Jun 2006 Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blamed the United States and Britain for the "problems" and "suffering" of the Iraqi people, the official news agency IRNA reported on Wednesday. In a statement, he accused the "occupiers of Iraq" of being the primary cause of the Iraqi people’s suffering. [They are!!]

Thanks to Bush: Afghanistan crisis paves way for return of the Taliban 27 Jun 2006 Five years after the West promised to rebuild [that which they destroyed in] Afghanistan, the country is facing its worst crisis since the Taliban was overthrown.

Two British marines killed in Afghanistan grenade attack 28 Jun 2006 Two British special forces marines were killed yesterday after an attack on a night-time patrol in southern Afghanistan.

Israeli troops and tanks enter Gaza 28 Jun 2006 Israeli aircraft have struck northern and southern Gaza as thousands of troops, backed by warplanes and tanks, forged into the coastal strip in an operation meant to pummel Palestinian militants into releasing an Israeli soldier.

Israelis knock out power, water in Gaza 28 Jun 2006 Israel turned up the pressure on Palestinian militants to release a captive soldier Wednesday, sending its warplanes to bomb a Hamas training camp after knocking out electricity and water supplies for most of the 1.3 million residents of the Gaza Strip.

U.S. is monitoring commercial presence of Iran in Venezuela 25 Jun 2006 The VenIran tractor factory in remote eastern Venezuela is one of the signs of Iran's growing presence in Venezuela, which is being monitored by a U.S. government on alert for any evidence that Iran might be exporting terrorism. [The biggest exporter of terrorism is George W. Bush.]

Senators, scholars denounce Bush for "signing statements" 28 Jun 2006 A bipartisan group of senators and scholars denounced Dictator Bush yesterday for using scores of "signing statements" to reserve the right to ignore or reinterpret provisions of measures that he has signed into law.

Prosecutors Drop Request For Library Records 27 Jun 2006 The American Civil Liberties Union said that federal authorities have dropped their demand for library patrons' records after a judge lifted an earlier gag order on the librarians who received the request.

Sticking with AT&T? You're a fool --AT&T's privacy policy should be a deal-breaker By Ira Winkler 27 Jun 2006 "What the company claims was implied is to the effect that while you consider your account information personal, AT&T owns it... The implication is that AT&T is making a profit from selling the data to the federal government. And that profit must be substantial; after all, there are clearly many customers who are dropping AT&T services as a result of this proposed change."

Single vote blocks US move to make flag-burning a crime 29 Jun 2006 A single vote has ended a Senate attempt to amend the constitution to allow Congress to ban desecration of the American flag. The 66-to-34 vote fell just short of the two-thirds majority required to approve a constitutional amendment and submit it to the states for ratification.

Academics Decry Travel Restrictions 27 Jun 2006 Some members of U.S. scientific and student communities are working to salvage exchanges between the United States and Cuba. Professor Charles Verharen, of the Washington-based Howard University, told IPS that these kinds of bilateral relationships are "indispensable; communication among academics is a prerequisite for building a theoretical foundation through which the two countries can begin to bridge their gap."

Justices Back Most G.O.P. Changes to Texas Districts 28 Jun 2006 The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld most of the Texas congressional map engineered by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay but threw out part, saying some of the new boundaries failed to protect minority voting rights.

Congress Urged to Renew Voting Rights Act 26 Jun 2006 Civil rights advocates urged Congress on Monday to quickly renew provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, saying the "heart and soul" of the act is under attack by Southern Republicans.

Study shows US electronic voting machines vulnerable 27 Jun 2006 The nation's three most commonly purchased electronic voting machines are all vulnerable to fraud, a study released on Tuesday found.

Bush's Communications Director Leaves 27 Jun 2006 President [sic] Bush's communications director [propaganda whore] is stepping down to move to New York City with her husband, the White House announced Tuesday.

Democrats vow to block pay raises until minimum wage increased 27 Jun 2006 A week after the GOP-led Senate rejected an increase to the minimum wage, Senate Democrats on Tuesday vowed to block pay raises for members of Congress until the minimum wage is increased.

'Breathtaking' Waste and Fraud in Hurricane Aid 27 Jun 2006 Among the many superlatives associated with Hurricane Katrina can now be added this one: it produced one of the most extraordinary displays of scams, schemes and stupefying bureaucratic bungles in modern history, costing taxpayers up to $2 billion.

Scientists OK Gore's movie for accuracy 27 Jun 2006 The nation's top climate scientists are giving "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's documentary on global warming, five stars for accuracy.

9 reportedly dead in Northeast flooding 28 Jun 2006 Storms swept into the Northeast on Wednesday, forcing thousands of people from their homes, including more than 2,200 who fled from a rising Maryland lake. A section of interstate highway was washed out in New York state and at least nine deaths were blamed on the stormy weather. Three people were missing.

32 Large Fires Burning in 8 Western States 28 Jun 2006 More than 1,000 firefighters fought lightning-sparked blazes that had burned more than 80,000 acres across northern Nevada by Tuesday... The fires were among 32 large ones burning in eight western states, according to the National Fire Information Center in Boise, Idaho.


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