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is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

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August 2004 Archives, Page Two

Faith-Based Missile Defense --posted by noahmax, August 18, 2004 ( "Early in his administration, President [sic] Bush put a whole lot of stock in 'faith-based' initiatives to solve domestic problems... The anti-missile system's effectiveness is a matter of faith, not evidence. Because, in a rush to ready the system before the election, the Defense Department scrapped some of the $10 billion per year program's most important tests. And the results the Pentagon does have are murky, at best."

Tenet blasts proposal to strip CIA of powers --Radical idea comes from Senate intelligence committee chairman --Former CIA Director George Tenet on Monday attacked a Republican senator's proposal to reorganize the CIA, calling it "a dangerous misunderstanding of the business of intelligence."

Judge Rejects One Bid for a Central Park Protest --A federal judge in Manhattan refused yesterday to force the city to allow a rally on Saturday on the Great Lawn in Central Park, after the Bloomberg administration and protest organizers failed to reach a compromise during a sudden round of weekend negotiations.

N.Y. Touts Its Convention Security --The pileup of events in the city next week, including the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, will add to the security challenge for the New York Police Department, but commissioner Ray Kelly says, "With a big, experienced police force, we can do it."

Strong Showing as Protesters Greet Bush in Traverse City (MI) --by Gary Howe "Over a 1000 protesters lined the streets around the Grand Traverse County Civic Center to voice their objection to the Bush administration. Three demonstrators were arrested for crossing police lines in 'sterile zones' where protests were supposedly not allowed."

E-Vote Machines: Secret Testing --The three companies that certify the nation's voting technologies operate in secrecy and refuse to discuss flaws in the ATM-like machines to be used by nearly one in three voters in November. Despite concerns over whether the touch-screen machines can be trusted, the testing companies won't say publicly if they have encountered shoddy workmanship. They say they are committed to secrecy in their contracts with the voting machines' makers -- even though tax money ultimately buys or leases the machines.

New Fla. Ballot Called Confusing --Palm Beach County has introduced an absentee ballot that requires voters to indicate their choices by connecting broken arrows, sparking criticism that it is even more confusing than the infamous "butterfly ballot" used in the 2000 election. Theresa LePore [LeGOPwhore], the elections supervisor who approved the 2000 butterfly ballot, opted for a ballot design for the Aug. 31 primary that asks voters to draw lines joining two ends of an arrow.

A Chill in Florida --by Bob Herbert "...[T]he sending of state troopers into the homes of elderly black voters in Orlando was said by officials to be a response to allegations of voter fraud in last March's mayoral election. But the investigation went forward despite findings in the spring that appeared to show that the allegations were unfounded. Why go forward anyway? Well, consider that the prolonged investigation dovetails exquisitely with that crucial but unspoken mission of the G.O.P. in Florida: to keep black voter turnout as low as possible."

Make Your Vote Count with These Urgent Actions updated actions page --by Cheryl Guttman

Kerry lashes out at Bush on war politics --Democratic challenger John Kerry says George W. Bush is standing silent just as he did four years ago when supporters waged a campaign of "lies" to destroy the White House hopes of fellow Vietnam veteran and Sen. John McCain.

They'd Be More Truthful If They Called Themselves Swift Boat Veterans For Lies --by Bill Gallagher "The attack ads on John Kerry's Vietnam War record have George W. Bush's blessings, and the droppings of his political brain, Karl 'King Rat' Rove, are all over the TV spots and the campaign to discredit the Democratic candidate... The Bushes seem to have a genetic predisposition to surround themselves with despicable operatives who will do the dirty work to cover for their failures and protect their political survival. The late Lee Atwater and family fixer and valet James A. Baker come quickly to mind." [a must read]

Ex-Worker Sues RNC for Discrimination --A former field director is accusing the Florida Republican Party of racial discrimination in a federal lawsuit. Nadia Naffe also named the Republican National Committee and Bush-Cheney '04 in the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Tampa.

Celebs Aiding Anti-Bush Web Campaign --The Internet political group on Tuesday premieres 10 new anti-Bush ads created by award-winning directors and starring popular Hollywood actors.

Unions Protest New Overtime Rules --Several hundred union members marched outside the Labor Department to protest new overtime pay regulations taking effect today, with two senators pledging to try to roll them back when Congress returns from recess... "The fight is not over yet," said Republican Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, an opponent of the changes who is facing a tough re-election bid in November.

Judge orders prison probe report stay secret (AZ) A judge on Monday refused to publicly release a grand jury's report on its investigation of the two-week hostage situation at a prison in Buckeye. Presiding Judge Colin Campbell ruled after reviewing transcripts of the grand jury investigation conducted by Special Prosecutor A. Melvin McDonald Jr. at the request of Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley and Republican legislative leaders.


Rumsfeld Says U.S. Expects Limited Missile Defense by End of 2004 --Defense Secretary [W-ar criminal] Donald Rumsfeld says the United States expects to have a limited ability to defend against incoming long-range ballistic missiles by the end of 2004.

"I am not taking sides." --Secretary of State James Baker offering an apparent rationalization for Iraq's use of chemical weapons against Kuwait. [Click here for must-read citations from Conspiracies, Cover-ups and Crimes: From JFK to the CIA Terrorist Connection by Jonathan Vankin, published in 1992.]

Blair refuses to travel to US --British Prime Minister Tony Blair is refusing to fly to the United States to receive a medal bestowed on him by the nation for his support over last year's Iraq war, a London newspaper reported today. US Dictator George W. Bush has put huge pressure on his closest ally to pick up the Congressional Medal of Honour in person, the Sunday Mirror said, quoting a senior British government source.

Al-Sadr assists with US journalist's release --US journalist Micah Garen, who was kidnapped in Iraq more than a week ago, was released today in the southern city of Nasiriyah. Muqtada Al-Sadr's representatives condemned the kidnapping, and al-Sadr aide Sheik Awas al-Khafaji had been working in recent days to get Garen released.

Fighting Erupts Round Rebel-Held Najaf Shrine --Fierce fighting broke out around a shrine in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf Monday, and pieces of shrapnel landed in the courtyard of the mosque held by followers of a Shi'ite leader, Reuters witnesses said. Militiamen loyal to leader Moqtada al-Sadr remained in control of the mosque and U.S. tanks had pulled back from positions they held Sunday as close as 800 meters (yards) from the compound, he said.

US tanks close in on Najaf mosque rebels --US military tanks yesterday advanced within 800 metres of the Imam Ali mosque in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf, where Shiite militiaman remained in control of the compound, a witness said. Earlier yesterday, US aircraft staged a fresh assault on the rebels after talks on surrendering control of the mosque at the centre of an 18-day siege ran into trouble.

Five US soldiers killed in 24 hours --Five US soldiers have been killed in Iraq and another wounded following a series of attacks in the last 24 hours. The military issued a statement on Sunday confirming that the last of the five fatalities occurred in the northern city of Mosul when a roadside bomb exploded at around 12:45 GMT.

Mother of Dead UK Soldier to Sue Government -Report --The mother of a young British soldier killed in Iraq plans to sue the government for breaching its duty of care to her son by not supplying key defensive equipment, the Guardian newspaper reported on Monday.

Anti-Bush squaddie gasses himself --Peter Mahoney had never believed in the war and had been a vocal critic within his local community of the British government's decision to invade Iraq. He had publicly accused Prime Minister Tony Blair of being Dictator George Bush's "puppet". Like many who opposed the invasion, he thought weapons of mass destruction were a smokescreen. The real issue, he contested, was seizing Saddam Hussein's oilfields...

Blackwater violated own rules in workers' deaths in Iraq --Company contract called for six guards in convoy --A security company, based in North Carolina, violated its own safety rules in March when it sent four men with a food convoy into Fallujah, Iraq, where they were ambushed and mutilated, the Raleigh News & Observer reported yesterday.

U.S. Prepares for Guantanamo Arraignments --Four Guantanamo prisoners will be the first suspected 'terrorists' arraigned in preliminary hearings this week before their cases go to military commissions, or trials, in an unprecedented judicial process that foreign governments, lawyers and human rights groups have criticized.

Army prison abuse cases linked --Abu Ghraib interrogators involved in earlier Afghanistan probe --Army investigators believe that some of the military interrogators who were implicated in the abuse scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq were involved in earlier deaths and abuses of detainees held by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Yet even as investigators were uncovering troubling evidence of prisoner abuse in Afghanistan, orders were cut to transfer the military intelligence company involved to Iraq and to Abu Ghraib.

Hippocratic oath a casualty of war --Prisoners are patients too, but in Iraq that principle was ignored by some doctors, writes Michael Cook. "Why didn't the doctors at Abu Ghraib prison protect their patients? It is becoming clear that it was not just trailer trash who were corrupted by their power over Iraqi detainees in the prison. That power also poisoned the people who should be the bulwark of humanitarianism: the medical staff... Unhappily, doctors appear to be an integral part of the US military's brutal interrogation techniques. According to The Lancet, army officials have stated that a physician and a psychiatrist helped design, approve and monitor interrogations at Abu Ghraib."

Man accused of running private Afghan jail had U.S. letter --A former Green Beret from Fayetteville who is accused of running an illegal jail in Afghanistan got into that county in 2001 after a U.S. official said he was a government contractor, a newspaper reported Sunday. Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema got into Afghanistan after an official at the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan wrote a letter identifying him as a contractor with the Department of Defense, The Fayetteville Observer reported.

Embassy letter opened doors for Idema --Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema got into Afghanistan in 2001 after an official at the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan wrote a letter identifying him as a contractor with the Department of Defense. Idema, Ed Caraballo of New York and Brent Bennett of Fayetteville are accused of kidnapping and torturing Afghan citizens in their makeshift jail. They could face 15 to 20 years in an Afghan prison. Idema, a former Green Beret from Fayetteville, has said he tortured no one. He maintains he was only trying to elicit information from suspected terrorists using methods he learned in the Special Forces.

U.K. Military Can't Locate Reported Iraq Oil Pipeline Attack --U.K. military forces said they couldn't find a fire or any damage to an oil pipeline in southern Iraq caused by a reported bomb explosion yesterday.

Oil prices 'will fall to $30' --The chief economist of the World Bank predicted in an interview published yesterday that oil prices would return in a matter of months to a stable level around $30 a barrel after hitting record highs this week of nearly $50.

Venezuelan Vote Audit Confirms Chavez Win --An audit of Venezuela's recall referendum has confirmed that President Hugo Chavez won fairly and found no evidence to support fraud charges, observers and electoral council officials said on Saturday.

North Korea likens Bush to Hitler --North Korea has [accurately] described US Dictator George W Bush as an "imbecile" and a "tyrant that puts Hitler in the shade". A Foreign Ministry spokesman was responding to comments Dictator Bush made last week in which he described the North's Kim Jong-il as a "tyrant".

National ID seen in 9/11 panel plan --The September 11 commission's recommendation for federal standards of identification documents such as driver's licenses and birth certificates is tantamount to the introduction of a national ID card system "through the back door," some lawmakers believe.

A G.O.P. Senator Proposes a Plan to Split Up C.I.A. --The Republican chairman of the Senate intelligence committee said Sunday that he would propose legislation to break up the Central Intelligence Agency and divide its responsibilities among three new spy agencies.

It's a Nice Place to Visit, but He Can't Stay --George Bush may not spend a single night in New York City. At this point, the unofficial plan is for him to arrive in Manhattan sometime on Thursday, Sept. 2, the final day of the four-day convention, deliver his acceptance speech that night, then leave immediately for Pennsylvania.

14 WTC search and rescue dogs dead --Fourteen search and rescue dogs have died since their exposure to toxic rubble from the Sept. 11 terrorist attack - including eight from cancer, according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' opens in Japan --Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, opened this weekend in 160 cinemas in Japan where many stood in long lines to see the movie. Fahrenheit 9/11 has made more than $115 million in ticket sales since opening in the United States in June.

As Convention Nears, Uncertainty Over Protest Location Creates Potential for Trouble --With just six days left before the largest planned demonstration of the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, organizers and the city have yet to reach an agreement on how to handle the masses of protesters, setting up the potential for confrontations with the police just as the Republican delegates arrive.

Electronic Civil Disobedience Against the RNC (Hack the RNC!) "Distribute Widely - All Hackers Out to Disrupt the RNC - BATTLE LOGISTICS ENCLOSED --Hackers are organizing for a massive electronic civil disobedience campaign against the Republican party to coincide with the massive protests in New York City for the Republican National Convention [Repugnant Nazi Carnival]. This document contains logistical information on how people can participate in this campaign." [CLG does not promote or encourage illegal acts by anyone.]

ProtestWarrior has been HACKED ( "ProtestWarrior has been hacked today as part of an electronic civil disobedience campaign against Republican and pro-'American' websites. The following text was placed on the ProtestWarrior website. The website was promptly removed. Also note that the contact information / passwords of the head ProtestWarriors are listed below. At the bottom of this message is a complete email list of everyone registered as a ProtestWarrior member. Please utilize the following information. This action was part of a larger hacktivist campaign against the Republican National Convention [Repugnant Nazi Carnival]. Participate in the online sit-in at -- Modern day Nazis pledging their obedience to the State and the platform of state-sponsored terrorism - neo-fascist ProtestWarriors, you have been HACKED by your friendly neighborhood hacker anarchist." [CLG does not promote or encourage illegal acts by anyone.]

Edwards Hits Bush on Overtime Pay Rules --John Edwards chose the almost evenly divided state of Wisconsin to tout the Democratic presidential ticket's economic plans and criticize the Bush regime's new rules for overtime pay. "Today, millions of workers will find out that instead of getting time-and-a-half, they're going to get a hard time from their government,'' the vice presidential nominee said in prepared remarks as the rules took effect Monday. "More than 60 years of protecting overtime work have been wiped out with the stroke of this presiden[sic]t's pen.''

Controversial Overtime Rules Take Effect --The Bush dictatorship's new overtime rules go into effect today, but the Kerry campaign has already begun attacking the overhauled regulations, saying they will hurt millions of American workers.

Pinochet had more US bank accounts: report --Former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet held at least five more secret bank accounts in the United States, in addition to the eight already discovered at Riggs Bank in Washington.

Mad cow disease added to alert list --Fears about the inadvertent spread of the human form of mad cow disease through the blood supply, transplantation or contaminated surgical instruments has prompted Australian health departments to make Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and its beef-related variant, vCJD, notifiable diseases for the first time. Smallpox, despite its absence since 1979, and a rare but potentially fatal bacterial infection called tularaemia are now also notifiable because of their potential use [by Bush] in a bioterrorism attack.


Bear Rejects Busch! (WA) A Bear in the woods refused to be Bush-whacked, drinking an off-brand beer over Busch beer. When state Fish and Wildlife agents recently found a black bear passed out on the lawn of Baker Lake Resort, there were some clues scattered nearby dozens of empty cans of Rainier Beer. The bear apparently got into campers' coolers and used his claws and teeth to puncture the cans. "He drank the Rainier and wouldn't drink the Busch beer," said Lisa Broxson, bookkeeper at the campground and cabins resort east of Mount Baker. Fish and Wildlife enforcement Sgt. Bill Heinck said the bear did try one can of Busch, but ignored the rest. "He didn't like that (Busch) and consumed, as near as we can tell, about 36 cans of Rainier." [He's smarter than the average bear!]

Truthout, steal this story! Journalist killed in Fallujah --An Iraqi freelance journalist working for Germany's ZDF television has been killed in the flashpoint city of Fallujah, the network said today. Mahmud Hamid Abbas, 32, had gone to the city on Sunday to film when he was killed "in unexplained circumstances", it said. The media watchdog Reporters without Borders (RSF) said the journalist was killed as he was leaving his native Fallujah for Baghdad. "When he phoned the ZDF office in Baghdad to say he was coming he mentioned he had just filmed a house destroyed by US warplanes," RSF said, quoting ZDF's Iraq correspondent. "About 25 minutes later, he rang again to say he had seen a second attack. During the call, he suddenly said he and others with him were being fired at.


2004 RNC Delegates ( "...[T]oday we are releasing a list of delegates to the 2004 Republican National Convention [Repugnant Nazi Carnival]. This list includes the names, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of RNC delegates in addition to what hotel each one is staying at during their invasion of New York City. It is not a complete list, but does include information on over 1600 delegates gathered from a variety of sources."

Bush is 'exploiting 9/11 for re-[sic]election' --New Yorkers braced for violent protests aimed at Republican party convention next weekend --The invasion of the Big Apple is coming, and its residents could not be less delighted. Why us, is the cry of many New Yorkers who are dreading the confab of Republicans that starts on 30 August. The Republicans settled on New York soon after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. Coming to town in 2004 would be the perfect gesture, they thought, but Democrats see it differently. They say that Bush is trying to exploit the tragedy of 2001 and use the backdrop of a maimed Manhattan to cast himself as the tough leader who can crush terrorism.

Exposed: scandal of double voters --With debate over the 2000 election still raging, thousands of people illegally register in both New York City and Florida, which could swing an election. Some 46,000 New Yorkers are registered to vote in both the city and Florida, a shocking finding that exposes both states to potential abuses that could alter the outcome of elections, a Daily News investigation shows... Edwin Peterson, 66, a registered Democrat in Palm Coast, Fla., and St. Albans, Queens, attributed his dual vote in the 2000 election to his distrust of the party running the Sunshine State. "That was a situation where Florida is so messed up with the Republicans, you don't know if your vote is even going to be counted," Peterson said. "It's been like that forever."

Iraqi Desertion Rate Exceeds 80% --Iraq's security forces, ordered to prepare for an offensive against the Mahdi Army in Najaf, have been plagued by a desertion rate that exceeded 80 percent. A U.S. report warned that Iraqi Interior Ministry troops remain unprepared to fight Shi'ite or Sunni insurgents and could not be deemed reliable.

Najaf erupts as US death toll tops 600 --Fresh fighting broke out last night in the Shia holy city of Najaf as the US military announced the deaths of three more of its servicemen, bringing to more than 600 the number killed in Iraq since Dictator George Bush declared major hostilities over. A Polish serviceman also died.

Two French journalists missing in Iraq --Two French journalists are missing in Iraq and have not been heard from since Thursday, the Foreign Ministry in Paris says. George Malbrunot of Le Figaro and Christian Chesnot of Radio France International, who often worked together and published a book on Iraq last year, have not reported on their location for more than two days, the ministry said.

Four US soldiers face hearing in Germany over Iraq prisoner abuse --Four US soldiers accused of abusing prisoners at a notorious jail in Iraq, including the suspected ringleader, face a military hearing in Germany on Monday, before their trial by court martial.

US affirms 10 Guantanamo detainees as "enemy combatants" --The US military has concluded that 10 detainees held at the US naval base prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were properly classified as "enemy combatants" and should not be set free, media reports said Saturday. Earlier this month, the US military classified that four detainees held at Guantanamo as legitimate "enemy combatants" and decided that they would continue to be jailed, after a review process that started late July.

UN rights expert berates US on Afghan detentions --A UN human rights expert on Saturday slammed US military authorities in Afghanistan for barring him from visiting detention centres and pronounced a Kabul prison "inhuman." Cherif Bassiouni said:"The lack of giving an opportunity for people to go and see these facilities is a lack of transparency that raises serious concerns about the legality of detention...and conditions of those detainees."

Remote-Control Explosions Pose Threat in Afghanistan --Twelve election workers have been killed in explosions over the last few months as they have registered voters nationwide. Thirty-one American soldiers have been killed - 23 of them in combat - this year, most of them in roadside explosions or ambushes, a sharp increase over the same period last year.

U.S. planning space weapons, Russian envoy says --Canadian politicians are badly mistaken if they believe Washington's plans to defend North America from ballistic missiles will not inevitably lead to weapons in space, Russia's ambassador in Ottawa says. Georgiy Mamedov, who was Moscow's chief arms-control negotiator before his posting to Canada last year, said he has received briefings by Pentagon officials that make it clear the current ballistic missile-defence program ultimately involves space weapons.

Japan to join US in arms production --Japan might relax a decades-old ban on arms exports so it can make weapons jointly with its main security ally, the United States, a Japanese newspaper said on Saturday.

Five Georgian policemen injured in clashes over future Caspian oil pipeline --Five Georgian policemen were injured late Friday in clashes with demonstrators protesting the construction of a multi-billion-dollar (-euro) oil pipeline, the ITAR-TASS news agency reported, quoting an official with Georgia's interior ministry.

U.S. Opens 1st Northern Border Air Patrol Station --The U.S. government is stepping up efforts to patrol its porous northern border with Canada by using helicopters, airplanes and boats to 'monitor illegal immigration and drug traffic,' officials said on Friday. The first of five planned facilities, the Air and Marine Branch, has begun operations 80 miles north of Seattle, with the aim of "maximizing" security with Canada, a country known for its friendly ties with the United States. [The patrol is to stop people from leaving the US after the Bush dictatorship's next attack.]

Ashcroft defends interviews with protesters --Attorney General John Ashcroft defended recent FBI interviews of political activists across the country Friday, saying federal agents questioned only protesters the government believed were plotting to firebomb media vehicles [Rove freelancers?] at the Democratic National Convention in Boston last month or might have known [?!?] about such plots. Political activists and civil rights advocates scoffed at Ashcroft's explanation, calling his defense of the interviews part of a government campaign to intimidate protesters.

Indians languishing in US detention center --More than 200 immigrants, including Indians, arrested in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US, are languishing in Wackenhut Detention Center in New York City without being charged and without access to lawyers.

200 locked away & under the radar --by Albor Ruiz "There is a little gulag in New York City... Its name is the Wackenhut Detention Center, and more than 200 human beings - men and women - languish ignored within its walls. Yet most New Yorkers have never heard about it... [T]he government refuses to release information about their [the detainees] status or what their future might be - even though few, if any, of the immigrant detentions since 9/11 have yielded any useful results for President [sic] Bush's 'war on [of] terror.' Shameful as it is, the misfortune of these immigrants and their families is just one more opportunity for big profits for Wackenhut, the private corporation running the jail under contract with the federal government."

Marines Make Website Take Down Information On Riot Control Agents (Sunshine Project, July 16, 2004) --Citing alleged dangers to US Department of Defense research programs and employees, the United States Marine Corps is insisting that the Sunshine Project remove three US government documents from its website.

Graphic Designer Fired After Heckling Bush --A man who heckled Dictator Bush at a political rally was fired from his job at an advertising and design company for offending a client who provided tickets to the event.

Swift boat skipper: Kerry critics wrong --Tribune editor breaks long silence on Kerry record; fought in disputed battle --The commander of a Navy swift boat who served alongside Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry during the Vietnam War stepped forward Saturday to dispute attacks challenging Kerry's integrity and war record.

Feb. 28, 1969: On the Dong Cung River --Anti-Kerry vets not there that day --by William B. Rood "There were three swift boats on the river that day in Vietnam more than 35 years ago—three officers and 15 crew members. Only two of those officers remain to talk about what happened on February 28, 1969. One is John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate who won a Silver Star for what happened on that date. I am the other. For years, no one asked about those events."

Volunteer links anti-Kerry flier to GOP --A volunteer for John Kerry said Friday he picked up a flier in a Bush-Cheney campaign office in Gainesville, Fla., promoting Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a group the Bush campaign has insisted for weeks it has no connection to. The Kerry campaign e-mailed the flier to news organizations Friday, declaring that the Bush-Cheney campaign was "busted" for coordinating "in their smear campaign against John Kerry."

Bush Campaign Drops Swift Boat Ad Figure --Democrat's Team Says Veteran's Role in Drive to Discredit Kerry Shows a Link --The Bush campaign said late Saturday that it dismissed an adviser on veterans issues after learning that he is part of an independent group that has been running anti-Kerry ads. The Bush campaign said Kenneth Cordier, who appears in a new advertisement to be aired by the anti-Kerry group, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, will no longer serve in his voluntary position on Bush's veterans steering committee.

Former POW Resigns From Bush Campaign --A former POW resigned as a volunteer to Dictator Bush's re-selection campaign Saturday after it was learned that he appeared in an anti-John Kerry ad sponsored by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth [sic]. Retired Air Force Col. Ken Cordier, resigned as a member of the Bush campaign's veterans' steering committee after it was learned that he appeared with other former POWs in a 30-second ad, produced by the Swift Boat group, criticizing Kerry's congressional testimony.

Anti-Kerry ads have GOP links --Longtime Texas supporters of Dictator Bush have fueled a campaign to discredit John Kerry's war record. Kerry called them ''a front for the Bush campaign.'' A series of interviews and a review of documents show a web of connections to the Bush family, high-profile Texas political figures and Dictator Bush's chief political aide, Karl Rove...

Edwards Assails Veterans Group Ad as Lies --John Edwards demanded Saturday that Dictator Bush call for television ads attacking John F. Kerry's military service in Vietnam to be pulled because they are lies funded by Bush allies. "This is a moment of truth for George W. Bush," the North Carolina senator told a cheering crowd at a magnet school here, where his campaign stopped for a morning town hall meeting. "We're going to see what kind of man he is and what kind of leader he is. . . . We want to hear from the president of the United States. We don't want to hear rhetoric. We want to hear three words: 'Stop these ads!' "

Vietnam Vets in Hanoi Back Kerry with T-Shirts --With the U.S. presidential race taking a decidedly bitter turn over John Kerry's Vietnam war record, U.S. veterans in Hanoi are selling T-shirts supporting his run for the White House.

Kerry Raises $2M for Democrats in N.Y. EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. - John Kerry raised $2 million for Democrats in just a few hours Saturday, making two stops in this understated and elegant vacation destination for the Northeastern well-to-do.

Edwards Faults Bush for Overtime Pay Cuts --Vice presidential candidate John Edwards on Saturday assailed a new Bush regime policy that excludes millions of Americans from overtime pay and promised that the Democratic ticket would ensure that workers are rewarded for their efforts.

Insurers Object to New Provision in Medicare Law --A major obstacle to the success of the new Medicare law has emerged in recent weeks: private insurers have told the Bush regime that they will not expand their role in Medicare if they have to serve large multistate regions, as the White House 'wants.' Congress sharply increased payments to private health plans last year in the 'hope' that they would serve many more Medicare beneficiaries.

Whole of UK on flood alert as storms surge in from Atlantic --A week of extreme weather could end with more flooding caused by violent and unpredictable storms surging across the Atlantic this weekend. The Met Office said almost the whole of the UK was at risk of flooding in the next few days because of saturation of the ground.

American Salmon, a cancer causing time bomb? --American farm raised salmon are showing high levels of industrial-strength fire retardants in their fat tissue. This comes just after the explosive discovery of high levels of mercury that was also found in salmon. In addition, high levels of PCBs and PBDEs are also being found in salmon.


Najaf Standoff Continues; 90 Killed, 70 Hurt In Iraq Battles --The standoff in the key city of Najaf continued on Saturday with Shia leader Moqtada Sadr gunmen still controlling streets around the great shrine after 16 days of fighting with US-led forces. In the continuing violence, two US soldiers among 90 killed and 70 other injured in the past 24 hours in Najaf, where US forces pounded Shia militia bastions overnight, the health ministry said.

Blasts heard in Najaf --Around four loud explosions echoed across Najaf early on Saturday, though their cause was not immediately clear, Reuters witnesses reported. The explosions followed a relatively quiet night in Najaf, the southern city where a radical Shi'ite uprising has raged for more than two weeks.

'Death after death, blood after blood' --Killing goes on despite claims that siege is over --Luke Harding inside the Imam Ali shrine, Najaf, August 21, 2004 --"Inside the pockmarked entrance of Najaf's Imam Ali shrine, there were no police to be seen yesterday afternoon. Supporters of the rebel Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr loafed on carpets in the pigeon-infested courtyard. A few smoked; others dozed. A couple of young students stood next to a makeshift infirmary; parked nearby was an empty pallet covered in blood. 'We haven't given up. This is a lie by the government,' said Amar Al-Khaji, a 29-year-old civil engineer from Baghdad. 'As you can see, we are still here.'"

Civilians killed in Falluja air strike --A US bombing raid on the Iraqi town of Falluja has left five people dead and wounded six, while two US marines have been killed in Anbar province. A journalist from Falluja, Abu Bakr al-Dulaimi, told Aljazeera on Friday that four Iraqi women were among the wounded when US warplanes bombed a milk factory in the town west of Baghdad in an overnight raid.

37 captured Iraqis summarily executed: sources (Tehran Times) Thirty-seven civilians and militiamen loyal to rebel Shia leader Moqtada Sadr were summarily executed last Monday in camps established by U.S. army intelligence units on the outskirts of Najaf, informed sources in Najaf have said. The sources also reported that the U.S. occupation forces tortured the captives before summarily executing them.

Dozens Protest Iraq War Outside Downing Street --Dozens of protesters gathered outside Downing Street tonight to demand an end to fighting in Najaf and the withdrawal of coalition troops from Iraq. Dozens of members of Stop the War Coalition, the Muslim Association of Britain and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament gathered to wave banners and chant, "George Bush out of Najaf".

Indonesians protest US military action in Najaf --About 100 Indonesian Islamic activists Friday protested US military attacks on the Iraqi holy city of Najaf by burning the American flag and a dollar bill outside the country's embassy.

Oil Prices Back Off $50-A-Barrel Mark --Oil prices made an about face Friday, falling below $48 a barrel, as tensions between U.S. forces and rebel fighters in Iraq eased, raising hopes that attacks against the country's oil infrastructure would subside.

US forces coming to oil-rich Gulf of Guinea— USAF Commander (August 10, 2004) --The United States yesterday said it was deploying forces to the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea, off Nigeria’s coastline, because the region’s vast oil and gas resources were of strategic economic importance to America and the rest of the world. Commander of the US Air Forces in Europe, General Robert Fogleson stated this during a visit to the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Jonah Wuyep at the Defence Headquarters.

US general violated speech rules --A United States army general who likened the war on terrorism to a struggle with Satan in speeches to church groups violated Defence Department rules on public speaking. The findings of the Pentagon's inspector-general's investigation into Lieutenant-General William Boykin were referred to acting Army Secretary Les Brownlea for 'corrective action', a senior defence official said on Thursday.

Fraud ruled out in Chavez's referendum victory --The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela on Friday ruled out any possibility of a fraud, as claimed by the opposition, in the victory of President Hugo Chavez in the recall referendum held last Sunday. A senior official of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena, said no irregularity has been spotted in the auditing of 150 electoral centers, as confirmed by the international observers. [Looks like Dictator Bush and his oil corpora-terrorists will have to try Plan 'B,' another US taxpayer-funded coup d'etat in Venezuela, as Bush tried in April, 2002.]

Mazuz: Hague ruling on fence could lead to sanctions on Israel --Attorney General Menachem Mazuz yesterday warned that the decision on the separation fence by the International Court of Justice in The Hague could lead to anti-Israel actions in international forums that could include sanctions.

U.S. intelligence system in "crisis": David Kay --Former arms inspector David Kay offered a bleak assessment of the state of U.S. intelligence, saying that even naming a intelligence czar was not likely to fix the problems unless other significant reforms are undertaken.

U.S. starts new border security operations --The U.S. announced some concrete steps to harden what is seen as a soft border between it and Canada. The first of five bases to carry out that task was dedicated by U.S. officials Friday.

Ashcroft Defends FBI Interviews With Some Political Protesters --Attorney General John AshKKKroft defended FBI interviews of some political protesters around the country before last month's Democratic convention in Boston, which critics described as an intimidation tactic.

NYC Denies All Central Park Rally Permits --The city's decision to deny a permit to protesters for a rally on Central Park's Great Lawn on the weekend before the Republican National Convention is about preserving the lawn, not suppressing speech, lawyers for the city said in federal court Friday. [LOL, if it wasn't so pathetic. Bush's 'Healthy Forests Initiative' MURDERS forests, lawns and the entire environment every day of the year!]

Kennedy has company on airline watch list --Sen. Edward Kennedy is not alone. A second prominent lawmaker said Friday that he's been subjected to extra security at airports because his name appears on a list designed to prevent terrorists from boarding planes. Rep. John Lewis, D - Georgia, a nine-term congressman famous for his civil rights work with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., has been stopped 35 to 40 times over the past year, his office said. [Gee, if it were John Kerry, he'd still be grounded. This no-fly list is a SCAM, and this proves it!!! Only the POLITICAL opponents of Repugnant Pigs are on the no-fly list. The Republicans should be made to WALK. They are the most unpatriotic, nation-selling, Swiftboat lying PIGS on EARTH.]

Hundreds Report Watch-List Trials -- For more than a year and a half, Rep. John Lewis has endured lengthy delays at the ticket counter, intense questioning by airline employees and suspicious glances by fellow passengers. Airport security guards have combed through his luggage as he stood in front of his constituents at the Atlanta airport. An airline employee has paged him on board a flight for further questioning, he said. On at least 35 occasions, the Georgia Democrat said, he was treated like a criminal because his name, like that of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), appeared on a government terrorist watch list. Rep. Lewis said that he filled out the form and received a letter from TSA that verifies his identity but that he doesn't want to use it. "I'm not sure why I would have to go around carrying something like a pass," said the congressman, who is known for his civil rights record. "It reminds me of South Africa."

Jeb Bush Declares 'Elections Emergency' in Florida -- National Guard members who vote in the 10 Florida counties ravaged by Hurricane Charley will be able to cast their ballots by fax machine under an "elections emergency" declared Thursday by Gov. Jeb Bush. Bush's order said that although no county reported damage to voting systems or ballots, the counties are "still in the process of assessing the availability of poll workers and the damage to any equipment and polling places for the conduct of the state primary on Aug. 31." His order also allows the suspension of early voting in the 10 affected counties.

Lawyers for Fla. congressman argue for paper ballots --Lawyers for a Florida congressman argued Friday to keep alive a push to require the state's voting machines to create a paper ballot to go with each vote. Attorneys for U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, a Democrat, told members of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that a district judge wrongly threw out Wexler's lawsuit.

Florida Republican Party Subject of Discrimination Lawsuit --Civil Rights Attorneys to File Complaint in Federal Court Alleging Discrimination, Retaliation Against African-American GOP Worker (U.S. Newswire) "At a National Press Club news conference on Monday, employment discrimination attorneys Cyrus Mehri and Sam Smith will announce the filing of a federal employment discrimination lawsuit on behalf of an African-American former state party employee against the Republican Party of Florida, the Republican National Committee and Bush-Cheney '04."

T-shirt tolerance: Bush loses test --The question: Which presidential campaign better tolerates dissent? The experiment: A man wears a Kerry-Edwards shirt to a rally for Dictator Bush, then a Bush for President shirt to a Kerry rally. Result: Bush people make him remove his shirt, and give him the boot. The Kerry people don’t make a peep. It turns out the Bush-Cheney campaign acts pre-emptively against what it regards as suspicious [?!?] attendees.

Bush Religion Adviser Quits Campaign Post --Sexual Harassment Allegations Surface -- Deal W. Hudson, publisher of the conservative Catholic magazine Crisis and a close ally of the Bush White House, has resigned as an adviser to the Bush-Cheney reselection campaign because of allegations that he sexually harassed a Fordham University student a decade ago.

FAUX's Cameron doctored a Kerry quotation to cast him as flip-flopper --FAUX News Channel chief political correspondent Carl Cameron doctored a quotation by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) to cast Kerry as a flip-flopper. Contact FAUX News Channel: 888-369-4672

Iraqi Olympians denounce 'criminal' Bush --Members of the Iraqi Olympic soccer team branded US Dictator George Bush a "criminal" and called for American troops to pull out of the war-torn country. Speaking after winning their group stage at the Games in Greece, one player said he would take up arms against US troops in his country.

USOC questions Bush Olympics ad --Dictator Bush's re-s-election campaign will continue to run a television ad that mentions the Olympics, despite questions about whether that violates the bylaws for the games. U.S. Olympic Committee officials have contacted the campaign about the ad and are awaiting a reply, USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel said Friday in Athens. Campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel said Friday there are no plans to pull the ad.

Kerry says Bush broke the law in TV ad dispute Sen. John Kerry has filed a complaint with federal officials, accusing George W. Bush’s re-selection campaign of breaking the law. Kerry’s complaint to the Federal Elections Commission about the ads produced and aired by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth [sic] alleges "overwhelming evidence" that the veterans group is "coordinating its expenditures on advertising and other activities designed to influence the presidential election with the Bush-Cheney Campaign," Kerry spokeswoman Allison Dobson told NBC News.

Kerry Calls Ad Group a 'Front for the Bush Campaign' --Escalating the debate over attacks on his military record by a Republican-financed group of Vietnam veterans, Senator John Kerry on Thursday called the group "a front for the Bush campaign." "The fact that the president [sic] won't denounce what they're up to tells you everything that you need to know-he wants them to do his dirty work," Mr. Kerry said at a firefighters' convention in Boston.

Friendly Fire: The Birth of an Anti-Kerry Ad --A series of interviews and a review of documents show a web of connections of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth [sic] to the Bush family, high-profile Texas political figures and Dictator Bush's chief political aide, Karl Rove. Records show that the group received the bulk of its initial financing from two men with ties to George W. Bush and his family - one a longtime political associate of Mr. Rove's, the other a trustee of the foundation for Mr. Bush's father's presidential library. On close examination, the accounts of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth [sic] prove to be riddled with inconsistencies.

Frozen Custard Costs George W. Bush $14,000 --Fourteen thousand dollars is a lot of money, especially if it's for a frozen custard cone. That's how much it cost the City of Oshkosh to protect Dictator Bush when he campaigned in Northeast Wisconsin last month. On the way from Fond du Lac to Ashwaubenon, Bush and his daughter, Barbara, stopped at Leon's Frozen Custard for what appeared as an impulse visit (actually, the custard stand was scoped out by Secret Service agents just 20 minutes earlier). Tonight a bill is in the mail to the Bush-Cheney campaign.

Nader Won't Appear on Virginia Ballot Elections Board Rejects Independent Candidate's Petitions --The State Board of Elections on Friday rejected petitions by Ralph Nader's presidential campaign, denying him a spot on the ballot in Virginia.

Obama Holds Commanding Lead Over Keyes, Chicago Tribune/WGN-TV Poll --Barack Obama has opened an even bigger lead over Alan Keyes than he had over Jim Ryan, according to the latest Chicago Tribune/WGN poll. Complete poll results appear in the Sunday, August 22, edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Evidence of Cipel Alleged Extortion Demand --Golan Cipel's alleged extortion demand for millions of dollars from New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey was backed up by a threat to release embarrassing tapes and photos of him, The Post has learned.

Second Explosion Rocks Texas Gas Facility --A second explosion in less than 24 hours rocked a burning underground gas storage facility early Friday, prompting authorities to expand an evacuation zone around the site. The fire at Duke Energy's Moss Bluff natural gas facility intensified overnight, an official said. The second explosion was reported at 1:15 a.m. and was seen as far as 20 miles away, witnesses said.

European Winters Could Disappear by 2080 - Report --Europe is warming up more quickly than the rest of the world, and cold winters could disappear almost entirely by 2080 as a result of global warming, researchers predicted Wednesday.

Terrorism Ruled out in Siberian Ebola Case --A special commission from Russia’s Health Ministry, investigating a deadly Ebola case in Siberia, has confirmed that that the death of an expert was the result of an accident, and ruled out terrorism or foul play, the Interfax news agency reported. An expert at the Vector Virology and Biotechnology institute in Novosibirsk pricked her finger with a needle on May 5 while injecting guinea-pigs with the Ebola virus — possibly the most feared disease in the world.

'Kerry' crushes 'Bush' in cockroach derby --"John Kerry" crushed "George Bush" like a bug at the annual cockroach derby in New Brunswick, N.J. Thursday's event was hosted by the New Jersey Pest Management Association. Organizers say the event has an 80 percent accuracy rate in determining the winners of the election. ...The "Kerry" roach sprinted down a 6- foot tube while the "Bush" roach never moved any of its six legs. [We cannot let the real cockroaches in Florida --Jeb Bush and Theresa LeGOPWhore -- control the actual election.]


Senators Ask Where $8.8 Bln in Iraq Funds Went --At least $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds that was given to Iraqi ministries by the former U.S.-led authority there cannot be accounted for, according to a draft U.S. audit set for release soon.

Doctors a Part of Iraq Abuse --Doctors working for the U.S. military in Iraq collaborated with interrogators in the abuse of detainees at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, profoundly breaching medical ethics and human rights, a bioethicist charges in The Lancet medical journal. In a scathing analysis of the behavior of military doctors, nurses and medics, University of Minnesota professor Steven Miles calls for a reform of military medicine and an official investigation into the role played by physicians and other medical staff in the torture scandal. He cites evidence that doctors or medics falsified death certificates to cover up homicides, hid evidence of beatings and revived a prisoner so he could be further tortured. No reports of abuses were initiated by medical personnel until the official investigation into Abu Ghraib began, he found.

Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass --An Army investigation into the role of military intelligence personnel in the abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison reports that the scandal was not just caused by a small circle of rogue military police soldiers but resulted from failures of leadership rising to the highest levels of the U.S. command in Iraq, senior defense officials said.

U.S. Command Faulted in Abu Ghraib Probe -Paper --A U.S. Army investigation into abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq finds they resulted from failures of leadership at the highest levels of command, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Mortar Rounds Hit U.S. Embassy in Baghdad --A mortar attack on a building housing offices of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Thursday wounded one American, an embassy spokesman said.

'Rebels' attack Iraq oil compound --Insurgents have broken into the headquarters of an Iraqi oil company in the southern city of Basra and set fire to warehouses and offices, reports say. "It was not an accident. The fire is huge," a South Oil Company official told Reuters news agency. [Oops, too bad for Halliburton and Exxon, less stolen oil for today. As the troops sang while bombing Iraq... Burn MF'r Burn]

Iraq's South Oil Co. Headquarters Ignited --Shiite militants loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr broke into the headquarters of Iraq's South Oil Co. on Thursday and set the company's warehouses and offices on fire, witnesses said.

Fierce Fighting in Iraq's Najaf, Sadr Defiant --Fierce fighting raged in the Iraqi city of Najaf on Thursday where a Shi'ite leader spurned a final order from the prime minister to disarm his militia or face an attack on his sanctuary in a holy shrine. U.S. aircraft and tanks pounded the area around Najaf's Imam Ali Mosque where Moqtada al-Sadr and his Mehdi militia have holed up.

Leach says U.S. needs to leave Iraq as soon as possible --Instead of focusing on his campaign like other stump speakers at the Iowa State Fair this week, U.S. Rep. Jim Leach (R–2nd District) emphasized the need for the United States to withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible.

Blair drops Iraq leader invite plan --Tony Blair today dropped plans to invite US puppet dictator ['Iraqi prime minister'] Iyad Allawi to address the Labour Party conference following protests by opponents of the Gulf conflict.

Blairs trapped in palace by security fears --Italian newspapers reported yesterday that the Blairs have been confined to base in Tuscany since the discovery of a time bomb in a Sardinian resort close to the villa where Silvio Berlusconi entertained the Prime Minister and his wife with fireworks and wine.

Unwilling participants Iraqi soccer players angered by Bush campaign ads --Iraqi midfielder Salih Sadir scored a goal here on Wednesday night, setting off a rousing celebration among the 1,500 Iraqi soccer supporters at Pampeloponnisiako Stadium... Afterward, Sadir had a message for U.S. Dictator George W. Bush, who is using the Iraqi Olympic team in his latest re-s-election campaign advertisements. "Iraq as a team does not want Mr. Bush to use us for the presidential campaign," Sadir told through a translator, speaking calmly and directly. "He can find another way to advertise himself."

Anti-Americanism a Hit With Egyptian Audiences --In Cairo's entertainment world these days, it's hard to escape a wave of anti-Americanism. Often, a sure way to fill a theater is to lambaste U.S. foreign policy, cultural habits or military activity. One recent comedy lampooning the United States featured an exploding Statue of Liberty outside the lobby.

U.S. Poll Firm in Hot Water in Venezuela --A U.S. firm's exit poll that said President Hugo Chavez would lose a recall referendum has landed in the center of a controversy following his resounding victory. "Exit Poll Results Show Major Defeat for Chavez," the survey, conducted by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, asserted even as Sunday's voting was still on. But in fact, the opposite was true Chavez ended up trouncing his enemies and capturing 59 percent of the vote. Critics of the exit poll have questioned how it was conducted because officials have said Penn, Schoen & Berland worked with a U.S.-funded Venezuela group that the Chavez government considers hostile. Penn, Schoen & Berland had members of Sumate, a Venezuelan group that helped organize the recall initiative, do the fieldwork for the poll, election observers said.

FBI backs off terror alert (AZ, KOVA News) Yesterday, we told you about an alert issued by the F-B-I for a suspected al-CIA-duh member who may be trying to cross the border through Arizona or Texas. Today, the feds are telling us that news reports about the terrorism suspect are overblown and outdated.

New Yorkers Launch Huge Anti-Bush Banner with Balloons in Grand Central Station "(and walk away unhassled, amid cheers) --The banner now hangs from the Vanderbilt Avenue end of the Terminal’s vaulted ceiling, across from the large American Flag hanging above the eastern end of the concourse." More images here.

Long Range Acoustic Device Weapons On Hand At RNC --The New York Police Department recently bought two 45-pound Long Range Acoustic Device weapons ['acoustic machines'] for $35,000 apiece, and plans to mount them on Humvees posted outside Madison Square Garden. The portable, dish-shaped instrument - developed for the military - is able to blast warnings, orders or anything else at an earsplitting 150 decibels. The LRAD is part of an arsenal of devices and counter[pro]terrorism equipment that authorities unveiled Thursday ahead of the Repugnant Nazi Carnival Aug. 30-Sept. 2. [Thank God for Bose noise cancellation headphones . . . with music port, cable, and fold-flat design. --Mark J. Yannone, Phoenix, AZ]

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars --An introductory programming manual Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1 --"This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the 'Quiet War,' being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with 'silent weapons.' This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry. May 1979 #74-1120"

Report: Bush 'Reckless' on Post-9/11 Health Risks --The Bush dictatorship was guilty of reckless disregard by failing to inform New Yorkers of health risks from toxic air after the collapse of the World Trade Center in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, a leading environmental group said.

Error puts Kennedy on airline no-fly list --Sen. Edward M. Kennedy on Thursday said he had been misidentified on a terrorism watch list when he tried to board airliners between Washington and Boston. The well-known Massachusetts Democrat was stopped five times as he tried to board US Airways shuttles because a name similar to his appeared on a list or his name popped up for additional screening. [Gee, if it were John Kerry, he'd still be grounded. This no-fly list is a SCAM, and this proves it!!! Only the POLITICAL opponents of Repugnant Pigs are on the no-fly list. The Republicans should be made to WALK. They are the most unpatriotic, nation-selling, Swiftboat lying PIGS on EARTH.]

Bush Uses Surrogates for 'Dirty Work,' Kerry Says --John Kerry accused Dictator Bush of using surrogates to "do his dirty work," as the Democratic presidential challenger hit back on Thursday at a Republican assault on his Vietnam War record. Kerry said a group called the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which has attacked the Massachusetts senator's war record via television advertisements, was funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from a Republican contributor in Texas, Bush's home state.

Kerry: Bush Lets Groups Do 'Dirty Work' --Sen. John Kerry accused Dictator Bush on Thursday of relying on front groups to challenge his record of valor in Vietnam, asserting, "He wants them to do his dirty work." Fighting back, Kerry said if Bush wants to "have a debate about our service in Vietnam, here is my answer: 'Bring it on.'"

Checkpoint: A Novel

It's only fiction, but is it legal? (July 30, 2004) An author's dramatization of a fact-based argument about killing President [sic] Bush makes Michael Moore's diatribe in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' look tame by comparison - and may push the boundaries of free speech. Author Nicholson Baker says his book is about 'the moral consequences of war.' --by Ron Charles

Michael Moore to Release Two Books Before Fall Elections --The Michael Moore media train rolls on. The activist, whose film “Fahrenheit 9-11” galvanized film audience this summer will have two new books out this fall.

State and federal agencies seek sealed grand jury documents on former nuclear plant near Denver --State and federal agencies have asked to see sealed files of a grand jury that investigated alleged environmental crimes at the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant, after an advocacy group said cleanup plans were dangerously incomplete.

Kerry pledges $10 billion to clean up coal power plants --U.S. Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry on Thursday pledged $10 billion over a decade to help U.S. electric utilities find cleaner ways to burn coal, the nation's most abundant energy source.

Bush fails on economy, says latest poll Most feel his Democratic opponent in the presidential election, Kerry, would do a better job with the economy and health care --The American public is largely dissatisfied with economic conditions as well as Dictator George W. Bush's stewardship of the economy, according to poll results just published by the Pew Research Institute.

United "likely" to end employee pension plans --Cash-strapped United Airlines said in a bankruptcy court filing today that it "likely" will be necessary [?!?] to terminate and replace its employee pension plans.

Vermont Sues FDA to Allow Importing of Drugs --Vermont sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday over the agency's opposition to the state's plan to help its employees and retirees import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

GOP coup d'etat efforts halted in New Jersey: Effort to Push McGreevey Out Is Collapsing --The effort to force embattled Gov. James E. McGreevey to leave office in time to schedule a special election appeared to collapse on Thursday.

Global warming to devastate Europe first --European winters will disappear by 2080 and extreme weather will become more common unless global warming across the continent is slowed, warns a major new report. Europe is warming more quickly than the rest of the world with potentially devastating consequences, including more frequent heatwaves, flooding, rising sea levels and melting glaciers, says the European Environment Agency (EEA) document, launched on Wednesday.

US troops arrest journalist in Iraq --US occupation troops have arrested an Agence-France Presse journalist in the Iraqi town of Tikrit, reports our correspondent.

US forces kill over 50 Sadr militia near Baghdad --United States forces killed more than 50 Shi'ite militiamen today in an advance into a Baghdad suburb that is a powerbase for leader Moqtada al-Sadr, the military said.

Delegate: Sadr Agrees to Withdraw Fighters --Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr agreed to withdraw fighters from the Imam Ali shrine in Najaf Wednesday just hours after Iraqi officials gave him and his militia hours to lay down their arms before they stormed the holy shrine where about 3,000 fighters are holed up.

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad's Sadr City --An American soldier was shot dead Wednesday while on patrol in the Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, the U.S. military said.

GOP Legislator Assails Iraq War --Nebraskan Criticizes Bush Regime as He Ends 13th Term --A senior Republican has broken from his party in the final days of his House career, saying he believes that the U.S. military assault on Iraq was unjustified and that the situation has deteriorated into "a dangerous, costly mess." "I've reached the conclusion, retrospectively, now that the inadequate intelligence and faulty conclusions are being revealed, that all things being considered, it was a mistake to launch that military action," Rep. Doug Bereuter wrote to constituents.

Two Inmates Killed in Abu Ghraib Riot, U.S. Military Says --Two prisoners were killed and five wounded on Wednesday when a fight broke out among hundreds of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

RP-US military exercises to continue despite strained ties --Joint military exercises between Filipino and American troops will continue as scheduled in the next four months despite the strained relations between the Philippines and the United States in the aftermath of last month's pullout of Filipino troops from Iraq.

US general's 'Satan' speeches broke rules --A United States army general violated Pentagon rules with speeches in which he described the war on terror as a Christian battle against Satan, and he should be punished, according to an inspector-general's report revealed today.

Guantanamo Kangaroo 'Military Commissions' to Begin at Guantanamo --The first four enemy-combatant detainees held by the United States at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to be charged with war crimes will make their first appearance before a military commission when preliminary hearings begin there next week.

Bu$h's W-ar helping Exxon-Mobil corpora-terrorists: Oil price expected to reach 50 dollars per barrel --Analysts expected oil prices to continue their increase in the future to reach 50 dollars per barrel, despite the slight decrease in the price for the second running day from their record levels. Experts in the field of oil said that the prices are expected to increase as far as the turmoil factors which contribute to that are still there like the situation in Iraq and the terrorist operations in Saudi Arabia.

Iraq oil exports halved --Oil flows drastically reduced for ninth day as uprising, civil unrest, disrupt pipelines. Iraq's main southern pipeline was still shut Wednesday, reducing the country's oil exports by half their normal flows for the ninth day, oil officials and shipping agents familiar with the situation said.

Israel's pipe dream: getting oil from Iraq --...Ahmad Chalabi promised to reopen an old British-built pipeline from Kirkuk in northern Iraq to the Israeli port of Haifa. The plan impressed Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and other conservatives influencing Bush regime policy toward Iraq in the lead-up to last year's war. The idea also drew enthusiastic response from Israel. "The pipeline would be a dream," Yosef Paritzky, Israel's minister of infrastructures, said as reported by

U.S. Says No Troops Training for Iraq in Israel --The United States rejected an Israeli newspaper report on Wednesday that its troops were currently being trained by the Israeli army in counter-insurgency tactics for use in Iraq.

Military Boost May Spark Unrest --Washington's plans to beef up its military base in Uzbekistan as part of a troop realignment abroad could whip up tensions between the impoverished ex-Soviet republic's secular government and radical Islamic groups, analysts and opposition politicians say.

57-year-old veteran called for duty --He’s 57 years old, afflicted with skin cancer, partially deaf and suffers from high blood pressure. But the U.S. Army still wants Master Sgt. Luis Jaime Treviño. On July 14, the Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran received his third order to report to active duty — mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom [sic].

Raytheon Gets U.S. Missile Work --Raytheon Co. was awarded a contract worth as much as $1.6 billion for full-rate production of about 2,200 Tomahawk Block IV cruise missiles, the company and the U.S. Department of Defense said on Wednesday.

Bush Troop Realignment Plan Is Decried --Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry assailed Dictator Bush's plan Wednesday to dramatically reduce the number of troops stationed around the globe, calling the realignment a potential threat to the nation's security.

Bush to Bring War Home: Troops to Fight Americans --by Michael Jordan "The recent Bush move to bring an armored division and an infantry division from Europe back to provide security in the United States smells really bad. Think about it, TANKS and TROOPS to protect us from Mexico and Canada? These troops and tanks are supposed to be part of a larger redeployment but the entire operation may be just a charade for the purpose of getting troops and tanks into the streets of American cities to quell the inevitable riots that would surely erupt if Bush is handed another dirty election victory through the combined influences of rigged machines, phony voter purge lists and the orchestrated state police intimidation techniques which are being used in Florida right now."

Judge holds five reporters in contempt for withholding sources --A federal judge held five reporters in contempt Wednesday for refusing to identify their sources for stories about Wen Ho Lee, a former nuclear weapons scientist once suspected of spying.

NYPD to Shadow 56 Protesters Believed Most Dangerous WABC --details on the incredible lengths the NYPD is taking to keep the most 'radical' protesters expected at the Repugnant Nazi Carnival under control --Police are now tracking 56 potentially 'dangerous' people. While international terrorism remains a concern, this operation's focus is primarily on anarchists, and how they plan to disrupt the convention. This week the NYPD began instructing officers on intelligence on this threat. [Shadow *this.*]

Mega barf alert! FBI Expects [Foments] Violence at GOP Convention --The FBI anticipates violent protests at the upcoming Repugnant Nazi Carnival in New York but does not have enough evidence to move against any group or person, the bureau's top terrorism official said Wednesday.

Specter of a police state FBI "anti-terror" task force targets Bush administration opponents (WSWS) "In violation of basic democratic and Constitutional rights, the JTTF [FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force] has placed under surveillance, and in some cases interviewed, dozens of people in at least six states about their antiwar views and actions... The spying operation is, in fact, a revival of McCarthyite tactics, aimed at silencing opponents of government policy."

NYC to GOP: Drop Dead --by Ted Rall "A poll cited by the local ABC affiliate shows 83 percent of New Yorkers don't want their city to host the RNC. And many of them are planning to do something about it. Rejecting ex-mayor Ed Koch's call to 'make nice' with the party that used the deaths of 2,801 New Yorkers--most of them Democrats--for everything from tax cuts for the rich to building concentration camps at Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib to invading Iraq to enrich Dick Cheney and his fellow Halliburton execs, some groups are encouraging liberal-minded New Yorkers to volunteer for the city's squad of official greeters."

Records Counter A Critic of Kerry --Fellow Skipper's Citation Refers To Enemy Fire --Newly obtained military records of one of Sen. John F. Kerry's most vocal critics, who has accused the Democratic presidential candidate of lying about his wartime record to win medals, contradict his own version of events.

Records Contradict Kerry Critic's Charges -Report --Military records contradict a critic's charge that U.S. Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry did not come under fire during the battle that resulted in military honors for Kerry, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Soldier with Kerry in '68 says he earned first medal --An Ohio factory worker who was with John Kerry on a dangerous night mission 36 years ago in Vietnam said he has no doubt Kerry was grazed in a firefight and deserves his first Purple Heart for a combat injury.

Only true believers need apply --Neurotic control lies at the heart of the Republican campaign --by Sidney Blumenthal "Bush is campaigning at events billed as Ask President [sic] Bush. Only supporters are allowed in. ...At his rallies Bush is a pseudo-populist. But these controlled environments reflect his deeper view of the presidency as sovereign, preempting democracy. Floundering in the polls, without a strategy for Iraq, unwilling to say the name of Bin Laden, he is secure in the knowledge that the cheering multitudes have been selected." [A must read]

Kerry Widens Lead in California, Poll Finds --Democratic challenger John Kerry has a commanding lead over Dictator Bush in California of 54 percent to 38 percent among likely voters, a poll released on Tuesday found. [The Bush terror team's possible solution: Terrorism and the Election: California is the Target! No postponement, just bedlam at the polls and a low turnout on the west coast is Bush's plan for 'victory' --by Wayne Madsen]

Election 2004: Florida under microscope again heading into election --Questions about electronic 'voting' machines and a series of embarrassing blunders have stoked concerns months before the November ballot about another bungled vote in the state that was the epicenter of the 2000 coup d'etat ['presidential election fiasco']. Critics argue the new 'system,' which is deployed in more than a dozen states and could be used by up to 50 million voters in the fall, is vulnerable to tampering and glitches.

Group of unions sues state over provisional ballot law --Citing fears of disenfranchisement, several unions asked the Florida Supreme Court to throw out a law requiring provisional ballots be cast in the correct precinct. Several unions went to Florida's highest court on Tuesday and asked it to strike down a law that requires people who use provisional ballots to cast them in the right precinct.

Bush Cancels Funding for Important Weather Satellite Program (buzzflash) --by Captain Wayne R. Genthner "The TRMM satellite program has been used for over a decade in successful forecasts of intensity and tracking for tropical systems like Hurricane Charley. To the dismay of working professionals, coastal residents and the world science community, funding for this vital program has been terminated by the Bush administration, even as these scientists argue that we are now handicapping our ability to deliver concise warnings of impending hurricane landfalls."

FL Eyewitness Death Count Close to 400 Now --by Michael Edward (Rumor Mill News Agents Forum, 8-17-4) "...[L]et me spell out the body counts that 6 of us (all retired military and/or law enforcement) went out to confirm today in different areas. These are confirmed bodies in the trucks, restaurant refers, or refer vans, and they are NOT 'missing persons' or animals: Charlotte Harbor areas - 58 dead as of 5pm today; Fort Myers & the barrier islands - 21 deaths as of 3pm today; Punta Gorda - 275+ deaths and escalating each hour; Desoto County - 36 deaths, expected to increase... The current CONFIRMED body count in our 3 county area on the west coast of Florida is near 400 as I write this... Considering most of the trained and experienced personnel and modern equipment from the Florida National Guard are now in the Middle East, JEB THE BUSH dared to send us antiquated equipment that broke down on I-75 driven by untrained personnel who have no idea what to do... There is no Florida National Guard... all the necessary equipment we need is sitting in Iraq or Kuwait right now."

With Storm Gone, Floridians Are Hit With Price Gouging --Since the winds of Hurricane Charley subsided, officials say a wave of price gouging has swept across central and southwest Florida, putting law enforcement officials into high gear and infuriating storm victims already faced with damaged homes, shuttered workplaces and long lines for basic commodities.

Europe 'must adapt on climate' --An EEA [European Environment Agency] report, Impacts of Europe's changing climate, says fewer than 50 years remain to act against the threat. It says melting meant Europe's glaciers lost a tenth of their mass last year, and harvests fell by almost a third. The EEA says the climate change under way now probably exceeds all natural climate variation for a thousand years.

Leukaemia link to petrol stations --Living near a petrol station or commercial garage may quadruple the risk of childhood leukaemia. The study in France found a link between cases of acute leukaemia among youngsters and how close they lived to a petrol station or a garage carrying out car repairs.

Sources: Prof claims gay affair with Cipel --The media-created ['New Jersey gay sex'] scandal took an explosive new turn as a man claiming to be Golan Cipel's lover came forward and reported the affair to aides of Gov. Jim McGreevey, sources said yesterday. The mystery man, a college professor from northern Jersey, called the governor's office to assert he and Cipel had been romantically involved, sources said. If true, the new lover could blow apart Cipel's claims that he is straight and seriously damage Cipel's credibility as a victim of McGreevey's unwanted sexual advances.

Corzine Says He Won't Run for N.J. Governor --Sen. Jon Corzine said Wednesday that he won't run for governor in a special election, declaring he would not serve out the rest of Gov. James E. McGreevey's term. Corzine said McGreevey has assured him that he intends to serve through Nov. 15, in which case a special election would not be held.

Bush twins to see gay vows -- When Washington-area beautician Erwin Gomez and his longtime partner James Packard celebrate their marital vows with 400 of their closest friends next month, two of Gomez's best customers will probably be in attendance: Dictator Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara.


Possible snag [LOL!] in FBI case against mosque leaders --The government hit a major snag in its case against two Albany mosque members. Federal prosecutors said an Army intelligence expert misinterpreted a key word in a notebook linking imam Yassin Aref to Iraqi terrorists. The original translation had Aref referred to as a "commander." But the actual translation from Kurdish-to-English is "brother." An attorney representing Mohammed Hossain, the other man arrested in the sting, said the mistakes undermine the government's entire case. [Oops!! ...I sure hope the lawsuits against AshKKKroft quickly follow.]

Iraqi police threaten to kill reporters --[US-trained, installed] Iraqi police have threatened to kill every journalist working in the holy city of Najaf, where US forces are locked in a tense stand-off with Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army. After a series of veiled warnings to leave on Sunday, two marked police cars pulled up at dusk outside the Sea of Najaf hotel on the outskirts of town, where Arab and Western journalists are staying. Ten uniformed policemen walked into the hotel and demanded that the al-Arabiya, Reuters and AP correspondents go with them.

Reuters photographer shot in leg during Najaf fighting --An Iraqi photographer working for Reuters new agency was shot in the leg during fighting in the holy city of Najaf, the agency said.

Mortar attack kills seven in Baghdad --At least seven people, including two children, were killed and 42 wounded yesterday when a shell hit a crowded street in central Baghdad, hospital sources said.

Rumsfeld Says US Forces "Unlikely" To Storm Holy Places In Najaf --The United States pulled its punch in Iraq late Tuesday as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced US forces arrayed in Najaf against Shiite militants of Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr were "unlikely" to storm the town`s holy places to deal the militia a fatal blow.

Army, in Shift, Will Pay Halliburton --The Army reversed a decision late Tuesday to withhold payment on 15 percent of future payments to the Halliburton Company on its contracts in Iraq and Kuwait, giving the company more time to resolve a billing dispute.

US suspends Halliburton decision --The US army has said it has suspended for now a decision to withhold some payments to Halliburton, its biggest contractor in Iraq. The army had earlier said it would be withholding 15% of payments on future bills to Halliburton, once run by US Vice-pResident Dick Cheney.

Army will withhold payment to Halliburton due to suspicious bills ( --The U.S. Army has decided to withhold 15 percent of future payments to Halliburton because the company apparently billed taxpayers for work that was never undertaken or completed, Reuters reports. The Pentagon last week told Halliburton's KBR subsidiary that $1.8 billion in bills from the company's work in the Middle East are not verifiable. The $1.8 billion represents 43 percent of Halliburton's total bills submitted to the Pentagon for reimbursement. The company was given until Aug. 15 to justify those bills, but failed to meet that deadline. It also failed to meet two previous deadlines that had been extended, Reuters reported.

Iraq closes one main oil exporting pipelines following threats (8/16/2004) One Iraqi oil official said yesterday that the main oil pipeline which carried exportation oil in al-Basra city to the south of Iraq was blocked after intelligent information said that Shiite gunmen might attack the basic infrastructure for oil industry.

Oil Prices Set Record, Near $47 a Barrel --Oil prices set a new record Tuesday, approaching $47 a barrel, as concerns about Iraqi and Russian output dominated markets that had been calmed a day earlier by the results of a vote in Venezuela.

Howard was told of doubts on Iraq weapons, says Blix --The United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix says he told the Prime Minister, John Howard, weeks before the Iraq war that he had serious doubts that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Latest polls have Howard trailing badly --Australian Prime Minister John Howard's government has fallen significantly behind the opposition Labor party in opinion polls released on Tuesday as questions over Howard's honesty look likely to dominate a looming election. In face of sliding support, the prime minister hinted that he could delay calling the election [a Bush-Rove tactic], expected in coming months, until early 2005. [Either that or import Diebold machines...]

'NY Times' Gets 2 More Subpoenas in Plame Case --The New York Times has received two more subpoenas from prosecutors investigating who leaked the identity of former CIA officer Valerie Plame to the press, Editor&Publisher has learned. The two latest subpoenas arrived over the weekend.

US 'bounty hunter' claims FBI links --An alleged American bounty-hunter on trial for running a private jail, kidnapping and torturing prisoners in Afghanistan has accused FBI agents of seizing evidence proving his links to US authorities. Jonathon Idema told an Afghan court on Monday the US Federal Bureau of Investigation had taken hundreds of videotapes, photos and documents from the Afghan National Directorate of Security (NDS). The "evidence" detailed his links with the FBI, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Defence Department and US-led forces, he said.

Iraq Prison Abuse Whistleblower in Protective Custody Following Death Threats, Family Says -- The Army reservist who tipped off investigators to abuse of Iraqi prisoners by his fellow soldiers is in protective military custody because of death threats, family members said Tuesday.

Soldier Sues U.S. Military Over Extended Service --A decorated U.S. combat veteran filed a lawsuit on Tuesday asserting that the government can not prevent reservists from leaving the military when their enlistment periods end.

State Dept. presses case against Iran --The Bush dictatorship will keep using diplomacy to try to end Iran's drive for nuclear weapons, but there is no sign yet that Iran - or North Korea - has decided to follow Libya's lead and abandon its dangerous goal, a senior Bush regime official said Tuesday.

Bush Promotes His Plan for Missile 'Defense' System --Saying he was "living in the future," [?!?] Dictator Bush promoted his plans for a missile 'defense' system on Tuesday and said that its opponents were putting the nation's security at risk, as he courted aerospace workers in Pennsylvania before rallying supporters in West Virginia.

Rumsfeld rejects 'Fortress America' charge --U.S. Defence Secretary [W-ar criminal] Donald Rumsfeld has rejected criticism of a plan to remove U.S. troops from Europe and Asia, saying the United States has no intention of abandoning allies to establish a "Fortress America."

Bush's Withdrawal From the World --by Ronald D. Asmus "Harry Truman must be turning over in his grave. The planned withdrawal of U.S. troops from Europe and Asia that President [sic] Bush announced this week, if allowed to stand, could lead to the demise of the United States' key alliances across the globe, including the one that Truman considered his greatest foreign policy accomplishment: NATO."

Harkin: Cheney's comments 'cowardly' --Vice pResident Dick Cheney's questioning of John Kerry's war record and his ability to protect America is "cowardly," Sen. Tom Harkin said Monday. "It just outrages me that someone who got five deferments during Vietnam and said he had 'other priorities' at that time would say that," said the Iowa Democrat, a former Navy fighter pilot.

Venezuelans give Chavez landslide win --Opposition cries foul, but observers say vote was clean; oil prices drop --In a stunning victory, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez easily defeated a recall referendum that sought to end his self-described revolution that has given hope to the poor but has bitterly divided this strategic oil-rich nation. Electoral officials announced Monday that Chavez received about 58 percent of the vote in Sunday's balloting.

Singapore developing anti-missile defense for commercial planes --A system which will protect Singapore commercial planes against surface-to-air missile terrorist attacks should be ready in 12-18 months, the city-state's top security minister said Tuesday.

The Al Qaeda Express --by William E. Jackson Jr. "There is one inescapable conclusion from recent press coverage of the steady streams of threat information emanating from Washington and London and Pakistan. National newspapers, however unwittingly, have been drawn into 'flooding the zone' with stories that move to the forefront of public consciousness the issue that the White House would like to have at the top of the agenda in this election season: domestic security and threats to the homeland. On any given day, it is clear that presidential staff, the Secretary of Homeland Security, or an anonymous intelligence official, can crank up the cycle again by feeding the frenzy."

Inquiry Into F.B.I. Questioning Is Sought --Several Democratic lawmakers called on Tuesday for a Justice Department investigation into the Federal Bureau of Investigation's questioning of would-be demonstrators about possible violence at the political conventions, saying the questioning may have violated the First Amendment.

Ticket ripped because of sticker --Teacher, 55, wanted to see a president --Kathryn Mead wanted to see her first sitting president [sic] when George W. Bush visited the city. Instead, Bush campaign staffers tore up the 55-year-old social studies teacher's ticket and refused her admission because she sported a small sticker on her blouse that touted the Democratic ticket of John Kerry and John Edwards. "I had my ticket and photo identification, but they would not let me in because of this sticker," said Mead, a teacher at Traverse City West Senior High, who said she has seen Queen Elizabeth and Pope John Paul in person. "I have never found this kind of screening anywhere in my travels around the world. I can't imagine being denied access to hearing the president of the United States speak."

Caught On Tape: Cops Use Taser Gun On Man Trying to Get Home --'Officers' [Jeb Bush's Nazis] in hurricane-ravaged Fort Myers used a Taser gun on a man allegedly trying to get by a police barrier to get home, and it was caught on tape. The man had three children in the car with him. Many in the crowd felt for the man who hasn't seen his home in days.

Deadlines Urged for Terror Fixes --9/11 Panel Wants Homeland Security Department Accountable --Members of the Sept. 11 commission urged Congress yesterday to impose strict deadlines on the Department of Homeland Security to close loopholes in the nation's transportation system, even if it means going up against powerful interest groups and spending billions of dollars.

Fahrenheit 911 cancelled after warning from US Embassy --The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT) on Monday cancelled a planned screening of "Fahrenheit 911" - Michael Moore's scathing documentary on US Dictator George W. Bush - after receiving an unofficial warning from the US embassy. A private screening of the same film planned in Hong Kong, organised in a pub by the Democrats Abroad, was also aborted after an anonymous caller warned the group it could face legal problems if it showed a pirated version of the controversial documentary.

Saudis use 9-11 Commission report in U.S. ad campaign --Saudi Arabia has begun a radio advertising campaign in 19 U.S. cities citing the Sept. 11 Commission report as proof [?!?] that it has been a loyal ally in the fight against al-Qaeda.

The Secret Hijacking --The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland --by Woody Box "The Secret Hijacking -The Fifth Plane landed in Cleveland... --The thesis of the secret hijacked airplane helps to explain many hitherto unsolved peculiarities of 9/11. It looks like the existence of this flight was meant to be hidden from the public by interested circles, so the question arises: Why was it kept secret? And of course it would be interesting to find out the airport where Flight X started."

The Cleveland Airport Mystery --200 passengers got lost on 9/11 -- by Woody Box (May 30, 2004) "In midst the chaos breaking out in the hours after the WTC and Pentagon attacks, between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m an airplane made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Rumours were going around that it was hijacked or had a bomb on board... The plane - Delta flight 1989 - was not hijacked, and there was no bomb. However, a closer examination reveals a bunch of conflicting statements concerning Delta 1989... For every aspect of the incident there are two different versions. Not one or three or four versions, but two. This article will prove that not one, but two planes made an emergency landing in Cleveland - in close succession."

Illinois Governor Launching Program to Reimport Drugs Move May Force FDA's [The FDA suddenly *cares* about safety? LOL] Hand --Despite opposition from a federal agency, Illinois will soon become the nation's first government to help residents buy cheaper drugs not only from Canada but from the United Kingdom and Ireland as well. In an announcement later today, Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) is scheduled to unveil the program, which will be coordinated and managed for the state by a Canadian pharmacy benefits company . [California the target? I think Illinois and the Sears Tower may be the 'target' of the Bush terror team. Lots of Democrats running the show, and there is less focus on the state than CA and NY.]

Kerry Would Allow Overseas Drug Imports; Bush's Pharmaceutical Terrorists Worry --Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has said he would allow Americans to legally buy less expensive prescription drugs from Canada and other countries if he is elected president. Kerry would be following the lead of a handful of states and cities that have set up web sites directing their citizens to pharmacies in Canada that typically sell brand-name drugs at prices that can be half the price consumers pay in the U.S. [Why is that? Why are Bush's installers, the pharmaceutical terrorists (who have killed more than al CIA-duh has by forcing senior citizens to either eat or take pills or cut pills in half) charge US citizens *double* the price for these prescriptions?]

Blacks in Texas County File Rights Suit --Black leaders filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against several white officials in Waller County, alleging "an extensive illegal reign of terror against African-American" officials. One of the six plaintiffs, Justice of the Peace Dewayne Charleston, said District Attorney Oliver Kitzman sought to intimidate people after he lost a legal battle this year to keep students at historically black Prairie View A&M University from voting in the county northwest of Houston.

Saving the Vote --by Paul Krugman "Everyone knows it, but not many politicians or mainstream journalists are willing to talk about it, for fear of sounding conspiracy-minded: there is a substantial chance that the result of the 2004 presidential election will be suspect. When I say that the result will be suspect, I don't mean that the election will, in fact, have been stolen... Given this pattern, there will be skepticism [revolution] if Florida's paperless voting machines give President [sic] Bush an upset, uncheckable victory."

Hackers Take Aim at GOP --Online protests targeting GOP websites could turn out to be more than symbolic during this month's Repugnant Nazi Carnival, possibly blocking a critical communications tool for the party. Hardened electronic activists are planning to jam the servers of, and related [pornographic] websites, once the RNC gets underway Aug. 29. [Great, hack away!!]

Nader gains spot on W.Va. ballot --Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader's name will appear on West Virginia's general election ballot in November, the secretary of state's office said Tuesday.

U.S. Debt Burden Is Higher Now than During Depression, Study Says (Mar. 15, 2004) --The United States is shouldering a greater debt burden today than it did during the Great Depression. The total amount owed – by consumers, businesses, governments and financial institutions – totaled $34.4 trillion at the end of 2003, according to the Federal Reserve. The economy produced $11.3 trillion of output.

Alcoa closing Ohio plant, cutting 140 jobs --Alcoa Inc. will close an automotive components factory in Ohio and lay off its staff in a bid to cut excess capacity, the Pittsburgh-based company said Tuesday.

'Boiling Point': Who's to Blame for Global Warming? --by Al Gore "In this new book, [Ross] Gelbspan focuses his toughest language by far on the coal and oil industries. After documenting the largely successful efforts of companies like ExxonMobil to paralyze the policy process, confuse the American people and cynically 'reposition global warming as theory rather than fact,' as one strategy paper put it, he concludes that 'what began as a normal business response by the fossil fuel lobby -- denial and delay -- has now attained the status of a crime against humanity.'"


Suppress the Vote? --by Bob Herbert "[Florida] State police officers have gone into the homes of elderly black voters in Orlando and interrogated them as part of an odd 'investigation' that has frightened many voters, intimidated elderly volunteers and thrown a chill over efforts to get out the black vote in November... The state police officers, armed and in plain clothes, have questioned dozens of voters in their homes."

Militia Set Fire to Iraq Oil Well in New Tactic --Shi'ite militia have set fire to an oil well in southern Iraq, Baghdad said Monday, adopting a new tactic in the uprising against U.S. forces and the new Iraqi government.

Police fire at reporters as US tanks roll up to shrine --The bullet that whistled through the lobby of the Sea Hotel in Najaf yesterday, embedding shards of glass into a foreign reporter's cheek before lodging itself in an air-conditioning unit, carried an unmistakable message: "Get out." In Najaf... the Iraqi police threaten journalists, and the insurgents welcome them.

Taken at Gunpoint, U.S. Journalist and His Interpreter Are Missing in Iraq --Micah Garen, an American journalist who was investigating the looting of ancient artifacts in Iraq, was missing along with his Iraqi interpreter on Monday after the two were led at gunpoint on Friday from a shop in the southern city of Nasiriya, according to news reports and the men's families.

Delegation Dispatched to Meet With Sadr --In a new initiative to avoid bloodshed in some of Islam's holiest places, a high-level delegation of Iraqi political leaders will be dispatched Tuesday to the embattled city of Najaf to convince Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr to abandon his rebellion and join the country's political process.

U.S. tanks take up positions near Shiite shrine --U.S. tanks rolled into the Old City of Najaf toward a holy Shiite shrine where militants were positioned on Monday. Witnesses reported U.S. tanks had moved to within 500 yards of the revered Imam Ali Shrine.

Offensive resumes in Najaf, prompting desertions of Iraqi troops --U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a renewed assault Sunday on Shiite Muslim militiamen in the southern holy city of Najaf in a risky campaign that was marred from the onset by an outcry from Iraqi politicians and the desertion of dozens [Fuzzy math? Likely, it's more than 'dozens...'] of Iraqi troops who refused to fight their countrymen.

Destruction of the Imam Ali Shrine: Part of the Bushcon Plan for Total War --by Kurt Nimmo "As Juan Cole, an Iraq expert at the University of Michigan, notes, the 'Waco-style' Najaf attack, especially if 'Sayyid' (a putative descendant of the Prophet Muhammad) Muqtada is killed, will most assuredly result in 'a long-term low-intensity guerrilla war, similar to what Sunni radicals and Arab nationalists have done in the Sunni heartland for the past 16 months.' Logically, we would conclude such an attack is diametrically opposed to what the US wants in Iraq—until we consider the capper of the neocon philosophy is to provoke Islam into a generalized conflagration and thus provide an excuse to invade and occupy the Middle East in the name of Greater Israel and Big Oil (with plentiful benefits, as noted above, going to the so-called military-industrial complex, or the death merchants so heavily invested in by the neocon camarilla in the Pentagon, the White House, and neocon criminal organizations such as PNAC and the American Enterprise Institute)." [a must read]

Round two for Kabul's trial of year --Kabul's trial of the year has resumed. Former US soldier Jonathan K Idema and two other Americans, Edward Caraballo and Brent Bennett, are facing charges including hostage-taking, torture, illegally entering Afghanistan and running a private jail... Mr Idema claimed at the first hearing three weeks ago then that he was in Afghanistan on a secret anti-terrorist mission approved at the highest levels of the Pentagon - claims the US military denies. "We were in contact directly by fax and e-mail and phone with [Defence Secretary] Donald Rumsfeld's office," Mr Idema said when journalists asked him to name names, "and with the deputy secretary of defence for intelligence." Mr Idema's lawyer in America, John Tiffany, says he is assembling a "slew of evidence" which proves his client was working for the US government. He says it includes e-mails, photographs and video, but says he does not want to reveal any details for now.

Rumsfeld escapes blame in 'whitewash' Abu Ghraib report --A Pentagon report on prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison is being labelled a whitewash before it has even been released... The role of the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, has been judged to be outside the investigation's remit, despite allegations that extreme treatment of prisoners was authorised at the highest levels. Last month, Brig-Gen Janis Karpinski, the commander formerly in charge of Abu Ghraib, alleged that Mr Rumsfeld had authorised the use of "dogs, food deprivation and sleep deprivation".

Family of Iraq Abuse Whistleblower Threatened --Relatives of the U.S. soldier who sounded the alarm about abuse of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison said on Monday the family was living in protective custody because of death threats against them.

Venezuelans Vote to Keep Chavez in Office --Venezuelans overwhelmingly voted to keep President Hugo Chavez in office, dealing a crushing defeat to a splintered opposition and allowing the leftist leader to convert one of the biggest challenges of his presidency into an even broader mandate to carry on his "revolution for the poor."

Chavez "survived quite easily the referendum" --World oil prices set new record high points but later retreated as traders reacted with relief to a referendum victory by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Oil prices later slid after electoral authorities in Venezuela, the world's fifth largest oil exporter, announced Chavez had won a referendum on his mandate, with over 58 percent of the vote. Chavez appeared to have "survived quite easily the referendum, so prices are coming off on the basis of that," said Paul Goodhew, a trader at GNI-Man Financial.

Carter: Observers Agree with Chavez Recall Results --Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said on Monday international observers agreed that leftist President Hugo Chavez won an Aug. 15 recall referendum fairly despite opposition concerns over fraud in the vote.

Poll hours extended in Venezuela --Polling stations in Venezuela extended their hours of operation as an unprecedented number of voters turned out Sunday to cast a ballot on the future of their president. Some lines extended for 2 km forcing officials to allow people to vote eight hours later than scheduled.

Dick Cheney, Hugo Chavez and Bill Clinton's Band --Why Venezuela has Voted Again for Their 'Negro e Indio' President --by Greg Palast "...[T]he President of Venezuela [Hugo Chavez] demanded 30%, leaving Big Oil only 70%. Suddenly, Bill Clinton's ally in Caracas became Mr. Cheney's -- and therefore, Mr. Bush's -- enemy. So began the Bush-Cheney campaign to 'Floridate' the will of the Venezuela electorate. It didn't matter that Chavez had twice won election. Winning most of the votes, said a White House spokesman, did not make Chavez' government 'legitimate.' Hmmm. Secret contracts were awarded by our Homeland Security spooks to steal official Venezuela voter lists. Cash passed discreetly from the US taxpayer, via the so-called 'Endowment for Democracy,' to the Chavez-haters running today's 'recall' election."

The recall referendum in Venezuela --A crushing blow to the counterrevolution --by Alan Woods "...[T]he opposition still persists in describing him as a 'dictator'. This flies in the face of the facts. Whatever you think about Hugo Chávez he is not a dictator. After almost six years in government, President Chávez has not only maintained his popular support but increased it... Now his support is near 60 percent. Defeated in every election, the opposition has tried to remove Chávez from power through a coup d'etat in 2002, followed by a management-led shutdown of the state oil company PDVSA. When these attempts failed the opposition put all their weight behind the recall referendum to oust the democratically elected President before the end of his term."

Terror 'the biggest risk in US' --Terrorism poses the biggest short-term threat to the US economy, a panel of top business economists has said in a survey.

Terrorism Is Biggest Economic Threat --Terrorism has replaced weak employment growth and the ballooning budget deficit as the biggest immediate threat to the economy, the National Association for Business Economics said Tuesday.

Government to Take Over Watch-List Screening --Domestic security officials said Monday that they planned to begin screening airline passengers against a list of potential terror suspects, taking over a responsibility now carried out by the airlines.

FBI: Al-CIA-duh operating cells in U.S. using non-Arabs --Al-CIA-duh allies are believed to be scouting U.S. targets in several states, and the terror organization is using non-Arabic recruits to avoid detection, U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials say. The FBI has counter[pro]terrorism investigations in virtually all 56 of its field offices but has not broken up a known surveillance cell, either because agents are tailing suspects who have not committed crimes [?!?] or because they have descriptions but not identities.

Explosion at BP U.S. refinery (Fri 13 August, 2004 13:52, essentially suppressed in the media) A fire after an explosion at BP's 420,000-barrels-per-day Whiting, Indiana oil refinery is under control, local police say. Whiting's Detective Sergeant Donald Greer said on Friday there was one minor injury after the large blast. "I live a mile from the refinery and I could feel my walls trembling," said Greer about the blast. [Why no media coverage?]

Bill: CIA Could Arrest US Citizens --Dictator Bush's nominee to head the CIA supports legislation that would give the president new authority to direct CIA agents to conduct law-enforcement operations inside the United States—including arresting American citizens. Rep. Porter Goss introduced the legislation in June.

F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers --The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been questioning political demonstrators across the country, and in rare cases even subpoenaing them, in an aggressive effort to forestall what officials say could be violent and disruptive protests at the Repugnant Nazi Carnival in New York. F.B.I. officials are urging agents to canvass their communities for information about planned disruptions aimed at the convention and other coming political events, and they say they have developed a list of people [?!?] who they think may have information about possible violence. [List *this.*]

Arrests at Ground Zero - Part 2 --by Michael Kane "On August 14, the same day activists were harassed and illegally threatened with arrest, the skies above Manhattan were filled with military and police air power as authorities staged a secret sky-high anti-terror training drill in preparation for the GOP convention as reported by the NY Post. NORAD jets were involved in the drills, as were coast guard and local law enforcement. The drill was in response to a mock report of an unknown airborne attack on Madison Square Garden."

Buchanan Freed! Judge dismisses case after 4 hr wait for no-show "victim" --by David Kubiak (no link, email courtesy Pondo) "Judge Jose Jiminez threw out all charges against John Buchanan today when the Florida state attorney could not produce the alleged 'victim' in the case. John was brilliantly represented by Rae Shearon, a Lawyers Guild pro bono crusader who is also one of Florida's sharpest defense attorneys, and the case was greatly helped by the torrent of 9/11 supporters' phone calls and emails that flooded the judge and DA's office. The latter seemed appropriately anxious and no doubt fully aware that John can now rightfully sue both her office and the cops for the past three months' harassment and violation of his rights."

The Index of Words Not Contained in the 9/11 Commission Report Updated!

FBI Tracks Potential GOP Protesters --With the Republican National Convention less than two weeks away, federal agents and city police are keeping tabs on activists and others they believe might try to cause trouble. They are making unannounced visits to people's homes, conducting interviews and monitoring Web sites and meetings.

IL launches compulsory mental health screening for children and pregnant women (Monday, July 19, 2004) This week, a series of public forums on a program requiring all pregnant women and children through age 18 years to be tested for mental health needs is being held this week in five different locations statewide. The $10 million plan for the setup of the Children's Mental Health Act of 2003 is being considered at this week's public forums starting Monday, July 18 in Champaign.

Bush accused of exploiting hurricane in Florida as he offers aid to disaster area --Dictator George Bush flew into south-west Florida yesterday on a mission that was as much about politics as compassion for the area devastated by a hurricane over the weekend. With Jeb at his side yesterday, George Bush faced an uphill task avoiding the impression that he was politicising the storm. Already, George Bush had declared 20 counties in Florida as federal disaster areas - making them eligible for millions of dollars in help.

Fla. Voucher Law Ruled Unconstitutional --A Florida law that allows students at failing public schools to attend private religious schools at taxpayers' expense is unconstitutional, a state appeals court ruled Monday.

Governor's gay affair makes no impact in poll --New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's approval rating has not suffered since he announced that he had an affair with a man and will resign in November, a new poll showed today.

Salaries, Bonuses Increased in 2003 After 2 Down Years --Pay for the Washington area's top executives rose significantly last year, reversing the downward trend that set in with the recession in 2001.

Tax Burden Shifts to the Middle --Since 2001, Dictator Bush's tax cuts have shifted federal tax payments from the richest Americans to a wide swath of middle-class families, the Congressional Budget Office has found, a conclusion likely to roil the presidential election campaign.

Study Finds Climate Shift Threatens California -- A scientific study released on Monday presents an alarming view of climate changes in California, finding that by the end of the century rising temperatures could lead to a sevenfold increase in heat-related deaths in Los Angeles and imperil the state's wine and dairy industries.


Bush terror team busy in Caracas: Voters gunned down in Chavez poll --One person died and 10 others were wounded today when gunmen opened fire on voters just outside Caracas during a referendum on the mandate of Venezuela's president, firefighters said. "What we know is that voters were in line and 'people' [Bush's terrorists] opened fire from motorbikes, and there are 10 people with bullet wounds and one person dead," said Caracas fire chief Rodolfo Briceno.

[Informacion recibida por los medios internacionales pero que no puede ser transmitida a esta hora] Dom. 15 de Agosto 2:51 pm Caracas-Venezuela Segun ultimas informaciones recibidas por el comando central de la Coordinadora Democratica [oposicion] en Venezuela el referendum esta siendo favorable a Chavez con un 67% de los votos totales hasta las 2:51 de la tarde Informacion Ultima Hora Seguiremos informando --English Translation: Information received by the central command of the Democratic Coordinator [opposition] in Venezuela, the referendum is favourable to Chavez with a 67% of the total votes as of 2:51pm Caracas time.

Journalists ordered to leave Najaf as fighting continues --Journalists have been kicked out of Najaf as clashes flared in the Iraqi city, prompting speculation that a major United States-led assault on Shiite fighters was imminent.

Iraqi government [US puppet dictatorship] evicts reporters from Najaf as fighting continues --As fighting resumes between U-S forces and Shiite militants, Iraqi police have ordered all journalists to leave the holy city of Najaf. The order doesn't specify consequences of violating the request. But journalists say the police told them any reporters remaining would be arrested.

U.S. Halts Free Flow of Information From Iraq: Experts --Iranian politicians and journalists believe that the U.S. is against the free flow of information in Iraq and that the arrest of the Iranian journalist should be viewed in this limelight. Hamidreza Haj-Babayee, a top lawmaker, believes that the U.S. is leading a covert coup in Iraq by exposing journalists and diplomats to insecurity.

Five killed in US 'defensive' action --Five people were killed when US forces carried out multiple bombing raids in the flashpoint Iraqi city of Fallujah, a doctor said today. "Five people were killed and six wounded," said the medic from Fallujah general hospital. "The Americans fired seven missiles."

After talks fail in Najaf, fighting resumes --Shiite militiamen battled U.S. and Iraqi forces in the holy city of Najaf on Sunday, resuming hostilities the day after the collapse of peace talks aimed at ending 10 days of fighting.

Blasts rock Baghdad as leaders meet --At least one person was killed and five wounded when three blasts rocked Baghdad yesterday as Iraqi leaders met to pick an assembly to oversee their interim government. Smoke was seen rising near the Rasheed Hotel on the edge of the green zone compound, where the conference had opened earlier.

Bomb explosions heard near Iraq national conference --Reports from Iraq say at least two people have been killed and five wounded after three mortar bombs exploded near the venue of a national conference getting underway in Baghdad.

100 desert Iraq conference --A national conference, hailed as Iraq's first experiment in 'democracy' for decades, got off to a rocky start today when more than 100 delegates walked out to protest against fighting in the holy city of Najaf.

Uprising halves Iraq oil exports --Iraq's oil exports are still running at half their normal rates as a Shi'ite uprising prevented the re-opening a main export pipeline and shut the South Oil Company's headquarters.

Al-Sadr: Iraqi government worse than Hussein --In an exclusive interview with Aljazeera, Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr said the Iraqi people want the interim Iraqi government to resign, saying its policies are worse than those of Saddam Hussein. [Since Dictator Bush was/is far more dangerous to the world than Saddam Hussein, we would have to agree.]

Najaf braces for siege as talks collapse --Iraq's interim government [US puppet dictatorship] says it is resuming military operations in the holy city of Najaf after talks with the militia of Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr failed.

Najaf assault turns allies against US --Former US ally and president of the Iraqi Governing Council (IGC), Muhammad Bahr al-Ulum, has lost faith in the US-led occupation.

Blast Kills Soldier in Northern Baghdad --A Task Force Baghdad soldier was killed today in an improvised explosive attack, military officials in Baghdad reported.

Policeman Shot Dead in Iraq --A 29-year-old Dutch military policeman was shot dead and five other Dutch military personnel were seriously wounded during a firefight in Iraq.

Ukraine captain in Iraq killed --The commander of a Ukrainian platoon in Iraq was killed by a remote-controlled land-mine blast while collecting water this morning, the Defence Ministry said.

Poland says 20 soldiers surrounded by Iraq militants --A group of 20 Polish soldiers have been surrounded by several hundred militants loyal to Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr at a police station in Hilla, southern Iraq, a Polish military spokesman said on Friday.

Oil may touch $50 high --With oil prices hitting unprecedented highs, and the latest bullish news from the Middle East, oil analysts now expect prices to soon strike $47 a barrel and head for $50.

Blair signs Olympic Truce --British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed the Olympic Truce at the birthplace of the games on Saturday, even as his troops in Iraq were breaking the spirit of the document which calls for a halt in worldwide conflict during the 16 days of competition.

US says Iraq hostilities not covered by Olympic truce --The United States said that its military operations in Iraq are not covered by the so-called Olympic truce that it signed on to last year at the United Nations.

DOD Establishes Missile Defense Advisory Committee --The Missile Defense Advisory Committee (MDAC) is being established in consonance with the public interest, and in accordance with the provisions of Pub. L. 92-463, the "Federal Advisory Committee Act.'' The MDAC shall provide the Department of Defense advice on all matters relating to missile defense, including system development, technology, program maturity and readiness of configurations of the ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) to enter the acquisition process.

US to redeploy 100,000 troops and shut bases --Dictator George Bush will announce tomorrow that the US military will pull up to 100,000 troops out of Europe and Asia in the biggest redeployment since the end of the Cold War.

'Pull out of Iraq or we attack' threat --An Islamist group has threatened to attack Italy and the Netherlands if they do not withdraw troops from Iraq, according to an Internet statement posted today.

Qaeda-Linked Group Says Will Strike Italy-Web Site --A group claiming links to al CIA-duh called on its fighters to attack "all targets" in Italy after it ignored the group's Aug. 15 deadline for Italian troops to quit Iraq, an Internet statement said Sunday.

Arab terrorists 'are getting into the US over Mexican border' --Dictator Bush has launched a drive to halt illegal immigration across America's porous southern border, amid growing fears that terrorists may be using Mexico as a base camp before heading to Arizona, Texas and California. A string of alarming incidents has convinced Bush administration officials that lax immigration rules, designed to cope with the huge numbers of illegal entrants from Mexico, have become a significant loophole in the war on [of] terror.

Powell Asks Japan to Withdraw Business from Iran --In a press conference in Tokyo, US Secretary of State urged the Japanese government and Japanese businesses to reconsider investing in Iran's energy sector. "It is clear that Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon," he said.

U.S. Supports Anti-democratic Forces In Venezuela Recall --by Robert Jensen "...Bush administration actions in Venezuela should alert the U.S. public that the commitment to 'expanding democracy' we hear so much about is largely rhetorical cover for the typical U.S. interference in the politics of nations in Latin America -- and around the world. The vehicle for this meddling in Venezuela is the National Endowment for Democracy, which calls itself 'a private, nonprofit organization' but is funded by U.S. taxpayers... In the continued quest to promote 'democracy,' the NED kept funding some of those same opposition figures as they shifted to a strategy of work stoppages and lockouts aimed at crippling the country's vital oil industry. When that failed to dislodge Chavez, they finally took up a legal route, the recall election."

An Israeli/Rove Connection? The McGreevey Scandal --by Wayne Madsen "New Jersey was considered a swing state by the Bush campaign early in the campaign cycle. As John Kerry leaped to a double-digit lead over Bush in the Garden State, the rumors surrounding [New Jersey Democratic Governor Jim] McGreevey and [Charles] Kushner were unleashed. Now, with the Governor announcing his resignation amid a gay sex scandal, one is instinctively forced into suspecting the involvement of chief Bush dirty tricks operator Karl Rove in the affair."

EU orders health ID cards for all tourists --Britons travelling in Europe are to be issued with a new card to give them swift access to the health service when they fall ill. The technology for issuing the cards - which could be a forerunner to more widespread identity cards - is being prepared by the Department of Health, on instructions from the EU Commission, which wants a standard card in use across all 25 EU states.

Sky-High N.Y. Terror Drill For RNC --The skies above Manhattan will be filled with military and police air power today as authorities stage a secret sky-high anti-terror training drill in preparation for the GOP convention. The practice run, dubbed the "Republican National Convention Airspace Exercise," will begin at 6 p.m. and involve the combined forces of the military, the Coast Guard and the NYPD, according to a memo obtained by The Post.

Due to expenses incurred in Bush's phony terror war: Rendell plans charge for state police patrols (PA) Gov. Ed Rendell is considering a plan to start charging larger towns a fee -- $95 per resident above a certain population threshold has been suggested -- for the services of state police, whose resources are getting stretched thinner as they get more responsibilities, such as anti-terrorism work, background checks on casino operators and other duties.

4 Lawmakers Ask For EPA Inquiry --Hazardous Waste in Question --Four Democratic members of Congress have requested an investigation into the Environmental Protection Agency's writing of a hazardous-waste rule that would benefit industrial laundries, including a company controlled by the family of one of Dictator Bush's top fundraisers.

Kerry's success activated terrorism alert --by Cathie Olcott (Letter to editor) "Bush had every right to be frightened after the deeply stirring Democratic Convention, during which we dared to hope in an America with John Kerry as our president and respected once again by the world. Bush, the man who urged us into an illegal war in which over 920 of our young men have died and over 5,500 have been wounded, wouldn’t hesitate to call an Orange Alert to instill fear in an attempt to draw attention from John Kerry..."

Kerry Says His Daughter Has Won Fulbright --Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry said Saturday that his daughter Vanessa has won a Fulbright scholarship to study medicine in London. Vanessa Kerry is a 27-year-old Harvard medical student who frequently travels with her father's campaign. [Compare Kerry's children to Bush's twin guttersnipes...]

The Toke-inator!! Click here to see GOP-installed California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, smoking marijuana...

Weather of Mass Distraction: Disingenuous Dictator Bush absorbs precious Florida resources in order to visit (campaign in) the hurricane-ravaged swing state. Florida's devastation is Bush's opportunity --Now that Hurricane Charley has swept through Florida, it's a safe bet Dictator Bush will sweep in. Bush swiftly issued a disaster declaration to expedite federal aid as Charley tore into the Florida Gulf Coast on Friday. He was acting on a request that had come from his brother Jeb, the governor, even before the ferocious storm made landfall.

President[sic]'s visit of damage is a political boon for him --When Dictator Bush tours the hurricane damage today in Southwest Florida, it will probably mark one of the only trips to this crucial election-year state when he doesn't talk politics and trash opponent John Kerry. Bush won't need to. As a president [sic] who has built his image on leading in a time of crisis, Bush will earn precious free television time when the television news networks cover him as a commander with compassion, not a campaigner with diminishing popularity.

Kerry Asks Campaign Workers to Help Charley Victims --Democrat John Kerry on Saturday asked his presidential campaign workers in Florida to help in recovery efforts after Hurricane Charley, but said he had no immediate plans to visit the devastated communities.

Troops Patrol Florida After Storm Kills 13 --National Guard troops in Humvees patrolled devastated southwest Florida to prevent looting on Saturday as rescuers searched for victims of Hurricane Charley which killed at least 13 people, shredded mobile homes and damaged thousands of buildings.

'Our worst fears have come true' Cross-state blow may outdo Andrew --Rescue workers began picking through the twisted metal, splintered furniture and scattered insulation of mobile homes that Hurricane Charley left behind in Charlotte County on Florida's west coast Saturday. They were looking for the injured and the dead.

Poisons slowly choking harbour --The bed of Sydney Harbour is slowly being poisoned by heavy metals, pesticides and other toxic chemicals flushed into it each day from the city's stormwater system.

Rise in Brain Disease Linked to Environment, Observer Reports --A worsening environment in the world's most developed nations is causing rising cases of brain disease, the U.K.'s Observer newspaper said, citing a report in Public Health. Increasing amounts of pesticides, industrial effluents, domestic waste, car exhaust and other pollutants were cited as the main causes for the increase in brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and motor neurone disease, the newspaper reported.


US Offensive In Najaf 'Genocide': Law Experts --As Arabs called for an immediate halt to sweeping US offensives in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf, law experts underlined that such offensives, under the pretext of confronting Moqtada Sadr's Mehdi Army militia, are classified as "genocide", according to the recognized rules of international law.

US atrocity in Najaf (WSWS) "The US assault on Najaf is a war crime. The spectacle of the world’s foremost imperialist power unleashing its overwhelmingly superior military might against poorly armed opponents of foreign occupation recalls the most notorious crimes of the twentieth century, including the fascist bombardment of Guernica in Spain, Mussolini’s rape of Ethiopia, and the Nazi blitzkrieg against Germany’s European neighbors in World War II. The US military, in the name of Washington’s puppet government under Iyad Allawi, is carrying out the slaughter of supporters of leader Moqtada al-Sadr who have taken up arms against the attempt to turn Iraq into a de-facto American colony."

U.S. Halts Najaf Attacks; Iraqis Seek Truce Accord --U.S. and Iraqi forces halted attacks in and around the Shiite holy city of Najaf to allow for political talks intended to end an insurgency by followers of Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr, according to a statement the U.S.- led military occupation e-mailed from Baghdad.

Massive Rally in Bahrain to Protest US Blitz in Iraq --More than 10,000 people led by religious leaders, members of Parliament and political figures took to the streets of Manama yesterday to protest the US blitz of the Shiite holy cities in Iraq.

British journalist freed by Sadr --A British journalist kidnapped by gunmen in the Iraqi city of Basra was freed yesterday after followers of the radical Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr called for his release. A cleric sitting next to the journalist and identified as Sheikh Asad explained: "We apologise for what happened to you. This is not our tradition, not our rules. "Islam differentiates greatly between a person who invades us and a person who helps us."

Cleric calls for reporter's release --A spokesman for Iraq's Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr has called on the militants who last night seized Sunday Telegraph journalist James Brandon at gunpoint to release him.

US says Iraq hostilities not covered by Olympic truce --The United States said Thursday that its military operations in Iraq are not covered by the so-called Olympic truce that it signed on to last year at the United Nations.

The real reasons Bush went to war --WMD was the rationale for invading Iraq. But what was really driving the US were fears over oil and the future of the dollar. --by John Chapman "There were only two credible reasons for invading Iraq: control over oil and preservation of the dollar as the world's reserve currency. Yet the government has kept silent on these factors, instead treating us to the intriguing distractions of the Hutton and Butler reports."

The Post on WMDs: An Inside Story --Prewar Articles Questioning Threat Often Didn't Make Front Page --by Howard Kurtz "As violence continues in postwar Iraq and U.S. forces have yet to discover any WMDs, some critics say the media, including The Washington Post, failed the country by not reporting more skeptically on President [sic] Bush's contentions during the run-up to war. An examination of the paper's coverage, and interviews with more than a dozen of the editors and reporters involved, shows that The Post published a number of pieces challenging the White House, but rarely on the front page."

Feds reschedule meeting after Berg's father complains --The father of an American man beheaded in Iraq accused the Bush dictatorship and his local congressman of trying to cancel a long-awaited meeting that was supposed to answer questions surrounding his son's death. Within hours of the complaint Thursday, federal officials said the meeting was back on.

U.S. Army, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Distributors at War --A new war of words broke out on Friday over whether the U.S. Army is stonewalling efforts to book the anti-Bush documentary, "Fahrenheit 9/11," at military bases. The movie, made by Oscar-winning director Michael Moore, has grossed over $113 million at domestic box offices and such a blockbuster would be routinely, and quickly, ordered up by the military.

Oil price tops $US46.50 --World oil prices tore to all-time highs today as a hurricane thundered near oil platforms, oil-rich Venezuela faced a strike risk and fighting raged in Iraq. New York's benchmark light sweet crude for delivery in September leapt $US1.08 ($1.52) to a record high settlement of $US46.58 ($65.85) a barrel.

Bush 'to move 100,000 troops' --The United States is expected to announce today that it is pulling 100,000 troops out of Europe and Asia, according to a British newspaper report. The Financial Times said the withdrawals - the largest restructuring of Washington's military presence abroad since World War II - would be announced in a speech by US Dictator George W. Bush.

Bush to Announce US Troop Overseas Repositioning Monday -Faux --George W. Bush will announce Monday a major shift in the U.S. military global posture, involving the repositioning tens of thousands of troops, Faux News reported Friday. Some troops in Asia will be repositioned and some will be brought back to the U.S., according to the report.

Cheney Mocks Kerry's 'Sensitive' War on Terror --Vice pResident Dick Cheney mocked Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Thursday for pledging to wage a more "sensitive" war against terrorism.

US questions Japan's pacifism --US Secretary of State Colin Powell says Japan must consider revising its pacifist constitution if it wants a permanent UN Security Council seat. Article Nine of the constitution, drawn up under US post-war occupation, renounces the use of force in disputes.

Four Guantanamo Prisoners Ruled 'Enemy Combatants' --The U.S. military has ruled that four terror war suspects jailed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are legitimate "enemy combatants" after completing a fledgling [phony] appeals process that will eventually review all 585 being held, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Holy Kangaroo Court, Batman!! Judge: No deposing of Guantanamo official --A federal judge in Washington Friday refused to let lawyers for 12 Kuwaiti detainees question the deputy commander of the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Lawyers unite to condemn US prison camp --Twenty-eight leaders of the legal profession around the world have together condemned the US for the continued detention of hundreds of prisoners at Guantánamo Bay. In an open letter, the heads of bar and solicitors' organisations call on the Bush dictatorship to scrap its "review panels" considering whether to release the men.

U.S.: 'No legal rights' for detainees --The Bush dictatorship is taking a hard line on whether prisoners at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have a right to lawyers to help them file lawsuits challenging their detentions. In court papers filed during the past two weeks, the Justice Department has insisted that the detainees have "no legal rights," especially the right to counsel.

UK court OKs torture evidence --Controversial Ruling: A UK appeals court says that evidence gathered through torture is admissible as long as British officials were not directly involved (The Guardian) British appeal court judges on Wednesday defied human rights campaigners by ruling that British courts could use evidence extracted under torture, as long as British agents were not complicit in the abuse [?!?]. In a highly controversial judgment, the second highest court in the land rejected the appeals of 10 men suspected of having links to international terrorism and currently held without charge in what activists call "Britain's Guantanamo Bay."

GOP Senator: Ashcroft 'retaliated' against prosecutors --In blunt, private letters, the Senate Finance Committee chairman told Attorney General John Ashcroft he believes the Justice Department has retaliated against prosecutors in a Detroit terror trial because they cooperated with Congress. Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, has written Ashcroft or his deputies at least three times to accuse department officials of taking "hostile actions" and "reprisals" against the trial prosecutors.

FBI Warns Of Possible Terror Link To Storage Units --The FBI is taking an interest in public storage facilities across Ohio, NBC 4 has reported. Self-storage units have already been searched in Toledo, and alerts have gone out in several cities, including Columbus.

New Drugs Thwart [Bush-Laden] Dirty Bomb Effects --The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved two new drugs designed to counter the radioactive effects of a so-called "dirty bomb."

Group Sues Over NYC Rally Permit Denial --An anti-war group and an organization of Arab-Americans filed a lawsuit Friday challenging New York City's denial of a permit for a civil rights rally in Central Park two days before the Repugnant Nazi Carnival.

Federal Protective Service will "keep an eye" on MSG --While NYPD and federal law enforcement will be clearly visible during the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, there will also be another security force keeping watch behind the scene. The Federal Protective Service will "keep an eye" on MSG and federal buildings in the city. The group guards more than 9,500 federal buildings nationwide.

Undercover Cops Have Infiltrated Anti-RNC Groups: Police Sources --The 35-page booklet, "Legal guidelines for the Republican National Convention," was printed to let cops know what to expect [WHY *do* that, folks???] when the protest groups that police generally [erroneously] call anarchists roll into town the last week of August, police sources say. Police sources say undercover cops have infiltrated at least some of the groups they expect to cause 'trouble.' [The Repugnant Nazi Carnival *is* the 'trouble!']

Talk Show Host Michael Medved Advocates Government Surveillance of 9/11 Skeptics (Prison Planet, August 5 2004) "Neo-Con talk show host Michael Medved supports those who hand out Alex[Jones]'s videos being scrutinized by the secret service. He also says that anyone who questions whether the government were behind 9/11 be closely watched and that people like Michael Moore are a danger to America."

Rumsfeld and Bush Failed Us on Sept. 11 --by Gail Sheehy "[Donald] Rumsfeld's testimony before the commission last March was bizarre. Asked point-blank by Commissioner Jamie Gorelick what he had done to protect the nation — or even the Pentagon — during the 'summer of threat' preceding the attacks, Rumsfeld replied simply that 'it was a law enforcement issue.' That obfuscation — was the FBI expected to be out on the Beltway with shoulder-launched missiles? — has been accepted at face value by the commission and media."

Bush blew it the morning of 9/11 --by Bill Maher "John Kerry has waded into an issue... namely, President [sic] Bush's sitting for seven minutes in a Florida classroom after being told 'the country is under attack.' ...The fact that Bush wasted 27 minutes that day - not only the seven minutes reading to kids but 20 more at a photo op afterward - was, in my view, the most outrageous thing a President [sic] has done since Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the Supreme Court. Watergate was outrageous but it still did not carry the possibility of utter devastation, like a President[sic]'s freezing at the very moment we needed his immediate focus on an attack on the United States." [*See: The obscure goat story of 9-11]

Goss's Wish List --Bush's CIA nominee has alarmed civil libertarians with a plan that would authorize the agency to arrest U.S. citizens. Rep. Porter Goss, Dictator Bush’s nominee to head the CIA, recently introduced legislation that would give the president new authority to direct CIA agents to conduct law-enforcement operations inside the United States—including arresting American citizens. In language that until now has not gotten any public attention, the Goss bill would also redefine the authority of the director of Central Intelligence in such a way as to substantially alter—if not overturn—a 57-year-old ban on the CIA conducting operations inside the United States.

Gore criticizes Bush's CIA director pick --President Al Gore charged Thursday that Dictator Bush's nomination of Republican Rep. Porter Goss to lead the CIA continues Bush's pattern of using the Sept. 11 tragedy for political benefit. Gore called a Goss, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee since 1997, a "partisan ally" of Bush who is "experienced in bitterly criticizing the Democratic nominee on the subject of the war and on the subject of intelligence-gathering."

CIA nominee called too partisan --On Wednesday, the day after Dictator Bush nominated Goss as CIA director, Democrats in Congress questioned whether Goss, the eight-term GOP congressman from Sanibel, has become too partisan and politically tight with the Bush regime to be an independent intelligence chief.

Fraud: The Secrets of Bush's Payroll Records Revealed (The AWOL project) "Summary --On February 10, 2004, the White House released George W Bush’s quarterly payroll summaries for his last year in the Texas Air National Guard, claiming that they proved that Bush had 'fulfilled his duties' as a member of the US Armed Forces. However, An examination of these records within the context of laws and policies of that time reveals that at least half (and as much as two thirds) of the pay and 'points' credited toward Bush’s mandatory monthly training were fraudulent. When one deducts these fraudulent points from Bush’s records, Bush does not achieve the minimum number of points under the White House’s own (erroneous) criteria."

Bush Wants to Be Your Shrink --Now Bush wants to test every American for mental illness--including you! And guess who will create the tests? --by Jordanne Graham "Next month, President [sic] Bush plans to unveil a broad new mental health plan called the 'New Freedom Initiative.' ...The New Freedom Initiative proposes to screen every American, including you, for mental illness. To this end, the president [sic] established a New Freedom Commission on Mental Health, to study the nation’s mental health delivery service and make a report. It’s interesting to note that many on the staff appointed to the Commission have served on the advisory boards of some of the nation’s largest drug companies... Eli Lilly manufactures olanzapine. This is one of the drugs recommended in the New Freedom plan. Lilly has numerous ties to the Bush administration according to the British Medical Journal... Eighty-two percent of Lilly's $1.6 million in political contributions in 2000 went to Bush and the Republican Party." [A must read and must act!! Contact your your congressional representatives !!]

Bush Tax Cuts Heavily Favor Rich, CBO Says -Reports --Dictator Bush's tax cuts have transferred the federal tax burden from the richest Americans to middle-class families, with one-third of them benefiting people with the top 1 percent of income, according to a government report cited in newspapers on Friday.

Study: Tax Burden Shifts to Middle Class --Dictator Bush's tax cuts since 2001 have shifted more of the tax burden from the nation's rich to middle-class families, according to a study released Friday by the Congressional Budget Office.

Keyes Wants to End Election of Senators --Reichwing nutball Alan Keyes said Friday he would like to end the system under which the people elect U.S. senators and return to pre-1913 practice in which senators were chosen by state legislatures.

Kerry opens poll leads in several key states --Sen. John Kerry has opened narrow leads in Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire and a handful of other battleground state polls since accepting the Democratic nomination.

Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush in Florida --Democrat John Kerry has taken a slight lead over Dictator Bush in Florida — the essential swing state in the 2000 election, according to a poll out Thursday.

Hecklers Banned At Bush Rallies [But Bush Brownshirts are encouraged to attack Kerry rallies] There was a full-throated roar of support for Dictator Bush at a New Mexico rally -- adoring crowds and a beaming candidate -- and it's no accident, reports CBS News. The event tickets went to busloads of pre-screened party faithful -- who poured in hours in advance -- to be greeted and organized by Bush campaign staffers. This tight control means that hecklers like those who greeted Kerry and Edwards [Bush's Brownshirts] in Missouri are almost never seen at Bush events.

Anti-Kerry group sees rise in donations after airing ads --A group of Vietnam veterans [Scaife-funded, lying Reichwing whackjobs] that is challenging Sen. John Kerry's claims of heroic war service says it received a flood of donations in recent days after advertising its contentions on television in three states.

Wrong Time for an E-Vote Glitch --It was simultaneously an uh-oh moment and an ah-ha moment. When Sequoia Voting Systems demonstrated its new paper-trail electronic voting system for state Senate staffers in California last week, the company representative got a surprise when the paper trail failed to record votes that testers cast on the machine.

Floridians still unsure all votes will count --A new poll showed John Kerry widening his lead over Dictator Bush in Florida, while voters expressed worries about voting machines and the election process. Nearly one-third of Florida voters have ''deep concerns'' about the new touch-screen 'voting' machines and the state's elections process as a whole, according to a new survey that also shows negative feelings about Dictator Bush are cresting to an all-time high.

Standing up to a right-wing witch hunt --by Nancy Russell The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk: Why I Refused to Testify Against the Clintons & What I Learned in Jail, by Susan McDougal with Pat Harris. Carroll & Graf Publishers, New York. 2003. Paperback Edition 2004. "McDougal’s life story tells a great deal about the tenacity and courage of a rather ordinary American to speak the truth, defy authority and defend democratic rights, at great personal cost... The events in The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk were a part of the nascent coup d’état of the Clinton impeachment, a political conspiracy consummated in the stolen election of 2000 and Bush’s installation as president."

No Sex, Please, We're Republicans --Right Now, To Be Sexually Attuned And Kinky Is To Be Part Of The Anti-Bush Revolution. Vive la résistance! --by Mark Morford "Imagine if much of BushCo's current disease of bogus evangelical machismo was drained away like pus from a wound and the nation was not led by a bunch of snickering myopic war hawks and corporate CEOs, each so obviously sexually repressed and so clearly in need of [sex] that they absolutely must lead us into war to compensate for not having sex since the Nixon administration."


Journalist shot, abducted --A British journalist was abducted from his hotel in the southern city of Basra, Iraqi police said today. Hotel owner Mohammed Uglah said gunmen found the man, reportedly a journalist for The Sunday Telegraph of London, and shot him twice in the leg before taking him away.

BBC crew held by Israeli soldiers --Three BBC journalists were held at gunpoint for four hours by Israeli troops in the West Bank on Thursday.

Shias call for split from Baghdad --Shia leaders in southern Iraq yesterday called for a breakaway movement from the central government in Baghdad to protest against the heavy-handed approach to the insurgency.

Rift grows as Iranians caught fighting for Sadr --Security officials in Baghdad were last night urgently investigating the background of 30 Iranians who were caught fighting for a rebel Shia cleric in Iraq, amid mounting concern over the involvement of the Tehran regime in the uprising.

Najaf's No. 2 Resigns In Protest At US 'Terrorist' Acts --The deputy governor of the restive Iraqi city of An-Najaf resigned on Thursday, August 12, in protest at the 'terrorist' acts of the US occupation forces as deadly raids into the holy city has left hundreds of Shiite fighters and civilians killed.

Al-Sadr wounded in US Najaf blitz --Radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr was wounded in clashes, his spokesman said today. Al-Sadr is said to be holed up in Najaf's sacred compound housing the Imam Ali shrine, surrounded by his followers.

Maintain holy war, hurt Sadr urges --Radical Iraqi Shiite Muslim militia leader Moqtada Sadr called on his supporters to continue their "holy war" even if he died a martyr, shortly after being wounded, a spokesman said today.

Inside the shrine, wounded return from bloody battle --As the day wore on, more and more injured young men wrapped in bandages were being carried across the sun-baked tiles of the courtyard in the Imam Ali shrine. In one alcove in the turquoise-tiled wall was a small makeshift hospital with two metal beds and a stack of drugs and bandages...

World's Shiites Warn That U.S. Is Treading on Sensitive Ground --With U.S. military officials saying they have received permission from Najaf's governor to strike the mosque if necessary, religious and political leaders from Iran to Los Angeles are voicing grave warnings that an American assault on the shrine could be catastrophic to the U.S. image in Iraq and the Muslim world.

Najaf pounded; oil prices on record high --US warplanes pounded this Iraqi holy city on Thursday in a massive assault aimed at crushing a Shia Muslim uprising, as the specter of attacks on the country's petroleum infrastructure sent world oil prices to record highs for the second time in 48 hours. Jets roared overhead as massive explosions and tank and machine-gun fire boomed through the city and smoke engulfed its historic centre, home to the Imam Ali shrine, revered by Shias the world over.

US bombs Najaf as civilians urged to leave --American warplanes began bombarding insurgent positions in Najaf last night and troops used loudspeakers to urge civilians to leave the area after the sixth successive day of fighting between US Marines and Shia gunmen.

ICRC concerned about civilian toll in Iraq --The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) raised deep concerns about a spike in deadly clashes in flashpoint cities across Iraq.

Tareq Aziz Seeks Lawyers to Defend Him on Mass Murder Charges --Former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz has authorized his family to hire lawyers to defend him against two capital charges of mass murder, his son Ziad said yesterday. The letter dated July 1, the same day Aziz was hauled into the dock in Baghdad along with 10 other former henchmen of Saddam Hussein, did not reach his family in the Jordanian capital until last Thursday after being vetted by US military censors.

Pentagon says 43% of Halliburton's Iraq expenses are not verifiable --Halliburton cannot justify why it billed the Pentagon for $1.8 billion of work in Iraq and Kuwait, the Wall Street Journal reported today, citing a new Pentagon report. Pentagon accountants said they are uncertain as to why Halliburton's KBR unit billed the Pentagon $1.8 billion for the expenses, which represent 43 percent of the $4.18 billion the company billed the Pentagon for logistics work in the Middle East, the Journal said.

Washington Post apologises for underplaying WMD scepticism --The Washington Post said yesterday it had underplayed scepticism of the White House's claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, becoming the latest US newspaper to publish a mea culpa of its prewar coverage. In a 3,000-word front-page article the newspaper said it "did not pay enough attention to voices raising questions about the war".

Bush ready to take 'rap' over Iraq --US Dictator George W. Bush was ready to take "the rap" for the Iraq war if the US people decide to vote against him in the November election, he said today. But he insisted in an interview with CNN television that he believed the decision to invade Iraq was the right one and that he would win the election battle against Democratic rival John Kerry in which Iraq is a key issue.

Times 'Reporter' Is Subpoenaed in Leak Case --A 'reporter' for The New York Times [GOP Media Whore], Judith Miller, was subpoenaed yesterday by a Washington grand jury investigating the disclosure of the identity of a C.I.A. undercover officer to the syndicated columnist Robert Novak and other journalists. The subpoena to Ms. Miller was only the most recent of a series issued to journalists in a politically sensitive inquiry that has on several occasions led investigators to question White House officials.

Marine Killed in Afghanistan Copter Crash --A U.S. helicopter crashed near Afghanistan's border with Pakistan on Thursday, killing one Marine and injuring 14 others, the military said.

The island idyll and the US occupation --For six decades, the inhabitants of Okinawa have lived alongside thousands of US troops. But new plans for military expansion have provoked furious resistance.

Venezuela Floridated --Will The Gang That Fixed Florida Fix the Vote in Caracas this Sunday? --by Greg Palast "OUR President [sic] has decided that THEIR president has to go... Justice offered up to $67 million of our taxpayer money to ChoicePoint in a no-bid deal for computer profiles with private information on every citizen of half a dozen nations. The choice of citizens to spy on caught my eye. While the September 11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and the Arab Emirates, ChoicePoint's menu offered records on Venezuelans, Brazilians, Nicaraguans, Mexicans and Argentines. How odd."

New bio-terrorism unit will guard against smallpox attack (Ireland) The Government is to establish the country's first National Bio-terrorism Unit to deal with casualties arising from any [Bush-caused?] terrorist attack involving chemical or biological agents such as smallpox.

Bali warnings not passed on --The Federal Government failed to properly warn Australians about the risk from terrorist bombers in Bali, a Senate report has found. It says there was a "failure of intelligence" but clears spy agencies including ASIO of wrongdoing.

Police to get wider arrest powers (UK) Alarm at plan to use community support officers to tackle beggars, drinking and carrying weapons --A major extension to the powers of police community support officers, dealing with beggars and underage drinkers and searching suspects for weapons, forms part of the police reform proposals published by the home secretary, David Blunkett, yesterday. The shakeup of police powers also includes plans to sweep away the confusing legal patchwork of arrestable and non-arrestable offences.

Police to have power to arrest litterbugs --Police will be given tough new powers - including the right to arrest anyone committing an offence and to take fingerprints in the street - under proposals published yesterday by David Blunkett, the Home Secretary.

FDA chief: Terrorists may target food, drug supply --Crawford says illegally imported prescription drugs could come under attack. [LOL!!] "Cues from chatter" gathered around the world are raising concerns that terrorists might try to attack the domestic food and drug supply, particularly illegally imported prescription drugs, acting Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Lester Crawford says. [This latest phony terror alert is brought to you by Bush's paymasters, the pharmaceutical terrorists, who are trying to STOP seniors from buying prescription drugs at a cheaper rate, by importing them.]

Report Says U.S. Is Draining Wetlands --Groups Cite Year-Old Policy --The Bush regime has allowed developers to drain thousands of acres of wetlands under a policy adopted last year, according to a report issued yesterday by four environmental groups.

Activists dismiss police security fears --Seasoned activists planning to protest at the Repugnant Nazi Carnival yesterday dismissed as fear mongering a police document that warns officers of violent tactics ranging from acid flinging to fire bombing.

Man Threatens Dictator Bush --A southwest Missouri man is under federal grand jury indictment for allegedly threatening to kill Dictator Bush. Authorities claim 56-year-old Darrel Alford of Buffalo, Missouri, threatened to fly remote model-airplanes with explosives into an area where Bush would be speaking.

Absentee ballot mailed to voters includes obsolete instructions --About 22,000 Palm Beach County voters received absentee ballots this week with outdated instructions telling them their signatures must be witnessed or their votes won't count. A Florida law that took effect July 1 eliminates the requirement that a witness sign an absentee voter's ballot. Elections Supervisor Theresa LePore [Le-GOP-Whore] said she and other elections employees didn't notice [?!? OMG] that a paragraph of instructions on the return envelope for the ballot included a sentence stating that "failure to sign this certificate and have my signature property (sic) witnessed will invalidate my ballot."

Top Massachusetts Bush donor contributed to Nader --Hopkinton computer tycoon Richard Egan, the Bush campaign's finance chairman in John Kerry's home state, has personally contributed the maximum amount allowed by law -- $2,000 -- to Nader's presidential campaign. Egan's son John and daughter in law have each also "maxed out," bringing the family's total to $6,000. Bush backers are hoping Nader will siphon enough votes from Kerry to tip the election to Dictator Bush.

N.J. Governor Resigns, Admits Gay Affair --Gov. James E. McGreevey announced his resignation Thursday and acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair with another man. "My truth is that I am a gay American," he said. The Democrat said his resignation would be effective Nov. 15. Senate President Richard J. Codey, a Democrat, will become acting governor and serve out the remainder of McGreevey's term, which ends in early 2006.

Court annuls San Francisco gay marriages --The California Supreme Court voided all same-sex marriages sanctioned by San Francisco this year, ruling Thursday that the mayor overstepped his authority by issuing the couples licenses.

400,000 ordered to evacuate in Florida --Hundreds of thousands of people along the Florida Gulf Coast began leaving for higher ground as forecasters warned that Hurricane Charley will likely strengthen to major hurricane status by the time it comes ashore near Tampa Bay on Friday evening. "My principal message here today is to urge people who have not experienced a hurricane to take this very, very seriously," said Gov. Jeb Bush, who ordered a state of emergency and put National Guard troops on stand-by.


Evidence gained by torture allowed by British judges --From Lord Justice Laws' judgement: 'I am quite unable to see that any ... principle prohibits the Secretary of State from relying ... on evidence ... which has or may have been obtained by torture by agencies of other states over which he has no powers of direction' --The use of torture to obtain evidence against suspected 'terrorists' was endorsed yesterday by the Court of Appeal in a ruling that has brought Britain into conflict with international human rights campaigners.

Terror suspects lose detention challenge --Ten suspected terrorists detained in the UK without charge or trial today lost a Court of Appeal challenge to their internment. Most of the foreign nationals at the centre of the ruling in London have been held in prisons since 2001.

Blunkett plans to allow arrests for minor offences --Radical proposals to make every criminal offence arrestable will be published by Home Secretary David Blunkett today.

Halliburton Questioned on $1.8 Billion Iraq Work - WSJ --Pentagon auditors have concluded that Halliburton Co. failed to adequately account for more than $1.8 billion of work in Iraq and Kuwait, the Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday, citing a Pentagon report.

Shell advert seeks 'our man in Iraq' --Oil majors, including Shell and BP, are moving closer to establishing a long-term presence in Iraq, source of the world's second-largest oil reserves, it emerged yesterday. Shell, which has been forced to downgrade its proven oil and gas reserves by almost a quarter this year, has appointed a Dubai-based exploration and production executive to act as its "country chairman" for Iraq.

Crude Oil Jumps to Record After Iraq Cuts Shipments to Tankers Aug. 9 --Crude oil rose to a record $44.97 a barrel after Iraq cut shipments to tankers in the Persian Gulf because of warnings of possible attacks on petroleum-industry infrastructure... Deutsche Bank's oil strategist Adam Sieminski said in a note today that oil prices may temporarily rally "toward $100'' if an accident, disaster or sabotage cuts supplies from two major oil- producing countries at the same time.

Milestone of 1,000th U.S. Death in Iraq Looms for Bush --The United States faces a painful moment probably next month when its military deaths in Iraq are expected to surpass 1,000. It will also be a crucial moment for Dictator Bush, who faces a presidential campaign in which Iraq is a central issue.

Blair Crisis of Confidence --Tony Blair is facing the threat of a "no confidence" vote next month - accused of destroying trust in Labour.

Heavy bombing leaves 56 dead in Kut --Heavy overnight US bombardment of Kut has killed 56 people and wounded more than 110, one day after clashes between police and Shi'ite Muslim militiamen in the southern Iraqi city, a medic said. "American planes started bombing the al-Shakia district, in southern Kut after 3:00am (0900 AEST)," said Kut hospital director, Khader Fadal Arar.

U.S. launches offensive in Najaf --More than 50 Iraqis killed in clashes across country --The U.S. military Thursday launched a major offensive against Iraqi militants loyal to renegade Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in Najaf, south of Baghdad.

U.S. vows to 'finish' al-Sadr's militia, postpones offensive in Najaf --U.S. Marines in the holy city of Najaf on Wednesday postponed a major offensive but promised action that would "finish" the militia of radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. [Finish *this.*]

Young Londoners proud to be part of Sadr's army --They said they wanted to come and fight as soon as Iraq was invaded last year. "They were wrong to come to our country. They said they came for chemical weapons and they didn't get permission from the United Nations so they attacked Iraq for no reason," Abu Turab said. ..."[US Dictator George] Bush said 'you are either with us or against us'," Abu Haqid added. "We had to decide either to be with him or against him, and we are against him, definitely."

Iraqi-born Britons join Sadr's militia in battle for Najaf --At least two Britons have taken up arms in Najaf on the side of Moqtada Sadr, and they say there are more foreigners like them in the radical Iraqi cleric's militia in Najaf.

Britons who take up arms for rebel cleric face life imprisonment, government warns Britons who travel to Iraq to fight on behalf of rebel Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr could face life imprisonment for treason if arrested, the Home Office warned yesterday. The threat of legal action follows the revelation in The Guardian yesterday that at least two young men from London are among insurgents battling American troops near the centre of the holy city of Najaf.

Heat of Battle Takes Toll on U.S. Forces --Despite military efforts, troops are unable to avoid combat during summer. Health woes have sidelined some as temperatures near 130... medics fear that casualties will increase.

Army Turns to Private Guards --The military is criticized for risking security at bases and for a process that awarded $1 billion in contracts without competitive bidding. Stretched thin by troop deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and security needs at home, the Army has resorted to hiring private security guards to help protect dozens of American military bases.

Iraq 'ended nuclear aims in 1991' --The head of Iraq's nuclear programme under Saddam Hussein has said Iraq destroyed its nuclear weapons programme in 1991 and never restarted it.

U.S. Military Intelligence Implicated In Abu Ghraib Scandal: Report --US military investigators have recommended punishment, including possible criminal charges, against several military intelligence officers who worked at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison, NBC News reported Tuesday.

Holy irony of ironies, Batman!! Terrorists Akin to 'Notorious Nazi Groups,' Says Wolfowitz --The Defense Department's No. 2 official compared radical Islamic 'terrorists' [resistance fighters] to Adolf Hitler's dispensers of death –- the dreaded "Schutzstaffel," or SS -- during Aug. 10 testimony on Capitol Hill. [Wolf-o-shitz should know *all about* 'Schutzstaffel' or SS --since his neo-con policies are right out the handbook of the SS. Why doesn't Wolf-o-shitz talk about the children who were raped at Abu Ghraib? Oh, that's right. We're not even sure the SS carried out that tactic, but we know the Bush dictatorship did. See: U.S. Government, Media Silent on Torture of Detained Iraqi Kids.]

Iraqi south threatens secession --Basra Deputy Governor Salam Uda al-Maliki has said he is to announce the separation of some Iraqi southern governorates from the central Baghdad government.

Iran Says White House Adviser 'Insults' World --Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi says U.S. national security adviser [and Reichwing whackjob] Condoleezza Rice is insulting the world with her insistence that Tehran may be violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Speaking on state radio today, Kharrazi said Rice presumes to speak for the international community when giving her personal opinions of Iran's nuclear activities.

Rumsfeld In Azerbaijan For Talks [about oil?] --US Defense Secretary [W-ar criminal] Donald Rumsfeld arrived here Wednesday for talks with leaders of Azerbaijan, the only predominantly Muslim country with troops in Iraq.

EU may vote for Israel sanctions --The European Union is likely to support a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for sanctions against Israel over the security fence if there is not a dramatic change in the diplomatic situation before mid-September, a senior Israeli diplomatic official said Wednesday.

US government trolling for more soldiers-as-guinea pigs to enhance pharmaceutical companies' coffers: Troops' Plasma Needed to Develop New Anthrax 'Defense' --A new program starting today to develop a new 'defense' against [Bush-created] anthrax will depend on servicemembers' donated plasma to be most effective. The greatest number of the 1.2 million people vaccinated 'against' anthrax – a deadly disease that can be used in biological warfare – is in the military [where the guinea pigs cannot sue].

New Drugs Approved to Treat Radiation From [Bush-Laden's] Dirty Bombs --The Food and Drug Administration has approved two new products designed to combat possible health problems in the event someone ['Someone?' That would be Bush bin Laden.] sets off a so-called "dirty bomb."

White House Has Some Terror Experts Worried --Officials here and overseas say U.S. alerts and release of information could hinder broader investigations. Heightened terror alerts and high-profile arrests of suspected Islamic extremists have international security experts and officials concerned that the Bush regime's actions could jeopardize investigations into the Al CIA-duh network. [That is their goal. Karl Rove needs Bush-bin Laden ready to *help* with the November elections.]

Filmmaker Moore Quotes Goss on Lack of CIA Credentials --U.S. Congressman Porter Goss, Dictator Bush's nominee for CIA director, could be his own worst enemy when it comes to making the case that he deserves to lead the U.S. intelligence agency. "I couldn't get a job with CIA today. I am not qualified," the Florida Republican told documentary-maker Michael Moore's production company during the filming of "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Central Intelligence Agency (transcript) Adm. Stansfield Turner: "This is Stansfield Turner. Let me lay out my basic thoughts on the nomination of Porter Goss to be Director of Central Intelligence: 1. This is an irresponsible act on the part of the President [sic] because it is motivated by partisan political, electoral purposes... 2. Porter Goss has many qualifications for being DCI. n He has one overriding disqualification. That is that he is a very partisan, political person... 3. This administration has already jeopardized the public's view of the credibility of our intelligence by its misuse of intelligence on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq."

U.S. to Give Border Patrol New Powers to Deport Illegal Aliens --Citing concerns about terrorists crossing the nation's land borders, the Department of Homeland Security announced today that it planned to give border patrol agents sweeping new powers to deport illegal aliens from the frontiers abutting Mexico and Canada without providing the aliens the opportunity to make their case before an immigration judge.

Is an "August Surprise" Brewing in America? --Why does Karl Rove, President [sic] Bush’s political advisor, not want you to know what is happening on the Arizona border? --by Margie Burns "With media attention focused on the elections, the newspaper item below, oddly, looks like good timing. Could there be an 'August surprise' in the making? The report last week from the small Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper is jarring. A 'flood of middle-eastern males' has been caught entering the country illegally east of Douglas, Arizona, according to the paper, and this recent 'flood' is actually part of an increasing trend of 'OTMs' ('other than Mexicans') entering the country illegally somewhere east of the Chiricahua Mountains."

Reichwinger Joseph DiGenova was discussing ('Nightline') postponing elections, due to the 'assassination of one or both of the candidates'... [Yeah, like Bush bin Laden is actually going to assassinate *himself,* NOT! No, they would assassinate the Democrat(s), as they were already intimidated in 2001 with anthrax from Fort Deitrick.] John Fortier was discussing what should happen if truck bombs hit polling places... and what to do if there were terrorist threats to polling places, etc.. [Is the Bush bin Laden team prepping us to accept the 'Wellstoning' of John Edwards? Edwards needs to avoid planes with no black boxes from now until November 2.]

The Index of Words Not Contained in the 9/11 Commission Report --Updated August 12, 2004

Jeb Bush declares state of emergency ahead of storms --Governor Jeb Bush has declared a state of emergency ahead of Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley bearing down on Florida. Update, 18:32EDT: (MSNBC) Jeb Bush has activated the National Guard. [Why?]

Senator hires former Clinton lawyer for leak probe --A Washington attorney who represented President Clinton at his impeachment trial and has a long association with Democrats will defend Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, against possible ethics charges that he leaked classified information to the media.

US budget deficit soars in July --The US government ran a larger-than-expected budget deficit in July, official figures show. The deficit for the month was $69.16bn (£37.8bn), based on revenues of $134.42bn and spending of $203.58bn, the US Treasury department reported.

Bush: Sales tax in, income tax out? --Bush says replacing current system with sales tax is an idea we should 'explore seriously.' Dictator Bush said Tuesday that abolishing the U.S. income tax system and replacing it with a national sales tax was an idea worth considering.

Toronto pharmacy uses Bahamas to export drugs, FedEx alerts U.S. customs --A Toronto pharmacy began sending out new shipments this week to replace prescription drugs seized by U.S. Customs officials in Miami. CanadaRx, based in Toronto, shipped the drugs valued at $250,000 US about two weeks ago.

U-S customs seizes drug shipment to Minnesota seniors --Prescription drugs from a Canadian pharmacy are finally en route to seniors in the U-S, two weeks after the first round of shipments was seized by customs officials in Miami.

Amtrak conductor suspended for telling passengers to vote against Kerry --An Amtrak conductor has been suspended without pay for telling his train passengers that they should vote against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Nader must play by rules like everyone else (, DE) "Ralph Nader sure has come a long way. The one-time consumer advocate, renowned for fighting government corruption and sticking up for the little guy, now stands accused of cheating some of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens and trying to perpetrate a huge fraud on the state’s electorate... If Nader or his lackeys played fast and loose with Pennsylvania election law, they deserve to be thrown off the ballot. The Bush and Kerry campaigns operated by the rules. Is there to be a different standard for St. Ralph?"

Mad moggy storms cockpit --A Belgian airliner bound for Vienna had to turn back to Brussels 20 minutes into the flight yesterday after an escaped pet cat stormed the cockpit and attacked the co-pilot. The cat, a tom named Gin with no known links to al-Qa'ida, was "very aggressive", SN Brussels Airlines spokesman Geert Sciot said...

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Michael Rectenwald responds to a Freeper who exclaims, 'Gore lost and you need to get over it' "Bush is doing a 'wonderful job' wrecking the US economy, invading countries illegally, destroying the Iraqi economy, alienating the world and creating more anti-US terrorists than have ever existed."

Cryptic Comedy "I'm Gonna Kill the President!" to Play Somewhere in NYC, Aug. 17-Sept. 4 By Ernio Hernandez 20 Jul 2004 Assassins may have closed on Broadway, but another show is taking aim at the leader of the free world in the new guerilla comedy "I'm Gonna Kill the President!" A Federal Offense. Performances begin at 10 PM at an undisclosed Manhattan location, running Aug. 17-Sept. 4 — including the dates of the Republican National Convention.

Pentagon plan for global anti-terror army --The Pentagon has urged Congress to authorise a $700 million package designed to build a global anti[pro]-terrorist network of friendly militias. Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a key architect of the Iraq war, told the House Armed Services Committee the money would be used "for training and equipping local security forces - not just armies - to counter terrorism and insurgencies".

Blair faces vote of no-confidence over war --Labour activists are circulating a resolution of no confidence in Tony Blair for next month's annual party conference because of a loss of trust in him over the war over Iraq.

Iraq on a knife-edge --The new Iraq was on a knife-edge last night as violence and political instability confronted the regime of Iyad Allawi, the interim Prime Minister.

Occupation HQ attacked in central Baghdad --Rocket-propelled grenades and mortars have hit the headquarters of US-led occupation forces in Baghdad. Reporting from the eastern al-Rustamiya district, Aljazeera sources said the attack on Tuesday was carried out at the same time as a similar raid on the Ministry of Culture.

US forces pound Iraqi militia --US forces pounded Shi'ite militia from the air and ground in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf, and used loudspeakers to urge the entrenched fighters to lay down their weapons.

U.S. battles militia in cemetery --U.S. troops and insurgents clashed Tuesday in a sprawling cemetery in the holy city of Najaf, as American forces drove through the city’s streets calling on militants to give up their arms.

Roadside bomb injures two in Iraq --A roadside bomb went off early today as a US military vehicle drove by a street in central Baghdad, slightly injuring two soldiers.

U.S. Government, Media Silent on Torture of Detained Iraqi Kids --Just as the US-led forces refused to release thousands of adult prisoners after the June 28 handover of partial sovereignty to Iraq, US and UK authorities continue to incarcerate children. The Pentagon says around 60 teens, "primarily aged 16 and 17," are still being detained, though unnamed sources at the Pentagon and US Central Command (CentCom) said some prisoners are as young as 14 years old, according to Scotland’s Sunday Herald.

US crude hits record $45 a barrel --The price of crude oil has topped $45 a barrel - touching a record 21-year high of $45.04 in New York trade.

Diplomacy sidelined as US targets Iran --The US charge sheet against Iran is lengthening almost by the day, presaging destabilising confrontations this autumn and maybe a pre-election October surprise. The US will ask a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency on September 13 to declare Iran in breach of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, a prelude to seeking punitive UN sanctions.

'US can't send Iran case to UN' --Iran said yesterday that Washington had no grounds to send its nuclear case to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions. Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said, "Iran has not committed any violations, and whatever Iran has done is in accordance with its international obligations."

'X' On Israeli Guns.. For Each Palestinian Killed --Some trigger-happy Israeli occupation soldiers engrave an (X) mark on their personal guns or sniper pistols each time they kill a Palestinian, according to Israeli press reports Tuesday, August 10.

Plame Leak Case Could End in Supreme Court Standoff --The recent pressure on reporters to reveal sources in the Valerie Plame investigation could end in a U.S Supreme Court standoff, according to two leading First Amendment attorneys, one of whom fears several leading Washington reporters could wind up in jail before it's over.

Leak allowed al-Qaeda suspects to escape --The disclosure to reporters of the arrest of an al-CIA-duh computer expert allowed several wanted suspects from Osama bin Laden's terror network to escape, government and security officials said Tuesday.

From one blunder to the next --by Jim Lobe "...[A] three-year war against al-Qaeda has suddenly turned sour with reports that the White House prematurely exposed the identity of a key source whose contacts and communication with the terrorist group's operational masterminds had yet to be fully exploited. And to compound the United States' embarrassment, Pakistan has angrily protested to Washington over a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation involving a fake plot to kill Pakistan's ambassador to the United Nations, describing it as 'a bizarre mission'."

Bin Laden hints major assassination --U.S. intelligence officials say a high-profile political assassination, triggered by the public release of a new message from Osama bin Laden, will lead off the next major al Qaeda terrorist attack, The Washington Times has learned. [Is this the phony threat that will trigger a Bush-Laden shut down of New York City, in order to stop the protests at the Repugnant Nazi Carnival?]

NYC Denies Anti-War Group's Parks Permit --City officials on Tuesday denied a second application from anti-war activists who want to demonstrate in Central Park on the eve of the Repugnant Nazi Carnival, likely sending the matter to court.

No-Fly List Raises Civil-Liberty Concerns --The Sept. 11 Commission wants the government to expand the no-fly list airlines now check to keep suspected terrorists off planes, consolidating as many as 12 secret lists maintained by different intelligence agencies. That worries the American Civil Liberties Union, which has already sued the government, saying the airlines' effort to keep 'terror' suspects and other dangerous people off planes ensnares innocent passengers and subjects them to unnecessary searches and delays.

Big Business Becoming Big Brother --The government is increasingly using corporations to do its surveillance work, allowing it to get around restrictions that protect the privacy and civil liberties of Americans, according to a report released Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that works to protect civil liberties.

Rep. Goss Nominated to Head CIA; Choice Criticized --Dictator Bush on Tuesday nominated House intelligence chief Porter Goss to head the CIA and quickly encountered skepticism the appointment could salvage an intelligence community battered by failures over Iraq and Sept. 11, 2001. Some Democrats questioned whether Goss, a Republican congressman from the key election battleground of Florida, was too partisan for the position and promised tough questions in the U.S. Senate, which must confirm his nomination.

Goss to step down as House Intel chairman --Rep. Porter Goss, R-Fla., nominated by Dictator Bush Tuesday to be the new director of central intelligence, is resigning as chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, United Press International has learned.

Porter Goss: Cheney Cat's Paw --by Ray McGovern "With respect to the various investigations into 9/11, [Porter] Goss was thrust into the limelight by [Dick] Cheney, who initially opposed any investigation at all... When folks started talking about the need for a genuinely independent commission, though, Cheney acquiesced in the establishment of the congressional joint committee as the lesser evil and took reassurance from the fact that Goss could be counted on to keep the lid on – and, when necessary, run rings around co-chair Sen. Bob Graham, (D-Fla.)."

German 9/11 trial in doubt after US blocks witnesses --The retrial of a Moroccan man convicted of involvement in the September 11 attacks appeared to be in doubt last night after the Bush dictatorship refused to allow two key al-CIA-duh suspects to give evidence.

GOP gets scolded on recruitment --Naturalization ceremonies in Jacksonville are to be relocated after complaints that GOP activists registered new citizens as Republicans. The citizenship ceremony in Jacksonville seemed to go off as usual, with a crowd of nearly 200 people going home as new Americans. Just before the new citizens left the June 29 event, an immigration official directing the swearing-in urged the them to stop by a voter registration table -- a not uncommon sight at naturalization ceremonies. But this table was unusual: Those handing out forms were Republican volunteers -- and the party affiliation box had been checked off ahead of time to make all of the new voters members of the GOP.

The Bushes' stain-free smears --by Tom Teepen "So a TV ad is running in contested states, and a companion book is due out soon and is being ballyhooed on the Drudge Report Web site, claiming that Kerry's Vietnam service was all a sham... The ad was bankrolled by major GOP contributors, many close to the Bush family, and none of the veterans cited in the book served directly with Kerry... [Senator John] McCain has denounced the ad as 'dishonest and dishonorable.' He has called on Bush to disavow it, but the White House has declined. And why shouldn't it? After all, the president[sic]'s fingerprints are nowhere to be found."

Beyond Loopy --by Jim Hightower "Having spent the past four years crisscrossing America to uncover the real state of the union under King George the W and his rabid band of Bushites, I have come to a disturbing conclusion: THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS! We’re talking bullgoose-loopy, ideological freaks whose snorting rampages pose a threat to us all and to all we hold dear. It’s not that they’re a little to the right. No. They’re insane—zealots dedicated to implementing their plutocratic, autocratic, antidemocratic, militaristic, and imperialistic vision of America (and the world)—and it’s time we stopped beating around the bush about it."

Patient crowd gives Kerry star treatment --For the city of Flagstaff, it was practically the second coming. Presidential nominee John Kerry arrived to screaming crowds in downtown Flagstaff Sunday night, where an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 local residents welcomed the candidate looking to unseat Dictator Bush in November. "We're at 7,000 feet, and we're getting close to heaven," Kerry told the cheering Flagstaff crowd.

Kerry Says Bush Broke Nuclear Waste Vow --Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry, making a play for a state that supported Dictator Bush four years ago, accused Bush of breaking his word with a plan to bury nuclear waste in Nevada.

Coal Miners Lose Health Benefits --Thousands of coal miners, some sick from black lung disease, will lose their medical coverage under an order filed Monday by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge William Howard.

August 29, the world says NO to the Bush Agenda! - March and Rally at the Republican National Convention, New York City, Assemble at 10:00AM, Seventh Avenue @ 14th Street, march steps off at noon


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